Jodi’s re-trial date to be rescheduled due to conflicting trial

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From AZ Central:

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“The March trial date set for Jodi Arias has been put aside because of a conflict prosecutor Juan Martinez has with another potential death-penalty trial.

Juan Martinez cream pie moment -  - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Martinez is supposed to begin trial May 12 for Bryan Hulsey, 40, who is charged with the 2007 murder of Glendale Police officer Anthony Holly. The Hulsey trial has been repeatedly postponed.

In a hearing Tuesday at Maricopa County Superior Court, Presiding Criminal Judge Joseph Welty weighed priorities in the two cases.

After months of hearings, Judge Sherry Stephens set a March 17 date to begin jury selection.

But the Hulsey case is the oldest capital murder case in the county awaiting trial.

On Feb. 19, 2007, Officer Holly, 24, was providing backup for another officer after they made a routine traffic stop of a car in which Hulsey wa a passenger. When Hulsey was ordered out of the car, he pulled a handgun from his waistband and shot Holly to death.

But defense attorney after defense attorney dropped the case, each time pushing the trial further back in time. It is now set for May 12 before Judge Joseph Kreamer.

Tuesday’s hearing was intended to resolve any possible conflict between the two cases. Martinez, who is on medical leave for undisclosed reasons, attended the hearing via telephone.

Martinez mentioned that the Arias trial might further bump back the Hulsey trial unless another prosecutor were appointed to it. One of Martinez’ supervisors, who was present in the courtroom, said that wouldn’t happen.

Welty ruled that Hulsey’s trial would go first because it was the older of the two.

Welty left the rescheduling of the Arias trial to Judge Stephens.”

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Kermit on medical leave?


Rumor has it, he was out in the woods with Gloria Esteban, when he was unexpectedly & unceremoniously ambushed by the seven dwarfs. They apparently gave him a good pummeling for talking BS about their cottage, during his botched (yet infamous) Snow White riddled “cross” of Alyce LaViolette. Gloria Esteban was questioned after the incident, but despite being there at the time, he was still unable to recall the order of events or what happened first.

Other theories include Kermit being traumatized due to getting himself trapped inside his mobile phone while trying to change the SIM card. Someone even suggested he was recovering from having his dick removed from his forehead.

Personally, I think he was part of a covert operation to fit a spy cam in Judge Pickles’ bathroom, but he slipped into the toilet bowl and injured himself trying to climb out.

Who knows? :mrgreen:

But regardless of all that trial-style speculation, always remember:


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    • Hey Vicky! NOT FAIR!!! LOL!

      I was actually first today in the previous thread but unfortunately this new thread was made for obvious reasons, so technically we are BOTH first! 😉

      Can we share first comment?

        • Vicky, yes, it’s only fair we share first comment!!!

          As for me being SJ’s fave? Hmmm… I wish! LOL! He’s a great friend BUT I think he has another fave: (whispering: Maria the Greek) 😉


            • Hey there Sirlips! It’s wonderful to see you around! – Hope you come back more often! Your brilliant comments are well missed!

              (whispering: Who? Who is SJ’s favorite? Tell me, I won’t tell anyone! 😉 )

              • Does anyone know when the retrial will begin? I know Martinez has the cop case May 1st. Does that Jodi doesn’t get RETRAIL till AFTER that trial?
                Now that media will NOT be allowed to film retrial, do you all think friends of Jodi’s will now testify on her behalf? Her family? Her friend Patty? What are all your thoughts?
                I’m so happy media won’t be allowed to have Crackberries in court. And I understand FTR won’t be released till AFTER verdict. Thanks! Happy March 4th!

  1. Love the photo – though perhaps a cow-patty would be more fitting than a pie?

    Would love to know what was happening in that moment. The grin on Nurmi’s face makes it clear that Martinez was making an ass of himself, but there were so many of those moments, weren’t there?

    Congrats on first, Vicky!

    • That’s right!
      You have absolutely nothing to gain from talking to the police.
      The police have a duty to collect as much incriminating information (dig up as much dirt) on you as possible, in other words they are playing for the wrong team (the evil prosecution).
      Never volunteer information, plead the fifth, refuse to answer any questions.
      Sometimes people erroneously think that the police will clear them of all wrongdoing and let them go if they confess and tell them everything, but that’s never the case.

      • This is such good Advice! NEVER TALK TO THE POLICE WITHOUT HAVING A LAWYER!!
        Even if they say ” this is off the record!” -not true!
        Also, they can not speak to your children without you being present , Here in C,T. It’s under 18 –
        The police have tried with my 16 yr.old twins. (They were trying to have boys identify a teenager in a mall picture.)
        In my own personal experience with police questioning.
        I was at work when 2 blk, cars (tinted heavy glass windows) came to my job. They already had asked my place of employment,for a quiet area to ask me a few questions.
        I spoke police ,like Jodi I believed IT WAS GOING TO BE OK.//// w r o n g……
        The next thing I knew my picture was on the Front page of a local newspaper. I was part of investigation into the misconduct of our town prosecutor. (Who I was seeing off and on.)
        The newspaper took statements I made to police ,and put them in the news articles! THEN they added in lies,and cut statements into pieces,to make them inaccurate.
        I was 27 years old at the time. Young and naive believing that police were honest,and why would they want to damage my reputation?? Especially, after I was helping them. Hmmmm,sound familiar???

        Jodi,like me was a toooo trustworthy. >>> DET. FLORES testified to ” using his techniques” in his interviews with Jodi. See, she had already been thrown into the wolves deen!!
        I read somewhere that she went with a group of ” frienenemies?” Mimi, and ??
        Does anyone know if the details about that?? -Did Jodi go with Mimi Hall and a few other people at the same time?? Or was that the 1st or 2nd time ?? Idk , but I personally would have felt pressured.

        IF ALL of the mutual friends, were going to the station together, and they invited Jodi along. If she had declined, It makes her look deceptive, but maybe that was the plan. Jodi is very intelligent,but wasn’t a leader. I strongly believe she wanted the other Mormon girls to like her.
        I think she did want a lawyer before speaking with detective FLORES.
        Now,looking at it who knows maybe FLORES,set it up a group to invite her along. It got Jodi to drop her guard a little.

        Just want to add not all policemen/women are LIARS.
        My cousin here in CT is in charge of the canine division.
        My other cousin SHE is a sergeant in NYC ,in charge of Narcotic Division.
        Both being great examples of police officers, that genuinely care about the community. (‘S) they serve.
        My cousin ,in NYC she and her police officer hubby are

        • I don’t remember if that’s mimi’s last name ! I was thinking of Dave …the one who destroyed the million yr old , landmark, WHILE he was with his boy scouts!
          DAVE HALL! [Noticed he’s been laying low]

          • Mimi is Dave’s little sister, so same name.

            I think Jodi mentioned riding to the station with a guy, but I don’t remember it being a name I was familiar with. Several people went as a group after the memorial to give their prints and DNA…. and as far as I know that’s all that was done at that time, no interviews or anything, just Travis’ friends doing as they were asked to do.

            • Oh ok, Interesting. ..MiMi is Dave’s sister!!#-o.k.
              Yes , Jodi got a ride with one of TA’s old roommate, the 1st interview.
              Idk , I think ,she was going to go with the rest of the friends ,but said she was getting a lawyer….then she changed her mind , after talking to Flores on the phone, and went into the interview ALONE :((
              Thank you, for information….journee.
              The more time for JODI TO BE READY ,I AM HAPPY!!!!
              ((((TEAM JODI))))

          • Yes, probably a good idea for Dave Hall to lay low especially considering how much of a media whore he’s been for the last year. The man never met a camera he didn’t like even one to upload a video onto YouTube. 🙂

            And, how pathetic of him to sing “Wiggle It”? Somebody needs to send him a calendar in jail so that he knows what year it is.

            • I wonder how he feels about being one of America’s most hated and not even a year later since he was bashing Jodi and calling her all sorts of things… Karma twerking her butt off! 😉

              • Lets just hope that Karma, being the cold hearted BITCH that she is, has gone to visit with Juan and makes him as miserable as he has made Jodi. 🙂
                (((((PANDORA))))) ♥

                Ray in Harrisonburg Va.


          the videos will be excellent i’ve watched some a while back; just open the google video link above, sit down with a cup of coffee, or whatever, and watch a few; they’re by experts; law professors, investigators, etc; rewatch them later to fix the material in your mind, to internalize it

          watch some of them now when you don’t need the information, rather than not, and regret it later after being ensnared by the police because you did not know how to handle the situation

      • I disagree. Sure, there are corrupt police officers in this country, but the majority of them are good, decent people. I should know as I’ve got friends who work in law enforcement and recently had the police assist me with a personal matter.

        • hi jeff 🙂

          before you made your comment, had you watched any of the videos, or read any of the material, to understand the parameters. or scope, of the material, and links that i drew attention to ?
          ie when such advice applies ?

          i set this out above by my use of the word “qualified”

          “Wes says:
          February 12, 2014 at 9:35 am

          a google search of >>> never talk to the police

          explained and qualified in”

  2. Ok, not to spread any rumors but I heard from my cousin’s boyfirend’s uncle’s mother-in-law’s sister’s husband’s neighbor that kermit had to have URGENT SURGERY: to remove his head that was deep up his ass… I ain’t the one saying it…. 😉


      • Journee,

        I notice Michael Kiefer mentioned yesterday that Martinez is still on medical leave for “undisclosed reasons” and “attended the hearing (yesterday?) via telephone.” Makes me wonder how serious it is? They did say he left court last week for “medical procedures.” So it’s not the flu unless medical procedures was an I/V or something similar. I, too, hope whatever it is takes him off Jodi’s case. I wouldn’t wish a serious, life-threatening disease on even him. Maybe, he could do a Nancy Grace and end up on HLN with his own show or chasing ambulances.

        • Whatever it is, it is something that ‘came up’ – took him by surprise, or he would have planned his schedule around it. And considering he first missed court last week for a ‘medical procedure’ and has not yet returned to work, I’m guessing he’s had some fairly invasive surgery.

          (my cousin had to have an emergency appendectomy a few months ago and was back at work four days later, and she’s a vet tech, so her job is somewhat physical)

  3. “Welty left the rescheduling of the Arias trial to Judge Stephens”

    Pickles pacing up and down in her chambers… mumbling: “omg… why, why do I have to decide this? why do I always have to do all the hard work…why, oh why?”

    Races to desk, opens drawer, takes out yellow pages telephone directory… licks index finger… flips pages to letter ‘F’ … “fo… foo…for…for…Forensic scientist…Forester (Aus)…Forklift driver… AHA! Here it is “Fortune teller”… Lifts phone dials number… “Hello? Is this ‘Madame Esmeralda’s famous fortunes’? I’d like to make an urgent appointment… I need your guidance to a very important case…” writes down date and time of appointment on a ‘post-it’ and puts it in her robe’s pocket.

    Sits down in chair relieved… “Phew… that’s that… thankfully justice is blind and she won’t know the difference…” shrugs shoulders indifferently : “It’s not as if I ruled anything in the Arias case up to now, anyways… Juan is the boss here; too bad he’s away and can’t tell me what to do”.

    • And later Pickles finds the post it in her pocket, wondering what the hell it is – remembering “oh yeah! this is the date and the time for the Arias retrial.”

      • Howdy from TN!!!! Journee (and everyone else on the east coast) be careful sweeping the steps tonight!!!!!! This weather is ridiculous! 🙁
        You girls are doing a great job keeping me laughing though!!!!!! 🙂 (((((Pandora)))))) tooooo funny!
        ((((((((Journee))))))) you too! Everyone stay warm, Spring should be here soon!

        ((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))) ((((((((JODI)))))))))

        • I don’t have to sweep tonight, R. Love… there is snow there now but there will be rain to wash it away within the hour. HEAVY rains tonight, there’s more concern about flooding than snow or ice this time around.

          YOU be safe and stay warm, though, ok?

        • Snow’s all gone now – melted away like sugar in the rain.

          Now THAT’S the kind of snow I like. Pretty coming down, fat flakes that covered fast, two inches of snow covering everything well enough to look all lovely and serene at sundown, and now it’s GONE!

          Did y’all see the clip of the five year old boy in his snow suit, shoveling snow on the sidewalk, who paused in his task to look up at the sky and shout “JESUS MAKE IT WARM!” ?

          I loved that – I bet I’ll think of him from now on, every time my bare feet hit a cold floor.

          • WOW! Journee you have a wonderful way with words! What a gift! I can almost see your weather!!!! We are blessed with a foot of snow here and it is still coming down .. .the sun is supposed to come out at noon but it looks doubtful! We haven’t had this much snow since 1993. I am being selfish enough to pray for my electricity to stay on (we usually have outages here). I wish I had seen the little boy your were talking about . . .how cute! I bet a lot of people are saying the same thing today! Stay Warm!

            ((((((JODI & TEAM JODI))))))

  4. What’s up, everyone? Joe G. here from the Jersey Shore sending much love to Jodi Arias and all of her supporters. I get tired of hearing people bashing her and being so judgemental. There ain’t a person among us who don’t have skeletons in the closet including yours truly. I got busted in my youth for criminal mischief and theft when I was living in PA, but now I live in Las Vegas and all I can say is what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, ya know what I’m sayin’? Hahaha.

    All the best to Jodi and her supporters!

        • I love my Pug!!! ( my bumper sticker on my truck))
          That’s CoCo, that’s her first ” selfie !” :))) hahaha!!
          Thanks! I see your buddy likes to drive too !

          • Love CoCo! Love CoCo’s selfie too! Yes, my granddog does think he owns the car and feels like he should be able to cruise whenever he wants. He does make people do double takes when we pass them because he is big enough (130lb) he looks like a person sitting next to me! He just gives them the look as we go by like “You looking at me?” 🙂

  5. I do wonder what’s up with Juan.

    I hope he is in great pain, perhaps the hate inside him has eaten away at his stomach lining and given him heartburn. That would be Karma.

    Let’s hope his indisposition is permanent.

  6. I don’t understand why this needs to continue to be dragged out. I don’t see Jodi getting the death penalty so that leaves her getting life in prison. The question is how long? Does she get life in prison with the possibility of parole in x amount of years? Or life in prison without the possibility of parole? Knowing Stephens, she’ll probably come down hard on Jodi and if she does, fine. We’re all prepared to make our next move in the judicial process. Whatever decision is handed down, we’re not giving up, we’re not going away and we’re not going to be satisfied until justice is truly served.

    • As I understand it, Jeff, parole isn’t really a possibility. Even though ’25 to life’ is technically still on the books, AZ eliminated parole for capital offenders.

      • What is the minimum for the conviction she has?
        Can they overturn convictions based on new evidence? Or can new jury decide on as many yrs as they want?
        Lots of ??? ‘S. sorry :/

        • As I understand it:
          The minimum is 25 years (if they parole her). Although they say that this option of parole in 25 years was eliminated, I’ve heard an interviewer ask Jodi what she would do if she was granted parole in 25 years, and in her answer Jodi did not deny that such a possibility existed. I would think that her lawyers must have explained to her what her options were. So I’m holding out hope that she can be paroled in 25 years.
          The new jury will only decide on whether she should be sentenced to death or not, they won’t decide on how many years she will serve or whether the conviction should be overturned. Frankly I can’t see anybody (without bias) voting for the DP, so I believe the DP is very unlikely. The vote for the DP has to be unanimous – if at least one juror is against the DP, then the DP is permanently off the table (this time, there will be no retrial in case of a hung jury).
          But Jodi will appeal her conviction (I think she will), so if some new compelling evidence (maybe evidence of prosecutorial misconduct) comes up, the appelate courts can overturn her conviction and the prosecution then will schedule another trial.

          • I don’t think the DP option for Jodi is necessarily off the table yet. I believe the key question is whether premeditation as defined by Arizona state law was present. If the defense cannot convince the jury that Jodi did not plan this, then Jody may still get DP.

            Although, I like most here think this outcome is not likely. No jury wants to see a pretty girl get DP.

            • The new jury won’t be charged with deciding whether the murder was premeditated or not. The first jury already did that. They came back with an M1 conviction, but could not agree on a penalty.

              The next jury only has to decide – and AGREE – on a penalty. If they can’t or don’t, then DP is off the table.

            • Oh, and the first jury all agreed on premeditation.

              So obviously that’s not the key to getting a jury unanimous on the death penalty.

  7. (((((((SJ)))))) I did love your take on things today! LOL I guess the weather kind of over shadowed your humor! 🙁 But, you too gave me a good laugh! Keep up the good work!!!! Thanks for everything you do!!!!

    • Defense filed a motion to keep the state from presenting any evidence about Jodi’s attempt to fire Nurmi back in October, and in the motion they say that if the information IS brought forth at trial, her lawyers would have to withdraw from the case because they would have to be WITNESSES with pertinent information about Jodi’s motion.

      • Thank you Journee. We all know that Martinez knows not how to keep things under wraps and therefore will likely spill the beans in court causing even more of a delay. He said all kinds of things during the trial that were not supposed to come out.

  8. I’ve always supported u sweet jodi n I always will…Thaxs 4 the letter. ..Ur A Awsome Person n I’m So Happy U Wrote Me Back…Keep Ur Head High Like Always. ..N LIL FYI..OUR POST CARD FRIEND REQUEST IS A PERFECT WAY 2 KNW ITS REALLY ME…I♥ u

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