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In light of the wayward & inaccurate reporting from ABC15 (and other BS media outlets) last week, here are the facts surrounding Jodi’s visitation privileges:

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“ABC15 reports that Jodi has lost visitation privileges. ABC’s source, Andrew Wilder of Arizona Department of Corrections, told ABC15 that Jodi “will have to demonstrate at least 180 days of good behavior in order to see visitors again.” ABSOLUTELY INCORRECT.

Either ABC has misreported Wilder’s statement, or Andrew Wilder doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The facts: Jodi has lost contact-visits, which were to begin on February 3. She HAS NOT lost visitation privileges. Her non-contact visits continue — without change of any kind.

Regarding the infraction for “disrespect to staff,” here’s the story from Jodi:

Jodi wanted to get her hair cut. Certain inmates can cut hair of other inmates, but must get permission from their CO4 (correctional officer, level four — the highest.) Jodi asked her CO4 if she could get her haircut by this inmate. C04 denied the request. Jodi told the inmate haircutter. Chatting between themselves, Jodi said, in reference to the denial, “What a cocc bloccer [sic].” This was said to the fellow inmate in a casual, low-volume, non-angry manner.

[NOTE: The slang term “cocc bloccer” [sic] is frequently used by inmates and officers alike. Until she arrived at Estrella, Jodi had never heard of the term, “Cocc bloccer,” which means someone who prevents someone from doing something. This meaning is also associated with “stonewalling” (to delay or block). Etymology: “Cocc bloccer” [sic] is derived from “cock blocker,” a person who obstructs someone from having  sex.”]

A correctional officer overheard Jodi saying this and then went to Jodi’s CO4 to tell her what Jodi had said. For saying this, CO4 charged Jodi with the minor infraction of “disrespect to staff” on February 3. Jodi first contact visit was to begin the next day, February 4.

At Perryville a “charge” of an infraction goes through an internal procedure before the charge is rendered a “verdict.” The verdict was rendered on February 9, six days after the charge. Regardless, Jodi’s contact visits were taken away for 180 days, less than 24 hours after the charge of “disrespect to staff.”

Contrary to rumors, this infraction had nothing to do with the phone call recording and its leak/sale. Of course, no one really knows what was in CO4’s head when she charged Jodi with this non-offense. One can speculate.

Jodi was extremely depressed for about three days. Now, she’s moving on. Also notable is that Jodi remains in Step 3; she retains all privileges that she has had for months now.”

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  1. So, I guess correctional officers are delusional and they think inmates are their BFFs who adore them and speak highly of them? SMFH!!! It does seem like an extremely harsh punishment for such a minor incident, IF we can even call it an incident. Please!

    Jodi had been waiting for contact visits for 8 years…. I feel her pain and wish I could do something to soothe it. 🙁

    P.S: Wow, haven’t been first in such a long time! Do I get a prize? 😉

    • Congrats, Maria,

      Jodi is not going to get any kind of break at Perryville. The guards have already been given training ahead of Jodi arriving so anything she does will be magnified and giving them reason to punish her. I am afraid that she will not be able to get away with things other inmates do because of her reputation coming from Estrella jail.

      • Jodi is treated exactly the same way all inmates are treated at PV. I don’t think that the guards did any special trainings for Jodi’s arrival! LMAO! You make it sound as if she’s Hannibal Lecter. 🙄 Sorry, but these are the kind of things that people that despise Jodi wait to read so they can feed off of.

        Also, Jodi didn’t have a ‘reputation’ at Estrella. Sh. joe had made it a point to make Jodi always look like the villain. For example, when Jodi protested when they took away her colored pencils it’s not as if she went ape wire, yet Sh Joe tried to make the story sound as if there was a big commotion just for his own publicity… or when a GUARD didn’t lock Jodi’s cell door correctly, Jodi got lockdown although it was NOT her fault nor her responsibility! I have tons of examples…

    • Well, I can’t imagine why they would sanction Jodi that way. She didn’t talk back to an officer cussing at her; she was talking to another inmate… I’m guessing (and this is MY OPINION – not starting any rumors) that PV was trying to find a way to sanction Jodi about the leaked phone call (even though it wasn’t her fault) and they grabbed the opportunity when they heard Jodi calling the officer a cocc bloccer. I’m sure officers at PV have heard worse and done nothing about it…

      It is a big disappointment BUT Jodi is a very strong woman and she will not be broken by waiting 180 days to once again be approved of contact visits! It’s just a setback!

    • Maria, congrats on being ‘first’! Lemme go to R’s barn and see if I can find any old gifts that were not accepted back from 2013…

      A-ha!!!!!!! I found a non claimed gift, Maria!!! Here it is:

      “Ok then… well, you win a candle lit dinner for 9. You, Kermit + the 7 dwarfs, lol.
      Team Jodi”

      Enjoy honey! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Thank you for posting about this! I wasn’t going to even comment on the other BS media reports (like radaronline) until I got the truth here.

  3. According to Jessica Fletcher, there never was a bloody palm print of Jodi at the crime scene.

    “When Juan Martinez was questioning his witness Heather Connor, who was testifying about the forensic evidence including DNA found on the wall, she was asked to look at the cut out piece of wallboard.

    Martinez tried to get her to say there was blood; she refused to say that.

    Heather Connor said the imprint is barely visible. The only reason it is seen at all is because the police dusted with powdery grayish stuff. She demonstrated how only the side of Jodi Arias’ left hand hit the wall. But she doesn’t even attempt to guess at WHEN that could have happened. Keep in mind that prior to June 2008, Jodi spent a GREAT DEAL OF TIME in Travis Alexander’s bedroom/bathroom area.

    The analysis for DNA revealed it was a mixture of Travis’s DNA which could be profiled; Jodi’s DNA was there but could not be profiled.

    Ms. Connor said Jodi’s DNA had been there for a long time, how long she could not say. When asked again by Juan Martinez about ‘blood’, Ms Connor said there was NO BLOOD. During her testimony she did not show anything resembling a bloody imprint of any kind.”

    Here is an article posted by Jessica on February 13th.:

    • That’s old news here, MMMJA-
      State’s witness Lisa Perry testified on trial day 5, january 10, 2013, that the ‘palm print’ area tested negative for blood.

    • And…. There were no gunpowder particulates, in the combined blood handprint, proving, that, Jodi, did not, fire a gun, therefore, Olive Oyl, could not, overpower, Bluto, so, how, could she beat up on, a martial arts, kickboxer, fighting for his life….??? The fact is she couldn’t, and, didn’t, as evidenced by the camera she had to have been using; ten feet from the killer, standing, in wet blood, proves, before she dropped it….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

        • There was no time stamp on the partial print of the side of Jodi’s hand that had a “biological substance” of hers, mixed with his on it. A print could have been made months before, according
          to the print expert at the trial.

  4. Soooooo petty !! This CO4 or whatever she is called sounds like she really dislikes Jodi on a personal level. She needs to just do her job and stop with the personal stuff..Jodi saying those comments in private in a non-angry way to a fellow inmate should not be cause for her losing her contact visits..that is ridiculous !! This CO4 needs to just get over herself !!

    • Exactly BB! It’s not like Jodi told the CO to go f*ck Herself or to f*ck off. If Jodi did that than ok I get it but it wasn’t like that. I get that rules are rules but that was a harsh penalty! Of course the media makes it way worse than it was!

  5. I don’t think that is fair at all that a quiet conversation between inmates is any reason for punishment. It is very unhealthy not to be able to discuss problems amongst themselves. Jodi knows sign language doesn’t she? The women should get together and come up with a language of their own, like twins sometimes do.

    I can’t imagine how disappointing that would be for her and so not fair. 🙁

    • I agree C.Carol! Jodi should teach them sign language and mainly they could make up cussing words. Remember on the show ‘friends’ how they hit their fists together when wanting to say ‘fuck you’?! 😉 There are many gestures one can come up with and use them that can’t be officially called swearing…

  6. Hi all.
    just sharing my 2 cents,
    As a rule in prison, thats so stupid & totally ridiculous to be punished for saying that.
    Im sure your normal grade school teachers hear things even worst coming from the kids.
    yet the kids dont lose privileges at school.

    that just shows how degraded and idiotic the legal system is.
    That CO4 needs to get a grip and stop bieng an idiot.
    they need to learn to accept some of the language used by other people.
    & learn to stop punishing just because they dont like to hear it..
    just my thoughts.
    ~a friend in canada

  7. This is not about teaching a lesson. (I’m sure Jodi has learned her lesson and will never do that again!) This is all about punishment (and the severity even sounds like an add-on of revenge). That, after all, is what our prison system is all about, punishment…and revenge. You would think society might have moved beyond that type of barbaric thinking by now. But, then again, we’ve already seen enough barbaric thinking to realize that isn’t so.

  8. It’s telling that on the day Jodi was allowed to have her first “contact” visit, she was reported and penalized even before the verdict was reached. It sounds like the guards were told (or decided amongst themselves): “Find something she says or does, ANYTHING, so we can stop these contact visits. Let’s mess with her head.”

    • Or maybe just to appease/shush the mob that had been lighting up the phones about the tape Kareem released. I swear, those idiots seem to think nobody employed at Perryville has anything to do at all except monitor Jodi’s contacts.

      • I’m leaning towards your opinion Journee. I too think that it was to throw a bone to the vicious mob… I’m sure the phones at PV have stopped ringing off the hook since Jodi got her contact visits suspended. It’s sad to know that people are satisfied with someone’s grief… Yeah yeah… I know what a lot of people are thinking: NOT THE SAME THING!!!! I am talking about people that are alive! 😉

  9. Happy Valentine’s Day Jodi and all that have visited here … thanks for the update ???? media ???? no valentine’s day for you

    • The common denominator, by the prostitutors,’ hypnonauseating, carnival act, soap operas, should be exposed as the thread, by the antics of the shucking and jiving, knucklehead, D.A. crime syndicates,’ carnival act, sideshow, so, as to expose the pattern, of spazzing out the jury Sheeple, and, the braindead judge, in, lieu, of, evidence…. Snidely….. Edgrrr….

  10. While viewing …DEXTER….last night…episode 106 Return to Sender….cockblock….at 1817-1820…as Deb rails on Docks…nothing to do with …SEX…same as what Jodi said…INTERFERENCE…as in Jodi wanted a hair cut the day before a family visit…so just one day out from holding Her loved ones… ya. Even a look would have been enough and to say that was anything but a remark on interference is a stretch..and 180 days WOW…hard to believe for a word that know one knows for sure what it means…want proof…Your’e fucked…now any one tell Me what that means …to You. Can You read My mind?…So much for …words can never hurt Me…seems they can…180 sounds to Me like a lot of hurt and think of the money it cost Her family just one day out from at last holding Her. But any reason will do to stop that. But such is any system that needs to control one. Breaking people does not make them better…ever. All that had to be done was talk to Her and explain the way it works and ask for an apology and move on with their days. She has learned another lesson. I often wonder why the Feds don’t put plants in all prisons and jails to see how AMERICANS are being treated as they bitch about other nations who mistreat Americans in their jails. Accountability works well for all.

    • Your last sentence resonated with me, Griz, seems like they’re all complicit. I wonder how their hate for their fellow citizens got like that? Hate, hateful actions and cruelty seem to curse through their veins 🙁

      • Fifteen million LSDers, sit silent, as their crimes of omission, could have cleared, Jodi, of, the LSD bloodv oath, blood atonement, ritual suicide… Read “The God Makers,” Anderson suicide assist, ritual, and, compare to the exact, Alexander, ritual… as well, as, the thousand person, wake, canonizing, Saint Travis, for his martyrdom….. Because…. Jodi, is an enigma; innocent; claiming to be guilty…. as opposed to the guilty, claiming to be innopcent….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • Because, abuse of the organized crime at law, victims, enact the mistreatment, of the lieyers, whose loyalty, they paid for, so as to, burn the next batch of the lizards, so as to manage, the Sheeple….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  11. Does Perryville prison generally release so much information on inmate incidents? Or did they make an exception to generate publicity on Jodi’s name, either for the prison or maybe Juan Martinez? If the general public is privy to these types of details about inmates then that should apply across the board. Doubtful all the incidents result in a guilty verdict, but unless the reports are viewed, the prison gets to keep all of its dirty little secrets. Maybe their inmate reports should be scrutinized by more than just a tabloid like Radar Online.

    • Good point, GT!

      And if they are all available for public consumption, I’d like to know how many other inmates have received such a severe punishment for using the term. Nobody can tell me that Jodi is the only inmate in that prison using that term in conversations with other inmates. (It’s in the prison culture that she learned the term.) Or that Jodi is the only one in the history of Perryville that has ever been overheard using that term in reference to a guard.

    • Maybe the ACLU should take a look at what looks like discriminatory practices that probably only apply to Jodi and no one else…even though for now she is in prison she still has rights…the arrogant guard(s) whose motives are yet to be discovered would be wise to keep this in mind before they find themselves running afoul of the law…just sayin’

      Now what would possess a prison guard to go out of their way to eavesdrop on a private quiet conversation and then immediately tattletale like a 3rd grader to Jodi’s CO4 ??? What’s in it for her??? Or is it just pure hatred???

      $$$$$$ ???????


      • BB, I believe that Jodi told a guard that the COIII was a “Cock Blocker”. It wasn’t the case that the guard overheard a conversation with another inmate. Here is the information as provided to Radar On-Line from the Perryville DOC office:

        “According to the documents, Arias’s infraction began after a guard denied her permission to obtain a haircut.

        “On the above date and approximate time COIII stated that inmate Arias had requested a haircut from our programs porter. I told him no since she is not assigned as the barber for the yard. Inmate Arias was in programs to do a legal phone call,” the documents state.

        “[Redacted] (Guard) told inmate Arias I said no and she then stated to him ‘l knew she would say no. She’s a c*ck blocker.’ After inmate Arias legal call was complete I asked her what exactly she said to [Redacted] (Guard). At first she did not want to admit what she said but then finally admitted to calling me a ‘c*ck blocker.’ I explained to her that her statement was completely inappropriate and could be taken as a sexual reference. She told me that she did not know that word to mean anything sexual and I could look up the phrase on urban dictionary because that would show it means to ‘stonewall someone.’”

        The Arizona Department of Corrections told Radar exclusively that she received a punishment for the violation. “As a result of the misconduct noted, the inmate lost contact visit privileges and will have to demonstrate at least 180 days of good behavior in order to be considered for restoration of this privilege,” the Public Information Officer said.”

        Here is the URL to that article:

        • I didn’t know they had porters in prison, but the lesson seems to be that you cannot trust any staff PERIOD. I’m sure Jodi has learned the lesson they seem to want to teach. Sad that they run their prison like that, and choose to treat people like that.

        • Looks like there are two conflicting stories on this incident. The one above (ABC 15) stated that the correctional officer “overheard” the conversation and then reported it to the CO. So I don’t know..all I know is that it is PETTY !!! To lose contact visits for another 6months is nuts…

          • It would be illuminating to know what other inmates have been written up for and what punishment they received, so that comparison would likely prove that Jodi’s punishment is grossly unfair. It is also her first ‘violation.’

            I doubt the prison cares much about fairness when it applies to their own behavior ( double standards everywhere,) but one would think there would be policies in place where punishments are meted out in accordance with a set criteria so that staff can not punish arbitrarily at whim.
            It seems that the institution desires to convey its readiness to punish capriciously and indiscriminately, since that kind of license broadcasts the fact that the institution has all the power.

            I really do think that it is not a coincidence that Jodi’s punishment occurring right on the eve of Martinez’s book tour.

  12. Its so obvious chris butt f **k hughes is behind this! Remember his big public announcement that he had people on his payroll to kill or at least hurt Jodi once she entered perryville prison. The guard is just one of the morman uncle fu*ks tools!!:((((( she got paid! These evil spirited people need to understand that Karma is a bitch and they will be served!!!;))) Jodi’s punishment is UNJUST ! Self Defense , wrongfully convicte

  13. I’ve heard some good news on fundraising: regular reporting of current totals in the appellate fund will resume very soon. When it does, let’s all unlimber our wallets to make sure the fund stays on track for 2016!

    • You’d think, the LSD cult, with all their, lieyers, would spring, one of their Stepford Wives, in training, but for, freeing one from, their own guilt; as if, the Mormon, lead defective detective, didn’t recognize, the blood atonement, ritual suicide, and, that the second crime, five days later, was, to, launder, by a gunshot, and, feebleminded, stabfest, of, “wounds,” that didn’t bleed, was, a crime to cover up another Bringem to Brighamist Young, ascension to planet playboy, with, all, those virgin angels….and, show the Stepford Wives, that, when the Bishop speaks, the thinking has been done…..Snidely…..Edgrrr…

  14. How do the guards know Jodi used the term spelled that way?
    Why can’t they just leave her alone?!
    I’m sure she was awaiting her next visitation and wanted to look nice.

    • A prostitutorial serial killer, prosecutor, who dupes the State into, doing his killing, for him, without risk to himself…. That’s the hypnonauseating carnival act, prostitutor; Juan, the ripper….. Manchurian Martinette Martinez, ” Using the term that way,” requires, the adjudicator, to have it on the end of his own tongue, to, get the meaning; of course, requiring, thought police, inclinations….; above their pay grade….. Winos, sucking on their corks, comes to mind….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  15. Today is the Dr Phil show right? GET YOUR BARF BAGS READY, people!
    And remember : we are bound to enter the Twilight Zone of Absurdity and Hatred mixed with Sociopathic Features. SO, those who’ll decide to watch, hang in there and we’ll be here for emotional support after all the abuse 😉

    • Praying and hoping Dr. Phil will actually see the bigger picture in this whole tragedy. So many mistakes, so much deleted and covered up, so many lying to self promote, so many profiting and yet it still continues. It appears everyone is still riding on the Hate gravy train to self destruction……. their time will come. For me the FACT is Protecting ones self from a vicious abusive attacker is NOT a crime. . . not even in FAIRY TALES! Travis Alexander was not a saint but a two faced abusive person to Jodi Arias, his so called friends, coworkers (scammers) and family. This particular prosecutor, Juan Martinez, also is a dangerous, devious and out to profit off of anyone or any tragedy. He has shown disrespect for the law through out these trials and he is one of the main characters to be profiting off of the death of Travis. Only in AZ. SMH Travis and Juan seem to be similar in character, Juan only had the education where Travis didn’t. Shameful. He and “many OTHERS” should be charged, convicted and locked away for years BUT not Jodi Arias. IMO
      Corruption is running wild in Arizona. 😯

      • CORRECTION: 😉 This particular prosecutor, Juan Martinez, is ALSO a very dangerous and devious manipulator and out to profit off of anyone or any tragedy that might come his way.

        Excuse the Queen of Typos. 😉

      • The butler didn’t do it; do read the responsibility of the local Bishop, carrying out the blood oath, blood atonements, as per the admonitions of, Bringem to Brighamist, Young; “we would not kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul…” and, “Is there a man among us who would not, kill, his brother, to save his eternal soul..?.” Out of fifteen million Sheeple, so addicted, you think, there weren’t a few million who, take their “revelations,” at their word…..??? What’s up, with, a thousand person wake, as if Travis actually had a thousand friends, attending his “martyrdom, coronation/canonization/soap opera, celebration…………. ….Snidely…. Edgrrr….

    • We all know how this is going to pan out: A panel of venomous, revengeful, death-seeking, attention whores, bashing Jodi, making her out to be a monster. And they have the nerve to call Jodi a manipulator. They are all going to manipulate the sheeple in believing all the lies they will spew.

      Unfortunately, there is no equality – from what I’ve heard, only Kareem will be there supporting Jodi. I truly believe he is not the correct person to be able to stand up for Jodi. I wish SJ or Justus or Journee or Alan or any one of all you awesome people here would be able to be on Dr Phil’s show… I would also have loved for someone like Michael Kiefer to be on the show. We all know that he is not pro Jodi but he sure as hell proved that he’s a great reporter and can keep his reporting straight, fair and honest.

      Even if Dr. Phil wants to keep an unbiased show, it’s going to be impossible. I hope he at least doesn’t get on the ‘bashing wagon’…

      • Eh – this is Juan’s gig. A thinly veiled book promo, that’s all it is. And we all know MK is not a fan of the miniature prosecutor, that’s why the hater’s thought he was pro-Jodi. He never was pro-Jodi, he just sees JM for the dangerous man he is.
        So OF COURSE Kiefer would not be invited to help Juan kick off his book tour! Juan doesn’t object to shit stirring, so long as none of it is aimed at him.

      • DR. Phil, pandering to his two bucks worth, reward, pussywhipping….. Expect nothing, and, get, nothing…… Snidely….. Edgrrr….

    • Seven years, many of us have posted, proofs of Jodis,’ innocense, yet, just as this “show,” will ape; not one reasonable doubt was entered into, the process; whatwith, such pandering to the Mormon, cult, with, all those, voters…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  16. Here is an article written by a former inmate at Perryville. She was incarcerated in the Lumley unit of Perryville for causing a car accident that resulted in a fatality. She plead guilty and was sentenced to six years at Perryville. She discusses what life was like during her stay at Perryville.

    Of interest is her discussion of hair care during her stay. When you are assigned to the high security level at Lumley, as Jodi currently is, there are no barber services available. You have to move down to a lower security level to have access to a barber.

    “I arrived at prison and was told the rules on hair:

    1. Upon admittance to prison hair is searched for any hidden items. All extensions, braids were removed. (The only person I saw that was above this rule was a mother of a famous basketball player) She walked around with braided extensions to the middle of her back.

    2. Hair longer than the collar bone had to be pulled back into a single ponytail. They supplied you with one black hair tie.

    3. Ears had to be exposed at all times.

    I wanted to cut my hair and realized I would have to wait to be secured on a permanent yard. Once I was admitted to Lumley (High Security Yard) I was enlightened to the fact that we had no barber. There was a inmate barber who cut the guards hair in a small room next the visitation building. She used to own a high end salon in Scottsdale and was accused of killing and dismembering her husband. She was allowed scissors right next to the guards heads. Never understood that one.

    The inmates, I, had to cut our hair with toe nail clippers. Yes, strand by strand my hair was finally cut into a cute bob that I didn’t have to put in a ponytail and rid most of the green from my hair. I felt a little more human at that point.

    The other hair care options were to move to a lower security yard. There was an inmate barber that was given an electric shaver to trim hair. It was amazing what these women could do with this tool to make a decent cut. There was the final option of waiting for the Breast Cancer Awareness stylists to come annually. An inmate could donate there hair and have a real haircut. I found it amazing how many women donated their locks with no hesitation. Even though, in may instances it was their only possession.”

    From her description, you can only donate your hair once a year when the Breast Cancer Awareness group comes to the prison. It is not an option where you can donate your hair any other time.

    When reading her depiction of what life is like as a prisoner, it certainly puts in prospective how much we need to enjoy the freedoms that we now have. To think that she had a car accident and she was treated the same as those who committed far worse crimes and will always be labeled a felon.

    A life lesson is trying to live your life so you do not end up in prison and destroying your life.

  17. I noticed that TA’s family is posting kid’s photos and a kid’s charity. Are they trying to draw attention away from what is probably true about Travis? Tanisha is also collecting the addresses of the Travis fans. They are donating to the Ronald McDonald house. What gives Tanisha Sorenson the right and the balls to use this charity for her own name and address collecting purposes? Wonder if Ronald McDonald house would approve? I guess this is their last chance to keep preying on these people. Their tactics remind me of TV evangelists that send out tacky little gifts for a stated donation amount. They convince themselves their money is for a greater cause when it’s just lining the pockets of the evangelists.

    • Wonder if Tanisha will mention the fund raising for her and her family to have a vacation? 🙄 or when their basement flooded? 🙄 or the selling of TA’s clothes, aprons, tennis shoes and etc? 🙄 Send money sheeple, she needs a new laser. They are unbelievable.

      • Or if chris hughes (aka Cash) will mention all those funds he made back in 2013 and collected shitloads of money…. in honor of travis’s name… I wonder what ‘good deed’ he did with all that money to honor his friend… I never heard of anything, how about you guys????

  18. I’m still curious as to how RadarOnline got the infraction record. Perhaps those records are public but either someone (a prison employee?) told RadarOnline about it or RadarOnline is continuously monitoring Jodi’s records, looking for any dirt they can spread.

    • An equal inquiry is, why, these sites, sprout up like Joseph Smiths,’ LSD/LDS, peyote buttons,and, shrooms, as an excuse, for, ignoring seven years of, proven innocent sites, as if, these add ons are, no less than, another, smoke and mirrors, evasion, of this obstruction of justice…..Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  19. If the dumb-ass staff in Perryville would have put a stop to all this since the first time they heard the term this would have never happened to JODI.

    And for any inmate to use such a connotation around the ADOC staff clearly means that the staff has previously engaged in some sort of unwanted and unwarranted behavior around all inmates.

    Because why else would other female inmates continue to use the term loosely?

    ……. Keep your head up JODI …. and show these cock-suckers they can’t break you no matter what.

    • Yes Maria, the circus goes on. In fact, it was stated that Jodi is the creator of all of this circus. 😆 It was one sided the whole show and apparently Dr. Phil has been drinking the Juan Martinez Koolade!
      In fact I think he is in love with him just like the blogger Scoopy Wood was during the trial. Who was the master manipulator in all of this. . . Cash Hughes, Juan the Frog it sure wasn’t Jodi. Juan started that whole thing about the gas cans again as proven fact!!! Jane VM even was on there spinning her take on the whole tragedy as fact bringing up grandfathers robbery and etc. Dr Phil should have researched better but then why would he if he is part of the media circus. One The media is still taking things and twisting it into what the Cash Hughes Clan have created. As we all know Jodi has been sacrificed for the memory of a known abusive perverted mentally ill man by a seedy bunch of master manipulators. BTW None of Travis Alexander’s behavior was brought to the public’s attention. How convenient.
      Well, Dr. Phil, the whole point of this show was to promote 3 books not the truth. I wonder how much they paid you for that. Media Promotion at its finest! Sickening.

      • The gas cans….. over emphacizing, a smokescreen, to label, with, concealment, of another, exculpatory, evidence; the gas can, fact, that, whatwith, all that, premeditation, why, couldn’t she spare a gallon, to, torch the place; after, smelling gas fumes, for a thousand miles, and, walk out, leaving no evbidence,,,,,??? If, of course, she was guilty of anything, but, taking pictures, until, run out of there by the “Ninja,” who was standing in wet blood, while, Jodi hadn’t killed Travis, and, the bigfoot Ninja, bled out by near decapitation…. to, cause the blood, as proven by the alleged evidence, also, twisted, into, bogus, interpretation, at law…. as if, Jodi, took a picture of a bloody bootp[rint, when, her pictures prove her distance was too far from each subject, to touch them…… Snidely…..Edgrrr….

    • The name of the game is February sweeps and, quite conveniently, Juan Marinez timed his book release for a month when any and all media would be happy to invite him to help them collect yet MORE profits off of a double tragedy.

      It’s still all about the bucks, y’all.

      • Yes I agree Journee.
        😆 We all know Dr. Phil better keep his ratings up because he must owe Oprah a whopping amount. It’s always about that BOTTOM LINE$$$$$$$

      • Let’s read his furtherance, of, perjurial antics at law, for, his excuses, in writing, and, write rebuttals, to, his perjurial antics at law, as if, the hypnonauseating, carnival trick, shucking and, jiving, to, dupe, , an interstate kidnapping under color of law, then, to recant, the three stooges, lies at law, and, go bark up another tree, in reverse of the sworn affidavit, to, kidnap, another States,’ citizen; as if, nio matter what lies, the spaz, floats, evidence, is, not, important….Even the governors, and the feds who superintend, interstate kidnappings at law, extraditions, never bleated, a rescision of the repudiated, backpedaled perjuries, of the three stooges, con; scene one…….Snidely….. Edgrrr…

  20. You know the “Dr. Phil” show on Jodi will be trash without even watching it. No reputable clinical psychologist would offer an opinion on someone’s psychology without even meeting her. Will any of the psychologists who evaluated Jodi be on the show? Will there be any effort to present any other view of her but the mass media’s? Of course not. This is daytime network TV, the video counterpart to tabloid magazines. Sensationalism rules.

    • It’s not about Jodi or Travis.

      It’s about pitching JM’s book. That’s all. Titillate a few people who might not know much of anything about the trial, so they’ll all run out and buy that dumb book.

    • The Dr Phil show on Jodi is on right now 5pm Eastern Time zone.
      They have Juan Martinez, The Jury members and Media all babbling and telling BS on TV.
      It so vial I bad to turn it off.
      Someone needs to sue this idiot and those who participated in it.
      Its called SLANDER.

  21. One thing I did find interesting that Tanisha brought up, was she said she was with Juan as he was picking out the jurors and she specifically told him she did not like “the one juror” that ended up changing things for them. How can that be? Since when do the families of victims (?) help pick out jurors. IMO the whole jury appeared to be hand picked by the TA supporters and Tanisha just confirmed it on the Dr. Phil show. Hmmmm 😉

    • I pray so hard for the day when the whole truth and nothing but the truth comes forth from this pure evil, devious attack on Jodi Ann Arias!!!!!!! Jodi has suffered too long in this evil scam and I think it is time, NOW, to set this angel FREE!!!

      Everyone involved in this evil scam against Jodi Ann Arias know who you are, know how you lied then and how you are still continuing to lie to this day! Aren’t you tired of living like this? Wouldn’t you like to clear your conscience and make a fresh, new start? You would not only be doing yourself a favor but you would be doing the right thing by setting an innocent, beautiful, young lady free from the prison that you put her in! Think about it!


  22. I keep hearing a buzz about dr phil being a HYPOCRITE !!! LOL He is losing ground on his popularity!! YepYep;))) I personally dont watch or listen to him. He is to hard to look at!! He looks to me as if he may have a touch of MS. A STUPID MAN !!! Robin has to be in it for the money! Ok dr phil, wear your ass hat proudly!!! Inquiring minds kinda , but not to much want to know… did you spit or swallow???!!!! :((((


    • This is from Phil McGraw’s biography in wikipedia: McGraw married his first wife, an ex-cheerleader and homecoming queen named Debbie Higgins McCall, in 1970, when he was 20 years old. According to her, McGraw was domineering and would not allow her to participate in the family business. She claimed that she was confined to domestic duties, which included lifting weights to improve her bustline.

  23. Clancy said something about an ex-cellmate of Jodi’s contacting her (Clancy) when she got out and said Jodi was going to put a “hit” on one member of the Alexander family.
    Dr. Phil: “Did you call the police?”
    Clancey: “No.”
    Dr. Phil: “Do that.”
    I think Clancy learned that trick from Martinez. Say something outrageous without any proof and then just leave it hanging. Many people (especially the dumb ones) will believe it.

    • Standing in wet blood, while, Jodi, took pictures, ten feet away from, each, of three, people, adds up, to four people, whatwith, the killer, standing in wet blood, and, constitutes, proof, of the killer; otherwise, where’d the blood, he, was standing in, come from…..and, if, he, was not, the killer, why, didn’t he call the police….??? …Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  24. Interestingly, they showed Jodi making her final statement in court on April 13, 2015. The part where she “remembered the knife going into Travis’s throat” but they cut off the part where she said “and he was still attacking me.”

    • Enacting your lieyers, soap operas, is hardly, a confession… and, Travis’s throat was slashed, not, stabbed. Jodis,’ stories were guided by, all that happened, outside, the courtroom; while, everybody, was pandering to all those LSD voters…. and, the bloodthirsty, lynchmobsters…. Snidely….Edgrrr…

      • I agree, Edgar. about “Travis’s throat was slashed, not stabbed.”
        Jodi’s final statement: (April 13, 2015)
        “I do remember when the knife went into his throat…” This is a niggly little point on my part but when Jodi described the knife as going INTO TA’s throat, it sounds like she’s describing a stab or a jab to the throat, not a slash or a cut across the throat. It just sounds odd to me. And Jodi is usually so precise and good with detail.

  25. I now have an hour every day that has just been freed up because I will never watch that show again. He is now no more of a doctor than Pinsky in my eyes. He actually thanks Juanita for writing the book and who knew – he’s besties with JVM!

    • 😆 Your so funny CanadaCarol!!!!! Thanks for the laugh!!! 😆
      Guess Ole Phil lost a lot of viewers today.
      One-sided Media. SMH

    • Carol,
      You may have 2 hours freed up if you’re watching NAG and “Wee” Martinez discuss Jodi’s “Emergency Bikini Shopping Trip.” Hay-Zoos.

      • Nope, I can’t stand NAG so I didn’t even make an exception for tonight to hear what Juanita would say to that loudmouth. I haven’t watched HLN since the horror days of the 1st trial. I might read the transcript but those two voices together I could not endure.

    • I don’t like Drew Pinsky, but I thought it is amusing to mention that some years ago he wrote a book about narcissism in celebrities, and he wrote that he believed that Dr. Phil was a narcissist, and that he lacked empathy.

      • Funny how they can see it in one another. I’ve wondered how Dr. Phil became such an expert on solving everyone’s problems when he clearly has had major problems in his own closet. He was lucky to have Oprah scoop him up and blow him into the spotlight. I don’t think he could’ve made it on his own merits, there aren’t any. He proved that. His spot light is flickering now, the glow is dimming quickly. Aaaahhh, Too bad for you Dr. Phil.

  26. JODI will never get a fair trial no matter what and the jurors on her appeals will be tainted once again.

    They weren’t suppose to talk about the merits of the case but they did anyway. The show was one-sided. They did everything they weren’t suppose to do …. again.

    At the end of the day, it was about promoting Juan’s book, Chris’ book, jane velez book, and everyone else’s book.

    I just want to know why Tanisha was helping Juan Martinez pick out the jurors for the trial. What qualifies Tanisha to help the prosecutor pick jurors and the prosecutor allowed it ??

    • Joe, I hope you are wrong. I have been praying for Jodi. When Jodi gets her day in the Appeals Court, I have asked God to manifest truth, no matter what that may be and I believe he will do it for her. I received a very short letter from her in recent time, she seems like a sweet person and appreciative of getting letters from people who care. Respectfully

  27. I didn’t hear a single thing that was new from Juanita when asked what the untold story was. He just repeated his rendition from the trial. Jodi was talking about her hair in March because that’s when she started to go back to her natural color. What a one-sided farce that show was aside from Lefty’s few seconds.

    • ….which Tanisha rudely interrupted. Just as well I suppose. Too bad they didn’t have actual facts on the show. Did anyone notice how CH started to mention that he and Sky were in the bedroom talking with TA about how awful and evil Jodi was when Jodi was outside their door. He quickly left “the bedroom” out of that little tidbit. What a farce. The bedroom is a strange place to be having that little discussion don’t you think? Almost like it was a common event. They were friends to TA only to profit off of him. Dead or Alive they don’t care. Bloodsuckers$

  28. I suggest to the ped-O-huggers to read Caption Underpants in the case of the Poopie Pants !!!!;))) Remember that one knuckle dragging troll juror that said live on tv that when he walked in court room and saw Jodi he sh*t his pants!!!! Oh! But he knew nothing about the case. Im in hopes that he will hang himself on a door knob with his stupid looking necklace. ;))) This troll was so mad that Jodi didnt get death that he could of ate the ass end out of a rag doll. GOD BLESS JUROR #17

  29. All I’ve got to say is I hope the appellate attorneys or their assistants are taking down every word of these idiots especially little miss Juanita and the jurors (if they were on the show)….

    • It is hard for me to believe that Juror Holly Polly didn’t know someone in the Clan before she was put on the jury. Ever since the trial she has not missed an up close and personal photo session with Tanisha, Juan or anyone else involved with this mess. It was a instantaneous friendship. . . .WOW!
      I’ve never seen anything like her. Truly disgusting. 🙄

          • I think she is the blond haired woman in blue with her hand on Martinez’ s thigh?
            I’ m pretty sure Martinez has a long-time girlfriend he lives with. I would bet that any woman would find it unacceptable and beyond disrespectful for another woman to put her hand on her partner’s thigh.
            Martinez didn’t look at all disconcerted or embarrassed by her infringement; he looked as happy as can be.

      • Holly also told Dr. Phil:
        “In my opinion, Jodi and her defense team were manipulating her,” i.e., (Juror #17). How would they manipulate a juror? Wouldn’t that be against the law?

        • Plus, how would Jodi or the defense team know which juror(s) to manipulate? They weren’t in the jury room. A stupid statement, Holly (if you’re checking in for reviews of your performance.

        • All of the manipulation was coming from The Defective Detective, The Prosecution, The Media, The Cash Clan and the family sitting in front 🙄 their eyes all through the trials. Crying, sobbing (all without tears mind you) Heck, even Dr. Phil didn’t even offer Tanisha a tissue today. . .he knew it was fake. Also, let’s not forget the Family and Friends lining the hallways while the jurors were in deliberations and then all dressing in TA’s favorite color blue for the sentencing day (including the jurors). Only in the Land of Kolob. Sick.

  30. Okay –
    I broke down and watched some online – and I did a lot of fast forwarding, but I caught Dr. Phil mis-representing the truth: He was rattling off all of Jodi’s ‘lies’ about Travis, and says ‘he wanted her to dress up like Red Riding Hood and he would tie her to a tree’.


    Perhaps – as you suggested to Lefty – you might want to investigate further and find out just how many lies YOU have swallowed!

    (I really wanted to catch one of those idiots saying something about the bloody palm print.)

  31. oops

    I guess I said a bad word.

    My post that ran off to the barn talked about the list of ‘lies Jodi told about Travis’ that Dr. Phil rattled off for Tanisha’s benefit. Did anyone besides me catch the Doc attributing Travis’ own words to Jodi?

      • Oh, I know what bad word I said – not a ‘naughty’ word, just a word the filter bot doesn’t like. Had ‘ugly boots’ in the middle of it.

        BUT didn’t anyone else catch Dr. Phil accusing Jodi of a ‘lie’ that came out of Travis’s own mouth?

        Red Riding Hood? Tie Jodi to a tree?

        • Yes, I caught that. They used the tape to accuse Jodi of blackmailing T-Dogg with it, but nobody bothered to consider what he said on the tape. Phil and Tanisha just skated right over all the stubborn facts about TA.

          • Then he turned around and told Lefty he should ‘investigate further’ or words to that effect – when Phil himself was up there spouting lies he’d swallowed whole without doing his own investigating.

            • Amen Journee! ♥ I think my post flew out to the barn with yours. 😆 Oh darn! It appeared that they all had been schooled on a few things they should avoid saying. IMO some of them needed a few more lessons on deception. 😉 Well, the Frog certainly hasn’t lost his devilish little smirk has he! I just believe one day it will be wiped clean off his little slimy face. Still praying for Divine Intervention here. ♥

        • I heard him say it but I was trying to read another part of the list he was displaying and I didn’t catch on that he was attributing that comment to Jodi (although, in hindsight, the list was about Jodi’s actions). I’ll check it out again when I can find a copy of the show that actually works. I expect SJ will post it within 24 hours or sooner.
          You know, that show had so many lies and misinformation, we should write a response pointing out every one of them. Just put Dr. Phil’s name in the title and we would have readers.

          • And WHY, pray tell, did this ‘ahem’ doctor who spent the first half of his career as a consultant for the legal profession not raise any question at all about the propriety of a prosecutor publishing a book about a case with appeals pending?

          • The whole show was full of Juan’s conjured up fairy tale in order to profit off of Travis Alexander’s death. You know, if I was Travis’s sister I would want to know the WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT! I also would not be helping Juan (or anyone else) profit off of my brother’s name, no matter what kind of a person he might have been, good or bad. BUT then again, I wouldn’t want to profit off of my brother’s memory either so ….. smh
            ONE DAY THE TRUTH WILL SET JODI FREE!!!! I believe it! ♥JODI♥

            We are not a CULT but believers that Jodi Arias was wrongly charged, deviously convicted and totally abused by the media for profit. We seek FREEDOM for Jodi Ann Arias! ♥
            Self Defense is NOT a crime.

            • Repudiation of perjurial conspiracy to scam an interstate kidnapping, at law, is, a crime…..concealed in furtherance, of soap opera, one, by, soap opera, two….. Snidely…. With not, a bleat, from, the sheeple….. Baaa…. Edgrrr…

  32. Martinez admitted the receipt from Walmart didn’t indicate a gas can. So, he said he contacted Walmart and asked them what it was? But, he didn’t tell NAG what they told him except one item on the receipt was for face cream or something. However, in the trial he called it a “gas can” a couple of times in the beginning and then called it something else (can;t remember the other terms right now but it was something like “the container,” “the item in question,” etc.. He lied to keep his made-up story going.

  33. Martinez is still spouting things that were proven to be untrue or never proven one way or another (Jodi dyed her hair around the time of TA’s death, took the license plates off the car and chose a white car all to avoid detection plus she stole her grandfather’s gun. It’s his fairy tale, as R calls it. Martinez also says Jodi might have gotten away with it except for the gas cans. A good lawyer is going to have a field day when Jodi gets a new trial.

    • I recorded it but can’t bring myself to watch it. I am reading the aftermath online and am astounded. According to RadarOnline, Martinez claims “she almost got away with it” but for one mistake, the third gas can. How could that be, Mr. Martinez? Is it because it’s the only thing you have anything close to proof about? Because all the rest of that bullshit story, the theft, the reason for the white car, the dyed hair, the license plates is exactly that, all unproven speculative bullshit? And how does proof of three gas cans prove what she was thinking and planning if it’s the only thing you have any proof of? You slimey bastard you!

      • That’s what I was thinking! He said something like “if it weren’t for the gas cans she may have never been caught.” WTF? What about all the other evidence you supposedly have? smh

      • Little Juanita is trying to sell books $$$$ That is the objective here for her….

        The white car: First she brings her brother with her when she rents the car (correct me if I am wrong I am going strictly off my memory here)…she uses her own driver’s license….and pays with her credit card (check me on that) and she brings attention to herself by stating to the guy at the rental counter that she does not want a red car because those will make her stand out….really NOT a good way to avoid being memorable by telling the clerk I don’t want that bc that will make me stand out !!! Then the clerk will for sure remember you, duh…She wanted the white car versus the red car for just the reason she stated…If she was concerned about not wanting the rental guy to remember her she certainly wouldn’t have said anything about wanting a different color car…she was concerned about not getting any traffic tickets, not the guy at the counter… And she is NOT stupid..most places have video recorders going when you walk in the door…

        The hair: she had texted about changing her hair color BEFORE SHE EVER LEFT MESA !! These texts and conversations she had with others is on record…She had already changed her hair color back before leaving Mesa and this was in March/April before the PPL convention…So how is this a secret to anyone that she changed her hair color least of all to Travis or his friends…

        The license plate: singular…it was off on the back not the front….although the kids in the parking lot had messed with both….a car without plates if FAR MORE NOTICEABLE than a car with plates…who looks at a car with plates and exclaims to themselves “look!! that car has plates” ??? But remove the plate(s) and people will notice as the highway patrol did, duh? That is a really fast way to get pulled over by law enforcement…try it and you will see !

        The Kerosene Can: The container was a kerosene can not a gasoline can and she purchased it and returned to a store that was subsequently moved to a new location…well to be exact the store number was moved and the old store where she bought the container was re-numbered…there are now two stores in that area…the store clerk that was charged with “investigating” the store’s records for a return receipt for the container Jodi bought testified that she could not state that there were not mistakes made or that all the records were transferred to the new location or transferred properly to the new location and further there was NEVER ANY INVESTIGATION of the re-numbered old store, you know that actual store where the can was returned !!

        So little Juanita, I know you are kind of slooooooow but really you need to try to be a little more detailed and organized when you go on national tv and tell fairy tales to sell your little roll of toliet paper….


        • Oh and the gun:

          First, Jodi was with her sister and had been with her when the gun was reported stolen. Jodi was never even considered a suspect in that robbery.. So little Juanita, how can you accuse someone of a crime when they were never charged with that crime??? Perhaps you need to go back to law school??? Yes???

          Second, the fact that many other things had been stolen triggered a police report. Why as a thief would you want to trigger a police report? You wouldn’t..the photos of the inside of that home showed a very disorganized and messy home…Jodi could have easily taken the gun used it and returned it before anyone would have noticed it missing..but instead she makes sure that a police report will be triggered by taking a bunch of other things to be sure that the old folks will notice and call the police, right??

          Third, the gun that was stolen had HOLLOW POINT BULLETS in it…You know that kind that kills instantly…but instead Jodi since she is so smart, decides to change those bullets out for a less effective bullet, you know the kind that would just stun temporarily someone and then allow that person to get up examine himself in the mirror and then continue on his rampage attack against you, right???

          You people are stupid and gullible if you believe anything that proceeds out of the mouth of little Juanita….

          • Oh and let’s not forget little Juanita’s argument to the jury about the gun….or should I say ONE of the arguments to the jury about the gun….that Jodi stole it from TA’s closet and therefore she was committing a felony murder….

            Which way is it going to be? Well Juanita?? Which way???


            • I could say this was Manitowac all over again, but Manitowac (Making a Murderer) actually preceded Jodi’s case so let’s call this Manitowac 2.0……..

            • There was no excuse in the world for the judge to allow Martinez’s either/ or alternative choice about the gun.
              How can she even be allowed to continue to be a judge when she allowed two mutually exclusive scenarios to be presented in the jury instructions, and bizarre beyond bizarre, didn’t object to the logical absurdity of half the jury picking BOTH alternatives?

              • Let’s look at the most notable alternative scenarios in this trial.

                Gun taken from Yreka or pulled from a shelf in Mesa?
                Knife or gun first?
                Felony Murder, (not premeditation, only requires intent to commit a felony) or
                Premeditated Murder? (Both are Murder in the First Degree.)

                The judge decided to leave it to the “finders of fact” – the jurors – to figure out. Yes, she even wrote in the Final Jury Instructions that they could vote for one or both of the Murder in the First Degree charges. The prosecutor threw out multiple scenarios without proving any of them. He harped on a “jealousy” motive. He was not required to prove a motive.

                The supposed evidence of premeditation was presented in a chaotic manner, hashed and re-hashed with relentless badgering of the defendant to distract the jurors from what mattered most: What had happened in the bathroom.

                Whenever Jodi’s story gathered momentum, either through her testimony or through that of expert witnesses, there was a distraction. A camera would be dropped, startling the jury. The Snow White fairy tale suddenly underwent excruciatingly detailed analysis.

                The most important distraction of all was the assertion that the gunshot was last.
                If you believe it, you can avoid scrutinizing sad, grisly details that support Jodi’s story.

      • Yes, I think Martinez tricked the jury with arithmetic & tricked them into thinking that he tricked Jodi with the coincidental price of what she charged, happens to be exactly the cost of 5 gallons of gas. So he tricked the jury into thinking that she had to have put it into a third gas can, NOT SO, NOT SO, I SAY. …Without going into details again, I believe that the total amount of gas she supposedly purchased that day, CAN INDEED fit into the total capacity of a (totally-near-empty) gas tank (accounting for the extra capacity of the input line to the tank) and considering that the tanks are measured in NOMINAL & SAFE gas capacity), & into the extra capacity of the two 5 gallon cans (if topped off with their residual/extra capacity), just as Jody said. …The trick was that Martinez made the jury believe that she came into the gas station & first topped off her car gas tank, then filled the two gas cans & then he made the jury believe that she purchased another 5 gallons of gas & could not put it anywhere except into a third gas can, NO, NO, NO, she said she did not remember how exactly or in what sequence she filled the tank & the two gas cans.
        ….I say that she went back & put that (supposed) gas purchase somewhere in some haphazard sequence & IT FIT into the tank & into the 2 gas cans, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
        …Martinez tricked the jury with arithmetic because it is the only thing they could understand!!! …He did not prove that she lied about the third gas can, IMHO. …Jodi Ann Arias was convicted with MARTINEZ’S MEXICAN ARITHMETIC.

        • Exactly right ! The total purchased gallons if we can believe that the third purchase was for gas can be put into the car and two tanks as you stated…WHERE IS THE PROOF BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT???

          THERE IS NONE !!!!

          And why oh why would Jodi even bother filling up the gas cans on the way home if the only purpose for the gas cans was to supposedly hide her existence in AZ…TA was dead the deed was done she no longer needed those cans…why bother filing up gas cans at this point? To leave more evidence behind of her guilt?? In other words, if she is smart, which we all know she is, and the use for those gas cans are over then why do you risk going to a gas station where there is more witnesses and buy gas for the cans and pay for it with credit cards??? to ensure there is a paper trail of your dirty deeds????

          Jodi had cash in the bank, why not use it?? No, I know she needed a paper trail so that little Juanita could screech at her in court about how guilty she was bc she filled up gas cans with gas…Right????


        • The gas cans aren’t indicative of anything. Martinez was using smoke and mirrors. Jodi was going through remote parts of the country. I know a lot of that country, especially the part running through the national forests of northern California to Yreka.

          • I agree…I didn’t really finish my point there and that is she filled up the 2 gas cans on the way home bc she was traveling long distances…that’s it…and that’s what she and her former boyfriend did on many occasions…my sarcastic questions above just show that the prosecution’s theory about the cans was assinine…she certainly was not trying to hide the fact that she filled them up at all….

        • Yes, I have always believed that Martinez used “MISDIRECTION slight of hand, or twist of tongue” to manipulate the jury & the same “MANIPULATION” with most the entire news media which is 12 jurors plus hundreds of thousands if not millions of the biased followers of the trial, to believe in his MEXICAN ARITHMETIC PERSUASION & believe Jodi had a third gas can.
          …Certainly 100% of the dedicated followers of this site believe Martinez snookered the jury.
          …I use the example to GOOGLE:: Penn and Teller cigarette trick ….. 3min 23sec video of how hundreds of thousands of viewers & the studio audience can be misdirected with their fun tricks.
          …Teller, the silent one, comes on stage & performs a sequence of maneuvers, then Penn comes on & has Teller do it from the “other side” & the entire sequence of misdirection is explained.
          …The jury was snookered & Jodi Arias is NOT GUILTY.

        • He was asking in what order she pumped the gas over five years after the fact, trying to trip her up on whether she filled cans or the tank first, as if, in not remembering with hair-precision detail how she did it proof lay of concealment that she had used the cans.

          His endless questioning does not in and of itself prove anything, but some people tend to believe there must be a factual reason for a prosecutor to be badgering a witness with irrelevant details.

          As tonysam said, it is very remote country. It is some of the most remote country in the entire continental US, and this driving trip took place in the month of June.

          Most relevant is the fact that it was not the first time that Jodi had ever used gas cans in her long-distance road travels.

    • I thought that I heard tiny say that Jodi borrowed the gas cans a month before, with the insinuation that she was planning this for a month. I suppose technically it was the month before as it was the end of May that she phoned Darryl asking to borrow them and her trip was taken the first week of June. Misleading …..

      • Yes it’s called lawyer speak…you know lawyer semantics…technically true but totally misleading and NOT SEEKING THE TRUTH !!!

  34. A more mindless, soulless bunch than today’s television news and talk show personalities in the USA might never have existed.

    They had no use for responsible reporting in the service of justice in this case; didn’t care about the families or friends of the deceased or the accused. They have used everybody and everything to tell their salacious stories and in this case it is a fictional tale of a murderous witch. It sells, it garners the ratings necessary to procure advertising dollars for the networks as media time for corporate America’s ads is purchased. In return, the talking heads get money and fame. It’s a win-win for the all the sell-outs who feed at the tabloid troughs. The line between legitimate TV news and tabloid news has been obliterated by the feeding frenzy.

    They’re not on anyone’s side. They thrive on sleaze. Everyone should stop feeding these purveyors of slime. The guests, the callers, the advertisers, the audiences. Everyone.

    • February sweeps – every talk show more than happy to invite a guest that’s bound to be a draw and boost their ratings with a titillating and sensational story.

      Not an accident, IMO, and nothing at all to do with the efforts of Jodi’s appellate lawyers, that the release of JM’s book was ‘pushed back’ so it could be released during a sweeps month.

  35. Wow a lot of very great posts. Now view the post on j4t…the feb. 13th one ending I would never have charged Her or words to that effect.That tiny fuck claims that in the leg photo ,She is dragging him…..well i did a scale test on that and info has been sent. How would he see that…it’s a leg..and not a very clear photo of a leg.But just how long would Her arms need to be…seems from the math 1 ft. longer then they were and are. And talk about an impossible angle….150 degrees…..and with that he would never be dragged in ant straight line…a zig zag maybe…see that in any photos? But look how the feet are and this dragging is impossible…all about the angles. So no photo of Her DRAGGING him …NO CHARGE and that’s from his own rotten mouth. Lie upon lie and yet no accountability . Even tiny does not believe his own evidence. Gas cans do hold 6 gals. not 5. Gas pumps favour the station more then the customer. And try filling up any car to the max and not get spillage let alone gas cans. T-dog never owned a gun….NOW She stole …his gun…in closing. But a jury of hate see hate…odd how they never spoke of facts afterwards. I do believe that fat boys book and tiny….rats will be their undoing .

    • Martinez, as well as all his fucked-up fans, see what they want to see in that photo. It’s like a Rorschach test which says more about the observer than it does about reality. There is absolutely no way of knowing what’s going on in that photo (one instance in time during a violent battle) and yet he’s now planted it even deeper into people’s minds that there is fool-proof evidence in that photo of her dragging him. Bastard!

      So here is how his “guilty beyond any reasonable doubt” was constructed:

      She might have stolen the gun.
      She rented a car probably in order to hide her trip.
      She borrowed gas cans probably in order to further hide her trip.
      She purchased a third can probably because two was not enough to fully hide her trip. (And this, according to him, is his smoking gun?!!!)
      She turned off her cell phone probably to further hide her trip.
      Travis probably didn’t attack her.
      She is probably dragging him in that photo.

      As I said, they see what they want to see. No proof required.

      • And about those damn gas cans. If her purpose in buying a third can was to have enough to make it through Arizona undetected, why does she only fill two cans in Pasadena (11 gallons in the car and 10 gallons in cans)? Isn’t it in Pasadena where she would have used the third can in order to add an additional 5 gallons, not in Utah on her way home?

      • The prosecutor showed Jodi that infamous photograph and then asked her to speculate along with him via leading questions as to what it depicted. The judge allowed the leading questions and guesswork over defense attorney’s objections that Jodi had repeatedly stated that she couldn’t remember events after the gun had gone off, when she had been knocked to the floor by the lunge, and scrambled away. Looked to me as if what the prosecutor was attempting to show the jury was a lack of remorse in order to qualify her for the death penalty. If Jodi was being forced to answer questions about what she had repeatedly stated she couldn’t remember, what the jury most likely observed was Jodi’s confusion and dread that she was being forced to make statements that were not supported by her memory, to give inaccurate responses that might lead to her own permanent incarceration or death.

        • This should be another issue for appeal.
          I thought all courts frown upon speculation and leading questions, especially when the defense attorney objects and reminds the judge that the defendant said she couldn’t remember.

          • Amy,
            It seems so much of Martinez’s theory or fairy tale is based on speculation. Much of what he is saying on his book tour is still full of speculation or outright lies, e.g., he’s claiming that Jodi changing her hair color from blonde to brunette is a sign of premeditation. She changed her hair color about 2.5 months before TA died (I’m thinking March 20 but I could be wrong – I have it written down somewhere.)
            Plus, he’s still saying Jodi stole her grandfather’s gun on his tour and he said it during the trial. Absolutely no proof she stole the gun. I don’t know why he was allowed to get away with that claim which surely made a major impression on the jurors.

            • Tryinnocence,
              I read most of the transcript from Jodi Arias Trial Day 25 tonight. It’s filled with the things you write about. Jodi seems very passive at the beginning of the day agreeing to all of Martinez’s questions. He takes her from the time shortly after the shooting when she stops remembering what happened and leads her through most of the events until she’s in the desert changing her clothes. Martinez and Stephens do a lot of tag-teaming. Martinez asks a question, Nurmi objects “She can’t remember”, Stephens sustains so Martinez rephrases the same question, Nurmi objects again and Stephens overrules Nurmi ‘s objection the second time – with the result that Martinez gets his way. His questions really are leading. Jodi’s answers are along the lines of: I can’t remember, I don’t know, I’m not sure, maybe, it’s possible, I guess so, OK, yes. She becomes more assertive as the day goes on but by then a lot of damage has been done. While Nurmi did object, it wasn’t enough or determined enough to protect her.

      • And don’t forget that the bullet “must have” penetrated the dura mater….ala Dr. Kevin Horn…we mustn’t forget his critical testimony that will surely be front and center in the appeal…thanks Doc !!

        • …despite his own autopsy report which clearly indicates that the bullet did NOT penetrate the dura mater which was INTACT !!!!

          No typos allowed…NOT CREDIBLE !!

          Laughing all the way to the appellate courts….thanks Doc !!

  36. “This as it comes to light a male juror with a crush on Arias allegedly blocks the death penalty.”

    This quote from the NAG show last night and from the Phil Show does not make any sense. Even if Bill had a crush on Jodi, which he didn’t, there were four people on the first jury who did not agree with DP.

  37. Google Dr phils secret divorce deal .. he pays he calls “crazy money” but in reality its hush money to his wife Robin NOT to publish her (TELL ALL) book!! Shows him to be a sexual abuser, a cheater and a liar AND has been turned into the board for unprofessional misconduct!!! You ever hear of that old saying.. Birds of a feather flock together!! Oh yeah, and he hates Oprah Winfrey

    All I can think or say about you Quack phil is… GOING GOING GONE !!!;)))


  38. Two excerpts from Dr. Phil’s show, February 15, 2016

    Martinez states that Jodi insisted on talking to a detective after the word got out that TA was dead.
    Martinez: “…she was saying things like: ‘I don’t who could have done it. He was such a big guy. It must have taken 2 people to do it.’ “So she started down the path of making things up.”
    I believe Det. Flores made this statement to Jodi about 5 weeks later during his interrogation of her. But, I’ll have to check the phone calls between Jodi and Flores to make sure Jodi didn’t say it to Flores first – unless someone here knows for sure it was only Flores that made that statement.

    Dr. Phil: “You said in your book that there were no definite suspects early on but you said Jodi Arias was one on a short list. What did you mean by that?”
    Martinez: “Yeah, I meant she was on a short list of one.” (big smile by JM)
    JM goes on to explain that everyone said Jodi did it and no one had anything good to say about her. I guess that’s all the “proof” they need in Arizona. Talk about “tunnel vision.”

    Journee – it looks like not only TA’s statements are being attributed to Jodi but they are attributing Flores’ words to her, too.

    • Yep.

      And they crucified Jodi for changing HER story, when JM’s story has been an ongoing evolution. Every little fantasy he can get folks to swallow encourages him to embellish it a little more.

      Then again, haha, maybe he’s just building false memories.

      You know, back in the old days when I discussed this case on HuffPo during the first trial, when I was arguing the ‘no bloody handprint’ point — I can’t even tell you how many people INSISTED that they KNEW there was a HANDPRINT in BLOOD because they’d SEEN IT for THEMSELVES!

      Doh – whatever there was would not have remotely resembled a ‘hand print’ because one state’s witness demonstrated that it was the side of a hand. And it was not in blood because ANOTHER state’s witness said it wasn’t.

      Those folks who saw it for themselves: false memories.

      (Kinda thought I had one myself, there for awhile – a picture in my head of that BLUE SQUARE memory card found in the washer, the one all the incriminating pictures were on, the one that would not have fit in Travis’s camera. After I saw that picture, I couldn’t find it again, started thinking my brain had made it up, then SJ provided the link to it. Ok, I’m babbling – I’ll stop now!)

  39. Just watched a 3-minute video of Martinez on Fox News this morning. Again he states it was the gas cans that proved it was pre-meditated murder b/c she was trying to cover up her trip to Arizona. If she was trying to cover up her trip to Arizona, why would she pose for nude photos in TA’s house (which were stamped with date and time later by police.) Isn’t that information stronger than gas cans although neither the gas cans nor the photos proved she killed him. Maybe, Martinez has forgotten the photos b/c he knows they were not legit.

  40. When the prosecutor cross-examined Jodi about what she could remember of the fight, he repeatedly misstated her direct testimony by saying, “Didn’t you say that_______?” It is interesting to note that when it came to her testimony that TA followed her out of the closet when she had the gun, the prosecutor kept asking Jodi “where he was standing”. She reiterated that he was not standing, that he was moving toward her continually, but that didn’t stop the prosecutor from creating the image of him standing there for the jurors’ imaginations, implying he was not a threat, even though Jodi steadfastly maintained that he never stood there motionless before the gun went off.

  41. The Motive – NAG Show, February 15, 2016

    NAG : “What do you think was the real motive for killing him because it was very well planned?”
    Martinez: “…If she couldn’t have him, nobody else would. She wanted him. He didn’t want to be with her. And, he didn’t want to marry her, either.”
    Motive = “Cash” Hughes > Flores > Martinez?

  42. Does anyone know about Jodi request an Appeals yet?
    Was the request ever filed?
    Who is the Lawyer that will represent Jodi?

    Time for everyone to start writing comments and letters in support of Jodi.
    Amnesty International on Arizona Inmate Abuse.
    Arizona ACLU. The Governor of Arizona. The US Department of Justice. The FBI. The President.
    Anybody and Everybody you can think can help.

    Since the local legal system is broken and corrupt, its time to take it up the chain of command.
    It only takes a minute to voice your thoughts and logic, facts and comments to leadership.

    The continued abuse of Jodi Arias MUST STOP. The State of Arizona, the Judicial Branch, Judges et all, the Prosecutors Office and the Department of Corrections, must be put on notice and held accountable.

    Fight Jodi and Never Give Up..

    • Jodi’s appeal is currently being handled by the Criminal Appellate Division of the PD’s office:
      Ms. Margaret M Green, Esq. (AZ Bar No. 11222)
      Criminal Appellate Division
      Maricopa County Public Defender
      132 South Central, Suite 6132
      Ms. Cory Engle, Esq. (AZ Bar No. 21066)
      Maricopa County Public Defender
      620 W Jackson Street, Ste 4015
      Phoenix, AZ 85003

  43. “Former Arias attorney Jennifer Wilmott gave me this statement on Juan Martinez:

    “I am concerned that prosecutors are allowed to personally profit from their own cases. It makes you question the fairness and motives a prosecutor has when his own personal financial profit is at stake. Maricopa County has specific rules to prevent this from happening.”

    From Article by Troy Hayden Interview of Tiny

  44. I don’t know JODI personally but I can’t wait until she gains her freedom back.

    All these idiots will shit in their diapers.

  45. Juan Martinez Discusses the Jodi Arias Case (shortened version from a hater site. The comments in capital letters are mine, i.e., cc53)

    Q: In Conviction, your new book, you reveal that you were on the scene of the crime the same day that Travis Alexander’s body was discovered. What was your initial theory of the crime based on what you saw that day?

    Juan Martinez: The crime scene spoke to an over-kill. Travis Alexander had been fatally stabbed in the chest, his throat had been slit, and he had been shot in the temple.


    Q: What was the most damning piece of evidence uncovered during the investigation?

    Juan Martinez: Jodi Ann Arias made the mistake of leaving Travis’ camera behind after putting it in the washing machine and running the wash cycle. The deleted photographs that were recovered from the memory card of that camera proved that, contrary to her protestations, Arias was the killer because she was with him only minutes before one of the inadvertent photographs was snapped showing Travis face up in the bathroom hallway floor as blood streams from his throat.


    Q: At what point did you start looking at Jodi Arias as your main suspect?

    Juan Martinez: Jodi Arias was considered the only viable suspect from the first day of the investigation. Travis was well liked and his life was free of conflict, except for the problems with Arias.


  46. How can We the people out do the state…again and again…..FACTS…nothing but the FACTS. And speaking of facts…..tanisha there was your big chance to STOP the PEDO talk about a good guy….who just talked about wanting to abuse children…3 TIMES in less then 62 secs. W T F is that? she had her chance and……NOT A WORD! When that thing spoke of wanting to abuse children I never heard…REMORSE. As for tas wailing on Lefty….well the reason for dear bro getting shot, then stabbed 27 times not 29! and ended up with a throat slash was he would not stop attacking Her. Remember he loved to win at all costs…his sad life proves that. God knows just how many times She begged him to stop but oh no he had to teach Her a lesson…AGAIN. And I speak from the past on that…I too was involved in a continual fight and asked the person to stop at least 5 times and in the end had to quit the fight…as he ran for the hills. Now he could have attacked once more with his 5 buddies as back up but then he would be…DEAD as I had had enough…I was going to live no matter what. Over the yrs I have met some of them from that day,but they don’t want to talk about that day…how odd. She was alone against a trained fighter who had 70 lbs on Her and was much taller. It was more luck and his rage and wrath that saved Her. And Thanks to dr. spill a mob of liars got their day to spew hate , vile and lies once more….shows what scum really is….ask ROBIN on that.

    • Great find, cc53!

      This is why I continue to insist – despite the consternation of a few – that I CAN NOT consider Jodi’s more recently recovered memories reliable! She’s had several years of trying to fill in a blank spot – several years to try to explain to herself and imagine for herself how she could have done such a thing. Once she’s rolled that movie in her head, even one time, it is not a leap – it is not even a baby step – for that movie to become a memory. It’s a natural evolution.

        • Ignore the science of the matter all you want john – but do try to understand that mistrusting those memories is not the same as calling Jodi a liar, or challenging her very best intentions to tell the truth as she understands it.

          I do not doubt that she believes her ‘memories’. And I’m not even saying that what she’s asserted isn’t true. I’m simply saying that I don’t trust the memories themselves, or the circumstances under which they were ‘recovered.’

          • you affix a consternate label and you can use your imagination all you want. I don’t agree, and until you get testimony to back your muse you got nothing more than my consternation

                • Proof of what negative?

                  Never mind.

                  I’ll take your consternation and give you my respect.

                  You are a man of your convictions and I am a woman of mine. Can we leave it at that?

                  I wasn’t trying to pick a fight with you when I replied to coldcase53, I was thanking her for posting an article that substantiated and gave other words to what I’ve been trying to explain. That’s all.

                • Vehemence is all we have, I choose Jodi’s testimony as the basis for mine. If I can’t stick up for Jodi’s testimony then there is no reason for me to be here. I have not heard one word from the hateballs or nurmi, or anyone here, there, or anywhere,that alters my feelings about Jodi, her actions or her choice to accept responsibility for her circumstances. If you have a differing opinion about what Jodi said about what happened at ta’s death, then that’s your choice. Expressing opposition to Jodi’s testimony is easy to do but hard to prove. I won’t let go of what I feel until such point as Jodi Arias says something different happened. No Dr. or human will make me see differently.
                  I always get your drift Journee, you have validity in all you say, I don’t agree and it’s just as important to me to believe in Jodi as it is for you to entertain other possibilities. I may have consternation, but I’m not giving up

          • I agree Journee. Ones memory may certainly be altered depending on circumstances around them. Especially when they have been isolated from the outside world and trustworthy people. Shock and grief can take a toll on a person. Stating your beliefs is not calling Jodi a liar imo. The corruption is deep in the AZ justice system imo. I will support Jodi because I know what ever did happen (which no ones knows even Jodi) Jodi has been wrongly charged, convicted and sentenced. Way too many REASONABLE DOUBTS, always has been from day one. The only thing that is crystal clear is the deception, deleting, concealing and manipulation of evidence and altered facts that has been presented through out the investigation and trials. The only thing I can ever see Jodi might be guilty of is knowing too much about TA and the Hughes Clan’s personal business. The Hughes were not happy at all with TA at the time of his death, no matter how hard they have professed to be. There was proof to that in their own words. What did they do but then try to create a beautiful close friendship for the masses to believe. Hit the media with lies. Lies that the media loves to grasp on too I might add. Why was there no investigation into the Hughes? Who had access to TA’s computers and journals from before his death and right after? WHY were the so-called friends and roommates of TA not investigated? WHY the close connection between the detective, the prosecutor and the HUGHES? Why is it that the Hughes are still on the war path to destroy Jodi? They have her locked up for life but Cash is still on the band wagon preaching his fairy tale friendship with TA the saint. Seems to me he is obsessed with covering his own tail! I will always wonder why.

      • Thanks, Journee
        Flores certainly supplied Jodi with enough information to make her own movie.
        An Innocence Project article states: “In some false confession cases, details of the crime are inadvertently communicated to a suspect by police during questioning.”

        Flores didn’t inadvertently give Jodi a few details of TA’s death, he spent a good part of his interrogation of her describing everything in great detail. The state of TA’s body, where it was found, how it was found and when, the naked photos with date & time stamps (I believe he showed her at least one) and the DNA which he said was both her blood and TA’s blood mixed, her hair sample, he warned her about Martinez, hinted at a severe penalty (DP?) for her, etc., etc., etc.

        Basically, he told her he had an air-tight case against her to the point where Jodi even suggested she should make a false confession to possibly get a lighter sentence – even though she was innocent. Flores and the female officer both said they didn’t want her to confess if she didn’t do it (or, so they said).

        Personally (putting on my flak jacket and going way out on a limb), I sometimes think Flores wanted her to confess whether she was guilty or not and he didn’t want her to blow her confession by getting her story wrong so he supplied her with lots & lots of information so it would look like she was there. She didn’t confess (which says something about the strength of Jodi’s character) but he frightened her enough that she came up with the story of the two intruders the following day of interrogation. I’m not saying this is what happened but what might have happened.

    • I subscribe to Scientific American (being a bachelor of science) and read the article. You know what’s easier than brainwashing someone into a new story that conflicts with their original memory? Brainwashing someone into a story when they have no memory at all to conflict with your desired implant. Its a well know brainwashing technique that Martinez used (connect a solid memory (“Were you crying [she was at the time]) with the new memory you want to implant “… when you stabbed Travis Alexander…”).

      That whole barrage of Martinez’s should have been stricken. It assumed facts not in evidence. Up until then Jodi Arias had not testified that said stabbed anything at all. At first she seemed confused with other testimony and what he was asking. Then she answered “I guess” which she then seemed to morph into “Yes” as it was apparent she was just in a rhythm of crying and agreeing with him to end the barrage.

        • I agree, cc53. There was substantial brow-beating and badgering of Jodi by the prosecutor over repeated objections by defense. Unfortunately, the more he pushed her, the more meek and soft-spoken she became. I wonder if the jury could even hear her half the time, since the prosecutor admitted he had trouble hearing some of her responses. (As we all know, she was constantly asked to speak up and adjust the position of her microphone.) On day 25 there are numerous instances of the prosecutor speaking over her responses, and he was not admonished for doing so.

  47. When Martinez was writing his book, I think he often stood in front of a mirror dangling some sort of pendulum while he thought of his audience and chanted to himself, “I will make you believe this; because I say it is so, you will believe it is so. You will believe… You will believe…. believe…because I say it is so…”

    That is the impression I got when I read an excerpt from his book posted on a ‘hater site.’
    I was stunned at the ludicrous, outrageous, devious, absurdly disingenuous, connivance demonstrated by Martinez.

    I will quote briefly from the excerpt, which refers specifically to the crime scene:

    “…this one spoke to an overkill. This murder seemed so methodical that I didn’t t think it was a crime of passion. It seemed less angry and more purposeful. Only later would I find out just how goal -oriented the murder had truly been…killed three times over.”

    This is another example of Martinez’s confidence in duping people to believe immediate contradiction
    after immediate contradiction, so he can lead them down his twisted path to a false conclusion.

      • And then we have this: ”The murder seemed so methodical that I didn’t think it was a crime of passion.” Is he fucking kidding me?!!! That total chaos ”seemed so methodical” to him? What friggin’ universe does he live in? SMH 🙄

        • Crime of passion––––>Manslaughter
          Organized, “goal oriented”–––––>Premeditation

          Not on the radar––––––––––––––>Second Degree Murder

          Over there, very far out there somewhere––––––––––––––––––––––––––––>Self-defense

          Flores alluded to such a scenario when interrogating Jodi. Did the prosecutor ever consider it?

          If someone has access to the transcript of Defense Opening Arguments, perhaps they can
          be perused. I never heard the words, “Self-defense”. The idea is introduced in Opening Arguments this way, “…she was forced…” and it is posited as a question, as if the defense team was not certain of their own position, needing the jury to help them find one. Close to the end, after Jodi had been heralded as a “dirty little secret”. and the relationship had been drawn as rocky, I recall hearing, “she defended herself”.

          Ineffective Assistance of Counsel right out the gate.

          • Thanks, TryInnocence. I would think that once the Court and the State hears that her defense is that she was defending herself, the use of the word “victim”, in reference to the person who lost the battle, should be verboten. It’s very prejudicial to her case, implanting in the minds of the jury that if he’s “the victim” (substantiated not only by the prosecutor but by the judge) then she, by definition, must be “the perpetrator” and therefore, by definition, guilty.

            • A person who seemed knowledgeable commented here that the word “victim” is used in all homicide cases, but I wouldn’t know.

    • This is very telling. It says that just by looking at a chaotic crime scene he decided it was “methodical” (another word for “planned”). He then set out to prove it and viewed everything he saw through that filter. “Gun stolen…she must have done it (even through there’s no evidence).” “Rented a car…ah ha…who would rent a car except someone planning to hide their travels?” “Called Ryan the night before to tell him she’s on her way…oh, well, must be because she’s stupid and certainly doesn’t point toward her innocence because she’s obviously guilty.” I wonder if at any point he started to doubt himself but would not allow himself to got there. Or perhaps he even realized that she’s innocent (using whatever common sense he does have) but just doesn’t care.

      • It’s like they say, “If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” And “If you’re an unscrupulous prosecutor looking for another death penalty win, every killing looks premeditated.”

  48. Two Murder in the First Degree charges, the jurors instructed that they could vote for one or both of them, one contradicting the other insofar as one requires Premeditation to have been proven, the other on its face would not.

    The jurors also had options to convict for Murder in the Second Degree, or Manslaughter, and the Instructions specifically allowed that they could only vote for one of those charges. How could they not have been at some point confounded by trying to fully grasp the implications of voting for both of the contradictory First Degree Murder charges? If the jurors didn’t believe it was a case of self-defense, did those two conflicting charges present a roadblock to due consideration being given the lesser charges of Second Degree Murder or Manslaughter?

    The Felony Murder charge itself was a potential doorstop to a conviction of Second Degree Murder. But when you consider that the jurors were instructed that they could vote for both Felony Murder and Premeditated Murder, you don’t have just a doorstop. There is an intellectual chasm between those First Degree Murder Charges and the lessers, as the First Degree charges were given greater weight than the lesser options by virtue of the Final Jury Instructions that allowed that the jurors could have selected the First Degree charges in tandem.

    The result, seven voting for both of the First Degree Murder charges, might be considered harmless error. Were the Instructions themselves freighted with a judicial error that had foreseeable potential to infringe Jodi’s rights?

    • The only jury instructions that should be allowed are the applicable statute and a dictionary. If the jurors are illiterate they should not be allowed on a jury. If the law is not written in American Standard English it should be repealed and the case dismissed until it is.

  49. Apparently JM’s book tour is being monitored by a group of defense attorneys who filed complaints against JM ………. I hope they get his tiny ass because there is no way JM can be untouchable.

  50. I read a comment not long ago about Travis being called “the victim” any number of times during what was a self-defense case (you know, where we don’t know who the actual victim was until a verdict is reached). I also remember that happening. (And it was certainly true on a massive scale in the media – a media that should know better.) Can someone please point me to that comment or give me more details here. Who and how often? If it was committed by either Martinez or Stephens, I’d like to add that to the Judicial Injustices section of the Reasonable Doubt doc. Thanks.


    M&G: When you remember Jodi Arias, and you just kind of said you wouldn’t believe anything she says, is it because she’s just a liar or when you look into her eyes, do you see just pure evil? What do you see?

    Martinez: I can’t say I ever looked into her eyes and saw any emotion as you indicated…..somehow because of the demeanor and the way that she was able to express herself with her answers made it almost seem plausible……she takes what you know is not true and somehow and at some point because of the explanation, it almost appears like there’s some semblance of truth.

    It almost sounds like Martinez wondered at times if Jodi really was telling the truth even as he was calling her a liar.

    • I hear him saying what has been the theme throughout this case:

      “If she says something that actually sounds like it could be truth, just disregard it, don’t trust your own instincts, she’s just a very good liar and this evil witch is just trying to draw you in.”

      That’s exactly the trance he used to hypnotize the jury (as well as his adoring fans). “Don’t pay any attention to anything that sounds true, just concentrate on looking for anything that could maybe be a lie – and then declare it so without any proof.”

  52. How is it the leg photo keeps getting clearer….was it that clear in court? And now t-dog is dead in that photo …my how strong must his neck be as it is raised off the ground…is the photo upside down ? As for Jodi dragging him…how any see that I’ll never understand…but they do see guilt in all they hate….There is no question he was moved but how many times and by whom ? And what was removed from that home by others…odd there seems to be only 1 p/c and that’s deanna’s. Just how poor was he? stolen gun….proof please that Jodi stole the gun from Her G,pa…none. But We know t-dog loved to shoot in a state with no restrictions on ownership. dave hall screams ,his best friend never owned a …gun…well a loaner is a loner…right. Odd how dear sky was not yapping on the spill show…opps last time seems she let the …dog out of the bag and was hubbie pissed. And clancy seems to have forgotten how travis said he did not know if the tires were slashed or it was pot holes….she spoke to that on spew or nasty. New hair, new memories. And holly WTF…move on woman…you failed twice….to murder. So how many N. Americans have ever been in a fight for their lives….well they as I know Her truth. Read …WITH the OLD BREED by E.B. Sledge and learn real quick just how a gentle soul can do what it takes to survive. As R.V Burgin,Sledgehammers boss does say….YOU WERE NOT THERE! In a fight for one’s life it amazing what one will do but please never wish to be tested…..luck wins far more then skill. The mob/cult fears the truth…as that show proved.All they could talk about was hate and vile of a person more better then they or theirs will ever be. Tiny just keeps on lying, makes no sense to stop when your’e on a win or book tour.

    • I believe I recall one of the detectives saying that the photo was taken with the camera in an upside down position, that they had to right it. The time stamp is still at the bottom of the right-side-up image, however.

    • Unbelievable!

      The Court finds the defendant failed to establish she will be prejudiced if Mr. Alexander
      is referred to as the “victim” in front of the jury during the trial. The State’s evidence will show
      Mr. Alexander was the victim of a homicide.
      Apparently, the defendant will argue she acted in
      self defense and was thus justified in her actions. Regardless, referring to Mr. Alexander as the
      “victim” during the trial will not unfairly prejudice the defendant. At the request of the
      defendant, the court will give an appropriate preliminary jury instruction to define the word
      “victim” for the jury. This will address any potential prejudice that could result from use of the
      word “victim” during the trial. The defendant shall file a requested instruction twenty days
      before trial.

      Homicide: the deliberate and unlawful killing of one person by another.

      So Stephens had already decided she was guilty in 2012.

      And she thinks giving a one-time instruction will negate the effects of continuously referring to him as “the victim”. Geez!!!

      • “The State responds that the term “victim” is routinely used in criminal cases”
        This is the similar argument Stephens used when she didn’t sequester the jury. It’s routine to NOT sequester a jury in Arizona.

        “The State (Martinez) argues Mr. Alexander was murdered and thus he was a “victim” VERSUS “the defendant will argue she acted in self defense and was thus justified in her actions,” i.e., Travis was an “attacker” who was justifiably killed. Stephens sides with Martinez. Surprise!

        “…referring to Mr. Alexander as the “victim” during the trial will not unfairly prejudice the defendant.” In other words, it WILL prejudice the jury but not to an unfair degree. Love to know how they measure “unfairly.”

        • I hope this will be another appeal issue. I’m tending to say this often, but there are so many appeal issues!
          I know how absurd JSS’s above ruling and explanation is, and I was going to call her moronic, but there is no way that her ruling was due to her stupidity; her ruling was due to her bias.
          Any ethical evaluator would see at once the illogic of her statements, how prejudiced she was in favor of the prosecutor, and anyone honoring one’s duty to uphold the law, would never neglect the evidence above which proves that JSS cast aside__ disavowed actually, the presumption of innocence that a defendant is entitled to until a jury decides the verdict.

          Actually, I guess I do have to call it shear stupidity for JSS to say that the jury could be provided with a definition of what a victim is, as if presenting a kind of tautology resolves the issue.

          I wonder how other court cases have handled the issue of using the term victim on a self defense case. Regardless though, the fact that JSS gave clear evidence of her bias in the above ruling, should be considered a nullification of the fairness of the trial at it’s very foundation.
          I just fear that there is such a lack of concern and lack of integrity in much of the legal system, that the purported guardians of justice will shrug their shoulders, look the other way, and condone anything, right or wrong. The higher courts hold the real power, and it all seems to come down to whether they act with integrity.

          Jodi was just punished by the prison for the most trivial infraction, even innocent because she was not even trying to communicate disrespect to the person in question.
          The C.O. could have simply handled it verbally ( the infraction sheet listed that as an option.)
          If the administration felt their authority was compromised, then they could have had Jodi make a public apology.

          And as to being required to demonstrate good behavior for a certain length of time, hadn’t she just demonstrated good behavior for a long time, right up until the day before her contact visitations were to be allowed. Obviously it was not a coincidence that they just happened to find something to punish her only a day before. They just want to crush her, and they can do anything they want to her.

          It was obvious by the very situation that Jodi’s use of the offensive term was not meant as saying the C.O. was preventing someone from having sex; the reporting C.O. even verified that.

          Maybe the complaining is mostly in reference to the released p I read that people that hate Jodi call the prison and complain about her. Why doesn’t the prison condemn those people and cite their behavior as harassment? Jodi is locked away; she has no contact with those people calling the prison and complaining.

        • They were both victims. Btw, the issue is whether the word “victim” will prejudice the jury NOT the defendant. This shows the judges mind was not on the subject in question. Although it does also prejudice the defendant since hearing herself repeatedly characterized as the “victimizer” (since she is accused) can brainwash her into thinking that its true.

          I just saw an article about a construction worker here in Virginia who shot a co-worker who got drunk and threatened him and his family (verbally and physically). The prosecutor dropped the charges after a few days. The defendant testified at the grand jury hearing. The only difference is he had witnesses to the threats, but Jodi Arias did not.

      • From, taken in part:

        “homicide n. the killing of a human being due to the act or omission of another. Included among homicides are murder and manslaughter, but not all homicides are a crime, particularly when there is a lack of criminal intent. Non-criminal homicides include killing in self-defense, a misadventure like a hunting accident…”

        • Maybe once upon a time certain legal terms were understood and interpreted by members of society and juries in ways that had no inherently incriminating, no inherent connotation that had the implication that the defendant was guilty, but I do not believe for a moment that in this day and age, that those terms are justifiable; they absolutely contaminate and negatively influence a person’s perception.

          No matter if a jury is presented with very precise and comprehensive definitions and explanations of these terms, the terms are just too loaded with overriding correlations that near wholly diminish a natural association with alternative, more neutral and benign connotations.

          • Amy, I’m not sure what you are trying to say here. Justus gave an incorrect definition of the word “homicide”. JSS probably made the statement about the state showing that a homicide took place because it is the state that brings the case. The defense was also going to show that a homicide took place.

            Society needs to hold the legal community to a high standard, likewise society should seek understanding of the meaning of words and legal terms, not only glean a connotation that might be popularly accepted. The word homicide is just such an example, as it is commonly misunderstood. But the terms “justifiable homicide” and “involuntary manslaughter” are in common use. They are red flags signaling that not all homicides are of a criminal nature.

            You wrote, “Maybe once upon a time certain legal terms were understood and interpreted by members of society and juries in ways that had no inherently incriminating, no inherent connotation…” I seriously doubt it. The search for justice has always been an uphill battle, and you know as well as anyone the power of mob thinking. It has been ever thus.

            I do agree though, that the use of the term “victim” in a self-defense case is a good legal question.

            • Hi Try Innocence, I don’ t have time to respond now _ I will later, but I just wanted to say that I hope my above post did not come off as seeming rude or hostile to you , because I did not mean it to come off that way. I’ m afraid that writing ‘ once upon a time’ might have seemed like I was being sarcastic towards you, but that was not my intent.
              Also, I probably agree with most or all of your post above .

              • Yes, I agree with what you wrote.
                I was in a state of mind where I was primarily focused on the unfairness of the term ‘victim,’ in a self – defense case, and when I read what JSS wrote, my instinctive reaction was formed by my own strong association of the word homicide with the word murder. My reaction would have been the same even if Justus had not provided a definition.

            • Sorry about that incorrect definition. It was the first thing that popped up when I put “homicide definition” into Google. So homicide does not necessarily mean murder but the word “victim” certainly does.

              • Even in this case, you could say he was “the victim” of an unintentional gunshot. Of course, that does not completely explain his death, whether you believe, as the autopsy report states, that the shot was first and not incapacitating or that the shot was after the fact, as the state came to maintain. So the word “victim” could mean, in certain homicide cases, that the person was a victim of circumstances. By extension, it seems to me that JSS was suggesting that it was up to the jurors to decide what the circumstances were in this case that caused this death. But to my way of thinking it is a valid point that to use the word in a self-defense case, to the exclusion of other, more neutral ways of referring to the deceased, is likely to prejudice at least some in the jury.

  53. I just read about a self-defense case where the judge ruled that the term ‘victim’ could not be used to refer to the deceased:

    “Judge rules against use of ‘victim’ in Van Hecke case.”

    May 9, 2014. By Brian Wellner

    Quad-City Times

  54. Why didn’t Juan or Nurmi ask Darryl Brewer what color Jodi’s hair was when he saw her? Seems that would have been an easy win for one of them.


    AC: “One of the things that really got my attention is why there wasn’t too much of a scent…I know how far that scent is. Why, why didn’t anyone else around the area pick up on that?

    Martinez: “Well, the roommates indicated that they just didn’t smell anything and I will admit that I must agree with the roommates. I was there on the morning of June 10. I went there about 9-9:30 in the morning and, one of the things that struck me was that when you walked in, even though the thermostat was, I don’t know, around 70-75, it seemed cool compared to the outside because the outside was close to 100 already. And when you went up to the room where he was, ah, the bathroom, it seemed a lot cooler than the outside. The only thing I can say is that, um, he was sort of, um, refrigerated a little bit and that probably was why the smell didn’t permeate throughout the house. I can tell you that when I got up there, I didn’t notice the stench that we normally associate with a body that had been left for the period of time. He had been there since June 4, a period of about 6 days. And, again, I agree with you, it’s surprising that it didn’t smell.”

    Detective Flores Report:
    “There was a strong odor associated with a decomposing body all over the house. The odor was evident as soon as we entered the front door.”

    I don’t know what to make of Martinez’s story. No scent versus strong odor. Refrigerated in 70-75 degrees??? Time to call in Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.

    • So which account are you going to believe?? An account that was reported when the body was discovered when at that time there was no reason to start covering up and dissembling to create a false story?? Or are you going to believe a person who has already shown that there is no lengths too far to go in order to win a case??

      70-75 degrees might slow the decomposition process a bit, but not enough to say that the body was refrigerated…that is simply not credible and is laughable !!

      Notice little Juanita says, “I didn’t notice…” as opposed to “there was no smell/stench/odor in the home….”

      HUGE difference for those who are wordsmiths…Again we have lawyer speak here (semantics) in Juanita’s response to the question….It’s like saying “I don’t recall…” when you are trying to avoid the truth…

      Pay attention to the exact words that little Juanita CHOOSES to use…”I didn’t notice…” DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE WAS NO SMELL……

      Then he tops off his carefully chosen words of “I didn’t notice…” with “I agree with you, it’s surprising that it didn’t smell.” He does this to engender your trust in him…afterall he agrees with you that there should have been a strong smell/odor/stench in the home….

      According to our Inspector Clouseau….There WAS A STRONG ODOR all over the house and it was evident as soon as they entered the front door….

      Usually the first statements / reports that people deliver regarding a crime are usually the closest to the truth..before they become entangled in the politics of trying to win a case…


    • The temperature of the house being 70 degrees and the shower area being the coolest area in the house validates my hypothesis that the body’s condition at autopsy showed the effects of that cooling. The body was described by Horn as showing moderate decomposition in all of its organs. This does not comport, however, with Horn’s testimony in court about the brain being so severely decomposed that it was autolyzed.

      As for the odor and the roommates, they are either nose-blind or they chose to be. It was obviously there for Flores and Marie Hall to smell.

  56. Even when a photo is righted how can a DEAD man’s head rise off the floor 1 ft….is that proof of …HEAVEN as st. t-dog heads on his way…good luck on explaining that rotten life. The smell just keeps getting worse…det. stevo…EW!…tiny as low as he is …NOTHING…really ….talk about covering all bases…shot first…shot last…hole in dura matter….what hole…gee no wonder the jurors look so dumb as they get interviewed. If the state can say victim then defence MUST say attacker….and as many times as needed. What if both parties wanted to fight….are they both victims AND attackers. How very odd that the family thinks they were used by dr. phil…as they tried to use him. my brother was a good guy…..and with a straight face that was said…too bad that sis can’t or won’t explain dear bro’s words of hate and violence…is it wrong to say that the rape of a 12 yr. old is violence? One never has to sequester any jury when all one has to do is hold them in contempt for ANY wrong doing let them pay the same price as the defendant would have. Breaking an oath is treason and no civil trial is needed. Who gets a trial when they commit contempt? There’s tiny outing a witness 1…2…3 times and there proves the joke of that court. But I do believe the words of a tiny thing WILL come back on him on appeal as it should…and soon.

    • I don’t have the means to enhance the brightness or definition of images on my device, and I don’t know if that infamous image of Travis holding up his head could ever be made clearer anyway; it certainly would not be acceptable to have the photo in court less clear than it could be .

      Maybe the device I use to view the images online is less capable of rendering what other people see, but I have wondered if what seems to be a long pretty-wide band of blood flowing down the back, isn’t actually something else, like perhaps a strap or long lock of hair?
      I do see that there definitely is blood flowing down on either side of the dark looking band. But I really question whether the middle ‘ and’ is actually blood.

      I have not seen any of the photos in Martinez’s book, but I was curious if anyone knows if the images in it are of a better resolution and clarity than what is seen in court?

  57. Today, Louisiana prisoner Albert Woodfox walked free, 44 years after he was first put into solitary confinement.
    He was the United States’ longest serving prisoner held in isolation. Nearly every day for more than half of his life, Albert Woodfox woke up in a cell the size of a parking space, surrounded by concrete and steel.

  58. Does anyone know where Jodi kept the letters from Travis? I read some reports that she gave them to Matt, but I haven’t heard that from him yet. She probably could not trust him since she had left him for being unfaithful. Also, there’s a report that he called her parents claiming she was mentally ill (bi-polar – probably his diagnosis). Then again, if Matt had them, he might not want to admit it for fear someone would steal them since they are so valuable to her case.

    Jodi might have had the originals at her grandparents (her home base in Yreka). Someone was smart enough to make copies in case they were stolen.

    I’m thinking that if she had them at her grandparents or someone else thought so, that could have been the motive for the break-in. Some of Travis’s “friends” may have wanted to steal them to avoid legal jeopardy for him. The gun and other things taken might have just been targets of opportunity or to disguise the real reason for the break-in. Jodi might not think to check a box of old letters.

    Is there any statement from Jodi herself (or the keeper of said letters) as to where she kept them?

  59. From Huffington Post (“The Fateful Roadtrip”):

    June 2, 2008:

    Yreka, California

    Phone records show several calls between Arias and Alexander in the early morning hours:

    Alexander called Arias twice during the 3 a.m. hour:

    The first call was just under 18 minutes, the second about 41 minutes. [Travis requesting Jodi stop in?]

    Arias called Travis at 4:03 a.m. The call lasted 2 minutes, 48 seconds. [Jodi saying yes]

    At 5:39 a.m. Arias bought $15 worth of gas at Shell Food Mart in Siskiyou, California.

    Why didn’t we hear these two calls (total of 59 minutes) or get transcripts of them?

    Because they didn’t support the prosecution case for premeditation or Jodi stalking Travis.

    We’d all like to hear them.

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