Jodi News Update #2 – (May 2016)

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Jodi News Update #2 – (May 2016)


Many different so-called “updates” have been written about Jodi Arias’ life at Perryville since she moved there last year, but they have all been riddled with inaccuracies and sensationalist nonsense. It’s not hard to fathom why none of these accounts can be believed. Most have been tabloids, entertainment “news” outlets, bloggers–even a death-row inmate at Perryville desperately seeking attention has tried to hitch her wagon to the Jodi Train. Talk about a collective trash heap. If you really want to know what’s been going on with Jodi for the last year, keep reading.

For the first 30 days at Perryville, Jodi was kept in a state of limbo known as “R and A” (registration and assignment) because D.O.C. (Department of Corrections) refused to classify her. While most inmates go through R and A, those sentenced to natural life usually breeze through this process in under a week because, due to their sentence, there’s no question as to how they are to be classified. All lifers begin on the maximum yard. At least 7 other women were sentenced to natural life in the same year, and none of them were held in this prolonged holding pattern like Jodi, in which she was prevented for a month from calling her family, visiting with her loved ones, or even purchasing envelopes to write them. Nevertheless, Jodi maintained a positive attitude in a letter she managed to send out shortly after arriving in which she described correctional staff at Perryville as “courteous and professional.”

By June 2015, she was mingling with the general population and reconnecting with numerous acquaintances from her previous years at the jail. She was no longer in restraints or confined to her room for 23 hours a day. She’s free to go to the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She is offered outdoor recreation for 1-2 hours a day, six days a week. Due to a recently-implemented incentive program, she gets to shower 7 days a week now (instead of 4 days a week). She goes to the library once a week. She’s able to participate in group activities (arts, crafts, board games) every week. Last year, she took a mandatory class for survivors of domestic violence and now participates in a rotating curriculum of self-improvement classes mandated for all inmates on her yard.

Jodi receives one 3-hour visit once a week. She wears restraints to and from visitation, but they’re removed for the duration of the visit. She also wears restraints to the dentist, but by next year, she won’t wear restraints in either circumstance.

She bought a TV last June. It broke so she bought a second one. It broke so she bought a 3rd one. It began to malfunction. She didn’t wait for it to break completely and bought a 4th one–and it ARRIVED broken! She got her 3rd TV back while the manufacturer (Skyworth) makes good on its warranty for the 4th TV. Except for getting ripped off, Jodi has enjoyed having television. She’s hooked on the show Supernatural, she can hardly wait for Season 2 of Mr. Robot to start, and when she wants to laugh, she watches The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

With all the TVs she’s had to buy, one might think she’s out of money or maybe has a lot to go around. She doesn’t. The aforementioned death-row inmate wrote a letter about Jodi in a pitiful attempt to gain attention. In this letter, she claimed to have seen Jodi’s financial statement, claimed Jodi has $3,000, and told others not to put money on Jodi’s books, while nearly in the same breath solicited money herself to buy things for her friends. One doesn’t get much fuglier than that. This sad, contemptible person is a liar. Jodi has around $200 on her books right now, nowhere near the 4-figure mark. Also, the inmate telling stories about Jodi is segregated from the population and has no access whatsoever to Jodi’s account statements. Another lie she tried selling is that Jodi is using her friend Ben for money. We asked Ben what he thought about this and he said, “If Jodi is using me for money, she’s doing a terrible job. I don’t give her money–except for Christmas and her b-day.”

A handful of inmates are getting together to write an expose about this inmate and the trouble she stirs up on her yard. Jodi was asked to join them, but she declined, “Absolutely not. I want no part of that. In her letter, she offers plenty of proof of her own connivery, and she was blasted on national TV as a ‘snitch,’ which other inmates here watched. She’s a miserable person in a horrible situation.”

The new air-conditioning units are installed and expected to start operating any day now, so Jodi will endure the dangerous AZ summer a little more comfortably than last year. Although installation was pricey, it should save money in the long run through energy efficiency and fewer heat-related medical incidents (seizures, heat-stroke, dehydration). Over a month ago, the construction crew ruined the cable, which D.O.C. charges Jodi for, and it has yet to be repaired. Her shows flicker in and out, and when they’re in, the picture is too fuzzy to see what’s happening.

Jodi has made many “friends” at Perryville, but she uses the term loosely. She’s friendly to everyone and is closer with some than others, but she adheres to the safe motto of “Trust no one.”

She’s reading Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. She currently receives the following publications: The Economist, TV Guide, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Marie Claire and Ensign.

Although a tabloid recently and gleefully proclaimed Jodi’s angst over the retrieval of her commissary purchases, the tabloid was wrong, not surprisingly. Jodi is not upset. Kareem Williams was also misquoted throughout as a supposed source. Tabloid writer Alexis TereSCUM’s figurative foray into dumpster diving for Jodi’s grocery receipts is not only creepy, stalkerish and obsessive, but it reveals the writer for the trash that she is by the trash she likes to write. You know the saying: Garbage in, garbage out. Jodi is well-aware that she, like all incarcerated Americans, has no constitutional right to privacy. If idiots like Alexis want to help us keep our Jodi relevant with her pathetic efforts at journalism, then we are happy to keep laughing at Alexis’ expense, who is well-beyond the point of ever being taken seriously again.

Since we just mentioned Kareem, let’s get to that call Jodi had with him several months ago. She didn’t get into trouble, and Kareem wasn’t banned from Perryville–because no rules were broken. Jodi was called in to see the Warden (now retired) the day the call was released to warn her that it had happened. The Warden was coming from a place of concern about Kareem. Jodi hasn’t called him since. An inmate (the aforementioned attention-seeker) claimed Jodi’s cell was searched the same day in search of a cell phone. In fact, every cell in Jodi’s pod was searched, and the search was prompted by rumors of contraband belonging to another inmate. As for the haters who wasted their time calling or emailing the prison about the phone call, the Warden remained indifferent to all of them. Those clowns can waste their own time all they want, but the Warden didn’t let them waste hers. She’d been working around inmates for 30 years and saw nothing wrong with Jodi’s conduct in the call. Of course, the haters freaked out over the amazing chicken fajitas Jodi described. That was pretty hilarious. But not to worry, haters, she’s had them 3 more times since.

Speaking of food, Perryville occasionally participates in fundraisers for LETR (Law Enforcement Torch Run) for the Special Olympics. The prison teams up with a store or restaurant that sells items to inmates at double the price. Half the doubled price goes to the seller of the item, and the other half is the donation to LETR. So far, Jodi has enjoyed Barro’s Pizza, Filiberto’s, Panda Express and Pete’s Fish and Chips. The fundraisers only come around every few months, so Jodi savors them when they do. It’s not always food that’s sold for LETR. Thanks to a fundraiser with American Hotel Register, Jodi recently laid her head on a pillow for the first time in almost 8 YEARS! In the last year, her patronage was responsible for raising $109.29 for LETR/Special Olympics. Other inmates who have been here much longer have contributed substantially more.

Everyone wants to know about the cockblocker incident. (“Cockblocker” is not a bad word, by the way.) Jodi has pondered writing a blog entry about it (at but is still undecided. The media of course had to embellish because the facts alone were just too boring. So they used dramatic terms like “verbal altercation,” even “verbal assault” (idiots). In fact, Jodi made a benign comment very common to the local vernacular. It’s been speculated that D.O.C.’s overreaction in disciplining her was due to the above-mentioned phone call. It wasn’t. It was based on the reaction of one officer with a bruised ego who was told about the comment by someone else and to whom Jodi later admitted when that officer confronted her. Remember, the Warden told Jodi she wasn’t in trouble for the call, and in the call, she paints Perryville in an undeservedly favorable light. So, no, it wasn’t the call. I guess if we want to know more about this incident, Jodi will have to blog about it.

Jodi recently launched a book drive, but it’s been very slow to take off because as soon as it started, Perryville began to reject all incoming books for over a month, even though the books were from approved vendors like After people called to complain and inquire, the mail and property department decided to fix their mess and is now accepting books again. If everyone contributed JUST ONE BOOK, the drive would be a gigantic success and it would enrich the library’s selection for all the women on Jodi’s yard. Remember to go through (Amazon is no longer accepted.)

Her mail is still pouring in and it’s become a mini mountain that she has likened to a glacier (pre-global-warming era): “It shrinks, it expands, but it never disappears.”

Her family has come to visit her twice. They would come more often if they could, but as Jodi puts it, “They’re broke.” Her grandmother recently passed away. Jodi often said her grandma was her “favorite person on the planet.” She’s holding up all right. She mourns privately in her room, not openly. She said, “The world feels so much emptier,” but she’s glad her grandmother is no longer hurting and uncomfortable. The prison allowed Jodi a special call to her family after her grandmother passed.

In summary:

All in all, and contrary to all the BS rumors continually being banded around, Jodi is doing just great. In fact looking at the bigger picture, Jodi is doing far better than most people.

Remember too… each day that passes takes us one day closer to Jodi’s release date. And with that in mind, let’s also make sure we keep the momentum growing, so the JAA Appellate Fund total can push onwards and through $100,000, and even closer towards raising sufficient funds to help cover the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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we are team jodi - and we will be victorious

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In the meantime…


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Prepare for it.

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In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi’s future – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this update, SJ.

    Everyone (supporters, haters, fencers, etc) know that this site is the ONLY site that we can get accurate updates concerning Jodi and everything ‘Jodi related’.

    I’m really glad that you finally shared with us and cleared up a few rumors that were going around social media concerning Jodi.

    I wonder how fast your post will be snatched by the useless and lazy ‘reporters’ (using the the word VERY VERY VERY loosely) and posted on their tabloids?! Three… two… one…. done! LOL!

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    p.s. The ONLY true and fair journalist that I trust and believe his posts regarding Jodi is Michael Kiefer. I’ve said it once too often: I don’t mind his opinion about Jodi because throughout these years, he’s been nothing but fair, even though many times it cost him much trouble by the haters. It seems that they don’t like to read truths because it doesn’t satisfy their revengeful and hateful souls. 😉

  2. Ha! I made first comment!!!

    SJ, gimme gimme gimme gimme my ‘first comment prize’!!! Don’t be stingy or you’ll have to deal with Pouty! 😀

    (((SJ))) ♥

      • Hmmmmm… what to say….

        Thank you for the prize, SJ… I think (scratching head). I’m not being ungrateful or anything but you know my opinion about Taylor Swift…. She’s in the Justin Bieber category: barfbag needed.

        I’ve learned my lesson not to demand for prizes from you, mister SJ! Pouty is NOT HAPPY!

        ((((SJ)))) ♥ Σ’αγαπώ… but you already know that 😉

        • Pandora!

          You should think yourself lucky you got Tay’s video link! The other first post price was actually multiple choice one… so you would have had to choose between 15 minutes of phone sex with Heather Conner, or a set of steak knives :mrgreen:

          This is for you >>>

          Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

          • Yikes! Touché, my friend, touché!

            p.s. I am fearless when it comes to supporting Jodes! 😉

            ((((Jodi))) ♥
            (((SJ))) ♥

            I love the hell out of you both!

    • 😆 ((((((#1 Pandora&Taylor))))) 😆 Thanks (((SJ))) for sharing the true facts with us concerning Jodi. Your infinite determination to get the truth out is to be admired!!!! ONWARD TEAM JODI! ♥

  3. Thanks for the update 🙄 Why do they keep putting out story’s of Jodi ???? $$$$$ giving a false reality to what is going on with her.

  4. You did make it first Pandora I was to busy figuring out how to communicate my thoughts on his subject

  5. Jodi’s first impression of Perryville was being confined in her room 23 hours a day. Simple pleasures would help, although she went through 4 broken tvs. Had rumors passed about her as well as privacy being invaded. It’s easy to imagine that it’s hard enough to sleep at night considering Jodi’s general circumstances, but being without a pillow and under uncomfortably hot conditions for so long, even worse. How could somebody be expected to take the stand after such treatment? Her getting to visit with family would be a help, but it sounds like that’s not much of an option. Along with losing a grandmother who she was very close to. The list of hardships for Jodi seems continuous as what’s mentioned above is only a small fraction. My knowledge of what goes on with Jodi is mostly thanks to this site.

    • Ryan, unfortunately, Jodi can’t get a break in life. I’m sure that one day soon, all this will turn around and Jodi will get a well deserved second chance in life. ♥

      • It does sound like Jodi reaching freedom is likely to happen Pandora, but it would be nice to have some closure.

  6. From one job to another and in between an AMAZING post… very glad to see what’s really going on . And to think how strong this young woman is and unbroken…..We must do all that We can to give Her justice. Often I ask a hater,is that what you call a fair trial…then God help Us all…from injustice. This Fri. as i copied another letter to Her(in case it gets LOST! )so I can always resend it,the lady in the store went on about if I still helped…well My smile said it all…LOL. Then I got the talking to…..this,that…bla bla bla (is that how that’s spellled?) Her eyes Her eyes,my God Her eyes….YES I said they’re….BROWN…and BROWN EYES look ..darker then blue cause they are BROWN….and lady you have BROWN eyes as MOST of the beeping world does…..but that bus was real big she was driving as she ran over the brown eyes. I must tell her about brown eyes v blue eyes the doc. from the 60’s….FUNNY and sad but oh so true. What is it with gals of a certain age that hate on Jodi…as the young one’s know and feel Her pain…ask any young lady …ever been abused by a man yet? HELL YES! Well I guess one does forget when We get older…where was …I…SEE! But sad to say there are many more t-dogs out there…is that why Perryville makes em take a mandatory D/V course….see even PERRYVILLE believes Jodi was abused by …just a good guy…if one believes a sister. Much more then a good guy and that’s just from him…ew. So let Us all do Our part to help Her in all ways…..HELP is help no matter what…I do My thing and You do yours and help Our dear friend find justice and freedom…Our world needs Her so….and imagine the haters reading this wonderful post…by S J(not mine…lol) and going nuts…say it ain’t soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…ka-boom as they lose their minds small as they are. Made My day you did S J…thanks!

  7. Thank you SJ! One thing for sure, no matter how the hateballs try to screw things up, Jodi has US. We will never give up ’til Jodi is FREE! I pray for Jodi everyday and know that Self-Defense is NOT a crime!

    • Yes Mimi! I just got a letter from Jodi last week but it takes awhile cause she gets a ton of mail so just be patient.

    • Of course she does. It may take her a while (imagine having a HUGE pile of mail stacking up) but she always writes back.

      • Okay thanks guys. I will definitely keep my fingers crossed and wait. I was just curious because she has so much on her plate. So many people write to her and I wasn’t sure if everyone of them would be fortunate enough to get a reply.
        Also the $ it would cost her for postage and envelopes. I live in Canada and I feel so awful for the poor woman. The United States is a joke in regards to their flawed CJS. Here in Canada even life imprisonment is considered unconstitutional. There is always a chance for parole. The max is no parole for 25 years. But everyone regardless of what they have done are allowed a chance. If they have continuous problems once incarcerated only then more time is added. People like Jodi who had a horrible event happen once in their lives should not let that define them “forever”. Let alone even be considered for something so heinous and inhuman as the death penalty.

        • Mimi, you are so right! Here in Greece, the same thing applies: everyone deserves a second chance EXCEPT for those who were convicted of treason.

          Our judicial system might be far from perfect BUT people incarcerated continue to be treated like human beings and they DO have rights. Greece has a law that allows people in jail to even take a 5 day vacation from prison to visit their family twice a year after they’ve served a specific amount of time.

          In my opinion, I think the only people that should never be allowed out on the streets are children killers, country traitors and in most cases serial killers.

          A person that has a ‘clean sheet’ and has always been a law abiding adult should absolutely get a second chance in life. ESPECIALLY in Jodi’s case, where it was self defense! In Greece, she would have never served a day in prison and would have been on probation for a couple of years but then she would be free to live as she wished wherever she wished.

          • Just out of curiosity, Pandora, why would Jodi even serve probation in your country? IOW, what would her crime be if it was determined that she acted in self defense?

            • Caspian, hi! Thanks for asking:

              I might have not used the correct word when saying ‘probation’ but let me explain what I mean: If someone is determined – by the court of law – that they are innocent and acted on self defense, they do walk free BUT for a matter of 5 years, their records state the case and the act. After 5 years it is cleared off their records and as said in greek they once again have a ‘White Criminal Record’ (CLEAR).

              Hope this answers your question. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the update SJ! It’s good to hear the truth about Jodi instead of the tabloid BS! As Sandra Webber always says the haters (or as she calls them nutters) Just can’t quit Jodi and that includes the media! Especially the media!

    • JD, you (and Sandra) are so right! All those ‘nutters’ have been busting our balls, whining about how tired they are hearing stuff about Jodi and yet, they are the first ones to jump on anything written about Jodi (true or false, it doesn’t matter to them). We said we were going to be here for the long haul… what’s their reason, I wonder?! (raising eyebrow)

  9. I recently wrote a letter to the President and I sent JODI a copy of it so she can read what I wrote.

    And I hope the president helps JODI in one way or another because everything is fucked up in Arizona.

    And I hope JODI is happy with what I told the president because I know he wouldn’t want the same thing

    to happen to his daughters.

    . . . . .. . .So let’s see what happens with this. . . . he has responded with other issues in the past.

    • You wrote the president? I assume you mean the Obama? Dont hold your breath on that one..
      That communist only cares about what helps him politically.. My prayers are for Jodi Arias, I believe in mercy and forgiveness.. Whether or not she is guilty makes no difference, God knows the truth.. Saul of Tarsus before he was Paul the Apostle killed might have killed a thousand Christians and was forgiven… The Justice system is twisted, i hear of people all the time being released that was innocent or tried unfairly..
      Psalm 142:7
      Bring my soul out of Prison, that i might praise thy name: The righteous shall compass me about; For thou shalt deal bountifully with me..

      Believe the Gospel and your soul with be free..

      Steven Dunn

      • @Steven Dunn – – – Unfortunately I do mean Obama. . . . I don’t know JODI and I have never met her but I’ve followed her trial from day one. And what they did to her is totally fucked up. You just have to know how to talk to him and how you say it and you never know maybe he might help her maybe he won’t.

        I even wrote a letter to the Governor of Arizona, and as long as you don’t threaten them with their life you can tell them anything you want to. . . . I asked him about what he would do if what happened to JODI would happen to one of his daughters. Of course I know he would use his executive powers to influence the outcome of the conviction. Which is what I asked him to do. Some people might say “what is this idiot thinking” but too many people jump on the JODI train and don’t even donate to her cause so I think JODI is definitely worth writing letters to these elected officials expressing outrage over their fucked up judicial system. Because there’s habitual murderers who’ve done a lot worse than JODI and they continuously get out of jail.

        • Joe, don’t let anyone or anything stop you from expressing your opinion. If we keep on ‘knocking’ on doors, you never know which one will open and listen to us! I say ‘good job done’ my friend! 😉

          • Hi Pandora . . . .

            Yes, a couple of months ago Obama recently ordered the release of over Forty-thousand convicted felons AND murderers. They all had a history of murders, aggravated robbery, etc.

            So I gave a summary on JODI’s case and asked him if he could go up to bat for JODI because she has no prior convictions just like he helped those forty-thousand felons he released.. . . . . of course I was more professional

            Congrats on being first to post . . . . say hi to JODI for me.

  10. I am glad to read that Jodi enjoys more freedom now and that she gets along with a lot of people in prison.

    • Jodi is an easy going person! She has always gotten along with everyone… even put in effort to understand the haters’ POV. Jodi is one of the sweetest, kind hearted human beings I’ve ever met. Nothing and nobody can change my mind. People that have never spoken to her can’t know what I mean.

      • Yes Pandora, Absolutely total opposite of what the media led everyone to believe. They will print only what makes them money$ Jodi is and has never been perfect (like us all) but she is a genuine sweet, considerate, thoughtful, generous and devoted young woman. May God Bless her as she fights for her FREEDOM!

    • Good to hear. People seem to think that inmates cease to be human after put behind bars, which is so cruel and against human rights.

      Alan, if you get an update on this subject, let us know.

  11. Joe You did the right thing in writing…..and who knows what may happen…when all is done it’s a pardon that at times brings back justice….and that young lady needs justice more then any….think any of the 40,000 had a TRIAL as Hers….or anyone else? Az. and the haters out to get Her now must dig their hole even deeper…no way they can admit their guilt in that show trial. As for any who wonder about that day…look to the wounds on him…see any that show true self defence….even on his hands,make a fist and then You’ll see how his palms are wound free….imagine that t-dog was making a fist. Wounds to the back show a woman in a hold as She used a blade to get him off….9 small cuts when all She had to do was one long slash from hip to shoulder…now that would have dropped him fast. On the front once again mostly small cuts as in keep back you! Odd how the only deep one (vena cava) might well have been caused as he rushed Her,once more no slashes to the body as a knife fighter would do. Now imagine as She stood over him as he at last went down and She though he’s stopped…then he grabs Her in that foot photo…and She just slashes out to put an end to his continual attacks…his wounds do tell Her story and Her truth. that sad young man loved violence and was proud to tell the world…other then that sad day show Me or any Her violence. Yes what happen that day was violence but done to save Her from harm once more.there is no such thing in 3 times over kill,one can only die once but my how it works on a jury of hate. Look at Her life then look at his….just a good guy…REALLY? Now that must have been hard to say with a straight face…

  12. oops… I dropped my soap “it’s a good thing” you were there to cover my backside. It’s another good thing finding a real man that can actually put a few sentences together and change a lifetime. Thank you.

  13. For those who may *think* they know everything regarding Jodi and hurry to spread rumors, I have one thing to tell them: save your breath. Come here, read, get informed. Then speak.

    Everyone here knows that THIS site is the ONLY site stating facts not fiction.
    And I know for a fact that SJ ALWAYS reports the truth.
    So, thank you (once again) SJ for this update.

    • And that’s why SJ is so hated: because he’s not afraid to set the records straight or speak his mind. And that’s what I love about SJ: he is fucking awesome!

    • I read that they were separated but who knows if that was true. They really do deserve each other….IMO 🙄 Can’t say who I would think is the worse of the two. 🙄 I think I just threw up a little…

      • R.! Yes! They were made for each other! Liars, money-craved hollow-souled beings. I pity them so much. Their whole life consists of stepping on others’ for money. That is sad. And to think that they try to pose themselves as really religious people. Ha! Hypocrites!

        As for if they’re separated? I heard something like that through the grapevine but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this was just another scam to make more money somehow! A snake sheds it’s skin but it will always be a snake… and like snakes, chris and skye will never be truthful and genuinely caring people if it’s not about making ‘dough’…

    • Vicky,
      I don’t know if it’s true or not. Sky wasn’t with him on Dr. Phil’s show apparently. She also didn’t seem to be in any recent pictures either. Then, he posted the following comment on his Facebook page. It sounds like something major happened last year:

      Chris Hughes
      March 18 at 8:54am · Blue Ash, OH, United States ·

      In August of 2015, the course of my life changed… forever. I resisted this change vigorously, until I awoke with peace one morning and realized the futility of sweeping the beach by arguing with what is. I purposefully, faithfully and passionately decided to surrender and allow God to complete His tapestry in my life. I lovingly embraced the New as I released the old from a place of gratitude. Since then, I have been enthralled in the intoxicatingly thrilling adventure of renewal. How amazing is it, that all of us, at any moment, can tear up the script of our old lives, and begin writing a New One with infinite possibilities?! That we can begin to live by Purposeful Design rather than default?! I am using this shift in my life to literally write a wonderfully beautiful and blissful new script for the New Life I AM manifesting. One of the many parts of the New Me is the fact that I have decisively renegotiated my relationship with food and exercise. I am disciplining my body to love the resistance that growth requires, and retraining my palate and my tastebuds to desire the good and beneficial. I eat much more for health and fuel rather than for taste and appeasement. The heaviest point of my life, at 6′ 3″, was 215 pounds, and that was not muscle weight. Not sure where I was in August when my course turned, but I just dialed in at 185. Who knows what health challenges I may have averted? Who knows where my increased energy, vigor, vitality, self confidence and enthusiasm will take me? What more might I be able to do for my children, that I just couldn’t do before?? I LOVE how God ALWAYS turns adversity to our GOoD if we let him. God, Lord & Father of Lights…I surrendered. You caught me. Thank You. I LOVE YOU!


      • Usually when some middle-aged guy starts working out and losing weight, he’s been dumped by a woman (or dumped by a man, I suppose). Or, the prick is having an affair. Of course, if “Cash” was having an affair, he wouldn’t be writing about it …unless he could make some money doing it.

      • Wonder what TA would think of his “so-called dearly devoted bestie”. Profiting off Travis’ death to create a New Man of himself. How self absorbed can one person be? Puke! 🙄

        😆 Just had a vision of CH and DH skipping hand and hand together into the sunset over Goblin Valley and a boulder rolling over both of them. 😆 😆 😆 Just thought we needed a laugh! 😉

          • I laughed out loud too. . . .skipping hand in hand. . . . 🙄 but then again I am the Typo Queen! The two of them have proven to me that their character will remain on the bottom of the ocean with the rest of the whale p**p. 😉 ((((((((timewilltell)))))))) Have I told you lately how much I love your name? ♥

  14. GOBLIN Valley, well that fits rather well! Buy them two hand in hand things give goblins a bad name. The’re must be more then one boulder in that valley…I hope! And this Thank You Lord for showing him what an A-HOLE he is…..pal look to the MIRROR….as a dog did to see an A-HOLE. Our world needs more mirrors. sky if you want to bust his nuts give Us a call…We will always post the truth….and Yes the truth hurts as you found out in court. Imagine how brave a person must be to turn around and point out to TRAITORS to the world….did they not take an oath to do right by justice. I’ll bet they both got smaller that day as they cringed….may they get their time before a court as they try to explain their actions. S.J. never go easy on these things that abuse justice and people…the more light cast on them the better.

  15. There is a case in Canton, Ohio that is very similar to Jodi’s. The prosecuting attorney is a Juan Martinez Protege.

    The victim’s name is Colleen McKernan. She has already been found not guilty once and is currently being retried.

    • “Women who have acted to save their lives should not be punished by long prison sentences.”
      – Gail Smith, Correctional Association of New York

      “Think about how different this would be if we spent the money to help these women escape abuse instead of locking them up.”
      – Rene Renick, National Network To End Domestic Violence

      (((((Jodi Arias: Survivor of Domestic Violence))))

  16. Court of Appeals, Division One
    State v. Arias
    417. 24-May-2016 ORDERED: Designating this case complex. FURTHER ORDERED: Parties shall have to/including 11/30/2016 to file any motions to supplement the record. FURTHER ORDERED: Vacating the opening brief due date. The briefing schedule will be set after a conference with counsel in due course. Anthony Mackey ProTem Judge – Author

  17. State V Arias…COMPLEX…DUH…thanks to a tiny rat al all his minions.Every dirty trick in the book to win at any cost. Who mis uses Websters…that rat. What is it with these so called men of justice or woman who must break rules as they see fit…how odd that any state would not want a fair playing field in any trial…opps that would not work for them. Imagine any person who faces trial for any reason…one v the state and who makes the state play fair…NO ONE,as they often ignore even U.S.S.C. rulings.Most states think they can do what ever to U.S. citizens…so much for Congress…out raising money to keep their job! Congress screams how tough they are on anyone who commits a crime…till they get charged….unless they are just good guys and gals…start laughing ,NOW!

  18. Don’t know if you have heard about Bill Montgomery’s latest case that blew up on him. Leslie Merritt Jr. accused freeway shooter was arrested and could not make bail. He did 222 days solitary confinement because the prison didn’t want him mixed with other inmates (he was awaiting trial)…. only evidence was ballistics – provided by Phoenix police department. An independent ballistics expert re investigated the work done by the p.d. and said that their work was in error. Soooooo, a 21 year old man with two kids was scooped off the street, charged and held in solitary for all that time when he was innocent. The judge threw out the case. There was absolutely no gun residue in his car, and his only fire arm was in the pawn shop for four of the shootings. These are scary law enforcement folks in Arizona.

    • I saw that too Judy F. Things are really scary in Arizona and the citizens that are living there should be very afraid. Major problems with the officers of the LAW in that state! They are in need of a TOTAL overhaul of their justice system. Pitiful. smh

    • I hope that man sues them all! Not only did they ruin an innocent man’s life, career, family but they stigmatized him so horribly that his future will be tough.

      Shitzonian authorities are crippled!

    • Hi Maureen! (waving)

      I know I’ve been going and coming but I had so much stuff to juggle that I’m really surprised that I found time to sleep! Trying to get back on track now!

      My pic was taken on my back veranda last week. Thanks for the compliment! 😉

  19. It’s so hilarious how some hostile individuals come to JAII, post a ridiculously offensive comment and think that it will be approved. :mrgreen:

    Stop wasting your time with these pointless attempts; any offensive, loathsome, knuckle-dragging pedo-hugging comment will NEVER be approved.

    The only thing you accomplish is giving us great pleasure to put our boot in your ass and serve you the ‘white screen of death’.

    Carry on.

    Admin RASNA

  20. Only three more days for May donations! Remember, this is the month we blow through $100K. Let’s make it a big one.

  21. Juan Martinez prosecuted Wendi Andriano. She is on death row in Perryville Prison. Although their trials were years apart, Wendi and Jodi both faced juries that were deadlocked at 11-1 in favor of the death penalty. Here is what happened to Wendi Andriano….and Jodi:

    Feb. 2, 2005

    A defense attorney Friday will ask a judge to toss out an Ahwatukee Foothills woman’s death sentence, saying the same judge should not have urged deadlocked jurors to continue deliberations.

    Wendi Andriano, 34, was sentenced to death two days later by jurors, who said the vote was 11-1 when they sent Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Brian Ishikawa a note asking him to describe the procedure if they were unable to reach a unanimous verdict.

    Defense attorney Dan Patterson wrote in his Dec. 29 motion for a new trial that Ishikawa erred by sending jurors a note with suggestions to resolve the apparent impasse.

    Prosecutor Juan Martinez wrote that Ishikawa did nothing wrong. He said including in the note that hung juries are permissible “could have encouraged the jury to abandon its efforts to reach a verdict.”

    Years later, Judge Sherry Stephens also urged Jodi’s sentencing jury to keep deliberating when they were stuck at 11-1 but Juror #17 withstood the anger and shouting of her fellow jurors (and an attempt by them to replace her) to courageously save Jodi’s life. Juan Martinez’s comment above (and Judge Stephens action of urging the jury to keep deliberating) both seem to have one common theme: A jury should keep deliberating until they reach the desired verdict – the death penalty.

    Here’s what one juror said after Anriano was sentenced to death:

    Juror Linda Percy said she would not have been satisfied with a hung jury on the sentencing phase of Andriano’s trial.

    “We have put four months of our life into this. I’ll be damned if we go out a hung jury,” she said.

    Blood lust at it’s best, Linda. Be proud. This is what is wrong with death qualified jurors. They are so different from the general population. I don’t understand how they can ever be allowed to sit on a jury. The deck is stacked in favor of a guilty verdict and in many (most?) cases a sentence of death.

    It’s easy to see why Martinez overcharged Jodi with first degree murder in order to get a malleable, death qualified jury. He later made Jodi eligible for the death penalty by switching his story, just before the trial started, to: the gun shot to Alexander’s head came last, not first as had been claimed for years. This ludicrous rewriting of Alexander’s death allowed Martinez to easily convince the jury to find a cruelty aggravator (they deliberated less than 3 hours) and made Jodi eligible for the death penalty. It’s never about justice with Martinez, it’s only about “winning.”

    Interestingly, both alternate jurors in Andriano’s trial said they would have voted AGAINST the death penalty. What are the odds of that happening? The 12 jurors they choose vote for death; the two alternates left off the jury would have voted against it. Is this the power of jury room deliberations to change people’s minds/votes or something else? I believe Jodi’s sentencing jury was 6-6 or 7-5 for death in an early vote but quickly changed to 11-1 in favor of death.

    • Very interesting, cc53. Can we assume that in that case, too, a hung jury would have resulted in at least a life sentence — in which case none of the reasons for pushing jurors toward agreement in a guilt phase apply?

      • I’m not sure I understand your comment, alan. I don’t know if there was a lot of the public calling for Andriano’s death so the judge might have sentenced her to a possible release after 25 years if Andriano’s jury had remained deadlocked at 11-1 . But, in Jodi’s case, because of the massive hatred for Jodi that was caused/influenced by a biased media & Alexander’s Mormon friends plus the live streaming of her trial, Judge Stephens ended up caught in a kind of “conflict of interest” situation. If she showed any mercy to Jodi and gave her a chance of release after 25 years, Stephens surely would not be re-elected as a judge. Actually, I think she is up for re-election this year (or may already have been re-elected). Does that answer your question or did I misinterpret your comment?

        • Hi coldcase53 – – – do you know if JODI’s appellate team is doing all they can to help JODI??

          I know the lead attorney has a good reputation amongst their jurisdiction but how do you see everything? I ask because you seem to know a lot about her case

          • JOE,
            If you’re asking what I think about Jodi’s lawyers and her chance of a successful appeal, I don’t know anymore than anyone else on this site. Unfortunately, some of Jodi’s most knowledgeable supporters have left this site or at least stopped commenting.
            I know her appellate lawyers have been very busy. Jodi’s appeal has 417 entries on the Court of Appeals site:
            If you compare that with Marissa DeVault (who killed her husband with a hammer in Arizona in 2009 – she got life with a chance of release after 25 years) she only has 85 entries at the Court of Appeals.
            As for Jodi’s future, I did contact a very credible person who closely observed her case. I won’t reveal this person’s name because of the haters. I did reveal the name in VENT. This person’s opinion was and this is a direct quote: ” As for Jodi, I doubt she will spend life in prison, though I don’t think she will get any relief until the case reaches federal court.”

            • Hi Coldcase, I’m not ‘knowledgable’, but I just wanted to say I have not left this site and I still support Jodi. Awhile back I saw a post on one of this trashy news sites _ the commentator spoke against her and used the name ‘Amy’_ but I didn’t think anyone would mistakenly believe it is me.
              Circumstances in my life have prevented me from commenting for a while, plus I feel bad that I am unable to donate any money to her appeal fund anytime in the near future. So I feel a little useless just making comments in posts. I know you are all good people on this site and I know you have all done a lot for Jodi, and that is very kind of all of you.
              I want to say also that I absolutely believe Jodi’s court testimony. It was definitely the case that she was defending herself against her attacker. I
              Jodi is absolutely innocent.

            • CC53, I don’t think anyone who ever had any inside legal information has left this site. Some people who left seemed to have useful general legal knowledge, but they were always out of the pipeline of actual news. From time to time I get bits and pieces of information about legal proceedings, but they’re usually embargoed, so I can’t report. Based on all I’ve heard, Jodi’s appellate lawyers have been very active from the first and expect up to 5 years of state-paid proceedings in Arizona. Your figures are interesting. I think we can also celebrate the reports of several bar complaints filed against both Nurmi and Martinez, which may well bear fruit in due time.

              Unfortunately, I agree that Jodi is unlikely to get any relief before her case reaches the federal courts. This makes it imperative that her appellate fund reach $250K in time to hire a private appellate attorney. At present, her supporters are not contributing the $3000/month that she needs, as they did in the first 18 months of the fund’s existence. So anyone concerned about her future can do one simple thing: donate to the JAA Appellate Fund!

            • coldcase53,
              There’s no reason to mention any names. I don’t to know any names. Thanks a lot, that’s what I wanted to know. Because I followed JODI’s case since day one and I thought to myself that there’s no way “Tiny” and his clan could get away with what they did to her.
              So after browsing through so many different links I found out that JODI’s current appeal’s team seems to have a strong backbone to assist JODI regain her freedom. So I was stuck in square one because I couldn’t find anything on what they were doing on JODI’s behalf.

              Thanks for your response to my question coldcase53. I can’t wait to see JODI walk out of that hell hole. 🙂

            • It’s better (and wiser) that Jodi’s current attorneys are working in such secrecy. The less people outside the legal team know, the better for Jodi! All I know is that Jodi is ‘happy’ with the work her attorneys are doing! So yay!

      • I guess I’m still not clear on what the jury sentencing options were in either trial, Arias or Andriano. I’ll have to go back and look at the instructions in Jodi’s penalty phase, which I never got around to doing.

        Regardless, I think my point remains. Unlike a hung jury in the guilt phase, where neither conviction nor acquittal results, so the trial was a waste of time and money and the case must be dropped or retried, a hung jury in the penalty phase does little damage to anyone’s interests. So the usual justifications for pressing for a verdict (e.g., by an Allen charge) don’t seem to apply in the penalty phase. But to clear this up I should go and read the AZ SC opinion on Andriano’s appeal. Thanks for the reference.

    • Coldcase, what a good explanation of what happened in Jodi’s case and the account of Andriano’s case. It is so clear as you so aptly put, that it was about winning. More and more when I think about that lone juror in Jodi’s trial, I realize how critical she was to Jodi’s life and how courageous she was to not give in to pressure even when Judge Stephens sent the jurors back to deliberate some more. There must have been intolerable pressure on that juror. Arizona’s judicial system sucks!

      PS Happy birthday to Pandora…hope you had a good one.

      • Thanks, Judy. I agree, Arizona’s judicial system does suck. It’s got to be one of the most corrupt systems in the USA.

    • Yes, since a hung jury in the penalty phase is the same as a unanimous vote for life, the only reason to push for and insist on a unanimous verdict is to try to pry a death sentence out of the jury.

  22. ♥ HAPPY ♥ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO PANDORA! ♥ You are an inspiration to us all! ♥
    ♥ Blowing Love and Kisses straight to your HEART ♥ One TRUE BLESSING ♥

    Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you
    know they are always there. 😉

  23. The first time the prosecutor in the Arias trial explained to the jury the two choices. He conveniently said only two choices were available. Murder 1 and Premeditated Murder. The jury actually had a plethora of choices ranging from she goes home to livingi n purgatory due to the egotistical, ignorant, rudeness and down right lies that were allowed in a uncontrolled court room environment. Where is the epa with all the waste being thrown around by a short little dingy Mexican? Call out my name and the rugrats will see stars. The best of luck to you all. I simply was trying to convince another cracker barrel inbred worthless little bit of manure internet troll that, I really am an Angel unlike any other.

    • Well said Michael but what do you mean: ” Call out my name and the rugrats will see stars. The best of luck to you all. I simply was trying to convince another cracker barrel inbred worthless little bit of manure internet troll that, I really am an Angel unlike any other.” Is anyone giving you grief?

      • It’s not that big of a deal. I just needed to find the light switch. Apparently they all got a piece of the camera lens in their eyes when he threw it to the ground. As luck would have it, coincidentally the ringing in their ears started when he slammed the book down in front of her. Then it was hard to ignore as they all watched with a gaping jaw at his song and dance routine. The one thing that has caused me grief for 34 years and 240 days (give or take a hundred years) is my friend JR. He always forgets to get on the bus and every day he tries so hard to convince me that I am chasing after the wrong……How do you say mule using only a one syllable word? Happy birthday and thank you for taking a moment to ask. I am finding it hard to believe myself but I am thinking I just might have made a few new friends.

  24. Blood lust at it’s worst and these traitors get to vote….so much for justice,but it’s all about the win….now haters read this real S L O W…you failed FOUR times to MURDER Her…yes MURDER…the state can murder as well as any ,in fact better then most. Do We get to have Our friends and co workers decide if they want to charge Us….as gov. does? Law for the rich/powerful and one for the rest…does that sound fair? But the hell with fair just go in for the win. America wake up and ask…should haters / mobs ever be allowed to judge any ….or push their ways. It only cost Your nation 600,000 lives the last time hate reared its ugly head. 1861 ring a bell….didn’t turn out to well for the mob or haters did it. That show trial was the tip of the spear and showed trump just what hate can really do…if it wants a win that bad. Tuskegee pilots were BLACK….442 Inf. Div….nissen and the code talkers were Navajo… see any white in them? America as Canada proves that any can get along…We are nations of mutts and have saved this world more then once. This allowing any jury to have one more try is beyond wrong and I could care less how much time or money it cost in fact any juror who does not abide by their oath I would find in contempt and straight to work camo for them or a trial of treason. Her jury betrayed the system as did the court and congress should take note unless they want such a trial. How odd that a lot of good folks don’t see the joke that the haters/mob are doing…but in the end would any want such things to ever take control…but never worry America….just as they showed in Gangs of New York….send in the NEW Americans to save America. Some people should just get off the PITY POTTY and make America better and work together. I would ask any have You ever seen such hate on one woman …EVER as was done to Her…and then ask why. But She’s still standing and hoping for justice. As they say know Your history or repeat it….but then idiots never seem to think. Pandora You are the best and I am honoured to call You friend….You are loved by all who know You.

  25. Michael Keifer tweeted out that The U.S. Supreme Court overturned an Arizona man’s death sentence because a judge allowed a prosecutor to argue that the defendant could be potentially dangerous in the future, without telling the jury that even if they sentenced him to life, he would never be eligible for parole. I’ll give y’all 1 guess who the prosecutor was in that case? Yes, you all guessed right, none other than that dirty little bastard, Juan Martinez!

      • “The Arizona Supreme Court acknowledged that Martinez had acted improperly on several occasions, and ‘disturbingly made a number of inappropriate comments, prompting valid objections,’ but ruled that “prosecutorial misconduct, while present in some instances, was not so pronounced or sustained as to require a new sentencing trial.”

        What about a long-standing pattern of “acting improperly” and making “inappropriate comments, prompting valid objections”? Is that not “pronounced or sustained” enough to warrant severe sanctions, if not disbarment? What does it take?

    • Thanks JD and Justus, good signs all around! frog is getting cornered, just like sheriff joe and billy mac the facilitator. Bring on the appeal!

    • JD & Justus, thanks for the info. It doesn’t surprise me that that fucking shit – juan martinez – was the prosecutor! Even if it wasn’t mentioned, I would have said: “wanna bet it’s juan martinez?” 😉

      JUAN MARTINEZ, do you feel trapped now that the walls are starting to close in? Are you gettin’ a liii-ttle itsy bitsy nervy now that you know there’s no getting out of the labyrinth you personally built to confuse and abstract justice?! Well, what goes around comes around and you are going to go down in history as one of the most greed dirty manipulative corrupted prosecutors! I’ll send you an autographed postcard with ‘thumbs down’ when the heavy gavel signals that your corruption days are over, you pathetic excuse of a human being.

      • Little JM, He’s as crooked as a barrel of fish hooks!
        Such a little man. 😆 I can still visualize his feet dangling from his stool on
        the Dr.Phil show, both of them are pathetic self promoting losers!

  26. Imagine that a rat gets caught in his own trap….tiny your day before a court should be soon…and the sooner the better.Was it flores who dreamed up that fake shelf tilt or did you force him to. Remember that the det. who though She was a murderer brought a LOADED 9mm glock into a locked room. Endangering all…or so they claim. Seems old steve or estaban or what ever he calls himself really trusted Her as he bragged about his new gun. They don’t train em well in az. do they…but an ex Marine who does that shows why he is no longer in the corps….and was calling the round a .45 and calling Her Miss Alexander a way of inflaming a jury who already hated Her??? The tiny rat will do ANYTHING for a win…ANYTHING…may justice find him soon.

    • This is astonishing news! And all the credit goes to Jodi’s great friends! Jodi doesn’t need an ‘army’ of friends to have her back; she has loyal, caring, loving, generous ones! 😉

      A big shout-out to all the fantastic people that have chosen to be in Jodi’s life! It doesn’t matter what the amount you donated was: EVERY CENT COUNTS and the results up to now proves that!

      We are determined to reach our goal and we will! Jodi will get to have the best legal representation she so much deserves and not the incompetent one she was forced to have (talking about Nurmi because IMO J. Willmott and Maria DeLaRosa did the best they could under the circumstances of having Nurmi as ‘head chair’).

      So remember: whenever you find fit and have a few ‘coins’ (or more) to donate, please do! I know I will!

      (((((Jodi’s friends))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  27. I don’t know what either of these motions mean but it shows things are happening in Jodi’s appeal.

    Arizona Appellate Court Cases
    State v. Arias

    ORDERED: Motion to Supplement the Record (Appellant) = GRANTED/Transcripts due 06/27/2016. Anthony Mackey ProTem
    Judge – Author

    FILED: Post-Management Conference Motion to Supplement 1 and 2; Certificate of Service (Appellant

  28. See what love can do…Thank You all for helping to push it over the top. We will make it happen for Our friend. Has She not made your life better that You know Her? I’am proud to stand by Her no matter what…as I know You all are. Let them embrace hate n vile and We’ll see were that gets them… I will always help Her to find justice and freedom…strange how any can fear that…JUSTICE and FREEDOM…as they go hand in hand. Lets keep on the path…and a true path it is…no bbq for Us with a rather tacky shirt…well I did see that somewhere…and talk about an odd grin it had on as it tried to make money. no pity parade for Us, We know we are on the right side of justice and soon the world will know too. Thanks folks!

    • He has my vote. . . .but then so does Hughes, Juan, Flores and his wife, Nurmi, Judge Pickles, too many to remember. 🙄

    • Vicky,

      You mean this Dave Hall who admitted his fingerprints were all over Travis Alexander’s place but the only prints the police were interested were Jodi’s.

      That bathroom and those details are part of what haunt Dave Hall. He had stayed with Alexander shortly before he was murdered. “I was there in that house. I was staying for a whole week, there in the bedroom next door to where he was murdered. So when I watched the news broadcast, and I hear them talk about the description of the bloody palm print on the wall and in the shower and stuff — I’ve been there. I’ve stood there, I’ve touched those walls, you know, I’ve been in that bathroom. It’s like I’ve stood there, and it’s really eerie to try to get these images out of my mind of my poor friend standing there and being shot, and then stabbed, and I visualize him fighting for his life …..”


      This same Dave Hall who was charged with toppling a protected sandstone formation

      Charges filed in toppling of ancient Utah rock formation
      Highland residents Glenn Taylor, 45, and David Hall, 42, were accused of toppling a protected sandstone formation, also known as a hoodoo or goblin, at Goblin Valley State Park in October.

      OR This same Dave Hall who posted a bunch of photos of himself (smiling from ear-to-ear) with a high-powered hunting rifle and dead “trophy” animals

      Oops, he removed all his “trophy” pictures. Couldn’t take the negative feedback, I’m guessing.

      Very annoying guy for sure.

      • Coldcase, yep that would be home! He’s so irritating. I don’t understand how he would ever be good at “sales” with PPL. He’s such an arrogant annoying ass.

      • Didn’t he also threaten Jodi with a picture of himself looking for a gun to use on Jodi………surely, I didn’t imagine that. Smh Please correct me if I’m wrong.

        • He did. I sent you the ss.

          In general, if we all put together our archives with all the threats and bullshit the travibans and Addams have written towards and about Jodi, we can certainly fill a lot of terabytes! My portable hard drive (500gb) is nearly filled with their crap! You never know when they could come useful! 😉

          • Thank you Pandora! When I stop to think of everything that has happened to Jodi, it truly does seem like a nightmare one can’t wake up from. I believe the tide will turn though, very soon. There should be a major government investigation into the injustices that have happened to Jodi Arias and many others in the state of AZ. Shameful.

  29. Predicted high temperature in Goodyear, AZ (i.e., Perryville Prison) today is 114.8 degrees. I hope that new air-conditioning is up and running.

  30. NEWS FLASH: TEAM JODI IS ALIVE AND WELL! We will continue our fight to FREEDOM for JODI ARIAS! We will NEVER give up, NO NEVER! Self defense is NOT a crime. Deception and Corruption of our justice system is a crime! WAKE UP ARIZONA ~~~ We will make SURE the TRUTH is HEARD by ALL ! THE WHOLE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT!!! (((((((((♥JODI ARIAS♥))))))))

    “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.”
    ― John F. Kennedy

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