Motion filed to continue penalty phase until Jan 2014 (PDF)

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Yesterday, Kirk Nurmi filed a motion to continue the Penalty Phase proceedings (currently scheduled for July 18th) until January 2014.

“…Ms. Arias requests that the penalty phase currently pending against her be continued until January of 2014, so that she can receive the full  benefit of the rights due her pursuant to the Fifth, Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments of  the United States Constitution, as well as Art. II, § 4 and Art. III of the Arizona Constitution.”

Click here to read the full “MOTION TO CONTINUE PENALTY PHASE” (5 page PDF document).

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  1. Wow,just popping in and out and I´m first?It´s been so long…

    Ok,my wonderful legal eagles from the USA,a bit of help?What is that motion that Nurmi filed?Asking a delay?

    • 🙁 Seems like I’m alone in here 🙁

      So,if he’s asking for a delay,would that be a good sign or a bad one?I wish someone replies before I have to go out again.Oh,I almost forgot

      ((((((((((((((((((GROUP HUG,pissing off haters))))))))))))))

      • Hey maria sweetie!!!
        The site been acting weird this morning…..folks have been having a little trouble logging and staying onto the site!!

        (((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS BACK ATCHA))))))))))))))))))))

      • They are requesting a delay until January. Scheduling conflicts and more time to build a defense for the penalty portion. JW has 5 upcoming trials and the team needs to find a way to paint a picture of Jodi for the jury due to her witnesses previously being intimidated.

        • I just read this after I asked a question answered within your post, Jaz! I must add that it is BS for “The Dirty Little Secret” movie to be produced by Lifetime without Jodi’s consent. The fact that she has been convicted of something does not mean that she can be striped of all of her constitutional rights! bet the movie is all from the prosecution point of view & as such will continue to taint the minds of the public against her……specifically, prospective jurors. It makes me very upset! How in the world did they roll that out so quickly? The trial isn’t even over!

          • Hi Renae, I thought I’d heard it all but this is disgusting, obviously Martinez has conjured this up so the public will be even more against her, it really stinks 🙁

          • Presenting this movie before the trial has ended, must be a constitutional violation of some sort. It does not even sound logical and definitely taints the jury pool which cannot be overlooked.

          • Funny the haters don’t like the title “dirty little secret” because it implies that Turdis was treating Jodi exactly the way Jodi said he was. He would abuse her, use her for his sex fantasies and then toss her aside in front of his holy friends. You know, exactly the asshole that he was.

            Other than that I suspect the movie will be totally anti-Jodi.

    • I don’t understand why the penalty phase retrial needs to wait so long in order for Jodi to have the witnesses present that she deserves?! Can someone explain for me?

  2. I just read it the jist is JW has 5 trials coming up and Kurt noted during the mitigation phase how they were unable to call witnesses due to the intimidation factor and that they need time to present a complete picture and would be unable to do that in such a short period of time.

  3. Was just channel surfing and Jodi’s picture popped up so naturally I stopped and naturally it was HLN. The blood suckers are at it again. I quickly changed the channel so as not to listen to the call in haters. I guess that will be NG’s ‘Bomb Shell Tonight!”

    • They do have proven scheduling conflicts. Hopefully JW’s schedule with the courts will help ensure that she at LEAST thinks about it before denying their motion.

      But that court is F’d so who knows?

        • See……I was praying Renee that maybe she had time to reflect on what a bitch she was during the trial. ………and that reflecttion would cause her to see the errors of her ways………and the errors of her ways would soften her pickled face………and by soften her pickled face…..she would again become a woman…….and whe she became a woman again….she would have feelings.

          If anybody knows what the hell I’m talkin’ about……please TELL ME!!!!!!

          • I’ve an idea you’re smokin that Opium again, moni! LOL!

            😀 There’ll be two blue moons in the sky before that happens. All we can hope for is that pickles head falls off with all that bobbing she’s done, it must be getting very loose 😉

          • So sad. Pickles was so bias against Jodi. Most everyone with a brain knows how corrupt Arizona is. Then this movie coming out. I am sure Martinez is trying to fix everything so it can ride on the rhythm of how the trial was going. He wants all the negative Jodie media, he wants to bias that new Jury and get the DP. Something is going on June 20 with Jodi. HLN are trying to talk Jodi into their programming. I am sure so they can blast her on June 20th.
            Arizona is a very scary place. Oh, and this Dave Hall also has some type of criminal record.

            • What Alexander, or public Alexander supporter, doesn’t have a criminal record at this point. How are these people being deified? Yet Jodi is the only one being constantly vilified…makes no sense to me. On topic, I personally don’t know how I should feel about the trial being delayed that long. We all know how this is going to turn out, and that when she does get free, it will be on appeal. Delaying the trial even more means the appeals process will be that much longer, and I wish that wasn’t the case.

              • Lol who DOESN’T have a criminal record?
                Deification of criminals is an international attraction …
                Lord knows why.

          • Your saying a woman, who is confident, need not fear being a woman. Having feelings is not a sign of weakness but strength. As a judge, feelings do not constitute decision making but logic and fairness do. If she was truly a strong woman, she would refrain from her unfair tactics which appear driven by feelings and consider the overwhelming facts that indicate the defendants’ constitutional rights are being violated.

            In short, she would do a woman proud by not siding with the state, because she works for the state, but siding with logic and fairness, as required by her oath in office.

        • Renee’!

          pickles won’t say anything…she will bob her head until kermit shows up and she has a real reason to bob her head.

  4. I posted on yesterday’s thread….

    JAZ???? I need to speak with you my friend!!!! 🙂 Should I email???????

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  6. Just got done reading that link about Dustin Thompson, holy moly………… made me think about poor Ashley, who got a restraining order shortly before her “suicide”

    Has anyone gotten the police report for that yet? I know we have the autopsy report, but someone had requested the police report at one time, and was being stalled….

  7. One advantage the defense has in asking for the longish delay is that may be the media and other anti-Jodi folks will get tired and just go away.

    Let’s see what the judge does.

    • Well they had no problem delaying the trial when Kermie wasn’t available and the family wanted him so they waited now Jodi’s attorneys should be afforded the same courtesy. But since this Court dances to JM and the Alexander family’s tune I’m not optomistic they will grant the delay. 🙁

      • I think they will grant the delay no problem. It’s a calendar issue and JW can’t be in five places at once LOL!

        • Let’s hope, JC! Remember tho, when Alyce said she had those tests, she told her “don’t tell me about your problems, you have to be here”

          • I was really put off when Pickles said that, but in retrospect I think she was saying “don’t talk in open court about the matters to be discussed in the sealed hearing you need to be here for next week”.

          • Oh Renee’ I remember THAT! I was appalled by the way the judge snapped that at ALV! That is when I lost the little respect I had for the judge. She exposed herself as the evil, biased person she is at that precise moment. I was taken aback! Grrrrr

            • Dorothy ITA. The way she snapped at ALV was so unprofessional and again showed her clear bias in this case. Then her giant sigh when the jury couldn’t agree on the DP sealed it for me this woman certainly wasn’t acting impartial.

          • I was thinking that if the judge didn’t grant it, the defense could file motions to be removed/ mistrial motions that could be avoided with Judge Sherry granting the extension. Like you said, let’s hope!

    • I wish I knew how to find out whether the FBI’s investigation, and Dustin’s “early guilty plea and cooperation” led to any other arrests.

    • I’ve been looking into all these Dustin’s. Here’s what I determined. Ashley Nicole Reed’s ex-husband is named Dustin James Thompson (from Flores Rpt) and he was 26 yrs old in 2008. Dustin Michael Thompson was 30 yrs old in 2009 when he was arrested for investor and mortgage fraud. So I don’t think they are the same. Also, the former roommate of TA is Dustin Sumner. So many Dustin’s, so little time;>)

  8. This is for Rebecca64.

    I had meant to respond earlier, but other things got in the way.

    Firstly in response to your response to Jeff where you said

    “…….. no moral compass”

    No one could have said it better. That seems to be a standard theme in a lot of stuff related to law enforcement and prosecutions these days.

    After your comments about Horn, I went back and listened to his testimony once again, and then remembered having remarked on it once before. During his main testimony, Horn was very careful with the wording of his answers, they always carried a caveats like “it is possible”, “it is consistent with”, etc. And in fact he answered both the state and defense questions that way. Under normal circumstances a defense attorney could have had a ball with his testimony, because for every explanation of his (other than the gun shot coming last, and the bullets passage through the brain) he gave both the state and the defense enough wiggle room. The important thing though was that he conceded every argument of Jennifer’s as a viable alternative. The importance here of course is that if those were all viable arguments, then that should be ammunition for reasonable doubt (given an unbiased jury).

    But when it came to that gun shot he was adamant, even with the typo error about the dura mater. He was adamant that it would have incapacitated TA, he was adamant that it HAD to have passed through the frontal lobe, he was adamant about the effects of an injury to the frontal lobe. And this is why I feel that something isn’t right. He agreed that he hadn’t read reports that showed the impact of gunshot wounds, he professed a lack of knowledge of the stopping power of a 25 caliber bullet, he explained the dura mater being intact as a typo in a report where every other anomaly is noted in great detail, except this one. So he would have us believe that in the case of the dura mater all his report should have said was “the dura mater was NOT intact” and left it there.

    Hence my argument about something being fishy with the Horn/Flores/JM axis.

    • Al,

      I just finished reading this book:

      I think you’ll find it interesting as it pertains to what you are discussing. I’m not trying to ruffle feathers here as many think Peterson is guilty and imo, he did act as such as his sister wrote a book about why is he guilty which I’m reading next. I’d love to discuss the book with you if you do find time to read it. It’s a fast read by the way.

      If what the writer discusses is true, there was evidence that the should have been entered so the jury could decide. Moreover, if what he claims is true, the people he alleges killed Lacy, are also responsible for six other murders of pregnant women in Northern California. Scary stuff if true.

      • I am incredibly interested in that case, I followed it closely, and just finished Amber F’s book. I will check into this one.

      • I’ll see if I can get a copy.

        Not prejudging without reading the book, but…

        The problem with what a jury gets to see, particularly from the defense’s point of view, is often based on the story they’re trying to tell. For instance, in this case of ours, we were talking about that shoe print in the bathroom and why neither the defense nor JM delved into it. AA, when she was around brought up a good point about the defense – once the defense had settled on the self-defense story, the shoe print was not just irrelevant, but could actually be detrimental to their case, so why dwell on it.

        Of course, sometimes the defense’s story doesn’t fly with the jury, and now people are left wondering why certain evidence was not presented.

        The same holds with the “some other dude did it” or SODDI defense. When there is evidence linking the defendant to the crime scene, as in the Peterson and Jodi cases, the SODDI defense normally doesn’t work unless they can clearly name who the other likely candidate is (there are of course exceptions like the Sheppard case with the curly haired one armed intruder, and of course OJ). I think that’s because anyone who’s a parent has always heard about his mystery offspring, “not me”, “someone else” and “I don’t know who”.

        • I know and they didn’t have the name just as you said. But they had six eyewitnesses placing Lacy alive which countered the state’s theory. The detectives blew those witnesses off as they it didn’t fit the state’s theory. I know eyewitness testimony can be considered as sketchy but when reading, I do think most of the witnesses did see Lacy at the time they thought because they were working and on a schedule.

          Now I’m spoiling it for you. I’ll be quiet. 🙂

          I do want to read the other side though. I know nothing about this case other than headlines and this book.

          • Would that be like the detective here getting the roommates to change (“remember”) stuff around to ft his theory? Like when they saw TA last, or when the wash was done, or when they came home, or when they noticed his watch and ring on the kitchen counter, etc!

            Funny how that works out sometimes.

      • In hindsight maybe he shouldn’t have received the death penalty as most of the evidence was circumstantial…….but a ton of it. I am glad he was convicted. That dude had a Travis vibe about him.

        • I know nothing about him other than he was having an affair and acted cold and indifferent when she died. I’m reading Ablow’s book about him now. He seems to think Scott is a sociopath. He could have been an innocent sociopath but note I say could not is. The way Lacy was dismembered was the same as as I think six other pregnant women in that area. The book i read was interesting insight into SRA. I guess that would not make a good defense as most people do not believe it exists. I didn’t believe SRA occurred until I read a book by a woman who obtained written and detailed confessions from her family and helped the UTAH AG solve some other SRA crimes in Utah. Her parents couldn’t be prosecuted due to statue of limitations and because the crimes against her occured in another state. Very interesting stuff.

          • I have to admit, I am on the fence about this. I am thinking he was probably guilty, but there was a lot of other hinky stuff going on.

            • If you are on the fence now, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts after reading that book. I also want to reserve judgement until I read crier’s book and the other books referenced today. I’m on the fence. Have you read Ablow’s book? He goes into his family history three generations back and how that contributed to his sociopathy. I’m not finished yet but I did enjoy his book about Casey.

            • This was another case where the defendant was tried first in the media. Also another situation where there should have definitely been a change of venue. It was a lynch mob in his community and there was no way he was going to get an unbaised jury. I find a lot of similiarties in Jodi’s case she was vilified by the media for years before her trial and her case should have been moved from Maricopa County where they were ready to stone her in the streets.

          • After following Jodi’s farce of a trial I have had to review how I felt about him and his case. Definitely read Amber’s book. He was a liar for sure and it would not surprise me at all if he was a true sociopath. I will read Ablow’s book thank you.

          • Also, I do not believe that Laci was dismembered. Her body was decomposed from being sunk at sea and most probably broke free when her limbs rotted away.

  9. Since I seem to be bored, Jennifer’s cases

    State v. Soto CR 2012-110872 – Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and Aggravated assault
    State v. Rodriguez CR 2013- 000479 – Identity theft and forgery
    State v. Webb CR 2011- 158326 – Sexual Misconduct with minor/Child Abuse
    State v. Clouser, CR 2012-128926-001 – DUI with a passenger under 15
    State v. Bustillos, CR2012-141355 – Drug gang (19 defendants, she’s defending one of them)

    • Ugh, I wouldn’t want to do that for a living…dealing with all that, day in and day out…must be stressful.

      • Dorothy
        We have a good top prosecutor here in our city. He is a good person, however he does not put up with BS nor does he dish out BS like jm. I have a friends that are defense attorneys and they try their best to see that their clients get a FAIR trail. We have very good judges also, kind of like Belvin Perry who do not put up with BS but are fair, IMO. Yes I agree it must be stressful.

        • Only problem with Belvin Perry is that he feels the need to get on HLn and blab his mouth about how manipulative, and that was the exact word he used to describe Casey Anthony in the courtroom. I know I can not get on television and blab about a patient I have examined, who has a court case. I think there is a boundary issue and an ethical issue that lawyers and judge’s cross that leaves me to think about their professional behavior in less than favorable terms. One should not be able to exploit and blab because they have been involved in representing a famous case.

          • Rebecca64

            I did not know that he was on hln, I remember the time he ripped a spectator for flipping the finger in the CA trial and he let that person and the other spectators know where his court room stood. Did the judge in Jodi’s trial even once admonish the eye rollers?

            You are correct about “One should not be able to exploit and blab because they have been involved in representing a famous case.” I accept your point. I don’t know you, but it sounds like you have great ethics and professionally know where your boundaries lie….

            • Well there is no question that he took controll of his courtroom. I do respect that No question that he wold have told Juan to sit down and shut-up. I just wish they would all refrain from trying to gain personally from famous cases. I am sick of their books, television appearances etc. I can tell you understand what I mean.

              • Yes, I know what you mean. Like I said earlier I did not know he appeared on hln and was a side show for that circus. Has he been on hln since?

                Are you still in practice? You don’t have to answer this question, due to privacy reasons….

                • Yes. I work 30 to 32 hours per week. I have cut way back. Used to do 50 to 60 , but don’t have the pep anymore.

  10. We love you Jodie and are for you 1000% and will do what ever it takes to see that you come out ahead

    I know that you are a good person and we all love you for it.

    I love you and will always be on your side and do whatever it takes to see you win.

    Take care and email me if possible.

    Bob Hopkins. Simi Valley CA.

  11. So, they are going forward with the penalty phase as it stands??????? arghhhhh, really, another death will not satisfy their blood thirst, I promise ugh, this is nuts

  12. Good evening!

    I personally thought the jury would see right through JM tactics! When a prosecutor starts using hypotheticals instead of facts, he is no longer searching for the truth. He is trying to lure the jury and witnesses on a scavenger hunt to fit his agenda IMO. His posturing and demeanor led me to believe that he knew he would lose his case if he did not intimidate the witnesses. I was shocked that a courtroom was run in such a manner.

    • Yes I heard! I think all juries should be sequestered in high profile cases. So how do you like this judge? I watched some of voir dire this week and had no idea how intense is it is to become a juror! Both sides get to question the juror. I thought that must have felt a bit nerve wracking to the juror. I liked how that one guy said he couldn’t be unbiased and is lying to get on the jury as that could get a person in trouble later and potentially cause a mistrial. I haven’t ever even seen how jury selection works until now. Interesting. I also like how the prosecution doesn’t yell like Martinez did. So far the courtroom seems orderly. What are your thoughts?

      • You are not asking me but I think that this judge is no nonsense and wants just the facts and I dont see bias, yet, not really but what do you think of that juror who lied to get ON the jury, had a blog out that proved he was bias but gave a completely different version of how he felt? People are now trying to actually lie to get on a jury instead of to avoid it, I think they want their 15 minutes of fame, some of them, from what they have seen on HLN, what do you think?

        • kmea

          I have not seen this judge a lot in action, but what I have, when she is faced with a decision, she decides swiftly and I see no bias. She does not hesitate without looking around for an answer like judge ss or call a salad bar as in Jodi’s trial. You can look at her face and see no nonsense. As far as jurors, I hope the crap sinks to the bottom and best impartial ones are found.

    • Well it IS way past due. She needs to finally be evaluated by a Psychiatrist to rule out a serious clinical disorder in addition to maybe some personality disordered features. If the Defense wants to go with mental illness they need to up the stakes, and have Martinez in a position that he can not be asking if they are a MD. They need to take his power, and also have her seen by someone that is organized, and very experienced. Someone that Martinez can not manipulate , bully, intimidate and so on.

      • I think a new psych doc would be great bc it doesn’t seem like she has had any care since the original psych docs. Hopefully it’s a good doc who can help and who takes Jodi seriously and gives her professional care.

        If she hasn’t fallen into depression after this trial I’d be shocked. This poor girl has been through so much. She needs someone to care for her. She hasn’t been able to take care of herself properly through this trial. Not w all of that stress and living in that jail.

        • I agree, plus it is past time for her to see a Psychiatrist, instead of a Psychologist. I am tired of the arguing over the Psychological Tests. It is time for a hard core clinical interview.I am sure she is very depressed. Poor girl. Well maybe something good will happen for her Danielle.

          • Rebecca64

            what is the difference between Psychiatrist and Psychologist? which one can write pscripts ? if drugs, should one be in need of ongoing therapy?

            • A Psychiatrist is a physician, goes to medical school, and after medical school does their residency in Psychiatry. So they are a medical doctor. yes can prescribe, diagnose, do ECT treatments, Psychiatric Evaluations etc. A psychologist is a Phd. They do testing, therapy. Etc.

                • Good lord, please do not EVER go to a psychiatrist for anything but medication eval. Even then, avoid them. They are nothing but medical physicians with a special residency in neuro/psychopharmacology. They are NOT therapists unless they also have a Ph.D. in clinical and clinical only. They do not even have advanced training in testing. Ph.Ds in Clinical do that. They are all about biology and the brain. Period. They do a lot of harm, in my opinion. I can say because I am a trained psychologist and taught psychology for many years. The relationship between the two is that psychologists refer them to usually a psychiatrist or more often a psych nurse for medication because they can’t prescribe. The only folks who should have a psychiatrist they see regularly is schizophrenia and other illnesses that is evidenced to be biologically based and need to be managed with lots of psychotropic cocktails.

              • ((((((((((((((((Kira))))))))))))))))))))

                I hope you are good!!!! I never seem to be here while you are! LOL LOL LOL

                Nice to see you! 🙂

              • The fact is that Most Psychiatrists have training tn Psychotherapy. AFfter medical school they do a 3 to 4 year residency, and psychotherapy training is part of that. Many psychiatrists do not provide psychotherapy because they are too busy dealing with medical issues, of which medication is certainly one of those issues. I am sorry Eden that you feel the need to bash any kind of Physician, Psychiatrist or otherwise. You sound angry. Psychologists do what they do and we do what we do. My experience has been working closely with other mental health professionals, and it is good to value one another. I am sure you have met bad Psychiatrists, just as you have probably met bad Family Medicine Physicians, and maybe even a bad Psychologist. I might also point out to you that there is frequently a biological basis to some of the mood disorders. At any rate I will never apologize for 4 years of undergraduate school, 4 years of medical school and three years of residency to become a physician. The last time I checked medicine is still a highly respected profession.

      • Hi Rebecca64, I know you wouldn’t diagnose someone without spending time talking to and testing them, but setting Jodi’s PTSD, do you see any personality disorder in her from her testimony. Seeing her on the stand and under interrogation, I got the impression she was ultra sensitive, polite, thoughtful, spacey at times, self-deprecating, introspective, maybe a little immature for her age, and overly candid at times. But she did not seem to have any mental issues. If the defense is going to use mental illness to save her life, what diagnosis would keep her from getting the DP?

        • Kirkee,of course you are correct, that anything I say without interviewing her would be a guess, especially since her behavior on the stand was absent of any overt psychiatric symptoms. In terms of her relationship with Travis it was very intense,and she seemed to idealize him. She gave herself little time between relationships, with some manifestation of fear of being alone. Those can be Borderline traits, but she just did not seem to have enough additional traits, unless she reveals things in clinical interviews that were not discussed in court. I am very Leary of a diagnosis that is only supported by testing, and not collaborated in a clinical interview and history taking. I think she does suffer from PTSD,is a victim of Domestic Violence, neither of which will likely save her from the death penalty. I do wonder about the intensity of her moods, especially collaborated by her Mother. I think Bi Polar Disorder should be ruled out. I am not saying she has that, but I wonder. Of course mood intensity can also be associated with Borderline, and quite frankly the possibility exists that she has Both Bi Polar Disorder and Borderline traits. A Bi Polar Disorder would be a much better diagnosis to take the death penalty off the table, because in a manic phase she could actually experience psychosis—impaired reality testing, which she could have been experiencing when Travis was killed. Her Mother should be interviewed, if Jodi would grant the Doc permission, to get some developmental history. This is just the saddest thing. My heart bleeds for her.

          • Rebecca64

            “I think she does suffer from PTSD,is a victim of Domestic Violence, neither of which will likely save her from the death penalty. ”

            Would this be for assinoma or other states?

            • It would be the same in any state.One either has to come up with criminal insanity-incompetency, or a serious mental disorder, that could cause impaired reality testing, brief psychosis . Borderline Personality sometimes manifests with brief intermittent psychosis, but I think it may be a hard sell, in that it is such a unfairly stigmatized diagnosis. Dr. Borderline was very negative about the diagnosis, almost characterizing her as a bad person, which showed her lack of experience and emotional insensitivity. It was almost like she was describing an inanimate object. Very immature presentation. I almost could not believe that she is in a profession where she could become so callous so quickly. She prided herself in being aloof to the point of making me believe that she was simply a hit man. I guess I should say a hit woman.

              • I tell you what. I joined this site for Jodi. However, I have gained knowledge from your expertise and other Jodi team members. Thanks God, we have free thinkers that are willing to share their true professional and heart felt opinions instead of hatred..

                I need to vent and please excuse me for my slinging of shyte to the other side. I am working on it and will do better….My goal is not to sound like the Taliban for I am not trying to scam for $…prayers for Jodi

                • Hey——–I have reached the point where they are so unreasonable and inflexible and ignorant, that I would literally like to throw shit at them sometimes. I never realized that hatred could become so massive and absolutely senseless. Some on this site have referred to it as mob mentality . The frightening truth is that those people have a better chance of being selected for a jury than any of us do.

              • Rebecca64, is it possible that she has Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?
                It’s such a confusing mess of triggers flashbacks and protective amnesia for many abusive situations. If she is BPD, it’s childhood abuse in either one or the other.

          • Rebecca64, with bi-polar disorder, how long can a manic phase with psychosis last? Can a sufferer go in and out for months at a time? I ask because when Jodi gave her interviews from jail in 2008, she seemed manic–to my untrained eyes, granted– in her facial expressions and her eyes in particular. Look at the photo in the header of this website, the one on the left. She seemed like a very different person then compared to how she looked in the courtroom–and I’m not referring to superficial, cosmetic changes, but to something more fundamental.

            • Mania can last for several days to weeks untreated. She does have a very odd look in that picture. Her affect in interviews is also variable, and at times it is as though she is not in touch with the gravity of the situation. If I had the power I wold stop her from interviews. I love her to pieces, but I would try to stop her..I do think she has had a hard life, and the trial had to be a night mare for her. I pray for her every day.

              • Thanks. So, you can see it then, how odd and out-of-touch she seemed in those interviews/pictures. Smiling madly, with her mouth only (somewhat like Skye Hughes), with an under-the influence-of-something look in her eyes. This is so apparent to me, that I don’t understand–what with the public/media picking apart her every move and expression–why it’s never discussed. Yet, they discussed endlessly her falling asleep in Travis’ lap–a moment time when she appeared so normal, comfortable, at ease.

                It seems as though they are projecting pathology onto benign behaviours while ignoring those signs that she MAY have been out of touch with reality around the time of the killing and afterwards.

                There’s a film about the people of Jonestown, which includes footage of temple members waxing lyrical about their life on the commune. They are smiling like that, too, but with that something extra in their faces, as if they don’t even realize that they are uncertain or afraid. Unsettling.

                • Piqué—I do see exactly what you are saying. Her affect is often not congruent with what is going on.Go back to the day she was being booked—remember when she did the hand stand and engaged in singing, going through the waste basket? HLN presented this as evidence that she is just a repulsive bad person Yes you nailed it. Lots more going on than that. You are correct they identify pathology in nothing and overlook the obvious. Her lawyers do need to do something about the whole mental health thing.

            • I left you a comment but it is being moderated. I think I typed in the wrong email. The Administration will get it figured out Piqué.

            • Do you think she is taking meds at this time? Does anyone recall whether Samuels said she was on meds after she was incarcerated?

                • Yes I think she was getting Ambien for sleep too. I am sure her sleep is probably restless with frequent awakening. Making them get up at 2 mi in the morning is beyond my capacity to understand. Can you imagine how tired Jodi was by the time she got to court each morning. By the end of the day she must have been dead. Nobody else in that courtroom was up .at 2. I think it is inhumane, just like I believe their feeding schedule is inhumane. They should get 3 separate meals a day, 2 of which should be hot, plus a afternoon and evening snack. Because people are in prison does not mean it is alright to abuse them.

                • Oh! Her sleeping and feeding schedule on court days! We discussed that here, at length, several months ago. Many of us were stunned, angry, sad.

                  That ANY defendant, while participating in his/her own defense, would be subject to this form of low-level, chronic torture is an outrage. If one wanted to DESIGN a schedule that would wreak havoc with blood sugar, metabolism, melatonin and goodness knows what else, this would be a model. It’s cold and inhumane, and on top of it all, could have serious consequences in the court room and affect the course of justice. If I had to face Martinez’ abuse and mockery while exhausted, and on an empty stomach, it’s quite possible I would begin weeping or yelling right back …

          • Thanks for the response, Rebecca64. I wiki-ed Borderline Personality Disorder and can’t understand why it’s called Borderline. What is it bordering on? Is a plain Personality Disorder more severe than Borderline?

            Also, one of my in-laws told me that you can develop Bipolar disorder in your 20’s. Does this sound right, or is it just that it can be overlooked in the teen years because that’s how teenagers are, but if you’re still exhibiting episodes of manic-depression into adulthood, then you are bipolar.

            Yes, it’s so very sad for Jodi. Some days she looked like she was carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders, but she kept on keeping on. It’s a good thing she only gets newspapers in jail, cause what’s being said on TV and the Internet about her would completely destroy her soul.

            • Yes she would be very sad. Bi Polar Disorder can be diagnosed in the 20’s. Late adolescence to mid 20”s are common onset ages. There are multiple personality disorders, and one is not more serious than another. The 3 best known are the three in the Dramatic and emotional cluster, which includes Borderline, Histrionic and Narcissistic. But there are other Personality Disorders—-I.e. Dependent, Shizoid, Schizotypal, Paranoid, Anti-social, Obsessive-Compulsive, etc. The name Borderline is intended to characterize the borderline quality of relationships and emotions

      • Its the State that’s made her ill, who wouldn’t be ill after all she has been made to sit through? I’m amazed she’s still standing, bless her.

    • Might be a tie-in to DT’s press release that the state is seeking the DP for a woman who is mentally ill, as well as the request for continuance.

      • I think JM needs to see a shrink, once he’s formally declared mentally ill Jodi won’t have to put up with him ever again. He should be detained indefinitely with no release date. I’m a compassionate woman, but it stops with that Thing.

  13. Hey family!

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((RAINBOWS AND KITTENS AND ALL OUR CATS))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  14. MY wife flipped to hln and and I heard that nancy DISGRACE is talking about Jodi’s boob job and sneeking pens…wtf does this have to do with the trial…GMAFB…I guess they have to keep the ratings up for their circus sideshows going

    • Oh give me a break – they picked apart every single thing Jodi did, ate, said, wrote, wore….ad nauseum……………………………………..

      Sneaking pens?!?!?!? Big shittin deal! That’s all they can pick on and single out – she’s been in jail for almost 5 fucking years and the only infraction was sneaking pens?!?!?!?!?!?!


      • and yeah…..MF..trying to watch my language, but I might act not so different in that assinoma jail if I had been there to 5 years…I will never go to assinoma and jaywalk…I might get the DP

        • Yes—–That is really serious. My ? I guess she is really a terrible person? What garbage. I think sneaking pens proves she is evil.

          • It was never pens.

            According to Sheriff Joe, who is in no way, shape or form, a fan of Jodi Arias – it was CRAYONS

            • I was repeating what hln spewed, I think hln added this happening from a long time ago like it just happened….where will this shyte end?

                • Yes, Rebecca and FREE HER!

                  I think they’ve done more than enough damage to her psyche, there’s a few who should never see daylight again and I’d have no qualms in implementing it.

            • Yes big bad Jodi hides crayons! Is that not the most ridiculous shit??!?!??! WOW. WOW is all I can say.

            • Yes, and if the Toughest Sheriff in America says Jodi is a model prisoner, Disgrace should get off that tired old schtick


                • Well, Martinez could also say that he feared she’d poke him in the eye, that’s why she stole them. Premeditated murder by CRAYON!!!!

                  Those dead from the neck up would believe it for sure! 😀

                • Well, she could’ve drawn a gun–a la Harold and His Purple Crayon–and pointed it right at him. Dangerous, indeed!

      • Janeen Russo

        I see you love cats. I have 3 cats and a dog, they all stay inside, we do run with the dog. I appreciate your diligence on this site

        • I do love cats!! In all forms….they are the most awesome of the animal kingdom. I LOVE them!

          I am also a total animal lover. In fact, other than certain family members and of course my HERO best friend and other very special friends that I adore, I would much rather live with my animals…………..

          Thank you for your kind words. I am very passionate about injustice and Jodi Arias was NOT given a fair trial…whether the haters want to admit that or not, it’s truth.

          I love dogs too but not as much as cats 😉

          • I have three kittys right now that need a home, my neighbor took off and left a mama cat with babies plus I have two other cats. My first one is a orange tabby, he kept taking off on us before we got him fixed and I think someone took him in because a few months later he came home, hurt really bad so I nursed him back to health and he took off again 🙁 Then about 6 months later he came back again, this time fixed and fat and has never left us since then, I think he thought, it is much safer here, last time I left I had my who haaas intact, haha but he is the best. My other cat started out being called Panda by my daughter but I had to bottle feed him since she was tiny and it hurt her eyesite and she is scared to death of everything because I dont think she sees very well, she has to come to you but when she does, she is very sweet. I have a dog also, a pit bull, big baby boy whos best friend is our orange tabby

      • It really is stupid. What she wore, how she had her hair, what she ate. She took extra pens bc she likes to draw. Didn’t the Sheriff even say she wasn’t trouble?

        What does a boob job have to do w anything? Ohhhhh NG when she has nothing to say she just repeats herself one. word. at. a. time.
        Did you notice NG does that? She takes a sentence and then puts big pauses between the words LOL. Even long sentences LOL LOL. If she didn’t make me so mad I’d laugh at her.

        • ok. First, she didn’t steal pens. She stole fucking crayons. Even sheriff Joe said “ONE infraction involving CRAYONS (not pens)


          lets all report the facts not rumors.

          I hate Nasty Graceless nip slip suicide inducer.

          that is all.

          • Renee, when I read about the free boobs I just about fell out of my chair. Lets see, as a Mormon, no caffeine, no cigs, no booze, no premarital sex. Breast implants, yes!


            • I did not know about Deanna’s fake boobs. She probably wishes she did not have them now. They don’t show up,anymore.

            • Hey sweetie, I’m not site police but I don’t think the admin don’t like for us to use all caps in our post…in case they need to fly down and spot a troll…if you see a troll ..type troll in caps and kick him the balls on the the way out,

                • I know, I’m the same way…I bet you talk with your hand too. lol sometimes I type so fast it comes out tongue tied…

                • YUP!! I do . I have even slapped people on accident because I talk with my hands so much! LOL!!!

        • Danielle she is a real drama Queen. I just laugh my ass off when ahe lowers her voice and drags out “Goodnight Friend.”

  15. JC, I just sent you a message on FB. So you know it is me 🙂 It might end up in your “other” messages though.

    • GREAT POST!! How do i follow your blog? VERY TRUE !!!! We are more then happy to debate til we are blue in the face. We have enough conviction in our beliefs that we don’t need to hurt others because THEY don’t believe the same. I look at like this. If the evidence didn’t show you Then I never will . because when it comes down to it ,that is what this will come down to THE EVIDENCE!!! weather its the tape, the tampering, or the actions of the state(cops,prosecutor, judge, ect.) its all going to come down to the evidence!!

  16. Yes the mean old Gestapo over in Shitville even had the chutzpah to spout off about “thinking” Jodi would try to escape??!??!?!?

    Where can that poor woman go without being recognized?!?!?!? Those asses actually think she can get ANYWHERE in that part of the country without being spotted or seen?!?!?!?!?!?

  17. HI EVERYONE!!!!(((((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))))))!! Ok I can’t believe what i have been hearing. Is Jodi really being moved to Flamenco Health Center?!?!!?!? WHAT!!!!!!! I can’t believe nurmi wants this pushed back till Jan. 2014 !! I understand Jodi needs time to prepare and everything, but i was wondering when are the elections in AZ for the prosecutor and DA. Because I would understand if he was trying to see if there will be a new prosecutor. And I understand tring to get SOME distance from the media circus. But I think everyone mis interpreted his statement to the paper wrong. Nurmi did not say the defense thinks she has a mental disorder. what he was saying is ” If you are stupid enough to believe what the state has presented then you believe Jodi is mentally challenged by a disorder so there fore should not be eligible for the death penalty. ” Why is everyone saying HE IS SAYING IT? Did I miss something? I just can’t believe that he would throw his whole case out the window. And I surely can’t believe Jodi is fine with being made to look crazy WHEN SHE DID WHAT EVERY HUMAN BEING WOULD DO IF THEIR LIFE WAS BEING TAKEN BY SOMEONE.SHE WAS NOT CRAZY TO WANT TO LIVE AND IF THIS IS REALLY WHAT IS HAPPENING THEN THIS WILL SET VICTIMS BACK TO THE BEGINNING. SHE WAS NOT CRAZY!! LETTING YOURSELF DIE IS CRAZY!!! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME OUT WITH SOME INFO!! PLEASE

    • Krista,
      I posted this on the 8th, I’ll post it again…maybe it will help.

      The defense goal is to save her life.
      Montgomery and JM goal is to win! DP.
      My interpretation….

      Montgomery saying, we are going forward with seeking the DP, BUT if the defense wants to kiss our ass and bring us a plea deal we’d relish the opportunity to use it as toilet paper.

      Defense replied, the prosecution experts testified that my client is a mentally ill woman; this must be true because she was found guilty. Therefore you can’t have your cake and eat it too….You can’t put a mentally ill person to death, it’s not my client’ fault she’s ill. Therefore, it’s in your lap to bring us a plea deal. We’ll take our chances with a tainted juror before we come kissing ass and knocking at your door with plea deal
      Yestesday the Defense file the Motion to Continue.

      So..what does the defense have to…find out how mentally ill their client is, to save her life.

      • OK thanks. I was just worried . I have been do resaerch on a different part of this case for a couple of day s for some letters I am writting and haven’t been right on top of things. I just don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea. Thanks for clearing that up. Thats what I thought. Because Nurmi clearly had that “If you believe this shit the prosecution is saying” attitude. Is she really being transfered to the mental health facility?

          • Thanks I was kind of pissed off/ shocked/confused. Your probably right. It was probably on Nurmi request. You made me feel better. I will continue to look into it . Thanks again.

            • Krista,when I read her lawyers’ announcement I said,wow good move!They are using the prosecutor’s own words against him! HA! If his Tot Doc found her mentally ill and they all agreed she is guilty as hell then they cant put her to death,can they?In your face,Martinez! Now they need to have her there in that ward to build their arguments and their defense,based on the new findings.As to why the delay,I was disappointed too,I dont want Jodi to have to wait but Jennifer cant be at 5 places at the same time and it might be better after all,to cool things off and to give them more time to prepare.

  18. BREAKING news from Fox…nancy DISGRACE hiccuped while spewing shyte and choked. She had to go under emergency surgery but was cancelled because emergency room surgeons could not differentiate her mouth from her anus

    • HAA HAA HAA!!!!! That’s funny because I didn’t know Dragons could choke!!! I wonder if she is constantly throwing up in her mouth a little or if that went away when she made her deal with the devil!! 😛

    • C’mon now! I’m not a fan of Nancy Grace and no use for her, but choking isn’t funny and I don’t wish that on anyone.

      • Don’t worry I don’t think she can. I heard that monsters don’t have gag reflexes ! Thats why its funny. Don’t worry JM NO ANIMALS WERE HURT IN THE MAKING OF THAT JOKE!!!

        • It’s a joke :). Plus, I have my doubts as to whether Nancy is actually human and not some robot programmed to spew garbage.

  19. My o my Dr Drew had a panel. On about Jodi and her friend who had death threats. She basically cried saying she was the most wonderful person and was crushed that she could not testify. All in all unconstitutional and so communist for this country. It was great to see someone say that on hln. But of course Dr drew did not stick up for Jodi can not admit he is wrong. Friend said they knowm my daughters name and my address very scared. Wow. are they all in alternate universe.

    • YUP!! They all orbit around Nasty Disgraces big ass head. Their language is Stupid shit they eat babies and kick puppies. and its hard to tell their head from their ass because shit falls out of their mouth almost as much as it does their ass. Thats why i keep saying Nasty needs to stop putting lipstick on her asshole. We all know WHERE she is talking from.

      • All I can say is go Krista Walters! “kick puppies” I say they should have open season on shyte heads that abuse animals..

    • I choose not to watch HLN. They’re clearly in the tank for TA and are going to say and do everything to make Jodi look evil while making Travis look perfect.

      • ABSOLUTELY!! They have successfully turned victims into monsters and monsters into victims. It’s really sad because from here on out victims will think twice on protecting themselves which will most likely get them killed. All it takes is a split second decision and you could end up dead. I am just glad Jodi didn’t hesitate. She was brave strong and a good example of what it might take to walk away.

  20. Admins, SJ, there are several ugly spoof impersonations of Renee, including gravatar, still on the “Jodi’s lawyers respond to Bill Montgomery” page. Also wondering about some others’ posts just above those that might be a bit off, character-wise (?). Located @ bottom of that page and ^ from there.

    If true Jodi is going to a hospital I hope it is better than the 23 hours alone deal she has now, and hope they have plenty of crayons & paper available.

  21. onetimeagain….

    Why do you post my name before you make a comment to me? I haven’t seen you do that with any other poster – I’m curious as to why you do it with mine?

  22. MB – JC



    • THANKS ((((((((((((((((LIBRA)))))))))))))))) !! I try . I cant help it its like i have haters turrets or something. LOL 😛

  23. I hope these dirtbags from the anti-JA website know that they’ve got a good kick in the ass coming to them very soon. Karma is a bitch.

    • OK…I am going to say the big F word…ready..FUDGE….I believe “what goes around comes around” is that the same a karma?

      • Indeed it is. And they might be laughing and giggling now, but we’ll see who’s laughing and giggling when all is said and done.

  24. Dr. Drew demonstrated zero human empathy for Jodi’s friend Patti Womack. Patti was crying expressing emotional threats she suffered and her inability to be there for her friend, Jodi. Dr. Drew’s guests expressed disdain to the mob mentality threatening defense witnesses and empathy for Patti. Makes me wonder how Dr. Drew Pinsky treated his patients when he clearly is a bias individual on TV. Not fit to treat patients.

    • And the 1,000,000 dollar prize goes to ……BE WELL!!!! You are absolutely right!! Thats like when she judges killers but yet she is one!!!!! she sits and talks shit on Drew peterson. but yet she has ALSO killed at least 2 people. I guess she “doesn’t know” what serial killer means either.

    • I’m out too!! I don’t suffer from ANY of those fucked up disorders. And it has to be a disorder of some kind to love,masturbate, and fantasize about an abusive, manipulating pedophile. SERIOUSLY!!! THAT IN & OF ITS SELF IS FUCKED UP. Now that being said these supporters of TA are also victims just like Jodi. They too have been manipulated and molded by this sick son of a bitch. Hell he even did it from beyond the grave. And they say Jodi is a master manipulator?!?!?!?!?! WTF!!!

  25. No a narcissus knows nothing because the can never ever share. God help her. We always share here. Ideas and ideals are always meant to expand the mind and our conscious. To grow to learn to understand. Not so much for NG.

  26. JC, SJ or anyone from Admin:

    If it’s okay with you, I’d like to ask permission to remove my last post from above called “Top 10 Signs You’re A Travis Alexander Supporter”. I know that some people found it amusing, but looking back on it, I think it was a dumb post and this isn’t the way that I want to fight for Jodi. Thanks.

  27. Hello everyone. 🙂 I haven’t had much time to read or post here all week. I’ve been working overtime at my job. Just wanted to let you know I haven’t disappeared.

    Janeen, I love your gravatar. Cats are the best, in my opinion. My cat is actually sleeping behind me on my computer chair right now. I’m sitting on the edge. He’s so spoiled. 😛 I like all animals, but cats are the only ones I prefer to have as pets. I had a dog once, but I would rather not have another. Just not my cup of tea.

    • Hey ((((((((((((((Britney)))))))))))))))))!

      Yes cats are most certainly the BEST! LOL LOL

      I love my gravatar too! LOL LOL 😉

  28. It didn’t take long for Mr. O’Quin to respond to my post so here is my response to his response:

    Wow, that didn’t take long! So, without further ado, here is my response to Dec3iver’s response:

    (I won’t go into the exact details on exactly how I came about the name dec3iver but I will tell you that I made a priority to make it unavailable from someone back when IRC was really popular. Not that I should have to explain this to you but I registered “dec3iver” as every username possible in every service just to piss off the guy that was actually using that name. At one point I thought it was ironic that the name I was registering everywhere fit perfectly because I was actually “deceiving” people. Frankly (lol) it doesn’t matter to me you what “real name” you want to associate to “dec3iver”.)

    How long ago was IRC really popular? So, let me see if I get this straight: you get a vicarious thrill out of deceiving people and enjoy pissing people off just for shits and giggles? No wonder you are supporting Travis Alexander.

    (Now with that out of the way lets address your request about your “personal photographs”. You seem to enjoy and support crime scene photos on the JAII website, right? Those were public right? Well all of your photos that you posted publicly is, well… PUBLIC!)

    Wrong. Unless they are used to discuss the case, I object to any crime scene photos on any website that are shown to be disrespectful and I HAVE spoken to SJ about this. Moreover, there is a Facebook page that is pro-Jodi Arias that last month used one of Travis’s autopsy photos as their cover photo. I reported it to Facebook for being abusive. So, think before you start passing judgments on people that you don’t know. And, yes, they are public photographs, but they’re for ME. Not for you or anyone else.

    (This is a wordpress website and if you are using a photo of yourself in your Gravatar account then it will show up on any wordpress site. If you have any other photos that have been posted then they were available on the internet. I would also like to take this time to let you know that *I AM NOT* responsible for the things people say on this website. I am simply a vessel for others to voice their opinions and I allow more freedom of speech (because I am in the USA) than your $J does.)

    That’s not what I heard. I heard that it was a GoDaddy website, but I could be wrong. You refuse to take responsibility for the actions on your website? Freedom of speech is one thing, but you’re forgetting that there are rules and laws which protect people from “hate speech”, libel and slander. It sounds to me like there is no leadership or control on your website. As for SJ, I’m not aware of him violating anyone’s freedom of speech, but if you have any evidence of that, I’d like to see it. From what I have seen of SJ, he spends most of the time weeding out the losers from your website that come to ours to attack us and Jodi. I’d say that SJ is doing a service and a good one for the online community. You guys aren’t interested in honest debate. You want to attack and smear us and you wouldn’t know honesty if it smacked you in the face.

    (So using your own LOGIC, “$J” has the power and authority to put a stop to some of the behavior that is occurring on his website, but so far he has failed to do so and he even enables it BY MAKING DEATH THREATS! And you want to BLOG about “DECENCY”??? You know NOTHING about that!)

    Show me evidence where SJ has made death threats because I have not seen that. I know NOTHING about decency? I’m talking to the guy who piled on personal attack after another against a domestic abuse survivor (not Jodi Arias) on your website and I’m the one who doesn’t know anything about decency? Let me tell you something. I’ve worked with Men Who Can Stop Rape and RAINN (Rape Abuse And Incest Network) and dedicated a lot of time helping others especially abuse survivors. You don’t know shit about me and if you ever took the time, you would know that in the beginning of this trial, I was on your team’s side. I supported Travis Alexander and Juan Martinez, but things weren’t adding up and I had to do some fact-finding on my own because HLN was spoon-feeding us whatever Team Travis wanted us to hear. I personally am sorry that Travis Alexander died. Believe me, I wish that he was still alive to face the consequences of his actions. And, incidentally, how tasteful is it to keep propping up a dead guy? Travis is starting to become the real-life version of Bernie from Weekend At Bernie’s.

    (I don’t make threats either, I make promises.)

    I’d seriously re-think about using words like that around me if I was you. I promise that this isn’t a threat. Just a fact.

    (Well Jeff, you may be right. KARMA WORKS! You shall be a prime example of that. I on the other hand believe in something more powerful than “Karma/Luck”, but I do firmly believe that good people will be rewarded and evil rude people will be less fortunate.)

    Holy shit! We actually agree on something! Yes, and that is why Jodi Arias will be free and receive justice and we will all be vindicated. 🙂

    (With that being said, thanks for your blog, please auto tune your song!)

    Couldn’t resist a cheap shot, could you? You know, I didn’t write the song for you or your minions. And, contrary to what you or others think, I’m not in love with Jodi. I got involved with this case as I’ve done with others because I AM in love with justice and freedom. And guys like Travis Alexander are douche bags that I have absolutely no use for.

    • Is this the asshole who said that Travis should be President someday, or is that another one from that vile site? Anyway, that just shows you their mentality.

    • I wouldnt be able or have the psychological strength to do what you’re doing.Talking and trying to make them understand is like talking to a wall.

  29. I briefly stopped by Dr. Drew (just to see what’s going on in the world of idiots these days) and found myself once more in some bizarre universe. Drew’s panel is now totally shocked and aghast at the mob mentality that is threatening defense witnesses and Jodi supporters, and reminding their viewers that while they may all “hate Jodi” there are some people who don’t and while these may be misguided souls, they still have a right to their misguided opinion. That’s like the guy leading the villagers with pitchforks and shouting the loudest being appalled when violence occurs and then lecturing the mob on how to behave in a civilized manner. How do these people live in their own heads with such contradictions and lack of self-awareness?

    • RB, I just don’t know how he sleeps at night.

      He’s sold out everything he ever worked for just to drink the haterade and join in with the lynch mob.

      I’d ask him why, but there’s no answer I would trust as he would spin it to suit his own agenda.

      I no longer call him Dr because he deliberately turned his back on “first do no harm.”

      • I only read what you guys post here and have come to the conclusion they must all be psychopaths.Or deranged.Or sociopaths.Or just stupid.Whatever the word,they are a menace to society.

    • I’m the misguided one? Pffft…Oh irony! Anyone that listens to those (excuse me for my language up front…) knob slobbers, is the one that needs to have their heads examined. These people have blindly led millions of people into a hate filled rage, and while I am probably not the most religious among us, there will be a special place for these people when they do pass on. Call it hell or call it a period of atonement, they will definitely be there. We all will be for that matter, I just hope they have to wait longer for preaching hatred to the masses.

      How that dude can even call himself a Dr. I will never understand. To think I used to like him on Loveline!

      • Yes I remember him from Loveline too! Whatever happened to that compassionate humanity he contributed to society? It’s gone forever now.

        He just didn’t drink the haterade, he destroyed all his own work over this case, and the Casey Anthony case. To think demonizing two women was worth trashing a lifetime of trying to foster compassion in American society. WTF

        I will never understand it, he must have a streak of self loathing to do this, or maybe it’s just greed. I guess it doesn’t matter, the result has been disastrous.

  30. Hi everyone. Thanks for the positive comments from earlier up above this one. For personal and security reasons, I am taking an indefinite leave of absence from this website. I still support Jodi 100% and will continue to check in every now and then, but will not be posting on here for awhile. I WILL return. And I’ll promise to keep in touch with those of you on my email list. Take care and keep fighting the good fight!

      • Certainly true. You need to have some perspective.

        It looks like being a long haul, assuming the retrial is January next year.

        Much patience will be needed.

        I’m just hoping that one day people in Arizona will wake up and see that most of the trials which ended up with a woman on death row have been witch hunts. I think they should simply pardon any woman with more than 100 people who will sign a petition, who has been locked up for more than 5 years with no history of violence other than on the day of the alleged crime – that’s plenty evidence of reasonable doubt.

    • Please come back to us when you can!

      Thanks for everything you’ve contributed <3 I'll never forget you!

    • JM………… I am sorry to hear this, but I also understand. These sick f*cks want us to just give up this fight, and I am so sorry to hear you need to take a break.

      Be safe, and come back when and if you can. ♥

    • JM, I am sorry to hear that you are going to be away from the site. It was always nice reading your posts. Don’t take too long to come back. Be well.

  31. Good morning (kalimera!) to everyone!
    It’s already Friday morning in Greece. TGIF!!
    About today’s post – topic:
    I read the motion to continue the penalty phase in Jan 2014. Firstly, everytime I read the word ‘honorable’ next to the name Sherry Stephans I shake my head and laugh with irony! Honorable, my ass! She is the oposite of honorable. It ticks me off when we have to use titles for people that do not deserve them!
    Moving on.. In my opinion, I think that it is a good thing that we are asking to delay the penalty phase until Jan 2014. It gives Jodi and the defence team more time to gather more info as to how the jury was corrupted, the witnesses were threatened, the prosecutor was abusing everyone and the alexander clan was tampering with the jury, etc.
    It also gives US time to gather all this info, put it out there, contact ‘high positioned’ people and make the public more aware about the injustice. Maybe by Jan 2014, people will finally ‘wake up’ and start realizing that this trial was a circus.
    I don’t know if it will help Jodi at this phase but I am sure that it will be harder for additional injustice to be acted.
    I am a person that sees ‘the cup half full’ and I believe that any act from our defence team has been thoroughly thought of and it is for Jodi’s best interest.
    I also like the fact that ‘it is not over with’ and I think that makes some people (e.g. Hugh’s & Hall) very nervous! Let them sweat bc they damn do have hidden skeletons and as known, skeletons – at one point or another – DO pop out of the closet!!! I am also hoping that there is someone out there that knows what really went on and has an inch of humanity left in them and will not take the pressure anymore and will finally ‘break’ and talk!
    Let’s not forget that the longer this goes on, there is a possiblity that Jodi will gain her memory back and she will be able to finally put the missing pieces in place and THAT is what CASH does not want!
    Finally, as for HLN, yes it might give them reason to continue bashing our Jodi but the more they ramble on and the more they invite people (jurors, alexanders, hugh’s, ex-girlfriends, etc) the more possible it is for these guests of theirs to have a ‘slip of the tongue’!
    I know that this will also take a toll on Jodi but I am sure that in the end of this fuck up time in her life she will be justified and her innocence will be proven beyond doubt!

    So, although I did glance at all your posts, I will be comimg back later on to chat with you bc I have to go get ready for a job interview (after 2 yrs of unemployment) this my friends is an exciting day for me!!! It is not a permanent job, it is only for 6 months but it’s better than nothing and who knows.. I might be sooo good at it that they might keep me for good! 😉 Crossing my fingers and hoping to get the job!!!

    Have an amazing day to everyone that is already up and for everyone else that is still sleeping: sweet dreams!

    (((((((((((((((All of you here that have become my new extended family))))))))))))))))))

  32. Does anybody remember what the name of the woman with the muscles who was the testified about the gas in Salt Lake City?

  33. I’m listening to Gus Searcy on tonight’s Routing Out. He said mentions creepy occurrences, one being Dan Freeman’s brother committing suicide. Then he says a few days later another male friend of Jodi commits suicide. Who is this second male friend?????? Never heard this.

  34. Not much here, but just heard earlier that juan and the alexanders are NOT going to take the DP off.
    I have never seen such mean and evil people.

    Just shows if all 12 ould have given Jodi LIFE, None of those assholes would have been happy.

    I’ve seen trials before where they were given life and the family were grateful to them. Not this bunch of
    MEAN assholes.

    I’ve always thought she should be acquitted. Actually what she did was protect herself and it took more
    than a gunshot. MOST of the other wounds were superficial. I still don’t believe she stabbed in the neck or heart. Still way too much doubt.

    I hope that they find the truth before Jan.

    • I agree Aly, on all points.

      I was reading somewhere else on the web, not about this case, but about another one and someone said “justice not tempered by mercy is just revenge.”

      And that is so true isn’t it? 40k people are screaming to show no mercy, so this is not about justice. It’s about revenge.

      Revenge for what? Do they truly believe that abuse victims should just lay down and die when their abuser is done with them? That’s what it seems like to me.

      • This whole thing just makes me sick. It is pure and simple evil. If they think what Jodi “allegedly” did is sooo evil…how is this any different? In fact it is way worse. As MB says, 40K people (and that’s probably underestimating) are wishing death on a person they don’t know. How sick is that? We might as well be sitting in the Coliseum, eating a big drumstick, drooling for Gladiator’s blood. Twisted world we are living in anymore…

        • I agree Jesse, and there are some days I have been downright alarmed at the barbaric glee on HLN and social media. They weren’t reporting or talking about it because they were angry with Jodi, they were reporting and talking about it because they were happy to get a chance to see a woman get handed a death sentence. There is something disturbing about this. Blind hate and anger is horrible, but at least there is room for people to cool off and see the truth (and the law is SUPPOSED to protect people from blind hate and anger too, but it failed to do so adding to the tragedy of this case).

          There is something more terrifying about people who find pleasure and satisfaction in someone else’s look on their face when they know they are going to die. It turns my stomach to think of the satisfaction and glee the cheering throngs outside the courthouse must have felt when M1 was handed down. I half expected them to strip their clothes and start a mass orgy getting off on the idea of a young woman losing her life. The sickness is so overwhelming, so heinous there’s just no words I can ever articulate or describe. So yes the word terrifying is pretty accurate, but not nearly strong enough.

          I agree, this harkens back to Roman times. I study many things, and I’ve found that America reflects a lot more of ancient Western customs than we collectively realize. I won’t get into it here, it’s only until people want to see that we can continue progressing away from all that.

          • You are not kidding about the glee that those sick hounds exhibited outside the courthouse the day the conviction was handed down. I had to turn off the TV because I couldn’t stand to watch the crowd of people cheering for the loss of not only one, but two, fellow human beings lives.

            And yes I wish we would all wake up and see the road we are heading down…it’s been paved and it’s not yellow brick.

            • MB. They have sadistic personalities, Very scary and ill.That is an old outdated diagnosis, but it sure applies here. Now I guess they are Anti Social. Terrible people.

          • I’ve missed a couple of days, BUT yes this is VERY disturbing to me.
            I keep thinking is someone going to stop this?
            Oh, but hell no.
            Like HLN,
            And yes, JA V. M Na. Grace, Dr. Shithead , Ry. Smith, Jo. Jackson, Mi. Brooks Vinnie pileofshit and all of the rest on HLN talk about Jodi, she was defending herself, PERIOD!!!

            They mock any and ever way she looks.She has been very Class Act One for these assholes, while they look on hoping for death, their wide eyes about to pop out with grins on their faces? What the hell?? I know, they have to be just downright hateful and mean as hell
            Shame all over them.
            They sure aren’t a good inspiration for those that see/watch them. It spreads.

            I lay all of the hate right at thei feet. Talk about all of the things that Jodi is???
            Give me a break. They’re all liars, sociapaths and narsicis?? (spelling? ) sorry!
            Back at them. That IS what they all are. Isn’t it no feelings and lying?
            At least Jodi didn’t want the bad things to get out, I would have done the same.
            THEY would have done the same.

            I think they say she has no feeling??? Bullshit, they are the ones like beast, non human.
            The Alexanders, all of the state that “worked” on this case “Supposedly”, ALL bullshit. It is BY far the WORST, SHODDY “investigation” I have every seen. Shame on them.
            They don’t care who did it. They really don’t.
            MB, you’e right, they want revenge and are making the best job they can to make everyone like them.
            Well, it ain’t gonna happen.

            In most cases it’s because the man KNOWS he is about to lose her. TRAVIS knew she was looking for someone and was going to meet him. He couldn’t stand it.

            Someone said he looked angry in that picture and said it was because he didn’t want her to take the pictures!!!! That is total bullshit. He looked angry, did the droppig of the camera sit him off? MAYBE, but the real reason I believe is because he was angry he wasn’t going to have her for himself.

            Yes, he lunged at her and said he was going to KILL her.
            MOST of the time, that is when they do kill their abused. He was so jealous, NOT Jodi.
            She loved him, BUT she could move on and be friends, like the others, but Travis was going to kill her and she defened herself and saved her life.
            She has nothing to be ashamed of.

            If the HLN hell raisers had as much class as Jodi, we would all be better off.
            Something has to be done before Jan. for Jodi. I pray that it does and that HLN get’s booted.
            They are a threat and menace to what justice system we have.

    • Oh Aly that doesn’t surprise me 🙁 they’re the most vile, vicious and malevolent people I have ever laid eyes on. She should definitely be aquitted, thought this from Day 1 but even moreso now since they’ve paraded her as an exhibit for people to hate in this barbaric farce of a trial, I get feeling so angry about it, I pray they get their Karma quickly, its all I can do., all any of us can do and keep praying for Jodi’s freedom.
      I have never thought she did all those things to him and I felt relieved to see that the date will be put forward to Jan of next year.. if the powers that be allow it. Surely if its in the Constitution they will have to??
      We must Fight On and Never Stop.

      • You know my friend……

        This time zone difference shit is getting on my nerves…………we never seem to be here at the same time! LOL LOL LOL

        ((((((((((((((((((((((((((LOVE YOU HEATHER))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      • Heather,
        I so agree!!
        It worries the hell out of me.
        I thought she would be aquitted too Heather.
        Most women are the ones murdered, she was lucky enough to defend herself.

        I guess you call it lucky. Look at all the jerks that will never have her live normal
        life. It’s sadistic.

        You’re always hoping for better and it just get’s worse
        I know what you mean, it does make you just feel so angry at the people that just aren’t normal.
        That’s not normal to want to see someone suffer when they were fighting for their life.
        Now she still has to fight for her life.
        What a Shame!!

        Thank goodness for this site.
        I appreciate the whole team and their efforts to all fight for Jodi’s freedom.

    • Aly,you’re so right. And to think that these people have spouses,friends etc..Surely someone must have uttered the word ”revenge” to them or told them they are just being vengeful.So,they are obviously totally aware that it is revenge they are after not Justice.And they seem fine with it.
      That’s what sickens me the most; if all this happened in a short period of time,like a month or two or even a year after TA’s death,I just might be able to understand their inability to cope with the trauma and (since deep down we all hide a bit of an animalistic behaviour)their persistence of wanting the DP. But it’s now been 5 goddamn years,they’ve had more than enouugh time to feel shocked,grieve,curse,call names,shout,go through depression and get better,get over the vengeful phase and back to grief blah blah blah…..
      However,they seem one-dimesioned and stuck on the vengeance phase.
      Which I think has NOTHING to do with Psychology and EVERYTHING to do with money!!

      • maria,
        It sickens me too.
        I can’t stand to look at the Alexanders.
        The sister wants to see her die???? Is that sick.
        The brother, which I only heard one part and it was something about never
        seeing Jodi’s face again?? Is he kidding. Who’s making him. She’s supposed to die
        because he’s full of hate, didn’t even know Jodi, but yet he was on the Jodi did it
        band wagon.

        The look on fhis face was pure hate because the jury couldn’t agree to kill her.
        Well, I suggest he stay home in the next trial and away from the TV.
        He’s so full of shit, he’s loving every bit of this attention.
        But, the part that was so hateful and threatenng was Travis’s words to Jodi and how he said them.
        And his last words was he was going to kill her.

        I wonder if that would have happened would all of his family have been in court everyday
        acting so disrespectful.

  35. Maybe during such a lengthy amount of time JM will be flattened by a toddler riding on a big wheel…. Nancy Disgrace will truly end up behind bars 🙂 …..Flores will be arrested for smuggling marijuana into the states from mexico and become cell mates with “Bubba”…. judge stevens will get a joan rivers type of plastic surgery…. Horn (medical examiner) will receive the old popular game “Operation” to hone his lacking autopsy skills and lastly Vinny P with his bold accusations will be bold over by an enormous boulder!

    P.S. Good luck with the job Pandora
    P.S. P.S. Hi all, glad to see this place is still very active… much love to Jodi you have many angels here watching over you

  36. So this Flamenco Health place may be the best of a really horrible place.

    The AZ DoC says

    “Operates a 40 bed licensed acute care mental health unit and a 135 bed licensed intermediate mental health unit. Group and Individual therapy is provided for male and female inmates as part of an integrated daily living program.”

    and looks like it has educational facilities too

    “Mandatory Education. Special Education, Title 1 Literacy, College Distance Learning and GED ”

    I also found this, on the web, from someone who had been there

    “I was in Flamenco back in 1994 for mental health reasons. …………
    After writing a suicide note, is when I was sent there. It wasn’t too bad. I worked in the library and ended up cataloging all the books and assigning them a Dewey decimal number.”

    So may be she’ll get some help there, as opposed to being in Sheriff Joe’s joint.

    • Is it 100% that they are sending her there? I read something about it up top a little earlier but I wasn’t sure if they were absolutely sending her there.

    • Good morning…..all

      Al if in fact this is true I do agree with you it is a far better place for Jodi. She will receive meals and hopefully be able to get out of her room/cell. I also hope she will get the medication that she needs and the right dosage.

      I do have a question regarding your web info. Did this person say he was in jail? If so what was he charge with?

      • Plus with the therapy session (single and group) and mandatory education program she gets to do something with her life instead of sitting in a cell stewing.

        The guy didn’t say what he was there for, just the two line thing I posted.

        I don’t know how much there is in the rumor, but if its true, not only does it mean some good but also the thing of concern is why are they doing this now. Is it because Jodi’s taken a turn for the worse, or does this have something to do with Nurmi and Willmott’s statement about the state wanting to execute a mentally ill person, so they just send her there as a sort of proforma thing.

        • Journee I personally hope it’s true…..and it would play well for the defenses. But more importantly it is a far better place for Jodi right now. Perhaps she would receive the right medication and meals that are fit for human consumption.

        • I wouldn’t be shocked if it true. I don’t consider HLN a reliable source of news. NG said she “could be” going to Flamenco. On the same episode she had this other person saying Jodi has 14 infractions on her prison record. I won’t believe it until I hear it from another source.

                • Good Morning Ann,

                  Chilly here too, but welcome after 97F yesterday. Any chance to turn off the AC and open the windows is good by me, Sure was some serious WIND ushering in the colder air, though.

                • My night was good. Yours? Seems like you checked out kinda early. Did you see my replies to you on the other page?

                  Yes, she was better after the last hospital stay. At the very least, I think she gets more rest there, better diet – Estrella is more like a POW camp in those regards… barbaric considering many of the residents there haven’t been convicted of anything.

                • (((((Cindy)))))
                  One of those up & down nights. Was flipping channel & saw a picture of the flamenco hospital & watched HLN for about 10 minutes. 10 minutes in 30 days is about I can take. Lol
                  Her name is Lucy, she the best dog in the world. She’s 12 & starting to grey. 🙁

          • Sheriff Joe said ONE infraction – hoarding CRAYONS.

            The ‘fight’ incident was when a cell mate assaulted HER and she defended herself. Again, this is per Arpaio.

            Our Danielle picked up the info about the possible transfer to a mental health facility from a OOCUPY HLN twitter feed. I don’t know where they got the info, though – whether HLN got it from them or they got it from HLN or they both got it from some other source.

              • This might sound crazy, but she seemed better on hair wash & shower days. IDK but I bet they only get to shower ever-other? That alone would make hoard crayons.

                • I know …yuk …… Look at how long it took them to figure out she wasn’t eating lunch….@#@@# I do not know how she has stood up as well as she has. It looked as if KN was nodding off at times….lol I love that man. He and Jennifer looked so exhausted the last day of trial. I also noticed that at first he would sit next to Jodi when Jen was up but that stopped. I’m sure it had to do with the poor man needing more room. He is one tall man.

                  God love both of them……when all is send and done I hope they will be rewarded in their futures.

              • I agree with you. What the heck does NG know what goes on in his jail. Oh I forgot she did a “special” on it so now she is a expert.

                As much as I dislike the man I am quit sure he is keeping a very close eye on Jodi he sure does not want any more negative press. Look at how fast he got her out of there after the verdict and press conf. I really am confused why she just didn’t stay a the hospital…..God knows she needed to. But they wouldn’t have been able to continue on with the trial. Can’t put a mentally ill person to death ya know.

                I just wish they would help her instead of handing out meds. like their candy……..

  37. Rebecca64-Are you a Psychiatrist or Psychologist?

    I am sure you watched Jodi’s day to day behavior. Did you notices that at times she seemed overly medicated? Spacy almost but as the day wore on she seemed to be more connected with what was going on around her.

    I also have another question: is in not true that during residency that one has to, in most cases, the resident does a rotation at the country jail? I ask this due to the fact that Jodi would have had to have had a intake evaluation. So lets say that at that time she was placed on antidepressants and what every else they deemed she needed at that time, so if she was on meds. how would any testing that was done be a true and aerate? How do any of us know for sure that the dosage was right and if she received her meds. as prescribed.

    • Cindy—-I am a Psychiatrist . During a three year Residency most see Inmates from either the jail or prison system. Those who do their residency in a county or state University affiliated Residency will definite ly see inmates as part of their patient care. Often these patient’s are brought by the Sheriff staff or prison staff to the clinic. So they may be seen at the jail, prison or the clinic. Medication is prescribed by the Psychiatrist and then administered as per the Psychiatrist’s order by the jail or prison nurse.Generally they make every effort to administer as per Doctor’s order, and if side effects or concerns develop they contact the Doc. I am sure that during the trial she may have been receiving an anti anxiety agent. She was having to get up at Two in the morning, so the possibility exists that she was fatigued. Over medication is a possibility, but fatigue is more likely. In terms of the impact of testing on anxiety and depression, she may present with fewer symptoms after being placed on medication,but most of her testing was targeted at Personality Traits, Intelligence, and Post traumatic Stress, which would not alter responses for teasing in these areas.

    • Journee was it the reply about you and your mom…..I didn’t see that one yesterday…I think that is such at great memory to have. I ended up taking my mom to the store yesterday. She hasn’t been feeling well all week….so I made her take the little cart with the motor…lol It’s a trip to watch her sometimes…..

      • Yes, that one and the one just above it – that krikee posted on this page about different Dustins, so my theory is shot all to hell already, lol.

        Yes, my Mom and I had six great years here before she got sick, and the sick was really just only four months that FELT like another six years. But during the six years we turned this into such a communal type living space with the spaces that we shared, the porch in front and patio in the back and the landscaping we did and a pond with fish, etc. – now I am having trouble finding a tenant that I want for my neighbor!
        Kind of like that movie “Field of Dreams” – if you build it they will come? I am hoping that sooner or later the space created will draw the person who says “I want to live THERE”.

        • Journee I thought your theory was great… least your thinking outside of the box’s……

          So where do you live? I’m packing my bags now… long as I don’t need a pass port I’m good to I don’t have on due to the fact that other then CA I haven’t been out of the US. LOL

            • LOL I do have a brother older brother in Abingdon VA. He’s went to law school in VA and never came home….I can understand why. He lives on a very large hill lol and it over looks a vally and another ridges of hills. Little piece of heaven…………

  38. Ann …I had one of those nights also. But I didn’t turn the TV on…lol I sometimes have to turn my mind off from the outside world so I think of a beach and the waves…better careful before someone says I have dissociate disorder…and I do try at times to dissociate myself….lol

    • On a side note,personally I dont know how to feel about this delay.On the one hand,we all need this extra time to gather info and help Jodi as much as we can,.It is totally understandable that her lawyers want to be able to stay focused and do their best-after all,Jennifer couldnt supervise 5 cases at the same time,she would just not be effective and plus this gives them the time to find more witnesses for the sentencing phase.This is just legal procedure and if they think this is the best way to go,fin by me.
      Ont he other hand,Jodi’s face keeps poppinh up in my head when the No unanimous deciosion verdict was read and I cant stop thinking that this girl seems to not be given the chance to finally get her closure,regarding this part of the case at least.We know that whether she gets DP or LWOP,we did NOT get the verdict we wanted,the verict Jodi deserved.
      So,it’s all up to what happens on appeals.And this asking for ‘continue’ or whatever the term is,is making appeals look like a long-term dream instead of sth ‘tangible’ in the near future.

      • Got a third hand, Maria? 🙂

        I suspect that within an hour or two of the non-verdict, Jodi was back to the frame of mind she’d had in the interviews just before. That is to say, I think Jodi is personally ambivalent about DP or LWOP – to her mind, I think, it’s all the same: many years in jail and then death. Fighting the DP was a concession to her family, I think.

        Also, and I might be wrong on this – perhaps Wes or Al will correct or clarify if I am wrong – but that Appeal on the DP qualifying Aggravator that the AZ Supreme Court “declined to review” a couple of weeks ago, that was passed up from the Superior Court (Pickles) who had ALSO declined to review. SO, if “declined to review” means an appeal can still bump up to the next court, that means there’s one appeal already in the works -with the next stop being the Ninth Circuit I think (seated in California, where more liberal minds tend to prevail) that could take the death penalty off the table. BUT I COULD BE WRONG – so don’t get your hopes up!

        At any rate, the more time that passes, the more new information comes to light. More time for TA’s friends to keep running off at the mouth and sure to spill something important sooner or later. Gus Searcy said in his most recent radio talk that there was a SECOND male friend of Jodi and Travis who ‘committed suicide’ shortly after Jodi’s arrest. We knew about Josh Freeman. I’m sure there are people scrambling now to find out who the second man was.

        That damn horse may talk yet!

        • Hi Journee, posted below then started to move up and read your post. I guess we’re all saying a BIG “whaaat?” regarding Searcy’s comment about 2 male friends of Jodi suiciding. I think Searcy is confused about the second suicide.

          This link ( starting on pg 9 explains the appeals process in a capital case. It’s an interim study from 2001, couldn’t find anything more recent.

          • Could be he is confused – he kinda comes across as confused sometimes, at least about dates, because I still think it was the night Travis was FOUND that he got the call from Jodi, since he was in the second Cancun group and left for that trip within a day or two of talking with her. He seems to continue to think it was the night Travis died that she called him.

            But he is specific about it being two males, and very soon on the heels of Jodi’s arrest, so maybe there is something there (that someone smarter than I can dig up, lol, I did a search for suicides maricopa county jul-dec 2008 and was non-plussed by the results)

            I will check your link – is it good news or bad?

      • maria…I agree with you. I think judge pickle is in a pickle here. She overturned JW and KN request to be dismissed form the case most likely because she thought it would be over with by now… So they can’t continue unless Jodi has her lawyers…JW has 5 trials starting and so now what do they do? I would be surprised if she would grant that motion but I guess expect the unexpected…..(I’m just a lay person so what do I know)

        In the mean time if it is true that they are indeed transferring Jodi to the hospital again who ordered it? and why? Is it the states ploy to prove that she is mentally stable to be sentenced after the motion KN made or is it because something happened?

        • The rumour is false. We can be certain of that, because every speculation that comes out of Nancy Graces gob is false. You can see how it spread from here:

          It’s really best to ignore this very stupid hateful woman. She has had to pay significant sums to keep her dirty laundry out of the courts. Time Warner executives ought to be concerned about the reputational damage they will suffer when the truth finally comes out, as it surely will do.

          • Again, geebee – that link shows the news coming out of OCCUPY – then Nancy running with it.

            I’m taking a ‘wait and see’ on this one.

            I kind of hope its true… I’d like to see Jodi out of Estrella for awhile.

      • Maria, I believe that the defence team has their reasons for asking for such a long delay (except for their other obligations). I don’t know, as I posted earlier, it will benifit Jodi. At least I hope it will.

      • Hey,hun! Oh,well…you know.Mixed feelings.I really needed some time to relax but being unemployed for the first time in my life sucks!

        • I am sure that by the time schools open again, you will be with a full time job. Try not to worry to much (at least, take a breather for a couple of weeks) and then you can think again about work!
          <3 (heart – don't know how to do it on this site)

          • Thanks,I needed this reminder of positive thinking 🙂
            it’s & hearts ; but do it without the spaces between(lol,it took me forever to figure it out myself)
            Gotta run some errands,TTYL!

  39. ….and on a humorous note,looking up Flamenco facility on the Internet I read rumour has it it is haunted although the article was not clear whether it is the men’s or women’s ward.

  40. Good Morning All! Well it was another sad night for the goons on HLN. They are all upset at all the hate, that they helped spread, that is being directed toward JA’s friends, witnesses, and jurors. In one breath they are defending them and then in another they are trashing them. Doc Spew and his side kick JH and attorney friend Mark “something” were the three worst on Spew’s show. They don’t get it. They defend the TA family members and don’t realize at least one of them is helping the haters do this.
    If this haters think that murdering Jodi will bring TA”s family and themselves closure and peace then they really need a lot of help. The only thing that will help the TA family is let go of all the hate and anger that is eating them a live.
    I hope it is true that Jodi will moved to a different place if it will get her some help and give her a little better life that being confined in a cell for 23 hrs. a day.

    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.

  41. Good morning everyone, all around this beautiful planet!

    I posted the latest Routing Out interview w/ Gus Searcy link above where he mentions 2 of Jodi’s male friends committed suicide within days of each other. We know about Dan Freeman’s brother and he mentions this as the first. I’m wondering if he’s confusing Ashley Reed as the second suicide, or perhaps Bobby Juarez’s attempt many years ago as second male friend.

    • I’m wondering too krikee. Pitchforks goes into great detail about Ashley Reed so I’m thinking tghere is another suicide besides DF’s brother.

      • I am inclined to think so too, Pat – especially since Dustin and Ashley’s names didn’t ring a bell at all with Gus. You’d think that if Ashley’s death had been part of a ‘misunderstanding’ or confusion on his part, he’d have at least recognized the name.

  42. Pickles backpedaling, “Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Stephens ordered that the numerous bench conferences and in-chambers discussions be resealed because she fears that dissemination of transcripts and recordings could make it difficult to seat a jury if the trial goes forward.”

    • RE-sealed!!
      What a farcical,clownish judge she is!First she decides to unseal them,the media is going crazy over them and then she decides to back down.She did that on purpose,she wanted to achieve quite the contrary imo.She needs to feed the news and interest in this case and most importantly the hate and blindness-otherwise if people start to wake up qustions qill be raised concerning her performance and pro-Pro behaviour.

      • What a biatch! Bet she unseals just before the new jury selection. Probably taking orders again from the weasel.

      • She’s a Fickle Pickle. I’m mighty suspicous of the timing when she released the police interview of Jodi’s parents.

    • She is the saddest excuse for a judge that I’ve ever seen. How can they be resealed when they are all over the internet?

  43. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and weekend……I do hope it is true that Jodi is being transferred perhaps she just might have a good weekend and perhaps a visit from her mom.

    • Hi Pat!
      I know!He is a loon.I posted the same link above saying ” He is definitely obsessed with the DP.” Of course,I can come up with some other adjectives for him,too 😉


    seems as though psychology and psychiatry as embodied in the new dsm-5, has taken a turn into the pre-scientific dark ages

    through a combination of arrogance, laziness, and lack of understanding of the scientific method, has slipped back into it’s primitive mode of unscientific unreliable garbage. and gobbledegook

    this is my assessment of the critique by Brent Dean Robbins who is “Director of Psychology at Point Park University and co-chair of the International DSM-5 Response Committee.” of the new dsm-5

    listen to his 20 minute audio interview at

    “Psychiatrists concerned about new DSM-5”

    seems like the dsm-5 is an unscientific unsafe piece of crap, because the american psychiatric association REFUSED TO CONSIDER AN EXTERNAL REVIEW of the document ie the antithesis of the scientific method which alone entirely negates its value

    but that alone is not the problem, but only another symptom of its flaws

    the elevated societal prestige of the apa and the dsm does not mean it’s immune to ridicule when it abandons science

    listen to the interview and form your own opinion/assessment

    • Very interesting podcast. Thank you, Wes.

      I was particularly interested in the proposal of changing the very foundation for making diagnoses into a problem-based approach (as I understood it, looking at symptoms and searching for their specific causes in the person as an individual) instead of an abstract, categorical approach.

      • Pique, sounds like you have a good understanding of a dsm manual

        better than mine, which is only very rudimentary

        however, that being said, i simply noted that the refusal to consider an external review, with no sound reason, revealed much about the authors of the dsm-5, and the shortcomings of the document he discussed ie no peer review

        robbins said from memory that the dsm-5 instead of being authoritative, or derived by a scientific consensus, using sound principles, ignored or covered over differences, and it’s use as a predictive tool was weakened, to become somewhat arbitrary

        the profession should be the arbiter of analysis, not a document, such as the dsm-5

        initially when i saw the link i listened to the audio

        following that i’m not sure how it effected the trial ?

        we had the confusion generated by jm as to the differences in categorization, or classification of jodi, by samuels and demented, which in large part could be explained away because demented was
        inexperienced and pompous

        but they both used the dsm, as a core tool, or foundation, for their analyses

        i think samuels used an earlier version ?

        samuels did not rely on it so heavily, but used his independent professional judgment more often

        jm’s general objectives when dealing with the excellent defense experts, was simply to muddy the waters and weaken its strength

        ie jm was an unethical partisan prosecutor uninterested in the truth, and eager to dishonestly distort every piece of testimony presented to the jury at every opportunity, and was assisted by stephens ever ready to accommodate this reprehensible, unethical and unprofessional conduct

        • The DSM5 is not being used yet. Currently we are using the DSM 4 TR, while awaiting the 5. There is great critique and flack each time we await the new manual. It is oh so hard to categorize symptoms and human behavior. Parts of the new 5 have been being tested in sites across the country, and as always we have concerns. The difficulty in Psychiatry, as in many files of medicine is that it is not an exact Science. On the other hand , people in the mental health fields are in the best position to review the manual. I don’t think an external review can be conducted by people who make candles or sell computers. Anyway it has been being used for a couple years by practicing clinicians around the world, with alterations being made based on their input.

          • I should correct the above. The DSM 5 was put out in May, but as clinicians we are just now getting it, and so it will soon be gospel so to speak.

      • Actually during the clinical interview causes are explored, and the causes become the focus of treatment and therapy. causes and symptoms are not the same thing. First you diagnose based on symptoms and treat based on both cause and symptoms.Don’t know if I am making sense.

        • Thanks Rebecca64. I was referring, earlier, only to something i heard in the podcast linked above, where a critic of the DSM was advocating for a different approach altogether–one that doesn’t seek to diagnose based on symptoms/categories of symptoms. He said that a problem-based approach would avoid the use of abstract labels (diagnoses) and deal directly with the causes of the symptoms. He gave an example of how this approach might work, and how it would differ from the current approach.

          I have no special knowledge in this area! But, I found myself very interested in what he was saying because it sounded, to me, like a more humanistic foundation–one that favours individuals above categories of disorders.

  45. Publication of Private Facts

    In most states, you can be sued for publishing private facts about another person, even if those facts are true. The term “private facts” refers to information about someone’s personal life that has not previously been revealed to the public, that is not of legitimate public concern, and the publication of which would be offensive to a reasonable person. For example, writing about a person’s HIV status, sexual orientation, or financial troubles could lead to liability for publication of private facts. However, the law protects you when you publish information that is newsworthy, regardless of whether someone else would like you to keep that information private. Despite the law’s substantial protections for legitimate reporting on matters of public interest, it is a good practice to obtain consent before publishing sensitive private information about someone.
    Who Can Sue for Publication of Private Facts

    Only human beings, and not corporations or other organizations, can sue for publication of private facts. Publication of private facts is a type of invasion of privacy, and you cannot invade the privacy of a dead person. Therefore, an estate cannot sue you for publishing private facts about a dead person, unless your publication took place before the person in question died.

  46. So I came across a girl today who had just recently been released from AZ prison. Of course, I had to ask which jail was she in and although she gave me the name, I only recall “west side.” Please forgive me for my lack of jail geography. I asked for forgiveness and imparted that I was only curious because I had been following a trial over in Arizona. She says, “oh yea, she’ll be transferred to the jail I was in.” I NEVER mentioned Jodi’s name and she said that “they” were watching the trial also (inmates????) and they (AZ) thinks they can sit an untainted jury???? WTF

  47. Hi all. How is everyone?

    Sherry Shithead has already proven that she doesn’t give a rats ass about any Amendments. It’s all about what Bill Juan wants and what the Alexanders and their Acolytes want. Those people wield a lot of power in Arizona apparently.

    I’ve watched many documentaries lately about people who have committed crimes much worse than Jodi’s and have done it multiple times and even these people didn’t get the death penalty.
    It’s becoming more and more apparent to me that Arizona, the Mormons and the Alexanders w/ CASH and the DA’s office have a conspiracy against Jodi.
    The Alexanders’ refuse to move on with their lives.
    Would Travis have really wanted Jodi to die this badly?

  48. It is mind boggling to me that so many people have dedicated their lives and their careers to putting Jodi to death for defending herself.
    Life in prison for Jodi isn’t enough for these sorry excuses for human beings. The problem is that even death wouldn’t be enough for them.

  49. jodi is one example of mormon mind control gone wrong. . if jodi had never met travis she would’ve never killed anyone. no violent history and i dont see the issues people claim she had in the past. her only issue was getting mixed up with the cult.. jodi spared travis’s next victims, all women should support her, especially mormon women.

  50. Meant to post this here… never mind about duplicates:

    Nancy Grace ‏@NancyGraceHLN 1 Jul
    When you come on my show & try to tell me a fact that I know for sure didn’t come into evidence—that’s not okay #ZimmermanTrial

    @NancyGraceHLN But it was ok to do that night after night in the Jodi Arias trial? You utter hypocrite.

    Why not have your say?

  51. Has anyone seen and/or read Miss Pajama Girl’s review on the autopsy. It is totally relevant that the proper authorities read and see this report. She proves a lot of evidence which was not included in Jodi’s trial and I believe that it should be sent to the defence team and the higher authorities in the Arizona court system.

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