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By Michael Kiefer /

“… but on May 23, the jury reached impasse on whether to sentence her to death or to life in prison. A week later, Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said that his office would go forward with the trial to convince a new jury to impose the death penalty, but…

“If they were to make an offer for resolution, I think I have an ethical responsibility to consider that,” he said.

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Today Arias’ defense attorneys, Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott issued a joint statement in an exclusive to The Arizona Republic.

“If the diagnosis made by the State’s psychologist is correct, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is seeking to impose the death penalty upon a mentally ill woman who has no prior criminal history,” they wrote. “Despite Mr. Montgomery’s recent statements to the media, it is not incumbent upon Ms. Arias’ defense counsel to resolve this case. Instead, the choice to end this case sits squarely with Mr. Montgomery and his office.

“It is solely for them to determine if continuing to pursue a death sentence upon Ms. Arias, who is already facing a mandatory life sentence, is a good and proper use of taxpayer resources.”

The decision will indeed be up to Montgomery. Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens has set a tentative court date of July 18 to seat a new jury just to consider the death penalty, but Willmott has already indicated that she has a scheduling conflict then.

Montgomery’s statement that he would consider “offers” from the defense indicates he might consider concessions from Arias, such as not pursuing appeals. But courthouse regulars suggest that Arias, 32, could just as easily take her chances going back to trial. And in the event she gets death, she would have 20 years or so to do battle in state and federal appeals court to try to get a lesser sentence or a new trial.

Ultimately, however, offers have to come from Montgomery. His office, not the judge, makes the decision to seek the death penalty. And at this point, because Arias is already convicted of first-degree murder, there is no need to reach a settlement with Arias in order for her to be sentenced to life in prison. Montgomery only has to lift the intent to seek the death penalty and she would receive a mandatory life sentence.

Judge Sherry Stephens would then choose between life in prison or natural life in prison. The former is frequently referred to as “life with chance of parole after 25 years,” but that is a misnomer often used even during court proceedings.

Arizona discontinued parole for first-degree murderers in 1994. Anyone sentenced since then might be sentenced to life with possibility of release after 25 years. Parole is only available for those who committed murders before 1994.

“Now the only chance of release is commutation from the governor through the Board of Executive Clemency,” a more difficult process, said Ron Reinstein, a retired Superior Court judge who chairs the Arizona Supreme Court’s capital case oversight committee.

“It doesn’t happen very often,” he said.

And given the fact that the jury found an aggravating factor in Arias’ case, it’s unlikely Stephens would impose that sentence.

If she had committed the murder after 2012, release after 25 years would not even be an option, because the Arizona State Legislature has abolished the sentence for premeditated first-degree murder. It is still a possibility for juveniles convicted of murder or adults convicted of first-degree felony murder, which means that someone was killed during the commission of another felony.”

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  1. I have a question..I read on the other page that a poster say the LIFETIME movie. Now how could that happen when the air date isn’t untill June twenty second. Just saying they wouldn’t air it before hand due to ratings.

      • Cindy, it was me that posted that. I think that I got the movie and the beyond the headlines thing confused. I think it was the one that I saw. My husband said, I don’t think you are gonna like this and after a couple of mins, I turned it OFF.

    • I think that person might have seen the beginning of that little “special” they did a couple of weeks ago, that they promo’ed by saying “exclusive interview” when all it really was was an hour long teaser for their movie.

  2. I really don’t know what concession Montgomery is looking for.

    As the AZ Republic article notes there really isn’t much the defense can give them. The only thing he could possibly be looking for is some sort of deal that removes her path to appeals, and there isn’t any reason to do that. I wonder what the life expectancy is in jail, but 20 years on death row for a woman doesn’t seem out of the normal. Pretty hard trek on DR, but heck it’s pretty much hell in any case.

    The real issue that arises with the appeals is this – even if her lawyers talk her into it, the first thing a new lawyer does is file a Rule 32 petition for ineffective assistance of counsel, which is available even on plea agreements, and then they’re off to the races and the no appeals issue becomes moot.

    I believe this is all just political grandstanding on both sides. The real issue that Montgomery faces is the cost of going through the retrial – somewhere along the line that has to become an issue, and the chances of being able to empanel an impartial jury. And if after all of that he gets another hung jury, it isn’t going to look very good on his resume. You have to couple that with the fact that he has decisions to make on two other big retrials at this moment – Milke and the Buddhist Temple case (which I think is already set for retrial). Both of these could also end up costing Maricopa County a pretty penny.

    The defense can make all this sort of noise till the cows come home, and none of that is really going to make a difference to his decision. The citizens of Maricopa County don’t seem to have any qualms about handing out DPs like they were going out of style, and the County Attorney seems to have no hesitation in taking them to trial even with an 85% reversal rate.

    • But how can they give the DP to a mentally ill woman? I love KN. for saying this….So we wait ..and how will it effect the trial with JW not there. So it’s still craziness …I personally. don’t see anything happenings any time soon. How long can they go without sentencesing her?

      • Normally they’ll postpone one of the trials if an attorney ends up with a conflict. So if JW’s conflict is with another trial either this one, or the other one will get postponed. If her conflict is due to some other prior engagement again the court will accommodate to the extent possible.

        So, I suspect one way or another, JW will be there, if and when the re-trial occcurs.

      • Referring to her as as a mentally Ill woman was a ploy by the defense, and an ineffective one at that. Although the Borderline Personality worked for the Prosecution to get her convicted as a crazy woman, unless the Prosecution wants to suggest she was having the symptom of psychosis, that occasionally manifests in the disorder, the Borderline diagnosis can not effectively be used to save her life. Whatever psychiatric disorder that has been introduced to date cannot save her life because it does not rise to insanity. At no time during the trial did either the Defense or the Prosecution introduce a diagnosis that suggests she was insane. The only thing that came close was the Amnesia better known as the fog, and they did not work that to their advantage . The advantage angle would have been, she is not responsible because she had no idea what she was doing and remembers nothing. In order to do this she would have also had to not remember Travis calling her stupid when she dropped the camera, him coming at her, going to get the gun etc. When I say nothing I REALLY MEAN NOTHING.This of course would have removed self defense. I am not saying that is what they should have done, only saying that is the only way to go with the fog and make her at least temporarily mentally ill.

        • Rebecca – they pointed out the inconsistency with the prosecution. They want to put her to death, but their own doctor diagnosed her as mentally ill. By law they cannot put a mentally ill woman to death, can they? That’s what they were saying.

          • Sadly, I believe that they can, MB. As Rebecca wrote, someone who is mentally ill may not be, by definition, legally insane.

            • Though, mental illness can be considered a mitigating factor. It was offered by the defense as part of their mitigation case. It’s possible the four jurors who could not vote for the death penalty considered her mental illness, as diagnosed by Dr. Boderline.

          • Thanks MB. Rebecca it was a tong in cheek comment from me. No I do not believe that Jodi is mentally ill. But I also think it was a great slap in the face for JM from KN.

          • Generally speaking the Axis 2 disorders, without the presence of psychotic symptoms, are not classified, as clinical disorders as the axis 1 disorders are. I think they can impose the death penalty with this diagnosis. If they could not do so in Arizona then they would not have been allowed to put death on the table in the first penalty phase. I am hopeful that in the second penalty phase the defense can muddy the waters enough to make the jury see this diagnosis as a mitigating factor.

            • You know what’s mentally ill? A justice system that includes seeking and imposing capital punishment. It makes the stakes so incredibly high, that the facts inevitably get bent, twisted and distorted beyond all recognition.

              • I agree. The determination of who they will seek the deaths malty for is also odd.What about the guy in Maricopa County who cut off a man’s head because he stole 400 pounds of weed from him. When the police arrived at the decease’s apartment they found his body on one side of the room and his head on the other. This guy will be out in twenty years. He would be a good neighbor wouldn’t he.That did not move Mr. Montgomery to pursue the death penalty. Clearly they place more value on Mr. Alexander’s life than this man’s.

                • Yes, that is an example of capital punishment being arbitrary–one of the principles of a cruel and unusual punishment: “A severe punishment that is obviously inflicted in wholly arbitrary fashion.”

                  Comparing these two cases, I would wonder if it’s not only that they’re placing more value on Travis’ life than this other victim’s life, but if feelings of wanting revenge are much stronger for Jodi than for this other offender–whom, I would assume, already has a criminal record. Just another point of comparison on how she’s been vilified to an out-of-the-ordinary extent.

              • Quite apart from the stakes of the cult. They have to group think, or risk ex-communication from jobs, supports loved ones. Everything they have is invested in the church. What one believes is supported by the others, or there is too much to lose.
                And they are frightened. They must all think as one even if it causes cognitive dissonance.
                Travis knew he had a ‘victim’, that’s why he sent ‘converters’.
                Narcissists deal in ‘victims’ they prey on the vulnerable, and they are ‘using’ his whole family to acquire dubious funds for questionable reasons. Scamming was the family’s role model in life, the parents clearly knew how to scam, and the cult legitimises those activities.

          • MB,

            I think it is a degree of mental illness issue as Rebecca pointed out.

            So if they find her competent to stand trial, and if it’s not an insanity situation then they probably can.

            There is also an exception for mental retardation (I seem to remember that there is a cutoff IQ of 70) but she passes that too.

            I think the defense’s statement was just a statement.

  3. I suspect Montgomery would just like this to go away but is concerned with the haters voting him out of office. Very sad that the lynch mob rules.

    And speaking of lynch mobs I tried to have a reasonable discussion with the haters. I failed. They are rabid with their hate and misinformation. So I’m banned. Good it is clear I have no place with scum like them.

    • nope, Jeff, they do not deserve you 🙂

      I stopped bothering with them a long time ago. (except for the ones that sneak in here, I am trying to be nicer to them than I used to be. LOLOL)

      Afterall, I suppose they could eventually see the light, except it seems they are missing some critical thinking skills…just like the jurors.

      • I agree lack of critical thinking skills and also having the wrong facts. From claiming that grandpas gun was stolen the day before she went to Mesa to saying Burns in Utah said he had to stop making out with Jodi when clearly he stated on the stand that they mutually stopped. Then they refused to consider the gas cans fiasco where Brewer said they had frequently carried them on trips so he thought nothing of it. And also how if her intent was only to avoid getting gas in AZ, why did she fill the cans again in UT? Martinez actually proved she did this, which in my opinion destroys the premeditation element. They proved she used the cans AFTER the fact.

        They called me all kinds of names for thinking.

        • Jeff…I’ve often wondered about her filliing up the cans in UT. What was the point of her using the cans after leaving AZ…if the “supposed” reason she got them was to get to AZ undetected? She planned on being in UT…she went to UT…she bought gas in UT. It all makes sense.

            • Good thing I was not on the Jury. I have to tell you, I became so amused and then eventually confused about the gas cans. I came to the point where iI absolutely could not keep up with the gas cans, and then quit listening. I think Martinez going on and on about them was designed to trick people into believing that they really represented something. I thought I was going to die laughing when they actually flew someone in from Walmart to discuss their return policy. If I were a Juror I would have submitted a question to Ms. Walmart———-since cynical and inappropriate questions were allowed I would have asked—— “is your Walmart as chaotic as most Walmart’s and are you aware that chaos frequently causes errors?”

              • I am so glad you mentioned about getting confused with the gas cans. I kept trying to figure that out. Then I realized it made no sense. Martinez bringing the Walmart girl in was as ridiculous as bringing the PopTart Psychologist with a year of experience as an expert. My background in psychiatry clearly shows that this was domestic violence, abuse. PTSD is the diagnosis. Amnesia, a fog, lying, guilt, whatever Jodi ‘s symptoms she had were correct. Between Martinez and the media making Jodi out to be a liar, the jury just gave Jodi that stamp. Nothing anybody did or said on the defense team mattered to the Jury or the lynch mob haters. The Prosecution and Travis’s family were lying plus the media lied. Yet is always reverted back to Jodi. How stupid could a jury be? Martinez put up such a smoke screen that the truth staring everyone in the face who was the hateful, revengeful, child abused, neglected, tortured Alexander family were never looked at for the why. Jodi was the scapegoat to the whole Alexander clan’s abuse. Yet the Judge, who is supposed to see beyond a smoke screen became blind. Montgomery now wastes more money over proof that was so clear. And what this is doing to Jodi.

              • I have returned things to Walmart many times that I know were not documented. Sometimes these people are so over worked that they take short cuts to minimize the lines. What a waste of time and a lot of bullshit to bring this up in the trial.
                Evanne from Texas

          • It’s actually pretty scary when you think about it. You do something that you have done before but once tied to this event a little asshole dreams up this whole scheme about gas cans and manages to get you convicted on virtually no evidence.

            I’m a little different than some on this site. I don’t believe there were ninjas or mormons or the roommates or anyone else involved. But I do think Jodi was abused and was attacked. Then I’m not so sure. I think she may have lost it and then just wanted it to go away.

        • Yes it is useless Jeff. I rarely converse with the other side but when I did
          I had one tell me that Jodi traded the dvd player she stole from her
          grandparents for the gas cans with her ex Daryl? WTH? an where did
          they come up with that at even? they just make up their own little stories
          it seems.

          My family that lives in Arizona I just stopped even discussing
          Jodi when I call due to they are obviously goo goo over Arizona News.
          Caused some problems so I just stopped. I was going to go visit there
          soon but I think I am still too pissed to even go to that State at the
          moment. I do still want to go but only if I can try an visit Jodi while I
          am there I hope that is possible not planning a trip till I figure that out.

          • Yup they told me the same fairy tale. When I asked for proof they said something about some remote she had in her car so they ASSUME it was related to a DVD player. Their hate is strong grasshopper.

        • Everybody knew JM was making a big deal of gas cans. They knew about two from Darryl from his statement and they only knew about the one from Walmart by the receipt that she kept. KN’s demo with the waste basket was excellent to that point but the jury missed that too. Jodi testified she bought gas twice on the way to Mesa at Buckeye and Desert Centre. I thought she had kept receipts for that as well. Jodi would gain nothing by saying she returned if she didn’t. She could have kept it to get her across the desert to see Ryan.

          • I’ve often wondered why she would lie about returning the can. I don’t think she did. Asshole just made a big deal about it. Like I’m going to trust a Walmart employee went through 5 year old records and didn’t make an error. Oh yea that never happens.

            • In 2008, there was just one Walmart in Salinas, store #2458, located at N. Davies
              Jodi bought a kerosene can in the main store, went to Starbucks, then returned it to the “Walmart Tire and Lube” sub-store.
              On July 10, 2010, the main store relocated to N. Main Street, still store #2458. See “Community of Salinas Welcomes New Walmart”
              But, the Tire and Lube Express part of the store did not relocate. See “Google search for “Walmart Tire and Lube Salinas” which only gives N. Davies location.
              Some time later the N. Davies store reopened, as store #5751. (as per Walmart store finder) See also “Walmart: Westridge store to reopen in fall”
              The tills of the Tire and Lube Express would have been reprogrammed with store #5751.

              Those are the tills that need to be checked to find the kerosene can return.
              The point is this: when a register is reprogrammed with a different store #, ALL the transactions for that register will be transferred to that store #. These are computer records, not records on paper.

              • That really makes sense to me. If there was a sub-store in the same area as the Starbucks because that’s where she got gas. If that was a kero can and she couldn’t use it, she would have found that out when she bought gas and then returned it to that sub store.

              • Wow Gee Bee 2. I too thought of the same things I went an looked after
                they said that maybe another Wal~Mart also an seen the same thing you
                just stated. Why did KN an JW not want to bring that out an get it out
                of Jurors minds though? I don’t understand that. I know they thought
                it was not important but listening to the Jurors it seems it was to them?

                I never thought Jodi was lying either about a dumb gas can that said
                kerosene on the ticket plain as day. An I am almost sure Wal~Mart will
                not take back one that smelled like gas either unless it was defective.
                I worked at Wal~Mart for 7 years myself.

                Thanks Gee Bee2 for all the work you do. Love reading your reports.

        • I thought Jennifer’s closing argument in the penalty phase was creative, to say the least. I loved how she used J.M. ‘s own psychologists’ diagnosis to put the spin on things. She and Nurmi outsmarted J.M. WITH HIS OWN BS. That was great! Now KN is using it again to put the Montgomery in the corner. This is a great Tactic the prosecutor, being so arrogant, did not see coming. I love it!!!

          I think Montgomery would be foolish to attempt to try this again. He stands a great risk of losing once more, not to mention the case being retried or granted a lesser sentence down the road anyway.

          • When the mistrial happened I was almost certain they would not. But now Montgomery has made it political and the Asshat Alexander cops and criminals are screaming for blood, probably to keep their cash flow coming in. Now I’m more concerned. Clearly it is the right thing to let it go and a former County Attorney was quoted in the paper as saying it should probably be dropped but only Montgomery can make that decision.

            If somebody has his email I would be happy as a constituent to ask him to drop it.

            • Jeff…

              Your message will have a much better impact with many of those people if you try putting everything that went wrong in Jodi’s trial in an easy to read numbered chronological order of events…then send an email/letter to everyone of significance in the State of Arizona…including Montgomery…send it out more than once to everyone on your list…

              A long time ago…I did just that…and my chronological order of events was close to 200 pages long…and I made over 30 books and gave them to the top people in the state that I was helping many people…and it worked…everyone of importance got a copy of the book and took it home to read and at every meeting…and in the end we won our case…it was a great victory for many people…

              Trust me when I tell you that we could have talked til our face turned blue trying to explain everything wrong that was happening to so many people…and people were depending on me to make a difference for them…so I prayed…and I felt that to win this case we had to present it so the people of importance could understand exactly what we were trying to do…and the easy to read numbered chronological book was just the thing that helped us along with taped interviews from people all over the state…this was huge and we won…and the legal team said the book was an awesome book to read…because they understood more of what went wrong with so many people and what they had to do to help these people…

              I hope some of the information helps…

      • Good question Cindy. I almost stop myself and then I go there. This time I tried to engage in a reasonable discussion pointing out where they had facts wrong. All it got me was massive name calling and then the ban. They are pitiful.

        • Hey if it’s a sickness with you and you like to be abused I can call you a few names ever so often and you will not have to be banned …..LOL..
          I guess I just have never felt that they deserve the time of day from me…

        • Jeff, hi!
          Stop going back there. They will not stop abusing you. You say you want to reason with them. Sorry to tell you but you can’t reason with ‘stupid’. They all have stupd for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sciolism is more dangerous than ignorance. And unfortunately they think they know everything.
          It’s a shame spending any more gray matter on them.

          • Jeff—–you are assuming they can be persuaded with logic. Hatred will not be eradicated with logic, nor will ignorance. Hang here, not there.

            • Yo Jeff Give me their site address so that I can really burst their little pin-heads wide open after telling them the truth about Turdis and the rest of the Scamassexanders! And their national bird… the tiny-dicked, shriveled-up, rat-faced, squalling, loon….better known to himself as the prosecutor!

    • Geebee2 if you do sound angry, it’s well directed anger and not personalisation. Anger at a system is very appropriate especially if checks and balances are not working.
      Personally I am enjoying the freedom after 5 months of suppressed inhibited posting , and the criticism and snarkyness I got back. I feel very relieved if slightly wound up still.
      Freedom at last!

    • geebee2- I love this point: “The accused is cunning and intelligent one moment, but makes stupid mistakes the next”

      JM kept droning on and on about Jodi’s careful and cunning “premedition plan”…but did he think Jodi’s plan included: Leaving a palm print and hair/blood, taking pics and leaving the camera behind, forgetting to upright the license plates, showing up to Ryan’s house with dark hair (bc wouldn’t she have changed it back to blonde if she REALLY was trying to disguise herself while in AZ?), etc, etc.

      Her “plan” included all these mistakes?? It doesn’t make one bit of sense to think she planned anything out at all. JM’s argument was FULL of ridiculous contradictions.

      • We now have AM and PM of Martinez… I’m just starting to try and structure it into paragraphs to expose the lack of evidence…. almost his entire argument was that Jodi lied. But there was almost no PROOF of that. She is meant to be this incredibly clever “ornate” liar….

        Here is the PM:

        If she told lies Mr Martinez you should be able to PROVE IT, not just make vague insinuations. Lying is fantastically difficult. You have your Walmart employee come testify and she only worked at that store for 5 MONTHS. That does not qualify her to talk about what might have happened 5 years ago, if you search for something and don’t f find anything, that is not evidence, because you may be looking in the wrong place.

        • One his big points was the burglary and how burglars don’t take some things and leave others. I wouldn’t have believed if it did not happen to my friend. Somebody broke in took a gold ring, and a couple of other things, but left a big jar of money that was in the same place as the ring. He jumps to these rash conclusions and argue them as fact.

        • For fun, I did a word count on some of his favorites: manipulate – 23 times, lie – 108 times, lies – 31 times, liar – 8 times and the word fault, as in it’s not my fault – 54.

          • An have you noticed those are the same favorite words of the people
            that seriously have true hatred for Jodi they say the same words over
            an over again. Which the JOKE NEWS stated them over an over again
            so some people are easily hoaxed into believing something that they
            hear over an over.

            Gullible— Weak minded—no common sense—selective hearing—

            Is what I think of people that show pure hatred towards a young woman
            that was mentally an verbally an physically abused.

            Thank God for this site an the people that run it an the PEOPLE-YOU
            that visit an SUPPORT JODI ARIAS an her family.

        • geebee2…thanks for all your hard work and dedication in contributing so much knowledgeable information here and on your wikispaces…I know firsthand the amount of time and dedication involved…

          Some time ago…I volunteered helping an attorney going through banking archives and boy was it a lot of work…I do not have the time nor the energy to dedicate myself to that type of discovery anymore…LOL…

          So thanks you again for making it easier for me to keep up with the trial…

      • Hey Jeff If they think I’m a jerk for speaking out against them because of the lies and bullshit they’ve already presented THEY AIN”T SEEN NOTHING YET!!!!!! CAUSE I GOT MORE FOR THEM COMING THEIR WAY!!!!!! GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!

      • Hey Jeff and Fred, just curious, were the comments about me on FB or on twitter —cause I don’t do either one BTW feel free to send my responses to the haters—verbatim— anytime—-let them know just how much I can’t stand them.

    • I was just crap about their fantasy of you bending JA over a desk, and you can guess the rest of the filth.
      Noting even original just same old same old gross imagination.

      • So their reality of being bent over a desk and royally fucked by the troll, the Assexanders and the rest of the Turd Alliance no longer excites them? OH THE SHAME OF IT ALL ___-when you have nothing but fantasies and no concept of reality —–when a REAL MAN speaks out about injustice and a farce of a trial that may cost a young lady her life for defending herself against a piece if rancid shit ——i.e. TURDIS ASSEXANDER!!!!!! So I say to all the trolls this ….. you want me ….BRING IT ON motherfuckers —–cause I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers and I’m going to CONTINUE TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE INJUSTICE AGAINST JODI AND ANYONE ELSE WHO HAS BEEN UNFAIRLY TREATED BY A CORRUPT PROSECUTOR,, JUDGE–and I use that term loosely for bobble-head the robe-mannequin, ME, tot-doc that’s barely out of pull-ups —–or may be borrowing them from the prosecutor”, A LYING -ASS DETECTIVE, a FAMILY THAT MAKES THE MUNSTERS SEEM ABSOLUTELY NORMAL, and TOTALLY TURNIP-BRAINED IDIOTS WHO TRULY BELEIVE THAT TURDIS IS/WAS SOME KIND OF SAINT- when all he was is a lying bag of useless shit that I am elated that JODI removed from this earth!!!!!!!!!

  4. good morning, all!

    i have decided not to continue posting on this site. whenever i did express an opinion, it was questioned and shot down. when i first thought about posting here, i thought it was a place for like minded people to express a point of view and not be criticized for doing it. i was wrong. i am disappointed in the responses i have gotten. i mean no harm.

    may God bless you all.


    • I don’t recall seeing a post. But I can tell you that this page allows open discussion as long as you aren’t saying nasty things about Jodi. I don’t agree with everything people post here but I’m respectful.

      At the haters page if you disagree with them you will be called names and banned.

    • It is your choice ..but this sit has aways been about “agree to disagree “. No one person thinks like the other. I really take offence to what you said about this site.


      (sorry SJif I over stepped)

    • bsfb,

      you never actually participated in your own dialog on the other page.

      Plenty of people replied to you and you never went back to discuss things. Instead, you just create more attention to yourself by posting something else somewhere else, and not wanting any feedback, or to even reply to what was replied to you.

      hmmm…what does that say?

        • LOLOLOLOL cindy.

          hey, I would hate to scare away a TRUE Jodi supporter.

          True Jodi supporters don’t give up so easily under such questionable circumstances.

          just sayin’

          • Beecee that’s what I was saying..LOL. Hey if you guys ever see my name out on another site please let me know ASAP.. LOL but then who would want to be me? LOL.

            I’m. Counting down the hours untill I get my PC back. This has been hell…LOL

            • oh cindy, I don’t go to those other sites…none of us should bother. Even if I saw someone’s name somewhere else in a questionable place…I just ignore, because at this point the haters are craving attention and that is one way they try to get it….

              they are desperate for attention and I have no time to waste on them.

              I feel safe here, so I am posting here.

          • Well, that’s a very broad statement, BeeCee. Allow me to present a different perspective if I may. I’m a very timid person, probably due to having grown up in a household where verbal abuse was thrown around without regard for the self-esteem of the person being belittled. As a result, I tend to avoid confrontation. If somebody wants to argue with me, I just leave. I have a suspicion that bsfb may be a meek, easily wounded spirit like me. I don’t mean to chastise anybody, but rather to defend bsfb and others like him/her. Being timid doesn’t imply a lack of care and concern for Jodi, so you may be incorrect that he/she isn’t a true Jodi supporter.
            Thanks for the opportunity to put in my two cents’ worth.

              • Point taken, Cindy. I went back to the previous page to see just what it was that made bsfb feel insulted, and I believe it was that someone said that it was very small-minded to believe that Jodi’s having spent so much time on the stand may have been to her detriment. In a previous post from June 8, bsfb stated that he/she is continuing to endure verbal abuse, making his/her depression worse. So there is obviously some ongoing emotional trauma. I’m not a psychologist, and certainly not qualified to formulate an opinion as to why he/she didn’t just leave, but I suppose bsfb might have wanted to let someone know WHY he/she was leaving. Suggesting that someone is small-minded for stating a valid opinion might be considered bringing negative statements to the table as well. I’m all in favor of helping and supporting Jodi, but there are other people here who may be in need of a little help as well. If Jodi had found a place where she felt accepted and encouraged, she might never have gotten where she is now. I realize that it is very easy to misconstrue someone’s tone in a written communication like this, and sometimes people take offense when none is intended, and maybe that’s what happened with bsfb and others I have seen come and go in the past. I guess we’ll never know because bsfb has already perceived an insult, and left the site.
                Thanks for the chance to explain my perspective.

                • I am with you Pam. Some of us have much thicker skin than others. A lot of people who support Jodi are victims of abuse and that’s why they can relate. I was scared away from this site, but because of a question beegee asked, I came back. I think Jodi would want us to be tolerant if not pleasant to one another. True haters’ words can be removed. Please don’t yell at me for saying this.

                • Ok I do understand now. I wish he/she would have said more about her/his opinion. Im trurely sorry if someone feels abused. But until they stand up for themselves. they will continue to run and hide.

                • Yes, there were one or two rather – I thought – strident defenses of Jodi’s time on the stand. I *understood* those defenses because that’s what we do here – defend Jodi. But at the same time, it seemed to me that bsfb was doing the same sort of monday morning quarterbacking that happens a lot here, and actually echoing what the jury foreman said: that it didn’t serve Jodi well to spend so much time on the stand.

                • “Suggesting that someone is small-minded for stating a valid opinion might be considered bringing negative statements to the table as well.”

                  Where specifically, did anyone say that bsfb was small minded? It didn’t happen.

                  I get what you are saying about bsfb possibly being meek, but I’m not buying it and here is why – if she is bold enough to post a big goodbye speech making other people feel bad for disagreeing with her, then she can express her feelings just fine.

                  This isn’t the first time we’ve dealt with indignant closet pro-prossies that felt they had the right to make digs at Jodi and the defense; it won’t be the last.

            • yeah, pam, did you notice I did qualify my statement by the fact that I certainly don’t want to scare away a true Jodi supporter.

              Just because I don’t write long rambling paragraphs going into all different perspectives doesn’t mean I don’t understand or don’t see other perspectives. I don’t need you to point them out to me.

              Why don’t you interact with the original poster instead of trying to correct me?

              I am right there with meek people until I have been around a while. I CERTAINLY understand shyness and meekness.

              • A meek person quietly sulks away. A trouble maker makes sure they leave with a ‘bang’.

                Several people responded to her on the other page, but she didnt keep the conversation going.

                • exactly Renee!

                  Some people must not have been around long enough to understand and recognize how it works for those posters.

                  You and I and several others have been around long enough to know.

                  There were plenty of people trying dialog with that poster on the other page…


      • How do you go back to another page to create a dialogue? I guess I’m pretty much clueless about the way this discussion stuff works. Prolly won’t find the answers to my question, should there be any. Woe is me. Hope I figure it all out soon.

    • I saw your post I just didn’t know how to answer if Jodi was hypnotized or not. I’m sorry I didn’t say hi or tell you I don’t know, but since others who had opinions on the answer were answering I didn’t say anything bc I didn’t think I had much to add to the conversation.

      Just bc people question your opinion doesn’t mean they’re being mean. Sometimes we don’t understand where each other is coming from and need more info. So people go back and forth and have a conversation about opinions to share w each other and say what they think. It’s not meant to be critical. We don’t all agree but we respect that and the major thing is that we SUPPORT JODI!!

      So don’t give up. Maybe you can look at the answers from yesterday and see if people perhaps didn’t understand your opinion.

    • bsfb- I’m new here and I don’t often get responses to what I post. I think it’s just because the folks here are still vetting me…and I’m okay with that. (Or I suppose it could be that my comments are too dumb to reply to…which is also okay…lol!)

      I still find that the cause, “Jodi”, is worth it. It’s not about popularity, making a big splash or getting attention for your comments…it’s about reading, sharing, identifying and eventually becoming a part of a community. I’m sure if you stick it out…things will start to look up for you.

      • I totally agree with you LittleBird (can I call you LB, for short?). I too believe that we are here for Jodi and even the simplest thought written on this site is a good thing. I too am very new here.

      • I don’t think most comments are dumb at all. A lot of comments are so intelligent that I don’t have the tools to answer them especially when it comes to legal things. I can look up things and find things when it comes to some info but a lot of times I’m not ignoring anyone my answer would be – I cannot answer bc I don’t understand the question LOL.

        • LittleBird, Pandora, and Danielle,
          Posting here is like big family reunion….If I have failed to mingle, it not because your a newbee or I think your questions are stupid. We all have different levels of knowledge of certain aspects of the case. I’m going to use this as an example. Yesterday, someone posted the clip of TA doing the chicken dance. For some this was the first time they had seen it. I have seen it dozens of times. One of the question posted was regarding the time of years it was filmed because of the Christmas decorations but they had on shorts. Using Pandora and Maria as example may not know the year around tempature in Mesa is very high…it is like Summer all year long. So for them to ask this isn’t a stupid question. If Jeff in Mesa ask this…I’d think Jeff was drinking or it was a troll. lol If I don’t reply right away to anything posted to me…it is because of my work and I’m constantly pop in and out. You guy smell fine to me. 😉 but I’ve been fooled before..

      • Bsfb, please stay.
        Littlebird, I’ m sure some of your posts didn’t get responded to only because there are so many posts by everyone one on the forum and it is very time consuming and hard to keep up with everything, and on top of that it is time consuming and sometimes difficult to to remember and find where a post from days ago is to be found in order to apply again, and plus it is time consuming to respond to a person’s post if someone wants to do the post justice and respond in a detailed, thoughtful way.
        Color purple wrote a very insightful post to something I wrote a few days ago and I still intend to respond and feel bad that I haven’t responded yet, but my delay is laregly because I want to write a response worthy of her post. I also feel bad that when I first began posting a while back, I could not remember where and when I posted so if any one responded to me I never saw it because I couldn’t find it. I feel bad that I never thanked Fred for saying he liked my post; I spent time trying to find it and couldn’t. ALSO I write on a nook so I’ m not even sure I’m using the site right because when I get tothe bottom of the page and want to see more posts I hit return to top of page and I still can’t get to the next sequence of posts. I write on a nook which may cause me a problem navigating the sites, plus the keyboard is so small and takes me longer to use than a keyboard.
        Everyone’s post on here is valuable and a good contribution, and some are so well written and informative I want to make sure I try to write a response that does a post justice, and unfortunately sometimes my mind isn’t working its best so I need to wait until it does. I have been spending hours every day reading this site. I’ m sorry if I offended any one by not responding or not responding in a timely manner.
        I hope everyone stays.

      • LIttleBird if you are new here perhaps I can help you out a bit. If you are looking for responses to things you posted on other days, go to that day, hold down the ctrl+f keys . A little box will come up in the top right corner. Type your name in and you can scroll through every post that has your name from that spot. Just click on the down arrow key beside where you typed in your name.

    • bsfb, don’t leave us, I”ve been questioned, etc., but I don’t plan on leaving this site as I feel it’s the one true site where JODI’s supporters can come together and not only express their opinions but see others opinions as well. Plus, I find the truth here…..we are a family that’s here for JODI and justice for her

    • bsfb,
      I saw and read your postings.
      Because of my work…I may be able to read and post 2 to 3 hours at a time, then get busy and may night get back here until later in the day or miss a few days.
      Also, I might ponder a post before repling.
      Your post regarding Jodi being “Hypnotize” My first thought was, “that the caziest shit by far suggested”
      But I didn’t want to hurt your feeling so… I ponder the question. Still pondering….

      • Hypnotized isn’t too far off from brainwashed, tho, and we were just discussing yesterday how Jodi seemed to have been brainwashed by LDS and PPL. (Even Brewer seemed to think so). If there was any truth to the intruder story, and the intruders were either people known to her or people she understood to be affiliated with LDS, the ‘brainwashing’ would have kicked in to protect them as well as herself and her loved ones.

        • I can see your line of thinking making the connection between be hypnotized and brainwashing. My mind didn’t make that connection at the time she posted this question. I’m totally on board with Jodi showing signs of been brainwashed. Jodi being hyponotized or programmed to kill TA…. I can’t make leap to give it any serious consideration.

        • It’s funny that this became a discussion now because this was one of the very first things I thought of when I first heard of Jodi Arias. I hope bsfb stays because it’s not an odd theory at all. Call me paranoid, but I wonder if there is some sort of plan to groom vulnerable women to become victims of mind control projects. I wondered if Jodi had been singled out when she started working at PPL, and then mentally prepared through some of her LDS meetings to follow some kind of word cues to make sure she was going to be at the scene when the murder would take place. Then she could take the fall for it because they absolutely cannot have any light shed on mainstream LDS members still practicing the original ideas of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. If Jodi’s programing didn’t take, I bet they had a few other candidates lined up. Oh, and the reason I think about this kind of stuff is not because I read about MK Ultra, etc. It’s because I had some really strange experiences as a child, but I thank god my mom taught me at a very young age to think for myself. Our family situation made us prime candidates though, I think.

    • bsfb, I read your post and it did start me to thinking if JODI may have been hypnotized or not and truth be told it’s quite possible that she might well have been… as anything is possible when a person unknowingly becomes involved with a cult whose soul purpose is to manipulate you to their advantage and way of thinking. ( it also brought to my mind the “Manchurian Candidate” possibility)

    • bsfb – you have said several things that set off my BS detector. And the last time my BS detector went off, someone got passwords and handed them out to psychos.

      I’ll say this though – if I wanted to shoot you down I would have banned you outright. I didn’t though, because I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt and see how well you tolerate responsibility put on the prosecution side. I guess that didn’t work out too well.

      Here is why my BS meter rang so loud:

      1. You say you have been reading here for three months, but are a first time commenter. That’s fine, but you should know by now how we feel about comments that say one thing nice about Jodi, then put in a poison pill that digs at the defense, their experts, Jodi or her family. You posted one anyway.

      2. You say that you believe that Jodi killed Travis in self defense. Yet you also say that she was hypnotized because of what you saw in a movie. But basic will to survive doesn’t require hypnotism, it’s an automatic reflex. I have seen several pro-prossies theorize based on movies, but I have yet to see anyone here make a theory solely by seeing something in a movie.

      3. The guilt trip goodbye post. Let’s get some things straight – you weren’t criticized for speaking your mind. You were criticized for how you framed the situation to push the blame back on Jodi, the defense, and that the feelings of the jury were more important than Jodi getting a fair trial. Throwing in “just sayin'” does not justify disassociating the responsibility of the juror’s service to the courts by way of putting their feelings ahead of rendering proper justice.

      So I have to ask, why were you here? With a garbled name like “bsfb” and a nonsensical email addy I think it’s pretty clear what the answer is.

    • Seriously that happens to me a lot an I just go on but never ever
      come on an say good-bye. What is the point? A lot of people
      use those damn phones an can’t see all the comments I think.

      I am old school an still use only my Desk Top PC.

      I did find out this makes it easy– control key an the F
      hit those an type in your NAME for the page……arrow up
      an go an see if people actually replied. Not sure if that
      works on phones though.

      Don’t feel badly I do not get real personal on here but I
      do read an comment when I feel like it an some people
      are just highly sensitive in life that is a fact an old truckers
      like myself are very leather-ed skinned an not much hits us
      hard unless it is another big truck.

      I do have to agree with MB
      on that post above either you are very very sensitive or it
      is all BS?

      • Rhonda, hi! Thanks for the tip on the control key and F. I will try it. Until this day I hit refresh button and read anything new that gets posted. It might be a way to keep up with everyone but after refreshing for a while I always end up blocking my access to this site and need to wait until the next day to get back on!!! LOL. The first time I blocked myself, I paniced! I thought that maybe I got kicked out. Cried for a while, wanted to bust my laptop, but the next day all was fine! So if anyone knows any other way I can get the new feeds without refreshing all the time, that would be a lifesaver! Last night, once again I blocked myself out!

        • Pandora 😉 Oh no! how do you block yourself? I haven’t done that yet lol
          But I did see last night I went over to google chrome an the trick
          thing would not work for me on there? I tried to find out how to
          do it but did not see anything to help me do a search thing. So
          I have been in Firefox today an it works fine.

          I too have to just go back out an I reload the whole page by
          using the search engine again but I do that too just to keep
          it getting hits hoping it stays up high on the search list thing.

          I know I would go crazy trying to look at this site or much of anything
          on a phone. My daughter made fun of me because I still have the
          same cell phone from 2005 a razor phone from Motorola haha she
          said it was a antique but it still works so I still use it.

  5. I was so busy I have gotten behind with the news. Could someone direct me to the best site for the released jury questions?

  6. The law does not move fast, does is? Montgomery is going to do whatever looks good for him. Everyone is so concerned about saving their own ass. I think this case is one for the history books. I hope there’s another defense lawyer out there studying this and chomping at the bit to do Jodi’s appeal. Then I hope her case makes new laws or something about the media and misconduct within the court and the whole circus.

  7. This is totally off topic and completely irrelevant but I stink so bad at spelling that when I spell a word wrong on a post and it shows me I have to go to google to look up the word. Thank goodness for spell check and my best friend for being a grammar nut and his patience to edit all of my writing.

    Even w spell check sometimes I mess the word up so bad it doesn’t know. So I have to google it.

    I don’t know why I needed to share but there it is.

    And yes, I did have to google irrelevant to spell it correctly. 🙂

    • Danielle, I suck at spelling too. Sometimes I also google to check my spelling and sometimes I just give up and say “to hell with it” ! LOL. For me it is not a problem about spelling mistakes.

      • LOL, I guess the red line under my word annoys me. I also get annoyed like, how many ways is there to spell this stupid word! 🙂

        When I write a postcard to Jodi I look up words to spell LOL. She has such a good vocab. I have a good vocab but not like Jodi’s! So when I want to use a word I google it to spell it right so she doesn’t think I’m an idiot if she reads it. 🙂

        • Wait a minute… I’m confused. Where do you type and get the little red line under a word? Here or on word doc? LOL.

          • Here when I’m writing a post and Word docs. When I spell something wrong a little red line goes under the word and it drives me nuts. It does it for anything it doesn’t recognize even last names.

            • Hey! That’s not fair! I don’t get little lines under my words on this site and God knows I make horrible spelling mistakes! (I wanted to use another word instead of ‘horrible’ but I gave up because I am sure it was spelled wrong.

              • LOL maybe bc my browser is different. I use google chrome. I was resistant to it at first but now I loooooove it. It saves all the pages I use the most. So I open my email then click for the next page and it has everything ready for me.

              • Hey,hey,hey…I dont see red lines,either! I use google chrome.
                LOL,dont worry about spelling ladies.We are here for Jodi’s cause,our friends wont mind our spelling or grammar(Pandora and I being greek means we should get a special treatment,right? 😉 ) LOL

          • I’m on a Mac and I get the little red lines no matter where I am typing. I am a pretty good speller but still trying to adjust to a new keyboard so I make a lot of typos. The Mac auto-corrects too, though, so that is mostly good – except when I am trying to use a word it doesn’t seem to know and insists on replacing it with something that makes no sense at all, lol.

        • People that use the internet recognize that often spelling mistakes are due to time factor and expertise at typing or the size and quality of the key board you are using, or how much time you have or want to allot to proof reading or editing.
          Spelling is really just a collective agreed upon convention kept in place by a commitment to adhere to tradition. Even Shakespeare was loose with his spelling and spelled the same word different ways at different times.
          The best way I found to increase my vocabulary was by reading book reviews from The New York Times, The New York Review of Books, and I believe there are many movie reviews on sites like Rotten Tomatoes that contain articles with extensive vocabularies.

    • Oh Hon don’t feel bad. Have you seen my post? LOL I have been posting from my phone for a long time now. People on this site are kind hearted people unless you say something negative about Jodi.. you shouldn’t have to goggle for spell check. I don’t have my PC right now but after I get it back I can walk you through it.

        • LOL it’s like the blind leading the blind. I have to tell you when I used my laptop I never had the read line under misspelled words but when I used my desktop I did. I to used my email to write things and did spell check then cut and past. When I get my desktop back I will check my settings and see if I can help. I am a bad speller also. I also have a issue with my mind being faster then my fingers ….. So at times I sound illiterate. I have found that most of the peeps on this site over look out spelling. Please don’t be intimated..we all have our short commings. Even the brainy ones……

          • I know spelling actually has nothing to do with how intelligent one is, and in fact in recent years many studies are confirming this.
            Also I consider one of the most valuable changes in modern education of children has been the way writing is taught. Now the emphasis is upon getting down on paper the basic expression of what one wishes to say, and then fine-tuning it by editing it for grammar and spelling. In this way thought is less likely to be blocked or inhibited, and essential spontaneity will carry with it articulateness, specificity and creativeness which likely would have been stymied by the older approach of applying a critical eye before and during the writing process. If the centipede thinks about how to walk, it won’t be able to walk.

      • I can spell check in Word and all the Microsoft office programs and email, but sometimes my spelling is so bad Word doesn’t even know what I’m trying to say LOL. Word doesn’t understand me LOL.

        My spell check on my phone understands me though. So does my email. They get me, they know what I’m trying to say. LOL

        I have given up on grammar.

    • Don’t feel bad, I’m really old and still can’t spell, as for maths, I’m useless.
      I transpose letters and numbers, and count my change 20 times before I hand it over I’m so dreadful at it.
      But I do have two degrees! I just wish I could remember my phone number, I just don’t retain it. I had a lot of childhood abuse and was spaced out at school.

      • Two school degrees? I have a BS in Biology and they used to tease me for my spelling. I did a year in Grad school and it was a running joke. I didn’t finish grad school. I stink at algebra like math, most of my work was in statistics.

        I get 4 and 7 confused. I don’t know why. Sometimes I accidentally give the right street name w an old street number where I used to live then I get confused and I don’t want people to think I’m doing fraud and then I get nervous so I really can’t remember so I have to find something w my address on it. LOL

        I’m sorry about the abuse that’s a terrible way to grow up. I can’t even imagine, I really can’t.

        • Danielle, NOBODY is bad at math and algebra, they just haven’t had the right teacher. Go look at Math Doesn’t Suck by Danica McKellar. She goes through Math to Geometry in her books and, they are wonderful. I bought them for my daughter but so far she hasn’t gotten into them. Ohhhhhhhhhh but since I love such, I haveeeee. Anyway, you just have to have the right teacher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Or go the Khan Institute. Excellent resource used to teach anyone any level from basic to calc.

          • Hey cj, my algebra teacher gave me a C—with the condition that I never ever darken the doorway of another algebra classroom……and that was in 1969! 🙂 (PS still don’t know what xy2 means! 🙂 )

        • Thanks Danielle, sod it, a red line under your name lol! Strangely I found the algebra ok, it might be because it’s more conceptual. I’m one of those ones who was hopeless at school but got better as it became more theoretical.

      • Fred could I ask you what age group your in? I grew up in the day when you beat the heck out of the kids to make them tow the line…I would. get verbally abused for my grads…DAAAAAAAAA ADD. was not really talked about.. I spent most of high school grounded for grades..LOL.

        • Einstein said it is a wonder that anyone was able to learn anything in school at all, and we all heard about a teacher caling him stupid.
          It is tragic that for millenia child abuse has been widespread and the education systems and organized religions fostered and encouraged abuse even though they disguised it under other names and motivations. And sadly, childhood abuse is why the incident with Jodi and Travis took place. My heart goes out to Fred and Cindy Jewel and everyone who had an abusive childhood. The extreme damage and lifetime repercussions are still not widely acknowledged, but progress is being made.

        • Oh Cindy old enough to have been using ink wells for our pens! I was the Ink Monitor, very highly sought out social position in primary school! I also got the leather strap used by nuns on a daily basis for being late, when I wasn’t responsible for getting me to school. Not a good teaching environment at all.

          • Wow you got me beat. I thought manual typewriter were the newest thing. MY typeing teacher had a mean ruler that she woul crack us with if our hands were not in the right position. She’d stand behind us and you could feel her breath on your neck. I still to this day van not type a word if someone is standing behind me. I also have a panic attractive if I have to take a typing test. LOL I went to public school so I know you had it it pretty bad.

            • Awful teachers, the maths teacher in high school would take us out to the front of the class and slap our legs. I panic about adding!! I never earned a slap, but used my fingers and toes for counting lol. Typewriters were around, but we were taught Italic script writing with pen and ink.
              I think biro’s came in high school so did shorthand and typing which I’m woeful at too.
              Oh the schools were not private, just Catholic convent schools in the UK we were working class. My mum’s era wrote with chalk on slate!

  8. For some reason today I’m really thinking about the whole robbery and stolen gun thing. It just doesn’t make sense. She’s allowed in her grandparents house. So if she wanted something she could make up an excuse for why she needed to go to where ever the gun was and sneak it out. Why stage a robbery? If she just took it no one would know it was gone. They probably still wouldn’t know it was missing. I think Jodi has the worst luck ever.

    • She could have EASILY “borrowed” a gun with no one noticing.

      Not only that, but why stage a burglary for a crime you plan to use it during. No way, no one is that stupid.

      Plus, there were SEVERAL burglaries in the neighborhood at that time. For Kermit to say she staged it, when there is no proof, and she was never charged with it is an issue I cannot believe he was able to get away with.

      Then again, this whole fucking court was nothing less than a joke.

    • I agree with all of you …..nothing the state brought forth made sense and the entire “trial” was like a bad episode of The Twilight Zone——-where a manipulative little troll and a cardboard-cutout for a judge allowed it (Guano Mean-tiny-nut ) to rant and rave —like a bad rendition of Rumplestilskin wanting his gold—-to a group of body-snatched pod -people masquerading as a jury….clearly biased from the start

      • “clearly biased from the start”

        Funny thing…it didn’t occur to me there would be bias. This is the first trial that I have actually watched and thought about the evidence.

        I have friends and family in law enforcement, so when I saw the way Flores had handled the investigation/interrogation I was flabbergasted…and it went downhill from there.

        • BeeCee, Florres alone should be MASSIVELY held accountable for his lies.

          Martinez is also a liar, but I suppose he had political agenda for his acting like a complete asshole and trying to be a rock star. He should be disbarred, but will never be. He will continue to have “groupies” I suppose. He is a serial killer, state sanctioned.

          Florres is a Mormon, so I imagine that played into the fact he was willing to perjure himself.

          • Yes Renee———He is part of the cult. During the interrogation interview he did the joining Interview technique with her I am sure it was similar to Mr. Alexander’s initial seductive conversation with her.

        • BeeCee I remember when I had to testify for the prosecution in a case against a guy who had came to my 21 yo nephew’s home and not only beat him but robbed him as well prior to beating him and the jury of his “peers” most of who were almost as old as my late father was found the defendant guilty of simple assault. The worst part about it is two weeks after he jumped my nephew my nephew was killed while —from what we have heard—begging for his life. I say all of this to say this…. I to thought that the court would not be biased but unfortunately it was as the jury only saw the situation as being a black male killing another black male.

    • I agree with that! I said that awhile back. Her grandpa would have never
      known that gun was gone even. Someone said they thought Travis had
      visited her once at her grandparents? I am not sure about that. But they
      had said maybe she gave it too him for a later play date?

      But then the break in happened an it was noticed missing then? Which
      Jodi never told that so it is all assumptions.

      It is possible to think the gun was not loaded but one was in the chamber.
      Then there is the idea of Travis inheriting the gun from the mother at some
      time. She did shoot the father’s car in front of the children.

      I just do not believe any of that staged robbery crap not at all. Yreka
      has a higher crime rate than most small towns do it is not unusual for
      a break in to happen there.

      • And there was reported a rash of burglaries of homes in and around Jodi’s grandparents neighborhood and community just prior to the grandparents home being burglarized and items were stolen…

      • Just a hypothetical scenario here, If Turdis did visit her grandparents’ home at onetime or another could he—-being the lying piece of shit that he was—have taken the gun himself and later told JODI it was his? This would explain why JODI knew he had a gun but no record, etc., of him having actually purchased the gun……making it a possibility that the gun was missing prior to the break-in.

        • That would make sense too Duke. I wish I could find that part I read
          now somewhere someone said they thought Travis visited Jodi once
          at her grandparents.

  9. Something I just picked out of closing arguments:

    “All of the other witnesses that came here, some of them had a motive, for example, Alyce LaViolette, she had a motive to lie. I mean, um, maybe perhaps it was her reputation that she was interested in, or things like that.”

    What! Lying under oath is perjury… how can he get away with an allegation like that?
    How does it help her reputation to lie under oath?
    “Or things like that…” What things Mr Martinez. This is bullshit.
    Maybe, perhaps…… this is a serious case Mr Martinez, maybe, perhaps are NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    • How dare he?!
      Yeah,let’s talk about ‘motives’ Mr Martinez.Motives for perjury.Maybe the names Florez and Horne ring a bell??

    • geebee, something I noted was JM started to say something about ALV taking the fifth, just before Nurmi objected. Did I miss something or is that part of the record?

        • Oh, I think it might be related to Martinez wanting to know the name of one of Alyce’s clients, and she refused to say…. claiming she had forgotten. Just possibly.

          Anyway, the judge seemed to rule in Alyce’s favour on this.

        • JM posed to her a question about how many men she has testified for, and I think he tripped her up. A woman with her background, wouldn’t do it on purpose IMO. And there was the problem with the family dealt with in chambers.

          • If I were Alyce I’d have asked Guano does he remember how many times has he shown up on TV as flying monkey number three in the Wizard of OZ (would have said a munchkin but that would be an injustice to the munchkins! )

      • There was this whole thing floating around about here having said something to one of the Alexanders. If so, and she was questioned in the judges chambers about it, after being notified that there was something wrong with that she would have rightfully have taken the fifth (anyone would without an attorney, wish Jodi had). If that is so and JM starts to mention that in front of the jury, that is a big No No.

        Again, this is just a “if she had” and “if he had” type answer. I have no independent recollection of what JM may have said.

    • I was stunned that the Judge allowed him to get away with referring to ALV as a liar. And what was he basing this on that whole ridiculous Keynote Speaker thing. Which if you actually listened to her explanatoin it was quite clear that she was not lying on her CV. Unlike the Tot Doc who’s CV was chock full of inacurate information that JW called her on.

      • Swarkles I totally forgot that tot-doc lied about her expertise on DV seems overnight she became an expert after having said the previous day that she wasn’t an expert on DV (must have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express! 🙂 )

      • Swarkles,

        Yes, Martinez started with LaViollet’s resume. His whole plan was to make her look like a liar over the Keynote Speaking part. What she said made perfect sense when working with a team of people and switching up roles. You would need to shorten that the best possible on a resume.

        But that is where Martinez made her look like a liar. After that the Jury didn’t internalize anything she said and all the hater stuff went on. Martinez also did the same thing to Samuels. Neither LaViolette or Samuels were lying. All their wealth of education and experience degraded to bring the real liar in. That is the liar: PopTart from Martinez’s side.

        I am so disappointed in the jury. They so stupidly fell for Martinez. That is not a fair trial. It was so wrong, that someone high up in the law just needs to reverse the whole thing.

    • The only liars I saw in court were The Three Little Shit-bags….. Guano, Horny the “typo”-king, and Esteban Fishlips—-whose lips were always conveniently pursed….when not open and lying…. to kiss Guano’s rancid little ass

  10. Good morning/afternoon/evening Jodi supporters!

    I have no idea who that Montgomery person is(apart from what I’ve read these past few days here) but he looks like a dirty selfish person.Given that his position is a high one,I’m guessing he will do whatever is beneficial to him and his political advance.Jodi is just another name to him,there are no feelings there(and frankly,why would there be any on his part?) so it’s more of the same: them against us.Which we’ve gotten used to and nothing will deter us from keep on trying to knock on as many doors as we can reach until someone takes notice!

    • Hi Maria.
      He is going to use Jodi for his benifit: give the people what they want, so he can gain votes. No ethics from anyone. To me, all these high positioned people are just another crap on a stick, useless and dirty.

    • It reminds me of Aileen Wuornos in Florida yes she did horrific things. An she
      did ask for the DP at the end an BUSH did go with it even though it was obvious
      she had mental issues. That woman had the most horrid family I have ever
      heard of from Michigan. But BUSH was up for re election an needed to get
      the votes in from the Conservatives that love the Death Penalty.

      I understand Aileen did bad but I also felt mercy for her for her upbringing
      was just horrid. She found Jesus an she repented for her sins. But I do
      believe she was also mentally messed up.

      • I´ve always had great sympathy for Aileen Wuornos.For the reasons you mentioned above.She needed medical care not get executed.Unfortuantely,that´s the pretty f***ed up world we live in.

      • I feel very bad for her also. She was horribly abused and neglected as a child and she was mentally ill later in life.
        It is a vicious circle; an abused child grows up hated and unloved and naturally becomes very mentally ill, then later when horrific crimes are perpetrated by the future killer who has also been an extreme victim, some blood-thirsty factions of society think they are doing God’s work so they can save her eternal soul by killing her.
        And the killers of these poor souls say “May God have mercy on your soul” when they sentence them to death.
        It is so barbaric and ignorant.

  11. If money is an issue, perhaps the Adam’s family would like to donate the “gas” money their supporters so graciously gave them, since apparently the Moron church was giving them gas money all along. Also, considering the county is taking the familys wishes into consideratio, they should cough up a few bucks.

    Never heard such a bunch of malarkey in my life.

    Doesn’t this man have the balls to make the correct decision, not the decision the family is expecting?

    • Politicians do not have balls. They have only ego and greed. His office overcharges everyone. Most jurors go into a case thinking that the prosecutor is probably right or they wouldn’t be there. I would be their worst nightmare as I would go into a case thinking they probably overcharged the defendant and are looking for publicity.

  12. GOOD MORNING everyone!!!! Got a late start to work this work. I see we had a little chyt going on earlier!!!

    Some folks are a trip……then again …..they could just be trolls….just saying bsfb!!!

    I hope the door didn’t hit you in the azz.. bsfb on the way out……and dear…..get some counseling …okay!!!!!

    Alrighty now back to the business at hand!! Does Jodi have any appellate attorneys lined up????

    • Good Morning Moni!

      I’ve only heard rumors about who her appeal lawyer might be. There was mention of a good appeal attorney there on verdict day but I can’t find or remember his name.

      • I guess the rumors got started because Ferragut was sitting behind the defense team when the verdict was read. Actually I gather Victoria Washington was there as well.

        I was reading some stuff about Ferragut from old Phoenix newspapers. So apparently this guy has a reputation for taking on tough cases, pro bono, for just building up publicity. Now, obviously, that’s a good thing for him since he gets his name in the news. It’s probably also a good thing for some of his clients, because they wouldn’t otherwise have attorneys.

        I was checking his appeals records and a lot of what he does are sexual crime stuff (which is where he probably knows Nurmi from). His results seem like a mixed bag, but I guess that’s pretty much how it goes in that line of work.

    • Moni, that’s what I was thinking or someone who wanted attention. She just pissed me off. Darn I have posted things that I haven’t gotten answes to quite a few times…LOL
      I have been called out for some also but I sure didn’t take my toys and live the sand box’s. I’m here for one reason…JODI. OK perhaps I might kinda like you guys..

      • You’re right cindy….attention!!

        Okay truth ….I’lll check out Mr. Ferragut. I wonder if he’ll work with her either way…DP or LWPOP????

      • I think part of the benefit of this site is it stimulates thinking. I am okay with people not agreeing with me. I have been introduced to new ideas here. Whatever your name is, if you are still reading posts, the purpose in the site is not to further your self concept, but to support Jodi. I am hopeful that perhaps the Defense is reading and that all of us can generate ideas for them. If you want to bolster your self concept, a group may be helpful, and if not toughen up and give people and yourself a chance. In order to get you have to give.

    • Read the post Danielle, and I sincerely hope that the Federal Courts look at the prosecutorial and judicial misconduct—not to mention Horn, Flores, and Tot-doc perjuring themselves under oath—- and see fit to not only overturn and dismiss this case …..but bar Guano from ever practising law of any kind ever again, remove the mannequin from the bench as well as bar her from practising law, and bring charges against the remaining three for perjury.

  13. Jun 10, 1692:———–I think this is horrible ! an some of the people today
    want to keep on putting innocent people to death. Self Defense does not
    = DP=or a lynching

    First Salem witch hanging

    In Salem Village in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, Bridget Bishop, the first colonist to be tried in the Salem witch trials, is hanged after being found guilty of the practice of witchcraft.

    I just watched a documentary about WICCA an WITCHCRAFT which the most religious seem to be
    afraid of an accused Jodi of at times.

    An from my background being Sioux-Choctaw Native from SD an MS tribes. I have to tell people
    that think that those groups worship SATAN or the DEVIL are wrong. These 2 groups actually
    worship Earth Sun Moon Water Fire Wind etc. They are nothing like what the super religious groups
    think. I never knew really what the groups did until I watched the documentary.

    The only Satan
    worshipers I know are The official Church of Satan website as founded by Anton LaVey? they
    have some off spring now you can google an find out about true devil/Lucifer worshipers but
    Witches an Wicca groups are not devil worshipers a lot of people are misinformed.

    • Yes, you are right; in fact real witches not only did not/ do not worship Satan, they do not even believe in Satan or the concept of Satan. Those kind of religions believed in the unity and oneness of life and didn’t structure their thinking in terms of dualities.
      At one time real witches did exist and they
      in no way worshipped the devil or evil per se; they simply did not even believe in the existence of or concept of the devil.
      Witches were real people interested in the secrets and mysteries of life and existence. They had to conceal their knowledge and practices from institutions which would literally harm or kill them. Ages past had their own means of censorship, propaganda and coercion of thought.
      I once visited an exhibit in Salem about the witch trials and I was saddened to see the substance of the exhibit was of such a trite nature that it in no way did justice to the reality of the situation; it still portrayed witches as basicly fictional Walt Disney cartoon characters.
      I guess one of the best ways to disguise a truth is to ridicule it so much that eventually the original substance is hidden and forgotten.
      There is an excellent scholarly book written by Elaine Paigels that discusses the way in which the origin, myth, connotations, and propaganda about a concept or creature called Satan was fabricated and falsified over the ages in order for certain institutions to control the thinking and beliefs of the masses.
      It is dumfounding that even now with Jodi’s trial, with the enormous number ofnews outlets and media, there is almost no in depth coverage of the defense’s side.

      • It was making me so angry some of the Mormon/LDS friends of Travis
        an Jodi were saying ‘Oh we were scared of her being in Wicca before
        Travis we seen it on her my space account” an other things like that
        as if she were truly evil. That was for those others that are frightened
        of Wicca an such things. An there is no reason to be. This is how they
        got all on board though in that circle.

        I hope if they read this page they
        would investigate some on their own. As I did. I just did not know till
        I seen that documentary. I never thought they worshiped Satan
        either but I know some religious people that think that crap out there.

        • Yes, I wish in general people would be inclined to investigate many subjects in depth and at length. Modern practice of Wicca, from what I know of it, emphasizes concern for and appreciation of nature, using imagination, will and positive thinking to bring about desired results. From what I have seen of Wicca, it is innocuous and benign and I think a lot of people derive pleasure from it because there is a creative component to it and it is a bit artsy and playful, and incorporates making visual symbols and symbolic objects in its practices. Wicca appreciates the earthly and the tangible, not just the transcendent and abstract.
          I think the world over so many people are shackeled from birth on up by all sorts of conditioning in all areas of life, and it cripples humanity so much. So many people are in a way brainwashed from early chilhood and indoctrinated that even to doubt or think about investigating different subjects causes them to literally feel they are in danger of doing something evil. It is like a template is made and they can’t go outside of it.

            • I always find it kind of ironic that witches are considered ‘evil’ when it’s the punishment that is really ‘evil’.
              I often wonder what my role might have been in a village 500 years ago, because I like to think philosophically and I’m sure would have rebelled against any imposition of oppression. I wonder if it’s ‘witchiness’ or obvious intuition?
              I see Jodi as an intuitive, and intuitive’s will stick out like a sore thumb in a population of very sensate traditional conserving people.
              Bigger picture thinkers see possibilities for change, which is very resisted by the mainstream. It could even be described as bit ‘witchy’.

                • Around 30% of the community Pique, the one’s in hiding tend to be introverts, but not on the internet lol.
                  Many could be in hiding because the mainstream is so fugly at the moment!

          • Yes you word it so eloquently. Amy…………………… Rebecca64 I too think
            Jodi is beautiful an just got sucked into that Mormon stuff an Wicca is actually
            better from what I have been reading. Not scary at all to me. But the Joseph
            Smith stuff from when the Mormon’s started is creepy to me.

            • I agree. Wicca is held dear by some and for others it is a transitional object. Every movement and every thought she ever had became cause for contempt. I think hatred does that to people Rhonda——-they can’t stop looking for flaws. God know we all have them.

              • I think you are right about the hatred it is being bred over an over
                an hopefully with the internet now young ones that grow up this
                way can some how overcome an search for things an open up
                their own mind on different things.

                I know that Wicca thing I never had bad feelings about it really
                but I just always thought it was something dark an scary an then
                I saw that documentary an went an read some things an was
                like WOW all this time it was really closer to what the Indians
                did an still do today on the res. So if I can open up my mind I know
                others can too if they truly want too.

    • Hi Rhonda, you are absolutely right that Wiccans, Neopagans, Witches, Pagans – however and whoever they wish to be called – do NOT worship evil. They are life-affirming, nature based religions that reject dominance-based beliefs.

      And it is also true that Satanists do not generally worship evil either. I don’t think that Anton Lavey ever said one way or another if he believed in an actual Satan or not, only that people should do what they feel and believe in God or Satan in whatever way they want.

      I agree, many people are very MISINFORMED about what those religions actually do and believe in. I think it’s important that minority religions become demystified, so that channels like HLN can’t take and run with stereotypes and pretend that they didn’t know better.

      • I agree, I know some very nice Wiccans, they are very spiritual and many of they are healers. My Wiccan friends are also vegan because the would never hurt an animal, let alone a human.

      • See MB I have learned even more today. So I know if I can others can
        too. An staying away from the Joke News is the best thing I ever did.

        Coming here with other people that truly care an can think outside the
        box is such a great feeling. Thanks so much for having a place like
        this for Jodi an her supporters. Hugs all around ♥

      • There are two forms of Satanism. Only one of them actually worships Satan. The other far more common form of Satanism has to do with worship of the self. If you would like sources, please let me know.

    • OMG, Rhonda, I’m so happy that you brought this up. I don’t really say that I’m Native American because the lineage extends back a few generations, but I have traced my Native North American ancestry to the Cree in Canada. I’ve always been interested in elemental magic, and have myself performed a positive spell or two. When I heard this about Jodi, I just knew they were going to twist it around to make it seem evil. I call that DEFLECTION.
      I’ve been doing a little reading on satanists, and I’m so creeped out. I make sure to burn some sage to keep any negatives spirits away. I envision myself in a pink protective bubble too. I’ve also been watching documentaries on the LDS. I’m really starting to think the people who had surrounded Jodi, and the others involved in this little plot are the real satanists. I can’t find any explanation as to why they have upside down pentacles on their temple in SLC. This is like THE symbol for satan worshippers. Just look at the satanic bible. It’s right there on the cover. What confuses everyone is the fact that true satanists use symbols that indeed represent positive forces, but they pervert them so they may use that power in their negative rituals. Basically, positive magicians and negative magicians utilize powers from the same things, but one uses the power for good and the other uses the power for evil.
      That brings me to something else. June 21st-22ndst. Wiccans and other positive magical groups celebrate this day because of the summer solstice, longest days of light. As it so happens, satanists also celebrate this time of year with sexual orgies and human sacrifices. They utilize the power of the longest days of light and pervert it with carnal pleasures and appease their masters with offerings of human blood. I just learned that the Jodi Arias lifetime movie is coming out on June 22nd. Well, well, well, what a surprise. I urge everyone here to pray for her and envision white light around her June 21st-June 23rd. Call me what you want, but this is too much of a coincidence for me. Also another prayer day should be on June 27th as that is the anniversary of Joseph Smith’s death. That is also the day of Mark Chynoweth’s death who was killed in a blood atonement practice in ’88. Although, I doubt that this will be a dangerous day for Jodi as I don’t think they see her as a true member who needs to atone for her sins, but I don’t know for sure. I hope no thinks I’m crazy for writing about this stuff………………

      • The ‘satanist’s’ just look like the dark shadow of humanity. Whether they are really actually evil I don’t know, they have become an obvious dumping ground for societal badness and madness.
        There is every reason to blame society for creating them.
        I don’t attest to any faith so the concepts of god and devil and heaven an earth do not exist for me.
        I am probably more myth minded and believe in a collective unconscious and phenomenology.
        DSM’s therefore don’t do it much for me. I like historical consciousness and it’s opposites, it tells us way more. It reminds me of the saying ‘A slave always knows more than the master, because he sees both sides.
        So the concepts of all good and all evil are actually very grey.
        Apologies, I’m a bit of a philosopher…so scroll on past lol.

  14. Oh and hey everybody! ((((((hugs all))))))) Still feel bad here. Hell, haven’t even checked my email in days. Just lettin yall know I’m alive I suppose, lol. I’ll try to check back in later. Maybe I’ll feel better affterwhile.

  15. Happy Monday everybody!!!!!

    cj…..I’m sorry to hear you are still feeling like hell girlfriend!!! ((((((((((((((hugs and love to you)))))))))))))))

    • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

      • (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((JC))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        It’s GREAT TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        How are you darlin’??????

    • Thank you darlin! I appreciate you very very much! I just now came back to read for a few and then prolly go back to sit or lie in bed. LOL, right now hubby has his tail in my spot. I am gonna try to oust his butt shortly. I am gonna try to go have labwork done tomorrow. I am really not sure what is going on in my mouth, I really think a piece of bone is working it’s way out.

  16. (((((((((((((((((((((BeeCee))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((EVERYONE ELSE ON TEAM JODI))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  17. Did Bill Montgomery express any concern in this regard???

    Did Judge Sherry Stephens express any concern in this regard???

    Jodi’s attorney submitted the following on February 20, 2013 to Judge Sherry Stephens and William “Bill” Montgomery

    Arizona Court of Appeals
    No. 1 CA-CA-13-0026
    Maricopa County Superior Court
    No. CR2008-031021

    They asked that the court should grant review 9

    1. This Court Should Accept Review To Establish That The
    Remedy For Perjurious Testimony In A Chronis Hearing
    Should Be, At A Minimum, The Striking Of The Death
    Penalty Allegations. 9

    2. The Taint Of The Perjured Testimony Cannot Be Cured
    Years Later By Trial Testimony Unrelated To The Issue
    Of Probable Cause For The Death Penalty Aggravator

    • Good Lord . . T1111.. No one is even “take in to consideration”, are they? I know the president and congress are overwhelmed with tons of other matters, a few being “keep’em busy” bs to distract from other pressing matters (and this thug group gambled no one was watching), but if the president ever needed to win something during all this countrys’ chaos, he could win, maybe even get Jodi freed, by getting the mesa court in order just by watching one jm grandios clip, reading one chamber meeting, watch one attack on a key witness, read one sidebar, view horns typo and see how the judge handles things, throw in a few dated tweets and pictures and one segment of hln . . no matter who the defendant is . . basically 3 hours of his time, he would have to put a stop to this.

  18. I was talking with a guy today that said he works with a mormon guy…and a while back he asked this mormon guy about his views on polygamy and sex…this guy said that he believes in polygamy and they have lots of enjoyable sex…he said sex is on their minds much of the time…

    He said when they go to church…they act like sex is forbidden…because they have been taught…not to talk about sex…

    This guy got me curious…so I’ve been googling more this evening and found this…and didn’t we already know that they love sex before all that work church work that they profess is more important…duhh…we are not that stupid…we knew all along that many of them say one thing but mean another…

    • My favorite comment on that Sister wives crap was>>

      Show me a man who finds it perfectly acceptable to be part of a harem and I will accept this relationship. Until then, condoning of this will not hold water with me ever. These women are all suffering from low self esteem and delusions.

      Why can’t there be one woman an many husbands haha

      • Rhonda…you took the words right out of my mouth…I can just visualize myself with 4 or 5 husbands at one time…wow…awesome…LOL…

        • The world would be much less populated if we all had 7 husbands going out work. We could afford servants, and never have to worry about who puts the bins out. If chosen carefully life could a breeze lol.

            • I could have gone for that about 20 years ago. But I am sure
              the ones I picked would want 5 sister wives to go along too.

              On a serious note just one man gets on my nerves if he is around
              too much so 5 would drive me insane for sure. Unless they all were
              truck drivers so they would not be home at the same time?? or
              Pilots something that kept them gone for awhile an then happy to
              be home again.

  19. OK everyone…..

    Let’s play To Tell the Truth a/k/a TRUTH OR DARE:


    Thank you my dear TEAM JODI family. (((((((((((((((((I love you all)))))))))))))))))))))))

  20. He’s a busy guy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he work for or around the talking heads. I hope he does come back while you are around Janeen.

  21. Rhonda and Truthseeker from earlier about the theft of the gun.

    Just another one of those issues – Jodi is either incredibly sharp or super dumb. Think about this, if you were about to go shoot someone, would you ever stage a burglary from the very house you were living in?

    Now everyone knows what gun was stolen, and when the same caliber is used in a crime where you were connected with the victim, its just too obvious.

    So was this supposed to be a double psyche – get real.

    There are so many unanswered questions in this case, but there is one about the theft that I have raised earlier and will raise again (Unfortunately I have never been able to find the testimony of the Yreka police guy on YouTube or elsewhere).

    Did anyone ever ask whether there were any other handguns at Grandpa’s?

    The one picture shows a bunch of ammo, most for rifles, but a couple of boxes that could have been used in either a rifle or a .22 caliber handgun. Actually one is a 22 WMR box, which is rarely used in handguns.

    Now, most common burglar’s don’t want to have anything to do with stealing rifles. You can’t pawn them – they get traced too easily as stolen. You can’t sell them because non of these criminal types wants a rifle, and most real gun enthusiasts won’t buy a gun from the type of guy who would burglarize a house. So their targets are normally handguns.

    So if there was just the one handgun at Grandpa’s it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that was the only weapon stolen.

    • Al…I called around and spoke to many pawn shops a while back…

      This is a conglomeration of what many of those people told me…it seems that a .25 is a common gun to have around the house…it is cheaper than a .22 and is known to not really kill but hurt someone(I guess that would really depend on where the bullet enters the body)…and it gives a lot of people a sense of protection without feeling like they have to kill someone…

      I feel that Travis really owned the gun…not registered…but owned the gun nonetheless…about the video when he is target shooting with his friends…I feel that his comments was made in reference to not owning a “BIG” rifle/shotgun…

      I cleaned a guy friend’s house (on my day off from my regular job) for a while until he hired a full-time housekeeper…and I discovered while (RE-FOLDING) his sweaters that he had several handguns stashed under the sweaters on the shelf in his walk-in closet…I really just cleaned a clean house and re-folded already neatly folded clothes…but oh well, he paid good…and he is a perfectionist and I am a perfectionist…and it didn’t take me but one day to mentally inventory “EVERYTHING” in his house…and he said that I was the perfect house cleaner…LOL…me and him are just friends…

      The point that I am making on that paragraph above is that when Jodi cleaned Travis’ house she would have discovered that handgun while straightening the clothes on the shelves in his closet…it is a girl’s thing to neatly straighten clothes for a guy that is obviously a perfectionist type of guy and one who likes to have things super neat…Travis’ closet looked almost as neat as my friend’s…LOL…

      It seems that people can get guns really easy and they don’t have to register them???…

      • Remember they don’t have to register guns in AZ. I’m sure it was his gun and he was just embarrassed to show it off to the guys….he liked the manly guns that Dave Hall had.

        • I agree with you Cindy…he like to talked uppity with his friends…he knew they would have poked fun of him had he admitted that he owned a .25 handgun when they had those BIG rifles…

          • I still believe that it was his mothers gun. I keep going back to the closing when KN said “why would Jodi say the gun was up on the top shelf if it wasn’t true?” I also wonder what was up in the attic that was passed on to the family…..just saying……

            • Yes,cindy.I tend to believe it was his mother’s gun and Jodi was the only person that knew he had it.Of course,someone might ask me then why didnt she say so on the stand?

              Ok,let’s assume the gun wasnt his mother’s(after all,we will never know or prove it was).I still dont get all this fuss about a person having a gun in a State where guns dont have to be registered.Why did Martinez yell and make it such a big deal?Why make the point ”He hadnt registered it ,so it must mean he didNT own one” when one could argue ”why wouldNT he own a gun?He didnt HAVE TO have it registered”.
              It’s a ridiculous oxymoron.One can have whatever objects they want in their house without anyone ever knowing what the person has or doesn have.If I dont have to register my belongings,I can even hide an effing UFO without my neighbours knowing it!!

            • cindy…I will always believe that it was “Travis’ laptop computer”…his computer that he did his secret searches on…since he knew Jodi was coming over on that Wednesday, June 4th…he could not let Jodi see what was on his computer…he would had hid it from her knowing how she feels about him looking at boys pictures and all…I feel that is the “something” that Travis hid in the attic…he knew that he and Jodi would be on the computer at some time or another that day…so he left the computer that Deanna gave him or loaned him because he knew that it didn’t have much stuff on it…it would have been safe for anyone else to see…

              Somewhere a while back…I read a comment that someone else posted that said that Travis had two computers…

      • You’re right.

        I did some research a while ago and posted here. The .25 was at one time the most popular gun bought and sold in the US (Most of those “Saturday night specials were .25s). In fact there are estimates by the ATF that say there are more 25’s in the country than there are motorcycles.

        In later years (after the Saturday Night special laws and a bit of tightening on handgun sales) the larger calibers have increased in popularity.

        But there are literally millions of .25’s floating around. And they’re cheap – you can buy a new one for a litlle over a hundred bucks and used ones sell for as little as $25.

    • Hey little brother there never was mention of any other hand guns. I do recall the riffles and Jodi’s dad saying grandpa was wrong it was a 25 cal. So perhaps there is another hand gun…but me thinks there is/was not…..

      • Im trying to remember if I heard during the trial, something about the bullets and the gun in question (25 cal) that a 25 bullet can be fired from another type of gun? I remember this jumped out at me and now I have to go back and re-listen to the testimony.
        What reminded me of this was when AI said this: “The one picture shows a bunch of ammo, most for rifles, but a couple of boxes that could have been used in either a rifle or a .22 caliber handgun. Actually one is a 22 WMR box, which is rarely used in handguns.”

        I know nothing about guns. Here is my question, actually two:

        a. was grandpa positive it was a 25 caliber gun that he had? I believe it was given to him and it was not registered?

        b. can a 25 caliber bullet be fired from another type of gun? are bullets interchangeable?

    • Al, The testimony from the Yreka police is easy to find. He’s the very first witness on Day 5. Just google Jodi Arias Trial Day 5 part 1. He is a very handsome man with dark hair. I see he is the witness that JM goes through all the receipts with, so I’m going to check it out.

        • Right.

          There was a guy though who did talk about the burglary, but I’ve never been able to find a video of his testimony. I wonder if they had a TV feed problem or something.

          • Al, I was never able to find the actual testimony either.

            I wonder if it will come out with transcripts at some point.

            I agree, they must have had recording issues.

          • With that law officer from Yreka area, they just barely touched on it by showing pics of the room and closet that Grandpa had his guns. I have read the police report from the burglary somewere on line. JM skimmed over so much of this case, it’s really disturbing.

  22. Have got to get back to work so won’t be back until tomorrow. The state is only trying to get Jodi to give up her appeals right in this case. I don’t believe they will back down on that point, they have to save face. It is damn right disgusting. Also, had question for all of you. Did the police report of the robbery at Jodi’s grandparents house state what the bullet was, round or hollow point? You all have a great evening!

      • So now once again I will ask the question what was the bullet that was pulled from Travis.

        I think I recall GEEBEE2 talking about the casing way back when. I honestly do not recall but we kept questing rather it was the hollow point or not. It was stated that if it were it would have done allot of damage. So since JM really played the game about the gun and in the end tried to nail Jodi for stealing TA’s gun….lol

        • Yes, Geffner described – just in hypothetical, not really talking about Travis – what kind of damage a hollow point would do. The autopsy report shows nothing remotely near what a hollow point, even a .25, would have done to Travis’ brain.

          This was another BIG example the defense dropping the ball – into an abyss, it would seem. Because they never bothered to follow up on that bullet.

        • The only thing I know about hollow point is they have a mushroom effect;had the bullet in his cheek been a hollow point it would have done a much greated damage.And cindy,you’re right.I cant remember either this being talked about in the trial or Martinez OR the defense making a big deal out of it ,just like with I dont know those damn gas cans for example.
          Anyone else who remembers plz?

  23. did anyone compare the amo casing with the amo box found at Jodi ‘s grandpa?
    the casing should match, at least give a ball park as to when the amo as manufactured.
    also, if one was to look at the credit card records / bank records from TA, one should be able to find if he ever purchased amo, and what caliber it was.

  24. by the way, why are all my posting deleted, it looks like every post that I made on this site have all been erased by the moderator.

  25. there are many holes in the entire story as painted by the prosecutor. one that I do not understand is why Jodi took a knife when she intended to use the gun. That does not make any sense. That point alone I can not make sense of.

    • Paul, she didn’t bring a gun nor a knife with her when she went to AZ. The gun was in the closet and, as cindy jewell said, the knife was also at the home when JODI got there. Which blows the prosecutor’s case out the door. If she intended on killing him ….why not shoot him in the head while he was on the computer and be done with it…….why stay the night, etc., .Like you said there are holes—and I use that term lightly… I see rifts in the states case that are wider than the Grand Canyon—-in the entire story—and it was/is just that—a fairytale— as screeched out by the prosecutor.

      • On many websites the knife and gun is brought with her, I have trouble believing that she was carrying a knife gun and camera into the shower.
        The ‘rope’ is dismissed as are the fibres as practically non-existent.

        If his bestie is anything to by with tons of ammo and assault rifles for killing, guns were not unfamiliar to TA, because he went on hunting trips with him killing animals. He could have just as easily passed on a ‘girly’ gun to TA, which may account for the differing bullets. The man with the dead animal terrifies me and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

        These people project their own worthless feelings on to others, and the messages he sent to Jodi about being a sociopath and other degrading terms, were his feelings about himself not Jodi,
        He was Jodi’s ‘arse hole’ as he so charmingly posted all over Facebook like a pre-pubescent child.
        How humiliating can you be in public?
        I can so understand how other people get it wrong, they listen to his projections because he is the ‘victim’. They took the ‘label’ and embellished it by looking for ‘facts’ to fit it.
        Call me crazy, but my assessments tell me to look for facts at all levels, individual interpersonal, relational, societal and historical. Then I might come up with a theory…

        A laV knew, it would have been very obvious to her. A person with so much untapped trauma in his past is just not going to behave normally. He can’t.
        The whole family needs structures of external boundaries, because they lack internal ones, which is why we have some of them opting for police work, and others a strongly repressive cult. He actually needed some serious therapy.
        But the cult is ok with what men do, because the men call the shots.
        It’s ok with sexual abuse of minors and domestic violence too, if my own experiences of them is anything to go by. I have a multitude of gross stories held on government files, and years of arguing with ‘bishops’ who did nothing but create more drama. I removed children under these circumstances.
        Isn’t it well past time for an exposure of these people? Secretive cults are just like sexual abuse – secretive…and they are masters of victimisation and know just who to pick.
        Jodi may well have been seeking a ‘fatherly priestly’ type who promised salvation, work, riches and a community. But she got none of it because they exploit, it’s a cult of exploitation.
        She was rejected as a sexual threat to all of them, just for being normal.
        I so would like to get on the stand with a bunch of data about cult pathology, I would hit them with it in their faces the deceitful liars and con-men.
        They are extra good at salesmanship it’s indoctrinated from birth.
        Sorry about the long post, but I am so enjoying the ability to speak my mind without sanction. Thank you to everyone for allowing me this space to bark my anger.
        I only have children’s court experience in another country, but evidence gathering and submissions to court and basic rules are very similar.

        • I appreciate your posts Fred.

          I have no experience in what your expertise is (except for personal), so I usually just read and don’t reply.


          • No worries, long time social worker in child protection Marxist Feminist, thinking philosopher type of personality, high in integrity empathy and compassion and PTSD with childhood abuse and work trauma. lol
            I love Carl Jung who is my secret boyfriend, and anything in that area of phenomenology.
            Likes de-constructing world theories and paradigms, and boring the hair off people’s heads.
            Particularly interested in frameworks for SW practice and critique.
            Or any social critique, because I also love Sociology, who I am having an affair with behind Carl’s back. Shhh….lol

  26. The State is wanting it both ways…to have their cake and eat it too! Their own ‘expert’ diagnosed her with BPD but they still want to say she had absolutely NO mental illness so we can kill her. Juanster is just wanting to save face since he didn’t get his instant gratification death sentence and this Montgomery joker is going along to try to justify all the money spent. This never should have been a DP case to begin with. IMO, Jodi’s emotional problems began only after her induction into Mormonisn and from the psychological abuse she suffered at the hands of TA. Hold out for a new trial, Jodi!!! There is now way she should accept LWOP!

      • cindy jewell, he condemned himself by his words and actions ….neither you, nor JODI nor any of us did anything to cause his condemnation.

        • Duke I understand this but there is a side of me that has empathy for child he was. I do hold his friends (and I say this loosely) somewhat accountable for some of his actions due to the fact that they knew the man he was and said he needed help but never followed through. They now are working so hard to cover all up and make him a saint. It’s a tangle web they weave…..

    • Gwen—I see the fact that they sought the Death Penalty to have been the biggest problem In this case, for both the Prosecution and the defense.Never should have happened. It has created nothing but problems, and has caused the facts to be completely distorted by the Prosecution, because it has caused them to try to prove premeditation, which is ridiculous, and it has caused the Defense countless hours of trying to establish childhood abuse, when in fact the only significant abuser in this case was Mr. Alexander. He was killed because he was abusive.

    • Gwen I was just wondering if JODI took LWOP—-and I sincerely hope she doesn’t take any type of plea deal—- would a higher court be able to go back and review everything that transpired up to, during and after the trial and fully overturn all verdicts, sentences, etc., and release JODI after they see what a travesty of justice had taken place in the course of her trial

      • They’re not going to “offer” her LWOP – or anything else – unless she signs away her appeals.

        And I agree with – I think it was Al who said it? – there’s no upside for Jodi in a deal like that, no reason to take it. She’s in jail for the rest of her life, no matter what this next jury says. Appeals are her only hope of ever getting out.

        • True Journee there is no upside when you have a system as corrupt as AZ’s. Signing away all rights to an appeal would only protect the prosecutorial pieces of shit from any form of repercussions brought on by their total lack of professionalism and total twisting of the truth——and, above all, not allowing JODI to by any means have a fair trial. I just wondered if someone higher up were to see this mockery of justice and –even without an appeal by JODI—seek to right the wrong against her. (PS, I–too- hope that she doesn’t take any type of deal the state offers her so that she can go forth with her appeals and show not just AZ but the entire world that the truth does prevail and in doing so expose the corruption in the Maricopa Co and AZ’s judicial system)

      • I don’t know Duke. I have only a basic knowledge of the law but surely anyone with a legal background could see this trial was a crock if we can see it from here!! I pray someone with money, integrity, and lawyers out the wahoo will take up this cause! The whole state of AZ is poisoned!!

    • Yes, this is what I got out of the statement too. The state wants to pick and choose when to apply Demarte’s diagnosis of BPD and when not to. So they apply it when they want to convict her, but still have the gall to ask for the DP by backpedaling and saying that she is not mentally ill.

      I love the way you write Gwen! I hope one of these days you might be interested in helping us with a letter campaign 🙂 No pressure or anything. lol

    • Gwen, I said the same thing, but in different words. I just can’t imagine how frustrated WiIlmott and Nurmi are. How could you possibly have any chance at defending your client when the prosecution is ALLOWED to argue sideways, backwards, forwards, diagonally, inside out, and upside down? Why not change the symbol of justice from the equal scales to the noose and gallows, then?

  27. On the funny side of things…for the peeps that know me out here know that I lost my hard drive on my laptop and then my desktop crashed. So for every so long I have had to use my phone. Now you all know how I struggled with that. The screen was a joke and it really thought it was smarter then me and it had a mind of it’s own when it came to what it thought I should be saying…well I went from a phone screen to a 29” monitor…..yikes!!!!!! lol

    • And congrats, Cindy!

      My smartphone was my only computer for nearly a year, then I bought the giant sized I-Mac. It was (is) my first Mac and so big – I was scared of it for about three weeks.

      • LOL I have had my phone for over a year and I never knew it did all the the stuff it I still ask my great niece how to do things on it… It’s was great when I was on the road and my team needed to get info to me but for everyday…not so much…

        Congrats on the I-MAC…

        • Congrats on the new screen and keyboard! Cindy! I am limping along here nursing a dying 6 year old laptop.

          I’ve spent the last three days pulling backups off of it since my new Dell laptop arrives tomorrow. I haven’t posted much as this POS has an annoying habit of locking up and the keyboard is flakey.

          I’ve been reading as much as I can both new threads and older ones so I can get up to speed without feeling dumb or annoying anyone.

          For those of you who might be worried about my gibberish screen name, it’s my initials and my street number. My first name is so unusual that there are only about fifteen of us in the country currently using the same spelling.

          I quit using my name on blogs because it was too easy to Google me and it caused a lot of problems.

          Anyway, I’m real. I support Jodi to the max, and I’m enjoying getting to know the members of Team Jodi. I will post more as I get more comfortable and once I get my new laptop set up and my files restored to it.

          (((((Team Jodi)))))

            • Thanks, Fred!

              My laptop is coming tomorrow. I fell asleep on the sofa and FedEx is too fucking stupid to ring the doorbell.

              I’m glad to be here. My mother, who is 78 years old is a supporter as well, but doesn’t go on the internet.

              My sister drank the haterade and gets her news from HLN. We;ve agreed not to talk about Jodi as it leads to arguments.

  28. Okay I know this will sound far-fetched, but – I remember alternate juror Tara stating (maybe on Dr. Drew) that during juror voir dire she felt frightened by JM and felt that she was on trial. Well if JM terrorized potential jurors like he did witnesses, there may be other jurors who were at least intimidated.

    • Good point….gee look at how we all felt after listening to him…..I drank more then I have in years after and during his rants. But there really isn’t anything at this point that can be done……

        • His intimidation of everyone is to be wondered at. Who lives like that?
          It’s an awful lot of pent up something to maintain anger at level for five months.
          I wonder if he uses drugs or something?
          He can either clearly retain information or makes it up on the spot. What a duo…
          Are mormons really so frightening that no-one takes them on?
          I wish all the abused kids and women felt empowered enough to start a class action.
          Most of them have already lost their families and supports. These people are horrifically damaging to the public and a blight on society.

    • “Okay I know this will sound far-fetched, but – I remember alternate juror Tara stating (maybe on Dr. Drew) that during juror voir dire she felt frightened by JM and felt that she was on trial. Well if JM terrorized potential jurors like he did witnesses, there may be other jurors who were at least intimidated.”

      That does NOT sound far-fetched at all, sz! Intimidation could very well be part of the picture for many jurors. Look at the way Martinez bullied and harassed the witnesses, including, sometimes, his own. For hours and hours per day, five months long, they were trapped in their jury box witnessing others risk humiliation when they answered his questions. A whiff, at least, of Stockholm Syndrome? I don’t see why not. Safer to be with him than against him. The threat does not need to be defined; it can be vague.

    • I still believe they were plain stupid.
      And unable to understand evidence or lack of it in this case.
      Maybe IQ problems.Prejudices against Jodi and the type of woman she represents for sure.
      Hard core haters from the get go.
      No other excuse for them.
      Even IF Martinez seemed intimidating,this should have NOTHING to do with their DUTY there.

  29. I believe that Jodi had good reasons to do what she did. It truly sickens me to think of this young woman who never commiutted a crime in her life is sentenced to life in prison. This only came about because the jury was stupid enoough to be conned by a vicious and manipulative prosecutor.

    The State which is just a bunch of politicians, some of who are likely corrupt. The idea that they have the right to play God and determine whether someone should live or die sickens me to the core. This is PURE REVENGE, PLAYING GOD AND STATE SPONSORED MURDER!!!

    Three other things nauseate me about this are 1-The Alexander Family using their emotions to put Jodi’s life in jeopardy strictly out of revenge. They are in effect partnering with the State in attempted murder.

    2-The other thing that sickens me is all these blood thirsty idiots who hang out at the court. Don’t these people have anything better to do??? Maybe they should be looking at themselves instead of Jodi.

    3-Lastly, the people on HLN are as bad as Martinez. Who do they they are? I find it despicable that people will get paid to incite blind hatred.

    I have been writing to the head prosecutor, the Judge and even to Martinez. I am trying to get them to undewrstand that what they are doing is harmful. immoral and dispassionate.

    I really urge eveyone to do what they can for Jodi.

  30. I heard tonight that Jodi is getting BAGS of mail!!! Isn’t that great news Team??!?!?!?!

    I love it!!!!

  31. Hey all I just have a quick question. Can’t these tools, I mean trolls be blocked by their IP address?

    They must truly have pathetic lives because between work and my real life I can barely keep up with all your posts let alone go to a hater site and bother them. (Although I do love to toy with them on OccupyHLN).

    • I don’t know what to think of the site. It is not well put together, with many typos and no flow The person. Throws things out there about the possibility of Mr. Hughes being involved, without any rigorous evidence. Is this person a medical examiner? I am curious about their credentials. Although the innuendos are interesting I would like to know more. I understand that the person’s beliefs are torture at another location for several days. If they actually have the credentials they should contact the Defense about forensic issues. The theory as to who did this could be determined later. Right now the issue is whether or not the forensic theories have any validity.

      • That was my assessment too Rebecca64.

        A little surprised that a forensics “expert” would have a page with so many issues.

        Also, I disagreed with him being tortured for four (?) days because of the amount of decomposition when found.

        • BeeCee—-the body being held for several days is medically questionable because when the body was found it was in at least the second stage of decomposition. The pictures show this. Also the police report mentions a strong odor when entering the house, which verifies decomposition, with obviously liquids being excreted from the mouth, eyes , anus, etc. He had been deceased for a number of days.

            • Yes there are some medical facts that just cannot be explained away in terms of the time of death. The odor of a deco posing body is so overwhelming, that other questions arise that have not been pursued to my satisfaction. I remember during residency observing autopsies,and the odor required placing Vicks Vapor Rub under our noses, and wearing a mask. It was absolutely awful.So I am suspicious of the friends and roommates behavior.

    • Went to this site, couldn’t follow it, but it’s interesting about Franklin-Covey being an LDS organization. Last year I needed a large ring planner and bought one from The Success Choice which I later learned is an LDS org. So they are big on time management, day planners, journaling and MLM.

    • LM, just finished reading it and methinks Horn and Guano did a little trick photography themselves to further hide evidence from the jury

      • I am like a hound following the same scent as your friend, LM! I smell CASH! It’s got such a distinctive, unmistakeable odor, sort of like a decomposing body………………………….

    • Photo of bluish band of bruising and red fingers is compelling. Wonder if a body would still retain black & blue marks after 5 days of decomp.

        • I don’t rember much about this topic from med school, because it has been a long time and not my specialty. All I remember is that heat speeds up decomp, and body temperature declines until it reaches temperature of surroundings. Bacteria and enzymes break down. The discoloration cycle is green, purple and then brown/black. I think green is about two to three days, then purple, and at about three to four days the brown/black. Of course this is not exact. At about five to six days the skin blisters.

    • I looked at her site and checked out Franklin Covey, and their most respected speaker is none other than Hyram W Smith a descendent of Hyram Smith son of Joseph Smith.
      So mormon connections are there, and I had no idea that the 7 Habits for Highly Effective People was written by them.
      I might throw it away now.

    • LM, I read misspajamagirl’s blog which you have posted.
      Has she contacted Jodi’s defense team and presented them with her forensics theory?
      Too bad she did not contact them during the trial,

  32. Evidently these losers who lurk don’t have real jobs or they’re biding their time between Trekkie conventions. Not that I have anything against Sci/Fi but this whole trial seems to have been based on it. Nothing presented into evidence by the prosecution resembled anything like reality on this planet. Most notably, premeditation. Somehow Jodi morphed into this powerful all-knowing being who used mental telepathy to know she could commit this crime, uninterrupted, and then commenced to levitating 200 lbs of dead weight into incredible places. I am trying out my new gravatar!

    • Jeeze…I’m paranoid..thought a troll had you by the toe! Like the gravatar, the shades are cool. Not as cool as Meow’s but a close second.

      • Thanks Ann but no ones could be as cool as Meows but if you could see the diamonds on the side you might be more impressed! lol

        • Diamonds on the side, I’m impressed. I lost my expensive crystal studded sunglasses in some damn stream in South Dokota. I was staring at trout swimming in this beautiful clear water and they slipped of my face and went to the bottom. So some classy trout is swimming around with my nice sunglasses.

            • Pandora,
              You and Gwen are beautiful! I couldn’t see your face in the other gravatar. I’ll stick with my dog..she’s prettier than me. Maybe people will think I must look cute too if I have a cute dog. lol I don’t know if it will work…seem to be more cat lovers. I love cat too.

              • Ann, thanks. I too was between putting a picture of myself or of my dog (he is gorgeous) but I thought it would be better to show my face bc as I said I am quite new here and I would like everyone to know who Pandora is! Next week I will replace my gravatar with my dog’s pic. I am a dog person too but I love cats and all animals equil. Let’s just say I trust animals easier than I do people.

    • I’m not trying to be mean, but the Mormon religion seems like it was founded on sci-fi. That’s why it interests me, but I would never join the church. I LOVE to ask a million questions about everything. They’d excommunicate me out of sheer annoyance with my ???????’s

  33. I’m not familiar with this Montgomery guy, but whatever challenge the State wants to throw at us, bring it. It doesn’t sound like Nurmi and Willmott are willing to concede or compromise on anything and I’m not about to either.

    • It’s not the same bc they weren’t married and she wasn’t a preachers wife. But it kind of explains why a woman doesn’t want to leave a man who is big in his religious community. It sounds like they can’t even believe it bc the man teaches about God.

    • Okay we’ve all read and seen a lot of stupid things during this trial…but even if that tiny girl tried to escape where was she going to go? Out into the lawn of TA lovers? You don’t think one of the security guards would recognize her and be able to easily catch her?

      Wow…….that’s a special kind of stupid.

      • Danielle,

        You have made me laugh early in the morning on June 11. I thought similar, how far do they think she is going to get? Really. They never surprise me as to how stupid they can get.

      • That witch NG was having a coronary about this “great escape” last night. Jodi is a petite little thing and what was she going to do bust out of chambers and make a run for it. yeah I’m sure she’d get real far with the hoard of security around and all the court vultures. It really was comical watching NG lose her marbles over this possibility. Unless Jodi was Houdini I can’t see how she was going to be able to pull that one off but these HLN maniacs will toss out anything and try and make it stick.

    • Sheriff Joe says Jodi is well behaved, and the only issues has been that she needs things to draw with. One roommate attacked HER once.

      • I only knew the ‘pens’ incident.Talking about a real threat,pens,wow! (sarcasm obviously)
        I didnt know about someone attacking her,just reading this ”During the altercation the fellow inmate pushed Jodi against a wall and then kicked her, according to prison records.” made me cry. 🙁 My brain puts me in a safety mode and I think at times I forget where she truly lives.Reality is too unbearable.

  34. I, for one, was so traumatized by JM’s complete lack of manners, his disrespectful attitude and disregard for the truth, his downright combative tactics and nonsensical questioning technique that I can no longer look at a middle-aged, short male virgin without experiencing panic. Wonder if all of us suffering from PTJMSD can get a class action lawsuit?

    • Good night, I think I’m going to try to sleep too. Prayers for Jodi and for all of you and if you don’t believe just think of it as I’m sending happy thoughts your way. 🙂

  35. Defense is trying to get the death penalty off the table claiming Jodi is a few fries short of a happy meal-interesting tact for potential jury selection as public opinion seems to be that she’s psycho/sociopath.

  36. Hey all, I have been slacking here lately, just wanted to check in and say hi and hope all is well in your world as we all try to help make things right or at least better in Jodi’s world

  37. Hi SJ and Mb and family. On a previous post you were asking for ideas about perhaps making a documentary about Jodi. I have another idea. Since people are usually drawn to dramatic and titillating movies, I propose we make our own movie of the week. The Jodi Arias Story. We could make it sort of along the lines of the lifetime movie format except ours would be from Jodi’s point of view and Jodi’s story of what REALLY happened. We could show ALL the negative sides of TA, like the physical abuse and the emotional abuse, him breaking her finger, choking her out, forcing anal sex, his persuasion for little boys,and all the sordid and awful things he did to her before he died. I think if it has a great script and we have good actors lifetime or another network would probably pick it up, we could definitely get a distributor, no problem. In Hollywood there are always two movies that come out about the same story, that is quite typical, so no need to worry that Dirty little Secret has already been made. I have been trying to think of anything we could do to help Jodi and I thought it would be great to get a movie made about the sweet Jodi we see and the not so nice TA we see and have heard so much about. I am just trying to think of ways to get the publics perception to be more open about Jodi and movies are very powerful things! Love ya, Jesse xoxoxo

    • Jesse, I think it would be so great to get the real story out. I am guessing the Lifetime Story
      is on Juan’s Lovers side just from the few previews I have seen.

  38. I just read that Juror 18, the foreman, is doing an interview with an ABC station tonight. Apparently, he confirms that he voted for life AND says that more than 4 people initially voted for life. Hopefully the interview will be online in its entirety tomorrow!

    • Thanx Kira ! I really want to see that. Also, another Juror said that the foreman did NOT like Juan Martinez and thought he was offensive. I thought that was pretty interesting because I could not believe that no one else but us found JM to be a disrespectful bully! Love ya, Jesse

    • I hope a juror says something that will interrupt this trial. That would be our best hope. Overturn the verdict before the sentence

      • I think they already have! Like admitting they had their cell phones and tablets and other devices with them during the trial. There is NO WAY as KN pointed out that the jurors did not see any media about the lynch mob mentality of the trial. Also the fact that they were not sequestered will all be brought up on appeal. But you are right, let them keep talking and reveal themselves!

    • That guy is the only one I cant seem to hate-hate.Of course I hate them all.It’s just that he seems down to earth,mature and well spoken that makes me go WTF with him.Or maybe that’s just a facade and deep down he’s just as stupid as the others,otherwise he wouldnt have voted the M1 verdict.Too bad he’s greek…

  39. Hi Team Jodi. I know that MB has mentioned any ideas or suggestions to help lift Jodi’s spirits and here’s one I brought up before, but would like to update: a tribute CD or “album” for Jodi. I’m actually in the process of writing and recording a song dedicated to Jodi that is currently untitled and I’m going to be uploading a video of the song w/ audio to YouTube within the next couple of weeks. As soon as it’s finished, I will post the link to the video for you all to see it. In the meantime, I’d like to suggest those of you on here who are musically inclined, even just a little bit, to contribute original songs to comprise a “tribute album” in honor of Jodi. Short of a concert for Jodi, this is the next best thing. I also had an idea for the cover. How about making a collage out of all of Jodi’s artwork? I even thought of a title: “Evolver”. It would be both an homage to The Beatles “Revolver” album which has a similar collage and it would also symbolize Jodi’s evolution as a person, evolving. Of course, it could always be another title. I just like the idea of using Jodi’s pics, photos, art as a collage for the cover. What do you think?

    • JM I wish I could sing. I did play the guitar years ago but haven’t picked it up in some
      time now. Never could sing though. I bet there is some talent on this page though
      somewhere. Sounds wonderful to me 🙂

  40. Good morning everyone!
    Have an amazing day.
    Sending my ((((((((((hugs))))))))))) to all and a special one to Jodi ((((((((((((((JODI))))))))))))))))

    • Pandora,
      I just read above about how you wanted to use a different word instead of horrible but couldn’t because you couldn’t spell it. LOL that is so funny.I do that sometimes too. Even with the little red lines I cant get the word even spelled close enough for the computer to understand what I mean. LOL

  41. Cindy,
    Hey sweetie I am still here for now. Just not liking all the back and forth that goes on and the bashing between JAII and the pro TA sites. I just don’t get it. No matter how much back and forth and he said she said there are two very different views of one very SAD case. I just don’t like all the hate and the GOTCHA games. I am here to support Jodi Arias not to fight or degrade others and I saw a lot of that and had to take a step back for awhile to think about what is the best way for me to proceed . And how I can best help Jodi and her family.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers and for thinking of me while I have been gone.

    • Thanks BeeGee2. Yup it pretty much sums it up!!!! To date I see nothing being done. The trial should have been stopped in it tracts when all this started happening. I still think that there were jurors who feared for there lives and that of their family’s.

    • Well the Judge would be one more to collect I guess…

      It’s surely inconceivable that she wasn’t threatened ( however favorable to Martinez she may have been ).

      Whether that will come out I don’t know.

    • Intimidation comes in many forms and so I would add Flores and Horn to your list.

      When a prosecutor goes to a detective or ME and says “here’s what I’m going to have you change your testimony to” he stands a great risk. The risk is that he’s suborning perjury, and at least in the case of the detective from a member of law enforcement. When he does this he must know for certain sur that these folks are not going to turn him in, or just refuse. But a lot of prosecutors do it and get away with it. And the reason the police and ME do it is because of either peer pressure or job security.

      In either case the prosecutor knows which people he ca get to do this, and why and in fact the threat of loss of peer esteem or employment, when used to get someone to acquiesce to wrong doing is a form of intimidation.

      • I would say that if the Medical Examiner, went intentionally along with a request by the Prosecutor to change his testimony, there is great risk to his medical license. I do not think in the long run he could/can get away with such behavior. If in fact he has done so, he will eventually be caught. I was never sure why the Prosecution did not call in their own expert witness, unless they did have the autopsy reviewed and their expert had the same opinion.

        • Another important issue is that Medical Examiners do not report to the Office of the District Attorney. The Medical Examiner could care less what Juan Martinez or Bill Montgomery thinks or wants .They are part of the County Health Department. I think it is so very unlikely that the Medical Examiner would fuse in an unethical way with Martinez. Any errors or mistakes he may have made are by far more likely to be his own.

  42. Good Morning everyone.

    Morning Music this fine Tuesday is inspired by Jennifer’s post above.

    In particular the words of the fourth verse.

    It’s the same story the crow told me; it’s the only one he knows.
    Like the morning sun you come and like the wind you go.
    Ain’t no time to hate, barely time to wait,
    Whoa-oh what I want to know, where does the time go.

  43. Its strange how a matter that should be of great concern to all of us from a civic point of view has become a slug-fest between two sides, that sometimes seem to be missing the big picture.

    The simple fact of the matter is that as citizens of this country we have an unalienable right to expect any fellow citizen to not be deprived of their life or liberty on anything less than proof, beyond a reasonable doubt, of their guilt in the crime for which they are charged.

    It doesn’t matter what they may say, or do about anything else. If the State, charges them with a crime, then it should, in a cold and dispassionate manner be able to prove, to beyond a reasonable doubt, that that person committed that crime. And the State, and its citizens should not have to resort to various and sundry shennanigans to lock the person away, including smearing those who stand up to defend that person.

    And amongst all of our various arguments and discussions on this page, or on others, the one thing I have never seen any pro-prosecution person show is an argument against why we claim that reasonable doubt exists in the states case.

    There are two aspects to this story (as opposed to this case). The first part of the story consists of the lives and characters of the two players (Jodi and TA). The second part of the story deals with the events leading up to and on June 4, 2008. While there may be some explanation as to the cause of the events in peoples character, the proof required to convict someone of M1 resides purely in the events of June 4, 2008. In fact anything that happened after that date is irrelevant to the proof required. So while there may be a backstory, the CASE itself resides on the proof, if any, of what happened on that day.

    So whether you personally like or dislike TA or Jodi, in as far as the law is concerned it doesn’t matter.

    So when I see people come in here and bash Jodi, and all the folks who post on this page, I am somewhat perplexed. What does any of that have anything to do with whether or not she committed murder in the first degree? If they want to argue the case – I’ll be the first one to take on all level headed arguments. If they want to get into a slug fest about peoples characters – leave me out.

    Similarly the past lives of TA’s family or the police, judge, or DA don’t matter. What does matter are their actions in trial of this case.

    So my question to all the pro-TA folks is this – Would you like to be judged for any alleged crime in a trial that was presented with evidence as flimsy as, and run under the public pressure that was brought to bear on this case?

    And to the pro-Jodi folks – If someone was to do you harm, whether in a justified or unjustifiable manner – would you want them to bring out all the nastiness associated with old uncle Fred who got the clap because he couldn’t keep away from the ladies of the night (and remember we all have a seedy Uncle Fred somewhere in our families) ?

    And to those who come in here and post nasty stuff I ask why? There are a bunch of folks on this page who are discussing what they feel. I don’t know how your posting nastiness on this page will affect the outcome of anything. I don’t know how many of these folks go post nasty stuff on pages that are pro TA. I know I never have, nor will I ever. So regardless of what you may think of us on this page – we’re here having a conversation. I’m sure we would welcome discussions in a cordial manner. I know not everyone here agrees about everything. What does the crudity and vulgarity buy you?

    • Thank you Al for posting this. You are right!!!! I said a few days ago that I could care less what Travis siblings did in their past life. It is it has nothing to do with this case.

      I know I have said a few things that I am not proud of at times of great distress (jm) I also have never cared what the other side was saying and find it perplexing that some are still going to the “other” side and then complain with what they are saying. It’s like banging your head against a wall and crying that it hurts but you keep doing it.

      Guess what, if they haven’t changed their minds yet they aren’t going to and you can talk as much as you want and it isn’t going to make a differences.

      I really am besides myself with all the hatred that this trial has brought about. We as a group are better then this……Jodi would not want this…….and isn’t that why we are here?

      That’s my two cents worth…….

        • Good Morning Music Man,
          I’m with cindy regarding the sibs, I don’t care anything about the sibs unless they are trying to screw with the justice system and outcome of this case. I haven’t posted one comment to any of the TT sites and I don’t want them coming here.

    • I tried and failed Al to have a reasonable conservation on the facts on a pro TA page. Instead I was called names and ridiculed and then banned. They have no interest in the facts. It is all emotional BS where they are convinced that all of Juan’s “evidence” is carved in stone. And here I struggle to find one bit of concrete evidence of premeditation.

      • I belong to a message board and have had the same issues. Its a general board and I’ve posted with people there for years and we had a trial thread on this case and let me tell you I saw a new side to some people I thought I knew. The vile hatred that they spouted and of course all the HLN gobblygook talking points. Oh and of course they thought that JM was so amazing and dismissed his unprofessional and unethical behavior. I always get the ‘he’s fighting for Travis excuse’. Spare me.

    • Al, well said and to the point. It amazes me how some have shown so much hatred pertaining to this case. The threats and vulgar name calling. As you stated not everyone here agrees on exactly what happened on that day, but we all stand strong on the fact that Jodi is deserving of a fair and just trial. As for me I believe it was self defense and well continue with that belief until someone can convince me differently. Again well said, and thinks for your level headiness with your post. I have always enjoyed reading them.

    • Sadly, I think there’s a bit of schadenfreude in all of us. Even the most virtuous will find a guilty twinge of pleasure at the misfortune of people we perceive to be “wrong”. As dismayed as we may be at all the hate “out there”, I think we all also have our moments of feeling ashamed of the hate we find inside of ourselves.

      I am more comfortable here than “out there”. Because, even though I am occasionally discouraged by *what*seems*to*me* to be over-indulgent vindictiveness, at least HERE I am on the same side, so to speak. I understand the outrage that drives it, because I feel it too.

      We’re all different. We each have our own reasons, our own feelings, histories, interests and issues that brought us to land on “this side”. We’ll each have our own ways of working through it all, too.

      • schadenfreude – now there’s a word I haven’t heard in a long long time.

        As a matter fact the last time was on an episode of Boston Legal – which was a hoot of a show.

    • Al-
      I have read your post a few times, to attempt to insure I am understanding your points. To that end, I must respectfully disagree on a few of your key points. While I agree that the events of that day and the State’s evidence of such did not meet the burden of first degree murder, I also belive that prior events have everything to do with whether this was first degree murder or not.

      Fact is, Travis was a violent man. I have posted the reasons we know this on many other days, so I won’t belabor the point here. However, his propensity for violence is the most critical thing that I looked at when disecting the defense. It clearly provided all the reasonalbe doubt necessary for an acquittal based on self defense. TA’s previous behavior created a situation whereby Jodi believed she needed to defend herself, just as anyone else in the same situation would have done.

      I also believe that the siblings behavior and prior criminal records, do in fact play a role in this verdict and entire situation. The siblings interjected themselves into this trial, far beyond what “normal” victim’s families do. They have been instrumental in starting and maintaining witness intimidation via social media. Tanisha started the ball rolling to have people intimidate Ms. Laviolette via the internet. Additionally, I think we would be missing a large piece of the picture if we ignored prior criminal activity, as the best predictor of future and current behavior, is past behavior. This family, in cahoots with the so called “friends” ,did everything possible to taint a jury who was not sequestered, by flooding social media and television tabloid media with all sorts of sordid and untrue statements about Jodi, and untrue statements about Travis being a Saint. Unless someone can convince me that the Jury did not see any coverage on their varied electronic devices, I will remain firmin my belief that the family’s “campaign” fully effected the verdict. Additionally, witness intimidation is in fact a crime. That crime had an effect on the outcome of the trial and should be prosecuted. That alone should give the Court of Appeals plenty to work with.

      • Hmm, I have to say I’m with you on that, just how TA became TA is important to the dynamics of the relationship and the continual need for the public to play that dynamic out. It’s a staggering reflection on everything and it is still ongoing.
        It’s a dialectical argument, and needs shades of grey.
        TA’s propensity for violence and his own sexual abuse factor very significantly into the scenario because it provides past fact evidence, which if argued successfully could be potentially very meaningful. The family and their habits paint a picture of extreme dysfunction, so TA must similarly be as dysfunctional. He needs to be seen as the dysfunctional one not her. His dysfunction caused hers. She is alleged to have changed since meeting Travis.
        The general traditionalist public side with general laws and general science which is based in positivism.
        Positivism is inherently gender and power biased, but is used by psychologists to obtain objectivity as a science, so self-reflexivity is missing and therefore as unreliable as Ms Demarte herself.
        So analysis in my mind requires a self-reflexive methodology. Demarte used only one methodology. MsLaV employed the many methodologies of softer science which is why it is so rejected, the public wants hard science. But looking at this case even the hard science is dubious too, no-one is clear about what happened, not even the science.
        There are still many unanswered questions. But we can pretty sure of history as stated by the victim himself, and we without a doubt know why abused children become abusers, so I believe it to be very significant evidence, but not of the scene, but definitely of the scenario.

        • Fred-
          Good to have another Social Worker here, who clearly like me,has spent many years in the “trenches” working in the Child welfare field. It is so clear that this tragedy has it’s roots in abuse and neglect that happened years ago. I have often thought that Travis and his siblings are “the children ” I worked with and protected. How sad it is that they never had the interventions they needed. I wish his siblings would get the help now,not only to deal with the loss of their sibling, but their ongoing issues related to their own abuse and neglect as children,as well.

          • Hello TR nice to meet a fellow social worker from the relentless trenches of misery.
            The dysfunction is easily spotted, and we could both be reasonably sure of behaviours, how many times have we seen it?

      • TR

        Just finished work so finally got around to responding.

        You said:

        “Fact is, Travis was a violent man. I have posted the reasons we know this on many other days, so I won’t belabor the point here. However, his propensity for violence is the most critical thing that I looked at when disecting the defense.”

        But I had said

        “The second part of the story deals with the events leading up to and on June 4, 2008. While there may be some explanation as to the cause of the events in peoples character, the proof required to convict someone of M1 resides purely in the events of June 4, 2008. ”

        So while past actions on TA’s part may add plausibility to the self-defense story what the prosecutor needs to show, beyond a reasonable doubt is what actually happened on that day. The defense doesn’t have to show anything. Let me give ou a disconnected hypothetical –

        Assume there’s a guy who beats his wife. Now assume one day his wife is found beaten to death. Obviously suspicion falls on this guy – after all he is known to beat his wife. However what the prosecution needs to do is show, with proof beyond a reasonable doubt, that on that day he beat his wife causing her death. So the fact that he beat his wife in the past has nothing to do with whether or not it can be shown that on the day she died he beat her to death. That’s the point I was trying to make. So it doesn’t matter what TA did in the past, or what Jodi did in the past, whether she manipulated him, or seduced him, or stalked him. What the state must show, to prove premeditated murder, is that on June 4, 2008 she killed TA with intention and malice aforethought. And they have to do that regardless of what the defense says or does.

        You said:

        “I also believe that the siblings behavior and prior criminal records, do in fact play a role in this verdict and entire situation. The siblings interjected themselves into this trial, far beyond what “normal” victim’s families do. They have been instrumental in starting and maintaining witness intimidation via social media.”

        I said

        “Similarly the past lives of TA’s family or the police, judge, or DA don’t matter. What does matter are their actions in trial of this case.”

        So actually we tend to agree that in as far as their actions to intimidate witnesses etc go, those are improper. The same holds for any misconduct that might have been committed on the parts of any officials. However, any of their personal behavior is only material in as far as any such misconduct is concerned. What happened in the past, if it has nothing to do with their conduct during the trial doesn’t matter to the trial. It may be that as people we may not find someone savory – but I’m just not really hung up on casting stones at peoples past conducts – that’s just a personal thing with me. Obviously other people may have a different opinion and they are entitled to it. As Voltaire said – I may not agree with their opinion but I will fight for their right to have it and express it.

        As I have said often before, I’m sort of a legal junky, so to me this case holds interest from a legalistic point of view. Again, from what I saw, I don’t believe the prosecutor met his burden of proof. However, there were 12 people on this jury, who for whatever reason felt he had met that standard. Again we disagree, but they had a say in the matter – I didn’t.

        I also feel that a number of errors were made by both the state (and their witnesses) and the defense (and their witnesses). Again, I won’t get to be the judge of that – it’ll be in the hands of various and sundry appeals courts and we shall see what happens. I hope someone, somewhere sees it the way I do – because I sure would not want myself, or my family or friends, or really anyone to be convicted on the basis of a trial as shoddy as this one.

        What a lot of people don’t seem to get is that we have these laws and rules about how trials are supposed to be conducted not to protect the guilty, but to actually protect the innocent. So it really shouldn’t matter what one’s opinion of Jodi is, or Travis is, or whatever (I guess I can understand immediate friends and family being upset and howling for blood). But the general citizenry and the press should always complain about trials that are less than fair, or where verdicts are shaped by the media or public outcry, or where witnesses and attorneys are threatened, etc. Because if we don’t do that then one day, God forbid, it could be you or someone you love in that dock, being hounded for something you may not have done. Read the interviews with those who have been through such trials only to be later exonerated. That is why it is so important that we not stand for the kind of stuff that went on here.

        • Al-
          I do think we agree on most issues here. If this trial had been conducted properly and the burden had actually been on the Prosecution, then you are absolutely correct that the past behavior wouldn’t have played as much of a part. I couldn’t agree more with your last paragraph. It frightens me that this sham of a trial could happen anywhere, now that this precedence has been set.

          • Me too, we just view it from differing perspectives one as important as the other.
            De-constructing from varied viewpoints is constructive input each feeds the other.

  44. Great tune Fred, thanks. Now out to cut my grass. The damn stuff just keeps on growing and growing………………. sigh.

  45. I read the wiki about the hallow point bullets in grandpas guns but that the weight of the Travis bullet was more than a hollow point. Thus meaning Jodi would have had to buy new bullets.

    Can anyone tell me if this was raised in court? If not – WHY NOT?

    • I think to understanding why the defense didn’t argue this is perhaps Martinez’ closing argument…

      “She brought the gun. If she didn’t bring the gun, and it was Mr. Alexander’s, then you have a burglary and that implicates felony murder, because she came and she took his gun. If what she’s saying is she that stole his gun, did she have his permission to take that gun? According to her it was his gun. If she took his gun, then that’s a burglary and if during the burglary somebody dies, ie stealing the gun then that’s premeditated murder….”

      Did he mean to say “felony murder” here?

      • The whole case in evidence terms is screwed up beyond all recognition.

        (1) Walmart return : once the return is found, the whole gas can theory goes up in smoke.
        (2) The gun theft in Yreka : is nothing to do with the case.
        (3) Everything up to where Jodi lost her memory went exactly as she said.
        (4) After that, she was defending herself.

        But how do we know all this before we even look at the physical evidence?
        The answer is that Jodi is NOT A WITCH, because WITCHES DO NOT EXIST.