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Check out the latest tweets (and a re-tweet) posted on Jodi’s Twitter account overnight:

Jodi Arias latest twitter messages, 8-6-2013

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And this is an interesting tweet I’m including from Michael Kiefer’s account. It relates to the State v Trent C Benson case, the specifics of which you can find on page 12 (#43) of this PDF document

Michael Kiefer tweet



Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Team Jodi

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  1. There should be a facebook page”Nancy Grace we hate your head and everything in it”. Glad to hear Jodi’s up for another shot at a movie, except this one would have the truth in it, just like I said. Just need to get the right people involved.

  2. Happy Wednesday my lovely cyber family! Hope everybody is enjoying their summer.

    Regarding Michael Kiefer’s tweet about the Maricopa’s sheriff’s office arresting the psycho who is called ‘Arias fan’ . Firstly, there are NO fans. We are supporters! Jodi isn’t a superstar, she is a woman that was a domestic violence victim. A woman that is recieving the most horrible punishment just because she defended herself. So, saying that, the psycho does not have anything to do with true supporters. We do not applaud violent acts.

    As for Jodi’s attorneys and witnesses, non of them were protected by the law and nobody was arrested for harassing and threatening them because they support and defend Jodi and we know how ‘loved’ Jodi is by most people. The injustice and circus continues to act even outside the courtroom. It’s a shame that all authorities that COULD and SHOULD be fair to all American citizens, choose to look the other way and continue to be selective about who they want to protect.

    ((((((((Jodi supporters))))))))

    • Happy Wednesday to you too! The reason no one was arrested is then they would have to admit that the death threats and harassment happened……not good for the states case, they will just ignore it and hope no one will notice. But in the end it can only help Jodi.

      ((((((((((((((JUSTICE FOR JODI))))))))))))))))

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • well said Pandora!

      It is frustrating when people refuse to see all the reasons we support Jodi and instead think we are some sort of sick groupies or something.

      (((((Jodi family, including those who have not posted in a while)))))

    • Yep, I agree, we’re supporters of Jodi.
      That guy is mentally unstable. He actually made it all worse for Jodi – now some uninformed people will start blaming some of his evil plans on Jodi.

  3. Glad that Jodi now has a book club on the internet!
    It’s good that she’s doing her best not to let this nerve-racking trial experience get her down.
    I recently read “to kill a mocking bird” too, an awesome read! Only I didn’t have to read it in HS.
    And I share her sentiment about Nancy DisGrace. Nancy is the spawn of evil.

  4. I know we are supposed to ignore what’s going on with the other side but I received this in my Jodi Arias google alert this morning. Contrary to most bloggers who just spew hate, this person (in addition to spewing hate) systematically lays out their thinking processes to counter our (apparently ignorant) thinking processes. While it’s extremely annoying to read, it provides great insight into what we are up against:

    • So sorry…I must have broken a rule. Didn’t mean to…just thought we could glean something useful from studying this person’s reasoning. So is it posting links in general or just links to the hater sites? Thanks for all you do to keep us safe and sane.

    • RB in AZ,
      Each day I read stories about contrary opinions on food,music,politics,art etc., every single day. What I find is people are passionate about being contrary, no matter what the subject. Exercising free speech has become a sport. Anonymity is like some superhero cape. I read that stuff, here’s my take. He got his girlfriend to act out the part of Jodi in the bathroom. Why act out the scene if you weren’t skeptical, of the prosecution’s STORY (LIES)?. This writer’s skepticism betrayed him. He needed to stay the companies(prosecution) line, but he didn’t he strayed, which means he wasn’t sure. Armor chinks that’s what he’s got, Armor chinks that he’s stuck with. I’m NO writer, that’s for sure, or I’d care about my last sentence ending in a proposition. But if I was SO righteous I spent hours spewing my righteousness in MY blog, I’d at least have the self-respect to sign my real name. At least Geebee2 has the self respect and courage to tell you his real name.

      • Thanks for your insights, johnm. I agree with you about the blogger. I also believe he is a strong representative of many out there. They have to twist their brains around like pretzels (and go through elaborate re-enactments) to get the answer they’ve already decided is the truth (confirmational bias: see wikipedia).

        (And you appear to be a good writer. If I try to end every sentence without using a preposition my writing sounds very stuck-up.)

        • RB in AZ,
          Everyone knows your heart is in the right place! We’re here for Jodi! I understand your curiosity, I was curious after your post. It’s like JVM Nancy all over again. The problem they will never be able to shake is their adoration of the prosecution. Hope they don’t find them selves on the wrong end of sherrif joe’s 120 degree tent and green bologna sandwiches! I don’t know how you do it RB, I’d be movin’ to Sante Fe with all the stuff that goes down in AZ.

          • Yes, it’s that adoration of a bully that scares me the most. I believe there are whole groups of people out there who believe that he who shouts the loudest is the winner. I’ve mentioned before that I experience two types of people in this world. There are those whom I call the “dancers” who want to move in unison with you, trying not to trip you or step on your toes. Then there are the “game players” who can “play” like they are dancing with you but are really figuring out how they can best win “the game” by any means possible. Martinez and his adoring fans are all game players where being the winner is important above all else.

      • It’s easy for the pro-pros to post under their real names, because they aren’t threatening the status quo. They’re part of the prevailing opinion so they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs, or having their family or friends shun them for what they think.

        Being a Jodi supporter, well that’s another story isn’t it. We’re the ones who are routinely stalked, harassed, and threatened because we choose to question the pervasive lies and distortions of the media and their mindless lynch mob followers.

        So yeah, good on him if he posts under his real name. IMO posting blathering BS under one’s real name is a far cry from self-respect; especially at the cost of a battered woman who is already down and out and who has been persecuted by the media. How BRAVE he must be, to shit on someone everyone else has already shit on. He’s just taking his turn, isn’t he, and he doesn’t even have to worry about whether there’s evidence to back up his claims. Read-repeat HLN and voila – instant keyboard jockey.

        We have people at this site who choose to remain anonymous for many reasons. A big reason is personal safety. A lot of our posters are abuse survivors that don’t want their psycho exes knowing their name or location. Some of our posters just don’t want to be stalked by haters who may want to steal their identity or do worse to “punish” someone for posting an opinion they don’t agree with.

        With all the media coverage of the so-called “Arias fans” threatening news anchors; I find it offensive that the media and the authorities aren’t concerned with the harassment, abuse, and stalking done to the defense, the defense witnesses, the family, and to us.

        • MB,
          No the pro-pro guy didn’t blog under his real name. I wasn’t saying that posting anonymously was lack of self respect. I was saying that blogging anonymously showed a lack of self respect. We are mostly anonymous here, for obvious reasons. But we anonymous contributors don’t dictate the agenda. His blog was a one person diatribe.
          I had the feeling I wouldn’t convey my thoughts clearly enough to others.
          That blog was not a forum. It was a pro-pro blog that had an anonymous creator. My comment was that that person was in a continual commentary that was critical of us and Jodi and spent hours in a diatribe and was anonymous. The difference with here is that it’s not YOU or SJ writing your convictions and everyone else just reads and that’s it, we contribute or stay silent or leave. I only used Geebee2 as an example of being courageous enough to stand up for Jodi while allowing everyone to know his real name. That is different from the blogger who dictates the agenda, gives all the commentary and is anomymous.

  5. I wholeheartedly agree with my good friend Pandora ♥

    We are not Jodi’s fans or groupies, people who cheer about Travis’ killing (or anybody’s for that matter) or who condone acts of violence. This is HLN’s and the haters’ spin on the facts to make us all look demented because objectivity is what they lack. If they were objective and HLN was preoccupied with real journalism and sharing both sides of the story, they would report on all different opinions out there. The media would talk about that guy’s arrest as an isolated incident of a mentally ill person who has nothing to do with the rest of us, supporters. Surely, this case has instigated a lot of passionate and frequently extreme behaviour on both sides but it would take a very sick person to think and try to carry out such a disturbing plan. As we have said countless times so far, we simply support and stand by a woman who was abused by her boyfriend (and yes,a boyfriend whose behaviour we despise) and whose trial was far from what due process is all about.

    It is indeed ironic and unfair that this incident was widely covered when Jodi’s own family members,her attorneys, her defense witnesses and YES some of her supporters were victims of equally unsettling threats just because they DARED to raise their voices against the popular public opinion; another proof that minorities are still being stifled by what the world views as ‘the right thing to do or say’ . Unfortunately, life is never just black and white, there are always two sides on every coin.

    As for Nancy Grace, I am happy that Jodi even through her tweeting is able to stand her ground. The propaganda against her was of massive proportions and that vile movie was just the cherry on top. I hope some day, an objective and fierceless producer will be interested to set the record straight and give voice to Jodi’s untold (outside the court of Law) story. After all, it is the public opinion’s right to make an informed and not a brainwashed decision!

    For the time being, we should all be grateful for and proud of each other because Jodi never fails to mention in all her letters and communications how she appreciates her supporters’ help, whether they send her books, magazines, money or simply write to her. I am sure you will all here agree that she is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people ever.

    As Jennifer so eloquently said :
    “People are far better than their very worst deed. And Jodi Arias is a far better person than her very worst deed”

    ((((((((((( TEAM JODI)))))))))))))

    Justice FOR JODI ♥ ♥

    • Great post, Maria. I agree with Pan’s post too. We are not “fans.” To call us that is to trivialize our position, not that I am surprised because our position was never given equal weight to begin with.

      I have yet to see anyone here post that they identify with Jodi just because she stabbed Travis. No, we identify with Jodi because Jodi is a battered woman. The fact that she stabbed Travis was never the point. When I say that Jodi is a kind, thoughtful, and compassionate soul; they twist it to accuse me of believing she’s perfect too. Perfection was never the point either. They just don’t get it do they.

    • (((((((((Maria & MB)))))))))))) ♥

      Unfortunately, anything we post, comment on, tweet, etc. will always be twisted around into making us look like a group of fanatic followers. It is sad that haters refuse to ‘see’ the essence of our believes. We have made it crystal clear so many times and yet they choose to continue to not understand what it is we support.

      So, I will say it once again – I never get tired of saying it – WE SUPPORT JODI ARIAS BECAUSE SHE WAS A VICTIM OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SHE ACTED UPON SELF DEFENCE. SELF DEFENCE IS NOT A CRIME!!! ~ What don’t they get???

  6. Hello everyone! It’s been a couple of weeks, but I recently had a medical issue come up which has limited my time being in front of a computer. I’ve needed rest along with medicine and today is the best I’ve felt in two weeks.

    I think that it’s great to see Jodi tweeting and I hope that she gets my postcards soon. I’ll let you know if and when I get a letter again from her. And for those of you who read my blog, I apologize for the delay, but I’ll be getting back to posting on there again tonight. 🙂

    As always, thank you all for what you do and keep fighting the good fight because we are going to win!

  7. Glad Jeff is feeling better. Has anyone else tried to sign the petition that Dale said he started at We The People site for Jodie? I couldn’t find it.

  8. I so enjoy Jodi’s quick wit and loving, compassionate personality! i just can’t imagine the person I love undertaking those horrendous unthinkable acts (does anyone else think about this at all – I have a hard time with this sometimes to be honest).


  9. Good evening all!

    I’ve been super busy – helping my parents flip a house.
    Its been exhausting.
    I have still been reading all of your amazing posts, but feel too brain dead to post myself.

    Just wanted to make sure you all knew I was still here.
    I cant read .pdf’s on my personal computer, so I will need to read that tomorrow.
    I’m very curious to read the document about the Trent C Benson case.

    I hope you all are well.
    And that Jodi is being as productive as she can during this lull – being productive would distract me.
    I hope Jodi knows we are always looking foward – supporting her along the way.

    Goodnight my dear friends.
    – M.

    • Hi M!

      A lot of us have not had time to post much this summer…illnesses, travel, all kinds of things.


      ((((all previous posters who are MIA and busy))))


      • Hello dear BeeCee!
        I hope you are well and things have been good for you.
        I’m glad to see you being so active lately, I always enjoy your posts!
        Anything new with you?

        I’m sure once August 26th comes around there will be a lot more activity going on here.

        I just really feel brain dead by the end of the day.
        I feel as if I dont have much to contribute to the conversations; many a time it seems as though most of you take the words right out of my mouth – its funny.
        Regardless, I felt as if I should drop a post and say I miss you all.
        And to send some good vibes Jodi’s way.

        And I must say, I totally agree with many of you saying that we are not “Jodi Fans”.
        As if we’re a bunch of tweens crying and hyperventilating when Jodi gets on stage?
        To judge us and belittle us for supporting a survivor of domestic abuse is outrageous and quite frankly completely hypocritical.
        I suppose we’re all just a force that cannot be ignored, be that a good thing or a bad thing, maybe someone is hearing us.

        • well truthfully M, I don’t feel I have contributed much lately. LOL. Too busy with life problems, but hey!

          I just try to drop in and say hi once in a while.

          I think we will have more to talk about when there starts to be something going on with jodi’s case. As much as I hate listening to martinez, I bet Jodi wants to get the show on the road. Talk about a dumbass, slow, POS court system…

          Hopefully I will soon have time to contribute in task related ways.

    • (((((((( M. ))))))

      Dont you ever say you feel you dont have anything to contribute to the conversations. This is our home, remember? It’s not a competition of who is th wittiest or the quickest in addressing an issue. If I am still here with all my typos, grammar mistakes and time difference hey so can you LOL LOL !! !

      August 26th is just around the corner and we all want to see you here posting. I won’t take No for an answer. 🙂

      • Oh our dear maria!
        You are always so positive, I love it.

        No worries about competition; I just dont want to bore anyone with my repetitive ramblings TOO often. 🙂

        I hope to have lots to say during the up coming court date.
        As BeeCee said, I’m sure we want this show on the road just as much as Jodi.
        Hopefully we can see some progress…but with this court system, its hard telling.

  10. I agree with many people here. We are not Jodi’s fans because she is not a superstar. We are supporters of the abused woman. Jodi is not perfect, so am I. Her love for TA was blind and self -destructive. The best thing she could do is to understand that he was a jerk and an abuser. She had to stop letting him treat her like a used piece of toilet paper and never go to Arizona any more. We don’t support her because she went to Arizona and stabbed TA, we support her because she was abused by the perverted man and didn’t receive a fair trial.

    • Martinez strikes again.
      If it was up to Martinez, self defense would be stricken from the law. He would leave only first degree murder for all homicides, justifiable or not.
      Martinez is such a heartless inconsiderate thug.

  11. Good afternoon my cyber family! Just got in from work, a little early even. Checked the mail and there was a letter from Jodi!!!! what a treat. She seems to be doing ok said she’s been staying “super busy” that’s a good thing I guess, keeps her mind off of everything. I gave her my cell phone # she said that the phones there won’t let her call cell phones collect. Oh well at least she tried. On the postcard I sent for her b-day I told her that I wanted to bake her a birthday cake with a hack saw in it, she really got a kick out of that. At least I got her to smile if only for a little while.

    ((((((((((CYBER FAMILY))))))))))))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

    • (((((((((( Ray)))))))))))

      I’m so so so happy that you have received a letter from our ((((((JODI)))))
      And the hack saw?? LOL! I’m sure you made her smile.

      She said (through her family) that she is taking some time to concentrate on her case,well I hope she does. Although let’s pray this doesnt mean a plea deal with no appeal rights…

  12. I was just checking some things on the Jodie Arias sites and ran across a wonderful article by Michael Vlkov.. . JDSupra Washington DC
    It was listed as The Jodie Arias Trial: Justice Runs Amok . I emailed him to see if by chance he might know something to do to help Jodie. I can only hope. You guys should check it out. He explains all of the injustices done by Judge Stephens. Interesting. . .Its nice to know others are noticing what we have all along!

  13. Although this Michael Volkov thought Jodie guilty at the time he wrote the article he maybe would check into the injustices done by the Judge. AND if he dug deeper into the facts he would see how innocent our Jodie is!!

  14. But then again he might just be another hater . . .who knows. I’m for freedom for Jodie there has to be someone somewhere who can help her!!!!! Back to praying.

    • Thanks for the reference, R. Love. I read most of the article and was elated to see his list of Judge Stephen’s incompetencies but then began to cringe when I got to his adamant attitude about Jodi’s guilt. I had to stop reading for the sake of my mental well-being. The man would make me very nervous if we were ever to try to elicit his help. I too hope someone is paying attention who has the power to do something.

      • I really got excited too fast. So much for my speed reading. . .ugh! But he brought up so many good points of incompetence with Judge Stephens. It was definitely not a fair trial. Jodie was fighting for her life and still is! There are so many HATERS out there. My heart goes out to Jodie and her family. They all need help for sure. Maybe there is another well-known attorney who will be brave enough to HELP!!!

        • This was a big step though. At least we have the legal vocabulary for many of the judges incompetence. I haven’t read the article. I will need to be in the right state of mind to rationally see their reasoning. Which, following Martinez’s reasoning is pathetic and he is all lies. But do any other attorneys have other reasoning? There has to be an attorney who can see what Jodi’s story is about.

          • Lizards at law, should be sworn in, so as to preclude, testifying, by, the sleaziness of their questions; which amount to presumptions of their soap operas, to, prejudice the rights of an accused. Asking, loaded questions, is counter to, a search for truth. Yes or no answers, are far from an oath, to tell the truth, the whole truth, so help your law god….and, violate the oath, the court and their toadies at law, conspire, to twist, into, non answers; of, yes, or, no…….. Slanderous questions, maeant to influence jury Sheeple, should be met with, a motion for a mistrial…. Even crooked prosecutors, have taken an oath, as have braindead judges….which, of course they perjure, on a regular basis…. Snidely…Edgrrr….

      • Ugh, I asked for the link up thread but reading here that the writer is another pro-Pros person umm.I think I’ll pass…

        And R.Love, honey. Not trying to be a pain in the ass but it’s ”Jodi” without an ‘e’ LOL 🙂
        (Not scolding you, just needed to get it off my chest)

  15. It occurs to me that a very interesting piece of evidence is the fact that the camera ends up on the floor to be kicked around. How did it get there if Jodi didn’t drop it as she said? Did she stop to place it on the floor before she attacked him? That makes little sense. I suppose it’s possible but the more logical answer is that she dropped it.

    • I think she dropped it. The defense attorneys told this in the court. Anyway, the chaotic images of the ceiling prove that the camera fell down on the floor. And this fact proves that Jodi was attacked. She would have put it somewhere if she was the attacker.

      • Yes the camera images were key evidence providing the timing of events. The camera made it down the hall a ways (I never understood how) when that shot was taken of Jodi dragging the body while she was in her fog. The fog lasted a long time, through the drive out of AZ, etc, which means she must have been very traumatized, poor Jodi!


          • Yes for sure rb. I was just thinking the image appears to be of Jodi moving the body after the neck wound, and it makes sense the neck wound was inflicted in front of the closet in br (not sure what else could have made that big blood stain over there?). I probably watched way too much of that trial 🙂 but just trying to piece it together!


        • Another person, took pictures; note where Jodis foot, was, in relation, to the camera, taking pictures; not, by, itself… Edgrrr…

          • There were four people, minimum, at the kill site, as evidenced by the distance, seen, between Travis, and the photographer; Jodi; the wet blood bootprint, and, the photog, and, the equal distance to the small foot in the black sock; all pictures, proven as so far distanced to the camera, and, Jodi, that, she coiuld not possibly, have been in all three places at once, either in crime, one, or, in crime two, FIVE DAYS AFTER THE KILLING,,,,,, of, the infliction of stabbings and a gunshot, that could not bleed, because, already five day dead, people don’t bleed….. Free Jodi, and, arrest them all….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

      • The chaotic photos tell a story. A story of an attack and a woman in self defense. Period.

        Think this: if she had so elaborately premeditated this as the Prosecution argues, would she have risked taking those photos AND leaving the camera BEHIND at the crime scene for God’s sake???
        They cant have it both ways, they cant accuse her of having carefully premeditated this step by step all the way to TA’s house and then letting all Hell break loose, leaving half the evidence, a handprint and a chaotic bloody crime scene behind! Please…

        • Good points Maria. 🙂 I believe if Jodi had taken that card out of the camera and thrown it into the desert with the gun, she would be free right now. The photo trail does beg so many questions for me and, if Jodi was not in a fog, I would love to ask her so many Questions! The handprint she may have left moving the body? But why a camera expert like Jodi would leave that card is a question? She did erase the images – maybe she did not know you could retrieve them from a deleted memory card? I don’t know…?



        • Ditto, Maria… and, with the X-rated, proof, of, his, errant, flip [ ped out ] side, she could have driven away, with the camera, and, the pictures, while, he was in the shower; without, any risk to herself, and, what could have been, more diabolical, than, to let his own, pictures, burn him, in, church…??? Edgar….

        • Sniffing all that gasoline for a thousand miles, while premeditating, as alleged, and, it never occurred that she could spare a gallon, to torch all the evidence…??? Why’s that…??? Edgrrr…

    • Hi RB (it is good to see you back!)

      There is a helluva lot that doesn’t make sense with the camera and photos.

      I hate being stuck in the past, but DAMN, I still can’t believe how stupid and blind the jury was!

      • (((((((((BeeCee)))))))))

        When it comes to such an obvious miscarriage of justice, I think it’s ok to be stuck in the past 😉

      • The jury was comatoasted by the spastic prostitutors, hypnonauseating tap dance… he should be required to wear a straightjacket, hereafter, to, curtail his carnival trick side show, and, mesmerization of the Manchurian Martinez Marionette Sheeple charade………. Snidely… Edgrrr…

      • Yup… there’s that magic camera, which took pictures all by itself, fell to the floor, while sweeping the lens around the room, to photo the subjects, then, gets tired, and, jumps up and into, the bed, to hide under the sheets….. and, of course, there’s the magic bullet, which, was floating around the room, above the wet blood, for five days, so as to not get its,’ tutu, wet, with blood; not landing for five days, when the blood was dried…. and, of course, a carefully planned execution, which was ignored as Jodi must have sat there, for five days, in opposition to all her, supposed, premeditation…..Snidely…. Edgrrr…..

    • If, the camera was dropped, how did it, take the picture, of, her foot, and, how did it, activate, to capture, the blurry pictures…??? Edgar…

    • That, little piece of, exculpatory, tap dancing, was, for, the laundering, to, conceal, the fact of, a third person, holding the camera, to, take a picture of Jodis’ foot, as. Sir Spazalot, deliberately, dropped, it, so, he could claim the damage, was already there, to, conceal, that, the third, party, was taking pictures, while, another, was, killing, and, or, concealing, the actual killing, by the five days later, secondary crime, to, set, Jodi, up… for, the precision, kill…… Edgar…

      • I must have missed the label, which indicated, the black sock, small foot, had, Jodi, on the other end of it, and, we should note the distance from the camera, Jodi was holding, in order to have been able to have dropped it, and, at the same time be so far away, from her photo subjects, to have done any more than, take pictures…. Edgrrr…

        • And, whatwith all the pictures, and the claim that, Jodi, was there, it must be so, that she was the camera person, and that’s why there was no picture of her… and, being the camera person, was so accused of having dropped the camera, which, would have been impossible as the photos of every subject, proves a distance from Jodi, using the camera, to, each subject, but, Jodi; including the bigfoot bootprint, in wet blood, doing the killing; otherwise, how could Jodi be taking pictures of the kill site and, blood, already, on the floor, to be stepped on, by the killer, who, while standing in wet blood, never bothered to call the police; if, not, because he, was the killer; having been identified as the only one at the party, with the horsepower with which to take out and down, Travis; the wrestler, bare knuckle fighter, kickboxer, werighing nearly a hundred pounds more, and, fighting a girl, for his life…and, why, if she wasn’t the camera person, did the magic camera, fail to take a picture, of her, if not because she was on the side of the camera, which had no lens…??? There’s a govern-mental mandate for you, that all cameras, must record, who, is taking the pictures, so the thought police and, shrinks can see what your attitude was….. Isn’t it amazing how we can follow the Gestapos lead, in growing evidence, to free, Jodi, as well as the sleaze, at law, to condemn her…. We call this, reasonable doubt; something foreign to braindead judges…..who let the three stooges confess to perjury, yet, continue prosecution under a reverse course, pack of lies….. while the bribed three million dollar “defense,” lets it slide, as if, the three stooges, suborned perjuries, all, arrived at, after seeing the big star in the east..all;, together, not once, but, nine times in sync….to, admit to falsification of the interestate kidnapping affidavit, holding an innocent person for two million dollars ransom, being complicit; day after day, for five years of, conspiratorial, concealment of exculpatory, evidence; hidden for five years, while trying to grow evidence; only to sleaze a reversal of prosecutorial format, as if, five years of their perjurial process, is meaningless…. and as if, Arizona is competent enough to try anybody…..for anything…. Where’s Obama, passing out his get out of prison free, cards…..??? …And, where is the federal superintendancy, over admitted, and recanted, perjurial process interstate kidnappings, under color of law; even with, the contradictory perjuries, all, done forwards and backwards, under oath, and, under penalty, of perjury….??? We call that, obstruction of justice , and federal complicities… law….Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  16. I still am wondering about roommates who could not smell a dead body in their house for 5 days? I believe there is more to this story. Bizarre! What kind of so-called friends did Travis have? They seemed to be around when he was making money for them. But not when he was dead in the shower? Chris Hughes and his wife gave me the creeps.

    • Napoleon the dog, was not confronted with a police lineup ofv the likely suspects, to see which one, freaked him out, as he was domnstairs, and, must have sensed, the killing, going down…… Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  17. Bless her heart. . .it just seemed like at the time it was questionable. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll read up on it. Thanks.

  18. Good morning, everyone! How are you? Thank you all very much for your concerns and kind words. A couple of weeks ago I kept feeling tingling or a “pins and needles” feeling in my left hand and going up my left forearm and elbow. Prior to that I had hurt my arm after trying to pick up boxes that were too heavy, but after packing some ice on it for a couple of days that went away. However, I was concerned with this “pins and needles” feeling which felt like when your arm or hand falls asleep except you touch it you can feel it.

    I went to the doctor last week after it kept bothering me at work on the computer. He said that I have Carpal Tunnel and prescribed an anti-inflammatory along with recommending that I wear a wrist protector while being on the computer. Since that time, it’s feeling better and I’m very seldom getting the “pins and needles” feeling. This is why my online appearances were sporadic and I apologize for not updating my blog or posting here as much, but I’ll try to make up for that now. 🙂 Have a great weekend, everyone!

  19. I would like to investigate the whole camera issue more thoroughly as I think some answers may well lie within. For one, how did it end up on the floor? We, of course, know that she dropped it but an argument I’ve heard (from those who apparently didn’t see the same trial we did) is that she did drop it but it was during the time she was stabbing him; in other words, when she attacked him she had the knife in one hand and the camera in the other. This is a bit of a stretch for me but I guess some think it’s the more likely scenario (presumably because it fits more neatly into their preconceived notion of guilt.) Another possible argument might be that she set it down somewhere (on a ledge or something?) and it got knocked onto the floor in the struggle. Does anyone know what was close to the shower where she could have laid it, someplace where it could have been knocked to the floor during a knife fight, taking into account that within 62 seconds of the shower picture the camera is taking a picture of him on the the floor bleeding. If we could possibly establish that the most reasonable explanation is that she dropped his camera then it’s truly not that much of a stretch to believe a man who goes on a five hour tirade over a perceived slight (that she didn’t get out of bed at three in the morning, possibly disturbing her grandmother, to respond to his text message) might get angry if his brand new $2000 camera hits the tile floor.

    In addition to the above camera question, I am wondering what everybody’s theory is on what precisely went down between the gunshot/tackle and him laying in the shower. One theory I have is that after she fled his grasp he got up and stumbled to the sink where he examined the damage and became that much more enraged (probably screaming obscenities at her at this point and how now he’s *really* going to kill her.) She may have come across the knife at this point (maybe he’s even chasing after her as she comes across the knife) and he suddenly finds himself wrapped around a woman with a knife gone nuts in a fight for her life (much like walking into an airplane propellor.) In such a violent and chaotic encounter there are any number of ways his throat could have got cut without Jodi intending for it to happen. As for the shower, I believe Jodi, when it finally ended, wanted very much to help Travis (as she was always trying to do) and in her mental haze (and probably with a lot of adrenalin in her system at this point) she manages to get him into the shower in an attempt to wash his wounds, only to realize it’s too late. How horrifying for her. And people don’t think that experience could cause PTSD??

    So that’s my current working theory. What’s yours?

    • According to the dictates of this soap opera… she had a gun, in one hand… a knife in her other hand… a camera, in her third hand… dragged him into the shower, with her fourth and fifth hands… rinsed him off, with her sixth hand, and made sure not to rinse off, her, seventh hand…so as to leave a bloody handprint on the wall… You can see how simpleminded, it is to believe, any of it… whatwith, all those necessary hands; like, a community, get-together; maybe all those Mormon Stepford wives, rebelled, against, the user, of,” all those good little Mormon girls…” Then, there’s the delusion that Mighty Mouse could, beat up on, the Hulk, without, shooting him first… and, the claim that the bullet was first; which, if so, then, how is it that the blood puddle had dried into a blood island, by the time the bullet shell, flew around the room, in a tutu, for four days, waiting for the blood to dry, so it wouldn’t get its’ tutu, wet…??? Why, after such a precision kill; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice; preferred method of Blood Atonement Ritual, Mormon, Killing, coincidence, did she sit there for four days while the blood dried, in order to shoot him, and, set herself up for the killing, by pecking away, with a knife; four days after the actual, crime; when she could have just driven away, in the car, with enough gasoline in cans, to get throught Arizona, undetected, whatwith, all that premeditation, and, to assure, nondetection, removed the front license plate, and, turn the rear one, upside down…??? Then, there’s the sock, foot picture, as opposed from the partially dried blood; a day after the killing, treadsole imprint, about twice as big a foot, than the one in a sock, proving that bigfoot, visited the crime scene, and, stepped into sticky blood; dry enough to hold the boot imprint; and, was either the killer, or, an accessory, after the fact; who, did not, call the police… Why not, unless he’s the person who fired the gun, and stabbed away; wounds, that never bled, because, they occurred, to set, Jodi, up for the killing, which, was four days, over… and, the heart was not working days after the actual crime… Mutilation of a corpse, is, hardly, murder; whatwith, these were two soap operas, contradicting each other, four days, apart; first, a precision kill, and, second, a feigned hysterical, mayhem, on an already dead body; setting Jodi, up; supposedly… Then, she sits there, taking four days to figure out how to set herself up, when she could have, driven away…??? I have posted five years of reasonable doubts, yet, not one was put before the jury… Why’s that..?. Read “The God Makers,” for the parallel, between the heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, sacred oath, blood atonement, suicide/murder “Eternal Soul Saving,” blood atonement and between Anderson, and, Alexander, and, find out, that this was a willing sacrifice, blood atonement ritual, and, not, a murder, at all… Read the book… Iinterrogate, the Bishop, somebody ratted, Travis, out, to… and, lie detector those suspected, of setting Jodi, up for the second crime, trying to cover the first crime… Edgrrr… Hi, Jodi… Keep the faith…

      • I have posted my thoughts about this being a BLOOD ATONEMENT. I didn’t get any responses. I watched Godmakers, and knew the injuries were extremely similar to the sick LDS ritual. This would also explain Jodi s fear for her family. It also explains why TA’s roommates lived with the corpse for 5 days. It also explains why ALL the members of the LDS church went on camera,hating on Jodi. Since the night he was discovered by MiMi. At that time,TA was NOT temple worthy. So why would MIMI want to go anywhere with him. I think she was asked to distract T.A.
        I believe he was also being followed,but not by Jodi.
        The LDS church has sooo much power. ENOUGH to pull this off.
        I also, found it strange that Deanna conveniently moved away ,right before T.A.’s death.
        Madeline..Why would Jodi change her story ,after 2long years??? That’s a long time……..

        • Let’s don’t forget the Charles Manson clone, swastika, blue prison ink, forhead, tattoo, guy, caught with, explosives, night vision, sniper rifle, trunkful, of explosives, etcetera, arrested, in California, stating, that, he was on a mission; LSD jargon; to kill someone, and, commit suicide… Who, has the horsepower to order that…??? And, why, the news blackout, about it…??? Then, there’s, the dozen, home invasions, with, gunshots, in, Mesa, while, Jodi, was being kidnapped, at law, which, she couldn’t have done, either… How many bullets, came from the same, missing .25 caliber, automatic pistol…??? Edgrrr… How many govern mental jobs sites, in this country, have been, infiltrated, by, the LDS corporation…??? August 2011, as I remember; Yreka, California, arrest… getting into a fight with a cop, with, explosives, strapped on… Check it out, if, you can find it… Edgar…. Jodis’ lack of remorse, and, attitude, is, simply, because of her, delusion, that, organized crime, and, socalled, churches, will honor the fact, that, she, “had no part, in it,” hinting, at the blood satonement ritual, as evidenced, by, dragging him into thr shower, to, rinse him off, as per, doctrine; to, save his eternal soul, Read, “The God Makers,” for Anderson, doing his stepdaughter,; submitting to blood astonement; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice,bleed out, into his grave… body washed, and, clothes, laundered… now, look at the carbon copy, Alexander, sacred ritual; hands taped into, prayer mode, heart plunged, ear to ear, throat sliced, and, his, stoned picture… blood, drained in the shower, as whoever, dragged him to the shower; all, part of the ritual, washed his body off, then, symbolically, put the bedding into the washer, as, proven by, bloody sheets, smearing the washer, which, wouldn’t have been so, had his blood atonement, not, been done, before his death throes, bleeding, from the ritual scene, into the bathroom… As the medical examiner, said, the cause of death was the heart plunge, and, the rest of it, was extraneous, theater…. Edgar…

        • Jodi, changed her story, because, of legal advice, telling her, that, domestic violence, is the only defense…. Innocense of course, is, meaningless….. Edgrrr…

    • Read , “The God Makers,” and, note, the precision kill, of Anderson, for, doing his stepdaughter, and,, compare, to, Alexander, for his perversions, to, see, that this was no less than, a blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, suicide, to, allegedly, redeem his eternal, soul… and, in both cases, death, came, with, a heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, bleed out, body rinse, clothes / bedding, laundered, and, the haphazard, stabfest, and, gunshot, were staged, to set, Jodi, up, for the sacrilege, of, the “sacred,” ritual, and, calling it a murder, so as, to conceal, retaliation, against the LSD corporate, “church,” and, only goes to show, us infidels, the purpose, of separation between, church and, state; whatwith, each, doing their dirty deeds, without, interference, from the other…” Read, the admonitions of, Brighamist Young; “is there a man, among us, who, would not, kill, his brother, to, save his, eternal, soul” … and, ” we would not, kill a man, except, out of love, to, save his, eternal, soul…” This soap opera, is the political, coverup, of the LSD, fifteen million member, voting bloc, and, the D.A. pandering, to, the socalled, church; that has no problem, with concealing, the snivelings, to the Bishop, by, those, who, were not, getting , from, Travis, what, Jodi, had no problem, with, getting, whenever, wherever, and, however; and, of course, who had, no reason, to, rat, Travis, out, to, the Bishop… Why, hasn’t the Bishop, been ordered, to, reveal, what, he’s concealig; hiding behind, “religious, ” privilege…??? Edgrrr…

      • I totally agree with you Edgar! Great post. Jodi gave the book Godmakers a bad review.. but recommend s a different LDS book. I thought this was a BLOOD ATONEMENT from the beginning. Jodi in her ” GUILTY ” state of mind… low self-esteem may have witnessed the ATONEMENT / attack.
        This doesn’t make her GUILTY of murder. I think she was trying to get him out of there,but was threatened.( possibly had her marriage ring finger broken as symbolism) She is no longer marriage material. According to the cult LDS CHURCH.
        GREAT POST !!!!
        MADELINE C.T.

        • Right you are; her statement, was, “I had no part in it…” Translated, “Travis, was ascending to planet playboy, with, all those two hundred, year old virgin angels…… lots of luck with that… It, therefore appears to me, that, she is concealing what she knows, to, protect, the LSD church, and, we can see how grateful, they are… Edgar…

        • She passed the book around, and, despite it, has continued to protect , the ritual… claiming, she shot him, first, when the blood and the brass, proves, otherwise… You’d think the Stepford Wives, would rise up, and, hire, Lorena Bobbit, to bob, that diaper load, of perverts… religion, thereass…. and, liberate, Jodi… Right, and, I have a bridge in Brooklyn, to, sell, to you…. Edgrrr…

        • The defective detective, recognized the blood atonement scene, right away, and now has a desk job…. What, then, is filling in the blanks, between, the precision ritual kill,; the Mormon lead detective, and the setup for Jodi, to deflect the LSD connection, and, the feeble pecking away with a knife, and a gunshot, that never bled, because dead bodies, don’t bleed…..Why does the detective now have a desk job…??? You may fill in the blanks… And, how is the setup, feeble pecking away, even remotely, relevant to the surgical strike, that took one minute and fifty eight seconds, to kill, with such precision…??? …Edgrrr….

    • My theory, isc that a fired up zealot, who “believed,” in Blood Osth, Blood Atonement, assisted Travis’s suicide, church ritual, to, save his eternal soul, as, corroborated by the thousand person wake, for the canonization, of Saint Travis,’s ascension to his own kingdom, with all those virgin angels…..Read the admonition of bringem to Brighamist young; “Is there a man among us who would not kill his brother, to save his eternal soul..?.” Snidely… Edgrrr…

    • Who says it ended up on the floor, when it jumped up on the bed, and, hid under the covers; likely making martial arts Travis, nuts, realizing that, Jodi, had pictures x-rated enough to cut off his supply, of, “good little Mormon girls….???” …Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  20. Whatever happened it had to be horrible for Jodi. I believe he got angry over her dropping the camera like she testified and he went after her attacking her. She was fighting for her life. Maybe someone else came in and finished the job. .who knows.(Like a jealous boyfriend or husband) Hard to believe she could have the power over him that they say she did. (i think) has a very interesting take on this whole incident. . .and I’m leaning towards her evidence. You might check it out. Very interesting. Something AWFUL happened. . .will we ever know.?. I will continue to pray for her!!!!

    • She was suspected of being the one who ratted, Travis out, to the Bishop, and, Travis got the revelation, after the X rated pictures, which, could ruin his own hype, and, cut off his supply of “good little Mormon girls.” Jodi, hid the camera in the bedding and into, the washing machine, intending to retrieve it, but, got run out ofv there by the intruders… The washer was turned on by the room mate, later…. The pictures, are not evidence against, but, proof of evidence, for… Edgrrr…

        • Proved in a court of law, you ask…??? Not necessary to prove reasonable doubt; just that such reasonable doubt is a distinct possibility, which defangs, all the venom, in this soap opera… and, precludes, the socalled absolutes, of the lynch mobsters… Edgrrr…

          • Thank you for your response. My objective in all of this is to pray that Jodi gets a fair and just trial. . .which is apparently not possible now. I found this site and was happy to find I was not the only one in the world who believed in Jodi’s innocence. Everyone on this site has Jodi’s best interests at heart. So many have thought of many ways to help and will continue on their journey to victory for Jodi.There are still wonderful people out in the world today but just they don’t show themselves to often. The Haters are reaching for every last straw. From the first day I heard of this horrible event I believed Jodi was innocent and I will continue to. There are way too many unanswered questions for me to believe she is guilty of anything but protecting herself. Not real sure were you stand but I do hope you have Jodi’s best interests at your heart and are trying to help her. I pray for Jodi everyday. Have a Good Day.

            PS FYI I did make it past the 3rd grade:)

            • No doubt, love; that you mastered the third grade, so, we’ll leave that label for those whose tiny minds are stuck there…. It’ll take more than prayer to douche, Arizona, to flush all those LSD lieyers, and, heretics of their, make believe principles; sitting on their briefs, watching this blood oath, blood atonement, “church,” assisted suicide, under the guise, of ascending Saint Travis to the happy hunting ground, with all those virgin angels…. I just can’t imagine what belief system thety stole that one from……and, how it could make sense that, Jodi, allegedly livid with jealousy, woul let herself be traded in , on all those virgins…..when it would have been more diabolical to pass all those x-rated pictures around, to dehype the gurus, delusions of grandeur……without, any risk to Jodi….. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

      • Hey there Edgar & R. Love, why don’t you come on to the latest thread (‘Yesterday’s highlights + Alyce LaViolette’s interview’) and post there! It will be much easier for all of us to participate and reply to your posts. 🙂

        • Pandora, Thnx for the invitation… these sites are too slippery, to concentrate, reasonable doubts, as the third grade Nobel laureates, have reverse engineered, this soap opera, backwards, forwards, upside down, and, inside out; then, when called, on their “we just know, Jodi, did it,” Gestapo, bootlicking, pandering, to organized crime at law, wimp out, close up shop, and, crawl back under their rocks… leaving, any possible continuity of actual brainwaves, out to lunch… Surely, someone; thought police, or, not, has compiled, all the reasonable doubts, posted in the last five years, and, counted all the Arias bias sites, hidden, to conceal, reasonable doubts, by the trainload… Feel free, to, interchange, concerns, by and between various sites, wherein, as you indicate, they’ll do the most good… those of you who better understand, computer concealments. Also, try to force the Arias bias sites to reveal, all the reasonable doubts, they, with their ulterial motives have, rejected, that did not, aid and abet, the partyline propaganda. Also, print, for all to see, what, tips and inquiries, have been concealed, by the systemic parasites, who are orchestrating this blatant, obstruction of justice; beginning with an actual definition, of “reasonable doubt.” As to the accusation that, I am guilty of “Trolling,” I have no problem, with the labels, as, trolling would not be possible, without, all the trolls; that have crawled back under their bridges… Edgar…

        • Pandora… Because, these sites… seem to travel, and, hunting for them, leads to other sites, so, it is, starting all over, to answer the same evasions… All the actual facts, should be derived, and, put in one consolidated, site, instead, of, piecemeal, crumbs, here and there… Five years, I have refuted, this soap opera, and, not, one exculpatory, proof, made it to the kangaroo Kourt, trial… Edgrrr…

            • There are fifteen million, plus, or, minus, Mormons, that could invest a penny, each, to, expose the culpability, of, the allegedly, antequated, blood oath, blood atonement, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels; two hundred years old; good, luck with that, and, thousands of lieyer, opportunistic, wolves, iin sheeples’ clothing, in the LSD “church,” who, could have admitted that, someone, took, their, doctrine and, covenant at their word, and, loved, Travis enough to, heart plunge and, ear to ear, throat slice, out of love, to, save his eternal soul… Read, Brighamist Youngs’ admonitions; “We would not, kill A MAN, EXCEPT, OUT OF LOVE, TO, SAVE HIS, ETERNAL, SOUL,” AND, “iS THERE A MAN AMONG US, WHO, WOULD NOT KILL HIS BROTHER, TO, SAVE, HIS ETERNAL SOUL???” Edgar… And, not, one, Stepford Wife, has come forward, to, expose the truth… How’s their, indolence, and, concealment, speak, for the integrity, of the “church;” letting a girl, take the rap, for, the antequated, “ethics, ” of the LSD cabal…??? Next thing you know, they’ll be claimindg that, Moses, was burning, all those, “good little Mormon girls, bushes…Not one penny of support, for Jodi, speaks, loud and clear; that, “By their deeds, and, lack, thereof, ye shall know them…” Edgrrr…

            • Bankrupt the reptilian illiterati; don’t hire a lie-yer, don’t plea “bargain,” yourself into, a bogus confession, and, choke the quasilegal braindead judge run system…. See how, marijuana, beat the lizards at law, by, going to prison, to make the parasites, eat their laws….. Take the crime does pay, extortions away from the lieyers, because, they don’t play fair….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

    • The term is “Reasonable Doubt,” not, an absolute, without doubt; that is the guilty until proven innocent, motif, of these conspiratorial, lizards at law; whose modus operandi, is extortion, intimidation, fraud, blackmail, and, obstruction of justice. The statement, long forgotten, is the explosion, that, shell shocked, Jodi, which was, the report, of a pistol explosion, as she was taking perfect pictures, until that explosion, collapsed her to the floor; as proven by the activated and, blurry pictures; since, obviously, the camera, never, activated, itself… and, was proof, again, for, Jodi; also, construed into, evidence against; when, in point of fact, was more evidence for, Jodi… Jodi, never dropped the camera, anymore than the camera, dropped, Jodi… as proven by the blurry pictures, as, activated by her; not, the viscosity of the air, while falling; allegedly, activating itself… Proof that her hands, then, got bloody, is the fact as the medical examnier said, Travis, was being deceased by the initial, stab heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, and, he and Jodi, were both on the floor; Jodi, on her hands and knees… In addition,getting her hands bloody… for proof, that these were separate crimes, is the fact that, the subsequent stabbings, and, gunshot, is the concealed “testimony,” of brass and blood… with, blood, gushing, all over the floor, the ejected bullet shell,, would have been, likewise, covered with blood, if, it was fired before the heart plunge, ear to ear blood atonement ritual, throat slash… which, the blood, already dried, left no smudge or cover of blood, on the brass, meaning that, four days plus or minus, for the blood puddle to become a blood dried island… meaning, that Olive Oyl, never overpowered, Bluto, in the first place, without, shooting him, first; ergo, this whole Alice in Wonderland, charade of a conviction, balances its’ act, upon, the capability of a 130 pound mouse, overpowering, a wrestler, weightlifting, bare knuckle, fighter, 200 plus pound, gorilla, fighting for his life… without, shooting him, first; that, the “testimony, of blood and brass, proves, she, didn’t do… So, how did this mouse, derail, the freight train…??? Truth be relevant, she did none of it, and, was framed, by the supposed hysterics, of a gunshot, and, 27 stabbings, four days, after he was already dead, while, Jodi, sat there for four days, after death, trying to decide, how best to make it look like she did it; when, with such finesse of a kill, the hysterics feigned by the actual killers, was unnecessary, and, contradicted her efforts to conceal, all that, premeditation, and, turning the license plate, upside down, to avoid detection… I dont’t remember anybody accusing her of being stoopid…. Edgrrr…

        • Jodi, told me, the socalled, defense, said, they were too busy to read, comments on the internet, which, of course, would be the same concerns, a sober, jury, would, be, concerned, with…that is, if, she, actually, had a sober, jury…and, in which, sometime, in five years, they could stoop so low, as to actually, earn, the two million dollar, bribe, the State, gave them; for, being, too, busy… Edgrrr…

        • And, yes, R. Love… the concealed, blood and, brass “testimony,” I have been, pointing out, finally, got the lizards at law, to, conceal, the lies, by which they scammed extradition, and, without, skipping a spaz, wernt off, with the new lies, in reverse, of, the old, lies… proving, how theses reptiles,’ criteria, is, ” facts, be damned, she’s guilty…” And, they have cioncealed all the ecxulpatory, evidence, they need, to keep, that, goal, in, their, feeble minds… while the “church, ” accepts, the desecration of their sacred, ritual, by, the haphazard, stabfest, and, gunshot, abuse of a corpse, as if, anybody is dumb enough to believe that, both crimes, were done by the same person, or, that, mighty mouse, overpowered, a martial arts, kick boxer, and, did such a precision kill, while he at a hundred pounds more, was, fighting for, his life…then, whatwith such, diabolics, sat there, for five days, waiting, for the blood to dry, as proven, by stabs that can’t bleed, and, a gunshot, all, setups, to make it look like only a woman, is so hysterical; contradicted, by the precision, kill… Surely, forensics, scientists, were, Egfrfrrt… overruled, by the spastic, hypnonauseating, prostitutor…

          • Maybe this will help in a retrial. Counsel that doesn’t listen to the clients should be fired! Judge Pickles has been drinking too much Martinez-ade! Jodi is in a fight for her life. It is hard to fight demons that do not reveal themselves. . . the ones hiding behind their religion or sacred businesses… I’m still waiting on the tide to turn in favor of our Jodi!!!!!

            The Truth will Prevail!!!!!! ((((((JODI))))))

        • Alexis, You’re so kind; amusing at my observation, regarding the reptilian, illiteratis,’ lizards at law… and, sadly enough, I see, LOL, everywhere, but, LAL, only, exuding, from my, middle figure, hitting, the ozone… Edgar…

        • You can, repeat after me… lizards at law…. and, count them as they slither over the fence, when, you need to sleep…. Edgar…

    • Did anybody, notice his redface doped, / stoned, look…as he knew, his agreed to blood atonement, was, coming…??? Jodi, had no part in it… Edgar…

          • Then, there’s the matter, of the PC, ritual scene, launderers, sanitizing the sacred ritual; agreed to by, Travis, and, other, secret oath, takers, so as to, morph, the mercy killing, and, self sacrifice, of, Travis, to, redeem, his eternal soul… twisting, it, into the blasphemy, of, a murder scene… Gone, is the rope; gone, is the fingerprinted, duct tape, and, concealed, are the forensics, proof, that, , hands, taped into prayer mode, proves, religion, was at work, as, concealed, by the Bishop, Travis, tried to, alibi, about his perversions… and, ozoned, is the alleged integrity, of the LDS, quasireligious, corporation… Was the thousand person, wake, not, a religious observance, of, Travis, taking his worldly punishment, like a man, accepting responsibility, as, induced, by the fantasy, that, he’ll get his own, God-dom, with, all those, virgin angels…??? How many of the thousand, actually, knew him…??? If, Jodi, did it, why with, such premeditation, didn’t she do it, while he was in the shower; instead, of, as, Sir Spazalot, with his, soap opera, claims…??? And, was there not, blood, in the bedding, as proven by, a, smear on, the washing machine, ; proving, that, he was, dispatched, according to ritual, then, morphed, into a haphazard, stabfest, charade, to set, Jodi, up, for a murder rap… Who says, Travis’s blood, was not, up next, to prove that, Jodi, was, set up, because, the bogus, crime scene, with, stabbings and a shooting, were stage props, done, five days, after the church, ritual; as evidenced, by the fact that, those, antiics, didn’t bleed, proving, they were done, long after the kill… Then, further proof, of a setup, is the dissimilarity, from a surgical kill, as opposed to the flaky, pretend, hysterics, of molesting, an already dead, person… Then the brass shell, might have been the Mormon Tabernacle band… playing hearts and flowers, for these hypocrites, because the brass, landed upon, a dried blood island, and, sustained, no wet blood smear; proving, that, being not, first, to gain an advantage, , but, now, proven, last, how is it that the spaz, holds on to the lie, that, with a hundred pounds advantage, thaty, martial arts kickboxer, was not, overpowered by mighty mouse, while, fighting for his life.. proving that days had lapsed, between crimes, as per, the time necessary for, blood puddles, to, become, blood islands; as testified, to, no doubt, pointed out, by all the forensics evidence; concealed, by these panderers, to, the shroom laced, LSD corporation, who hasn’t got the temerity, to confess, that, you, infidels, just don’t understand, that, blood atonement, is the same as the rituals, of any other, group, pulling the plug, on, goners,,,.??? Now, aided and abetted, by, organized crime, at law…. Free, Jodi, and, castrate these lizards at law, before they, breed… Edgrrr…

    • They werre obviously, both, anesthetised, to, get the ritual, done, and, that, explains, Travis’s stoned, look, and, apprehension, of, the ritual, and, also, explains, why, Jodi, had, a blackout, compartmentalized, memory…MK Ultra… LDS / LSD… what’s, the difference; that whole charade, is based upon Joseph Smith, imbibing, peyote buttons, in the woods, and, imagining, I Moron, revealing, to him, how deluded, he could be; imagining, golden plates… embezzled, from Moses, and his tablets… just, rock, while his were gold…. that entire soaop opera, is the plagiarization, of bits and pieces, of, someone elses’ doctrines, and, covenants…. assembled, as a psych puzzle….. Edgrrr…

  21. Well, just to say I’m back from my walking holiday in France, was very good, although rather demanding, we were walking up to 20km a day (over mountains) to get to the next place we were staying each day, and it was taxing, especially the day it rained all day and we went wrong, and ended up walking an extra 5 miles across a mountain to get to where we were meant to be. Plus very little 3G, and getting wifi to work was often maddening. And some pressure from wife to relax 🙂

    So, I have been tweeting madly, but not much else.

    From before I went away, here is twitter interview with Michael Kiefer

    I read one of his books, “Speaking English” on the train journey. Perhaps not a great book, but interesting and I think gives quite a lot of insight into where Michael is coming from.

  22. Personally, I have posted, dozens of reasonable doubts, yet, not one has been entered into the process. as if, the third grade Nobel laureates, can just, crawl back under their troll bridges, after yelling “FIRE,” in a crowded theater, and, retching their Gestapo, boot licking, venom… and, worse then these lynch mobsters, just being stoopid, when sneaking off , is, the fact that, they are taking the reasonable doubts, with them… as well as the folly of their simpleminded, non positions… Edgrrr… Hi, Jodi…

  23. I am strong supporter of Jodi’s and read this page for information. Why is the state of Arizona (judge, prosecutor, jail, sheriff) so hell bent against Jodi??? Is it basically political because they need looked bad for not being able to find Travis’s killer??? OR is there some other back story that they are trying to cover up????

    1. I saw a video of Travis giving a talk to a group of people and he was wearing a woman’s wig on his head. I think Jodi took the video. To me he is definitely on some drug (cocaine, speed) because his body language is so OFF.

    2. Why would Jodi speak to the police at all without a lawyer??? This has always bothered me, particularly because she was involved with prepaid legal and had to know something about protecting yourself with an attorney present.

    3. My answer to question #2 is that the fact that she did not get a lawyer was a sign was in psd state and not using good judgement.

    4. Last comment — the judge in this case seems so weak.

    • Because, these psychophants, are selling out their oaths of office, to, pander, to the, fifteen million members, voting, bloc…. Edgrrr…

    • Why….??? Because they know who did it and, why; they, demoted the Mormon, lead defective detective, who recognized the kill scene for the assisted suicide, redemption of Travis’s eternal soul…which, was not a murder at all; nor, one continual crime at all; but, a scene laundering to get the quasireligious zealots, off the hook. Read “The God Makers,” for Andersons,’ suicide; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, bleed out, body wash, clothes laundered, then, compare the medical examiners, confession; cause of death; for Alexander; heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, blood drain, body rinsed, bedding, symbolically laundered, as he was naked, and, if that isn’t enough proof, then why the appearance of pointing at the LSD cult center, mobsters, while they, think they are so far above the law, that, they, don’t need to deny the obvious; even to the arrogsncy, of holding a thousand person wake, to canonize Saint Travis, for such martyrdom…. If none of this is so, then, who removed the duct taped prayer mode, taping, of, Travis’s hands, and, where’s the tape, and, where’s the forensics that proves or disproves, by the yanked out hairs, the tape, even without, the tape, can be proven, to have existed, before scene laundering………??? Why then, in light of reasonable doubts, pointing to the LSDers, are they so far above us all, that they don’t even acknowlege, what’s pointing at them…??? …Why did the defective detective, get demoted….??? … Snidely…. Edgrrr…

  24. Answering my own questions with hypotheses:

    Back story has to do with the Mormon Church.

    1. Perhaps many employees of the State of Arizona Attorney Generals Office, Sheriff’s Department and police force are members of the Mormon church.

    2. Perhaps the Morman church has great political clout in Phoenix, all over Arizona, trailing up to Headline News. Given that the most recent presidential candidate from the Republican party was a Mormon, the Mormons have political clout on a National level.

    3. Mormons stand behind their own. They want justice for Travis Alexander and they do not want any member of the Mormon church dragged through the mud.

    4. Still seems that Jodi Arias was the perfect fall person for death of Travis Alexander and that the intensity behind the public outrage, stirred up by the media —- that the Mormon church has some unholy alliances with PrePaid Legal and the state of Arizona.

    • Carrie, You’re a genius…. The LSD corporation, is, more of a leech, than, the U.S. government, demanding, ten percent, of, fifteen million sheeples’ gross, income, returning, nothing, and, pissing it away, on, marble, mosques; along with, whatever, doctrines, and, covenants, they bastardized, from, somebody elses’ texts… as in, counterfeit, from the gitgo….and, fifteen million member, adult [allegedly ], voters, are, formidable enough, for the crooked, system, to be kissing up to… Govern mental, offices are, infested, with, fanatics, from all slithers of life… Travis, got his free pass, by, submitting, his “used up life,” to the blood atonement, ritual, as per his socalled, secret oath, of, blood atonement; trapped, between, his own devoutness, hype, and, his, scoffing at the church, that, administered his oath, as well, as, one or another, fanatic, sent him, on his way, to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin angels…as if, “virgin,” weren’t the basic inducement, to get, atoned, for… Edgar….

      • BUILDING, temples with open doors in vacation spots ,such as Hawaii.They build these beautiful places,so people on vacation, take a little tour,signing in.
        Then the cult church sends missionaries to your door,hoping to convert you. Sick!

      • How many lie-yers can the LSD corporation, buy, with such extortionary, income, and, what product do they create and sell to their brainwashed Sheeple, who, love the fleecing..if not a boatload of, barnyard residue ..??? In their center, is, the cult, whose, contradictory antics, control, the Sheeple, deluding in their “give up this life, for our pie in the sky,” ….soap opera…. Snidely…. Edgrrr…

    • More Demonic, is the correct title, for, the cult center, that has enslaved, 15 million lost souls…..Edgrrr… Good Shjeeple, duped, by hypnonauseations……

  25. Love the tweets from Jodi. But the hate from replys is just plain ridiculous wow! Ive never seen such madness and hateful people full of bitterness. Been in a few sites where they will not tolerate Jodi abuse, and some that just fill up with hate. Sad. We love Jodi. Free Jodi…

    • I hope you are all, revisiting, these past comments, so, you can add, what we know, now, which, proves, what we, wrote,, before… Edgar…

      • Edgar,

        I am revisiting these past comments and I have been trying to add what we know now, which exactly proves what we wrote before!!

        I absolutely love your posts also!!! I look forward to them every day!!! They make me laugh, Edgar!!!

        (((((JODI))))) (((((TEAM JODI)))))

        • I postcarded to Jodi, advice to pass on the penalty phase trial, complicity, which, as I wrote, would leave the Spaz, to badger his own defective ego, blowing smoke into his own mirrors, to show how ridiculous, he’d look, without, your help; that this noncase was hers to lose…. No doubt, Joes,’ jail, kept that postcard from her, as she again, got into another pissing contest, with, a skunk, and, we can see how that worked out….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

  26. Do note that the, above the law, quasireligious, govern mentals, don’t have counter arguments, because govern mentals, lie, cheat, and, vilify, the rule of law, because, their cabal proves the Sheeple love the fleecing….. Baaa… Edgrrr…

    • Yes Edgar, thank you for your never ending support of JODI and her APPEALS.

      The Sheeple love the fleecing!!!!!! Got to LOVE it! And, YES they do! PROVEN FACT!

      • My pleasure to zero in on the cares, and, intelligence of you who, inspire my thoughts, and, observations… Just remember, that, the prosecutorial format, was halted, in order to, sleaze off, in the opposdite direction, with no subsequent arrest, or, right to be confronted by the witnesses against her, because there was no subsequent arrest, to the recanted charge, as repudiated, to sustain a second noncharge, dependant uopn, facts already having been proven in need of laundering; so as to slither past the brain dead judge, and the three million dollar bribed defense…. a trial, therefore, of smoke and mirrors, and the hypnonauseating carnival act, of Sir Spazalot; ad nauseam; penguin in a tutu, dancing with the stars, audition…. Snidely… Edgrrr…

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