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Jodi Arias: Justice Denied

Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed
The Presumption of Innocence
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It is hard to fathom how so many could be so frivolously naive about the pathetic scrum patched together as valid evidence for premeditated murder or first degree murder against Jodi Arias.  It is hard to envision that supposedly half way intelligent people could be so duped.  It’s a good thing they weren’t living in the pioneer days.  They would have spent every dollar they had on the snake oil being sold off the back of covered wagons.  Or the gypsies telling their fortunes.

I’m going to keep ripping into this evidence and lampooning it until it becomes almost laughable that any open minded person would still think that the photographs and representations constituted sufficient proof.  In fact, it would have to be improved two levels to be good enough to be called bullshit.   If you could put legs on a colostomy bag, you’d have Martinez.

I’m going to address a potpourri of miscellaneous in this expose’ that will only add to the ridiculous items of so-called evidence against Jodi, that I have already shot full of holes.

But I want to start with one thing that I had puzzled myself over as I was thinking about it and then linked it to a possibility that maybe others did as well, without really giving it detective grade analysis.  It could be one small part of why so many cannot accept  the logic of her story and processed this picture in their mind as being exaggerated and likely couldn’t have happened.  Then their dumb-factor just ran away with their common sense and rejected everything else.  Or, did a domino effect and just built their disbelief of everything else about her from there.  I still think they had to have a major helping of stupid to not see through the continual mirage of abysmal offerings to the jury, as reason for conviction.  And this jury showed just how dewey-eyed stupid you can be.  Which I’ll definitely get into here again before you reach the period on my final sentence.

But this has to do with the body slam.  Jodi said she was “body slammed” by Travis.  I got to thinking, boy that just does not seem right.  Really?  I just can’t picture him picking her up and doing that in that situation outside that shower.  It could be that many had that very same thought.  But then I got to really examining it and trying to fit it together with her testimony.

I always wondered why Martinez never asked her to do a demonstration of that.  It would have been just one more thing he could have ranted and raved over, impugning her and shown how she was lying, if she was.  The four-eyed phallus mercilessly ripped her over the demo of Alexander charging her.  Pretended like he was a bull with horns charging at a red cape.  What a sarcastic  asshole.  But he never wanted this demonstration.  I thought, why?  This might have been a golden chance to trip her up.  But I had to resolve that in my mind in order to continue believing in her myself.

Body slam is a particularly precise term of art.  Most people who know that term, the mind immediately jumps to the wrestling form of it–the wrestling you see on TV.  A wrestler picks up the other wrestler and slams him to his back on the mat.  I’m positive that’s what a lot of people had to be thinking.  Interpreting Jodi as saying that Travis did that same thing to her.  Just as I did.  People just do not use that term otherwise.  But watch the video below. This is the demonstration of how a body slam is done.  Do you see anything that would be contrary to what Jodi testified to, if she was “body slammed”?

Click to play video in a new window

1-body slam

As you see, the person doing that, puts their arm between the legs of the victim, picks them up, ROTATES them, then slams them.  Now Travis for sure had the knowledge to do that because of his affinity for martial arts and UFC.  It would have been a piece of cake for him to do that.  Only he didn’t!

Jodi said he came out of the shower, picked her up and body slammed her.  But she said her head was near the tub and Travis was standing at her feet very close to her, when she rolled left to get away from him.  First of all, if he just came out of the shower, his feet would be slipping like crazy on that tile.  To do something that required that kind of balance, he would have fell himself.  But more important, her feet would have been facing away from him and he would have been looking down at her head.  That would have been the only result possible.

So now look at where the FEET of the person being thrown ends up in the video.  It’s just the OPPOSITE of the way she would have been, if that’s the way she was slammed.  When she rolled to her left, she would have rolled right “into” the tub or towards the bathtub. That wouldn’t have made any sense at all.

So why she continually kept using that term, I just don’t know.  It had to be her concept of referring to it.  But I’m CERTAIN that if she had been asked to demonstrate what happened to her, she would have shown that she was picked up with both his hands around her waist, or under her armpits.  Then raised up, tilted backward and slammed to the tile.  Just the way you’d pick up a small child.  This is when she hit her head and that would comport perfectly, putting her exactly where and how she said she landed.

That would have been super easy for Travis to lift her like that with the weight difference and do exactly that.  That would cause her head to slam very hard on the tile.  And I believe THIS is exactly what happened.   This is why Martinez didn’t want that demonstration.  He wanted the “visual” of what most people associated with a body slam to think exactly as they did.  Why Nurmi didn’t ask her, or the jury didn’t ask her to demonstrate it, it’s beyond my comprehension.  It was a subliminal thought that layed there like a big whopper exaggeration in her story in the minds of most people.  Even to me.

You can see here where the dickhead makes a big issue of exactly what I’m talking about–where her head and feet are.  And pay PARTICULAR attention to 54:28 mark.

You will see he makes exactly the motion of what you saw in the video, to make sure he planted that visual.

Click to play video in a new window

2-kermit theatrics video

This is what he wanted everyone to perceive and remember.  Now you know why.  Now you also know, she was simply “thrown” to the tile.  Not body slammed.  Which I can picture plain as day.

Now the photos…

It took brass balls the size of Neptune to bring those photos into a courtroom and parade them as the nucleus for a case of murder against Jodi Arias.  These photos –and especially the second one–were the equivalent of something you would get if you took photos of yourself in one of those carnival attractions that have a maze of mirrors that stretch and distort you into hallucinatory  shapes.  Try to take a photo of the way you look in one of those mirrors and put it on your passport.  See if they let you board the plane.

It’s like the Ghost Hunters television series, that see illusions of shapes and fog and mist, that they morph into beings that have “crossed over.”  It’s like holograms that make you think you see things that aren’t there.  This was the case.  If those pictures are refuted, the case is vanquished.  It was diabolical and yet this bunch of clod farmers accepted them as a dead Alexander, and a 120 pound girl pulling a 200 pound mass of solid weight.  I just wanted to bang my head against the wall.

The photo first snapped by the supernatural powers camera had always bothered me, and this has now been well documented by us, as to why.  Some of what I’ll re-explain will be repeat of what we know refutes the fact that he’s dead in the photo.   But I want to give a complete picture for those who haven’t, who may read here.

What is being depicted in the photo with the famous blue striped pants should have been ridiculed into oblivion, because the lame contention of the prosecution had so many flaws.

3-blue pants

Even the damn medical examiner who did the autopsy didn’t even know what the blue in the foreground was until Jennifer pointed it out to him, that it was likely a pants leg with blue jeans.  Then he finally said “oh yeah.”  Just with that alone, this is held out as good evidence?  But it gets absurd from there.

This is what the photo was supposed to depict in the wildest straining of imagination of the Mexican putz…

4-simulated dragging

So remember, the prosecution is stating all but unequivocally, that his throat has already been cut here, and this picture implies her dragging him.  Now there is no face on this photo, so there is NOTHING that can emphatically guarantee to an absolute certainty, that this is even her.  A top lawyer would put the prosecution through the wringer just with that.  Again, tell them to photograph some blue pants you brought in to the Department of Motor vehicles and use that for your drivers license photo.  See if they give you a license.  It’s that absurd.  But for the purposes here, we’re going to assume it is her.

So get on the floor yourself.  Lay in the position as Travis is pictured in the photo, with your shoulders only about six inches from the floor.  In this photo the guy is wearing a boot, but Jodi was allegedly wearing socks.  For sure we can’t see nobody’s hands either because the photo is cut off at the top.  So we have no idea what was happening with anybody’s hands.

But it’s also clear that Travis’s right arm is indisputably raised and almost perpendicular to the floor.  It’s not resting on the floor.  Nobody can dispute that.  That could only mean one of two things:  either Jodi had to be holding it up, or Travis had to be holding it up himself through his own motor responses.  If he was, that picture is already debunked.  He’d have to be alive to do that.

But keep your arm in that position.  Now see if the person imitating dragging you, CAN drag you with your arm almost straight up.  It’s almost impossible.  It would have to be at a much greater angle “backward.”  She couldn’t be dragging him in the position that arm is shown.  But that’s not the most moronic part for devastating this photo.

Look at the foot now in the black stocking.  If jerk-wad is implying that this is her dragging him, he certainly has to be implying that this is her RIGHT foot, and as she would be positioned behind him.  To claim this could be her left foot, and she is dragging him, would be utterly insane.  She would be at a 45 degree angle facing “away” from him if that was the case.

So have your partner look at their right foot.  Do their toes curve in the same way as what you see in this photo?  Where is the big toe?  Isn’t it on the left?  I certainly hope so.  But yet it’s just the OPPOSITE of what appears in this picture.  The only thing that could comport with the curvature of the toes in this picture is if this WAS the left foot.  She would have to have one of the most deformed feet in human anatomy otherwise.

Giving every benefit of the doubt there is ONE other possibility–and only one–that could still make this her right foot.  That is, if she was starting to partially KNEEL and her toes were curled “under.”  But now look at the photo again–how would the pants still remain in that position doing that?  No way.  Not only that, this would TOTALLY annihilate any theory that she’s dragging him.  How the hell could she be dragging him if she’s kneeling or starting to kneel on her right knee?  This photo is totally shot to shit for any theory of her dragging him.  Nobody’s dragging anybody.

But his arm being straight in the air isn’t the only thing that shoots this lame prosecution photo theory full of holes.  His head we know certainly was almost decapitated.  Nothing was holding the neck intact anymore except the two inches of skin still uncut at the back of his neck, containing the spinal cord.  The spinal cord structure could actually be seen through the wound with his head as positioned in the autopsy photo.

So again, look at the angle he’s laying and what you should be duplicating with your shoulders just slightly off the floor.  Now if his throat had already been cut, what is holding his head from flopping BACK?  There’s no way his head could be in the alignment that is shown in this picture.  He’s at least at a 45 degree angle the way he’s laying.  Nothing would be holding his neck in the front anymore.  Sheer gravity would cause it to tilt back and we would at LEAST be seeing some of his forehead–if not some of his face.

You can see in the photo the pants leg is not supporting his head.  There’s a space there.  His head would have to do what laws of gravity require.  And just the three or four inch gap that is shown in the autopsy photo, would have been more than enough to insure you would see some of his forehead.  So oh oh jurors of mind numbing proportions of fatuity, guess what?  His throat was just as intact as yours was in that photo.

So where was the blood coming from?  I’ll tell you.  The only thing we know for sure is that it is cascading down from the right side.  We can’t tell anything more than that because the photo is black in the relevant area we would need to see, and we know it can’t be his neck.  But what we also know is that he was shot above the right eyebrow.  This bullet wound would have bled a GREAT deal immediately.  Anyone who doesn’t think so needs to listen to this, as much as I detest this guy.  But even he has to admit it.

Click to play video in a new window


This blood would flow in perfect alignment down the side of his face, neck and over the back of his shoulder exactly the way the blood is shown in the photo.  There is also a gash behind his right ear that we could assume might be there at the time of this photo.  But also, look at this…

Click to view full size image in a new window


At least three of the back wounds are in the precise alignment of the blood flow.  You don’t think THAT would account for blood on his back?  What other color would the blood from those wounds be, white? These would absolutely corroborate certainty for EXACTLY where the blood is flowing.  We therefore have at least 3 different sources to account for what the POS prosecutor told you was blood from his neck.

Now let me give you the rip-roaring laugh of the entire four months.  Everything had to be linked in that photo to keep the illusion alive that Alexander was in a “dragging” position.  So Schmuck actually told the jury that the little “protrusion” on the right was Alexander’s foot ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Well let’s just look at this a little closer then and compare it with a simulated photo…

7-dragging simulation

This is what Martinez hoped to God and planned, that the brain devoid jury would perceive was happening in that photo.  Ignore the fact that the woman in the simulated photo is holding up the wrong arm.  But look where her foot is, and look where the “foot” of Travis is supposed to be.  Travis’s foot would be almost under his shoulder.  But that ain’t all… roflmao.

I’ll show you what it REALLY is now, under his shoulder.  Look at this…

Click to view full size image in a new window

8-tiny foot

If this had been magnified and shown to the jury alone as I have done right here, Martinez would have been a laughing stock all over the world.  This was blood on the tile.

And if you don’t think blood will do that, here is additional proof that irrefutably shows you blood will commonly form these patterns of little circles, that everybody was duped into thinking was an opening between Travis’s toes…

9-blood pooling

So we know at least five things:

*-    1.  He wasn’t dead.
*-    2.  Jodi wasn’t dragging him.
*-    3.  It’s impossible to say it’s Jodi in that photo.
*-    4.  There is absolutely nothing that defines remotely in what part of the bathroom this photo was snapped.
*-    5.  Travis did not have the throat wound when this photo was taken.

So, so much for this totally ‘worthless’ mirage.  It never did–and never had– proved jack shit.

Now the second photo…


Oh boy, I can’t even find the adjectives to describe how delusional this one is.  This one should have been virtually cremated by Nurmi and Willmott.

Items of evidence have to stand on their own independently if they are voracious corroboration of a truth.  I would challenge anybody to show this photo to 50,000 people who never heard or saw anything about this trial.  If one of them said that what is shown in that photo, looks to them like a guy being dragged by a girl with his throat cut, and he has blood running down his back, I’ll eat my car.  This is the most lame proffer of evidence I think I’ve ever seen by any attorney anywhere.  Talk about seeing Casper The Ghost apparitions.  This is worse than the worst fake of someone hoping they could make everybody believe, that they photographed a UFO.

I don’t believe anyone has ever ripped into this one, so it’s going to be my pleasure to blow some minds of the believers…

Click to view full size image in a new window

25-baseboard pic

This “CONFIRMS” Jodi dragging Travis?

I challenge ANYBODY to show me, where is a foot or a leg that would HAVE to be captured by the camera at this angle?  There is nothing but space–not even a shadow.  The Invisible Hulk could not be that far away and still be dragging somebody.  There isn’t diddly squat that supports even the vaguest idea of what is in this picture.

In fact, under greater magnification there even appears to be a very apparent white object in the upper left corner resembling a toilet.  And if you stretch your imagination far enough to actually think you can see Travis’s arm or neck, why would, what would HAVE to represent his back, be so dark and his arm light colored?  Is he two-tone, like an old 1960 Impala?

Click to view full size image in a new window

26-dragging enlarged

This whole photo is another insulting farce and it should have been lambasted that Jodi or no part of her lower anatomy is visible, which would be impossible if she was holding his arms.  And to take this as compelling evidence that this is Travis being dragged, you should stop taking drugs.

There is s-o-o easily devastated and just made into a shambles, when realizing that this is supposed to represent PROOF beyond every standard of maybe, or possible, or convincing.  It’s literally a joke.  In other posts, I took on issue after issue, showing the perjury, the distortion, the coverups, the fabrications, the doctoring of evidence.  But here’s more:

Clever demo to fool you that she couldn’t have stepped on the shelf…

11-shelf demo bs

She didn’t step the way that asshole is pushing down on the shelf.  Of course the shelf would tip if you stepped up on it the way he’s pushing it.  She only needed a few inches.  She stepped in the very corner of the FIRST shelf at an ANGLE over the supporting pin!

Here you can see the shelves weren’t even 7 feet high or 84 inches, with a space of about a foot between the top of the wall unit and the ceiling…

12-closet measurement

Jodi was five and half feet tall, which is 66 inches.  Subtracting about a foot to get the height only  to her shoulder, this would be about 54 inches.  Extending her arm, would approximate probably another two and half feet.  This makes her reaching ability without stepping on anything ALREADY 84 inches–give or take an inch or so.  So she’s already able to reach the top of the wall unit.  All she did was “propel” herself upward to get the few extra inches so that her hand could “feel” for the gun. The propelling movement for that split second didn’t even result in weight on the board.  The shelf would not have tipped whatsoever.  It was duplicated by many who tried it.

Here you can see that the only place where shoes are lined up to the edge of the shelf are on the “left” side of the wall unit.  Where the GUN is -and on the surfaces of the two shelves she would have used to propel herself up to get the gun–there is nothing but a rolled up towel on each shelf.  And now that I have magnified the image and pointed it out, you can see that there is a DEFINITE indentation on the right side over the pin.  This is the exact area where she would have stepped.

Click to view full size image in a new window

13-closet 2

So what was all that jaw-jacking that it was impossible for her to have stepped there, because the shelves were lined with his possessions right to the edge, and everything was lined up so “neat” that it would have moved something.  Easy answer.   How about I take bullshit again, for a thousand Alex.

That shelf-tipping demonstration made it look like the way she stepped on the shelf, would be like how she would step up to get on the back of a pickup truck.  It was deceitful and not what she did at all.  It was a total fraud!   Why wasn’t this shown to the twelve polishing their fingernails?

Continuing to tromp through the foul-smelling tulip garden of corruption and deception– the car was a huge issue.  From the color of it, to the place she rented it, to the time she rented it, to the gas tank size, even how many miles it gets to the gallon.  But all of sudden when it gets to Alexander’s house, it takes on a Twilight Zone phenomenon and becomes invisible.  Two roommates going in and out every few hours do not even make the slightest MENTION that there was a white Ford Focus in the driveway–let alone one missing a license plate.  Why not Flores?  Oh, it was parked on the street?

Well, lets take a look at that street…

14-street view

In fact better yet, let’s take a drive all around his house with this gentleman so you can get a REAL good look…

Click to play video in a new window

15-street video

Are you going to tell me huge trees were cut down that were there that day?  And she had all kinds of cover to leave the car there the entire day, and then surreptitiously come back out in broad daylight to put the license plate back on?  Again, with nobody seeing ANYTHING?

Subdivision builders and HOA management companies have regulations that govern where trees and foliage can be planted to maintain the manicured uniform appearance of the development, and for safety issues.  You can see all the trees are inset from the sidewalk in this photo.  The trees would not have been nearly as tall that afternoon as they are shown here.  And this would be a better place to park than in his driveway?  Please.  It would have been more insane to park on the street.  And she didn’t!   Why didn’t you mention the car roommates?  Too busy trying to figure out YOUR story?

A door is locked that is always usually open, laundry is done on days where it would have been impossible to miss a big shiny black camera almost freaking you out, the stairway is blocked but never had been prior to that, as Napoleon had run of the house.

Enrique thinks Zach moved the furniture back, Zach thinks it must have been Enrique, the house has people going in and out of it like the London Tube during rush hour, and nobody sees anything.   Enrique sees Travis on the day he’s supposedly already dead.  Not only that, he had a definite EVENT as a reference point to tie it to, in his memory.  He said it was the night him and his girlfriend went to TEMPLE.  How is it, he doesn’t know what day he went to church?

At the same time, his girlfriend sees a ring on the kitchen counter that Travis always wore.  Enrique sees Travis on the phone conducting a conference call–and the same one Travis told him was SCHEDULED–again, after he’s supposed to be laying dead in the shower.   How could he be conducting a conference call if he had already gone to the Mormon Temple in the sky?   Why would Enrique make such a s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c  statement?  It wasn’t like Jodi, who had to remember the smallest details from FOUR YEARS  ago.  The interviews of these two were taken shortly after the event.  On two different days!  Yet stories were so convoluted, even Columbo would have been shaking his head.

The cold fact is, if Travis was shot and he wasn’t debilitated to the point of where he had to just let himself be stabbed over and over and over, then the fact that he was the AGGRESSOR is infinitely possible.  If he was the initiator, then by extrapolation his killing was because of the actions Jodi had as options.  Either she could let herself be choked, beat to hell–or whether intentionally or not–she could have been the one having the autopsy.

Just the fact that they had to change the gunshot to last should tell you all you need to know.  And if you don’t think Horn lied, you need to read my expose’ on him.  But not only did he lie, how the hell would he know what the result is of someone being shot with a .25acp?  He does autopsies on DEAD people.  He has no qualifications whatsoever to testify as to ballistic forensics.  The internet is full of stories detailing those who survived being shot with this caliber gun. I’m talking TOTALLY survived.

Travis didn’t have to be mobile to go to Cancun and back.  He would only have had to survive for a minute to attack Jodi. Nobody is going to say that if someone is shot in the head with a 44 magnum, they’ll be surviving.  But this joke-of-a gun?  This is called a “mouse” gun for a reason.  The one constant repeated comment that almost everybody agrees with about the .25acp, is that’ it’s better than nothing.

Here are a couple examples of real-life recounts of .25 acp results culled from testimonials:


“I did films on a lot of people who tried to kill themselves by shooting themselves in the head. In the usual “muzzle against head above ear” or slightly forward of that, the .22 LR was frequently fatal. The .25 was almost never fatal. In one case a .25 ACP bullet lodged in the skull but it broke up and bits of lead got nearly to the mid-line. The boy recovered with some impediments but was going to college the last time I heard.

In another case that I read about in a police journal, a doctor from Alaska was visiting a fellow physician in Seattle. He went to a movie one night and was mugged afterward. He thought the perpetrator had beaten him about the head with a “sap” and took his billfold when he fell to the ground. He got up and returned to his friends home, cleaned himself up a little and fell asleep. The next day his friend examined him and sent him to x-ray for skull films because he was suffering from a bad headache. What they found were 9 .25 slugs embedded in his skull.

In my opinion a .25 may serve, sort of, as a deterrent because any gun will scare someone. On the other hand, it may give you unreal confidence.”


Another one:

We had a case here locally, where a rather “locally well known” ladies man, then in his 60’s and “still getting attention” chose the wrong girlfriend to cheat on, and she shot him in the head, behind the ear, with a .25 while he lay sleeping. At the ER, they removed the slug from under his skin, where his skull had stopped it, and sent him home with a band-aid and Tylenol.


When I worked as a hospital orderly in the 1970’s we had a black guy with a big afro come into the ER. He had been shot center of the forehead with a .25 auto.  The bullet pierced the skin and traveled around to the back of his head between the scalp and the skull. There was a slight fracture of the skull at the POI. The ER doc determined that he needed to clean out the bullet path and remove the small lump from the back of his head. The fun began when my partner told him that we were going to have to shave off the afro. He said “You ain’t shaving my ‘fro.” In the spirit of compromise we offered to only shave off half of it. It took the ER cop to calm him down.”


And this is precisely what can happen with that bullet.  People do not have the concept of how small this projectile is.  It’s small and when it hits something as hard as a curved skull, the metal fragments,  and what is described above is what can result.  Pinch the skin on your forehead above your eye and you will see all the “space” there is for fragments to travel around between the skull and the skin.  The X-ray of Alexander’s skull shows a fragment right next to the bullet entry, so we know without a doubt this is what happened.  You notice this bullet was never passed around to the jury.

Here is Horn’s lunatic version.  And we know from his own report, that he contradicts what he wrote when he was notating exactly what he was seeing during the autopsy.

Click to view full size image in a new window


This is how far into la la land he went to try to cover his ass, and to keep the Arias death march operation from falling apart.  He says the bullet went into the brain, but then had to CHANGE DIRECTION to come back out.  In other words, it penetrates the skull and goes into the frontal lobe of the brain–which now in any medical journal of science known to man–the bullet has to now be in a substance which is the consistency of jello.  The brain texture is almost like tofu.

Forensic pathologists often suspend the brain in a solution containing formaldehyde for two weeks or longer, just so that it will firm up and can be sectioned or sliced.  So what the fuck is it Horn, that makes that bullet T-U-R-N ?  You’re telling me the hard skull doesn’t make it ricochet–that it penetrates.  But now when it’s in matter the consistency of butter, it suddenly decides it has to turn 160 degrees?  We’re talking planet earth?  You’re the best Arizona has to offer?

Why doesn’t it just continue further into the brain until all the energy is dissipated?  There’s nothing STOPPING it now!  Instead it reverses direction?  I’m telling you, those jurors should have been water-boarded to not figure out this simple lunacy.

And here’s how small this bullet is:


To put this into perspective there are 25 millimeters to an inch.

But wait there’s more.

He also said that Alexander had “bled out” from having his throat slit at the end of hall.  And make no mistake Martinez said he went only from the sink after getting out of the shower, and stumbled down the hall.  He didn’t give any detail at all about Alexander being stabbed anywhere other than in the shower and at the sink, when she was stabbing his back.  Alexander is “desperately” trying to get away from her we’re told.

So at this point the major bleeding wound had not occurred yet.  It’s only after the throat slashing that he bleeds out.  And this is  according to the new and “improved” theory, changed after 4 years.  Of course, tying in to the new pablum that she had to have shot him at the sink after dragging him back, because there was no blood in the bullet track when he did the autopsy lol.  Oh really?

Well where did this blood come from then Horn?

18-blood bathroom

Sure looks to me like he would have had some blood left, because nothing you or the sewer dwelling Mexican said accounts for it in your trumped up version.  Unless I’m blind, it looks there’s even more blood here, than there is where the carpet meets the tile.

Also what about the pool of blood that the bullet was “supposedly” found in?  That’s more blood that isn’t accounted for.  It certainly can’t be blood from Jodi shooting him.  Because according to you, Travis didn’t have any.  He had bled out.  So why didn’t we hear chapter and verse of where this blood in front of the closet came from and how it got there?  Could it be that it was all…uhm… what’s that word for it again…oh yeah, bullshit?  That he was shot last?

And how we were inundated with that killing him for the 3rd time him with the gunshot at the sink.  Where was that stated as cause of death in the autopsy report Horn?  I thought it was only sharp force injuries.  How can he be killed by a cause you never said killed him?

Why is it Martinez kept saying he was shot in the “temple”?   I guess the Hollywood cane signer thinks this is where the bullet went in.  No wonder he can’t understand the theory of how Jodi shot Travis.

19-head pic

Another out and out bald-faced lie.  But “temple” makes it more graphic doesn’t it.  Because that’s where many people shoot themselves when they commit suicide.  But facts are only important if you’re ethical.  Martinez wouldn’t know ethics from Ex-lax.

Where were the forensic entomology references in your report Horn?  No bugs, insects, flies, larvae–nothing?  After 5 fucking days?  Flies would discover that body in a matter of hours. The intestinal bacteria would produce all kinds of entomological breeding grounds.  Where was the estimated time of death?  Do you just ignore that and make up your own pathologist procedural guidelines for autopsies?  Or do you just consider the time of death being whatever fits in according to the plan to kill Jodi.  What did you put on the death certificate for time of death–we don’t know, but it was the day Jodi was there?

Now I’m going to show you another example of how one of the sleaziest bottom-of-the-deck scams was pulled off with the bullet CASING…


Do you see anything that should have been questioned about this bullet cartridge?

We were told it is was a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e proof that Jodi couldn’t have shot Travis when she said because there was no blood on the bullet cartridge.  If she had shot him first,  naturally blood would have positively been noticeable on the casing.  The State’s witness Connor was asked so dramatically after zooming in on the picture of the casing, “do you see any staining on that casing”?  As if this was to be so-o-o damning of exactly what they wanted to have the jury believe.

Click to play video in a new window

21-bullet blood

Well I got news for ya, the fact that there is no s-t-aining on the top of that casing doesn’t tell us squat.  Are we to conclusively believe that blood would land precisely on this little casing if it was by the toilet, by the tub, by the south sink, by the closet, by the scales?  What does that casing do, attract blood like a magnet?  It’s not like this bullet cartridge was two feet square.

There is absolutely going to be blood on it with all the evidence that much of the floor was completely clean and totally free of blood?  How does blood get on that little tube if it’s laying where there is no blood on the floor? Blood lands just on this little tube, but not a speck on the floor.  It’s not like the floor was a  “lake” of blood.  Or that it would be impossible for blood not to have spattered on it, if the casing ejected in the area she said she fired the gun

And even if it did “land” in blood and exactly where it was found, there is not one SCINTILLA of proof that it couldn’t have been kicked there.  That casing could have been in five different places or more- in that bathroom–before it ended up by the sink in that little puddle of blood.  If there was a battle going on, feet could have been kicking it everywhere.

You played so innocent that you’re completely honoring your oath and looking for nothing but the truth.  So cocky showing a close up of the cartridge and having orgasmic elation that it didn’t appear to have blood on the top.

Well, I got a question for YOU grease-ball…

Why is it there was no photo taken of the BOTTOM of that cartridge?  Huh?  Why wasn’t there a magnified photo showing us the red staining on the bottom?  It’s the fucking UNDERSIDE–not the top– that would tell us conclusively whether or not that casing was in blood, when it was wet. If there was blood on the bottom, we have CONCLUSIVE proof it had been sitting in blood   The top doesn’t tell us shit.

Certainly when the casing was collected, there would be red staining on the bottom of it, if it was laying in that pool of blood.   How could you tell us blood would be visible on the top, but blood on the bottom wouldn’t show?   Connor said she examined it so closely, she even noted what was written on the “head-stamp” of the bullet–“25 win auto.”  But strangely no photograph whatsoever of positively the most crucial view of that casing.

You’re telling me the bottom would look exactly like the top if it plopped there in a pool of fresh blood?  The bottom wouldn’t be more likely to have blood if it was SITTING in it?   And not only that grease-ball.  You said it “stuck” there, when the blood was wet.  Well if it “stuck” there, when the casing was removed, there would be an “impression” there too, in that blood where the casing was sitting.   Because the blood would have coagulated all around it as it dried.  Where’s that photo?

I’ll tell you why you couldn’t photograph it and show the bottom.  It’s because the blood may have very well already been DRY before the casing ever landed there!  It never landed there when the blood was wet, so the bottom wouldn’t HAVE blood.   Otherwise you would have pee’d your pants showing it to the jury.  Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows it.  Just like you didn’t pass the bullet around.

Again, it was like the magician who saws the woman in half.  Is the woman really in two pieces?  Not hardly.  It was misdirection, power of suggestion and a colossally thick-headed jury.

I have already shown in my earlier detailed post why the bullet couldn’t even have landed at the sink in that blood pool if she had shot him there, after dragging him back down the hallway.  To begin with, it wasn’t possible.  Now you see the rest of the story.  I’ve just shown you this whole bullet casing tripe from beginning to end, was totally concocted and a pure grade A con job.  She shot him where and how she said she shot him.  And it was FIRST, not last!

I also FINALLY found a photo I had been looking for, showing the full length view of the shower, with the door.  I don’t know if this picture was ever shown by the courtroom TV feed camera…


I had been saying the opening was 4 feet.  The opening is not even close to 4 feet.  It may not even be THREE feet with the door on.  Now let’s get real here.  It would be a difficult job for two GUYS to put that 200+ pound body in that enclosure.  This is not even including the adding difficulty if the head was almost severed, because that would present it’s own major additional problem.  You not only have the height of Travis, you have to consider the WIDTH.  He was not a thin guy.  Look how he’s doubled up there.  So you’ve got the height and you’ve got the thickness of the body mass from front to back.

The door would absolutely have complicated things too because you couldn’t help banging into it if you were trying to maneuver around there, with this very heavy weight.  Any half normal thinking person could see that this would be a hell of a job to put his body through that opening.  Some were so stupendously harebrained, that they believe this is where Jodi took HER shower!  What?

Where the hell would she stand?

What I possibly also suspected, is that the plastic glass could have fallen on him from up above.  And sure enough, you can see that there ARE shelf supports where it looks like something is precariously leaning forward in that photo.  The glass could have very well been up there.  And banging into those side walls could have very easily caused it to fall, because there is NO way, you could get him in there without stepping in that shower at some point.  You would have to lift that weight, and it’s ridiculous to say a one hundred twenty pound girl could do that.

This is supposed to also represent that this body is five days old.  Bodies that have been deceased that long, almost certainly have more putrefaction than this.  Although there is some, this does not look to me like authoritarians on stages of body decomposition describe it.  Except for some slight greenish and black discoloration, it looks almost normal.  Something just isn’t right.

And if you can talk yourself into saying yeah, it’s perfectly reasonable to me that she could do that, you’re lying to yourself.  “MAYBE” if she had two hours, somehow she could have managed it.  And if she spent her time working on nothing but that.  But she would have had to be Wonder Woman with the supernatural powers to freeze time.  Because…


*-    1.    She had to drag him the rest of the way from the hallway where the last mystery photo snapped…
*-    2.    Stopped at the sink to shoot him….
*-    3.    Now continues dragging him toward the shower…
*-    4.    She ALL ALONE stuffs him through that little opening…
*-    5.    She gets a glass, washes him, supposedly to erase traces of her DNA…
*-    6.    Gets all the sheets and bedding off the bed, takes them to washer…
*-    7.    Puts knife or knives in the dishwasher…
*-    7.    Gets the camera, tries to delete only SELECT photos–doesn’t take the memory card instead–puts it in the washer…
*-    8.    Makes an attempt to haphazardly “clean” around the bathroom area.  But apparently doesn’t see the shiny gold bullet casing…
*-    9.    Does something with water on the carpet at the end of the tile, apparently more “cleaning”…
*-    10.  Cleans up herself and showers or washes all the blood off of her, somewhere in the house…
*-    11.  Puts on clean clothes, shoes…
*-    12.  Apparently may have polished the bannister  (Zach said it felt “slick”)…
*-    13.  Puts the doggy gate across the stairs…
*-    14.  Gets out the door to the driveway or wherever, with nobody seeing her…
*-    15.  Puts on her license plate upside down –with nobody seeing her…
*-    16.  Drives away…

All in possibly LESS than 30 minutes.  Or 45 minutes AT…. THE…. MOST.

If you think that’s a very realistic scenario, YOU are an Oscar Award winning,  nut basket!

I want to also add this photo:  Amazing things sometimes happen when you add magnification.

Click to view full size image in a new window

23-foot imp pic

Now, I’m not speculating or propounding what may be illustrated in this photo, because I’m not like the jag-off who would put a girl to death with nothing but lies and evidence manipulation and evidence tampering and evidence withholding and evidence doctoring.  And then pose for his paparazzi like the smart-Alec degenerate he is.

But there are certainly foot impressions in that photo that appear to be made by more than one person.  And by a larger foot than the size of Jodi’s foot.  Very coincidentally also, the one on the left looks somewhat comparable to the one in the hall corridor by the corner of the closet door, that no one seems to want to talk about in the “fair” trial.

And last but not least, I would certainly be remiss in this long blistering excoriation if I didn’t include the blonde gavel-wielding joke who has turned motions supported by case-law into a shambles, and a mountain of reversible error appellate issues.  The only thing that exceeds her incompetence as a judge is the number of sidebars.  Let me just leave you with this example of how “unbiased” she is:

Pay particular attention to what she does at the 2:34 :18 mark…

Click to play video in a new window


I have prepared this clobbering collage of information tearing apart the lies, misdirection and coverup, because I want to change minds.  My hope is that someone like Jose Baez, who was a regular commentator on the HLN diatribes always refuting what the shrieking yaks were trying to spin, will start to realize the voluminous extent of extraordinary wrongs that were perpetrated, and take up the cause for Jodi Arias.

I brainstormed the testimony and put each factor of testimony under a microscope, cross checking it with the evidence and using the high standard of PROOF required in a criminal courtroom, not emotion or things that would be more appropriate on a Alfred Hitchcock marathon.

What we’re conveniently forgetting here is facts about Travis.  This was no Barney Fife or Urkel we’re talking about. Travis had a Goddamned punching bag in his living room. He was into UFC fighting and he was 200 pounds. She was 120 pounds.  Jodi no more had planned to murder Travis Alexander than Oscar Pistorius planned to murder Reeva Steenkamp.

I almost want to bang my head against the wall that there was so much emphasis put on the wrong things, and experts that could have blew the case wide open were not retained with the financial equivalent funds of the State, that they had to spend.  A blood spatter expert,  a medical pathologist, an investigator could have been invaluable.  Why didn’t the photo visual expert that developed the eyeball photo do an intense examination of the dragging photos?  It would have been a piece of cake with the equipment they had.

Why wasn’t there a request for the jury to go to the crime scene?  They could have seen those shelves.  They could have got a perspective of the bathroom size and the hallway and the closet.  The most intelligent approach as a defendant in a criminal case, is not to set off on your own tangent.  It’s to take the prosecution’s case and put holes in it–especially a weak CIRCUMSTANTIAL case.  Domestic violence testimony wouldn’t show how she shot him first.  A blood spatter expert had a gold mine of information there that COULD have shown it–virtually devastated the whole prosecution case.  Psychological testing wouldn’t show how a girl of her size could do what it would take one or two men to do.

There is definitely someone who needs to go to prison who is sitting in that courtroom every day in Phoenix.  But it isn’t the one at the defense table.  It’s the ones at the fucking prosecution table!

These Maricopa goons are bottom feeder slime.  Martinez is a latent Napoleonic paparazzi seeking egotist.  This is another Maricopa version of an ISIS trial.  Another replay of the Debra Milke case that was PROVEN to be based on an Arizona detective’s perjured testimony by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals after 22 years and a research team digging for 10,000 hours nonstop, to uncover what these same slugs at the M.C.A.O did  trying to send her to her death.

Please,  someone who has the wherewithal must have an interest in rectifying the cavalcade of corruption that has been rampant in this trial.  When a case isn’t proven, doesn’t it deserve to be overturned?  If there was ever a case that wasn’t proven , it’s this one.

I hope some of what I’ve shown here makes those who have an open mind think.  I have only scratched the surface.  What looked like an iceberg, is more like an icicle.  And even the icicle is melting.

C’mon Jose — anyone with a conscience.  This case has more holes in it than the mesh of a screen door.

HELP JODI ARIAS GET A FAIR TRIAL… and let’s send a message to these sob’s, that putting a hide on the wall is appropriate for taxidermists.  Not for prosecutors who fix death penalty cases and plunder the law to rejoice in their fucking death fetish!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Stephens, Sandbagging & The Six Month Crap-Fest
Jodi Arias: Justice Denied

Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed
The Presumption of Innocence
Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men

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  1. I just noticed that when I look at the “photo with the blue striped pants”, that in fact, I actually perceive what has been reffered to as pants__ I actually see it as a pillow __ a heavy, large pillow of durable, strong material.
    I always thought of the ‘body slam’ that was done to Jodi, as being an action that was done exactly as you described it in your analysis of what Jodi uniquely meant by ‘body slam’, and I agree that you are right that she never meant the term to designate what a person knowledgeable about wrestling would use the term to designate.
    It upsets me a lot that the defense team did not demonstrate the ‘ body slam’ in the way Jodi meant it.
    It will take me at least an hour to thoroughly read and digest your post Jade ( I just quickly glossed it ), but I am looking forward to reading it. I can see that it is amazing, and very enlightening.
    It is so good of you to make the incredible effort you make at analyzing and determing what did and did not happen.

  2. Jade once again thanks I to have done many tests. 62 sec,s nope in 42 sec,s or less as I did more to be on the safe side That was a continual fight as in HE would not be stopped until HE was dead. Such was HIS rage,as has been shown by HIS past. Yes Dr. Horn did lie just view Phineaus Gage on the web then hear Ed Gavagan at live at the moth . Phin took a hit 1600 x,s greater then T.A. and Ed ran after a hit to vena cavar….BOTH survived. I had a young lady help Me prove the shelf LIE of Det. F. and then I told HER for who I was helping…….SHE smlied and said I hope it helps and HER pal said Me too. I then asked both ladies do you know ANY gals who by 20 who have,nt been ABUSED by a B/F or a man…….NO! On the stand JODI spoke truth……I know as I did My very best to test HER words……if We are going to speak for HER We must do such. On that day SHE …..SURVIVED …..THAT ALL. Now it,s up to all of US to see this injustice is undone. And with folks like You……We can bring HER home safe n sound. As long as We do our best then JODI will see FREEDOM and JUSTICE …..Great once more …JADE.

  3. Hi all!

    Photo 162 where she was alleged to be dragging him. How in the world could this photo have been taken by the person in the blue pant leg? How would they do that–and get their leg AND TA and surrounding floor? It’s impossible. One would have to be at least a couple of feet back to be able to get that picture, and no way could they couldn’t be IN the photo!

    So that begs the question of Who took it?

  4. I thought the prosecutor’s questioning of Jodi was quite abusive, on purpose. I have a knack for knowing what others are feeling by analyzing their body language and facial expressions. I am a psychiatrist. Did anyone consider that putting Jodi on the stand would allow the prosecutor to bully his truth onto her? She looked like a battered woman when he was questioning her about the body slam, and she appeared to be dazed, maybe dissociating, while he was questioning her. I didn’t follow the trial so I know very little about any of it, and thus, I’m pretty objective. It looks obvious to me that Jodi should not have been answering those questions as asked by that bully in that manner. Just some ideas….

  5. Another issue that was not covered was the tire slashing report. According to the Flores Report the tires were slashed at Travis’ girlfriends house but filed the report as taking place at his residence. The only reason why I can think of is to place Jodi closer to the scene so that she could be more likely suspected of actually slashing the tires.

  6. I’ve followed this case since the very beginning and I’ve tried to do so with an open mind. I don’t just dismiss everything that’s said, that goes against what the evidence and prosecution say. I like to hear all sides. While I think there are so e very valid points in this article, for instance, you’re right in saying that there’s no way Travis’s head could be in that upright position if his next was already sliced open, the fact remains that at some point in time his neck was sliced. Also, that absolutely is his foot in the background. If you follow the linear pattern of the tiles in the pic, to create perspective lines as they do in art class, there’s no way that could be pooled up blood. The blood would then be standing up of the ground parallel to the walls. It’s a foot, just like what’s illustrated in the mockup photo. Also, I don’t think it’s alleged that Jodi took the photo, they’re claiming that the photo was taken when the camera was kicked. I tried this with my own camera and when I turned my camera upside down it rested on the flash and the part where the button is. My button is on a little bit of a different angle than thiis cameras button is so even if my camera was rocked back and forth, it wouldn’t press the button on the floor but the camera did rest on that side which is where most of the weight is. The button on this specific camera was set at a higher up position and if you view images of the camera online it’s very easy to see that the button could easily have gone off by being rocked back and forth while it was upside down, especially if it was being used in the manual focus mod, which I’d assume jodi was using as a professional photographer. If the camera was in auto mode, however there probably would’ve had to been some more pressure on the button to first focus the camera and then take the pic.

    • The fact of the matter is. There is a shortcut mode and an option mode. The camera will click off
      3 5 or 10 photos. 15-30-60 seconds apart. All are options that can be preset to however you like and modified as well. The factory setting would need to be looked up for this model.But you can press the shutter button one time and get a photo every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.For example. Also, if you hold the shutter button for 3 seconds,its a shortcut to make the camera click 3 photos with 2 seconds inbetween. NOW keep in mind,they did not claim to be able to restore all the photos that were deleted.MY QUESTION IS, where are the screenshots of the damaged pixelated photos that couldnt be restored?And how many were there? MY QUESTION is. This pic is just sooo convienient.and makes me very suspuscious. The camera needs to be explored further. I think JA is unlucky.But this is just something that I cant accept so easily. Since there was at least 3 pics taken accidently.What were the timestamps on them? also. Ta head is being held up by his own power.Theres no way he was dead in this photo.Especially not with a neck wound.That just not even realistic.

  7. I have been listening o the trial of Jodi Arias, this is not a lying maniac, crazy murderer, all my friends at work laugh at me about my inner feelings about Jodi,, I don’t know if this guy abused her physically, but he did mentally abuse her,,, I was in love with a woman who was married for eight years. She always led me on kept me a secret, told me she loved me couldn’t live without me,,for eight years I took her games,,because I loved her, and she played with my head.. Finally after eight years promising she was going to leave her husband,,who she says didn’t even care about her. I ask her to please be with me or tell me what you really want,,, she got mad at me after eight years f leading me on,,,,I respected her so much,mdidnt even have sex with her,, wanted to be hers,, loved her for her it was all a silly game, after eight years no dating no sex,, she dumped me because I asked her to be with me, like she claimed she needed me,,people just can’t understand how mean and abusive this is to themind,,I have never been the same,, After listening to Jodi on the stand,, all I hear is a woman,, that was abused,, listening to the prosecuting lawyer Martinez bullying her,, she has been so honest,, this was something that went crazy,, and Travis abused her maybe physically but the mental abuse he did to her is awful.. This guy led her on after listening to her testimony, this woman did anything, she’s so pretty, sweet, caring,, gave her soul and heart to him, while he used her, god what more could you ask from a woman, if you didn’t like her don’t use her,, playing with her head,, I went through this,,it’s awful,, it’s abuse,, Jodi sounds so honest,, on her interrogation tapes she lies, after hearing her testimony this is an honest woman,, said he thought she would be dead, tried to block this nightmare out, didn’t want to hurt her family or others,, this is not a crazy lying woman, this is a very intelligent woman who was abused mentally and probably physically,, I know this feeling I been there,, I tried to write Jodi,maybe my words came out wrong,, she didnt write me back,,, she’s been through people using her, I wish so much,, she would become a pen pal with me,, I understand her so much,, and it makes me sick this innocent mentally abused woman has her life taken away. I understand Jodi,so much,, I’m alone want so bad just to be her pen pal,,not sexual, or using her, I really think she could understand me,, I’m not in prison but I am, I’m alone wasted my youth with a woman that used and teased me,, no one except someone who has been through this can understand the pain, the loss the years believing a stupid game lie to your heart,,for their pleasure.. I hope and pray to God Jodi gets another trial,,this is a warm hearted caring woman, not a mean crazy killer,, god people just have no idea how someone can play games with your heart mind and soul,, it hurts so bad, going to try to wite Jodi again,wish I could let her know I relate understand and care about her.. Just want to be her friend,, and will try o reach her unil I’m dead.. Can’t explain this connection it’s not sexual, I just see this intelligent caring woman that was abused by some guy using her emotions, this so wrong, she shouldn’t be locked up from an abusive no caring man. She explains in her testimony why she lied,, and it makes sense,,before people like the people I work with judge her, look into this case before judging someone, she should get an appeal just from the woman watching the trial,, as a may be witness calling the prosecutors office,giving them their feelings hw they think they can hang her, so uncalled, this is not allowed,, she says right at the beginning she would do anything to make Jodi pay for Travis,,, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Travis, seen so many guys and women including me use other people for their pleasure, say anything to lead you on,, it’s awful,,this is the worst abuse.this should be a mistrial just because of that,, if anyone knows anyway I can getJodi to reply to me pease let her or me know,,,I hope and pray to God this woman is set free,, if you don’t lime my comments and think I’m being selfish sorry,,willing to share my thoughts and my name to the irked, this case makes me so sick,,

    • Keep writing Mike, your life experiences are a testament and I’m sure Jodi can relate. Jodi will probably answer. Maybe it’s hard for Jodi to stay in deep emotional states when relating to stories like hers, of abuse. But I get you, I had my chain jerked, for love, and it effected me for a lot of years too. Good Luck!

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