Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men
Jodi Arias: Justice Denied
Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed
The Presumption of Innocence
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Jodi is not going to receive any form of justice until this case emerges from the rat infested sewer it originated in.

Anyone who thinks Stephens was just exercising her “style” and letting the lawyers try their case, I couldn’t disagree more. The unmistakeable fact is that she doesn’t have a clue about what the fuck she’s doing.

She didn’t belong on this case any more than a welder should be doing brain surgery. This was a capital case. It requires totally different temperament and courtroom administration exceptionalism, with extraordinary knowledge in case law precedent in death penalty cases.

Just the bajillion sidebars should tell anyone she was exponentially pathetic. You put a judge on the bench that has never in her life presided over a death penalty trial for one of the most publicized cases in the last 50 years? A defendant who is indigent and must count on her constitutional rights to a fair trial being litigated by the lowest level of representation afforded by the legal system?

It’s obvious going in that it’s going to be the David versus Goliath premier death camp Nazi against a public defender. And this Einstein decision is made to have a rookie trainee get on-the-job training at the expense of the fate of Jodi Arias’ life or death? Whatsa matter? Couldn’t you find a more inexperienced one? The deck was already stacked from day one.

She’s more qualified to be a grease monkey at Jiffy Lube. You unscrew the plug, the oil comes out, you put the plug back in. That’s something they could train her for and with enough practice I think it’s something she could probably master. But in a courtroom, she’s as useless as a book in braille on high-wire walking.

As just one example in probably over a hundred others, this is the “judge” who overruled an objection when Jodi was asked, if someone was wearing socks and was tromping around in blood on a carpet, would it look like what was shown in the photograph at the end of the hallway? Nurmi objected. Stephens blurts out “overruled!”

In other words, Jodi is a qualified blood expert who can testify what sock prints are supposed to look like in a carpet that has blood on it? I almost fell out of my chair? Ten out of ten other capital case judges would have sustained that objection. Just this example alone shows she is an embarrassment to the rotation roster of any judge circuit. She must think that little hammer is for cracking walnuts.

She did everything for Martinez except give him a lap dance. And she probably did that at lunch. She let the Alexanders run the courtroom and did everything for them except put them on the jury. Asked and answered is a foreign concept to her. The only person that could have been more bellicose than Martinez was in the courtroom, is Al Sharpton. And his pacing back and forth like a chimpanzee wearing a path in the carpet, had her googly eyed and transfixed. Either that or she was using the monitors on her desk to watch soap operas and keeping tabs on her appointments at the hair salons.

Sidebars are supposed to be for issues where attorneys appear about to broach testimony that may be more prejudicial than probative. Or to seek guidance on exhibits that are about to be offered for admittance. They shouldn’t be like a quarterback going into a huddle after every play. The balance of judges discourage an extensive number of sidebars, because it can alienate or bore a jury. Plus it’s by it’s very nature, secretive from the triers of fact and can influence opinion of who a judge favors.

After all, the judge is supposed to be a referee who can make rulings from the bench without little gossip parties needed for the slightest damn objection. Also the attorneys are supposed to know the boundaries they must stay within as part of being qualified by the BAR.

The time spent in sidebars in these two trials, probably equals 60% of the total time presenting and arguing the case. She simply didn’t know how to rule on objections and the overwhelming balance of objections overruled, went against the defense.

There is little doubt in my mind that when the transcripts of these sidebars are released, there is going to be even MORE evidence of error that will be fodder for appeal. And I’d also bet the farm it will be more than harmless error. Some of the best ammunition for her incompetence in preserving Jodi’s rights may be in those sidebars or the in camera daily rituals, which were almost as frequent.

Air purifier manufacturers boast that their purifiers can filter 99.7% of the particulates out of the air. That’s the same percentage of likelihood that Stephens will give Jodi anything but life without parole. And I’m probably being too generous to even give her that much benefit of the doubt.

Jodi shouldn’t even dignify prostrating herself for “leniency” and having her pretend to listen. Don’t even give her the satisfaction to ignore it. She will gloat just that much more when she pronounces sentence and tells Jodi she will spend the rest of her life in prison. Piss on her. Just make it as unsatisfying for as possible. She almost cried when the first jury didn’t come back with death.

This is the judge who rolled her eyes at Nurmi after putting him through about five different attempts to just have a relatively inconsequential exhibit admitted. Which was a page torn out of her journal.

Jodi is testifying and identifies where the page was torn out. Foundation? It was HER journal and she’s showing you the ripped page! How much more fucking foundation do you need? The exhibit should have been admitted and frog’s objection should have been overruled. But no, you got to throw up every roadblock possible to make it embarrassing and help your buddy. I posted the link where she does the eyeroll. She’s a prosecution cheerleading leading, hamfisted bitty. She would have had to struggle to contain her jubilation if it wasn’t for Juror 17 spoiling the death verdict celebration party for good.

It has to get totally beyond her ability to interfere. And to the level where SHE is judged by those who set the wrongs right. Appeals courts are loathe to overturn verdicts and it is seldom in any appealed trial, that there hasn’t been prosecutor misconduct or error that is seriously borderline reversible. But they give deference to the judge in most cases and dial it down to harmless error, because the judge has made SOME documented effort to remediate the grievances. Here, this witch hasn’t done ANYTHING. Not one single thing!

There hasn’t been one reprimand or even a dress-down in front of the jury. Not one sanction. Not a small fine, not even the teensiest damn WARNING in open court. She is appraised of one blatant violation of juris ethics after the other. His phony family members are doing everything but waving at the jurors to make sure they see them cry and make swirly eyes on cue.

A crucial element of evidence is deliberately thrown to the floor, which is already damaged. She says nothing. She even has Martinez sarcastically telling her how to conduct her rulings. Try that with other competent judges and see where you end up. Nurmi presents her with case law that is right on point for mistrial motions and sanctions, and it’s summarily ignored.

The little pencil dick blurts out the name of what should have been–as declared and on the record prior to his affidavit being read–a protected, anonymous witness. And he says his name three separate times within 5 minutes. Does the phony act of being frustrated with himself after the second time–and then a minute later, he says it again! Accidental my ass. And she just sits there on the bench like a cannabis tripping twit.

Instead of keeping the testimony focused on the 35 years of experience of a domestic violence expert, she lets it devolve into a Romper Room laughathon about Sneezy, Dopey, and Grumpy’s heritage and family tree. Jodi would have had a better chance at a fair trial if there was a small claims court judge.

This is what is going to make the difference, when the appeal court judges look for what steps were taken to assume control, take corrective action and keep the trial fair for the defendant. Here, it’s been virtually non existent. These judges will not like that. And the cumulative effect of showing bias against the defendant, will be overwhelming.

There is something we may be forgetting that came out in testimony in the penalty trial that is extraordinarily pertinent to the first trial. It is regarding the virtual pornucopia of smut. There is no denying now, that there was porn galore on his computer. It’s proven and so is the perjury trying to cover it up. And this is just what Alexander hadn’t gotten to erase yet, or preserve somewhere in a private hiding place. He would have been whipping those nineteen trace cleaners into action furiously.

Before the guilt trial started, Stephens ruled against the admission of the letters that Jodi said were sent to her by Travis, ADMITTING his perversion. This was blockbuster error. Because now we know that those letters (and letters that Nurmi had authenticated by a handwriting expert) were authentic and those letters should have been ADMITTED. Martinez went postal to keep them out, and no wonder. They put the nails right in Alexander’s coffin and would have blew the State’s case of bullshit sky high. Proving that Jodi had not conjured up a fairytale spin story and would have devastated the daily theme of painting her as a serial liar .

Childvilla.com wasn’t a site where you buy men’s shoes. Or a site where you would find something you needed to brush up on for the next Mormon church services. It was a kiddie site. And porn watching was his passion–almost as much as his playing women full time, like the gigolo he was.

If they were not original letters, but it was still HIS handwriting, then he wrote the goddamned things. And those letters would have been her emperical proof that validated what she knew. And more so, what he couldn’t possibly afford to have be known. I don’t recall seeing him in the courtroom to affirm that it was his voice on the tape recording. But that was accepted that it was him, wasn’t it Stephens.

When somebody receives a fax, is that a copy? Yet that is accepted as a legal document in every venue I am aware of. Banks and mortgage companies verify signatures using fax copies. And they do it every day. They sure as hell aren’t originals. Forged documents can be identified and exposed easily by handwriting experts with comparative samples and exemplars. Stephens prevented Jodi her right to argue those letters. And we don’t need any more proof than what was on his hard drive that they WEREN’T forged.

And need I remind anybody who is still deluded that her testimony was a rehearsed concoction of lies–about the polygraph test she was willing to take and have admitted? Take the best pathological liar you know and let me set them up with an expert examiner. I’ll show you a pathological liar who fails the polygraph test. The U.S Secret Service uses them and per the Director who just testified in congress recently, he said they use them “extensively.” Even relying on them heavily in their hiring process.

So if you think polygraphs are easy to fake, maybe you should speak to them. They protect the president! If you think that’s not a good enough endorsement of their reliability, I’m wasting my time talking to you. And need I remind you too, that polygraph results are admissible in Arizona if both defense and prosecution stipulate to it? But guess who the chicken was. You can recognize him by his beak.

There are so many examples of blunders by Stephens, that I would need a file system and a secretary to keep track. I especially loved the numerous times she would say–ove…ove…overruled. As if she just woke up from a trance and hadn’t been paying any attention at all to the testimony. Nurmi should have said, sorry…don’t mean to be disturbing your nap there judge.

I would love to know how many judges were astonished at your daily ineptitude and rolling their eyes at you Stephens. To say nothing about the time you pissed away coming close to almost not having enough alternates left to deliberate–which ironically would have made me let out a whoop you could hear at 35,000 feet. Too bad, you couldn’t have been just a little more pathetic. You came close.

Arizona if you’re not scrambling to the voting booth to make her an ex-judge in 2016, it’s like putting a drunk at the pole position in the Indy 500. If you don’t think it’s worth investing the effort, I hope she presides over a trial that involves you. Maybe then my point will be more clear.

When the decision process finally DOES get beyond this covert hand-picked prosecution plant, the appeal briefs should be written by a consummate wordsmith. The first thing I would bring to the court’s attention is the long known den of iniquity this county attorney’s office is, that filed the case. And I would highlight the evidence-withholding Milke comparisons that were proven, and could only have been a result of perjury IN THIS CASE also. And from this very same state prosecutor’s office.

I would put it in verbal neon lights. I would have them know that this prosecutor is a familiar name for his misconduct before the Arizona Supreme Court. And here he is again. This time for one of the most notorious trials in Arizona history. This county is already well known and famous for its pattern and practice. And I would make it eminently clear, this case originates from the same swamp.

I would point out that this is the same M.C.A.O, that when Milke’s attorneys requested all the personnel files of the testifying detective who was held up as a model of honesty for the police department. That same detective was found to have committed perjury by four other district courts–and in addition, four more courts cited him for violations of the Miranda warning.

When the personnel records of this detective were subpoenaed–they turned over TWO years of his reviews to the defense. Only one problem–he held his detective’s job for TWENTY ONE years. The years of those withheld files contained all the exculpatory secrets. They also casually forgot to mention to the defense that he was suspended for five days for sexually imposing himself on a motorist he stopped, and then lied to his supervisors about that ever happening. Yet, it resulted in his five days suspension.

And THIS is the DA’s office we are to trust is interested in the truth? I would in fact make the pdf of the Mike case an appendage to the brief, for the amazing similarities of a lying detective and similar violations of Brady and Giglio. These astonishing blunders were also supplanted by that State court judge who presided over THAT trial, and the post conviction proceedings. Apparently, amazing as it is to comprehend, Stephens has a Superior Court twin neophyte. Maybe they trained each other.

Although it may be tempting to make this a stem to stern assemblage of the laundry list of errors, it should elicit only select egregious instances of error by this so–called judge. The ideal goal should be that the judge panel finds it so egregious, it deems it worthy of oral argument. Which gives you a whole new venue of opportunity. It should be such that when the appellate judges get to the final paragraph, they are stunned with the constitutional abridgements to Jodi’s right to a fair trial. And it shouldn’t be hard to do.

It starts almost from day one and prompted Nurmi to file the timely motions for mistrial almost every few days. Mistrial motions that were supported by case citings of appropriate law. And which in THOSE cases required a remedy to correct the infractions. What the hell is case law for Stephens, if not to establish demand that judges follow it? Case law is not a suggestion that Supreme Courts just hand down for rulings in their spare time. It becomes the fucking law! Did you get that memo? What part of that is difficult for you to process?

Few trials would have had such a compendium of boners by a Superior Court judge. It traverses the full gamut. It starts with the premise that, essentially, evidence that was withheld or never turned over by the prosecution, should have been examined anyway by the defense. Un-fucking believable. It’s just got to leave your head spinning. I guess Nurmi should have consulted a psychic to find out what evidence Martinez was hiding.

It continues all the way to letting jurors play with their digital toys during lapses in the trial. Why not just save them a lot of trouble and set up a TV in the jury waiting room and put it on HLN.

No doesn’t sequester them, just relies on violators raising their hands. Violators who would volunteer information to get them kicked off a trial they can write a book about, go on media shows or get paid for juicy inside information interviews by tabloid rags. But their value to these rags is only worth something, if they go all the way through deliberations. This is like asking someone if they would like to give you their winning Powerball lottery ticket. Ugh.

Then she gives a modification to an Allen Charge when two of the three conditions that prohibit you in Arizona from giving a modified instruction, couldn’t be more blatantly existing in THIS case.

1) Judge is not supposed to know what the vote split is.

Uhm, if it’s eleven jurors signing the note complaining that one juror–JUROR 17 won’t deliberate….uh knock knock, hel-l-l-o….only you could be so stupid Stephens that you wouldn’t know what the split was.

Hence, violation one.

2) Not supposed to single out any one juror for their views or their vote. Uhm….Einstein, see #1.

Violation two.

So it was impossible not to know BEFORE you gave the modified instruction, that you were giving it I-L-L-E-G-A-L-L-Y per the Arizona statute.

Yet, nothing like giving it the old prosecution push for your miniature perjury suborning death-titillated serpent driving the scat train. Isn’t that right Stephens. Of course you had a lot of practice ignoring those rules, you did the same thing in the first trial. It must have made you all giggly and fuzzy inside, until they all still remained stubborn. Two tries at death and came up snake eyes. Probably went back to your chambers, threw your iPhone down and said, shit!

I think there may be enough for serious consideration to remand a retrial, that just due to the fact that almost until the actual start of the trial, the defense was under the impression that the prosecution was going to present evidence that the shot was first. In agreement with the defense. When this was changed, it turned the entire defense case inside out.

If this kind of surprise trick is pulled on a defense during the course of trial, it is known as sandbagging. Which at the minimum often requires stiff sanctions, and in the extreme, can force a mistrial depending on the seriousness. If this wasn’t a case of sandbagging, I don’t know what was. And it couldn’t have been more serious.

What Martinez did was move the eight ball from in front of the pocket, when it was the defense’s turn to shoot and win the game. And then put it BACK, using the gunshot against her–AFTER–he got the one qualifying aggravator through the perjury of Flores, with the Chronis hearing judge. They won a trial motion proffered to the judge based on a fraud on the court.

This has to be spelled out to perfection in the brief. And hopefully Nurmi filed a request for delay of trial motion at the very least, to preserve the outrage and the error. Any top defense attorney would have claimed this as blatant blindsiding, preventing Jodi from receiving an adequately prepared defense. It is inextricably linked to her version of events as self defense, and torpedoed the prosecution case. Any legal high court authority should be able to spot this immediately and conclude the reason was to sandbag the defense. And because the State’s case was in deep, deep trouble. It won’t pass the laugh test, let alone the smell test.

A defendant’s rights must be preserved to have sufficient time to defend against the case as set out by a prosecution, to adequately prepare. It cannot be a guessing game that they have to figure out the evidence to be presented against their client at the start of trial. What if all prosecutors did that? It would be chaos. They could fix the evidence around the facts and lie to hearing officers in pre-trial hearings to win their motions.

A prosecution has a duty to be above board and seek only the truth, wherever it leads. It cannot play “gotcha” or hide-the-ball. Brady case law expressly forbids it. I think this is going to be a monumental consideration before the Supremes, if it gets that far. And if this is explained in precision-grade detail, this may be enough to flip the case in itself.

We know the autopsy photos were used strictly to ingrain animosity against Jodi with gratuitous graphics. It’s just another of the litany of courtroom antics by an unhinged, deranged pros-e-tator, that wasn’t reigned in by an inept judge.

The neck wound didn’t look remotely as it was demonically planned, with intent to incite the desired reaction. And it was even left on the Elmo machine, projecting on the giant screen (which Martinez plotted) as he strolled up to the bench for one of the five or ten minute sidebar du jours of the hour.


When an autopsy is done, a “body block” is used. It is a block of hard plastic or rubber and it is placed under the back to make the chest protrude when the Y incision is made from the shoulders and the straight line down to the pelvis, resembling the letter “Y.” This is to better aide the examination of the chest cavity and the organs of the subject.

When the back is raised, it automatically makes the chin fall back and the neck distends to it’s fullest. This is what caused the large gaping appearance of the neck wound and was conveyed to the jurors as being the natural unenhanced condition of the sliced throat. And for them to assume it was without any manipulation to embellish it.

It was rotten, sick, prejudicial to the defendant being used in the manner and frequency that it was, and most judges would have prohibited this obvious gratuitous ploy. It is deserving of a Nancy Grace Award for being as revulsing as she is.

It was deliberate. It was of course designed to inflame the jury. And here’s how that desired photo was achieved, to emblazon the most possible visceral resentment against Jodi into the memory of the jurors.

body block

But this is also a grenade that exploded right in Martinez’ crotch. Because it CONFIRMS something else. In the dragging photo, if he was at that angle and his throat was already cut, the same effect would have been INEVITABLE. And would have caused his head to fall back as we see above in the throat photo. It would have had to reveal at least the top of his forehead and it would be visible. It’s proof POSITIVE that his throat was not cut in this photo!

In fact, if his head was not supported as it was on the autopsy table, it would have more than likely flopped back EVEN MORE at that angle he was laying. Because there was virtually nothing holding it intact in the front anymore. The weight of his head at that angle, gravity would have made it flop back almost like a “hinge.

Click to view full size image in a new window


So the same evidence created by manipulation in the autopsy to create the worst possible image to implant on the jury, totally screws the prosecution’s theory. Let anybody explain the impossibility of why that photo does not replicate what the body-block causes it to do on the autopsy table you T-Dogg boot licking oafs. Gravity doesn’t work today and then not tomorrow. It isn’t possible. That’s why it’s called an impossibility.

Another thing I think should weigh heavily with appeal judges, is the strained relationship (and that’s an understatement) between Jodi and Nurmi, who was designated as her lead attorney. In her long letter to the blonde addlebrain, she details an extraordinary pattern of being ignored and rejected, even though she is forced by indigence to have him appointed to her.

If Nurmi will INDEMNIFY that he refused to take her calls for months at a time–and we know he petitioned the judge HIMSELF at least twice to be removed from her case–I don’t see any way this can be ignored and considered to be effective counsel.

No defendant assigned to a public defender should have to beg to talk to her attorney. Especially when she is facing a death penalty trial! This goes beyond a normal relationship of any client–attorney, where they are excommunicated from having effective access and cannot be involved in evidence consultations and progression of her case.

It is an astounding twelve page account that she lays out, of being shunned by the very person who is supposed to be in concert with her at every stage and to be her strongest advocate.

Instead she is treated as a nuisance, to the point of his secretary being instructed to hang up on her. Despite this obvious dereliction of his duty to provide effective representation, old reliable still refused to let her have new counsel.

Even in FRONT OF THE JURY, he says that he doesn’t like her nine days out of ten. There is no way this cannot almost guarantee a causable finding of ineffective counsel. She wanted to fire him. He wanted to withdraw. How can this not scream that she wasn’t being vigorously, properly, and effectively represented? It’s almost like he was her worst enemy.

If you haven’t seen this, you need to read it. I would also make this a primary attachment to the appeal brief evidence appendix.

Click here to read Jodi’s Motion to Change Counsel – (from October 2013)

The surest and rocket–fast way to get remand for a new trial is with the discovery of new evidence. Almost everything, where experts and private investigators and cracker jack attorneys take interest in looking for this new evidence, relates to money and how they will be compensated. No one likes to donate their time and expertise. It usually has a price tag.

But I have a way that one of they KEY pieces of evidence could be discovered and shake the very foundation of this case without the risk investment of ANY time or money, that wouldn’t be repaid at least twenty times over. In fact, it would get world wide attention and instant fame for the individual.

It would assure sweat pouring off the faces of every one of those bastards at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. I’m talking about the gun. If that gun can be recovered, it will be on every major news station in the world.

If the word can be put out to interest somebody who is wealthy, and to incentivize them to offer a substantial enough reward for turning in of that gun, this will get the attention of the media. If this can get publicized to the extent that it becomes widely known to the public–and most important–to the people who may likely HAVE that gun or know where it is, such as gang members or where guns are most often found, this could PRODUCE that gun.

The benefactor could make it a no-questions-asked assurance for whoever turns it in. And that they will be assured of the money reward with no questions asked. We know that gun is somewhere, if not in the Yrkeka area, at least somewhere probably in California. It could be sitting unceremoniously in a pawn shop somewhere if the owner didn’t correlate records with police accounts of stolen guns.

The gun would have to be identifiable as indisputably being the gun stolen from her grandfather to claim the reward. And perhaps her grandfather could provide the way to ascertain that it is the gun he owned. For example, if he recorded the serial number. California has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the U.S. and all handguns in California are supposed to be registered. If not in California’s database–in the Department of Justice Automated Firearms System database.

If the publicity is great enough, everyone who has a .25 acp will be checking their gun’s serial number or description specifics to see if it matches to get the reward. It could become known in all 50 states with the publicity a large enough reward would generate.

However no matter HOW much money is offered in the reward–and it should be substantial to get the attention we need it to have–not a single penny is risked or put out unless the authenticated gun is found and turned in.

When that happens, the benefits that will flow to the investor who put up the reward will be astronomical. Media will be be like a beehive of hornets around this person. They will be sought for paid interviews and recover well beyond their investment with the opportunities that will abound to them. It is a no–lose, huge–win proposition.

Even if–and we know this is not the case–but even if the gun is found and proves to MATCH the bullet used at the crime scene, the story would be equally as huge and the investor couldn’t possibly lose in that eventuality either. If the gun is not found, the investor doesn’t lose a penny. So how could a wise rich savvy individual turn this kind of a golden opportunity down?

When the ballistics tests of this gun reveal that the striations of a bullet fired from this gun do NOT match the striations of the bullet found in Alexander’s jaw, the State’s case for premeditation is exposed as a total fraud. It will instantly assure a new trial, because the guilt phase jury did not vote unanimously for felony murder. The felony murder charge would not have depended on the fact that she stole the gun from her grandfather. Because that charge relied on her taking ALEXANDER’S gun.

But FIVE didn’t vote for felony murder. They voted ONLY for premeditated murder based on the theft of the gun from Yreka. Which was the heart of the prosecution’s case. Martinez stated outright that she stole the gun. Five jurors didn’t buy that story that she shot Travis with his own gun. They convicted her only on the belief she stole her grandfather’s gun, brought it to Mesa with the intention to kill Travis.

If we find that gun, we would have incontrovertible proof she didn’t use, steal, or bring that gun from Yreka. The appeals court would have no choice but to overturn the verdict and remand it for retrial based on new evidence. It would be guaranteed.

The appeals panel couldn’t possibly say that wouldn’t likely have made a difference in achieving a unanimous verdict of premeditation. If it only changed ONE mind out of 5, the jury is hung and the worst possible result would be a lesser conviction.

What a day that would be. For everybody, including the lucky and smart investor who would put up this reward. It would be like a smoking gun that proved that Obama’s birth certificate was a fake.

What we need to do is find a wealthy individual who can recognize this opportunity.

Nurmi and Willmott graduated from a 2 on a five scale in the first trial, to a 3.8 in the second trial. But that wasn’t the money shot. The first trial verdict is the verdict that has to be overturned. And other than the timely filing of motions and objections preserving the record for appeal, that performance was abysmal.

If Nurmi just fluffed off the opportunity to bring back Fonseca and Pseudonym just recently when it would been a lambasting with what they probably found on the hard drive, and then Fonseca would have tore up trainee-doc, I would be up in arms. It would have been the testimony that Martinez was dreading–his worst nightmare. And what the hell happened, I’m just baffled.

If Nurmi didn’t get something that made it worth giving up all that potential testimony, that’s more than enough right there for me to UNQUESTIONABLY and categorically cement the case that he is TOTALLY ineffective counsel. I was looking forward to it more than any testimony in the whole trial. I’m just dumbfounded as to what happened. Why do you let Martinez off the meat hook just when the proof of perjury and Alexander’s cache of vile secrets is about to be revealed? I really want to know that answer.

But right now, we need to take that record–which is the only thing that’s important at this stage–and turn that crapfest of a six month violation of Jodi’s constitutional rights, into a new trial.

Where deja vu all over again will not be so pretty for the Martinez family of criminals, if they even have the balls to retry it. We have to insure that they have to make that choice.

Let’s really rock their world. I say let’s put an APB out on that gun, find it.

And let’s get this party started!

Debra, I hope you end up owning Maricopa County. Sell the M.C.A.O to ISIS. Put those Montgomery and Martinez duo POS carnivores in the back of a C-130 and drop them out over Mosul.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men
Jodi Arias: Justice Denied

Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed
The Presumption of Innocence
The Immaculate Deception – Exposed

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  1. Yes! find the gun. Awesome post. Don’t mean to go off topic but I have been thinking; remember when Jodi said that Travis told her to get help and go to the neighbors? Maybe he did because the real killers were there when Jodi was? Thoughts? I truly believe Jodi will be FREE someday.

  2. Thank you Jade! After reading Jodi’s 12 page letter asking for a new attorney to replace Nurmi I guess you could say I relate to Jodi in this. Although the case I had before the court was by NO means capitol murder case and I was NOT in a fight for my life, I too experienced an attorney who treated me with the utmost disrespect. After the death of my 21 year old sister who left a 4 year old (illegitimate) son, I found myself fighting for custody of him. My mother, who by law would have automatically been assigned legal custody of my nephew, was of ill health and therefore she attempted to assign custody to me. BUT the proceedings were interrupted by a former boyfriend of my sister who claimed HE was my nephew’s father and demanded custody. I knew for a FACT that this man was NOT the father. I was told who the father was by my sister prior to her death. This man was not an American citizen and the ultimate reason he wanted to obtain custody was that he had missed out on amnesty and was going to be deported. My nephew was his ticket to citizenship. Here I will cut to the chase…During a court hearing where my lawyer failed to bring to light that in the state where I live, in order for a man to obtain legal custody of an illegitimate child following the death of the mother, he must prove paternity. My lawyer failed to state that I wanted this man to pay for a DNA test that would prove he is the biological father. The hearing was coming to a close. I was fretting, so I spoke up myself which the judge responded to me by saying, “Another word out of your mouth, young lady, and I will find you in contempt of court!” His words hit me like a ton of bricks and I immediately clammed right up. Needless to say I do not recall ANYTHING of that hearing following being reprimanded in such a harsh and threatening way. When the lawyer and I exited the courtroom I burst into tears (I was two weeks away from giving birth to my daughter, I had lost my little sister, who had asked me to take care of her son when she died, I was alone – no family could make it to the hearing-, I was overwhelmed at what had just occurred: being harshly scolded and threatened by a (biased) judge, that a man who was not my nephew’s father was going to get custody, the fact that the lawyer failed to do his job…but NEVER FAILED TO BILL ME OR CASH THE CHECKS THAT ADDED UP TO MORE THAN $20,000!…So I broke down. The asshole lawyer, in the foyer to the courtroom looked at me and said while holding his finger in my face, “If I had known you were going to be a bawl baby, I NEVER would have taken your case!” Well, in the end that man got custody. I was awarded visitation rights. I never got those rights because before I knew it the prick took my nephew out of state, left no contact address and to add insult to injury CHANGED MY NEPHEW’S NAME! My nephew was named after my father. He was the only grandchild of my father who would carry on the family name (my dad had 10 children but none of his sons had children). I hired a private detective to find my nephew but didn’t find him for MANY years, after he became an adult 😥 . I blame that lawyer to this day for my family and myself missing out on raising my nephew, OUR FLESH AND BLOOD! That lawyer was an incompetent asswipe and I threw in my hand. I didn’t know what else to do so I simply I gave up! I am glad Jodi let it be known to the court how Nurmi was treating her. I ADMIRE AND RESPECT HER FOR STANDING UP FOR HERSELF. I LOVE YOU JODI.

    • ♥ Bless Your Sweet Heart Dorothy! What a horrible situation for you to be in. SMH
      Everyone is on the other page. . .your not alone 🙂

        • the one where everyone is posting adds (by Jade)

          just go to the right and click the top article, it will take you back to the page that doesn’t include Jade’s whole text.

    • Dorothy, omg my heart hurts for you and your family! How old is your nephew now? Have you had contact with him??

      There is a bit of a difference. It sounds like you did not have PD from what you had to pay this ass.

  3. Wow Jade that was simply awesome!!! I am at a loss for words but if this doesn’t get them to open up their minds, wonder what will? I seriously applaud you Jade! I loved that “Put those Montgomery and Martinez duo pos carnivores in the back of a C-130 and drop them out over Mosul” :))) ha ha 🙂
    And this is for Jodi…
    Jodi darling, they have sent you to a place where most of the forgotten are kept, but not in your case. Most of them who write letters asking for help, telling the world how difficult it is to be confined to that small space and loneliness is always the most worst of doing time 🙁 but you are not alone sweetheart, you have your family, you have all here who love you so much. Jade has explained it so perfectly and it’s clear to see that your freedom should never have been taken away. Here, everyone is sending you encouraging words to help you get by, to make each day easier than the previous. So, if that basket case Martinez didn’t show you compassion or those jurors, here, everyone listens to what you have to say and your words are not thrown away. Everyday the Lord will bring to light what Martinez tried so hard to hide and that is, you only defended yourself. Stay strong dear and know that you are loved.
    Love always, Anna.

  4. This article is without a doubt, SUPERB!!! I’ve been supporting Jodi from the beginning of the 1st trial, and this article even taught me some things…Thank you for posting…!!!! Great Job.. 🙂

  5. as for the pedo letters. are you SURE he used the word “FUCKING”? I Think he used “F’ing”. This is how he used the F word. I was proven by Jodi. You must have over looked it on the letter because most of us use “fucking” instead of “F’ing”. that proves the letters are real. only a very small percentage of ppl use “F’ing” like travis did when he went after Jodi. No problem, it was over looked, but his use of “F’ing” is concrete proof

  6. The reported amount disclosed regarding the Prosecution’s cost was $133,000, while the Defense was nearing the $3 million mark…it seems clear that with regard to cost, Jodi was awarded a legitimate defense. As for the neck photo, I’ve never thought to account for gravity in comparison to the photo of Travis on the floor–I honestly NEVER noticed that so I think it is a valid and insightful point, As for the neck photos closed wound vs. open, I thought both were given to the jury?? I will admit that the closed photo did look new to me–I watched the trial and reviewed many of the crime scene photos–so it’s possible it wasn’t?? Either way, it is a sad ending to anyone’s life…regardless of the situation that preceded it. I applaud you for the respectful way you acknowledge both the lives lost.

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