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Jodi Arias: Justice Denied

The Presumption of Innocence
The Immaculate Deception: Exposed
Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men

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A Post by Jade:

We’ve all heard the expression “there’s a rat in the woodpile someplace.” Well apparently this whole Arizona M.C.O.A woodpile is full of rats. It’s proven beyond a question of a doubt that Martinez, Horn and Flores are. They’re as corrupt as Armando Saldate. But there’s another rat that’s been going under the radar and his name is Melendez.

It’s beyond question that he could possibly have missed the inundation of perverse hard core and sick smut that was skulking in the laptop file directory of Travis Alexander’s private world. It ranged from A to Z. Anal to Z-lob. He couldn’t miss it unless he WANTED to miss it, or was told to, by some other Mormons who had a planned agenda to keep it from being revealed in the infamous trial that was generating almost unprecedented publicity around the world.

To think otherwise, one would have to dismiss the expertise of an expert with 34 years of experience that is sought out as an expert by everybody from high-dollar attorneys in high profile cases, to government agencies, including the Department of Justice.

He was used to determine who was screaming in the background of the 911 call in the George Zimmerman trial in Florida. And whattya know, even the very Maricopa County Attorney’s Office right there in Phoenix uses him as their expert. Except now, they don’t like him and trying to discredit him as a planter of evidence and a liar. Well that’s rich.

All you Travis-vestites, let’s stop the pretenses here. Melendez is vermin just like the rest of the snakes in this set-up job.

When he emerged as a key player in this daily ever growing falsification of evidence, I decided to take a closer look at just how deep his corruption goes. I started looking closer at the camera evidence, and a camera that seemed to have supernatural powers to take pictures on its own. Pictures that just happened to be represented as the smoking guns in the bathroom of Travis Alexander, implicitly showing Jodi Arias and a presumed photo of Alexander’s already dead corpse. I found something very interesting.

Melendez testified that the photos in the hallway were taken while the camera was UPSIDE DOWN. And that the camera snapped the photos when it was kicked or stepped on, or some paranormal force was exerted upon it. Well if that’s the case, by what authority did the photos when shown in court appear right side up? We’re just supposed to take his word for it that they were upside down? The guy who is the police “expert” who missed 160,000 files of porn? Why wasn’t a screen shot taken of that memory card showing the thumbnail photos of only those two particular photos appearing upside down? Police do not have autonomy to just reorient evidence and then testify to what it allegedly WAS originally when they examined it. They have a duty to document it as they find it so that it can be presented in court as not altered in any way, and so that the defense can be assured it as exactly as it was before it was taken into evidence.

So let’s take a closer look at this camera:

michael melendez - camera - jodi arias

Click here to see the image full size

There is no way this camera inadvertently took those photos by someone “accidentally” doing anything. Look at the raised center structure where the camera flash is located. The flash lamp nestles inside the camera when you don’t want the flash. But the raised piece that houses the viewfinder and the flash, is rigid. In addition, the button that snaps the picture, is on a surface that has a beveled downward angle.

If the camera is turned upside down, it rocks. And the slanted angle where the snap button is, would allow no way for the button to be depressed enough to take a snapshot just by somebody stepping on it. Not unless the “button cap” that is missing and supposedly fell off [*lol*] when he started examining it, extended considerably. Most cameras, the snap button only protrudes slightly–maybe an eighth of an inch or so above the surface.

The combination of these two things would make it almost impossible that enough pressure could be put on the snap button in the exact way necessary to “snap” a photo. So I’m saying that accidentally stepping on that camera while it was upside down resulted in those photos, is bullshit.

Now look at this. (click the image to watch the video clip on YouTube)…

michael melendez - camera testimony - jodi arias
Notice how he first grabs the entire camera with his hand and guides it perfectly so that possibly it would snap a photo, putting pressure in exactly the right way and on the right spot. But is this how somebody would step on it? In the middle of a life and death struggle yet? Then notice how he casually just tips it, and as if any moron could see it would snap a photo. Conveying the impression, well obviously you can see how easy it would be. Just the same way a magician shows the rabbit that came out of the hat.

And of course, this is a police officer under oath. He certainly wouldn’t lie to a jury. He’s somebody we believe would never lie in court. Naturally it must be true. He just showed us. Well I’ll tell you what Melendez, let’s put a battery in that camera, set it on the floor and I’ll give you $5 for every time you can take a photo like that with that camera, and you give me $10 for every time it doesn’t. I’ll own your fucking house.

But it gets better.

Look at these two photos. These are the two prosecution “thank you Jesus” photos that this haunted camera took. Do you notice anything in both these photos?

michael melendez - dragging pic - jodi arias

Click here to see the image full size

Isn’t the camera behind whatever is being depicted in those photos? If you assume that this is Travis and Jodi that the camera snapped in the photo with the blue pants, aren’t they both in the photo? It’s for damn sure, Travis was in no position to even touch the camera. He’s sprawled out and almost laying on his back. And Jodi also has to be positioned in a way that she is in front of the camera too, in order to be photographed as she is allegedly shown. Which is that she is in the process of “dragging” him.

So… HOW IN THE HELL COULD ANYBODY BE STEPPING ON THE CAMERA? Or pressing it with any body part whatsoever? How could the camera be BEHIND Jodi when the photo is snapped, and yet have her body in front of the camera? Did she reach back with her toe and do contortions to get the photo to snap?

Then if you think of the wildest possibilities imaginable, the lens also, has to be pointing towards whatever it is taking a picture of. The lens can’t possibly photograph anything that isn’t directly in front of it. Therefore anything that is pressing that shutter button down at the very second the photo is snapped, would unequivocally also have to be captured in that photo. It would have to at least be partially be blocking the lens. Whatever was closest to that lens would be in that photo. There is no way it couldn’t. The photo is going to reflect whatever is in front of the lens when the photo is snapped.

So where is the leg or the foot or the arm or the ass or any body part whatsoever Melendez, that would have been captured when those photos snapped? And not only once this was supposed to have happened where the camera lens was pointed exactly the right way, and a magical force pushed the shutter button. Yet the object that caused it was miraculously not on the photo. Not just once according to you Melendez. This happened TWICE. Show me a way Jodi could have stepped on the camera or pressed it down, with the camera at least two feet away and behind her! And twice! I dare you, dickhead!

So that absurdity all but decimated, that leaves only one other conceivable possibility possibly left. That’s if the camera had a muti-photo sequence timer. I checked the operator manual of this camera and it did not have any feature like that. It had a self-timer. But this had only two settings–either 2 seconds or 10 seconds. It also had a ‘burst” mode, which would allow a maximum of 5 shots with approximately a half second between shots. But therefore that’s totally out of the question too, because there is more than 1 minute just between the two upside down photos. Therefore any kind of automatic timer is also out of the question.

So who caused, and how did those pictures REALLY get taken?

Then we have this knee slapper.

He testified that these photos were retrieved using his sophisticated technology from the “deleted” file history of the memory card that had nothing but thumbnails. It had no exif data.

Look at this photo:

michael melendez - TA bed

I’ll guarantee you the camera did not automatically put the words “unallocated clusters” on the time stamp.

So these stamps were manually transferred and put on each of these photos to specify the time and date that each one allegedly was taken. And we’re trusting the same guy who can’t find one virus on a computer that’s loaded with them due to 11,000 references to “tween” searches and porno, to represent to us that these are accurate times and dates? Or believing the Mesa PD Department that accuses the defense attorney of deleting files in the presence of the people who are in custody of the evidence and showing them a computer in a police and prosecution totally controlled viewing? And on top of that deleting files that he would be ecstatic to present in court to vindicate and corroborate Jodi’s testimony? ROFL. In fact, these actual times could have been of any date or any time because they are not documented by the camera whatsoever in the format that would insure the correct times and dates in detail.

I wouldn’t trust ANY of these Mesa police, the prosecutor, the medical examiner or anybody associated with this prosecution if they were all in an 8 x 10 room and I could watch them with binoculars.

And there’s another thing… who says those photos were snapped in the hallway?

michael melendez - dragging pic - jodi arias

Click here to see the image full size

I don’t think it’s possible to distinguish where that photo was with the blue pants, as taken in that bathroom. Nothing gives a conclusive reference point in relationship to the bathroom layout in that photo at all. The only thing that can be seen is what looks like tile. There is zero other than that to remotely conclude anything.

The same thing even applies to the second photo. The only thing different is that there is a floor baseboard in that photo. But the baseboard goes all the way around the perimeter walls of that bathroom. Plus the tile and the wall is exactly the same everywhere in that bathroom. So these photos could have been near the bathroom scales on the South wall. They could have been near the shower. It could have been near the sinks. What cannot be concluded is that it shows anything to positively say that these photographs are snapped in the hall corridor. Certainly not the one with the blue pants. This alone destroys every facet of what was concocted for the jury that was gobbled up like chum tossed in the ocean to draw in a school of Great White sharks.

My next post is going to demolish those “upside down” photos totally and completely.

They are not depicting that:

1. Travis is dead.
2. That she is dragging Travis
3. In fact the second photo with the baseboard is nothing but a blotch of artifacts and not Travis at ALL!

As for you Melendez, I know this for sure about you as one of the key players. You’re full of shit and you’re up to your ears in this Mexican-Mormon cabal of evidence fixing. What you need, is to be fitted for a few changes of pink underwear too. And then see if that clears up your eyesight problem and fixes your propensities to doctor evidence after four or five years living with some others wearing the same thing.


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© 2015: Jade & Jodi Arias Is Innocent .com – All Rights Reserved.
Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of this document is strictly prohibited.
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Stephens, Sandbagging & The Six Month Crap-Fest
Jodi Arias: Justice Denied

The Presumption of Innocence
The Immaculate Deception: Exposed
Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men
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  1. Awesome post!


    Make no mistake.

    Believe it.

    Prepare for it.

    Be part of it.

    Together we can make it happen…

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Take a closer look at the functions built in to this camera. According to the Sony website, this camera requires software, installed on a computer to apply the time/date stamp. The camera does not have that function, from what I’ve read on their site. That means someone had to have copied these images to the computer, used software to modify/fabricate the time/date stamp. Jodi would not have used that function even if it was in the camera as it would be ‘below her standard’ of photography.

      Now there is another issue and I’m not sure if you have addressed that here or not, but I’ll just spill the beans here and now. The claim that Jodi stole her grandfathers .25 handgun was a pathetic lie. It was loaded with 7 hollow point bullets, so says the police report. That type of bullet would have rendered Travis brain useless, it would have made mince meat out of his brain. It makes no difference if the shot came first or last, the effect would be the same.

      Here is a demonstration of this fact. http://youtu.be/DaXcXVvRuJ8


      The foot pic was taken upside down. Theres no original thumbnail pics. No before and after pics.

      THIS GUY IS A RAT !!!

      IDC what computer you check. You will find virus on every computer.
      Especially someone like TA that doesnt know how to keep the thing clean like a tech would know how.

      Finally, his computer start screen was missing essential basic programs.
      Documents and setttings.and /my computer > Travis couldnt view pics cause he couldnt acces his files.
      A virus blocks access to these files so the virus cant be deleted

    • I support Jodi!!!!! I love this website and its great to see how many people support Jodi. I believe that TA really abused her not only psychically abused her, but i also believe the mental abuse she recieved was unbearable. Theres no doubt in my mind she was fearing for her life! I wish her all the best and to get out ASAP! She should not be behind bars!

  2. From what I can see in the second photo it looks to me more like carpet. Of course, now that you point it out, the camera could not have been kicked or whatever from that angle and that demo of Melendez’s showed it wouldn’t work. Again, excellent work Jade,

  3. Jade, brilliant article! This case is so corrupted by all the minions of the State that it’s so certain that once this farce of a trial is over, the court of appeals will toss out Jodi’s verdict and sentencing due to reasonable doubt. Everything the prosecution presented as solid evidence was actually hypothetical.

    All martinez did was scream, object, badger witnesses, defense experts and defense team, character assassinate Jodi, and present travis as a saint. Ya, saint of deception!

    Can’t wait to read the next article that Jade is writing.

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Your super work, passion and dedication of time, has been constant and relentless.

      As well as Maria, Justus, Journee and absolutely everybody on this oasis of truth with great insight that is fighting for the same cause, it’s second to none.

      I don’t comment as much as I’d like, but I’m on a mission. And I’m happy to be on the right side with you and everybody, contributing whatever I can.

      We’ve got HLN pretty damn quiet now. lol.

      • Excellent, Jade! You took the words right out of my mouth about the photo’s, those words were music to my ears!

        Looking forward to your next post 🙂

  4. Jade truth n facts will free JODI n bring justice to the ones who did everything to bring HER to harm. All should be accountable for their actions and words to denie HER a fair trial . NO exceptions. This what real Det. work is all about …..THE FACTS JUST THE FACTS NO SHOWTRIALS EVER. JODI above all spoke truth on the stand. Should any be tried BEFORE trial? YES SHE lied when not under oath that was a mistake but if people are punished for that then look out on the other YOU lied in COURT !! AND in a D/P case. And seems all have admitted it too . AMAZING and VILE. A win at such a cost is TREASON. SO is the U.S. Constitution allowed in AZ. I,m just wondering. JADE THANKS ,there is HOPE !

  5. Jade do you have any more of these photos? If so, can you check the timestamps on them? My question is “Why in the picture marked as 5:32:16 PM is the time stamp on the right yet in the picture of TA it is in the middle of the bottom of the picture? And no time stamp at all on the one that there is no telling what that is?” It would seem to me that all timestamps would be at the same place in pictures.

    • They were stamped on each picture by a human being manually !

      They conveniently had no internal camera function information because these files according to them were deleted photos and the exif data was lost when they were deleted. Which is the extensive detailed information about each photo in the camera memory, if the photo is not deleted. It’s like the camera version of a computer registry.

      They claimed by using the sophisticated encase technology, they were still able to salvage the dates and times of each photo in the “unallocated space” folder of the memory card.

      A LEGITIMATE police department and county prosecution office could be trusted to transfer those dates and times as actually found in that folder. But I wouldn’t trust these people from my front door to the sidewalk. They could put anything on those photos that they wanted and there was no corroboration because Melendez did not even take a screen shot of that camera card where he claimed to have discovered the photos.

      Now we’re just supposed to take their word for it. Ri-ii-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ii-i-i-ii-i-i-i-ght.

      • To REPHRASE what a juror asked of Jodi on the stand:

        Why should we believe them now?

        That is exactly the question posed by Nurmi and Willmott in the Motion to Dismiss.

    • I wouldn’t do it unless I believed with every fiber of my being that Jodi was telling the truth.

      We could all be a victim of this kind of legal shanghai job given the right set of crazy circumstances. I sure would like to have everybody that posts on this site battling for me if that ever happened to me.

      • I have believed Jodi to be innocent from the beginning. I never have doubted her for a minute. And I agree there are many amazing people here fighting for Jodi, she is truly blessed by that. None of us knows what our future holds, like you said, what has happened to Jodi could happen to anyone. . .and that is scary.

  6. Hello Jade & Everyone at Jodi’s Justice site, and thanks to those who welcomed me the other day, to Lynn from Ireland…yes, everything is quite true what you said about our law, no media are allowed into court during a trial or to even talk about the case unless it’s just a daily report as to what went on for any given day, the media can’t discuss the case, can’t circumspect about same & can’t definitely open up comment forums for it to be adjudged by readers or viewers of websites/papers/etc. We have Solicitors & Barristers instead of Prosecution & Defence Lawyers & lastly we have a Director of Public Prosecution who decides if a case goes forward for trial.

    Now as regards, that U-Tube portion of trial as regards Martinez questioning those two officers of the Law? How would anyone send those two bungling liars to a crime scene? I mean, would even Keystone Cops? But firstly, I don’t believe those date stamps on the photographs if that’s what you would call them? And could the jury make anything out from those 2 pictures to further their analysis on this case, I doubt it.

    (And can I make an observation here?) I see that Martinez is forever moving his body in a swaying motion so much so, that he’s not talking into the microphone clearly, so as it’s hard to miss a lot of what he’s saying – & a lot of the witnesses have to say back, sorry, could you repeat that again, I didn’t catch that) And then he shouts with the result they’re made to look like fools & so in return give a quick answer back to his question without it seems, taking the proper time to think about what they are going to say) The result is that he gets the right answers & they’re glad to be out of their seats.

    Now the other day, Martinez was on about how long your man wanted to study the computer to find more porn, I can’t think of the gentleman witness’s name, he was working for Neumeister, the computer expert looking at said computer for porn & said if he got more time he’d find more on it, (I think he only had it for a few days, was it or hours? & he would find more on it, much more. Now the first detective in the clip was asked why he didn’t check all the texts on the computer & he said if he had just to do that it would take him eight month’s, so given that this Detective who has all the expert equipment would take eight month’s to find just the texts, why is Martinez making such a great deal of stirring things up for the defence to check the computer for another day or so to get at the porn details, of which I am sure there is lots more of. Talk about a one sided court…I’m am beginning to think the Judge is in on a conspiratorial act to win this case for the Prosecution, I mean her head is probably on the line as well, if this case comes crashing down around her & the Prosecution loses. My opinion is, she in on the Prosecutor’s & Keystone Cop’s plans to win this case at any cost with the result that the whole lot of these actors are ON the same RADA (Acting School) stage acting this out for dear life so that they all take away their fake Oscar’s after it’s all done & dusted to their advantage. Well I have news for them, they’ll be getting the “Golden Raspberry Awards” for worst acting & worst plot & will be all receiving another kept aside award in the future, the “Clangers”! (In Ireland, we use this word as another word for jail.)

    PS. I wasn’t too happy with the Defence in the first trial & even up to now. I want to see them with more fire in their belly to resolve this case to the outcome Jodi & most decent people without prejudice want. From tomorrow, I want them acting in court as if it was their lives on the line, I want the right JUST result & I want it soon, like “Now”!

    Another quote to leave you with from your 16th US President who seemed to be a “Wise Man”.
    “I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.”
    ― Abraham Lincoln

    • Great observation about JM – his using the soft voice so witnesses aren’t sure what his question was. This is just another way that he can make the witnesses appear to be argumentative – besides switching up questions even as he is formulating them, and repeating what witnesses have said inaccurately. He knows he can’t ALWAYS get the answers he wants, but he can NEARLY ALWAYS give the jurors the impression that witnesses are being uncooperative through his manipulating them into a fluster, or by his bullying of witnesses to the point that they dig in their heels. When a witness for the defense concedes even part of what he is trying to elicit, he acts as if the answer was obvious all along and the witness had been attempting to conceal it. The non-stop movement when he is on his feet – in his case, a swagger – is a hallmark of the hypnotist. I’m surprised he isn’t waving a pencil around continually, but that might be too obvious even for the most susceptible.

  7. Very interesting (jade), & challenging to the prosecution, this post on the camera that Jodi said she dropped. …The prosecution has based the entire case on date/timestamps as if they are absolutely correct and unquestionable. …And, accused her of lying if her story don’t agree with camera time.
    …I question their correctness, and: (is there missing time in the pictures)?
    …I never did believe the date/timestamps at all. …My concern has always been: Who can certify that the ((date and time was correctly entered into the camera)) when he (obviously TA himself) installed the battery(s) into the new camera when he bought it, a few weeks earlier?
    …I mean, if it was a modern 2015, cellphone camera it could encrypt the GPS & time & date into pictures taken because a modern cellphone exchanges information & pictures with its host provider via satellite. …So, if a modern cellphone gets a GPS position info, it could surely get the correct time & date encrypted in the cellphone camera data card, or stored in the host operating system. …But this was a 2008 or earlier designed (dumb camera in my opinion) and I assume that the correct date & time had to be manually installed into the brand new camera by the new owner, Travis.
    …In order to keep the clock in TA’s camera running 24/7, ((I assume)) it must have had a secondary (button battery) in the camera just to operate the camera clock, so that the clock would not have to be reset every time the main battery got discharged or disconnected.
    …I have never heard that TA’s camera was connected via satellite to any host company that sent GPS info to his camera. …(BUT MAYBE I AM WRONG). …I just don’t know how his camera always (supposedly) knew the correct date & time unless someone programmed the camera when taken out of the box.
    …And, I understand that this camera can have the date & time easily changed or removed by user.
    …So, maybe TA really did install correctly, the date & time in his brand new camera. …But, who can certify that he did???? ….Supposed he put the wrong date, or several hours in error??? …
    …Suppose Jodi noticed that the date/timestamps were (incorrect) & she was also trying to make a correction and perhaps adjusted the camera to the correct time/date just before she dropped it, which caused (any) accidental pictures to capture the correct time (but with lost time) from previous pictures.
    …And, the entire fight (perhaps) did not take place in 62seconds or even two minutes but there was a lot more fighting that he inflicted on her & she does not remember??? …Perhaps she really did get knocked out.
    …That is why she don’t remember some things because her brain can’t agree with her missing time.
    …(((I just don’t know how his camera is supposed to always know the correct time & date))).

    • I think what I mean by a second (button) battery to just operate the clock for TA’s camera, is that it may be a (wired in battery) in the camera circuit board, not really a button battery. …For example: most all computers have a clock circuit and a (clock display) in the bottom right corner of the screen. …That clock has to BE SET to the time that the owner selects, and it does NOT automatically adjust because some computers are not even connected to the internet. …And, the user can select a digital or analog clock display. …Even when the computer is disconnect from power for months at a time, the small (wired in battery, probably in the motherboard) can still keep time. …It may even recharge when the computer is plugged in to power & turned on. …Maybe I am wrong, but I believe TA could have set his camera clock to the (((wrong date and wrong time))). …And, the entire case is corrupted with JUNK TIME.
      …Time wrong,, case corrupted,,, no more prison time for Jodi. …(IMHO)…

  8. Jade what you say is all good but what can we do? It seems it is stacked their way. What can a hand full of supporters do? We spread truth through out the internet but what action can we take in the non-cyber world? Words here are well and good but what I have noticed is that very few come here to read and those that do shrug it off as nonsense, So what do you all suggest we do?

    Sometimes I feel so disheartened.

    • Angela hi. What can we do? What Jade and many others on this site do: Analyze and point out the corruption of this trial. Tear it apart to bits and pieces. Support Jodi. Write letters to ‘high positioned’ people, spread the word of injustice. I’d like to add that you are very mistaken if you think that ‘few come here and read’. As admin of this site and having access to the statistics of daily visits, I reassure you that on a daily basis we have an average of over 5000 viewers visit our site. Trust me, people don’t just come here read and ‘shrug it off as nonsense’, as you stated. If you’d like to actually help Jodi’s case, ask me and I’ll send you an e-mail with a list of things you can do to help. Do YOU have any suggestions?

      P.S. FYI, many friends that participate on this site have done a whole lot behind the scenes to help Jodi. It’s insulting to have someone think that people just come to JAII to ‘hang out’ and post a few supportive comments. Hard work is being done. We just don’t like to brag.


      RASNA Admin – TEAM JODI

      • Ok, I stand corrected, that is amazing that so many come and read. I have no suggestions as my mind is blank. Please send me that list. Can I send Jodi books? Would that help a little?

        I did not mean to insult anyone here, I guess I don’t know a lot ’cause isn’t it done in the vent room? I am not there so I guess I’m missing stuff. I live overseas and don’t know if that makes a difference. I am busy with a lot of medical issues at the moment and spend a huge amount of time at hospitals so I can’t always comment here. So I’m always playing catch up. I’m not even sure how to send a postcard to her, I will check with our post offices. Does mail cheer her up?

        Again I’m sorry if I upset anyone.

  9. This camera absolutely had to be set manually for time and date. They possibly may not have been set as well and could have been off. But probably not because Jodi being an astute photographer more than likely would have set it correctly before she started shooting.

    But once it got in the hands of Mesa PD ………….. fill in the blank.

    • eh – it wasn’t her camera, tho

      She’d have no need to be messing with time settings for an impromptu little photo shoot with TA’s camera, would she?

      • Maybe she saw the time was NOT correctly set by TA originally. …And, because, I think, she had the same kind of camera or that she was familiar with that model camera, she tried to correctly adjust it. …BUT, perhaps TA was screaming at her to delete those pictures of him & she could not do two things at one time & that is why she dropped the camera.
        …And, ABOVE I commented on the fact that the camera probably had a second (button) battery just for the camera clock, (((but that comment disappeared))).
        …What I meant to say was the camera probably had a (wired in battery) in the camera circuit board just for the camera clock. …Just like computers have ((I THINK)) a small battery wired into the motherboard.

        • Oh, there it is. …My comment at 1/11/15 10:13 pm just popped up. I thought it disappeared but it just posted. …Talking about the camera clock battery.

      • I think It depends if the battery had depleted. He may have been futzing around with it a lot since it was his brand new toy. I would think you would have to re-set the time again. But only Jodi would know if she set it or just started snapping away.

        Another interesting thing about that camera is that it had no way to superimpose image date on the image unless your printer or the software could read Windows 2000/XP exif data. They don’t even state that it imprinted date and TIME. Just date

        I don’t know how big of a deal that was in 2008, but they made a big point to mention it. They even say that if you take the photos to a print shop, they can print the images with the date if you ASK them.

        That brings up another question doesn’t it? Unless I’m misinterpreting what they mean by date How did MPD get a time? Especially when there was no exif data in the unallocated space.

        From manual:

        This camera does not have a feature for superimposing dates on images. However, because the images shot with the camera include the recording date, you can print images with the date superimposed if the printer or the software can recognize Exif information. For Exif information, consult the manufacturer of the printer or the software. When you print images at a shop, images can be printed with the date if you ask them to do so.

        • And yet it says nothing at all about TIME in the EXIF data.

          Even the lying Melendez wouldn’t lay claim to those timestamps.

          I threw ALL of those photos out as ‘evidence’ against Jodi nearly two years ago. The memory card in evidence that those photos were supposed to have come from would not have even fit into Travis’ camera. If those images came from THAT card, then THAT card was expressly manufactured for one reason only: to frame Jodi.

          • I just really dug into the manual and confirmed it does organize by time when you bring it up in the “Picture Motion Browser” in a computer. It has the photos organized by hours and seconds. So maybe the encase could detect that much in the deleted secret hiding place on the folder.

            I couldn’t believe that only 6 years ago a top line camera wouldn’t have date and time. It’s funny they don’t state date and time.

            I don’t want to embellish any coverups if they aren’t legit. There’s mountains of it there without that lol.

            • thanks for digging in!

              still have ‘the card doesn’t fit the camera’ issue, though – and the fact that EXIF data is easily manipulated

              the pictures may have much to say, but they don’t say anything at all about Jodi’s presence at the time of Travis’ death

            • Jade,

              HJ Blankenship is a photographer of many years and he has worked tirelessly on photo 162, the exhibit they showed in the court of Jodi allegedly being in that photo.
              I call it the ‘impossible photo’, Jodi would have HAD to have been a contortionist to take it, I only typed these exact words 2 days ago.. and now you have used those very same words!

              Proof Jodi could Never have taken that photo, so, who did, is the million dollar question..

            • Jade, I think you will dig up that the camera TA had, was the Only camera at that time to have no automatic time/date feature, from 2006-2010

  10. Okay so there’s this little blog I read every day – mostly food and decorating projects, some clothing/jewelry/kids stuff. Blog’s creator is a gal named Elsie Larson, blog called A Beautiful Mess, she runs it with her sister, Emma.. Elsie’s husband is a musician, Jeremy, and Jeremy has just release his first EP (no, I don’t know what that is) series called VIOLENTS featuring female vocalists. Haunting electronic music, the lyrics I can understand are clearly about DV relationships. But I can’t understand all the lyrics, either the vocals are too stylized or the sound mix buries the lyrics. But there are four clips on this page. The song ‘Brave’ seems an especially heartbreaking description of a DV relationship dynamic. First verse in ‘Blush’ seems to be as well, but I can’t understand the second verse.

    Anyway, check it out here if you like: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2015/01/jeremys-new-project-violents-.html#comment-6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c73449eb970b

  11. Excellent work, Jade! You and my friend, HJ Blankenship have ripped this photographic evidence to shreds.

    From the moment Detective Melendez took the stand I felt he was not to be trusted. In fact, I tweeted that out not too long ago, and I was happy to see Paul Huebel, the Arizona investigator who was one of the more known folks to speak out on Jodi’s behalf, favorite my tweet!

    Paul also supported Debra Milke’s innocence since she was first charged in the death of her son. Milke, as you all know, was just released.

    Anyway, I have been open to “signs” ever since I started researching and writing on Jodi and her trial. I’ve gotten lots. The latest is that MESA PD has actually BLOCKED me on TWITTER!! I may have called them dingbats at some time or other but surely a police department wouldn’t take such offense that they’d block me! No, I’m thinking it has more to do with stuff like this, and with their now media guy Detective Esteban Flores’ “detective behind the detective’s” wife, Corinna Flores and her twitter tantrum. Yep, that’s my bet.

    I am delighted to add MESA PD to my list of folks threatened by an ever growing pile of inconvenient truths!

    No matter what happens today, the corruption will be exposed, and one day, hopefully sooner than later, Jodi will be free.


    • Sandra, I have read your blog site numerous times and you are like a doberman on this case. When you have the kind of focus of so many that are intending to shut down your voice, you know you are flying close to the target.

      There are a lot of people now that are nervous about what you have been pointing out for so long.

      Congratulations !

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