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I’m so over you repugnant Alexander johnny-come-lately post grievers. You’re like paid mourners at a funeral. The only relationship you had with the pedophile pimp of prevarication and inspector of children’s underwear, was a strained one, and you milked every last greenback from every last dimwitted asshole who didn’t know it was an act. I’m loving the fact that only one true hero denied everything you wanted. Suck it. Crawl in your train and head back to where you came from.

This case was and is an enigma wrapped in anomalies, replete with criminal subterfuge by the M.C.A.O Nazis who have distinguished themselves as scum-like vermin.

If only Jodi had insisted on a lawyer being present during questioning, Martinez would be swinging by his scrotal sack right now and wouldn’t have had a chance in hell at proving a case of first degree murder, let alone pre-meditated murder. The biggest obstacle was Jodi’s own words.

She then fell into the netherworld of nightmares by having no ability to acquire a specialist defense attorney. Nurmi was a specialist in criminal aspects of sexual abuse and domestic violence and that’s what he went with. He went with his forte instead of focusing like a laser on the forensics, photographs and the blood that was like a road map of devastation for the prosecution case.

The photographs should have been mocked in front of the jury and the impossibilities pointed out in all the micro analytic detail that was there to be reduced to a level of absurdity. Blood wasn’t where it should be or was where it shouldn’t be. The diversion to domestic violence kept the prosecution’s ability to keep the misdirection going of their midnight manipulations and secreting away of vast and voluminous amounts of exculpatory evidence.

False confession lost all impetus as a real possibility. False confessions result in cases that are overturned almost exclusively when a confession is recanted prior to trial. When the weight of a confession is more significant to a jury than the evidence offered showing the confession was untrue and given for reasons other than guilt, this is when cases are overturned by higher courts.

The finding being that the jury should have considered the testimony and evidence to be more convincing than the confession in the opinion of the appeal court judges. And as such, the confession was either coerced or supported by evidence that the defendant gave truthful testimony on the stand that they did not commit the crime.

In Jodi’s case, she not only didn’t recant the confession, she specifically reinforced the admission of killing Alexander time and time again on the witness stand. She said she remembers dropping the knife in the bathroom because it hit tile. She remembers putting a knife in the dishwasher.

To say she was not there that day falls into the most far-fetched unrealistic hopes as opposed to reality, because there is an independent confirmation that supports it. Alexander was watching the YouTube video of people dancing around with crazy hats on their heads at 4 am when she arrived. She stated this is what he was watching. And this was confirmed by the examination of the hard drive that this video was being watched at that time. She could not have known that unless she saw what he was watching that early morning in his office. So it’s corroborating and validating proof she was there.

And here nobody messed up on the technicalities of the Miranda warning during interrogation. They were also emphatic when she said that she may as well admit to something because it’s what they wanted to hear. And that it seemed fruitless because she was being told repeatedly the case was airtight. But they told her implicitly that is absolutely not what they wanted her to do. It insulates them from any hope of successful claim of false confession. In short there is no confession to throw out. The interrogation sessions were videotaped and they leave no basis to contend a false confession.

These statements are a matter of police and court record and any attempt to discount them will fall on deaf ears with an appeals court. This is why it is so important to find legal grounds where the trial guilt verdict can be set aside and a new trial ordered.

There isn’t a scintilla of doubt in my mind that she feared for her life or was in fear of great bodily injury that day during the moments that preceded the stabbing–both of which allow for defending herself. I’m extremely confident that everything happened as she described it up until the time of the gunshot. After that, there is no doubt in my mind that Alexander came unhinged and at no time was he incapacitated by the small projectile that deflected from his skull under the skin, went through the right sinus, through the vertical nose plate, through the left sinus and eventually came to lodge in his cheek.

And what it was that actually happened in those minutes, hours or days after that, contravenes everything the prosecution glued and patched together. It defies time, space and strength reality continuums. Physics is turned on its head, and even gravity effects that appear on photos requires belief in the paranormal to accept it. Case problematics are truly best exemplified by the oft-used puzzle piece analogies. It’s as if we have extra pieces from another puzzle that obviously don’t fit the puzzle we have. And pieces from the puzzle we have that we need explanation for, are missing.

* We have weight differences of 85 pounds or more,

* We have a muscled martial arts expert who isn’t able to strike a single blow,

* We have time spans that are preposterous to accomplish what is asserted was done,

* We have a hand print on a wall in an open corridor but not a smidge of blood on pure white tile or glass door where moving and dragging and shifting and maneuvering should have resulted in all sorts of tell-tale blood evidence of some kind from hands, feet or clothes swiping against it.

Why would she specifically be obsessed to wash blood off that area making it absolutely pristine when his blood is absolutely everywhere else in that bathroom that she doesn’t clean and doesn’t care about? Why would the blood on the glass door of the shower be more important to clean than the blood in and on the sink just for one example? Even turning on the shower wouldn’t have removed every trace of blood on all the surfaces.

How would the shower remove blood on the outside of the aluminum frame enclosure where she would have almost certainly had to place her hand for leverage or in the struggle, to get him in the shower? It can’t be argued without claiming nonsensical contortions of reality.

We have a body that has no entomological evidence when it should have been a Disneyland for flies, larvae, and bugs after five days.

More brain twizzlers: these are more things that leave me puzzled

With blood on the tile, on the walls, on the blinds, on the toilet, on the sink, on the carpet… how is it that not a SINGLE drop of blood ended up on this big 7 foot long, 5 foot wide, humongous pure white thing? Blood is evident only inches away and even on the floor mat.

Click to view full size image in a new window


What in the world is with this box? This could not result with water from a glass, this had to be caused by a LOT of water. It had to be SITTING in water–at least a half inch on the floor for it to have wicked up this far and still have the strong reddish coloration that high up on the box. It wasn’t splashed on the box, it soaked up from the bottom. This is clear from the jaggedy line.

It’s extremely puzzling because with the amount of water it would take to soak up to that level on the box, it should surely also have diluted the big puddles of blood in front of the doorway and spread them out a lot more also. Or made the concentrations smaller in size if the box was in the closet and that much water contacted it there. How could these big puddles ON TILE not have been washed away if the blood was fresh, and that much water washed over it? How could it affect the box and not the blood on the floor?

Could this box have been somewhere else and then moved into the closet?

Click to view full size image in a new window


And what could have possibly happened to cause the huge amount of blood in these pools–the one in front of the closet and the one pictured below. What stab wound would have caused what looks to me to be like even MORE blood than where his throat was to have been cut?

Certainly the slicing of the throat would cause the greatest quantity of blood loss and the quickest time. Yet these large pools of blood seem to be at LEAST equally as large or larger. And he had to be stationary here when this blood was lost. There is no movement indicated when this blood was deposited. Blood trails do not emanate away from the main concentration.

Is it remotely possible that his throat wound was in fact carried out in front of the closet door and that it was blood from the bullet wound and possibly other gashes already on his head that we see on the carpet? If he was laying face down on the carpet, the blood is more to the right side of the hallway than it is to the left looking at it from his perspective. And it would be comporting with the downward blood smear on the wall where Martinez said he fell face down. The ramifications of that would turn the present assumptions of this case inside out. Major major blood had to come from some part of his body to make this large blood pool. Nothing Martinez said accounts for it.

Click to view full size image in a new window

corridor blood

Another brain twizzler:

Did she strategize and brainstorm this murder to such a finite degree that she would have thought to have her shoes somewhere in the bathroom or clean socks prior to starting taking pictures of him in the shower? The most likely place she would have had her shoes is somewhere in the bedroom. Probably near or around the bed. We know that Martinez INSISTS she was wearing socks in the gotcha photo.

Now certainly after these two photos–avariciously acclaimed as the smoking guns–there has to be–and there is–blood everywhere in the bathroom on the floor. And most importantly we know it is a small size foot SOCK print in the carpet where all the apparent stomping around was taking place and where a good amount of water was alleged to have been used. Therefore blood or blood/water mixture would have had to be on the bottom of her socks. Any contact of her foot with the carpet would have instantly left some reddish coloration that would have stained it.

So unless she had her shoes in the bathroom, how would she get out to get her shoes or new socks without leaving SOME transfer footprint on the bedroom carpet? The closet was also pure white carpet, she couldn’t possibly step in there NOWHERE without leaving footprint transfer. Does it seem likely she would have thought so far in advance that she would have an extra pair of shoes or socks somewhere around the shower? That’s nuts. Plus I’ve also shown that it appears there are other footprints in the carpet at the end of the hall that are not those of a small foot.

Another one that doesn’t add up:

Jodi testified that she saw that she had blood on her hands when she stopped near the Hoover damn. Said she washed her hands with bottled water from the trunk. How could she have blood on her hands and not leave some evidence of blood somewhere on her way out? The most likely place would be the door knob. Even if she left through the garage, she would still have to touch a door knob. But there is another thing that would have almost certainly had blood–the doggie gate.

Martinez said she cleaned up and that’s why there was no blood. But if she had blood on her hands–which she clearly stated she did–it gives just that much more credence to her not knowing what happened, which is what she also testified to. And it was Jodi who said if she would ever premeditate a murder, she would obviously use gloves. You would have to be an imbecile not to. Anybody who would say otherwise would have to be an imbecile to say they wouldn’t. This leaves the only logical question; why would Jodi say she had blood on her hands if her testimony wasn’t truthful?

I don’t believe she has or had any mental illness period. I believe that whatever happened OUT OF FEAR, shut down her cognitive functions. It is after–traumatic stress shutdown, that took her mind to a safe place. Jodi didn’t have a whisp of violence in her body and not in a billion years did she plan to travel to Mesa to kill Alexander. She didn’t plan anything except an interim stopover to do what they had done so many times before on her way to see the guy who was her new interest and the one phasing Alexander out.

It’s actions of Alexander’s own choosing that put him in that body bag. With so many dilemmas that any reasonable person should have trouble answering, this does not fit to be all wrapped up neatly and solved with answers that stand up to real scrutiny. They fail miserably and had it not been for, originally twelve fuckheads, and now twenty three, who don’t have the intelligence to predict the weather yesterday, we would have had at the very MAXIMUM, a verdict of 2nd degree murder.

If she had only requested a lawyer in the early stages as she was being interrogated, it would have melted any hopes of first degree premeditated murder or even first degree murder like wet cotton candy. It shows the provenance of the first law of procedure if you are ever accused of ANY crime–do not say a WORD to the police without having a lawyer present. Don’t even wait for the Miranda warning, just state that you are not guilty of any crime and that you don’t wish to speak without an attorney present. State also that you would like this statement recorded that you have told the officer that you don’t wish to speak.

Even in what you think are confidential conversations with others at a police station conference room or examination room, these conversations are also able to be used in evidence against you and are likely audio or video monitored. Higher courts have held that you have no reasonable expectation of privacy once in the custody of police, except with your attorney.

Jodi is where she is because she was naive and trusting, just as she had been in all the relationships. Listening to her pre-trial interrogations shows the epitome amalgam of the California “Valley Girl” with the “I’m like.. and “he’s like” and then “I’m like.” It was only missing the verbal essentials “totally” and “rad.” It actually made me cringe listening to her at points at the age she was at the time, and hearing this “teen age” immaturity so associated with the stereotype. Only Jodi wasn’t the affluent typical version, she was a poor version of the stereotype who had to scrape together her few dollars however she could, through waitressing. And then shared much of that either loaning it or pitching in for somebody else’s slacker shortcomings.

All the sharks who spotted this combination of Chrissy Snow similarities, inferiority complex, self deprecation and willingness to please, took advantage of it and used her and controlled her. It was who she was–the innocent little Bambi bouncing around in the grass. It wasn’t rooted in any violence or propensity for any violence. It was a little girl who liked the affirmation of acceptance from someone she thought was cute, even though she was being played much or most of the time. This girl was no more violent than Mother Theresa.

Alexander is the one who had the propensity for violence and was the perfect storm prelude to a ticking time bomb. What happened that day, I agree one thousand percent with Dr. Geffner’s conclusion of PTSD. Having the graphic reality confront her of what adrenaline caused her to go into a self-protect mode to survive, was so contrary to everything she could envision, that the mind would not consciously perceive it. It was already reinforced with earlier traumatic incidents of having a knife to her throat, being choked by a previous boyfriend and having been made unconscious by the exploding temper of the very individual whose last words she remembers saying “kill you bitch.” Now that bastard won’t be choking nobody no more.

In one of the greatest and sweetest of all possible ironies, you don’t get to kill her either.

If it wasn’t for the temporary ordeal Jodi would have had to go through in solitary lock-up and the fact that I salivated to see the Alexander’s get their payback with a hung jury, a death sentence would have been even better.

The insistence that those bullshit photos document the incredibly short time that Jodi is alleged to have completed this killing, would have been the very thing that guaranteed that the Supreme Court would have justified a finding to void the guilty verdict and remand it for retrial. It wouldn’t even have gotten into the willful withholding of evidence and Brady and Giglio transgressions –which are voluminous, prolific and unabated–because they would not have been relevant. The case would have turned strictly on the aggravating factor of cruelty.

The Supreme Court is immune to what the ignorant public thinks is shocking and they are aware of crimes that are multitudes more brutal and sadistic which truly warrant the cruelty aggravator. In this case, as they have ruled in others, that would have sounded even worse to the water cooler crowd, they reversed the verdict because of the killing being done so quickly, it did not subject the victim to a period of suffering. They considered it only “escalating” the killing or called it “efficient,” so suffering for the victim was minimal.

Even the dipshit ME here, said Alexander would have been unconscious within a minute or so. You can’t suffer if you’re unconscious. There has to be a conscious suffering and awareness of the killers intentions that delays the certain death perception. Here, I’m confident, it would have been the very thing they concocted to kill her, that would have voided the cruelty aggravator and required a new trial.

Did you notice how that pompous POS did the theatrics at the closing rebuttal where he wanted to have complete silence for two minutes? This was already his major concern and he was doing damage control. What he didn’t announce–and the court would have seized on–is that it was nowhere even near two minutes. It was 62 seconds! And that included the time it would have taken to turn him around at the end of the hallway and drag him half way back down the hall before the last picture was taken in the corridor. So Alexander was already (according to him and his conspirator ME) long dead already from the throat slice.

So the actual time of suffering would have been pro-rated and by extrapolation more like 30 seconds before he was unconscious. Martinez was trying to preempt the Supremes from kicking the case back with his lame dramatics, for that very reason. He knew it was hanging by a thread. As it was, they were already rejected for 5 of the 6 aggravators. And within the cruelty aggravator, there are 3 parts–heinous, cruel and depraved. So out of 3 parts, the judge only allowed one. In other words, they had already failed on eight of the nine special circumstances that can raise a murder case status to be tried as a death penalty case. And it would have been a monster kick in the nuts when the AZ Supreme Court reversed it, which I’m sure they would have. No aggravator–no death penalty. The case would have had to be retried, or they could go pound sand–their choice.

But as it was, juror 17, you’re the two X chromosome exemplar of Henry Fonda in Twelve Angry Men and one day you will be righteously vindicated. If anything happens to this woman, if you think this trial cost money, wait ’til Montgomery the mob boss, gets done gagging on the numbers of the size of that lawsuit that will be slapped against Maricopa County. He better have a lot of inside friends at Fort Knox.

This story of corruption and state-sponsored murder is not over… and when it is, juror 17, you will be the one holding your head high.

I only hope we can honor you at the celebration of Jodi’s coming out party and Martinez, Horn, Flores and the rest of the cast of the other motherfuckers going away party. Courtesy of the AZ Supreme Court.

Hughes, I got real real special wishes for you.

And as for you Alexanders …….. (click here)


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Stephens, Sandbagging & The Six Month Crap-Fest
Jodi Arias: Justice Denied
Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed
The Presumption of Innocence
The Immaculate Deception – Exposed

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  1. Only 25% of the overturned convictions involve DNA. Many convictions have also been overturned because of the Reid Technique, which has and is being considered by the judiciary in a great many states to be responsible for false convictions and those states are trying to get the police to stop using it. To say this is not a possible avenue to pursue is cutting off options. NO stone should be unturned. NO options should be put off the table. Facts are facts and the Reid Technique was used on Jodi Arias and should NOT be discounted

    • I *might* look further into and agree with you on that one Carol, except for the fact that Jodi changed her story (from the one given to Flores during interrogation — potentially using Reid factors). And she changed that story PRIOR to trial. So, her story presented at trial was NOT the one she gave while someone was potentially interrogating her with the Reid Technique — and there’s no evidence that anyone used the Reid Technique on her the second time around to get her to tell the story she testified to at trial. Do you see the problem here? You can’t argue on appeal that she only admitted to being present at the crime scene because of Flores’s Reid Technique when she presented an entirely different version at trial. (Well, I should say you can’t reasonably argue that — unless you’re trying to annoy the appellate justices.)

  2. “There isn’t a scintilla of doubt in my mind that she feared for her life or was in fear of great bodily injury that day during the moments that preceded the stabbing–both of which allow for defending herself. I’m extremely confident that everything happened as she described it up until the time of the gunshot. After that, there is no doubt in my mind that Alexander came unhinged and at no time was he incapacitated by the small projectile that deflected from his skull under the skin, went through the right sinus, through the vertical nose plate, through the left sinus and eventually came to lodge in his cheek.”

    Jade, you have summed up the most crucially relevant facts of this case concisely in three sentences.

    The most ESSENTIAL fact of this case is that the gunshot was FIRST.

    Discussions of the aggravator aside, the state’s contention that it was LAST is what CONVICTED Jodi.

    In other words, setting aside the fatuous road trip circumstantial evidence, Jodi’s frightened evasions with the detective and in her pre-trial TV appearances, the friends’ hearsay alleging clingy behavior or whatever other BS a person would reach for in propping up this overblown case with a motive, never mind the utter crap that HLN continues to spew about this vulnerable young woman:

    What juror could find even M2 if they really believed the canard that the gunshot was last?

    A gunshot LAST would have INTENT written all the fuck over it, and it DIDN’T EVER HAPPEN.

    Are you paying attention, appeals attorneys???

    • The appellate court will see that this gunshot last theory is just that, theory…that the state concocted to counter the new self defense that Jodi was now going to present….and the court will also see that the state disregarded the truth in favor of trying to win a case…..not good…….if plain old folks like us can see it believe me the appellate courts and appellate attorneys handling Jodi’s appeals will see it….we will persevere and Jodi will walk free…..

    • And, as to fear, there’s the minor detail of the swastikaed prison ink, forehead, tattoo, of the guy, arrested, in Y-RICO, who confessed that he was “On a mission, [ Momon…??? ], to kill someone, and, commit, suicide.”and, had the trunk full of, explosives, to prove it; very soon after, the threat to Jodi, that, we know where you live…. etc., leaving no doubt, that, her familys,’ life was in danger… Edgrrr…

  3. Jade, Thank You.
    I know your words WILL help Jodi to be FREE.
    Now we need the fates allow to usher in some more scales tipping in Jodi’s favor.

  4. Jade, another brilliant debunking of what the State of Shitzona tried to use to make a case.

    I really am upset that the Defense Team didn’t tackle all those doubtful issues that the prosecutor stated as facts.

    If there was ever a case that oozed reasonable doubt, Jodi’s case is the one. I absolutely don’t understand why juan martinez got away with so much bullshit. I wonder: can he actually taste the bullshit while it was coming out of his mouth?

    I’m guessing that the Court of Appeals will have a field day with all the motions that prove that there was severe prosecutorial misconduct throughout the first and second trial. There are so many ‘holes’ in this case that the verdict (premed M1) will not stand once everything is reviewed.

    No court of appeals can turn a blind eye to:

    GALLERY TESTIFYING (facial expressions, parading out of courtroom while court is in session, emotional blackmail towards the jury: all done by the alexanders and their posse)

    Any which way you look at it: Jodi never had a chance to a fair trial. This was never suppose to be a DEATH penalty case in the first place.

    So all you haters out there that continuously are complaining that Justice has not been served: you’re right! Justice has not be served. Justice has been denied to Jodi. And this will change with the appeals.

    So instead of shutting the fuck up and thanking the biased and corrupted State of Shitzona, you are doing Jodi a favor by provoking KARMA: This verdict that you so don’t like WILL be overturned: IN FAVOR OF JODI and she will be set free.

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥

  5. Jade, I agree Brilliant!!! If you are to believe the time stamps on the photo’s 62 seconds….. I’m not buying it. He would have stood over the sink for most of that time looking in the mirror wondering WTF?
    If Jodi took the time to clean up would she have blood on her hands?? The only thing that would make any sense to me is that it was Jodi’s blood…but then again if she had blood on her hands how did she get out of the house without leaving blood prints as Jade stated on at the very least the door knobs?

    Hindsight is 20/20. NO Jodi never ever should have talked to anyone without a lawyer present. We all know that. So that’s not even a issues now. That ship has sailed. Obviously Jodi mental state at the time of the interrogation could be questionable. But not knowing Jodi personally I should not question it.

    Jade, your analogy of the pieces to the puzzle is spot on!! So where do we go from here?? How do you put a puzzle together when you don’t have a clear picture to look at

    • Cindy, BB,

      Please help me. I am hopelessly confused.

      I saw this yesterday but when I tried to read it, it did not seem to be knitted togther. I sounded as if our banding together in a more self sufficient organization, ignoring expectatiomns of the card carriers that we had finally defeated the bullying of the sytstem. But by the time there was nothing left to read, it sounded like there was nothing left to change!

      I’m sorry,
      cindy, I know you can’t type because of your shoulder, but perhaps you could command one of your slaves to attend to a mission of mercy on your behalf. Why am I the only one who doesn’t understand. It because I am 75 yrs?

    • And, no blood particulates, in the socalled combined blood handprint, proving, Jodi, never, fired a gun, as the Spaz, admitted, after three years, of fraudulent, claims, to, scam, an interstate, kidnapping, then, recanted, yet, prostitiutor, , continued in reverse, as if, no matter how many, contradictory lies at law, he floats, as the three stooges, perjuries, his redibility, is without question…. Why is it that the governors were not, petitioned to rescind, the extradition…if, not, because the three million dollar, defense bribe, saw to it that, there was no such motion… as will therefore have been waived, as if, the “justices,” bring common sense to the job. to see why the bribe, was accepted to be a bribe, as evidenced by the “defense,” trying to hide it, lest the jury and, Jodi, are, relationship, challenged….. It’s a well stacked, travesty of justice, that, a prostitutor, can admit to this three stooges, conspiracy, to, each, be ordered to recant; assuming, that they, each, and all, were not, stupid enough to do so, without being so, ordered; and, in a courtroom tacit admission to perjury, to scam from two governors, an interstaste kidnappig at law…without a bleat from the stacked jury, and, the bribed, defense, and, of course the braindead judge…. No motion to dismiss with prejudice, means, none, submitted…. Edgrrr…..

  6. Great post Jade ! 🙂

    Here’s my two cents:

    Appeals items:

    Admitted perjury/false testimony by Det Flores during Chronis hearing (August 7, 2009)for the probable cause of a death qualifying aggravating factor:

    JSS denied the motion for mistrial (based on the above factor) stating she relied on Dr. Horn’s criminal trial testimony to prove such aggravator and therefore the sole aggravating factor of “cruelty” was present regardless and therefore the perjured testimony during the Chronis hearing was “harmless” and further stating that the order of the injuries were not relevant….the court had rejected the gratuitous violence, needless mutilation, helplessness, and senselessness in support of the heinous and depraved prong…..only the “cruelty” prong was accepted by the court….Also note that JSS was not present during the Chronis hearing and therefore would she be in a position 3 years later during the criminal trial testimony to decide whether or not the presiding judge during the hearing in 2009 would have found the perjured testimony “harmless?”

    This after-the-fact reasoning (if you can call it “reasoning”) by JSS ignores the fact that when a case becomes death qualified by an aggravator(s) then necessarily the jury instructions narrows the class of persons eligible for the death penalty and must reasonably justify the imposition of a more severe sentence on the defendant….it also ignores the fact that jurors that are eligible to serve on a death penalty case are necessarily narrowed by weeding out those not in favor of death sentences or those that would have objections to imposing such sentences on defendants….

    In other words, having a death qualifying aggravator stacks the decks against the defendant out of the gate….and when your sole aggravator is based on perjured/false testimony it can NOT stand and will never be considered “harmless” in a death penalty case…..this was reversible error on the part of JSS….

    Had there not been a death qualifier, and no death penalty in play, then the jury make up would have been different, the jury instructions would have been different, and the outcome would most likely have been much different…….Jodi is due a new trial….a fair trial….

    The state’s reaction to Jodi changing her defense to self-defense of course lead to Dr. Horn’s infamous “typo” on the stand….which any one with a brain cell knows to be false according to his own autopsy report which was never amended…..his statement that the gunshot would have rendered TA incapacitated or unconscious immediately just reinforces the false “cruelty” aggravating factor as so perfectly explained by Jade……

    Do we think the appellate court judges are stupid? And just as I paused here on this post for the night and woke up today to finish with the Brady violations, Jade perfectly and succinctly explained the “cruelty” factor brilliantly and she explained why this “cruelty” factor wouldn’t stand muster and would be cause for an overturn of this case (see her post above) ……. just another nail in the state’s coffin…..

    The Brady Violations:

    I don’t even need to explain these anymore as I am sure all of you are sick and tired of hearing about these, but the appellate courts have little patience when these violations come before them…..Brady violations are absolute in their ability to overturn cases…..THERE ARE NO EXCUSES when it comes to the state’s failure to disclose all exculpatory evidence, NONE !!! And for those who can’t or won’t understand how the computer porn is relevant just remember that Juan Martinez relied almost exclusively on calling Jodi Arias a liar throughout the trial and anyone who dared to believe Jodi like Alyce LaViolette or Dr. Samuels was called a liar or a fool for believing Jodi….And for those of you who think that this is a “hide and seek” game where the state is allowed to hide evidence and the defense must seek it and believe that the burden is somehow on the DT to seek the exculpatory evidence, think again…..the SCOTUS has already spoken on this matter and under no circumstances can the prosecution/state ever shift their burden to disclose all exculpatory evidence to the defense, period !!!! And this includes the testimony of the forensic expert who briefly stated that he remembered seeing some porn but then quickly changed his testimony to agree that there was none !! The DT was never given the original hard drive as it was hidden by the state for 6 years !! And this doesn’t even include the 3000 books worth of potential exculpatory evidence that was destroyed at the crime scene by Det Flores and then more potential exculpatory evidence destroyed again in 2009 by the state during their meeting with the defense team…..or the false testimony by Det Melendez about no porn or viruses…….I could go on about this but I won’t….you get it…..

    (((((Appeals Attorneys)))))

    We are with you till the end when you breathe free air once again…………..

      • BB:
        Your case construction for freeing jodi via appeals sounds brilliant, very well thought out, complete in its legal ramifications, a reasonable and rational argument__except for one very inconvenient consideration__

        We are dealing with Arizona. They are like aliens. They do not play by any standards but their own. With JSS and Martinez day after day we have watched them proclaim in open court whatever “Truth” suits their purpose. If they say “Jodi lied” from then on the game that is played is Jodi is a lier (It becomes a FACT and trial carries on from there.) They get away with it. Everybody concerned ends up caving in to their impromptu proclamations of their current proclaimed version of legal reality.

        Nobody seems to have any authority to call them out and stop them in their tracks.. If they did, we would not now be stuck going on seven years of what? two guilt trials; two penalty trials; it seems like more, but that’s four trials right there, and the prosecution has been cheating the whole while, making it take longer and get more complicated to the point the average person can’t tell what’s going on, so now they have a successful cover-up. do over seems to take just as long as if they were devouring the whole enchilada all over again, and not just some sort of add-on-quickie-do-over.

        The evidence that this is the truth of what is being forced on all of us, is that if this WEREN’T the truth of the situation, Why, oh Why weren’t the perjurors and Brady violators hauled away on the spot. Isn’t that something like prima facia evidence? Why would that sort of in-your-face cheating, witnessesed by the entire court not be treated like pulling out a gun and firing it in court? I would expect either category of miscreant to be handcuffed, and booked into in a cell to wait for their trial, with sizable bail being they are all too wealthy for their own good. For sure Flores, Horn, and Martinez should not still be walking free. If they are, which they are, this proves Arizona is still making fools out of all of us who abide by the law.

    • No No No I never get tired of hearing this stuff, I want to savor every word and understand every nuance. I just feel like I am missing the boat some how. It sounds like it it a humungous victory for a lowly defence team, overcoming the power of big government. But if that’ls it_ WHERE’ THE CELERBRATION?

      Are we out of the woods, yet?

    • Common sense has left the building, and, all these issues, prove reasonable doubt, in addition, to, perjury of process. I would like to see, interjection spaces, between points, that are made, proving, this slam dunk case, was not, a case, at all… so that, comments can corroborate, word for word, input, when the words are sizzling…. Happy Birthday, Jodi….. Edgrrr…

  7. BB thank you so much for your post. I’m really getting up set over going over and over the same stuff….meaning Jodi should have not said a word without a attorney present…We all know that!! We all know she had ineffective counsel.. I want to know why JSS would let KN off the case??
    Knowing that it could come back and bite her in the butt in the appellate courts. I don’t pretend to know anything about the law. I only know that this whole case was corrupt from the beginning. I want to know why and I want to know who was pulling the strings. How does a crime scene go from looking like two people had to do it to a 5’5″ 120lbs woman doing it?? Why was the evidence tampered with? I’m not buying it was just to put another win on JM’s resume. It was tampered with before he even got the case. Oh don’t get me wrong he had something to do with the hiding the evidence.

    I guess I just don’t give a flying f… What the Alexander’s are doing or not doing. I do care what the media has been doing and has done. I do care about #17.

    I do truly care about Jodi and how this miscarriage of justice has taken her life away from her.

    • Cindy, I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this one. I used to post it at least once a month. Here goes.
      I could never believe that it was possible for a defence lawyer to be as horrible, stupid and an embarrassment to the state including being MEAN to an abused woman, Ms. Jodi Arias. as was Mr. Kirt Nurmi. It can only be on purpose, It’s an acquired skill. For the State, it’s”value added.” Edgar Longenecker planted the the pair of defence legal to stay. They do not qualify for the term “Team” which is their most tragic shortcoming. A couple of years back,I asked myself what you are asking, Cindy_ the idea festered in my head that money was being dolled out to bribe them to stay put. . And it was, too. I think Nurmi’s raise was as much as $200/HOUR! PLUS Nurmi strikes me as one who’s willing to play along and make really stupid moves,willingly and on purpose for JSS, to look like the sloucher he is and not care. He doesn’t even have the class to be embarrassed. He has literrally been purchased by the State as their puppet. There is a word for it on the street, isn’t there?purchased by the state of AZa key chess piece because he loves being “down low” (pun intended) A defence team needs to be colaborating. These two ignore each other. It’s a team job. not even have any pride about it. Nurmi was JSS’s ace in the whole. No way she was going to let her Great Dane get away as long as MCPD was willing to keep the money coming to buy him. Jennifer is not ready for real time as far as I’m concerned, as well. I will NEVER give a grade above a F for any speaker that insults the public by not taking the trouble and thought to have charts prepared for you as you stand before your “class” and EDUCATE THEM ABOUT THE FACTS AND PRINCIPLES THEY ARE EXPECTED TO COMPREHEND DEEPLY AND THOROUGHLY. These “students” the Jury are about to take on probably the most impactful obligation they will do in their lives. I have no Patience for all this slip shod hooliganism. Please don’t tell me that these two white wash half done “attorney’s” are what we are stuck with for the next round. Since their Arizona Law Schools failed to groom them appropriately, WAKE UP it is up to the two of them and coach one another to be adequately effective. And that is such a low standard it is pathetic. Thanks to one of our JAII member’s dissertation on what attorneys face, I comnpletely empathasize with them. Howevermy firm belief is that they would receive much more joy and reqard in the grueling work if they would thoroughly prepare. Shucks, they’ve just already prepared material for their next case if they’d accept what they’re in for and be creative and make it fun. Who passed the law that said working in a courtroom cant be a pleasure and uplifting for all involved. I will give credit that Jennifer does indeed exhibit that she’s given thought along those lines. But it’s not good enough to just coast.
      When I think of a TEAM of Defence lawyers, IMO their primary role as they go through their careers is:THAT OF EDUCATORS. Think about that a moment. Isn’t that edge of discipline what so many of you have commented that Jodi needed to get from them. Raising children can be inconvenient. Those children, less than mature adults, need guidance in how to think through and manage their decisions and their lives. what their role needs to be above all others. This becomes “Smart Education.” resulting in a populace at the end of the line that is cooperative and smooth around the edges.
      I just had a brainstorm. Except for the fact that the two of them are not motivated to be creative, the very most efficient and fun place for them to finish their training in showmanship, message delivery, display aids: and that would be in advanced placement high school students. Those are serious students that will not present with problem behavior. But they’ll let you know in a hurry if you aren’t hitting the mark. They are also naieve enough that you can practice on them while asking questions that fool them into thinking that is they who are responsible for the next intelligent remark. Heck you can finesse and say something in error, and then challenge them to be responsible for critiquing YOU. I’m loving this the further I go.
      This is such a con job, but it is also a magik WIN-WIN outcome.

      • CINDY: The answers to your “why’s” and your “who’s” is becoming crystal clear to me.

        PLEASE EVERYBODY, EDGAR has been pouring his energy into tyrying to get our attention for literally YEARS now. You mustn’t accept this information second hand. It is simply too impossible to believe.

        You must go to the sources, and read about the history and the long term plans and goals of the mammoth country within our country that is composed of a very wide spectrum of Mormons.

        Their goal is to return to their original doctrines in their PURE form as taught by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, BEFORE these doctrines became “sanitized” so as to be acceptable to the sesibilities of the “Gentiles.” This means restoring polygamy (this has begun – see Mormon/Mexican wars); blood atonement (which is beginning again) and many other practices which had become illegal in the US. If you are not at the beck and call of a cult, you are probably classified as a “gentile” by those who are.

        How do you think I found out about CH’s child sex abuse scandal that was swept under the rug and remains there {Chris Hughes + child sex abuse} Throw in the name “Howard Hughes and the possibilities expand, like throwing a stone into still water.

        Gentiles would be most of us who do not subscribe to the religion of Mormonism, which is based on FreeMasonry, which is similarly shockingly, violent to Muslim laws and practices. (The secret temple practices were taken straight from Masonic traditions by the “prophets.”)

        The long term goal is to replace the laws of the US with the laws of these merging power cults. Just like what is happening in the UK, where large segments of enclosed communities have adopted Sharia Law, and keep the Gentiles from entering into their space, now claimed by occupation.

        Search sites for those who have already chosen to leave a cult they had been lured into.

    • Cindy, what makes you think a judge cares less if they get reversed in appellate court? Some judges hate to be reversed, sure, and they take pride in making good decisions. But many other judges could care less. Do you think anyone looks up their reversal record on appeal before voting for them? Do you think anyone looks that up before raising funds for their re-election campaign?

      The judge in my divorce case had been reversed in something like 169/175 cases brought up on appeal from her trials. Do you think she cared when my case or any other case was remanded back to her? Not one hot damn.

      You all seem not to understand that judges don’t actually have bosses — you all seem to only understand a typical boss/employee situation. They don’t. Their only “bosses” are the voting public.

      By the way, you all do realize that it’s most likely that Jodi’s case — assuming her verdict is reversed on some on grounds on appeal — would be remanded back to the exact same judge, right?

        • BB: In re-reading this morning, your LEGAL input on the standing of wilful violations against Jodi’s ability to put fourth an effective defense, I think this completes the loop that started in March, when Al was contributing, along with you, me, and others.

          As I am gaining in my ability to understand the nuances of the delicate balance of dealing with appeals court, I am more convinced than ever, that you, BB, have the facts of this case in a choke hold, like TA held Jodi at his mercy.

          Would you help with pulling all of this together by facilitating another collaboration similar to what we did in March, 2015, but did not finish because there were still on-going trials? (ie the case was not closed.)

          by attracting collaborators ffrom SJ’s “Stable,” such as yourself, Al, Journee, Cindy, StillOutThere, + so many talented others.

          The aim is to:

          1. Resist the temptation to waste time “admiring the problem,”

          2. Use only as a last resort, attempts to try to address Jodi’s dilemma by just throwing money at the situation. Instead, use the collective creativity that we know SJ has in his “stable” to be SMART about Jodi’s situation.

          3. Target End Goal: Evidence shows that Jodi DESERVES to be freed within the NEXT SIX MONTHS. No longer than that! All the lawyering re the reality of her innocence has ALREADY BEEN DONE.

          Our colaboration should emable a compilation of evidence defining and documenting the CHEATING that has been committed at Jodi’s expense. WE MUST NOT ACCEPT CHEATING. (It is worthless currency.) Accept no excuses such as: Because Arizona.

          Stop the Cheating, Stop it NOW, Stop it permanently.

    • The D.A., is pandering to the LSD “church,” and their 14 million voter, enhancement, using his job, to, embezzle, credibility, for the Blood oath, Blood atonement, ritual, suicidal ascension to planet, playboy, with all those virgin angels…. Read, “The God Makers,” for the kill parameters, exactness, to, Anderson, and, Alexander, suicides, to, redeem, their, eternal souls…. Anybody heard, why the Mormon, lead defective detective, got demoted ??? Did he launder the ritual kill, by, the secondary, stabbings and gunshot, that, didn’t bleed, because death…had stopped the heart…??? … Edgrrr…

  8. Thanks Jade.. brilliant as always. So many of you are uncovering and articulating all of the vile components of this travesty of a trial.

    Jodi was very naïve during her interrogation, believing Flores when he said that they absolutely knew she did it and had proof. I believe Jodi had/ does have gaping holes in her memory of that day.

    I personally know that the mind can and will compartmentalize trauma, almost deleting the trauma from memory.

    I also believe Jodi is still afraid of someone or some group that is deeply connected to this tragedy.

    • LSD / LDS….. Read, their history books, and, the admonitions of Bringem Young, Brighamist; ” Is there a man among us, who would not, kill his brother, to save his eternal soul???” And, ” we would not kill a man, except out of love, to save his eternal, soul.”…. Edgrrr…

  9. I’m hoping that somewhere down the line (and may it be sooner rather than later) Jodi is awarded a “Trial de Novo” which in jurisdictions with which I am familiar means a completely new trial, and not a redo of the original trial.

    I don’t know if this is equivalent to a “New Trial” or not under Arizona practice.

    It’s a wonder that given her at least peripheral association with PrePaidLegal she hadn’t heard the five magic words when talking to Johnny Law on anything more serious than a parking ticket: “I have nothing to say.”

    • Right on, Bill.

      You woulld think, what with a world-wide focus on Jodi’s trial, PPL would be embarrassed to be seen by folks in general, as not being there for Jodi, in her dire need, even though PPL was her life’s work at the time.

      Well I guess you could say the man from Kenya had his secret methods copied (the highest form of flattery), because the hot shots in ppl must have had a big meeting. They sure enough did COPY his methods.

      They decided it was a perfect time to change the name of that pyramid business they were selling to people, as if it was free legal insurance. Actually, it’s so very legal, the only word I could understand was “free,”

      So now, you would never know that once there was a PPL (*Pre-Paid Legal) I think they did a Blood Atonement Ritual on that there free insurance; you know, bled it out and all. Because now, there is only “Legal Shield.” That’s a classy sounding name. Makes youy think that things are upgraded now, so that Jodi can finally get some help. When they were “Love-Bombing” that sweet Jodi, they said they were her friends, and so forth and all. Now I am beginning to think those people LIED to poor Jodi.

      I don’t know, but I think that real smart Mr. Martinez keeps yelling at folks that if they are lying, he says they should not be doing that. I have heard that he must really mean what he says; I mean, I heard he’s been telling defence witnesses that if they testify and tell the truth about that sweet Jodi, well, that would be what Mr. Juan would call a lie. Then he will need to help them correct their ways. Before their feet be on the ground, he would be bringing them up on “perjury” charges. That’s right.

      He says there is this thing called “perjury.” I think it has something to do with that terrible behavior that Mr. Martinez yells and shouts about. That would be: “LYING” Yep. that’s our most import job right now. We need to put all those sinful liers in that there Sheriff Arpaio’s jail. Mr. Joe done made a promise to people who love to build jails. They put beds in them, and then when people use those beds to sleep in, that creates money for Mr. Joe. when people are allowed to sleep in them, every month they have to pay for those beds and jails. I heard if those beds are NOT used, then the regular people need to pay even more. It’s like all that legal talk. The only thing I get, is if they happen to say “free.” The reason that people get CHEATED in Arizona is because Mormons. Join our “Book Club” (virtual book club) and read Jon Krakaur’s non-fiction book. “” That knowledge and information will protect you like PPL never could. It could have protected Jodi, if she had only known then, what I am hoping she knows now.

      Bill, you are now mingling with people who are finding out NOW what we didn’t know THEN.

      SJ’S SAFE WEB ENVIRONMENT is helping us become such fine people, that we are discovering, by pulling together, and accessing the collaborative brainpower on this Website_ MORE & MORE, the TRUTH LIVES HERE 🙂 welcome, and enjoy yourself :- )

  10. JADE Your words and insight are amazing I could not aggree more. Now is the time for all of Us and the world to get off Our soap boxs and dig deep in Our pockets and bring JUSTICE 2 JODI. I wish I could write as You do but I,ll just have to make up for it with $$$……LOTS of $$$. JUROR IS 17 a TRUE PERSON. A survivor who stood up to hate,vile and lies. A dark cloud has passed from JODi,S head and the SUN will find HER one day it,s up to all of Us to make that happen….SOON . THANKS JADE AGAIN!

  11. Since there are so many people here who have found errors why don’t one of you help her with the appeal issues? Probably better than any overworked public defender they will assign

    • Rob, Seabird, what makes you think that ANY attorney would actually want help from the general public? That’s not something that frequently occurs.

    • The bribed defense, has, concealed, issues from the appellate process, so, they have no crumbs to sweep up…. Three mill bribes, buys, whatever it takes, to, shave points…. Edgrrr…

  12. I have been thinking about the autopsy and the ME’s report. I highly doubt that Dr. Horn was the ONLY person present during the autopsy. Was there NO assist? Who took notes? Was there a tape recording of the findings as the autopsy was performed? Dr.Horn mustn’t have been alone. Why wasn’t other staff questioned. Autopsies are NOT done in secret, ESPECIALLY those of a suspected murder victim. Dr. Horn perjured himself on the stand. Besides the fact that he states that it was a “typo”, was the ENTIRE SUPPORTING PARAGRAPH A TYPO AS WELL? SERIOUSLY? Who was with him? Who assisted him? Who else took notes? How did the jury of the first part of the trial BELIEVE his simply shrugging this off as a “typo”? This is only ONE of the many injustices that occurred during this trial but it is the foundation of the prosecution’s claim that the gunshot came AFTER the fatal knife wounds. Logic proves the gunshot came first, supporting Jodi’s testimony. Dr. Horn’s perjury is evident and is the clincher in overturning this case…but what do I know…

    • Dorothy:
      Excellent questions. Now I wonder how are any of us ordinary mortals supposed to gain access to these details which should be out in the open.

      I have read the report way back when. It seems it could/should be a lot more detailed. No estimated time of death. A couple of online forensics experts have criticized that comparing before and after autopsy photos, it appears that post-autopsy photos were altered, with an “exaggerated throat smile” That is what Martinez put up on the giant screen for his “shock and awe” show. Left it up there for the entire testimony. It would be wonderful if you could uncover anything more about that. Meaning the jury convicted Jodi partly on their impression that she had committed a much more horrific crime than was actually done at her hand. The ME had committed the exaggerated gore on purpose.

      I notice that the autopsy reports re the many “suicides” that occured around TA’s death are remarkable for their brevity, and vagueness.

      Flores originally commented that his first thought when he wittnessed the crime scene was that it was a suicide_um TA cut his own throat? Flores’ other reflective comment was it must have been at least two people. I think it was Horn that noted there was no indication of it being a “ritual killing.” Makes for serious wonderment. Those of you who want to dabble in the notion that TA’s body was removed and then returned. Please feel free to indulge. The truest recounting of Kennedy’s death, documents that the body was snatched twice. Taken for cosmetic “improvements” which altered the apparent source of the firing of the bullet. Stelleto is used to simulate a new bullet entrance, and morticians’ putty is used to hide the hole of the old exit wound.

      I think there are two stats of interest in the TA case: 1. The Mormon Az Gang had their own private plastic surgeon. Dr.Carl B.Hiatt 2. Same gang also had access to a professional Las Vegas stage magician, Gus Searcy, Seems like a straight-up guy, but just say’in. There exist also I think four, super secret Mormon temples to which only a handful of high up Mormons have unfettered access. Cold storage, basements. Secret rites. I think the Video “The God Makers” is on the Internet now.

      • UPDATE: Since I realized that Maricopa County would obviously have it’s own refrigerated Morgue, there’s no need to get into the weeds of utilizing the free temple acess that high-up special mormons have.

        Those autopsy forms should be REQUIRED to be filled out completely, with the names and positions of ALL in attendance.

        Good points, Dorothy

    • Dorothy you have a very legitimate group of questions. It strikes me that these miscreants have purposely created their reports to be as vague as possible.

    • Who, but, the Spaz, orchestrated, the three stooges, perjuries at law, to scam two governors, into, an interstate kidnapping at law…then repudiated his own, lies at law, to doublecross, the other two stooges, he’d badgered into lockstep; leasving them to recant, also; therefore, the lame excuses…. Edgrrr…

  13. Has anyone heard that Sheriff Joe has decided to cancel all phone, video calls, visits and even commissary for Jodi?

    • She was already on the opposite side of the soap opera, taking pictures, of either foot pictures; neither of which were, her own….. Mesas,’ defective detective, could have, laundered, the ritual kill, to be, a murder scene…. The LSD ‘church,” is above the law, that, their voting bloc, can, ignore….. Edgrrr…

  14. Watching the video of Jodi with the police, I just wonder; Where was the defense lawyer when he made his initial statement?

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