“Justice Denied: Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State’s
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A Post by Jade:


Hi old friends and loyal Jodi supporters,

I’m an early battle warrior that has been off the battlefield due to issues that kept me sidelined from commenting for the cause and keeping up with the fight to expose this fiasco of a verdict by a bunch of clueless clods.  I’m happy to be coming back to the front lines with a vengeance and I’m not pussyfooting with words to express my disgust for this historic malfeasance of justice.

If you’re a Travis apologist or bleeding heart for the money grubbing family that turned his death into an opportunistic ka-ching casino through social media beg-a-thons and financial scams for their own personal enrichment, you’ll want to scroll down about three feet because you ain’t going to like a thing I have to say.

Also if your sensitivities are offended by profanity you’ll want to avoid this missive, because I had to restrain myself from using more of it.  If you are at all open minded, you should be equally outraged by some of the deceit and mendacity I will outline here.

In fact I don’t even want to dignify using the name of the bottom feeder who is a disgrace to the tenets of juris prudence and the chief architect of the shameful shanghai job conceived to get Jodi Arias a cell on death row.   And despite the evidence they KNEW didn’t support it.  It was contrived and conceived in abject contravention of what every prosecutor is sworn to do–search without favor for only the unblemished, untarnished and unvarnished truth. So I’m going to use the names that come to mind for me.  Because I think he’s a walking phallus.

You jurors should be put on exhibit in stockades along the 202 Phoenix freeway with impossible to miss flashing neon lights drawing attention to a sign that says ‘dumbest bunch of assholes on a jury since the Simpson trial.”

Did you think you were there to decide a verdict on someone charged with cocaine possession?  Did you realize a woman was on trial for her LIFE and that it was your job to sift through every grain of evidence and micro analyze it ten ways to Sunday for the slightest shred of reasonable doubt?  Did you realize that if there’s even a remotely plausible explanation for anything other than what the prosecution was trying to drive up your ass, that it was your duty to find that it did not meet the standard necessary to be found guilty in a criminal trial?   Let alone a capital case?  This was so patently obvious that the proof of premeditated murder wasn’t there, that it didn’t even take a high school graduate level of intelligence.  It just took a desire to do your fucking job.

Did it ever occur to you that if Travis was stabbed in the very wide vein delivering return blood to the heart, that his blood would have been pulsating out of that wound with each heartbeat all the way from the shower to the the sink?  This being the second largest vein in the human body?  Where was that blood pattern on the floor?  You saw the photos and had access to them.  Where was the blood trail leading out of the shower?  Supposedly Alexander was slashed on his hand too grabbing for the knife at that same time.  The floor was almost pristine of blood, where that blood would have had to be.

Did it ever occur to you that the Mexican miscreant who was literally infusing you with bullshit, never accounted for any of the blood where it WAS found?  He said Travis went from the shower stall to the sink, was stabbed repeatedly, then headed only down the hallway.  You were told distinctly—shower to sink, then immediately staggered down the hall.  Well how in the hell did blood get in every other geographic corner of that bathroom then?  How did it get on the walls OPPOSING the sink?  How did it get on the blinds SIX FEET above the floor?  How did it get on the divider wall between the toilet and the bathtub only about 12 inches above the floor?

And even more blatantly unexplainable if Pepino’s version of events was what actually happened and there was no extraordinary battle royale in that bathroom, how did blood spots get on the toilet PEDESTAL?  Not only is the toilet in a totally separate enclosure, the prevaricating world-class cretin posing as a prosecutor seeking the truth, never had Travis anywhere *near* the toilet in his description of movements.  The toilet was probably almost 15 feet from the north sink. So how does blood appear in a place where nothing the prosecution told you accounts for it?

You’re telling me that the fine mist droplets that were in an aspiration pattern on the mirror and obviously from coughing and choking blood, resulted from the stab wound to the heart that she allegedly inflicted on him in the shower?  Did it ever occur to you that there is no anatomically medical way for blood to manifest in the mouth standing upright from a wound to the vena cava?  The only thing that would have happened (and especially in the few seconds it would take him to get from the shower to the sink) would be spurting from the chest.  Exactly as what would occur in a artery that was punctured or cut.

It would NOT result in blood in the respiratory tract, which is the only place in these set of circumstances that could produce blood to be expelled from the mouth, into a sink, or onto a mirror 3 feet away.  And this is the only place these thousands of miniscule droplets could have come from.  That ALONE should have told you that the stabbing in the shower was pure unadulterated huey.  Yet, you bought that like hypnotized retards.

Did you ever think to place yourself in a shower in the position that Travis was pictured sitting in that photo?  Or you jello-brained females on the jury–if you had a husband or boyfriend that weighed 200 pounds as Travis did–have them sit in that position all doubled up with his legs crossed as Travis was sitting in that FOUR FOOT space, and then see for yourself how difficult it would be to try to stab somebody in the LEFT midline of their body, at heart level?  Trying to maneuver the knife over those crossed legs?  No, I BET you didn’t. Because you would have seen how exceedingly difficult that would be—and just that alone.   But that’s not the half of it.

Jodi was left handed too, which Taco Bell had to admit and laughingly tried to account for in his theory to try to be able to posit some sort of rationale that the knife had the needed force necessary, to penetrate into his chest 4 inches.  And she certainly couldn’t plausibly do that with her non-dominant hand.  So he knew he had to try to buffalo you into conjuring some subliminal thought in your mind, without stating what she would have had to do.  The only other possible means for her to stab him with her left hand as he was sitting there, is that she would actually have to spin around in a preposterous absurdity.  To turn her back to the shower door and swing BACKWARDS at him in a pendulum-like motion.

But with EITHER hand, how the hell does she maneuver the obstacle course created by his being doubled up and his legs crossed blocking his chest, and manage to stab him with enough force to drive the knife 4 inches into his heart?  Are you kidding me?  And when just moments earlier, he’s standing with his back to her and his hands raised against the back shower wall.  Yet she doesn’t take “that” opportunity to stab him?  She waits instead until he’s sitting and so she has to do CONTORTIONS to do it?  Let alone what I already pointed out about how difficult that would be due to the nature of the way he’s positioned.  And that’s even disregarding all the countless other opportunities she had to kill him. Yet you still bought that?

But then I had to almost laugh out loud.  The Chicano rockstar now tells you Travis is standing at the sink and she’s allegedly viciously plunging the knife into him repeatedly from behind.  Only n-o-w he’s got to get that knife switched, so that she’s using her ‘OTHER’ hand, otherwise it doesn’t match the angle of the wounds on his back.  So he tells you that her left hand was “injured” when her hand slipped off the handle of the knife and it hurt her to keep stabbing him with her left hand.   So he says she transfers the knife to her right hand to stab his back. Ha ha ha.  And incredulously you even bought THAT???

She’s also supposed to have this gun with her that she stole too right?  Why doesn’t she just shoot him four or five times in the back of the head while he’s doing a body exam there at the mirror?  I don’t think you have sense enough to be able to tell if it’s raining or somebody’s toilet above you is leaking.

And this one…you bought THIS too.  You do know that for five years, the prosecution case was based on Jodi shooting him in the head FIRST.  Hearing after hearing, this certainty is advanced to judges by the p-r-o-s-e-c-u-t-i-o-n !  Then only after Jodi changes her plea from denial that she killed him, to having killed him in self-defense of her own life, did the prosecution “certainty” of order of wounds THEN change to shot last.  But not only last, originally it was in the SHOWER where the body was found, with his head resting almost against the back wall.  She shot him there.  And only after his dead body had apparently been dragged all over the bathroom and finally deposited in the shower.  After that, is when she shot him. That was shot claim # 1.

But eventually after thinking through the sheer idiocy of how impossible that would have been for her to have shot him above the right eye as he was slumped in the shower–and to conform to the angle of entry of the wound–the execution crazed esse`  realized not even *YOU* twelve could be half-witted enough for him to get away with that.  She would have literally had to be in Enrique’s room and shoot him through the wall.  So that Hail Mary of bullshit went back to the barn.  So now TWO theories (shot him first—shot him in the shower).   Both had to be scrapped, now they need a third.

So through what must have been painstaking’ brainstorming by this motley group of MCAO felons, they finally produce this utopian answer.  The way they could say this California killer bitch shot the savagely preyed-upon, totally innocent, blame-free, reverent-to-his-dying–breath, helpless Mormon.  Something that they apparently were confident that you WOULD be stupid enough to believe. And how right they were.  It must have been obvious to them somehow from the beginning.

Because now the sequence maintained all those years? …uhm…just forget that.  Here’s what we want you to believe now–she shot him in the forehead after dragging him back to the sink and after his head was almost decapitated.  R-i-i-i-g-g-ght.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Did you ever try to actually go through the motions of how that would unquestionably have had to be done?  There was ZERO stippling in the forehead wound.  I emphasize that again–ZERO.  This means the distance of the end of the barrel of the gun had to be at LEAST almost three feet away from Alexander’s head when the shot was fired.  The height challenged pied piper leading you bleating sheep, never told you ANYTHING other than that.  You were told she dragged him back to the sink and then shot him.  Didn’t you ever want to think for a minute h-o-w?  I guess you must have just said to yourselves, hmmm, Jihadi Juan says it’s so, so it must be so.

Well if she’s dragging him as he constantly maintains the photos prove, I hope no one is going to even DARE try to tell me that the Latino lie-master ever implied, stated or suggested, that the photos depicted any manner of him being dragged other than with her being behind him.  The most generous possible interpretation of those pictures–where it is almost impossible to make out anything– is that she is positioned behind him, dragging him by his arms or his shoulders. Don’t even try to twist that.  It’s impossible to say she’s anywhere but behind him in those photos.

So what does she do?  She produces the gun from “somewhere” (I don’t know, her pants I guess) then reaches around and shoots him above the eye? Put someone on the floor in the position that Travis would have been. The only way he could stay propped up, is if she had her knees in his back to keep him from falling.

Now remember the gun has to be 3 feet away when it’s fired.  Pretend you have the gun and that you are going to shoot him from that position.  Do you see how BENT your wrist would have to be, to point the muzzle of that gun so it would shoot him above the right eye?  It is so difficult to keep that required distance, that it would almost require you to pull the trigger with your thumb!  But that’s not all.  Do you see where the muzzle of that gun is?  It’s pointing right at YOU!

Are you going to be taking a chance firing in that unnatural tortured position, that you might miss and shoot yourself, probably right in the crotch?  Plus why in creation would you ever shoot the person from 3 feet away?  Why wouldn’t you just put the gun right to his head?  And now notice which hand is holding your gun, if you still managed somehow to get that distance and the angle.  The gun HAS to be in your right hand.  JODI IS LEFT HANDED!

So that comatose theory makes as much sense as packing a fur coat to go to Death Valley.  So what’s left.   Did she lay him back down then, get the gun and prance around in front of him like a photographer trying to get the perfect angle with one of his models?  It is essential that the bullet track goes from right eye to left cheek–downward and to his left.  If she stood at the side of him near his chest and fired, the bullet would have gone UP not down and to the left.  If she fired standing side of him near his head, the bullet STILL would not have had a downward left trajectory.

There is only one possible place she could have been standing to fire the gun and match the bullet track evidence.  That would have been slightly BEHIND his head.  That solves everything right?  WRONG!!!!!

What side do the bullets eject from a gun?  The RIGHT.  Watch the video.

The bullet was found on the floor 12 inches from the corner baseboard at the north sink. If she’s behind him and facing the same way he is when she pulls the trigger, where does the bullet casing absolutely have to go?  It flies just the OPPOSITE direction of where the cartridge was found!  It flies toward the closet or toward the shower–nowhere near where it was found.

The defense never made any stipulation or any contention to the bullet casing, or where it would end up.  And certainly didn’t agree to where it was found.  So they didn’t put forth any theory where the bullet would land after she shot Travis, as he was charging at her.   But the Chicano creep used the bullet casing insistently.  He used the bullet casing emphatically and SPECIFICALLY for that purpose, as proof positive that she shot him at the sink.  He had to place that bullet where they claimed they found it.  I’ve just shown you, it didn’t happen!  It was formulated and virtually made up to con you.

Further, and verbatim from Horn’s report:

“There is an 1/8 inch ‘CIRCULAR’ gunshot wound of entrance over the anterolateral lower right forehead, above the eyebrow.”  And, one sentence later:  “There is a 1/8 inch wide ‘EQUAL RIM’ of marginal abrasion surrounding the wound.”

Although it may not be to a medical factual certainty that this is irrefutable evidence that the bullet was fired from a “straight on” position, these two statements certainly more support that, than refute it  If it was from the side or the front while he was laying down, the bullet entry hole would likely have been more “oblique” than circular.   And the abrasion would highly likely not have been “equal” all the way around.  It belies common sense or medical pathology in all three cases.

Conversely, if Alexander had been in a charging and lowered position as she demonstrated, with his head cocked to the LEFT as a linebacker would tackle a runner, the trajectory would have been PERFECT to comport with EVERYTHING.

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 1

The bullet track would have been right forehead to left cheek.  The shot would be straight on but Alexander himself would be creating the angle by turning his head and emerging from the closet charging at her.  Nothing comports more with the evidence.

You would virtually have had to believe in the tooth fairy, to be duped into accepting she shot him at the sink.  Not only have I laid out the sham of the forensic evidence you were sold, Alexander is already stabbed 20 times or more and his head nearly removed from his neck.  You’re going to tell me, she would remotely reason that I still need to shoot him in the head yet?  Oh just fucking please.  Why doesn’t she just get him in the shower and deliver the final gratifying final shot there?  Or empty the clip into him if it was supposed to be such a one-for-the-road coup de grace final statement?  If it was this orgasmic release for her?

You bought, she drags him down the hall, stops, goes through all the gyrations I just detailed (and remember the roommate is due home at any time from work too) but she still finds it more ‘plausible’ to detour from the shortest route of dragging this elephant-weight to where she “supposedly” wants to put him–in the shower.  And elects to take this moronic action instead?

And just where is the blood?  Did that mystifyingly vanish too?  Unquestionably, if she paused to shoot him at the sink, blood would have pooled around him from the many wounds of every description.  Where is the blood transfer smear on the floor caused by her dragging him FROM THAT POSITION towards the shower now after that shot?  There is no smear.  There is nothing!

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 2

In fact this photo shows blood transfer on the BASEBOARD, that would comport EXACTLY  with the shortest route I suggested if he was dragged down the hall from behind and then towards the shower.  How would this blood get on that baseboard any other way with the smear pattern that was left there, if she dragged him to the sink and then to the shower?  It couldn’t.  It wouldn’t!

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 3

This one shows it even better angling to the RIGHT…

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 4

The whole shot-at–the-sink crock, was all pure made up bullshit!  And it totally exposes the additional desperation on the part of the prosecution of what they had to make you believe.  That he couldn’t have been shot where and how she said.  But you lapped it all up like pigs eat slop.

There’s more. When Paco had to stipulate–and after ranting vociferously to keep the photo entirely out of evidence–were you sleeping too, when he had to capitulate to the fact that Jodi had NO gun and NO KNIFE in her hand in the eyeball photo?  He fought like hell to keep this evidence from ever being admitted.  But this photo was deemed admissible due to the technology of the company and the credibility and expertise of the expert who authenticated the photo.  You saw that photo.

That means Jodi did not have a knife at the time he was sitting in the shower.   And this was just an instant before he was ‘allegedly’ stabbed in the shower.  So where did she get the knife?  Did she just divine it out of thin air?  Did she say, “Wait a minute Travis, shit, I gotta go get a knife—now you stay right there Alexander, don’t you move!”  The next picture of the ceiling is almost immediately after that eyeball photo.  It’s when she contended she dropped the camera.  So did she pull the knife out of her pants behind her back like a gun in an old Western movie?  A knife that had to have a blade as long as one you chop vegetables with?  Stick one like that into the back of YOUR pants and go walking around with it.  See how long you’d want it back there.  Yet her having proof of possessing no knife at the crucial time of his sitting in the shower, just never registered with you.  And I repeat again–no knife. This is not hypothesis. It’s fact.  The lie-slinging Napoleon, had no choice but to admit it.  You must have been doing crossword puzzles during that testimony.

And this one…It’s strange for a girl who has been taught to use gas cans all her life as a precaution against running out of gas in a desolate area, to use them when she’s going into an especially desolate stretch of roads that she’s never BEEN on before?  And then CONTINUES to use them in a state where it wouldn’t matter less if she’s seen at a gas station?   Or where she has zero to fear from being spotted or blowing her alibi?  An alibi that would have only been applicable in Arizona?  This is something you couldn’t rationalize as certainly strange that it doesn’t logically fit, if someone is doing this strictly to cover their tracks because of knowing they intend to commit a murder?  You bought this?

This isn’t like a movie star or some rich female that has cash or credit cards galore to buy gas.  Jodi had to scrape together her few dollars.  She was also a spontaneous, often fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants little girl, who was prone at that age to flights of fancy, quite easily influenced by others, who had sporadic incidences of spur-of-the-moment non-traditional judgment.   And arguably quirky reasoned rationale.  Possibly her reasoning may not have conformed to “your” personal rituals or norms, but it wasn’t YOU whose rituals or actions you were to assess.  She was the one on trial.  Everything has to be scrutinized through HER prisms, not yours!

It wasn’t the LEAST bit unusual for her to think she needed additional cans for gas.  It would have been more unusual for her NOT to have used spare gas cans.  That’s why she continued to use them after she no longer would have had any conceivable motive or need to.   You should have been able to see through that smoke screen of prosecution desperation immediately.  And that it didn’t fit in with a lunatic story that she didn’t want to risk buying gas in Arizona.

It made no more sense than her deliberately taking her license plate off in Travis’ driveway to make her car less conspicuous.  A strange car would be less conspicuous with no plates at all to Alexander’s roommates or anyone that saw it, than one with an out of state plate?  It’s not like the strange car in the driveway was invisible.  What the hell difference would it make if there was a license plate on it?  Do you think the roommates would say, “Oh my God this is so extraordinary.”  As if Travis never had a guest from out of state?  What SHOULD have occurred to your little gnat brains and didn’t–did either roommate ever say they saw a car with NO PLATE in the driveway?   I think that answer starts with  “n.”

So to make their story work, you have to totally believe she either didn’t park in the driveway at all, or the car was invisible.   So now at 5:30 PM in broad daylight, she has to go to her car wherever it’s parked–and after she’s just committed this horrific premeditated murder–get her license plate, put it on upside down, and with NOBODY seeing anything.   When pigs fly.

The more you pull apart the layers of unsupported hogwash you were fed, the more fictitious it becomes.  It was just prosecution wet dream.   But then you apparently bought Pepino’s crock too, that the kids at the Starbucks wouldn’t have had any tools to take the license plate off, so of course that couldn’t have happened either.  Oh really?

Didn’t it ever dawn on you knobheads that there is something kids certainly WOULD be likely to have?  Which is a “coin” in their pockets?  You don’t need a nut driver or a special tool.  A coin works perfectly to unscrew most fasteners on a license plate, which would serve equally well to turn one upside down.  And this was an equally plausible alternate explanation to the one you were being fed by a death-obsessed prosecutor who ridiculed the possibility that her story couldn’t have happened.  Did you consider the equally plausible likelihood of a coin being used to mess with the plates?  This is required by your oath.  And when there are two opposing theories which are both possible, the benefit of the doubt goes to the defendant…ALWAYS!  Did you just buy the prosecutor virtually impossible bullshit?   Yeah of course you did.  Why should I even ask.

Did you also forget about the fact that she went to a karaoke bar for four hours the night before she’s supposed to make this ninja-like secret trip to Arizona?  This is what somebody who’s focused and riveted on a “mission” to commit a cold-blooded murder the next day is going to do?  Go out with friends and sing a little bit?  Pu-lease.

And that word ‘mission’ was used over and over and over and over.

You also don’t think it has to be considered, that someone whose motive is strictly jealousy, because she wanted to go on a trip to Cancun so bad–and is so wrought with rage that another girl is going in her place that she wants to slaughter this man–wouldn’t want to take out at least ‘some” of her fury on his sexual equipment?  After all, she’s supposed to be so consumed with white-hot jealousy, that she plots a deliberate diabolical plan and actually travels a thousand miles to KILL this guy.  Could there be any more motivation to plan some damage to his genitals?   Maybe the name Lorena Bobbitt should have flashed through your minds.

Nothing would make more sense than to concentrate on his manhood.  As have been the results in numerous other female cases of men found to be cheating or abusive.  Someone so consumed, that they would commit MURDER solely for reason of laser focused fuming jealousy, this is one of the first most logical assumptions that is reasonable—some sexually relative mutilation.  Enchilada even told you that she brought the knife WITH her for Christ sake!  Yet of all the wounds on Travis, none of them were to his genitals—not one–none–zero.

Not only that, all the wounds except for the throat were STABBING motion wounds.  The kind of actions you would take to stop another individual from attacking YOU.  Or trying to get the person facing you to release you, or to get them OFF of you.  It does not comport whatsoever with a person who is wildly and insanely just slashing away in a demonic rage, and totally in control of the killing.  There would be almost without a doubt, long slashing marks on all parts of the body evident if that were the case.  Just think of the number of gruesome ways she could have slashed Travis had she wanted to.  None of the photos indicate that, except for the last cut to the neck. There is no indication whatsoever that this was a revenge killing.  It was Alexander that caused her to have to engage in a life-death struggle, to avoid being killed herself.  They were both physically battling all OVER that bathroom.

Did it ever occur to you that she had five years to formulate her story?  The one she knows has to be perceived as believable to 12 people who are going to literally decide whether she lives or dies?  She was portrayed to you as this creative genius capable of covertly scheming this pre-planned, clandestine murder.   And this is the story this genius comes up with to place her possible fate of execution in your hands if she’d wanted to fabricate the best possible story?  To deceive and outwit a jury?  Puts the gun in a ridiculously difficult, odd, bizarre and near-impossible place for her to grab it?  Said Travis assured her the gun wasn’t loaded, but she still grabs it anyway??  Says she can’t remember that the gun may have even been in a holster yet?

She’s sitting in jail for 5 years and concentrating on nothing but dreaming up an air-tight story that she needed to kill Travis in self-defense, and what she decides is perfect to tell you is, “I can’t remember if I told Travis to “stop” when he was charging at me?”  Are you kidding me right now?  You wouldn’t say, “Hell yes, I was screaming at the top of my lungs for him to stop, screaming Travis please stop, please–don’t make me shoot you.  But he wouldn’t. He just kept coming –yelling I’m going to kill you bitch?”   You know fucking well that’s EXACTLY what you would say, if you were trying to invent a story that justified killing to save your life.  Or you’d have to be a world class ignoramus.

If you’re telling a jury, who you needed to believe you–and you’re FABRICATING the story that this person was attempting to kill you–is the only thing you would say is you remember dropping the knife?  This is the best concocted story a girl who can read the book of Mormon at the speed of an Evelyn Wood student and COMPREHEND it, would be able to come up with to sway a jury if she wanted to lie?  You must have loss of brain cells from inhaling paint fumes.

The reason she gave that testimony is because it was the fucking truth!!

She was fulfilling Travis’s wishes as his little housemaid when she saw the gun and that’s how she knew it was there.  Zach told Flores in his affidavit that Jodi would clean the house for Alexander.  If this was a contemplated story and “you” were making it up, don’t you think you would have said the gun was in a drawer?  Or on the armoire by the television?   Or on a handy-level shelf in the closet?   Or at least somewhere other than a place almost impossible to fucking get?  If you say no to that, you’re not only laughable, you’re not even capable of being honest with yourself.

That gun was the only thing between her and a 200 pound crazed maniac.  And just like in comedy movies, where the villain has a sword, and the good guy searches frantically for something–anything to grab–this is what Jodi did.   Luckily being able to grab that gun, she hoped it would at least be the shock “visual’ of what he was seeing that would make him have second thoughts about what he was doing.  It didn’t.

The shot aligned precisely with his position charging at her and her description.  It DOES account for blood immediately in the mouth.  It comports exactly with her demonstration of how he was intending to tackle her.  Did you notice that she without a second’s hesitation, simulated that he turned his head to the LEFT?  That is exactly the way he would have had to do it or he may have broken his own neck.  Had she turned her head the other way in her demonstration, that small detail alone, would have put an instant hole in her story.   He wouldn’t have had room to tackle her on her LEFT side, because there was no room between her and the sinks where she was standing.

She said she fell backwards ending up with her head near the wastebasket, which was in the corner of the room.  He would have landed somewhere relatively on top of her, which she also said.   And could have certainly been pulling at her clothes.  And as I already showed, cocking his head exactly as he would have, with the angle, before he made impact with her, put his right eye in perfect alignment and trajectory with the bullet forensics.  Nothing accounts more perfectly with ALL of the exhibits and evidence, than what she said.

And therein lies the epicenter of the entire false flag operation.

The time-of–shot had to be changed by the scum engineers of the death squad.   Because otherwise it would have given credence to her account of that day, and that’s exactly what they had to conspire to prevent.  But the onus was on YOU to smell your way through that fart factory, and realize that her story fit the fucking EVIDENCE.  Otherwise, you’re telling me that a long established large county attorney’s office, wouldn’t know what their determination of the crime scene and autopsy showed for FIVE YEARS?  Flores stunk up the courtroom stumbling his way through his testimony, as he was trying to stick to the frame-up and not blow the coverup.  Of course the shot was first.   And this is why there was an all out war up there in that bathroom on June 4th, 2008.  Travis went ballistic.

Had it been a 38 revolver or a magnum, or almost anything “but” a .25 acp, it would have been a short afternoon.  But with the almost toy-like stopping power or kill-power of the gun she had knowledge about, and in a sheer hysteria was forced and able to grab in hopes of preventing this out of control psycho momentarily at least, it did nothing.  KNOWING the gun was his, he knew it was less powerful than a slingshot. But even more, knowing that she had passively subjected to his control and abuse before, he never thought in a million years that she would have the ovaries to shoot him or dare pull the trigger.  That’s why he didn’t stop the bull-like charge at her.  He was going to teach her another lesson once he got his hands on her.

If it wasn’t for what adrenaline naturally does when fear causes automatic taking over of control of brain function and muscle control, there never would have been a shot.  I’m sure her mind flashed through the horrific consequences of what was about to happen to her.  After all, I believe with every facet of my being (and you should have at least allowed for it being reasonably possible as well) that she had been thrown to the tile floor moments earlier and she had seen his temper before. When the shot was fired, he became like a gorilla that had been shot with a tranquilizing gun–but minus the tranquilizer.  Police officers ridicule the use of a .25 caliber pistol.  They say you’re better off throwing the gun at the person, it will be more effective. There are reams of documented cases.

Research done by a reputed gun expert who amassed files of emergency room visits of those that came in due to being shot with this caliber gun, found one prostitute who was shot by her pimp in the head at point blank range SEVEN times with a .25 acp.  She reported to the emergency room a WEEK later because she claimed she was having HEADACHES!   And you’re telling me Travis would have been immediately incapacitated?  And when he’s shot at LEAST three feet away.

Not one of you had the interest or the duty called for by your oath to question conflicting information by asking to even see the BULLET either.  Did you notice, the beak-nosed penguin never offered to pass around that bullet to you in the jury box that was in that little plastic bag, so you could get a good close up look at it?  Why?  Because that bullet never matched the fucking description of the bullet in the gun when it was “allegedly” stolen by her.   That’s why.  The last thing he wanted you to know, was that the bullets in the clip according to her grandpa, would have looked totally different after firing and being recovered, than what was in that bag.  I can guarantee you, Maricopa County PRAYS that Yreka gun is never found.  Because the striations caused by discharge from that gun barrel, will not match the striations of what’s in that bag.

She was just about to tell where he got the gun when she was testifying.  She’d just started the sentence and the taquito bandito comes flying out of his chair to object.  I don’t think there was a more panicked objection the whole trial.  I’m surprised he didn’t rip his pants.  What was he so worried about?  After all, it’s not like he couldn’t cross examine Jodi and destroy her testimony.   Which I’m sure if not true, would have been easy and relished by him.  But oh n-o-o. He didn’t want you hearing where that gun came from AT ALL.

The whole theory of premeditation rested on her “stealing” that gun.  The burglary HAD to be by her.   In your opportunity to ask questions did you ever think to ask, ‘was she ever even charged with that?’  Nope, of course not.

You were played like a cheap violin and you fell for it just like a magician counts on his audience to watch the misdirection.  You were as naive as the Branch Davidians or any other weak-willed thinkers that fall easy victim to brainwashing.  I can’t think of a single aspect of the hoax that you didn’t buy into.

The blood patterns were screaming out to tell you the story–you blew it.  The gas cans showing zero change from the practice she followed as normal routine–you blew it.  The cartridge type entirely different setting up a preposterous theory she would have changed the bullet to something less lethal, if she’d stolen it.  Incomprehensively, you blew that.  Supposedly her mission was to be so secret, it would rival Seal Team Six.  When in fact she was actually so careless and left so many clues of where she’d been and where she was going, it would more rival Chrissy Snow of Three’s Company than somebody trying to hide their movements.

You totally blew that.  Failing to try or at least research, that it was easily possible to use the bottom closet shelf-edge right above the support pin, to propel herself the couple feet necessary to reach the gun–blew that too.  This was proven by numerous women who tried it themselves.  And let’s just say, this was on a certainly less-than-friendly-to-Jodi website, during the trial.  Women who stated they weighed a lot more than Jodi. They found to their surprise NOTHING collapsed and some had nothing close to the kind of shelves Travis had.  They had the class to admit it, but were shocked that the board didn’t tip or break.  It was even done by a 215 pound guy on HLN…

[hdplay id=202 width=500 height=300]

Travis didn’t have shelves that were made out of particle board that he bought from some Salvation Army thrift shop somewhere.  This was a very expensive custom built-in closet system.  It would have been extraordinarily sturdy.  And the shelves would have been very tight fitting that wouldn’t easily flip.   Yet you bought Flores’ cooked-up phony weight tests and statements emphatically implying what she said couldn’t have been done.

If you had blown up the damn crime scene photo of the closet shelf, you could even see a slight impression on the towels of the second bottom shelf.  It wasn’t like there were trinkets and shoes and clothes totally taking every inch of space on the shelves at that end of the closet.   That something would be knocked out of position if anybody had stepped for a second on that shelf.  There was plenty of room to step on those shelves and not disturb anything.  You blew everything.  There are so many examples you should have seen meeting any court standard of beyond reasonable doubt of pre-planned or first-degree murder, I could fill a legal pad just listing them.

But two super-nova size lies in the room that you ‘had’ to ignore, or fail to comprehend, or you could NEVER have come back with the verdict you did–and why I say you deserve to be where I stated in the first few sentences of this post—are not only dereliction of a sworn oath to closely listen to the evidence—it is downright hall-of-shame worthy.

You heard in Alexander’s own words, from his own MOUTH, that he was comparing Jodi’s orgasm to a 12 year old having her first orgasm or “like corking the pot of a 12 year old.”  Were you fucking deaf?  Is this not the quintessential kind of a statement that a child craving pervert would make?

I would bet a year’s groceries that you could select any thousand normal people at random, and ask them if they would EVER make reference to a 12 year old having orgasms as something that turned them on.  And I’m positive those that didn’t punch you in the face or walk away, would say are you fucking sick?  Are you going to tell me this metaphor pops into the heads of normal people, to describe how their partner sounds on the phone to them during a phone sex call?

Chad Perkins, a good friend of Travis posts on his MySpace page and writes as part of his post–incorporating the first couple lines of the Twas the night before Xmas verse—-“Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy.” (see screenshot below).

How does that post just ACCIDENTALLY happen to specify “underage”?  It doesn’t just say cruising for “boys,” which could in a devil’s advocate extremely tortured sense looking for some justification to believe, maybe it was just a joke. But it says UNDERAGE boys. Who would just post that type of descriptive qualifier out of thin air?   Let’s get real here.  How many posts do you have on your social media sites that joke about you searching for “underage” boys?

Chad Perkins - MySpace comment on Travis Alexander's page

But you not only had that, he wanted Jodi in braids too.  He wanted her in a Spiderman’s outfit.  He wanted her to dress like Little Red Riding Hood, which falls right into place with all the other “coincidences.” Alexander was a primo, classic, preeminent, utopian, unmistakable, non compos mentis, certifiably perverted, pedophile.

You couldn’t understand it wasn’t “HER” that was lying?  That it was the prosecution who was lying?  You couldn’t understand the kind of destructive power that gave Jodi over him if she ever chose to disclose it?  Do you think this is something this Book-of-Mormon thumping phony could ever allow to get out?  This is why he had to keep tabs on her.  This is why he had to keep her in fear of him and keep her submissive and make her think she was his.   And that he could bend her over the desk anytime he wanted and have his anal delights.  And cream pies.  This is why he thought he could kick her in the ribs at will, break her finger and choke her to unconsciousness.  He thought it would work again as usual on June 4th when he chased her down the hall.  But this time he was wrong.  V-e-ry wrong.

Did you see the closet–how everything was all so meticulously aligned and precisely in its place?  You don’t think a person like that would get angry if a brand new Sony camera that he just paid $500 for was dropped on a tile floor?   This guy who had to borrow money from Jodi?   And a camera that was specifically recommended to him by his roommate who was knowledgeable about cameras, as being a top-of-the-line?  The special camera he should buy to use for taking photos on the trip he looks forward to as a special event which is only once each year?  And the trip that he was just about to leave for?

This was a guy that had a large full length punching bag almost in his living room for Christ sake.  Do you have a punching bag in your living room?  Jodi is the only one who saw the true T-Dogg, who you heard on the phone.  The Mormons and everybody else was treated to the pretend Travis. The actor.  But the pervasive day in and day out ranting of how Jodi was the liar… that Planet Jupiter size lie, went right over your head.  Once again, you followed the misdirection just like good obedient little children.

However far exceeding that, the grand daddy ultimate insult was the crime you witnessed that played out right before your eyes.  And incredibly that flew right over your heads too–nyeeow.   It still causes me mystifying head-slaps.  A brass-balled snow job that Horn had the balls to perpetrate on you and on the court and you just disgraced yourselves as jurors  This should have had you all so infuriated that you went into the deliberation room and came back with a unanimously agreed jury nullification verdict.  I’m talking outright TOTAL acquittal.

This was a premier case of evidence manipulation that would enshrine it, a supreme proof of it, and a justification indemnifying it.  If ever there was a time for you to stand up and send an indignant unambiguous message to the State of Arizona–and all states–that perjury or evidence fixing to try to put someone on death row will not be tolerated, this was it!

How many times during FIVE YEARS do you think Horn reviewed that report for all the hearings, depositions and then the trial itself.  And you’re going to tell me that a manifestly monumental error in his report is only discovered the second time he’s on the Goddamned witness stand in the trial?   Every time he reads the report and sees “the dura mater was intact” he doesn’t say “hey wait a minute, that’s absolutely wrong!”  For five years they’re claiming the bullet went through Alexander’s brain, frontal lobe, and that is virtually impossible if it didn’t penetrate the dura mater.

He’s supposed to be a State licensed medical examiner for Christ sake.  This would be like you reading a report written by you that says your name is Mary Adams, when you know your name is Guiseppe Mantelerinattivincenza.  You would say “what?  That isn’t my name.”  It would jump out at you like a cobra snake.

But you see, never in a billion years did they expect Jodi would change her plea.  If she had kept denying she killed him, it wouldn’t have mattered one whit whether the shot was first, last, or in the middle, because there certainly was a hole over his right eye.   And proving the shot was fired by her would have been all they would have needed to prove.

But when she reverted to the plea of self-defense and justifiable homicide, her version of the shooting coincided with exactly what Horn had written in the medical autopsy.   Now the prosecution’s gonads were in a vice.  Not only that, but it reflected exactly what he told Flores, who was PRESENT AT THE AUTOPSY, and gave testimony at a hearing under oath to what Horn had told him.  Now their case for premeditation with Alexander being a mutual combatant was up the river.  They had to fix the evidence so that the inevitable conclusion is that Alexander couldn’t fight, and the shot all but rendered him helpless.  They juxtaposed the shot to last and stabbing first, to accomplish exactly that.   But it was all Oscar Award winning crap.

When a ME does an autopsy he is either dictating into a recorder or his diener (assistant) is taking notes, or the ME himself is notating his observations in real time.  He tells what he sees as each detail is noted and writes what HE OBSERVES. No transcriptionist or typist is going to take it upon themselves to change a single word in those notes.  And he calls it a mere fucking “typo?”  What did he mean to say, the dura mater is “not” intact?  Well then where the hell is the clinically medical descriptive language giving the specifics of the rest of that observation?   Where is the perforation description?

From the autopsy report of Nicole Simpson by the medical examiner:  “There are no tears of the dura mater and no recent epidural, subdural, or subarachnoid hemorrhage.”

This is the exact language by the ME of clinical observation of Nicole Brown Simpson, who WASN’T SHOT IN THE HEAD.  And whattya know, it corresponds precisely with Horn’s description.

The Quincys who try to make an alibi for the ME felon, say it would be foolish to think the tiny bullet could not have passed through the dura mater, because the dura usually adheres to the “skull cap” when the skull is sawed through from axis to axis and “peeled back,” to examine the brain.

Well it’s not stuck to the skull cap in this photo is it.

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 5

That white membrane is the dura. And if there was a hole in that membrane, it would be incumbent on the medical examiner to include the details of that tear, piercing or perforation.

And again from the autopsy report of Nicole Simpson: “The dura is STRIPPED to reveal no fractures of the bones of the calvarium or base of the skull.”  (emphasis mine)

Yah.  So much for that “typo” pee job.

But that was only the first of the dominoes of deception.  When he was being led by the five foot fudge packer, to give the coached explanation of how the dura mater revelation was simply a slight administrative error, undiscovered all these years,  and to keep the preplanned conspiracy to fix the evidence instead from totally unraveling, he also gave you the SECOND confirmation of perjury.  He said that the shot “had” to be last, because there was very little blood in the bullet track.  Meaning that Travis had already “bled out” from his wounds and that the heart was not functioning to circulate blood.  Um hmmph, well there’s just one problem.

He ALSO said, the brain was so badly decomposed that he COULDN’T DETERMINE an accurate bullet track and he “assumed” the bullet must have entered the brain, because it entered above the right eye and it was recovered in the left cheek.  Well if he couldn’t document a medical observation how the bullet traveled from the right eye to the left cheek, then how the fuck can he say there was no blood present in the bullet track?  WHAT BULLET TRACK?  If you can’t document a bullet track, how can you say there was no blood in it?  That should have hit you up side the head like a wrecking ball.

Then on direct in his SECOND appearance on the witness stand after he was caught in the cross-hairs and flailing to keep the whole collusion from imploding, he was asked did the bullet go through the frontal lobe?  He said it “must have.”  What???   Must have?  This is the medical examiner doing an autopsy on the decedent of one of the most famous trials in history?   And that wasn’t enough to make you see the deer-in-the-headlights scenario of attempted CYA desperation either?  Clue # 3 ….nyeeeoww.

He said that the brain had no significant evidence of intracranial hemorrhage or cerebral injury, and that he took SEVERAL autolyzed slices of the brain for examination.  Is that right.  Excuse me Horn, didn’t you say the brain was decomposed?  Well how do you take autolyzed slices of a fucking slushi?  His testimony was that the brain was so supposedly mushy from decomposition of 5 days before the body was discovered, that the wound track was not even discernible.  An exact quote on cross examination:

“And at this- at this point, the brain is really non-existent. It’s almost- you can’t examine it. It’s become liquid.”

Dr Kevin Horn - autopsier & lousy tapioca maker

Liquid?  That’s from Horn under oath.  So which is it?  I would be spellbound to watch somebody who was able to take slices of just any liquid. But slices of something that’s non-existent?  I’d spend money to watch that on pay-per-view.  Ripley’s Believe It or Not would have loved to know about that. Those were HIS words, not mine, in describing what he did.

That testimony was categorically stunning and diametrically opposite to what is written in the autopsy report.  His statements would be like saying, someone is short and bald headed, six foot tall, and black hair.  Clue # 4 … nyeeeoww…. you sat there as daft as a box of snails.

I’m only giving the short version of the peeling of the onion.  Personally I wouldn’t consider Horn qualified enough to do an autopsy on my cat.   Either he is the most blindingly incompetent putz that ever posed as a medical examiner–in which case he should be relegated to cutting nothing more consequentially significant than 6 or 12 inch buns at a Subway.  And just on that basis ALONE, you should have erred on the side of the defendant.  Or at the only alternate conclusion left, he is a brazen, bold faced conspirator committing perjury, coached and instructed by the prick that is orchestrating the charge to Jodi Arias’s death.  The pint sized Pendejo, that is already being watched by the Supreme Court and is very familiar to them for prosecutor misconduct in trials.  It should have been just as obvious to you as the sun coming up in the east, that the answer was behind door number two.

A quote from one of the Justices commenting from the bench–remembering the same name always popping up in six or seven cases of alleged prosecutor misconduct that had come before them; “There’s something about this prosecutor.”

You fucking got that right.  And this is from a sitting Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court.  I wouldn’t trust this prosecutor to give me five pennies for a nickel.  He weaved back and forth between bending the truth and obliterating it, like a skier avoiding flags on the Olympic downhill.   Conduct during the trial and what is being exposed now, should be enough to repulse every self–respecting first year law student.  But you are Herculean examples of twelve dumb twits.

Did Jodie lie?  Oh you damn right she lied.  It is impossible to reconcile I didn’t kill him, to “I remember dropping the knife”.  Almost the first question she was asked point blank on direct was “Did you kill Travis Alexander”?  Her answer was, “yes.”  So pretending she didn’t lie isn’t even a close call.  Even I won’t try to argue that point.  No one who is fair or rational should.  She lied.

But was she under oath when she gave that interview to 48 Hours?  Did Flores give her a bible in that interrogation room and tell her to put her hand on it and swear to God to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?  No!  In fact she didn’t even request a lawyer to be present, or to insist on her Miranda rights.

Jodi lied at a time when her first thought was of self-preservation.  When like it or not, it’s something we almost all do when faced with thoughts of something so serious, that we want to avoid accountability.  Something so abhorrent or graphic, that our first instinct is not always a willingness to come running forward and exclaim “yes, I did it!”.  It’s not honorable, and it’s not something to be proud of.   But it’s human nature.  And to varying degrees we often evade or postpone the truth if we can to avoid the consequences, You know it, if you are going to be the least bit honest with yourself.

How many times have you heard people charged with crimes asked why didn’t they just call the police?  Or admit what they had done right away and just come forward–that the investigation would have proven they had no choice but to do what they did.  They say, “I thought nobody would ever believe me.”   We’ve heard it umpteen times.  It’s played out in courts every day around the world.  Often times these people are found completely innocent of the crime charged and exonerated, as having acted within the law. But it was their fear of the justice system failing them that prevented them from trusting it.

When Jodi was faced with the reality that the evidence was overwhelming that she had been present at Travis Alexander’s house that day, and she had to confront the reality of her involvement in something her mind wanted to black out, she knew she had to drop the pretenses and face the consequences of maybe having to spend a good deal of her life in prison, or worse.  The only alternative left, was to face the justice system and trust it to find out the TOTAL truth.  To do what our justice system requires and to hold every facet of the death of Travis Alexander to the highest unrelenting mandates of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, of why and what took place.  This is what she did.

Jodi tried desperately to NOT talk about Alexander’s tawdry sickness, a sickness reviled universally worldwide.  She wanted to let him take it with him to his grave, with the secret never to be found out.  Letting the unknowing forever believe he was the ever pure, chaste, model virgin Mormon, he masqueraded himself to be.  But no-o-o-o-o.  Even though she was willing to forgo any pretenses of further denial, and even though she knew the true events of that day left no alternative but to defend herself, she was willing to be sentenced to 2nd degree murder and potential 25 years in prison.  Even though she knew what would be unavoidably exposed at trial in ripping back the curtain shrouding the deviant Travis was should it go forward, she tried to prevent it.   And to save the State of Arizona what will easily amount to ten million dollars or more with appeals.

She was willing to plead guilty to a charge of second degree murder and to the prison term guidelines that could have made her a 50 year old woman before she was released.  She knew that a trial would necessitate dredging up all the dirt and perversions that she had knowledge about with Alexander.   And that they would be linked inextricably to her defense.  She tried to save all that!  She tried to let Travis keep his virtuous perceived totally normal model image of Mormon honesty intact.  Not to have to let all those who never knew or saw the T-Dogg, or the Dr. Jeckyl side, see the abusive sick degenerate he really was.  Or what happened, that required her to have to fend for her own life June 4th, 2008.

Did you know she volunteered to take a polygraph?  She was willing to even let the results be admitted into evidence at trial.  Do you know who prevented that independent confirmation of truth or untruth from being allowed?  I’ll give you a hint.  He looks like Miss Piggy’s best friend and could have been a horse jockey.  He wanted NO PART of that. And just in case you didn’t know, polygraphs are admissible in court in Arizona if both the defense and prosecution stipulate to it.  So what was homey so afraid of?

You’re going to tell me this girl who was shown an emotional wreck, crying on the stand for damn near three weeks of gattling gun examination, would “beat” a polygraph?  Oh cry me a river.  It would have shown the truth.   That Alexander threw her to the tile, that he had committed a felony battery.  That she had seen that look in his eyes before, and that it very likely would have been her being taken to the hospital with grave bodily injuries.   Or that SHE, would have been the one carried out in that blue body bag if she hadn’t done the only thing left, and defended herself.  But that was the one thing La Bamba on lifts couldn’t have–the truth!  Let’s strap her and “the prosecutor” both to one.  Let Ed Gelb administer it, then just see which one produces the least deception.  I know who I’d place my money on.

When she was asked the question, “would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested”?  And her answer was “I honestly don’t know the answer to that question.”  Were you fucking listening?  This is the thing you would say if you were trying to tailor your answers to win sympathy for your need to kill your boyfriend?  To elicit compassion from the twelve jurors who have the power to vote a death sentence for you?  Oy unbelievable vey.

When she placed her hand on that bible and raised her right hand, I believe everything she said was the truth.  I went through the transcripts line by line of her 18 days on the stand and could not find one material statement that was different on cross examination than what she testified to on direct.  NO ONE, could remain consistent over that period of time, if the answers were lies. You just can’t think that fast.  You have no idea what the questions are even going to be, to prepare for rehearsed answers. I don’t care if you had a photographic memory you couldn’t do it.  You’d be tripped up within the first two hours.

Do it yourself.  READ the transcripts rather than listening to the emotional outbursts and sarcastic tirades of a sentence-twisting lunatic, frothing at the mouth in his assault on her like a badger.  Don’t watch it on YouTube, read it!  Take the video emotion out of it on BOTH sides as I did.   You will see.  He tried his damnedest to trap her into inconsistent statements or to giving a one question answer to his three question question.  Something he could later take out of context and twist and highlight it as an “aha” moment in closing.  It didn’t happen.  And it was frustrating the hell out of him.

She corrected him when he appeared to have gotten the answer he wanted, but wasn’t the answer that she gave. She was one of the worst adversaries he ever had, and she wasn’t playing along with his trickery.  It was driving him insane and I’m sure he thought his case was going right down the drain.

When she should have turned left or could have only rolled physically to her right, she gave only the answer that made her account hold up.  Had she answered one triviality wrong, it would have been a glaring error and instantly weakened her claims.  She never hesitated and always gave the right answer.

When she closed the door behind her in the closet with Alexander chasing her, the pedazo de mierda tried to make it look like she had all kinds of time to time to escape and run out of the house instead of having to grab the gun.  She corrected him and said she had slammed the door, but he was already coming through it just as she got to where the gun was.  As she was reaching for it, he was already coming through the door.  Almost simultaneously!  It would have been only seconds before he would have reached her.  Once again, no soup for you homey.

He tried to trick her into saying the closet was small.  This was to make it look like Alexander could have easily caught her and this way, she couldn’t have had time to get the gun.  Wrong !  She said the closet was bigger than her cell and not small at all.  And in actuality, it was 11 and a half feet.  That trick didn’t work either because she didn’t let it.  He tried to make it look several times like she had time to think.  Even for just seconds, before she pulled the trigger.  Because that’s all that would be required to prove premeditation.

Not once did he trick her into doing that.

He tried to confuse her with dates and have her say something happened on a day that it didn’t.  She corrected him every time.  She gave shockingly detrimental answers to HERSELF.   At times to questions that were easily evadable, and when she could have given much more favorable answers to her own interests, if she’d wanted to lie. There was attempt after attempt after attempt, to put words in her mouth.   She never let it happen one time.  That consistency could only happen if you are telling the truth.  It’s just not possible to remember what lie you told.  Let alone days and days of lies.   And still keep them straight.  And not even mentioning the millions and millions of people around the world watching her, hanging on her every word.

Up until the time of the shot, I believe it occurred 100% as she described it.  After that, I don’t know what happened.  I don’t even have a theory of what happened.  I only know one thing—what that Neanderthal midget told you happened, is total horseshit.  We know that somebody else was in that bathroom when the blood was still wet!  Because there was a footprint there in blood that was certainly bigger than Jodi’s foot.  Who?

crime scene - shoe impression 1

The photos that were supposed to frame the times showing an Alexander alive in one—and the next photo a dead Alexander in the hallway with his throat supposedly already cut—that was a fantasy better than Walt Disney could come up with.  All that had to happen between these two photos, and what you were told did happen, all of this was done in SIXTY TWO SECONDS?  Oh my God.  Let me lay it all out for you el stupidos.

Even if you take Pico De Gayo’s word for everything as exactly what happened–well wait, there’s no if.  You did.  You got hooked like a trout.  And what you bought is–that he had to get up out of the shower, stagger to the sink and while Jodi I guess just backs out of the way to let him stroll to the sink.  He then goes to the sink to look at himself, instead of attacking the woman who just stabbed him in the heart.  He doesn’t think of doing that.  He’d rather go check himself out in the mirror instead of defending his own life.  And we know that’s what you were told.  He stands there at the sink   He just stands there and lets Jodi run up behind him and start plunging the knife into his back.  With her RIGHT hand.  I guess he doesn’t see her in the mirror coming up behind him and step aside, or at least turn around.  Nope doesn’t do that either.  Not according to Jihadi Juan.  But most important, this definitely hasn’t taken a minute.  All this hasn’t taken 62 seconds.

So now Jodi somehow hit him on the back of the head too.  Perhaps she had a hammer in her pants.  Because according to the slug-in-chief, that’s how all the aspiration pattern of the tiny miniscule mist blood droplets got on the mirror.  Yup, that’s what he told you.  He said Travis started bleeding in his mouth because he was hit on the back of the head.  And that, and the “castoff” of that blood from his head, or someplace, accounted for all the blood in the sink and the spatter on the mirror.  Sure it did.  Pardon me while I just laugh my ass off a little right here.  ROFL.

But standing there splooshing all this blood on the mirror and examining himself, she gets to just drive the knife into his back time after time. Yet with her trying desperately to stab hard enough to make the knife penetrate more than a quarter-inch, she never even “NICKS” a bone.  You heard that, right?  Horn told you the wounds were very shallow.  And of course that wasn’t strange to you either.   But the all-important thing–apparently a minute has STILL not elapsed.

So n-ow, according to Hector, Travis “stumbles” down the hallway, desperately trying to get away from her.  This martial arts and kick boxing affectionado never thinks to kick her in the knees or anything during this whole time.  One kick to her knee and she would have dropped like a sack of rocks.  And we know he was ambulatory, because he was STANDING at the sink.  But nope, he just stumbles down the hallway.  That certainly has to consume time.  But not a minute used up even yet, not according to the photos.

So now he collapses at the end of the 12 foot hallway.  Here she allegedly stands OVER him and inflicts the obvious throat wound. Well, I want to tell you right now, if you don’t think this has taken more than a minute by this time already, you’re delusional.  But let’s assume not.

The hardest part is still yet to come.  Travis was stumbling down the hallway going FORWARD toward the bedroom.  You were told he had his hand against the right side hallway wall and collapsed as evidenced by the downward smear of the blood pattern on the wall.  He certainly wasn’t peddling backwards, not even the Spanish dickhead would be so deranged in his conspiracy as to suggest that.  So that means that Alexander’s head was on the carpet of the bedroom at the end of the hall when the throat was cut.  His legs would have had to be extending into the narrow hallway.  That means she had to then TURN HIM AROUND.  It’s not possible that she didn’t.

You were shown a photo that was praised as the eureka photo.  Travis is supposedly already dead, and Jodi is allegedly DRAGGING him from behind.  More specifically, dragging him by his arms.  Remember the photo of her blue pant leg that was supposed to show her dragging him? There is only one way for that to have been possible. She had to turn Travis 180 degrees!  Do you know how difficult that would have been for a 125 pound girl to turn a 200 pound man around in that narrow hallway, with his throat sliced nearly ear to ear?  But in addition to that, she had to TURN HIM OVER as well–on top of it.

In order to get him into that position where he could be dragged as he is supposed to allegedly be, IN THAT PHOTO, he has to be on his butt.  Because she is behind him.  She drags him this way all the way back down the hallway–almost back to the bathroom—where that haunted camera allegedly takes that reputed “gotcha-in-the-act” photo.  And ALL of this all was to have taken a mere 62 seconds!

Now if you’re telling me that just turning him “around” wouldn’t have taken more than 62 seconds to accomplish that ALONE, you’re loopier than a loon.  You’re crazier than I even thought you were  And this is dead weight now too, which adds weight besides.  Travis likely would have weighed more than 200 pounds now,

And all you got to do is stop and think.  You were told that it looked like a “wildebeest migration” at the end of the hall.  You were shown that photo of the pool of blood on the carpet indicating where the throat was to have been cut.  Specifically it was pointed out to you all the footprints, and how there appeared to be “stomping around” in the blood all over that area.  He claimed that was Jodi.  This was an incontrovertible admission of what I just explained.  What the hell do you think all that stomping around would have been for?  And that would have taken time!

And why in God’s creation would she do that?  Why doesn’t she just drag him by his FEET?  If she’s that determined to drag him someplace, why not do it like that?  His feet are already extending into the corridor.  That would be a zillion times easier and she doesn’t have to turn him over, or rotate him at all.  But that doesn’t match what the photo allegedly shows her doing now does it.  So oh oh guess what—another whopper you swallowed.  A MEGATON whopper.  The fact is Jodi could no more have done all that had to be done to fit within the timeline of those two photos, than a Boeing 707 could take off on a hundred foot runway.  And she didn’t.  The whole story was a fucking lie, manufactured and morphed into what they needed it to be.

Because once that logic is accepted that it was impossible for her to have done what they desperately counted on you to believe was proved by those two photos, the whole case for Travis fighting her goes up the river.  The whole premeditation is up the river.  Those grainy, dark almost impossible-to-make-out-anything photos, were presented to you like they were the Holy Grail.   In fact, they were proof of just the opposite–that the prosecution was feeding you a line of shit.   All you had to do, was just think a little and analyze it, and you would have found it was an insult yourselves.

The paltry fifteen hours you deliberated for all the evidence where you should have literally forensically ripped apart all the inconsistencies and impossibilities?  That should take at least a WEEK.  Maybe it would have finally dawned on you to come out of your coma, and finally see the light of the pure grade A con job you had just witnessed.  Fifteen hours?  That was a Goddamn joke, and the ultimate insult.  Only 12 hours longer than the Simpson jury.   And just as puerile.

I have already demolished the “dragging” photo entirely.  In a long post way back at the time the original trial was going on.  It may be in the JAII archives here someplace.  I absolutely ridiculed it and laid it out in photographs. If you ever read it, wait ’til you get to the part about what the frog says shows Travis’s teeney-tiney foot.  I have to laugh just thinking about it.

In the near future, I’m going to decimate the second one too.  The one that’s even more impossible to make out anything, and even more absurd that it shows what you were told.  The one that was sold to you as the corroboration of her dragging him after he’s dead.  Rohrshach blots are easier to distinguish something you’re supposed to see.  And an officer of the court duty-bound to present the truth, represents to you that this dark blotch of colors, shows Travis with Jodi behind him pulling him?  What a laugh.  I will show that this as well, was not anatomically, photographically or physically possible either.

We also know from the time stamp on the last photo, that it was near impossible for her to have done all that she was to “allegedly” have done, AFTER that.

She hadn’t even put him in the SHOWER yet at this point–at 5:32 PM.  Enrique was typically due home from his job in Tempe at 6:00, and sometimes possibly even earlier.  Because he had been taking the bus, due to the cost of gas at that time.  So that required him now to be brought from the hallway because of the picture–can’t get around it.  The death honcho said the photo shows him in that hallway.  And remember, he wasn’t even shot yet either, according to you-know-who. She still has to get that done too.

And I want to point out something else right here.  First of all, there is a 6-8 inch riser from the floor, on the entrance to the shower (see pic below).  It has metal on it because it’s part of the framed aluminum enclosure and it’s fairly sharp because it’s thin. There is NO way a 200 pound body could be maneuvered around that, or over, it by a 125 pound girl.  Not without causing some scrape abrasions on Alexander’s back, WHICH WERE NOT VISIBLE on any autopsy photos, or mentioned in the autopsy report.  So he has to either be carried in there, or levitated in there.

Jodi Arias Justice Denied 6

But that’s not the only obstacle.  There is another possible complication I have not seen anybody else point out–the shower DOOR.  I can’t say for certain this was the case on Alexander’s shower door, but every one I have known is hung so that it tends to close on its own.  At least somewhat.  They are not usually “binding” in the hinges so they stay completely open as most other doors.  I don’t know if they’re intentionally built that way or what.  Or possibly that’s to make it handier when you’re in the shower to close the door.  But they usually swing more freely.  This was very likely the case with Alexander’s door, because that shower door opened flat against the short wall framing the closet.  So if you pushed it all the way against the wall, I believe it would tend to start closing.  At least part way.

If that WAS the case, and I contend it was, that alone would be another dilemma to getting him in the shower.  It would keep closing a little.  Or if you banged into it, moving around there struggling to put this 200 pound man in that small space, that would cause it to be a problem, as it would always start to close a little.  That would necessitate the door being propped open with something, and then “that” would be in the way.

So if you think it sounds rational ALONE, that she could get him in the shower by herself and then do it within the confines of the time she had to do everything else, there is just no hope for you.  But that only encompasses her getting him in the shower, and the time that would take.  She’s still got LOTS to do yet.

She has to gather up all the bedding, the camera and the SD card to throw in the washer.  Has to possibly go down and put the knife in the dishwasher if that’s what she used.   She has to make a frantic attempt to CLEAN THE CRIME SCENE, because you-know-who told you she did.  He said she made an effort to try to clean up.   She had to tromp around and throw water on the carpet where the throat was claimed to be sliced, in some bizarre attempt to clean that.  Because it “was” saturated with water and blood mixture when it was shown in court, on the sample piece of the carpet that was removed.  And you-know-who, told you it was Jodi that tried to do something there with water.

Then she had to get a glass and fill that, to apparently wash her DNA off of Travis’s dick, so nobody would know she’d been there.  You were told that too.   This “genius” that planned this grand perfect crime, wouldn’t know that the tiniest sample of DNA can be gotten off of almost anything and be enough for RFLP testing.  It’s almost virtually indestructible.  You can piss on it, you can rub it in mud, you can do almost anything to it and it will still be there a hundred years later.  But no, just concentrating on the DNA apparently on ex-boyfriend.

And for Christ sake, why would she POSSIBLY use a glass?  She’s got him right under the shower head!!  Why doesn’t she just turn the fucking shower handle and save herself a whole lot of trouble?  She uses a glass instead of just turning on the shower?  Oh Jesus Christ on a sesame seed cracker.   How gullible can you be?

And would it not be possible–trying to get a five and half foot tall, 200 pound dead weight into a 4 foot hole–that you wouldn’t be jostling around a lot inside the shower?  Trying to get him in there?  I just can’t find any good photos of the upper part of the shower walls of his shower.   But most homes have some little racks or supports in the shower to hold shampoo, soap or other toilet articles that you may want to use while you’re in the shower.  Many ALSO HAVE A GLASS.  What if that plastic glass was on a little shelf?  Or a little holder?  And that glass fell on him from above, and landed on him where he was sitting.  That wouldn’t make a hell of a lot more sense for how it got there?  That’s the kind of a glass you would have in the shower.   That sure would make a lot more sense to me why the glass is there.  Not according to you-know-who though.  She spends time with the glass.

But we’re not done yet.  The most time consuming thing she still has to do.  She has to take a shower– without getting blood all over the downstairs, or in the hallways, or in the bathroom wherever she does it.  Then she has to change clothes too, according to you-know-who.  Because there was no blood anywhere on the stairs.  Nothing on the living room floor, on the door knob, on the driveway–nowhere.  Nothing except for a couple tiny specs on the washer.  So she has to be totally pristine when she leaves.  Either that, or she wrinkles her nose and blinks like Samantha on Bewitched, and magically appears in the seat of her car.

And now you’re going to tell me all THIS too, could have been done in less than a half hour.  And not somehow encounter Enrique?  Certainly nobody implied that he was home.  Or that he saw anything in the driveway.  Or that she was still there when he came home and went to his room.  Plus she has to put the doggy gate across the stairs too.

And you could have figured this all out easily, if you had the least bit of inclination.  But the Maricopa misfit had just the right twelve for his whitewash job.

I still have confounding unresolved doubt in my mind about that slit throat.  Certainly it was done.  But it just doesn’t fit.  It’s like a piece of a puzzle, but you have no place to put that piece.  It’s not even that easy to make a one-motion clean slice of that depth, to someone’s throat.  Was she alone?  I battle with myself back and forth over that.  Things just don’t add up.  Timelines don’t add up.  Other people’s stories don’t add up.  There was FIVE days from the time he was killed, to when he was discovered.  A TON of things could have happened in that room during all that time.  How do we really know?

I can’t just accept that.  And just too many things defy any rational logic. I do believe as she said–after she shot him– that the mainspring of her brain just came loose.  Her hippocampus left the building and said “I’ll see you somewhere around Hoover Dam.”  Dr. Samuels explained in elaborate detail why it happens and how a “Sybil” persona takes over the brain mechanisms. It’s happened in millions of cases.

I believe the stored visuals of what transpired, left with the hippocampus.   And I believe a lie detector by the highest qualified FBI polygraph expert examiner, would prove it.  I believe the results would be the same if she was given a voice stress analysis test.  I even believe she could be injected with Sodium Pentathol, if it wasn’t proven that its effect as a truth serum, is a myth.  If she was regressed with hypnosis, I even believe that would be confirming to her testimony.

That mental blackout cannot be discounted and it was confirmed by Dr. Geffner that the tests validated it.  This is a guy who is requested by JUDGES to counsel them with his expertise, so that they can be able to make proper rulings in their trials.

Dr Robert Geffner - May 2nd - Jodi Arias is Innocent - com

There is no evidence that meets the court-required standard of BEYOND a reasonable doubt, that she didn’t. You have to refute Dr. Geffner’s testimony, who has a curriculum vitae that looks like a mini novel.  Good luck with that.  Her tests confirmed the lowest POSSIBLE results of malingering.  On a scale that shows evidence of lying, it was a ONE.  Out of a possible SIX!  Give one to the State.  I bet it would show lingering malingering from day one of her trial.

And It wasn’t even so much as what happened after she appeared on the highway in the desert, it’s what you ignored and failed miserably to interpret leading UP to the time of the bullet leaving the muzzle of that .25 acp.  That was the travesty.

The culero himself, wanted to disassociate himself from his own statements.  He referred to himself in the third person, as “the prosecutor.”  The prosecutor asked you a question–yes or no!!   LOL.  What an asshole.  I wouldn’t want to associate myself with those whopper lies he was telling either on the record, if I was him.

But dimwitted as you were, I have across–the–board remonstrance for the performance of Nurmi and Willmott too.  Although Jennifer was clearly heart-felt in her desire to put forth the evidence and CLEARLY definitely believed in Jodi, they were both just this side of woefully inadequate in their role as her lawyers. While the dildo with a death fetish, was pacing back and forth like a rabid monkey, slamming things on the podium, throwing exhibits on the floor, approaching witnesses without any request to do it, personally debasing professional experts, and making a virtual mockery of decorum in a courtroom, they were listless, impassionate, demure, passive, and allowed themselves to be totally walked-over by a judge and a prosecutor.

There was no visible showing of fire or contempt for what was blatantly obvious every day.  When a judge is doing everything but blowing kisses to a prosecutor after every question, you don’t sit there and act like a shivering Chihuahua.  You do exactly what he was doing.  You start asking compound questions, you rip into witnesses like a wood chipper.   You raise your voice and make objection after objection after objection, slam the table just like he is.  You ask the same question 5 different ways and demand yes or no answers.

If she comes down hard on you, you ask why are you letting him do the same thing?  You expose the bastard for what he is.  You expose her bias by making it apparent.  You interrupt his questions.  If you’re being subjected to unparalleled prosecutor bias, which you categorically were, you do it as well.  As bad or mentally indigent as any jury is, how do you expect them to see the favoritism if you act like there isn’t any–if you sound like a Ghandi instead of a Patton.  Nurmi was as effective as a sleeping pill.

I don’t believe witnesses that were available and who could have corroborated Jodi in many crucial parts of her testimony, were even called.  If there was someone who saw the finger marks around her neck from being choked to unconsciousness and they weren’t called or subpoenaed, that would be plain outright malfeasance and unforgivable.  To me that would be tantamount enough in and of itself, to appeal on grounds of ineffective counsel.

The defense own witnesses were poorly prepared for the inevitable assaults on their character.  And even worse, the cross examinations on prosecution witnesses were dismal. The Walmart witness was not well prepared for, and should have been dismantled.  The Hughes should have been turned inside out.  There was undeniable evidence that they THEMSELVES considered Alexander a pariah and I was left with my mouth open when the cross examination was finished.

Horn should have been kept on the stand two days, until he was stammering and dripping with sweat.  Once Dr. Geffner exposed the massive impossibility of any possible reconciliation of their claim with the evidence–which was also incredibly missed prior to his pointing it out–the cross examination should have been relentless with demands of yes or no.  Hours of his time should have been broken down into individual minutes, making him account for his actions, inconsistent statements and medical contradictions.   Until it produced the Perry Mason moment of “alright, alright, I lied,” It was there and it was muffed.

Demarte was a joke.  An “expert” that has testified 3 times in court is held up to be more knowledgeable than someone who has been in the field 30 years?  She bills the State of Arizona $250 for giving Jodi a test to find out if she can fucking read!  Are you for real?   It’s that Amazon bitch who should have been given the test to see if SHE can read.

Tot Doc - Jodi Arias Is Innocent - com

She was an amateur hired by the State and probably the only who was willing to testify counter to the testimony of Dr Samuels. She probably desperately needed the money.  And putting her capabilities and credibility up against Dr. Geffner, would be worthy of a skit on Saturday Night Live.  That’s as silly as saying who would win a fight between Muhammed Ali in his prime, and one of the Golden Girls.  She was a dolt.   Yet she’s not twisted inside out.

Flores is up to eyeballs in lies, and he isn’t remotely grilled with a full-on assault that would have broke him like a little twig.  Why wasn’t he ravaged with the facts of the incomplete investigation?  Why wasn’t he lambasted with question after question after question why he contradicted himself with his testimony in the Chronis hearing, and all of a sudden doesn’t know the difference between a gun and a knife, or to what he was told?  Why were there no investigations of several suicides of parties linked to Alexander?  Bizarre suicides who happened to be much too proximate in time to the date of the killing to be just coincidences.

Gloria Esteban - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Horn said he NEVER told Flores that the shot was first–Flores said UNDER OATH that’s exactly what he told him.  ONE of those bastards has to be lying–they’re diametrically opposite. But the softball cross examination had lack of any passion and left the impression of his testimony not being impeached.   When the opportunity was there to batter him like a prisoner of war detainee and take him to the woodshed until he was twitching in the witness chair like an infant who had to go to the bathroom.  His duplicity could have been exposed right then and there.  Instead, it was milquetoast and dismal.

The roommates should have been subpoenaed and made to explain their affidavits that were full of contradictions and impossibilities.  They were all over the board on dates and times and actions.  Why wasn’t Zack– the one who found the body–put under oath and made to explain what he saw when he went into the room?  And both of them explaining how the stench of a decomposing corpse went unnoticed for five days being on the same floor, and even with only one wall separating Enrique and Travis.

Those roommates hold the clues to a hell of a lot more than we know right now and it could have only been extracted under penalty of perjury.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if one or both of them would have taken the Fifth. I’m not so sure that’s a far-fetched theory.  That opportunity was muffed.  Many times I couldn’t believe hearing “no more questions for this witness.”  I was shocked.  I’m saying, “This is it?  This is the end of your cross examination?  You can’t be serious.”  But day after day, low hanging fruit just waiting to be knocked off time after time, stayed on the tree.

The lack of use of visuals or aids to powerfully demonstrate with word pictures the things being pointed out or backing up what they were saying, that failure was pathetic.  Almost nothing was used.  Good attorneys constantly use charts, boards, live simulated demonstrations–anything that makes the blind see.  Pictures or visual aids that make the stupid get the point.  How incredibly effective would it have been to have a live demonstration, that would simulate a 120 pound girl trying to drag a 200 pound man?  The courtroom would have been transfixed, and the prosecution could have done nothing to refute it. It couldn’t have been denied as a frivolous demonstration by the judge.  It was in direct rebuttal to the prosecution’s claim that she dragged him to the shower.

Absolutely nothing was done that could have riveted attention.  Not even charts showing the staggering standard that must be proven in EVERY element of a prosecution’s case to meet the standard of beyond reasonable doubt in order to convict was used.  And especially on closing argument.  Nothing visual there either.  It was listless monotone as boring as a college lecture, and even without any affirmation that there was a true umbrage of the sand-bagging or ardent passion that should have been there, as an unmistakable advocate for their client.   Some of the things Nurmi said himself about Jodi were astonishing, and unbelievable as coming from her own attorney.

They also put all their marbles on the one thing–showing the propensities and warning signs for domestic violence–fuck that.  What they should have used their allotted sum of financial resources for is hiring a CRIME SCENE EXPERT–a top blood forensics expert.  One who could explain what the blood patterns really showed.  Coupled with a highly renowned medical examiner, who could have made mincemeat out of Horn’s report and made him a laughing stock.  One who could explain the impossibility of not smelling a 5 day old corpse.  That the smell would have been taken up into the ventilation system through the return vent and carried to each room, and unimaginable to be ignored.  One who could explain that anyone who has experienced that smell would need a gas mask to tolerate it in any close proximity.  An expert who could explain business-as usual in that house for five days defies medical reality.

One who could explain that close-grouped stab mark penetrations on someone’s back that penetrate only a quarter of an inch, is an absolute absurdity to conclude that the person was behind them and stabbing them with ruthlessness, as the prosecution doo-rag dickwad claimed.  It would have been easy to show that the marks did not indicate someone in offensive control.  They would have been able to show they were DEFENSIVE stab patterns.

My Grandma could stand behind somebody as Jodi was purported to be, and stab them and I’ll guarantee you, “SHE” would nick a bone.  But if you’re reaching around somebody who’s got you in a bear hug or is facing you on top of you, and you’re stabbing the best you can with your right hand, that’s EXACTLY the kind of marks you would get.  And the angles are right too!

That long drawn-out minutia of days of domestic violence testimony and DSM terminology and psychological test results was not necessary and misplaced.  It was like the never-ending complicated technicalities of the DNA experts in the Simpson case.  The jury tuned out.  The object was not to prove that Alexander had a history of being abusive, or going on ad infinitum with patterns of mental abuse or warning indicators that lead to it.  The emails, the phone calls and the texts from him alone, showed that beyond a doubt he was.  It was shown by Alexander himself.

The emphasis should have been on showing what happened THAT DAY.  What the blood showed, and how many mysteries just don’t compute with the cock and bull of the prosecution.  How the laws of physics don’t match up with the fairy tales asserted by the prosecution.  The focus was on the wrong thing.

A Gerry Spence, or a F. Lee Bailey—or God forbid, a Vincent Bugliosi—or even a Jose Baez, would have used dozens of visuals and turned the State witnesses into veritable mush. All you have to do is look at the YouTube video of Vincent Bugliosi eviscerating the performance of Marsha Clark, and that moron Darden, in the OJ clusterfuck.  Watch how he would have prosecuted that case, and you will know how sadly lacking this defense was.

Seasoned, impassioned attorneys, would have demanded respect from the judge, and insisted that the prosecution desist from badgering witnesses.  They would have embarrassed that judge for her incompetence and partiality and shown it to the jury, because she was a disgrace and a buffoon.  She couldn’t make the simplest damn ruling without a sidebar.  It must have had competent professional judges embarrassed, and wondering how she became a judge.

She should have set up a salad bar at the side bar, and she could have killed two birds with one stone. They could have eaten while she was pondering what to do and saved the hour and a half lunches.  She lets the jurors keep all their digital toys in the jury room, then asks “did anyone see or hear anything about this case”? “I see no hands.”  As if some juror is going to start waving their hand frantically and say “oh me, me, me,, I did judge, I did–saw reenactments last night on CNN.  Wow, changing my vote now.”  Give me a break.

10-28 more BS from kermit & pickles

This is somebody who has never presided over a death penalty case before in their life and they put her on this case to get on-the-job training in arguably one of the most notorious trials of the century?  This amateur is the roll-of-the-dice Jodi gets to officiate her possibly being placed on death row, and whether she gets a fair trial?  Her rulings showed she didn’t know a fair trial from a KGB trial.

The pedophile letters should have been allowed and let dueling experts decide if they were forged or not.  It wasn’t Jodi’s lawyers who was afraid of that.  They already had a handwriting analysis expert that verified they WERE authentic.  Let the jury decide and evaluate the veracity of the witnesses on each side.  But instead she disallows evidence that is part and parcel of every relevant issue of why Travis would have needed to keep the lid on Jodi.   Nah, not in her court.  Nothing exculpatory allowed–everything but.

Instead of sequestering the jury with a trial of this publicity and insuring the environment, she asks do I see any hands.   A judge who showed she doesn’t have the expertise to adjudicate a non-capital case.  Other judges would have slammed Pancho the puta, and dared him to do it again.  There would have been sanctions leading all the way up to contempt, and large fines or jail.  But this one ran the courtroom like her and the prosecutor were dating.   And this defense let her bias trump their outrage day after day.  I guarantee you that wouldn’t have been the case with veteran skilled attorneys.

One thing I will give tremendous credit for however.  Despite all the failings of everything else, the preservation of the record for appeals that Nurmi put in the transcripts was superb.  He called for mistrials and supported them with case law.  He documented the repeated instances of blatant misconduct, even though they were not fought for vigorously in the courtroom as they would have been by other attorneys.

There are reams of motions in the record that were timely and has Stephens up to her ears in rulings of material reversible error that are now preserved for appeals courts.  Something appeals courts will not allow if you don’t document it at the time, no matter how grievous.  The objection must be raised at the moment it occurs.  This was critical and much too neglected by some attorneys who only find out how important that is after it’s too late. Nurmi did an excellent job to at least do that.

But in the axiom what a difference a day makes–in this case–what a difference a trial makes.  Nurmi and Willmott act like two totally different people. People I can barely recognize from the first trial.  Nurmi is literally on fire.  He’s rocking the courtroom with searing questions and boxing in the witnesses. He’s showing emotion and indignation and so is Jennifer.  It’s even coming across in tweets.  It has to be even more impressive in person.  The motions are well researched and right on point.  They show the outrage of being fleeced, flimflammed and screwed.  I don’t know where these two revised versions were in the first trial.  Even Stephens has gotten a make-over.  Unfortunately one trial too late.

She must have had visions, or deceased hallowed judges excoriated her in her dreams, or she actually got out her law books and read them.  Nothing has changed about the sidebars that still consume about 80% of the day.  There should be a golf cart for the attorneys to ride back and forth to those, there are so many.  But had she been half the judge in the first trial and made correct rulings as she has proven to in the penalty phase, the humiliation and  castigation she faces now if this case goes to appeal, could have been entirely different.

She put herself between the bull and the barb wire by her mind boggling rulings in the guilt phase. Only mistrial can vindicate her now and she’s earned the wrath she’s going to get barring anything short of that.  It would take mistrial all the way back to trial one, and I just don’t know if she has the integrity to do that.  I would nominate that for surprise of the decade.

My scathing rebuke of this whole vile charade been anything other than purposeful intent to disparage any one class or put an umbrella over the legal profession in general. My palpable disgust is for only ONE purveyor of pathological dishonor — the Grand Poobah of prevarication in the State vs Jodi Ann Arias.  The veritable pimp of lies and obfuscation.  The one who has a sacred oath not to hide or embellish or speculate no matter what the implications are that may weaken a prosecution’s case.

Instead, a concerted and deliberate plan was put in place to thwart that mission of truth.  We now have proven fact, of hide-the-ball, withholding evidence, tampering with evidence and manipulation of evidence.  We have charges filed that mock everything heralded juris prudence is based on.  Instances of other horrendous gruesome crimes in Arizona were never filed as death penalty cases.   And sentences were meted out in many of those cases that were nothing close to life prison terms or comparable to the overcharges in Jodi’s case.  This was contrived.

Just as the Trayvon Martin prosecutor tried with George Zimmerman, and the piece of shit prosecutor who tried it in South Africa with Oscar Pistorius.  It was a railroad plan to put another hide on the wall and to screw Jodi Arias–send her to her death and celebrate with drinks for all.  Despite case facts they KNEW and hid, that were exculpatory.  Rotten motherfuckers.

This was the same Maricopa County Attorney’s Office that put Debra Milke on death row and let her languish there for 21 years, until 10,000 hours of research proved another Arizona detective–just like Flores–perjured himself.  Not only in that case, but implicated in at least a hundred other cases.  These people are scum.

Horn’s contradictions was no innocent oversight and there were no typos.  The report was 100% accurate as written.  It was the facts that tripped him up.  They had to make it look like Travis couldn’t have possibly survived the shot and was immediately incapacitated.  They were counting on her having the lowest possible level of public defender appointed attorneys, which they knew would be representing her as an indigent, and them never catching the smoking guns.

They almost got away with it too.  If if wasn’t for Dr. Geffner AGAIN who spotted it, the conspiracy would have gone just as planned.  In a century of light years, they had never contemplated Jodi changing her plea from what she pled originally–that I DIDN’T kill him.  If she had maintained that, they were already smelling the potassium chloride of her death cocktail.  That autopsy report as written wouldn’t have made a lick of difference.

But when she “changed” it to self-defense, they were fucked.  If Travis can fight, the death dream goes down the drain.  And that’s when they brought in the Trojan Horse!  Instead of accepting her willingness to admit culpability to 2nd degree murder, save the State mufti-millions of dollars and preserve Travis’s reputation, this trio of troglodyte fuckers instead consort to pull off another Debra Milke. And they did!   With your ignorance.

This Horn revelation should have had you all so livid and incensed that you considered it justified for total and complete exoneration. I’m saying unanimous and indignant not guilty, outright jury nullification.  Just like the Simpson jury let a true DOUBLE murderer walk out of a California courtroom as payback for Rodney King.  If ever there was a case demanding it, supreme proof indemnifying it, and an overwhelming justification supporting it, this was it.  There was never a more appropriate time to send a defiant blistering message to the State of Arizona–and ALL states, that death by shell game will no longer be tolerated, and starting with this case.

Those of you who jubilantly went on that blonde shrieking yak’s show on HLN and reveled in your verdict, you should have been looking instead for burkas to cover your face and ways to avoid sunlight.  How do you feel n-o-w?  Now that the prosecution has got its nuts in a wringer?  Hiding evidence, altering evidence, deleting evidence. Alexander had 19 programs strictly for anti-virus, malware and trace-tracking removal.  Do you have nineteen?  AZ-Lob player to watch porn, doesn’t download itself.  And thousands and thousands of teen porn sites were accessed.

Items in the registry that require a human being to physically alter it, don’t magically duplicate the clicking of a mouse and get installed or deleted.  How does it feel to know they were 11,000 hits on his computer for “tween”–the in-the-know-code-metaphor for children between the ages of 10 and 12?  The sites had already been accessed on his computer before he was dead.  And now it’s admitted in the STATE’S own motion that the pornography was there!  Corking the pot ring any fucking bell now?   You took your oath as seriously as going to Walmart and deciding which brand of paper towels to buy.

t5 jodi arias prosecutorial misconduct juan martinez et al

But, and as is somehow almost always the case, justice finds its way through the densest fog of adversity and corrects the wrongs. It’s not always quick.   Lady Justice is old.   She’s been around for thousands of years and she’s got a lot to do. She’s even blind, and called on everywhere.  Because court room malfeasance and improprieties know no bounds.  But that Lady always perseveres through the most insurmountable odds.

She had to expend a lot of resources and time working on OJ Simpson to get him where he belongs.  But that case is finished and it’s in the closed file.  She’s in Phoenix now.  That squealing you hear is her hand around some Maricopa County Attorney’s balls, and she’s s-q-ueezing.  This Three Card Monty copy and paste job is not going to take 21 years to be proven as a case based on misconduct and cover-up.  Or charges based on nothing to support it.  It’s already on the fast track to being exposed right now. It may be only months.

The idiom that should have been reverberating through your minds as you jurors sat in that jury box is the famous utterance of the renowned Dr. Henry Lee.   And again, it was the Simpson trial–“some ting wrong.”  Instead, you Columbos-in-training, proved you had the collective IQ of a walrus.  The irony of all ironies is that it may not amount to a shit.  Even without your lack of any proficiency to do your job, without your unanimous verdict of premeditated murder, the seamy playbook in Arizona may have gone undetected again.  Only to be opened to do a repeat with the next hapless victim.

This case to you should have been as clear as handing a five year old a set of tinker toys.  Saying, “honey, build mommy and daddy a house.”  The closest thing resembling a house to what that five year old proudly hands you as their finished product mish-mosh of connected sticks and wheels, that’s what you got from the prosecution in this case.  It should have been just that evident.  But instead you looked at it that house like it was something built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It boggles the mind.  But maybe Jodi Arias ought to thank you.

Because we know now, this is not a case of MAYBE intentional violation of Jodi’s right to a fair trial.  It’s a fact that pornography was on Alexander’s computer and denied as ever existing, and now forms the entire basis for the case crumbling.  It’s a fact that 8,000 emails and texts were withheld as nothing important.  We now know why they had to be ordered to turn them over.  It’s a fact that a detective of 25 years condoned his wife tweeting transcript details of in-camera meetings that only he would know, or information that was under seal.  The sealed information came from somewhere.  Those tweets are preserved in screen shots.  Strangely now he is transferred to Public Information Officer.  Now I have given you even more abundant examples of how you were lied to, and that it could only have been a collusion of deliberate lies. And I have only skimmed the surface.

The people who should be in jail are the three or more repugnant collaborators.  The ones who are now the focus of misconduct serious enough to possibly vacate a verdict and require a retrial.  Those who went to extraordinary efforts to keep evidence buried.  The abhorrent Armando Saldate clones and abettors.  This is not conjecture of mine, it’s an official motion filed by Kirk Nurmi who is bound by his cannon of ethics as an officer of the court.  An officer of the court who cannot make these allegations unless there is a good faith basis to allege it, and believed evidence to support it.

The day these trial saboteurs are handcuffed, thrown into a blacked–out window van, and transported to a federal prison, should be a day of cheers throughout the world.  It will be deserving of a ticker tape parade in Phoenix.

Jodi, I have a passage of wisdom for you that I wish I could take credit for as being the author, but I can’t.  It is from the mind of someone of much greater intellect than me.  It is very deep and so appropriate for the journey to where you are:

Fear knocked at the door

Fate opened it

And there was nothing there.

The second line in those magnificent words has just turned prophetic for you.  And the last clairvoyant sentence, is well on its way to being borne out.

Karma is making a visit to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.  And the corrupt architects attempting undeserved retribution for Alexander’s death, are getting reamed right in the ass.  You contemptible piranha obsessed on the fixation.  Now you got exactly what you bargained for.  I for one, couldn’t be more fucking thrilled.

If we sit in silence, we stand for nothing.   That I do have the patent on.  We have to voice the dissent, less the same thing could happen to any of us. Who among us has the finances to get the Armani suit lawyers if wrongfully charged, or overcharged?

Jodi was constitutionally entitled to one thing.  A FAIR FUCKING TRIAL!  She didn’t get it!

We must make those who deign to defile the sacrosanct system of which they have a sworn mandate to keep pure, a victim of their own system.  We MUST!

Thank you Supreme Court of Arizona.  Debra Milke doesn’t have to look over her shoulder any more.  Now let’s get on to the second one.  By all appearances of the last few weeks, it may never get that far.  You may never get the pleasure.   But if it ever does reach your chambers and if those same iniquitous acts are proven to be validated again, do a mulligan.  Let them be a defendant.   And if the evidence substantiates this was another Debra Milke, send those son of a bitches that are found to be corrupt, to PRISON!


This time… FOR JODI!


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Stephens, Sandbagging & The Six Month Crap-Fest
Michael Melendez – Perjury Exposed

The Presumption of Innocence
The Immaculate Deception: Exposed
Corruption, State-Sponsored Murder & Twelve Angry Men

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  1. Awesome post!


    Make no mistake.

    Believe it.

    Prepare for it.

    Be part of it.

    Together we can make it happen…

    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

    • Bravo, BRAVO, BRAVO……..Jade, thank you for sharing this vital, intelligent, informed, educated, profound, easy to understand “informed” through the words and graphics. Because, the” informed” clear path of truth is before eyes to comprehend INTELLIGENT and TENACIOUS SUPPORT, Jodi Arias is and has ALWAYS been at SELF PRESERVATION….(take the time, to read and understand, here are no words of false intentions or lies to sway evidence that was introduced by prosecution office. Thank you, Jade

      • That white membrane is the dura. And if there was a hole in that membrane, it would be incumbent on the medical examiner to include the details of that tear, piercing or perforation.

        And again from the autopsy report of Nicole Simpson: “The dura is STRIPPED to reveal no fractures of the bones of the calvarium or base of the skull.” (emphasis mine)

        Yah. So much for that “typo” pee job.

        here is my question if this was not damaged how the hell did the bullet get to his cheek

        • Where was the forensics report, regarding the thumbprint on the spring depressed, insertion, of the shell, overcoming, the clip, loading spring….??? Who, concealed that evidence, proving, who, loaded that bullet into, the alleged, grandfathers,’ gun…???. Why, also, no mention of the fact that there were a dozen gun related, home invasions, in Mesa, while Jodi, was in jail, and, couldn’t have done them, either…??? What, exactly, was the “defense,” role, besides, seeing to it that, nothing, more substantive, was prepped, for appeal, than, for them to, accept, the State three million dollar bribe… especially, when the braindead judge, had no problem, overruling, the motions, submitted……??? … Snidely…. Edgrrr…… With, GLIBerty, and, JUST ice for all….. here, in the USSR; united states socialistic republic…..

    • Hi!

      I felt something was wrong with this story after several articles and video. I felt a lot of racism in some of this case’s video. That’s a shame! Thanks for this website, I was looking for some way to support.

      I hope Jodi and her family are staying strong with God on their side! This world is crazy. Thank you for your work!


    • Just wanna say that agree the point that Travis was a pervert and an embarrassment for his family and religion to bad people no want to see the true but with all respect and admiration to Jodi believe no one have to died in the way he did..But I wish that she can get an appeal in her case and get the real sentence with should be de 20 to 40 years .Hope all you support Jodi never stop let people who believe that jodi desert better keep us out date about her..God bless you for what you did for her and give her and her family the strength to live one day at the time…

    • Seeing a lot in a different light. That Chad Perkins twitter post was esp disturbing. What did he mean about probation. With love from Scotland

  2. WOW SJ! ♥ I needed a speed reading course!! Thank you for posting this and thank you to Jade for saying what we all want to say! FREE JODI ARIAS ARIZONA!!! IT IS PAST TIME!!!! Hang in there Jodi Freedom is Coming!!!!
    I do believe the Frog is in HOT water and it is about time!!!!

        • Trying to do the same. I had to go food shopping before and all the parking lots around me are zoos. I can’t wait for the holidays to be over!

        • Awesome…. but, missing one soap opera; the fact, that the extradition was for, the perjured antics of the three stooges, conspiracy to conceal, exculpatory evidence, which, perjury, was recanted, by the spastic, worm squirm, prostitutorial, dancing with the stars, audition, by the wannabe, rocks in his head, star, passing out, autographs, to his hypnonauseated, idol worshippers, and, the three stooges, perjured antics, were confessed to, by the spastic prostitutor, who doublecrossed, the other two stooges, by repudiating the lies at law, they all, conspiored to, and, while, practicing, another of his “never lost a case, ” hypnonauseating, carnival act, tapdance charades, to, comatoast, ther gullible…an.d, left the other two stooges, to take the rap, for such perjury of process, as to dupe two governors, to permit the interstate kidnapping under color of law; only, when exposed,,, [ you’re welcome ].., recanted, by a need to re-scam the scam, and, do a 180, aboutface of his fabricated, noncase, so as to shift into, reverse, without a bleat from the courtroom sheeple, regarding, the cessation of format, ceasing, prosecution, for the lies at law, as, reverse, to deny the perjuries, with which, he embezzled an, interstate warrant, under p[enalty of perjury; then, after doublecrossing, the other two stooges, he’d also, programmed, in addition to two governors, the idiot, confesses to his perjuries, and, sleazes, off, to twilight zone, format, scene, scam, two; just the opposite of the lies at law, he perjured to scam the quasilegal kidnapping, under color of law; so as to continue his babblings, and, hypnonauseating, tapdancing, at ;law; in reverse, and, after the cessation of prostitutorial, format; abandoniong the lies at law, his tenuous hold on reality, teetered…. Where’s the governatorial, rubberstamp, for continuing prostitution, of, which no subsequent lies at law, arrest, duev process, in reverse, as necessary fot a nontrial, in reverse, slid, right on p[ast, the “defense,” the jury sheeple, and, the braindead judge…. The socalled trial, ended, at cessation, as proven by the fraud, exposures of con one, which for five years, I personally take credit with all the others who smelled a rat in the D.A.s, exposure, of, interstate fraud, ; now, reversed for the deliberate conspiracy as orchestrated, by the penguin in a tutu, now, recanted, for a trial after checkmating his own lies at law… and, not a bleat from Wonderland, Arizonas,’ quasilegal, system…. Has anyone bothered to petition the governors, to, withdraw the extradition, for the admitted fraud; as in, need to recant his lies at law…??? Has there been a defense motion to trash the entire soap opera, for the recanted and, reversed, format, after the spaz, checkmated his omn lies at law ??? Has there been an interrogation of the three stooges, to nail the doublecrossing, prostitutor, for setting up the concealment of exculpatory facts which prove, Jodi; as she said, “had no part in it ???” Has the spastic, snivel, that, concealment of what the defense, didn’t need to know, according to the at law, conspirators, precludiated any defense neew, to take a week, to find what was in the computer, that the prostitutor, needed to hide, for the eight months,embezzled three years of her life, with, finally recanted, lies at law…. and, abandonment of format… concealment, of exculpatory evidence; in which, Jodis’ freedom from malicious prosecution; and, the police department, in, hiding out their perjurers, in a desk job..have each done their part, in, obstruction of justice….??? Excuse me, if, I’ve attributed the facts to any other lizard at law, as, they’re all in on it; with, interchangeable I.Q.s, not exceeding the numbers in their ages…. ….Translation; there was no lawful, extradition, as proven by abandonment of format, therefore, the trial, and, all the hypnonauseating, slitherings at law, were for nothing; as there never was an unrepudiated crime, charged, or, any legitimacy of a trial, in reverse, especially, since the penguin in a tutu, recanted, his own, unfitness, to be let out of an asylum….. Edgrrr….

    • The organized crime at law, mobsters, are all in on the con, with each lizard at law, shucking and, jiving his, “officer of the cabal,” part. There were two shower scenes; the first, in fearful preparation for blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, to supposedly, save Travis’s eternal soul, whatwith his sanctimonious, need to prove his devoutness… Then of course, there are all those, virgin angels, to trade Jodi, in on; which of course, lets her out, as a livid with jealousy, suspect; as if, she’d let herself get, traded in…. Edgrrr…

    • The entire soap opera, is more than suspect, proving that each and every, lizard at law, “officer of the court,” has conspired, to launder this obvious quasireligious, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, assisted suicide, to, redeem, Travis’s eternal soul; as per, doctrine, law… and, covenant, agreement…. Read the admonitions of bringem to Brigham [ist], young, in, “church,” history; as in “The God Makers;” Anderson, and, compare, it with, Alexanders, soap opera; readily, noted by the defective detective, LSD perjurer….. and, the feeble attempt to launder the crime scene, as if, the five day apart crimes, were done by the same, precision kill, as the initial crime, and, the spaced out, slaphappy, stabfest; of course, proven, bogus, by stabbings, that never bled, of course, because, dead bodies don’t bleed, and, also, of course, because, premeditated killers, don’t do, precision kills, then, sit there, until, five days, later, the blood dries, to, kill, again…… someone, already dead…. Snidely….. Edgrrr…

  3. WOW… just WOW!

    Jade, thank you for this awesome post. It’s everything we have talked about since the beginning of the first trial. Things we saw, things that were so obvious, things that the JURY’s job was to question about, things that shouted REASONABLE DOUBT, things that reeked of PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT, things that add up and become a real headscratcher as to how that useless clueless jury came back with the verdict they did. The instructions said: to review all aspects presented to them during the trial and to produce a verdict that is BEYOND any reasonable doubt based on solid evidence…

    It doesn’t matter if they liked Jodi Arias or not. That wasn’t their job. Their job was to review the evidence and to decide Jodi’s faith based on the evidence… or lack of, in this case.

    The only thing that the State provided was hypothesis on what might have happened opposite to what really occurred: a SELF DEFENSE fight. Self defense is justifiable in the Land of the Free…

    The illogical verdict that the jury came back with was totally incompatible with the facts.

    The Jury failed Justice.
    The State corrupted Justice.
    The Talking Heads Media (there are exceptions) mocked Justice.

    I sit and shake my head wondering how it’s possible – in the 21st century – for a witch trial to be permitted and approved… and yet, the haters are waiting impatiently to light their torches and burn the ‘witch’ to ashes. Why? Because she fought for her life. Because she defended her rights. Because she had the ‘balls’ to say ENOUGH to her abuser. Because she didn’t lay down and wait for her faith in the hands of an outraged, disturbed man.

    I pity travis alexander because instead of trying to become a good, honest person for as long as he was alive, he continued to use, manipulate, lie, mock, mentally and physically abuse the people that loved him the most: the women in his life, his family, his friends, his religion. He was a fraud. He didn’t have a speck of integrity in him. Morals, principles, standards, ethics were not in his vocabulary. He managed to fool everyone when he was alive into believing he was a decent person. It’s sad that his ugly true self came out after he died…

      • And, yet, the obvious, looms like a drone, over this soap opera, as everybody, joins the spaz, tapdancing, around the confessed, conspiracy, requiring, that the spaz, doublecross, the other two stooges, whose antics, concealed Jodis,’ defense; so lame, that, the spaz, had to confess to the scam, in order to 180 his at law, criminal conduct, format, to, embark upon an opposite sea story; even to dup[e the braindead judge, and, con the socalled defense; all, as sleazed, outside the court, where, the crimes could, not, be reacted upon, by appellate, scrutinies… Over a million words in derision have been noted, proving, that these reptiles are up to their necks, in, pandering to the Mormon socalled, church, yet, not one of these concerns have been entered regarding the prostitutors,’ confession, that he needed to aboutface, his con job, conspiracy, of which, he embezzled, years out of Jodis,’ life; then, to confess, by inventing the opposite, of his concealed soap opera… Where’s the motion to dismiss with prejudice, for, fraud, conspiracy, and, the complicities of a bribed defense, and, a braindead judge, letting the spaz, get away with perjury, of process, twice; whatwith, no semblance of credibility; and, not even, for the court to interrogate the other two stooges, as to who put them up to their three stooges, conspiracy, to conceal the evidence they hid, which proves, Jodis,’ innocense; and, with which, no sane D.A. would even think of, prosecuting, but, for kissing a Bishops,; ass, to feather his own political nest; even if he had to kill, an innocent girl, to sleaze a political advantage… and one of them wants to be president….of, what tenth world, planet… ??? Edgrrr……

        • “conspiracy, to conceal the evidence they hid, which proves, Jodis,’ innocense; and, with which, no sane D.A. would even think of, prosecuting, but, for kissing a Bishops,; ass, to feather his own political nest; even if he had to kill, an innocent girl, to sleaze a political advantage… and one of them wants to be president….of, what tenth world, planet…”
          Spot on Edgar. . . .Grrrrrrrrrrrr Scary World in Arizona!

            • If it wasn’t so tragic, it would be hysterically funny. Screenwriters couldn’t even make this shit up for a blockbuster.

    • Excellent article!!! I been basically stating this for over a year and a half myself, with no results. Most of what you stated anyway. Trouble is The crime scene the or story Nurmi helped concoct doesn’t fit the crime scene or is what happened either. And yes, Nurmi is at very least the worst lawyer on the planet but its probably more like he’s collusive with prosecution. Not sure about Willmott. She didn’t kill TA, despite what she’s been convinced of, or thinks she knows. And I can prove it at this point. I just have a few more gaps I need to fill. Problem is these bastards are very good at damage control. And that’s part of the problem. The minute anything is released that has potential to turn things around, they run damage control and neutralize it. And btw I would of thought someone would of figured out that all these side bars are just that. Damage control. Its not that JSS can’t make a decision, they are running real time damage control in front of everyone and no one seems to be noticing it. Kind of like the coaches and referee’s of a football game all calling a huddle to decide what the next play is going to be and who’s going to make it. But yes Jade, a good portion of your article is right on the money.

              • There should be a consolidation of these sites, so they can be found, without, a rocket science degree…. to keep the continuity, on point, while fielding, strawman, GFY mobs,’ irrelevancies…. Did I not mention on this site as well, that there were four people, minimum, at the kill site, scene, as evidenced by Jodi, taking pictures, of the bigfoot, bootprint in wet blood; small person, in a black sock, and, Travis; for the edification, of, those who can count all the way up to four; and, of those, at the party, only, one; Sasquatch / bigfoot, had the horsepower, to take Travis, down and out…. Jodi, of course, had a gun in one hand, a camera, in her second hand, a knife in her third hand, fourth and fifth hands, with which to drag Travis, into the shower, sixth hand to rinse off the blood oath, blood atonement ritual, according to format, while, seeing to it, that, she still had a combined blood, handprint, to, autograph the wall; in which the lizards at law, forgot, to, sprinkle in some gunpowder particulates; failing to prove that, Jodi, fired a gun; so as to, set up an advantage; what with, all those community, hands, to join up and, send Saint Travis, up, up, and away, to all those virgin angels…. If there’s any doubt about these lizards at law, pandering to the LSD “church,” read, The God Makers, and, Andersons ascension to planet playboy, with, all those, virgin angels. Then, compare to Alexanders blood atonement, heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice, and, do consiser the adminitions of bringem to Brighamist Youngs’ “We would not kill a man, except, out of love, to sav e his eternal soul.”… and, “Is there a man among us, who would not, kill, his brother, to save his eternal soul…???” And, out of fifteen million member zealots, not, one respected their doctrine; law, and, covenant; pull the plug, agreement, to save, Travis’s eternal soul…???… Edgrrr…

                • Are they, therefore, not, infidels, of their own, imaginary, religion…..??? How many, were lined up, at Travis’s door, to witness his testimony of such piety, as to, submit his “used up,”life, to his own kinkdom, planet, with all those virgin angels; as evidenced by the canonization of Saint Travis; , submitting, to prove his devoutness, by the preferred method of Mormon killing; heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, bleed out, body washed, clothes, laundered….. and, of course, a thousand member, wake, to commemorate, hiscension to planet playboy, with all those virgin angels… No need to wonder what religion, they stole that idea, from….. Read, “The God Makers,” and, compare, Andersons,’ suicide, for doing his stepdaughter, and, Alexander, for doing whatever, he could motivate, by brainwash……..Edgrrr…

  4. Wow. I can’t wait to read this tomorrow. It’s super late here and I was held up all day, so can’t read it all now. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put into this, Jade.

  5. R’s Friday Funny!!! LOL You thought I had given up didn’t you!!!!! 😆
    A married couple in their early 60s are celebrating their
    40th wedding anniversary in a quiet, romantic …
    little restaurant.
    Suddenly, a tiny yet beautiful fairy appeared on their table.
    She said, ‘For being such an exemplary married
    couple and for being loving to each other for
    all this time, I will grant you each a wish.’
    The wife answered, ‘Oh, I want to travel around the world
    with my darling husband.’
    The fairy waved her magic wand and – poof! – two
    tickets for the Queen Mary II appeared in her
    The husband thought for a moment:
    ‘Well, this is all very romantic, but an
    opportunity like this will never come again. I’m
    sorry my love, but my wish is to have a wife 30
    years younger than me.’
    The wife, and the fairy, were deeply disappointed,
    but a wish is a wish.!
    So the fairy waved her magic wand and
    The husband became 92 years old.
    The moral of this story:
    Men who are ungrateful bastards should
    remember fairies are female…..

  6. Jade, your post taken together with the trial footage from Day #2 of the guilt phase (EF on the stand describing the beginnings of the investigation; also the phone interviews with Jodi) have me fairly certain that Nurmi (and maybe Willmott) guessed that after the gunshot was switched to last by the prosecution, the best they could possibly do for Jodi was to argue for heat of passion/manslaughter instead of pursuing all-out a vigorous self-defense claim. It seems that is what KN did in his closing, out of fear that Jodi would get some conviction – no matter what they did – if the jury was conned into believing that she was capable of that final gratuitous gunshot, i.e.: The pure evil of such an act.

    KN must have sensed right from the start, (and correctly) that as soon as the state made the wound sequencing switch, JM would play the (lying) character and “jealousy” cards for all they were worth to convince the jurors of that stunningly perverse out-of-character final violent “signature”. It was phony profiling, through and through by the prosecutor and his team, including the very junior Dr. DeMarte, but the jurors in this second penalty phase might well see through it because of Geffner’s expanded testimony this time. It is important that her memory loss be explained as a medical problem associated with PTSD.

    A proper forensic presentation laying out exactly what happened on the day would have helped Jodi tremendously, but the atmosphere in the courtroom and those phone interviews, interrogation videos and TV interviews were evidently too much to overcome as far as Nurmi was concerned, especially given that TA had left a trail of misleading hearsay bread crumbs that led straight to Jodi. And for reasons not clear at this time, the DT was unable to present evidence in court that would have supported Jodi’s claim that TA had dangerous secrets that he resented her knowing.

    You echo my sentiments completely when you say of the DT’s stoicism: “how do you expect them [jurors] to see the favoritism if you act like there isn’t any”, and I agree also with what you said about JSS not being able to make the simplest ruling without a sidebar. Such tentativeness must have telegraphed to the jurors that she possessed no actual authority, that the loudmouthed rude prosecutor was King of the Hill. The guilty verdicts reflected a flagrant disregard for the Jury Instructions and unmitigated submission to the vicious prosecutor and his hapless gang of two – EF and KH.

    Considering the spectacle of reasonable doubt to behold, I wonder, like you, why the jurors were not flat out insulted by the state’s (I’ll consider using the capital s when Jodi is freed) case against her and did not unanimously request that the case be dismissed. They could have been afraid. If they were listening to HLN, they would have known how absurdly biased and pathetically juvenile those commentators were; possibly the broadcasts’ fraudulence frightened them. But I believe it was more the cheap carnival atmosphere of the courtroom itself, presided over by a sadistic prosecutor, that tortured and shorted-out the collective neural network of the jury.

    Thank you, Jade, for a thoroughly detailed and very well written piece on this abominable miscarriage of justice.

    [This might have been an oversight:] The sliced wounds on TA’s back – they would have been on his right side, correct? Pinned by him against a wall, Jodi could have used her left hand. That she did not stab him ruthlessly even when the knife was in her dominant hand suggests even more strongly that she was only trying desperately to make him let go of her.

    • The soap opera, regarding the gunshot first, con, was the need to prove that the gunshot first, was to facillitate, the mouse, overpowering the elephant, scam; without which, there’s no way in hell, Arizona, that, she could have overpowered, Travis; the wrestler, 200 plus, pound, martial arts, kickboxer, fighting for his life; therefore, the fabrication, to scam, two governors, for an interstate kidnapping, at law….and, continued, under the noses, of all the comatoasted, mental midgets, who lied, to get on the Arias Bias Virus, penguin in a tutus, bandwagon, at law, trial…. Edgrrr…

  7. Jade, there are no words to adequately express my gratitude. I just SALUTE YOU.

    I read every word you wrote before breakfast!

    Thank you!


    • Amen….. I couldn’t even come close to such a post…. Now, ask yourselves, why, of all these plausible, arguments, why, but for the socalled defense, taking a three million dollar bribe, to throw the fight, none of these concerns, reached into the orchestrated, Arizona, conspiracy, for the appellate authorities, to, sweep up….??? Whose side, was the socalled defense, on, whatwith their statement that they were too busy, to read all the posted, reasonable doubts, on the internet….???……. Edgrrr…

      • …not one of which, made it into the bogus trial, of the noncase….. See what a three million dollar bribe, can net you, in Twilight zone, Arizona….. Edgrrr…

  8. I saw a program and for the life of me I can not remember it. But a ME was talking about the back wounds. He said that the were indicative to Travis being on top of Jodi and her reachi knifeng over his stestify that Travis had houlder marking stab .wounds on his back. The thinner point of each wound was going downward and the thicker part was at the top part of the wound. This also could have been achieved if Travis was facing his attacker and they were reaching over his shoulder. The wound could not have been achieved with Travis standing at the sink and Jodi stabbing at his back. The thicker part of the wound would have been thicker going downward.

    After watching this I have always believed in what Jodi testified to that Travis was on top of her and she was trying to get him off.

    If one of you brilliant minds could refresh my memory in regards to the neck wound. I know that we have talked about it. I would like to know if it is possible to do this with a steak knife?

    • Hi Cindy,

      I think a steak knife would be too small to make such a gaping wound, and being serrated wouldn’t help, I don’t think. There’s been talk of a knife not being used at all but a spear, because TA’s throat wasn’t slashed from ear to ear, also talk of the ME or Flores making it worse, I wouldn’t put it past them, in fact I think they probably did–who would know? Flores was present at the autopsy.

      • Hi Heather, sometimes it hard to recall everything. I just didn’t have it in me to look at the autopsy report this morning. I never remember anyone saying anything about those two doing the cut. But at this point anything is possible. But I truly believe in what Jade said about if Jodi killed TA he wouldbe missing his penis. Any woman that had gone through what she did would head right for it.. That makes more sense in the “prosecutors” theory of a jealous revenge killing. I keep thinking it’s just not humanly possible for Jodi to have pulled this off alone.

        Anyway I hope you have a great day/night.

        • I’m with you on all of that, Cindy, yes that figures, any woman would if she’d been intent on killing him, and that photo, the impossible photo.. ! She couldn’t possibly have taken it and got a side view of her own leg in it, plus all of TA too… if it was trodden on, how on earth would one get a photo like that, the angle is wrong!

        • Thanks for your wishes, Cindy, only just saw them 🙂 I have a nasty virus at the moment, typical, antibiotics over Christmas.. what more could I ask? LOL!!

          Enjoy your weekend too!

      • R. LOVE, Good one….. Edgrrr… Who laundered the kill site, to make a blood atonement, into a murder, and, why no input from the LSD “church ???” …

  9. I’m curious about the injury to his head, how that happened. I don’t recall it being spoken about, but then I did miss the first few weeks of the trial. I keep meaning to watch what I missed, but each time I think I will the thought of hearing J’s voice, I just haven’t. Day 6 was very revealingwhen JM threw his camera to the floor.

  10. This case is full of puzzles but I have always wondered how, when Jodi supposedly put the camera and card into the washer and did a wash cycle, how the camera and card stayed on top of the washing for Flores to ‘find’ ? I think they had to have been a plant and the camera was taken away, photo’s timed and dated, then brought back into the flat and placed there. And, why was Chris Hughes allowed into the flat at a crime scene?


    • Heather1 I may be wrong but I don’t recall Chris being allowed into Travis house. If he did it was not until the investigation was completed. But then again who knows what went on that we might not know. But common practice is not one is allowed in until they are done with their done with the investigation.

    • The crime scene was laundered, to, set Jodi, up, to, de-ritualize the blood oath, blood atonement ascension to planet playboy, with all those virgin angels…. To date, the virgin angels are 180 years, old…. so, good luck with that…… Edgrrr…

    • Because, I suspect, she was hiding the camera, in the bedding, to retrieve, with the X-rated, pictures, to, show in church, to cut off his supply of “good little Mormon Girls;” making Travis, come unglued, but, for the fact that, as the Sasquatch bigfoot bootprint, proves, Travis was already, a dead man, walking; as evidenced by the photo, of the wet blood footprint…. and, she would have retrieved the camera, if, the Ninjas, had not, run her out of there…. Edgrrr…

  11. I would love to stay and discuss all of this with you all but I’m off to moms for the day to do some wrapping….lots and lots of wrapping. God bless her she still insist upon buying everyone Christmas gifts ..all 36 of us….

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and keep positive!! This will be the last Christmas Jodi will spend away from her family….Humm the three amigos will be taking her place…JM in a pink jump suite now that’s a image that brings a smile to my 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. With this BEAUTY of the best ever COMPLETE REPRESENTATION to Jodi and her SELF PRESERVATION, I am on the path to the holidays, with a bit of spirit. I am a very fortunate woman,mother,grandmother to daughters, very simply, could have been in the place that JODI is presently enduring. For loving completely as Jodi Arias did, her life was QUASHED and she endured unspeakable words,DEEDS, and ACTIONS of the man Jodi believed was for her…her love was blind and from the bright SHINING STAR she was,as we all can see with our own eyes and hear from her own voice, the words she spoke on many many forms of communication, Jodi Arias loved him, and this secretive,vile,foul mouthed man attempted to strip Jodi of her very existence and he lost…..today,now after a few days of my spirit dwindling fore the TRUTH is so blatant , why is there still zero outrage from the beginning of this, Jodi Arias is and will always be a woman with human kindness ….Yes, today, Jade, after reading this writing of loud, astonishing and must read TRUTH, my personal well being is flickering more brightly….

  13. My problems with Dr. Horn’s Report of Autopsy if gunshot penetrated into brain:

    1st page (002/014)
    Under PATHOLOGICAL DIAGNOSES the gunshot is listed as a secondary diagnosis “with perforation of inferior skull base, anterior fossa and facial skeleton”
    (IMO – if bullet had damaged brain, it would have been listed as a primary diagnosis, not after multiple incised wounds of hands)
    CAUSE OF DEATH: “ Sharp force trauma of neck and torso” (gunshot not even mentioned)

    2nd page (003/014)
    IV: “Decomposition, moderate.” (once again moderate not severe)

    4th page (005/014)
    “The wound track perforates the anterior frontal skull near the superior orbital bone and traverses the right anterior fossa, without gross evidence of significant intracranial hemorrhage or apparent cerebral injury (although examination of brain tissue is somewhat limited by the decomposed nature of the remains)”.

    5th page (006/014)
    “There is evidence of moderate decomposition as indicated by ……”

    6th page (007/014)
    “The gastroesophageal junction is well defined. The stomach has diffusely flattened mucosal surfaces due to decomposition and the lumen contains approximately 25 mL of brown partially digested food fragments. No areas of ulceration erosion, or hemorrhage or scarring are present. ……. The lobular tan pancreas is diffusely soften due to decomposition without areas of fat necrosis, gross hemorrhage or space-occupying lesions. The pancreatic ducts are indistinct due to the decompositional process. “
    (The first organs to autolyze are the stomach and pancreas, and yet he has described no areas of hemorrhage, erosion or scarring to stomach and no fat necrosis, hemorrhage or lesions in pancreas.)
    7th page (008/014)

    “The 150-gram spleen occupies its usual anatomic site, with an intact, smooth and glistening capsule covering predominantly liquified autolyzed dark purple to brown parenchyma.”
    (he states in this case that the spleen is autolyzed to liquefied state, so he knows it when he sees it and did dictate as such when it came to the spleen)
    “The dura mater and falx cerebri are intact. There is good preservation of cerebral symmetry with diffuse green-gray softening of parenchyma due to decomposition. Multiple serial sections of autolyzed brain do not reveal the presence of grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previously existing natural disease. The atlanto-occipital articulation is grossly normal.”
    (describes taking multiple serial sections and did not find grossly apparent trauma, foreign bodies, or previous disease – testified it was too autolyzed to section properly.)

    8th page (009/014)
    FINAL SUMMARY 3rd paragraph
    “There is a single penetrating gunshot wound of the head with injuries of the skull and face.” (nothing about penetration of dura mater into brain).

  14. Juan stated that Jodi was a liar for most of the case where he used comments from the family and friends of Travis to back up the theory that Jodi Arias was a habitual or pathological liar based on whose evidence or comments? Travis Alexander’s comments. Travis Alexander grew up in a home where the parents were both alcoholics and mephephetime users. Even the abuse of alcohol would suggest that Travis was around people who had the ability to lie or would lie based on their alcoholism. Alcoholics will always deny that they have a problem, a lie to theirself. The use of mephephetime by both parents would in essence prove that Travis was around people who would constantly lie to first tell theirself that they didn’t have a problem with the drinking and then secondly the illegal use of the mephephetime. Travis would have learned to lie to cover up what he was doing illegally from a very young age. The fact that drug users are liars is proven because if a drug user tells the truth about using drugs then they would get into trouble. It’s common sense for a drug user to lie to people about their drug use. Each lie told about using drugs layered the lie on itself over and over again until the Alexander house hold was built on a hill of lies because the drug use by the parents.

    Travis Alexander also witnessed his father treating his mother very badly when growing up and based on what I have read from other sources Travis father would call his mother a Whore. Travis even called his mother a Whore because he had learned to do so by watching his father treat his mother in the same manner. You can see where I am going with this. As Travis grew up and lost his parents he was torn from them causing him to be put into a world where his life changed. His grandmother took the family in and introduced them to Mormonism. Travis was leading a good life at Pre-Paid Legal where he was able to scam people out of $10 a month for basic legal counseling. The reason why Travis was so good at his job was that he was able to use how he grew up to make people think that they needed the Pre-Paid Legal services. In my opinion the only type of people who need such legal counseling on a monthly basis would be those who are always in trouble and would need legal advice on what they might get in trouble for if they committed a crime. Why else would someone need Pre-Paid Legal set up on a $10 monthly charge if they weren’t constantly getting into trouble? Travis would know such people and their inner self as being like his Father and Mother who first lied theirselves about their problems and then to those around them as well. Working at Pre-Paid Legal was Travis way of maintaining a connection to his past, his mother and father that he must have missed regardless of how he grew up or he would never have been involved with Pre – Paid Legal which is basically a pyramid scam or a lie to play off of those who might need legal counseling.

    It is also important the we find out the client base of Travis. Did he have more women as clients than men? What was those women’s problems that they were having that they needed legal counseling as well as motivational speeches given by Travis?

    It would be safe to say that such women were like Travis mother who like I said was a drunk and an alcoholic that had been abused by Travis father. Travis would have learned from his experiences of watching his father demean and insult his mother to break her will down as well as learning how his father made Travis mother feel better after a fight had occurred. Just from learning how his father broke and fixed Travis mother Travis would have been able to use various words in either a subtle or harsh tone with his female clients to treat them like a Madonna or someone he was inspired by and then like a Whore who he could get anything from, just so he could make money from their emotional state which he created in their minds based on how he watched his father treat his mother once again.

    Basically what I am trying to show you is that Travis treated he women in his life the same way that his father treated his mother.

    There are three psychological terms that can be applied to Travis and how he treated women in his life.

    Classical Conditioning – Classical Conditioning is a learning process in which an association is made between a previously neutral stimulus and a stimulus that naturally evokes a response.

    For example – Travis was caught in an extra marital affair with Shannon Crabtree who had been separated from her drunken and verbally abusive alcoholic husband. She was separated and not legally divorced meaning that she was still married to her husband. The neutral stimulus that was invoked to cause a natural or instinctive response in Travis is when he learns of how verbally abusive her husband was to her as well as her husband being an alcoholic. These are two points of familiarity in Travis mind that made him think of the situation between Shannon and her husband as being a similar situation that he normalized while growing up and watching the same scenario play out before his mother and father. Travis then played on Shannon Crabtree’s situation by using memories of how his father treated his mother either after an abusive fight or during one their normal drunken and meph using sessions where the normality of an embrace or a kiss created a happier environment for all three, Travis, his mother and father. Travis was hoping to exploit Shannon in order to get her to purchase his Pre-Paid legal services because he knew that he could be kind and sweet to Shannon hoping to lure her into his trap based on how he had watched his father sweet talk his mother after an abusive incident.

    Travis used the same type of Classical Conditioning with Jodi where he first treated her like someone that he was inspired by or lifting her psyche high into the air (The Madonna) and then causing Jodi to have a severe crash of her psyche by calling her a Whore, a Skank and a Three Holed Wonder. Which Travis once again learned to do from watching how his father treated his mother.

    The reason why Travis thought that Jodi was stalking him really wasn’t about Jodi actually stalking him. What was taking place is that Travis was thinking as if he was his father and that Jodi being like his mother was chasing him through what Travis perceived to be the ‘spiritual’ or ghost world where the ghost of Travis father was telling him that the ghost of his mother was following him and his date to the movie to possible ruin Travis life much in the same way that Travis most likely seen his father talking about his mother as ruining his fathers life.

    Travis Drug of Choice – Porn and Child Porn

    The reason why Travis called Jodi a liar was most likely after she discovered him watching porn and child porn on his laptop. Porn which Travis knew was legal to watch but had been deemed by the church as illegal or the aspect of the connection to Travis past where both of his parents were drunks, a legal use of drugs that wasn’t favored by the church but was a normalized act within society. If caught viewing Porn Travis would have been embarrassed much like a drunk who had been caught peeing on the side of a urinal instead of in the urinal. No big deal. The Child Porn however is the connection to Travis past where his parents used mephephetime which are highly illegal thus necessitating lies to be created around in order to the secret the from being discovered. Travis like his parents in both cases of their drug addictions would first lie to theirselves saying that they didn’t have a problem. Even some of Travis friends said that Travis had a problem with porn prior to his meeting Jodi. Like all drug users looking to return to that initial state of high with their first drink or first pill Travis also needed that first high of being caught when watching porn. Since everyone knew that Travis watched porn the chemical processes in Travis brain that created a natural high that no one could see, Travis once again hiding an addiction just like his parents, made Travis look for the next high that he could legally get that had come from illegal sources. The Child Porn would be similar to the pill use of both parents where a connection to them that Travis could familiarize with was found with him watching child porn which is highly illegal just like taking prescription pills that are not prescribed for you. The lies associated with Travis watching child porn can be seen after he gets caught by Jodi watching the child porn where Travis says that Jodi is a pathological liar to make everyone believe that Travis wasn’t watching child porn and that he was a revenant and devout Mormon or the Madonna or Travis father debasing his mother because Travis mother was going to say something about Travis father that would have gotten him into a lot of trouble.

    Basically what we are seeing with Travis is that he is looking for any connection to his past because he loved his parents regardless of what they did but at the same time hated them for what they did. Travis had three girlfriends that were his Madonna’s and two that were like his mother, Shannon and Jodi that he could treat like his father treated his mother.

    It is safe to say that Travis had a violent and severe personality conflict where he was trying to get away from the past that he grew up in but at the same time he couldn’t let go of because his inner child still needed to feel that his parents were close and that environment that he grew up which he was safe in because he thought that he seen his mom and dad present in both himself and Jodi meant that no one could harm him as long as he had both worlds to be safe in.

    I still believe and will always believe that Jodi defended herself against Travis that night because of the fact that even Travis friends said that Travis was abusive of women which would prove that Travis had violent explosive outbursts towards women that made the Madonna’s in his life go the opposite direction while the Whores, I’m not calling Jodi a whore, it’s part of how Travis believed, remained in his life because Travis was more accustomed and safe around those types of women who completed his connection to his mother and father that he missed.

    Travis treated Jodi as if he was his father and Jodi was his mother because like I mentioned Travis was safe in this environment. With Travis dead and gone Travis father is also gone. If Jodi is executed then the memory of Travis mom would also be gone thus completing a very vicious cycle of events that Travis seen growing up and was comfortable with in the living and would also be comfortable with in the afterlife.

    • Great insight and Detail. I believe Jodi Being on her side 100%
      I hope she gets a real appeal.Not clowns just looking for $$

      Im soo so soooooo upset with the way her trial went down.
      From the defense to the prosecutor to the judge to jury. A complete circus!!I

      The Judge let the prosecutor do whatever he wished,as did the defense.Why these crimes go sight unseen
      is beyond me.A new trial should be granted simply for the purgery by the state.

      Jodis appeal could be as thick as 5 Phonebooks.

      I had a headache listening to the Donkey Face Yelling,right,yes?right?and just getting away with lies 1 after the other.

      I want to tie you up to a tree,demean,degrade and abuse you physicly ,sexually Rape your ass and
      have you dress like a 8yr old lil red riding hood. Put your pigtails on so you look 12,cause thats my fantasy.
      Im gona pull up to your house,u come out ,blow me,Ill cum on your face and leave like were strangers.

      Fight club on weekends,MMA fights in his house. The guy was no MORMON SAINT.
      Totally the opposite.
      Roughing Jodi up really wouldnt be a stretch by anyones imagination.
      THis guy really is capable of anything. Lying was his nature.His Image was FALSE,PERIOD

      How many Suckers did he play to get exec Dir every month? LDS was his Cash Cow of trusting victims
      that he would make his checks off of.
      ALso,it was his plug in for a 18-29yr old. Thats why he was scared of turning 31.NO MORE 18yr olds in the church. He goes to 31-40 crowd.

      Most every serial killer was a functional member of society. Yea he was kind sometimes,feedin homeless dogs and people 1nce or 2wice.But his Texts and IMs showed his real persona.

      LOOK at the 2nd to last pic,WHen TA is looking at the camera.He looks pissed off.
      Did he get what he wanted from Jodi and went to wash himself of her for good?
      Then got nasty snooty …She played right into his “IM THE MAN”attitude taking his photos.
      She tried being sweet and nice and stroke his ego,but he was thru with the relationship.
      Shes just a bootycall.IM over it! Get out,I got things to do.ME and mimi are goin to mexico.

      We know he was verbally disrespecting her,cutting off every single word of attempted communication
      with vile attacks on her soul,her personality,

      But Ill still belittle you and fuck you and put my dick in your ass cause I know you love me
      and youll do anything I say or ask. Its great to be me…I have a slave I can abuse use and dismiss
      in any vile way I wish at anytime.
      I love the control I have over her body. Why not take advantage. Any time she tries to rekindle the relationship,hes fucking sucking and using up every last bit of her LOVE for his sexual desires and sick fantasy Romps.THen dismisses her.
      Anyone whos had heated arguments knows things can get out of hand fast.
      She wont stfu so you find your hands around her throat just for effect. TO kinda send home the message, But all the sudden, your squeezing a lil harder than you intended. And to your shock.
      It feels GOOD.Shes passing out and Your arroused sexually.AND YOUR NEW AVENUE for ABUSE is open. Whether you understand it or not.
      I can see how a sexual deviant can play into this which TA looks to have done.

      Jodi never reallly got to tell her story. The true version,with the details.
      We got to piece together a really wacked out trial that put alot of eveidence in front of us
      Alot of LIES from State witnesses
      And we were forced to only hear DONKEY FACE version that he PULLED OUT OF THIN AIR

      Just listning to the jurys questions to Jodi. They were obviously idiotic.

      HE PRESSSED AND PRESSED. DANCED AND DODGED trying to prove pre meditation.

      WHY?? CAUSE He knew her trip was innocent. He knew he fabricated the whole trip story and gas can and 2week plan to kill TA.. THAT WAS ALL pulled out of his ass.

      He needed to prove the real story was premeditated…..Just as much as the fake story. WHICH HE FAILED TO DO. His Misconduct needs to be reported to the bar ASAP. So they investigate the claims and take his liscense to practice law away.

      I dont have time to list all his misconduct. If someone puts a list together.Ill gladly submit it. Im sure theres one already somewhere prly.

      • Reporting to the BAR, is like, letting the Gestapo, investigate, the Gestapo…… Criminals, laundering, criminals….. Edgrrr…

  15. Has anyone bothered to psychologically analyze the Travis and Jodi experience? Travis acted as his father did towards his mother. Travis treated Jodi as Travis’ father treated his mother. Since Travis was looking for a connection to his past where he was safe which Jodi showed him, without Jodi being away of what was happening, Travis continued to treat Jodi in the manner that he did because he was looking for a connection to his inner child.

    Both of Travis parents are dead so is Travis and the memory of his father. With Jodi being close to being put on death row and executed the memory of Travis mom that he seen in Jodi would soon join him in the afterlife.

    Travis was the only one who knew how he grew up and could manipulate Jodi to be an envisioned soul so that Travis could once again have a connection to his past.

    • Dryson, I find your analogy to be quite fascinating. I do understand what you are saying. Basically a child learns what he lives. I maybe wrong but do you feel that Travis was perhaps subconsciously trying to rewrite his history? Or was it more his subconscious was more comfortable when he emulated his parents behavior? Other then those two things I really could be way off base here.

  16. Well done, J. Thorough, analytical… with doses of humour despite an ‘awkward’ arena. This observer agrees especially on your appraisal of Horn’s malpractice. Said it months ago and will say it again: He has blood on his hands. And that’s whether or not Jodi is harmed anymore than she has been already!

  17. ♥ Romans 12:20-21 – Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire on his head. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.♥

  18. Hi everybody,

    Merry Xmas to all !

    I appreciate the nice comments.

    Hi to my old posting buddies. And to all I’m not as familiar with, I’m proud to be with you. I have always been ringside for Jodi and it is a pleasure to expose the mafia mentality of the Phoenix death squad. This jury was an embarrassment to everything the jury system was founded on. God forbid what would have happened in George Zimmerman’s trial if these twelve had been on his jury.

    Jodi is lucky and in great hands with the contingent fighting relentlessly here for her crusade and I’m happy to be a contributor when I can. I hope to be posting more as this second trial is well on its way to implosion.

    whichtrial? —- I personally think the self defense plea choice was better able to be defended in this case because heat of passion killing suggests the person is more the aggressor. The easiest example is the one where a married man comes home and finds another man in bed with his wife. He goes off the rails and kills the man in that momentary total loss of his ability to control his fury. This defendant, is a perfect candidate for heat of passion defense.

    Jodi is just the opposite. She was not the one who initiated the rage. She had no choice but to DEFEND herself against the person who was going bizerk against her. And the one who was about to make her the victim. That required self defense as her only option. The right experts could have explained that the crime scene and the autopsy photos and the facts that don’t add up as presented by the prosecution, clearly showed that.

    The long emphasis on the minutia of psychological testing and complicated terminology of domestic violence profiles day after day, did not address that point. It is too complicated as well. Just as long dissertations are explaining alleles of DNA.

    Jodi had already admitted killing him. It was why she had to that should have resulted in a heat of passion similar verdict of reduced liability, or the right verdict , which is being justified as her right is codified as lawful, when her life required self defense. She’d already had a battery committed upon her. That was a felony battery and she had this before, which resulted in her being choked to unconsciousness. She should not have been expected to say “oh well, here we go again.” She could have died that day he had his hands around her neck, had he continued to choke her just a little bit longer.

    The throat slicing is one aspect that does not fit in with any scenario. It’s like a pink square in a Rubik’s cube. It is why it should have been able to be argued, again with the right forensic experts when taking into account all the “circumstantial” evidence, that there is not irrefutable proof that she did it. Show me the picture where she is standing over him with the knife. In fact, show me any photo where she is able to even be identified at all. There is no face photo. There are no witnesses.

    She is shown to have been there that day, and her testimony under oath has to be taken as truthful also, as to what she said. But with the length of time between the photo showing a bloody Alexander, and when the 911 call was made to confirm his dead body, there was virtually nothing explored or scrutinized under oath that accounts for all that time. And she did testify that she remembers nothing of what followed the gunshot.

    Certainly it was important to show that Jodi had a history of failed memory before, and that psychological tests confirmed that she was not lying with her testimony she gave, that she doesn’t remember. But she COULD have said she doesn’t remember a thing after Alexander slammed her to the tile and when she hit her head. Instead she says she remembers dropping the knife and hearing it hit the tile. That has to revert back to self defense.

    If witnesses were available that could have said they knew Travis was physically abusive to her or other women, or that saw the imprints of finger marks around her neck (which I’m pretty sure she said there were) and they weren’t brought in to testify, that was malpractice of the highest degree. Look at the witnesses that are coming out of the woodwork now in this penalty phase. But they are afraid to talk without anonymity.

    The searing focus should have been on what the crime scene was shouting out to show, and that the prosecution had not remotely proved every element of its case. Cases built on circumstantial “evidence” like this, fall of their own weight every day in courtrooms everywhere because of not meeting that burden. Look at the result of what the prosecution tried to claim in the Oscar Pistorius case, and what the judge decided the evidence did not support because of great expert witnesses. Jose Baez even confirmed on HLN, this was the same case here, and that her account was confirmed by the evidence of the crime scene.

    But here, ten percent of the entire defense case was on that, and ninety percent showing what justified her not “remembering” it. It should have been just the opposite.

    The important thing is that this will eventuate in a new trial or a reversal without a doubt. Then we can get down to the business of doing it right, should it be necessary. And hopefully as a by-product, send these evidence manipulating bastards to where they belong.

    Where Jodi is !

    • Thank you again Jade!!!! I love your insightfulness! May the three low life amigos be in their own private solitary confinement cells and JODI WILL BE FREED! ♥ Perfect! ♥

    • Jade, Fyi, I’ve never argued here that this was a case of heat of passion; am actually one of the few supporters on this site who has never used the words “she just lost it” or “she snapped” – as many did last year.

      There has been a lot of talk by the swelled heads on HLN about “blaming the victim”. I believe this case is the ultimate example of just that. Jodi is the victim here but she is facing the death penalty! This is outrageous. It is wrong, and this injustice needs to be remedied immediately.

      In my response to your post I commented on the DT’s position as they actually sought footing in the arena, taking the temperature of the jury moment by moment. The evidence was laid out for a case of self-defense, but the DT must have realized that the jury would see it at least as heat of passion, for the reasons I laid out in my earlier post to you.

      We Jodi supporters were not captive to unrelenting prosecutorial abuse inside that hellhole of a courtroom. We did not become players in the drama, as the jurors did. There is a significant difference between witnessing and being captive. The credit belongs to the DT now for bringing more evidence forward as they can, and for bringing more passion to the stage for the jurors to possibly internalize. The credit belongs to KN and JW for making a record for an appeal. as you noted, but also for staying cool and for asking the right questions of EF and KH.

      I mentioned upthread that the DT had to “overcome” the EF phone interviews, the interrogation videos and the TV interviews – that it was just too much to ask, apparently, from Nurmi’s perspective, given the atmosphere in the courtroom. But I left out a couple of things that were obstacles that needed to have been surmounted as well in presenting a clear cut self-defense case: The photographs and the memory loss. Jodi’s testimony was meant to address all of that, too. Even her flawless testimony couldn’t do it; the DT must have seen it on the juror’s faces.

      How any of the jurors could have found Jodi guilty of either of those two charges is beyond me. I was simply offering an explanation for why the DT didn’t appear to rise to the occasion.

      Could they have overcome the gunshot-last claim by the prosecution? I don’t believe they felt that they could. The jury heard the preposterous, “She killed him three times over” chant while also being told by the state’s representative that she fired a final vengeful shot into a deceased person out of rage. It the jurors believed that the gunshot was last, they also accepted the idea that Jodi was capable of a revenge killing – it unfortunately became that simple, as spurious as the allegation remains. That is why I have written numerous posts here about the significance of that wound sequencing change; how it affected the jury’s perceptions as well as how it was meant to buttress the two flimsy charges brought against Jodi.

      I agree wholeheartedly and have said so here that if Jodi had been lying, she would simply have said she couldn’t remember anything. She certainly would not have offered up that she remembered screaming and dropping the knife if she had not been telling the truth.

      I was shocked, dismayed and disgusted with the verdicts in this case. It has been a study in mass hysteria as far as I’m concerned, with the prosecutor doing everything in his power to distract the jurors from the story that the evidence in the bathroom spelled out. I pray that very soon cooler heads will prevail, but in seeking justice, they must place their focus where it should be: On the crime scene itself.

    • Jade, Oscar Got away with murder! He was found guilty last I heard.He just got over in the sentencing phase.I get your point tho. Where are all these witnesses…
      He was a great Witness on the stand.Oscar, IMO he had 1/2 the ability Of Jodi
      If Jodi had the chance to prepare her defense with real Class lawyers,She would be at a SuperSaturday
      No question about it.
      Wheres that Gun? If she digs it up and its proven that it wasnt gandpas.Then the case is blown out of the water.
      Theres soo many grounds for an appeal its very hopefull.

      When you said the pink square on a rubiks cube. As far as the neck cut.
      I was waiting for the simplest sentence. That would have melted away that border no one wants to pass.I think that was the real issue here.Jurors needed “SOME”way to justify or excuse that 1 fact.

      I cut his throat to release his soul.He was long passed away.I tried reviving him this way that way etc.
      I went into a frienzy of self defense to the point I got so offensive that I felt if he wasnt dead He was going to kill me for defending myself the way I did.He kept saying it,Im gona kill u,I BELIEVED HIM
      There was a knife in the bathroom he used when the door locked accidently he tried using it to open the door..IDK if it worked or he opened it some other way..But the knife was on the counter still.

      Never heard where the knife came from. Only the gun.

      Retrieving that pistol would be soooo Big.

      • How many bullets were left, in the box, to indicate, why the suspect gun, allegedly, only had, one bullet….??? And, how is it that the bullet, fired, was different from the grandfathers,’ gun…??? And, why, was forensics, concealing the thumbprint, on the brass; considering, acid etched, proof, of, who, loaded the gun; as it takes, firm pressure to squeeze in the bullet clip / magazine, to overcome the clips, feed spring….??? Who, authorized that concealment of exculpatory, evidence…??? Who, authorized concealment, of the dozen, plus, gun related, home invasion robberies, in, Mesa, alone, while, Jodi, was locked up, and, couldn’t have done them, either…??? Who authorized the news blackout, regarding, the home invasion, gunshot, to the head; just like this one; to, conceal reasonable doubt, in this, noncase….??? …Edgrrr…

    • Pandering to such a stacked deck, full of Jokers, can hardly be accepted, as, admitting, anything, beyond, playing by the only rules, the lizards at law, will, accept; making, their conviction, a slam dunk. Marc Carr, “confessed ” that he killed, Jon Benet Ramsey, and, his penalty was, a free plane ride from, Thailand, to the USA…. …Edgrrr…

  19. Jade, thank you so much for your incredible post, your tremendous research, analysis and insight.
    Your writing is terrific.
    I hope and wish that your expose will come to the attention of humane, responsible, ‘dedicated to justice’ VERY PUBLIC people who have some power to effect change.
    Hopefully at least one such well- known figure, will care enough to study the material you present, and convey this information to the public.
    As we all know, except for some rare exceptions, no credible, learned, authoritative voice with access to a wide public audience, has arrived ‘on the scene’ to make thorough, extensive inquiries, and offer insightful commentary and analysis that accurately represents Jodi’s side, and the ‘real’ Jodi.
    And I think the majority of reporters and better- known tweeters, have neglected to do thorough research and reflection, and have not bothered to adequately imagine and explore hypotheses favorable to Jodi.
    I suspect ‘down the road’ voices ( not only reporters and the familiar tweeters) who are already known to a wide public audience, will write extensively about the dynamics of this case __ and they will portray Jodi in a complimentary light.
    And I believe that even right now, more than a few see and understand these dynamics and facts, in ways that are supportive of Jodi and her case __ but these people wish to remain silent.
    And we know so many people have been bullied into being silent, and/ or actually silenced temporarily, over and over.

    • The irrelevancies of all our fitting commentaries, are just, pissing into the wind, as these reptilian illiterati, lizards, at law, have their soap operas, rigged, coming, and, going, up one side and down the other, with, their hypnonauseating, penguin in a tutu, conspiring with the other two stooges, to perjure the process, and, confess, the need to reverse, format, so as to invalidate, their noncase, and, disprove, any semblance of, credibility; confessing to, suborned, perjuries of the first con; onto, a termination of the primary, lies at law, of which, they, duped two governors, into an interstate kidnapping, under color of law, and, a two million dollar ransom demand….. Cessation of noncase, scene onje, onto, soap opera, scene two, required a new arrest, for new charges, in reverse; and, a confession of concealment, now exposed of the three stooges, conspiracy; as, recanted; in, a noncase, closed; soap opera, laundered….. by two governors, who, refused to rescind the bogus extradition, then, repudiated, as the Spaz, doublecrossed the other two stooges, to, force them, to confess to the perjury of the first lockstep, perjury, of the con; scene, one….. Add to this conspiracy, by the common bond of their corruptions, that, the three million dollar bribed “defense,” refused to submit a motion, forcing the duped governors, to rescind the extradition, because of, admitted, perjury, of the three stooges, one chance in a billion, epiphany, to, arrive at the same con, at the same time, not, just once, but, twice; contradictorially, while two stooges, aided and abetted, the penguin in a tutu; mincing, all over with his staged, hypnonauseating, carnival trick prosecutorial, misconduct; without, a bleat, from the Sheeple…. Edgrrr…

  20. Jade,

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this brilliantly written post.

    It sums up the entire case in a concise, clear and sarcastic way. I had all sorts of feelings while reading.There were lines that made me shed a tear and others that made me laugh out loud. I was blown away, taken aback and left speechless after I had finished it. Sometimes all sorts of emotions come to surface when one finds people who believe in and are passionate about the same Cause as he/she is. And this is what happens to me when I am reminded that this gross injustice that took place in Jodi’s case is something I do not fight for alone.

    There are others out there, MANY MANY others and whether they are vocal or not, whether they are on the social media on a daily basis or not, at least they ARE on Jodi’s side. And this brings comfort and hope. To us, her supporters and most importantly to Jodi HERSELF.


    Spread this post everywhere people. I know it is already posted in the various Facebook groups.

    • Nothing sums up this, ” case,” because, the “case,” was repudiated, by all three stooges, who, recanted the lies at law, of which their exculpatory concealment, terminated, the noncase, against, Jodi, as they recanted their lies, at law, and, sleazed the reversed charges, onto scene two, of their perjurial prosecution schemes…. aided and abetted, by everyone calling themselves, “officers of the court….” including, the socalled, and, bribed “defense.” who scammed a three million dollar bribe, to take a dive in the eleventh, round….. then, admitted, that had the the chance to do it over, it would be different….. Does that, not, suggest, a denial of the right to competent and effective, representation….??? . … …Edgrrr….

  21. I was one of those who used the term “snap” as did Ms. ALV answering a juror question and Nurmi in his closing. Ms. ALV explained that it is often a case of overkill when people “snap” and doesn’t exclude the case of self defence as she could have “snapped” as I believe, once she was in mortal fear of TA.

    Juror question: “Is it common for women in abusive relationships to snap and commit violent acts against longstanding perpetrators?”

    “Usually what we find is that women, when they snap in a lethal way, it’s been a self-defense kind of situation,” said LaViolette.

    The prosecution objects and the comment is stricken from the record. Attorneys are at a sidebar.

    • Good recall CC. I also recall this now that you brought it up. But I’m one of the people that still believes that Jodi wasn’t alone. But I will listen to what others here have to say.

      • LOL! Wasn’t alone eh? A victim who can get help? Not likely. It is obvious she was a victim and he was a narcissistic sociopath. Come to youtube and learn about such spousal predators. Their victims typically cannot get help from anyone anywhere….

    • I remember that testimony by ALV.

      It’s just that the remark “snapped”, when used here by many posters, sometimes allowed by omission that Jodi could have been the initiator. They might not have even realized that that was how their remarks could have been taken, that they might have added, “once in mortal fear because of being under physical attack” to remove all doubt, but as I recall it, many commenters at the time did not fully comprehend the elements of the crime scene or feel the need to explore them deeply.

      Some supporters during the trial more or less threw up their hands and wrote that they didn’t know why JM had changed the wound sequencing, for example, even as it was clear that JM was not proving his case. The burden was on the state but they weren’t bringing it, as we could see.

      So therefore many supporters did not feel compelled to work out the crime scene elements either during or after the trial. They knew the circumstantial evidence was rubbish and that Jodi didn’t have it in her to launch an attack, that the premeditation was based on a robbery that she’d never been charged with, that there was no evidence in her diaries or any communications with TA that she wanted to do him harm. No one testified that Jodi had demonstrated feelings of rage toward or about TA. But the case for a self-defense based ONLY on the crime scene itself remained somewhat elusive, or at least murky until Jodi’s supporters began working as a group to better piece it together themselves, galvanized by the alleged gunshot-last implications.

      The DT had probably prepared a terrific self-defense based on the evidence at the crime scene and must have believed Jodi’s testimony could cast light on her early dissembling, while it could also show her memory loss to be credible. But the switch of the gunshot to last by the prosecution at the eleventh hour was the ultimate unfairness that had them reeling. Obviously, the state had not been prepared for Jodi’s new claim in 2010 of self-defense. In turn, if they switched the wound sequencing in the last possible moment before testimony, they would put the defense team at an incalculable disadvantage.

      Dr. Samuels also faced a linguistical problem when he answered a question loaded with the word “perpetrator”. He was painted by JM into a corner when he was asked if even a “perpetrator” could have memory loss. You could see the Dr. struggling with the term, but he eventually answered that yes, they could.

      Jodi was not the initiator, but getting across to people that she didn’t initiate a physical attack as “retaliation” for all of the abuse she suffered in this relationship has been a tough road to go down, as we all know. I still find posts by supporters (e.g. on the Website Rules tab), that suggest that the commenter doesn’t blame Jodi for what she did in light of the psychological abuse – without a mention of the physical abuse, implying that she was not attacked first. But how COULD anyone be blamed for defending themselves in a deadly physical attack?

  22. Please view Phineas Gage video . Mr. Gage took a hi t to head 1600 x,s greater then T. A. and lived. then listen to Ed Gavegon talk @ his wound to his vena cava and He lived. Proving that Dr. Horn LIED on the stand in a capital case. As for the 62 sec. I can over-do that in 42 sec. and I,m 58 yr,s old 6.2 tall and 210 lb,s. I,ve seen a .25 bounce off my buddies head.and they are unsafe at any time ! T.A. used a continual attack on Jodi. I,ve seen such attacks. Two 13/14 yr,s old boys untill one of the kids went and got an adult to break it up. And I was continually attacked by 6 boys my age when we were 16 . I was kicked and punched from head to toe. trust me Iknow what it,s like to fight for ones live against a rage. In both cases NO COPS were called and in my fight even my friend did,nt go for help or the other kids (20-25). Guess they liked seeing someone fight for their life Isurvived that day as Jodi survived too. P.S in my fight I was attacked 11x,s and took 150 kicks .and punches.

    • So sad but I’m hankful you are a survivor!!! And, as we all here know, it is not a crime to protect yourself from an attacker! Hang in there!

    • Jodi will not survive and she is being abused via the corrupt justice system, including that criminal prosecutor” who made the whole world weep tears of shattered empathy for Jodi’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend a narcissist, sociopath, abuser, pedophile (Oh what a terrible loss to society losing him really was). I think the last major (famous case) where an abused woman got away with a self-defense killing the USA is documented in the ancient movie entitled The Burning Bed. People are so sickingly ignorant. I am no longer shocked though as I have seen too many examples of predators being rescued, aided and abetted, enabled and when killed the world is manipulated into mass hysteria and grieving for them as if they were wonderful people instead of what they truly were (monsters who would have inflicted endless life ruining and life ending suffering upon scores of other innocent victims through their predatory life spans)… The spouse, ex-spouse, ex-female spousal whatever the title is – that is the ONE blamed even when she did not do it. The media feeds off of it too. Come over to youtube and learn about the predators who commit the abuse and get away with it…………………

  23. Wishing all of Jodi’s supporters a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and Jade that was the best post I have seen. To the Jury that got it wrong I hope you see this and read it 🙄

  24. Jade, I hope at least one of those jurors reads your post. I still can not fathom, with the evidence that was/was not presented and/or proved/disproved, how they unanimously came to conclude that verdict. The part where you suggest they read the testimony sans the courtroom theatrics caused me to believe that the theatrics had to be the reason for their verdict…and/or their access to media. There was SO much OBVIOUS conflicting testimony (witnesses conflicting their own testimony) going on right in front of those jurors. How did not ONE juror question that?
    Thank you Jade…you were very thorough and brought to light many very important aspects of how absolutely unjust this trial was.

  25. I found a little crack last night while going through The Flores Report. According to Flores, Zach Billings was home on the 4th of June, 2008 because he was off work that day. This means that Zach would have seen Jodi’s car parked in the center parking spot when he woke up and returned his rental car that morning. Know where in the Flores report did I read Zach making a comment about an unusual car being parked in front of the house unless he made such comment in a later report. Which I don’t understand why he wouldn’t have said that he seen an unusual car parked in the driveway that morning when he left seeing as how Flores had asked him if had seen anything unusual.

    Zach would have been at home when Jodi arrived at around 4:00 AM and would have been in bed most likely. Zach returned to the house at 1500 for about an hour and left to visit his girlfriend Many at around 1600.

    On the second of three breaches of the laptop at the house on 6.4.08 by Mesa PD, the first being when Flores used a pen and touched the space bar to bring the laptop out of Sleep Mode, the second being when the Computer Forensics Unit accessed e-mails and the third being when Flores unplugged and removed the battery from the laptop all without having a write – block protector added to the laptop, Mesa PD Computer Forensics discovers that the last time that the laptop was accessed was at 1619 on the 4th of June 2008. This would put Travis in the office / den right after he and Jodi had finished having sex and he had told her to ‘go clean herself up’.

    Mesa CFU said that e-mails were sent from the laptop because that is the last recorded activity that was said to have taken place. So between the time of 1500 and 1600 Zach was at the house and e-mails were sent from the laptop at 1619. Within two hours after these e-mails had been sent Travis was dead.

    What content was in those e-mails?

    We can speculate that Travis sent the e-mails because Jodi had to come to Travis in his den / office after her cleaning up, based on Mesa’s account of the laptop being last accessed at 1619 of which Zach had left the house 19 minutes before.

    Who were the e-mails sent to?

    Assuming from how I am reading the trial logs from various sources, Travis had sex with Jodi in his den / office where he might have recorded the sexual act taking place based on the positioning of the camera on the laptop having been pointed towards both them based on the where the laptop would have been located at between the speakers.

    After telling Jodi to go and clean herself up, Travis quickly uploads the movie to internet while Jodi is cleaning herself. Jodi comes back to the den / office where they then go an take pictures in his bedroom.

    The above scenario is speculation though of course until those e-mails that were sent are revealed to the public.

    Based on the time that Zach was at the house and when the laptop was last used there is a time span of an hour where Zach was in the house and might have heard the commotion taking place in the den / office.

    Zach being at the house from 1500 to 1600 and Melendez accessing the laptop to discover that e-mails had been sent at 1619 are part of Flores report.

  26. My sense is that the jury was blinded by the graphic nature of the images, and they were coming from a place of “this demon woman must not get away! Never mind the facts.” In other words, their decision was based on emotion, not fact and reason.

    It seems to me that even a person with no affection or support at all for Jodi would have to conclude that the evidence could point to either self-defense, involuntary manslaughter, or murder, but that it is impossible to tell. But since the American system says “innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” an appeals jury would have to find her innocent, even if they have their doubts. When you are dealing with a terrified woman and a strong guy who might have been totally out of control, the whole thing is so unpredictable.

    I remind you all to pray for Jodi.

  27. I found your factual rant highly entertaining. Welcome to Arizona and the USA in general as well. Arizona is a state run by the Good Old Boy system. If a woman is abused in this state the authorities (on all levels) will aid and abet the male predator. This is AZ reality. If a male abuser is killed it is always his victim’s fault, with rare exception when it is some other usually innocent person who is connected to the victim who is to blame (legally speaking). I am a victim and author in this state. I can attest to the reality that anything goes for male predators here and no one better dare remove one of these monsters from the planet, but if they do it’s okay the wife, ex-wife, fiancé’, ex-fiancé’, girlfriend or ex-girlfriend will hang for it. Yes the jurors were retardates. That is simply how it is. The stupidity of the “sheople” (best term to describe them) is spreading across the better part of the USA too. If you want to join the reality party there are plenty of books and youtube videos from victims of sociopath predators, the system which supports them as well as from some experts (such as Dr. Jeanne King) who have figured out how it works. Jodi was just another abuse victim’s case where her predatory perverted ex or whatever he was got killed. The woman is legally the one to hang when this happens — case closed — who cares about the truth? Only the other victims.

  28. Seriously look up sociopath, narcissism, sociopath spouse, sociopath spousal predator, and other relevant topics on youtube. There is a free source for EDU few non-victims are tapping into. Female victims are targets should anything happen to their abusers. It does not matter who kills the abuser, when it happens the easiest person to blame for it is the current or ex spouse or romantic partner so law enforcement and the court system look no farther for the real perpetrators. Then there is the other half of this reality: If the system locked these predators up in prison they would still ultimately be alive since if they are abusing their spouse/significant other they are likely into other high-risk behaviors with others too.

  29. Juan Martinez should be in prison! His courtroom antics are awful. Jodi is innocent. She had the bad luck of falling for a controlling pedo. Ack! this whole witch hunt of a trial makes me sick. This is my first post here. Glad to have found it.

  30. I just want to say I have sympathy for Jodi and believe it is very much possible she was in an abusive situation as I am in a similar situation and know how hard it is to report a person because when you do so people look at you wrong for wanting to live in peace smh. I did take some advice from her document an abusive situation, let’s be real the police won’t do a thing because I’ve contacted the police and domestic abuse lines etc but if things ever get out of hand I have proof that I reached out and no one helped me(May I never be in Jodi’s shoes).

    Jodi seems very put together, honest too and that’s the reason why I believe in her innocence, I would be in tears, however everyone has different reactions to everything. For example if you slap someone in the face that person won’t react the same as the next and so on, some will cry, others will walk away and some will resort to more violence. Basically just because you wouldn’t, doesn’t mean everyone wouldn’t. We each have a mind that works differently.

  31. OK so to be honest I thought it was a cut and dry case. As much as I don’t want to admit JM made me fall into believing his way of events that occurred happened. Well after reading this it has opened my eyes and made me say how the fuck did I not think of or see that…. I never thought Travis was this saint by anymeans . but all I can say it wow. This post has really made me think only this time tables have turned and after reading this and really thinking about the whole case I have different thoughts and I can say. I am on side Jodi. Yes we can’t denied that she killed him but I do believe what she said. I’m from Oklahoma so I don’t know the dominate religion in az but I wonder if a lot of them are Mormon now the Mormon community couldn’t very well have their amazing next to god ta dirty little secrets aka the truth be let out that needs and was covered up. Wow just wow. The only thing everyone has got right on this case. And that is this little saying of Jodi being his dirty little secret? Ya he had to brainwash her and keep her his dirty secret so she wouldn’t expose his real dirty secrets. What a pos. Wonder what God had to say to him when he stood judgment. And who knows maybe Jodi saved some child from Travis’s chomo ways. Again this just amazes me if you told me a hour ago I’d be on team Jodi I’d laughted at you and said ya right. But after really think in it out and lookin at crime scene photos. I have to say yes Jodi you did kill him that was wrong but maybe just maybe you told the truth more than you lied. I do think its funny that everyone acts like he was a saint. He needed Jesus. Nasty disgrace kinda glad the chomo ain’t around anymore

  32. I draw your attention to another case Dr. Horn was the M.E. on in which his testimony could’ve been the basis for appeal. Defendant mother was accused of killing her son, cause of death being “shaken baby syndrome.” Fortunately, the case was dismissed, with prejudice, in 2010.

    “No skull fracture was found in the first CT scan done at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Dr. Beresini concluded the findings were consistent with an anoxic/hypoxic event, meaning lack of oxygen.

    No skull fracture was clearly discernable in any CT scan at Phoenix Children’s Hospital per various neuroradiologist reads. One radiologistat PCH noted on the second day a “left parietal skull fracture” in the last (i.e. Third) CT scan, which is interesting since Dr. Horn, the medical examiner, later stated that he found a right skull fracture.

    Any possible skull fracture was secondary to the brain swelling, and would have had to occur at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

    Dr. Kevin Horn of the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office conducted the autopsy following Dillon’s death, following which Dillon’s body was released for immediate cremation.

    Dr. Horn, did not address the fact that Dillon did not present with a skull fracture at Banner Thunderbird Medical Center, but concluded nonetheless, that the cause of death was ‘blunt force trauma’ to the head.

    Dr. Horn later testified in court that the massive head trauma was the type that ‘we see in motor vehicle accidents and falls from heights.’ Horn asserted that it would take ‘vigorous shaking and throwing to the ground, throwing against an object to cause the injuries.

    When confronted with the lack of any marks establishing the physical grip to the body necessary to establish a ‘shaken baby scenario,’ Horn asserted, ‘there’s an impact involved. Not a pure shaking case….[p]robably striking against an object.’”

  33. Hi Jodi I´ll be sending you soon a nice latter.
    Love you be strong and do never give up one day you will see the light in the end of the tunnel!
    Monica from Germany

  34. Jodi,

    It’s hard to believe you, even after some of the evidence provided. The problem is, I do believe that you had a reason. It can be whatever it is, I do not care, but just believe when I say, I truly believe the life sentence was unjust for someone who had no previous and a damn good case of self defense. It seems unfair that so many people, including the media, played a huge part in swaying everyones minds. I do not think that was fair.

    I truly hope you do get out, this whole thing is thrown out and you can breathe and enjoy community life again.

    Take care,


  35. Jade, that is without a doubt, some of the best analysis I have seen pertaining to this trial.

    I have to say, I was not a supporter of Jodi for the first few months after I saw the first 48 hours (Picture Perfect) video. But I was also not a supporter of Travis either. I was on the fence. My life that year was turned upside down by my own suffering at the hands of an emotional abuser and I noticed a strange parallel between my ex, and Travis, their behaviour was so similar.

    I was emotionally abused by a man much in the same way Jodi was. Exactly the same in many areas.

    Something bothered me from DAY 1 of this mystery, I couldn’t put my finger on it. After reading and watching everything I could get my hands on, as well as following the trial live, I have looked at both sides of the coin and I have to say, I agree 100% with you on every single detail.

    This trial was a farce. Lawyers were completely incompetent. They didn’t even bring into the trial evidence of emotional and mental narcissistic abuse on women. (Which would explain Jodi’s behaviour! as it did mine when I went through a similar ordeal, the sex, the devaluing and discarding, the emotional gas lighting etc the submissive behaviour Jodi was beaten into.)

    Jodi deserved a FAIR trial, which she would have received here in the UK, but America seems to relish in the “Guilty until proven innocent” trial by media farce.

    I am on Jodi’s side. 100%. She WILL get a retrial , I am sure of it. Give it a few years and a good defence attorney who can examine every single detail, lie, and cover up and I am pretty sure, Jodi will live on the outside some day.

  36. With forensics being one of the top reasons retrials are granted.
    The best chance is finding the gun Jodi used.
    It would be matched to the bullet used on TA.
    IT would not be the same Gun stolen from Her Grandpa.

    That would Be a smoking gun and would would prove she DID NOT Premeditate it.
    With her memory,I really think she could pinpoint where she dumped it.

    It would be the Cherry on Top of a Real Good Appeal and multiply any chance of success

  37. I hope that TEAM JODI is victorious in there goal, From my perspective Jodi should have never been convicted. I believe she was mentally abused by many people in her life which from my own personal experience can turn out to be much worse than physical abuse. It seems to me that because of this mental abuse she became unstable and those close to her saw this but did nothing, Even after the incident she was manipulated by others and mistreated, the media turned her into a evil sadistic stalker who will never get a fair trial. I spent much of the 90s in an out of psychiatric facilities mostly due to the why I was manipulated by a female I entered into a relationship with I loved her and let her turn me into someone I was not she used my love for her to physically attack people she didn’t like she pushed me to turn away from family and friends etc. She knew how to control me and I accepted ir however no one believed me at first I looked like the bad guy and she played the victim she even hurt herself onetime and had me arrested for abuse even though I never ever hit her nor would I. Fortunately I got out of that relationship but it still took me many years to become healthy again. I feel for Jodi because I don’t believe she would of hurt anyone if she wasn’t manipulated the way she was. I hope the best for Jodi and hope that she gets her due justice and gets a chance to show the world she is not the evil person she was made out to be.

  38. I never believed she was guilty, I’ve studied martial arts for many years and nothing the prosecution said made any sense. Her first testimony of two people braking in and killing Travis makes even more sense than her plea of self defense.
    It takes many hours of training to be able to stab someone, to get past the psychology of it, an inexperienced person in a knife fight will always slash they will never stab. In my opinion Jodi would have to had many years of close quarter combat training to do what was done to Travis, and I have never known a woman that can go toe to toe with a man and come out the winner especially in a knife fight. In this fight with Travis she would have had to have many years of training just to survive long enough to make it to the emergency room.

  39. Even if one thinks Jodi is a pathological liar and a sociopath (which I don’t!!), the evidence at the crime scene has elements of self-defense, manslaughter, and murder, and an objective juror would have to turn in a “not guilty” verdict.

    The media circus surrounding the case reminds me of what I read about the Salem Witch Hunts, where a person with no previous criminal record all of a sudden is portrayed as a demon woman.

  40. I just think it’s totally ridiculous that anyone in their right mind could think this LITTLE BEAUTIFUL LADY could have what would be required to do what was done to Travis inside of her. If Mr. Mormon was having sex and carrying on with Jodi like he was who else was he FREAKING WITH? Come on people look at the size of Jodi compared to the size of Travis there is NO WAY that Little Lady picked him up or even drug him any where!!! There is someone out there who got away with killing this Fake Mormon, i lived in Utah for some time maybe it was even another Man!!! Love You Jodi

  41. Throwing Baphomet and Preaching The Secret are both know as highly blasphemous to the Mormon Church and indicative of The Illuminati

    Easier to get away with abusing Ms. Arias due to: her insecurity and mental health issues, their lack of mutual contacts, and her having less credibility than previous lovers. [Audio Tapes]

    Mesa, AZ is not far from the Mexican border. Mr. Alexander appeared to have assests outside his means. Possible involvement with Mexican drug cartels?

    A white car would make sense in the desert sun and extra gas is a wise decision during such a trip. License plate could easily have been a rental company error.

    Change in hair color could have been for new beau. Ms. Arias was attempting to turn a new leaf, so a change in hair color makes sense in light of this.

    Cuts on hands and chunks of hair are indicative of a struggle with the knife wielding female that Ms. Arias stated she charged. Defensive wounds are typically found on the hands.

    Palm print possibly left while using wall to keep balance as she took a sharp corner running for her life. Likely unable to recall this detail due to Post-Traumatic Stress.

    Ms. Arias stated that her ID was taken by the perpetrators and her family threatened. This is enough to keep her silent, especially after just having witnessed what the unknown intruders were capable of acting out.

    Gun caliber used matches that of gun previously reported stolen by parents, which is indicative of a framing.

    10,000 Ways to Die was given to Ms. Arias, which could indicate that she was to be an Illuminati sacrifice. Refusal to commit this act may have resulted in the attempted murder of both victims.

    Illegal interrogation tactics! [Entrapment]

    Circumstantial evidence!

    Male and female friends of Mr. Alexander committed suicide shortly after the trial, even though they were of the Mormon faith and knew this would result in external damnation. This action would make since if they were plagued with guilt and knew they were already damned to Hell for murder.

    “On the testimony of two or three witnesses a person is to be put to death, but no one is to be put to death on the testimony of only one witness.”
    -Deuteronomy 17:6

    No witnesses present.

  42. Please join us on the most recent thread on the right and you can read all of the latest on Jodi’s current status.

  43. Don’t get me wrong, I’m on your side and with Jodi anyway (and I have yet to read your whole posting) but I’m also a very rational guy and already at the beginning there are at least two mistakes.
    Blood patterns on the floor/etc. mean absolutely nothing, as well as were the casing was found, since the place was superficially cleaned up by Jodi. The casing could have ended up almost anywhere while doing this while blood pools were removed here and there. There were towels in the washing machine along with the camera and bleech, towels which she obviously used to clean up here and there.
    You can read almost nothing from the situation that was found, and that is true for defenders of Jodi as well as the prosecutor/police. It was not an unouched scene after the incident but an altered one on many levels. So at least the existance or non existance of blood pools and where certain items were placed have absolutely no meaning.
    It’s sad that her attorneys were too ignorant/incapable to make that very fact clear regarding the “evidence” of the prosecutor.

    • Just a short add-on after I’ve read the whole thing (thanks god I’m a hi speed reader lol).
      I will say I agree with most of it. Not all is totally accurate and objective but most of it is I think. AND I like all the descriptions/nicknames you found for the terrier Juan “The Breast Little guy syndrome Man” Martinez. I lol’d hard. 🙂

  44. I recently saw the crime special on HULU that sort of explains how they met and what their relationship was like and of course all of the trial details. I have to admit that while Jodi may have been jealous of Travis and definitely saw/witnessed his DARK side, she should have just let him be and this never would have happened. She may have been a sociopath but I don’t think she planned this massacre/murder. It is clear that Travis wasn’t what he wanted to be seen as, especially his church peers & friends. Jodi clearly saw both sides of him and unfortunately she played her part in this fantasy relationship. She loved attention and she got plenty of it even being a long distance girlfriend/lover.
    It amazed me how well they depicted how she killed Travis and the amount of blood/mess was quite disturbing to say the least. Her lies didn’t help to solidify her innocence at first but well she is human after all. How she brutally killed him and moved his limp heavy body is very puzzling. So this begs the eternal question……who really killed Travis? was she protecting the real killer who probably blackmailed her also? Too many unanswered questions to say the least. If this was a home invasion she would have certainly been murdered also as to leave no witness alive!
    So it is self defense and that kind of explains so much as he probably attacked her and she defender herself to the bitter end. I also found it amazing that no one discovered the body sooner. There is nothing like the odor of rotting flesh and that is a clear no brainer. I can only pray that justice is served and the truth finally comes to the surface.

  45. Hello Question,

    I would welcome you to read the following “wiki” page that has been set up by another supporter on this site which is a synopsis of the major case points. I will tell you that a lot of the “true crime” stories based on this case are factually incorrect in some areas. What is not mentioned often is that Jodi left Arizona after some time there and cleaning his home while he paid her. Travis needed Jodi around because of the fact that he was a sex addict and all of the Mormon women around him were all chaste. What is also not mentioned much is Travis made TWO calls to Jodi during her trip (phone records prove this) in which he BEGGED her to stop by on her way to visit Ryan Burns in Utah. Unfortunately, because they weren’t texts, there is no backup proof. The fact that Travis’ penchant for anger wasn’t known to his closest friends doesn’t mean he still didn’t attack her and beat her on several occasions including June 4th. Jodi’s lies in the beginning of the investigation are bad and put her in a negative light. However, her motives for these lies were to avoid embarrassment over the intimate pictures that were taken AND to still protect Travis’s reputation with the church. The many mistakes that Jodi made are indeed bad and none of us would condone them or encourage them. However, it still does not change what occurred in that bathroom on June 4th which, by the laws of the U.S., constitutes a death as a result of self defense… Period!


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