Jodi Arias: Justice Denied (Part 2)

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Check out the awesome video below (by Pandora) — “Jodi Arias: Justice Denied (Part 2)”

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UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $115,769.81 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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Click the banner below to read Jade’s post – “Justice Denied: Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State’s Case Against Jodi Arias.”:

Read - Justice Denied - Why The Jurors Got It Wrong & How The Facts Decimate The State's Case Against Jodi Arias


    • The Rolling Stones article was quite different from what the media usually regurgitates. It was a nice change to see there are still reasonable people out there actually questioning this whole charade of a trial!

      • Yes, I was quite happy to stumble upon that article.
        I’ ve seen a lot of the public question how the roomates didn’ t smell the body, even though it was there five days. I’ ve seen speculation that the air conditioner was turned up high. Some contend he had an individual air- conditioner turned up high in his room… but then wouldn’ t someone think it’s odd that it is on? In addition to the sound, would the air- confitioner be visible from outside the house?
        If there is only central air- conditioning that hypothetically Jodi turned up high, wouldn’ t the control device be located in an area accessable to all, and wouldn’t the roomates turn the central air down if it was set higher than usual?

        And the fact that the roommates never noticed Travis’ ring_ the one he always wore_ on the counter

        • I always have a hard time scrolling on my device. I wasn’ t finished with my comment.
          … not noticing / and or speculating about the ring is weird.
          I must say, I believe the roomates are totally innocent, and have nothing to do with anything wrong. However, I do think that the public’ s puzzlement about this, will cause them to question the trial.

          • This has always been a big big big question for me too! How the hell does someone live in a closed space with a rotting corpse and not get ‘whiff’ of it! (pun not intended!)
            Also, it’s really puzzling that those roommates were never witnesses at the trials. And why they weren’t investigated in depth.
            It’s ridiculous how many mistakes were made in this circus trial!

    • Amy, hiya! Thanks for the link! It was indeedly refreshing to read something that was not biased and a witch hunt! Whenever you come across any sort of good articles from serious magazines (not the yellow trash) please share with us!

  1. Tears yes tears flowed from My face….az. is broken and really a law/nation onto itself.The founders if able to rise from their graves would end this nightmare of injustice. This makes all Americans who DO believe in THE CONSTITUTION ask the question…How did it ever come to this and why? No one should ever WIN in court…the courts should care less about the so called tax payer as MOST if given the chance would NEVER pay tax ….the court has only one duty and that is to be a finder of facts and protect the defendant from any harm from the mob or the state until facts prove guilt….this case proves their facts were nothing but state paid lies. How is it that a nazi in 1946 can get more justice then an American in az.? I must say all who are against Her do have all bases covered…shot first/last…no porn/opps the defense put it there….in state control /evidence was destroyed/by the defense….impossible to have stood on the shelf/as hands are shown doing a shelf tilt(FAKE at that)… (ever wonder why that was not done on video?)t-dog was know by all who really knew him and it is on VIDEO…see his attack on a man who wants to ask his wife a question on joining PPL ( Yes haters I know it was just and act but who in their right mind would do such evil for fun,it showed the real t-dog as that is what he thought of others. Then during a PPL meeting this man ? of faith? speaks of MURDER 3 times to the crowd at a PPL meeting in Al. and throw in some abuse on a woman in the crowd. Over and over the mob/media and the state via the rat spoke of a 3 time overkill…what idiot ever came up with that shit…DEAD is DEAD…if one is killed then that’s it…Remember that so called dog would not have died from his wounds with 100% certainty…head wound not fatal as PROVED by Phineas Gage….hit to vena cava not fatal as PROVED by Ed Gavagan ( live at the moth PBX radio) and the hit to the neck was only one side allowing a flow of blood to its brain…not saying the boy would have recovered 100% but then any man who attacks continually must own his actions. And that the facts do prove…ALL wounds show the person who used the knife on him did so to keep him away…but on and on he came other then stopping at least once to look into a mirror…who does that under threat of death? This She should have ran…seems many are deaf to the facts of She did run and was caught….and then he was shot by his own gun ( remember he LOVED guns in a state with almost no control of guns) A coroner is not much of a coroner who does typos and seems to forget on demand of the fact just as a Det. did or should I say the rats minion…..but when asked if horn knew of Phineas Gage he was caught in a bold faced lie……go on the web just to see how famous P.G. is to ALL Dr.s let alone coroners. P. D. lived with part of his brain (tea cup) gone and recovered in little more then 3 months! horn FORGOT that……? I thank God each day that in 2013 on a Fri. night in Dec. by chance I saw this young lady thanks to HLN and that thing of a disgrace…I knew within a few sec.s She needed some help and stepped up to do just that for Her and all who believe in JUSTICE for ALL! I stand by Her because I took the time to prove Her words and look into who this so called victim really was….sad to say the more one learns about this so called man ? of faith? he was far from being …just a good guy…..VERY FAR! Love her or hate Her one has just one question to ask…Do You believe in justice for all…or just the ones You like/love or vote for?????????? To me in taking any oath You put your freedom or live on the line and must be held accountable no matter the cost…time to bring these things to justice who gave her nothing but a show trial . In any fair trial She as most women would NEVER be convicted such is the evil of most abusers. She needs Our help and We must step up to help Her as best We can…by helping Her we help all others. The world is watching…times up for doing right by Her and other women who have had such men in their lives. Give what You can and always speak Her truth. sad to say Our world has far to many who survived only to be abused via the system! A man in need of power or has a crave or greed for it is not to be trusted…a man always is ready to help others….and at times no matter the cost.

  2. Hello there, I’ve never written on comment on this website before although I do check it often to see how she is doing. I believe that she is inocent. One thing I’ve noticed while reading all of your comments is the use of the word retarded. As a mother of a special needs child this is very hurtful. I don’t believe we should use special needs people to insult people . I think Jody would agree with me. Thank you for your time. Team Jody.

    • Hey there, Jackie! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and thank you for being on Jodi’s side.
      Do forgive us (*any* of us) if we have offended you. You’re absolutely right.

    • Welcome Jackie,
      Words are just words. At this site, we don’t use them to insult anyone with special needs. Please don’t take it personally. Also, I don’t like the phrase ‘special needs’. Everyone is unique in their own way and I don’t find that one is ‘less than’ because they are different. I personally know a lot of people (young and old) with (as you say) ‘special needs’ and they are bright, fascinating, and have proved that they can be more than the average human!
      I also worked (once upon a time) at a camp with autistic children and I had the time of my life with them! They were funny, intelligent, passionate and over-smarted me many times with their tricks and pranks! I not once saw them as ‘special needs’ children. I saw them as amazing, unique, talented children that taught me that the little things in life are the most important.

  3. even as I try to please everyone in every way. For I am not seeking my own good but the good of many, so that they may be saved. 1 Corinthians 10:33

  4. Jackie…as i have worked in special needs hospitals in the past that word was used as it is still a medical word….sad to say these days many words are used for other reasons. as one can retard an engine then one can retard a mind. The other side has made that very clear…they have this need to bring harm to this woman and MANY others. During that show trial they made DEATH threats on at least 4 woman if not more that I know of…wonder if the state was there for these women? None on this planet are perfect or will be but We all must do right by others. Such words are not meant to bring pain to You or Yours but to out a rather odd way of thinking …the i am better then You…mindset. Take a very close look at Her life …then his and see Her truth as his lack of truth. Thank You for bringing that up as we all can be more informed.

  5. GREAT JOB is an understatement!! Thank you for all the time and energy you put into your vids, Pando.
    I can’t find a better word than the word “grateful” when I refer to my soul sister Pandora, whose dedication passion and strength to fight the good fight for our Jodi has always been a beacon of light during all this madness. She has kept *me* strong and focused, as well.

    Years later and the fact that the American justice system is so distorted, corrupted and immoral is mind-boggling. Were I an American citizen crying for the defendant’s head on a platter, I’d try to put my feelings aside and simply stare at the naked truth: this trial was a CHARADE.
    No matter what the defendant has done, they are entitled to the right to a FAIR and speedy trial and Jodi was certainly denied of that. Simple. Matter-of-fact.

    WE ARE ALL STILL HERE, SUPPORTING OUR JODI! We WILL keep raising awareness!
    Please remember to donate to her Appellate Fund.

    • My sweet soulsister! I’d never be able to do anything without a little help from my friends 😉 Plus, I’ll never forget how you were the first one to believe in my support for Jodi back then when it was chaotic and the haters were trying to confuse the admins and commentators of this site!
      Love you, girl!
      ♥ ♥ ♥

  6. Hi Pandora. I look forward to watching your video.
    I’ m having a problem with my device at the moment. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

  7. Please keep up the GREAT work! I’m finally feeling like I can get back in the fight for Jodi after being harassed so horribly by all the haters.

    • Hey there. Just needed to tell you that we are aware that you’re not the real Jeff Mills. Listen up: I hope you’re under 18 which would justify your childish behavior. Fake accounts and impersonations are so passé. GROW UP, LOSER and get a fucking life. If you’re so fixated and in love with Jeff, why don’t you ask him out already! Stalking and wanting to be him is so creepy! Don’t you have a personality of your own, you poor pathetic nobody.
      Since you’re acting like a child and need to be treated as a child, we’re putting you in the ‘time-out’ corner. So…. by the power vested in me, I now pronounce you booted and banned.
      Admin RASNA

  8. Ok look I was one of the damn people who believe what the media wanted us to… And I’m so sorry jodi, I do see what jade is saying it all makes sense now. Thank you so much for shining the light on me. I want to help but I don’t have the means fianacially to. If there is anything I can do is be glad to help. Thanks again.

    • Jaime, supporting Jodi is help enough! Spreading the word of the judicial corruption in Arizona is very important. People need to open their eyes and realize that self defense is not a crime! Jodi should have never been tried with capital murder. This is all Martinez’s way of climbing the political ladder! It’s all for his gain. He never cared about the facts. He cared about ‘winning’.

  9. Fantastic video Pandora!!!!!!!!!!!! I now understand what you were saying about projects you were working on! I think I found your second career!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too bad the Discovery ID channel won’t take a look at this too for some much needed context! The Rolling Stone article also seems to have gained some traction regarding Jodi’s trial and treatment.

    Saying Hi to Maria… good to hear you again!! Hope Greece is treating you and Pandora well and WARM!!!
    Jeff, welcome back to the fight!
    Jaime, the media does that to a lot of people because we get caught up in a mob mentality instead of using our own mind. You can ALWAYS help by promoting this site and letting people see Jade’s arguments and facts. That is how I got here.

    • Thanks Lance! Oh, I’ve just started! There’s many more from this came from.

      It’s my passion to be fair for people that are being persecuted just because they can’t afford an expensive attorney and are stuck with rejects like Nurmi! Thankfully, Jennifer Willmott was at the defense table and as second chair tried her best to defend Jodi.

      You know, I don’t care that there are people that don’t have the same opinion as us. I respect their opinion as long as they respect ours. It’s when shows like the one on ID channel is aired and they clearly are biased towards Jodi that pisses me off! If a channel wants to be fair, they’ll make a documentary with both sides. Media frenzy is what turned this trial into a circus.

  10. I just had to come here and say how disgusted and disappointed I am with this stupid 3-part special the ID channel is doing on Jodi (and sadly I haven’t found anywhere else online with people who aren’t total Jodi haters so I am thankful that this site is still here)

    I actually thought there was a chance that someone was going to finally shine some light on the real dynamics of Jodi and Travis’s relationship and the joke of a trial and all that….I had to stop watching towards the beginning of the second episode, I cannot stomach watching the same old bullshit repeated.

    • Welcome Christy!
      Oh darling, I’ve seen so many of these copy/paste shows to make me immune to the hatred and bias. Truthfully, I was totally shocked when I read the Rolling Stone article because it’s a rare thing to read an article that is impartial. Especially coming from such a significant magazine. It’s not that the article was ‘pro’ Jodi. It was about reasonable doubt! It was not one sided.

  11. Hey there everyone!
    Thanks for your kind words. Believe me when I say that I couldn’t do this without all your fantastic inspiration. You guys and your loyalty/ support to our friend Jodi is what drives me.
    Besides, it’s a yin yang thing: We must try and balance the evilness that is spewed referring to Jodi. It is not my job to ‘educate’ or make people use their own common sense (instead of following the mob). If you’ve seen the movie ‘THE WALL’ by Pink Floyd, you’ll understand what I’m talking about (the scene with the ‘sheeple’ walking to the meat grinder).
    One tragic day does not define a person forever. A series of the same behavior might but not one hour of their whole life.
    Admitting it or not, the matter of the truth is that Jodi is a great human being. She was pushed to her limits and beyond (it takes two to tango)… and that short period of time defined her whole being. Not fair!
    Jodi is much more than June 4th. She is a giving, loving wonderful person. I know her personally since 2013 and NOBODY can ‘fake’ being nice and a good person for so many years! As a matter of fact, Jodi is the one that has told me not to hold grudges or to forgive some people that I still don’t speak with. She has given many people, that took advantage of her situation, a second, third and even forth chance. I on the other hand am not that forgiving! 😉
    So yeah, I’d rather have Jodi walking free in the streets rather than a child molester, a rapist, an abductor and even a bank robber that are repeating offenders. They are a danger to society. Jodi is NOT dangerous. She was weak and had no self esteem back then… but now has blossomed into a rational, mature, loving human being.
    So as much as you want to believe that Jodi is a monster, I can’t change your mind. Just think about the rapist that is lurking through the bushes on a jogging path or the child molester that is lurking in the park waiting for their next victim. I hope that makes you sleep well, since they get second and third chances to walk around in the free world but you are so obsessed in not allowing Jodi get a second chance. And don’t worry, I’d be happy to have her here in Greece in my house thousands of miles away from your SAFE world 🙄 ! Take her off your ‘worried’ minds. SMH.

  12. Well on that day She is set free from this nightmare of injustice….I will be more then happy to pay Her way to visit Greece…a beautiful land with amazing women. Pandora You as Maria stand at the gates of injustice. And soon will enter them gates to hold her close for all of Us who will stand by Her w/o end. We work for her and thus all who have faced injustice. So much for oaths and rules in trials…show trials are far different…..pandering to the mobs of trash! Grand juries were at one time to protect the accused from the lynch mob but now allow rat faced fucks to spew any lie for it all mighty win. As courts these days owe the taxpayer more then the accused while allowing a show to go on and on… it throws evidence to the floor…makes threats on a witness….abuses a lawyer doing Her job…..and allows a family to control a trial…did not one judge not see such corruption….did not one leader not see it also…has hate taken their minds. What has always made Me wonder is how so many Americans use their faith to bring harm to others…such people has no faith in anything but their own mob that is only out to control others. That any would go out of their way to make sure She never got a fair trial speaks volumes let alone folks of faith….rather sick! Americans must read their history to see that it has always been fact that w/o other s from distant lands there would not be an America. All must read the CONSTITUTION to see the fairness of that document….I must wonder about a certain part that still allows slaves…see the prison system on that…so much for 600,000 souls dying over that issue…when will the ever learn plays in My head. With out fairness there is no justice …but some these days have a need and a greed for that logic if that’s logic? We are not going away and will change the system for all. For the better for all. haters should ask…who would ever want me to visit their land…..=(. For a so called man to stand in court and lie to a jury about how he FEARS someone is in his home to go after him with a knife…shows a true evil soul…..he is a disgrace to all men and to the military. he should have taken the time to see who his brother really was…..far from just a good guy…very far indeed. Stranger danger????when I first heard of that I thought of the idiots who push that shit! Very few need worry about the stranger….when they around you are fiends…..see the many fiends who could not wait to do all to harm Her on HLN…and for what…a pedo…rapist…abuser….bum…b.s artist…two faced punk…a front man for a scam???and rather good at it.Was he a dead beat daddy…one has to wonder as he used every woman he could for as long as he could until they All left him…seems sooner or later they all saw the real so called man. he failed all who ever met him…..but then it was only always about him!

  13. Amen and Ditto that Pandora!!!!
    Sending LOVE, PRAYERS &
    (((((((JODI & TEAM JODI)))))))))
    We are here for the LONG HAUL ARIZONA!!!!

    Maybe we should give the Investigative Discovery Channel the thumbs up!!! With their help people are starting to see how ridiculous the whole pathetic attempt to crucify Jodi has been. We will never STOP helping Jodi Arias fight for her FREEDOM!

  14. So, I’ve watched 2 out of 3 episodes of that new discovery show about Jodi. What I’ve noticed? It’s a recap of the first trial as biased as it gets with many errors! Not one person ‘pro’ Jodi on this ‘special’ about Jodi. How fair… pffff.

    They have taken bits and pieces of the whole trial to fit the prosecution’s theory. And guess who are ‘guest stars’ among the ‘creme de la creme’?!? Martinez, Jane Valez Mitchel (remember her? The booze abuser), Dave Hall (remember this asshole? The one that ruined the ancient rock formation!!!!) and of course Beth Karas (biased to the bone). There were quick statements from Nurmi, Monica Lindstrom, a couple of Yerka cops.

    I know that there’s no reason for me to watch the third part since there’s more fiction than facts in this mini series but I’m seriously curious to see if just for the fuck of it, they’ll have anyone ‘pro’ Jodi commenting… Not holding my breath though! 😀

    • HI RASNA!!!! I hope your eyes haven’t been permanently scarred for life. I just can’t watch it. It was bad enough while it was happening. People are starting to question several things about all of it now. Thank you ID. I saw where several people were questioning Travis’s dark side, so for that little bit I’m thankful. He was not the person portrayed by everyone that knew him. Many people knew about his terrible behavior, starting with the infamous Chris and Sky Hughes. Also the fathers and brothers of the women he was currently using for gratification and monetary means. He was a manipulator and scam artist. Jodi wasn’t his only abuse victim imo. Travis left a trail of used women. His friends, family and church members were quick to hide everything they possibly could about his extra curricular activities. They knew about it all but lied over and over again even in court. What was that little comment they drill into their young children . . . “Lying for the Lord”? SMH

      • HEY!?! WAIT!?!?! Have they even brought up the facts about Travis’s computer being disturbed by the Defective Detective and the Prosecutor, himself?????? What was his computer full of??? What was on one of the Bishops computer after he had spent some time in the Bishop’s family home??? smh

  15. Well said Pandora!!! I do remember the Pink Floyd video THE WALL and the sheeple scene! I have always prided myself on being an independent thinker and this case has been a perfect example of that. As an American, I have seen firsthand many times what the “media mob” can do to somebody(remember Richard Jewel from 1996-accused of being Olympic bomber!!!). William Zervakos, a juror from the first trial, said it best when he stated that Jodi had 27 years of normal life. THAT MATTERS!!!!!

    You are so right in that Jodi is so much more than June 4th. Her actions and words have proven this over and over. She is incredibly forgiving even to those who choose to demonize her without trying to understand the facts. I also do not possess this trait of forgiveness after two chances… after two is a pattern and a choice!!!!
    I had stated many months ago on this site that I thought JAII had to get more aggressive to emphasize the real story and the real T-dogg as we now know him in order to get Jodi a new FAIR retrial. I believe your video is an excellent next step.

  16. (marching around JAII site with a protest sign and stomping my feet):


    I thought that this invalid ‘evidence’ was outdated! What is this ID channel trying to do? Give George Barwood an anxiety attack?!!!!

    How can those gas cans be proof of premeditation!? All they prove is that Jodi was afraid of being stranded in a remote highway! I don’t find it weird at all! In fact, I probably would have been proactive too – not to say that I’d also have stored a survivor pack in my car too! LOL!

    NO MORE GAS CANS PLEASE! For the love of all gods!

    • It has become really hard to stomach hasn’t it! I agree! NO MORE GAS CANS!!!
      Everything based on a Walmart receipt. . .heaven help us all!

  17. Odd how the only time the state ever did a test to any statement……it had to be faked by the det. for the rat and then disproved by HLN as a man of 210 lbs stood on the shelve twice…with no problems…and this guy was 6.2. When her words from the stand are TESTED they hold up…..not so with typo boys or I forget or ms. doc of hate with a real lack of understanding plain english….who has ever asked so many times for a question to be repeated….who made her a dr. …what a joke. A jury has a duty to test all statements in a trial…remember the 62. sec lie from the rat….IMPOSSIBLE…how would it ever know that….did he test that??? NO WAY or would he far better to prey on the idiot mindset of most jurors. A lot can happen in a few sec.s as most find out when it happens to them. Ask any in a dire situation how long it took……time seems to slow down in Our minds….but time is time…and slows for none. At 6.2 and 235 lbs I could be a very fit POTUS =) or so I’m told and a lot older then 27 I can do more then what was done in 42 sec.s and I repeated that test many times…so it is POSSIBLE…meaning the state once again LIED…what does az. have this real need to LIE? Well when the facts fail the rat then it just LIES and the trash on HLN. Now I believe it was on the discovery channel or tlc but one of them had a series on amazing survival stories….and one was about 3 young gals driving in N.M. and the car stopped working…gas? …breakdown?…as two went for help the other stayed behind to guard the car……soon a state trooper came by and found the young woman UNDER the car…..She told him it was that hot in the car or outside next to it. She asked the trooper to go after Her friends as She was worried and they did …only to find both had passed from the heat… it N.M. Tx. Az. or parts of Ca. there are very dangerous spots in these states….and they who live there know it well. As for them cans…should i have called the police when while sitting with a pal in the wal mart parking lot I saw a man put two cans into his trunk…WTF is that guy doing I said he on a mission to murder…my pal just lol and said …MUST BE…on and island where one is rather small…150 miles long. I’am sure all he was doing was getting a needed gas can . P.S. She only bought a kero can…blue, and most if not all stations would never allow that to be used at the gas pump. Odd how tanks in the desert can have steel can rest on the deck and never explode….but some claimed the plastic cans would do that in an INSULATED trunk ! There is a lot of room in a 5.2 gal. can…as in it can hold 6.2 gal and still have room. So many experts out there with so few tests….but then if one does the test one will see the truth and them haters fear truth.

  18. The ID channel must REALLY LOVE those gas cans!! I guess I am a killer too with this premise!!! R Love is right in that even as the show keeps showing old bullshit.. it is creating new conversation about the case, TA’s behavior and the trial itself. This is exactly what we have wanted. This was also the scenario in which I thought that Jodi’s hard drive pictures showing her NOT ROBBING her grands home would have been very persuasive considering how the prosecution went after the premeditation. It sounds like several people have already been enlightened based on the new comments here.
    Pandora.. you have got me really LMAO as I am visualizing you protesting!!!!!!!
    Hopefully, the conversation leads to more donations to the appeal fund!!

  19. Remember back then wal mart gave out cash for items not even SOLD there…can We all say …receiving stolen goods…..for cash! Two folks unknown to each other told Me this. This b.s they would never do such a thing…it’s FUCKING wal mart!!! What would they not do ……Remember how the gal from wal mart CHANGED her story in trial no.2….Now she didn’t know if all the cash registers got transferred….but then they paid out cash for things not sold there…..I wonder how much stolen goods from K mart …Target …and many other stores took a hit for that policy.

  20. Since I recorded the three episodes on ID as well as the Oxygen 10 year episode, I will be watching all of these this weekend.
    Rasna… you go girl!!!!

  21. From this 3-part documentary on ID channel, I will emphasize two things that were said that I think most of the people that watched it didn’t even realize:

    1. When Dave Hall was talking about Travis and their friendship he stated on camera: We would take OUR guns and go shooting. OUR GUNS! Not plain “guns”, not “my guns” but “OUR GUNS”! It’s a slip of the tongue and he did it on camera! He admitted that Travis DID INDEED own a gun – something that Jodi was saying all along!

    2. Bill Zervakos, Monica Lindstrom, Beth Karras all state on the 3rd part that in fact Travis was mentally and psychologically abusing Jodi!

    It’s proven that 99,9% of abusers also use physical abuse towards their victim when they want to put the fear in them to tame them and control them. That is precisely the definition of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE! Jodi was so in love with Travis that she did whatever sexual act he asked her to do. He manipulated and used her weakness to dominate her for his own twisted pleasure. And she obeyed until she didn’t.

  22. My thanks to mr travis never owned a gun… was GUNS right dave…be the loaned or bought…THANK YOU Pandora…I knew as that piece of trash spoke he was not telling the truth. The more that side speaks the more they show Her truth! Remember folks in America guns are very cheap and aplenty …with few laws on owning them. t-dog loved to shoot but not to own…now how would any know that???

  23. Off topic…but so lol…some time back my hair cutter said i do not think she is very pretty….as she talked about Jodi…now this gal was rather pretty and talk about luck with men…not so good.So i looked at her and asked with a straight face …I wonder how You would look after 5 yr.s in jail…and i must ask how many haters look with no time behind bars…..they are so ready to jump on her looks but not their own…I can hear the mirrors crack. As for not doing a crime….that MAY be true…or as we said in the military….no crime that We know of…YET! But then being in a lynch mob is not a crime is it…PROVING that MURDER for the state is very legal! When ever i see such hate in women for Her I must wonder how many have had …just a good guy …….in their life. a lot it seems.

    • Wayne, Females are subliminally taught at a young age to not like or trust other females. Other females, they learn, are the inherent enemy. It’s starts at a very young age (just watch teenage girls compete for the only thing they have been taught makes them worthwhile – a man). It’s one way a patriarchal society is able to keep half the world’s population from organizing and from grasping any power (divide and conquer). Those women hate Jodi exactly because she is pretty as well as because of her additional qualities: she’s sexy, intelligent and talented. Jodi represents the ultimate threat to their insecure psyches.

  24. Everybody was right about this series.. or the “cut/paste” shows as Pandora calls it. This series, along with the re-airing of the two part Snapped episode on Oxygen were just anniversary shows based on the 10 year mark of the case. The series still doesn’t even portray the struggle correctly as the actor portrayal is TA grabbing her by the neck from the shower..
    However, I did hear something that I did not know nor do I remember reading it on the J2J wiki page. During the trial segment, Nurmi questions Jodi about the day of Jodi’s Mormon baptism. Jodi states that TA rapes her back at the house from behind on the bed. I had not heard about this or read it. That means he RAPED her on TWO separate occasions… the other one is the day of the attack in the den. The fact that she doesn’t file a police report doesn’t change what it was!!!
    I had forgotten about his attack on her after she didn’t loan Mr Tycoon’s broke ass $200 that he asked for and he ends up throwing her down and kicking her in the ribs when she doesn’t have it.
    Lastly, in case people don’t know, there is another ID segment related to this. The segment is called “Missing Pieces” and it shows all of the most recent events that we have been discussing here i.e. Donovan’s rant, Nurmi’s response to the lawsuit etc. Once again, it very briefly shows the JAII site and Jodi’s twitter feed. It does not mention anything about JM’s bar complaint which was recently dismissed obviously.

    • The Media coverage is just as ridiculous as it was during the whole trial. They play to the sheeple. The ones who refuse to investigate for themselves. Maybe they can’t read, or just too lazy, or completely blinded by their strange religion, who knows? Anyone who knew what happened during this mess and never had one little question. . . that’s just ABNORMAL!!!
      The jury was not sequestered, so every night they could catch up on all of the drama that was being performed by the $Alexander family 🙄 , $$Chris and Sky Hughes 🙄 , Dave Hall, TA’s friends (?) the list went on and on. Heck, the tiny Prosecutor was having an alleged secret love affair with one of the Bloggers who reported daily. She spoon fed info for the masses. Also, the Judge couldn’t make a move without lengthy sidebars with Mr. Tiny to find out what she should do next. So Disturbing. That judge shouldn’t be allowed to serve in a Traffic Courtroom at the North Pole. One other thing, WHO has ever heard of a whole jury dressing in the victims favorite color on the sentencing day??? It just doesn’t happen in a Honorable courtroom. Rolling my eyes here……… 🙄
      Self Defense is NOT A CRIME . . . FREE JODI ARIAS!!!

  25. Well please do not forget the two times he attacked Her as She slept…..the in the bed attack and as She slept on the chair…and on that one We know from him that he did violate Her as She slept…he BRAGGED about in did he not…not many guys would do that… bad he didn’t try that with a guy and get dismantled. Who in their right mind goes at ANY as they sleep???? Imagine if they are having a nightmare of a violent act in the past…or just a nightmare…would one expect them to wake up smiling. Now under az. law as other states one would have to prove it….that nightmare as az. is beyond reason…but a better defense may be …THE LORD told Me to defend Myself….in a dream as all prophets do! But I would ask these great law makers what right does any man have to attack any woman as they SLEEP! But I could be wrong as a jury just in the past let a law maker off for attacking his wife who has severe dementia/alzheimers…after all it.s a man’s right…a real what the fuck moment to the max. So by the count She was attacked at least 4 times!……and by a man? of faith???? And thanks J. F. for them words of wisdom… bad adults will not treat girls and women with as much respect as the do for boys and men….seems they are ALWAYS given a pass and praise even for bad behavior ….as in a player …a user of others…..gee why does that sound like many men these days as it does a t-dog?

  26. Hey Vicky,

    Belated Happy Holidays to you!!! Your points on the Leave Message thread are interesting regarding Jodi’s mental state. I have been of the understanding that Jodi’s mental state was fine before she met TA except for her rebellious time and her so called “lack of direction”. JAII believes that this is pure self defense that was clouded by some bad judgment, lack of legal advice(stop talking etc) and a biased media. The next step would hopefully be Jodi’s future defense being able to somehow(Yes I am about to say it again!!) access those two hard drives full of pictures which contain UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF that she didn’t rob her grands home at all. This, in turn, eliminates all the premeditation( the stolen .25 cal gun and the gas cans) claims from the prosecution and refocuses this case to June 4. I strongly believe that if this evidence comes to light, Jodi’s defense becomes infinitely stronger.
    Unfortunately, I do not know if the pictures would even be allowed if they are deemed “new evidence” by an appellate court in AZ?

    • Wonder if they would be considered new if they were withheld or deleted from the evidence? These are a few things that always have made me go Hmmmmmm………

      Who knows what happened to the “crime” scene for 5 days while the “so-called friends” were in and out of the house living there and finally discovering TA in the shower. That was a disturbing and arguable imo. What was rearranged by the friends before that particular drama unfolded?? They all seemed to been briefed on exactly what to say and who to blame. Also, that camera in the washer with a picture card that didn’t even fit it. How strange. The bloody man’s boot print in the shower under TA’s body. Why were the Hughes not questioned for having TA’s personal articles (which was it a journal or was it a computer?) Not just anybody would get away with that unless they were protected by “higher powers that be”. Why protect them? PPL or the LDS church members afraid of what might be broadcast? Heaven only knows what they would have erased from anything of Saint TA’s. After the “Officers of the Law”(lol) took the evidence into their possession there were many “strange things” that happened to that evidence. Deleting things from TA’s computer which happened under their watch. Is that not a crime? It was certainly was a FACT!
      WHY would a juror not question the garbage that was presented to them? Were they blinded by the eye-rolling of the front row? The fake tears? TA’s family weren’t up close and personal with him at the time he passed BUT they certainly discovered their deep love & devotion for him after his passing$$$ Things that just make me SMH !

        • Hey R Love

          According to Jodi in the Fox 10 interview, the hard drive pictures were not accessible for some reason other than whether Nurmi considered them relevant which tells me he never saw these. I got the impression that it was a “glitch” issue. My question is based on whether these pictures of her and her sister, which would be ABSOLUTE PROOF of her innocence in the burglary would be considered “new evidence” by an appellate court since they were not accessible at the time of trial. We need some legal advice from somebody who knows AZ appellate law. If these pictures are ruled out, Jodi’s sister would have to testify to this to introduce the trip into evidence. The pictures could then be leaked to the media??

          We all agree that the scene investigation as well as the forensics were sloppy as the laptop contents shows. We will always be skeptical of the two roommates statements about the scene. Human decomposition is UNMISTAKABLE!!!!!!!!! CSI’s and detectives have said this for years. You will never forget that smell. I don’t care what the AC is. It was downright horrible after FIVE DAYS!!! I do believe that the Mormon group tried to cover some of this and the rest was just sloppy forensic work.

  27. R. Love You are amazing…..thanks for seeing truth. Now this mental question concerning Her…..look in the mirror WORLD! Then ask just who has the problem, Certain folks who claim faith would send one to death row for lying. As for bad judgement just look to the courts in az. and MOST other states. Is it a mistake to fall in love with a CONman….as that who he was and do You ever see any abuser ALONE? These things have a way with women..or how would they ever have a chance to be with them and thus abuse them. The real question is how can this shame of a trial ever stand on appeal. Think of all the things the state had to do for the win…at any cost….and it seems many who claim to believe in justice could care less. Both juries could care less about the facts. When i hear a lawyer and a former prosecutor tell the audience on the view that She has faith in juries I must wonder. WHEN THAT IS?….when She won. I only have faith in FACTS not the minds of NOBODIES!…who seem not willing to be finders of facts. Imagine any in America being on two capital cases…that does say it all…..on the need for the system to win at all costs! We must never forget that the jury must never have a last say……ever hear of judges who sit on appeals as they crush the verdicts. As for pardons meaning one is guilty if accepted…what logic is that? A pardon is to undo a wrong or it is far worse then the crime. What will end this nightmare is COMMON SENSE…..and that can and will be found in the facts. What happened BEFORE that day means very little…BECAUSE many women are beaten senseless and do nothing as some are beaten only once and ACT! What matters is did She defend Herself from Her abuser…????? Well then seeing this man was a trained fighter and very fit and very violent to all in many ways…one must ask where are all these defensive wounds on any part of his body. Very small cuts on the hands mean nothing. Look at these wounds then close Your hand to a fist and see her truth. Who in fear of their life stands in front of any mirror….and had to go into the bathroom further to do that. That sounds like a person in CONTROL! Ever wonder why the state wanted to talk about everything other then that day? Did She only live to murder him from the get go….other then him using his faith to USE Her. mr.
    have book of mormon will travel…..see the rats book and the photo of that book on his car seat…was that photo even REAL or was t-dog that CREEPY? To Me any with a sound mine reviewing this case would ask……WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? If one did not know who was on trial one would think it was some despotic world leader…hitler?????as some rather idiot of a just a good guy did say! I have seen other claim She must never be allowed to go free because She killed…..yet see certain videos and back the killers to the max…because they wear BLUE ( LIE most wear BLACK! and have this need for a POLICE patch on their front and back….ever see the military do that ANYWHERE?) This Thank You for Your service…..B.S……odd how Vets get a thank you and then end up HOMELESS as the Congress cuts funding to the bone. Most could care less about the military until they need them…I served and got paid…keep Your thanks to yourself…or better yet …JOIN UP! In Our societies We have a lot of killers roaming the streets…..or in places of power. Yet let one woman fight back and some have this need to lynch Her. If one believes in justice then one must back Her no mater how long or the cost…this fight is about Her and JUSTICE…no game as some may think. When ever I hear a man say I fear Her ,I wonder WHY…is this man an abuser or a user or both. Look around and tell Me how many gangs of young women roaming the streets preying on young men……but if one believes the haters then the poor boys must be saved by these evil women. Is there even one …home in N. America for abused men?????? Yes women can be the abuser but to say they are equal or far worse then men…shows one ‘s lack of truth. The only wounds that are on t-dogs body are ones of KEEP AWAY…..and if he had then he would still be here to …ABUSE as it seemed his way of controlling others . For once We need the system to own their CRIMES in this show trial.

    • Ha! Thanks Wayne! I’ve always believed TA’s business associates and church member friends were extremely disturbing and not trustworthy.

  28. Hey Everybody,

    I had to cut/paste this comment from “AZ Double Standards” thread. SJ’s response was right after it and perfect. I think these are the female types that Justus and Wayne have been talking about. The second line is what I am talking about. All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “I loved Travis Alexander. I believe he hated Jodi arias because (s)he tried to expose him as a pedophile.
    Even if he had sex with younger guys, it was strictly consensual.”

    • … and my reply:

      Hi Layla,
      Yes… consensual sex with a child… I’d forgotten that was legal for Mormons.
      Thanks for the reminder 🙂
      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  29. CONSENSUAL….with a child…how some have this need to protect the church and so called men of faith…….more morons or idiots or ABUSERS…children should do a LORD of the Flies on such monsters…but then in most states they might end up om
    n death row…seems adults have more rights then any child…as women seem to have. pity the poor abuser for it knows what it has done as it’s friends make up lies or excuses for such things. Then off to church they do go to PREY!

  30. Please view Kesha singing PRAYING….then imagine Jodi singing that song….I do and I must ask how does any system abuse any defendant…how does such a think ever happen in a trial? We owe a fair trial to any and all no matter what any mob thinks.America was born of abuse by a stronger power… that’s what powerful people do more often then not…ABUSE others! That why one must stand up when faced with such evil. When it comes to guilt Hers was falling in love with Her abuser….more common then most think. Have any ever seen abusers alone??? Not to often as they have this skill at luring others in. So easy to put the blame on the woman as most love to do…..but why not the abuser who is a so called man.Our society thinks it is so wonderful that men can have their way with women…We praise them as real men…players…and the like…but in fact they are the weakest of the weak. As some have a need to abuse children some have a need to justify that… much for protecting Our society from monsters who use faith to do their evil deeds. We must pray for justice and WORK for it…for all! On that day the only thing that happened was an abuser died as a SURVIVOR was born……in keeping him away She killed him…now imagine how many times he attacked Her as he got all them wounds. Are any really showing how he was defending his self????? All the wounds were to only trying to stop him…..but then any man who embraces WRATH and VIOLENCE is not easy to stop. How many times did She plea with him to calm down and allow Her to help him…..well it may have been more then 3 times as We know from evidence it was 3…..remember he look into the mirror……then after he grabbed Her and She fought him off from the bear hug…and then as he lay on the floor only to rise up to continue his attack…they were all over that room from one end to another. If She was the attacker it would have ended much sooner…..then 62 sec.s which in such fights is a very long time. Folks as t-dog love the win at ANY cost…that’s how these so called men think…..and what often dooms them. I know I was not there…but that only She knows…well any who have faced an attacker as She have memory problems too…talk to any vet….”fuck man I was trying to stay alive” is what You’ll hear. Look to the scene for Her truth…it is loud n clear. 3 times overkill…..well it seems all his fatal wounds were not fatal…..head shot NO WAY!…nick to vena cava NO WAY! and only one side of the neck was slashed meaning the blood flow to his brain that was not pierced was still ongoing……but after all the attacks what would any do but just wonder what was next from such a madman. Odd how a jury missed that…but then they never cared about Her truth…from the stand that can be backed up…..unlike any of the states so called truth…that needs to change as they see fit……for the win…Her guilt was never in doubt…this from a judge …BEFORE TRIAL! An appeals judge at that! This is the evil She faced from the get go. So as I pray that justice finds Her I work to make that happen…this nightmare of injustice must be overturned and She must be given FREEDOM. No trial as this must stand as it puts all at risk.Step up and right a wrong for Her and all.

    • I also thought of Jodi the first time I heard the Praying song by Kesha. Jodi was definitely taken advantage of by the Arizona Justice system, and the LDS church. She was up against a prosecutor fighting to make a name for himself at whatever it cost. He had no respect for the truth or justice. He was willing to withhold evidence and also damage material evidence that was in his position. Camera, Computer and etc. Fame and Fortune was his goal. Put him up against someone who was either on the take or simply one of the most self-centered excuses for an attorney that has ever been witnessed. At times he appeared to be busy defending Jodi but when the truth came out he was just as bad as Martinez. The two performed the craziest and weirdest 3-ring circus of a trial that has ever been. . .imo. I suppose they are BFF. The family and friends performance was pathetic, fake and obviously a distraction for the blinded and brainwashed jury. I thank the Lord for that one who was brave enough to stand up against them. I agree it is past time for Jodi Arias to receive her freedom. She is NOT a danger to society, in fact imo, she deserves to be highly respected for saving many other women and children that TA would have abused. Jodi was never in any trouble before she became in contact with TA, his business acquaintances and those shady scamming friends. The injustices she has had to endure are wrong, unlawful and unjust. Self Defense is not a crime. Tampering, Withholding, Deleting evidence is a crime. It is time for the Officers of the Law who are guilty of this circus to be in jail. ARIZONA NEEDS TO SET JODI ARIAS FREE NOW!!!

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