Juror Questions from Day 29

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Here are the juror questions Jodi answered from Day 29 (March 7th). Thanks again to Patty for putting the list together!

Team Jodi

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1a.Several times while testifying about the abuse by TA, you’ve made comments like “as I understand it now” and “I’ve come to realize”. How has this realization come about?
1b. Were individuals involved in helping you come to these realization?
1c.Tell us who they are and what their professions may be.
1d. You were recalling times of memory loss with TA. How is it possible you remember such details from those days if you had a foggy memory?

2. Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?
3. Did Travis’ roommates ever hear these altercations to your knowledge? To your knowledge, did anyone else hear your altercations?
4. You have testified about several incidents where TA was physical to you. Were you ever physical to TA besides when you killed him?
5. Would you consider the event when Travis choked you a stressful event? If yes, why do you recall the event so clearly?
6. In the moments of stress or fog, how do you recall what happens in those moments if it effects your memory?
7. Why were you afraid of the consequences if you killed Travis in self-defense?
8. What happened to the gas cans after the road trip in June of 2008?
9. Regarding shaking, memory, foggy reaction: Do you always have a reaction as you described when someone corrects or challenges you? Is this the same reaction you have when someone yells or raises their voice at you? Have you ever had any situations where you have raised your voice?
10. You mentioned the pain of sex is one of the reasons you brought KY into the relationship. What are the other reasons?
11. During these altercations, why didn’t you just scream in hopes that someone would hear you and come help you?
12. What was the date and time stamped on Ex164?
13. If you were scared of what TA was capable of doing, why would you ever allow him to tie you up?
14. Was Travis tied up at any point 6/4/08?
15. Do you recall any of the injuries on TA w/out look at photos?
16. You said the reason you didn’t write negative things in your journal because you thought Travis would read it. Is that correct? If that is the case, why were you okay with leaving an entry in your journal that said TA would be angry at you for going to Rachel’s house? Why was it okay to write about TA making you sad/happy or miserable?
17. After you snatched the gun off the shelf, did you do anything to the gun such as cock it, manipulate t he slide, etc prior to it going off? Had you ever had any firearms training, or fire a 25 caliber pistol prior to this event?
18. How far away from you was Travis when the gun went off? Not when he lunged, but when the gun went off?
19. You stated you remember throwing the gun into the desert, but do you remember what happened to the box? What about the holster? Did he keep ammo?
20. If TA lunged at you, why didn’t you just move to the side out of his way?
21. You remember dropping the knife and screaming but don’t remember taking the gun or rope with you. Is that correct?
22. You are stating you believe you stabbed TA based on logic. How do you explain the bloody hands and clothing, and the palm print on the wall?
23. If you were kneeling when you dropped the camera, how did it roll as far as it did?
24. Was TA sitting down when you dropped the camera?
25. How did his anger escalate after you shot him?
26. Was he chasing you after you shot him in the head?
27. When you purchased gas at Arco in Pasadena, why didn’t you fill everything at the pump? Why three separate transactions?
28. During testimony about the abuse by TA, you made comments like as I see it now, etc. Have you utilized professional help?
29. Did you enjoy having sex w/Travis? Did he force you to do things you didn’t want to do?
30. Why did you take so long to tell the truth?
31. How many times did you try to kill yourself?
32. Would you decide to tell the truth if you never got arrested?
33. You said one of your worst fears was for everyone to find out what was going on in your relationship. Then why would you talk to 48 hours or other news shows?
34. You stated in the interview w/Flores that TA liked to shave the old fashioned way. This would indicate a straight razor. Did TA have or use one?
35. In testimony on 3/5/13, you mentioned filling a 3rd gas can. When and where did you get this can?
36. Why didn’t you just run out instead of grabbing the gun in the closet?
37. You said when the gun went off you weren’t sure you shot Travis, so when you came out of the fog in Utah, why didn’t you call 911 to get him help?
38. Why would you hypothesize about a third gas can?
39. You stated you didn’t get professional help when dealing with your issues, yet yesterday you mentioned you talked to a psychiatrist about the issues with Travis.
40. You say you waited two years to tell the truth because you were ashamed. Does that mean you are no longer ashamed?
41. In the story of a man and woman attacking Travis you mentioned talking to him. You also mentioned Travis being on all fours. Do you recall any of those things?
42. You claimed that everything happened so fast you didn’t have time to think, so how did you think to grab the gun?
43. How can you say you don’t have memory issues if you can’t remember stabbing him so many times and slashing his throat?
44. Did Mr. Martinez make you shake during your testimony? If so please estimate a number of times this happened during this trial.
45. After all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now?
46. What happened to the suicide letters you wrote to your grandmother?
47. she called me and this site bad names i deleted it, duh… TA lovers are so evil.
48. How could you kiss another man when you knew what you just did to Travis?
49. Were you in the fog when you were kissing Ryan?
50. Would you agree that you came away from the 6/4/08 incident relatively unscathed, while Travis had multiple stab wounds and a gun shot?


  1. 35. In testimony on 3/5/13, you mentioned filling a 3rd gas can. When and where did you get this can?
    38. Why would you hypothesize about a third gas can?

    My opinion is that these questions are by the same juror who is having trouble following the testimony, not to mention Kermit doesn’t help matters by the way he leads and basically tells Jodi what she did and adds a “right” to the end of it, expecting her to affirm what he just claimed.

    If people can convict someone of premeditated murder based on gas cans, then I know there is something messed up in this world. None of the of the jury are psychic, that we know of, they are like the rest of us and trying to make sense out of things by using our own lives to interpret it.

    What the can gas juror is missing is the BIG picture as many of us have said here…if she were going to premeditate murder she would have shot him in his sleep…

    • Bee Cee Is this normal ? Are these questions normal? I feel like they are so off track, redundant, and often just ridic (Ky questions.)

      I just feel sick that the judge allowed them.

      • Normal is relative I guess. i wouldn’t know.

        Also, one can’t tell tone of voice by written comments, so that is another issue.

        • I feel or hope that the dumber questions are all coming from one juror, and the rest of these jurors can clue him / her in when they deliberate. “Why would you hypothesize about a gas can?” ??????????????????????????????? Because the dumb a$$ made me.

    • You would think that the fact they live in Arizona that common sense would prevail re the gas cans. There are so many lonely stretches of road in the western United States.

      Jodi left an ample paper trail on top of that. She wouldn’t have left a paper trail AT ALL if she planned on confronting and killing Travis.

      • That’s why I believe she was in a fog. The whole saving of receipts while verbally covering things up.

        • Following Travis’s death, Jodi was able to interact with certain individuals and move about effectively while having extremely conflicted feelings about nearly everything in her life, and for life in general. She has stated over and over that she had no intention of killing Travis, ever. So after she came to the conclusion that she had, while simultaneously having an incomplete memory of the event, she could not put together a cohesive narrative to explain the tragedy, even to herself. The thought of having to mount a defense by elucidating the offensive aspects of Travis’s behavior that had hurt and frightened her to death was anathema to Jodi Arias. She has repeatedly testified to this as a reason for lying.

          The crippling confusion that overtook Jodi would emanate from the incomprehensible fact that Travis was dead after she 1) had never intended to pull the trigger on the .25 and 2) could not remember stabbing him. She said that the memory of screaming and dropping the knife came later.

          Taking the position that she had fought Travis defensively would obviously have obligated Jodi to explain her actions, actions that she did not and still does not completely recall. The last memory she had of Travis was unthinkable: She remembered fearing for her life. It also appears that she has survivor guilt because she accepts that she willingly engaged in an abusive relationship with Travis and asserts that for a long while after his life ended, she considered ending her own.

          Jodi did not think to completely cover her tracks because she never considered that she had created clandestine tracks in the first place – hence she kept the receipts from her trip. Jodi’s lying, in the context that has emerged through court testimony and evidence, demonstrates no ill intent for Travis before the fact of his death, rather tender feelings for him that persist still. Her tentativeness in mentioning anything negative about Travis Alexander in testimony and her obvious remorse cannot be unnoticed by the jurors.

          Finally, as one witnesses this trial, one has to wonder – where is Jodi’s malice toward Travis? Where is the evidence of any such feeling toward him that would lead her to take steps toward the premeditation with which she is charged? I don’t see it.

    • I once took a long road trip when I was young and took a new car water pump with me. My car was making a funny sound..the mechanic said it could be the pump going bad…so I bought one and took it. Just so if I did break down, no garage would charge me an arm and a leg for a new one while I was in a desperate position. Or that I’d be stuck in a strange place while they had to order one. When I made it back from my trip with no problems…I returned the pump for a refund.
      Jodi taking extra gas makes perfect sense to me. She was a young woman alone… on the road.

      • OK, fine…but your water pump did not have you riding in a car that STUNK like gasoline, with you breathing those fumes. Trust me, in a closed car, a gas can is going to stink. Three of them are going to surely fail the sniff test, and if you can smell it, what you’re inhaling is not a good thing for you. If you’ ever in your life owned an old VW with a leaky fuel system, you know what I mean. Driving across country with three cans full of gasoline would NOT be a pleasant experience.

        • really? I brought a gas can in the trunk once to fill up a friend’s car and couldn’t smell a thing.

        • I had a friend in high school that had a VW Bug. You could smell everything in that bucket. A leaky gas system is not the same as a closed up ..”.not leaking” gas can.

    • I would caution against reading too much into the juror questions. The majority of them are things I’d love to ask her myself, yet I believe she acted in self-defense (certainly morally, if not legally).

      Over the course of her testimony, I’ve come to believe her testimony is substantially true. And yet I’d still love to ask her: How can we believe you now? Because the reasons I have for believing her are subjective and I liked getting an answer to that.

      This is the trouble with juror questions. They shouldn’t be allowed. They influence the attorneys and — more importantly — they can influence the jury. Jurors can’t discuss the case with each other and they might make assumptions from the questions about how their fellow jurors are perceiving the case. That’s anathema. Juror questions should not be permitted.

      Another thing to keep in mind is that questions –any questions about anything — are, by definition, skeptical. Their questions of previous witnesses have shown skepticism too, but that doesn’t mean a thing about how they perceived those witnesses either. It’s hard to ask a question at all that doesn’t demonstrate some skepticism — questions are an indicator of intellectual curiosity.

      And a final factor (yet another reason I believe juror questions should not be allowed): Some people will ask them just because they can, because they feel they’re “supposed” to. Generally jurors take their job very seriously and if submitting questions is an option they may feel submitting some is a matter of being thorough.

      Some of those questions may have been submitted and then later answered in testimony. I’ve had a LOT of questions that came around to be answered over the course of testimony. By the time they got to the jurors’ questions, some of them may no longer have been a question for the juror who submitted them.

      Don’t read too much into them and I would say, don’t bash the questions. I thought most of them were quite good. I’d have asked many of them myself if I could sit down over coffee with Jodi Arias.

    • Yet one more reason jurors should not be allowed to ask questions: They don’t know how to word them to avoid objections — sometimes from both sides! With a lot of these questions, it’s so clear they’re looking for an explanation, but because they didn’t specifically word it that way, it gets objected to for scope if she tries to answer. Very annoying to watch.

      Then her attorney will have to ask her follow-up questions to get at those things and…..really, I’m kinda ready for her to be done and move on. I’m sure not nearly as ready as SHE is to be done, but still….this is getting old. Let’s see someone else on the stand already!

      • Oh gees, I totally disagree. I see your point, but without the juror questions, a lot of the little man’s BS would probably have been taken as fact. She had an opportunity to correct some of the yes/no answers he boxed her in with, AND some of the questions from the jury have opened the door to allowing further evidence to come in, such as the suicide letters. I have to admit, even I wasn’t taking her mention of suicide seriously until I saw that huge stack of letters.”were you ever aware of TA having a violent past, or trouble with the law?”
        Bingo – maybe that’s when his criminal record can come in, depending on her answer.
        This is just me speculating on what I’ve noticed as far as to how Nurmi was suddenly able to bring up the suicide letters.

  2. SJ,

    You are very welcome, I owe it all to the Jurors who asked the questions…My pleasure ;).
    I found what I was looking for please read. I wish NURMI would see this!!
    OK LOOK, I found it, from TA’s own blog the following;

    I remember my mother emptying a revolver on the car my father was driving and my father subsequently taking an axe to my mother’s belongings and destroying them. I remember being on the other side of the front door when my father kicked it down. The police were called that time along with many others, but I knew what had to be said and knew they would leave us to more of the same. I remember the day I came to the conclusion there was a God. I was 6. I screamed as loud as I could all day long for my near by grand mother to get me and take me for the weekend.

    Since it was he and his sisters at home, maybe when his mother died, he got that gun!! He calls it a REVOLVER!!
    Here is the link, I told y’all about this. Oh I home Nurmi sees this!!

    • Patty, that post you shared makes me wonder if he could have inherited his father’s temper. Sounds like his father had a mean one.

      If Jodi could describe the gun then we might know if it were a revolver or a semiautomatic.

        • Caliber refers to the internal size of the inside of a gun barrel. A .25 caliber handgun is very small, isn’t very powerful, has almost NO perceptible “kick”, and is relatively quiet when fired. .25 caliber bullets are small, both in diameter (a tad smaller than a pencil eraser) and length (normally about 1/2-3/4″); they aren’t very much larger than the average size lead pellet.

          • Wow, that 1st sentence was redundant; sorry! Take either ‘internal” or “inside” out of the sentence and it’s correct. =)

            FYI: I’ve shot plenty of handguns in my day. I’m 5’2″ and approx 112lbs, and I would refer to a .25 caliber gun as a “pea shooter” (and only good for shooting mice, very small birds, and maybe squirrels). Most Airsoft pistols are more powerful.

            • >Most Airsoft pistols are more powerful.

              This is not true. The muzzle velocity of a 0.25 caliber bullet is much greater than that of an bb gun or sirsoft pistol. This 0.25 caliber bullet penetrated through TA’s skull and into his brain. No bb gun can do that. JFK was killed with a .30 caliber bullet which is only slightly larger in diameter than a 0.25 caliber bullet. Make no mistake – a 0.25 caliber pistol can kill someone especially when fired a close range.

  3. If not inherited, certainly learned.
    Sounds like they had a terrible childhood by all accounts.

    Some people learn from it, some repeat it.

    • I think alot of times kids say growing up …. “i’m never going to be like mom or dad” for whatever reasons they may have.

      Then as adults they unknowingly exhibit the same behaviors whether learned or inherited .. and have that moment when they stop and realize they had acted just the same.

      A song comes to mind … Cats In The Cradle ….

      “He’d Grown Up Just Like Me”

        • I think Jodi started to touch on that yesterday and JM objected, didn’t catch what happened after that, not sure if they discussed it, but i think if it can be brought in and talked about it would certainly lend credibility to her story of TA owning a gun and prove or at least cast doubts about the whole “Grandpa’s Gun” story.

        • Sorry, but a REVOLVER does not eject the empty cartridge each time you pull the trigger like a 25 semiauto does. I can’t remember ever seeing a 25 caliber REVOLVER. 25 is a caliber that I’ve only seen in slide top semiautos that eject every fired shell casing. The only way an empty REVOLVER casing would be at this crime scene would be if the shooter fired, then had time to break the action open and kick out the empty casing. That, of course, did not happen.

  4. Forgive me for posting this again. I am easily distracted and didn’t realize what day I was posting to. I have ADD:)

    Maggie says:
    March 8, 2013 at 9:39 am
    Absolutely, Phillip. It could not be clearer, at least to me, that most of the jury’s questions are efforts to clarify the convoluted mishmash of Juan “Desparado” Martinez’ histrionic, misogynistic, illogical, chauvinistic rantings. But that’s just me:)

    I also think the juxtaposition of Nurmi, the gentle giant, against this brute, even further disturbs the jury, at least the ones with blood flowing through their veins.

    I must now go and rip apart (figuratively) last night’s Dr. Drew episode for the slanderous, pathetic excuse for a ….God…I can’t even think what to call it….

    (In case no one has said it lately to all you thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate, insightful, and probably good-looking people here, YOU ROCK!)

    (We’re at 173!)

  5. Great job on the list, Patty; thanks so much!!!

    Okay, just some quick comments:

    4… The wording of the end of that question bothers me a LOT.
    5… This juror is NOT paying attention AT ALL… Jodi has said multiple times that the “memory problems” or blackouts NEVER happened prior to 6/4/08 (except twice in her teens, relating to alcohol blackouts).
    7… Ummm, who WOULDN’T be afraid in that situation, especially such a hyper-sensitive abused woman who’d never been in legal trouble a day in her life? Turn on a vast majority of movies, tv shows, and news reports; YOU’D be afraid, too!
    8… OMG, gas cans, gas cans! Leave the poor gas cans alone; they were moved into witness protection and relocated to a sunny beach in Mexico in 2009.
    10… Hmmm, let’s see… Probably because with Travis’s obsession with anal sex, neither vaseline nor good ‘ol spit (*shudder*) were making it hurt less.
    20… Please tell me you aren’t serious… This question HAS to be a damn joke.
    21… This question sounds awfully familiar. Oh, I remember! Allow me to Martinez this question correctly: “Ma’am, you remember dropping the knife and screaming but don’t remember taking the gun or rope with you, right? Is that correct, yes or no?” Oh Brother…
    22… Since when are “Scientific Facts” and “Logic” mutually exclusive???
    23… Did you not look when she physically held her hands/arms apart to demonstrate just how “far” they were from each other just a couple hours before you submitted this question, Juror?
    25… Objection; asked and answered multiple, multiple times. Sustained.
    26… See #25 above ^
    36.. See #’s 25 & 26 ^^
    39… This isn’t even a question.
    42… Survival instinct kicked in – Fight or Flight.
    50… Travis got the losing end of the Physical side; Jodi got the losing end of the Physical AND Emotional sides.

    Seriously, I think some of these jurors must be asleep during most of the testimony and some of them were WAAAYYY shortchanged in the common sense department! I’m sorry if that sounds rude or mean; I don’t intend it to be – I just can’t help but feel that way reading some of these questions; it’s so frustrating to hear them asking the exact same questions that have been discussed over and over again at length. It makes me feel like some of them either don’t care or aren’t paying attention or both, which means Jodi isn’t getting a ‘fair’ trial by this jury of her peers.

    There are several wonderfully astute and relevant questions in this batch, however, and I’m so glad to see that at lease SOME of the jurors are taking this seriously and *seem to be* more on Jodi’s side.

    • Ashley I adore your post!!!!couldnt agree more and if i had to comment on these questions I would be angrier and more sarcastic than that!! Honestly?Some questions seem STUPID and as if coming from illiterate people!And I dont care if sm may disagree with me(yes,Ive never been a juror before in my life,I havent worked in a law firm,I havent studied law)but my oh my,a uestion like ”Why did you go for the gun if everything happened so fast” is absolutely laughable!!!it’s like some people dont even know that there are basic human instincts such as the instinct of survival!I’m really mad at some of the jurors who should have paid more attention to her testimony since they are the ones that will be called to decide on her life!

  6. A lot of those questions look like they were gleaned from watching television “reports.” Pretty disturbing.

    BTW, lying to Detective Flores and giving television interviews are not proof of premeditation. THAT is the issue. She is not being tried for having been a liar.

    • Your second paragraph hit the nail on the head. Her honesty is not on trial. Martinez would say if they can prove she lied at various times, then it will prove she lied about the day of the killing. That is illogical logic. He could prove that not once in her life has she ever uttered the truth but spoken only lies, and he STILL has not proved that she planned the killing in advance.

      The only way to prove that she planned the killing in advance is to prove that she planned the killing in advance.

      Your first paragraph disturbs me, too. Not because I’m worried that any jurors are keeping up with the Media reports during the trial, but because they were all inundated with the Media reports BEFORE THE TRIAL EVEN STARTED. There should have been a sequestered jury and a change of venue. I believe that in a capital murder trial, these two should be automatic by law.

  7. Everyone seems so focused on Jodi lied. Of course she did. He’s dead…she is responsible…she lied. Nobody is paying any attention that Travis’ life was a lie. He wasn’t just a member of the church…he was a temple leader. He could even baptize people into the faith…as he did Jodi. Yet he was breaking all the church doctrine and still pretending to be saintly. Had the church known this, he would have been dismissed from the faith. Having twisted kinky sex and taking nude photos and video which is essentially porn…..and had her helping him hide it all. So who’s the big liar here.

    • I totally see your point Skywriter.YET,TA is not on the stand.This trial is not about his character,he’s the victim here remember.It’s Jodi who’s on trial and of course every aspect of her life is going to be scrutinized.What should bother us is that she lied when she wasNT under oath!Till Kermit brings CONCLUSIVE evidence that she lied on the stand I refused to be sucked in that sick mentality that a lot of people as unfortunately some of the jurors too seem to have,meaning if she lied back then she’s lying now too!

      • Oh sorry,forgot to add that although TA ‘s character is not on trial per se,his actions and the way they affected Jodi and probablly led to the killing should of course be taken into serious consideration and that’s what the defense has tried to do so far.

  8. People want to know why Jodi “lied” about her involvement in the killing. They say, “If it was self defense, that means you’re not guilty. Why not just call the police?” Here’s the answer.

    Based on what I know about the murder scene and Jodi’s physical body, there were no signs that there was abuse, that he was beating her and she was trying to defend herself. Of course, the fact that he was twice her size and was enraged and said, “Fucking kill you, bitch!” is enough to warrant any necessary self-defense action. But none of that could be “seen.” It was her word against a dead man’s.

    So there’s Jodi in the middle of the mess, trying to figure out what to do. If she had been beaten and bruised, if the house had been torn up, if Travis was drunk off his ass (like he was the night of the phone sex call) – if Jodi called the cops out to a scene like that, there would be no major problem. But she would be calling the cops to a scene in which the only person who appeared to be abused was Travis.

    Her thought: They’re not going to believe me. I’ve seen enough TV and movies to know how the law works. Now, I know (still her thinking) that what I did was justified, and there’s nothing anybody can do now to reverse what has happened. Travis will be dead whether I say I don’t know who did it, two people broke in and did it, I did it, Big Bird did it or a Mormon bishop did it. He’s dead, either way, and I don’t deserve to possibly end up in jail over it. So I’ll split.

    Her first story, about not being there, was dumb on her part, but she was obviously scared and frazzled. When that didn’t work, she came up with the story of the man and the woman. I don’t know how long Nurmi and Jennifer have been on the case, but either they or another attorney or somebody with a lot of knowledge on how murder trials work likely told her if you stick with Story #2, you’ll end up on death row. But if you tell the truth and plead self defense, you have a chance.

    In Jodi’s head, she’s like, Shit! What a bunch of crap! What a big, damn mess. But I’ll confess and go with self defense.

    Because Jodi isn’t a lawyer, she wasn’t aware, right after the killing, that she would definitely have a chance in court – regardless of the crime scene. So she lied. She knows now that that wasn’t necessary. She knows now that the prosecution has to prove that she planned the killing, and so far it’s not doing a very good job of it.

    • Thank you for pointing out Travis was not sober in the phone call. He definitely had something in him because he was slurring his speech and talking like someone on some kind of downer…maybe even drugs.

    • Oh and let’s not forget he was a temple leader. She probably thought her word of self defense against a “temple leader”..would not work. She had hidden all his dirty little secrets for him and who would believe her…she had hidden the abuse he did to her…so where was her proof. Seems to me like Travis was the manipulator….and the liar here.

      • The point you make here is among the most powerful made on this site in regards to this element of the case. I had never thought of that, but you’re right: Jodi hid the real Travis from everybody, so now we have a temple leader dead, and we all know temple leaders don’t abuse their girlfriends and threaten to kill them and give them cream pies. This point in itself is enough to fully explain why she lied.

        • I know the defense is careful not to blame Travis….but I hope they find a way to point this out to the jury in the end.
          Travis’ whole life was a lie….and she hid that for him. As Travis told her..”It’s ok with the religious doctrine to have anal sex…or sex under water in the tub.”
          Religion is a very powerful thing and Travis was a temple leader. It sounds to me like he twisted it in order to do as he wanted. What does that say about his character? Jodi was new to this religion and very much a student. In a sense, Travis taught her to lie and hide things … or twist it to make yourself right. Who knows how twisted up he had her mind.
          Everyone is so quick to blame her because she lied…… but for crying out loud he had her lying and hiding his twisted sex life to everyone so he could still play saint. So who was really lying here? Travis.

          • AND they want to make her out as nothing but a “LIAR”. When in all of the other witnesses never said that she lied to them. She evidently started the lying to protect Travis.

  9. That his how I feel she is in court on the stand for being a LIAR.

    We know she lied tho she explained that an said it was all BS before
    to save bringing out all the things that would make Travis look bad.
    To save his friends an family from hearing it all thew whole truth.

    My problem is people are trying to put all that Days events together
    by GUESSING SUPPOSING an What If’ing it all……?

    If she can’t remember from the time she shot him an he fell on
    her an maybe remembers dropping the knife in the bathroom?

    How do I know she was not unconscious for a period of time herself?

    After a struggle like that Travis is famous for his HIGH GIRLISH KICKS (hence
    the cuts to the bottom of his feet)

    You can see them in that ED SNELL video in UTUBE. HE does not talk
    like a VIRGIN at all. His joking around as ED SNELL has a lot of sexual
    jokes in it which proves he is far from being any kind of INNOCENT SAINT.

    He is defiantly homo phobic by comments I found on pages in my space
    he made to guy friends a lot of homo comments I guess in joking but I find
    it odd. Especially the song the friend sent about Travis hunting young men?
    the night before Christmas on the streets.

    There is more to this story I don’t know what it is but it is from the time she
    shot Travis until she is out in the desert out of the FOG state. An the WED
    THUR FRI SAT SUN AN MONDAY when he was finally FOUND 5 days he laid
    dead? a POPULAR GUY a MORMON MISSED CHURCH? The 911 call so
    calm an collective over a DEATH LIKE THAT?

    How do I know someone is not framing her? for more than she really did
    to Travis? How do I know the people of TRAVIS really hate her I have heard
    it an seen it in their constant interviews coming up daily now.

    If JODI herself is not sure about all the stabs an slashes how can I be
    sure JODI even did all that?

    The gas cans? why would she LIE about a stupid gas can being returned
    to Wal-Mart I don’t get that either? JM is trying to prove I guess that she in
    fact filled them up in SLC an went straight to MESA? for premeditation I guess
    I don’t know how that will work tho?

    Are there not phone calls between them
    an texts from the day or previous day of her coming to MESA? or toward that

    I don’t know I know the public is trying to say it was a ambush? hardly
    can be with photos of them having sex all day an that is clear the genitals
    are so RED an SWOLLEN for not just some regular sex but some actual
    pretty long day of it that seems pretty clear to me. So they say then a ambush
    in the shower? I just don’t believe that tho. SO therefore I am a idiot an believe
    a liar is what I am told. Is this what the jury hears too? or do they have to
    believe with no doubt it was all planned out to go to Mesa an MURDER TRAVIS?

    I do not believe that? so I am praying to GOD ABOVE one juror is on my side
    an thinks just as I think an says no way there is something wrong with the
    whole day an story. It was self defense an that is that.

    I find it odd also someone that was so in love at one time the did not really
    go to the family’s of each others much for dinners an introductions etc.
    That is the FIRST CLUE with a man/woman if they have NO INTEREST in meeting
    your FAMILY an vice versa unless you are estranged from family is the only
    reason I can see not to show off your new gf or bf at the time.

  10. Rhonda ,
    I so much agree with what you posted,

    “How do I know someone is not framing her? for more than she really did
    to Travis? How do I know the people of TRAVIS really hate her I have heard
    it an seen it in their constant interviews coming up daily now.”

    This is the only common sense answer I can even get in my mind.

  11. Ive been going over these questions and again and again and just feel like tearing my hair ouT people!!! I also think it is insane this jury has not been sequestered. How did that decision even come about? Did her defense need to agree? Did they try to get the jury sequestered? Does anyone know, or a change of venue? It would have been up to her attorneys to do that, no one else. I know Nurmi has been on the case for years because I know he twice tried to get out of defending her. The judge did not allow him to though.

    I think the framing idea is just to out there and I agree with others that if there was someone Jodi was protecting she would have said a LONG long time ago.

    Sorry for any misspellings im on a terror!!!!! I feel like Sean Boy, isnt there anyone that has seen Jodi’s bruises, heard her fear of Travis? What about Angela??? She said she talked to Angela a lot about things like this. After watching this trial I dont think that its not that the jurors are missing anything or stupid, I feel like it comes down to simple fact they just think she is lying. About everything. I agree that her lies do not mean she is lying now at all, but there are so many problems with Jodi’s credibility because of her stupid mistakes in the beginning. She needs people to come forth on her behalf it is that simple. If the jurors are discounting what she says then they are saying they want corroboration. Where is it?? It HAS to be there somewhere. Travis used proxy servers. We KNOW that, so yeah porn would not maybe show up. But why didnt Nurmi in redirect clarify Lonnie Dworkin’s statement that there was porn on Travis’ computer when he said that to Martinez?? THAT was a huge mistake. I am getting mad at her defense in some areas. I think Jodi SHOULD have said when asked the question about would she have ever told truth if she hadn’t been arrested, should have said maybe something like she could not imagine ever keeping that in forever. But it was a hard question for her to answer. I think the defense CANNOT rest until they corroborate, corroborate, corroborate. I worry that they have discounted almost all of Jodi’s testimony and have decided that she is still lying to avoid Death Penalty. They see the lies instead of covering to avoid telling the truth about Travis as more about consciousness of guilt and trying to avoid arrest or DP. And if this is the case, they are seeing the defense, telling everything bad about Travis as more like blaming the victim. This is really really bad for Jodi. There is even the possibility they see her saying things like not wanting the truth to come out about Travis also as a lie so she wouldnt sound like an evil person. Like I said yesterday, because there seems to be no corroboration about Travis and pedophile claims, this should never have been brought up UNLESS, they had more proof. My worry is the hostility I read in some of those questions may be because they are angry at her for saying things about Travis they believe are untrue. They will be thinking all the time about the fact he has no opportunity to defend himself too. I think the jurors are having a hard time believing that no matter what if she was innocent or fighting in self defense, she would not have been thinking about all these other things and would have simply told the truth from the beginning if it was the truth. I wonder how many women do try and cover up, real, true self defense cases where they murder a spouse or Boyfriend because they are afraid like Jodi.

    Regarding the gun issue and Travis’ mom, Nurmi has already rested his direct with Jodi. That may be why the judge sustained Martinez’ objection to bringing up Travis’ mom and the gun. He does need to lay foundation for bringing this new information. He will need to do that by maybe subpoenaing Travis’ sister or brother or someone who knew Travis got his mom’s gun. That is the only way. It seems like a very hard thing to do though.

    Finally, in regards to 3rd gas can and why she would lie. I am scared the return may have been a lie, but not because Jodi premeditated the murder but more because she saw the writing on wall and evidence against her looked bad and she thought since she did NOT bring cans for reason the state says she did, she thought this could easily be addressed by just saying she returned it. I agree with many who have said it before, she should not have said she returned the 3rd gas can. She had a million other reasons she could have had it. But especially after talking with that regional manager at my local Walmart, I am seriously afraid JM has something he will be presenting. He won’t present it though until rebuttal because it will be through a new witness. Maybe a Walmart witness that will bring documentation. And, the problem with lying about the third gas can can go to premeditation because it goes with the bad luck she had with no trace through Arizona.

  12. Amelia,
    I just read your post and couldn’t agree more! I too, think this jury should have been sequestered. I also heard and then read, all of the questions they submitted and my heart sank with each one. ( a few weren’t too bad) But overall, the way I took it was just as you said, they don’t believe her. I know she tried to answer them as best she could, its probably very hard without having your atty to help you, its just you and the jury. A couple answers bothered me was when they asked her about coming to in the desert and if she knew something was wrong..her answer was “Oh crap, something bad just happened”….ughh….I REALLY wish she hadn’t said “Oh crap”, just a poor choice of words, but the jury might take this as a minimization of what had happened. The other one was about whether or not she would’ve told the truth about what happened if she hadn’t been charged/caught. She said she didn’t know. I felt she was being honest, but again, she needs to have the jury on her side! Especially now! If I were a juror that asked that and got that answer, I would be disturbed. She had testified that she lied for 2 years about it, but that she felt fraudulent and didnt want to hold it in anymore, but then she answered the question with I don’t know. Its very contradictory IMO.
    The whole gun issue is worrisome to me, if her defense thought they could trace that gun back to TA’s family, they would have. I hate to be so negative, I am just saying what I feel, but I don’t think the jury believes that was his gun. She had already testified that TA told her it was never loaded, and thats a problem since she ran and got it and pointed it at him. Why point an unloaded gun at the man who is trying to hurt you, especially if its his gun and you don’t think its loaded? Also the burglary of the same type gun a week prior looks bad for her. I noticed among all those questions that hardly any were about the gun, and that bothered me. Do they already have their minds made up about where it came from?? I expected more questions about the gun. It seems most questions are related to her memory issue and or the fog she testified to. That wouldnt bother me as much if they didnt have so many about it and the tone of them sometimes sounds accusatory.
    Finally, the gas cans. To me, and I said this yesterday, its HUGE. The State is trying to prove pre-med and they have very little to use to prove that. They are really pushing hard about these cans. It was odd to me previously, since they didn’t really go on and on about it as much as now. This whole testimony yesterday about that 3rd can got me worried as soon as it started. JM is somewhat easy to read, and when he is about to present something strong, he shows it in his voice and actions. I lost count of how many times he had her answer that she had 3 not 2 and she never budged. I think he was making a point for the jury, (see people, she said only 2) and kept asking about her return of the 3rd. I think he asked her at least 3 times if she actually returned it and she always said yes, and that she got cash back. His face almost lit up when he asked her if she would be surprised to know that Walmart has no record of her return. It makes me very nervous. I know some folks here think he is bluffing, and that is what alot of Pros. do, but I have a sick feeling he has found something from WalMart that shows otherwise. His goal the entire time has been to get her to lie on the stand, and if that happens, its all over. Guess we will just have to see what he does and says Wed. I wish they weren’t off Mon and Tues.

  13. What!??? I just read #47…”she called me and this site bad names”….who??? it was a juror question? Im confused.:(

  14. Anna,

    I think #47 was the transcriber just commenting and they did not get the correct question.

    In regards to the gas cans and JM yes, I see exactly what you saw. And the way JM kept saying after she would answer..”Oh..ok..” and just left it at that. Like he really is planning on doing something really big later with her responses to his questions.

    I think her sister Angela is going to need to be called by the defense. Jodi said that she told her sister things that had to do with frustration and boyfriends etc. I know the jury might still have problems with Angela’s credibility because what sister would not do anything they could to save their sister’s life? I think the defense is going to need to call anyone and everyone they can. I think Lonnie Dworkin needs to come back and talk about the porn he told Martinez in cross about.

    What do you think about this stuff about Travis and a prior criminal arrest for spousal/ex battery??? To me that is very big and needs to come in. I know there are laws that will protect certain things, like the fact that JM cannot talk about the letters he claims are not real. But I don’t know that seems very relevant to me.

  15. But actually, thinking about it, I don’t know if porn on Travis’ computer means anything. Unless it is really bad porn, suggestive, that backs up the kinds of allegations Jodi and her lawyer has made about Travis’ issues.

  16. Rhonda

    “He is defiantly homo phobic by comments I found on pages in my space
    he made to guy friends a lot of homo comments I guess in joking but I find
    it odd. Especially the song the friend sent about Travis hunting young men?
    the night before Christmas on the streets.”

    Some times I’ve noticed that those that are so outspoken about homosexuals, ARE
    themselves and they just don’t want to admit it publicly, like also when someone is caught having an affair,
    AND the most radical speaken out about it are doing the same themselves.

    When Jodi says she wanted to help him , I believe she thought that she could, and if that were the case, she knew they would never marry.

  17. You make a good point. I have thought that myself. Even in his blog he mentions how it’s odd that he’s 30 and all of his friends are married. Plus he preferred anal sex with Jodi. I think he was hiding more than we will ever know.

  18. This is just something I noticed about the questions. In some of the questions he is referred to as TA, and in others they refer to him as Travis. I wonder if the ones calling him by name are leaning towards a guilty verdict while the others are keeping it impersonal by calling him TA. When I refer to him I use his initials because it distances me from him. Using his name would make it too personal for me and I reserve using a person’s name for people I feel I have a connection to or am fond of. Maybe I am just reading too much into this but at this point the jury should be feeling very close to TA if they are having any empathy for him and having thoughts of Jody being guilty.

    Also, I thought they said on HLN that there were over 200 questions for Jody. (Yes I realize where I got this info and that its not reliable, lol)

  19. BevM

    I don’t think you can read anything in to that. My understanding is that the jurors questions always said Travis or Travis Alexander. Never just “TA”. I think thats just tanscriber transcribing but I could be wrong. I dont remember any question just saying “TA”. or did you mean difference between calling him “Tavis” or “Travis Alexander”. My feeling is whole tone of most questions were not towards believing Jodi and some were eve a bit mocking of her story. Thats just what I got. A few were good though, the ones that did not say “IF” in beginning but “When” Travis did this or that. I hope they stick to their guns if thats the case and fight for their belief in her and not get cowared by other jurors.

    • I was just going by the questions listed on this site. I thought if it was done by the transcriber it would have been consistently one or the other. Good point though about how the questions begin with “if” or “when.”

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