Juror Questions from Day 28

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Here are the juror questions Jodi answered from Day 28 (March 6th). Thanks to Patty for putting the list together!

Team Jodi

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1. Did TA pay for a majority of your trips?
2. If he did pay, was that a factor in you questioning his choices, ie sleeping arrangements?
3. Was it his money, his choices?
4. Why did you put the camera in the washer?
5. Did you ever take pics of yourself after he hit you?
6. Why did you call cops on ex who shook you but not on Travis?
7. Why would you continue to sleep w/TA after you learned of his child porn issues?
8. Why didn’t you just change your gmail password so TA couldn’t get into it anymore?
9. Did TA’s closet doors have locks on them?
10. If no, how did you have time to get the gun down if he was right behind you?
11. Did you record other phone sex convos?
12. Bryan Burns testified that he met you at a PPL event in April 08 and you had blonde hair. How is that possible if you dyed your hair in March 08?
13. Why did you feel so uncomfortable about anal w/TA if you’d previously tried it?
14. You took pics of shirt/shorts. Did you take pics of spideys? If no, why not?
15. You told Daryl you wanted to abstain from sex til marriage. Why’d you have sex w/TA?
16. TA said on the phone that he didn’t like spiderman. Why did he buy you underwear with spiderman if he didn’t like that character?
17. Why would you tell Leslie you wanted TA’s kids to play w/yours if you knew he was into young children?
18. If you had bruises prior to Jan 28 incident (?), why didn’t anyone ask you about them?
19. If you were so near sighted, how were you able to drive?
20. In TA’s text to Jodi, ex.444, he talks about mysterious man. Who’s this man and why’s he bringing it up?
21. Did TA think it was someone you lied about?
22. You took pic of tshirt/shorts and not boys underwear. Why did you take them so much later (in July)?
23. You testified TA gave you book of Mormon @ Starbucks. Did you read it, if so, when?
24. Does the book of Mormon go into detail regarding the law of chastity?
25. Who initiated contact after various break ups? Start w/Bobby.
26. How far is Crater Lake from Ashland?
27. How far is Medford from Crater Lake?
28. How far is Medford from Ashland?
29. How did you know Victor’s family?
30. Please explain the events again that led up to your dad slapping you earlier.
31. What is your relationship with your mother like today?
32. What is your relationship with your father like today?
33. Would it be possible to have Jodi run through the attack on 6/4/08 using the floorplan in exhibit #–?
34. Regarding the 9MM gun in 7/08, you mentioned the purpose having to do w/a camping trip. Who was going to be going on the camping trip?
35. Why were you planning on going if you were scared?
36. Were you paid for the interview w/48 hours?
37. Were you paid for the interview w/Inside Edition?
38. Inter an interview w/Flores, you talk to him about taking pics of TA while shaving. You said he must’ve liked it because he used it on his MySpace page. Can you explain what he used?
39. You stated that you tried to call Matt and Daryl about your change in plans about going to Mesa but said they didn’t answer. Why didn’t you leave a VM or text them?
40. You testified that you reported your cell phone lost in May 08. When and where was it found?
41. Have you taken long trips by yourself like the one 6/08 in the past?
42. How often did you take such trips?
43. During those trips, did you take extra gas cans with you?
44. If you took gas cans with you, where did you get them?
45. During your testimony, you mentioned (sorry, my internet refreshed! Missed this one. Think it had to do with heavy traffic and Travis’ frustration w/it)
46. Why did you confront Travis after seeing him w/another woman through his back window if was not due to jealousy?
47. If you simply wanted to know where you stood because you thought he was still courting you, why were you so upset that you needed to call your father the next day?
48. You mentioned an earlier failed attempt at using rope during sexual encounter. Can you tell us what happened that day it occurred and how TA handled that failure?
49. Did Travis’ dog usually bark when someone came into the house?
50. Did the dog usually bark with loud unexplained noises?
51. Why would you continue to stay w/someone who had sex w/you while you were sleeping?
52. When did you find out that TA had a gun?
53. To your knowledge, did the police ever find your grandfather’s gun that was stolen?
54. Why did you place TA’s body back in the shower?
55. Do you know what time you left TA’s house on 6/4/08?
56. What happened to the clothes you were wearing 6/4/08?
57. You say TA had attacked you before 6/4/08 but would apologize, so why was 6/4/08 so different?
58. You & TA continued to talk on the phone after you moved. Would it be fair to say you were upset he was taking another woman to Cancun?
59. Why did you send his grandmother flowers?
60. Why did you take the rope and gun w/you?
61. Did you lock TA’s bedroom door when you left on 6/4/08?
62. Did you try to clean up the scene when you left on 6/4/08?
63. If you climbed on the shelf in a hurry in the closet, how is it nothing is disturbed?
64. If you shot TA first, how did the casing land on blood?
65. After you shot him, how come you didn’t run out of the house to get away?
66. Why didn’t you call 911?
67. If TA attacked you on 6/4/08, why not just tell the police from the start?
68. Were you kneeling when you dropped the camera?
69. When TA got out of the shower to attack you, was he wet? If so, did he slip on the tile?
70. When entering the closet, why didn’t you go through the door closest to you?
71. Do you know how tall the ceiling in TA’s closet was?
72. Was the gun in a case or was it just lying on the shelf?
73. Why is it that you have no memory of stabbing Travis?
74. Whether you had plans to commit suicide or not, why even say no jury would convict you because you’re innocent?
75. In your interviews you gave on TV, were you forced to answer all the questions they presented to you?
76. You have pictures of your other finger injuries with time stamps? Do you have other pics of your other finger injury?
77. Do you have any pics of your wearing a finger splint?
78. Did anyone see you wearing a finger splint?
79. When did you realize you had memory loss? The approximate date.
80. Did you have an attorney prior to the interview w/CBS?
81. You said you got the 2 gas cans so you could fill up where it was cheaper in NV or UT. Why did you get it in Pasadena?
82. In all the 3 hour church events, you were never told that other forms of sexual intercourse – oral/anal – were forbidden?
83. Did you know that TA did not like John Dixon prior to your date w/John Dixon?
84. Why were you willing to get involved with 2 men at the same time?
85. When you were asked about the video you made w/TA on 6/4/08 you said you used your camera. Then you said it was in your car and didn’t use it that day. Which is it?
86. When you realized you didn’t connect like you’d expected, why did you continue to speak to Travis?
87. What is your understanding of the word skank?
88. Why did you share housing w/Matt at the time you were in a relationship w/TA?
89. Were there any girls working w/you that you could share a room with?
90. How can you be a sister to Matt, someone you had sex w/in the past?
91. Why didn’t you read the book of Mormon to see what you were and weren’t allowed to do?
92. Why did you ask TA about everything you did?
93. Why did you start a relationship w/Ryan Burns when you said earlier you didn’t see other guys when you were with one guy?
94. Why is it that you cannot remember when TA lent you money, but you remember the exact amount you lent him all three times?
95. Why did you think that the incident that happened on 6/4/08 was any different from anything that happened before so that you thought you had to kill him?
96. You mentioned injuries that would not have been seen by others that wouldn’t have been seen by others when you went to Utah in 6/4/08. Can you explain them?
97. When you injured yourself at Casa Romas on the glass, did your manager have you fill out a form for medical purposes?
98. Who was the main factor in your decision to move from Palm Desert to Mesa? Travis or Rachael?
99. You testified that you thought you heard his footsteps. If you weren’t sure, why didn’t you run down the stairs and out the front door?
100.Why would you take the time to delete the pics off the camera after you killed TA?
101.You stated you remembered dropping the knife and hearing it hit the tile. What did you do w/it after that?
102.If your phone had died while at TA’s, why not use a wall charger so it would be charged before you hit the road?
103.In your email to TA after 6/4/08 you stated you’d sleep in his bed while he was in Cancun. Did you sleep in his house when he wasn’t there?
104.How is it you were so calm in your interview w/CBS?
105.You stated in 48 hrs interview that TA’s family deserved to know the truth. If that was true, why didn’t you confess then?
106.If TA wanted the sex convo recorded why didn’t he record it?
107.If you didn’t want to be tied to a tree, why did you go and look for a place where he could do that?
108.If you dropped the camera on the bathmat, how is it that it rolled all the way to the bath tub?
109.On the phone sex tape, when TA was talking about photos/taking vids, was that all part of his fantasy?
110.Did you ever voice anything to TA about being uncomfortable with his fantasies?
111.Why didn’t you call Ryan and tell him you were going to AZ when you decided you were going to AZ?
112.You have testified to many occasions where you performed sexual favors for TA to keep him happy. Are you saying you never got any pleasure out of it?
113.Why would you continue to carry journals around w/you if it was possible that others including TA might read them?
114.Why were the laws of attraction so important to follow but the law of chastity was not?
115.Do the laws of attraction also apply to recording phone sex conversations?
116.You stated there were times TA made you tear out pages w/negative things you said about him. Right before that you said you didn’t write anything bad about TA. Which is it?
117.Were you mad at TA while you were stabbing him?
118.How is it that you remember so many sexual encounters, including ex-boyfriends, but you don’t remember stabbing TA or dragging his body?
119.During cross, you were asked if you were crying when you were stabbing Travis and you said no. How do you know that if you don’t remember?
120.You stated you bought a gun to commit suicide but never ended up doing it. What stopped you from doing it?
121.You stated you would not want kids w/TA because you would be worried about them. If that’s the case, why’d you tell Leslie you couldn’t wait for your kids to play together at future PPL events?
122.A lot of your answers to the questions you were asked made it seem like you put TA’s needs and priorities before your own. If that’s the case, why didn’t you call for help after you shot him?
123.Why did you decide to tell the truth 2 years after the killing?
124.What made you change your mind and tell everyone about Travis’ secret about the child’s picture?
125.You said you were sick to your stomach when you saw TA with child pics. Why did you sleep w/him again?
126.Would you classify your relationship w/TA as a love/hate relationship?
127.On 6/4/08 after you got up and ran towards the closet, is it possible TA picked up the camera from the bathroom floor and moved it?
128.Could that also explain the delay in his arrival and his anger in the door threshold?
129.Given that there are guiding principles such as the law of attraction and passing down journals to future generations, do you feel the Mormon church (sorry, missed it, one of my kids asked me something!)…
130.Can you give a few examples of what might be considered negative other than what you’ve already discussed (in regards to journals)?
131.How do you determine when you will tell the truth and when you won’t? What are the determining factors?
132.When did you find Travis’ gun?
133.Was it kept loaded in the closet?
134.Today, 3/5/13, you stated before lunch that you think you filled the car up first as we saw in several hypothetical situations after lunch, do you think it’s possible to put 8 plus gallons in the car and then 9 plus gallons and then 2 plus for a total of 12 in the remaining gas cans?
135. You initially testified that sex was a way to relieve stress, then said it was a way to relieve anger. Which is it?
136.How do you know that?
137.Would a screwdriver be required to take off the license plates?
138.Did you find it strange that only your license plate was messed with in that parking lot?
139.If you were driving to a place you’d never been before (Utah), why wouldn’t you map out different towns that had rest stops and gas stations?
140.Did you ever see a doctor for your memory issues?
141.If you were scared of TA’s anger and violence, why would you go upstairs when he was banging his head and already mad?
142.Did TA ever tell you he kept his gun loaded?
143.If you didn’t think it was loaded, why grab a gun that may not be loaded instead of going outside?
144.You stated you didn’t know anything was wrong w/the back of car when you came out of Starbucks, so how did it get turned upside down?
145.Why did you plan on seeing John Dixon when you were on your way to see Ryan in Utah?
146.How many men were you willing to be involved w/at the same time?
147.Did you ever seek mental help for your mental condition?
148.Have you ever taken medication for your memory issues?
149.Did you ever tell anyone about your condition prior to the killing?
150.You said you didn’t get glasses til 2010. What’s your prescription?
151.Is there anyone who saw you shaking during a fight w/Travis?
152.Do any of your journal entries or any other items discuss you blacking out or getting scrambled?
153.You claim to have memory gaps when you’re being yelled at or stressed? If this is the case, how do you have such vivid memories of TA’s violent episodes during which he’s yelling?
154. Did you call any men you did not have a romantic interest in, “hottie biscotti”, in text messages, emails or instant messages?
155. If you were not going to marry TA because of the January 21 & Jan 22 events, why stay with him at all?
156. Do you feel the guys in your life cheated on you because you were controlling?



  1. Thank you for the list!

    17. Why would you tell Leslie you wanted TA’s kids to play w/yours if you knew he was into young children?

    Travis was dead at that point, wasn’t he? Jodi knew that the scenario would never come to pass.

    31. What is your relationship with your mother like today?
    32. What is your relationship with your father like today?

    I thought that Jodi’s answers to these questions were interesting and very honest. She loves her parents, but the relationships have their issues.

    51. Why would you continue to stay w/someone who had sex w/you while you were sleeping?

    At least they know for sure that this detail is true. They heard Travis admitting to it on the tape.

    58. You & TA continued to talk on the phone after you moved. Would it be fair to say you were upset he was taking another woman to Cancun?

    Ugh, that again.

    84. Why were you willing to get involved with 2 men at the same time?

    She and Travis weren’t in a committed relationship. Oh, the horror, she might be interested in Ryan too *rolls eyes*.

    102.If your phone had died while at TA’s, why not use a wall charger so it would be charged before you hit the road?

    Let’s see…I’ve just killed someone….oh wait, better charge my phone. Did they mean to ask why she didn’t charge it earlier in the day?

    127.On 6/4/08 after you got up and ran towards the closet, is it possible TA picked up the camera from the bathroom floor and moved it?
    128.Could that also explain the delay in his arrival and his anger in the door threshold?

    Whoever asked these seems to believe Jodi.

    146.How many men were you willing to be involved w/at the same time?

    I don’t think some of these jurors understand that Jodi remained friends with her exes. She wasn’t banging all of them.

    153.You claim to have memory gaps when you’re being yelled at or stressed? If this is the case, how do you have such vivid memories of TA’s violent episodes during which he’s yelling?

    That’s actually a really good question.

    The jury does seem to be paying attention and asking a lot of questions that we’re all curious about too. I could do without all of the slut-shaming ones though.

    • I think Jodi’s answer about her relationship with her mother is very telling as far as how she could still see Travis and love Travis even with all of his problems.

      i hope the jury really notices that…and a DV expert points it out.

  2. SJ,
    Thanks for the shout out. Well considering all you do, it is my pleasure! In your opinion, do you see a theme? If so, your thoughts?

    • Hi Patty,

      Well, all the questions were expected, and no doubt there are more to come… but Jodi came across well and answered them all promptly, even though they were in no particular order. Overall I’d say yet another good day for Jodi. Reasonable doubt is abundant, and pre-meditation is not even an issue.

      It’s just way too easy to analyze a particular situation countless times, then say “I would have done this”… or “I would have done that”… or “I would have gone this way instead”. Hindsight is indeed a wonderful thing – but when you’re in a literal life or death situation, all logical thinking goes out of the window. You do not have time to formulate a plan… you just do what you gotta do, just as Jodi did.

      Thanks again for the list!

      Team Jodi

      • Oh, I agree on the Life or Death. Jodi, at only 32, has faced it twice now, 1st with Travis and now with this Jury. She survived him..She will survive them. I too feel she did well. The questions were all skewed to one side i think. I am clearly aware of 3 questions that favor the defense. Reasonable doubt, yes and Thank God. I was worried. I am only concerned now about 1 thing and that is the holster. Laws of Attraction in place. Positive thoughts for Jodi and all y’all.
        Peace Good night

  3. To be honest these juror questions made me worried about Jodi. Many of them seemed to outright mock or insult her.

    • I agree. They were not friendly questions at all, they were debasing–such as “mental condition” Overall, she talked too much, too fast, seemed nervous, and I am very worried today.

  4. By question number 150, it makes me think someone on the jury has been looking at the news. That is a fucking stupid question. It’s a question the ignorant 2 brain cell haters would have.

    I didn’t get to see all of it.

      • agree with that. To not sequester this jury is absolutely sickening…and to allow some of these questions to even be asked, makes me wonder what questions didn’t they didn’t allow. Many seemed to be almost personal attacks, or implied that way. In fact, some had nothing to do with this case, ie: What is your definition of a “skank”… ….really
        Stay strong Jodi, justice will prevail. You have alot more supporters than you can probably imagine! :}

        • I cannot believe this jury isn’t sequestered!!! I, too, think whoever asked #150 is clearly watching HLN!! They have referenced on more than one occasion that they hope one of the jurors asks about her glasses. I wanted to smack VP when he kept referring to the glasses as giving heran “innocent” look. They would make comments about how she would take them off and then put them on… I, myself, only need my glasses in certain circumstances. What a dumb observation, VP!

          • iwanttobelieve,
            And if Mr. Vinnie would have noticed, Nurmi takes his down to read up close.
            That is a REAL stupid question in my opinion.
            Anyone that wears glasses understands you wear them for different reasons.
            AND I think he even mentioned her not wearing them in photos.
            BIG DEAL Vinnie, I never wear my glasses in photos either.
            These people that talk on these shows always when they open their mouth, they say the most rediculous things.

            I remember I think it was Joey Jackson and Vinnie and Brooks said that they hoped that the prosecuter could bring them up in closing but I guess one of the jurors heard it and asked.
            I hope that they know how foolish it sounded.

  5. Was that it for their questions then? I didn’t realize there were 153 yesterday. Wow! Will there be more today?

  6. This jury should have been sequestered. I find it very naive to think none of these jurors have watched any news coverage or read any news coverage. Many of these questions are ridiculous and are things that were already answered by Jodi previously. I’m glad the state I live in doesn’t allow the jurors to ask questions. Based on these questions I’m afraid things don’t bode well for Jodi. I really hope I’m wrong about my hunch. I guess only time will tell.

    • I really think based on the questions that one of them has seen news or spoken with someone.

      Also, we must remember that these questions were created throughout her testimony.

      I feel that she had already answered many of them and it’s too bad pickleface allowed them in.

      • i find it VERY hard to believe that not ONE single juror has read of heard anything related to this trial.. come on! theyre from az, and even in cali they are covering it pretty closely so i can only imagine the coverage theyre getting out there.. the jurors should definitely have been sequestered for this trial..

        • Callgirl I agree. The Jury was sequestered during the OJ Simpson Trial I remember I was still in School But I do recall there was major publicity against him on TV. The only thing I can say is if you were sitting there all day long listening to this the last thing you want to do is watch it on TV at night. and also look at Casey Anthony. I do think the Television Coverage is way over the Top. So hateful. It does major damage to our judicial system. But maybe many Jurors may be turned off by the coverage. Who Knows??

  7. These questions demonstrate to me that there are two to three juries that believe in Jodi.

    Speculation on my part:

    23. You testified TA gave you book of Mormon @ Starbucks. Did you read it, if so, when?
    24. Does the book of Mormon go into detail regarding the law of chastity?

    Question 23 and 24 are from a Mormon. I believe that this jury was testing her (Jodi’s) knowledge of the Mormon Bible. If her answers were what this jury wanted then this could be showing that the (jury) if she(Jodi) was being manipulated by Travis and that he was taking advantage of a novice Mormon like Jodi.

    36. Were you paid for the interview w/48 hours?
    37. Were you paid for the interview w/Inside Edition?

    36 and 37 are motivation questions, if she was not paid then lying appears to follow Jodi’s reason for not being around any more.

    49. Did Travis’ dog usually bark when someone came into the house?

    49 is a detective jury who is paying attention to details not asked by the police. If Travis took care of his dog this means that the dog went over a week without eating.

    80. Did you have an attorney prior to the interview w/CBS?
    80 is a question is giving Jodi the benefit of the doubt that if she had a lawyer than she would have not answered the questions the way she did. Which means that many problems after the murder she either had bad counsel or no counsel at all.

    91. Why didn’t you read the book of Mormon to see what you were and weren’t allowed to do?
    91 is definitely from a Mormon jury who is testing Jodi’s knowledge of the religion and was she wanting to know about the religion or only pursuing it for Travis.

    100.Why would you take the time to delete the pics off the camera after you killed TA?
    100 Is taking into account the depth of Jodi mental state, If you took the gun and knife then why not take the camera. This shows she was not planning the murder at all.

    148.Have you ever taken medication for your memory issues?
    148 this question is concern for Jodi and whether or not she has the mental capacity to commit a premeditate a murder.

    I think this shows two are three juries are believing Jodi. I believe their is much evidence that with good experts could convince these juries of Jodi innocent of premeditate murder.
    So all is not lost. I believe this jury is going to hung.

    By the way, the judge asked the juries if they had been contacted by anyone. Now I know she does this first thing in the morning, however this question was asked during the middle of the day. To me the judge suspects a jury has been contacted and has not relieved the information to the judge. I suspect the judge is going to bounce a jury very soon.

    • I agree Dirty-Pickles, I said 3 favor Jodi also, so that gives me more hope! Yay. I am against the DP. Murder by any means is heinous, unless in self defense or defense of another. What do you mean by hung Jury, may I ask? I am confused by that. Also, if they say no to Guilty of Murder, in the 1st degree. Is she free? If the Judge gives instructions am I understanding she can say (sorry example but new to this) If you find JM did NOT prove beyond a reasonable doubt 1st degree murder, then you can find her guilty of 2ND 3rd etc? That seems unfair. If not guilty of 1st as they insisted on, then she should get to go home. It seems those instructions give them many chances to punish her and the case was not proven. OMGosh I hope I am making sense and someone of you understand me and can answer. Thanks!!

      • OH and questions 23 and 24 are NOT from a Mormon, they would know that the Book of Mormon is NOT another Bible, the Mormons follow the Holy Bible, the King James version. The Mormons follow the New Testament which has the Book of John, Book of Paul.. The Book of Mormon is the Book of Mormon (from the angel Moroni) this is NOT the mormon Bible but another Testament, i assure you, as a Mormon, there is nothing in there about blow jobs and anal sex. It talks about being clean and chaste. A Mormon would know that. Now, the additional readings, the Word of Wisdom book, IT contains rules, behaviors and changes over time from various prophets (presidents) of the church throughout its history. In there is has where Polygamy is NOT allowed 1890’s all the way to celibacy and oral sex not being sex etc. They just recently added soda :p just last year, I think. I am not as active since I have been fighting cancer for 4 years now. I am also what you would call a Jack Mormon, lol I cuss often and love it. I dont drink or smoke, anymore but i never had premarital sex and I did not have oral or anal sex before marriage or after (sorry but, I dont want that, I dont even need to try it to know) So, the LDS Kids, or men like TA or women may try and make an innocent THINK oral and anal aren’t sinning and not sex but, plain and simple it is sex and is not only written but it is taught in Seminary. Seminary is the Mormon religion classes that all sophomore, Juniors and Senior Mormon kids must attend everyday 45 minutes before school starts. Travis went to this, HE KNEW!! The horny little devils may try and tell themselves and others oral and anal ain’t sex but, IT IS! It is taught about and in the Wow. Now Jodi would NOT have been taught this!! BTW, I am not as active as i used to be but my BFF is active, devout and a Seminary teacher. She has never even said Hell, we are 48 and 49 years old. She was going over her lesson plan, it was explaining to the kids in Seminary that oral sex IS sex and against the laws of chastity. She said blow job is sex. I nearly fainted hearing her say that but she was told to use the language of the kids so they knew exactly what was meant!!! Oh and Elder just means young men that go on Missions, they were 20-21, now it is 18-19. Any questions feel free to ask. I am not a prude, i think TA was a jerk. He lied to his friends, family, his Church, Jodi and God. He is IMO a master manipulator and although I dont really know if it was proven he is a pedo, it was proven he was a sex deviant by his own self (I RAPED you) in His own words from his own mouth. He was an ego maniac perv. Oh and the Church teaches that earning money, LOTS of it is good, only if used to feed and clothe the poor and needy. I could teach y’all everything but you get it. No that person asked IMO, to honestly see why if she read the Book of Mormon she didn’t learn about chastity or what sex meant. Well If they were Mormon, they would KNOW that isn’t in there. sorry for Book of Jury questions, Peace

        • OOPs sorry, in my beginning statement the Woed of wisdom book says Oral Sex and Anal sex and inappropriate touching of genital in or outside clothing is NOT allowed. It IS sex and BAD! sorry for miss-type. Jodi was misslead and lied to by a cream puff loser TA. IMO, I probably would have planned it myself, UGH he was so awful to her. I can see Guy doing it for her. Hell her Dad. OK peace off for now, I really need sleep. My fingers are nubs lol

      • I hope I can answer your questions, but I’m not a legal expert. Right now only M1 is on the table so to speak. All 12 jurors have to vote the same way-guilty or not guilty. If there is any split such as 10 for guilty-2 for not guilty-the jury is hung and a mistrial is called. However usually the judge tells them to keep working at it and try again. If a mistrial- it is up to the prosecution to either try the case again, offer a plea deal or drop the charges. Its not hard to guess what shorty would do. The judge could also instruct the jury before deliberations begin to include lessor charges such as M2 or manslaughter and both the defense and prosecution are allowed to have input on the instructions the judge gives the jury.

      • Hung jury means there is not agreement on verdict by jurors. If hung jury she’s let go. That is my understanding.

        • DirtyPickles,Let go? Really, no bail? Even if JM re files? wow. Ok TB, ver well said and layman, thank you so very much! ok so, the jury goes in for PM1, they dont come to 100% but the judge has already told them, If you dont believe PM1 then you can conside Man1 etc.. Lets say the jusry says Man1, then what? sentencing right byt the judge.

          • Yes, the judge will sentence Jodi according to what the jury decides on. At the sentencing hearing, each side can make their case in regard to what they feel is the appropriate sentence (with the prosecutor pushing for the max. and the defense pushing for the min.)

        • jodi is NOT let go if there is a hung jury, guys.. she gets another trial… same with a mistrial, she isnt let go, they retry her.. however, they can only retry her 3 times i believe..

          • Although this happens very rarely, the judge could also set aside the jury’s verdict if she didn’t agree with it and/or felt that the jury did not consider the evidence correctly. In a very high profile case like this, I do not see that ever occurring. However, I just wanted to point out that it’s possible.

            If there is a hung jury, the state can retry the case with a new trial. There is no limit to the amount of times the state can do this, in the event of hung juries. However, it’s pretty rare that states do this more than once. I’ve heard of a few cases that was retried as many as 3 times. But it becomes extremely costly, at that point.

            • yes, also abused.. u really know your stuff! i mentioned that in an earlier post, as well.. the judge has the ultimate power in deciding the penalty.. the jury can suggest the dp, but the judge can overturn it, but like u said, that is very rare..i was also reading your other commnets and they are spot on. premediation can happen in an instant and ACTUALLY the prosecution does NOT have to prove motive.. they just have to prove premeditation in any sense of the word.. they may have a theory of what happened, but they can most certainly change the foundation of that theory as the trial proceeds..i saw that u were in a heated debate, and i wanted to clarify that while i am not a lawyer, i was a juror in cal for a high profile case and everything u have said was accurate..

              • She could be let go….on bail pending another trial. Rarely does a judge deny bail when a mistrial occurs due to a hung jury. However, they could make the bail amount ridiculous. That bugs me.

    • To me the question asking Jodi if she had an attorney prior to her televised interview is a really good question. It is something that has really been upsetting to me. Why was Jodi not given an attorney? That is her right. I know for a fact she DID ask for one, Flores mentioned Jodi requested a lawyer in his “investigative report”. Notice she was cut off when she tried t tell that she had one handling her extradition, but not for her actual charge. How was that allowed to happen? I noticed she tried to allude to this before and she has been shut up. AAARRRGGGGG!!
      I hope the jury realizes this, the state has been very, very, very dirty.

    • I really feel for all of Jodi supporters I will pray for you I think it it is time for you all to start accepting reality. It is very unfair that the actions of this one woman took someones life, destroyed the victims family, destroyed her own family, and now will affect her friends and even all of you good people that have now also gotten sucked in to her web, when she is sent either to DP or gets life. Her lies and devious ways have only added more innocent people to her long list of victims. You are good people and admirable for your ability to look past all that she has done. I feel that God will bless you for being so kind& nonjudgemental. Dont give up hope but just be prepared. For the sake of her own soul I wish she would just have come clean and repented I really think if she had God would have rewarded her with a 2nd chance because God is forgiving but I fear she has taken it to whole other level now. Oh what a wicked web we weave, when at first we practice to deceive. Its sooo sad she could have done a lot. God bless.

      • I am sure we will be BLESSED we are not throwing STONES without knowing all the facts those that use slander tho I am not so sure they are Blessed. I am not a victim never have been. An Jodi already admitted to the shooting of Travis in self defense the Stabbing I am not so sure she even did all that. So how everyone else knows so much amazes me that is throwing STONES an none of us is sinless that is a fact.

      • And all of the unneccessary negative accusations and character assisination didn’t help her and Travis is gone so it only drove daggers into the already broken hearts of his family. The family didn’t deserve it and it went on for days and days. I truly believe that if you want consideration, sympathy, empathy, understanding, and mercy then you have to give it first. Jodi is only entitled to the same amount of sympathy, consideration, and mercy as she has given to the ones who deserved it most throughout this process and from my estimation that looks to be zero to very little. She unnecessarily and selfishly tortured that family with unnecessary slander and sexual details. It was despicable and sealed her fate.

  8. Who DID feed the dog in the 5 days before Travis was found? Did anyone? Did the rommates not notice the dog going bonkers?

    • Hi Kira,

      Apparently Enrique’s girlfriend was feeding the dog that week, according to the Flores report. The more you read that report, the less sense it makes.

      Team Jodi

  9. IMO, question 100 will make Fartinez tremble in his seat!! This Juror threw her a lifeline and I hope Nurmi grabs it ASAP!

  10. Wonder if there will be (or maybe I missed it) a question,”Was anyone else in the house that day?”

    Thank goodness for jury questions. How many cases are never resolved fairly everyday because of the manipulation of truth and evil in this country?

    Please sign the petition, folks. I know I”m a broken record, but it can make a difference. If not now, then maybe for future trial coverage.

    • Yes… I thought the question about the bedroom door being locked (#61) was interesting too. As far as I recall, Zach Billings was the only guy with access to the keys. He was also the one that let everyone into the bedroom after unlocking the door on 6/9.

      Team Jodi

      • I liked when Jodi said, she would have had to OPEN the doors and go either left or open and gos around right, That explains it perfectly to me why she chose the bathroom. The door was open!

  11. I think that the jurors are finally being affected by the choices that Jodi made, throughout all of this. For example, Jodi emphatically stated that no jury would ever convict her. But, in going into the details regarding the killing, she said that she cannot say anything that she does not clearly remember. And, since her mind was in a “fog”, after Travis said, “Bitch, I am going to kill you”, she cannot actually testify to the killing – though, she doesn’t say that does not actually remember it, either. In other words, it is all in a “gray” area. She does not remember enough to testify about it. But, she cannot say that she truly “blacked out”.

    Still, the actual things which transpired, during the period of time when she said that she “cannot remember”, basically amount to deliberately hiding evidence, and tampering with a crime scene. So, if she did admit to “remembering”, it would automatically be an admission of trying to destroy the evidence. For example, deleting the photos would have involved going through the camera to find the photos, selecting each photo, and pushing delete, image by image. Then, ditching the camera in the washing machine – possibly on a wash cycle – would be a subsequent step designed to obliterate the evidence. So, if she did admit to “remembering”, then she would be automatically implicated in attempting to hide, or destroy, the evidence. But, by saying that her mind was in a “fog”, she does not have to admit to any of this.

    The problem with the removal, and subsequent disposal, of the weapons, is that the removal would have happened while her mind was in a “fog”. But, the disposal of such weapons would have happened, in the desert, when she says that she was already thinking clearly again. In other words, it is the same behavior, and even the very same act, being carried out – fog or no fog. Again, if Jodi did not say that her mind was in a “fog”, then she would have to admit to taking all of these steps in hiding, or destroying, evidence. But, if the jurors do not believe the claim that her mind was in a “fog”, then the whole thing could quickly fall apart.

    Another problem that I think she may run into has to do with the photo shoot itself. In the photos, Travis looks extremely relaxed, partly due to the effects of the hot shower. Plus, he would have just finished having sex which – for a male – can produce an extreme state of relaxation, and even sleepiness. So, the idea that Travis went from a post-sex state, in a hot shower – where he obviously appeared relaxed – to a wild rampage, over a dropped camera – in a split second – could raise some serious questions, among the jurors – especially among male jurors. If this occurred, it would have involved a really drastic emotional shift, from a post sex “Nirvana”, to a wild rage, all in a fraction of a second. For male jurors who see the photos of Travis relaxing in the shower – probably right after sex – it might be a tough pill to swallow.

    Also, for the male jurors who are more logically wired, it might be hard to understand why Travis would have been angry, simply because the camera was dropped. As a matter of logic, wouldn’t Travis have first wanted to look at the camera, to see whether it was okay, or not? I have dropped my own digital camera, a couple of times – even on concrete. And, the first thing I did was grab the camera, pick it up, and inspect it. Total focus was on the camera, until I verified that it was fine, by inspecting it.

    In this case, what Jodi is saying is that she dropped the camera, and Travis went after her, instead of focusing his attention on the camera, to see whether it was okay, or not. In fact, the entire event that Jodi describes seems to have nothing to do with the camera, at all. In other words, Jodi is saying that she dropped the camera, and Travis body slammed her. But, Travis never bothered to stop and check to see whether the camera was okay? The logic behind this – or the lack of logic – is that it is okay for men to body slam women, but it is not okay for women to drop cameras. What I am trying to say is that if it is an all male jury, and there are too many logical thinkers, then this whole thing could fall apart, on a number of levels.

    Also, if one factors in the possibility that Travis was actually shot first, either in the shower, or upon exiting the shower, then it could make things look worse. Initially, the idea presented by the state, was that Travis was first attacked with the knife, and then shot, after he was dead. Given the context, this made no real sense, logically speaking. But, since Jodi did admit to shooting Travis first, then the question that remains is what sort of condition was Travis in, after being shot in the head? Was he in a daze? Was he in shock? Was he staggering about? The reality is that the worse his condition was, after first being shot in the head, the more easily Jodi could have killed him with the knife, afterwards.

    • Hmmm….I don’t think that Travis looks super relaxed in the shower shots. He looks irritated in a few of them.

      • I feel that he looks extremely irritated in the last photo. Some say scared, some say he is trying to look sexy….the first time I saw that picture it made me scared of him. I have seen a look very close to that come across the face of my abuser right before he would launch an attach. Maybe his anger was already rising before she dropped the camera?

    • You do realize Travis had knive wounds to his feet right?, which tells me, a woman and logical thinker, that he was at least able to be kicking at her. Also, he has defensive wounds no his hand, so he was at least trying to fend of the knife. His one hand has very bruised or broken nuckles, did he hit Jodi. They were in hand to hand Combat! agree? If she shot him first perhaps with his logical male thinking gone, he just became te animal he was and began to attack and kill her.. Well fight on. Now lets say, she stabbed him first, again he wasnt dead, feet slashed hands slashed, nuckles bruised so he got in some licks too and she was fighting for her life because he was not mortally wounded (he was fighting back). Perhaps she tried to run away again and he triped and landed on hands and knees. Then she comes up to him, she slits his throat as he was getting up and stabbed his back, die you perv, die you perv, die you perv (7 times) The end. She drug him tothe shower to wash off sex fluids IMO, maybe clean up, hopeless too messy, to exhausted, Grabbed the phone delete the sex stuff, grabed the sex rope and fled.

      • Actually the shower stuff has really bothered me and I’ve given it a lot of thought. Getting him back into the shower if he was already dead took one hell of a feat. Not buying adrenaline rush. She didn’t need to wash off DNA or other fluids because he was already doing that before the incident happened. The back stabs happened when he was on top of her. And this really was a life or death struggle between the two of them. Like JA said he wouldn’t stop and just kept coming and coming. He also ripped a handful of hair out of her head. It is in the pictures and there was some blonde hairs in it. No change in her hair color at all. Remember the pics showed blonde highlights .I think this has been downplayed by the prosecution because it would support JA’s story. And what if the last pic where TA was on the floor, injured but not dead, throat not slit yet, because I don’t think he could hold his head up off the floor if it was, JA standing over him, what if at this point she is helping him up as best as she could and he was able to stumble with help into the shower. Then some how he got his throat slit.

      • WOW that is about how I have it in my mind an it is because of the cuts on the feet meaning she was down at one time with the knife an he was kicking at her.

        An I too think he was agitated by the scratched cd’s she drug around in her briefcase so carelessly for so long which he detested that not being careful with them. They had that rough kind of sex to me anyways with her arm twisted behind her back on the desk. He tells her disgustingly to go wash off. She is feeling bad he is feeling pissed off.

        Then I don’t know when he went up to shower but he was not in a good mood ? probably telling her it was over for good this time an she was not any good for him an she was trying to sweet talk him back into a better mood by wanting to take some photos of water an him in the shower. He was already pissed about the cd’s now an the broken glass in the kitchen I am sure thinking she is a mess an he is perfect.

        If he was on steroids we don’t know. But I am sure when she dropped the new camera he was just at that point of GRRRRRRRRRRR worrying about friends dropping by an he has to explain Jodi is here they all HATE her with a passion. He body slams her cusses at her …..checks his camera leaning over for it she gets up an takes off for the closet grabs the gun here he comes an so on. But the stabbing nothing is clear so I don’t know since she don’t know everyone is just guessing.

        I do know he lays there for 5 freaking days ! an he is so loved an admired no one misses him because he always leaves an never tells a soul anything but leaves his PRECIOUS WATCH AN RING on the counter an a laptop open in the living room an puts the doggy gate up an he never does that?? THE WHOLE END OF THE STORY STINKS ! oH an he misses CHURCH ON SUNDAY?? really ?

    • TA did not take a shower RIGHT after they had sex. If you recall from testimony, after they had sex, Jodie took a shower, they both went downstairs to eat, and TA was in his office for a while trying to get the CD to work – which never did and it pissed him off. They did have rough sex in his office before the shower photo shoot, but I hardly think that would put in him a state of Nirvana……..IMO.


    Official Criteria

    The DSM IV-TR is very specific in its definition of Intermittent Explosive Disorder which is defined, essentially, by exclusion of other conditions. The diagnosis requires:

    several episodes of impulsive behavior that result in serious damage to either persons or property, wherein the degree of the aggressiveness is grossly disproportionate to the circumstances or provocation, and the episodic violence cannot be better accounted for by another mental or physical medical condition.

    Also, and I am trying not to be crass, but not succeeding….does everyone realize (and I know you all get this) that because of the multi-level-marketing downlines, or whatever you call it, that every time TA farted, someone got a dollar? So of course, these “friends” were fearful of Jodi! At some point she might have taken him away from all that and have him run her art gallery or something!

    (And you guys rock listing all the questions and answers and taking so much of your time to support justice. It feels great to be a part of a noble cause!)


  13. #69 bothers me, the question makes me think that the Juror feels/thinks Travis slipped onto her and NOT attacked her. #156 was just plain rude and that person does not like her IMO and thinks SHE controlled everything (are they even watching the same trial?) All the other questions were mainly related to sex and her lying… If not premeditated, which clearly was not proven. In y’alls Honest opinion. You know nobody gets attacked here, How much time do you think she will get? IMO sadly, Life without Parole. too much for her being a victim. Hugs to all. I will try and post a list of any questions from today for us. Peace

  14. funny, i saw someone on tv commenting on the trial, how long it is taking, etc. “and that the taxpayers of AZ are footing the bill”. but the state/lil marti could have accepted jodi’s plea offer (think 2nd or mansl.)
    just think if there’s a mistrial, hung jury?
    one of the things wrong w our country and the justice system, imo.
    lil marti pushed this for HIS OWN GOOD, REPUTATION, not true justice, imo.

  15. I’ve been scanning through posts from 5-6 years ago on TA’s MySpace (comments left for him by friends) page and came across this one from 6 years ago, so……2007?:

    “C**d P**kins
    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!”

    Link to his MySpace, but you really have to travel down the comments list and keep hitting the “more” button to go back in time.

    • WENT BACK 6 years an here is what I FOUND I was trying to see what TRAVIS thought about that song an why it would be funny ?????????????
      You can find message / comments back to the friend from Travis also………..

      It is not private an I just scrolled down to get a feeling of how Travis commented to a friend……


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      Merry Christmas Tinkerbell

  16. I don’t know if Jodi is innoscent or guilty! However, she most definately was manipulated and abused by TA. Here are some of my points;
    1. Travis was a elder in the Mormon Church, with gives him a sense of power over her.
    2. The first girl friend to testify about the email she wrote Travis really tearing in to him, then she takes the blame because she was Inexperienced. Come on she was 19 and should have not been wooried about being experienced when she was dating an elder of the church!
    3. When Jodi went over to TA’s to find out where she stood with him and saw him with another women snapping a bra or something like that. HINT! TA getting laid again.

    As far as the Jurors be honest about not talking, reading, viewing any thing about the case, I find that hard to believe!

    Do any of you remember the Adam Kaufman Trial in Florida? HLN had him convicted and punished to death, because it just didn’t make sense.

    I laugh my a__ off every time I see Vinnie and Mike talk about this and try to reinact the scene in the bathroom. What a Joke!

    • I agree with you on that stuff…………An no I did not know about that case I am going to look now I have not watched these HLN shows long I only began with the Casey Anthony trial an then I watched Conrad Murray get ripped apart an I think that is all I watched. Maybe one of a man up in New York I think his wife died an they were trying to blame him for murder an he did get off. But the whole wife’s side was on that man’s side even tho they lost her they never believed he would do something to her. I was so on his side too.

      This should be a sequestered jury I believe too it really is not fair when people are so one sided an I think a Mormon or 2 is on the Jury too. At least that is what one guy was saying on some HLN comments that Jodi better be-careful cus she knows what will happen if she lies about the Church?? because they had a Mormon on that jury.

    • haha the SPRAY TAN MURDER I was on his side the whole time !! Guess I didn’t watch HLN much then I don’t remember being so angry as I am now on this trial here. I was on Conrad Murray’s side too tho an they hated him with a passion. Hey money talks he just messed up an MJ should have known better he had kids at home still is how I felt about it.

  17. Hello. I just wanted to say that before the trial started. I had this image of jodi of being a ”crazy stalker cold blooded murderer’ because thats what the news and HLN team were portraying. As I sarted watching the trial. I started to feel sympathetic toward Jodi. I know the way she ended his life wasn’t the best option but I really believe Travis had control over her. I also think that he changed her and screw her good head if you know what I’m trying to say. I can relate to Jodi somehow by the things she described about TA. I was in a relationship where I was abused. but then I didn’t see it as that. Men like that are very apologetic after they had just mistreated you. I was also choked to the point I tought I was going to pass out.But in the other hand he would also throw rose petals on the bed and treat me like a ”queen”. I beleive Jodi was blinded by the love she felt for him. I did get out of that relationship and never looked back. Sadly Jodi ruined her life for going back to him that day. Note : I don’t know but Martinez gets on my nerves no wonder why he works all alone I bet people can’t stand him lol.

  18. The media has just been awful about reporting on this trial. What happened to waiting till all the evidence is in before we convict someone. I agree what happened was horrible but I don’t believe that Jodi just killed TA in 2 mins without him attacking her. Just doesn’t work for me. I will be forever convinced that his family and friends saw him in a whole different way than a lover would. TA in my opinion was not the man he wanted people to believe he was. The man abused Jodi and used her ever chance he could. Very sad it came to this but it did. As for her memory, I don’t think anyone under the circumstances would remember every detail of what happened and block it out of their mind after something this awful happened. I also think the jury should have been sequestered with the news media and every talk show talking about this and laughing about what’s going on in court they just make it sound like the jury must convict or they’d be crazy fools. I would find it unbelievable that some or most of the jurors have seen or heard something about this trial. Just my thoughts.

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