Jodi Arias Is Innocent

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Ok then folks.

Here’s the question.

Do we go with the HLN BS and the (once again) clueless masses here in assuming Jodi Arias is “obviously guilty”? — or do we go through the facts ourselves and make our own decision?

We’ve been here before, right?

I vote for the latter.

Besides a camera and a few friends that were way too eager to start pointing the finger, there’s evidently a lot more to this case than meets the eye.

Having reviewed the case so far – and with the emphasis (once again) being on the prosecution to convince the jury beyond a reasonable doubt – I think they will fail admirably… Laughing Guy style.

I’m also quite sure that the vast majority of people jumping on the “guilty bandwagon” are doing so to make up for their ongoing disappointment at Casey’s NOT GUILTY verdict. Well, it didn’t happen last time, and it ain’t gonna happen this time either. Get used to it folks.

Leave your thoughts, comments & observations below, and let’s see where this takes us.

It starts right here and now…


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  1. When people say she is “guilty” or “innocent” it’s never stated what crime they are talking about because murder takes so many different forms. Clearly she is “guilty” of killing Travis Alexander but the question is whether it was done in self defense as the defense maintains or whether it was premeditated as the prosecution maintains.

  2. I don’t know her or don’t know much about the case. From what I have seen and heard I truely believe she is innocent of murder because if he attacked her it was complete self defense

    • First of all, there was no case; whatwith the spastic embezzlement of five years, three stooges, conspiratorial, exculpatory evidence, concealment, based upon the three stooges, cons-piracy, to, scam, an interstate kidnapping, under color of law; thereby, attested to, in the three stooges, perjurial antics, ; then, repudiated, with the feeble attempt to recant their lies at law, and, continue the three stooges, back peddling attempt to, unperjure the sworn lies at law, that all three stooges, proved themselves, incapable of, while, having, no such credibility, with their back to back perjuries; to, continue, after admitting to the perjuries, by which two governors, were duped, then, not notified about the recant, confessed to…. unwind the con, passed on by the braindead judge, as if, perjurial prosecution is no big deal; without a bleat from the brainwashed, jury Sheeple; then, to try the noncase, already, an admitted fraud, by contradicting what these criminals at law, confessed their perjuries, to….. which embezzled five years of Jodis,’ life; while such torture, was orchestrated, to, “grow evidence,” where, none exists, except thye lies at law, concealed by the three stooges, who, admitted what they knew, all along; that, the gunshot was in the second crime, being laundered, to prove allegedly, the five day passed, original crime, as if a girl could take down and nearly decapitate, a weight lifter, wrestler, martial arts kickboxer, fighting for his life, with tactical and, nearly a hundred pound weight advantage, without, shooting him first…- Evidence proved from the gitgo, that the ejected shell, sustained no wet blood smear, upon , itself, or, a wet smudge upon the floor, as, thev blood, five days after the kill, was dried, not, as if, wet; current; and any part of the kill crime; but, was in part of the attempt to set, Jodi up; as if the two separete crimes, were done at the same time, and, by the same person…. then, backpedaled by the three stooges, nullifying their entire soap opera; rendering all their lies at law; null and void; therefore, no actual trial, except, of, their own stupidity, and, criminal conspiracy…times two; back to back; lies at law….. Snidely… Edgrrr…..
      Snidely… Edgrrr…

  3. I have been following case closely and there is no doubt in my mind that she killed him. The evidence is over whelming. Only question I see is if she is mentally ill or just evil. would be interested in knowing her childhood and personality by people who knew her.

    • HLN Crap, people so mad about casey verdict, this is totally different case. No need to compare. I am glad Jodi is up there telling her story. She will tell us exactly how it happened and people will understand.
      She is going to be up there so long. I just hope she rehearsed well enough. The truth always speaks volumes.

    • The question is actually this: Did she kill him in self defense, or did she premeditate his murder and then act on it? I vote for the former. Ok, most of us get this and that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution, and that it must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

      I have a question for those who are knowledgeable in the jury selection process. I understand that when selecting jurors for a DP case, then those who are selected must be pro DP.

      In a case such as this, what I am wondering, is when they are selecting jurors, do they make sure to weed out women/men who may have a history of being abused? While I am thinking they probably have done this, the chances of a woman or a man who has been abused and never told being on that jury is HIGH. I think most of us know abused women hardly ever tell, even when they do at first, they stop, because many keep going back and do not want to appear weak or further hurt by the abuser. I think that one statement made by Dr. D about her so called “data point” of not going to a doctor suggestive of not being abused was the dumbest thing she has said yet. Here’s why…I know that at least a few of those jurors caught that and will understand fundamentally and on a personal level that she was full of shit, utterly and completely full of herself and shit.

      When you have a room of 12 people, I would say at least one has had the unfortunate and horrific experience of being involved in verbal, physical, or sexual abuse in some way, whether personally or a family member, or a close friend. The probability is, to me, astronomically HIGH. I can’t think of what the stats are on that, but last I knew at least one female for every three have been, at the minimum, sexually abused. That ridiculous statement by Dr. D, is going to hurt prosecution, imho.

      Even if they can prove all sorts of other factors, I just don’t think this jury is going to rule on M1DP. I just can’t see how it can happen, just based on the fact that it was shown, over and over again, that Travis very likely could have driven her over the edge in the heat of the moment, or better yet, show that he very well could have tried to harm Jodi yet again, and she defended herself.

      I will say, though, when this all first started, I was skeptical because I could not see how someone her size and her disposition could defend herself against a man of Travis’ stature, but I realize that when our lives are in danger, anything is possible. I hope the jurors really take the time and work this through…life experience with each of those jurors is going to count more than what Dr. D says, I think. At least we can all hope.

      Tonight, I am of the mindset that even 2nd degree is a win for the defense.

      BTW, even in the morning Jodi looked very overwhelmed and very tired. I hope she gets some good rest tonight. I also hope JW and KN, get some sleep and get up ready to KILL the Pros case…they have all the ammo they need, they just need to get it done. JW did great this afternoon.

    • Of course she killed him, that is 100% known. The question is whether it was self-defense or premeditated, not whether she is mentally ill or evil. She is not mentally ill, nor is she evil. All evidence points to the fact that she was attacked by Travis and she defended herself. She was fighting for her life. If you want to read a thorough report on how Travis sustained the knife wounds including the infamous neck wound go to:
      This is a breakdown of all of the knife wounds and how they were sustained according to this expert. Read it if you want another perspective other than the false one portrayed by the media. There is nothing in Jodi’s background with her previous boyfriends to indicate that she was evil or a liar. People need to assess the facts for themselves. You just cannot depend on the media for the facts as they have all predetermined that Jodi is a monster. She is not. She killed him to save herself.

    • The fact is, there was no case, considering the repudiation of the three stooges, conspiratorial recant, aboutface, abandonment of their five year embezzlement, of the life of a defenseless, girt; recanted, to be unperjured, and reversed, under the nose of the brain dead as to feign a retrial, by their replacement, lies, also, as fraudulent…and, self negating as the first half of the ridiculous charade….. Snidely… Edgrrr….

    • There is no such proof of her guilt, while taking pictures, of “bigfoot,” standing in wet blood, as evidenced, by the distance, to the camera, she was usin;, the picture of Travis, the picture of the black sock, claimed to be hers… and the notable distance, from the camera, to, each photo subject, proving that, the blood and her distance, had the killing, done by the guy, in the bootprint….who, while standing in wet blood, did not call the police, to report the kill, while standing in wet blood. Also, Jodi, appeared in none of those pictures, indicating, because she was the camera person, and, had not fired a gun, as proven by, no gunpowder particulates were found in the combined blood hasndprint…. Therefore, how did Olive Oyl, take, Bluto, down and out, without, shooting him first ??? Note the prosecutorial three stooges, antics, about recanting, that issue, and the subsequent admission, she couldn’t have shot him, first…. Add, also the water poured upon, the wet blood, liquifying, the dried blood, to launder the evidence, of a separate, second crime, into, a premeditation proof, of two crimes, being given the appearance, of one, crime…. Wherein is the polygraph, of who orchestrated the three stooges, lies, and, unlies; seeing to it, that come hell, or high water, the three stooges, were going to find her guilty. no matter how many contradictions, they had to lie, to..??? …Snidely… Edgrrr…

  4. Death in the Afternoon.
    I think of Travis’ death as a bullfight. He being the bull and Jodi the matador. The dualistic nature of their relationship ate away at Jodi, destroying her inside. Travis had to pay for his sin. Jodi said she was to commit suicide after Travis death. She was nimble he missed her then she stabbed him in the back like a picador would stab a bull. He chased her out of the bathroom and he received more cuts. He was an enraged, angry toro driven mad by the mastery of the matador. He grasped for her but she had a knife and readied the coup-de-gras. In the hallway he lunged but she jumped away. He fell defeated and bled out, finished.

    Imagine, the alpha-male the man-in-charge forcing her into every sexual deviancy he could imagine. She pulled his hair and exposed his neck. “Here’s a new fuck-fest for you. Tell God about it.”

    The blood-letting was complete. “el toro está muerto!” Instead of being dragged around the stadium, Travis was dragged around his bedroom. The sex-beast is dead!

  5. I am so tired of hearing that Jodi is guilty. I have watched this trial from the beginning and she hasn’t been given the benefit of the doubt in any way. Im so mad that when I turn on HLN or Nancy Grace any other affiliate channels all they do is misquote the truth. They are so hell bent on her being guilty that they don’t even take a caller or anyone at all on the shows to defend Jodi. I think Jodi deserves to be treated as a victim as well, because she was a victim of abuse from him. I am just so angry how people jump to conclusions. If anyone murdered another human being they would probably do the same thing she did. She was traumatized by the situation and that’s why she changed her story. Anyone would panic the same way!! Jodi I am praying for you and pray the jury makes the right choice! As a victim of abuse and domestic violence myself, I know how it can effect your entire life. Prayers to everyone in the situation. As it is a horrible tragedy for Travis’s family and Travis himself, she had no choice but to defend herself. If she didn’t it would be him on the stand right now, not her. God bless!!

    • Why do you suppose that there was no picture, of Jodi, in all the photos, if not, because she was the camera person, as proven by the State, claiming that she, dropped the camera, to the floor… How then, did the camera, climb up on the bed, and, hide, under the covers…??? And, being the camera person, how is it that “bigfoot,” imprinted, wet blood, in one picture, of which, ten feet from that kill scene, she was taking that picture; proving her distance from the kill, and, of course proving she wasn’t the killer…??? And, ditto, the lesser included “ninja,” whose black sock foot, photo, also proves a ten foot, plus or minus, distance, proving that Jodi, was not guilty of being that State claimed, person, either…??? Where are the concealed forensics, proofs, of Jodis, innocense…??? …Snidely… Edgrrr…

  6. The very fact that Travis kept using her for sex after they broke up, speaks to his willingness to mistreat her. To throw her away. The media has forgotten that as Americans we are innocent until (not before) proven guilty. Individuals can have opinions, but to put the power of the media behind the voices of people who were not there and who do not know the parties, is wrong. The saddest thing is that this could be such a teachable moment to young men, about how a woman should be treated. To understand how leading someone on, to prolong the sexual part of the relationship, is, in itself abusive. And to speak to how this adult bullying, is no different from school yard bullying, in that the bully often ends up hurt in some way. I see Jodi as a woman with little guidance from home, with dreams of being a wife and mother, someone working to enrich her life. She may have seemed distant to some people. I suspect she hid her lack of confidence, behind a shy or distant demeanor. Even if she was the way Travis’ friends depict, with “soulless” eyes, anyone who was treated the way she was treated by Travis would feel hurt by him. The men on the panels, dismiss what Jodi says so easily that they are either extremely naive or they are perpetrators of these behaviors themselves, and have no concept that their own attitudes are chauvinistic. At any rate, they all sound like a bunch of 10 year olds whining and complaining. All I am saying is, sometimes Karma comes quickly and that goes both ways. One dead, one might as well be…

  7. PS. Just my perception. I think that when “flight” didn’t work, and he kept coming after her, even after the gun went off, that “fight” took over completely and she grabbed and stabbed until she felt the danger had passed. Just like any animal trying to save itself. Did he back off at any point? No.

    • yep, this is my take too.

      I just had another thought. I am sure they probably thought of this, but thought I’d bring it up while it popped in my head.

      Travis was working on his physique, and you can actually see this in his photos, the progession of him losing weight and trying to get in shape. I wonder if that guy was using “juice” to try to help get his physique in better form. Just a thought, since that stuff is known for making the people who use it dangerously aggressive. He seemed like the type to use it too, with his massively over-inflated ego.

      Just sayin…

      • Agree. I have thought that as well. Look at his forehead and his receding hairline – all tell tale signs of steroid use. He could not control his anger at all and this matched with his over inflated ego of himself was the perfect storm waiting to happen.

  8. The outcome of this particular case aside (as we haven’t yet gotten a verdict, and I’m leaving it up to the good citizens of Maricopa County to decide, ie; the jury) I am sick of hearing people whine and cry that the justice system failed because the jury in FL acquitted Casey Anthony. Um, the justice system WORKED, in that there wasn’t even a clear cut COD (chloroform or duct tape?) or even a date of death they could specify. There wasn’t enough for the jury to convict obviously, or THEY WOULD HAVE! The jurors even SAID they believed she was guilty, but they were able to set aside those personal feelings and vote based on evidence, which is what they are instructed to do, and they did. But there also was NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that GA ever sexually abused Casey or Caylee, and.those who perpetuate said rumors only continue that family’s tragedy…and they’ve endured so much, and will already never be the same.

  9. This is not justice, it is sick. Justice would be a thorough and ongoing investigation minus the media side show. Justice would be logical and rational police work, not following the first “lead” that comes along. Oh, you say Jodi did it, well it must be true. Maybe they should’ve taken a closer look at the people who were pointing their fingers. When Jodi was telling the truth in the interrogation room, the detective listened to her entire detailed story, and immediately dismissed it as a lie. Why not interrupt her, and ask questions to trip her up if you had already thought she was lying? Isn’t that what a smart, experienced detective would do? All I saw were dumb techniques to try to break her. Stupid and weak psychological manipulation to coerce her into a confession. Why not hook her up to a lie detector test if you thought she was lying? Why let her tell the entire story, and arrogantly proclaim that you thought she was lying? That was the only story she has told giving specific details, and she warned numerous times that she was afraid for her family’s safety. And what a coincidence, her story changed right before her very public trial? Why was that trial so public anyway, huh? No one thinks that someone got a message to her and threatened her again? No one thinks the media circus was orchestrated? Am I back in the 1600’s witnessing a witch trial? We all know now that those women were not “real” witches. In 2013, everyone believes in real witches again? Jodi became the scapegoat for a problem that was bigger than her and Travis. Problems that plague a strict religious institution, and always will. They both became sacrificial pawns in a cult. One day the TRUTH will come out, but people are happier condemning the pretty girl. Maybe we are the ones with the jealous rage?

    • While the police, tried to placate the town folks, regarding, a possible serial killer, they already had, their victim, targeted, and, in jail, while they enacted their charade….and, while their targeted victim, was in jail, there were a dozen gun related, home invasions, that she couldn’t have done, either… How many, involved the .25 calober pistol, and, where, if so, is the evidence locker, hiding it…??? Snidely…Edgrrr…

  10. You have so many good and legitimate points Marie, and I agree with the part about “convicting the pretty girl”. I was and still am soo surprised that more women did not defend or even have any empathy for Jodi. I will take Jodi’s word and the evidence that she alone ended up being the one who ultimately ended Travis’ life. Although I respect anyone else’s theory or opinion, that is mine. I think that common sense shows that Jodi was and remains a very loving and kind girl who gave herself completely to a jerk. I do not delight in speaking of the dead in this way, but for lack of a better term and not wanting to use a nastier one, I will leave it at “Jerk”. In no way is that an excuse for what occurred, But it does help us to understand why she did what she did. I truly believe that Travis verbally, emotionally and physically abused Jodi. He obviously debased Jodi sexually. She did things that she thought would please him, a mistake that a lot of woman do and end up regretting. Jodi loved him so much she endured all the abuse because she rationalized that she would become his wife. She sacrificed her body, her morals, her love, and even changed her religion out of devotion to Travis. When Travis dumped her like she was nothing to him, “like a meaningless piece of toilet paper”, I think she snapped. I do not think she planned it, I believe something triggered a fight between them that fatal day and only she and him will ever really know the entire God’s honest truth. This is not to condemn him or her, but to try to sift thru everything we know to come to a conclusion. Even Jodi has taken responsibility for Travis’ death and I believe she truly regrets it. I choose to believe in the notion that sometimes even a very good hearted, well meaning soul can do a bad thing. That is my reason amongst many others to support Jodi. I think it is awful that so many women hated and vilified Jodi because she was and still is very pretty. And I agree that this ended up being a modern day witch trial! I know this has been said by me and many others many times over the last 6 months on this web sight. However, since there are newcomers and curious people that completely despise Jodi because of what they heard on HLN, I am reiterating a tad. Also, we are not “stupid” or “morons ” or “crazy” to question the masses and ask questions instead of blindly following the talking heads. Some of us on this sight have differing opinions but we allow each other the right to do so without ripping them to shreds. I think that is what makes this sight so unique and a pleasant place to have discussions and why will call ourselves family. Love ya, Jesse

  11. Competent and effectual legal representation, would have seen to it that these trainloads of reasonable doubt, would have been put to the dullards on the jury, and, so as to be issues for repeal, but, as you can see, a three million dollar bribe, for the socalled “legal representation,” took care to see to it that those readily available reasonable doubts, were concealed from the jury, and, deemed waived, because, they were concealed….. It seems to me, that now that Arizona, has extorted their gallon of blood, knowingly, from an innocent girl, that, they’d force the spastic prosecutor into a strait jaclet, for a retrial, without his hypnonauseating carnival side show; shucking and jiving, so as to not entertain the morons.’as is his modus operandi, to theatricate, bogus verdicts, by also, convoluting the evedence, for, by hook and crook, into, evidence, against; even to the absurdity of confessing to perjury, by a need to abandon soap opera, one, into soap opera, two; exactly, opposite his lies at law, into, a recanted prosecution into lies at law, in reverse, as if, credibility, is not required there in twilight zone, Arizons; whatwith brain dead judges…………. Snidely… Edgrrr…

    • Pandering to the LSD “church,” with all those voters, is the gist of this soap opera… to sleaze another voted in, parasite, at law. and, to show the Stepford Wives, what can happen to them, for, disobedience….. Snidely… Edgrrr…

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