Get your excuses ready – again…

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This is a quick message to all the haters & clueless knuckle-draggers now coming out of the woodwork and hell-bent on a guilty/DP verdict.

Take it from me… you better start getting your sad sorry asses and your piss poor excuses ready.

Start preparing them now in fact… you know the ones… the “stupid jury” (again), the low-down defense attorney (again), the rotten judge (again), the traffic, the weather, the lying witnesses… ya… get working on that again, you clueless pitchfork wielding clowns.

Come verdict day we will take great pleasure in pissing all over your parade.

And to TA’s finger-pointing family & “friends”, I say – get ready… because when push comes to shove, you basically know nothing about your deceptive philandering pedophile “virgin idol”. Prepare to be enlightened – big time.

Yes… you can cling to the illusion of Jodi’s guilt all you like if it makes you feel better… but rest assured that the guilty/DP verdict you’re hoping for…

AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN! --- Get used to it

You’ve been there before, remember? July 2011?… yeah… you remember… so you should be used to disappointments by now, just like your parents.

Leave your thoughts below.

Happy 2013!

PS. AIN’T. GONNA. HAPPEN. Get used to it. Motherfuckers…

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  1. I know Jodi will be proven Innocent. The prosecution has no real evidence just like Casey. I hope Jodi has a good lawyer like Baez to defend her. I wish more posters would comment here. Maybe, it’s too early or it’s the holidays. Come on people Jodi is being railroaded just like Casey was. We have to give her our support and stand up for her.

  2. Well, she’s changed her story 3 times, now claiming it was self defense, so she has admitted killing Travis. Whether the jury believes she acted in self defense will depend on her ability to act convincing, which she did very well for each of her previous claims.

    • I think it will also depend on what is allowed in as far as texts, pics and emails go. The defense team wants certain media found on her hardrive in because it substantiates the abuse allegations. They also have an abuse expert on their witness list. While her taking the stand may needed, because she changed her story in the beginning, her credibility will be challenged on cross by the prosecution. Interestingly, I read that the last story a person tells when accused of something can be the truth… When/if she takes the stand, her story will have to be compelling and speak to those who understand all forms of relational abuse.

    • Her palm print in his blood is her biggest evidentiary problem. It may be even stronger than the camera with the time stamped photos. Her changing her story doesn’t help either. If her lawyer is at all competent, she’ll never take the stand. She should NEVER have spoken to the media; it never helps. It provides the Nancy Graces of the world with material. Her sister should’ve kept her mouth shut, too.

      • agree.
        So since the evidence is there they have only one way out which is self defence.
        Except I now believe she planned this. I think the time stamp on the memory card as well as the shower images are the most damning. His eyes were shut. He didn’t know what she was doing.
        There was a gap of 4 minutes in the photos. That is when the attack started. The subsequent image of travis face is after he was stabbed. Then he was seated in the shower. Who does that?
        So whilst people have strugggled with the idea that she did all that damage in 90 seconds the truth is that it was 6 minutes.
        He was crawling away to get to the phone and she kept on stabbing him in the back.
        As for the “I never murdered him”, I wonder if there are some religious overtones to this. She converted to Mormonism pretty quickly. Most assume to be wife material. However she did write in religious tones to Ryan. And the email to Lisa which is heavy in religion is suspected to have come from Jodi. Read up on Blood Atonement as part of the Mormon religion. The person guilty of extra marital sex has their heart pierced with a javelin and their neck slashed. And this is done to them so they can go to heaven. It is seen as a good deed, not murder.

        • The blood atonement thing is interesting yes? I read about the Godmakers and it’s all very interesting. Travis was washed off, clothes washed, throat slashed just like how those rituals went down.

          But, I think all that’s just some strange coincidence. The crime scene was too sloppy for it to be a ritual.

  3. Who would leave a camera like that? That’s the part I just can’t get past and makes think she was framed. If we are to believe what the media and prosecutor says, we have to assume the defendant planned this entire crime down to leaving a camera in the washer?! Some say, that the taking of the pics show that the killer profiles like that of a serial killer but for that theory to be true, the defendant would have taken the camera with her! The camera raises more questions than it answers.

    About the self defense claim: some think the crime is to horrendous to claim that. Yet, it was the last stab wound that killed the victim. The medical examiner says he died approximately four to five days after his body was found. That tells me that although Jody was there that week, there is a chance she wasn’t even there that day. Her attorneys asked that her confession be thrown out but it hasn’t been. Amanda Knox also confessed yet we know she was innocent.

    I don’t know about her lawyers. I suppose they are doing the best job they can with this prosecutor people claim has never lost a case.

    • “The medical examiner says he died approximately four to five days after his body was found.”

      Surely this is a mistake… Makes no sense.

        • Here’s the problem: Jodi is attempting what was made famous in the 80s, the “Burning Bed” defense. You may remember the film starring Farah Fawcett. This defense was unsuccessful in court and has been so in many states for the last 30 years. There’s a live blog on HLN that’s following the opening statements right now.

          Another issue: her statement on Inside Edition that “No jury will ever convict me.” All those interviews are getting in, and juries don’t generally like being told what to do. It can create a reaction formation that could devastate the defense.

          • Yes I do remember the movie. I just revisited the story online to review it. Wasn’t hers the the ONLY time this defense worked? And that woman was abused for years right?

            I agree. When they played her saying that in court today, I did think – oh no. The jury isn’t going to like hearing that!

          • CJ, I am not sure w/o research. My (fallible) memory is that the defense failed. I am sure you’re right about the long-term (years & years) history of terrible physical abuse in that case.

            BTW, Farah’s performance in that film is truly compelling.

          • Also, a result of these situations was the passage of the Violence Against Women Act that went into law in 1994. It has been renewed annually ever since. Except for this year. The current congress failed to renew it for the first time since it went into effect. Very sad.

  4. Can anyone please find out more about the jury? I have been searching everywhere and trying to read their questionaires but I can’t find them, only news articles with very little detail on them. Jury selection is the most important phase, your verdict is basically in once your jury is seated… I wanna know more about them! Thanks if you guys can find anything, Jenna

        • Do a search on the jury selection. There’s an article that describes some of the voir dire questionnaire contents and some of the jurors. One is, in fact, a victim of domestic violence but has stated that it won’t interfere w/ her judgment. The DA will have probably strike this person. I don’t know if they did though.

  5. “your verdict is basically in once your jury is seated”

    Woah! – I hope that’s not true! (I know what you’re trying to say – but you’re making it sound like they’ve made up their minds by the time they’re seated – which I certainly hope isn’t the case!).

    But yes, jury selection is an imperative and underrated part of any trial.

  6. This just in.

    Travis became violent with Jodi when she dropped his camera by accident.

    Jane Valez Mitchell and Nancy Disgrace will cover the trial.

    • I won’t watch any coverage by those two harridans or any of the other trash on HLN. They were disgusting in how they vilified Casey. I’m so glad that the trial is being streamed online through other news sites.

  7. Actually, that info is not “just in.” It was in the defense notice that informed the prosecution of the sd claim. She’s gonna need a lot more to support sd. After firing her lawyer and failing in her efforts to enter letters to support her claim, it’s gonna be tough. The DA really beat the drum, “she changed her story (repeatedly)” using her interviews. It’ll be interesting to hear the defense address these issues. I suspect that the court will adjourn ’til tomorrow. We’ll see.

  8. I Totally get and agree with your statement Jenna. It is the mindset and personalities of the jurors you select that will inevitably tell you their decision before THEY even know what their decision will be. Human beings are for the most part oh so very predictable. That is why jury selection imo is THE most important aspect of the trial. I happen to believe it was why Casey Anthony got the verdict she got as well. They looked for people who do not automatically assume that law enforcement is the almighty truth-teller. They look for people that will be compassionate towards people and the whys behind certain “sins” committed. If they are too rigid, too “perfect” in their everyday lifestyle, they may not be able to be forgiving of folks in lesser circumstances and they may make assumptions that everyone has the same choices or opportunities that they may have had. Often times I have read it is also a good thing not to get too ‘educated” of a jury. Because again they may be prone to very strict ideas about what a person should have done. They are more in their head then in their heart. Hence a good defense atty can spot these folks and will strike them.

  9. I do not like the prosecutor at all.. if i hear “DID I ASK YOU THAT” one more time i’m gonna scream…. i say Jodi is guilty, but heck, she admits to that, but, i believe in self defense…. men need to learn to stop pushing women around ..back to the prosecutor, i think he acts like a macho jerk , demands answers, pronto !! and the way he has treated the psychologist, the defense witness, well, i feel he is downright rude … i hope the jury sees this case as it is, not guilty … the prosecutor should be questioned about his so called intelligence and see how he likes it .. i am gonna laugh when Jodi walks out free , and martinez stands in shock !!! luck be with Jodi …also, jane v. , nancy g, etc on hln have Jodi guilty already… unfair !!!! i hope some of them will have to eat some crow when jodi walks .lol

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