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Fox 10:

PHOENIX – It’s a trial that is being broadcast live across the nation — dissected and debated on a nightly basis. The murder trial of Jodi Arias is riddled with sex, violence and deceit.

But we’re giving you an exclusive look behind bars — where Jodi is defined in a very different way.

She personally gave us a look into her interests, and let the women she’s lived with in jail for the past four years tell part of her story.

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Through contacts, I was able to gain access to Estrella Jail where Jodi is housed, and to her cell. She didn’t know I was coming, and at first, she wasn’t happy to see me at all. But she eventually warmed up a bit.

We spoke together for quite some time.

Because of her impending case, and the advice of her attorneys, she didn’t want to appear on camera. I agreed, and I promised her not to reveal some of the things we talked about.

But I also told her I was going to show our viewers how she is living.

While in jail, something interesting happened. All of Jodi’s pod mates held up handwritten notes they created on the spot that read “Free Jodi.”

They stood in a line of solidarity, and I soon learned that these troubled women were circling their wagons around a friend — maybe in these circumstances — more of a surrogate family member.

“She comes in here with a smile on her face. But I know she’s hurting inside. But she can’t show that to us because if she comes in here hurting, we’re all going to be what’s wrong. And she’d have to talk about it. And tell you what, if I was on trial for two weeks I wouldn’t want to talk about it. I’d put on a fake smile and tell everybody I was perfectly fine. But she’s not, she’s hurting inside and there’s nothing she can do about that,” said Jenna Bounds, Jodi Arias’ podmate.

Because of the nature of her charges, Jodi is being kept in one of the higher security units here, where detention officers can keep a close watch on her.

“She may feel she has nothing to lose, so we just keep an eye on all of ‘em,” a detention officer told me.

Jodi told me one of the ways she occupies herself in jail is with her art. She showed me some of her drawings and paintings, landscapes and portraits.

But maybe some of the most vivid portraits were of Jodi herself, and they were created inside these concrete walls by those who say they now know her best.

“She has the biggest heart in the world. A lot of people don’t think it, but she does, she has an incredible heart.”

“She really needs your prayers right now. She would do anything to help us girls in here and we just love her very much,” says Sara Wardana.

“The roles could be reversed, in Jodi’s case, you know. He could be the one on trial for her. You know what I mean? It could be reversed. People don’t even think about that. That she is here because she was protecting herself,” says Bounds.

That’s an argument Jodi is betting her life on.

The defense begins its case in front of the jury on the 29th.

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  1. In session is talking about Jodi having plans to flee before she was arrested. Her car was packed with her clothing and personal possessions. She purchased a 9mm gun after Travis was killed. They found the ammo in her possessions after she was arrested. The gun was not found until a later date, it was hidden in the rental car. Also they are saying its possible she flipped her license plate on purpose, so she would be pulled over in Utah in order to establish an alibi that she was in Utah and not in Arizona.

    • actually trixels, when you say “one minute 38 seconds”, it sounds short, but in reality, if you sit down and starting counting to one minute and 38 seconds, its so much longer than it sounds than when you say it…i’m thinking it WAS done all quite fast-not necessarily the clean up or dragging him into the shower scenario but from the first wound to the last, wouldn’t have taken long to commit…i can’t see someone slowly stabbing someone 27 times and waiting for seconds and seconds between each one…she was probably also worried about retaliation so probably moved quickly…

  2. I think the prosecution is making a mistake by trying to fit the murder into a 1 minute 38 second time frame. It is hard to believe that all of that happened in such a short amount of time. I am not sure why they are stressing that by basing everything on the time stamp on the camera, essentially boxing themselves in where there can be reasonable doubt. Everyone knows that time stamps are not always accurate. I have never set the time stamp on my camera. The jury already asked questions about the time stamp conversation Jodi had with Ryan (where one of them said to the other goodnight and the time stamp said 8am) The OJ trial prosecutors did the same thing, trying to account for every minute when there is no way to do that accurately.

    • It reminds me of the 85 chloroform searches in a three minute span that were later proven to be false.

      I question those time stamps too.

      I read that the roommate came home at 6:00 p.m.. That would mean she did all the cleaning etc in a half an hour…

    • I understand that a camera set to the wrong date/time will of course produce the wrong date/time (the video of the parking lot in the Amanda Knox case was off by 10 minutes or more and was used against the defense cause they didn’t research it)

      But the interval between the shots would have nothing to do with the camera being set wrong, right?

      Unless between each picture, the time/date was reset, which doesn’t strike me as likely.

  3. I left out a bit of info the day she was arrested. The night before she was arrested she was under surveillance and was seen talking to her mom outside of the grandparents house at 9pm. She was sitting in a rental car. Her mom drives off. Jodi goes inside. The surveillance team left but came back at 630am. She was arrested at 930am and taken into custody. The police went thru the car and found her belongings packed, and found ammunition for a 9mm, but did not see a gun she had hidden in the car. The gun was found later on in August 2008, by a Hertz employee in the rental car while it was being serviced. By that time the car was in San Francisco.

    • That just goes to show how terrible that LE group is. They found ammo and didn’t bother to try and find the gun that went with it. The LEO’s that I know would not be so sloppy.

      Sloppy, sloppy police work all around.

  4. Ok I dnt know any mormon christain men walking around with their crotches shaved smoother than a babies bottom! II am almost positive that he was leading a double life and she was his dirty little secret and pkease someone tell me why or what do you think he had that duct tape was for…sexgames…I dnt know and anal sex hmmm…again not so mormonlly do ya think??? I cant wait till the 29! Hopefully we will really see who Travis Alexander is and what happened after that camera dropped…

  5. And why didnt any of his housemates that were living there EVER come home for 6 days thats weird and thefact that they didnt testify hello they found him BIG DEAL RIGHT I guess the prosecution didnt think so that mimi girl did but she was just there she didnt actually herself find him…

  6. Hello all. I’ve been cyber-stalking this site for a while but this is my first time chiming in. I have a question. Where was Travis’ car during tall this time? I assume he had a car. Was it in a garage or parked somewhere else at the house during the time between his going unnoticed and the time his body was discovered. Again, it makes me wonder how his roommates did not know he was in that house/room. I’m cure that Jodi is guilty of killing him but I don’t know if this crime can be prosecuted with the facts at hand. Something is just not right about this whole situation. More and more I’m beginning to wonder if there were not others involved. I smell a rat!

    • Hi Kimberly, If you read Det Flores’ investigation report, the roommates were questioned about his car being in garage. They said they knew he was going to Mexico and so would have potentially not taken his car, hence it being in garage was not suspicious to them.

      • Thanks Daniel. I just saw the report and so I see that now. Something about those roommates just does not sit well with me. The fact that the prosecution completely overlooked them as part of their case says a lot to me. Apparently the jury found that strange as well. It sounds like they have some questions about where the roommates were during all this time.

        • What also does not make any sense…. Travis’s one roommate was summoned from his room down the hall by the police for the key to Travis’s bedroom door…. How is it that he didn’t even notice the smell of death that others testified to smelling the moment they walked in the door on the first floor?

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