Jodi Arias – “Chandelier” – the mini-movie

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Check out the 18 minute Jodi Arias mini-movie below — “Chandelier” by Alexander Yan:

CHANDELIER from Alexander Yan on Vimeo.

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  1. Inch by Inch The Truth will Surface about Travis Alexander . . .

    “Abusive relationships exist because they provide enough rations of warmth, laughter, and affection to clutch onto like a security blanket in the heap of degradation. The good times are the initial euphoria that keeps addicts draining their wallets for toxic substances to inject into their veins. Scraps of love are food for an abusive relationship.” ― Maggie Young

    • The truth will definitely surface about Travis. I Just watched a video of the creators of this film being interviewed. It was very telling. The director/co-writer basically explained how he wanted to only include what we know to be fact. Interesting how the film came out, we see clear manipulation from Travis and Jodi only wanting to please him. When we strip the case down, that’s what we are left with, a manipulator and a women bending over backwards to make him happy (also, NO STALKING). They also said, the majority of people who see the film sympathize with Jodi. Betsy Holt (the actress who played Jodi) said she believes none of this would have happened had Travis not strung Jodi along the way he did. It’s interesting to hear her say that after trying to get into Jodi’s mindset in order to play the part.

      It’s nice to see an impartial film made, finally!

      Justice For Jodi!

  2. There are those who mockingly ask the question “How does someone pausing at the sink and turning his back on his attacker indicate aggressive behavior?” The very question itself provides insight into the shallow un-thinking that goes on. First off, in a question meant to examine who was the attacker, the questioner automatically assumes that he was being attacked. WTF? This is the usual circular and prejudicial analysis we see. The real question should be “Who during an attack would have the opportunity to pause at the sink (and mess with the faucet, no less)?” But if one is bound and determined to offhandedly dismiss the most plausible answer, that only the person controlling the violence would have that opportunity, they must dig deep to conjure up unproven scenarios to justify their beliefs (such as she had left to go get the knife). Again, one has to work backwards from a presumption of guilt in order to arrive at such explanations, rather than analyzing forward from the most obvious.

    • Great point Justus. TA was never afraid of Jodi, he knew her well and he knew she was no threat to him. Jodi was his puppet to play with. He never cared about her or her well being it was always about TA and his desires. I dare say he spent many a hour looking at himself in that mirror, too bad he couldn’t see how sick he was. He always felt he was in control of every situation imo. If and when he was standing at the mirror I’m certain he was in shock that Jodi would dare to stand up for herself. . .how dare her. . he was the great and powerful TA. 🙄

  3. Well that was interesting….but really who was the mess in that relationship …..all one has to do is listen to the tapes…JODI is real as t-dog is fake. This is a would be man who could have anything or anybody or so he thought….LOL funny as it is sick. Who did he NOT prey on…..? As for loking into ant mirror as they attack or are attacked…FUCK how stupid is that. There is a reason he WAS looking…he was in control as he always was in that very sad relationship but when he keep attacking HER ever ending then he lost…that,s what RAGE n WRATH do to you. All he had to do was stop and allow HER to stop defending HERself. This he was a victim…of what himself? t-dog loved violence and thanks to the cult of t-dog We can see it…how sick is that? TRAVIS the GREAT JOKE! That,s some legacy….ABUSER of WOMAN and CHILDREN….remember it was he going on n on about 12 year olds….his words…his actions…I pray for all who were his VICTIMS…think of all the places he went and it should give one the creeps.Pray for all who knew that sick and sad man.Even dead he still causes harm such is true evil. Can ya hear the mindless cult howl as We stand by a SURVIVOR and a WOMAN who is surrounded by more LOVE then their hate.

  4. WOW! Check out this 1999 Florida case. A second degree murder conviction was overturned and the defendant got a new trial because the prosecutor called the defendant a liar and undermined his credibility as a witness. The decision also said the judge should be admonished for allowing it to happen. How many times did Martinez call Jodi a liar and JSS let him get away with it?


    Improper and prejudicial comments by the prosecutor
    It is improper and prejudicial for a prosecutor to call a defendant a liar and refer to his version of events as “lies” and a “cockamamie story,” especially where the defendant testified, the 3rd DCA said.
    Roberto Gomez appealed his conviction of attempted second-degree murder, citing numerous improper and prejudicial comments by the prosecutor that served to undermine his credibility as a witness. The DCA agreed that the comments were improper and constituted fundamental error, and said both the prosecutor and trial judge should be admonished.
    “With these types of comments, the prosecutor encroached on the jury’s job by improperly weighing in with her own opinion of the credibility of the witnesses,” the DCA said. “There comes a point and time in the conduct of a trial that the trial judge should and must intervene in the egregious conduct, whether it has been challenged or not. It is the trial judge who is the central figure in the courtroom especially in the eyes of a jury. The jury looks to the trial judge as the only neutral, impartial, detached participant in the trial.”

    For the views expressed above, we reverse the defendant’s judgment of conviction and remand for a new trial.

      • What a find indeed, coldcase, sounds a carbon copy, bar the name of the defendant. Jodi will get a new trial, outside the clutches of evil Maricopa court in a different State. And we most definitely Will be victorious; what will her haters do then, poor things? That’s if there’s a bone left of these poor creatures, for creatures they are, not one trace of a human being in any of them, just clones of each other.

        • Thanks, Heather1
          I sure hope so. Judge Stephens should have stopped Martinez from calling Jodi a liar the first time he did it.
          I listened to Martinez’s closing argument again yesterday. It’s pure fiction. He describes TA reaching out for the knife but he can’t get it, so he tries again and again all the while experiencing terrific pain. He even suggest what he might have been thinking… of his family, etc.
          He also describes TA standing in front of the mirror seeing the reflection of Jodi standing behind him stabbing him in the back. Why didn’t the jury realize there was no way this was an accurate description of what occurred in that house? It was just a story that Martinez made up to make Jodi seem like a heartless monster and influence the jury to vote for the death penalty. I think he even put up the throat cut photo again (so prejudicial) because several people looked away suddenly and the Alexanders were shielding their face and crying. It was unadulterated BS from the guy that spread it all over this farce of a trial. There WAS a heartless monster in that courtroom but it wasn’t Jodi.

          • Martinez was certainly a heartless monster, and even heartless toward the Alexander family in certain instances.

            I didn’ t watch JSS sentence Jodi, but I read about it. Travis supporters condemn Jodi for saying that she saw the knife going in. The Travis supporters ALREADY KNEW Jodi had stated that she acted in self- defense. She was only emphasizing and explaining how the knife went in because she had to defend her statement that she is innocent because she was acting in self-defense.

            Travis was STILL attacking her, and Jodi’s life was STILL in danger.

            Jodi gave no new information, other than revealing that at least some of her memory had come back. ( And it is mind- boggling to me that some of her detractors fail to understand that her statement about her regaining her memory, demonstrated that she regained her memory far, far AFTER the death of Travis. Some of her detractors don’ t seem to comprehend that that in NO way meant she was lying about anything, years before, or years after.

            Also, some of her detractors fail to comprehend that her revelation does not in any way constitute an admission, or evidence of, guilt. Quite the contrary; it reaffirms her innocence.

            I am glad she stated that her memory came back. I don’ t think there was anything at all cruel about her talking about the knife. Her entire self- defense case made it clear that she cut Travis’ neck in self- defense while he was still alive. Of course that is when she cut his neck__ when he was still alive!!! She had no choice! He was still trying to kill her! He was still a lethal danger!

            The public, AND the Alexanders, already KNEW that was her testimony all along. Moreover, the public and the Alexanders KNEW that that was ALSO Martinez’s contention all along.

            My point about Martinez being a monster also includes his statements prior to Jodi making the revelation about her memory and the knife.

            Maybe I am wrong because I only read about it, but wasn’ t it Martinez who unecessarily went into extremely cruel, outrageously insensitive detail, and reveled in his hysterical theatrics, even sort of ‘performing,’ his made- up version of what happened with the knife?

            And Travis supporters do not think Martinez was being cruel to the Alexanders?

            My point is not about the Alexanders, but about the fact that people are wrong to contend that Jodi’s revelation was cruel. It was not cruel; it was explanatory.

            And personally, I am glad she told the world what happened regarding the neck. I think she was right to take the opportunity to tell the world the truth about what happened. It gave her a chance to let a wider audience know the truth.

            Also, Jodi’s detractors fail to take into account that just prior to Jodi’s testimony, it was Martinez who was building up an increasing momentum of hysterical theatrics regarding the knife, along with severe accusations and condemnation aimed at Jodi regarding the knife, and Martinez was doing this IMMEDIATELY PRIOR to Jodi speaking.

            Martinez had built up such a momentum in his attack against Jodi, that, in my opinion, she felt ‘pushed’ to immediately respond to his ranting and raving.

            It was such a highly emotionally-charged situation, and Martinez’s emotional ‘ violence’ toward her, flooded her so much that she HAD to respond to HIS actual words.

            Anyway, that is my understanding from what I read about the sentencing. I could not bear to actually watch it.

            • Nicely written, Amy. Precise and to the point.
              I agree. I never understood why people got upset at Jodi’s statement. They knew Travis’s throat was cut. They believed Jodi did it. She simply said she remembered the throat cut:
              Her exact words were: “I do remember the moment when the knife goes into Travis’s throat and he was conscious. He was still trying to attack me. It was I who was trying to get away, not Travis. And, I finally did.”

    • Juan’s whole case was built on “she’s a liar!”, nothing more. Look at the effort he had to apply just trying to prove three cans rather than two. It certainly didn’t add to any proof of premeditation and if he had had anything else (something of actual significance) we would have heard about it. He didn’t and we didn’t. It’s sole purpose was to imply that she lied about that one insignificant thing and therefore we could disregard everything else she said on the stand without him having to prove any of it was untrue. That’s not how the system is supposed to work. But then, building on that, people proceeded to dream up lies that are proven nowhere except in their own heads.

      • Yes, but Juanita never proved beyond a reasonable doubt that there were 3 gas cans. There was a Grand Canyon of reasonable doubt on that issue….Revisit the Walmart employee Amanda’s testimony, and the fact that the actual store that Jodi returned the kerosene can to those records were never investigated only the new store location’s records were investigated and even those were not complete according to Amanda or at least she could not testify that they were complete not to mention that the total number of gallons could have fit into her car tank and the two gas cans…same with the hair color issue at all…evidence shows that Jodi changed her hair back to brown BEFORE she even left Mesa to return to Yreka…the photo Juanita put in front of the jury clearly shows her with brown hair with lighter highlights framing her face but certainly NOT blond hair at all…Juanita is a snake in the grass devious deceitful egomaniac narcissist who will one day have it all come back to him bc those that refuse to humble themselves will fall….

        Juanita’s ENTIRE CASE was built on calling Jodi a liar and furthermore he was discrediting her expert witnesses like Alyce LaViolette and Dr. Samuels for believing Jodi..he prejudiced the jury against her and took away her right to the presumption of innocence…he took away her right to a fair trial and somebody better have enough balls to make this right !!!! Enough with the corrupt AZ courts!!! DO YOUR JOBS, APPELLATE JUDGES, DO YOUR JOBS !!!!

    • “This is an individual who will stop at nothing, and who will continue to be manipulative and will lie at every turn,” Martinez told jurors.
      “It’s like a field of lies that has sprouted up around her as she sat on the witness stand,” Martinez said of Arias’ 18 days testifying. “Every time she spat something out, another lie.”

      Martinez also accused Jodi of having a past history of crime during his closing arguments in an attempt to erase one of the mitigating factors given by the defense. Her “past history of crime,” according to Martinez, was that she had committed perjury during the trial by lying and that she had lied to the police during the investigation (“lying to police is a crime”).
      We could probably find 500+++ statements where Martinez told the jurors that Jodi was a manipulator or a liar or a lying manipulator during the trial. I think by the end of the trial he had practically “brainwashed” the jury to that idea that she was a liar and they shouldn’t believe any thing she said. She had no chance at a just verdict. NONE!

        • Thanks, R
          I notice some Jodi or Travis sites are shutting down. One has a notice is it being discontinued Dec. 1, 2015 and to remove information. So, I’ve been checking to see what documents/articles I can steal. Would you happen to know the average length of time before an appeal is dealt with? Seems I read two years to 2.5 years? Maybe that’s wishful thinking.

      • I started to re-watch Juan’s closing argument but had to pause after just ten minutes. (I will go back again when I think I can handle a bit more.) So far all I’ve heard from him is character assassination. In ten minutes time I’ve heard him use a variation on the word “manipulative” at least five times, even indicating that she was trying to “manipulate” the jury from the stand, which is just another way of saying that she was lying under oath. He appears to be presenting the facts of the case but he only uses those facts to conclude each with a sarcastic “but that’s not her fault”. I don’t remember Jodi ever saying anything about those things not being her fault (other than her original denial about the killing). But Juan was allowed to say those things over and over and over again until the jury had swallowed it as evidence. Stomach churning!!!

      • It’s inexcusable that JSS let Martinez get away with the false contention that Jodi had already commited crimes (his version of crimes.) Any judge with integrity would have put a stop to his falsifying the truth, and would have severely reprimanded him.
        Not only was JSS incompetent; she was unethical also. Even though she was acting in a new role, she surely had enough experience to know that what Martinez did was behavior that likely many judges would pronounce outright illegal.
        I myself, can only take in so much information at a time. A jury bombarded incessantly with inaccurate ‘information, much of it which is unsubstantiated claims and barely disguised lies, is probably going to only take in the general gyst of what is being said, and fail to perceive that the prosecutor is not adhering to the rule of the law.
        JSS should be penalized by any ‘body,’ that oversees her ( if any one does oversee her).
        And I think JSS was even on an ethics committe? Even more ludicrous and unforgiveable that she did not stop Martinez.

      • Well to be technical about it…Juanita could NOT honestly state that Jodi had a “past history of crime” to the jury. That is a lie !! In order to have a history of crime you must FIRST BE CONVICTED OF THAT CRIME !! You know like the some of the Alexander siblings have a past history of crimes…. Jodi had never been convicted of a crime and to state such to a jury is prejudicial and again takes away her right to a fair trial….The AZ appellate courts need to do their job and overturn this shameful verdict and at the same time Juanita’s license to practice should be stripped from him IMHO…..

    • Thanks for this, coldcase. It’s comforting to know that there are actual legal people out there who agree with us, that the behavior of the likes of Martinez and Stephens is not acceptable in a court of law. It validates our belief that somewhere on its trek through the judicial system toward the supreme court, someone’s going to look at this and say, “This just isn’t right!”

  5. This video was pretty much a tamed down version of how I see things. This director might have used his 15 minutes a bit more definitively or purposely, but I agree it is not against Jodi. That is a good thing. I’ve always seen ta as a controlling, macho brute, that pumped up that side of his personality and enjoyed his opportunities to let that part of himself surface.
    ta is gone and WE all choose to let everyone know, that it takes two to tango. He made the bed he’s lying in, and no matter how anyone feels about responsibility, I believe Jodi was manhandled and defended herself. And ’til the day I die, I’ll never stray from supporting Jodi, for all the women or vulnerable in our world. You see I have never had a sister, but if I did, I’d unconditionally support her the same way. I have known many aholes like ta, and they ALWAYS got hammered somehow.

  6. Dr. Phil is having a two-part interview with the woman who secretly taped Jared Fogle for 4 years to get evidence against him (yesterday and today). It has debunked the most common argument that the haters used against the pedo accusations; that is, that there is a preference of sex and age, and that there would be no interest in grown women. In his own sick words, I heard Fogle say that sex didn’t matter – that age didn’t matter – although he preferred middle school age. My first take of the scene in the movie at the aquarium with the little girl had me thinking what the movie maker’s message was intended to be. That poor woman is messed up from listening to that creep for so long….

  7. Can,t brainwash the brainless just listen to any of their interviews…duh! As for being a liar well all know that tiny and his car full of clowns DID lie…but why did it fail to catch HER in a lie BECAUSE SHE did,nt lie.Odd how when one lies to a cop for any reason that,s a crime …BUT they can and do fake evidence more then a few times…I ask any who really looks at what the police call evidence. Cops love to win it,s a game to them but do any investigation on them…..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you,re a cop hater. All that shows is that they,re weak. When jodi took the stand SHE spoke truth and try as they might they failed to show otherwise…FAILED!As for this killing because that,s all it EVER was….all have the RIGHT to save themselves from any abuser be it a person or a nation….common law trumps any law. haters can scream to the church bells ring t-dog was a proven abuser….and his own big mouth proved it well. For any jury to ignore that is the true crime as they took an oath to do right…but in interviews proved their guilt. As for our side …We seek justice for all as their would deny that to all unless you,re one of them. What kind of world do they live in…the UNDERWORLD?

  8. It’s too bad Jodi didn’t have access to this searchable database in prison. She could do her own appeal or prepare for another trial. Inmates often do have access to law books/ libraries, I think. Maybe this database will end up in all prisons eventually.

    jg ‏@JustinGlawe 43m43 minutes ago

    Fantastic: Harvard is digitizing thousands of volumes to create a searchable database of American case law:

    • “make the law more accessible to struggling lawyers, students and even inmates who try to mount appeals from spotty prison libraries.”

  9. Comment by “mn” (?) following article on Jodi. Hope I remembered it correctly.

    “Jodi Arias was not tried before a jury of her peers. She was tried before a jury of Travis Alexander’s peers.”

    Something like that….

  10. A THANK YOU “shout out” to The State Versus Jodi Arias site for providing us with so many laughs (especially the last line)

    Phyllis Niper
    Yesterday at 9:27pm
    Am I the only one who seen that disgusting X rated video on JAII Site ? It showing a bunch of weird stuff and then there is a girl in bed on top of a guy and then she is rubbing on his di€k. I can’t tell you what happens next because I stopped the video. I think it’s supposed to be a video reenactment of the killer and Travis but it turned out to be really dumb. Check it out maybe you can tell us who the guy and girl is in the video I have a feeling it’s one of her supporters with their husband.

      • R,

        I think the last line in Phyllis Niper’s comment proves JAII members are willing to go to great lengths to help Jodi. lol

        • One thing for certain, we will go to GREAT lengths to help Jodi but performing in films?
          Give us a break people! We want JUSTICE and FREEDOM for JODI. . .we have always made that CLEAR! Very CLEAR. SMH Phyllis might be partaking of too much Koolade, it does make one have a froggy (oops) FOGGY mind. Oh my…… ♥CC53♥

  11. HAPPY HALLOWEEN JAI! May everyone be blessed with little tiny candy bars. 😉

    When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
    May luck be yours on Halloween.
    ~Author Unknown

  12. Oh niper say it ain,t so …..are you like julie I see things….that ain,t there…duh. How strange this cult of t-dog as tiny and even a judge knows all….and that must be the reason they broke every rule in the book and used every dirty trick to make a win. Facts….truth….how dare You….NOT in MY courtroom as tiny thanked luke…. now how is it the state gets it,s way as it fears the defendant as they try to speak the truth with the aid of a 50.000 volt friend…HIDDEN. If only tiny had that on to curb his lies….proven….car,s gas tank grew from 12 to 15 gal,s. Well We don, have to prove a whole lot on the great one as he did that for us…..thanks. But to keep the cult going and I dare say the money look out world…..this is the sick o they wish on their friends and daughters…..after hearing his words. Now explain that one…lds. Maybe they should open their eyes just once and ask is that the type of person I am…true evil. Why is it most men fear rape then make jokes about it….because their FUCKING ass holes. If someone is sleeping why would you want to do anything to them…..does,nt matter if they agree later on you still violated them. Who really wants to be violated w/o consent….none of sound mind. And speaking of haters in the end they will lose when their own children ask…..why did you stand by an abuser…why?

  13. Hey everyone!

    For those who celebrated Halloween, I hope you had an awesome and safe time. For the rest I also hope you had an awesome and safe time whatever you were doing. 🙂

    We’ve made it into November and we need 59 days and 13 hours until the new year rings in and I was pondering about some stuff and would like to share my thoughts:

    It’s been 7 years (almost going on to 8) since Jodi was arrested for killing travis – in self defense. The final sentencing trial has been over for about 7 months and I still see that every new thing about Jodi (appeals, her life in prison, who supports her, etc) are still one of the most favored news in social media.

    The hatred hasn’t tamed down and every time something new ‘pro Jodi’ surfaces, the hatred comes back with a vengeance. My question is ‘why?’.

    Why is it that although Jodi is certainly not the first person (nor will she be the last) to commit a crime in self defense, there is so much hatred towards her? And in conclusion, so much hatred towards anyone that *dares* support her and befriend her…

    It’s ironic that when something new comes up all the people that hate Jodi start whining “Arg! Not her again! When will she be forgotten already?! I can’t stand hearing her name! Blah blah blah…” but it is those same people that make her top news in social media. I mean, come on! A *handful* of ‘nobodies’ – as we, Jodi’s friends, are called – can’t be making such a huge impact on social media!

    It’s YOU! YOU the people that can’t stand hearing her name have made her ‘famous’. Yes, you heard me: famous! Remember: your actions come hitting you upside the head like a boomerang. If you don’t want to hear about Jodi Arias anymore, here’s whatcha gotta do:

    1. Stop tweeting and social media-ing about her. You only give her more power! 😉
    2. Stop torturing yourselves by reading Jodi Arias support sites & pages! Mark my words: there’s nothing you’ll like written there! 😉
    3. Stop stalking Jodi’s supporters, friends and family! 😉 Do you honestly think that they will not talk about Jodi in a supportive way?
    4. For the love of all gods: Stop writing Jodi’s name in the search engines and expecting not to hear about her!!!!

    Following the above 4 steps, I think you will be clear of all things Jodi! Good luck!

    Finally, it surprises me that most pages & sites that hate Jodi Arias hardly ever talk about their love & sympathy for travis alexander. Am I missing anything? Is it that you don’t like travis either but you hate Jodi more?

    I for one, IF I was sympathetic towards travis alexander (which I’m not) would focus on him and his achievements whilehe was alive. I’d try and keep his name alive… I don’t see that anywhere. Ironic, huh?!

    Whenever I hear/read travis’ name, it’s always associated to an article, tweet, conversation about Jodi. Not about him. Bummer eh?! Well again: you’re to blame: you keep on praising on how much you hate Jodi and want horrible things to happen to her rather than praising the one you supposedly support: travis.

    Finally, ask yourselves: do you actually hate Jodi so much for what she did to one person or have you just found a scapesgoat to pour your bottled up hatred on? Do you want to totally destroy her as a human or is she just an easy target? Because if you wanna hate, why not put your hatred towards someone that has killed hundreds of REAL innocent people, let’s say for example the Boston Marathon Bomber, or one of the hundreds that caused school massacres, workplace killings, racist mass crimes, etc. Who knows, if I’d meet any of you people on a site against those real criminals, we might have been besties too!

    You see, it all comes down to one thing: Only Jodi and travis were there that day. No eye witnesses. travis is dead. Jodi is the only one to tell us what happened. She testified under oath about the things that occurred that day. I chose to believe her sworn testimony. You don’t, saying it’s one sided. Imagine that one day the truth came out and beyond any reasonable doubt on your behalf it came to your attention that Jodi Arias’ side of the story was actually the accurate one! That she did indeed act upon self defense! How would that make you feel? Having wasted so much negative energy on a person that didn’t deserve your hatred. Would you be ashamed? Would you admit to your mistakes? Would you apologize for all the hardship you caused? It needs brass balls to admit that someone made a mistake… Hope you own a pair. You never know when they might be needed. 😉

    Have a good day. 🙂

    (((((Jodi Arias)))) ♥

    • Thank You Pandora! ♥♥♥ Things that needed to be said and Amen to It All ! 😉


    • Well said, as always, Pan. What always amazes me is the ones who react with “I don’t hate Jodi (I just say hateful things about her and hang out with people who say hateful things about her but I don’t hate her)“, to which I say, paraphrasing Forrest Gump’s mamma, “Hateful is as hateful does!”

    • Now now Pandora….Don’t be so strict. LOL!
      It’s a good thing they don’t write anything regarding Travis’ achievements! At least, in that way, they seem to ackonwledge that the guy had achieved NOTHING in his life. He was a big, fat ZERO. 😉

  14. I adora…You Pandora….words of wisdom for the land of 300. Now here,s a wee story….I talked to a local lds bishop about HER case….and had to correct him when he used the term ,murder. Not so I said…proven self defence from facts which there are many, SHE was convicted by a jury of hate. Over a few months We talked he was most helpful and then one day I met him on the street after the jury had hung AGAIN for the FINAL time. I expressed My happiness that SHE had been saved….then the oddest look came upon his face….! This from a man who claims to be chosen of GOD. A man who knows just how men treat women and a man with children…daughters/sons. So ready to cast the first stone…but if they,re wrong I would ask … you can raise the dead? That,s the problem with folks so ready to do what they think is right but never seem to own their wrongs.Any who make a mistake in a capital case that brings death or LWOP are the worst of the worst…for did they do what they had to or wanted to as they hid behind society. There can be no mistakes in a verdict, the cost is to high. Pandora it,s true these things will use anyone even a sick sad so called man…..he was never a man ….ask any man on that…men don,t hide behind their faith to use others.And by faith I mean the way they respect themselves. good post Pan.

    • You talked to a bishop, huh? Enough said. You shouldn’t have expected anything better from him. People hiding behind religious titles are usually the biggest hypocrites and intolerance is their middle name.

  15. Well the haters have found ol GRIZ now I’m bad grammmer GRIZ and even I can learn(‘) thanks haters. Now as for your treasonest ways did I spelll that rite? Tell the world why you stand by an abuser of women,men,and children, your t-dog.Odd how his bro steve spoke in court that he FEARED the night…..from what ?(please kill Her) and then sister police stood before the court to tell how she plotted MURDER.(Please kill Her for our family) That’s how they used a court and got away with it….thanks to a judge.I undrestand the family was not allowed to do such but it is az.. Then last but least a sister who only smiles when the money rolls in or when she and hubby are in cancun….NOW that’s sick….4 out of 4 I’d say. We are on the right side of history and justice, and as for your unAMERICAN ways……read your constitution…if you can.

    • Thank you for posting this Coldcase53.

      Although I am anti- death penalty, I definitely agree with everything else Laurie Roberts wrote in her article. I applaud her for her courage in stating what is surely true__ that Bearup’s death sentence is due to Arpaio’s retaliation.
      I so hope that Judge Snow will charge Arpaio with at least one felony.
      Arpaio is such a vile, wicked, sadistic man. The fact that he is able to get away with what he does, shows how corrupt and arbitrary the justice system is.
      Increasingly, there is protest against the excessive power prosecutors have. Can’ t judges try to remedy this? I have read that often prosecutors have more power than judges.
      It seems the system is just a game to a lot of these prosecutors.
      Twisted, sick, disgraceful.

  16. And Maria that only took an hr. to type….=) But speaking of typo’s that hate site….the official super…..ew!. Now there’s. a place for white out. The claims…he would never freak out over a camera….duh,he freaked out over a man boob joke….( I,m a b cup now thanks type2) If he had dropped it…same freak out.Now how would anyone drop a camera in a steamy b/r….go back please. Who has a cell phone they don’y drop ea. day…or hr. Jodi called a lawyer…OMG….relating to the SCAM…could that be over the car that gave birth on the highway,as in the u-haul guy hooked it up…sooo who should pay…Her or Him or both….remember that most cars now are FWD…but his was rear? But was t-dog worried that She may find out it was She who was SCAMMED as in paid way to much for a used AGAIN car….6000.00 really for a used by a few owners..unless he bought it NEW…LOL! Well he was good at getting loans. And now the no abuse or violence….EVER from t-dog….Deanna…what did she say….he used his sisters to practise on…you know wrestling and I won,t go any deeper…..but what of this eddie snell…WTF is that? A That was a continaljoke or the real deal and speaks of killing his master use and a few others a a ppl event,and talk about hate for women.Just in fun?Well just listen to him speak to anyone who crossed him…feel his wrath…REALLY who talks like that when one could just say I’m gonna fuck you up.Now that could go two ways….=( or =).Ask that wimp abe on t-dog’s threats…..Now is it not so very odd how there are no real wounds to his forearms,just a few cuts to his hands as if he was trying to take away a knife,so much for defence wounds,look at any real fight and see forearms being used….ALWAYS. Now if any of them hating idiots had ever been in a fight for their lives…horn…no!! tiny…no jamean…no! and 23 haters…no! then they would know what I’m talking about. That was a continual fight as it took that much force to stop his wrath and rage. We know who We stand by a SURVIVOR as We know what haters stand by,an ABUSER.

  17. O.K. I really am a very bad spelller and THAT seems to drive haters NUTS…..where is a cliff when ya need one.As for that screen breaking thing….well We all know how persecutors and ex persecutors really know how to cook things up. I’ve read that for the longest while that She was out of his life, how odd the few contacts were so intense….don’t recall a break in THAT as that would make him part of the mission. players only have so much time to play…seems that’s all he ever did…PLAY or PREY on ANYONE. And they ARE still looking for the big truth to show the world HER guilt beyond doubt…..NOW that does say it all,even with the fake win they are still trying to prove something with hate , vile and lies. How very unAMERICAN and evil.Think of all the good folks who laid down their lives for their right to speak….hate, pray for these sick o’s.

        • It looks like a caring site, and they are collecting funds for Jodi. It looks well organized, great content from what I have seen. It is “”. Why don’t you like them?


          • The very short answer IS, they f*ed up the appellate fund in the beginning by trying to take control of the money for Jodi. Jodi’s family had to straighten the mess out. That website added confusion and took the name and added arias on the end and solicited donations supposedly for Jodi, against Jodi’s and Jodi’s family’s wishes. All that confusion caused an awful hiccup in the initial fundraising.
            That is NOT the only real issue with those people. I won’t take the time to talk about them. They took money donated for Jodi and no one knows if Jodi ever got it.

          • Hi there Maureen. That site is no friend of Jodi’s since 2013. Johnm is right about the donations.

            Furthermore, to my knowledge, the creator – on many occasions – verbally abused Jodi during phone calls and slandered her on social media. But his attacks didn’t stop there: He also verbally abused members of Jodi’s family, Jodi’s friends and supporters and Jodi’s legal team. His posse, also did the same and up to this day, they continue to ‘attack’ anyone that is close to Jodi. Even people that don’t support Jodi ‘blasted’ him and his posse for the manipulator, fraud, abuser they are. I’d advise you to stay away from that site and those people. Their modus operandi is to lure in people with ‘honey’ (pretending they are ‘Jodi friendly’) and use them for their own gain: to learn news about Jodi (Jodi doesn’t have any communication with them), to spy on her family and friends, to manipulate people in donating money that is questionable as to where that money ends up.
            Those people have slandered JAII, SJ, Pandora, Maria R. and many more from our site.
            It’s up to you to decide if you want to be part of their manipulating & lying community.
            Hope I helped.
            Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

          • Maureen, the ONLY legit site to donate money is Jodi’s appelate fund site. You can find a link here.
            As for these people ^^^^ , trust me: we KNOW them. They have deceived used and hurt Jodi to promote their own agendas of bloated Egos. Jodi has nothing to do with them.

          • Oh Maureen, I can’t believe that although you’ve been around sooo long you never heard of that site, those people there and what they have done.

            That site has caused a lot of problems for Jodi, JAII Jodi’s friends, Jodi’s family and members of her legal team. I think I had heard that they have a specific section at that site where we (SJ, Maria, myself and more) are their ‘guest star targets’ and slander us. (so many fan clubs… how will I ever keep up?!!! LMAO)

            I have tons of screenshots proving their manipulation, their swearing, their disrespect and their shit stirring. They not only tried to cause problems for us but were more than happy to stir up shit and work together with a well known hater (Christine sth) taking private conversations out of context and making them seem that there was a whole ‘behind the scenes’ illegal conspiracy about Jodi’s Art site and Fund site. They tried to destroy Jodi. And all this while the trial was in session giving the prosecutor, Estrella Jail and the haters fuel to ‘blacken’ Jodi’s name even more and get her in trouble. (One incident is them saying that SJ, Maria and I got banned from video visiting Jodi which is insane since video visitations from all countries (except USA and Canada) was not even an option… but yeah, Sheriff Joe let us v.v. with Jodi from his personal skype account! 🙄 – that’s how stoooopit and obnoxious they are. Couldn’t make a lying story stand if their life depended on it!)

            They had their puppets that lied (and got caught – anyone remember that idiot liar from Belgium?) and got ‘sanctioned’ for lying but continued to lie and admitted to it too! 🙄

            They also found it ‘entertaining and an accomplishment’ to post personal private information about Jodi’s friends on the internet. And we can all (from both ‘campsites’) agree that that was unacceptable which proves what sort of people they are.

            To wrap things up, those people are scum, revengeful and haters of the worse kind. I have blocked each and everyone of them out of my life and to be honest, I thought that they would have faded into obscurity by now.

            Be careful with them, they are deceitful. They will tell you that they are in contact with Jodi and truth is that Jodi hasn’t spoken or written to them since 2013. Any ‘documents’ they have ‘proving’ that Jodi has contacted them is fake. They have stolen other people’s posts that had a note from Jodi and photoshopped them to make it seem that it’s directed towards them.

            Oh, and btw, it’s ironic how many of their posse are not American citizens but they don’t care in belittling them since they believe that anyone living outside of USA is inferior. SMH.

  18. It appears (to me at least) that it’s taking a long time to have all the transcripts from Jodi’s trial completed and filed. This must be delaying progress on her appeal because how can her lawyers do their work without all the information? Another extension for the transcripts to be filed has been granted giving reporters until January, 2016.
    In addition, 3 reporters (Karen Dawson, Deborah M. Croci and LIsa H. Vitoff) have been issued an OSC order to appear in court on November 18, 2015 re: transcripts that were supposed to have been filed October 1, 2015. These transcripts relate to dates BEFORE Jodi’s trial even started. It could just be the judge’s method of getting reporters to hurry up with their transcripts although I don’t recall seeing an OSC order before in this case.

    O.S.C is the abbreviation for order to show cause. Order to show cause is an order of the court directing a party to a lawsuit to appear on a certain date to show cause why the judge should not issue a specific order or make a certain finding. A show cause order is generally used in contempt actions, cases involving injunctive relief, and situations where time is of the essence. Even though similar to a motion, it can produce a court order on the requested relief much more quickly than a motion can.
    (Note: Jodi’s case is positioned just before the Arizona headings start – 4 above).

  19. The situation is very simple, and has nothing to do with any conflict between JAII or its people and the other site or its people. Back in August 2014, the people who set up the other site refused to link payment to the JAA Appellate Fund run by Jodi’s family. Because they insisted on having custody of any donations themselves, there is no reason to expect any money donated there to be used for Jodi’s appeals.

    For that reason, both Jodi and her family have denounced that site in every available forum. For Jodi’s parents’ video message, see the link at the top right of this page. For an audio and a transcript of a phone call in which Jodi stated she does not approve the site, see She also wrote a detailed letter to her supporters in a FB group explaining the history.

    Given these clear and repeated statements of disassociation, you can see immediately that the site is a fraud by the fact that, to this day, it calls itself “the official Jodi Arias website.” If its donation buttons still work, no one who wants to help Jodi should use them. All donations should go to the JAA Appellate Fund, a link to which is at the top right of this page.

      • Thanks all. You are good, thoughtful people and I appreciate your comments. It us amazing to me that there can be so much “politics” surrounding this poor woman in prison but, there is. Let’s keep on trying go help her everybody. 🙂


    • “The judge callously berated and retraumatized the woman before sentencing her to three days in jail. (Her husband received just 16 days in jail.)”

      To make matters worse, Judge Collins is a woman – unbelievable!

  20. The Arizona COA has denied two of three defense motions, the one about Martinez’s book and the one asking the COA to reconsider its refusal to disqualify itself over the Kent Cattani article.

  21. It seems that Nurmi beat martinez by publishing his trash first! 😀 😀 😀 I can imagine juan martinez going into tantrum mode and screaming with that whiny voice!!! Let’s see who is going to make more cash out of this… warning: Boys, better make it worth it because the gravy train is coming to a full stop. No more making $$$ off of Jodi. This was your last chance… now go fuck yourselves or with each other…. whatever turns you on more.

    • The title of Kirk Nurmi’s book, “Trapped with Ms. Arias,” seems to support Jodi’s October 14, 2013 letter to JSS complaining that Nurmi was not acting in her best interests and he should be fired. But, of course, JSS made the decision that would hurt Jodi (once again) and help “Tiny” Martinez. I think Nurmi’s book can only help Jodi by showing that he disliked her more than 9 days out of 10 and should never have been representing her.

      • I’m really curious to know how low Nurmi will stoop in that book of his. And it’s a trilogy, no less!! He often seemed unable to put a sentence together during trial but it seems he now has a way with words, huh? Fucking loser!
        It only goes to show what Jodi has been claiming all along: Nurmi should have been fired. “Ineffective Counsel” hello?

    • The book has been on Amazon’s shelf for less than 24 hours and already this review:

      “This book is not worth reading and was a waste of time.”

      Another of the self-righteous who believe lying is sanctioned so long as the masses agree with you. 🙄

  22. There is a mystery here. If the book is anything like what the blurb suggests, it’s a massive violation of attorney-client confidentiality.

  23. Here are the Arizona bar rules on attorney-client confidentiality:, together with interpretive commentary on them. The rule begins, “A lawyer shall not reveal information relating to the representation of a client,” and then names exceptions. The only one I see that could apply is (d)4, but from the comments I can’t see how that fits Nurmi’s position. So what he’s doing looks like a clear violation.

  24. I can’t believe all these losers writing books and making money off JODI’s name. All we need is JSS to come out with her book.

    Maybe JODI’s parents should come out with their own book entitled, “IN JODI’S OWN WORDS” without compromising her appeals.

  25. Let them write their stories. I have reason to show cause. The line of just a bunch of wanna be’s seems to be growing.

  26. Reply to a Ms. Gina from Bronx, New York, United States:

    Ms. Gina, your 6 pending comments have been stuck in moderation and eventually have now been deleted because that’s where people that don’t support Jodi Arias (but think they can come to our site and trash talk her, her parents and her friends) should be.

    You seem very annoyed that your comments were not approved. I was delightfully entertained. This is a JODI ARIAS SUPPORT SITE, dimwit. If you want to trash talk Jodi, you’ll have to do it elsewhere. Hell yeah, you better believe we do not allow haters on this site.

    For your education: Jodi Arias never killed any Trevor Alexander. :mrgreen: For all I know, this Trevor Alexander dude is still alive! 😀

    We don’t come to your house and take dumps in your living room, please stay away from ours.

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

    P.S. Besides being stuck in moderation, now you’ll also be staring at the white screen of the doomed banned fools.Compliments of Team Jodi. Enjoy.

  27. From 1934 movie “Evelyn Prentice” starring William Powell & Myrna Loy (not a “Thin Man” movie)

    William Powell played a defense attorney trying to save a woman accused of first degree murder. This is his closing argument:

    “This girl’s story pleads more eloquently in her defense than anything I can say. She was clean and decent and honest.
    She met Kennard……and he destroyed her just as thoroughly……as if he had put that bullet into her brain.
    What she and other women must have suffered at his hands……we can only guess.
    But that guess alone is enough to make our spines crawl.
    How can we feel anything but pity and warm compassion for that girl?
    Kennard was a loathsome parasite. He’d lived on women.He was violently threatening this girl when she shot him.
    She had every reason to believe that he was about to do her physical injury. She shot him in self-defense.
    Gentlemen……it is Kennard and his kind of vermin……upon whom you are sitting in judgment.
    He died as he deserved to die. His death was an act of high justice.
    And I ask you, gentlemen……in the name of that same high justice to find him guilty……by declaring Judith Wilson not guilty.”

    The jury found her Not Guilty.

    • TA’s name very well could be inserted right into that closing argument, couldn’t it.

      “What she and other women must have suffered at his hands……we can only guess.”

      Yep sounds like TA doesn’t it, Deanna? Shameful.

    • Oh wow, so powerful!!

      A screenwriter teaching Nurmi how closing arguments should be written! Ha! Just goes to further prove that Nurmi should start trying to improve his legal skills instead of aiming to become a writer 🙄

  28. This judge should move to Maricopa where he would fit right in. We don’t want the likes of him up here. How is it possible that a judge could speak these words?

    Federal court judge barred from hearing cases related to sexual conduct

    “In questioning the alleged victim of a washroom rape, a homeless 19-year-old woman whom the accused man, Alexander Wagar, outweighed by 100 pounds, Judge Camp asked: “Why didn’t you just sink your bottom down into the basin so he couldn’t penetrate you?” And, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?”

    • “I can’t think of a case where a sitting prosecutor wrote a book,” said Beth Karas”

      ” Martinez’s former boss, Rick Romley, does not approve.
      This thing’s on appeal. Until there’s finality in the case, you should never write a book,” Romley said. ”

      ” Paul Bender, a professor at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law, expressed disbelief that Martinez was allowed by his office to write and promote a book about a recent case.

      “It is really gross misbehavior on the part of the prosecutor to be arguing the case in public while the case is still being litigated,” he said. ”

      Oh how I want this book to be the beginning of the frog’s fall!

  29. Juan Martinez, by publishing a book about Jodi while her conviction is being appealed, has revealed he is a grasping, money grubbing, mean-spirited, immoral, little man the size of a garden gnome.

  30. That is one stupid, low-budget, cumstain, fucked up superior court judge for granting froggy’s request. But yet he denied JODI’s …………. those judges must be smoking dog shit.

    I hope their incompetence helps JODI get her freedom.

  31. Speaking of movies. Tanisha went as Jigsaw from the movie SAW this past Halloween. Being curious I read up on the character Jigsaw and found out that when a person failed Jigsaw would carve a puzzle piece out of the persons back for failing.

    I noticed that the wounds on Travis’ back were too closely grouped to have been while he was still alive. Why would anyone allow their self to be stabbed like that without fighting back? Compared to the wounds on his front which are more random because he was still alive the knife wounds to his back are grouped like they were done after he had been killed.

    I then did a few tracings and did in fact find a puzzle piece made of the knife wounds to his back.

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