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Following all the plugs it received in yesterday’s trial – including the statements made by Esteban Flores (even though he forgot most of them) – the CBS “Picture Perfect” documentary has now resurfaced. It was originally broadcast March 2009.

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  1. Did anyone also see Dr Drew On Call ?? It was on very late on HLN

    He brought in an older man Jodi had dated and kept in touch with. His name was Abe (didn’t get last name). He was talking about him knowing she did it becuz she she couldn’t let TA go.

    They also had a lady that worked with her for 2 year and she was talking much s***! Talking about Jodi sitting for someone’s cat and letting it die.

    These people would say about anything to have there little 15 min of fame. Backstabers!!!!

  2. I don’t watch Dr. Drew but I’ve read about that woman who claims to have worked with Jodi. A lot of people think she’s full of it and never worked with/knew Jodi at all. Dr. Famewhore and the other tools on HLN will give anyone air time as long as it suits their agenda.

  3. Did anyone notice the ex-gf of Travis who was on the show? It was towards the end.

    She talked about having fights with Travis and that he didn’t “get out of hand.’

    HOWEVER, it was what she THEN said that took me by surprise.

    She said, “Once he CALMED DOWN, they were able to talk it out (or words like that).”

    I hope to heck her defense calls that woman to the stand. It sounds like Travis was a “hot head.”

  4. I watched the 48 hours show. I would like to know why Travis’ friends were sooo quick to point the finger at Jodi about his death. There is proof that Travis wanted his cake and eat it too. He didn’t think Jodi was ‘wife’ material according to his friends so Travis dated other women, and well, used Jodi for sex. There is evidence Travis had one face he showed his church, & friends, then he also had another face he showed Jodi. He wasn’t the all “true mormon”.

  5. Also, why did it take 5 days for anyone to find Travis? Where was the room mate that whole time? Was he or was he not working?? If he was working, surely he needed to check in with his boss on a daily basis?

  6. Anyone notice how his friends were all smiling during the show? I think her name was Sky, she had a huge smile the whole time. Who does that??

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