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        • Aloha Candy,

          Do you know how I can purchase the art work piece of a Mom holding her child’s feet? It is so adorable, and I am so in hope that if I buy a print of it, it might not cost so much! Jody is so talented…

          Thanks SO much,

      • Jodie I AGREE you are very smart and so much talent.
        I am also sick of Nancy in HLN I can not watch her show anymore/ I agree with the message Sean wrote. Hope it is ok. I copied it to share it again.

        “I’m so sick of seeing Travis’s friends on Nancy Grace talking about what a great guy Travis was and paint him out to be this holier than thou saint. That dirt bag was a sexual deviant! Travis’s friends talk about the “lies” Jodi tells about him, saying shes trying to slander him…no one needs to slander the scum bag, we all heard him say with his own mouth how he had sexual fantasies about 12 year old girls! After that comment alone, he deserves what he got…not to mention the nerve of Travis to act like he can fool an all-knowing God by lying to Jodi and telling her anal and oral sex are not sins. Believe me, Travis is in hell paying the penalty for his sexual perversions. Hey Alexander family and friends, quit acting like Travis was a good guy, he was a disgusting wicked sodomite who had perverse fantasies about little underage girls. He got exactly what he deserved! Stay strong Jodi, don’t let the hypocritical idiots get you down! — Sean“

        • I agree with both of you SJ and Allison. Nancy Grace should look in her own back yard I’m sure there’s a lot of trash there also. But It’s not just her it’s that drunk Jane Velez, Vinnie piece of shit Politan , Mike brush those brown teeth Galanos, Mike another piece of shit Brooks, and all those other HLN asshole. They have a hatred for Jodi and have no reason for their hate, judge her without knowing what they’re really talking about, They weren’t there that night. They have that show with Vinnie acting like an asshole trying to prove he knows what he’s talking about and trying to get everyone to see this from his point of view and even his in house juries are always hung because they can’t prove shit. Yeah Jodi admits to killing his ass but she also had reason. All this shit about , ” Oh she lied,” NO SHIT so would I and everybody else. Never admit to anything, Deny it til they prove. HLN thinks Juan Martinez has Rock Star Status? That little half of Troll ain’t shit. He himself is showing what a bully and woman abuser he is. Hardly Rock Star potential. I have a hate club on the HLN sight because I support Jodi. They hate the fact that I don’t support Capital Punishment which is MURDER but all those HLN followers are a bunch of blood hungry vultures with no life and so full of hate for their own sorry worthless selves that they can’t see the value in a GOOD WOMAN like Jodi Arias or they’re just jealous of her because she’s intelligent, beautiful, takes no shit, and appealing to every man alive, especial their men , so they want to see her dead. Jane The Drunk Velez, I think, wants to be Jodi. Did you see her trying to be Jodi in that show she did when she was interrogated? You’ll NEVER be Jodi. Much Love To You Jodi can’t wait to see you get that acquittal. JODI ARIAS ROCKS

          • TRUE!! They are so 1 sided…I understand completely where Jodi s coming from. Travis was not this outstanding man they make him out to be. He was a liar..manipulator.. Used his religion to just serve his purposes. She probably didn’t like sex half of the time she was just trying to get his approval. She loved him and he was just a closet freak in the sheets with everyone. Sorry to his family but truth hurts. FREE JODI!!!!!! I hope she gets off.. Gets out.. And gets rich off this!!!!! Team Jodi!!!!!!!!

            • you are right on ! I totally agree with you.and I think jennifer Willmott did outstanding job thursday.go jennifer! I love her and FREE JODI!

          • I totally agree…I messaged Nancy Grace and told her … you do not know what happens behind closed doors…WAS SHE THERE????

            Stab wounds on his back….I am sorry…that would indicate he did come after her in a wrestling mode and she stabbed him in the back. You do what you have to do.

            • I can see it in my minds eye:JA DID shoot TA but after that(and she doesn’t remember) he came towards her and was hanging onto her…he was DAZED & she was PETRIFIED!!They stumbled all over the bathroom and hall like that.She was probably stabbing at the back of him the whole time tryimg to get him OFF her ! The wound to the heart was the result of a last effort to push him off her. So was the neck wound except that time he fell on the knife.I don’t believe JA was even AWARE there was a knife in her hand…..the whole scenario makes TOTAL SENSE…..NEW EVEDENCE…NEW TRIAL. JODI..Im a 66yr old great grandma and I love you like you are one of my own. I wish I could reach thru TV can give you a “Nana Hug”

            • You are so right! When They asked the ex girlfriend what would she think that Travis would say if he was alive, well if Travis was the good guy everyone says he is then he already forgave Jodi for what she did to him. WHAT does the Alexander family want? REVENGE not so good for Mormons.

          • Rocky F.. the punishment for 1st degree murder shouldn´t exist. I dont believe everything brought on TV by HLN or comments listed here. Only Mr. Alexander and Jodi know what happened that day… we are all humans and make mistakes constantly, the one that jodi did i do think deserved life time jail but i hope that juries wont send her to death penalty.

            MY prays will be for both families.

            ps: sorry if i mispelled some words, im not from US but have followed the case.

          • Vinnie from HLN is just as perverted as Travis was..I cannot believe the trash that comes out their mouths, there better off looking for missing kids then trying to be Trial experts that they’re not.

            • HI JODI TEAM, PLS PAS THIS ON. I DONT THINK JODI SHOULD WAIVE ANY APPEALS, ONCE SHE DOES SHES SCREWED, THEY WONT LET YOU GO BACK AND CHANGE UR MIND. TRAVIS DIDNT DESRVE THAT BUT HE DEF WAS SEXUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY SEXIST AND ABUSIVE. SOME PEOPLE DONT HAVE THE EQUIPMENT TO DEAL WITH THAT, LIKE JODI, BECAUSE SHE’D BEEN THROUGH SO MUCH BEFORE! her parents shoulnt go against her, and says shes lying. SHES BEEN IN PRISON ALMOST 5 YRS, SEE HAS A VALID APPEAL CASE WITH CRIME OF PASSION, AND THAT SHE DIDNT GET THE HELP SHE NEEDED FOR HER sev. PERSONALITY DISORDER. ALSO, by the time her appeal comes up she can let the media circus fade away, and let all their interest fade away, until they fill themselves upon the next tragedy, then and only then will jodi have the chance to get the 2nd degree charge thats right. stop talking about wanting to die already , it aint over till the appeals are over! 🙂

          • Loved everything you wrote, my feelings are the same. Can’t stand HLN and all their potty mouth remarks. and yes Vinnie is a real jerk, running around acting like an idiot, Nancy Dis Grace and Jane Velez-whatever, both of them look like they are going to give themselves a heart attack. Old bleached out Nancy Dis grace has no idea of how sick and shallow she is. Who gives a shit about her murdered boyfriend. I don’t want to get started cuz that would put me on their insane level. There was one woman on tv today that looked like a dude and there was the one w/the false eyelashes that looked so pathetic, and yet all these people are getting paid the high $$$$$ for acting like a bunch of idiots.!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if “they” know, that God does not like ugly………..Amen.

          • Rocky F.,You took the words right out of our mouths!! My husband and I record the show, this way we can fast forward through the infected pool of morons. Their interviews are bias,filled with hate and wishfull thinking. Janeen DeMarte was rehearsed and everyone kept saying that Martinez hit a home run with her…bullshit. I can’t believe the idiotic judge did not sequester the jury and how one sided she was. She allowed Martinez to run the court room! We believe Jodi. I had a boyfriend like Travis and I should’ve killed him. I feel a bond with her. I want to help her. Oh! And was everyone seeing Travis’s family playing to the cameras and the jury?!? Why was that allowed? Screw all of HLN, Martinez and his team and most of all the Alexander’s,their friends and followers

            • They have no room talking about Jodi killing Travis, i know what she did was Horrible, but they’re trying to do the same thing to her. The Difference here is they know what they’re doing at the time she did not know what she was doing.

          • I do not believe capital punishment is justified in this case.Clearly she was sexually abused. The nude photographs of jodie in braids…clearly she was uncomfortable as her facial expression showed. She did not have a chance with headline news and a jury that was not sequestered. Travis was a sexual deviant ..don’t give up jodie…it ain’t over…no matter what the jury decides…ineffective council …plenty of reasons for a new trial.
            keep standing up you r a survivor …you stand for all of us
            you saved the next woman or child that he would abuse

        • so sick of nancy and hln!! talk about bias!! the jury should be sequested! travis was a pice of shit! just because he is dead!! doesent make him a saint! maybe it was gods way of getting him out of the church?

        • This is exactly what I said about Travis Alexander! Jodi got rid of one more pedophile in this world! And I thank God my 12 year old daughter didn’t live close to him! Has anybody heard about why the defense hasn’t put into evidence the stole gun police report? I heard in the report hollow point bullets were stolen and Travis was shot with a regular bullet?

          • AMEN Beccakaren!! One daughter age 20, another age 14 !! Thank God TA can’t be around my girls!!!

        • Alexander got what he bargained for — if you kick a dog long enough it will bite back! He was a “player” seeking attention from multiple women and wanting immediate sexual contact. Players are emotionally disconnected!!! He physically and mentally abused the shit out of Jodi Arias ! SHE IS NOT GUILTY BY WAY OF SELF-DEFENSE period!!!! Free Jodi Arias. I think the jury will conclude not guilty or she will be convicted of manslaughter — I’d bet manslaughter is what’s coming down the pipleine! keeping my fingers crossed – manslaughter is justifiable in this case and so is self-defense! and i don’t give a rat’s ass what the majority of the idiots think! Alexander sexually abused this woman into his religion. Come on people… GAY men want anal sex, and heterosexual women do not. Jodi was a victim and was not strong enough emotionally to break herself free. He trapped her with his head games and kept reeling her in and abusing her over and over and over again. If that bastard butt fd me over and over again I’d kill his ass too!!

          • Wow I honestly agree with his except no one should kill, the problem is….nobody sees the signs of emotional, mental, and physical abuse to be brought to justice. He was playing her and I feel terrible for her……u can’t imagine what he put her through, sorry she told his secrets but it became time to try and save her own life and get away from his control. I don’t believe she is a evil murderer …do I think she should have killed him? Absolutely not, but I just wish there was a sentence for playing emotionally mentally disturbing a users like him, now she’s got to suffer even more so because thou shall not kill!!!! It’s sad

        • It’s not surprising to me that TA’s friends AND family are inherently viewing this trial and TA ‘s actions through a racist, male chauvinistic pane of glass. In regards to TA’s circle of friends,, remember it is human nature to seek out friendships wit like – minded people; is. People that have similar views, morals and beliefs , attitudes etc. for example, Travis showed is racist side when he made the disparaging racist comment in one of his texts about Jews. Also , the day of the trip where JODI’S back pack was supposedly too heavy?! Travis’ friend rudely, and disrespectfuully, without asking Jodi I’d he could, went into her back pack without her knowledge, and rummaged through her private things with out her knowledge and took out WHAt he wanted , in order to lighten HER load! What gives this man THE RIght to DECIDE WHAT IS TOO HEAVY FOR JODI?! (Male chauvenist pigs)! What gives THEM ( remember TA didnt stand up for Jodi and reprimand his droend for violating her privacy) the right to even begin to think they could even OPEN her back pack with out asking Jodi first. This shows their inherent belief that ” they are the MEN, and therefore have the right to , number one , make the decisions, and number two, show such disgusting disrespect to ” the woman” because she is a woman. I would have been pissed! And am sure The ensuing ” fight /argument ” that followed was more about the lack of respect and audacity of TA’s friend And Travis not sti king up for her.
          It also appears to me. That this particular group and members of this PARTI ULAR CHURCH seems cultish . It’s like they found the weak person and pounce! Going to her house and working hard to get Jodi to join THEIR CULT! But remember that the first thing one of these Mormons did was try to entice Jodi in a financial way . It was Highes who I believe approached her in he restaurant and said ” where do you see yourself in fi e years?” REMEMBER Jodi’s testimony to this, and then a few months later she decided to go to a seminar and join under Mimi?! Money , power , religious cultish persuasion to get Jodi into to their sick circle! It’s like the abuser finds the vulnerable woman to anise, the rapist seeks out the women who appear weak and vulnerable to attack because they are weak themselves, and cults can brain wash and attract the ones that are in NEED emotionally and financially. Does anyone agree that this chapter in Arizona of this Mormon group appears cult like.? Remember also that Jodi mentioned that the higher up in he church you are , that you are only then one is privy to cerain “laws ” of the Mormon church or information regarding the Mormon church! What the hell is that! Is that normal or CULT LIKE! I do t know, just saying?! I am not saying that the Mormon religion is bad or that people of this faith Are bad, but I am asking the question, ” is this particular GROUP acting outside the norm ? ” does anyone know?
          Anyway, I just wanted to share some thoughts that have troubled me and wondered if anyone had similar questions. Thanks for listening. I hope they find Jodi not guilty.

          • Kirsten, I felt the same while watching Jodi speak about the church. I have some friends as well as some in-laws that are Mormon. From what I understand, the thing about “higher-ups” in the church having access to certain information, etc., holds true across the Mormon faith. I have always felt Mormonism is very much a cult. I found a description of a cult and it says:

            Cult Characteristics:
            1.Self-appointed messianic leader(s) who focuses followers’ veneration upon him or her, claims divine selection, and exercises autocratic control over members’ lives.
            2.Use of deception and misrepresentation for purposes of recruitment, retention and fundraising.
            3.Techniques aimed at controlling individual thought and personal privacy that frequently lead to a coerced reconstitution of personality.

          • I absolutely agree Kristen 100%.
            I believe those in that cult KNOW who killed Travis
            and they don’t care one damn bit if everyone believes Jodi did that.
            I don’t!!!
            Like any other cult, the higher ups let the one like Jodi take the fall.
            They are just as bad as any other cult and Jodi got wrapped in it.
            They KNOW who did it and it wasn’t Jodi!
            Too many damn lies in Arizona~~

        • I could NOT have said it better. Travis was nothing but a pig, I have dated a few in my lifetime. It really is PATHETIC that these “men” are allowed (in society” to treat women like dogs and trash on the street. Imagine that a “Mormon” acting like a sexual pig. Also sick of the media painting him to be a “saint”.
          I support Jodi

        • I so agree, I used to watch Nancy but I think they (HLN team) convicted Jodi without any consideration of the horrible things Travis did, he was a damn pervert that knew Jodi loved his attention and would do anything so he took advantage of her, using his Mormon faith as a weapon. I also hated looking at his pathetic sisters, one looks like a damn meth head,( his ex- girlfriend looks like a damn man), I wanted to yell Your brother is a f@#??!! Freak he was not this upstanding man they wanted everyone to beleive he was, I can go on forever hope Jodi gets some justice.

      • dear Jodie; my heart goes out to you with what you have to face in the days ahead I have a 32 year old daughter and I cant imagine what I would do if she was in this situation keep your head up and pray for the best passible outcome you said on your post conviction interview youd rather die I really hope that’s not the case you have things to offer the world even if its behind bars I pray for to have some kinda peace please take care of yourself and dont do anything stupid you are a beautiful girl so hang in there

    • Wow! She is good! I cannot believe that Jodi’s friends have not been brought in by the defense to atest to the person she has been….past boyfriends to say that she was not a liar…she did not stalk me, and we are still very good friends? One thing is for sure…the more the Jury looks at her and sees her as a person the harder hopefully it will be for them to take her life!! I hope that the Defense comes back with a knock out summation!!! Because the little jerk prosecutor will say or do anything to win!!

      • Im Jodis Long Time Friend Zeyna WhOs words Were Twisted By Martinez. Ive Tried To Contact Hln To Represent Jodi But To No Avail. At Leas Patti Got The Oppoortunity To.

      • I only imagine the reason why friends do not get involved is for their own safety. This is an absolutely crazy society. I have read more trash talk than I care to ever endure over this trial. I like Jodi do no have but a few female friends – you know all these women/men calling the kettle black are the pot. So, so sad what our society is – look all women use sex – either they hold out or give — IT IS ALL THE SAME — Dr drew is an embarrassment to his profession if he could not see both of them have mental health issues. Oh but that’s I GOT YOUR BACK ** CNN. You do realize he and Dr Phil have women taking care of their needs — Dr.P son trying to raise his head to superiority in parenting **** hell, that girl lived with HEFNER. JODI – I would love to be involved with the film I do have references in that industry. The film will be riveting. How sad TA lost his way — my biggest issue is – he was huge in comparison – I never fought back – but I sure wish I had now. They can be defeated.

    • I really feel so sad for Jodi. I believe she has really has been throught bad times, especially with Travis.
      Hang in there. Hey paint things that regular people can afford would love to have some.

  1. I know that when a person’s anxiety level gets too high, dissociation can occur. Is this possibly what happened to Jodi. I know there is no memory retained because the brain doesn’t register it. It therefore can never be rwcalled, not even by hypnosis.

    Also, has she had any MRI or EEG tests done after head trauma? It could be her inability to concentrate under stress is the result of a head injury. Concussions can be cumulative as well. Under stress the brain cannot function properly and it takes longer to respond as well.

    • Yes stress can do so many things to your body, I have had seizures with unconciosness and memory loss, Your body can only take so much before it shuts itself down and has to restart again. I see a neurologist every year to have check ups and have been put on medication to stop it from happening again, I still have anxiety and its caused from PTSD

      • Off topic but – what do you mean your body shuts off. I have that diagnosis. Is that when one gets fatigued, tired, feels almost ill for awhile?

        • I believe in memory loss!! had it happen to me twice!! people told me i was awake the whole time? but i dont rember it!! wasent do to alchol or drugs!! she killed travis! but nobody that was in there right mind at time! over kills like that!! so i belive she did black out!! and travis well he got what he deserved!! nothing worse than a person using his power, of the churh, for personel gain!!

      • Teresa,
        I’ve had seizures also. Yes, your body is almost completely shut down after a granmal seizure.
        You CAN’T remebet a thing. You are really sick and bedridden until after the body feels better and the headache nausea go away.

        If you try to remember what happens you’re body just won’t go there SO I find it best just not to thinl about it. There are over 100 types of seizures.
        I have 5. So, I know looking at Jodi, she may have never been diagnoised with any type of seizure, but some you kind of just go out of space, in my case that’s sonetimes a warning. I have to try and
        lay down without trying to think about ANYTHING.

        Petite mall is pretty common, but frustrating. Jodi looks like that to me and with those you have a really bad headache and can turn into a headache from hell, whether it’s dianosed that way or not.

        And for the talking hateful heads to make fun of that is so damn digusting. It isn’t one thing to mock about and those that do should be fired. IMO!

        Jodi looks like she has some kind of problem with that, the very pale tired look. Not natural, NOT FUNNY. AND yes sometimes you are more than foggy.
        For me it’s being extremely tired.

        I can’t even imagine sitting there that long, being under that kind of tiredness, stress, lights, doesn’t help at all, PLUS the harrassent Jodi gets and feels so helpless. IMO we have some mean ass bullies running our media, where anything goes.
        It is sickening and I dare ANY of the talking heads to experience any of those 100 symptons
        and laugh and mock, make fun of it.

        It IS bullying from aduls that are supposed to be teaching others that that is unexeceptable.
        We have very CRUEL people in our media.

  2. i am so glad to find this page! please get the word to jodi somehow that she does have people praying for her and who support and understand what she went through. i really wish i could giver her a hug of support. i am a domestic violence survivor, i wish her only the best!

  3. I am a teacher which means I don’t make much $ but if I was rich I would give all of my money to pay or the best legal team money could buy for Jodi ! Stay strong and know that Texas loves you!

  4. Jodi, I love you and want to help any why I can. What can I possibly do to help you at your trying time that you are going through.

    • I am wondering the same thing….Is Jodi receiving letters or emails at the location she is being held? I wonder if she is being bombarded by supporters and if writing her a letter, for one would it even reach her, and second, would it be an annoyance to her getting yet another letter. Jodi doesn’t comment on this website personally does she? I would like to know how she is holding up, because my heart really breaks for her…:(

  5. If the price was lower, definitely would purchase a couple in a heartbeat! So much feeling and heart into her artwork.

  6. Please tell Jodie she has supporters who don’t believe the hype in the news and various TV programs making her out to be the Devil. I have a daughter and I know guys who think it’s funny to manipulate women to do whatever and kick them to the curb. Whatever happened that night is the past it’s between Jodie, Travis and GOD sending someone to death row solves nothing. The same people provoking a “Witch Hunt” (I bet) call themselves Christians but they forget the Bible. Um let’s remember, “those without sin cast the first stone”, “no sin is greater than the other”, “do onto others as you want to be done onto youself”, “GOD is the only judger of man (or woman)” just to name a few. I’m wondering why haven’t certain people learned from the Iraq lies that initiated the war that killed thousands of innocent people and put this country in deeper debt. A lot of people are “followers” believing the mind games from the media. Why haven’t they learned from the Casey Anthony case. Also they don’t know “all” the facts just the things the media is manipulating for ratings. They’re making this incident a billion times worse by adding gasoline to the fire. Thank you for making this site I will always support Jodie Arias regardless of the verdict. I will try to save up some money for one of her drawings and I’ll adore it forever and “never” sale it. I love you Jodie ALWAYS and GOD bless you

    • Thank you Victor. So glad someone agrees with what I have been thinking. The media portrays Travis as so wonderful but is he that great. I wish that someone from Jodi’s side would comment on her. I don’t believe the bad mouthing from Travis’s friends. I guess they felt Jodi didn’t fit in with their group so they badmouthed her. Wow! so sad. Hang in there Jodi. The only judge is God. Make your peace with him. Get into a bible study and pray while you’re in their.

    • Yes. They come with a certificate of authenticity. I have no idea about prices as someone else handles that.

      • Okay, but where can you purchase them for a lower price? They show a lot of depth and feelings. Tell her to keep the faith.


        • Very beautiful artwork.Your story is so( familier} in a very personal way.God bless you Jodi you are a child of God and I am praying for you.I believe you were a victim in a awfull way for so long.

      • Just curious about the process of authentication. How are they authenticated? Would she be willing to do a portrait if a photograph is mailed to her? Does she do animals?

  7. I don’t believe Jodi is a sociopath like Nancy Grace says. I believe she killed Travis in self-defense. She needs therapy not jail. How can people want her to receive the death sentence? That is barbaric. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.

    How can I send Jodi a greeting card? Or how do I contact her attorneys?

    • Nancy DisGrace is wanting evrybody because she is still playing the victim because her fiance was killed, she harps about it enough. She is rude to everyone aand digusting to watch. We hope Jody walks out of there and old Nancys mouth flops open. LOL

      • Lol I agree she is a demented cruel vicious women who is full of bitterness. She will be in the press too when she passes, in he’ll. Only god knows people’s hearts….her slanderous rude, psychotic rudeness, not to mention discussing man face should be see through to anyone with half a brain, she’s like a evil witch

  8. what makes me so freaking mad is that the jury is not sequestered. wtf this is a high profile case. you can not tell me that they all go home, ( where the trial is) and do not turn on the tv and see nancy grace screaming her face off guilty guilty guilty. come on. i think that after the casey a trial the media should have learned not to make a huge hype out of this and do not get america to hate 1 person. hln drives me insane and i hate how the twist, and twist every word, when you stream the trial live and not watch hln you have a completely different opinion. i do believe in jodi, it does suck that she has lied so many times, and that jm has to be a hound over stupid crap, and not important evidence. everyone is oh look at the evidence, well in my mind the evidence tell several different stories and only jodi and travis know what is truth. i wish that i could go to the scene and do a ghost box session and see if you can get travis to come through. thanks for reading my opinion, and if you can get jodi a msg. i am praying for you sista.

    • I can’t believe that they are not sequestered!!!! Is that a practice in the states? They could not make an unbias decision if they are allowed to go home and see all of the sensationalism that HLN and all the other networks are running.

      Are you absolutely sure they are not sequestered???


      • I live in Arizona and unbelievable, BUT TRUE they were NOT sequestered. I said since the beginning they should have been. As someone who lives here in AZ, trust me it is all over our TV and Radio here. There is no way these jurors haven’t heard or seen anything.

        ALSO.. NANCY grace is a disgrace, she makes everything about her!

        Juan is a BULLY!
        AND I am a domestic Violence Survivor, so I know bullies and he is ONE

        • Can any of those jurors stare the judge straight in the eyes and truthfully say that they have not watched the news, read the news, surfed the net or talked about the trial with friends/family …. I think not. Because of this why can’t they get a mistrial? Jodi DID NOT have a fair trial.

          As far as Travis Alexander goes, he sure wasn’t the Mormon virgin that his family and friends are making him out to have been. My feelings are that he was a sexual pervert that deserved what he got. I really do think that Jodi ‘snapped’ and just couldn’t take any more of the way he was treating her and I think that her mind did go blank and she really couldn’t remember what she had done.

    • Did you listen to the Jurors questions? 100% that jury is going home and watching HLN. They asked about “selective” amnesia. Which was mentioned on HLN. It was a biased comment (shocker!) made by one of the contributors. They said Jodi doesn’t have TGA or dissociative amnesia she has selective amnesia”. Too bad it was a snarky comment, not a real medical condition. Stupid Jurors. As soon as I heard them refer to the recorded call as “the sex tapes” I knew they were watching TV. It was a recorded phone call on a cel phone, purely DIGITAL, not a tape recorder. No tape was mentioned. It was 90% nonsexual. Yet they referred to it in the questions they asked Jodi as “the phone sex tape”. Which if you saw HLN or TRUTV it was always referenced as “the sex tapes” in big bold letters on the screen, and every other sentence began with “the sex tapes”. Somebody needs to investigate these jurors. If they dont sequester them than at least monitor the TV and internet usage.

      • I so agree with this! I believe they are watching HLN as well and especially after hearing their questions. But, then what do expect from people that are chosen to be jurors because they can give the death penalty. To me that says it all…

      • I totally agree, I thought no one else noticed that in the juror questions. I just want a fair trial. This talented, intelligent woman has her life on the line, and I would appreciate the court treating it as such. She offer to plea guilty, what more did they really need?!

  9. As far as i understand the human body removing ones eye (ie: ‘eye for an eye’) will not necessarily make you blind. Only if your remaining eye was previously damaged. If everyone adhered to this physical biblical justice the world would just be full of one eyed people. i AM looking for a cat picture drawn by Jodi if that is possible, regardless of price! Love you Jodes, praying . . relentlessy for justice!

  10. Hi:

    I would love to help Jodie financially, but I am on disability and would like to know where her paintings can be purchased for $300.00 or under.

    Keeping the faith!


    • They are not sequestered and I think it is WRONG! Some jury questions they could have only seen on TV and social media

  11. I am glad to have found this site, I was beginning to think I was alone out there. I also think the jury is watching Nancy Grace and I am concerned. My prayers are with Jodi and the defense team.

    On Nancy Grace she showed a photo of Travis and said they could see the reflection of two people in the iris of his eyes. I never saw a follow up on this, does anyone know?

    • Nancy Grace is full of drama!!!! I cannot stand that woman, she is downright rude. She runs her mouth too much on her TV show. If her quests do not agree with her she doesn’t let them speak.

      Jodi has talent. Her drawings are great. I am unemployed at the moment.

      I seen some of her drawings on ebay, she is talented.

    • Yes, I saw follow up testimony to that subject. The expert who examined the photograph showed a magnified version of Travis’s eye and the reflection is of one person, holding a camera and not holding a gun or knife. Instead of having him testify, the prosecutor stipulated that a statement would be read to the jury stating that when Jodi took that photograph she was not holding a weapon. HLN apparently doesn’t like to repeat that, because I’ve never seen it mentioned again.

  12. hi, my name is Jodi as well….just wanted to say i got your back, keep your head up and just pray!!! i watch you every night here in texas…keep up the good work on the stand!!! God Bless <3

  13. I am pleased to have found this site. This was NOT premeditated and was clearly an “overkill” situation usually the result of fear and/or pent up rage. Jodi needs help and the HLN coverage , particularly Nancy Grace, is sickening. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?? What bothers me the MOST is that The HLN prosecutors are not only disgusting but also entirely misleading and often plain WRONG. Unfortunately a LOT of people will take their “guidance” as meaningful rather than sensationalist. I hope she walks.

  14. Well’ Nancy has done it again. First she criticized Jodi for faking the need for glasses then faking the broken finger now faking her migraine headaches. I think Nancy Grace needs to take a vacation. She’s become so vindictive and has all her flunky guests agreeing with her. Migraine headaches are real and incapacitating. I’ve been there. They do make you nauseated and aspirin doesn’t do a thing. Oddly enough mine started when I was ina destructive relationship with a man who convinced me no one else would love me. I wasted more than ten years with him. Nancy Grace and some of her cronies have no clue how debilitating some relationships can be . I hope she is set free. I’M ROOTING FOR YOU JODI.

    • Who wouldnt get a headache on trial like her? As for Nancy “Grace” all of her guests agree with her because if they dont, the audio is turned off on them Ive noticed! There is no tolerance to present the other side. She doesnt have to agree; theres a lot ot this and “overkill” because of rage is not self defense so she has a point there but the media coverage is biased beyond belief! I dont get why Jodi is being called a narcissist when Travis seems to have so many of the symptoms or attributes himself (having a public image that is not the same as his personal self, bragging he was rich and so so successful, being a womanizer, degrading Jodi verbally (I dont think Jodi cared for all that sex talk but went along to not rock the boat cause yes she seemed to want to please him at all costs), being a “Jekyl and Hyde” sweet one minute and nasty and angry the next, the list goes on…even to the point of wanting to treat her like an object and get a BJ without saying a word and then driving off….. etc…) I dont get why Jodi is the narcissist here and yet these attributes apply to him. Narcissists are also very abusive and there is no evidence Jodi was abusive to him. It just doesnt make sense to bring a knife and gun to kill him and even if she did, why would you start with a knife when he is 80+ lbs bigger and chance him getting that knife away from you? seriously? I have too much doubt about pre meditation and self defense well … its a bit weak seeing the gravity of the killing but … I see more of a temp insanity here. Hope Im posted. Feel bad for Jodi as well as Travis he didnt deserve this regardless of what I might think of him, he deserved to be dumped! Sad the coverage of an unfortunate situation to me…. said my peace.

  15. I also think he was a sexual deviant. This man was a Charles Manson in the making. Like Charles Manson he was using religion and his motivational speaking abilities to get the sex he wanted. I believe he somehow controlled her. She was his little boy as sick as that sounds. Think about it.His dirty little secret. He denied her to his friends , he was afraid she might talk about his sick sexual fantasies. The man made her wear little boys underwear.Have nothing against adult role playing but that one is very telling.

  16. I am afraid the jury will convict her because of the whole casey Anthony trial outcome. like, they might be thinking (the jurors) that they will become enemy number one in their towns for finding her not guilty. I also think they are watching HLN at home, I can tell by their questions. I can not stand HLN. they are completely biased in favor of Travis. I too used to admire Dr. drew but have changed my opinion after he has jumped on the hating Jodi bandwagon. it is so obvious to me that Jodi was definitely used and abused by travis. I think Dr. Drew must know that in his heart but has given in to peer pressure from the HLN gang.

  17. I would also love to own “energy” , and I sent an offer, but it appears by some of the replies that I may be under bidding. I should of read here before I did…how long will it be before we know if our bid was accepted, does anyone know by chance…

    • Hi Melvis,

      Just email in your best offer, and you’ll hear within a week if it has been accepted.

      Team Jodi

    • I really want “Energy” too. Jodi Arias referenced in a recording at some point the book “The road less traveled.” This piece reminds me of that theme, ie. Being a balance emotionally and having a healthy mindset, healthy relationships and spirituality. It’s a bit out of my price range though. I think the bid is at 750 now. I wish I could beat that, but no can do.

  18. (Charles Manson) for sure! Now we find out he has a mess of girlfriends all at the same time. Was he going to marry all of them? Or was he perhaps starting a cult following of sorts? How many times have we seen this in the past? Don’t know how, but these people have a way of manipulating others. CLEARLY he was GROOMING Jodi!

  19. Here we go ! Now is at least 10 women! Using religion to get sex.Did they all receive Spider Man undies. A CHIMO in discuise for sure!!

  20. I wonder if it would be possible for a printer to set up a site to purchase prints of these pieces. So if we can’t afford the originals we might be able to buy a print. This might be a way for Jodi to get back on her feet again when she’s acquitted. Though I’m sure she’ll be okay either way with all her talents. It would just be nice for me I guess, I’m selfish. =)

    • I would also love to buy a print / limited edition and numbered lithograph. That would make her more money and fast!!! Like you said , she will need it when she gets out in a month or so.I’m loving that Energy piece. I would pay 100 for a (numbered) print / litho. GO TEAM JODI. By the way The Prosecutor doesn’t know what a metaphor is. Snow White was only used as a catchy title. Beautiful people can be battered, and not everyone can remember everything. I can’t remember what I wore last Thursday.GO TEAM JODI! Can someone explain to the (HLN KNOW IT ALL CREW) HA!. what being hit with a wooden spoon as a CHILD might feel like.Does Nancy Disgrace hit her kids with wooden spoons? Does she have one in her purse? Since they think OH IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL! So much for her lies about caring for abused children .Someone check her purse!

      • “Energy” is my favorite too!! I gotta have it on my wall! It’s so “Jodi,” you know? And I agree about Juan Martinez and I’m afraid that she will have to go through the whole trial again after appeal.because there have been a few obvious instances of prosecutorial misconduct. Some of the stunts he pulls in court are so ridiculously infantile, and manipulative I’m actually confused why this judge hasn’t reprimanded him several times. Maybe it’s just me, but she also seems to overrule some of the Defense objections that really ought to be sustained, and sustain JM objections that are baseless. But I’m not a lawyer, so what do I know…

        • Jared Wolf,
          I loved the Baby Feet picture Jodi painted! : )
          No it isn’t just you about the prosecutorial misconduct.
          It’s so blatant in our faces.

          But I think that Jodi shouldn’t have to go through it because of their misconduct.
          I think she should be acquitted, the judge and the prosecuter should be fired and barred from their job.

          I’m not a lawyer either, but I’ve watched many trials and have seen where there
          has been nothing like this one. It looks unreal.

          The juror in the court room today that was dismissed.
          I’m sorry but something is wrong here!

  21. I thought my head was going to explode when I saw JM questioning the domestic violence expert if that were me he would not be screaming over me but she is a professional and JM should give her respect he is such an ass there is no need to be that way be a professional. Juror 5 needs to stay home and pick a hair color there is a picture of her talking to someone like i said that jury is tainted and HLN they are nothing but a bunch of whores looking for a payday with their tacky shows and the sheep who repeat the b.s that the talking heads spout.

  22. Mary Ann,
    I saw her and she was looking up front and smiled and said hello to someone, DURING the trial.
    NEVER have I seen anything like this. It is dispicable!

  23. I didn’t know a rude lunatic could be a prosecutor. Has anyone tested Martinez for mental illness? He’s so out of control. Somebody medicate him. PLEASE1111

    • That prosecutor is abusive in so many ways. It probably doesn’t matter to him if someone was abused b/c he is an abuser himself, imo.

    • Lol this is so true, he is a baboon!!!! He’s like little short man syndrome, he’s classless, and reminds me of McCain vs Obama I can’t believe his psychotic angry behavior. God he’s gotta find some power somewhere doesn’t he? He’s a classless idiot and moran

  24. Hi all:

    I believe that the defense has more than supplied enough doubt in Jodie’s case. I would like to see
    her walk for time served.

    And just a note, and not a condescending one, but if people are willing to give money to help Jodie, and I believe that any amount would help, and are bidding on a picture and of course, as long as the offering isn’t an insult to Jodie’s art, they should be able to buy that piece of art. I know that a lot
    of money is needed to help Jodie, but I think if someone is willing to pay a decent amount of money for
    a piece of art, it would be nice to receive it.

  25. Just following this trial now and then from New Brunswick, Canada. I am going to have to ask why Sensationalised Media are allowed to cover Murder trials in the U.S. Here in Canada Lawyers and judges can apply to have Cameras and audio banned from the Courtroom and only the court tapes or reporters notes of the trial used. Reporters notes must be truthful and not biased. Nancy Grace and her HLN network make me sick,sick,sick. Maybe Jodi is guilty of something but having this woman scream “Guilty” every damn night is wrong. She is imposing guilt on someone who may have been doing all she could to save her life! Kinda my two cents worth or my “nickels” worth since pennies(cents) are being taken out of circulation up here. Well, I do wish Jodi the best and hope the jury stay away from their TV sets and the garbage being passed off as Journalism. I for one do not watch Nancy grace because she angers me to no end with her Falsehoods and tell my Family and Friends to carefully listen for the slander she purports is journalism.
    Elwood J.

  26. My opinion of Nancy Grace: I believe she experiences an erotic pleasure from admiration of her own self,
    I bet she stands in front of the mirror and repeats, “How wonderful I am, How wonderful I am, just ask me and I’ll tell you”. And I pity the poor guy(or whatever) who has to sleep with her. Can you imagine???
    What a narcissistic bitch!
    John T.

    • I think she abuses her husband, too. Those histrionic/dramatic types can be really brutal to the people around them.

  27. Unfortunately, with the corrupt US (il)legal sytem, even if she made $5,000 from her artwork, that would only buy about ten minutes of time from a good legal team, like OJ’s dream team. I wish there were some great lawyers who would volunteer their time to help in this case, and free an innocent person.

  28. Jodi I am wishing you well and feel well will come to you. You are blessed to have a “dream team” of your own. I can’t imagine having anyone better than Kurt and Ms. Willmott. You will be saved.

  29. Hi All:

    Do you believe this person? Janeen DeMarte???? Excuse the expression, but she doesn`t think her SHIT SMELLS! Is she ever cocky and condescending!!!! I think under the circumstances Jennifer Willmott is doing a great job. The other thing that I would like to see Jennifer do is to treat the witness as a hostile witness, get the judge more involved, just the JM did with asking the judge to get the witness to answer and non responsive. If she does that, JM can`t open his mouth because he got away with it! So I think Jennifer should be more assertive in getting the answers that she wants.

    This witness is doing exactly what JM said that the defence`s witnesses were doing. Always patting herself on the back for her education at every turn and not answering the yes and no questions.


  30. Oh my gosh I love “Elegance”. I know these are out of my price range. It is so amazing that Jodi can create such beauty in a place like jail. I feel like I should be able to create more beauty out of my life! Not with art though, I can’t draw, but somehow. I can’t even imagine the amazing gallery Jodi could open if she wanted to between photos and art work when she gets home!

  31. Jodi,

    I had a boyfriend that treated me the same way Travis treated you. Yes, I allowed it to happen. I still remember to this day the deep pain, anxiety, hurt, depression this made me feel. As well as a deep sense of helplessness. While I loved him with all my heart, he just used me for many years. I wih you the best inn your fight. The media may very well be who convicts you! An unsequestered jury is a tainted jury…

  32. I was at the trial weds I think. I am in the same kind of MARRIAGE, and. I totally understand how this came about. He made his bed and you always end up laying in it. Stay strong Jodi see u at court! Xoxo Katie

  33. I know exactly how things could have went exactly the way Jodi said they happened. Unless u have been abused it is sometimes hard to understand the control they have over you and yet u still have much love for that person and then one day u snap. Much love for Jodi. Wish you the best. Hope ur home soon.

  34. Jodi is so right to refer to SJ as an angel! My chest loosens a little each time I see one of those wonderfully positive e-mails come in! I too can totally imagine how the killing may have occurred. My main issue is the legality of HLN’s total attack of an …”until proven guilty” American! Just seems to me that we have a controlled media and it needs to be stopped, totally outlawed, especially with the jury having access to it all! Wish I could join some movement that would make their broadcasting unconstitutional. If anyone knows that there may be an action toward that, please tell me who to contact.

  35. First of all I want to tell Jodi that she is a very delicious woman, I hope she received both of my letters. I know she is innocent. I know you’ll come out victorious Jodi, I know you will. You just have to keep faith. On a different note, I don’t like the girl playing your role in the upcoming movie about you. She is not pretty, she has no curves, and she has no butt. I hope to someday meet you, good luck see you when you get out. XOXO

  36. The jury should of been sequestered, Jodi is NOT getting a fair trial because HLN is continuously trying to find anything to contradict her legal team in hopes that the jury is listening. And the jury is not going to say if they’re watching hln or not. This trial has become about Juan Martinez himself, Don Juan is trying to make a name for himself at Jodi’s expense. His license should be revoked.

  37. Wow, I had not seen and still have not seen all the work, but it is magnificent work. So, good and ANYBODY that trashes her or her work is just jealous of her. I believe she is a BEAUTIFUL person and has so much great talent, so smart. I love you Jody. I have children and g-children and so wish I could and may try to make a purchase. I have been through alot in my life and understand alot! The world is a cruel place, but we pray for you, so sweet and lovely! A big hug from SULPHUR SPRINGS,TEXAS!

  38. I have worked in the legal field for more than 35 years and what I have observed in Jodi’s trial is an abundance of gross abuse of prosecutorial authority. As anyone in the field knows, a prosecutor’s role in a trial is to search out the truth regardless of what the truth may be. Even if the truth hurts his case, it is his duty and responsibility to the office of prosecutor to ensure it comes out. The prosecutor in Jodi’s case is clearly not interested in anything that draws out a positive point in Jodi’s favor. He has made this charade a personal one. If I was representing Jodi, my first point in closing argument would be: “how many times has the prosecution presented to you, the jurors, anything that supports Jodi’s defense? None. And, the reason why. He has made this trial a personal one. He has not fulfilled his duties to harness the truth. He did not tell you what he knew, what he was aware of that would have supported Jodi’s defense. His only concern has been his ability to portray himself as a hollywood prosecutor in the most talked about film in town. Do you really believe he had no evidence handed to him that is exculpatory to Jodi? How many of those things did he mention those exculpatory points to you? The truth is what we seek in the criminal justice system and the prosecution has not sought to do so. And, because there is evidence and facts that would have been exculpatory to Jodi in the prosecution’s arsenal, that was not presented, for whatever reason, that is enough to establish a reasonable doubt as to her guilt or innocence. Don’t let this be one of those trials where years from now the truth comes out and it is then determined that Jodi was innocent all along. You have the ability to prevent that from occurring by delivering the only verdict that conforms to the law, that is: Jodi is not guilty.” Let the actor playing prosecutor mull over that point. Good luck Jodi. I am always available to do some free legal research for you.

    • Some prosecutors only care about politics and how many voters they can line up for next election. There have been many innocent people go to death row b/c of this. There have been some innocent people murdered by the state b/c of this. They could care less about the person as long as they get what they want.

  39. I so agree about all you just stated, Mr Holt. That court room has been a joke. The judge is just letting EVERYTHING get out of hand. I have NEVER seen the jury get to ask questions. The procecutor act like a crazy person and it seems noone cares or is in control. Then the media like HLN and their theories and getting paid to run their mouth and trash everybody and their little make believe jury, its sicking to think thats what our society has become and the justice system! It makes you ashamed to live in the U.S.A. this seems like something that might happen in some other country! So, we are hoping somebody on this jury can see what all these people are doing and not doing for Jody. I could write a book alone from just what I have seen on this. It must be their first time on T.V. it makes you wonder about them trying to grandstand. HLN had Casey nailed to the cross and now they are trying to do this to Jody. Its all, so sad! Hope you well Jodie and hang in there!

    • Agree. It has officially reached three ring circus status. The craziest part is these jurors are watching it unfold in their living rooms on tv. This judge should have sequestered them. She can ask them all day if they’ve watched and of course they will say no. The defense needs to be getting a court order for their ISP if you want my opinion. I bet all of these jurors are online as we speak.

      • Yes, they should have been sequestered from the start. Most are hanging in knowing they have a book deal waiting on one of the biggest cases. So, true, noone 100% of the time is NOT going to talk to their family about it and then their family member will pass stuff along. Unless they are blind and and deaf how can they not watch t.v. open a newspaper or something. This is soooooo wrong. God I hope she gets off. The D.A. is mad at the world, I would hate to be married and come home to that. No matter what, this was a heat of passion thing. There are just too many what if this and that. The pic. taken shows it was dropped. Jody is smart enough to have taken them with her if planned and many more details taken care of. The judge just lets them runamuc, the D.A.. Martinez. He is a little worm, worse worm sperm. I wonder if Jody knows there are people on her side???

  40. I would love a piece of her artwork. This is my first time to the website, so I don’t think I’m eligible yet to purchase one of her pieces. I was wondering, how can I commission a piece for her to create especially for my home? I could pay a deposit via PayPal. Please contact me via my email address that I provided.

  41. Love you girl!!!! Please keep drawing and ” Hold your Head up and Hold your Head High!! (Argent song from the 70’s) 🙂

  42. I agree with what everyone here has said. I DESPISE HLN with all my heart. I went to the extreme of cancelling my cable. I kept being tempted to watch the trial through HLN. I cannot believe the lack of justice. It is sickening. Now, they (HLN) are already setting up the stage for the attack and conviction of George Zimmerman. I saw it the other day, those stupid, cruel, heartless commentators, are already plotting, speculating and saying negative things about George Z. I will not watch that trial, although, since is not taking place in Arizona, he might have a better shot at justice than Jodi…

    • Did you see what they did with the Stubenville rape trial? – it actually made me cry – I have never experienced the masses of mean girls/women like this in my life like is all over the internet and FB. I only really have two female friends and two close acquaintance, growing up friends all of which I only keep in contact with via skype or email. wow, the meanies are devastating. Poor George Zimmerman, my ex husband slammed my head to the floor four times — if I only had the nerve. He is still breathing today, I think.

    • Please do not even put George Zimmerman on here, this is NOT about him, he is GUILTY! This is about Jody and for her supporters!!! Nobody wants to hear about your abuse, we all have had plenty, so please shut-up and speak for JODY or stay off of here, I will be on you bad. This is for Cynthia Ann Baker. What you said does not even make any sense!

      • With all do respect Cami, its up to a jury to decide if Zimmerman is guilty! Until then he’s innocent until a jury says otherwise!!!!

        • Yes, but that poor boy was unarmed, except for candy and his fist. I have bi-racial g-children, so I am not prejudice one way or the other. I am just looking at the facts! I have children and grand children and about to have a great grand child. I started early. If someone done that to my daughter or sons children, there would be no trial to have, except theirs. Matter of fact my grandson was going into the service and got into some trouble because he was in the car with this other dude. My daughter went looking for him, to tell him he just ruined her son’s life.Thank God she did not find him. We have all had our share of shootings and heartaches, so we are not out of the loop of not knowing what its like. Myself, I have been through more than my share, accidental shooting, murder & numurous suicides that will really bring you to your knees. People just do not care about anybody anymore. It will get worse. Right now I just hope Jody just gets manslaughter because this guy was a perv. He used the church and run around saying he was a virgin, she just snapped. I have had many fights in my day and blacked out twice and if people had not pulled me off, I went in for the kill. I am 5ft. and weigh 120lbs and I could woop that a$$ and knew how to do it real fast. I will still throw down at my age, I am still strong. If they do not mind my age I won,t! Noone accually fools around with us in this town to fight if that tells you, anything. Trouble is now somebody wants to pull a gun or knife.

  43. Jodi, I just wanted to tell you I have been following this trail case since day one and I really do not feel you are getting a fair trial ! Isn’t there something your lawyer could do like claim mistrial ? The jury goes home every night and hopefully does not watch hln because they are not being American ‘! In the states you are innocent until proven guilty !!! I am pulling for ya girl ! I think Travis did use you and I know how the pain feels ! I am giving you a cyber hug straight from Las Vegas ! I would like to put some money on your books can you please let me know how I can do that for you ? Also wondering if I was to give you a picture of my daughter if you could draw it for me ? Your work is amazing !!

    • They have tried to file for a mistrial, I forget how many times. The min. that Juan Martinez signed that cane, the judge should have done something. So, that shows you what a raw deal is going on. The little twirp thinks hes a movie star, he is a jerk!

    • I hope they do at least look at HLN’s Facebook. A recent post was the letter to Kristen, about Travis Alexander and what a bad man he was. How this person knew him. How he was and abuser, a liar, a sexual deviant. so anyone who got to see that on HLN yippie. SJ also got a copy of it. yay! I fear the jury will do a compromise sentence when I truly feel she should be set free. I dont think she will get the DP but that is the only concession, they will give her Lwop and to me that is not right, can she iven appeal that? Oh I so hope the judge offers no alternative instructions. Look The defense asked for different outcomes, if that is deniel by pickles then it should be IMO, DP and nothing else. Then Jodi, we will see you soon.

  44. I really love the latest Elizabeth Taylor picture. I would love to buy it, but unfortunately, just don’t have the funds. Jodi is such a talented artist! I wish she would do some smaller pictures too…like miniatures…and sell those for a smaller amount. I would certainly buy one if it was in my range! Hope she will do a Vivien Leigh series!

  45. Wow this artwork is beautiful. I had no idea how talented Jodi was. That’s wonderful. At least she has something to pass the time with. You are in my thoughts and prayers Jodi. Even more so this coming week. Be strong.

  46. I realize this is going to sound a bit non supportive – but it is the opposite. If you, Jodi want to make an enormous amount of money I believe you should sketch one of Travis. I have abusive men in my past and as an artist can see that your art speaks for itself. This will make an immediate media sensation. I am assuming you loved him and there were beautiful times – and that can’t be taken away. All my best to you.

    • Sounds good to me about a sketch of Travis, but no matter how she makes it good or bad the media will spin it all out of context and make her look worse than HLN already has. I doubt if her attorneys would let her do that @ this point in the trial. It would be too detramental and they most likey go over how to sit, what to do and how to do it. If she is convicted, which I hope NOT. Then she cannot sell anything, if she does everything will go to the Alexander family. If she does get off with manslaughter what I hope, then comes the civil law suit. I hope thats all she gets and then time served. This trial is wrong, so wrong and has been from the start. Watching Jodie, we wish you luck and the jury sets you free with time served.

  47. I will never watch HLN once Jodi’s trial is over. They continue to bad-mouth Jodi 24/7 while she provides them their highest ratings ever since her trial started. Jodi should sue HLN for defamation.

  48. I am disgusted how this trial went. First off I have a problem with the jury not being sequestered. The media and everyone else did not give Jodi a chance. They convicted her without knowing the evidence. Which I think is disgusting. These people have a mob mentality. They can’t think for themselves. They sound like a bunch of idiots. And they went after her like a pack of wolves. They are no better then Travis the Sexual Deviant who degraded her, verbally and physically abused her. Treated her like garbage. He tried to damage her spirit because she was a good person. A talented, smart women and tried to destroy her because he was envious of her. Lied to all his friends and family about her planting a seed in their minds to make them think bad things about her all to benefit him. He is the one who manipulated everyone. He is a con artist, a liar. And I can’t get over the 12 year old comment. He had pedophilia too. The family tried to cover everything having friends lie on the stand. Talk to that tv show HLN.who convicted her without the evidence totally bias channel. Making him out to be an angle when he is not. Shame on them. I’m just not happy about how this trial went and how one sided HLN is. That channel is the worse channel I have ever seen. They are evil.. Anyway I pray that Jodi DOES NOT get the death penalty….. It was not premeditated murder…

  49. I am praying for NOT GUILTY! I believe Jodi was abused emotionally AND physically. I believe she did snap and lost time and memory. I also believe that because of the trauma after she left his house she was in and out of reality. Like she said, she had never killed anyone before. She must have at times tried to fill in the blanks and maybe at times she believed stories she told. I have lost time as well and still after years do not recall what happened during certain events. My family and friends all said, I was there but I have no memory of up to one week. This was during an extremely stressful time in my life so I know what she said is possible! Having been abused in my childhood did in fact leave scars. To this day, I still have issues with memory. As far as HLN goes….. It was during Casey Anthony’s Trial that I had time to read THE DISCOVERY & TRANSCRIPTS ECT. I watched HLN faithfully and was AMAZED at how they were “selective” with what was reported! We need to understand that what we watch on “The Media” IS CONTROLLED! I believe in God and the afterlife. What I struggle with is how certain commentators will talk about “Their Faith, Religion” and yet will show themselves more interested in a paycheck that telling the truth. In reading what was NOT DISCLOSED about the Casey Anthony Trial really opened my eyes to what I believe based on News. No matter what your faith in God or Humanity is, I believe that until we as a society can promote love and compassion we will always live in fear and anger.

    All Jodi wanted was for someone to love her. I will continue to pray for all of those involved in this case. But mostly, I pray that Jodi knows, she is loved by many.

    I love you Jodi and I BELIEVE YOU!

  50. Everyone over there at HLN reminds me of the Salem Witch Hunters with their pitchforks and torches! Talk about biased. They spew hatred and have all their little followers brown nosing their a$$. Why dont they let the jury decide! Innocent until proven guilty America!

  51. I’m pretty neutral on this case, but it’s certainly amazing how much hatred is being generated in Jodi’s direction. It seems to me clear that Travis abused her, and that at some stage she snapped. And what matters isn’t what Jodi said or did after the event – it’s what happened in the build up to the event. At worst it’s a crime of passion, and she’s already spent enough time in prison. By the way the whitewashing of Travis is incredible – it would seem that he was someone who was showing the dark side of his Leo star sign in ample measure, for example arrogance and insensitivity. Before trying to motivate other people he should have got his own house in order. Of course Jodi has got her own issues, and hopefully she has learnt from her experience.

    By the way, I am an astrologer, and I wondered if anyone knew what TIME she was born. I wanted to do further analysis of her horoscope on my website, in a spirit of sympathetic neutrality.

    • Yes, exaclly, I am so waiting with everyone else for the verdict. I did not know Travis was a Leo, Is that what I understood. I have allergies, so bad I can barely read. I too am a leo. But, HlN as others before her have damned her and everyone they can and get paid big bucks, I hate all of them. Just gossip, gossip that is a sin. Then they probaly all go to church in their little suits and play and pray church. They are all sickening. They say on there, NOONE for Jody, well we are. I am in Tx and the time is behind and I cannot ever get through on the phone, I want to give them a piece of my mind. They mostly let in the ones for the proscecutors side if you will notice, every once in awhile they will let one in for Jody. Old Nancy Grace, I swear pops her head up when the trial was going just like a demon. Noone else done that, except her she can’t keep that fat mouth of hers shut. I wish someone would shut it for her. All of them on HLN are B*******.
      Love you Jody! We all hope you can read this, someway!

        • So true, they are out to get her in the media, they need to put some on the other side,her side. there are some of us! You are very right, they want to put everyone on there to slam Jody! Its horrible! The jury, thank God is taking their time. I hope that is for the best!!!

    • I don’t know if her birth time is availble, but you should be able to take the publicized information and do a chart rectification and determine something close to it.

      Afterall, something major happened on June 4, 2008 and you know the day she was born.


      I’ll check out your website in case you come up with something.

  52. Travis died, oh well, one less Mormon to knock on my door during the weekends. I wonder if Jodi is still a Mormon or if she converted back to being a Protestant or whatever??

    • Being a catholic, I can’t throw rocks. It started when john smith found gold plates under a rock; you could imagine peoples thoughts in the 19th century. The mormons had a lot of. Problems. A true movie played by tom berrenger; in which he played a hit man for the mormon church. Brigham young took over & did wonders for the church…worthless desert made into a beautiful city.

  53. I think Nancy Grace and HLN know the jury is watching and are talking directly to the jury with their biased reporting. They are tampering with the jury as far as I am concerned…

  54. Jodi,
    I pray that you get a verdict that will let you out of jail. You are so talented that putting you behind bars is a crime. Maybe Grace should try some jail time. I wish you all the best Jodi!

  55. OMG, these people on HLN now have the audacity to say that Jodi is trying to influence the jurors by tweeting. The “jury consultant” stated that even though the jury has been admonished, it is possible that they could still read the tweets.

    WTF?!? What about all the venom and BS they are spewing out 24 hours a day on HLN. Those people are IDIOTS!

    This trial has been so unfair in so many ways but not having a sequestered jury in a high profile case is just plain proposterous.

    NOT Guilty today … fingers and toes crossed.

  56. I came in on the case late, however I’m quick to catch-up.
    So, lets start with the little man with the big mouth, Martinez. He is trying too hard to be Jose Baez and this will never happen. He isn’t in the same league as Jose. Martinez is nothing but a bully, its as simple as that. How dare he call expert witnesses “liars”. If I were these people he chose to label as such, I would have him back in court soon.
    The haters I have seen with their text messages and interviews outside the court, are so ignorant. Most of them are there because they are hoping they will get their 5 minutes of fame in front of the cameras.
    As for the HLN clowns, Nancy Disgrace, Drunkin Jane, Jackass Jackson, and Vindictive Vinnie should all be ashamed, then again,, they are all “former” attorneys. We here call HLN aka >Has-ben Lawyer Network. It made me sick to her Jane talked about your grandmother, in a not so kind way and then have the audicity to follow her into the coutroom,asking if there was anything she had to say. Well what can you expect from a drunkin loud mouth……
    I don’t know just how this verdict will come down but I am one to believe that Travis was not this All American Boy next door. The life he pretended to lead in front of his friends and the way he spoke and treated you was disgusting. I am just sorry you chose to keep in his company as long as you did. I believe he was a master at this game he played, until he met you. I have voiced my opinion a great deal on the HLN site and it was in your favor.
    You are a talented woman, your art is beautiful.
    I hope that somehow, you will get some type of miracle with this verdict.
    You know what you did was wrong and I’m sure he did many things wrong as well.
    He played the game and we know in any game, there is always a winner and a loser.
    He lost. He was no gentleman as so many are trying to make him out to be.
    I hope the verdict won’t be M-1 for two reasons. One being the obvious and two, just to once again see the faces of those I mentioned above. They did the same to Casey and when her verdict came down, the looks on the faces of these idiots were priceless!
    I wish you well, Jodi…..

  57. God Bless you Jodi. I pray for you
    You are so pretty and great artist. I will keep you in my prayers.
    I wish the best for you to meyour not guilty.
    God Bless Dora’

  58. Jodi,you know Nancy & the rest have to be following this kind of thing.It’s ratings.They don’t pay her 5 milllion(yes 5 million)per year to cover drunk driving arrests. After this is over it will be on to the Travon Martin case in florida for her starting June 10th 7 you will be last weeks news. The Big Sur picture is increadible! I think your art talent can take you far.Really far! I hate to say it but all this has made you a known artist.Nobody can dispute that.Your good! Of course this whole thing is a sad situation but you already know that. I hope if you can get this behind you then you can persue an art career.You will go far!
    All Best;

  59. I am so sorry that there are so many mean and hateful people out there. You are in my heart and I will hope only great things come out of this. Nancy Grace really is a hateful and mean person. Just look at her expressions and the way she talks. She looks like an EVIL PERSON.

    • Nancy grace bothers me too. She’s got this exageration process she uses…probably stemming from her childhood. The mentality of the mob is also bothersome; similar too an old western but. Without the vilence.

  60. Hang in there Jodi, I sent you a tweet earlier hope you got it but just in case you didn’t will ask the same question here that I asked there. Why didn’t your defense attorney’s bring travis alexander’s my space page into evidence to show the world, the jury and his family what a scumbag he really was?

  61. To all of those who are Pro Jodi and wont be put on the air by the travis loving media morons If you have Facebook you can post your comments on jvm, and all the other websites and be sent messages by people that you don’t know calling you crazy and even worse, that’s fine by me its lonely being there all alone. Just don’t do what I did and take your pro Jodi opinions out into the streets I ‘ve discovered that freedom of speech means you have to agree with all the stupid people out there.

  62. This is my first time to your site; & I’m new to this modern technology of smart phones. I’ve only noticed a few pieces of art work from the 90s; but I’ll look around. I find an interesting insight in jodie’s artistic. Talent. Keep drawing. There’s an old saying: art is long, life is short. Good luck & I wish you my best. Bill

  63. I am stil sending Jodi my positive thoughts. There are many people that like Jodi as I do, so our positive thoughts seem to be working.This will go till friday with no answeres from the Judy and will be a mistriall. I am hoping that will happen. One thing that I am sure already, no death penalty. We are on the fourth day…Now. WOW !

    To leave Nancy Grace and her fans, with their big dirty mouth open… LOL.

  64. Wow….can wait to see if Juan is portrayed as the bumbling idiot he really is the Jodi Arias movie. He is just like a floundering fish on a hook……now lets hope they reel him in for the kill. Jodi, stay strong and keep hope alive that HIS version of lies will be seen as just that by the jury. I would really love to chat with you, see how your spirits are holding up. I know the stress of this whole event must be draining you. I hope you are vindicated and can more on with your life. You can and will grow stronger from this and show everyone what a talen you are. Keep smiling….it really burns the heaters!

  65. Glad I found this site – I thought I was the only one in the world who hated HLN and their biased reporting. I am done with that network. I will laugh when the jury comes back with a less than 1st degree murder verdict and no death for Jodi because they all think they have it all figured out – and now that the jury is actually deliberating – they are all upset with it taking so long saying “what is wrong with this jury…” Everyone has a right to make up their own minds about what happened and who to believe, but HLN is so biased, if you don’t go along with their beliefs, then you are considered an idiot and spoken to like trash when you call in with your opinion.

  66. I hope you’ll paint self-portraits, Jodi, in the future, finally FREE away from this circus you can live happy and prosperous without persecution. You are a talented artist, I enjoy looking at your fine arts work and photography.

  67. Jodi,

    Keep your head up, I’m a criminal defense atty. no worries, there are so many errors for appeal. The cards were stacked against you from the moment the jury was not sequestered. I’ve never been in a trial where the judge would allow a prosecutor to conduct himself in such a manner. My heart aches for your family..

  68. You are way to talented and just hang on, it was not a fair trial. I hope you have a better outcome in the future.

    This type of sentence is not for you, show your good side, they need to see that, I know you are tough, but tomorrow, be remorseful, so you can have a mistrial and appeal this.

    It should have not come out this way for you. I will always respond to you, if you need someone to talk to, hang on girl, whatever you need, ok, let me know.

    I hope you are doing well. I am so sorry that you did not get a fair trial. The media was horrible on your case. I was always a fan of HLN, Not anymore, you got a bad deal, but in your case you were guilty first and if those juror’s watched, and I suppose they did, they were not sequestered, you were guilty from the beginning.

    They had to know this case it was all over the world news, horrible, for you, I’m so sorry, they were not fair.

    Jodi, just show some remorse, cry and plead, you were not emotional enough, they needed that, good luck, I know you should not have gotten the verdict you did. Even if you did it, you should have not have this verdict.

    My daughter and I have watched most of the trial, the prosecutor was an animal, so famous, what an ass, and the jury bought into it, appeal. you should have not gotten m1no way.

    I did mail you but it did not go through, hang on Jodi, there is a lot of crap you need to appeal.

    Talk to your lawyers, they need to state about the return of the gas cans, Nurmi mess up, he said they were returned at two different stores, he messed up………….no Jodi, we don’t want you to get the dp.



  69. Jodi I’m sorry it turned out the way it did.if you can appeal do it as soon as you can.there is no way these jurors didn’t hear what they were saying on tv.everyone was watching.people tell people what they saw.i don’t believe anyone who’s trial is on tv can get a fair trial.i never saw anything like this in my life.they were creating shows over a legal case.nobody had anything nice to say about you.i don’t think they would put on anyone who would defend you because they wanted you to lose.if what happened to you happened to me I would have lied was overkill.i think you snapped or a fight started and just got out of control.i wasn’t there.i think about you and what you went through all the way around.youre a artist with a lot of talent.i think you’re smart but please think before you say things.i don’t know if you can read this but dont give up.nobodys perfect, everybody tells lies,everyone has good and bad.we are all sorry your trial was such a media reminded me of the Salem witch trials with the mob scene.i feel very sorry for Travis family and also yours.i hope someday they will forgive you.lets see how much they believe in their faith.i hope this gives all of you some peace of don’t know me but I’ll pray for you and think of you everyday.this trial was a joke and one sided and how could you stand that man? Screaming day in and day out at you and anyone on the defense? I had a headache myself.take care friend and give things a chance to calm down and do what you have to do legally.a couple of weeks from now they will be after some other poor bastard and ruining their lives.take care ill try to write you.

  70. Hey we just made fox news. I wish they would of read the whole post. It is good for our site but this is not about 15 mins. of fame, it’s about freeing Jodi. I posted a great rant on the previous page. My last statement was: I could go on, how pissed I am but I have to figure out how to get off the toilet because both my legs are asleep. Yes, I truly feel like S@#T. GOD BLESS JODI. BE TUFF. YOUR SAVOR WILL COME. Hopefully she will get proper council to stomp that little troll.

  71. I am praying for Jodi, her family and Travis’ family. I know this is a difficult time for all involved. The Lord is a God of love and comfort and I know He is there for all who seek Him.

  72. I may be interested in buying a piece of Jodi’s artwork but I wonder if it can be authenticated? Does anyone know?

  73. Aww man I would love to buy one of her art, but I don’t have that much since I am a college student. 🙁

    • And my prayers go to you Jodi, and for your family. Stay strong, appeal if you can we want you out already. Be safe please.

  74. Obviously, the jurors were influenced by HLN and their anti Jodi campaign. I can’t believe how everyone reveled in the tragedy that has occurred to this poor young woman. Unfortunately, the media has great influence on the masses of malleable, stupid people. I cried when i heard the verdict and i cry every time i see Jodi on TV. I feel anger every time I hear people cheering about the verdict. As an abused woman myself, I understand what happened. Not everyone would. I could understand how someone could be pushed to the brink of killing someone, or themself, as a result of brutal mental abuse and humiliation. I almost killed myself. Hey Jodi, i don’t hate you. Stay strong. For whatever it’s worth, I’m on your side.

  75. You’re fabulously talented and very intelligent. I’ve been through something close to what you have. The fear mixes with anger and it becomes a compulsion you can’t stop. But by the grace of God I would have done similar. If you can, please email me privately. I’d be happy to share my story and be a source of moral support.

  76. God Bless You Jodi! We don’t believe the media! We support you 100%…the media is so bias and they do not want to look at the facts! If I had the money or if the price was lower I would definitely buy some of your artwork its just beautiful…Please stay strong! We are praying for you darling!

  77. In all that happen the other day in the verdict. In away I was shocked but in another way I wasn’t, I will tell u why hln and even the whole court trial felt very staged almost like that movie hunger games. It was all entertainment and they’re making millions, so I think they felt the outcome had to be guilty just to please everyone else. Even if jodi killed travis this media took it to a whole new level because they were so bias and there was basically nobody representing jodi. So to be honest I don’t feel like this was fair at all. Travis was fake he was acting religious in front of his good little Mormons but with jodi his wild deviant side came out.i know religious people and they will always say u won’t do something unless u wanted to do it. He wasn’t strong with his faith obviously it was a front to belong somewhere because he felt empty inside because of his upbringing. They said he couldn’t commit well I think because of the way his mother was to him he couldn’t see sympathy for using woman.

  78. stay strong Jodi ! People from other side of the world from miles and miles away LOVE YOU ! prayers from TURKEY..

  79. I posted yesterday but had the wrong email entered in……

    However, I was questioning the authenticity of her artwork at

    SJ, do you know if it is safe to order from there? I’d really like to buy one of those hourglass prints, but was a little leary.

    If you know, please let me know.

    Thanks a bunch! 😉

  80. it’s not fair that everyone seems to be against you, jodi. i believe that you are being made a scapegoat by the court, the press and the media.

    i believe that you are being punished for the bad decisions made during other highly visible trials (for example OJ and Casey Anthony.) those trials made a mockery of the american judicial system and proved that it is the joke of the free world. we all know that those individuals were guilty but their peers said otherwise.

    because our judicial system has failed, you have been made an example of this tainted system. your trial is being used to make up for past wrongs; to give the american populace a false sense that the system is working properly; to give the world the appearance of legitimacy.

    the system is broken yet no one wants to fix it. it’s easier to sacrifice a virgin at the alter than to find the Truth.

    jodi, i am sorry that you are being persecuted. you are innocent! God bless you and your family! we love you! stay strong! soon you will be vindicated!

  81. The more a read, the more I watch the news etc and “HLN” it’s a same because Jodi is a beautiful and talented lady that lived a normal and responsible life prior to dating Travis. During the time with Travis I feel Jodi gave up everything, only to end up with nothing and then to have it all thrown back in her face at the end.

    I’m sure Travis was a great guy to his friends and family and I’m sure I would have liked him if we had ever met. However, I’ve seen his type before and I’m sure he treated Jodi with a condescending degrading attitude that just got worse over time. I don’t condone what Jodi did, but she had to have had so much hurt and anger inside that just built up over time and Travis pushed the limits and on that last day she just went into a momentary rage.

    I can’t believe the jury over seeing this trial. Jodi under emotional distress was wrong to planed and made a grave error due to the treatment of her and its one that she now realizes was wrong. However, we have all been there at times in our lives when we have lost control that in one form or another hurt someone and don’t even realize it. We are humans and sometimes our judgment is influanced and we do stupid and regretful things. Unfortunately Jodi was in a relationship that was demoralizing and in the end affected her judgment.

    Jodi is not a killer in the sense of a “killer”and she is not a threat to society and this is a horrible situation. She is a woman that just lost control due to a bad situation and snaped. Travis is not here to anwser for his part in the situation, but Jodi is suffering each day with her memories of the past and does not deserve the death penalty or even life imprisonment.

    I strongly feel that Jodi could do really positive things to help shead light on these types of situations that might in the future save the lives of other going down a similar path.

    Hang in Jodi, as bad as things are and look you have MANY of us that believe in you and understand you killed, but your not a killer and this trial is out of control.

  82. jodi were from central ill and weve been watching your trial we dont fill you a fair trial and we jjust wanted say hang in there gal and good luck and your attorneys appeal this.

  83. I live in Tx. and just viewed what happen. They need to kick that damn judge off the bench, she has let everything in and just like a run away train, she is an idiot! Inaffective counsel from the start. I hope they at least get an appeal because I have been in and also seen alot of court, I HAVE NEVER seen such a court as this witch of a judge carry on!! NEVER She has let the procecution get EVERYTHING in and suppressed the defendant. That is very pregidicial. Then at the very end the judge will not even do right. Let her do that in TX. Bitches have no right on the bench!

  84. Today is going to be a nervous day. I wish jodi’s mom could have spoke. Things don’t look too good; although many believe at least one juror may be swayed. Only mercey. From the goodness of the jurors hearts can save her at this point. I pray they see the truth. The water is under the bridge now; nothing else to do; depending on what happens today. I trust they take her illness into account; it’s a key to her life.

    • I’m all for Jodi been watchin the trial since day one. Just I think she made a mistake I am so sorry she is a beautiful and intelligent woman. I hope the best for her I wish I could has been on Jury she would have ben walking free. I will support her and I will send her money. love you Jody from North Carolina

    • Well Whats Up Ricky Dicky with the little pricky Why don’t you run back on over to the dark side and give your boyfriend a little LICKY!!!

      • Oh RICKY DICKY at least she isn’t a baby FUCKER!!! And a rump wrangler!! So go on back over to NAMBLA with all the other baby rapiers and visit TA’s memory page where all of his fantasy little boys pics are posted.

  85. I’m so happy I found this site. I was beginning to think that I was the only one. I truly believe that Jodi was abused.. physically, mentally and emotionally. I was in the exact same spot Jodi was in with my ex-husband. He abused me sexually, making me take very similar pictures (braids and all). He abused me emotionally and mentally, very much like Travis did to Jodi. I never told anybody because I was ashamed. There were only 2 times where he pushed me down, so there was no evidence of abuse. He pushed Catholicism down my throat, even though I wasn’t Catholic. To the outside world, he looked like husband and father of the year. Everyone loved him. The only difference between Jodi and I is that I left before it escalated. I completely empathize with Jodi. I truly believe that Travis just went too far and she finally snapped. How can anyone blame her?! I sat there watching Jodi on the stand and was looking at myself. I’m also a photographer. We have so many similarities. That could have been me had I not walked away when I did.

    A word about HLN…. Normally, I love the reporters. With the exception of Jane Velez Mitchell… she has to go. I even love Nancy Grace. Her coverage on the Scott Peterson case was outstanding. With that being said, I do not understand HOW they can be SO one sided. How can they not see what Jodi went through??!!!! How can they not stop just for one second and look at her side of the story. Of course, she lied… wouldn’t you?! She was terrified! Putting that aside, she was abused to the point where she felt in order to survive, she had to kill Travis. He wasn’t perfect. He portrayed himself to be an upstanding and trustworthy man, a man who respected women and someone who could never treat another human being the way he treated Jodi. Much like my ex-husband, who everyone (still til this day) thinks is Mr. Perfect. Of course Travis’ family didn’t know any of this. Abusers sometimes never show that side to anyone but the abused. How can all of these reporters NOT see this? How can they NOT know the pattern of abusers?!!?? How can Dr. Drew be so blind?! Does he not work with abuse victims?! Does he not know that they are sometimes so ashamed that they don’t confide in anyone?! I just don’t get it.

    I truly pray that this next jury sees both sides of the story. I’m sure they will show the crime scene photos. I’ve seen them and had I not been in the situation I was in years ago, I’m not sure I would have understood how someone could do something like that to someone they once loved. Did Travis deserve what he got? Maybe not. I wish Jodi would have just walked away. Do I blame her? Absolutely not. Does Jodi deserve death? Absolutely not. In an ideal world she would get the help and therapy she needs. I pray that the Alexander family can find peace and have empathy for Jodi someday.

  86. Stand tall Jodi. We are with you 1000% and will stay with you forever. We all love you and want you to win, win. I am sure you will and we will help all that is possible.

    Hold you head up high and let’s keep on fighting.

    Love. From Bob and Judy. …

    I will write again soon


    I just had to share this with my cyber family here!!! My DEAR and SPECIAL friend here, R. Love, bought me my FAVORITE painting of Jodi’s – the “Picasso Calla Lilies Bouquet” – for my birthday, which is next week!!! I had NO idea that she was doing this and it came in the mail today!!! I cried SO HARD when I opened the package that I couldn’t even see – lol!!! That was the most WONDERFUL present that I could EVER get and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I am going to get a beautiful frame and put it right here in my living room and I will take a picture of it and try to post it on here when I get it done!!! It means SO much to me, it’s kind of like having Jodi right here in a way! 🙂

    Thank you, R. Love!!! I don’t think that I can ever thank you enough! You are a very, very special person and you are truly helping Jodi by what you have done and making me the happiest person at the same time!!! May God bless you abundantly!!! <3 <3 LOVE)))))


    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • Aaaahhh. 🙂 Blushing!! Excited that it made your day!!!
      Love to Mary on her Birthday!! & AS ALWAYS LOVE TO JODI and All of TEAM JODI!!!!

    • Wooooooooo-Hooooooooooooooooo!!!!! FANTASTIC!!!!! What a beautiful b-day gift! I can imagine your excitement and happiness!!! Enjoy it girlfriend!

      ((((lilies and Mary’s happiness)))) ♥

    • It’s things like this that make me realize what a wonderful group of supporters Jodi has. It’s so nice to be a part of this and you’ve all made me feel so welcome since I started posting here.
      (((TEAM JODI)))

  88. (((Jodi)))
    Today I spent the day framing your amazing work, The Teacher. I found a beautiful old frame in an antique store and it is the perfect piece for it. I absolutely love it. Sails is beyond words for me. The beauty that you can create while working with so little is just stunning. Thank you for the beauty you have brought to my little home. May God and your Guardian Angel be with you.

  89. Hi, I left a message on the art gallery page, but will post here too. I want to purchase a piece of her art, but I don’t know which, if any, are originals? I like the sunset sailing print. Do you know if that’s original?, as in she painted that one with her own hands? Sorry if this is a dumb question lol, I don’t know anything about art, but I think making a purchase of it is a great way to support in addition to the JAA fund. Thank you.

  90. My day was just brightened with the arrival of three of your prints, Grapes, Flora and Purple Dahlia. I knew I would just love them and I do!! The detail in Flora is amazing and I can understand why you have to wear your brace with all the detail in the work that you do.

    ♥Love you and your work Jodi♥

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