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A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step — or in this case, it begins with Jodi’s recently filed 342 page Appeals Court Opening Brief.

The first 163 pages deal with the specifics of the appeal, while the remainder of the document includes appendix & additional materials.

The conclusion is listed as follow:

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Reversal is required based on pervasive and prejudicial prosecutorial misconduct, the due process violations resulting from the court’s failure to control the media’s access to the trial, the improper admission of hearsay testimony that helped establish premeditation, the improper testimony from the state’s expert regarding Arias’s mental state that helped establish premeditation, the fact that Arias wore a stun belt throughout trial without justification, and the prosecutor’s exercise of peremptory strikes in a discriminatory manner during jury selection. For these reasons, Arias respectfully requests that her conviction for First Degree Murder be reversed.
RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED this 3rd day of July, 2018..
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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jodi arias appellate opening brief. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

UPDATE: The JAA Appellate Fund total currently stands at $104,174.56 — so let’s be sure to keep the momentum rolling throughout 2018, so the fund total can push on towards the ultimate target of $250,000. That in turn will help towards covering all the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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  1. Obviously, I have just learned something new from the opening preamble. There was a third instance of TA violence against Jodi. Apparently, in March 2008, Jodi tells him she is breaking up with him and he backhands her in the car… once again with NO WITNESSES!
    Another is when he is on his doorstep giving her the double middle finger when she pulls out of his driveway heading back to CA AND there is a “mean” text associated with this event.
    Too bad she didn’t get a picture of that as well as the splint that he helped make for her finger after he kicked her. That would have shut Martinez up!!!
    Lastly, I remember they did some rope cutting which is how the knife became a weapon of opportunity… I had not heard that the rope was discarded on the trip to RB’s house.


    The trial judge’s failure to protect Arias sufficiently from the massive, pervasive and prejudicial publicity during her trial violated her right to a fair trial.

    The trial court violated Arias’s right to confront witnesses and the Rules of Evidence when it allowed Officer Friedman to repeat statements made to him by Arias’s grandparents regarding a .25 caliber handgun that was allegedly stolen from their home during a burglary.

    The trial court abused its discretion when she allowed the state’s expert to testify regarding Arias’s mental state at the time of the crime.

    Arias was forced to wear a stun belt throughout trial, thus violating her right to a fair trial.

    The trial court committed clear error when she refused to reinstate panelists after the defense brought the prosecutor’s improper peremptory strikes to her attention.

    Pervasive and persistent prosecutorial misconduct denied Arias her rights to due process and a fair trial.

  3. The show on Oxygen channel is on tonight at 8pm and repeats at 11pm. In defense of… lets hope Nurmi says something that helps in Jodi’s case against him!

  4. Thanks so much for the “cliffs notes” Justus!!!! This really helps!
    First, I did not know she had to wear a stun belt??!! Were they serious????????
    These are six solid arguments that would likely get a new trial in many other states, including mine.
    The preemptory challenges were suspicious. How was Martinez challenges any different than targeting black jurors in a case involving racial issues?
    My question is.. Is any one of these enough or are all six arguments combined necessary to grant her a new trial?

    • In theory, any one of these is enough. But different standards apply to the various arguments, as explained at the start of each. For arguments 1 and 4, “structural error” is alleged, which if found requires a new trial. For others, if error is found,”harmless error” analysis is required, in which the state has the burden of proving beyond reasonable doubt that the error did not affect the verdict. Still others refer to an”abuse of discretion” standard.

      I’m still digesting the brief and will comment at length eventually.

    • Not only did she have to wear a stun belt every day, which for at least some of the trial was painful, she was also unbearably hungry and badly sleep-deprived throughout, due to Estrella jail’s meal and transport schedule. I find it ironic that Arizona allows defendants presumed innocent to be physically abused during trial in a way that would probably be held to be cruel and unusual punishment of convicted prisoners.

      Unfortunately, the defense didn’t object to any of this, so there’s no trial record except of a dispute over letting the jury see the restraints. The appeals lawyers managed to sneak in the stun-belt issue anyway under a category of error that doesn’t require timely challenge. Well done!

      • That’s a good start.. Based on this, there are three types of error with structural being the most important. It seems Jodi’s trial had errors at ALL three levels. I had privately believed that she would be hungry a lot due to her discipline about avoiding the carb heavy diet that prisons serve. I look forward to your comments.

        I would love to know the reasoning/rational behind the stun belt! That sounds malicious and possibly abusive. Jodi was never a flight risk or a violent inmate. What was the criteria for that???

        It appears her appellate lawyers are quite sharp as they included that point which I would almost bet is a constitutional violation at some level, especially if the inmate has not demonstrated any anger/violence in the courtroom. Once again, this is something that I have never heard.

        Well done on letting Jodi’s lawyers know about the Oxygen program. I will be watching that tonight on my DVR(hate commercials!!!!!).

  5. July 9 1980 Our world was BLESSED… truth there is JUSTICE…..and FREEDOM. Bless Her and all who stand by Her and justice/Justus …..Always.

  6. Wow
    haters must read page 149 ……even the rat had a reason to believe in ….ACQUITTAL……hence its hate /vile and rather unjust ways….
    So much for GUILT was NEVER in doubt or so believed a judge.
    A system broken NEEDS to be fixed….ASAP!

  7. HI TO ALL,

    I noticed on several interviews that Juan Martinez gave,

    One of the first question they ask is why did you misbehave….

    After all Jodi killed
    TA so now we must punish her & kill her
    cause she’s a brat,

    So i must bark, belittle, insult, Jodi
    just for that….

    But my question is
    a very simple one,

    Why did Juan bark,
    belittle, insult the defense witnesses one by one,

    They didnt know TA they didnt kill TA
    so my question is why?,

    And I dont know the answer as much as i try…..

    Juan will do anything so your life is ruined & destroyed,

    And therefore at
    MCAO Juan Martinez is still

    • He did it for the same reason TA continued to abuse women. He’d never been punished (or punished enough) for it to make it worth his while to stop. Look at the bar complaints. They are always dropped. He knows it helps him win trials, he knows he won’t be punished because he’s on the”good guys” side and he has an “end justifies the means” attitude.

      • That’s an interesting point… TA absolutely abused other women besides Jodi. The problem is the one that he abused enough to establish a pattern likely will never tell authorities that. Deanna Tate was abused I’m sure we all agree. She was also still in love enough with him to loan him about $1000 which we now know he likely couldn’t pay back because he was broke!
        JA would have been jailed if this had been a federal case as I know the federal govt would have smacked him hard for that. I am still stunned that he literally assaulted a witness on the stand when he pushed the witness’s face into the dead victim’s garment.

  8. The last argument of prosecutorial misconduct is most persuasive. It goes on for 50 pages and ends by saying “Each instance of misconduct, from accusing experts of having feelings for Arias, to insinuating defense counsel hid evidence, to making comments on the evidence to show his opinion why the evidence should not be believed, was used to weave the picture that no one in the courtroom could be believed other than Martinez.” It goes on to say “When an interviewer asked him about his harsh style of questioning Arias, Martinez stated it was part of his strategy to cut off the witness, to interrupt her flow, and to raise his voice at her. He went on to admit that without these tactics, there was ‘a strong possibility that [Arias] would have been acquitted outright.’ His decision to engage in the pervasive and persistent misconduct is not inadvertent or accidental, but is intentional.”

    • Of course, Mr. Juanderful’s ignorant fans believe such behavior is perfectly fine, even admirable, as long as it’s their guy doing it and as long as it generates the verdict they want.

      • You aren’t kidding Alan! That should really help!
        Watched the In Defense program with Kirk Nurmi… heard something that I need clarified. Nurmi states that in the beginning, he was with capital crimes unit. I had thought he was a sex crimes guy who got this case?
        second, he says that Jodi defied her prior counsel’s advice regarding doing interviews… I never heard anything about Jodi having any counsel when she did those interviews. Who was her counsel before Nurmi? I thought he was only counsel??
        he didn’t appear to say anything that we don’t already know although he is claiming Jodi blackmailed him and threatened him with career trashing if he left her case. Jodi had said in Hayden interview that Nurmi decided to “blow the lid off of Travis’ secrets and trash him to help her case… Does Jennifer Wilmott need to speak on this in the suit?

        • Lance, I believe as part of the public defenders office he may have been in the capital crimes unit. In his private practice he specialized in defending men accused of sexual assault (i.e., proving that accusing women are liars).

          • OK.. that’s what I got confused. I figured I had got it wrong when I heard Nurmi say he was in the capital crimes unit.
            BTW, what is the state’s deadline to respond to Jodi’s brief?

            • January 4. Then the defense has a few months to reply, then there’s oral argument at the CoA. If the CoA rejects her claims, after that comes post-conviction relief (PCR), also paid by the state.

  9. I do think that Jodi is guilty, but the media circus that happened to her was so wrong. I look back now and the dumb things like the After Dark crap show were insane. It all seemed crazy and fun to watch, but this crap. I do think she may be found guilty again, but the shit show around her trial is wrong. People who have done way worse crimes are already out of jail. Such a sad situation. 🙁

    • I believe she is too. She should’ve went with 2nd degree murder. She admitted killing him and bc of that she must serve time. In a murder trial you need a good defense lawyer. Not a public defender. As far as circus media. High profile cases always get that kind of attention. She’s not the 1st or last. Maybe if she didn’t lie on those shows it wouldn’t have been so bad. Going on the stand for 18 days was a big mistake. If she got parole the earliest she’d have a chance is at least 25 yrs. and that’s not a guarantee the parole board would grant her that. Look at the Manson girls. Susan Atkins was dying from cancer and they wouldn’t let her out. These appeals drag on for years and years. Good luck.

        • Before I came to this site today, I happened to watch an interview after the verdict. She said she didn’t want to go on trial. The day of Jodi’s sentencing Samantha said they would’ve settled with LWOP and no appeals but Jodi didn’t agree to that. She needs a good lawyer. If her appeal is denied, how many more appeals can she do?

          • Hi Tiffany,

            As Justus said, Jodi, for a brief time, was acting as her own counsel. It’s called Pro Se. During this brief time, she went to the prosecution and made an offer to plead to second degree murder. As I heard it, the family flat turned her down and instructed the state to pursue the death penalty because they believed the charge to be heinous. Jodi was forced to trial as a result to defend her life. She also needed a much better public defender who didn’t come into the case absolutely believing that she was already guilty and then only focusing on mitigating her sentence and nothing else. The U.S. justice system is about haves and have-nots. O.J. Simpson was a “HAVE” and that’s why he got acquitted. Jodi was a relative have-not and could not afford a private attorney. She was then at the mercy of whoever the court assigned to her.

        • Mormons run the show in Arizona. They considered T one of their own… in their racist cult, they saw a Hispanic girl kill a white man and did everything they can to influence the trial.
          She should have gotten 2nd degree at the most.

    • You are absolutely correct. Sammy “the Bull” Gravano murdered dozens of people as part of the job, was incarcerated in many places, including in Arizona, and has been released. It’s definitely unfair. The shit show around the trial certainly didn’t help her. Poor Jodi.

      • Hi Pixie,

        That’s exactly why we are here! Sammy “the Bull” Gravano did indeed murder dozens of people as a hit man for the crime boss, John Gotti. However, he was given a deal by the state of NY to testify against Gotti which is why he is not doing LWOP.

  10. I just happened across these saved files today – two JAII posts from Oct 29, 2015 by coldcase53. I think they are significant considering Jodi’s appellate arguments.


    coldcase53 says:
    October 29, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    WOW! Check out this 1999 Florida case. A second degree murder conviction was overturned and the defendant got a new trial because the prosecutor called the defendant a liar and undermined his credibility as a witness. The decision also said the judge should be admonished for allowing it to happen. How many times did Martinez call Jodi a liar and JSS let him get away with it?

    Improper and prejudicial comments by the prosecutor
    It is improper and prejudicial for a prosecutor to call a defendant a liar and refer to his version of events as “lies” and a “cockamamie story,” especially where the defendant testified, the 3rd DCA said.

    Roberto Gomez appealed his conviction of attempted second-degree murder, citing numerous improper and prejudicial comments by the prosecutor that served to undermine his credibility as a witness. The DCA agreed that the comments were improper and constituted fundamental error, and said both the prosecutor and trial judge should be admonished.

    “With these types of comments, the prosecutor encroached on the jury’s job by improperly weighing in with her own opinion of the credibility of the witnesses,” the DCA said. “There comes a point and time in the conduct of a trial that the trial judge should and must intervene in the egregious conduct, whether it has been challenged or not. It is the trial judge who is the central figure in the courtroom especially in the eyes of a jury. The jury looks to the trial judge as the only neutral, impartial, detached participant in the trial.”

    For the views expressed above, we reverse the defendant’s judgment of conviction and remand for a new trial.


    coldcase53 says:
    October 29, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    “This is an individual who will stop at nothing, and who will continue to be manipulative and will lie at every turn,” Martinez told jurors. “It’s like a field of lies that has sprouted up around her as she sat on the witness stand,” Martinez said of Arias’ 18 days testifying. “Every time she spat something out, another lie.”

    Martinez also accused Jodi of having a past history of crime during his closing arguments in an attempt to erase one of the mitigating factors given by the defense. Her “past history of crime,” according to Martinez, was that she had committed perjury during the trial by lying and that she had lied to the police during the investigation (“lying to police is a crime”).

    We could probably find 500+++ statements where Martinez told the jurors that Jodi was a manipulator or a liar or a lying manipulator during the trial. I think by the end of the trial he had practically “brainwashed” the jury to that idea that she was a liar and they shouldn’t believe any thing she said. She had no chance at a just verdict. NONE!


    Thank you, coldcase53, wherever you are…

    • Perhaps another example of Florida (where Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman were tried) making Arizona look like a bunch of hicks. This doesn’t seem to concern Arizona appellate judges — but it should.

      Note, though, that Jodi’s lawyers concede, citing a case, that prosecutors are not absolutely barred from calling the defendant a liar during closing argument. So it looks like a judgment call, one that Florida and Arizona judges perhaps make differently.

  11. Hi Kristine,

    Welcome and thank you for your honesty and your civility. Just wondering – what in the evidence has convinced you that she is guilty? And do you think you are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt such that if you were one of the jurors you would have convicted her of premeditated murder? Just curious.

    • I don’t think she guilty no one really know what happened behide close..door..only they do ya she did some pretty shade stuff but in the end who really know…

  12. Hi Kristine,

    Welcome as well! Jodi is guilty of a lot of things in this scenario. She is guilty of bad judgment, not standing up for herself when Travis abused her and cheated on her, not reporting his physical domestic violence to police at the time it occurred and several other decisions during the course of their relationship. She is NOT guilty of premeditated first degree murder. Her shame and panic at the thought of having her relationship with Travis as well as his other behavior caused her to lie much longer than even the police expect a defendant to do in order to keep that out of the public forum.
    I would invite you to read Justus Forusall’s “wiki” site that is an excellent breakdown of this case and lays out our stance. I believe that you may be surprised at what you will learn as I did.

  13. Many go for …a deal to avoid a trial that is stacked against them….very common in America where many have this odd lust to destroy…burned folks at the stake….lynched them from trees….and go out of their way at…. TRIALS to put any to DEATH! See Her show trial. Some think ANY taking of life is wrong….even to defend a nation or others…say one sees a person about to be attacked or being attacked …say in NYC….well someone must be calling the police…RIGHT??? To My logic it seems impossible that a man under attack only has wounds that show he was on the attack. A few wounds to the hands ….wounds to the chest and back….a head wound…..and last but most a side neck wound….with only the neck wound putting this continual ATTACK to an end. The main reason Her attacker died was because he kept up the attack….folks who are under attack would use any n all means to put an end to such….She did ,but he used his fighting skills for the attack…hence no forearm wounds that would have prevented wounds to the chest or neck. This She had no marks…how would ANY know that????…do some think that after SURVIVING an attack one has this need to count the marks. BULL SHIT on that logic. In America some think that any killing is wrong…imagine THAT logic in ….AMERICA……! A trial must be fair an thus just or it is nothing but a lynching/burning .Why the rat went beyond the facts and had this need to twist logic an truth as well as evidence makes one wonder if it knew this case was a win by just using the facts n just the facts…SEEMS NOT! But then it KNEW there was a book deal on its way $$$$. I would ask any to show in world history where one UNKOWN has been put upon with such hate ,vile, and lies to destroy them… I watched that joke of a trial all I could think was WTF America…..the U.S.S.R./Russia…..China…N. Korea could learn a lot about putting on show trials for az……this is way happens when the mob has its way with the courts.How odd few judges or lawyers know American history…IMPEACHMENT… any Americans know the reason for impeachment?????…now some headed to what some think the highest court think a POTUS must not be impeached….READ whan a certain FOUNDER thought on that who convinced the OTHER founders how impeachmeant was rather FAIR! America must get better judges who defend the rights of the accussed and NEVER the mob…the mob have no rights…they are the …mob. One must judge an enemy as fair as a friend….to do less shows evil. How do I KNOW travis was an abuser…I have seen his abuse…and his wounds that show him to be the ATTACKER….yes trained to fight but as many who are …didn’t do it all that well.

  14. Wow talk about looking to get VOTES…as some rather nut job judges pander for the votes to keep the $ rolling in….maybe judges and prosequtors need stun belts to keep them from going nuts on the job. Who would EVER make a deal with no rigth to appeal…but holding a d/p over them may work …more then a few innocents would take a DEAL rather then a 50/50 chance of getting a jury bent on the D/P which by the way they ALL were……no other way for a jury in az. to sit on a d/p trial. From the get go they want to take ones life right or wrong. Very much as N. America police are told to ALWAYS shoot to kill NO MATTER the threat…most have seen police do just that as most have seen many police just arrest the person…what kind of cop do you want to be confronted by???? haters are having fits on their hate sites over this appeals ….thing! No thing folks just part of the rules to seek redress for wrongful verdicts. Ask the know it alls and one would think there is no reason to have trials…if one is charged then they must be guilty…HANG EM HIGH. The good old days were not so good. mike must look to John Adams and His defense of them Brits…NOT GUILTY…and boy did Sam give John shit for that. A trial must be fair or it is not a trial…and that trial was a SELF DEFENSE trial. haters know it all just not history or facts horn lied on the stand 3 times in the 3 times kill…why would any Dr. do so???? Even the wound to the neck if he had stopped his attack may not have been fatal…blood still would reach his brain as only one side was cut. he kept up the attack and thus gave Her no reason to stop defending Herself. Ther must never be no love or hate in any trial or that trial is nothing but a joke….these days many think a trial is a contest…if only we had a go at that accused…..Well that in days past was called trial by combat and remember that a very fit man who was well trained and very prone to violence was stopped by Her. Some would like to think that is a lie…well wise up a view his videos that show him to be the ABUSER he was……back him back abusers…..let the facts be the judge not the I think She is this or that….trials are only about facts ,reason and logic that can stand up to tests. I could judge ANY person and give them fairness because that is what folks who believe in justice do….can ANY hater ever say such….opps haters seek injustice as it makes em powerful. Just listen to the wack jobs from Her jury on ABC and how they mocked the trial and Her as if it was just a show….well it was a SHOW TRIAL.

  15. Thank you Justus. Grizz, many years ago there was a judge in my town and everyone called him Hangman xxx (don’t want to put his real name just in case) lol…this man had no mercy even for misdemeanors or small traffic violations. If people walked in the court room a few minutes late, he tells everyone to sit in the last row and they will be called last. This judge would give you whatever jail sentence came with that charge, even 30 days!!! The only time he’d give a break was if you had your own attorney, not a public defender. Even then, you just save your butt from doing jail time but paid the maximum fine. To me it’s like bribing the judge. If your lawyer knew the judge well, no jail time. It’s crazy. You need a lot of money or know someone powerful to get you out of the mess.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Unfortunately, there are many judges like this who get caught up in the power of their office. They have little or no compassion and believe that there is no room for breaks when they seem warranted. Another irony of Jodi’s case was that the judge, Sherry Stephens, had NEVER presided over a capital murder case. The state felt that she needed the practice!!! Believe that!!
      So they put her on one of the most watched trials in AZ history to allow her to “get some practice”. Jodi truly needed a private attorney to defend her for many reasons.

  16. While I happy to read the Appeals , I still believe it should have been sealed as per Jodi s request, in reading the numerous media coverage, the misconduct etc. All this information out there could again potentially create an unfair advantage in this case against Jodi. Another issue I have is that there was so much more to add to the Appeals that seemed to be missed or ignored . eg..Horn s perjury , along with detective Flores, the computer evidence that was tampered with /destroyed , that we heard more about in the second trial totally ignored in the Appeal. Nurmi ‘s lack of proper representation , admitting he doesn’t like his own client , I feel a lot of very important information for a stronger case is being left out ..anyone else ???

    • As I understand it, there is a limit to the length of the appeal. I don’t know if it’s the number of pages or the number of arguments but I will find out. Accordingly they had to prioritize but I’m not sure what criteria they used.

      • Yes, it would seem there is a word limit on the document. ( I guess the appellate judges don’t want to be reading 15,000 page briefs arguing every possible objection under the sun – they are, after all, called “briefs”. I understand an extension to that limit was granted in this case, considering it’s length and complexity, and the attorneys apparently chose what they felt would most likely get a favorable response.

    • Hi Miss Janet

      You are so right about the lack
      of information that wasn’t mentioned in the appeal like
      Horn, Flores & what about the
      forensic specialist Neumeister?
      Martinez tried to disqualify him
      & shouting i have a witness
      that will come in here & testify that you purposefully broke &
      tampered with the evidence….
      and prior to that he blamed Jodi’s
      previous Lawyer Miss Schaffer
      that they were the ones who tampered & deleted stuff from the computer….and omg the list of corruption just goes on & on….

      does anybody know why all this was left out of the appeal

    • I’m guessing that they limited themselves to claims that are (1) fully proven in the record and (2) clearly supported by precedent. If so, they probably felt that state perjury couldn’t be proven, nor state computer tampering. I wish they had included the latter in the misconduct argument (6). But otherwise, they did a very thorough job with what they did include.

      My top argument was Martinez’s lies in closing about porn traces on Travis’s computer. I begged them to include that and the “victim” argument. They may have felt the former was unprovable, but I’m really angry at them for omitting the latter. It’s true space was at a premium — the brief’s already twice normal length — but they could easily have found 3-4 pages for it by editing, especially since I think 2 of their 6 arguments are really a stretch.

      At any rate, they did a really thorough job on publicity and misconduct, which are the main reasons Jodi deserves a new trial.

      As for Nurmi, I think ineffective assistance of counsel is an issue for the PCR petition, which comes after this appeal. There’s sure to be stuff from his book there, I think.

  17. To answer several people’s questions, I have confirmed with Jodi that the roughly $12,000 from the Appellate Trust was spent, as the trust document requires, on expenses related to the criminal appeals that the state doesn’t cover — not on her civil actions. But she doesn’t want to detail these expenses publicly, as is understandable.

    • Hey Alan,

      If it is possible, can Jodi’s attorneys shed any light on how much her non-state covered expenses could run? Even a general answer would likely be very informative.
      I also agree that the police misconduct should absolutely have been included.

      • At this point, I doubt anyone knows, including Jodi. I certainly couldn’t get that information out of her appellate lawyers. Sorry!

        • No problem.. I thought I would try to get a sense of what other costs her fund is facing. Obviously, these costs are steep! Thanks for trying!
          I watched the Defense of program again.. Who was Jodi’s previous counsel prior to Nurmi? I had thought she didn’t have any counsel until Nurmi which is why she kept on talking to the media? If she did have prior counsel, they were worse than he was because “they” couldn’t keep her from talking.

  18. One after another the state was ALLOWED to push the lie with it’s exparts…or so called….det. stevo…..and its memory problems….their lack of finding porn on the hard drive…one must LOOK! Ane az. relies on such for evidence…..horn and his facts which just do not stand up to FACTS…Phineas????????? Any Dr, in America who does not know the most famous head injury in history needs more schooling. horn abd the certain kill… about a paid mouth piece. jamean …what is the reason to allow her ever to become a Dr….I have never seen such hate in one twisted face. Talk about not being able to answer ANY question until worded as she wanted…other Dr.s must wonder what gave her a pass. she made all in her click look like SHIT. Did the state have ANY who did not lie to make the win???? The Freemans did say that travis was one abusive man..they saw it 3 times that day at least. Now chri$ did say it all, i would never help Her,She killed My friend (more minion) and yes She KILLED an ABUSER! Now ca$h being a man of faith would know it is his duty to help any n all in findind the truth…but there he sat and said he could care less if She was MURDERED via the justice system. ca$h knows full well just what travis was as sky KNOWS even MORE. Such evil allowed in a court. The rat of its own free will questioned Her so called guilt even after the verdict……READ its words. The appeals now MUST question his and his minions action…they can look at what ever they PLEASE…judges can an do just that. They are allowed to over ride any verdict of GUILT. Is so guilty then why all the corruption and misdeeds for a win??? Asolid case need only facts..a weak or non case needs all the (help!) it can muster or PAY! As for the length of the it a paper shortage or reading skills on the part of the judges….didn’t take Me 12 hr.s to read it but then Iam not a twisted lawyer who has then neen to push hate as some twisted faced women do….and this thing writes books to HELP other women…SAY WTF NOW! Nothing wrong with a little dig…is there. So many freaks with so much time to push injustce and defend a KNOWN PEDO…and all know this from the pedo’s own foul mouth…=(

    • Thanks. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about Wayne Griz MacDonald. Whew. It’s impossible to decipher, right?

  19. I hope this appeal is successful! Good luck Jodi. You don’t deserve life in prison.
    On another note, I believe Mormonism is an extremely harmful cult. The way they treat women and minorities is appalling. (Just Google it and see!) I hope Jodi opened her eyes and has left that cult!
    You are loved no matter what!

  20. Wow so much for FREE SPEACH … as JUSTICE it’s on the list in Americas new order…odd how being nice in the two trials really did nothing until She stepped up and called them HATERS out….NO ONE SAVED Her but HER! Odd how some on this site think I am the problem not az, justice or MANY so called Americas who join mobs to lynch others. If any think My words will HURT Her appeals then the system of justice is FUCKED! As is America!!! Folks not SPEAKING up here in this case is the REAL problem. Do I lie in My words…PLEASE out Me ……. l. you seem to PLAY both sides or are just here to question Me……well post away on My actions….PLEASE! All should have a say. I must wonder why so many think being nice will work in a system of hate. Both lawyers in the two trials called Her a murderer more then a few times any REAL judge would have called them to the bench and demanded they DEFEND the accussed or FIRED them on the spot. Amazing how they keep it up…does any think them juries heard their ill spoken words???? Never in My life did I think America could go off the rails as they did in this case…NEVER…but off the rails they did…and for just what…an ABUSER…a PEDO…a FAILED man…and a user of FAITH! If My words are not truth based on fact call Me out ….ANYTIME. I must wonder about any who call me out as to why…..sad to see so many can not read english…but then they seem not to know the case…now why would that be???? Here to rile things up or here to help.

    • Of course you have the right to your opinion. I know you’re very passionate about this case as many of us are. I think maybe we should focus what’s in the appeal. The courts have been this way since the beginning of time. It’s not just Jodi’s case. Lots of people don’t do anything about until it happens to them or someone in their family. That’s when you really need to get out there and do what you can to be heard and change the laws. It’s a lot of work but can be done. I won’t be surprised if this appeal is denied but it’s not the end. You just have to keep fighting for what you believe in. Take a close look at the self defense language in the law. It obviously needs to be amended bc I haven’t seen anyone win a case w/o doing prison time, at least I can’t think of a recent case in the US.

  21. Travis was never proven to be a pedophile. That’s hearsay. Wayne, it appears you get called out – a lot. You know the old saying…if so many people are saying you’re dead, perhaps you should lie down. It’s you against the world, apparently.

  22. Am I the only one or has anybody else noticed that “LORRETTA”
    has not even once said anything
    positive pertaining to this site In contrary only complaining about this or that or the other…

    If anybody disagrees please
    correct me ….

    thank you!!

  23. “Kathy”, in keeping with my contrarian ways…you don’t need an apostrophe in the word disagrees. There are others who debate specific case points here, in fact someone posted that she believes Jodi is guilty. If you are singling me out, please address ME, rather than take a poll. K? Thanks,”Kathy”.

  24. Loretta I agree , while I believe 100% that Travis was abusive to Jodi , he was not the saint the media and friends made him out to be , I hardly believe we have any solid proof that he was a pedophile . If someone went so far to send copies of the letter to the defense ., then that same someone has the originals ….Ranting and raving is not going to help Jodi , only facts and misconduct , tampering , perjury that was habitual during the trial will….where there s a copy there has to be an original just my opinion ….i hope Jodi appeals gets a BIG WIN …based on the facts mentioned above ..

  25. Hi Loretta,

    I agree with the statement that we don’t have any solid proof that Travis was a pedophile. The statements from Jodi as well as the arguments regarding the contents of his laptop which were corrupted by some lunchbox forensics tech are still very believable. I am not well-versed on the letter like others here though. I will say that Jodi’s case will not be about this anyway. Jodi’s case will center on ONE THING… Travis’s penchant for anger along with his abuse of Jodi both verbally and physically. Jodi clearly won the character claims about Travis with the sex audiotape and saved text messages in addition to her first-hand testimony. The pedophile claims fall into that category. We also have to acknowledge that this defense strategy will be difficult due to Travis, either by coincidence or purposefully, never having struck Jodi in anybody else’s presence. This is compounded by Jodi not immediately reporting the multiple incidents of violence that Travis committed against her by filing a police report. As we all know, courts LOVE documentation or eye/ear witness accounts. In our current times of social media and cell phones, it is too bad that Jodi wasn’t using a cell phone to film Travis in the shower. There would be video evidence of this attack and Jodi very likely would not be in this situation.
    I think we all agree that the state of AZ and Maricopa in particular, absolutely and unequivocally screwed this case up to the point that denying Jodi’s appeal would be a constitutional crime in and of itself.

  26. OPEN your damn ears he OUTED himself with that you sound like a 12 yr old…and by the way 3 times…why would ANY sane person do such…WHY! The pig tale thing is to look as a CHILD…. during SEX! There is but one other photo of Jodi that i have seen where She has pigtails and She is CLOTHED. The letter looks forged…REALLY and just how do that work with ANY letter…unless one sees it forged….or reverse that…..never saw it written therefore it MUST be forged…that letter is on this site with other KNOWN letters and boy do they look alike…but who on earth does each letter the EXACT same way and style…writing tends to vary as does speech . Were sky and chris THAT poor they needed travis to babysit their kids and odd how sky feared for her children after see the letter but chris discounted it as forged…what parent would not want to find out it their children had been abused by a friend…this stranger danger is middle class nonsense. Abusers of children ARE for the most part parents or family then close friends. Now on to the brief…to think they missed that the rat called out the shot as a .45 belies belief…..a .45 is 4 times the power of a .25….a blank round at such close range would have put a hole in his head one could pass a golf ball through…then that rat called Her Miss Alexander…TWICE…now why was it so forgetful of the FACTS…Both would inflame any jury and set them off to destroy Her. But both so called facts were bold faced lies to do just that…or is the rat that much of an idiot? From the get go the state had this strange need to lie and cheat…WHY? As for ranting n raving…REALLY ,what have I said not based of facts or logic ? No one forced him to make his claim of She sounds as a 12 yr. old and just how would he of all people KNOW such and have this NEED to BRAG about it…I cringed when I heard him speak such evil and many must have but SOME have this NEED to protect his WORDS as just a joke….some sick joke that is . I do not mind being called out but to think i do harm is rather weak…THE GLOVES NEEDED TO BE TAKEN OFF LONG AGO…but She was FORCED to put up with a monster in that court to defend Her…….and once again this so called man showed the world who he was…9 out of ten……why he was not jailed on the spot speaks to corruption of the highest order. az. and all who rant n rave about the cost…..end the d/p and lwop and stop the tax bleed. Seems $ is more thought of then JUSTICE! In any S/D trial both sides are on trial…like it or not. The appeals court really only has to ask one question in this case…was it a fair trial…as in did the state do right by the accused …no lies, no hiding/destroying evidence…..did the rat feed the press as it well knew the jury was able to learn things not allowed……and We know some were watching the news even when they were told do not do that. Some of the questions showed that very plain. One even stated he only asked question to mock Her on the stand as he thought it was funny…hows that for a jury who wanted to put Her to death? This case once and for all shows just how broken justice has become in America…some even brag that no lawyer will take Her on a new case…well that says much about lawyers as it does for justice….if no lawyer of free will will take the case why would one be forced on Her……so many think any who act as their own lawyers are fools…well that young lady stood the test as She took on the rat many times and shut it down….but when most are spoon feed to think only a fool speaks for themselves at trial….that shows just how weak a system is…who could speak better then those there as to what took place???? Who gains by speaking truth at trial?…ALL who seek truth….so odd the two men PAID to do a job seemed more intent to gain with books…of LIES! A trial of lies worked for the state… claim She at trial was caught in any lies is falsehood. Example…the fight was some 62 sec.s long to that the rat screamed IMPOSSIBLE…well if any had put that to the test it would have showed more could have been done in just 42 sec,s…so much for the impossible lie! Loretta at times You sound like a person who thinks Jodi is guilty…or am I wrong on that? I use facts to birth My logic as all must. Adults who think of sex with children are PEDOS…and just how would he know or want to know what any child sounds like being ATTACKED!

    • The reason that you shouldn’t act as your own attorney is because you are to emotionally involved in the situation.

      That being said congrats to Jodi on the new job.

  27. I had thought that handwriting analysis had proved that this was Travis’s own script?? If I am wrong, please correct me. This is as close to an admission without being a confession that I have ever heard of in criminal law. I will say again that I think the character part of this case is not what our focus should be on… as I said, Jodi already blew that lid off during trial. Our focus needs to be on how do we show/prove Travis’s penchant for anger and violent outbursts which is the crux of this case? How do we illuminate the two rapes and the 2-3 violent beatings that Jodi endured at his hands BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! We all believe that he had pedophilic tendencies that he was mostly able to keep away from public view, especially the church. The only mention of this from anybody other than Jodi was the friend who wrote the smirky x-mas poem about Travis. Does anybody have any thoughts on how a new defense team would put that penchant for violence out in the open with no police reports or documented injuries(other than the finger) and in front of a jury to a conclusion that he possibly attacked her out of the shower for dropping a $200 camera on a hard bathroom floor.

  28. Loretta what is this immature think on both parts? She had a history of trying to make relationships work and not to many lees them folks of faith go wild on a young woman. In this new world order can’t have to few or to many or folks wonder…..what is ever wrong with wanting to find a mate that does right by one…travis wanting …love…ya think??? his own crew of so called friends would say and did he was a PLAYER. Odd word for a man of faith seeking a wife…..did old t-dog follow old school rules of the lds???? We can see travis at his violent ways on video…the eddie snell beat down video is who this man really was…how dare a man ask permission of his wife….YES I know it is play acting but it shows that eddie would kill a man for not being what eddie thinks is a man…women serve men in eddies world as in t-dogs. t-dog never gave up on any gals he used…NEVER….and not just for the atm thing $$$! Not as well off as many claim. Then view the ppl Alabama who this man is preaching MURDER to one and all as well as ABUSING women….joke???? That would be a joke I would never see….sad to say most women by age 21 have been abused once or far more in N. America….must be a …man thing… look like a man! Then there was the fights over dan e boy going where danny boy had no right….as he unloaded Her backpack…and for that travis went wild twice…once in front of two then in earshot of the same two….but hold on t-dog was not done with this woman…as he still had to teach Her a lesson by driving off w/o Her as the freemans just sat there….not saying a word. Is it wise to just drive off and leave one alone …things can and do happen…on highways. But then this man of faith had a need to show her who was boss. A threat is abuse and boy he spoke often of making Her pay as She had not SEEN him at his worse….well that to Me seems She had SEEN some of his worst and he backed it up….via his own mouth! The broken finger makes sense…one tries to protect ones head/face in an attack….odd how he didn’t have a need to do that as some claim he was attacked…few wounds on both hands and no fore arm wounds…he was TRAINED to fight hence to defend and attack in fights. But when one goes wrath n rage and ape shit they tend to lose…he did and was done! Remember he went nuts over a joke that was not said about him…man boobs…few men do not have them…as in the skinny ones….fat ones as well as the body builders have boobs that would out do most gals…sad but true. There is much a real defense team could do in a new case…thanks to t-dogs OWN words…..but unless they demand accountability from all on the states side She will get another show trial. Remember new trial then 4 more tries at the d/p…..where on earth could that happen where a person faces 8 tries at death! If that does not show what a corrupt system geared for the almighty win at any cost then what does? This it looks forged…LOOKS??? Well when placed next to known writing it looks the same…as i said …who writes the same all the time…any who write such evil n pain would have a rather hard time even writing…and boy that shows well there!

  29. Congrats to Jodi on her new part-time library gig. Nothing like a little piece and quiet to work on her case. Happy Friday!

  30. Well seems a lot of lawyers and judges are prone to the $$$ and power thing…see justice these days and the lack of accountability……they NEVER want to be held accountable. This MOCKING any defendant must make folks wonder…MOST can speak their truth far better then another that was not involved. Most who have had to hire a lawyer soon find out the hard way just what a joke most are….I saw two in that so called trial.Remember this and remember it well…that jury voted twice to send Her on the path to state murder then AFTER She spoke to them and said Her TRUTH they seemed to come apart at the seams to the point of threats and close to violence as they debated or should I say SCREAMED at 4 who saw the TRUTH in their wrongful verdict…and no they refused to back down to the lynch mob. And there was the states plan STOPPED…not to bad for a non lawyer. When one takes an OATH they put others before their own needs…..if one fears for its wallet or life…find another job…mc d’s is always looking for help. Please remember they are rotten apples in all JOBS as being a lawyer is…not that they would ever call it that…LOL! Who but them mind set…but then do You not wonder how when so many lawyers say that joke of a trial and all the abuse needed for the all mighty win…where were they to speak up for fairness and justice…seems even judges stood by and did jack shit…talk about a mob mentality.Seems most in our world only care when it their life on the line…and ENJOY such trials as She was given…Each day I wondered how was this possible in America……not only sad but very sick…..The leaders, judges and the lawyers allowed this to happen…may one day justice find them…..then We will hear from them a call for FAIRNESS and JUSTICE…..seems the two faced folks work that way.

  31. Just to be clear, I don’t believe everything she said was truthful but then again I wasn’t in Travis’ bathroom the day he was killed. Also the questioning by the prosecutor was wrong many times. Especially when any prosecutor tells you to only answer “yes or no” As with any trial, sometimes it’s not just a yes or no answer. I do believe 100% she was emotionally/mentally abused. It can make you temporarily insane. Too bad she didn’t plead temporarily insane or heat of passion. The trial could’ve been shorter and possibly little or no jail time. Also as I can see, there are 2 sets of pics at the crime scene. Why didn’t her lawyers show the photos that I’ve seen on this site? Obviously one set or all pics have been photoshopped. Why only the really gruesome pics were submitted as evidence? This trial was over and Jodi has been in Perryville 3 yrs. How do they expect to get a fair trial when just about everyone uses Facebook & Twitter. Everyone has judged her. I understand she was afraid and didn’t want to call 911. I wish she ran out of the house sooner. Hopefully she’ll get a jury that understands she doesn’t deserve to be in prison forever. I believe people can change after 10+ yrs. She might need to move out of this country. Maybe Griz or another guy can help with that and let her live out her life peacefully and be happy

  32. Tiffany I agree with you. I’m positive that if there is one thing that Jodi Arias has learned it is to depend on no one but God and herself. Jodi made many mistakes and was taken advantage of by many people who she unfortunately trusted. She is an extremely intelligent and strong woman and I pray she will walk FREE and live a peaceful and productive life. Jodi has many wonderful qualities to offer to our society and I know
    God has a bigger plan for her life than she ever could dream.

  33. Hi Tiffany,

    All of us here agree that Jodi made a lot of mistakes and bad judgments. The two years of lying caused a lot of problems as did her interviews. However, from the time that she finally disclosed the self-defense claim to Kirk Nurmi. She was as honest as possible with what she was able to remember. The fact that her own attorney decided early on that she was guilty as sin literally left her with no defense as he stated that his only focus was on saving her life which he feels that he really won when in fact, she was only saved by ONE juror who was strong enough to stand up and say.. “NO”
    You may also remember that Jodi, while she was without counsel and working “pro se” even offered to plead to second degree homicide and the family flat turned her down and argued for the death penalty. Many people cannot conceive that a self defense case can look like the scene at Travis’s house. I had said once that if Jodi had shot him with ANY other kind of gun, we may be talking about a very different ending because there would have been no knife involved.

  34. Tiffany….many times the RUNNING thing gets one DEAD! he WAS a runner and a trained fighter….and seemed to embrace violence as a few videos prove well. At least one on the jury was there just for the FUN of it as he told Dr. drew…i’m the guy who put them crazy questions to Her… this thing LOL. Then view the 3 nutjobs on ABC after the first trialmary lou ,deana ,and kevin…talk about no facts or logic but a lot of vile n hate in their judgement of Her…..who would be happy to judge another on a case with the D/P on the table…..I would do all to be fair or would worry have i now done far worse then the accused .Being wrong is not an option in a D/P case for ANY juror….not in My book. many plead guilty to a lesser charge to save their life….does not mean they are guilty one bit but that they fear a system built on the …WIN AT ANY COST… one person in history who paid ANY price putting to death an innocent put to death in a D/P case…..good luck on the search…You will need it. I to was not there sad to say……t-dog would be well chair bound now as if the state WANTED I may well face a long stay in prison….or worse…REMEMBER if the state wants to call it ATTEMPTED MURDER…. then so be it…hence the power of the state…sound fair??? A true Det. would have LOOKED at the scene and little more with little need to go elsewhere. The SCENE shows truth as do his wounds…..then ask ALL who had a history of violence towards the other in their dealings….this She LIED…well all who spoke for him…EVEN Her have LIED at some time. As trial approached She knew full well She had to own Her past…the good the bad the ugly…and it was that. When She took the stand what reason did She have for BEING caught in any lie…that would be the end of Her. Try as it did the rat failed to prove She ever lied in the trial…but boy did he push the big lies. I stand by Her because of the FACTS and only the FACTS. I believe if one can not judge their own then they should judge NO ONE. Yes I call Her friend and Yes I have love for Her as I know Her rather well….She speaks her mind and that is the measure of a good and just person. I saw injustice that Dec. night and then saw the corruption in that show trial….and knew this lady needed help…..with out fairness what justice is there????Some believe guilty as some believe INNOCENT…..much better to let the facts show one the TRUTH. And speaking of the other side of this issue…haters….just see what they post and how it makes no sense…NEVER! Even their videos of the fight look rather pornish …She is made to LOOK like Laura Croft……who ever did such work wasted their time as it makes no sense how the wounds happened…WRONG ANGLES…pal! Even HLN when ever they did any test FAILED for the haters…I believe in the late night trial they never once got a 100% guilty verdict…may be wrong but that’s what I recall…..and this was about the case not the sentence. Odd how HLN NEVER would have gotten a guilty verdict… I have said i do not believe even once there was a vote of guilt at 100%. If I am wrong I own it as it was a few yr.s back…imagine if one life or freedom was on the line …how good would Your (all of Us ) memory be….talk about under pressure.

  35. Now he is a runner. WTF griz….r u off your rocker? Stop this nonsense and try to stay on track. You are going off on tangents that were never raised as an argument during the trial.

  36. Hello.

    My name is Victoria Stein from Oslo, Norway.
    I am currently trying to collect as much information as I can for an upcoming book I will publish in Scandinavia about the case of Jodi Arias.
    I was wondering if I can get an email address for anyone who can lead me in the right direction for how to get the documents I need.

    This will not be a she said/they said sort of book. It will be only based on facts provided by the police, court, friends and family. Therefor I need as much documentation as I can get.

    You can reach me at and I will respond as soon as I can.

    Thank you.

    Best regards
    Victoria Stein

  37. Griz is extremely passionate about his fight for Jodi’s freedom! Total dedication! Yes, sometimes his points ramble on but he is a dedicated defender of Jodi. He has proven it by his financial aid and personal support of her. We each have our faults ( mine are many) but I do love that he is a never ending supporter. No one has to wonder about his feelings about this whole tragedy. Love you Griz, but maybe you better tame it down for the faint of hearted. I just want to thank everyone who has dedicated themselves to supporting our Jodi. She loves each and everyone who offers their support. We aren’t perfect but we are a team, let’s stick together. ((((TEAM JODI & JODI))))

  38. Hi Victoria,

    I don’t think Jodi needs any more books written. She needs monetary donations to assist her in retaining a private criminal attorney after her state sponsored appeals expire in a few years. If you want to help, help that way!

        • Having said that and now seeing Justus and Alan’s responses, I will say that if she is truly going to do an objective book, this site as well as Justus’s “wiki” site are two VERY GOOD sources of information. However, I will re-emphasize that Jodi needs financial assistance much more than another book and a donation would make a much bigger impact for her at this point.
          BTW, it appears that Jodi is dealing with AZ’s extreme heat with some humor as she describes the temp at 116 degrees as “just another beautiful day in Perryville” Somebody fix that cooler fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Do some RESEARCH jm as your facts are wrong……he was a RUNNER and a TRAINED fighter and trained to fight till the end of his days…not saying he was good at it. As I stated, if My facts are wrong ..have at them an show Me . As for appeals well they can over turn any juries verdict…the reason most sane places have appeals courts….but as We know well some judges make up their minds even before trial…spin it as ya like but the words of GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT…key word is NEVER…meaning BEFORE trial….talk about unjust. Remember this if any appeals judge wants to look into this appeal before them they can do as they please to find any facts….who would dare stop them in the finding of facts and why???? Interesting how limits are put on appeals does that mean one can not have to many issues of wrong doing in a trial no matter how many there were? Is truth now the enemy of the people as it seems the press is….Truth is NEVER the enemy of the just seekers. How can any think She ever got a fair trial when it seems the worm claims She caused him cancer over this case…who thinks like that….and he must tell his Dr. that and get a visit to a MENTAL health clinic.

  40. As for staying on track…see BBC’s Connections that shows well the end has many paths…or nothing is as plain as it may look….take the issue of violence towards Jodi by travis…We know it happened and by two who were there…..the Freemans know well his violence as they saw it at least two times and heard it at least once Yes violence can be just words as THREATS are violence are they not? Many call out Her broken finger as not real…that was done via a cut! Well what kind of cut bends a finger to TWO paths…sorry folks but take a good look as that finger is going in two odd directions, forward and sideways. But let Us say someone was going to kick one in the face as they were on the floor…yes that does happen at times….well putting one hand or hands in front of the face is rather normal to stop such attacks and just how does only an inside finger get damaged…in a fall or a cut…when it protected by other fingers??? But a well placed kick can do that from a man into sport which he was. Now on to another path…one appeals judge named kent cattani…not to easy to find his article….the GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT…now We KNOW how well he would have JUDGED Her…but what of the others on the bench? My hat is off to ANY who outed this judge…once again We see a CONNECTION of injustice from the JUDGES! Why is that ever allowed to happen? This is why NO STONE must be left unturned…want to speak to the case then one must see who t-dog really was and not that great of a person on any level….he wanted to do what he did on video….seems he got off on the greatness. Some say this case is easy…..that says much to their lack of knowledge or hate. cattani does say the (crime) was horrific…meaning there must be NICE crimes that involve killing…one must wonder of his knowledge of said case before and after he opened his mouth to look like a person who sees GUILT before a trial…NEVER means NEVER even old Griz bad as i am at English knows that……open your yap and get to own your words for posts too. Yes I go off on paths that lead to the end which shows a woman treated to a show trial and injustice. I am guilty of seeking the facts n only the facts that lead to truth. It matters not what help I give to Her as it is only money…who that is just stands by and does nothing when they can help…be it letter or research or $.Any who seek to help are O.K. in My book….and no there will be know books from Me …have you seen My posts! But boy if one day My post cards were put into book form now that would be interesting reading…hard to read but interesting spellling misstakes an all. Hey if one can not understand my posts go on to the WEB n try to research a bit……that.s not to hard is it to find truth in My words is it?Now i would ask the appeals judges this …was the trial FAIR??? if not then how can it be just…and just how many times must a person face death because the system was to win at any cost. Remember this…if JOHN ADAMS had not defended the British troops who killed the rioters in Boston and saved them from a mob be it jury or mob there may not be an AMERICA today. Even British troops got a FAIR trial back then. That was the start of I believe the greatest justice system on earth…but these days it seems to have become a way to please the matter the cost….to all. Can We all see the days of good old ROME and how it dealt with the GUILTY!

  41. I’ve seen this footage. Manson’s trial was a circus way back before 24 hour news and social media. You actually had to watch the newscast at night.

    • Not true Lance. It was on the front page of every newspaper morning & evening. Also on the radio. In fact Charles Manson got a hold of a newspaper from the defense table in court and held it up in front of the jury. It said. “Nixon declares Manson is guilty” He was hoping to get a mistrial. But the Judge didn’t allow it. That was brilliant. LOL. The prosecutor & defense attorney were just as brutal as Juan. I still have some of the newspaper articles in my attic somewhere.

  42. Here is a summary of the examples of prosecutorial misconduct as presented in the appeal appendices:

    – Misleading cross-examination

    – Argumentative cross-examination

    – Yelling during cross-examination

    – Mischaracterizations of prior testimony

    – “I am not asking you that, am I?” (when he was asking that)

    – Badgering

    – Interrupting

    – Refusing witnesses’ answers

    – “Hired gun” accusations

    – Assertions regarding prior testimony

    – Using questions to testify

    – Using questions to offer his own belittling comments on the evidence or witness

    – Asking the same question over and over

    – Repeating himself after the court sustained an objection

    – Requesting a witness comment on the veracity of other witnesses

    – Speaking objections

    – Improper closing argument

    • … and not forgetting the blogger he leaked sealed information to – and inadvertently fucked.

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

      • I love the way SJ – Team Jodi
        always has that finishing touch
        to all the comments…

        like for instance now with the inadvertently f—-d ….

        I JUST LOVE IT!!!!

        but you know what? we have so so many allegations against this inhumane Juan Martinez its really very hard to parse out each one cause its endless….

        But one of the hundreds of his slime gimmicks is to ask expert witnesses did Jodi tell you this or that ? and before they have a chance to answer or think about it he shouts “SO SHE LIED TO YOU” right right? she’s a “LIAR”…

        The word liar & put her to death is the same thing …. just put her to death….


  43. Maybe the rat forgot who he screwed…so many did it use. And please do not forget the threat to a witness on the stand …asking a.L. if she wanted to spar….which means to fight….so much for proper conduct in a trial. Yes charlie got a lot of coverage back in the day…but to think it was the same as Hers is not true….HLN believed it was its mission to destroy Her as did all to do just that. What a $ maker that show trial was….and boy did it look like the fix was in from the get go but when the rat changed its story of shot last never first where o where was the greedy press???? I would say one would have a very hard job to find a more CORRUPT trial….seems the judge was trying to aid the state at all times….no control in that court did I ever see. rat boy outed a witness 3 times at put that person at risk. The reason it does what it does is because no one will do their job and control it and make it accountable for its misdeeds and yes crimes…is messing with evidence not a crime? I wonder if A.L. believed She might get punched in the face or killed by the nut jobs. As I watched that trial all I could think of was is this for real as rat boy had a meltdown each day as it was blocked so many times by TRUTH! it acted(?) insane most times…but then many on the other side embrace that…see mob…see fans…see front row behind rat…see hln 3..vermin/disgrace/spew…..what lie would they not push for the bo$$ ?

  44. I wonder how many other states JM could have gotten away with this kind of courtroom behavior besides Arizona? I would almost bet that my state would have kicked him to the curb almost immediately for all this!
    Back to Tiffany, you are right that both trials were circuses and one could only imagine what Manson’s trial would have been like with Radar Online, Nancy Grace, Drew Pinsky and all these other yakking dopes dissecting Manson’s trial antics. I do know that the cult females that were crawling on the sidewalk to protest would have been run over by somebody in a real hurry to get home to watch the trial!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Remember We know full well just who this travis was….try as the haters do….to make him the victim it just does not work. There he is speaking of murder as if it was a joke…abusing women as a joke…abusing children (RAPE) as if it was a joke…..using any n all to make gains…no wonder he was good at ppl….but was he? Was he not always on the beg to borrow $…..Not all that seem so well off …ARE! We who speak his truth do so to show his truth was evil….did he not use faith for his needs? As the rat screamed LIAR….how very well he lied each time it opened its yap….but only for a book….and a win of sorts. Is a fair trial to much to ask for or accountability in a courtroom? Why ever be afraid of the truth when judging others. they who spoke for the state had real problems with the truth and their memory…typos and all…or notepads that didn’t work…on the stand one would think that the det. was not even on the case the way he answered questions or should that be could not answer questions. And such an EASY SLAM DUNK case…..or so some think. As the haters mock any on this site I say great as that was the t-dog We know…who but me…kind of guy….trained as a fighter but not very well. Odd how Our logic holds up to their crazy…..they seem to think there was never a fight….meaning he just sat…stood …lay….crawled….as She went wild….but allowed him a look see in the mirror…CRAZY??? Not wonder rat boy had to do the many things it did as JUSTUS has showed Us. To think he searched the state to find so many willing to lie on the stand for its win…..and yes lie they did and were caught…experts on the cheap. Why now it that thing allowed to bring injustice to others in the courts…..over n over ? Does winning mean everything… much for justice for all…or even justice. Take an oath then do right or pay the price.

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