The Jodi Arias Verdict: My Thoughts On “Pedo-Huggers United”

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My personal thoughts following today’s verdict are below…

But first of all — and for reference purposes only — here are the names of the 11 jurors that tried (and failed) to get Jodi killed:

#1 – Sarah Elizabeth Cummings
#4 – Trevor LE Nehring
#6 – Kathleen Ann Jarzynka
#7 – Andrew Norman Allen
#8 – Holly Leanne Hinson
#10 – Jade Lubben
#11 – Teresa Lynn Corless
#15 – Elizabeth Kingsley–Morgan
#16 – Emily Cova
#18 – Rodney C. Heuer
#19 – Haakon Liknes

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The 11 Jurors – “Pedo Huggers United”:

It’s gotta be said: they were obviously biased from the very beginning. Not only were they collectively “disappointed” they couldn’t get justice for their apparent pedo hero… they even put Kermit on a pedestal… disregarded most of the vital evidence… disregarded the Defense expert witnesses… and (for an encore’ performance) even went as far as to request an alternate juror so they could get a 12-0 for the DP.


So while we’re pleased at today’s victory — as confirmed by Kirk Nurmi outside the courthouse — we are not too impressed that 11 jurors tried every trick in the book to coerce “Juror 17” into their twisted BS logic. That’s the only thing they really “failed” at. And that’s a good thing. The only real disappointment is that “Juror 17” will probably have to go into the witness protection program.

Anyways… to hell with the 11 that voted for the DP.

Just like I said about the DP back in December 2012 — IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN.

Now, ain’t that the truth!

So while we collectively thank the one sane juror for standing their ground during deliberations… I have one last message for the other 11 clueless clowns: FUCK YOU. And fuck the retarded Addams family too while I’m on a roll. They got what they deserved in the end –  SWEET FUCK ALL… aside the opportunity to do some ridiculous wailing.

Today should be a pertinent warning to any other self-righteous bastards that think they can verbally & physically abuse women and get away with it.

Because the fact of the matter is… in the cold light of day… most of the time they can & do get away with it… but sometimes… well… they come off second best.

Enough said.

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the meantime folks… always remember…

We are here for the long haul.


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

You can mark my words on that.

Leave your thoughts & comments below – and don’t hold back…

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!.


    • a victory indeed but we still and will win the war!!!! ITS SAD HOW THE JURY AND PROSECUTION CAN BE SO VERY BLIND by the media and public things arent always as they seem i am a loyal supporter and friend of JODI she truly is something special hang in thier my friend your day is coming you are going to be with your family and your friends again WE LUV YA GIRL!!!!!


    • That she does!!! SJ thank you for your post and thank you for standing up for those of us that have endure physical and mental abuse!!! One life was spared today!!! I don’t care if it was 1- 11. That one person who has suffered from abuses said to the world that this is not acceptable in our society!!!

    • Just passed 8000 first-time visitors. 92 today so far. It just would be nice if they had all actually read it rather than running away upon the first thing they disagree with. Just as in the trial they need to look at the whole picture, not just the things that validate their beliefs.

      • Hi Justus,
        What’s the word on the ground?

        I have been trying to contact the Arizona Innocence Project to find out what they are about. I have left several messages on voice mail, yesterday and today. No return calls, yet. That is worrisome, because it is information in the negative column for whatever it is that they stand for. I have watched enough indifference take place with Jodi’s “defence attorneys” already.

        I found two phone numbers for NAU’s Innocence Project, it you want to try getting through to them.

        (928) 523-9979

        (928) 523-7028

        NAU is in Flagstaff. They’ve moved into a new building, Sandra Day O’Connor Law building. Sounds like a caring, responsible public spirited group; but no action to back up that hope; so far.
        They have posted a 19 page questionaire as a sort of screening interview. That makes sense.
        It requires that somebody print several copies of those pages, and mentor Jodi as they are filled out.

        (But we need confirmation that the Innocence Project would initiate actionable follow-up once that first step is taken.)

        (Unfortunately I don’t have email on my computer, & other challenges electrtonically plus needing new toner cartrige.)

        I am especially interested in finding out whether there are certain steps that might be detrimental for Jodi, should someone wrongly try to push her to making certain decisions prematurely.

        For instance, I still believe that the document you created Reasonable Doubt, should be able to stand on its own. I can anticipate that there would be misguided pressure to try to get Jodi to hook up with some attorney who might be anything but helpful. We’ve seen how that worked out with her current “public defenders.” That’s why I imagine a completely different course such as the Innocenct Project, or I think there is a sister Project called the Justice Project. I’ve also heard of a group that is promoting Due Process (that is part of the group’s name.) It might be “Lawyers For Due Process,” or similar.

        My sense is that there should be an avenue available that is NOT based on the theme, FOLLOW THE MONEY – FIND AN EXPENSIVE ATTORNEY. Jodi needs an attorney that will allow her to work collaboratively as a team.

        Jodi also absolutely be provided with computer access. It is unconstitutional for a defendant not to be able to participate in their own defence.

        Hope to hear your thoughts.,

        Why couldn’t your case simply be presented to one of these non-profit organizations to fix our legal system, and all they would need to to is create a “score card” from what is already defended evidence in the product, and file for exoneration and throw the case out. No more whop-tee-do than just that. No jury, no lawyers, just a different Judges opinion of what they can see for themselves very quickly. Yours is one of the best documentations, but it is not the only one. This is just a racket creating all the hoop-la when the problem is as simple as JUST STOP THE CHEATING. Trying to win by cheating turns this into an athletic even, in essence. That should not be what these cases are about.

        • There is an Innocence Project at:
          Somehow I think a group here would take this case as a whole very seriously.
          They investigate from the beginning.
          It may be too soon to contact them. Jodi has to come to terms with everything involved, and I am not sure she is there yet.
          Wouldn’t hurt to try though…they may see that many consider this case something they can handle.
          (((seabird, justiceforusall)))

          • This one looks good. Thank you both for mentioning it. Once Jodi is sentenced I will send an invitation to them to look at the document. (Since she isn’t sentenced yet she officially doesn’t yet fit the criteria of “at least eight years left on her sentence”.) It will be at the top of my list of things to do on April 13th.

            • Have you read the Blind Justice Report? I posted the link below but I will again here.

              What intrigues me about this report is their take on how a prosecutor works a case when it is extremely grissly (as this one was) the evidence they don’t release to the defense, faulty evidence and so much more.

              If you have read anything I’ve written, I sincerely and open mindedly believe that Jodi very easily could have been talked into the story about the intruders during interrogation, and later to the self-defense story, and that none of it is true.
              BANG again: there was no estimated time of death…vital in a murder case from all I’ve read.

              This murder was in all the papers, on TV so it had to be solved quickly. Think about this case from the prosecutor’s point of view: the quicker the better…get a suspect! and you have all the makings of a frame-up. This PDF has all the elements on how it is done!

              • What concerns me is so many obvious instances that were not pinpointed. Jodi’s weight vs Travis’ weight. How could a 120 lb young woman move a nearly 200 lb man alone, and carry out all of that injury herself? Wouldn’t she have been more severely injured herself if she battled him to survive? Based on a few photographs, there wasn’t much to go on. The crime scene photos only showed the after effects, many days after the fact. The condition of Travis’ body when found, no bugs? And for the people that was in the house before they found him, supposedly. The odor would have had to be overwhelming. We had a rat die under our house, as small as it was, it permiated our entire house! If she did do this alone, and concocted several stories to keep from getting in trouble, I could see the reasons. But if she didn’t do this alone, and others were there in on this murder, who is she protecting? Who has threatened her to keep her mouth shut? One photo stands out, and it’s the one where someone had to take the photo of whoever was wearing the pants with stripes near Travis on the floor. That really bothers me.

                • trialbuff: I so agree with you. When this travesty is finally investigated our concerns and questions will be answered till then we will just keep plodding along… 😯 and the evil doers will be unearthed! 😀

        • Hi Seabird.

          I need to decompress for now but I also want to know what the current status of her appeals are. Jodi, her defense team and her family (Sue, in particular) would have that information but we’ll just have to let them decompress a bit too.

          Awhile back I sent the link for the Reasonable Doubt document to the Henry Lee School of Forensic Science, inviting even just a student to look at the forensic evidence (but also secretly hoping Henry Lee would look at it as well – even though I heard a rather biased and uninformed remark from him back in January of 2013). I never got any response. It would be so helpful to get someone with clout and respected expertise to step forward. I’m amazed nobody has because this is a case ripe for doing good work (and even advancing one’s career).

          I’m lousy at making phone calls so if you can gather email addresses to any potentials, I will send them the link. Or you can do it as well. I will also look into the groups you mention. Thank you for all your support.

          • Jodi was 27 when this happened – the youth age will intrigue them.
            Students will jump at a chance to look at this case – remember the bloody footprints (2) !
            There are no fingerprints in evidence; but there must have been fingerprints that were found and the prosecutor’s office has them. Jump now before they are discarded if they haven’t already been.
            Justus, decompress quickly, it is time to turn on the heat. ❗ think and ❓

          • Hi Justice:

            Arizona Innocence Project has thankfully updated/improved their website.
            Much easier and clearer to use now.

            I tested the following web address as direct entries into an address bar and they worked for me.
            I hope they work for you.




          • WOW! This is impressive, Justice for us all.

            I just this moment stumbled upon your March 25 reply to our discussion about potential contacts with persons who have “clout.” That is precicely what we need to penetrate. The time is ripe. With this being close to major election season, people are poised to make choices that can be realized in months, rather than years. Much more unadulterated TRUTH is managing to escape into the “ethosphere” whether the elite like it or not.

            So after I wrote thlis, I scrolled back up to find your post to which I am sending a reply.

            Sure enough, I cannot identify the post of yours to which I specifically clicked the “Reply” button.

            In The original thread, I had listed the contacts for the Northern Arizona University (NAU) Innocence Project. When I freshly post contacts like that, I try to always give them a test run to verify that they open to the Project. But then when I come back some time later, they OFTEN will not open the desired website.

            I am completely stumped by Internet cause and effect. I do not know if the problem is my lack of savvy, or if the problem is a given website, itself.

            I do know that it is frustrating. Anybody’s help would be welcome : – )

    • I’m a criminal defense attorney (in California) and had the pleasure of meeting the author of “An Argument for Reasonable Doubt” in C5 last February. I’ve read many synopses of the State v. Jodi Ann Arias matter but this is (IMLO) the best.

      • Re: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt, per, Michael’s responce on March 7, 2015:

        MICHAEL, MICHAEL, MICHAEL ! Are you in a position, and with the motivation of love for our country, to take on the CHALLENGE of “Taming The Beast.” Can you and will you help us?

        Needless to say, we on this forum have been collaborating and brainstorming and praying.
        I still believe in the “Old, Keep it Simple:” In my mind, that boiled down to a single solution to our spoiling the opportunities our country has been given:

        Ever Hopeful,

    • Oops. Meant my above comment to go here. So please indulge me and let me repeat it.

      Just so we don’t get confused, I know we are talking about the 12th juror but that juror’s actual number (from what I’ve heard so far) is 17. Just wanted to clarify that.

      • So the NEW Juror #17 has completely eclipsed the former Juror #17.

        Even a little bonus justice in the day. I like that.

        Go away Tara, far far away.

        • Isn’t that a sweet little twist of fate.

          That F’ing HLN are trying to make out that this juror had an agenda going in although JJ reluctantly said it is done. What about the one that said “oh crap” when he heard it was this trial? Do you think he might have had his mind made up? They play to the sick and disturbed, so why am I watching it? 😮

          • Carol,
            I’ve been watching it here and there, too. Their hate doesn’t bother me anymore. I actually enjoyed Martinez denying that he was disappointed with the verdict. Not buying his “it’s just another job” comment. He sounds like he’s about to cry. Looks like it, too. He also appears a little smaller today.

  2. Did you hear that Fuck head Sheriff Joe, he says Jodi craves media attention and her 15 mins of fame are over, is this guy for real. The girl had no choice but use the same weapon as the media and that Nancy Fuckface and HLN used to pollute the minds of the public and tamper with the Justice System, this guy is an idiot.

    • Sheriff Joe is complaining about Jodi craving media attention? Sheriif Joe …media attention. Good lord. That guy is the biggest media-hound in Arizona, maybe the USA.

    • How old is Arpaio? 80 something right? Just the right time for him to DROP DEAD. He has polluted this Earth long enough with his existence. Just go to Hell Joe! Literally.


    • Arpaio’s sadistic fascination with trying to humiliate and emasculate male prisoners by forcing them to wear pink clothes and pink under- wear, shows his unconscious contempt for women and femininity.

      Jodi was never the one in charge of media broadcasting. The media INSISTED upon focusing upon her. They WANTED to focus on her. They profited from preying on her.

      And, no, Jodi is not going to be forgotten about, and she and her plight are not going to fade into obscurity; quite the contrary.
      Decent- minded people are becoming invigorated to help the oppressed. Decent- hearted people are not going to let Jodi or anyone else ‘rot away.’ Decent people do not condone that.
      Jodi’s plight will remind decent people how necessary it is to safeguard due process, abolish the death penalty and end solitary confinement, and hold media accountable for truth and accuracy.
      We see the wrong done to Jodi, and we know so many other defendants not in the spotlight, have sufferred undeservedly.

      And no, Jodi’s ’15 minutes of fame’ are onl

      • Oh, Amy: What graceful, elegant, expression of who we aspire to be : – )
        Decent minded people;
        Decent hearted people;
        Decent people do not condone;
        Abolish the death penalty and solitary confinement.

        Jodi’s plight will remind:
        Decent people to: SAFEGUARD DUE PROCESS

        Just to double up on the EMPHASIS of this message from our precious AMY


  3. Pitchforks ‏@PitchforksPosts 39m39 minutes ago
    Standards embraced by AZ attorney #JordanRose “:She had @NancyGraceHLN Likes on her Facebook page [so we thought she was OK!!]” #JodiArias

    spottedcouch ‏@lissaredshoes 37m37 minutes ago
    @PitchforksPosts @NancyGraceHLN They are already stalking her on facebook?

    • When higher courts rule that her right to a fair trial was denied! The judge will sentence her April 13, 2015. At this point she will either get natural life in prison (life without parole) or 25 to life ( a possibility of parole)

      • Another was would be the Arizona Innocence Project.
        They look into:
        Prosecutorial Misconduct
        False Confessions
        Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
        and much more

        • Remember:

          These organizations have little “catches,” so we have to stay on our toes – And stay informed.

          I believe Jodi will loose her elegibility for such projects once she officially hires a lawyer of her own.

          Personally, if it were my own skin in the game, I would go with one of these projects. Just think Nurmi if you want to know why !

          So this means the “Sequencing” and timing of Jodi’s, or her advisor’s actions ARE CRITICAL – VERY CRITICAL !

  4. I just wanted to add my 2 cents and say how glad I am that the 1 juror had the strength to not be bullied. I will sleep a little better tonight. Notice I said a little because I still can not wrap my head around the hate that this trial has generated, it reminds me of the part in Jesus Christ Superstar where they are chanting “Crucify him! Crucify him!” Nobody seems to understand that we should all be worried when they can convict someone of premeditated murder and put the death penalty on the table when this was clearly not a death penalty case. Do they not understand it could be them or their loved ones someday dragged in for a crime they did not commit? Do they not see one innocent life lost is too many? How people love to say an eye for an eye (from the old testament) and forget about love thy neighbor, turn the other cheek and you who have NOT sinned cast the first stone (new testament and the one they say they believe in). I do not believe in the death penalty and pray we will do away with it

    • You said it all.
      Unfortunately these days people would rather be one of the ‘winning crowd’ than understand that making decisions sometimes requires effort. They do not really know who they are and what to and how to make their minds up to. If they were led to a cliff and someone suggested it was a good thing to do they would jump off the cliff just like the rest of the crowd.
      They love the attention they get when they are a part of the ‘crowd’.
      I’d bet that if they are sports fans, they switch teams constantly to be on the winning side.

    • Cindy,
      Someone reported Sandy was there with friends. No mention of family. Not sure how true this comment was though.

    • Donovan was mentioned in some tweets I read. I think I read somewhere in the mix that there were at least 4 or 5 people with Jodi’s mother.

    • Her dad is very very ill. Sandy was there with some friends/supporters. ♥ ♥

      Unlike the Alexscammers who have made millions thanks to donations and can afford to miss out on work time, the Arias family has to work hard just to keep food on their table.
      So for those (haters) who jump to conclusions, saying “Oh, see? Only her mom was there” LEMME ME tell you one thing that I know for a fact: Jodi is LOVED and supported by all her siblings/family. If they were rich and didn’t have to go to work, they’d ALL be there every day.

      • Maria I know what you are saying. But Bill was there a few times. I thought perhaps… But it might have been Jodi herself who didn’t want to put that pressure on his health.

    • I imagine he’s relieved. A huge weight has lifted off his shoulders. It’s over for him. He never really wanted to be on this case, it’s been a loooong battle.

    • Nurmi finally had a “win” in this case, after all these years. Now, he can really establish his own practice.

      One thing we keep forgetting: Juan Martinez’s “winning streak” has been broken.

  5. This post is everything! I love the bluntness, made me LOL at work. Thank GOD for that one juror that was able to stand her ground amidst those 11 a**holes, that must have been a difficult when people are trying to force you to succumb to their wishes!

  6. I just now saw video of the court announcement of the mistrial in court. I understand the TA family being upset. What I do not understand is that their loud wailing was not addressed by the court and it interfered with court proceedings. If you listen to the court and attorneys it is obvious they could not hear one another over the wailing. They should have been asked or ordered to leave if they could not control themselves.

  7. Hello people

    This is ken the last remaining survivor of the ghost-town known as JODI’S FORUM. I have
    have posted 2 new LINKS for everyone that I am sure you all want to see:

    (1) What’s going to happen to Jodi now at Perryville.

    (2) Footage of Jodi being transfered from her cell at Estrella for her transport to Perryville.

  8. Hi all,i am writing from south África,i have been follówing Jodi’s trial since lást year.and i must say,i am relieved that the DP Will not happen.God is great!!congradulations to jodi n her family.i cudnt imagine the wonderful Life of such a BEAUTIFUL young woman going to a waste!!

  9. Omg. The name of the juror was just stated. How do people find this out?? Well so much for the AZ court system…..

    I thought I had seen it all after the CA trial but this is right up there. I almost thank God that Jodi is where she is tonight!!!

    This is what happened when you don’t have the capital to defend yourself.

    I do have one thing to say…get a clue you morons the verdict has been handed down!!! No Jodi nor her family had any contact with this woman….keep listening to the nag on hln….someday it just might be you who she is crucifying!!!

    • Oh no! I was really hoping she could be protected. I’m so worried for her. She has been through enough in her life and survived. She doesn’t need to be harassed for her role on this jury. I’m not speaking to the people who post/read here regularly, but to those who may read here who wanted the death penalty and also, any media who may read here.

      Even if you don’t agree with this juror’s decision, please understand that she did her duty as she saw fit to do. She voted with her conscience. Any American citizen could be called for similar duty in a high profile case. Would you like to be harassed afterwards? No one should hate or vilify this woman. One of the other jurors suggested she projected her own abusive situation from the past onto this case. Even if that’s what you believe occurred here, and even if you think that was wrong, please let this woman live the rest of her life in peace. Her abuser was arrested and served time for his crime against her. It must have been quite serious for that to occur. She has been through her own suffering in life, obviously. Please don’t put her through any further suffering.

  10. For those of you that don’t already know Jodi’s life was spared by one juror. Yes people 11 jurors voted
    for Jodi’s death.
    I think we all owe a prayer of thanks to that juror that had the balls to stand his or her ground and spare
    our dear Jodi.

  11. I heard something today abt THE juror’s facebook page and having liked or likes for Nancy Grace? Am I hallucinating this or what. My point is who was looking her up and how did they know her name to even look her up?

    • It frightens me that her name is out and so it seems, has been public knowledge for some time. (the tweet, found above, indicates this) Her safety is of utmost concern to me.

      • My worry too, Dorothy. I looked briefly at Twitter and saw people calling for her to be harassed 🙁

        Please, to anyone reading this who disagrees with Juror 17, please do not harass this woman. One of the other jurors said perhaps she projected her own history of abuse onto this case. Even if that’s all you can believe, please let this woman live in peace. Her abuser was convicted of his crime against her and served time in prison. Juror 17 has suffered already in her life. Anyone could be called to serve on a jury in a high profile case and then, vote with their own conscience. Even if you firmly believe this juror’s conscience was wrong or that she projected, or whatever else, she doesn’t deserve to be harassed.

  12. Now that the verdict is out and you savages are pounding on your drums and chests, loudly chanting hateful words, uncontrollably trying to persuade yourselves that the one juror that was PRO LIFE was the bad person: How do you live with yourselves?

    Your ferocious lust for death is quite frightening. It proves that your values for life and humanity are zero.

    I am ashamed of what kind of people live among us: Full of hatred, darkness, revenge. I really do hope you don’t pass your horrible, disturbing character on to your children. Teach your children right from wrong. Teach your children not to accept anything lesser than the best. Teach your children to respect themselves and others. Teach your children not to be afraid to report abuse. Teach your children to be strong enough to walk away from people that don’t respect them. Most of all, teach your children to not allow any ‘travis alexander’ to stomp on their self-esteem, to dominate them, to humiliate them.

    Jodi Arias is an exceptional example. Nobody taught her to be strong in character. Nobody told her that she deserved better. And now look at what has happened: she survived an abusive person, she survived in a combat for life, she survived all your vile hatred AND SHE WILL CONTINUE LIVING!

    If that saddens you (that a person was not voted to be put to death) you should seek professional help. Seriously.

    As for all the fuckfaces jurors that wanted to kill Jodi, I pity you. You almost became murderers and were sad when that didn’t happen.. WOW – JUST WOW! You are a scary bunch!

    • OOHHH PANDORA ♥ You brought tears to my eyes!!!! You have been a rock for JODI . . .Thank You
      for Your Love and Compassion!!!!!!!! ♥

    • ” You almost became murderers and were sad when that didn’t happen”
      You summed it all up pretty accurately, girlfriend! That’s exactly what those 11 FUCKFACES’ reaction was.

      Claiming Jodi is a “phychopath” to have DEFENDED herself when they were ready to put her to death under the GUISE of doing their duty?! Pathetic! And if they think (as Dianne Swartz thought) that voting for the DP is not murder, well tough! Maybe they should reconsider a few of their moral beliefs.

      The DP is a barbaric ritual, outadated, it should become obsolete ASAP , it is revenge and I cannot stress it too strongly: DP has nothing to do with Justice or rehabilitation. It is all about vindication.

        • tonysam,

          Thank you. I appreciate the opportunity to be more precise about this point of discression.

          I also disagree with those who criticized Jodi for elevating her family on the finer points of language.
          It might be different if it were strangers she was going around correcting. I totally welcome respectful corrections. Just saying. It really bugs me that Jodi was “dissed” for taking that interest in her family.

    • Pandora,

      Thank you for your wonderful post!!! I feel the same way! I am SO thankful for the juror who held out and saved our Jodi’s life! My husband said she was a God send and I agree!!! I haven’t been able to sleep the last couple of nights, not because I was afraid but, because I could hardly wait for the jury to come back hung which I honestly felt confident in my spirit would happen! Adrenaline was just rushing through my veins last night and I couldn’t have slept if I wanted to!!! I pray for God to protect the juror who saved Jodi’s life!



      ♥(((((Team Jodi)))))♥

  13. Those 11 jurors claim the holdout wasn’t open to discussion. But are we to believe that people who decided it was ok to request that she be traded for a more “sympathetic” juror, that these type of people were open to discussion? Those 11 people are representative of the large masses that we’ve tried to have sane discussions with, much to our dismay. And our hero represents each of us who have had to battle against a large population of closed-minded bullies.

    • Certainly that is true. The 11 juror were the very ones not open to a discussion
      IMHO. They had their minds made up when they walked into court. They cashed
      in too IMO. What was it $300. a day? I bet I know a lot of people who don’t make
      that much money for doing absolutely nothing. . .they weren’t paying attention!

      • Those 11 came in knowing what they were going to do.
        It looks like ONE was paying attention to the trial.
        The rest KNEW what they were going to do.

        I heard one juror say that Jodi lied to them??? Really???
        She didn’t testify, did she?
        Then how did this idiot believe she lied to him unless he saw the first trial??
        There are some sick ass people out there. Hes still shaking???? Give me a break!!
        Maybe it’s because he REALLY didn’t want his verdict to be the DP, but someone talked HIM
        into it.

  14. Shame on the jury for throwing # 17 under the bus. wrong wrong wrong. Why isn’t Life good enough for the TA family? do they think prison is fun?

    JA should have life. TA didn’t deserve to die but he wasn’t as “good” as his supports believed.Why does he get a free pass for bad behavior? but JA should have death? It take 2 to tango

    • It wasn’t a matter of him deserving to die. It literally was a life or death struggle. If Travis hadn’t died, it would have been Jodi.

    • Good point evelyn. Why did they have to share the breakdown of the their final vote? Why didn’t they share which of them voted for death or life during their first vote that was 50/50? Fear of retribution?

    • It isn’t a matter of him deserving to die. It was a life or death struggle. It could have just as easily been Jodi dead in that house.

  15. Well said Pandora. These people are scary. i think someday, some of them will come to realize that the woman who voted for life, did them a favor. They will not have to live with the idea that they killed someone they didn’t even know in an effort to fulfill the vengeance of a family who are so bitter and angry. It really is something I cannot understand – how so many people feel it will make them feel better to see a young woman face the needle. Something is really wrong in society….compassion is left for the few it seems. Everyone needs to take a step back and take a moral inventory of themselves.

    • JudyF, for me if someone commits the thought in their minds the sin is there whether they carry it through or not. They wanted the DP they are guilty in my mind. Something is terribly wrong with our society, for sure.

    • If the truth be known, I think JM is relieved. Despite his embarrassing theatrics and questionable tactics, he knows deep down this wasn’t a premeditated case.

  16. I hope judge stephens doesn’t try to accommodate the pedo family’s wishes when it’s time to sentence JODI. Because when a person serves a Life with the possibility of parole sentence, they will usually serve 25 years when they are out on bail and they will get out of jail. However since JODI is not out on bail and she has been there 7 years, I am hoping she gets out in 10 years with time served and good behavior. Which means she would serve 3 more years and then she would be set free.

    • 25 means 25 Joe.

      If that is the sentence (and I’m pretty sure it won’t be) she would not be ELIGiBLE for parole until she’s served 25 years. Her time served would count towards that, which is about six and a half years at this point.

    • Judge Stephens has been biased this entire time. She is not going to give her the possibility of parole. She was upset that they didn’t sentence her to die. We all know it will be life. I’m just hoping her blatant bias against Jodi helps win her a new trial.

  17. I can’t find the spot in the thread re house, school district and juror’s comment about Jodi’s testimony. The testimony was that initially when they were to be buying the home in Sacramento, Jack was to be living with them full time. Then the ex-wife changed her mind and it went back to the old custody arrangement. I can fully see Darryl considering school districts under the circumstances since his ex seemed to be changing her mind a lot. Jodi bought the house for investment and a career in real estate, both poorly timed.

    • They did not listen to Jodi’s testimony!!!!

      One thing I do want to say to all thoughts that say Jodi did not show remorse. She has on many occasion. Even in court today you could see how upset she was listening to the Alexander’s. (That’s when Jen was rubbing her back).

      I’m sure that some of the meds Jodi is on effects her abilities to cry. Some antidepressants work that way!!

      I think KN statement to the press was a class act!!!!!

      • One fact that people seem to quickly forget in any trial. The defendant is always instructed clearly not to show any emotion during sentencing no matter how they feel. They are supposed to sit during trial and not show any emotion at things being said against them also.

  18. How I wish we could hear from all who testified and Jodi behalf. Thank you all for all that you have done. I only pray that someone out there who has suffered DV heard your words and have reached out for help.

    BN thank you for vindicating Jodi!! Rather people want to believe that the state was corrupt or not does not matter what matters is you proved Jodi did not lie!!!

  19. Today is a good day. Someone earlier asked me if I felt any vindication and my response was no, because it was never about vindication for us. It’s about justice. I feel relieved today and I am happy for Jodi and her family, however, this is not the end of the quest for justice. We’ve got a long way to go and we still have one major hurdle to overcome in a month. We will confront it as we have done all along: together.

    I know that it is tempting to lash out against the prosecution, the media, the haters, Travis’s family and friends, but I think it is better to take the high road and I personally feel that we should pray for them all especially Travis’s family. I know how many of us feel about Travis and his family, but I also know that Jodi loved Travis and cared for him very much and IMHO the decent thing to do at this time is to forgive those who trespass against us and focus on the positive with love and compassion. Maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that the law of karma works and, today, many of us were rewarded by staying positive, having faith and not allowing ourselves to fall prey to negative forces.

    For the past two years, there have been many people predicting Jodi Arias would die. Some of them even discussed in graphic detail HOW she would die. Today a second hung jury validated what an EPIC FAIL those who predicted Jodi’s imminent demise are. Some of us including myself have been saying for the past two years that Jodi Arias would not get the death penalty. I would like to thank the jury for taking the time to deliberate and not rushing to judgment on a verdict. It’s taken a long time, but at last, Jodi Arias has received some justice.

    Someone once said to me that every day above ground is a great day. Well, every day that Jodi Arias has another day to live is a great day, too. Keep the prayers and positive thoughts coming because someone obviously up there or somewhere has been listening. God bless you all and God bless Jodi and her family.

      • And kudos to the lone, courageous juror who refused to buckle under pressure and remained steadfast in their belief of life over death!

      • Praying for Travis’s family doesn’t mean that we accept the way that they have treated Jodi, her family, etc. It just boils down to decency and compassion and although I’m not Mormon, I’m a Catholic and a Christian and I believe that resisting the temptation to hurt someone when they’ve hurt you, to turn the other cheek, is a far more powerful response than to attack and hurt others.

        I’ve been one Travis’s biggest critics and I stand by my criticism of him, but that doesn’t mean that I take comfort in his dying or celebrate his death the way so many people wanted today to be the day to celebrate Jodi’s impending death. The way that I see it is that there really is no winner or loser in this case because one person is dead and the other person faces the possibility of spending a hell of a lot of time in prison away from her family and friends. So, while today is a good day and I’m relieved and happy that Jodi won’t receive the death penalty, it’s not a celebratory day because we still have another court date next month and even after that a long road ahead of us.

        I do believe that we are on the right track and, while there will be inevitable challenges and curveballs that life throws at us along the way, I’m confident that when all is said and done that Jodi Arias will be a free woman someday in the not-so-distant future and when that day comes we can all finally declare that justice has truly been served, once and for all.

        Tonight, I’m especially thinking about Jodi’s family especially her parents. I know that her father wasn’t at court today so I’m going to pray for him and keep her family in my thoughts and prayers tonight. And I also want to say thank you to Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott for the EXCELLENT job they did during this trial as well as the last one. Kirk literally looked like a new man and acted like one as well. He was nothing short of brilliant and IMHO he helped sway at least one juror into not voting for the death penalty against Jodi.

        • RajaRaines: The words you post are God’s gift to us, through you. These are truly inspired words. I am humbled and grateful. Thank you for sharing your uplifting outlook on a human condition that tests us all.

  20. After carefully listening to the post trial jury interview, some of the questions were easily understood and quickly answered. This leads me to believe that some of these 11 jurors were more familiar with this case than just what they heard in the courtroom. Did anyone else notice this?

    • Sorry Dorothy but I couldn’t listen to the whole thing. I’m never going to believe that these 11 didn’t know more then they said they did. But where in the US could you find 12 people that didn’t??? That is courtesy of hln……

    • Dorothy yes, I did. They contradicted themselves over and over. They claim that they reviewed all of the evidence but then stated they had their votes in last Thursday, after 1 day of deliberations. They were supposedly at 11-1 since last week. How and when did they review all of the evidence? They claim the hold out didnt deliberate, but she did tell them her feelings as to why she was voting life. Is that not deliberating? I guess not if its the answer you dont want.
      They are all full of shit parroting the last jury and I do not believe for one second that they did not peek online to see what was being said.

      • The mitigation factors were enough, period. That’s all they needed to know…philosophical discussions are unnecessary and people need to learn that just bc people ask questions doesn’t mean you have to answer them…the mitigation factors were obviously enough for her….enough said and if they didn’t like it then too bad….that doesn’t mean she wasn’t deliberating…it means she had a different view of the case than they did that’s all……people need to leave this juror alone and get a life……..

    • I have listened to it twice now and I agree, Dorothy. One thing that struck me was a comment made by the most vocal female juror when she said that she didn’t want Jodi to get any more attention. Any “more” attention? How did she know there was any attention to this case if she hadn’t already known about the “attention” prior to serving on the jury or became aware of it while serving? And, if she realize it was “high profile” because there were media present, how did she come to the conclusion that Jodi wanted attention? That’s been a theory presented only by those “Justice for Travis” supporters or the media or the Sheriff. Therefore, he was familiar with some of the media attention given to the first trial.

      Another comment that disturbed me was from a male juror who said he thought the case was over already. He bragged to his daughter that he might actually serve on a jury “this time” (obviously, he’d been called for jury duty before, but hadn’t been selected). Then, he walked in, saw “her sitting there” and thought “Aw crap. This is what I’m here for.”

      I’m also disturbed that the hold out juror had seen some parts of the Lifetime movie. How did these jurors make it through voir dire?

      • The male juror’s comment was *definitely* disturbing!!!! Yes, he said “Oh, CRAP!” when he saw Jodi sitting in the courtroom. First if all, if he had seen/heard nothing about this case HOW did he even know what she looked or who she was? And even if he did know the name/face, why would he be frustrated about serving on that jury if he wasn’ty already biased or had already know a good deal about this case? Pfffff…… 🙄

        • It’s funny, isn’t it, Maria, that Twitter, radio stations, blogs, etc. are up in arms that the hold out juror was biased all along and must have known about the case prior to trial (Some are now suggesting that because her first cousin’s best friend’s second cousin’s mother’s aunt’s ex-boyfriend on FB has the last name of Arias, she must be related to Jodi? Okay, I exaggerated a teeny bit there. )

          Yet, no one is upset about the male juror saying “Oh crap,” when he realized which trial he was going to serve on when he saw Jodi in the court room and recognized her face. Or the female juror not wanting Jodi to get any more attention in the media. And the jurors made these statements immediately after leaving the court room. If they’d made the statements a week from now after having time to look up the case, it would be different. But no, they made them today. “I don’t see any hands.” Hmm

        • Yes, Maria. It’s funny that Twitter, radio stations, blogs, Facebook, etc. are up in arms about this juror for seeing parts of the Lifetime movie (perhaps just a trailer?). But no one is upset about the male juror saying “Oh crap” when he recognized Jodi’s face upon walking into the court room.

          I just saw tweets that allege because the hold out juror’s husband’s first cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s ex-boyfriend’s dentist has the last name of Arias, she must be related/connected to Jodi (okay, I exaggerated just a teeny bit there!)

  21. Well, after what feels like forever I guess this is finally concluded. And while I am certainly relieved that Jodi was not undeservedly executed, it is a bitter sweet victory at best. It saddens (or maybe sickens) me that only one person out of 12 had reason and sense, only 1 out of 12 was able to think for themself and avoid the nancy grace herd mentality so prevalent in people these days. Thank God one was enough.
    And yet that poor juror was almost immediately cast as “having an agenda”, their place in history already decided and described by the mob who “know the truth.”

    I am happy some justice was found for Jodi, but the bitter taste will linger long after. I wish Jodi had at least gotten success in court such as Casey Anthony did. I wish Jodi had faced juries composed of semi rational people such as Casey did. I wish that excellent letter I read on this site by the military veteran explaining how all of the knife wounds supported Jodis story had been read in court.

    However unfair it is, however, at least in the end there was a modicum of justice for Jodi. At least the lynch mob didnt get their way. And hopefully Jodi will find many rewarding moments in her life to come, despite the incarceration.

    As disappointed with people as this trial has made me, periodically visiting this site restored some of my faith in people. If I ever face a jury of my peers, I pray it is composed of some of the people who have been a part of this site. One person can save a life, one voice of reason can quell a sea of insanity.

    May all your voices ring loud and true whenever they are raised.

  22. Candie ‏@Momma_to_6 2m2 minutes ago

    Online petition floating around to governor of AZ to fire JSS and investigate Juror misconduct #jodiarias. This is going too far.

    • Bring it on. They’re fighting another fight they’re destined to lose. I don’t like to fight, but if you provoke me, I WILL fight back and I don’t go for split decisions. I go for the knockout.

    • CC53 why is this not surpriseing??? Fire JSS for what?? Because they didn’t get the verdict they wanted?? There was no way she could have replaced her..with who?? She had released the alternates. They were already out there talking and watching TV about the trial. Besides I’m sure it was looked into..

      • The only good thing about it, is that if news of the petition reaches JSS, maybe a light will go off in her head and she will see the bullies for what they have always been.

    • No comments 🙄
      The greatest proof of how blind the haters are is that they do not like Pickles when she is obviously biased and sooooo pro-Pros that she practically has her nose up Kermit’s a$$….

  23. I found this in a PDF form so it can be saved for future reference.

    Please consider reading it.

    This article addresses all of our concerns today, and then some…I think it is important to read this because we have a unique roll in this trial and a search for what is real justice, as well as what is truth and justice.
    Most, if not all, of the posters here are against the death penalty.
    Of course it was wrong to even suggest the death penalty for Jodi, as, IMO, she is innocent; the whole case was messed up from the moment TA was found dead and Flores walked in the house.

    But, today we were witness to a juror who was the RIGHT kind of juror for a ‘death qualified’ jury; she was strong and willing to stand firm in her decision to NOT impose the death penalty on Jodi, in spite of ‘public opinion’ the ‘victim’s family’s public display of emotion’, ‘pressure from the other jurors’ and possibly the pressure from Judge Sherry Stevens. It would not surprise me if she had read this article because of her courage and strength.

    Maybe our fight for Jodi is evolving in the best possible way

  24. I have rarely agreed with anything Darren Kavinoky had to say throughout the course of this case. However, I do like some of his sentiments in this article and they are worth reading (if you can get through the early paragraphs without simmering):

    “Regardless of what you think about the outcome here, it truly is an example of our justice system working. Our justice system — the best in the world, in my view — isn’t there to rubber stamp the results that people want. It is for jurors to listen to the facts, to vote their conscience, to reach the result that they deem correct after sitting in the courtroom day after day.

    It’s all too easy to sentence someone to death on Twitter; it’s much more difficult when you’re the one in the jury room, making that decision in real life. “

    • Well said. Anyone can be an armchair juror. It’s completely different when you’re in the courtroom dealing with all of the evidence, hearing all of the testimony and not having your judgment clouded by talking heads and commentators with agendas.

  25. What matters is Jodi, her inner self. The surface aspects of trial and punishment shouldn’t concern us much. Her self-reflective nature and artistic vision have already guided her through the fires of hell and will continue to do so in her future.

  26. All the haters better set aside the heathen, and start praying that nothing happens to Juror 12. This is why humans can’t move forward. They want to lose control and justify it!
    #12, you’re my shining star! you’ve got a brilliant husband, and I thank God for you and yours!

  27. I understand that the sole juror who was against the death penalty is now being subjected to the kind of harassment, abuse and attacks that so many of us have had to endure for the last couple of years. It is disheartening to hear and if these people want to be angry about the mistrial today, well, had the first jury done their job right like they should have, none of this would be happening today.

  28. Apparently juror #4, the guy that thought Jodi was lying about buying a house in a good school district, is to be the latest media hound dog booking his spots on the worst station in the world. Where do they find these people?

    1 Chronicles 16:34 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.

    • Aman, Aman!!! I don’t know about anyone else but I keep praying. There is so much hate out there. I just pray that it dies down by the weekend…. Why can’t people realize that hate takes the ability to love and be loved away!!

  30. Thank you Juror #17 for doing what’s right, it took a lot of backbone to stand up to the other 11 imbeciles especially in such a high profile case like this one. Thanks again

  31. Sorry, Cindy, here’s more hate. Haters know who to ask for a favor.
    Pitchforks retweeted
    karen ‏@jnkp 1h1 hour ago
    @troyhaydenfox10 Troy find out who the juror 17 is, and cast her name out, dont let her hide

  32. Asshole #4 is on the phone on HLN. He’s overcome with emotion. Poor bastard. He’s worried Jodi “might get out in her early 50’s.”

  33. I mentioned Darren Kavinoky’s article above. I also never thought I’d have praise for Mark Eiglarsh, but I truly commend him on writing this article:

    These lawyers are doing a fine job in pointing out to the general public that, flawed as it may be at times, our justice system is still superior to that of many other countries. My only hope is that those who LOVED these lawyers for the past couple of years will take to heart what they are saying now about the hold out juror.

    Eiglarsh first enumerates the flawed points he is reading on Twitter and elaborates on what he heard from the jury press interview today which directly counters them. He ends up with the following quotes:

    “She may have found that the mitigating circumstances were more compelling than the aggravating circumstances. It’s possible that she would agree to vote for a death sentence under the right circumstances. For her, this was not that scenario. It’s possible that not possessing the orating skills of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and/or Abraham Lincoln, she wasn’t able to clearly articulate why she found the mitigators more compelling than the aggravators. Whether you agree with her decision or not, it’s her right to have her own opinion. …

    We don’t want a criminal justice system where jurors don’t feel comfortable holding on to their beliefs, even if they are unpopular. We don’t want a system where jurors forgo their lawfully reached conclusions because they want to please the other jurors, or worse, the pitchfork holding public.”

      • I know, right, CanadaCarol? The lawyers and some of the reporters are really trying to calm down the hate on Twitter right now. I wish they’d realized what they were created BEFORE they ranted on HLN for $$$.

  34. Wow. The Alexander family is a nasty, vengeful bunch. I thought they were holier-than-thou Mormons?! Wonder what Jesus thinks of their vicious death-wish? If TDogg really wanted nothing to do with her, he spent an awful lot of time having sex with her. I’m glad JA got life.

  35. You know, I could forgive Sarah Cummings, Trevor Nehring, Kathleen Jarzynka, Andrew Allen, Holly Hinson, Jade Lubben, Teresa Corless, Elizabeth Kingsley-Morgan, Emily Cova, Rodney Heuer, and Haakon Liknes for falling for the same BS that the rest of the sheeple have fallen for.

    I maybe could even forgive them for having some doubts on the DP, but following the majority in the interests of protecting their own families and livelihoods. We’ve watched plenty of Mormons doing that, haven’t we?

    To me, what reduces them to thoroughly despicable people is the way they went on record disparaging this one courageous juror. They could have taken the high road and said they respected her right to vote her conscience. But they trashed her instead.

    These people are are frighteningly evil.

    • I personally commcommand her. Not just because she said No to the DP but because she stood by the Constitution and her rights as a citizen of the United States.

      I find it difficult to believe she was the only one…..unless the 11 had made up their minds long before they entered the courtroom. Even if they didn’t know what case it was.

      • The notorious 11 had their minds made up….even the one guy who said as soon as he saw he was on the Jodi Arias trial he said “crap” or something to that effect….CAN YOU SAY BIAS !!!

    • That’s right, Journee. It’s like I said earlier, they threw her under the bus. She should be praised instead of criticized. You 11 jurors should be ashamed of yourselves and you are an absolute disgrace. That one juror is the ONLY one, in my opinion, who can hold her head high and be proud of her decision. At least she showed conviction in her belief and the guts to stick to it. The rest of you can go back to the hole from which you came. Fuck you all.

  36. Nancy Grace’s show is so funny and over-the-top tonight I can’t stop laughing. I’d wait for her to faint or start sobbing (like everyone else), but I’m going out to celebrate. Look out Jon Stewart, the “graceless one” is after your job.

    • Nancy Grace is a fucking joke. She had credibility at one time on CourtTV, but she lost that a long time ago. Even the people who watch her show know she’s a joke and most of them watch it because it’s a train wreck.

    • Did you notice Sky Hughes on Nancy Grace with a huge beaming smile yet saying,” I hope I can get through this.” Not even a sniffle or one tear! But designer pj bottoms. What a hypocrite. They know more they are saying about this; mark my words.

  37. This is so sad! How can a juror do their civic duty in a high profile trial again?

    Troy Hayden ‏@troyhaydenfox10 40m40 minutes ago
    Police are guarding home of juror #17, the lone holdout in #JodiArias sentencing, due to threats from public. She refused to vote death.

    • I hate to say this, but is anyone here really shocked to hear this? It has been the M.O. of a certain segment of the public that has followed this trial to personally attack, bully, harass, smear, lie and stalk those with whom they disagree for the last 2 years. As soon as I heard the news this morning, I said to myself “This juror is now going to wear a bullseye on her back starting now.” That’s the price that you pay for performing your civic duty.

      I personally don’t think that they should have released any of the names of the jurors including the ones who voted for the death penalty. If juror #17 is getting threats from the public, I hope the police find those people and arrest them. Nobody should have to go through that. Nobody.

      • Yeah, and these assholes are the ones who say Jodi is a psychopath. To all you fuckheads out there making threats to this juror: If you want to see a psychopath just take a look in the mirror.

      • I so agree with you Raja. That forensic computer witness for the defense had his identity protected, but the jurors don’t? And now, this poor woman faces terrible threats, as did the psychologists, and many who spoke out about their viewpoints on this case (including myself). I thought we lived in a country which encouraged freedom of speech? To be completely fair, I have heard some rabid supporters of Jodi have also harassed Travis supporters. I have NEVER agreed with any of it.

        Now that it’s reaching the level of harassing a juror, even Troy Hayden and William Pitts are speaking out about it. In his latest article, William Pitts says:

        “People got emotionally invested in this story. I understand. Heck, it’s my job to get you emotionally invested. But it went too far. And it crossed that line many months ago.

        It crossed the line when trial watchers were reportedly following expert witnesses to dinner. It crossed the line when someone filed a fake lawsuit on behalf of Jodi Arias alleging bizarre treatment in Joe Arpaio’s jail. And it crossed the line again today, when people started finding information about the juror that held out against the death penalty, and sending it out with messages just this side of inciting a riot.”

        But he needs to fully own up to HIS own role in inciting this riot and more than his paltry “line” quoted above did. He needs to tell people to STOP and he needs to stop. I guess HLN is having their last hurrah tonight with this case. Their last chance for ratings.

        Maybe when all is said and done, this trial, ridiculous as it seemed, has served a purpose (albeit a high price for many to pay, if indeed that is the result). Maybe a badly needed message will be sent out to the public. Perhaps next time, the so-called reporters will think twice about biased reporting and that which results from it. I can only hope, right?

        (I won’t link Pitt’s article here because his last line thoroughly disgusted me. The media left more victims in the wake of this case. The media is to blame. He’s a part of the media. He incited riots against the innocents who testified and served on the juries (never mind the defendant who may or may not have been guilty). And he still doesn’t own up to it.)

        • It really began in 2009 with CBS and 48 Hours with the despicable Maureen Maher with her spoonfed lies by the Mormon bunch about this case. She deserves total contempt and ostracism from the journalistic profession. She belongs in the same category as Jayson Blair and Stephen Glass.

          I refuse to watch any of her reports because she is not trustworthy..

          • I believe Jayson Blair is the guy who had to resign from the New York Times because of plagiarism and lies in his stories, correct? Yeah, I’d put Ms. Maher in his category.

            • Yep, and Stephen Glass made up stories out of whole cloth. He was with the New Republic before being run out of journalism.

              Maker’s malpractice is worse because it was the catalyst to all of the insanity that followed on this case. There was no skepticism given of the absurd narrative by Chris Hughes and company or how so often Mormons will lie to cover up for one of their own.

    • The MCPD better pray nothing happens to her or her family or there will be a HUGE MESS for them to clean up!!!! The United States of America has had just about enough of people who believe themselves to be above the laws of our country. PROTECT AND SERVE MCPD!!!

  38. No names should have been released and if any harm comes to this juror she needs to sue Maricopa County for gross negligence…….

  39. Let today be a lesson to all of us that one person CAN make a difference. It’s funny how some people want to point fingers and cry foul when someone usurps their right as a juror to cast a vote against the death penalty and they’re accused of “having an agenda”. Sometimes we don’t always get the verdict in court that we want. Those of us here know that all too well. One can either disagree with the decision and continue to fight for justice with his or her head held high or they can throw a temper tantrum and soliloquize about how unfair the criminal justice system is.

    The fact of the matter is that not one, but two, juries could not and did not vote for the death penalty against Jodi Arias. The prosecution could have avoided this retrial and let Judge Stephens pass down a life sentence two years ago. Instead, they wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars and time with this retrial that they were so confident that they were going to win and this morning they woke up with egg on their face. If they want to be angry at someone, they should look in the mirror. I’m sorry, but they did this to themselves although, in a way, I personally am glad that they chose to do this retrial because so much was revealed this time around and it only validated the previous jury’s decision in not voting for the death penalty.

  40. Anyone know where I can see a video of juan Martinez after the verdict today ? I want to see his ugly face and laugh . Pos thought he was something special but now must feel like a loser.

  41. I just hope and pray that Jodi will have competent appellate lawyers who are willing to pursue each and every avenue to achieve a reversal of the criminal trial verdict and gain Jodi a new trial or an outright dismissal with prejudice….No one can tell me that the porn, some of which was destroyed, and also was hidden from the DT for years and years is not relevant and critical to Jodi’s defense….it was central to her defense and the fact that this exculpatory evidence was destroyed and hidden is exactly what a Brady violation is and exactly why the criminal trial conviction should be vacated and remanded for a new trial or outright dismissal with prejudice for the egregious violations committed by the state……..

  42. If you are so inclined, you can post a message about the mistrial on the 48 Hours Facebook page. I went on a tear about how Maureen Maher should have been fired for journalistic malpractice by promoting a false narrative. It’s largely because of her shoddy reporting ethics Jodi Arias is even in this position.

  43. Travis alexander lit up the room when he entered . My ass , that bullshit was something martinez told all the PEDO supporters to say to make him sound so innocent and most of the American public bought into that bullshit . Travis was a BIG PIECE OF SHIT . I still can’t understand what jodi saw in that asswipe.

  44. I am reminded of the scene in “Inherit The Wind” where Henry Drummond played by Spencer Tracy says, “And then you may turn Catholic against Protestant, and Protestant against Protestant, and try to foist your own religion upon the mind of man. If you can do one, you can do the other. Because fanaticism and ignorance is forever busy, and needs feeding. And soon, your Honor, with banners flying and with drums beating we’ll be marching backward, BACKWARD, through the glorious ages of that Sixteenth Century when bigots burned the man who dared bring enlightenment and intelligence to the human mind!”

  45. I saw that interview with the juror’s husband. He sure explained it well. Like I thought she was bullied all the way. That should never be allowed.

  46. yeah, it’s posted back up the page like 5 or so hours ago, but re-posting it is good, this guy his wife and family need our prayers!

    • Chris and Sky Hughes have never appeared to be any kind of friend to Travis or Jodi except really evil bad friends. The same goes for the big mouthed Dave Hall. Cockroaches is a good description of all of them. I will send my “STOOL OF SHAME” TO THE HUGHES because they deserve to be sitting on it until the end of time IMO.

        • BB, that the was the Dr. Drew show that I watched last night and CH was on there, but the letter that they were talking about was the famous series of emails with TA. One of the original voters for life was the psychologist who, during that interview, said that she felt there may have been some emotional abuse based on that email, but that when she read the whole thing, there were loving moments. CH was rather deflated last night and didn’t tell his stories about Jodi with the same enthusiasm and Drew was mixing them up.

          • Okay, got it….
            The psychologist who originally voted for life changed her vote based on the “loving moments” that TA expressed in the letter….that is pathetic….she should know more than most that abusers have their “good moments” but that doesn’t negate all the abuse they dish out on their loved ones….what a joke this jury was ….thank God for the one hold out….

            • I was getting ready to write the same thing.
              Scary that a psychologist is so dull- witted, and even more horrifying __ in a self defense case ( they know that was what the first trial was about), the psychologist was exposed to tons of testimony about this very phenomena, abuse and loving moments.

  47. What a great day, March 5, 2015. …May there be several great days in the near future to move toward the total freedom from incarceration of Miss Jodi Ann Arias. …May her family & friends & all of us supporters sleep well tonight.
    …May St Joan of Arc, Guardian Angel of Miss Arias also protect the Juror & her family, who refused to be pressured by the Majestic 11 media-hero-wanna-bees.
    …May Saint Joan, enter the hearts of those politicians necessary to abolish the death sentences in The United States of America starting with the cloudy execution poison slated for use in Georgia.

  48. Well said. 11 biased jurors. They obviously supported Travis from the start. Thank God for juror 17 standing her ground and not being bullied by the rest of those clowns. So happy with this victory. One step closer to Justice For Jodi!

  49. THANK YOU SJ PANDORA and JADE and all who stood by a SURVIVOR. JUST what type of person would WANT to take a life ask the 11. They shame all with a lust for violence hmm sound slike…….. Now with a just appeal We will get JUSTICE 4 JODI and with that JUSTICE 4 ALL. THIS ain,t over till the LADY sings FREEDOM for all the world to hear ……can,t wait for thar day to arrive sooner the better. FOR once LOVE overcame hate.

  50. Does anyone know if the judge orders restitution (and she will) how much it is? I’ve read they can take her commissary money 30% and up to 50%, they even take monies she can earn in prison which is only 50 cents an hour! So if people send her money it goes to that fund?

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