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“According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one out of every four woman will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. It is estimated that one out of every 10 men will experience the same. Approximately 30%-60% of perpetrators of domestic violence also abuse the children in the household. With statistics like this, domestic violence affects the majority of people whether it is directly or indirectly. However, the majority of these experiences will never be reported to police.

Domestic violence can affect individuals in various ways. The physical wounds may include everything from bruises to broken bones. Social consequences may leave one feeling isolated from family and friends. Economic consequences can lead to loss of employment or financial instability. Then there are the “unseen” consequences of domestic violence which may last a long time. These include the emotional effects such as depression, anxiety, insecurity, and re-experiencing an overwhelming sense of fear. All these mentioned could result in something known as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can plague someone for years to come.”

“Domestic violence can take many forms – physical abuse, sexual abuse, rape, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation, threats of violence.

Any situation in which one partner is wielding power over the other repeatedly can fall under the umbrella of domestic abuse. The United States Office on Violence Against Women (the O.V.W.) defines domestic violence as “a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control over another intimate partner.”

The Cycle of Abuse:

1 — An initial abusive incident occurs (can be sexual, physical, or emotional)

2 — Tension builds, with the abuser trying to quell their violent tendency and the abusee trying to “keep the peace” until, finally, another incident happens

3 — Make-up: the abuser apologizes, often promising never to do it again or, conversely, trying to shed blame by saying that the victim “asked for it” or is “making a big deal out of nothing”

4 — Calm: both parties act as if nothing is wrong, and do their best to ignore the mounting problem

This cycle can repeat itself endlessly, with the victim playing a prescribed role that is just as predictable as the perpetrator’s. Eventually, the “Make-up” and “Calm” stages get shorter and the abusive stages often get longer. After a period of time, it’s not uncommon for victims of domestic violence (like victims of all types of abuse and trauma) to develop the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). And because studies have proven that those who suffer from PTSD can be inclined toward violence, the cycle of abuse repeats itself through generations and is hard to break. For victims for whom domestic violence leads to PTSD, they struggle with a long-term psychological disorder that can be challenging to diagnose and conquer.”

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UPDATE: The recent JAA Appellate Fund Matching-gift Campaign raised $91,805.45 — thanks to a generous matching donor and all the supporters that donated to the fund. Let’s now be sure to keep the momentum growing so the fund total can push through $100,000, and even closer towards raising sufficient funds to help cover the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

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  1. I am really proud of Lefty. He has also been a victim of abuse: Abuse by the haters. BUT he didn’t allow their abuse to shut him up. The more they shoved the more he pushed! And that’s what it’s all about: Not allowing abusers to continue their cycle of abuse!

    Lefty, you did an awesome job! I really loved your song when it was first released and now, this video ‘completed’ your message!

    Whoever tries to diss this video should think twice about how much of an abuser he/she are 😉 They should think about their sister, their mother, their aunt, their cousin, their friend that might be a victim of someones abuse and how they will encourage that abuser to keep on beating on their loved ones’ body and soul! Food for thoughts…

    Thank you once again for bringing awareness to such a sensitive topic; Something that most people have not realized it’s importance and dangerous results.

    If Jodi had support while being abused by Travis, she probably wouldn’t be behind bars and most likely the one behind the bars would have been Travis. Jodi would be a free woman, living her life abuse-free… Let’s help other women that are afraid of speaking up. Let’s show them that they have nothing to be afraid of nor need to be embarrassed.

    ((((Jodi)))) ♥
    ((((Lefty)))) ♥

    • Pandora, I applaud Lefty for using his art form to raise awareness for DV and for Jodi. I disagree, though, with the inference that other people allowed haters to shut them up. Just because we didn’t go to the trial or make rap videos doesn’t mean we were silenced into submission. On the contrary, I personally donated hundreds of dollars to the JAA Fund last year. I would hope that whatever proceeds he gets from his song that Lefty donates to the JAA Fund.

      Many of us work full-time and have families and do not have the luxury to travel and attend trials neither do we work in the entertainment industry which allows us the time to record songs and music videos. However, there have been other supporters of Jodi who made tribute videos for her in the past that seems to have been forgotten. Let us also not forget the people who have invested much of their time and energy blogging and dedicating much time, space and research to helping bring justice to Jodi and awareness to domestic violence victims and survivors.

      Many of us have fought back against the haters and have repeatedly defended you and others from their attacks. We have also uncovered much of their deceit and some of us paid a price for that in terms of the backlash we received, however, we most certainly did not allow ourselves to be shut up or silenced into submission.

      Last but not least, I would never intrude upon my friendship with Jodi. This is why I have honored her request to not post letters by hers online. As far as I’m concerned, this policy still remains until I hear otherwise from Jodi. I am very sensitive to latecomers to this trial potentially cashing in on exploiting Jodi for their own personal gain. I would hope that this isn’t the case here or in other places. I was very disappointed when a so-called supporter of Jodi’s went on a television network a couple of years ago to show support for Jodi when he made an embarrassment of himself. The fact that he chose the television network that eviscerated Jodi on a daily basis throughout the trial was even more disappointing and disheartening. I would never sell out Jodi Arias or her family and I refuse to have anything to do with someone that does. And I know that most people see it the same way that I do. We never shut up. We simply shut down the haters.

      • Sir Stewart Wallace, I had no intention of insulting anyone. My comment was directed towards Lefty, congratulating him on a job well done. I guess you don’t know me because if you did, you’d know that I fully support and applaud ALL friends and supporters that have been around and stood by Jodi. Either that’s with a donation, a song, an article or a supportive comment. It all counts.

        If YOU wrote a song and made a video supporting my dear friend, I would be happy, excited and proud of you too. I would write a comment praising you too…

        So I don’t know what your deal is and why you had the urge to express that you feel unappreciated… what can I do? If you have issues with recognition, do sth about it. In the meantime, I don’t hear anyone else complaining so if the ‘insulted’ shoe fits, strap up those bitches and wear them with pride…. Sheesh!

  2. Pandora….WOW I could not have wrote it better….talk about my last post spellling ….duh…but gotta give the haters some thing. This D/V thing…My family knows a thing or 7 about that.Of the 7 women in my family who were beaten by their hubbies 3 almost got killed by them . One almost took Her life.I know to well how some so called men can be two faced.This sickness in OUR nations must stop and We must stand up and speak up….most woman fear society will just blame them.It time to call out the abusers no matter how close they are to You. Now it seems a few men got this pity parade going on….the woman are as bad as men…BS. Any who talk that talk…WATCH OUT FROM THEM…true evil. Lefty….AMAZING…tears flowed the first time and will any time I view that truth. Thank You so much for all of Us…Welcome My friend.

  3. Top marks to Lefty for his video, with the accent it was hard for me to understand the words he was saying, but the video spoke for him.
    I try to imagine the hell women go through when they are constantly abused and how it must affect them. I am lucky for it has never happened to me, but I understand, regardless. Abusers hit on good, kind and caring women like Jodi, therefore I find it impossible to understand those women who say they have been victims of DV but have not a scrap of empathy for another woman who has clearly suffered at the hands of her abuser, those women who get pleasure from of hating a woman they really don’t know. They weren’t good, kind women to begin with, they lack kindness, empathy and compassion, they make up lies to incite hatred and abuse others who have those qualities they are devoid of having. I have nothing but contempt for these apologies for human beings who have no regard nor the want to understand those who have have had PTSD as a result of all they have suffered and, what they have seen, that no one should ever see.

  4. Congratulations Lefty on a great video with a great message that needs to be heard !! You have persevered through the attacks and the abuse in making this wonderful video…you’re message will be heard !!

    🙂 🙂


  5. ♥ Thank you Lefty for your never ending support of our JODI ANN ARIAS!!!!! I loved the song the first time I heard it and the video just topped it off perfectly! You did a wonderful job. Loved it! ♥

  6. I just finished reading Jose Baez’s book and I have to say the Casey Anthony story is messed up. I find it very interesting to get a behind the scenes look at a case.

    • Tina hi. The CA trial was indeed messed up. Since you’ve read the book you can now understand that during high profile cases like CA’s and Jodi’s there are a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ illegal activities coming from law enforcement. Unfortunately, it’s not about justice and fair trials anymore. It’s about ‘wins’ and ‘elections’.

      If you’ve followed Jodi’s trial too, and now that you’ve read Jose’s book, you’ll be able to see the difference between good solid representation and plain lazy one. Jose Baez not only used his knowledge to prove his client’s innocence, he also put his passion, heart and soul into it. I’m not saying, he too gained from Casey’s case: fame and glory. But isn’t that what a good lawyer is suppose to do? Fight for his client’s freedom and simultaneously make a good name for himself?

      Jose Baez is one heck of a lawyer. He did everything possible to win Casey’s trial and to prove that the prosecution was full of hot air and that’s what he did. Casey was a very lucky woman to meet Jose. If Casey had met Nurmi and hired him, she’d be on death row right now. A trial that involves a dead baby is not easy to win. I’d say it’s nearly impossible to win. Yet, Baez had two wins that day: 1. his client’s freedom and 2. Justice prevailed.

      BTW, welcome to our site.

      Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

      • Thank you Rasna! From the beginning i did not like Jodi’s defense team. I am bothered by the fact that books are being released about her case while it is still on appeal.

        • It is indeed unethical. It just proves that everyone is trying to ‘milk’ Jodi’s case for money. That almost nobody was in it for the right reasons: JUSTICE!

    • That case was totally messed up. If you don’t even know how the alleged victim died, how can you possibly charge somebody with murder, let alone push for the death penalty? The jury had no other choice but to acquit.

  7. Lefty, Thank You and your Friends for this video! It is important for everyone to understand that domestic violence and PTSD won’t heal themselves. We’re not hatin’ or fearin’ cause it only attracts more of the same. Free Jodi! Self defense is not a crime!

  8. Mr. Lefty, job well done! One of the causes I’m passionate about is Domestic Violence Awareness. Your song and video hit the nail on the head.

    Everyone should take action when suspecting foul play. The victims are the last people that will talk about their abuse. We are the ones that have to help them. We have learned through Jodi’s case that DV can be deadly. We can prevent that from happening to someone we know.

    Victims should be released from their fear and abusers should be behind bars and not six feet under. Abusers don’t get a free & easy way out: they should have to pay for their abuse. And victims: victims shouldn’t be punished with incarceration because they finally found the power to put a stop to their abuser.

    Domestic Violence Hotline: 24/7 hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) – IF YOU WITNESS ABUSE OR ARE BEING ABUSED CALL AND REPORT! YOU CAN SAVE A LIFE: yours or someone’s else.

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  9. Wow! Very impressive video, Lefty!
    It is very moving and compelling, and aesthetically very well done. The video really showcases the message.

    Thank you Lefty for your support for Jodi, your courage, compassion and dedication.
    You have a lot of soul. Thank you for using your talent for such a worthy cause. A lot of people will be helped by what you created.

    Thank you also to your friends and Maria De La Rosa.

  10. Lefty lost me in a couple of places, but I believe that I have most of it. Thanks Lefty for a great song and your support for Jodi and your understanding of PTSD and DV.

    “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    The media tried to make her a monster, monster.
    They just fueled the flames to make them prosper.
    She’s a fish in the sea swimming with lobsters.
    She’s the bait but she’ll never change her posture.
    Cause little Jodi from the city of Yreka.
    Super (?) – you’ll see it if you ever meet her.
    She played the punk for a dude that didn’t treat like she agreed.
    Then the situation got deeper.

    Next she’s on trial and it looked very (?) When the case (?)
    When the lead attorney is Kirk Nurmi ….. 1.8 million …. ?
    And the death penalty is making things scary.

    Picture her life as she sits behind bars
    Contemplating how she ended the night.
    And it just ain’t right – flight or fight.
    She never thought she’d be the one to end his life.

    I want to talk to you about a girl that I know.
    Her name is Jodi Ann Arias. (chorus)

    Ah, it ended with putting Troy on the map, on the map
    And then he had the nerve to stab her in her back, in her back.
    She said I knew he was a snake in the grass
    Cause all he’d do was around with rats.

    Let’s talk about remorse for a minute.
    I read it every time that she sent it.
    You don’t really want to comprehend it.
    That’s why you all wanted death for the sentence.

    PTSD is a real thing – and Jodi had a bad case of it.
    If she would have got the help that she needed
    There would have been a better end coming.

    The Alexander family are victims too
    We need to understand that.
    Them girls lost their brother, y’ all.
    We need to understand that.

    I want to talk to you about a girl that I know
    Her name is Jodi Ann Arias.

    Listen, Jennifer Wilmott did her job for sure
    Along with De La Rosa, that girl we all adore.
    Seeing Kirk make the dream work
    It could be worse – when it’s time for a pill on the grill.

    Second degree Man, it should have been the deal
    But I can understand why they went for the kill.
    Jodi Arias’ book ain’t finished yet
    Cause she’s got some more chapters to fill.

    I want to talk to you about a girl that I know
    Her name is Jodi Ann Arias.

    If anyone can help me fill in the blanks it would be appreciated. 🙂

  11. 300K people petition to free Steven Avery. This is the second story on CNN today about Making A Murderer and Mr. Avery. It definitely sounds as if it is worth watching.

    My apologies to Lefty for my typing errors and the parts I missed or may have gotten wrong. 🙂

    • I don’t know if you have paid attention to HLN on the Avery case, but the hypocrisy of Pinsky and Grace is stunning. Here they rail about the media manipulation int the Netflix case because they said the filmmakers left out crucial information, but they were all ready to hang Jodi Arias on the most flimsy of pretexts. They don’t even see how much THEY manipulated public opinion.

      • Those two are dangerously out to lunch!

        Ashley Bamfield on CNN is very interested in this case, and she had the Avery’s attorney on. They discussed the information “left out” but as the attorney pointed out, the documentary would have had to have been so long that no one would have watched it had they included everything. They both stated that the most important evidence of both sides was presented in the documentary.

      • I agree. The hypocrisy is astounding. There certainly seems to be a double-standard when it comes to women versus men.

    • I watched the documentary Making of a Murderer on Netflix and it is well worth the watch. IMO there are many similarities to Jodi’s case. Corruption seems to be running wild in the USA! 😥

      • I also watched. I can’t even imagine spending 18 years in prison from a crime you didn’t commit getting out then you get out to be sent back. This poor man more than half of his life in prison.

  12. “A 2006 study of women showed that those who had suddenly and unexpectedly learned about a loved one’s unfaithfulness showed acute stress symptoms similar to PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder. It has only been recently discovered just how important this area of study is because of the long term, traumatic effects that emotionally challenge the betrayed partner.”

    • C.Carol, I agree with this article 100%. But because it just goes to show that Jodi was suffering of DV and PTSD while in her relationship w/ travis (and after that when he was playing her like a puppet) and that is not ‘in favor’ of the haters, I’m sure they’ll go out of their way to try and debunk the whole article… SMH

  13. As for PTSD from a man cheating….well I worked with a GOOD LDS gal and when She found out Her hubbie to be had cheated on Her…about 100 times in one long summer, She had a break down and had to leave university…..and still to this day holds the tourch for him even though She is married. it was Her first love and gave Her an STD…another GOOD LDS gal falling to a creep and a user. I told Her point blank folks can DIE from SDT’s go see Your Dr…! And speaking of Dr.spew and his if a person is born on July 9th…is that thing REALLY a DR.? Did he fall down a lot as a child? This idiot has a show? Reminds Me of the brown eyes bad and blue eyes good one day and then the reverse proving folks just love the who but Me thing. WARNING LYNCH MOB AHEAD…entering az.

  14. No Visible Bruises: Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury

    “Fifty per cent of domestic-violence victims are strangled at some point in the course of their relationship—often repeatedly, over years—and the overwhelming majority of strangulation perpetrators are men. Those strangled to the point of losing consciousness are at the highest risk of dying in the first twenty-four to forty-eight hours after the incident, from strokes, blood clots, or aspiration (choking on their own vomit). Such incidents can cause brain injury—mild or traumatic—not only by cutting off oxygen to the brain but because they are often accompanied by blunt-force trauma to the head. Still, victims of domestic violence are not routinely screened for strangulation or brain injury in emergency rooms, and the victims themselves, who tend to have poor recollections of the incidents, are often not even aware that they’ve lost consciousness. This means that diagnoses are rarely formalized, the assaults and injuries are downplayed, and abusers are prosecuted under lesser charges.”

    • “I won’t Give Up” Such a beautiful…. ♥ ♥

      ” I don’t wanna be someone who walks away so easily
      I’m here to stay and make the difference that I can make”

      No, we won’t walk away and we WILL make a difference!

    • Yes it will, R.! You know it, I know it, we all know it! It only takes one impartial judge to be brave enough to stand up to all those biased fuckers! (excuse my french) ♥

          • Justus, I agree that your justice system is very sick.

            It has been taken over by a bunch of amoral egomaniacs called prosecutors whose last concern is a fair trial or justice being served, assisted in that process by cops who stoop to dishonesty and evidence tampering. The jurors who are supposed to be of your peers are picked from a population that according to a CNN pool, are angry people with only 40% not reporting some degree of anger, and then are weeded out by the state to include the least number that truly are your peers. Too many judges sitting on the bench are as corrupt as the prosecutors that push them around, and then the higher courts just rubber stamp all the corruption going on below them. Undisputable DNA seems to be the only thing that will make any difference.

            • Well said !!

              Nothing will ever change if the judges that sit on these cases and the appellate judges that review these cases don’t start holding these out of control ego maniac prosecutors accountable who want nothing more than another win…truth to them is meaningless…It is not the justice system but it is the UNJUST SYSTEM !!!!

              Just look at Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey cases “Making a Murderer”

              To the cops and law enforcement it seems that they justify their misdeeds and lying because afterall they KNOW they have the right guy??? Right??? Just like they KNEW that Steve Avery was guilty the first time around right???

              WRONG !!!!

              Yeah, TA was a saint, right??? WRONG !!! He was an abusive ego maniac and Jodi defended herself against his attack and survived. Self defense is NOT a crime !!!

              All IMHO

          • It seems that ‘we’ – the foreigners – are not allowed to comment on USA justice system 🙄

            —Fact is that we have the balls to acknowledge that our (Greek) judicial system is also severely fucked up (when a terrorist is allowed to be free after 10 yrs of incarceration – yes, we too have a fucked up system).

            So although “I should mind my business and look at my own country” I won’t. LOL!

            Yes, USA – being the land of Justice and fairness – has a really screwed up way of showing it! Locking up innocent people, trying to murder innocent people…. and worse part is that when it’s proved that those people ARE indeed innocent, ego’s don’t allow justice to prevail (just look at Richard Glossip’s case…). And even if it does (Debra Milke case) it takes over decades for someone to do the right thing. But stealing decades of someone’s life isn’t actually a win when they are finally set free having lost the best years of their lives…. (Johnathan Fleming case )

            • Pandora, I am grateful that you and other ‘foreigners’ comment on the USA Justice System.
              Humanity is everyone’s business.
              Freedom is in real danger in the USA. My saying that is not a sign of disrespect towards my country; on the contrary, it is a sign of caring enough to say it.

    • This is very interesting in a number of ways, not least of which is that it says a bar complaint is already filed against Nurmi for his book. If that isn’t upheld and Nurmi’s not disbarred, Arizona is a due-process-free zone that has no place in a civilized country. As I argued before, it’s hard to see how there could be a worse ethics violation by a defense lawyer than Nurmi’s book, except maybe actively plotting with the state to get his client convicted.

      • A couple of new complaints against Martinez have been filed also, and these new complaints might get him disbarred. Which would be great news for JODI.

    • ” Though Martinez has repeatedly faced allegations of misconduct, none has ever risen to the level of dismissing a case.”

      ” The court acknowledged that Martinez had crossed the line of acceptable conduct on several of the allegations, but “the conduct was not so egregious that it permeated the entire trial and probably affected the outcome.”

      ^^^^^^ Enough said. Sickening! There is something FUNDAMENTALLY wrong with all this, and yes I agree with Justus. Your judicial system is seriously messed up and in need of changes, if prosecutors are given a free pass to circumvent and bypass the Law which they are supposed to serve.

      • I never understand where they say “it probably wouldn’t have affected the trial” How would they know that for sure?

        • Well that’s just it isn’t it…they don’t know and that is the tragedy of it all….and in the process the defendants’ constitutional rights are stripped away from them…is this America???

        • Vicky & BB, if you ask a fair person if they would have had reasonable doubt had all the info and evidence come out in the first trial, it’s a sure thing they would say yes. If reasonable doubt is an issue, you can’t convict a person.

          I deeply believe that if all the misconducts that martinez, flores, melendez, et all pulled during the first trial, Jodi would not be in prison right now or she might be almost finished serving her time already.

  15. Hard to think that any Gov. covers up for it’s own …RIGHT az. after all it’s all about the poor tax payer and to hell with justice…can’t wait for az. to find itself in a Fed. court. In this world it’s all about POWER and not so much JUSTICE…ask the joint chiefs of staff why dear bill their commander in chief wasn’t brought before a MILITARY court for conduct unbecoming and …his big LIE. POWER corrupts …..Tiny knows what a rotten system he and his kind have built…but sooner or later justice finds all. Ask det. stevo or es ta banned from being a det. LOL. Now that was a real joke…imagine a Det. not remembering on the stand…proves tiny can use American sign language. Other then to sway the jury of hate with that full of it look. There You have it America proves any fool can be a Det. as long as You do what is asked…fake a shelf tilt….PLEASE. Oh and could that wife of yours quite….TOO LATE. Now I,ve been told that I should just give up…..She is done…hmm another thought that on June 4/08 and then the haters failed 4 times to bring Her to harm….now just who I ask should give up….? Are they planning to just roll back the stone and watch him walk out bathed in ….HATE ..opps or LIGHT. We never have to spew hate,lies,or vile,just repeat his own words and actions…We just bring the message….and a dark one he gave Us. They say never leave a man behind well that must work for a woman…Our Jodi Ann. She will SURVIVE. We surround Her….with LOVE…..ALWAYS.

  16. In the News: Arizona Defense attorneys file complaints against Arias prosecutor Juan Martinez.BY:The Republic | 8:39 a.m. MST January 8, 2016

    Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice filed a state Bar complaint against prosecutor Juan Martinez.
    Three other Bar complaints filed against Martinez last year have already been dismissed
    It will be months before the outcome of the complaints is known

    As the Jodi Arias-obsessed public awaits his tell-all book about the case, prosecutor Juan Martinez is the subject of two new complaints to the State Bar of Arizona, the semi-governmental agency that licenses and polices attorneys.

    They are the fourth and fifth Bar complaints against Martinez in the last year. The first three, filed in 2015 after the Arias sentencing trial ended in a hung jury, pertained to that case and already have been dismissed.

    The fourth complaint, filed by unknown parties, concerns Martinez’ book and remains under investigation.

    So does the most recent, filed Dec. 22 by the Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, an association of nearly 500 defense attorneys. The complaint spans at least 10 years of Martinez’ career and as many of the cases he tried.

    Time to get rid of JM and help to prove the violations in Jodi’s case. Time to voice your thoughts and contact the Arizona Bar and further support disciplinary actions to prove Court Corruption and unjust trial.

    FIGHT Jodi and Never Give up.

  17. Vicky…they see things in az……GUILT WAS NEVER IN DOUBT….now I have been told that mindset was AFTER trial. Wow such insight from a judge after a trial….Vegas there he goes…the az. tax payers should bankroll him. So who just who was caught in lies at that show of trials…..THE STATE!!!!!!!!! Yes 9 ! But when any hold unchecked power they do as they wish….for now. At times JUSTICE is slow as the law can’t wait….but time is on Our side and truth…..did tiny do wrong…..that started when he changed his mind and made his minions change theirs….what was FIRST must now be last…..but even the haters know the shot was first as they claim t-dog was unable to defend his poor self…..took a .25 to the skull….talk to the F.B.I. on that….Platt and Matix v 7 F.B.I. agents and the shoot out they had in the mid? 80’s Required training now for ALL agents. Seems Platt the only one who harmed the agents took a 9mm to the HEART and then almost wiped out all 7….and lost part of his FOOT but moved rather stealthy…..seems a crowd thought a scene from Miami Vice was being filmed that Sat. Only in America! So a man taking a hit to the heart kills 2, wounds 4…disabling 2 for life does all that. the 7th guy lost his gun and was not involved in the fight. Did horn not know of this ,it was a made for tv movie…in the line of fire CBS? All that shot did was enrage him even more as if he needed that. Ya She should have just out run a person who trained each day to become stronger and more violent…good luck on that…seem naked folks can run and swim very fast…see history..OLYMPICS! Odd how the cult would never kill as She had to but wanted to MURDER Her….in God We trust…others not so much and for good reason…right haters?

  18. I am probably going to be bashed for what I am about to write but I feel like I have to write it. I don’t agree with Jodi spending the rest of her life in prison I feel that it is such a waste. I think that our prisons should try to rehabilitate “criminals” instead of punishing them. But I do think that we have to have faith in our justice system. I also think we have faith that the bar associations and ethics commitees will do the right thing when it comes to repremanding attorneys. I don’t agree with the way martinez conducts himself but I also don’t know if it rises to the level of an ethics violation.

      • Actually its neither. I happen to be a part of the legal system. I have always felt that people who are less fortunate are not treated the same as the wealthy in our justice system. I still have faith in it though. I think that Martinez is a bad lawyer and should suffer consequences for his actions.

      • I don’t find it naive to have faith in a system I work in. I also don’t find it naive to believe that the ethics committee and bar association will do their jobs properly. Do you have any idea what someone goes through to become an attorney? Have you ever had your life scutenized by the ethics committee when you did nothing wrong and just wanted to be sworn it after spending a ton of money on school and a bar exam. But I must be naive or not a true supporter even though I stated his behavior was wrong and she shouldn’t be in jail for life and isn’t a criminal.

        • Tina, what you said is that his conduct did not rise to an ethics violation. 500 defense attorneys seem to disagree with you. It is obvious by the record that almost always their bad conduct goes unchecked by anyone. You are so correct when you state that Martinez is a bad lawyer though, and he certainly should suffer.

    • Martinez definitely has rose to the level of numerous ethics violations IMO. He is a TOTAL disgrace. Of course, Judge Stephens, Bill Montgomery, Kirk Nurmi and the pitiful Defective Detective Flores are in the same choir right along with him. 🙄

    • Martinez is the most unethical prosecutor on the planet!! It’s not just Jodi’s case. All you have to do is some research on other cases that he was the prosecutor in and you will see just how dirty he is.

  19. Tina…You could be not more wrong….would tiny want a trial as that one …NO WAY! World class SHOW TRIAL…..Why should any trust any in power until They prove they can be trusted. The same goes with RESPECT…they must EARN that too. What didn’t the state do for a win…..threw , hide, and destroyed …EVIDENCE. And to threaten a witness on the stand who tries to help men such as tiny. How many times did he try to shut Her down and for what…was the truth so painful to him? The people must have real justice never the mob or a church. I have heard more then one LDS say how when they control Gov. things will be put right…all in Gov. will get their own …LAWYER…right. That day will never happen because that’s not what America has EVER stood for.I will not hide behind any book as I met My God and good luck to them that do. Just ask any would You want a trial as Hers…..and any who say YES, well now You know what true evil is. And We allow such things to vote…shame on Us.

    • There is no doubt that Martnez is a showboater who wanted fame from this case. He also should not have written a book or entered into a contract to write a book while an appeal is pending. I don’t think that any criminal defendant wants a trial like hers. It was a circus.

      • Thank you Tina! Yes, this trial was a 3 ring circus indeed! If martinez isn’t ‘stopped’ now, he will continue his shenanigans in cases to come. He has made a mockery of the Judicial system and if he is not sanctioned strictly, the USA judicial system will continue to be questioned. Why should this one idiot make all of lawyers and prosecutors look bad? His ways must be nipped in the bud.

  20. ♥ 1 Timothy 1:8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly. ♥

    In AZ there seems to be problem with performing the law properly…IMO 😉

    • Self Defense is not and has never been a crime. Jodi A. Arias should have never been charged in the first place. Unfortunately, people needed to make money and names for themselves, so the tragic fairy tale began. A big thanks to the media, the so-called pathetic friends of TA, TA’s family and the corrupted officers of the law in AZ. . . .so much money has been milked from the taxpayers and the sheeple……sad, very sad. 🙁 Still cashing aren’t they?

        • Alot of truth in that statement. It seems people are too lazy to think for themselves, instead they would rather follow the rest of the sheeple to their doom. 🙄 It will happen again and again to other innocent people until a STOP is put to this madness.

  21. I have been catching up on some of the retrial that I didn’t see and Pickles is such a joke. There was a point where JW was questioning Dr. Geffner and Kermit objected with 2 or 3 objections. So of course Pickles sustained it and JW asked which objection was she sustaining and Pickles couldn’t answer the question. She just told JW to move on. Real judges would give the reason why but Pickles probably wasn’t even paying attention.

    • Along those same lines, I once saw Stephens sustain an objection to one of Juan’s questions (and that in itself was a novelty) only to hear Juan follow up with the exact same question and this time Stevens overruled the same objection. She seemed to be not only not paying attention to the trial, she wasn’t even listening to herself.

        • Tiny has a history of this. I too remember this happening over and over in Jodi’s case.

          Objections raised to Juan Martinez’s conduct in Jodi Arias trial By Michael Kiefer The Republic | Fri Feb 28, 2014 11:07 AM

          “Can I ask you a question about something that nobody’s discussed so far?” he asked. “The conduct of the trial prosecutor. It seems to me that at least on several occasions, and by and large the objections were sustained, that the trial prosecutor either ignored rulings by the trial judge or asked questions that the trial judges once ruled improper and then rephrased the question in another improper way. … Short of reversing a conviction, how is it that we can … stop inappropriate conduct?”

          The assistant attorney general struggled to answer.

          Justice Michael Ryan then stepped into the discussion.

          “Well, this prosecutor I recollect from several cases,” Ryan said. “This same prosecutor has been accused of fairly serious misconduct, but ultimately we decided it did not rise to the level of requiring a reversal,” Ryan said. “There’s something about this prosecutor, Mr. Martinez.”

    • Oh, come on people! She wasn’t a multi-tasker! She was too busy making her program for hair-salon, golf, country club dinner, shopping… How was she able to pay attention to what was going on in her courtroom! Give her a break! Do you know how hard it is to make an appointment to have your roots done? Sheesh! (giggling)

  22. Odd how the haters think(really?) that JAII is a hate site…for speaking the truth…the body bag…do they see inside with their x ray vision…duh. Who showed the world the photos in open court and where was the family to stop such. We know that Jodi would never have allowed any but the jury to see such. And then that thing allowed the world to see a young lady exposed or should I say things…fat boy,tiny, and the confused one…the judge any and all should have stopped that RAPE of the soul. Now as to hate from the darkness…My what words they use on a lady…so why not deanna…do she do any less to make t-dog happy? deanna LIED,broke her VOW,and was USED as Jodi…but now deanna is a saint….seems to Me she is the real woman scorned….what better then try to destroy her competition in her odd mind. Seems t-dog knew who he could abuse and did. How often have any seen the bad abused…0…but the good ….so common. As for the words of hate on TRAVIS…blame TRAVIS for doing that…his words his actions his eddie snell…shows his truth….DARKNESS! All men have a choice…he chose evil.

    • Hi Griz,

      The body bag pic represented everything that was good about TA.
      That’s why the abusive POS ended up inside it.

      Drops mic…….

      Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

  23. Thank you SJ…..a good thing he was in that bag and not HER…way to many women end up in them thanks to ABUSERS. How odd is it that …deanna would not let go when t-dog gave her the boot…but held on to the ring! Gee was not deanna around that house too? Seems she was more then just the dog sitter…wonder how t-dog PAID her…no way in $…as he took loans from her…what was stopping her from taking the ring or tossing it…NOTHING. Who was stalking who….if deanna can be believed it was just once she gave in to t-dog….but why then the visits…MOVE ON. And why take naps…does she like being reminded of a failed relationship….she should ask herself…what if that was me on that day….. That man lived to abuse women and children and any who stood in his way…SEE his videos…don’t have to believe Me(Thanks Jodi for them true words.) We at JAII stand for a survivor…..the haters stand for an abuser…or kneel….as that what cults do.On that last day in court I was so proud that Jodi stood up and told the world what they had done for …THE WIN…and now that tiny rat bitches about that….and awaits to make $ off of injustice. A.L. was so right….outing him as an ABUSER…TIME OUT tiny…

  24. Did everyone see that on some Facebook page that they are selling a letter that Jodi wrote for $250.00. So someone is gonna write to her and try to make $ off of it? Really. It makes me sick. I’m sure most of us have written to her and she wrote back but why not keep it to yourself. I hate it how people act like they support her and then they do something like this. No wonder why she has trust issues.

  25. Hi All.
    just wanted to say I really liked the video, good job. thanks for sharing the letter too.
    too bad the haters have to hate & manipulate things to satisfy their evil intentions.

    ~A friend in Canada

  26. So I hear that fat boy has old GRIZ in his book of hate…well I wrote to him once if memory serves Me correct with info that might have helped him in closing. God knows he needed help….9 out of 10 days and seems it was refused at the office and it made it in time that Friday of closing. But here the odd thing…I’d put on it abandon if not able to deliver…don’t fret haters as I’d sent two letters as She had one real lawyer working for Her. And guess what..I got fat boys back as he refused the mail…seems he knows all as a judge…who is never in doubt. Now that’s what I call a fraud of a lawyer…KIRK I’m talking about you…how many letters did you refuse and ignore other info that may have helped….now you write a book…I know who I am…and know the world knows who you are….at least JUDAS found a tree…but you would need a strong tree. you shame your self and are nothing but a sham. Did you leave you manhood on that court room floor? As for the idiot …who posted the rules for self defence…last time I was in a fight for My life there was only ONE rule…SURVIVE. Now America put them rules to ANY cop who kills and see how many cops show up for work the next day….NONE. Remember how 30,000 ran away in L.A.? It was on CNN…and who saved L.A. the MILITARY…after 53 had died. So much for law an order…! May i remind any in Gov. in a CONTINUAL attack that t-dog put upon Jodi,She used as much force as was needed to stop his wrath and no more. All those wounds shows what a out of control thing he was. Untill he was dead he was a threat….remember he told Her ….You have not seen my worst,believe me….on that day he was believed.As for any who believe She never got a fair trial but don’t believe She’s innocent….now that sounds like some one who is playing both sides of the street. Remember it is INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty…seems that jury has a hard time explaining their verdict but are real good at the hate game…mary-lou, diana ,kevin, often i wonder why kevin didn’t do supper with the …FAMILY…talk about a WTF moment in U.S. JUSTICE. And that fool stevo the DET.? getting down with his new buddies…well he is could at crawling and fake shelf tilts. This is the same DET. who brings a loaded glock into a locked room to do an interview….WOW.Who trained that fool……dave hall….who may have loaned a .25…I KNOW TRAVIS NEVER OWNED A GUN…how would that be…DAVE! Was it LOANED?

  27. NAG was on Dr. Phil show yesterday – what a contrast between whacko Nancy and level-headed Dr. Phil!

    She was going on and on about this woman being raped and murdered by Avery and she knew it for a fact. Dr. Phil asked her how she knew that the woman had been raped. She had no answer for him. I thought the body was burned It is to be continued on Monday with the sheriff who was interviewed for the show saying something that he had never said before – cliff hanger for the weekend.

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