“Jodi Arias – A Few Questions” (by Publius Smith)

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  1. Publius Smith, thank you for sharing your point of view and your opinion. You summarized the whole circus trial perfectly!

    It’s unbelievable how people that are considered ‘logical’ still turn a blind eye and pretend that there was no misconduct, no corruption. I am talking about most of the ‘reporters’ that obviously were more interested in what snacks each of them brought to court or what color socks Nurmi was wearing rather than actually paying attention to the trial.

    Let’s just take Jodi out of the equation for a bit: this trial is going down in the history of American trials as the most biased, most corrupted one. This is a great blow to justice. This allows future prosecutors, detectives, State witnesses, State experts and even judges to continue to abuse the law and ‘rape’ justice just because it has been proved that they can get away with it.

    Today it was Jodi, tomorrow it could be any one of those people that refuse to see the obvious. Obstruction of Justice – in any form – is something people should start taking seriously. It’s epidemic and soon before we know it, it will become uncontrollable and everyone can kiss their rights to any sort of fair trial good-bye.

    I think that martinez and his clan of crooks should be held accountable and severely punished by being disbarred and fired from their jobs (and not with only a warning and a slap on the wrist). They should become the example of what happens when the people that swear to obey the law and take oath to serve justice go rogue.

    When the hand starts rotting, we cut it off so it won’t contaminate the rest of the body. martinez, flores, horn, melendez, etc. are decayed, they must be cut off before the whole justice system in Arizona gets infected.


    “Believe while others are doubting.”
    ~~~~ William Arthur Ward

    One day soon everyone will know the Jodi A. Arias that we all LOVE! THE TRUTH WILL BE HEARD!

    • I realize there are a lot of people here who are not from the U.S. but Memorial Day is not supposed to be a “happy” holiday; it’s meant to be a day where those of us in the U.S. reflect on the sacrifices of veterans who have fought for us. If you know a veteran, thank him (or her from Desert Storm on) for his or her service. As for myself, I make it a ritual to do the same, and watch a movie that is appropriate for the same. Lately, it’s been “Saving Private Ryan.” My favorite though is “Gettysburg.” Regardless, thank you for all who have served. God bless America.

      • Thank you for clearing up my misspoken word. You were right on all of the above and I do have veterans in my life, I shouldn’t have made that slip!!! 🙂 Please forgive me. ♥

  3. Great article.. Hitting on the point about the jurors being asked if anyone talked to them about the case. I am following the James Holmes trial and the jurors actually abide by the rules and tell the judge if someone tried to talk to him. There have been issues that the jurors came to the judge about almost weekly now (being asked about the cases, them recognizing people in the trial, etc). They are honest jurors who actually do what they are supposed to.

  4. Jodi’s trial was fixed from start to finish….Lots of Mormons orchestrating the result and they were pissed, when they didn’t get the final decision that they wanted. They fully expected to get everything they wanted because they basically did get the legal beagles to do their bidding. It should have never been a death penalty case in the first place. Much needs to be exposed and it will be—- in due time.

  5. The most disturbing aspect is the responses Mr./Ms. Smith has received to the remarks posted. He/she has been attacked, accused of not being an attorney, and even asked if he/she is going to marry Jodi! It’s so sad that a person cannot speak one’s mind and discuss this case — even on a thought-provoking intelligent blog aimed towards those in the legal profession — without being ruthlessly attacked.

    For years now, I’ve longed to have an intelligent discussion with someone who feels differently than I do about this case and believed (at least some of) the prosecution’s presentation. I have wanted to pick the evidence apart and discuss it, intelligently and calmly, and “see” the other side and why the beliefs were formed as they were. I have wanted to learn why some came to a different belief than me and what convinced them most. (That’s the type of “discussion” that should have been had by jurors during deliberation, after all.) That has never been possible since the beginning of this case. The mob mentality surrounding this case and the desperate need to dehumanize Jodi (as Mr./Ms. Smith points out in subsequent comments) is truly astounding.

    Oddly enough, in the early days of this site, there were a few people who came here to have such discussions. That was the closest it ever came to online reasonable discussion with those who believe differently in this case. (I say “oddly” since this is the ONLY online site that has always primarily allowed those who believe differently than the “masses” to speak their minds. Yet, it was also a very fair site and allowed discourse regarding the issues … before all of that became nothing other than someone momentarily posing as a “sort of supporter” only to later accuse us all of being brainwashed, hunt us down, invade our personal lives, threaten us — and much, much worse. The only other site that has allowed such discourse is the Lawyers On Strike blog.)

    What has happened to our society? Why can we not have intelligent discussions anymore where we look at both sides of a case and try to dissect it, weigh the credibility of each point, and discuss without anger and hatred of one another just because we see things differently? Why did this woman, Jodi Arias, become the most hated woman? Why did her on-again, off-again boyfriend become a subject of hero-worship? While I personally don’t believe it, even if Jodi killed him in cold blood, why is she called a serial killer when nothing in her background or even the facts of this case would point to such a thing in any way, shape or form? Why even now in 2015 is it okay for a man to be sexually active — even a man who publicly professes to be a virgin — but a woman who is sexually active is labeled a whore?

    Unfortunately, I now even see anger occur on this site if someone has a different viewpoint. I see people here strong-arming others to profess ONLY the facts presented during the trial — even though it becomes more and more evident that there was evidence that was NOT presented during the trial — and that some of that evidence was not presented because Nurmi decided not to arduously defend his client as he should have. At least, for the most part, we remain civil to one another here.

    Healthy, respectful, and intelligent debate is good for a mind, particularly an aging one. With such vile remarks, debate is shut down completely. I’m glad to see Mr./Ms. Smith continuing to comment a little. Unfortunately, his/her comments are becoming briefer. It would be so interesting to hear more of his/her perspective (within legal parameters of disclosure). It’s also interesting to hear the perspective of someone who has had considerable exposure to Jodi the person.

    It makes me sad to see the mob descend upon this person in such a fashion. And it makes me wonder why we, as a society, are allowing intelligent debate to be shut down. Most of those wishing to shut down debate didn’t ever know Travis personally and don’t know Jodi, so they don’t even have a real stake in this case. When it all boils down, this is a case where a person was accused (and now convicted) of killing her lover. Neither of them were celebrities prior to this case. They were just average people, just like you and I. It’s a tale as old as time and one that could be found in numerous cases in any courthouse archives in the world — with even more disturbing crime scene photos and more severe injuries. Yet, in this case, something has always been different. Why?

    • Just to be clear, before someone misunderstands what I said … I have wanted a discussion with someone who believes differently, not to be convinced otherwise, but merely to understand why someone watching the same trial came to a different conclusion.

      • Yesterday, Publius Smith left a message for you to contact further, there was an email address. There is someone who will have a discussion with you, StillOutThere!

        • StillOutThere says she’s wanted to have intelligent conversation with someone who DISagrees with her. Looks to me as tho Mr. Smith and StillOutThere are likeminded.

        • Mr/Ms Smith,

          Do you think that lawyers become jaded at some point? How many litigators become absorbed in the fight and just want to win? How many kids went to law school with the thought of changing the world and then student loans became due? Everyone is always bashing Nurmi but he was trying to get off this case from the beginning he wasn’t death penalty qualified anyway. I think your right and lawyers do look at things from both sides but sometimes I think they just don’t care.

          Sorry for rambling.

          • (Mr). And it’s ok to ramble; I’ve been accused of it too. Here are my answers to your questions/thoughts
            1) Absolutely.
            2) I don’t know how many but our job is to zealously advocate (fight) for our clients; however, there are rules so that civility prevails. (Attorney Martinez, in my opinion, brings shame on the profession because he doesn’t honor those rules)
            3) That’s a leading question but I agree with what I think you’re saying, which is that the majority did. I did.
            4) He primarily represented those accused of sex offenses-not easy, let me tell you-but he did have capital cases though I think only two (could be wrong; he has a new website that contains his bio.)
            5) Google “IRAC law school” and see what you get. We’re taught to argue both sides from day one.

            And here’s something from another lawyer named Publius. Note what he says about factions and mobs.

            Publius Smith

    • Still out There – Travis as a hero and Jodi evil. If people do not know Jodi or Travis how can either of them be either of those things. I dont think that Jodi is evil I think she just has some issues but after all dont we all? I also dont think Travis is a hero. I wish people would look at all of the evidence of a particular case and then make a rational decision. Two people can look at the same evidence and have two different opinions of it and that is ok. I agree with you I wish that there could actually be a healthy debate about the case and then maybe each side can learn why the other side believes what they believe.

  6. Thank You so much…P. S….for the truth. i for one know of no trial that was more SHOW then that one appeals courts MUST overturn this injustice. When A B C interviewed marylou diana and kevin they were asked when did you know SHE was guilty…kevin said as soon as SHE opened HER mouth…then all had a big LOL…..THAT,s the jury SHE had……VILE…EVIL…HATE…who betrayed their oath….to bring HER to harm. Wake up America….You may face things as these one day in the st. or court and they,ll railroad you too. Never be afraid to stand up to EVIL…..JODI did that day and still does…We must too.

    • Wayne, I am totally in agreement: this is OUR country, and its future is in OUR hands. If we allow this debacle of a trial to stand as it is now, we are in risk of having this case set a precedent.

    • Should this case become a precedent, any one of US could be on trial suffering the indignities, malfeasance, and deception that have been heaped on this defendant has in the name of evidence, testimony, deliberation, and justice.

      We have judicial rules. In this particular case just about all of its players ignored those rules, in place for every citizen’s protection; it was not in the least a level playing field.

      • Carol Handy – Let me start by saying that i do not mean to offend you with this comment. Jodi is not the only person who has had issues with her trial. Why do you think their are so many innocent projects? People get convicted falsely. There are also people who give false confessions. Do you realize that at any point an innocent person can be on trial fighting for their life? Innocent people go to jail, innocent people have gotten the death penalty.

    • The idiot jurors don’t understand that what goes around comes around:

      For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Matthew 7:2

  7. Something to consider is that appeals courts will not cave into pressure from the Mormon mafia. They review procedure and rule on that only. They do not review or retry cases. The legal briefs cited in the appeal must be on point and written well.
    God Bless everyone on this site and our Jodi


    • Trixels, the higher courts are only made up of judges promoted from the lower courts – and if you don’t think corruption plays any part at all in who gets promoted and who doesn’t, ask yourself how Sherry Stephens ended up on a Superior Court bench.

      • Isn’t it frustrating when wherever we look, all we see is corruption? It saddens me knowing that a human being’s value is zero compared to fame and money that heartless, unethical people seek. 🙁

    • Does that mean sorta like “all things work together”….Jodi needs a village…and well, I’ll leave out the idiots part! And tinfoil hats and…..:)

    • jojnjo THANKS!!!
      I have a question and hope it isn’t offensive to anyone here but, the Catholic Church’s and Priest took a lot of heat about child molesting, but for some reason the media isn’t touching this.
      I wonder why!

      Also the Catholic members didn’t stand behind them and try to cover and make excuses, WHILE
      the Mormons are protecting their church and their members.

      Any organization should never be able to cover for molesting children.

      • Ali, you are perfectly right, but I must state the Catholic church were much like the Mormons are today in the fact that they used to sweep any abuse stories against them under the carpet & send the offending priest elsewhere to continue abusing children. All that stopped when the story of Institutional abuse broke & so many cases came upon the Catholic Church like a tsunami now every case is reported & priest found out who have abused or are still abusing have being handed over to the authorities where ever the priest is resident. Pope Francis has a “Strict Policy” regards abuse in the church.

        The Mormon Church on the other hand still hide abuse & side with the abuser, by covering it up or getting their powerful cronies/pals on high to suppress the story or help them diminish same. And another crazy thing is that they get their lawyers to use the US First Amendment to stay silent when it reaches court.

          • Yes, times are changing!!
            The Mormon need a breaking of a story like a tsunami!
            What’s wrong with the media that covers for them too.

            People talk the talk when it comes to child abuse, but when it’s happening right under their
            noses they ignore it.
            Child abuse needs to stop. If the media is also going to cover for them,
            THEY are just as bad.

            Like jojnjo said they’ll use the US First Amendment.
            I don’t believe any of that should come before stopping child molesters.

            If they can make a difference in the Catholic Church, they can do it in ANY of them.
            Shame on any of them for thinking it’s OK.
            I think too, jojnjo, that the members in the Catholic Church when hearing about it were pissed, while the Mormons aren’t.
            Do you think that makes a difference?

    • I think these clinging ta trolls must be some of the sex abused Mormon children but grown now. Man, do they ever have some real issues!! ALL they want to talk about is Jodi’s personal body parts!!! They must remember is TRAVIS was all about Jodi’s loving parts too!;) for 2 years! He would of never left Jodi alone. He cheated on every girlfriend he had to be with Jodi! These trolls need to recognize!!! NEVER SEEN SUCH MADNESS/SICKNESS in my life as I have with these perverted ta so called supporters! Gutter minded rats is what they are! AND THE GREEN EYED MONSTERS REARS THEIR UGLY HEADS! The book of morons!

    • My opinion about religion is known. When I hear about pedophilia being covered it enrages me. Whatever religion it is. But when you hear stupid mormon rules like: no coffee, tea, cola’s allowed or no alcohol or no sex before marriage as bigtime sins then you have to wonder: how can this be possible when they don’t really care about children being sexually abused? Paranoia.

  8. Very interesting what is said by the attorney. Maybe he/she could recommend a good appeal lawyer for Jodi.

      • dwight,
        Who is Duggar?
        I don’t think I’m familiar with that name.
        There’s been so many in this corruption.
        Doesn’t sound like a nice person either.

      • Oh, the guy on that 19 Kids and Counting??
        I didn’t know anything about that show, just heard.
        But, he’s mormon?
        Who’s kids are those??

          • Carol,
            19 brothers and sisters??
            Is the Mother still alive and is this another reality show?
            Does the counting mean more to come? gads!

            • Their last baby was born premature not that long ago and wasn’t in the best of health. The mom still looks surprisingly good and has a young looking face. Now the kids are having kids!

              • Yeah! It was actually Joshs mother Michelle, that had the premature baby. Number 19. Number 20, was stillborn and there hasn’t been anymore for the parents since then. Josh and Anna haven’t been married all that long actually but seem well on their way to having 1 a year much as his parents did! They have number 4 due to pop any day now, 2 boys 2 girls after this next girl is born soon.

                When we first heard of them I was flabbergasted to say the least! My family makes fun of us for having 6 very spread out 3 boys, 3 girls. But I was divorced and he was too but he had no children. We were both mortified that anyone in their right minds would seek to purposefully have 1 child a year for 19 years! That’s not even healthy for the mothers body!

                People like them start flapping their gums about “God and birth control”. Back in the day of Sarah and Abraham, no one lived long enough to even begin a life geared towards one child a year! Children were often not even named for months because infant and early childhood mortality rates were so high! Oh Lord! Now I have gotten myself started on this family!

                The only way they could make 1 pregnancy a year work, and home school mind you, was that each baby was given a solid 1st year with Mom-Michelle, breastfeeding. Then as she gets pregnant AGAIN, the 1 yr old is handed off to an older child who is their assigned “BUDDY” . AH YES! The Buddy, get up each day, get themselves ready, then dresses, cleans, changes, combs, brushes ect, their little Buddy. And then feeds themselves and their buddy. As time works on and the family grew, the oldest, being Josh and the next older a sister, had 2 buddies to care for and help home school.

                No telling exactly how many young girls he has victimized! Or how often! Since he was main caregiver for many of his younger sisters day in and day out! Who were nonverbal and could not tell anyone! No one would have listened anyway I would imagine! All for the privledge of spawning a child a year for Jim Bob and Michelle! I felt like a failure as a parent….until last week that is! Because I tell you what, no one harmed my children in that way or anyway! But esp that way! I would be in prison right now! But it would of been worth it because no one should treat children in such a way!

                What kind of a parent doesn’t know this crap is going on in their home or at least has some idea that something is UP?

                No one is cured of this behavior and even still, Josh wasn’t even treated in all actuality anyway. Another lie! I have lost count how many times the 10 commandments were broken over just this one kid and this one issue! I would throw up if we really knew the truth!

                Sorry…didn’t mean to babble. It’s just time all the truth get out about these people who had many, many others sold out just like me, on nothing but LIES!

        • Seemingly he told his wife about what he done two years before they married. Her duty was to tell the authorities but “No” not a soul did she tell. What did she do? She went on on to marry him & have more children. He an “Independent Baptist” his church is the (Church of Nazarene) well try telling that to his children? He having more independent baptisms that I’ve had hot dinners.

          What is the world coming to?

  9. ‘Sheriff Joe Arpaio Is Racking Up Legal Bills. He Wants You To Help Pay Them’.

    Arpaio wrote in his email, “In some instances I have to personally pay for attorneys to represent me in these cases. I do not have the personal wealth or the wherewithal to keep up with the costly demands of paying for attorneys to defend me.”

    BOOOO-HOOOOO!!! Cry me a fucking river racist! Nor did all those people that you illegally threw in prison, you asshole! Karma is just starting with you, racist joe arpaio! JUST STARTING! You will pay for all the shit you’ve pulled to all other humans that had the misfortune to pass by your jail.

    You made Jodi’s life miserable and in many cases stepped on her rights, stole her personal belongings from her cell and fueled the public’s hatred. You thought you were above god or god himself. Seems that you forgot about KARMA! And she is PIIIIISSSSED at you!


    • Pandora,
      He must be joking!!!
      Like we say, some times they think Karma asleep, but she’s
      PAYING very close attention.
      Oh, so sorry sherrif A!!
      Like Pandora said cry us a river.
      I have a feelng the tax payers are crying too, you think? : )
      They’ve done ehough, surely at one point, they’ve had enough, HOPEFULLY!!!!
      So join the rest enjoying your camp, then tell us how you REALLY feel about
      how lovely it is. : )

    • Another one Pandora!
      Mother Nature is totally pissed.
      It’s been raining here almost all evening and into the morning.
      Some of down town Houston is already flooded.
      I wish whoever is pissing her off would stop. : )

        • Sandra and Cindy,
          Cindy I feel so bad for your cousin. It is a very scary feeling.
          I was in Allison, first time we ever flooded. I didn’t know the water comes straight up through the floors. I was thinking it would come like under the doors and started putting towels down when I realized I was sitting in water already!!! OMG!! It scared me so bad.

          Sandra, you’re a saint. How nice of you. I’m sure those stranded motorist were very thankful to you.You turned a lot of frowns into smiles. : )
          Thank you from Houston and those lucky people that you helped. : )

            • Thanks Cindy,
              Fortunately we are fine where we are now.
              I feel so bad for those people.
              I can’t believe it either.
              WOW, the lightening was worse than I’ve ever seen,
              It was one of those light shows, I do not like!!!!!
              It did strike an apartment. Poor people, I felt so bad for them.
              Bad enough to have to run out from a fire, but into a flood.
              So sad!!!!

    • Wonder why Arpaio doesn’t ask his family to support him since they have been running the JAIL Commissary for all the years he has been the Sheriff??? That is why he served stale bread and pink bologna so they could make BIG bucks off of the inmates selling them over priced snacks. That should be criminal, all by its self IMO! It appears Arpaio has taken care of his family for years let them foot the bill if he thinks he is in trouble!!! The Maricopa County taxpayers shouldn’t give one red cent to help him. It is past time for them to wake up and see what has been happening right before their very eyes!!!!! 😯 H E L L O !!!!

      • R.Love,
        Shame on him and his family.
        I’ve been hoping this jackass would get hs time in prison.
        It WILL happen.
        Hope he likes pink bologna sandwichs.
        STALE BREAD????
        What a jerk!!!!

      • R., you are absolutely right! I’m sure him and his family have made more than enough off of all those inmates so many years. Jodi was their ‘goldmine’ when it came to buying stuff from the commissary. But why should they waste their precious money???? Let the suckers pay… 😉

    • Just when you think pieces of shit like Arpaio and the Alexscammers can’t get any lower….. bam!! They open their filthy mouths and prove us wrong! LOL!

      I said it before, and since it UPSET THE SD HATERS SO MUCH, lemme reiterate:
      Arpaio should drop dead right NOW and do humanity a favor!
      And no I am not cruel, no my mother is NOT the same age as him (wtf? I am 32, my mother is 20 years younger than Arpaio. Duuuhhh!) and even if she were the same age as Arpaio believe me she hasn’t even harmed a fly in her life. Unlike that obese racist pig!! So the comparison? A moot point.

      DROP.DEAD.ARPAIO. Hitler your idol is waiting. Travis is waiting, too. You will all have fun in hell together 😉
      Bwahahahaha!! 😆

        • Do you think maybe his Mother dropped him on his head when he was a baby????? 🙄

          OR maybe he doesn’t have a Mother but came straight from the bottomless pits of Hell????

            • Gotta love you R!!!!!! You made me LOL!!! 😆

              If I had to choose between mother-dropping-him and Planet Colobb, I’d choose the bad bad BAAAAAAAAD Norma Bates momma figure. Only way to make sense of his adult sadistic behavior.

      • Maria, I’m glad you’re on the side that’s right & just. The other side better get to know the calibre of people who want Justice for Jodi…’cos we’ll never give up till she gets it. And that means “Freedom”!

      • So the low blows continue from the haters: wishing your mom ill? WOW! How is that possible? Do they know her? Have they ever heard of her?

        On the contrary, we know Arpaio and his sadistic, racist, evil character. We know about the revengeful, vile, hating character of the alexanders. We know of the lying, scumbag, pedophile character of travis.

        But ya, whatever. You can’t fight stupid. I don’t even know why you go check out that page. They’re all just clowns with nothing better to do than stalk JAII ALL DAY. It’s their illusion that they are doing something productive in their lives. 🙄 “Pandora wrote this…”, “Maria wrote that….” “SJ posted this….” “xyz said that….” zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz snore. Aren’t they bored already? I would be very bored if I had to ‘steak out’ a site that I hate ALL DAY just in case I get to read a ‘bombshell’ that will make me the ‘hero’ of the page I’m a member of. How childish. It reminds me of “Mommy! Look what I found!” And mommy rewards them with a pat on the head and a ‘good job’! LOL!

  10. Josh Dugger is not a morman. His family follows a very strict fundamental christian sect. Just setting the record straight for you. I do have a question though, why did Jodi wait soooo looong to bring out the pedo information and what happened to the original letters? Personally I would have been shouting that from the roof tops from day one. I know about “protecting Travis” and all but it just does not make sense to me.

    • Jodi was sitting in Joe’s jail, while the public defenders kept coming and going, leaving her and her case in their dust. When Dr. Samuels was hired by the defense – at the time Nurmi was wanting to leave the case – Jodi was so suicidal that he bought her that infamous self-help book to try to get her to the point that she could even assist in her defence. She and her defence team were being lied to by the prosecution and told that evidence did not exist, even up to the start of the penalty retrial, so the fact that the pedo letter did not come up until later is certainly not a surprise to me, especially when what Jodi wanted all along was to go quietly to jail so that none of the dirt – and there sure turned out to be a lot of it – about T-Dogg would not be made public.

    • Lucinda,
      How do you know that Jodi didn’t tell someone earlier?
      I believe she did..

      It’s one thing we say, we would be screaming from the rooftops, but she didn’t have a rooftop to get on.
      She was stuck in a cell, with everyone calling her liar.

    • Jodi explained why in the trial. She LOVED Travis with all her heart, and was in denial that she killed someone she loved. She was going to kill herself, and she wanted to take Travis’s awful secrets to the grave to avoid hurting his family and also because she was ashamed. Obviously, she should have told Flores the whole truth from day one, but she didn’t.

    • Lucinda,
      Canada Carol’s comment pretty much covered everything. The answer is simple but first can you please define what you mean by ” soooo looong” ?

      No, Jodi did not wait long AFTER she decided to come clean. There’s a chronological order the events happened which makes pefect sense to anyone who wishes to look at this objectively.

      Jodi was arrested in July, 2008. She was suffering from dissociative amnesia and PTSD. She knew she MUST have been the one having harmed Travis since she was there. BUT she could NOT remember a single thing after the gun went off. So put yourself in her shoes. You’re in jail accused of murder, yet you cannot remember anything! So she of course resorted to lying, coming up with the intruders story out of denial, desperation, guilt, disgust, fear, shock, panic, being ashamed, and while she was trying to come to terms with the fact that she was responsible for Travis ‘death she hold steadfast to that.

      HOW could she have said anything about Travis’ pedophilia tendencies when her version of events painted Travis in nothing but a favorable light? SHE knew the truth about him however she had to maintain his facade so as to make ehr story believable.
      ” Travis was great, I would never hurt him, yes we had a forbidden sexual affair but that was about it, we were together that day, some intruders killed him. ” ——— that was her story at the time. Where is room for pedophilia claims in that story? Nope, nowhere.

      But 2010 came,Dr Samuels entered the game as Carol pointed out ^^^^ and once Jodi told THE TRUTH she was no longer suicidal and Travis’ whole picture and real nature and character were finally out in the open.

      So, to answer your question: no Jodi did not wait sooo long. Once she decided to tell the truth, she told the Truth and nothing but the Truth. 😉

      • I have written a few times about donating, but no one will answer my question about the trust fund. I spoke to my financial advisor and he told me that I have no say about where my money goes in an irrevocable trust. Can someone please verify or explain how this money will be used for Jodi, for sure?
        Thank you

    • Duggar is not Mormon. I don’t think we’d find a link to the Hughes. However, “Quiverrfull” the new age religion they DO follow has some weird quirks. Women are blamed for any and all problems with fertilization / matter what the cause. They believe that a woman should have NO SAY in pregnancies that are a result of rape or incest. Duggar says he believes incest should be punishable by death . Wonder if he will relinquish himsel? Haha.

    • Let’s not forget that Jodi DID testify – during the first trial – that she caught travis wanking his salami to a picture of a young boy. martinez called her a liar and made it a point to persuade the jury of that. We saw how that turned out for martinez during the second trial when -with documented proof- it was INDEED proven that travis was a sick pedo-hugger.

      Let’s not forget that we don’t know why during the first trial the defense team didn’t insist on Jodi’s testimony that travis was not the saint everyone wanted to see him as.

      Sometimes I think that Jodi made a whole lot of progress in the few weeks she was representing herself than what the DT did in all those years of representing her.


    ♥ Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. ♥

    Don’t forget to DONATE to the APPEALS FUND!!!! No gift is too small. . in fact. . .it doubles!!!!!!! ♥

    • Exactly!!!!

      Don’t forget about the Matching-Gift Campaign —– August 1st, last day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. This is the video of a group of the Juror’s being questioned after the pre-trial verdict…from it you will see how biased they were, how they hadn’t or weren’t given very much information about the first trial as they admit themselves, as they didn’t even consider the porn because they said the Defence over played the point. But then since they hadn’t received the transcripts/videos of first trial they would have seen that Martinez over & over & overplayed calling Jodi a Liar for the fact she was telling the truth about the porn/child porn. Of course they wanted Juror 17 to be dumped for another who would do as they wanted to do. And all this adds up to the fact that the Judges instructions at start of trial were broken/disobeyed most of the time & counted for nothing…because this case was from the off totally “Biased”. They also say they didn’t like Martinez at beginning of pre-trial because he was too aggressive? Sorry guys the trials I watched he was aggressive all through both trials. And shucks, they say they got to like him a lot. Well they would, seeing they were his “Partners in Crime”!

    PS. Even though you won’t like a lot of this video it is still good watching it all to see how truly biased the media & mob were against her. Jury starts around 2.36: 10 or thereabouts if you want to skip the likes of Troy Hayden & Bad Company.

  13. OK once more where are the original pedo letters? This is a very big problem for me. If there is not a resonable explanation about what happen to them then I have trouble with Jodi’s entire story. I want so much to simply believe her but this is tangible. That is what I mean by how I asked (sooo looong) my question the first time. Maybe someone can help me with this, if not sorry for asking.

    • If you want so much to ‘simply believe her’, try this:

      The defense is under no obligation to prove anything. It is up to the state to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt. That’s the law. It is the opinion of the contributors here that the state failed miserably in that task.

      The location of the letters – or even their existence – is of no consequence at this point. Nor are the hundreds of thousands of personal opinions about this case – including yours and mine. We don’t need to waste each other’s time with arguments repeated ad nauseum. It doesn’t matter what we think, it’s out of our hands. It’s up to the appellate courts to decide whether this trial met the standards required BY LAW.

    • Lucinda, your narrow focus on one point missing the whole picture reminds of a certain lying individual who prosecuted this case. Are you sure your name isn’t Juan?

    • I had some posts on my blog up about this,but I’m trying to go in a new more positive direction lately. First thing I thought was well, if I’d written a letter like that, i’d damn sure keep the original….and lots more…

      • Right Sandra! I believe the letter (copy) was proven to be in TA’s hand as testified by an expert..but of course was not admissible as per pickles!!

  14. Lucinda, seems that you have more than one problem with this issue…

    !. The timing of “sooo looong”. There’s ordinary time, i.e. day-to-day time as in the moon rising and the sun setting, etc. Then there’s gossip time, as in over-the-fence-pillow talk-HLN hearsay–and-then-CNN-and-ABC-sound-waves-surpassing-the-speed-of-light timing. And then there’s court timing: Investigations, rules of evidence, witnesses deposed, motions filed and considered, proceedings continued, delayed, evidence precluded, etc., – the slow-moving freight train of a trial. Please see Court Documents on the above tab. The letters have been an issue before the court for years.
    2. The originals/copies. IMO, it’s not reasonable to doubt Jodi’s “entire story” simply because there are no originals in sight. There could be many reasons for this, just as there are a myriad of reasons that originals are typically separated from copies in day-to-day operations. Pretty certain, given the abysmally low stance of the state with respect to changing the wound sequence as the maneuver suited their purposes, sketchy testimony about the autopsy report, intentional clumsiness with evidence, (camera dropping), losing evidence, (memory cards) withholding evidence (communications that were finally admitted after years of denials of their existence), denials of the existence of computer viruses, scrubbers, deletions, a 2008 hard-drive mirror image, etc., (computer evidence finally revealed in the penalty re-trial) that the letters, in their original form, would be better off anywhere – that is, if they still exist – other than relegated to the care of MCLE, i.e. placed in the police evidence room that was apparently breached at 11:00pm in June, 2009. That is not to say that there is any evidence that originals do exist, as far as I know, it’s just that I don’t find anything particularly trustworthy about Monty, Morty, Melody, Flory or Hornswoggle, given what has transpired thus far in this case.

    • This seems to be a good place to insert the FACT that the gaggle of detectives originally sent to Yreka to arrest and investigate Jodi:

      LIED and covered up that it was in EVIDENCE that the very small local Yreka community DOES tend to use the nick name of Margarittaville” when casually talking about Casa Ramos restaurant where Jodi had worked.

      Lazy, lazy defense attorneys. Shame on them AGAIN!

      • So very many things they didn’t question or investigate for themselves….yes, seabird, shame on them!

      • Yes seabird, I always did believe that the reference to “Margarittaville ” by Jodi Arias was NOT A LIE, and probably not an actual name of a business establishment, but a generalization or nickname of a cozy bar-like establishment.
        …Just like the word “Cheers” (that place in the TV series from 1982 to 1993) has always been the generalization or nickname of dozens of “cozy places that know your name” …(like Margarittaville)!!
        …It is just like if I said I went to a 7-11 the other night to get gas, it does not mean I went to a specific place named 7-11, but could be a generalization of a quick stop place to get gas.
        …Jodi is innocent, she told the truth about one of the dozens of “Margarittaville places” she worked.

  15. Friday, December 7, 2007

    Someday, I’m going to give Sky Hughes a great, big hug, a heartfelt hug and I will probably cry, but they will be tears of love and joy. I’ve loved her like a sister and I cannot describe the pain of being cut off from what once was her supportive friendship. I still love her like a sister. If she were to read this right now, she’d probably think it is “weird” or maybe even borderline creepy. Nah, I doubt the latter. For when love is true & pure & unconditional, such lower vibrational perspectives melt away. I say that one day I will give her a warm, sincere embrace, and I know this is true like I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. If it doesn’t happen in this life, if we fail to reach that point in this life, it will happen in the next life. It will happen in the eternities, as we are sisters, we are daughters of our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother. How can I help but love one who is come from the same creative source as myself? How can I help but love all life everywhere.

    I found this particular journal entry very poignant… (great and big were underlined in the journal)

    • Reminded me of this quote:

      “It’s really a wonder that I haven’t dropped all my ideals, because they seem so absurd and impossible to carry out. Yet I keep them, because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart.”
      ― Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl

      Sky has proven to be a huge disappointment to many IMO. . . . .but there is always H O P E.

      • I do give Jennifer Willmott credit for how she pushed aside the systemic meanness in this overcharged case when she pleaded for Jodi’s life in the first trial.

  16. The depths of despicability knew absolutely no low with that reviling Mexican crustacean. He had to even make sure he announced the exact address of her grandmother’s house in open court so his disciples of dung could harass her and her grandfather. What a slug.

    I think I’ve got it figured out. In his former lives, Martinez was a maggot.

  17. ♥ Don’t forget to write to Jodi in when you get the chance. . . .plus DONATE to the Appeals Fund!!!!!
    Jodi is counting on all of us and WE WILL NOT LET HER DOWN EVER!!!!!! 😉

  18. To all my friends living in Texas and other areas where the weather is dangerous, please stay safe. ♥♥♥

    • Thanks Pandora!!
      I have NEVER seen the lightening so bad in my life.
      I think my friends near Conroe are going to get it pretty bad tonight
      and was just going to call them and ask if they would like to come over.

      It’s so hard to walk away from your home, not knowing if it’s going to
      still be there when you get back.

      Thanks again for caring so much! : )

  19. Thank you all for your responses. You are right of course, at this point my questions are really moot. I totally agree that Ms. Arias did not have a fair bite at the apple as they say and at the very least deserves a new trial. Sometimes my adult ADD gets the best of me!

      • Dear Mr. Smith:

        Thank you for helping Jodi. My sense is that if she had been tried in CA, she would have gotten off with either self-defense, or manslaughter, and with good behavior, walked after a few years. However, I think the chances of a successful appeal in AZ are much less. The witch hunt mentality is so strong, it would take a very strong judge or jury to stand against it.

        Any chance that an appeal could take place in another State, or is that impossible?

  20. Yay Cali criminal defense lawyers know what’s up! Great article Publius Smith thank you for coming forward 🙂

  21. Publius Smith,

    1. Jodi Arias was convicted on purely circumstantial evidence admitted under heresay. Ultimately I wonder how the accusation Martinez put forward that Jodi “Staged a Burglery” and “Stole her Grandfather’s Gun” will hold up in the appellate system.
    No proof beyond a reasonable doubt was submitted to support this claim. In Fact, the proof submitted indicates that there is a GIGANTIC HOLE in this accusation.
    The Bullet extracted from Mr. Alexanders Head is a 50 Grain .25 Caliber Full Metal Jacket Bullet.
    The weapon Jodi was accused of stealing is noted in the Yreka Police Report as being loaded with Hollow-Point Bullets which weigh 37 grains.
    Martinez cherry picked a police report and it will bite him in the end. He is required by law to rely on facts alone. The facts are that the police report in California and his crime scene evidence DO NOT MATCH.

    2. Martinez nor the Defence every attempted to recreate the crime scene. Most importantly, Martinez has a Legal Requirement to explain EXACTLY STEP BY STEP What happened in that scene. They Cannot. WHY? Because they are Right handed people and the scene does not fit a right handed persons view of the world.
    Fact is Jodi did kill Travis and she did it alone. Jodi killed travis in just over 3 and a half minutes. WHY? Well recreate the photograph taken at 5:31:14 There is only one way that photo can be duplicated… I’ve done it and what you will see is Travis Attacking Jodi.

    3. The Sequence of Events “proposed” by Martinez cannot under any circumstances recreate the crime scene and place evidence in the required location. In Short his theory is false which makes it a lie which makes it perjury with makes it null and void which becomes exculpatory.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Martinez is a world class liar that attacked anyone and everyone who disagreed with his game plan. His evidence is corrupt, his tactics were shameful and unethical, and he damn near got away with it. Furthermore all the critical digital evidence was tampered with or destroyed by Martinez while in his custody “especially the camera he damaged in the courtroom” simply because he does not want that evidence talking. Case in point a Hard Drive of Alexanders with 160,000 Porn Files that did not exist during the Guilt Phase. Oh but they did and he thought that damaged evidence could not talk.

    We have a world class attempted murder here. We have a world class cover up of epic proportions.

    4. Now as for the Mormon Church involvement. What disturbs me was that prosecution witness Vernon Parker. That man was caught lying on three or four occasions? He couldn’t keep his story straight for his life. Here this man was a three time Mormon Bishop and a Stake President and he was repeatedly caught lying about Alexanders whereabouts. What was really unusual about his testimony was that he seemed to have poor working knowledge of the systems, policies and procedures of the Mormon Church despite his experience within it, at least that’s what he wanted us to believe.

    He did admit one thing of interest, That Alexander worked for him. I wonder what will happen when someone researches the employment and tax records of his business and finds the address that Alexander was living at. I bet it was his. I bet it will show exactly what the defence claimed. And I bet that he was trying to cover up Alexanders tracks. HE KNEW Alexander was a Paedophile and he did nothing to stop him and he will be an accessory if someone comes forward that was abused by Alexander as a child.

    I’m quite certain that the Mormon Stonewall will begin to crumble there. When it does, the relationship between Parker, Alexander, and Reid will raise some eyebrows. I think it’s pretty obvious that there is a deep secret those people were hiding. Why else would a Mormon Bishop who is sworn to total confidentiality, name names and accuse that Jake Thompson person of being on the computer, when there was no possible way he could have been, but claim “Confidentiality” on Alexander.
    When I read between the lines, my thought is, that Parker was more or less sent to Kill Jodi at the request of Deanna Reid and the Alexander Crime Family, or at least insure that it would most likely be done.

    Only my two cents.

  22. I just learned that Steven Alexander, Travis Alexander’s younger brother, is seriously ill. I had heard reports re the same but I thought he was improving. Those who are motivated by hate in this whole tragic affair will probably find this hard to believe but I want Steven to GET WELL and live a long life. He’s a father and is loved by his family. I wish him the best.

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