Jennifer Willmott – Opening Statements from Jan 2nd

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In the midst of this prosecutorial misconduct riddled circus & reality TV show – I thought this would be a good time to post Jennifer Willmott’s Opening Statements from day 1 of the trial.

I had planned to write some more on Martinez’ showboating antics, but I’ve written too much about that stupid ass already.

So here again are the Opening Statements from January 2nd.

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Team Jodi

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“Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott began her opening statement by telling the jury Arias killed Alexander in self-defense. She described the couple’s relationship as psychologically abusive and controlling, stating Alexander kept Arias as his “dirty little secret,” Meanwhile, Willmott stated Alexander repeatedly degraded Arias by telling his friends that she was a stalker.

On the day of the murder, Willmott said Arias was subjected to rough vaginal sex. Willmott stated Arias killed Alexander while she was defending herself against her angry ex-boyfriend after she dropped his new camera. Willmott discussed two time stamped photos taken on the day of the murder. One photo points up at the bathroom ceiling light after apparently accidentally falling. The other, a bloody photo of Alexander. Willmott concluded by telling the jury that if Arias had not chosen to defend herself in the one minute that passed in between those photos being taken, she would not be here today.”

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  1. So I was just watching Robin and they played a little clip of Nancy. I had my finger on the remote to turn it or mute it but guess what? Nancy was very subdued and somewhat understated in her assessment of the domestic violence expert. I think she’s skeered! lol Is the trial on today?

    • yeah I know! she knows to watch herself with this subject matter,give her some time though her hate is swelling.

      • I would think prosecutors that are the least bit sleazy an want to convict even when they may have a little doubt about what happened probably are very weary right now as what is going on in TX could happen anywhere.

        I know everyone has to have a lawyer whether innocent or guilty but trying to make people believe untruths to convict is wrong. An a lot of the hear say as in…….. well so an so said she was a stalker an she was slashing tires an following Travis on dates.

        Where is the PROOF of any of that? an why would TRAVIS keep such a NUT CASE if that was the CASE in the NUMBER ONE SPOT on his MY SPACE? that makes no sense at all. All hear say all LIES to make JODI out to be a weirdo an Travis the pure innocent virgin being hounded by a whore the whole thing makes me sick !

        People on here say we are not suppose to HATE well it is very hard for me to actually be FAIR to the other side when there is obviously a WITCH HUNT going on an making the PUBLIC a LYNCH MOB.

        • Rhonda in Alabama, I was thinking the same thing today about what happen in Texas. I don’t think we shroud hate, but the state can prove a point without having to lie just to convict someone and give the death penalty. that’s cruel.

          • Yes so where do they cross the LINE in that ? I don’t get it. I do not see how either type of lawyer could do their job with out feeling guilty after seeing all the evidence an still want to put a person to DEATH? I know they have a JOB but is there not some kind of morals in that job also? I just don’t get it.

    • NG has to walk a fine line on the domestic violence issue. She knows she has a lot of viewers that were/are victims of DV so she can’t say that the types of violence that AV is speaking about are crap theories. She would have too many “fans” contacting her saying that those different types of DV occur because they have first hand experience.

  2. Oh and when JW gave that opening statement I was like ‘no way!’ but now I am like ‘yes way’ and am hoping for a full out acquittal for Jodi!! Like most people I had formed my opinion on snippets of news that mentioned ‘stalking, drove 1000 miles to off him, extent of injuries, she’s a liar, he was the greatest guy etc blah blah,’ While I am sorry for the family and see it as a tragedy, now that I have heard the whole story I feel Jodi was driven by fear on that final day when a series of events led her to do what she did.

  3. Something I just posted on another site, confronting the other side ( a nice enough chap, we have civil discussion mostly ):

    Just think about how extreme your theory is.

    You are supposing Arias to be the greatest liar and actress that ever lived ( they said the same about Amanda ).
    And also a psychopath with no criminal record or leakage whatsoever ( I guess they said the same about Amanda )
    You are supposing her defence lawyers to have invented a very complex tale for her ( based on what information? )
    That’s not how defence lawyers work. They just want their client to tell them the truth ( I’m sure Clive will vouch for that ).
    And it’s exactly the same for Dr Samuels.
    And I guess Alyce LaViolette as well – is she in on the conspiracy as well?

    So we would conclude that Nurmi ( who is just a public defender ), risks his entire career, and even jail, for no reason.
    And Samuels as well.
    And LaViolette as well.
    A fantastic conspiracy theory.

    Crooked lawyers do exist, but they are paid for by gangsters, rich people. This is not that type of situation. OJ Simpson, maybe.

    We could look at what information Samuels and Nurmi had when they first went to see Arias. I expect it would be very little.
    Samuels testified that the self-help book he gave her would not have helped her to fool his tests.
    The implication is that Arias had no access to books or information that could have helped her devise a fantastic made up story with no flaws.

    Just exercise some scepticism for heavens sake!

    Do some googling on “defence lawyer ethics”.

    • Well and if I was going to try to fake a mental illness
      in order to get out of a jail sentence I would never
      think PTSD. I have no doubt she really has that. She’s not
      going up pick a defense that puts her in court if she’s gonna fake things.
      She would have picked something that deemed her insane
      and not accountable at all.

      As you said though, everything adds up. Even when most
      people talk trash from Travis’ camp. Things like
      the waitress who said she would give up tables to talk to Travis.
      Sounds to NG that she’s obsessed. Sounds to me like
      she’s really scared to upset him.

      What kind of person does what Travis’ friends even admit?
      He used her for sex, he hid her like his little blow up doll
      but would not let her date other people. He got off on convincing
      her to leave a 4 year relationship.

      Nothing adds up with the prosecutions theory. So she planned to kill Travis
      and left a bunch of witnesses to the fact that she was out on the road. This being a woman who
      is known to travel long distance to meet up with him. She went in and had
      sex with him and allowed photos to be taken when she planned to kill him?
      She dyed her hair and there was how many people who would have seen her
      if she dyed it for his benefit? Wouldn’t a wig have fit that bill better if that’s where
      Martinez was going? She could have been the blonde again in minutes. She had sex with
      him in the office. Was there any cleanup there? Nope! She would have remembered
      the check if she had. She slits his thrown then suddenly remembers she has a gun and decides
      she should add another weapon to the mix after the job is already done?
      Need I go on?

      • Good Points Mollymack,just a note,it was stated that TA liked the little 12 year old with pigtails type girl,remember the photos of Jodi that day,she had her hair in pigtails,coincidence maybe or fantasy satisfaction,Just saying.There are numerous things that do not add up at this trial,I have stated these before, I believe that there is no way she could inflick all that damage to TA and then drag him down the hall and put him in the shower,every try to drag someone that is 200 lbs,dead weight at that on a floor that was wet and covered in blood,would have been pretty slippery.Why would you leave a camera behind and just take the gun.She was there for hours,anybody could have dropped in,not to mention the roomies.How do you account for 5 days that go by and nobody missed TA,especially the roomies,What did they go on vacation?I have driven through Utah,and yes there are stretches of road that has no services for miles,I dont blame her taking spare gas.In my opinion if I planned to go to kill someone,It would be in out and go,I certainly wouldnt linger around the scene.Jodi is covering up something,there was someone else there or came later.Jodi is intelligent,something aweful happened that fateful day which caused her to snap.I would also like to mention how the media keeps pulling these never seen video footage clips about Jodi out at convienent times.Dr Drew and Nancy make me puke,Nancy has been sued by the families of 2 people that committed suicide because of her vile mouth,maybe Nancy will do us a justice and follow suit.The prosecution has not proven premeditated M1,the only thing Jodi is guilty of is lying,Who wouldnt,she was scared,the cops lie to you and pressure you into things that they want you to say,Jodi was unfortunate not to have a lawyer at the begining,she was tricked.Now there is the Hughes,Lying pair of bastards that to save face and make TA look like the little ever so innocent alter boy,they have thrown Jodi to the wolves.I hope the best for Jodi and the last week has been awesome for her,I hope is not to late in the trial for this.The defence have done a good job,they have had the deck stacked against them from the begining.Lets all keep the support of for Jodi,God Bless.

        • And if Jodi was to premeditate she would have picked up a prepaid disposable Visa or carried all cash. She had cash to deposit into her account. Someone premeditating this would have just used the cash all along the way. And she would have picked up a Go Phone for emergencies and forgotten her traceable phone at home.

          No premeditation.

        • I feel if she was planning to get rid of him she would choose a much better spot.

          Since they had the habit of meeting without anyone knowing he was with her she could have easily lured him with a sexy rendezvous in some remote desert spot.

          Maybe during an hike on a secluded trail with a steep drop, oops! she bumps him (really shoves him, cuz remember, she has this all planned) and down he falls to his death.

          A terrible accident … he’s gone … she’s free of him … and she walks away!

      • “He got off on convincing her to leave a 4 year relationship. ”

        Oh yeah…I noticed that right away. She was a conquest to him. He probably used the same lines to try and get Lisa back, etc etc.

        As one of his friends said on TV “Game on”

        • And remember one of the friends said something like “kick her to the curb”. This is how TA saw women and his friends apparently thought that this was acceptable behavior.

          • Yes that just disgusts me ! People keep saying what if that was your brother? I say what if Jodi was your daughter or granddaughter? goes both ways. I would not be happy if my daughter was dating man like TRAVIS not at all. First clue about men or women that are not interested in meeting your family they know they give off bad vibes an do not want to be confronted on it. After all the family then would be putting doubts into the daughter or I would be I know for sure sometimes a adult child does not listen but at least it is in the back of their mind.

            I can understand though why the older bf did not work out he was older an did not want children an I believe I read he was not interested in marriage ? but for a younger woman this would be hard to live if you wanted children an marriage. Men an Women like that need to be honest in the beginning also not wait a few years an say oh I don’t want kids I have some already an I think living together is sufficient etc. That is wrong also.

  4. I hate to think I could be paranoid, but I have tried 3 times now to log in to the Daily Mail online. I have managed to post a few times, but, try as I may, and I have tried every which way, including by Facebook, and I cannot post. It said I had the wrong email address, not true! I tried, thinking I had made a mistake, as can commonly happen, but it still wouldn’t let me post..

    What do you make of this?

    • Heather1, I don’t know why you can’t post but I do have a question for you. I have gone to Daily Mail a few times in the past and it seems like about 75% of the stories are about Americans and not very many stories about UK people. In fact it almost seems like the Daily Mail is like the US National Enquirer…are the UK people that fascinated with USA stars and USA news stories or have I just hit the days when they featured US people? Inquring people want to know. Thanks

      • Hi Linda
        I was wondering the same thing until I noticed that right next to the home tab up top on the left it says UK Home.
        For whatever reason it gives you the first.
        One page is for US news and the other is the UK news.

        Hope this helps.

  5. I do not understand why it is permitted that every time a bit of evidence is introduced by the defense, the prosecution questions it and finds an excuse why it is not admissible in this trial?
    Why did domestic violence expert Alice L need to paraphrase emails and be carefully monitored that she was not reading them word for word? Why isn’t it allowed for the judge and jury to hear what was truly written? Why can’t they [resent this valid support of their evidence?!

    How can Chris and Sky Hughes refuse to testify? I thought that if a person were subpoenaed that he/she was legally bound tyo testify?!

    I believe that this trial is sooo flawed it is ridiculous! It is very unfair and definitely grounds for a mistrial. Jodi admitted to murder in self-defense. She has been in jail so long that I believed she has served a sentence for that and I pray that is the extent of her punishment!

    Can anyone explain from a legal standpoint how so many of these incidences of covering up evidence by the prosecution could be allowed???

    • She couldn’t read the exact content because of hearsay rules. She’s a third party.

      If Chris and Sky Hughes were on the stand, they could read the exact contents.

      • Since those emails were marked for exhibit, the jury will be able to read them themselves.

        Don’t confuse the emails with the TA letters, which were never admitted into evidence.

        • Tonysam, where did you see that the emails were admitted into evidence? Everything I’ve read is that they were NOT admitted into evidence. And that was the basis of JM’s objections under Rule 703 which pertains to an expert being able to mention data/information on which he/she formed an opinion without those facts/data actually being admitted into evidence.

            • Thank you JC, that’s how I understood it.

              So, to clarify, the jury will NOT see them. I assume a jury instruction will be given regarding this.

              • I think they will be admitted though, don’t you? All Juan has to do is want the last word LOL. He’ll take one line and think it proves the emails were take out of context and and end up screwing his own case up.

                • Would love the jury to ask – Dr. Laviolette, you have given us your summary of content in emails, can we see them? Of course during the attorneys’/judge discussion of the juror questions, this would be objected to by the state. But what if the jury asks for this information while they are in deliberations – can they ask for something that was not submitted as an Exhibit?

                • No, they can’t ask for something that was not admitted. By the time they’re in deliberation, they will have been given jury instructions, and I assume there will have to be an instruction regarding this. There are some standard instructions in use in AZ that would apply.

                • The thing that is good about self defense in AZ is the jury instructions talk about the jurors having to think like a person who was abused would think and react. They have to decide whether the use of force was reasonable from the perspective someone that has been abused. I’m not saying it correctly but the w.s.ers posted the instructions from another DV battered woman’s case in AZ and they were very upset about that one instruction.

                • Also abused,

                  There has been much discussion about getting Sky and Chris on the stand. I’m on the fence about how helpful that would be. What do you think? Do hostile witnesses inadervently help the defense? Do you think if CHris behaves the way he did in that hearing toward Nurmi, will the jury wonder what he is hiding, or will the jury see him as a sympathetic, grieving friend? Or both?

                • “He’ll take one line and think it proves the emails were take out of context and and end up screwing his own case up.”

                  HAHA, Just like he did with the journals!

                  Maybe he is screwing his case up on purpose.


                • LOL true! One thing we do know is he doesn’t grasp certain concepts or else he just wouldn’t bring them up!

                • Just the fact ALV testified that these emails were from people important to TA, and that the emails discussed TA’s then-current and past abuse should resonate with the jury. And the mention that they (the Hughes) believed that TA needed counseling (and Jodi had previously testified that she encouraged TA to get counseling) ties facts together. Further, she (ALV) is testifying to documents that she read not just what Jodi told her. Easy for the jury to see that they are not getting all the facts – the truth – because the prosecutor does not want them to see the truth.

                  This should also remind the jury about when JM played a very short snippet from an interview with Dr. Samuels to trick the jury, but the defense was able to provide the entire transcript to show how the story was being spun.

                  The defense has been very good at showing the jury that JM is not being truthful. If I was on the jury I would be angry that JM was trying to coerce witnesses, hide evidence, and use trickery and lies to get the end result he wants.

                  While the jury is not supposed to pay attention to media about this trial, they could be aware of the recent overturned conviction of Debra Milke and the misconduct involved in that case.

                • Martinez has already screwed his case up inadvertently by trying to say Jodi lied about the gas cans. It does not matter whether she had two or three really, what does matter and is important in my view is not only did she fill them on her way to see Travis, she also filled them when she was leaving Utah on her way back to Yreka. That fact alone throws the entire premed theory out the window. JM brought that in himself when he mentioned her bank statement had three amounts on it in SLC Utah, after she had seen Ryan Burns.

                • I know. i cant believe the whole pre med thing is resting on some gas can purchases and returns! Oh and upside down license plates LOL

                • JC, you asked “Do hostile witnesses inadervently help the defense? Do you think if CHris behaves the way he did in that hearing toward Nurmi, will the jury wonder what he is hiding, or will the jury see him as a sympathetic, grieving friend? Or both?”

                  That’s a tough one really. On the one hand though, if called by the defense, CH’s behaviour may well be considered “adverse” or perhaps even “hostile” (assuming he’s anything like he was during that last hearing). Then the defense would be allowed to use leading questions on direct (which they would normally be able to do only during cross) requiring yes or no answers. That could really give the defense the upper hand in controlling him and boxing him into a corner, not allowing him to disparage Jodi, and limiting the scope of what he does testify to. Of course, any such treatment on direct would likely be a sidebar fest for JM!

                  Likewise, since cross is supposed only have its foundation on the direct examination, it could also (potentially) allow more reins over JM during cross (of course, with JM “could” is the operative word).

                  I don’t know the specific rules for that jurisdiction regarding impeachment of your own witnesses, but if CH was deemed hostile, that might actually open the door to discussing those emails further in order to impeach him.

                  It would certainly be interesting, and perhaps lend even more weight to what the jury has already heard about Travis being abusive. I mean, what is CH going to say? “No, I didn’t believe Travis was abusive. I lied because I hate Jodi.”

                  One thing I did notice about him during that hearing though was that he was clever enough to pause for quite a while before answering, and he asked for clarification of most questions before answering. He was always waiting for JM to signal him with something or other. His time with PPL has obviously taught him a few tricks. If they do call him, they’ll have to control him well. Wilmott would probably handle him better than Nurmi, but I’m not sure either one of them are actually ideal. Then again, we haven’t really seen that side of them yet.

                  I guess, to attempt to answer your question about my opinion, thinking about it as I wrote this, I’d really like to see at least one of those Hughes called and confronted about their knowledge of Travis’s abuse tendencies, his temper, etc. I think it could go a long way to improve the jurors understanding of Jodi’s testimony. Even though the jurors may not understand domestic violence or why a woman doesn’t just walk away, knowing that someone else considered Travis abusive and hot-tempered makes it seem much more probably that there actually was a physical fight on that fateful day and Jodi had to use force to save her life.

                • The Freemans testified about Travis’ bad temper.

                  Didn’t he also have a boss prior to his time at PrePaid Legal that went on TV saying Travis had a very bad temper? Of course, he hasn’t been on TV since that one time.

                  But the Hughes know and it seems Gus Searcy is right when he says many people know but they’re afraid to come forward.

                • Oooh TryingTo …. juicy! I missed that one. And I bet that boss was silenced along the way. Sigh!

          • They were marked but not admitted or “published” to the jury. In marking them already, they are hoping to get them admitted at some point. When they go to admit them they will have to show them to JM, who will object of course then there will be a sidebar and the judge will decide if they will be admitted or not.

            • From looking at the docket, the judge decided quite some time ago NOT to admit these emails. What grounds can they use now to reopen that with the court?

              • They need to get Chris or Sky on the stand. Since they are their emails they can be admitted and read. I would love to see Chris explaining them since he has been all over hell blabbing about how they have been taken out of context. Well then, get on the stand Chris and explain that!!

                • Chris and Sky are rebut witnesses for Juan. Knowing what we know about Juan, do you think he’ll let this email thing go without bringing it up?

  6. off topic… NG is on CNN describing herself as a prosecutor victim whose life has been threatened by ‘bad guys she put in jail’ bla bla bla ‘i’ve been such a victim’ bla bla bla putting herself as such a martyr victim as happened to the TX DA.

    • Hey Viri,
      NG does seem a bit deflated lately. On the other hand, jvm, is all hyped up – she has gotten extra animated and I’ll bet those poor camera men have to clean those camera lens pretty frequently…:-)

    • Nancy Grace hasn’t prosecuted a case in 16 years (1997). She is always talking about “when I prosecuted a case”. … . Everything she talks about on air she runs it into the ground over and over and over…….on her friday night mysteries, who is she talking to? Must be a mirror, for she is not looking at the camera.

  7. i have read the stories of abuse of many of the women posting here. I would like to offer my sympathy. There are some very troubled people on this site. I would encourage them to get some therapy.

      • Ummmmmmmm…. how about suggesting therapy to ABUSERS… not the women who have been abused by them. Most of us women are strong enough (once we get out), to admit we need therapy. A-hole guys like yourself… not so much.

    • Please go to the pro-Travis sites. There are a lot more troubled people there who have absolutely no idea that they are troubled. They need you to tell them.

    • And, I would like to encourage you to perhaps choose better words, because, you are assuming that the ‘troubled’ people here have not received therapy. Empathy, is a good trait though. Encountering and facing trials in whatever form they come is a fact of life. I wish much peace to you.

    • Thank you for the sympathy. I went plenty of therapy, and lots of other people here have commented about their own therapy. It’s not instantaneous recovery, however.

      I think the people here are open minded, kind and courteous to one another. There are far less troubled people here than I have seen post on YouTube or HLN, which I mostly try not to read but can’t help glance at when I’m viewing something there. I can’t even read many other sites that discuss this trial because it troubles me deeply to read the vile things posted and witness the bloodthirst. In my opinion, some of those people may need serious help because what they say is truly disturbing. I only hope they’re just keyboard cowboys who are all talk.

      • I experienced some of the worst domestic violence. I have been slapped, punched, kicked, raped, choked, spit on, bit, pissed on, ect….ect…

        This was 20 years ago. Through therapy, I am a new person who KNOWS she deserves to be treated with respect.

        I have a degree, I have a wonderful husband today, and while the DV is part of my makeup now, it is only so to the extent that I have become a stronger, smarter, and empathetic person.

    • Oh they have had therapy Thirtyseven. The women who post here are simply exerting their 1st Amendment rights that all. You need to understand that when they look at Jodi they more or less feel like they are looking at themselves because of their past abuses at the hands of bad men!

    • I think the true sign of a troubled person is someone who trolls a site to insult domestic violence victims. Seek some therapy for that, ThirtySeven.

    • Really do you not think most have already gotten therapy an they are trying to help others by expressing the true life events that is part of therapy not to suppress it. I don’t think there are many children on here mostly older adults some younger ones but I think the majority is 20 to 70 from what I have seen anyways. Men an Women also.

    • Today is Easter monday and would likely be a government holiday since sunday was easter the holiday moves to the next business day.

  8. I just saw a tweet that Martinez has retained O.J. to testify for the prosecution how innocent men get so easily accused of domestic violence to tarnish their reputation. Is that true?

      • I told SJ and he’ll pass it along. However, the defense can’t change defense midstream unless there was a ton of evidence to prove the assertion. I’m sure the defense knows hinky things have gone on just like we do, but it’s about what they can prove in a court of law.

    • I know, kmiller and I knew that a long time ago…best not to give the haters any fuel though.


      As soon as you drop some hints I’ll be there!!!

    • Tonya if you are thinking it was CH and SH that did it and that Jodi’s previous story was true I think you are off the mark. I highly doubt they would bloody their hands in such a way. She had stated they had said “oh that’s the one from California” they would have known who she was. Personally I think it is as he said as far as he is concerned Jodi killed his friend in cold blood and that is the reason for their anger.

  9. Yesterday I watched, day 2 of the trial on the original page here. I left a comment but it’s too much to recap for me. If anyone could read it, (I have a few questions) and possibly reply…seeing that this happens to coincide with today’s topic of discussion, I would be grateful. 🙂 Thanks

    • I agree about the smell of the laundry if it had stayed in the washer damp for days and days. Regarding the fingerprints, one of the juror questions for the forensics latent fingerprint witness was to ask if everything had been dusted for fingerprints. Her answer was no. She also testified that fingerprints can remain on surfaces for a period of time and there is no way to tell if a fingerprint is “new”. So if the knobs/dials were dusted and fingerprints were found belonging to one of the roommates they would probably have been dismissed as unrelated to the crime.

      • But whoever used the washing machine and drier LAST their fingerprints would have been there, unless they were wearing gloves. If the prosecution is alleging that Jodi cleaned up (or attempted to) and she was the one who ran the machines, then her prints would have been there; on the lid (door) and on the knobs. They could ask her if she had recently been there and used the washer and drier. It seems that if they intended to use the contents of the machines as evidence (which they did) they would also be interested in dusting the machines. Logical… They made a big deal about the contents but I didn’t notice any evidence that they even considered the obvious in the investigation of the crime scene. The “doing laundry” topic was asked several times of the roommates so right from the start this piqued their interest. As they stated the washing machine had “what appeared to be a red stain on the lid” which they photographed as evidence. I wanted to know if they printed the washer and drier. If not, IMO that is a huge oversight by the investigators.

        • Jodi had testified that after she and Travis got out of bed she washed his sheets – I think while he was in his office, so her prints would be expected to be on the machines. This makes sense since she would have had to allow the wash cycle to complete, then put the load into the dryer.

          Now the part about the load of clothes and the camera still being in the washer (the second load) – that is the mystery since Jodi does not remember this and just assumes and takes responsibility for this.

          I think they did check that reddish stain but I can’t remember if it was found to be blood or not. As for other fingerprints on the washer or dryer, I can’t remember if they testified one way or the other.

          Have you watched the testimony of Heather Connor or the other forensics staff

          • I have watched Heather Connor and some of the other forensics staff (maybe there is more) …I’ll go back. I missed day 5, I’ll have to go back and watch. :O)

        • 1. I have never been able to successfully wash blood out of clothing or bedding. There is always some stain left, even after bleach. I’ve heard no mention of the condition of the washed and/or dried clothes loads.

          2. All those roommates and not one had need to use those machines from the 4th through the 9th?

          3. Body builders share knowledge of a whole arsenal of supplements available online. Was there anything about checking for substances in the medical examiner’s report. A lot of that stuff can be responsible for mood changes; irritability all the way to rage response.

          Any thoughts from the group?

          • Chelion,
            1. I have never been able to wash out blood stains with bleach. The items in the washing machine were held up individually and some of them had “what appeared to be bleach stains” on them, but not ALL of them did. There were several pairs of black socks and only one pair had stains. There were three t-shirts including a dark colored one that had no bleach stains on it there was a pair of dark colored cotton sweat pants that had no bleach stains, and a pair of black gym shorts without stains. This load of laundry probably contained items of clothing that had previously been exposed to bleach but that particular load probably had no bleach in it. I also doubt the camera went through the wash. In the photos, the camera appeared to be just thrown in after the load was done IMO.

            2. WTF was up with those roommates? Really! When the camera expert was asked if he noticed a smell of bleach on the camera…he said, “Not to be indelicate, but there was another smell that was [overwhelming] in the house when I was there.[ I didn’t take not of a bleach smell].” So! the house stunk to high heaven! what about THAT?! The camera forensics guy was downstairs in the laundry room!…and the roommates were sleeping and living with the stench? REALLY!

            3. The “supplement” thing crossed my mind too. I even considered that Travis may have been using steroids. He was into getting himself into shape, had a punching bag, wanted photos taken of himself to [show off] his new physique. The explosive anger, mood changes…yup some kind of substance may very well have been found in his system. But I’m not sure if the ME did a blood analyses. That would be interesting to find, if there was one done, what the results were.

    • Tonya,

      If you are implying what I think you are implying, that is a huge accusation. Taking it down would be a good thing, because if it got out, and the people it was about were to deny it, they could likely sue for slander. :/

      Although, that is an interesting theory.

          • I agree. Although, the way I am considering it in my mind, there is a way to make it work and it would even make a whole lot of sense too.

            Although, given Jodi’s story (at least the gunshot) corroborates physical evidence, I can’t be 100% sure of the alternate theory, unless she was able to make it corroborate the story because she witnessed the gun being shot.

            • Regarding the gunshot – it’s been years since I’ve been around any target practice/gun shooting but it would seem to me that her hearing could have been affected with the sound of gunshot in the house…?

              Has she ever commented on the sound of the gun going off or her hearing afterwards?

              I’ve not heard any comments on the video or testimony I’ve seen.

              Maybe one shot in close proximity is not a big thing, hearing wise either…

              • I just wanted to say – I find it interesting that the neighbors did not report hearing a gunshot.

                Travis lived in a very nice neighborhood where hearing that sort of stuff is way out of the ordinary.

                I wonder why nobody called the police?

                I wonder why nobody approached Zackary or Enrique when they came home, or said anything to them after Jodi drove away? Or whether they saw her driving away covered in blood?

                Did Flores talk to any of the neighbors at all? I don’t remember seeing that in the report.

                • I’ve wondered why there was no neighbor who heard the shot or any screaming – one would think some screaming happened – from one or both of them until the throat cut anyways

                  When visiting PXH I’ve always felt the homes were very close together and would think someone would have heard something

        • JC, I’d take down or modify Tonya’s current comment if she is okay with that, only because I think it was a pretty obvious hint she gave, and that may complicate things.

          • NK did I take it down? I was away for awhile and I thought I got them all! If you see anymore with names of you know who, will you link me the comments? But i think i got all of them.

  10. OMG! As if this wasn’t theeeee longest weekend EVER! Cancelling court AGAIN has totally ruined my whole damn day now! Boo!

    I will now be pouting for the remainder of the day. =(


    WE are learning more and more about TA’s violent past, in his family, his violence towards women in general, and his violence towards JODI in particular

    WHETHER, he was capable of being treated is open to conjecture, but the fact is, he was not treated for his violence, AND he showed no evidence that he was open to such

    JODI told of incidents of violence to her by TA, hitting across the side of his face, and choking her to unconsciousness, and possibly even killing her, then resuscitating her ?

    JODI’s evidence is undeniably TRUE !

    TA, for whatever reasons, including whatever demons ran around inside his head, indisputably channeled much of his time into wrestling, mixed martial arts, and ultimate fighting

    ALL totally in line with JODI’s claim that he choked her into unconsciousness [ ,or death ? ]

    LOOK at his history in wrestling, ultimate fighting, mixed martial arts
    GOING to a home to watch UFC events on tv


    “Senator John McCain (R-AZ) saw a tape of the first UFC events and immediately found it abhorrent. McCain himself led a campaign to ban UFC, calling it “human cockfighting,” and sending letters to the governors of all fifty US states asking them to ban the event.[33]”

    “Thirty-six states enacted laws that banned “no-hold-barred” fighting, …In response to the criticism, the UFC increased cooperation with state athletic commissions and redesigned its rules to remove the less palatable elements of fights while retaining the core elements of striking and grappling. …”

    “the UFC gradually re-branded itself as a sport rather than a spectacle.”

    “Recently it has become known to the public that Patrick Smith (a former fighter) has committed many acts of domestic violence attacking innocent women, he told law enforcement that he was provoked by the UFC and other such fighting shows because of their violent content.”

    FOR an article on “Arm triangle choke”

    THERE’S a clear connection in TA’s violence towards JODI, especially his choking her

    sky hughes knew of it towards women, advised TA to obtain professional help, and tellingly said she would forbid her sister from dating TA


    LOOK at CHOKES which JODI said he did to her

    FIRST, mixed martial arts
    Technical Submission: the referee stops the match when the fighter is caught in a submission hold and is in danger of being injured. Oftentimes it is when a fighter gets choked unconscious; other times it is when a bone has been broken in a submission hold (a broken arm due to a kimura, etc.)

    SECOND, in wrestling
    THERE is one variant called Sambo
    The rules for sport sambo are similar to those in competitive judo, with a variety of leglocks and defense holds from the various national wrestling styles in the Soviet Union, while not allowing chokeholds.

    CLEARLY, chokes are so extremely dangerous, as to be forbidden

    NEXT, look at professional wrestling holds section on CHOKES:
    Professional wrestling holds
    2 Chokes

    2.1 Arm-hook sleeper
    2.2 Anaconda vise
    2.3 Arm triangle choke
    2.4 Corner foot choke
    2.5 Double choke
    2.6 Dragon sleeper
    2.7 Figure-four necklock
    2.8 Gogoplata
    2.9 Guillotine choke
    2.10 Hangman’s choke
    2.11 Koji Clutch
    2.12 Leg choke
    2.13 Pentagram choke
    2.13.1 Death Star
    2.14 Rear naked choke
    2.15 Single arm choke
    2.16 Sleeper hold
    2.17 Straight jacket
    2.18 Three-quarter nelson choke
    2.19 Thumb choke hold
    2.20 Tongan death grip
    2.21 Triangle choke
    2.22 Two-handed chokelift


      • oops it posted too soon 🙂

        THE final question should be more precise:
        In the earlier postings final question i should have omited, “OR RISK DEATH”
        Both choices risk death, but fighting back entails less risk of death
        So, it should have read:
        Fight, with deadly force, such a violent, and potentially lethal attacker, or not fight ?
        FIGHT !

    • Yes, I understand the stand your ground law, and I can totally see how TA was probably abusive. These types are experts at being abusive in ways that it doesn’t show..

      But still, I have serious doubts on her innocence. For one thing, she admits to doing it. Also, abused or not, 29 stab wounds, a slit throat, and shot to the face? It just doesn’t add up. Stand your ground laws may be legal, but for a woman who has a way to run away from the situation, it is just plain DUMB. A man maybe should sometimes stand his ground, but women need to try to escape at the nearest opportunity.

      I have this terrible character flaw of despising men in general, and so I just don’t care about TA’s death one way or the other. I DO have men in my life, and if it were them, of course I’m sure I would sing a different tune. Still, if I were on the jury, I couldn’t give JA death. Maybe if she killed a kid or another woman, but NOT over a man. I know, I know, I have MAJOR issues.

    • Wes, er, Ashl*y Th*mpso, had made reference to choke # 2.14 in a post to TA (fb or myspace acct). AT ofcourse is dead now. But, do you have a description for 2.14? Thanks.

      • Yes I think that the names for the choke holds are a very convenient way to say something but mean something entirely different an get away with it as you can always say oh that is just a wresting move. Some sneaky ass people is what I think. The terminology fits his Deviant sexual appetite !

    • When David Caradine died a few years back, the public became aware of kinky sex involving chocking. Caradine died from such chocking gone too far. Disturbing to say the least. Not to mention disgusting.

  12. I have been MIA for a bit due to classwork & family… but I just want to say OMG I love LaViolette!!!!! (nothing to do with her name….;) She’s just my hero!!!)

    Thank God for her testimony. I thought Travis’ past relationships would NEVER be revealed.

      • When LaViolette was on the stand, I kept hearing in my mind the song by the Doors Break on Through(To the Other Side)!!

    • alyce laviolette is great
      VioletteR as you know violette is french for violet, the flower. or color purple, and is a french girls name
      we can’t see the jury, but i suspect they were very receptive to her, and her testimony, which donbtless will be enhanced by a predicitably obnoxious cross examination by kermit

      • I can’t wait for the CE! Juan Boy won’t know whatever hit him. LaViolette will look like a 100 giant stomping little Juan Boy!lol:-)

      • I am sure they were, especially the women of the jury. The men, unless a women they loved was abused by a man, man not respond as much as a woman would. I heard that there is a juror with pink hair who had smiled at Jodi several times. I am praying that she will be a fighter for Jodi…

      • Even the folks on Nancy Disgrace and Dr. Full Of Crap have apparently acknowledged that the jury is rapt with attention on Ms. LaViolette. Now, you know that’s saying something!!!!

  13. Debbie, Up thread you mention Jodi filled those stupid gas cans on the return trip also? I never heard this – or I missed it!

    I personally never understood why anyone would carry gas in a trunk, on a road trip though I don’t live or drive thru the the desert. I considered it plausible for desert travels.

    If she filled the cans for the drive to AND from Yreka, that, to me, is a huge piece for her defense and adds weight of her concern of: 1)running out of gas in the desert if she got lost 2)in a rented compact car that does not have a huge gas tank 3) a vehicle she was not familiar with 4)she was driving alone 5)cell phone reception os not always available in the desert to call for help

    I hope the defense highlights this to the jury to add to reasonable doubt of premeditation in their minds.

    • You need gas cans if you are taking the shortcut from Reno (assuming she went west on I-80 from SLC) to Yreka. There are lonely, remote stretches of road through the Lassen National Forest between Susanville and McCloud before getting onto I-5 north to Yreka). Not only that, but the gas is extremely expensive in Susanville and in McCloud.

      • Thank you Tonysam for commenting.

        It has to be a beautiful drive the the National Forest.

        Just more points that add to the lack of premeditation.

        • It;s a gorgeous drive. I have driven it many, many times over the years having lived in Reno for 26 years.

          There is a turnout near the end of Highway 44 north where you can see both Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta on a clear day.

          • I should say it is a lookout. It overlooks the Hat Creek Valley. Just beautiful country. Lassen National Park is just a few miles away from this lookout.

    • Hi Rainy yes she did. During the jurors questions, Martinez pulled out a bank statement from Jodi’s bank. On it were three amounts for the Teselco gas station in SLC at around 4 in the morning on June 6th. She would have been on her way back to Yreka then. He stated she must have filled three gas cans but what he wasn’t seeing is that she was filling them up to go home at the time.

      • Debbie, I saw the SLC receipts but I didn’t catch the dates on them!

        There was discussion here of the 2 receipts having different fonts.

        It distresses me if her defense team did not comment!

        To me this is a big, important detail!

        It shows consistency … her concern about running out of gas on the trip.

        • Yes I agree with the receipts looking funny as the one with the stripe down the side meaning it was at the end of the roll……………I myself have had that happen an it produced 2 receipts for me even though I only had one purchase as the end of the roll was one an the new roll so I don’t know if that is what happened to Jodi that day or not.

      • Maybe they had a Starbucks! But, seriously, she probably just got some snacks, Nurmi pointed out there was no indication on receipt that all those were for gas.

        • The SLC receipts were during the time the station was closed so only gas could have been purchased – as I understood the issue of them.

          The gas or whatever was purchased at the station on the RETURN trip dilutes the States premeditation theory that the gas cans were only used to avoid being detected because of the plans she had when she left Yreka

          To me it more supports her concern of running out of gas. Not of hiding her whereabouts.

        • The gas station was not open for her to buy snacks at the time she got gas. I am thinking the third transaction was for another day and it didn’t get posted to her bank account immediately.

      • Just to point out Debbie and Rainy…there was no third receipt saved.

        The bank statement showed a third transaction, of $19.65, to the same place, but we do not know if it was the same day or even the same time of day at this point.

        I think Kermit was talking out his ass again.

    • I never understood the gas can thing. For one thing, it seems potentially dangerous, with explosions, and fumes and all. Also depending on where she was going, I would think that as long as she filled her tank right before the large stretch of desert, and stayed on the main highway heading west, then she shouldn’t have had too much of a problem. The problem I can see in getting lost is if you, 1: don’t top your tank off before heading out, and 2: get off the highway and try to drive down some side road.

      Make sure it’s topped off at Flagstaff, which will get you at least to Nevada. Top it off again, and you should be good to go until the next gas station somewhere in CA.

      • Driving through the national forest isn’t conducive to cell phones. There are just itty-bitty towns–and none at all on Highway 44–on the way north between Susanville and McCloud.

  14. Wait, did I really just hear some quackadoo on HLN say that because Travis had a Prius that he couldn’t possibly be abusive? Wait, what?? Is that all violent people need to do nowadays is go green to be undetectable? Oh, my ears!!! Wow!

    • Well they don’t have much ammunition to put her down. Alyce’s testimony is pretty solid. That’s why they are replaying the same old material as if it is new. “Oh, Jodi was confronted with naked photos….” blah blah blah

    • Did they really say that he couldn’t POSSIBLY be abusive, or that it was less likely? Remember, these reporters aren’t experts. However, I can see where a person would select a vehicle based on their personality traits. Also, remember that abusive men are EXTREMELY insecure and wouldn’t normally feel secure enough in their manhood to drive around in something that would even HINT that they were soft or gay. Not saying this is the case. It is (theoretically) possible that TA was so convinced of his right to behave and treat JA however he wanted that his level of denial was to the point where he really didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. Since he had a false sense of security, therefore, in comes the Prius.

      I also hated it how Dr. Drew and others blasted her for curling up like a cat on Travis lap, and not reacting at all to his near death story. Hello!!! She more then likely heard that story hundreds of times, and the lap incident was simply a feminine gesture on her part. Young women tend to act like that from time to time with their significant others. It’s why cat like qualities (cat fight, catty) are often associated with femininity.

    • Oh wow Vinnie is that all he has today? LOL My ex-husband recycled so there is noooo way he abused me right? Wow they do not even try anymore how sad really.

      • Right, so it’s cool that Travis might have been a granola-eating, burkenstock wearing, hippy environmentalist; but not Alyce LaViolette?

        And following their logic, anyone who has now recycled or done something even remotely evironmentally friendly – even mistakenly buying organic food – is now innocent of all allegations against them.

        Thanks Vinnie! You have now made it immensely easier for us to argue against your programming! And more to the point, I remember Jodi’s ex boyfriend Mr Brewer testifying that she saved a spider from a bathtub once. So then HLN should fighting for Jodi to be set free.

    • Oh wow…maybe Prius should incorporate that asinine theory into its advertisements. “Prius: the car of choice for non-abusive people!”

      • That means those who drive those mean, gas guzzling, SUV’s and 4 wheel drive pick up trucks are abusers then …? 😉

  15. Something I keep thinking about is during one of Jodi’s police interigations (sp), she asked to see the scene pics of Travis, and says maybe they would help her piece things together. I think the defense should use this more to reinforce the belief that she really didn’t remember much of what had happened.

    • Yeah, but I didn’t like how she acted during and after the interrogation. I didn’t like it at all, and I think it was probably the worst possible way she could have acted. This was BEFORE she was hated by the public, and before the years spent in the cages called county lock up. I’m thankful for her sake that the jury wasn’t allowed to see the video, but a person just can’t do that sort of stuff when they are suspected of something so serious.

    • I watched some of the interrogation today, and my sense was that she had no clue what happened. She was talking about her trip, and all kinds of things, but gave no details what so ever. She had no clue what happened.

      What bothers me is, Flores told her how many times he was stabbed, the throat being slashed, and that she was the only one there, so she had to have done it. So when she was testifying and broke down and JM asked if she did everything to him, she didn’t answer in the affirmative because she knows she did it, she answered yes because she was told she did it.

      I watched the tape of her discussing the two intruders, she kept saying it was better for her to take the fall, she was fearful for her family’s safety. She was genuinely concerned for her family and I didn’t get that she was lying.

      Something is not right about all this, it’s just not adding up for me.

      Thoughts anyone?

      • I have nothing to add except I noticed the same thing! I figured she didn’t remember what happened.

  16. It really bugs me that Mimi Hall brings in all the stalker stuff, but then that info is not allowed in for discussion. Since it should be possible to track down the email info, I want to know where they came from, no matter what the truth is. , and yes, I think they would find that it was not Jodi who wrote them.

    • I agree seek2understand. And more than that, the e-mail was sent to Lisa the morning after the tires were slashed. Lisa had asked Travis to spend the night because she was afraid. The person who sent the e-mail warned her about that, so it’s clear that whoever sent the e-mail also slashed the tires. I have no doubt in my mind that Flores had the e-mail IP address traced, because Lisa DID have the original when she talked with the Mesa police after June 4th. I have no doubt in my mind if the trace showed Jodi’s IP address, Martinez would be allowed to enter it into evidence and he’d be all over it. I’m just CERTAIN that Jodi did not send that e-mail and she did not slash the tires.

      What’s worse is that Travis told all his friends that Jodi slashed his tires. Not only was he breaking the 8th commandment, thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor, when you think about it, it was emotionally abusive for him to lie about her like that. I think the lie served him well. When roommates or friends saw Jodi at his house at all hours of the day and night, Mr. Virgin explained that she was stalking him! Not that he couldn’t keep his hands off her. And notice he told his female friends that she would sneak into his house and sleep on the couch! Yeah, right.

      I’m disappointed too that in such a long trial the truth doesn’t come out better. It disappoints me that whether the defense could fight it or not, Mimi Hall’s testimony about the slashed tires was allowed, and the prosecution sat there KNOWING that Jodi didn’t do it. Will they be proud to put a young woman to death on false information?

          • She brought it up very fast, almost totally out of context, like mouthing a script.
            Just like her weird addition on the 911 call of ‘her name is Jodi Arias;’ pause, then said quickly in a loud voice.

      • By my count, up to four times tires were slashed, Travis’s plus his new girlfriend’s, and each set more than once.

        Well, where is the evidence, such as receipts, for repairing/replacing all of these sets of tires? I am not convinced that these events actually happened.

        Also, where were these events supposed to have taken place. Travis’s slashed at his place, and girlfriend’s slashed at her place? Or were both vehicles parked at Travis’s place, like after dark, and someone sneaked up and quietly slashed both cars’ tires?

        Also, as a vindictive act, keying would seem more devastating to a owner’s attachment and pride in their vehicle.

  17. I am going through “trial” withdraws so I am watching what I missed. Just a thought and I am guessing someone else had this thought as well and maybe I missed it. I am listening to Day 1 of the trial, listening to Mimi Hall. How is it possible for Travis’s roommate to stay in the house with such a stench? Was he not inquisitive as to where Travis was knowing he was heading for Cancun? How long did the dog go without eating or taking a walk? The slit throat also is odd.
    So why does one go to kill someone with a roommate living in the house that could come in at anytime? It all just makes no sense and I am going just by the first day of the trial! Certainly not premeditated!!!

    • PJ…yes nothing has added up since the BEGINNING…starting with the 911 call when ALL fingers pointed to Jodi as being a stalker…THAT is just absolute GOSSIP. But from what I gather, the investigation had tunnel vision from the get-go. Allowing the jury to hear the claims that friends made in regard to “Jodi being a stalker” and the prosecution NOT proving these claims to be substantiated is biased and unjust.

  18. First time I am hearing opening arguments – Martinez actually objected during opening arguments!!? What the heck? Nothing Willmott was saying was out of the ordinary – it was her job to say that. She believes in that argument, that is why she is saying, “it is not…” I mean, she can’t very well say, “It may not have been” What the heck!! It’s not testimony, it’s opening arguments!

    • It’s really rare for opposing counsel to object during opening statements. They’re usually reserved for really extreme issues, such as inflammatory remarks. But there was JM foreshadowing of what was to come throughout the rest of the trial: “OBJECTION!” I wonder if he wakes up in the middle of the night yelling that at his dream characters.

  19. Also, I get frustrated when I hear people bashing how she is acting in court. Folks constantly saying that there is something seriously wrong with her. Perhaps there is, but being stuck in a cage for about four years, having a bunch of people hate your guts and want your head on a platter DOES tend to do screwy things with a persons mind. I can promise you it is a life altering experience even if she experiences a miracle of an acquittal. Actually, I’d say at this point anything less then first degree murder with either the DP or life without parole would be a miracle for her now.

    Looking back on it all, I just wished she would have left the relationship. I know it’s hard with the psychological strongholds of abuse and co-dependence, but she was starting to get to the age where a little bit more self confidence and womanly maturity should have started taking over. They weren’t married, had no kids, and no REAL connections other then mental, and she was entering a time in her life where she was no longer a teenager, or very young woman anymore. The mindset changes in a girls late twenties when she is no longer called a girl so much but more often a woman, although older, more mature women have been known to stay for the sake of the kids, right or wrong.

  20. Watching HLN..catching up on testimony I missed. I wish the defense would get their own medical examiner to review TA’s wounds & sequence of them.

    • Not just med examiners, but also run that memory card thro their own lab – there may be more in there to back up her story. JM and Fl*res hv been known to twist the facts. Who is to say that the cam did not take more pics of the scene – faces, limbs, weapons, etc. Being such a crucial part, why did they just accept what the cops were as the gospel truth?

      Also, why did they not do their own investigation of the people surrounding this case, their emails, phone recs, soc media corresp, texts, computer recs, the neighbors… there is just SO much that has bn left undone. They had 5 years too.

      I am also surprised that no big shot defense team tried to help out pro bono like theydid in the CA trial. They seemed to be falling all over themselves to be part of it. Anyways, I feel frustrated that so many gaps are still left open. Damn it!

      • I have never seen this being talked about, BUT I am certain I saw a crime scene photo of the washing machine. The lid was open. The tub was filled with water. Not a single item of bedding or clothing was in it. However – lying on the very bottom of the tub, showing clearly through the depth of the water, was a MEMORY CARD. The side that was up clearly showed those shiny little connector chips that are indicative of a memory card.

        So was that a second memory card, or is it the original memory card the detectives have discussed all along?

        Has anyone else seen what I have described? I find this extremely disturbing. Is JM holding out on more evidence, like he did when he denied having any emails, before he was forced to turn over 8,000 emails?

  21. Does anyone think the guilters / haters have rather lost heart?

    I mean when the best HLN can do is complain about the money Arizona has wasted on this case, it’s a bit desperate. As we know, Jodi was willing to plea bargain to save them that money, and if the detective had called a psychologist, or stopped to think, the whole costly farce might have been avoided.

    I want Alyce to testify for some time – I think support for the prosecution will get weaker and weaker as she continues to testify.

    I think the prosecution misconduct meme has become quite strong.

      • Back in January I thought Jodi was a liar too. Yes, ok, she lied to cover what happened. But people keep calling her a pathological liar and she never lied before this. It wasn’t until she was interrogated for what, 10 hours before she blurted out her stories. Seemed to me like it was verging on a false confession. The thing is, now that I’ve been following the trial for all these months, I’m convinced Travis was the liar. He was the one living a double life, lying to all his friends, lying to Jodi, lying to his church (by omission). And I think he was pissing a lot of people off.

        • Right, Jodi lied for the same reason a lot of people lie when hauled into a police station. They are afraid, they’re afraid of being judged, ect. Jodi’s reasons for lying are nowhere near Travis’ reasons for lying. Travis lied so he could have his cake and eat it too. Jodi lied because she still wanted to protect Travis’ reputation. She knew once she told the truth that it would require her to come forward with all the taudry details of their private life. Jodi is used to protecting Travis, not exposing him.

    • I think the haters actually HEARD LaViolette on Thursday, but by the end of the weekend they were back in denial again.

  22. The medical examiner can’t be recalled to the stand during the state’s rebuttal case, can he? Once he has testified…doesn’t that mean he won’t be put on the stand again? And same goes with Detective Flores too?

    • I could be wrong, but I think they can be called back. Did you watch the Casey Anthony trial? Baez recalled many of the states forensic experts (a lot of FBI) and turned them into defense witnesses. They used their own ME though.

      • Thanks KMiller for the info (I didn’t get to see the Casey Anthony case). Is it just me or does it seem like it is unfair to Jodi that the prosecution gets to have a rebuttal case but the defense only gets to only present their case once. The prosecution gets two cracks at Jodi and her defense only gets one chance to prove her innocence…

        • They can cross the rebuttal witnesses. It can actually help them if any of the rebuttal witnesses open the door to some evidence the defense wasn’t able to get in before. It can ALSO show JM to be a liar, because we all know JM has NOT proven his case and he will be in a MEGA state of desperation during rebuttal!! LOL!

  23. It appears as if Jodi’s defense filed for prosecutor misconduct on several occasions. :/ Also, it appears that the prosecutor’s office were never compliant, and had to constantly be compelled to hand over information that would help Jodi’s case. (I do not understand how none of the motions for mistrial were granted given that it appears the prosecution continuously attempted to stall Jodi’s defense).

  24. Tonya- I can’t say I’m very educated in the tarot card department, but I think its cool that you read, if nothing else its fun 🙂
    I will tell you though, a few months before I met my husband (10 yrs ago), I was engaged to another man. I was hanging out with a friend who revealed to me that she read tarot cards, and she read mine for me. She told me the man I was with would leave me feeling like a fool, but I would meet my life partner in months to come, and would be pregnant soon. I dumped my fiancé after he DID make me look like a fool, and I met my current husband 2 months later. I got pregnant after only 3 months of dating.
    We have had 2 more kids since then, at the time I thought my friend was WAY off, but my reading was so accurate!!

  25. Question!! Can someone please tell me what date Jodi changed her plea to self defense?? I’m asking bc I find it super strange that Ashley killed her self in march of 2010, & if Jodi changed her plea soon after that date that would speak volumes!!! Also, I found out that when she changed her plea more evidence was able to be submitted…..if anyone knows date, please let me know 🙂

      • Ann, from same article from before:

        February 9, 2012 – Judge Stephens denied a motion by Arias’ defense lawyers to remove the death penalty as a punishment option. The defense argued that Arias should not face death because she had not planned to kill Alexander. His death was an act of self-defense, her attorneys argued.

    • Ann,

      I’m pretty sure she changed it in April 2010, but I don’t remember where I read that. If I remember, I’ll post again with the link.

    • Thank u guys!!! I was pretty sure I read April 2010 as well…..and did anyone see what Tonya posted about her alternative theory….I missed it but can someone give me a hint since we can’t disclose it fully. I’m in suspense! 🙂

  26. Just watching the Deducing Duo (VP + Mike) from HLN and all their tomfoolery in the make-shift crime scene … and IT was struck by the angle of the handprint – low, closer to the floor and palm facing downward. How would she have to be positioned for her hand to be in that direction?

    • When the forensics woman was on the stand, they asked her to demonstrate how the hand would have been on the wall, and she had her ring finger and other fingers pointing toward the bedroom, crosswise on the wall, with the thumb pointing down to the floor. So I think HLN had that part wrong.

  27. Wow so many posts since Thursday! I just had to share something that I consider a good sign. I checked to see what HLN was filling their court time hours with. Well no surprise old footage of the trial. But interestingly enough at the bottom of the screen it said” are you changing your mind?” To me this meant yhe DV expert must have swayed some opinions for HLN to feel the need for an old footage counter attack. Btw if this has been discussed already my apologies, I haven’t read all the back posts.

  28. Even Samantha Stephens would have to admit even she cannot UNRING a bell….(regarding jurors knowing and unknowing)

  29. I did happen to see on the money talks and bullshit walks network – when they asked “viewers” if they believed Jodi’s self-defense – the number that believed her had jumped to 21% with 79% NOT believing her – the “poll” they talked about before this latest one had the numbers at 93% NOT and 7% believing her…I would say that’s a pretty good change…IMO

    • That is a sizable change. And the DV expert isn’t even finished yet 🙂 I can’t wait to see how things go tomorrow…hopefully court will be in session.

      • The prosecution made such a big deal out of the fact Jodi hadn’t told anyone or showed anyone evidence of the abuse. Martinez was screaming NO CORROBORATION! And the “experts” HLN paraded out, one in particular, kept saying Jodi would have told someone! Well, I KNEW that wasn’t true. I was attacked once by my ex-husband and I didn’t tell ANYONE. I didn’t even tell my best friend until years later. I was riveted by what Ms. LaViolette said last week. She explained why I didn’t tell anyone better than I could explain it myself. Every bit of what she said I just know is true!! I just hope people on the jury are seeing the whole picture of who Jodi and Travis were and what happened that day.

        • I was talking to someone that Id come to know fairly well, and she began ‘spilling the beans’ about her relationship with her spouse. So, I decided to timidly tell her a few of mine. She turned to me and angrily admonished me to ‘stop talking like that before people start saying that you are crazy!!’. I was so stunned by her response that I immediately shut up and felt like I’d better crawl back into my shell. It wasn’t safe to come out yet.

          And, this response was from someone who had experienced abuse at the hands of another. Granted, her’s sounded abit like the usual garden variety abuse – he shouts at me, he always wants dinner ready when he comes home, etc, etc.. Still…

            • Thanks JC. You are right. It sucked big time and made me quite hesitant to broach the subject. I’ve had to first dip my toe in the ‘pool’, then the foot, etc. It sure is messed up. Take for eg. C. Paul/hln anchor, is a dv victim (verbal and physical) yet, its so hard for her to recognize the signs from another. Go figure.

  30. HLN has basically committed character assasination with respect to Jodi and this is a bigger problem that many may think. Why? Because if she is acquitted, she could be ruined. HLN has basically commited character assasination and the public seems to be eating it up. Death threats have been made against the defense team and even on this site from what I have read. What people have to do is forget about the blood, stab wounds, lies, and focus on the burden of proof. Has it been met? The prosecution, HLN and the public have clearly embraced that she did it based on coincidental evidence and the fact that Jodi has changed her story several times.

    Everyone needs to remember that this case is not only about Jodi but it’s about other people who are accused of a murder. Coincidence does not make someone a murderer neigher does telling lies. “The burden of proof is with the prosecution. It doesn’t matter if people believe or like her. There are rules. She is presumed innocent until the prosecutor tips the scale. As long as her position is a possibility, there is that reasonable doubt..” – Brian Silver Defense Attorney. There is a reason for this which is we can’t, or at least shouldn’t be putting people in jail or executing them without proof. Unfortunately, we don’t have a record of this. In fact, history has shown that we’ve done such a bad job that some states have discontinued their death penalty. Look at Louis Taylor who is set to be released for the arson fire at the Pioneer Hotel in 1970. Based on the technology today, no one can tell if it was arson yet he has spent the majority of his life in jail. Hawley Harvey Crippen was arrested, tried, and executed for the death of his wife. Unfortunately, recent DNA evidence suggests that he didn’t commit the murder.

    This case reaks of reasonable doubt. Let’s look at the gun and the gas cans. HLN did a mock sequence to determine what could be performed in 62 seconds. In their approach, they were able to deliver all of the wounds in that time but no one can tell if some were applied after that last photo was taken. The evidence that Martinez has presented thus far is only coincidental evidence. The gas cans can be explained as logical for a woman traveling through the desert. The stolen gun could also be coincidental. The .25 cal is in the top 5 produced and stolen guns. No one can even present a solid chronology of the events that transpired leading to Travis’ death. The prosecution cannot tell for certain if he was shot first, stabbed first, or even when his throat was slashed. The coroner presented his theory but CNN’s coroner said it makes more sense that he was shot first.

    Here is a reasonable explanation: Jodi and Travis used rope for a bondage event and he brought a knife from the kitchen to cut it. Something happens while she is taking photos of him (that last photo gives me the impression that Travis is not happy about something. For one reason or another, maybe it’s the camera maybe something else, he does attack her. She goes toward the bedroom and turns to get the gun which she does. She points the gun at him and fires when he goes on the offensive. They get up, he goes to the mirror to see what happened. Blood is coming down his throat from his nasal cavity. He coughs and blood is sprayed on the vanity and gets elsewhere. He is now furious. Not only was he drawn out of the shower but she has now shot him. He now wants to kill her. She tries to shoot again but it’s jammed. He goes after her. She retreats to the bedroom. He tackles her on the bed turns her over and tries to strangle her. She reaches around and finds the knife. She stabs him in the chest a few times. He staggers back, turns and falls to his knees. She is now attacking to save her life. She starts stabbing his back. He goes down. She turns him to strangle him but he reaches out to kill her. She slices the knife across his neck. He turns on his stomach to get away – possibly to get to the gun. He has a wounds to his chest and head so he has been bleeding internally which explains the limited amount of blood – it would have sprayed out if done earlier He collapses. She drags him back to the bathroom, gets blood on the wall, and kicks the shell.

    There are other explanations but that is the key: there are other explanations. So far, no one can tell what wound was applied first, second, third, etc. They can’t explain how Travis incurred such major bruises yet Jodi walked away without any marks other than the alleged finger. PJ has hit the nail on the head – if someone premeditates murder, they are not going to do it with the risk of the roommate there. This clearly doesn’t make sense.

    The problem here is that this case is now political and the prosecution will do anything to ensure a conviction. An acquittal will be viewed as a failure and they can’t afford that. What happened to Travis is terrible but if he did attack Jodi, it is easy to why so many wounds would be delivered. If Jodi gets out of jail, which is probably unlikely since the jurors have probably been influenced by now, HLN will have convinced most that she’s guilty. For me, I don’t think that the prosecution has proved their case. For those that hate Jodi, look at it this way – put another person on the stand beside Jodi. Forget the lies and focus on what the prosecution has presented in terms of evidence, not the character items. If you were on the stand, would you want to be judged by past events or what the prosecution has presented? Remember, she didn’t have to talk to Flores nor did she even have to take the stand. Even if you tend to believe the prosecution, which I challenged above, how does a 115 lb girl inflict that much damage on a 200lb guy and walk away with only small scrapes? If this was premeditated, why not just shoot him in the chest first while he’s in the shower? Why leave the shell? Why not dig the bullet out? Why try to clean up and leave the camera? Why not just remove the card? Why do this when the roommate could be home or come home? Why not arrive and leave in the night? Why not invite Travis out and kill him elsewhere? How could she expect to leave when everyone in the neighborhood would know her? Why discharge a gun when passersby could hear it? Why not tie him up and strangle him, etc, etc? If one can look beyond the media and that Jodi has lied, this doesn’t make sense. If this jury is hung, good luck finding another venue to try this case. Wouldn’t it be ironic if HLN helps to get her off?

    I feel for Travis and his family. However, I also don’t want to see people found guilty when there is reasonable doubt.

    • Hi guys – been gone a couple days and back to this juror misconduct thing. All I can say to that is, I think we all knew it would come to this. Face it; the people here are free thinkers and because of that we all saw the writing on the wall – that the jury should have been sequestered from the beginning. It is a shame that AZ thought they would save money by doing this and even a bigger shame they are blaming the cost on the defense. Never mind that they could have done the right thing in the first place by working out a plea deal. But then, this is AZ where their version of justice is really to find an easy target to pin it on and get the conviction. I’m sure they think that is the easiest and cheapest way while looking admirable and tough in the eyes of their sheeple residents. However, in this case their typical strategy backfired.

      BR – I completely agree with you about HLN’s character assassination. I used to watch HLN (thinking it was news) until my eyes were opened during this case. I am both thankful to see the light and disheartened to see that real news/information is becoming more difficult to find. I really hope that they can be sued at some point for doing this type of damage to people, in spite of the first amendment. It is time that the courts wake up, use good and true judgement and see that the first amendment is being completely abused and used as a cover for hate speech.

      I also wanted to point out about something I feel you may have missed about TA’s stab wounds. If you look at the autopsy photos, many of the stab wounds on are on the back-right and mid to upper side of his back. Jodi is left-handed. I think it is possible that he did ‘fall’ or manage to ‘tackle’ her in spite of the head wound. He could easily have landed on top of her (as we know he had done in the past). She could have managed to grab the knife (although I have no idea from where) and these wounds are consistent with a left-handed person stabbing repeatedly in an attempt to get that person off of her. This would also be why those wounds are superficial – because it was not an attempt to kill, it was an attempt to get someone off who is approximately 75 pounds heavier. Just my two cents on that.

      • I believe those ‘two cents’ make plenty of sense to me. It comes across as a frantic act – those back wounds. JA however also said she is ambidextrous. Maybe her left is more dominant/preferred hand.

  31. EXCEPT for two sites, this and the video feed, i don’t watch, read, or listen to any of the media on this issue

    ON this issue, the net is totally populated by malice, sensationalism, trolls, bigotry, ignorance, vacuous blogs, etc, etc

    AS a general rule, i only view sites if they’re good

    THE media, almost invariably, meet several of the above blacklist criteria: ignorant, trolls,
    uneducated, sensationalists
    MARK TWAIN’s observation is especially relevant to journalists
    “All you need is ignorance and confidence and the success is sure.” – Mark Twain

    WHEN i do a google search on any topic there’s a cartload of media site i never open

    GOTTA find a firefox add on to make it easy to ALWAYS exclude such websites

    ANYONE know of such a firefox add-on ?

    • Do you think it was this one:

      “N” is a female – 25 or 30 ish? two toned hair, light blonde on top, brown under the blonde. This is who I belived to be the most attentive Juror. Watched Jodi intently when she was talking about what sex she liked.Shook her head slightly when the mugshot came up on screen.When Jodi talked about using the BMW to drive sister missionaries, this juror was looking at her with a look that made me think of a mom who was watching a child who was lying. Almost an embarrased look with “pursed” lips and slight head shake.Tracking between Juan and Nurmi during 48 hours clips, writing a lot during Jodi’s explanations. Nodding when the testimony was about Jodi falling asleep on the “lovesack” when he was out with Mimi. Nodding with a “here we go again” look on her face. I swear she almost rolled her eyes. Writing frantically.


      • Shes the one with unique hair, style or color? she’s married, in her 30’s and sits on the edge of her seat.

      • Juror No. 5

        She is a married, white female in her 30s. She sits on the edge of her seat and is the most visible juror from the gallery because she has a “unique hair style.”

  32. Oh, the pro pros FB site is going crazy.

    One idiot wrote, “How does IT know what the juror said”? DUH! The judge questioned all the jurors on Thursday!

    Are these people too stupid to read the filing??

    And, trust me, the judge is NOT going to grant a mistrial. She will remove the juror. She has to or Jodi (if convicted) would be set free on appeal.

    • She may have to declare a mistrial, depending on what juror #5 said in front of the other jurors. As someone said earlier, you can’t unring the bell.

      • It seems to me that all the jurors would probably be questioned AGAIN to determine what each heard.

        I think there is too much pressure on the judge to declare a mistrial. That’s why I believe the defense had an “either / or” statement of mistrial or removal of juror.

        • I wouldn’t risk going with that jury if I was the judge…simply on grounds of the conviction being overturned because of suspicion the jury was tainted.

          It’s easy to tell someone to disregard something that was said, but honestly, how many really do disregard it? I know myself it would always be dancing around in the back of my mind.

      • Gail Conlon
        can’t unring the bell
        the entire jury pool possibly could’ve been contaminated
        even the appearance of such, especially in capital case, could lead the judge to proactively declare a mistrial now

        instead of proceeding with the trial and being overturned on appeal

        may be the last straw with earlier prosecutorial abuses

        a much earlier post by someone stated arizona has a high percentage of appellate reversals
        maybe the judge will call for more legal argument ?

  33. Michael Kiefer ‏@michaelbkiefer 41m

    Arias also files motion to stop prosecutor from arguing aggravating factors for which there was no probable cause found in 2009 hearing.


    1 Favorite
    Info Seeker Justice Café sas MissTrixieDelight

    1:49 PM – 1 Apr 13 · Details

    Darwin Charles Darwin Charles ‏@1BigBender 35m

    @michaelbkiefer can u tell us which aggravating factors?

    • They filed an Obection:
      “OBJ – Objection/Opposition. 4/1/2013

  34. I went back and read the filing. It seems that Juror 5’s comment(s) affected more than 1 juror.


    I really hope this does NOT cause a mistrial. It will be difficult, if not near impossible for Jodi to get an impartial jury after all the news coverage.

    Am I wrong in my thinking??

    • No you are not wrong Nicole. That is my concern as well, but the Judge has to do the right thing, and that includes ensuring Jodi has a fair trial. Will removing this juror allow Jodi to have a fair and impartial jury? I just don’t know the answer to that question. (sigh)

      • We need to hope that juror #5 didn’t speak to more than 2 others. That would result in the removal of 3 jurors. The judge would need to sequester the jurors at this point. There would still be 15 jurors, enough to go on.

        No way she gets a fair trail given media coverage. Especially given the release of police videos. They’d have to let her walk. It’s the only fair thing

    • I believe they could find an impartial jury if they get out of AZ. If it comes to that, I hope that JM does not get a second time to make an ass of himself and to make a mockery of the judicial system. But I don’t know how these things work. If anybody has any insight, it would be good to hear how it works.

      • Move where though? This case has reached England, Greece, Australia, everywhere… Based on HLN’s release of material, this woman from Australia (Dr. Drew had her on), anyway, she said that she and friends think Jodi is guilty.

        What justice?

        • Most of my family and friends do not watch this case (we live in CA). They all work during the day and watch little news. I only know about this because I work from home most of the time and would watch the news in the morning before I started work. (Well… I watched CNN and HLN, thinking it was news.) So in just my circle of friends, we range from 20’s to late 40’s, most professionals and some college students mainly in the health field, and I’d say at least 40 or so friends and family, I am the only one who is informed on this case and who even recognizes the names of Arias and TA. So, I do believe it would be possible. I just don’t think its possible in AZ.

        • You never know – in Casey Anthony’s case, all they had to do was bring in jurors from another county in Florida to get a just verdict. And that case was EVERYWHERE.

  35. [Also Abused, I hope you don’t mind that I copy and paste your comment from yesterday here so it doesn’t get lost. Indeed, it’s quite interesting that associates of Travis were afraid of the battered woman’s defense being used a year before it actually was.]

    Also Abused says:

    March 31, 2013 at 8:22 pm

    Here’s something interesting that my friend just messaged me about. She was reading a thread on a hater site that began in 2008. My friend has been trying to figure out how all the hatred of Jodi began because she wants to write something about how women on trial are vilified. She went back to the very beginning of this thread that is about 2,000 pages long to see if she could figure out whether or not people hated Jodi from the very beginning. On page 20, someone posted the following:

    “Wow….so close yet so far! I’ve known Travis since childhood. My mother was close friends with Travis as well as his mother. He was the real deal. Arrogant as hell but definitely not a whore…unlike Jodi. He was very disadvantaged as a youth and got out. He deserves respect. It is very difficult to come from the background he came from and actually be able to make something of yourself. Look…bottom line…there is sooo much about Jodi that may or may not come to light during the trial. Bitch was a complete and utter whore. She broke up marriages…and was “on her knees” with another guy just hours after murdering my friend. There is so much more to this tramp than meets the eye and don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth…especially if she tries to pull the “battered woman” defense which she no doubt will try and do. Honestly I’m not opposed to her being totally a completely insane. I actually think she may have multiple personality disorder. Not trying to attack your theory or anything…just thought you would like to know the truth. :2smiley:”

    What’s interesting is that this was posted on 2/15/09. That was a couple of months BEFORE the Picture Perfect show first aired on TV. At that point, Jodi was still telling the story of two intruders having killed Travis. She had not yet admitted that she killed Travis in self defense.

    So where did this person get his/her theory about the “battered woman” defense back then? Does this person know that Travis was abusive? Was there a rumour in the community that he was abusive? And remember what Gus Searcy said that more people would come forward if they weren’t afraid. Exactly how much is being covered up?

    • Hi ev1. Happy April!

      Whose marriage did she break up???? She was “on her knees with another guy just hours after murdering my friend”…”bitch was a complete and utter whore”. WOW…

      NONE of that is true… this post throws around “battered woman” defense, insanity, promiscuity – sounds like this poster doesn’t know the TRUTH if it bit her in the ass…and YES I believe it is a female…sounds a bit “jealous” of Jodi if you ask me – maybe someone whose boyfriend/lover/potential lover wanted Jodi instead of the Ms. 2smiley… (if I read it correctly it seemed like that was the poster’s ID…sorry if I’m wrong…you know what they say about opinions and a**holes….LOL

      • That comment reminds me of Dave Hall saying “Oh, she’s latched on to the NEXT big rising star of our company!” Travis’ shady friends are making it sound like Jodi was screwing Ryan Burns when she went to Utah. And what marriages did she break up?

    • No, I don’t mind at all. This one really fascinated me and it definitely needs more discussion.

      We should all think about this:

      1. When this person posted this remark on 2/15/09, Jodi was being interviewed by several media outlets and telling the story of the intruders who killed Travis. Picture Perfect aired a couple of months later.

      2. Based on what Dr. Samuels testified to under oath, at that time (and for quite some time later) Jodi was not able to be honest not even with herself about what happened.

      3. Based on what Jodi testified to under oath, she wanted to protect Travis and not tell anyone about any of the abuse. She was also ashamed to tell.

      4. According to the court files, she was simply pleading “Not Guilty” at that time.

      5. I find it difficult to believe that an affirmative defense of self defence was even a teeny thought in her attorneys’ minds at the time. If it was, they would NEVER have let Jodi go on national TV and give the intruders story knowing that could be seen by the jury later.

      So then where on earth did this person get this idea that she might try “battered woman defense”?

      I can only come up with ONE conclusion: because it was pretty well know that Travis battered women and/or people knew that he was abusive to Jodi.

      • I just get the feeling that she would have kept that same story of the Ninja’s until in 2010 when she probably heard of the suicide of Ashely Thompson………….then she tells the whole truth but I believe it is to the best she remembers without people there she changed it up again because no one believed her intruder story. Even Flores kept saying I don’t believe you Jodi……..she is afraid of someone because she bought a 9mm when she was still out.

        This is not a gun person per say she was scared of something an not a camping trip. But she has to go along with this story as it is more believable I guess an fits most the facts but just not the stabbing an slashing which I truly think she was laid out unconscious for awhile woke up to a mess in a frantic state.

        Just my opinion this story has more too it we many never know it all. She did not do it all but can’t tell what happened she has a mental block as she was not conscious for it all they should have done a brain scan for a concussion she was body slammed on TILE 2 times I can’t believe her head never hit the tile either time.

  36. If this is TRUE then how can the Travis Town Lovers say it was all JODI no one would reply to this many emails or texts that thought the person was a true STALKER TIRE SLASHER Etc……

    “Court records indicate that they exchanged 82,000 emails.” That’s 3565 emails per month, over the 22 month relationship. Or, over 100 emails per DAY. Seriously? I mean, REALLY? I’m just sayin’…

    • I have had my email account for close to 10 years and I haven’t received close to that many email. Holy Cow! Where did they find time to do anything except send email?

  37. Holy Guacamole that’s a lot of emails! Stalking my a#%. And speaking of emails, did anyone hear that some of the emails were from another woman whom TA was abusing (I guess she was accusing him of making her feel used and abused). Does anyone know about this?

    • I read somewhere in here that it may have been Deanna? the girl from Riverside CA his hometown they had dated off an on since HS like 6 years worth? someone was saying that maybe she would know the real truth but she would never come forward with it.

      I do know he left his dog to her in his will so he had to still have feelings for her to do that? if that is true even. I would leave mine with a family member before a ex bf though so I think it is weird. His grandma was still alive an had Pugs I would think he would leave the dog to her? I would like to see his will an see if that is even true though really.

  38. I keep wondering about the “coincidence” of TA’s increasing rage, and his focus on body building for Cancun. A hasty web search produced the following:

    Default Bodybuilder dies after steroid induced rage!

    Authorities have released footage of a construction worker trashing a New York gym while on a drug-fuelled rampage.

    Chad Brothers, 32, died after being tasered by police during the destructive outburst in Gold’s Gym in suburban Albany on October 31 last year, FOX23 reports.

    The CCTV footage shows the weightlifter effortlessly flipping over pieces of heavy exercise equipment as frightened gym goers flee in panic.

    Toward the start of Brothers’ violent episode a fellow gym member confronts him in the lobby, raising his fists and inviting a fight.

    But Brothers ignores him, briskly walking into the room where the fitness machines are located, knocking over a clothes rack on his way.

    Police arrived at the scene at 6.20am according to the time stamp on the CCTV footage and a female officer said she deployed her Taser two minutes later.

    But the jolt wasn’t enough to subdue the 106kg Brothers who reportedly fell to the floor briefly but got up with an officer still on his back trying to restrain him.

    Up to five shots of the Taser, each lasting five seconds, were required before the burly bodybuilder could be hand-cuffed by police and gym goers.

    Following his apprehension Brothers suffered a cardiac arrest and died not long after being admitted to a local hospital.

    Authorities have said that Brothers death was caused by ‘agitated delirium’ which can be a side effect of steroid use.

    • Ohhhhhhh man….he cld have def had roid rage!!!! Ur right!!! My X thro a 1 gallon Poland spring water bottle at my head in shop rite once…..they def can’t control themselves

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