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Check out the videos below featuring post-sentencing interviews with Jennifer Willmott. I’ve also included a Fox 10 interview with Juan Martinez:

Jennifer Willmott with Michael Kiefer/AZCentral – (video opens in a new window):

jennifer willmott michael kiefer jodi arias 4-16-2015

Jennifer Willmott 2-part interview with ABC15 AZ’s Nohelani Graf, which includes Jennifer’s thoughts on Jodi’s comments, the sequence of events, her relationship with Jodi, Kirk Nurmi, death threats from pedo-huggers, the evidence of TA’s abuse and the social media involvement during the trial:

Video 1/2:

Video 2/2:

Juan Martinez interview with Fox 10:

Despite the obvious & well documented flaws of the Fox interviewer, I’ve watched this 34 minute video and found it interesting enough to include in today’s post:

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  1. Good morning Team Jodi! One of the down sides of being back to work, no time to keep caught up on what is going on I guess I’ll have to wait until the week end to watch all of these video clips. I’ve only seen some of the shorter ones. It will be great to write to Jodi again, and real letters with envelopes and all! I have heard that Jodi finally got a decent meal the first one in several years. I believe that Jodi will do just fine at Perryville, she is an incredibly strong woman and will adapt well to life there.

    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • Absolutely right, Ray! And just as many others have said, it’s time for us to turn the page and look forward because this is the beginning of the end of Jodi’s imprisonment. We’re going to do everything we can do to get her freedom and justice.

    • It’s good to know that sheriff joe’s shit food is in the past! I hope there’s a time that he has to eat that crap day in day out seated in a caged tent in the middle of the summer…

  2. Jennifer Willmott is such a nice person, it saddens me that she has received threats from the lunatics on TA’s side. Nothing surprises me with them, only the scum of the earth would take the side of a women beating pedophile. 11 jurors were Alexander supporters before the trial and lied their way onto the jury. Thankfully there was one unbiased juror who did what was right. Ironically, juror #17 is also a victim of domestic violence. Funny that the one person who has had a taste of what Jodi went through, knew she was telling the truth.

    The family partied with the prosecution and juror members. They didn’t even try to hide the fact they were all good friends. All this corruption and Martinez sill lost. Thank you ((( juror 17 )))

        • There’s pictures of them. Tanisha is there with her big, masculine chin, Steven is there looking as socially awkward as ever, the jurors, Flores and the frog are there too. Flores has really put on weight. I mean, he was never the slimmest but he looks like he’s taken all Nurmi’s weight off him.

          • With all the death threats in our era, I believe there is a lot of reliance on armored body protection. I think that’s why a lot of the politicians look “porkie,”too. But, yes there is an issue there.

            Symbolically, this is a very, sad day in history.

          • LMAOOO! LMAOOOOO!!!!!:D 😀 😀

            I opened the photo and am laughing out loud right now. Umm, they do look as if they;’re getting married? Hey Flo, need to come out of the closet or something?

            • Juror 19 (the big lanky fella holding Flores’ hand) is really loving the attention. He’s on Twitter posting pictures. He’s using a picture of “the party” as his header. And he announced that Juan Martinez and Det. Flores are his role models (think I’m going to puke). I don’t know how a guy like that gets on the jury, he looks a bit simple to be honest.

              • They are his role model? Please be kidding! You know what? The first jurors’ actions made me think that some people are just dying to be relevant or belong somewhere. They are in desperate need of approval and belonging. Remember Tara Kelley? That girl was always the fat ugly teenager who got bullied at school probably and never belonged anywhere, she was NEVER PART OF THE COOL kids. Now it was her time to shine 😉

                Same goes for these losers too. Those who get too attached are people who were just looking for a sense of purpose in life; Jodi’s case just came in time. It would have been anything else.

        • She is, they did and they love to be photographed just like their dead beat brother. Pictures of the party are posted everywhere.

        • Of course they did. It’s all over the Internet. As for Tanisha, I don’t know if she lookslike a party animal but she definitely looks like a former meth-addict. She diddn’t even have teeth till 2013, hey did all of you notice her NEW TEETH??? They kind of protrude from her mouth, ahahaha!!

          • Oh, you are talking about the ‘Bart Simpson’ smile? LMFAO!! I wonder if her new teeth will go into the expenses they are asking Jodi to pay for… maybe tanisha will include all the meth expenses she had when using… It’s no secret that it’s Jodi’s fault for everything! NOT…

    • Very well said Lawza! Yes, it’s really fascinating how quickly the depression, mental images of their brother, their ‘broken’ life were put aside for a par-teee!!! 🙄

      Were the sisters wearing their hooker shoes? You know the ones that they wore at the trial day in day out (so inappropriate).

  3. Good morning and Ray congrats on being 1st.

    Jen did a great job. I’m very happy she clarified Jodi’s statement. JM …….I got nothing to say except BS and more lies. But your day is coming!!!

    I would now like to say a few words about the “party” pictures IMHO.

    I don’t give a flying f~ if the Alexander’s and friends partied until dawn. I don’t give a flying f~ if JM and staff partied until dawn. I could care less what the jury did. What I do find very interesting, appalling, disgusting is the fact that they were partying all together. At the end of the day Travis is still dead and Jodi DID NOT get the DP!!! If anyone thinks for one minute that Jodi is going to spend the rest of her life I’m prison you are wrong!!!! She will walk out those prison doors with that brilliant smile that will light up the sky.
    What you all failed to believe is this was a self defense case and it is not illegalto fight for your life!!! ((((Jodi))))

    • Great post Cindy!

      May I add ” She will walk out those prison doors…..and we will ONLY have Martinez to thank ” 😉 😉

      It will be Karma payback day, bwahaha!

    • Cindy, this is why you are so impressive. You’re such a fast learner you are always miles ahead of Martinez. + Your trademark optimism is supported by believable pragmatism. How could could anybody feel discouraged around you?

      Thank you 🙂

    • Awesome comment Cindy!

      It does bother me that the alexander siblingz stood in court lying the shits out of themselves saying that Jodi ruined their lives and that they were deeply depressed but then a few hrs later, they’re partying like it’s 1999…

      As for the jurors being there? That only goes to show how ‘impartial’ they really were. Fakes, liars, despicable people. I hope their children don’t grow up to be like their parents…

    • Very well said. All the corruption and Martinez still lost. What are they partying for? Nothing will bring Travis back and Jodi will get out of prison.

      • I am new. I was in India for six months during the first trial. I watched it after the second penalty phase retrial on YouTube. I was in favor of her guilt until I watched the trial and read the pedophile letter here. I always thought Chris Hughes is snaky. Where can I read the emails he was questioned about in the evidence hearing? Also, why was the letter TA wrote about being a pedxophile not authenticated? It could easily have been proven by hard writing experts. Did it preclude the email that was from the Hughes regarding TA abuse of Jodi? I still can’t fathom why this was a murder one case. I plan to write Jodi and would like to get to know some of you. Someone please email me the emails I have requested. my email is (xxx – removed for your safety). I can’t contribute money as I’m disabled, but I hope this case is overturned on appeal. First, I think the computer evidence will be easily proven, giving her the chance for a new trial. Second, I hope that one of TA’s victims that he mentioned in the pedophile letter can be found and come forward. The point is not whether or not TA was a pedophile at all, but rather is evidence of an unfair trial. Also, who endorsed the movie…Dirty Little Secret? It is totally an unfair representation of who Jodi is in my opinion. The turning point for me was Darryl Brewer’s interview. It is totally obvious that Jodi had a huge change in behavior while being involved with TA. I had a therapist that was Morman, which I didn’t know until after she moved and she sent me a copy of the Book of Morman. She used The Secret in her therapy of me. My mom was furious and told me not to EVER read that book after I shared it with my mom. Her pastor had given a sermon on its, hatful effects. Wow…just wow about all theMorman things I have learned as a result of this trial. I hope Jodi has converted to something that is not a cult. Ok, so I am rambling now…I believe so deeply that she defended herself and was horribly abused by TA. I hate to use profiling, but the profile of someone in his circumstances fits his behavior and ego. I read his my space page and accounts…his ego and bragging did not impress me. Can you say fit? NO! Someone experience here, please email me.

        • Mary, welcome. I have removed your e-mail addy for your safety. If someone wants to e-mail you, they can ask me to send it to them via e-mail. I think that your questions can be answered here from our good friends.

        • Mary Dunn: I am so excited that you have come to this Website. You are just the kind of fresh air that keeps the vitality growing here. Your outlook is exactly what helps expand our horizons and possibilities. The fact that you know and have opinions about this case is useful. We have been watching an amazing phenomenon emerge here: SJ has created a safe place that is a Magnet for TRUTH. That’s right. Truth lives here, and we are helping each other search the internet to:

          FIND truth and STOP the CHEATING. You are very welcome here. Enjoy yourself 🙂 I love all the questions you are asking and challenging. Such as: Why wasn’t the letter that TA wrote about being a pedophile authenticated? One of the “truths” I am looking for is who or what is it that gets in the drivers seat and sabotages the discovery of truth. I would call it getting blind-sided. Somewhere in the above is sabotage that stopped exploring the status of that letter in it’s tracks.

          • Wow, Seabird, sabotage of the exploration and discovery has definately happened here. That letter can prove Jodi’s allegations and change the light of the whole trial. With self defense being the motive, Jodi should be allowed to prove every allegation about his questionable character as need be. He was a liar and abuser. There is no doubt in my mind, he fits the profile. It is proven that boys who molest were usually molested and are attracted to the age children from the age of thier own abuse. TA says he was abused at 12 and his attraction was in that age range. I hope one his victims comes forth. I also think the Hughes know he had victims and have covered up and may be the root to the sabotage. How and why would they cover something up? They KNEW about his proclivity to children. They all act like they thought he was a virgin, yet the behavior screams otherwise. I hope her appeal gets this verdict overturned and SOON! Was child porn found on his laptop? What’s up with the bishop knowing? Sky Hughes said on Dr. Drew the church knew of the sex. Deanna said they were both kicked out of temple worship. He was tainted and not the saint he is portrayed as. I think Jodi snapped and in the adrenaline rush of fight or flight, she fought for her life. Had the evidence not been tampered with and sabotaged, she would never have been found guilty of premeditated murder one imo. I am going to keep researching. Is there anything in particular I can do to help. I am a masters level educated fifty year old disabled woman with 17 years teaching experience. I have a lot of free time in my hands and would love something productive to do. Thanks for the warm welcome. I am glad I found this site. I went to FB a pages that were all full of Jodi haters. I don’t condone cold blooded murder, but I don’t see Jodi as a murderer. She was so abused by this man and it is totally evidenced in the tapes. The mystical, magical celestial world of the Mormons ruined her life!!! I hope they wear their kingdom panties to the veil. LOL? Sorry, but I hate cults and don’t mean to offend, but those undergarments are too much. They are even supposed to wear them during sex…I have researched the LDS church as a result of this trial. Hypocrites.

            • Hi Mary Dunn:That was quite the good read that you provided. Your instinct has already set you upon a course that will change lives. I commend you on your impressive background of personal growth. Interesting to me that even your mother had an instinct to reject The Secret as not being TRUTH but enslavement. Keep up the critical eye for what, when and why truth is kept out of the equation. Let us know what you discover.

              God bless.

        • Mary,
          WELCOME!!! So glad to have more like-minded people here L:)

          The pedo letters were indeed examined by an expert who did NOT say they were forged by that he was only 90% sure, or at least not 100% it was TA’s writing because he did not have the originals.
          And that’s the one thing that blew up the whole letter admission, in my opinion. The fact that the defense team only produced COPIES of the originals. And no, we don’t know why. Or where the originals are. People have speculated that Jodi may have destroyed them once she received them, being all disgusted and stuff. We frankly don’t know and it is one of the first questions I;d ask Wilmott if I could interview her.

          So, there you go: expert said they were not forged but he couldn’t vouch 100%.for their authenticity either 🙁

    • Hey Vicky, you betcha! We ain’t going anywhere! My only hope is that the haters will eventually go away. But knowing that we are what makes them get out of bed, it’ll be hard to remove those leeches from Jodi’s and our lives.

      We all know that they stalk this site every single hour of the day…

  4. Does the Arizona Dept. of Corrections allow media interviews? God I hope not. Jodi does herself no good when she speaks out. I think her mental issues inhibit her ability to properly communicate what she is trying to say. An example is about the knife wound. What she stated would have been physically impossible. I support her and think the killing was self defense but when she thinks she is not believed, she embellishes to the point that what she says is not believable. Again I attribute this to her mental issues. I just hope interviews are not allowed at Perryville.

    • Hi! I have posted a couple of times, but I have been here reading for a long time without posting just to learn first. My name is Kate.

      I know I read that AZ Dept of Corrections does not allow interviews. But where I read that I cannot recall. I have watched so many different stories about the sentencing and case in recent months that some of it is beginning to run all together. But if I find it again I will share the information.

      Thanks for posting all of the videos and documents you have over the course of this whole crazy debacle! Lots of work represented here!

      Have a great weekend!

  5. For all the people who say Jodi isn’t remorseful. Jodi has not ever complained about her living conditions in jail. How many of you could live like she does and not complain once?

    • Being remorseful and complaining or not about living conditions are two differnt things, though.

      Yes, it’s true – she never ever complains about living conditions. She is strong and courageous. The latter doesn’t have to do with remorse; remorse was shown by Jodi COUNTLESS times while on the stand, in her interviews, in her communications with her friends/supporters and during her converastions with her lawyers. Whoever is blinded by their love for Perver Pervertson will never understand or see eye to eye with us. So they should just stfu!

      Yes, she DID show remorse. Move on!

    • Jodi is and has been remorseful and has stated it many times too many IMO. She fought in self defense and fought for her life. Besides having to kill travis so she can remain alive, nothing she did that day should make her feel ‘disgusted’. Jodi is too harsh on herself. For if she didn’t have the inner power to fight back to her attacker she would not be here today telling us her story.

      If travis had not initiated attacking her, trying to choke her and to ‘finish’ her, he would be alive today. He brought this on to himself. He was too arrogant to believe that Jodi would fight back! He thought he had broke her totally BUT the phoenix rises from his ashes and Jodi rose the moment she had to, to stay alive!

      • Absolutely !!!! Travis is the reason he is dead today. Jodi should never feel ashamed of what she did because she survived. Thank God!!! Nothing disgusting about it. Travis’ actions brought on his own death, not JODI. JODI IS THE VICTIM!! More than ONCE! Over and Over and Over again!!!!!

    • Jodi has shown remorse over and over again. The people who say that don’t know Jodi. They judge her from what they’ve seen of her on the stand. She cries real tears and they say they are fake. Who the F are they to say they are fake? They don’t know how Jodi is feeling! And Jodi knows all these things, she knows that if she cries, they say it’s fake, and if she doesn’t cry, they say she’s showing no remorse. She certainly shouldn’t feel disgusted, she did what she had to do to defeat her abuser. I think she’s a heroine, and I’m extremely proud of her. All of this is on Travis. It’s his fault he’s dead, if he didn’t attack her, he’d be alive today. In fact, that’s a scary thought, if Travis was alive today, think of all the innocent children he would of molested in the last 7 years! He didn’t count on Jodi fighting back, he thought he’d worn her down enough mentally to do whatever he wanted to her. But when he put her in that situation, instinct for survival kicks in and the abuser was defeated.

      Justice For Jodi!

  6. frog don’t forget to debit those charitable donations on your restitution claim. frog what a chameleon you are, I’m sure the haters got bent when they saw this interview.
    If some benefactor leaves Jodi a fortune, I hope it’s soon.
    Free Jodi!

    • Johnm, only if it’s put into the fund. I’m hoping JW finds the amount the family has received over the years. Yup they will only get 30% of the commissary fund. Yup let’s see what 30% of $15.00 a month. WOW they sure will be in the money then….

      • No cindy, I was talkin’ about the restitution hearing, where frog said in that interview above, that the family would seek restitution for their trial expenses and other accrued expenses, and I felt that the BIG ‘OL money they got donated to them all these years, should be debited from the amount of $ they seek in retribution from Jodi. They all suck with two k’s suckk!

        • I imagine donations are just that; donations. No one can prove how much money (ahem, MILLIONS) the Alexscammers received and even if they did prove the figure they received, I don’t see how that would stop them for seeking restitution from Jodi. Greed and Revenge are the only two words I can think of…. 🙄

          • Perhaps the IRS would be interested in all the money donated to them??? Seeking restitution from Jodi is pointless…she has nothing…they have money being donated to them so they just need to move on….if not, I am sure that a full fledged audit will be in order for any civil suit they decide to bring….afterall, if they decide to sue Jodi she will then have the right to obtain information from them….it is a TWO WAY STREET….and don’t forget it…..

            • They want her to have less than nothing.

              They’ll do everything in their power, for as long as she lives, to make her miserable.

              They will never ever let this go because this is all they have.

              • Well all I can say is be careful for what you wish for bc you just might get it….an audit may not be what they really want if they were to owe a lot in back taxes for all the donations…Jodi on the other hand has no assets…zip, zero, nada…so a percentage of nothing is still nothing……so the family may want to be careful what they wish for……….

    • First off: If they couldn’t afford to go to the trial they should have remained home and watched it through the tv. Do you think that Jodi’s family didn’t want to be by her side every moment they could? But economically that was impossible and o they didn’t.

      Maybe the alexanders should have thought of not going to hair dressers, shopping sprees and buying boats and going on Disneyland expeditions if they couldn’t afford the trial? What is more important to the alexanders? Buying a boat or attending their brother’s trial??? Priorities people! And we all know that the mormon cult paid for their expenses! I really do hope that all needed documents are collected to introduce in court and prove that the alexanders mooched off everyone and didn’t pay a dime out of their pocket…

      • So True Pandora, I’m sure that fancy house was not cheap to rent either. Please tell me that they can’t touch Jodi’s appellate fund?

      • I hope everyone got to get a good look at those party photos, because you could see that this was NO AVERAGE house. This was an expensive little mansion with a pool and everything. I guess they wouldn’t be able to attend and GRIEVE in a more confined space right?

        Hypocrites! 🙄

    • Check the updated Write to Jodi page –
      says they MAY read all or part of every piece of mail – from all the things people aren’t to send, I can only assume that every letter is opened if only to check for prohibited items

        • Part 1

          I found these documents showing the history of different twists & turns of counsel for Jodi from the 19/09/08.

          First public defender at arraignment is James Hann.

          On 9/19/08 the public defender is Maria L Schaffer as primary.

          On 9/19/08 another public defender Judis R Andrews requested an extension of time to challenge the Grand Jury proceedings as they did not have a copy of the Grand Jury transcript.

          On 12/18/08 the primary public defender is Maria L Schaffer and the secondary public defender is Gregory T Parzych. Juan M Martinez is still the State’s Attorney.

          On 5/22/09 the defendant submitted a request for a change of counsel.
          Additional hearings and status meeting are held without further mention of the change of council.

          On 8/10/09 the Court received and reviewed a motion from both public defenders to withdraw from representing the defendant. The Court found sufficient cause to allow them to withdraw and noted that the trial was set for February 2, 2010 so there is adequate time for new counsel to be assigned without putting the trial date in jeopardy.

          On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington and Kirk Nurmi appear as counsel along with Maria Schaffer and Gregory Parzych at an evidentiary hearing. Of interest, this hearing was to determine if there is probable cause to add an Aggravating Factor that will make this a death penalty case. This is where the prosecution presents to the Court that the victim was shot first, then repeatedly stabbed, then stabbed in the heart and finally had throat slit. Detective Flores represents to the court that he spoke with the Medical Examiner Dr. Horne and that this is the sequence of events Dr. Horne gave him.

      • So what? We’re used to our mail being read. We have nothing to hide and most importantly nothing to be ashamed of 😉

        Jodi ♥

        • Me either, but it is a fact that the looky loos can’t help themselves. I think they really like us. ♥ In fact, if they read more they might just find out how WONDERFUL Jodi Arias is and TEAM JODI dedicated to JUSTICE we ALL ARE!! ((((((JODI))))) ♥

  7. Interesting interview. Willmot began by describing the killing as a murder. She thought it should have been a murder 2 conviction. She never once mentioned how an innocent Jodi had been unfairly sent to prison for life and was happy the trial, and her involvement, were over. Surely this is grounds for an appeal, having a defence atttorney who didn’t believe Jodi’s story !!

    • Correction –

      she said it should have been a Murder 2 CASE – IOW Jodi should never have been charged with first degree murder. And that has been the consensus of opinion from most every legal mind whose spoken out on this case who didn’t work for HLN (and even a couple of them have said the same)

    • While I wish JW had said it was self-defense, as I understand it, it is not required that the attorney believe their client is innocent, just that they vigorously advocate for them and (as JW said in the interview) make sure the State doesn’t trample on the defendant’s rights.

        • Yes, exactly. When the charges were brought up, I kind of expected Jennifer to mention how lesser charges were allowed by Pickles near the end of the first trial but how jurors still convicted of M1. IOW, I wanted Wilmott to point out the first jurors failure to see past the State’s overzealous charging of this case 🙁

    • As I recall, JW did say she wished people wouldn’t get so fascinated by “someone’s murder,” which in context by implication seems to describe TA’s death as a murder. She should have been more careful than that. And what she actually said was that she doesn’t believe Jodi lied on the stand. That’s not exactly the same as saying her self-defense story is true. But the only daylight between the two seems to be the possibility that Jodi is sincerely mistaken, and I doubt Jennifer believes that. However, I do think Jennifer said a lot of things in the long interviews that she should never have said even if Jodi were a past client, not a present one.

      • I agree. JW certainly didn’t do Jodi any favors in this interview, in my opinion. Did she do herself any favors? Maybe. She knows the wrath that comes from supporting Jodi in any way, and she seems to be distancing herself. I find that very sad. Jennifer said Jodi was telling the truth, and she is now faced with spending the rest of her life in jail, shouldn’t Jennifer be outraged? Or at least speak words to that effect, even if she doesn’t show the emotion? Also, Jennifer said she didn’t read what Jodi was going to say beforehand. That’s pretty alarming, too. While I know Jodi is strong willed, I see nothing that should have stopped either of her attorneys from reading possibly the most important words she would ever speak in this whole circus, and advising her. Ineffective counsel across the board to the very last moment. IMO.

        • Sandra, thank goodness I found you. I can’t get on Inconvenient Truths since it went on Facebook.
          The big point is that you are the Voice of Reason that I depend on to maintain a sense of balance
          during cycles of chaos. I’ve have left my tiny foot prints in various settings all over the JAII site. Something like Johnny Apple Seed, planting little ideas all over the place, hoping something of value will take root. More of my tinkerings than I would ever have expected are paying little dividends. It is heartwarming, and quite different than who I have always thought I was. I think I flourish best, when it seems like everyone else is messing up, so there is nothing left to loose. : – )

          One thing I left out there was inspired by you. You had made the comment that you didn’t believe that Jodi belonged in jail, but that you didn’t quite know why you believed that.

          Several people who posted on you site from whom I have wanted to hear more have eventually turned up on JAII. One is “Dyson.” another entity goes (went by the name (WeJeBe ) On the list of mysterious deaths. None of this seems real at all. That’s why I was craving to get grounded by feedback from you. So WeJeBe [He was Jose WeJeBe] was killed in a home-built light air craft “acident.” His plane crashed after take off from the Eveerglade airport. The daughter’s name is Krissy. I think there were pictures- posted of her as a “SINGER” IIRC she looked like a twin of Jodi. There were gushing accolades aplenty, praising the wonderful qualities of this person who left a son and a daughter behind, plus many mourners. It seemed he ran a sport fishing business, and was famous, very famous in his element, and exceptionally poplular, It rather seemed that he was somehow connected to the arena of this trial, but nothing I could find seemed clear. These disperate dabs of information do not yield a convincing connection.[I’m now on a page in my notebook dated 2012. That means the clues I found in 2014, were published on the Iternet in 2012. This “Jose” was killed in the crash April 6, 2012] I’m going to start a new page before I loose this. It is getting “Weider.”

          In the pop song, “Hallujah,” there is a strain that goes: Well baby I’ve been here before, I’ve seen these walls, and I’ve walked this floor. It is talking straight to my surrealistic sense of actally being in that tiled bathroom on that fateful night. It is Jodi’s naration detail of those moments before the knife dropped that transported me there. I thought you might understand, because I sure do not.

          • OK the Hallelujah bit is a side trip (not on topic). I cannot control my computer, that’s why I lost you with the switch to face book.

            So here comes the weirdest stuff I found. I was actually scared to post it , so hold my hand, please.I’m in my clue book that starts the top of the page with four or so names of folks who died mysteriously.

            Then comes this part, that “someone” posted on JAII, directing the message to Jodi by name: Jan 15th 2015: (This writer purposely never capitalized “mormon.” (in case you notice a poster w. that idiocyncracy.)

            “Jodi, It was mormon fanatical killed TA. Betrayal to TA_ You were telling him you were going to police. Talk of getting a lawyer. Expose these people. Let the FBI protect you. All evidence shows TA was being stalked and threatened by fanatical mormon. Everybody knows he was stalked & threatened by fanatical mormon. They knew you were going to the police. But the police are all corrupt. (cr. vs. FBI?) cr is this a hint NEVER to use police, but go to FBI, instead?

            I am certain that there was another part that started at the very beginning, but I’ve looked for an hour.

            But I’m virtually certain this is what it said: “Jodi, you need to stop protecting your family.” “Go to the FBI and let them protect you.”

            • Thank you R. Love. I did try that, buy like I say, I don’t understand my computer. (I think it has borderline personalty disorder.)

              The information concerns all of us. But I’ve been writing so much the past few days, I don’t know long it will take for folks to find this stuff. It also got paragraphs scrambled due the the automatic writing features, and some of it reads like being thrown off a horse. But I’m pretty sure it will be worth it, if can sort of scan it with your brain like a “Gestault” (sp)

          • Seabird,
            Thank you for your supportive words. I don’t use facebook for Inconvenient Truths anymore. I got shut down too many times by the haters. All I can do is make noise and write and hope that others will start to consider what a clusterfreak this whole thing was, and that justice has most definitely not been served. I also hope others will print out and send Jodi pages of my blog and also pages from here. Now she’ll be able to receive more. I don’t believe she has any idea of all that has been uncovered. But maybe she does…I also realize that Jodi herself has denied any other explanations for what happened that day other than her story. I understand that because of the way the legal system works, and doesn’t work! BUT, if there is more that would exonerate her, she’s going to need to find a way to trust someone who can truly help. By that, I mean authorities in law enforcement. Like you said, the FBI. And of course, they don’t always listen and probably wouldn’t even be interested unless Jodi could provide them a way to find the bigger fish. Maybe she knows very little, or maybe more, or maybe …nothing. But if there’s a chance at complete exoneration, I’d like to help her find her way towards that somehow. Contrary to rumors, Jodi and I are still on good terms, despite some folks’ efforts to derail that fact. Plus, Travis’ death deserves complete and fair justice, not just going down the path of least resistance, which Jodi was. I also think Jodi is her own worst enemy at times unknowingly. I hope others won’t be shy about re-directing Jodi if and when you see this. I think that’s what anyone who truly wanted to help her would do.

        • OK, so does anybody have any feedback on this weird stuff? Should it be taken down? I sure never knew about these details before.

      • Since the conviction of the first trial, the defence team and witnesses changed their wording from killing to murder. I thought that it was because as representatives of the court, they are required to respect the verdict of the jury even if they didn’t agree with it. Although it was the prosecutor and the bb blue team that was out celebrating, it really was the defence that won when Jodi was spared the death penalty.

        I found the interview very supportive of her client and her case. As a professional, she has to keep a professional distance from her clients, or she would not be as effective as an advocate and attorney. She fought her hardest, all the while dealing with death threats to herself and her family, and while trying to build trust with Jodi who had totally lost faith at that point after the number of attorneys that deserted her. I was very impressed with Jen during the retrial and her knowledge of the psychology and computer evidence. ♥

        • Yes, I agree Jennifer was very good considering the obstacles presented by …..all of it. It was a precarious position to be in for sure. Keeping cool under Juan’s incessant objecting and bullying witnesses was quite a feat on its own!

          I’d say she did the best she could with what she had to work with. And that’s all any of us can do!

        • I do not believe there can be any rule, even in Arizona, that forces a defense attorney at any time to call a killing murder just because a jury found it was. What is true is that in penalty phase, the defense is barred from relitigating guilt, so probably the defense can’t actively claim innocence at that time. But that could not bar them from expressing their true opinion in a TV interview after sentence. If there were such a rule, which I doubt, it would surely not survive constitutional challenge. CC, do you have a source on this?

          ‘Murder’ is a substantive term, not a procedural one. That Jodi was convicted of murder does not make her a murderer, even in legal terms. It only authorizes AZ to treat her as one.

      • Al (are you Alan?) I just sent a critical post to Sandra that should include you. It might be in the barn for review. We need to officially pull BB back into collaborating, also. I’ve been reviewing my notes from the collaboration sessions you, and BB, and I were having before we all got distracted.

        I have no understand how to find a given posting. The pages are pretty long right now, I hope you can find the one I’m talking about. It is sensitive. If SJ chooses to pull it maybe you could have him share it with you directly. I think it should be time stamped about 7:07 PM – that’s the time my computer states.

        The post begins: “Sandra, thank goodness I found you.”

  8. Is there a video of JW’s presentation to that brain-dead judge about the 60 recent murder cases that were much more heinous than this one, by people with long rap sheets and who ultimately received 25 to life? I can only think that JSS was doing a big fat CYA here, frightened by the lynch mob and fearful of not getting re-elected.

  9. Part 2.

    On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington (secondary) and Kirk Nurmi (primary) are assigned as new defense counsel.

    On 2/25/11 Kirk Nurmi announced to the Court that he is leaving the Public Defender’s Office.

    On 3/8/2011 a hearing is held regarding Kirk Nurmi withdrawing as defense counsel. Very interesting minutes. Defendant strenuously objected to new counsel and possibility of pushing back trial date. The Court noted that “Once a case is set for trial, counsel may not withdraw except upon motion providing the name and address of another attorney, along with a statement from that attorney stating that he or she has been advised of the trial date and will be prepared for trial. Rule 6.3(c). No such motion or statement has been filed in this case. “ Mr. Nurmi was ordered to continue as the lead defence counsel at the standard public defender hourly rate paid to the primary defense counsel.

    On 3/9/2011 Mr. Nurmi submitted a formal motion to withdraw and as hearing on the motion was set for 3/21/2011.

    On 3/21/2011 Mr. Nurmi’s motion to withdraw as counsel is denied. At this hearing the State’s request to change the trial date due to a scheduling conflict with State Attorney Juan M Martinez was also denied.

    On 3/22/2011 another hearing is held with a second motion to withdraw by Mr. Nurmi. After the hearing on the previous day the Public Defender Office notified Mr. Nurmi that they were withdrawing the mitigation specialist, investigator, and paralegal because the Public Defender Office does not want Mr. Nurmi directing staff when he is no longer an employee. The Court ordered that Mr. Nurmi motion was denied and he was required to remain as the primary counsel and that the Public Defender Office must immediately reassign the personnel to the case.

    On 4/4/2011 Mr. Nurmi stated his objection to remaining on the case during a status hearing as he has left the Public Defender Office to go into private practice. The Court found that Mr. Nurmi has an ethical obligation to continue representing the defendant but would begin receiving a reasonable hourly rate of $225.00 as compensation to avoid any financial interests that would place Mr. Nurmi in conflict with his client.

    On 8/8/2011 defendant has a hearing on an oral motion she submitted to represent herself. At the end of the hearing this motion is granted but Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington are to remain as advisory counsel, with Victoria Washington as primary. The evidentiary hearing on the purported letters from Travis Alexander alleging he is a pedophile is held with Ms. Arias as defense counsel.

  10. HLN and Dr. Drew have a Jodi replacement already! Her name is Shayna Huber, shot and killed her boyfriend. They said Jodi will be pissed. They are already talking about her and comparing her to Jodi.

    P.S. Tanisha can burn in hell!


    • I haven’t read this case but I feel sorry for this woman. Either she’s innocent or guilty, they will tear her apart…

    • I have HLN blocked on my TV. Dr. Drew used to have a good show with MTV called Dr. Drew and Adam and then Celebrity Rehab. HLN ruined him. I call it the tabloid news channel. Have you ever noti d how Nancy Grace criticizes tabloids, yet uses TMZ and Radarline as scourges for her bullshit?

    • I agree with Pandora.

      Whether guilty or innocent, HLN will trample on that woman’s rights to a fair trial. She’ll be torn apart and fed to the wolves….

      BTW, loved you P.S 😉

      • Thanks! Maria, I thought if she can say that to Jodi, then I can say it to her. She just seems like such a bitch! I hope she reads here and saw it. I can’t believe the judge never said anything! She can’t upset the Alexander’s, they might cry.

        • Hell is waiting for them.

          No, lemme correct that: Travis is waiting for all of them in Hell where HE IS BURNING!! Ha! 😉

  11. On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington (secondary) and Kirk Nurmi (primary) are assigned as new defense counsel.

    On 2/25/11 Kirk Nurmi announced to the Court that he is leaving the Public Defender’s Office.

    On 3/8/2011 a hearing is held regarding Kirk Nurmi withdrawing as defense counsel. Defendant strenuously objected to new counsel and possibility of pushing back trial date. The Court noted that “Once a case is set for trial, counsel may not withdraw except upon motion providing the name and address of another attorney, along with a statement from that attorney stating that he or she has been advised of the trial date and will be prepared for trial. Rule 6.3(c). No such motion or statement has been filed in this case. “ Mr. Nurmi was ordered to continue as the lead defense counsel at the standard public defender hourly rate paid to the primary defense counsel.

    On 3/9/2011 Mr. Nurmi submitted a formal motion to withdraw and as hearing on the motion was set for 3/21/2011.

    On 3/21/2011 Mr. Nurmi’s motion to withdraw as counsel is denied. At this hearing the State’s request to change the trial date due to a scheduling conflict with State Attorney Juan M Martinez was also denied.

    On 3/22/2011 another hearing is held with a second motion to withdraw by Mr. Nurmi. After the hearing on the previous day the Public Defender Office notified Mr. Nurmi that they were withdrawing the mitigation specialist, investigator, and paralegal because the Public Defender Office does not want Mr. Nurmi directing staff when he is no longer an employee. The Court ordered that Mr. Nurmi motion was denied and he was required to remain as the primary counsel and that the Public Defender Office must immediately reassign the personnel to the case.

    • johbno – do you have any idea when Nurmi became qualified for a death penalty trial?
      That has bothered me for a long time. He wasn’t death penalty qualified when he was first assigned to Jodi’s case, and I can’t understand how he even became first chair.

      One of the most disappointing and disturbing aspects of this case is that neither Nurmi nor Willmott were qualified attorneys for Jodi’s Case.

      • Carol,
        “Stephens appointed Jennifer Willmott, a death penalty-qualified defense attorney, to represent Arias.”
        Or, are you suggesting she wasn’t qualified in other ways?

        • If Willmott had the necessary qualifications, she should have been first chair IMO.

          The fact that Nurmi had no interest in the case, was repulsed by the substance of the case, was ample reason he should have been allowed to quit when he asked to do so. He did far more harm to Jodi’s case and her self esteem than Martinez did, primarily because he was supposed to be her SUPPORT and he wasn’t.

          The requirements for Arizona Public Defender’s Office are very low (as far as death penalty qualified attorneys is concerned). Other states have higher standards; which brings this question to mind: why does a person in another state have better attorney representation than those in Arizona?
          Equal Justice under the law, kind of thing.

          • I’m of a mind that the would haves, should haves, could haves are in the past. Not one darn thing any of us can do about it. So let’s get to work on the things we can do to help get our girl out of this mess!!!!!

    • Sometimes it takes posts longer if there are several going in at the same time. We joke and say they went to the barn first. . .maybe it will turn up soon. Frustrating I KNOW!

  12. I don’t know why but I did watch the 35 minute-long interview of Kermit. 35 minutes of my life I’ll never get back, sigh….There were at least two times i caught myself getting totally distracted while his froggy voice was babbling lies.

    There was one thing though that caught my attention and made me go “Hmm”. He repeatedly stated he never goes back and looks in the past, he never second-guesses himself, he never thinks of what could have been done differently. Oh God, so many things a psychologist could see through those statements…..

    I thought to myself “Finally, an explanation”

    Martinez, looking back on what you did, thinking of how you could have reacted/behaved/acted in a better way is what makes us all BETTER PEOPLE. Martinez never does that, by his own admission. Not only does this show a highly narcissistic person who thinks is infallible but also one who has childhood issues (we already knew that) but most importantly one who lacks REMORSE. When you don’t revisit the past, you don’t have a chance to repent. To improve yourself.

    • You are so right he is an egotist and narcissist and he plainly reveals that in what he says in this interview…he also can’t keep from blinking his eyes throughout the interview and can not look Troy boy in the eye but is constant adjusting his eye contact away from him….a sign of a liar IMHO….and he can barely keep from smiling throughout the interview….he admits in the interview that he likes the public adulation and attention and enjoys it….this mini man is dangerous !!

    • Maria, did you notice the two ‘tellings’ he has when lying? One is that when he is lying he doesn’t look the reporter (no need to call him by his name) in the eyes and the second telling is that after a lie, he licks his lips.

      He was playing his ‘prim and proper’ virgin card… what a hypocrite! He dared say that Jodi wanted attention by the media? OMFG! He’s totally forgotten about his ‘rockstar’ despicable behavior? He’s the famewhore! Jodi didn’t know how vile and biased the media was against her. She thought by giving the interviews, she’d somehow be able to show the world that she’s not the monster they made her out to be. It’s what JW said in court: Jodi speaks she’s a monster, she doesn’t she’s a monster. Jodi cries? She faking. She doesn’t? She’s not remorseful… The haters will never be satisfied any way Jodi reacts.

      • I did notice how he avoids eye contact AT ALL COSTS. Shows insecurity, self-image problems and LYING of course!

        The one time he seemed totally comfortable was when he was talking about how he feels flattered by all the media attention. I swear to God, it’s sickening. PUKE!

  13. So if I was to give JODI a good amount of money, would the money hungry family be able to come after the money even though its a gift from me to JODI ?

    Because from what I understand, in a civil lawsuit, they can only come after monies you earned working or money earned for performing labor NOT money that was a “gift” to a person. Because when its a gift you didn’t perform labor in exchange for the money as described in the Labor Laws.

    • Good question. I hope someone here knows the answer to that one! I for one don’t want a nickle of my donations going to those individuals! They can get a job if they want to buy more hooker shoes or boats.

    • I think it would be best to donate to the Appeals fund right now.
      That is where Jodi needs her funds and no one can touch it!!! It is safe!

    • I believe that if Jodi is sued in civil court any and all assets she has would be subjected to the suit… I would be careful about donating any money directly to her…I would check about giving to the appellate fund as i believe that this is protected….please someone correct me if I am wrong on this about the appellate fund….so in short the best way we can help Jodi at this point is to donate to her appellate fund which I believe is strictly to pay for her appeals…the money does not go to her directly or help with her commissary or anything like that but is to pay for her appellate lawyers….again someone with more knowledge on her appellate fund can correct me please if I am not correct on this…. 🙂

      • The appellate fund is safe. No, the money doesn’t go to Jodi directly, you’re right. It is for appeals expenses.

  14. God, I love Jennifer Willmott. She’s so articulate, passionate and sweet. I wonder how different things would have been if JA had had two Jennifer’s on her team.

    • I agree Lynn. JW x 2 would have been a wonderful thing for Jodi’s defense. We would be in a different situation right now. Jodi might have been out for time served.

    • Veeeery different. But of course it all boils down to NOT being stuck with idiot jurors which unfortunately was the case here 🙁 (guilt phase I mean. And retrial except #17)

  15. First let me give kudos to Jennifer Wilmont. She has shown nothing but grace, professionalism, and character throughout this whole thing. I love that she never felt the need to abandon Jodi, unlike Nurmi who tried to jump ship more times than I can count. I just hope she finds an appellate attorney who will believe in her that much. I also hope that the courts will rely solely on the facts and injustices in this case and grant her a new trial. All that I have seen of this farce has made me question the rights of the accused and their chances of getting fair trials. It makes me very sad. Pretty much from the time I could talk, my father wanted me to be an attorney. He always said I could argue the fuzz off a peach, something I’m sure my hubby will agree with. I studied everything I could about the law, good and bad. I felt I could make a difference in the world. I went to college, studied hard and got accepted into law school. Sadly illness has kept me from achieving my dream but it never kept me from my love of the law. Now I wonder if anyone can make a difference. It seems to me that if the prosecutor and judge feel you’re guilty, they will make you guilty. I watched it happen to Jodi. They did everything they could to make sure she would be punished for this. If it can happen to her, it could happen to anyone. Years ago, my sister was in an abusive relationship. She didn’t tell any of us what was happening. She hid it well. One night I was taking her boyfriend home when I heard them arguing in the back. I saw him grab her and that’s all it took for me. I pulled the car over and told him to get out. He got out of the car, opened my door and back-handed me with the arm he had in a cast. He slapped me so hard I was disoriented. When my sister came to my defense he started hitting her. I went to the trunk and got the tire iron. I threatened him with it and he came for me again. I would have hit him with it, I wanted to hit him with it but I didn’t. A Good Samaritan pulled over and put himself between us. The cops came. He gave some weak excuse of how he didn’t know how it happened. He was 18, I was 16. Both me and my sister clearly had bruises. They let him go. He killed his girlfriend two years later. He got 10 years in prison. If I had hit him that night and God forbid I had killed him, do you think I would have walked away…..probably not. I may not know Jodi personally but I do know what it feels like to be abused. I know the instinct to want to stop someone from hurting you any way you have to. I just wish the justice system could understand that and see that sometimes you don’t get a choice.

    • Wow, Patti, your story is compelling and thank you for sharing that with all of us…you are so right…if the state thinks you are guilty they will make you guilty regardless of what they have to do to obtain that end…and you know when what goes around comes around to those haters and folks who have railroaded Jodi they will understand but it will be too late and they too will have to deal with this corrupt system and corrupt prosecutors and judges and detectives….sad..

    • Patti, thank you for sharing this with us! Yes, it just goes to show that if travis wasn’t stopped by Jodi, he would have abused many other women by now and I’m sure that he would have ended up in a blue bag from some other woman anyways. So Jodi actually saved women that don’t even know it… Who knows if one of the haters (female) living in Shitzona wasn’t going to be travis’ next victim… can anyone say for sure that they wouldn’t be? So instead of hating her, they should thank her and count their blessings that shitzona is rid of an abuser that potentially might have become a child sexual abuser too… just saying…

      • You’re right Pandora. There is a 40% likely hood that an abuser will keep abusing. Jodi most likely saved another woman’s life. We all know he would have eventually killed someone. He probably would have gotten away with it too. I hear that the “I’m a good Mormon boy” defense works well with most jurors.

      • Yes, thank God for people like Patti who are courageous enough to fight back….instead of letting her sister’s boyfriend go they should have put him in jail/prison but instead he was allowed to go out and he eventually killed a woman…in Jodi’s case she survived and TA is now no longer able to abuse anyone else ever again…Thank God

        • I would like to qualify what I said here….It is a tragedy that anyone had to die and a tragedy that TA was killed….but I thank God that abusers are stopped from their abusive behavior and it is really too bad that he didn’t get the help he needed before this occurred and he died….I believe that if it had not been TA that died that day then it would have been Jodi who died and we probably wouldn’t be here…..

    • Patti, so sorry to hear how your illness had detoured your career in law, I am sure you would have made a great Attorney/Lawyer. Instead, bullies & cheats like Martinez survive the journey & make law the opposite of what it should be, “Corrupt”.

      Abused people are very good at hiding same…because they feel they are the ones that caused it to happen & are at fault & because of that its they who feel so ashamed, & so avoid telling someone even those close to them. It’s the sorry tale of millions. I have a few friends in Ireland who were abused by different Christian Brothers in different Catholic Schools & my God…how they suffered & yet they kept the secret for many years because of the shame they felt. Of course, one brave soul or two did in the early 1990’s went to Irish TV station, RTE, and the whole country was rocked, especially the elderly people from fifty upwards because they had such high regard for the Catholic church & held it more important what the church then…than even what the state would say.

      After that TV programme went out so many more young people/adults got the courage to go and tell what happened to them & it changed the country’s respect for the Catholic Church forever. Up to today more scandals are unearthed & more victims come forward & that’s to the good side of media, the national station had the courage to televise that programme & take whatever came back at it as re; church & devout follower’s fury.

      The BBC done an investigative program about three to four years ago re; abuse in all the countries of the world & found that the country that topped both child abuse & domestic abuse was the USA. Isn’t that amazing? The country who roars out about other country’s abusive behaviour cannot tackle their own major problem in their own backyard. No wonder the like of their legal system in the shape of Martinez, Montgomery & Arpaio, & so many in so many other states show little regard to the affects that abuse & being of an abusive relationship can scar a person so badly mentally, physically & psychologically that it can be the spark for a tragedy that we’re are here now debating. Jodi is as much a victim as the other persons in the story, & because the American system cares more about punishing & ignoring people like Jodi, there will be more murder trials of this magnitude & more death & more innocent abused people just thrown away like fodder to rot behind bars for something that were only half the story.

      Jodi’s story of being abused, I believe, is as true as all those who were discovered by the showing of that programme in my country. I believe her word for word, I don’t want her to rot like fodder for the rest of her life within prison bars within a prison, within a prison wall. I want her out of there as soon as possible & I will stay with the fight till this happens & know every one of us will step up to the line to get her over the line to “Freedom”.

      God! Please bring this day closer so that we can all taste the essence of “Justice”!

    • Thank you for sharing you story. I think that everyone needs to remember that the justice system is not perfect That is the reason we have appellate courts.

    • Patti,

      I too wanna thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story with us. Many of us have shared our own stories of abuse. I always say there’s a reason why people feel connected to Jodi, probably because we’ve all been in her shoes one way or another.

      Both you and your sister are SURVIVORS.

      You are an amazingly courageous woman. Too bad those cops didn’t take any action against your sister’s boyfriend; as expected he kept on unleashing his escalating anger to the point of commiting murder 🙁
      May his victim rest in peace ♥

  16. Just for laughs: Someone sent me a picture of a well known female hater that always picks on Jodi’s looks and such… Boy! Although I don’t judge anyone by appearances I truly understand why this specific hater spewed so much vitriol about Jodi’s looks! The hater looked like Boss Hog (Dukes of Hazard) in female form… SMH!

      • That female hater is OBSESSED with Jodi and all of us supporters, she has turned this trial and her hatred for Jodi into a life purpose or something. I’ve always wondered why.
        NOW I KNOW WHY: when you look like an elephant, weeeeell sometimes you get too jealous or too mean 😉 Oh, and you also try to sound witty and relevant through written speech where no one can see you.

        So, joke:

        What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? An irrelephant.

      • Here it is (all in one) & Pandora, I better request a redirect from R’s barn in future. Just in case?

        First public defender at arraignment is James Hann.

        On 9/19/08 the public defender is Maria L Schaffer as primary.

        On 9/19/08 another public defender Judis R Andrews requested an extension of time to challenge the Grand Jury proceedings as they did not have a copy of the Grand Jury transcript.

        On 12/18/08 the primary public defender is Maria L Schaffer and the secondary public defender is Gregory T Parzych. Juan M Martinez is still the State’s Attorney.

        On 5/22/09 the defendant submitted a request for a change of counsel.
        Additional hearings and status meeting are held without further mention of the change of council.

        On 8/10/09 the Court received and reviewed a motion from both public defenders to withdraw from representing the defendant. The Court found sufficient cause to allow them to withdraw and noted that the trial was set for February 2, 2010 so there is adequate time for new counsel to be assigned without putting the trial date in jeopardy.

        On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington and Kirk Nurmi appear as counsel along with Maria Schaffer and Gregory Parzych at an evidentiary hearing. Of interest, this hearing was to determine if there is probable cause to add an Aggravating Factor that will make this a death penalty case. This is where the prosecution presents to the Court that the victim was shot first, then repeatedly stabbed, then stabbed in the heart and finally had throat slit. Detective Flores represents to the court that he spoke with the Medical Examiner Dr. Horne and that this is the sequence of events Dr. Horne gave him.

        On 8/18/09 Victoria E Washington (secondary) and Kirk Nurmi (primary) are assigned as new defense counsel.

        On 2/25/11 Kirk Nurmi announced to the Court that he is leaving the Public Defender’s Office.

        On 3/8/2011 a hearing is held regarding Kirk Nurmi withdrawing as defense counsel. Very interesting minutes. Defendant strenuously objected to new counsel and possibility of pushing back trial date. The Court noted that “Once a case is set for trial, counsel may not withdraw except upon motion providing the name and address of another attorney, along with a statement from that attorney stating that he or she has been advised of the trial date and will be prepared for trial. Rule 6.3(c). No such motion or statement has been filed in this case. “ Mr. Nurmi was ordered to continue as the lead defense counsel at the standard public defender hourly rate paid to the primary defense counsel.

        On 3/9/2011 Mr. Nurmi submitted a formal motion to withdraw and as hearing on the motion was set for 3/21/2011.

        On 3/21/2011 Mr. Nurmi’s motion to withdraw as counsel is denied. At this hearing the State’s request to change the trial date due to a scheduling conflict with State Attorney Juan M Martinez was also denied.

        On 3/22/2011 another hearing is held with a second motion to withdraw by Mr. Nurmi. After the hearing on the previous day the Public Defender Office notified Mr. Nurmi that they were withdrawing the mitigation specialist, investigator, and paralegal because the Public Defender Office does not want Mr. Nurmi directing staff when he is no longer an employee. The Court ordered that Mr. Nurmi motion was denied and he was required to remain as the primary counsel and that the Public Defender Office must immediately reassign the personnel to the case.

        On 4/4/2011 Mr. Nurmi stated his objection to remaining on the case during a status hearing as he has left the Public Defender Office to go into private practice. The Court found that Mr. Nurmi has an ethical obligation to continue representing the defendant but would begin receiving a reasonable hourly rate of $225.00 as compensation to avoid any financial interests that would place Mr. Nurmi in conflict with his client.

        On 8/8/2011 defendant has a hearing on an oral motion she submitted to represent herself. At the end of the hearing this motion is granted but Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington are to remain as advisory counsel, with Victoria Washington as primary. The evidentiary hearing on the purported letters from Travis Alexander alleging he is a pedophile is held with Ms. Arias as defense counsel.

        On 8/9/2011 during a normal status conference both Victoria Washington and Kirk Nurmi address the Court as to the roles and responsibility of advisory counsel, and the primary counsel (which is now the defendant). The Court agrees and addresses this with Ms. Arias and asks her if she wishes to remain as her own counsel. She states she will continue as primary counsel.

        On 8/15/2011 the evidentiary hearing regarding the “pedophile” letters is completed. The Court orders that the letters are precluded and the defense withdraws them. At the end of this hearing Ms. Arias submits an oral request to withdraw as her own counsel and requests that Mr. Nurmi and Victoria Washington be reinstated as defense counsel. The Court orders Kirk Nurmi and Victoria Washington to represent the defendant in all further proceedings.

        On 9/9/2011 the trial date is reset to 2/21/2012 due to the primary defense witness needing to withdraw because of a health issue. A new witness will need to be retained and allowed time to prepare for the trial.

        On 12/22/2011 a hearing was held on a motion from the Public Defender Office to withdraw from this case due to a conflict of interest with Victoria Washington. Motion was allowed but the Public Defender Office will appoint a new second counsel, investigator, mitigation specialist, and paralegal. Victoria Washington is released as counsel.

        On 1/3/2012 a hearing was held on a motion to continue trial due to assignment of new counsel. New secondary counsel Jennifer L Willmott was assigned by the Public Defender Office. Defendant agreed and waived the applicable time limit. Trial date was changed to 10/17/2012.

        On 3/12/2012 a hearing was held on a defense motion to dismiss the Intent to Seek Death Penalty. Per the motion “At the status conference on January 3, 2012, the Court granted an oral motion by the defense to continue the trial due to the recent appointment of Ms. Willmott. Defendant Arias agreed to the continuance and the exclusion of time. The trial was reset to October 17, 2012. All time was excluded. See minute entry dated January 3, 2012. Defendant now asserts the State’s Notice of Intent to Seek the Death Penalty should be dismissed because, to assure she had effective representation by counsel, Defendant Arias had to agree to the continuance of the trial to October 17, 2012.” The Court denied this motion as the need for competent and prepared counsel trumps her right to a speedy trial. During this hearing the defense also submitted a motion to preclude the State from referring to Travis Alexander as a “victim” during the trial. Specifically, Defendant Arias argues she would be prejudiced by permitting the State and its witnesses to refer to Mr. Alexander as the victim since it is contrary to her claim of self defense. As such, she would be prejudiced. The State responds that the term “victim” is routinely used in criminal cases and does not imply the defendant committed the crime with which she has been charged. Further, the State argues Mr. Alexander was murdered and thus he was a “victim” of a criminal offense as defined by Arizona law. The Court finds the defendant failed to establish she will be prejudiced if Mr. Alexander is referred to as the “victim” in front of the jury during the trial. The State’s evidence will show Mr. Alexander was the victim of a homicide. Apparently, the defendant will argue she acted in self defense and was thus justified in her actions. Regardless, referring to Mr. Alexander as the “victim” during the trial will not unfairly prejudice the defendant.

        On 10/30/12 defense submits another request to continue the trial date (there was a previous motion that was granted moving the trial date from 10/17/2012 to 11/19/2012) because they want their own review of a computer hard drive. State objects to the continuation.

        On 11/19/2012 motion is granted changing trial date to 12/10/2012.

        On 12/4/2012 defense submits another motion for continuation. Motion is denied.

        Jury selection begins on 12/10/2012. Final jury is selected and sworn in 12/20/12. Opening statements scheduled to being 1/2/2012.”

        All court minutes for Jodi Arias…r=CR2008031021

  17. When the first trial started a little over two years ago, I had no idea who Jodi Arias was. Initially, I didn’t pay too much attention to the trial in the early days. In fact, I thought early on that the prosecution was very effective with its presentation, the photos, etc. However, once the defense started to cross-examine and Jodi took the stand, my attitude started to shift towards the defense. There were inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case and questions that I didn’t think were answered that I wasn’t getting answered from HLN and most media.

    Then, one day I Googled “Jodi Arias innocent” and I came across this website. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many intelligent, diverse discussions going on here as well as the detailed, thorough dissections of evidence in the case that many people were documenting here. This was information that I wasn’t getting from HLN or most media. They were spending 24/7 dedicating themselves to a Travis Alexander love fest and slobbering all over him and his family, having his “friends” come on to bash Jodi and all the HLN commentators did was nod their heads in agreement and piled on with the attacks on Jodi Arias. It made me sick and their numerous re-enactments of the murder scene were a joke. They reminded me of that “Seinfeld” episode with Keith Hernandez where they parody the “grassy knoll” scene from the movie “JFK”. It was a joke. It would have been too funny if it wasn’t so sad and pathetic.

    Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that social media or anti-social media as I call it, would be such a cesspool of hate, harassment and hell. I get the fact that I and many others here have taken an unpopular view. However, this does NOT give people the right to bully, harass, stalk and threaten us 24/7. The levels that some people went to during this trial were unbelievable. To think that grown men and women, adults, some of them parents and grandparents, would dedicate so much time and energy on making defamatory statements about people they don’t know, never knew and never will know ought to give you pause.

    Some of you are bloggers and if you want to witness firsthand just how vicious the Internet can really be, try starting a blog. Some of us wrote about this trial and we tried to present an alternative voice, a counterpoint, if you will, that was the antithesis of the incessant anti-Jodi media coverage. The way that I saw it was that this was merely a group of individuals who collectively had a different opinion from the majority and were, in fact, privileged to have the same freedom of speech as those in the majority who believed that Jodi Arias was guilty of murder. Yet most of them didn’t have to endure the abuse, harassment, bullying and hostile attacks that emanated from various social media including some of the prominent anti-Jodi websites.

    I never had a problem with people disagreeing with me or believing that Jodi Arias was guilty. I thought they were wrong, perhaps a bit misguided, and I still do, but I never hated anyone of them because of that. Had they simply attacked us for being kooks or whatever term they wanted to use would have been one thing. It was another thing altogether for them to take it upon themselves to go to the extremist lengths that they did on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger and WordPress. Just to share something with you, I was bullied mercilessly throughout my adolescence. As bad as it was, it wasn’t uncommon. Most of us go through that when we’re kids and that doesn’t justify it nor does it mean that I condone that behavior. I’m merely pointing out that this isn’t just something that is exclusive to me or a random group of people. But I’m not an adolescent anymore and neither are these modern-day cyber bullies, whom many of them are older than myself, and you would think that these people, especially those who have served in uniform, would know better. The type of harassment and bullying that Jodi Arias supporters had to endure throughout this trial is something many of us never experienced before and I personally never want to experience that again.

    Many people asked me why I got so passionately involved with this case and not some others. I’m sure that many of you have been asked that same question. I felt a kinship with Jodi Arias because we share a lot of the same interests including a mutual love of many of the same authors and books. I wish that I could put this into better words intellectually, but I just felt a connection with her and hearing her story just made me both sad and angry over how she was abused. Without going into detail, raising awareness for domestic violence has been something I’ve been passionate about for many years. One of my friends is a rape survivor who told me about some groups that can help men and women and we need to have more men speaking out against domestic violence and rape. I understand that it’s not a comfortable subject for many people, however, it’s even less comfortable to be victimized by rape and abuse. The least we can do is come together and speak out against violence, not just against women, but men and children.

    The Jodi Arias that I know is not the monster that most people saw depicted on HLN and in other media. Nor is Travis Alexander the squeaky-clean, chaste, milk-and-cookies Mormon that most people saw depicted on HLN and in other media. For the past week I’ve had to listen to how Jodi took Travis’s life away, how he’ll never see his family’s kids, etc. There’s just so much that I could say here, but I’ll try to be brief. First of all, I am truly, genuinely sorry that Travis is no longer with us. I never wanted Travis to die nor do I think he deserved to die. That’s what separates me from you. Because you wanted Jodi to die and you still think that she deserves to die. Whereas I wanted Travis to live so he could have faced the consequences of his actions and he would know what it’s like to live in a jail or prison cell versus a cemetery. Second, your brother was killed once by Jodi, but he is repeatedly being stabbed in the back by so-called “friends” of yours who really are parasites that continue to feed off your dead brother. This is what they’re doing when they’re not hob knobbing with HLN personalities and partying with them. You want to be mad at somebody? Be mad at them. Third, and last but not least, if all of this is God’s will, was it God’s will to spare Jodi’s life? Even after all of your prayers, she didn’t get the death penalty. Is it possible that God has a better purpose for Jodi than having her die?

    I say that Jodi Arias deserves to live and she’s going to live a long life whether you like it or not. And this is far from over for her. This is just the beginning. We’ve got facts and evidence on our side and we’re armed to the teeth with both and we’re going to use it. My friend is going to be a free woman someday in the not-so-distant future. I know it and I guarantee it will happen.

    • Very well said, Raja. I also agree that Travis himself continues to be exploited and used by so-called “friends”. Chris Hughes of course tops that list. His hypocrisy is stunning. I’m looking forward to reading his book to see just how much of the real truth his book will reveal…..between the lines.

      • I have the impression that the Hughes did very little actual writing for that book, that what they’ve done is collect stories from others of Travis’ so-called friends. You know, all those people who never got called to go on HLN, never got their turn in the spotlight because they knew Travis. Hughes offered them a turn in the spotlight, then Hughes – of course – gets to claim the book and the glory and, lets not forget, the money.

        • Yes, very good point, Journee. I think their stories may be revealing, too. I mean, these are people who think the “Eddie Snell” video is …..not one of the most damning pieces of information about Travis anywhere.

              • Why would she believe anything from them now? They completely turned on her and displayed their true colors for the World to see. For me, they have proved what their religion is about, self promoting, self indulgent, no compassion, no love, users, scammers, abusers, money hungry and extremely blood thirsty. Maybe, it is just this particular group of people but I would never have one thing to do with someone who believes the Book of Mormon is the way to live their lives. Misguided. misinformed and mislead group. . .all the way! Mind control and brain washing is their agenda.
                People who “Lie for the Lord” are not on Jodi’s friend list IMHO anymore.
                Jodi has always been too GOOD for the likes of them!!! Way Too Good!

          • I agree, Sandra. The Hughes duo may have information not available to the general public or us. Sooner or later, little pieces of information they leak may add up to something that could help Jodi.

          • How they found humor in that video. . .SMH. Their bar is very low.

            I wonder if TA’s younger years were truly as tragic as he and his pals have presented them to be. Everything else about him was a scam. . .it might have played into his scam for selling his PPL crap. His family are very good at playing the victim card and daring anyone to doubt it. Whining and crying on one hand and then behind their veil playing and partying it up with the “best of them”. Scammers the whole lot.

            • R. I think it was a bad situation for those kids. Grandma would never have gotten custody of them if it hadn’t been. I really feel that that Travis was their shining star. Little did they know that he was as f~ up as the rest of them. Or they didn’t want to see.
              The only ones that had any relationship with Travis were Samantha and Steven. How Tanisha became the ringleader I don’t know.
              Kinda strange that the older ones have never said a word.

              Jodi showed so much compassion for them.

              • Well, with one bully out of the way it has fallen on Tanisha, second bully in command, to rule the pack. Seems to me a pack mentality.

                • She has no sense of goodness, respect, forgiveness. She is a lost soul. She is money driven and revengeful. Bad combination if you ask me. She’s heading for a crash…

            • From what I’ve read I don’t question how bad his childhood was. There were things mentioned, like roaches on them and stuff, that still haunt me. It is only naturla that all Alexander siblings would grow up to be adults with psychological issues. Childhood traumas define us.

              However, after getting to fully understand who TA was, how facade and lying were the only things he was good at, I’m starting to wonder whether his accounts of his past were….embellished. So that he would look much more like a hero, much more like someone starting from scratch and becoming successful, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Know what I mean?

              • Well…all he really end up in life as, was a pyramid seller, & you don’t need much stuff upstairs for that…you just need a lot of gullible people to fall for your slick talk. And that’s what he was a slick geezer.

          • Yes, Travis’s sense of humor as Eddie Snell was to shout out to someone in the audience: “I will beat you dead, woman.” Hilarious??? I don’t think so. I found his Eddie Snell character embarrassing and boring but the audience laughs at everything he said or did. Hard to understand.

            • Yeah, I brought that comment up to his admirers and commented how it just flowed from his mouth so easily. Of course they all screamed that it was a joke and it wasn’t really Travis but Eddie Snell, a pretend character, who said that. These very same nitwits then claimed that Jodi writing in her journal that she wanted to “kill her love for Travis” to get out of the emotional pain she was in was another piece of evidence that she was a cold blooded murderer. Go figure. We’re surrounded by ignorance personified.

              • “Ignorance personified”. Haha! The lengths they will go to to put their hands in the sand is hysterical……and pitiful at times. I think the majority of the Mormon blabbernacle choir is both ignorant and naive. They don’t want to believe ANY of the Mormons could have their own “dirty little secrets”. And seems they will practically sacrifice their own young to keep up the facade.

                • Maybe the do sacrifice their young to protect each other. . . . hmmmm
                  Certainly appears that way.

            • Mary Dunn: Chris Hughes owned Soldier Hollow Charter School (0r part owner). There were concerns about child sex abuse and it was investigated by the FBI.

              CH was taken off of the “Board of Directors, and their “award-winning principle was moved out of town.” My impression is that the cult managed to “snow the citizens,” and sweep it all under the rug and make it disappear.

              Chris Hughes + child sex abuse might still bring up the original report.

              Right now, after the impact of what has been done to destroy the life of Jodi Arias, I feel like I have just been forced to witness a “snuff movie.”

              I am grateful for the presence of people like you, Mary. Thank you for joining us. Right now we can’t get enough shoulders to cry on.

              Jodi has been martyred in no uncertain terms IMO. Very sad turn of events.

              • Seabird, SJ had a link about that a few posts ago. If I find it, I’ll post it here. Very disturbing indeed. And very suspicious: travis was a pedo, chris hughes was on a BOD of a school where the principle was a pedo…

  18. ~~~~~~~THANK GOODNESS IT’S FRIDAY!!!! ~~~~~~~~

    Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm
    against the schemes of the devil.

  19. I (tiny) can,t change how SHE…KILLED …him…WELL it seems tiny did just that…pants on FIRE……….!Now it,s …KILLED…so even he seems not to believe his and the faketective…new story….shot was now last….ANYTHING for a WIN….ANYTHING. THAT is why in the end JODI will see FREEDOM! OH trust me on this SHE,ll have a very early …BIRTHDAY this year! NEVER GIVE UP ON HER OR YOURSELF…for then YOU are truly ….LOST. Strangehow that family…? hates HER so….BUT loves HER money…JUST like their……..or is it just SICK!

    • They love the money they can make off of their dead brother, nothing more. They have proved their character many times over.

    • I don’t know what “they” were partying about??? “They” wanted “death” for Jodi and they DIDN’T get it!!!!!!!!!! I guess they were so devastated about their preplanned, victory party that they had it anyway for “other” reasons!!! God only knows what reasons! I don’t want to even imagine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      NOW the REAL party will take place when Jodi Ann Arias is FREE!!! This will be a party to remember forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “They” ain’t seen NOTHING until they VIEW the pictures from this party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It WILL BE happening!!! We are all still here for Jodi and we aren’t going anywhere except to fight for Jodi Ann Arias’s freedom until she is free!!! We don’t follow like “sheeple”!!! Here’s a nice song called:

      Bon Jovi – We Weren’t Born to Follow (Lyrics)


      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    • CC53, I agree with the parents!!! Death is what he wants. He would go down in history as the marter as his brother did. I’m one of the few that believes that his brother had a great influence over him. Not that he couldn’t think for himself.

      • Agreed, Cindy, about the influence by his older brother. I posted it mostly as a contrast to the Alexanders praying for the death penalty for Jodi. Such a difference.

        • Honey, I knew that. How about the family impact statements in the Hernandez trial. Not full of hate. Even the mom she has forgiven those involved in her son’s death. Such a contrast.
          Her son was killed in 2013.

    • And that is what mentally healthy people do! They DON’T seek revenge. They move on and try to remember the best parts of their lives. The alexanders should take lessons from these people.

  20. Parents of young boy killed in Boston Bombing, don’t want “Death Penalty” for the killer/bomber. They said, they want to live the rest of their lives in dignity…rather than live for any time with revenge. See! No shenanigans here just pure Christian decency.

    • I’m glad that message was for SJ and didn’t include a link, ’cause I can’t help myself when I have a chance to click a link, for pictures or such. I get more viruses and porn popups that way.
      Back to the porn at hand.
      It seems in troy and frogs adventure, up top, that troy says to frog “I never really understood why pornography in general,seemed to be such an issue in the retrial” frog says “I didn’t either, I never thought that the idea that perhaps an individual may have looked at an image of a woman somehow made the murder O.K.”
      We think you KNOW, frog. Maybe not troy, ’cause troy only throws softballs for a paycheck, kinda sorta reports the factoids, but frog, you can’t lie to us, OR can you?

  21. I think the denial of a speedy trial should be mentioned in her appeals. I really believe that the computer evidence should get a reversal. Prosecutorial misconduct is evidenced in the videos of the trial. JM incessant objections and bullying witnesses should also be a huge factor. Watching this trial made me really angry. Are there any leads on victims of TA molestation? Also, I want to read the emails between TA and the Hughes. Are they available? I get the feeling that the relationship with Sky or Chris was impure. Are any of the Hughes brothers gay? The fact that they are backpedaling saying Jodi tried to turn them against TA smells fishy. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think they are hiding something about themselves here. Did TA have an affair with Sky? Chris? Something doesn’t add up. I’m new to this trial.

    • Mary, although some of the media has had them for years, no one has ever published them that I am aware of. During Fonseca’s testimony, some of them were read out loud, and there were little bits of them from ALV and CH during the first trial and a hearing. I would love to be able to read them in their entirety. Why no one has published them is a mormon mystery to me.

    • WOW, Mary Dun, Did you learn to be so smart and insightful from being in India for six months? Or were you born with that gift?

    • Mary Dunn: l love you! You really don’t mince with the TRUTH, DO YOU?
      Reading with you I just took the first deep breath of fresh air that I have drawn in a long time.
      I didn’t realize how much frustration, and yes, ANGER I was holding in.

      Our big question is: Where do we go from here?
      I personally think it is time to start organizing a plan.
      There are windows of opportunity that will be closed if we just pull down our sombreros.

      The Innocence Project of Arizona: Jodi would be eligible, I’m sure, but if she HIRES A LAWYER, SHE WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. I do not think anybody has analyzed the pros and cons by checklng on the ins & outs of this option.

      • “Where do we go from here?”

        Since appeals are our next and only choice, I’d say we should donate to the appellate fund and get our heads together so that we can start a fund-raising project. People should come up with what we can all do together or individually so that more money can be raised. What has been raised so far can’t be enough. Because we know it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars for a retainer. 🙁

    • Mary Dunn: That “Computer Evidence” is a whole ‘nother story of THINGS GONE WRONG, as in
      Stop the Cheating, Stop it Now, and Stop it for Good!

      OK _ It was the Holiday Season of 2014/2015. Jodi has been in 8 by 11 ft soluitary confinement since July ot 2008 (I think that’s the year. It seems horrendous.

      The prosecution had been telling the Defence, that there was NOTHING on TA’s CompaQ Lap-top.

      Then it was: Nothing of interest, sort of thing. That was evidence that had been locked up in Maricopa County evidence locker since Jodi’s arrest on July 15, 2008. (my birthday). The Defence slept peacefully on.

      Jodi went “Pro Se” (whatever that means) and I think it was she who stirred up a PI to find out what was going on. That’s the first the Defence team found out that our government would lie to us. They never realized that BEFORE, the way I heard it. That is REALLY telling!

      Chapter Two: Brian Neumeister is THE ultimate expert on foreinsic photo and digital/audio evidence. 35 yrs experience. He examined the ComPaq Lap-top. He said he found something like 60,000 – 70,000 hits on porn on TA’s computer. The computer was jammed with so much porn land viruses, they had to get the computer reopaired before they were able to examine it.

      Martinez proclaimed that Brian was lying about what he found. Brian said, what he found was NOT the elephant in the room:
      It was the AIRCRAFT CARRIER in the room. Juan said no, no, no. Our experts examined that Compaq and there was Zero Viruses and Zero Porn. To which Brian’s Jaw dropped in disbelief that Juan could sit right there and try to make such an outrageous claim!

      Brian’s reply was: Juan, that’s just a lie. Juan made another proclaimation of denial, to whicjh Brian said: Juan, that’s just SLIMING. Juan’s reply: Sir! Are you calling me a Liar?
      Brian had a one-word answer: Y E S ! Juan made threats of coming back to “testify” about that computer and prove Brian wrong.

      Chapter three: Brian’s father passed away right before Christmas. Brian passed the computer investigation over to someone in his office that he said was more of a specialist in what the Defence needed than, he, Brian, was. I always doubted that. But from that point on Major Chaos reigned!

      Trial time and date scheduling for testimony became a shuffling of the card deck to determine the Squence of events for each of the serial trials. The way I count, it was four complete trials. It took frtom 2008 to 2015 for the action to come to a halt. It destroyed any sense of continuity. You will notice, that as I write, we are still planning to put Jodi through more trial, BEFORE we have dealt with whether Martinez will be dragged out of the picture as an indicted criminal for horrendous prosecutorial mis-conduct. Tampering with and destroying of evidence. His goon detectives went into the locked up evidence room, and they started up and then pulled the plug on computers, and other electronic devices, such as seized cell phones. Both prosecution and Defence were present, but prosecution seemed to assume the “control” of the inspection and inventory session. They did all that they did WITHOUT INSTALLIING A WRITE BLOCKER. So now swirling amongst all this background “NOISE” We are told that the equivalent of 3 Volumes of Maein Kamph, or whater, HAD BEEN LOST FOR EVER.
      Never to know what was on the hard drive or not.

      The lies came back with a vengence that it was the “First” Defence team (2008?) that was responsible for destruction of evidence, If anybody was. Martinez was again throwing out threats that he was going to hold hearings to prove that he is correct, and the Defence is lying.

      I suppose Martinez thinks of himself as The Ultimate “Lie” Detector. The computer experts were finding bits and drabs of evidence that “somebody” was trying to “clean” the hard drive of the key computer (Compaq) The three Cell Phones that were in Lock-up were coughed up missing their “SIM cards.”

      The players in this soap opera were constantly in conversation via their cell phones. Thlis is a huge loss for the Defence that those cards along with key evidence, went missing. IMO, there are NO BLAME-FREE players in this fiasco. The primary weapon of the prosecution is their propensity for stirring up constant chaos. I can’t wait for your take on Juan Martinez’s style of interrogation by mental and emotional abuse.

      Brian Neumeister never resumed his leadership role for the Defence after the death of his father, and the end of the Holidays.

      Chapter four: I just want to hold my place. I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of shenanigans to report for chapter four.

  22. “We insist on being optimists who are occasionally wrong,
    than pessimists who insist on being right that there isn’t magic in the world.”
    The Psychic Twins

    Goodnight, Team Jodi.

    I love each and every one of you ♥ ♥ Thanks for being here for Jodi.

    • Sweet maria.. I will always be here for Jodi. She deserves our compassion and love. What has happened to Jodi should not be tolerated in a free and true society.

      the fact that Jodi is incarcerated at all in a frankly inhumane and disgusting place is cruel punishment.

      Jodi stands for all that is wrong in so called society.

      • Amen johnm!

        We’ve got both barrels loaded, I say bring it on!!!!

        The guilty people who have played a big part in this tragedy need to be brought before the courts and made to face the consequences of their criminal actions. Trust me, that line is long!!!
        Get the pink underwear, shackles & chains ready! The party is OVER!

    • Thank you R. It’s so refreshing to watch someone that actually knows Jodi speak about her and be able to state what we have been stating: once you get to know Jodi on a more personal level you can see that she is a wonderful loving human being! ♥

  23. Troy Hayden, April 17, 2015
    “For everybody who says that Juror 17 got on this jury with the intention of keeping Jodi Arias alive, I would say, in my opinion, I was there for jury selection, there were 3 or 4, if not 5 or 6 jurors who got themselves on that jury just to put Jodi Arias to death. That’s my feeling, I was there, a few of the people were talking. So that’s the system we have. I don’t believe it ever has been proven that this woman, Juror 17, lied on her juror questionnaire from what I know…”
    (Source: Juan Martinez Prosecutor Support Page video).

    • Good for You Troy! You have the power to set the record straight in Jodi’s case! Stand up against the corrupt and guilty and help set the wrongs right. Troy, mark my words, you will benefit by standing firm against the corrupt people who have been protected in this fiasco. You owe Jodi to be truthful and honest. You know that, don’t you? The World is watching, make a good honest name for yourself! Make it Happen NOW!

    • I am listening to Troy talk about his interview with that individual, and he brought up again Jodi talking about the gun being first. He really seemed to miss the part in the first trial when she testified to the same thing. Even if he missed court that day, surely he should have heard about it somewhere. SMH

    • Those are JM’s words. Troy’s quoting, from a video interview Martinez gave, but Martinez is only saying this because if Juror 17 came to harm by the haters, he would have to answer…as would the State. So he’s saying be angry “but not over the top” angry. That Troy guy is a snake.

      When the pre-trial hearing was on, I couldn’t log on to this site for two weeks before the verdict & two weeks after the verdict. Anytime I would try to post I was landed into a “white screen of death” it’s a computer term, where you hit a blank white page. So for a month I couldn’t post a word I could see you all debating, but couldn’t partake whatsoever. Then all of a sudden last week I tried again & bingo my comment got through without the white shadow of computer death staring me back in the face. The whole things a mystery to me still. But when it first happened I had written to Troy Hayden/Steve Krafft’s employer/editor & the following is what I wrote.

      Dear Editor,

      If Steve Krafft or Troy Hayden lived in Ireland…they’d never be trial reporters, or indeed any kind of reporters. Also Steve Krafft’s tweets during trial seem to come from a “Twit”…they are so diabolical. Fox 10, it doesn’t do your reputation any good that you have these kinds of reporters on your staffs who are one sided & totally biased.

      All Krafft seems to want to report in his Tweets is the number of sidebars that will be reached, seems to be a game to him, even though there is someone’s life on the line. If I were him…I would be ashamed, if I were Fox 10 owners & editors, I would be ashamed for the fact that his/their reporting is dragging your organisation into the gutter.

      If that’s where you’re happy at, fine, but remember there’s millions of other pieces of print rubbish in that gutter along with you. To shine, you’d want to drag yourself up out of it & become a real news organisation…that reports the truth, without fear or favour, without fear of the mob, or fear of your press opposition, or fear of your readers. Truth should be your one & only “Ally” everything else should just be classed as “Crass”!

      Now…which of the two are “You”?!

      PS. Steve Krafft disappeared for 10 days after this mail was sent, (not claiming that was down to me) & reappeared on the Monday of the week of the jury verdict. Since then his tweets improved & were a lot less harsh on Jodi. Now I have to keep working on Troy, the “Silly Boy”.

      • I was having the same thing happen with the white screen and nothing coming up jojnjo and I never wrote to anyone or did anything to warrant it. It just kept happening so I figured that the site was hacked somehow..

    • I was so shocked to hear troy defend anyone that helped Jodi avoid the death penalty. I thought he’d be bashing juror 17 along with the other haters. I give him 1 point for that BUT he has to gain A LOT more points to get into my respect zone after all the bullshit he’s pulled about Jodi, her family, her friends and her supporters. Let’s not forget that troy made a big fuss about Jodi’s friend (the teacher) that got fired. I can’t forgive him for that. A person lost their job so he can make headlines… SMH.

  24. What’s the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words. Troy just might be right.
    Latest picture is of JM and the jury for men shaking hands at the wrap party. Hmmmm does anyone else smell the same thing I do????

    • They have been in each others pockets from the beginning. One corrupt bunch of goons who have been lying and tampering from the very beginning; always covering each others disgusting criminal character. Maricopa County is a dangerous place in our country today. People in high places have decided that they are above the laws of our country and I am sick and tired of their circus atmosphere. They are poisoning our society breeding their hate, day in day out! They can run but they may not hide in their temples any longer, it is time for all of the guilty to pay! Inch by inch, step by step we will uncover the truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT THE TRUTH!!! The temples will tumble!!!!!!!

    😉 “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
    ― Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections


  26. One of ta’s x ho is saying they called him captain America.. NO “all the bad names u call Jodi” Its Captain Underpants!!! u all know that he ALWAYS WANTED JODI !!! clear up to the very end. Hae mimi where were you on the eve of yr cancun trip with ta? Is this how Jodi car tag got turned upside down?? You wait 5 days to bitch him out for standing u up!??! Yeah right!

    • Captain Underpants or Captain Magic Underwear! Now that is funny! 😆 Do you know for a fact that MH turned the license plate upside down or are you supposing? We like to stick to facts around here, pam. Of course, it seems completely plausible to me. I’ve often wondered about ole dh and his part in all of this. Bloody boot prints? I wonder.

  27. That was an informative interview between Lieberman and Bond. Sounds like Jodi has a very good attorney. Glad to hear that. There are so many errors in the case, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get an appeal. Then again this is Arizona, so what is standard for one state may not be so in Arizona. I do hope Jodi is getting some decent meals now. It is disgusting what is served at the jail. We will all stay tuned.

  28. Isn’t it interesting that when members of the first jury just talked to the defense team afterwards, the hate parade was yelling foul, that there was some sort of collusion. But when jurors actually party with the prosecution, none of those same brainless morons find anything wrong with that. Justice to them depends solely on which side they are on.

    • Don’t expect the sheeple to suddenly grow a brain. I read comments such as “Bless your heart for sharing these photos. They definitely made my day”.

      I mean….omg!! Disgusting! Yuck!

  29. I see that the State page is already going after and decimating Shayna Huber. They’ve not heard one word of evidence yet but they already have her convicted and are are hoping she also gets LWOP. What a bunch of sickos!

    • What gets me is in the end, while he says 5 or 6 got on that jury in order to put Jodi to death, he then remarks “well, that’s their right”. Excuse me? Since when is it people’s right to get on a jury with their minds already made up and with an agenda? Isn’t that the very thing the ignoramouses are accusing Juror 17 of doing and how she should have been removed? I don’t get it! (And yet I do. Stupid is as stupid does.)

      • I agree, Justus. Troy seems to base his claim that as many as 5 or 6 jurors got themselves on that jury just to put Jodi Arias to death” on his statement: “I was there… a few of the people…they were talking.” If they were indicating that purpose (to put Jodi to death from the beginning) and Troy heard it, he should have gone to JSS like Beth Karas did. It seems someone in authority should take a statement from Troy even now as to what these jurors actually said. If there was any substance to what Troy is saying, it should have stopped the trial and possibly could be used to get her a new trial.

        • Troy, like the jurors, slept through the testimony from the psychologists because it either bored them or it was over their head. If you did not want to pay attention to the experts you should have stayed home and watched NAG.

          • Yes, Justus, it could be that simple. Just his impression that wasn’t really based on any real evidence or explicit statement.

        • I thought I heard him say

          “I heard some people talking”

          Which may not necessarily mean the jurors themselves, but gossips and observations.

          I dunno – maybe I didn’t hear that right.

    • What does Troy base his opinion on regarding the 5/6 jurors who got on the jury in order to put Jodi to death?? Is this just a feeling? Did he hear them discussing the case? Troy if you would be so kind to tell us more specifically bc I didn’t hear your explanation in that clip anywhere unless I missed it…If he overheard them talking then the right thing to do IMO is to report that…you can be sure if I had heard them discussing the case and that they wanted to get on to the jury in order to make sure Jodi got the death penalty you can be sure that I would report that to the DT, the bailiff, the judge, the state…everyone….so that they would be excluded…..anything short of reporting that is a fail in my book…..just my opinion…so maybe Troy can give a further more specific explanation of what he is basing his opinion on….it certainly can’t just be a feeling or intuition….I would think that would be too big of a leap to make simply by looking at them….and did these 5/6 jurors lie to the court and the attorneys and say that they could be impartial, etc when listening to this case and be able to render a fair unbiased verdict based on the evidence presented?

  30. if I had a moment in a closet…. #1 Self Defense. #2 Lied to Jury during instructions. #3 Big “Dick” Deal. #4 Jodi has no reason for being in prison. #5 please, God hear my plea.

  31. Mornin’ I stumbled upon this about sending packages to inmates
    The Arizona Prison System uses the Access Securepak program to send gift packages such as food and personal care items. You will need to set up an account with them before you can order anything. You can then look up the inmate by inmate number or name.You may want contact the prison directly to be sure. The main phone number is (623) 853-0304.
    Maybe someone could follow up on this to find out if Jodi could receive these type of packages and when.

  32. Headed outside to pull some weeds!!! Whoa be unto the weeds,
    because I’ve got their names and I will have my justice!!!

  33. Is there a way to donate anonymously? With the vitriol shown by a lot of the anti Jodi (as opposed to pro justice) people, I would prefer to send an envelope with cash and return address.


    • Never send cash in the mail. I did once and it was stolen. I guess you could send it certified, you should check first.

  34. Can someone with a quick reference help me with something. Did the man who knew Travis when he was living at Bishop Parker’s home in CA did he write a letter about TA admitting to him that he had some problems with porn or something to that effect? And also did that same man also write something about having seen porn on the computer that TA had access to and had used at Parker’s home? And did this letter make it into the re-trial testimony some how?

    • Yes, BB I’m pretty sure he did. I’m not sure if it was put into evidence or not. But I would think it would have to have been DT Remember how JM kepted saying his name?

    • BB, Witness #1’s affidavit came into evidence on Jan 20th through Dr. Geffner. Here is the link for cross-examination on it.

      Also, just before the defence rested, two documents were displayed on the overhead, but not read out loud.

      Exhibits 960 & 962 entered and jury instructed to read it.

      Affidavit from mother of “Witness 1”, who knew TA but not Jodi .
      Lois Harding. Lois says Daughter in Law lived in VP’s house with Travis Alexander.
      TA was living with Vernon Parker in Riverside, CA sometime btween Dec 2000 and Feb 2001
      Mother of witness #1 said she sat directly across from TA at a dinner at Vernon Parkers house.
      Mother of witness #1 says she witnessed TA leaving and entering his bedroom at VP home. She knew TA previously because of interactions with her son.
      Mother knew TA from the ward also, she spoke to TA often. She knew he was dating Deanna Reid.
      Lois says TA was very attentive to her offering her food and drinks at events
      The second deposition talks about lost engagement photos when Parker’s computer crashed.
      There were engagement photos of Witness 1 on a computer when Parker’s computer crashed. More photos were taken.
      Witness #1 was upset about this. This was upsetting and delayed the wedding invitations by 2 weeks.

      The other exhibit shown only on the overhead was Sue Halterman’s depo about finding Jodi’s lost Helio phone.

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