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I chat with Jodi on the phone every week (as do a few other people too), and I can tell you now, as greatly appreciative as Jodi is for all the mail & support she continues to receive, she’s also very disappointed at the current low level of money in her appeals fund.

Right now, the fund has round $15,000 in it. It needs to have $150,000 in at the very least, and probably a whole lot more by the time the dust settles… so $15,000 right now (while better than zero) is just not cutting it.

To a degree, responsibility for that also lies with the person currently overseeing the official fund website… as their willingness to integrate themselves into the non-FB based support community has been somewhat non-existent to date. Hopefully that will change moving forwards.

The thing is… way too many people have gotten themselves involved in an almighty ego-fueled pissing match over the past few months. There’s no other way to describe it. Yes, they’re Jodi supporters (“in a fashion”) — even though most of them turned up several months after the initial trial had finished — and since then, they’ve blown way too much time & energy trying to out-do & out-manoeuvre other supporters, subsequently rendering themselves as useful as a politician in a crisis. I’m not naming any names here, but we know who they are.

You see, prior to doing anything, I always ask myself this question: “WILL IT HELP JODI?”. If it will, then it gets done. If it won’t, then it’s pointless wasting time on it.

If many more people adopted a similar approach, then we’d certainly make more cumulative progress in the direction of our common goal. Think about that for a second. We are all here for Jodi after all. Anyone else’s personal baggage, gripes, vendettas and/or their accompanying bullshit is irrelevant and should be treated as such.

Let me spell it out for you:

If you’ve already donated to the fund, that’s awesome. Please donate again.

If you haven’t already donated to the fund, why the hell not? What happened? I’m not even sure you could class yourself as a true Jodi Supporter if you haven’t donated. You’d be more like a bystander… watching everything happen but not doing anything pro-active to help the cause. And that’s not good.

Click here (or click the pic below) to visit the official JAA Appellate Fund website to make your donation today.

The JAA Appellate Fund

Finally, if my post today has offended anyone, then that’s great. That was the plan. It’s a wake up call if you must. It’s also a call to action. So if anyone has been offended today, then so be it. Maybe they should take a look in the mirror the next time they’re passing one. Maybe they should be thankful they actually have a mirror to look at. Maybe they should also be thankful that they’re not locked away 23 hours every day too.

Remember this video from back in January 2013? Here it is again:

[hdplay id=25 width=500 height=300]

Here’s the bottom line folks:

Jodi deserves to be free. Our combined & cumulative efforts can go a hell of a long way towards speeding up the process and achieving that objective as a direct result of the forthcoming appeals.

Above all else, and as I’ve been saying since I launched this site back in December 2012… WE ARE TEAM JODI… AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI.

That statement will never change… but it’s now time to stand up & be counted.

Click here to do that.

Team Jodi (and Jodi herself) thanks you in advance for your support and your donations.

Have a great weekend!

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. SJ thank you for posting the video. I am amazed at your generosity for Jodi. Your dedication to her freedom is AWESOME!!! You are our Hero! TEAM JODI does need all of us to step up to the plate and do everything in our power to help her. Jodi has served too many days in this jail and we need to see that an end is put to this farce of a trial against her. We must stop this hatred of Jodi! It might mean we might have to sacrifice a few things in our lives but so be it! We need to count our blessings everyday of our lives because it very well could be one of us in a jail cell next. Our justice system is definitely in trouble folks! We here at JAII have been so blessed with just our everyday trivial things (eating out, getting hair and nails done, trips, oh gosh the list is long) we can give up a few things to make her life better. We need to focus on Jodi’s FREEDOM from here on out. Really now, money is what she needs and will need in the future. Please all of TEAM JODI don’t hold back even the smallest gifts will help our Jodi. Let us circle her with our love and support and continue our prayers of freedom for Jodi.

    • Hi RL!
      Thanks for your awesome post and your ongoing support. You hit the nail on the head 4 sure!
      Team Jodi

    • R, great post! Yes, we seem to not have any difficulties in spending our money on nails, hair, funky accessories or overpriced perfumes, clothing, shoes but when it comes to donating we always think of that last…

      ((((R. Love)))) ♥

      • Well, I’m positive everyone thinks ” I’ll do it tomorrow” but unfortunately tomorrow is very near!!! And Jodi’s life is depending on us! 🙁 I am far from being rich in monetary funds but I have been blessed with everything in this life that I would ever need. I do have freedom and as long as we have that we can help ourselves when things get bad. Jodi does not have that advantage. We never know what fate lies ahead of us but I would always want to know that I have done everything in my life to help those who are deserving of it, which right now is JODI! We all have something to give and I’m sure this great group of FANTASTIC people will rally around Jodi and do everything we can. . .it is what we do for Family! We can not sit back and expect SJ to do it all by himself!! Come on TEAM JODI time to pay up!!!

  2. SJ, your post was a real ‘wake up call’. Yes, it seems that we have been taking for granted our money and spending it on things that are meaningless compared to Jodi’s current needs in helping her economically.

    The current amount in the fund IS very low and if we all can donate as much as our buget allows us to, then in a matter of no time, we’ll see the amount in her funds double and triple significantly fast.

    It is hard for some people to donate due to the worldwide economical problems: unemployment and paycheck cuts – that we hear happening on a daily basis. Even the smallest amount counts! I am sure that going through your houses and cars you will find a lot of ‘loose change’ that you didn’t even give credit for! This ‘loose change’ can amount to a notable amount if summed up… and it will be a greater help for Jodi.

    This is our chance to help our friend in need! I know for a fact that Jodi feels really horrible about needing us to help her out. She feels ashamed. Let’s show her that among family and friends there is no shame! And what kind of a friend are we if we don’t stand by our loved ones in a time of need?

    I for one, am heading to the bank on Monday to make some euro’s into US$$$. 🙂

    (((((Jodi, we’re here for you!)))) ♥

    • I thought the pot was bigger, I’m going to donate again.
      Tell Jodi not to worry, I’m sure we will be able to raise enough money for her appeals. 🙂

  3. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 46 min

    Jodi Arias in court this a.m. to discuss video cameras in trial two and dropping death because mitigation expert was denied access to jail.

  4. Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 3 min
    And it doesn’t matter if you object on first amendment grounds. ‪#‎jodiarias‬
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 9 min
    We are on the record in Jodi Arias. Stephens says that she is going to seal the courtroom for certain matters. Surprise!
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 17 min
    Jodi Arias just entered the courtroom wearing black and white jail stripes and belly chains.
    Michael Kiefer @michaelbkiefer 18 min
    Fire up the white noise machine, let the bench conferences begin! #jodiarias

  5. I’m confused. Is the person currently handling the account trustworthy or not? I won’t donate if it’s not trustworthy.

  6. I think this post is offensive because some of Jodi’s supporters don’t have the money to contribute. I believe they should still be counted as supporters.

    • Hi Sam,
      You make a fair point… but I don’t believe someone “wouldn’t have the money to contribute”… especially if it was for a cause they really believed in strongly enough. Any donation is welcome of course, however large or small.
      Team Jodi

    • Hey there Sam,

      Good to see you! Jodi in her communications with us never fails to mention how much she loves each and every one of her supporters. She feels indebted to and overwhelmed by the support we give her.

      All Jodi supporters are respected and count big time! We are all working here to help Jodi out. SJ was merely trying to point out that it’s critical for us to help Jodi.


      • Thanks Rasna and SJ for the replies.

        “but I don’t believe someone “wouldn’t have the money to contribute”… especially if it was for a cause they really believed in strongly enough. Any donation is welcome of course, however large or small.”

        – SJ, I beg to differ. There are many, many people out there who are destitute due to the recession. In my community alone, the homeless shelter has gone from servicing 500 people to 800 people. The homeless shelter is overwhelmed with people who have no idea what it’s like to be penniless.

        I am very relieved to know that the donation account is trustworthy and will do my best to contribute. I firmly believe in Jodi’s innocence.

        • Some of us are literally too destitute to contribute. It has nothing to do with really supporting her or not.

      • Jodi looks very brave and courageous to me!!! It makes me sick to my stomach to see the hater comments. . .why do I read them???????? The Haters definitely need prayers too (and that is SOOO very hard to do!!) because I’m positive whenever they come down off of their pedestals their hearts (and brains) are missing.

  7. Hey Sam! Never doubt for one minute that all of the money will go towards helping Jodi in her appeals!! :). Jodi is humbled by how people are supporting her and very thankful. Every single person means the world to her. Any donation is never too small. . .times are hard for so many, I know for a fact! But, we do have our Freedom and Jodi does not. I often think of all the people who sit in our jails who should not be there. Something has to be done. We can not stand by and let this Witch Trial continue. Our government needs to see that we will not let this happen anymore and stand up for justice. Jodi has paid more than enough of her precious life in jail and should be set free. Jodi needs us! (((((JODI)))))

    • Hi R.Love! Thanks for the confirmation that the money will be used wisely. That is very comforting. I also often think of all the people in jail who should not be there. You are 100% right – something does have to be done.

      • (((((((Sam))))))) I believe SJ just needed to send out a little SOS so we would know that now is the time to do what ever we can. . .be it big or small it doesn’t matter. Everyone here is IMPORTANT to JODI! We must stand UNITED and together we will accomplish far more in our quest for FREEDOM for JODI!! XOX

  8. Well I am more than willing to give up things I order to help donate to Jodi. Ask yourself do you really need that mani/pedi? Do you really need to go out to dinner Saturday night? If you can just junk of Jodi in those moments when you might spend some money on seething silly you’ll be able to stop yourself. I have faith that we will reach the goal and in fact in going to donate again tonight! I love all of you people for supporting Jodi!

  9. SJ,

    I agree with you that Jodi’s supporters could and should do more for her especially with the fund currently being at $15,000. However, as Sam pointed out above, these are tough economic times and while some of the donation amounts may not be as great as you’d like them to be, any amount should be accepted and appreciated.

    As you know, I have been one of Jodi’s biggest supporters in the past year and, with all due respect, I don’t think it matters how long one has been supporting her or following the trial. What matters is that she is supported by many people and many more are coming to her support as they find out the accounts of what happened that most of the mainstream media either ignored or chose not to report. We just collectively have to do a better job of helping her because the fact that we haven’t is a failure in which we all must accept blame. We just simply got to do better and the person running the fund website especially needs to do a lot better or else he/she should be replaced with someone else who can.

    Lastly, I don’t know which supporters you’re referring to, but I’d just like to point out to you that some of us have went above and beyond trying to raise awareness for this trial in addition to domestic violence and other issues. Some of us have written about these extensively on blogs which made us a frequent target of those on the other side and I’m not referring to those who have passed on. We have each paid a price for our willingness to speak out against the status quo and it has led to some pretty vicious, nasty, uncalled for behavior exhibited against us. I knew from the very beginning that I was going to have to take a lot of shit for daring to speak my opinion. That is fine. It goes with the territory. What I did not know is that some of these mentally unbalanced people would go to the extreme lengths that they have done towards me and others including Alyce LaViolette, Jodi’s family and anyone else who supports Jodi.

    If I may be so blunt, SJ, people like us aren’t supporters “in a fashion”. That frankly is an insult to those of us who have worked diligently in the past year doing the extensive research and work that we have done which, incidentally, has been profiled many times on this website. We’re all in this together, SJ, remember that. We’ve simply got to do better and, hopefully, your message provides us with the proverbial kick in the butt that we need to get going. All I’m saying is don’t forget who’s been here for you and Jodi and don’t place a time stamp on it. What’s important is that we’re here now and we’re here for the long haul.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your post – although I’d recommend you read it again more carefully. Aside from your first sentence, you seem to have totally missed the point of it by a mile and jumped to way too many wrong conclusions.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ,

        I will email you about this privately, but just wanted to say that I spoke with one of your admins earlier this morning and they explained to me everything. After hearing what they wrote, I understand where you’re coming from and I apologize for appearing to jump to conclusions, but at first glance even I was a bit disappointed over what I read.

        We’re cool, okay? TY

    • By that logic, only the rich care about her because they are in a position to give more.

      It is really bad out here economically. If I had the money to contribute, I would.

      She has gotten a message from me, by the way, and responded with a very nice letter.

      • Furthermore, I have an account at the same bank, so depositing the money isn’t an issue if there were any money to deposit.

        • I feel having people support Jodi anyway they can is wonderful. tonysam you can only donate with positive thoughts and prayers, to me that counts. ”

          tonysam I believe your positive thoughts and prayers go a long way to help Jodi 🙂 Hang in there!

  10. Thanks for the wakeup call on this. I had no idea that the amount received was that low. I’ve been wanting to donate again but it seems like every month something would come up and I wouldn’t get it done. I’ll get it in the mail today.

  11. Nothing hurts more than having to admit I haven’t donated yet. I’ve been saving for months and months but it seems the amount of money I have been able to gather is negligible and was embarrassed to donate ”just that”.
    People may think ”she’s STILL saving?” Well, when you earn 500$ A MONTH and have to fend not only for yourself but your mother too, you can imagine it’s pretty difficult. My good dear friend Pandora has had to put up with my endless whining of how awful and worthless I feel but she always manages to cheer me up and help me shake it off . What she wrote above ^^^^ is true, even the smallest amount of money each and every one of us can afford can make a difference!

    And SJ is right too. If we ALL donated at least a few times, things might start to look up. Let’s face it. 15,000$ is NOTHING.
    Commenting here won’t set Jodi free, cussing at Martinez won’t set Jodi free, talking ad nauseum about the crime scene won’t set Jodi free, us posting songs and how much we love her won’t set Jodi free. MONEY in her appeals fund will give her a shot to Freedom! Her M1 conviction still stands unfortunately and there’s nothing more painful than to know the Jury got it all wrong. But we cannot turn back time. We need to focus on what lies ahead, and Jodi’s future is her Appeals!
    I’m not of course implying that us getting together here and talking about this great miscarriage of Justice is not vital. No, far from it! This is a public site and our words and thoughts raise awareness. Οur voices are important. Our cries to the world to wake up and see that due process was violated do count! NO SUPPORTER should feel inferior or as if they don’t count because they haven’t donated yet or because the amount of money they can afford is small.

    JODI LOVES US ALL and is grateful for everything we do for her! Remember that.
    But frankly I believe we all needed a wake up call so that we can look ourselves in the eye and say ”Yes, I’ve done everything in my power to help this poor girl.”

    • As far as I’m concerned Maria you have already donated. Your Love, Concern, Time all together are HUGE! Where one of us might fall short, the others will pick up and carry on. It is what we do for family!
      Your words of encouragement for Jodi are priceless! ((((((Maria))))))

      • Thanks R. Your words mean the world to me. ♥
        We are all blessed here to have found Jodi and each other 🙂

    • Here is one more way the BS Maricopa County is making money off the misery of Jodi and others: I have been regularly sending Jodi money for her commissary account via U.S. Postal Money Orders, and now Estrella Jail is rejecting that form of payment and demanding friends send money through their “Touch Pay” system, which adds $7.50 to every $50 sent, when I can buy a money order for a fee of $1.25. I will continue to send Jodi money for her commissary account and of course will continue to donate to her appeals fund, but I think Maricopa County should be investigated for their collusion with the private industries that make money from the people who can least afford it. There is no reason except greed that Estrella Jail will no longer process money orders for Jodi.

      • So sad. Yes, Maricopa County should be investigated in more ways that one!! Thank you Suzanne for helping Jodi. 🙂

      • Most jails use some sort of internet-based payment system for commissary. Be it Securus, Touch Pay, JPay, Western Union, whatever. And they all charge a fee. They are not in business for free. I doubt the jail (any of them) is making a bundle off these transactions. They may receive a small amount but the service is receiving the lion’s share. This has nothing to do with Jodi Arias, nor is it some sort of collusion with private industry. In fact, she most likely receives the funds faster as it goes directly into her commissary account and not through another person depositing money orders.

        • I’m aware that these services are in business to make a profit, thank you. What I was pointing out is the capricious and arbitrary nature of the screening process at Estrella. For the past year, I have sent U.S. Postal Money Orders, and Jodi was able to receive the funds in a timely manner. Moreover, she spent the funds on the ridculously over-priced items sold in the canteen. But without any warning or notification, Estrella suddenly began rejecting Postal Money Orders. And they take their sweet time returning them to the sender as well. Just last Monday, May 19, I received a rejected Thanksgiving post card (after 7 months) because it had a picture of a colorful turkey on the front and was deemed a “custom” card–it was not “custom.” Go figure.

          • But Suzanne if your postcard had some vile hateful mean-spirited comment on it Jodi would have received it!!!

            • I’m sure you are correct, R. Love. Jodi has called the mail screening “fickle” because there is no predicting what will be accepted and what will be rejected. The prices of the items sold in the canteen border on the absurd. Corporations profit once again from the misery of the innocent and falsely accused. Prison industry is big business in America!

              • Disgusting! Somehow, someway, something needs to be done about all of the hate-filled people in this country today. I really have never seen Hate at such a high level before. What has happened in our society today to fill these people with such hate and vengefulness towards others? If they could only stop and think, it might just be them in a horrible predicament like Jodi’s, then what would they think??? Would they be so fast to judge then, I think not. Where has compassion for others gone??? Whatever happened to. . . Do unto others as you would have them do unto you????

          • Hmmm, I drew an angel and a tree on her X-MAS postcard. It hasn’t been returned to me yet but if it took them 7 months to return yours, so I expect they will return mine as well… 🙄

  12. So I get a google news alert to what’s supposed to be a news article (published May 4th at with the following headline: “Jodie Arias, the 33-year-old former waitress, faces additional criminal charges for the violent murder of her boyfriend”. Besides misspelling her first name, the actual article was about her second penalty trial, absolutely nothing about additional charges. When does stuff like this become slander?

  13. The following post is NOT addressed to JAIIers or to TRUE Jodi supporters. Just the shit-stirrers.

    A friend’s cousin’s brother’s girlfriends’ mother’s co-worker’s grandaughter’s husband’s beerbuddy said that SJ was handling the money of the donations… so it must be fucking true! GMAFB!!!!

    FFS! GROW UP!!!! The money donated to Jodi’s fund is handled by a third party – IRRELEVANT to JAII. We are here to spread the word and remind everyone that Jodi needs us now. So if you find it leery that we are trying to help raise money for Jodi then we too are offended.

    I visited a lot of Jodi Support Groups and to my surprise I saw a lot of gossip going around saying that it is not safe to donate!!! WOW! To those of you out there circulating that rumor – you know who you are – congratulations for being the ones deliberately sabotaging Jodi!

    As for SJ, ya know what? You people know shit about him! So next time you open your yaps, dip your tongues in your brains before talking! Or even better: STFU!

    Jodi’s trust for SJ is a proven fact. She is the one that has trusted him with creating and running her new Art Site!

    You claim you don’t like SJ BUT you watch his every move. People hate on who they can’t be; and they throw stones at who they can’t reach.

    Finally if you don’t like SJ, have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for him to give a fuck!


    • There is no secrecy or mystery about who receives donations mailed to the JAA Appellate Fund. It is Susan D. Halterman, Jodi’s aunt, who has a FB page saying so, to which Jodi’s own site links. This is public information.

      The appellate fund has no connection to SJ or JAII. It is wholly endorsed by Jodi, who told us in January why it is critically important to her future. More on that soon.

  14. SJ,

    I totally agree with you that what will help Jodi the MOST is our monetary contributions to her Appeal Fund!!! I agree that the total should be $150,000+ and not a measly $15,000!!! I didn’t think it was that low either!!! We need to put our MONEY where our MOUTH is!!!

    I will be sending some money to Jodi’s Appeal Fund! I know, like Pandora said, with everyone contributing what they can, we will see the fund double and triple significantly fast!!! All of us working together as a team, like we are, we WILL get the job DONE for our Jodi!!!!

    Thank you SJ for waking us up!!!! I know it probably wasn’t an easy post for you but we understand!!!

    Like you say, SJ, we are TEAM JODI …. and WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!



    (((((TEAM JODI)))))

    Love to all Team Jodi!!!

  15. Hello. I am a first-time poster who is friends with Jeff on here and he’s actually the one who told me about this site. I apologize for the timing of this, however I got his OK on this and wanted to tell everyone that I’ve known Jeff for over twenty years. He is one of my best friends and I am shocked and dismayed at some of the things that people have been saying him on various websites and Facebook pages.

    I am a divorced woman in her late 30s, but I was married to an abusive man in my 20s and he drove me to the point of contemplating suicide. He didn’t just abuse me physically, but mentally and I put up with it for over a decade. Jeff was one of the main people who helped me get through that time and I will forever be grateful for his friendship and his compassion and concern for others.

    Some of you may not know this, but he created a group a few years ago called CARAVAN which stood for Citizens Against Rape Assault and Violence in America. He told me about it and I was more than happy to support it and he even had a group on MySpace at the time which was very popular. Jeff did this because he was angered and frustrated that sex offenders were killing people especially women and children and he wanted to do something to raise awareness. Around that same time, he also became friends online with a woman who is a rape survivor and she’s the one who got him involved with the groups Men Can Stop Rape and RAINN. As a survivor of abuse, I appreciate anything that anyone can do to help other fellow survivors and Jeff isn’t one to talk about this stuff publicly, but I can assure you that he does a lot for people.

    I must confess that I didn’t follow the Jodi Arias trial on a regular basis, but we had talked about it on occasion and my personal opinion at the time was that she was guilty although I don’t think she planned it. I saw it as a crime of passion and I still think that is what happened, but I recently started reading articles on the web from different sites and I’m literally amazed that so much stuff wasn’t reported on during the trial or discussed in court. Plus, the more I find out about Travis Alexander, the less sympathetic that I am towards him because he reminds me so much of my ex-husband. He was a military man and most people never would have guessed that this decorated person would be such a monster behind closed doors. Trust me, it happened. And I have the scars to prove it.

    Something else that I’d like to say is that I hope that most people who visit this website know that so much of what has been said about my friend Jeff on other websites is B.S. He has been in relationships including one with a woman a couple of years ago that he wanted to marry, but she didn’t want to get married or have a family at that time. And he does not tell me everything about his personal life, but I can say one thing: the world needs more men like him and less like Travis Alexander. Most women want a man who chooses love over lust and who respects them as a gentleman would. And, by the way, I would also like to point out that the same people who attack my friend are the same ones who hold up as a hero a moral hypocrite who did not just violate his vow of chastity, but he repeatedly treated a woman like she was raw meat. I do not know about you, but I would feel much more comfortable and have a lot more respect for a man who was willing to wait until marriage than a man who wanted to use me and abuse me whenever he got a hard-on.

    Those of us who know Jeff, we know what kind of person that he is and we also know where he comes from. I just wanted you all to know from someone that actually knows him offline and has known him for almost half of his life. I can personally vouche for him that he is a great friend and one of the most generous people that I have ever met.

    • Thank you for your post. I don’t think anybody would believe the accusations of a hater. I’m so happy to hear you left your abuser and how jeff was a great support during this time. I left my abuser in august of 2001 and was also fortunate enough to have loads of support from people. I’m sorry for what your friend had to endure and i agree, the world would be a nicer place if their were more men like your friend.

      • It melts my heart to read your responses and stories from those of you who overcame domestic abuse. In my early twenties I had to deal with a lot of issues including bulimia and depression. I chose to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. All I wanted to do was feel numb which never really ends well. That was when I met my ex-husband who had his own issues to deal with being bipolar. I met him when I was vulnerable. He was very sweet to me in the beginning and I believed that he was helping me get back on my feet again.

        It felt so good to not be alone anymore and to have someone there. As time went on, I noticed a change in behavior. He began hitting me, slapping me, punching me, and even choking me, many different times. It was the first time that a man ever hit me. And yet I felt sorry for him even though I knew with all my heart that he would not change. I never felt so low in my life and felt like everything was taken away from me and contemplated taking my life many times including nearly overdosing on pills.

        I finally left my ex-husband and found a safe haven in Virginia Beach called Samaritan House where I met an amazing woman whom this day I refer to as my “angel” Ruth Hill. When you experience abuse, it’s hard to get away from, but you can do it. The more you stay in an abusive situation, the harder it is to leave. I think this happened to Jodi. If you leave, it makes your stronger. It is vital to understand that you have to have empathy and compassion for victims of abuse. You must be careful about what you say. Coming from someone who has experienced it firsthand, a person who is being abused is already at their lowest. You want to help them up, not kick them when they’re down.

    • We all love and respect Jeff here. He is a kind and wonderful man and I’m glad you’ve joined us now Michelle!

    • I want to thank SJ for spreading the word about Jodi’s appeals fund. When I visited Jodi last December, the fund was at only $5000. We really need to focus on Jodi and her fight for her life and her freedom and stop worrying about who said what about whom. I have been called every name on the book on Twitter; I just consider the source(s). If we could just work in unity and take our own egos out of it, we would be better able to counter the poisonous mainstream mud-raking media whore like the HLN nightly line-up. I pledge to donate $50 from each paycheck. I’m going to treat Jodi’s appeals fund as if it were one of my bi-weekly expenses and I urge everyone who is able to contribute what they can. Thank you!

    • Thank you Alexey!!! I love Alcye LaViolette! She is an amazing person and I have the upmost respect for her!! Alyce is a extremely courageous woman!!!!! Thank you Alcye! And BTW I am not an abuse victim . . . so you Haters can put that in your pipes and smoke on that for a while!!! 🙂 (((((JODI)))))

    • I love how Alyce is using the case in her talks with her continued support of Jodi as a battered woman. The laughter from her audience during the Snow White testimony clip that she used at the end of her talk certainly demonstrates the continued support she has from her counterparts and how ridiculous they all thought JM was.

      My thoughts went to her testimony last week when there was a forensic psychologist from Jacksonville, FL on HLN. Vinnie P asked, in relation to the South African case, how long it would take to do a clinical evaluation on someone post incident. Dr. Bannon’s answer was 30-35 hours should be sufficient.

      Alyce spent 44 hours on her assessment of Jodi versus Tot Doc’s 12 hours of interview and 5 hours of testing, part of which we must remember, was a reading test because she still didn’t know for sure that she could read and an IQ test. She did not know even how to grade the testing that she was criticising that the real expert gave and referring to the time that Alyce spent as “excessive” while all the while referring to herself as practising for eight years when most of that time she was a student. They beat Alyce up for days for doing a thorough job and praising Tot Doc for being JM’s paid mouthpiece. I truly had forgotten how horrendous his treatment of her was until I watched just a part of it again.

  16. Very thoughtful post Michelle. Anyone who has been through any kind of abuse can relate to it. It is good that you openly support your friend Jeff. We do need more men who stand up against abuse of women and children. We are glad for him.

  17. the next few months we need to pray for Jodi and her lawyers that the jury will listen to what they say if Jodi gets death we all will be heartbroken and so will Jodi J.W. and K.N. will be the ones with her before she goes on death row they will be the last ones to the look in her eyes to see her cry and know that they cant do anything but tell her she can do this J.W. will take it really hard she got close with Jodi she cares about Jodi a lot she was like big sister to during the trial to Jodi I belive K.N. cares about Jodi they will blame them self they will be off the case and yes they can go home they wont stop thinking of Jodi will stick with them long time thank god J.W. took a lot of notes during trial I hope after this trial J.W. talks to the media opens up about everything that happened during trial lets hope the judge gives them the upper hand picking a jury I think we should send them support letters telling them they can do this lets hope sick people wont stand on the courthouse shouting death

    • Shannon,

      I think that is an excellent idea to write letters of support to KN and JW! Not only does Jodi need money for her Appeal Fund but her attorneys need to know that they have our support also! Like you said, Shannon, I think just knowing that they can do this and that they have all of us Team Jodi supporters and many others cheering them on can make a BIG difference!!! I am going to write both KN and JW my letters of support tonight!

      You know that there will most likely be vicious death seekers standing on the courthouse shouting death but we can shout too through our support by posts, writing letters of support to KN and JW, and in any other place that we can get our message of justice and freedom for Jodi displayed!!!


      (((((JUSTICE FOR JODI)))))

      (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI))))) (((((FREE JODI)))))

      (((((TEAM JODI)))))

      • I too like this idea!!!!
        Though I have to admit I’d rather write to Jennifer rather than Nurmi.

      • Mary,
        …I agree with Shannon about good idea to write to KN & JW in support of Jodi, even though I can not understand that comment Kirk made about (even he does not like her sometimes), I think he just got confused. …The jury was stupid to have used that against her. ..But that jury was stupid.
        …I looked up the addresses of KN & JW & I even wrote a long letter (snail mail) to Kirk Nurmi’s Law Office 3/10/2013, in support of the total innocence of Jodi.
        …I Googled: (Kirk Nurmi attorney) & then clicked on the link at (Law Offices of L. Kirk Nurmi), for his address information.
        …And, I Googled: (Jennifer Willmott contact info) & then clicked on (Jennifer Willmott – Lawyer – FindTheBest), for her address information. ….. She has a “write a review or comments section there”. ….. There are some unkind things that some haters are writing there. ..Jennifer could sure use some words of encouragement from our Jodi supporters. ..Thanks, ((WLOPEZ4JAA))

        • WLOPEZ4JAA,

          Thank you for the info on addresses for KN & JW!

          I agree with you that when KN made that comment about not liking Jodi 9 days out of 10 that he had her best interest at heart.

          I found KN & JW addresses and I sent them my letters of support last night! I hope and pray they get through to the new jury to come back with a NO DEATH verdict and realize how unjust Jodi’s trial was!!!

        • When it happened I thought like Mary until I heard Jodi’s post conviction interview when she spoke about some of the problems KM and she had during her case. When following the coverage of OJ’s appeal of his Nevada case, I learned that the most successful grounds for appeal is ineffective counsel. I’m hoping that comment that Nurmi made, may be grounds for Jodi to appeal.

          • Yes, (CanadaCarol), maybe Nurmi realized that he was an ineffective council ((because of the incredible amount of favoritism of the judge towards the prosecution)), IMO. …And, he was “falling on his sword” & that may be excellent grounds for an appeal of the entire case.
            … … I remember the trial on TV about that young wife (Cynthia Sommers) of a Marine, who died in 2002, at their home at a Marine Corps’ Base in San Diego & SHE was later accused & about 2007, found guilty of poisoning him. …It was determined that she had ineffective council & that the district attorney was ….. …..well read for yourself, please Google: ((Woman Cleared of Poisoning Marine Husband)) … I remember she was criticized for having breast enlargements right after his death & that she did not grieve enough & had casual sex with military men, … (sounds like the similar things they accused Jodi Arias of doing). …And Cynthia was in a wet t-shirt contest with the new breasts, ….so the “snookered jury” convicted Cynthia. …(((I read that her former attorney, Robert Udell, said: “It goes to show you there are innocent people in prison.”))) ….(((Jodi Ann Arias is innocent just like Cynthia Sommers is innocent & free after her new trial))) … …((WLOPEZ4JAA))

            • WLOPEZ4JAA,

              You hit the nail on the head when you used the word “favoritism” for what the judge, Sherry Stevens, had for KERMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been searching for a word since the trial began!!! How do you get ahead when you’re beat from the start with “FAVORITISM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is a damn shame that this would even be ALLOWED to go on in a courtroom of the United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever says that “FAVORTISM” didn’t go on in Maricopa County Court in AZ, is a DAMN liar too!!!! The world needs to step up and DEMAND that Jodi Ann Arias’s recent trial UNFAIR and UNJUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              FREE JODI ANN ARIAS – ARIZONA!!!! UNFAIR and UNJUST TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Thanks (Mary Williams), I don’t know if the prosecutor & the judge may have attended the same university or not, but if they did, seems like they would have done well on the same volleyball team.

    …And thanks ((SJ)), for reminding us on this post about the JAA Appellate Fund Website. ..I meant to donate but just never got around to it. ..So, last few days I reminded myself about my reference to Google: (888 – The Number of Jesus). …And, I thought, that is an idea, I will donate some amounts, starting small, with three (8)’s ….in the amount. …So I donated $8.88 then $18.88 then $28.88, more later. ..So I will get the feeling that I am asking Jesus to enter the new court proceedings on Sept 8, which just so happens to be the Nativity/Birthday of “HIS” Holy Mother Mary.
    …With all these 8’s in this case I figured why not more 8’s. ..Would be nice if a lot of people reading about Jodi Arias for the first time might like to donate a small amount to start, just to say it is an invitation to Jesus to enter the new trial Sept 8, 2014. ..And of course, $88.88 also has three 8’s in it. … …One of my readings says that (888), when turned on its side, is the three infinity symbols which symbolizes the infinity of the Holy Trinity. ..Sounds good to me. ..
    … … …And ((SJ)), it would be nice to find an influential defense lawyer with enough prestige to make that judge want to just go outside & play volleyball with herself. …Please, someone Google: (Portland Press Herald F Lee Bailey). …As of May 21, 2014, the Headline says: “((For famed, disbarred attorney F. Lee Bailey, ‘redemption’ only part of it … …At 80 and settled in Maine, Bailey still has more he wants to do in his career and says being readmitted to law practice would help))”. … …He can’t practice yet in his state but I wonder if he could practice in Arizona??? …Or maybe he could suggest another top defense attorney for Jodi Ann Arias ? ? ….. Maybe someone on this site could write him a letter? ?

    … … …I just saw a very old video of William F Buckley & F Lee Bailey. …(Paraphrasing): …((Buckley)): …the conviction rate as a ratio to the crimes committed is diminishing … that the mechanism is so tilted in favor of the defendant as to make conviction difficult, …is that possible?? …((Bailey)): If you really believe that it is tilted in favor of the defendant, I suggest you, as a research project, you go get yourself INDICTED and you will find that it is not tilted in favor of the defendant ! ! …((Buckley)): Would you be my lawyer? … …Audience laughed ! !
    …..F Lee Bailey still alive at 80, that is only 7 years older than me, (((WLOPEZ4JAA))) …

  19. Jodi tweet:


    This isn’t Heinz’s fault. Either MCSO is being shady with her mail or there is a dirty postal worker.

  20. Jodi tweet:

    He’s also trustworthy, even though the haters would try to dupe us supporters into thinking otherwise.

  21. Jodi tweet:

    SJ takes a much more aggressive stance than Jodi on raising funds for her #appeals

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