It’s Kermit v Nurmi in the battle of the BS books

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Nowadays, the more clueless you are about Jodi’s trial, the higher the likelihood of you putting pen to paper and writing a book about it.

This probably explains Kermit’s book (due out in January) and Nurmi’s self-published book just released via CreateSpace.

Here’s the story as featured in AZ Central:

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Jodi Arias prosecutor, defense attorney retry case in the bookstore

“Very little about the Jodi Arias murder case was in good taste.

Her 2013 and 2015 trials both ended with juries unable to reach unanimous decisions. They were filled with sex and deceit, all consumed by a voyeuristic public that tried via the Internet and social media to influence news coverage and the jury decisions.

Her case is now in front of the Arizona Court of Appeals, which has not deterred her prosecutor and one of her defense attorneys from writing tell-all books about the case.

Conviction: The Untold Story of Putting Jodi Arias Behind Bars, written by Deputy Maricopa County Attorney Juan Martinez, will be published by a midtown Manhattan publisher in January. Trapped With Ms. Arias, by her former defense attorney Kirk Nurmi, was self-published this week on Both promise behind-the-scenes looks at the case.

Nurmi no longer represents Arias, who now has public defenders who specialize in appeals. The prosecution in the case is now in the hands of the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.

Nonetheless, lawyers on both sides of the aisle are supposed to respect attorney-client privilege and confidentiality, and they are supposed to eschew “extrajudicial” statements while communicating with the press or the public…….”

“I can’t think of a case where a sitting prosecutor wrote a book,” said Beth Karas, a former New York City assistant district attorney. Karas covered the first Arias trial for the HLN TV network, and the second trial as a freelancer.

Martinez’s former boss, Rick Romley, does not approve.

“This thing’s on appeal. Until there’s finality in the case, you should never write a book,” Romley said. “As long as they were working for me, they would not be able to do that.”

Nurmi and Martinez did not respond to requests for comment.


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  1. That is one stupid, low-budget, cumstain, fucked up superior court judge for granting froggy his request, yet the same judge denied JODI’s request.

    I hope their incompetence helps JODI regain her freedom as soon as possible.

    • I enjoyed Kiefer’s article, too. He can definitely be objective and a voice of reason among the shrieks of the hords.

    • Carol,
      Rick Romley was the County Attorney for Maricopa County, Arizona from 1989 to 2004. But, believe it or not, I can’t find a bio for Juan Martinez other than a line or 2 on hater sites. Poor little guy is so insignificant, he’s not even listed in Wikipedia although the name “Juan Martinez” is listed many times. I think JM has been in the Maricopa Attorney’s General Office for 20-25 years at least. Much too long however long he’s been there.

    • I’ve always enjoyed Kiefer’s articles. What we see as fair journalism (because there have been times that Kiefer has been ‘tough’ on Jodi and we all respected his opinion) most of the haters will see it as favoritism. If someone isn’t against Jodi then they’re biased. pfffff. Talk about fairness.. 🙄

      Respect for Kiefer for knowing that he will take the wrath from the sheepled masses but insists on being a journalist and not a part of the yellow press.

      “A tiger doesn’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep” 😉

  2. Monica Lindstrom, MKLindstrom Law, PLLC says:
    “I predict his book will do very well since the Arias murder trial was the most sensationalized and most followed trial of the century so far.”

    What happened to her? I certainly wouldn’t want her to represent me.

  3. I can’t help but feel so bad for Jodi or anyone who is on the road through the appeal process and has to deal with these unethical lawyers capitalizing on the sadness of this case to line their pockets even more. It seems they will do anything to get what they want. No ethics – no scruples – humanity is in one fu..ked up condition these days.- particularly those humans who hold such power.

    • Judy, they are ‘digging their own graves’! The more those unethical pigs do stuff against Jodi, the more ground Jodi will have for ‘plethora’ (hey, nurmi, remember that word?) of appeals! 😉 The road to justice might be rocky and painful but in the end, those who chose to step on others for greed will find karma waiting for them…

  4. You know, I’m starting to have visions of all these people, all the ones we’ve seen lacking any sort of moral compass, ultimately shooting themselves (and possibly each other) in the proverbial foot. Because that’s what these type of people do; they ultimately do something stupid that reveals their true selves. Being not well integrated people they can easily trip over themselves. I kept thinking it would be the family who would first stumble (at least the ones who have previously demonstrated a lack of moral strength and direction) but now I can envision even the bigger players making major missteps because their priorities are all screwed up. (Could we possibly be seeing the subtle hand of karma starting to make its move?)

    • Their greed will destroy them. Wait and see… Remember Rubin Hurricane Carter? He too was surrounded by corruption, hate, revenge, greed, injustice and many judicial denials… in the end, he won. It takes only ONE ethical judge to reverse everything. It took one ethical juror (against 11 biased ones) to grand Jodi life and not death…

    • Yes, Justus the hand of Karma Has arrived and I’m excited for Jodi.

      Give them an inch they’ll take a yard, give them a rope they’ll hang themselves, and I can’t wait! 🙂

  5. I cannot fathom that nurmi would jeopardize his career for cash. I’m guessing that he has already put up a sign on his office window ‘OUT OF BUSINESS due to corruption’ . I seriously hope he will get disbarred. It serves him right. A low-life defense attorney like he is can ruin more lives in the future. He is dangerous and should not be allowed to practice law.

    As for juan martinez? I didn’t expect anything more. He sampled his morality all through the trial.

    They both think they’re above the law… it’s gonna be a rude awakening for both of those unethical asses.

  6. I am not at all upset about nurmi’s & martinez’s books. Quite the contrary, I think they are doing a good solid thing for Jodi: they are making her appeals (on corruption, bias, bad representation, injustice) stand even stronger.

    The more they talk/ write the more it’s in favor of Jodi. We’ve heard all the bullshit about Jodi to last us a lifetime, what could they possibly write that we haven’t read or heard already? 😀 😀 😀

    I’m going to make popcorn, chill on my couch and watch them grandly fuck themselves over. This is going to be a great porn! Anyone want butter on their popcorn???

    • Ok Pandora, I counter your Money with this one 😉 ♥

      OH ♥ . . . and Please sing an extra HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Sweet Mom today from all of us!!!! ♥ Without her we would have never known our SWEET ANGEL PANDORA!!!!!
      ♥♥♥ Blessings ♥♥♥

      • R., you chose a perfect song! In Greece we call stupid people ‘touvla’ which means bricks! So this song hit the spot! All those sheeple are ‘bricks’!!!! 😉

  7. Never in a million years would this be happening in the UK, a prosecutor and defence writing and promoting books when there’s an Appeal pending? Outrageous! I would like to say I was shocked, well, guess I am, but after That Circus, a Tea Party at the Mad Hatters? No, nothing can top THAT for shocking.

    I’m simply Appalled!

    They should both get disbarred for this AND the judge for sanctioning it – when Jodi’s motion was Denied? My God. Yes, the hand of Karma is going to deal a good one! BRING IT ON! 🙂

          • ♥ Oh never fear, Cindy is never far from home! I put her in charge of burying ugly comments at the barn. 😉 Plus we have several brooms that need to be repaired. Snap to it Cindy!!! ♥
            Honestly, like many of us we have said our peace thousands of times. . . Our Jodi should have never been charged in the first place. Self defense is not a crime. This has been one major tsunami of a nightmare for Jodi, Jodi’s family and all of her friends. One bad joke. We’ll be patient and as time passes true justice will come for Jodi Arias and she will be FREED. She deserves it. As far as I’m concerned, let Juan Martinez and Nurmi enjoy their last few efforts of self promotion. Like squirrels dashing around quickly storing up all their “nuts” for a long and bitter winter. 😆 The brainwashed nuts apparently have a tiny bit more money to throw their way. How sad. This too will pass.

            I hope everyone will join me and keep donating to JODI’s Appeals Fund. Don’t forget to keep sending your letters of LOVE to Jodi too!

  8. Well that did’nt take long…fat boy…needing more gravy. Them two twits should go on a tour and maybe just will. Now the world knows the real whores and two so called men…..duh. the U.S. supreme court who thinks that the 1st. trumps the 5th should be given air time to state just how a book is more important then a trial…I’m so sure that all the Americans who laid down their lives in the cause of freedom and justice would think a …book far more important then a life….unless it’s their life. As to explaining that sad day…use ockham’s razor or kiss…the day a known abuser of woman,men,and it seems children(his own mouth!)was stopped by the abused who just wanted to survive his wrath. I must say the more them two speak the better as it will show the world what injustice really is. Pure as the driven snow that’s t-dog…well driven snow does pick up a lot of dirt…see his cult and his life…fake one. As for no one deserves to die…unless it’s who…Jodi? No this and know it well….the real world will not miss him,he choose to abuse others and in the end chose wrong. She is not a hero to Me but a SURVIVOR. As for the fund…it’ real…how do I know…ask Jodi or auntie Sue. I know that fund will set Her free and if You can give what You can….just saying. So fat boy/tiny don’t ever hold back…..the more you talk the better,don’t forget all that you have done to MURDER Her.As for a book from any of the 23…..juror of hate…trial by vile….is hln hiring?…i was a fool in love with injustice….now there’s a real reason they won’t write a book….it will show them for the things they are….EVIL MONSTERS….who did all to destroy Her and justice for all.So America….a book or justice….as the founders spin in their graves asking WTF. As for Our side….a book? why ? Lets free this amazing young woman and save a few trees…when She’s free from this injustice there will be no need for a book …SPEAKING TOURS…sounds right.

  9. March 23, 2008 @8:41pm (texts between Jodi & Travis)

    Jodi: “What has 2 arms and 2 legs?”
    Travis: “About 6 billion people and various animals.”
    Jodi: ” Darn it! I thought I had you on that one!!!=)”

    Jodi – so cute & clever. How can anyone not like her? And, to be fair, Travis’s response was kind of funny, too.

  10. Kirk Nurmi specializes in the following cases:
    * Drug Offenses
    • Aggravated Assault
    • Sex Offenses
    • Domestic Violence Offenses
    • Murder
    What client is going to consult him if they know he may write a book about them especially if it is a sex offense, domestic violence offense. assault charge., etc.

    Twisted Mormons of Maricopa That I Was Forced to Defend by L. Kirk Nurmi.
    Chapter 1
    I hated that Mr. Hughes took out his thingy in Walmart and shook it at some elderly Mormon bishops but someone had to defend the perverted SOB. I was trapped with the miserable sexually twisted bugger but organic food is expensive. Did I tell you I get hungry when I’m upset defending these low-lives but I do manage to keep my weight down (see my weight loss book at Amazon).”

    I think clients will look elsewhere.

    • 😆 Twisted Mormons of Maricopa That I Was Forced to Defend by L. Kirk Nurmi. 😆
      Poor, Poor Nurmi has sunk so low. . .how low will you go MR. NURMI?

      L. Kirk Nurmi will be on the Best Seller list with that one CC53! 🙄

    • LMAO !!! CC53 , plus the fact, the obvious that nurmie was at jaun*s crabs shack! Everybody’s even the dark side noticed nurmies constantly scratching his crouch!!! His remark in court about not liking Jodi angers me!! I did see that live on tv and I did see the expression of hurt/embarrassment on Jodi’s face!!:( That reporter toad troy what ever his name did basically the same thing!:( May a flight of demons wing them both to hell!!! I cant wait for lady justice to FREE JODI for ALL the UNJUST that has been done to her! DV is not OK! FFJ SJ TEAM JODI

    • Nurmi is trying to make money writing books off of cases he fucked over rather than making money by doing his job which is lawyering! He is a freaking joke and is mocking the job of a lawyer and what lawyers stand for!

    • It’s horrible what happened in Paris. I have friends and family there and it was a nightmare until I heard from them. But even then, the pain of knowing that so many innocent people died because of extremists & politics is unbearable. Not to mention the trauma that this has caused so many others that survived. How can a person turn back to normal living when they will have to live in fear? Their freedom and serenity has been stolen and they can never get that back. 🙁

      Nobody should succumb to terrorism of any sort.

      liberté, égalité, fraternité

      Peace out

  11. Admin,
    When you’re doing your rounds and making sure all the doors & windows are locked and the perimeter is secure, can you keep an eye out for one of my comments floating out there – unless you’ve already filled it full of buckshot. THANKS!

  12. I for one don’t think that tiny is all that thorough….he failed to MURDER Her. And MURDER it was via state and lies,hidden evidence and every dirty trick in the book as a judge looked on. Why would any mock any defendant when one has facts….a real judge would see that as mocking the court and put his ass in jail…hence new trial and upon seeing ANY in the jury box give the stink eye demand they step up and explain that or own their actions. In the army I had a capt. do all to mock an abuse me and one day as we …talked I asked him to own his actions…..not such a big man then. Power must be used never ABUSED.NO ONE is above the law or rules.If Her side(J.W.)had done anything like tiny then someone WOULD be on d/row such was the hate an vile in that court. The cult of t-dog could do anything they wished…I for one feared for Her life as more then a few defendants in U.S.courts have been attacked as …the law stands by. That trial and show shamed America and thanks to the mob and cult brings on more hate to all Americans. Act up in court and anyone must see a jail cell….ANYONE. And hey az. thanks to tiny holding back…facts…you lost…..She lives and one day soon will be free…..So was he holding back facts for justice or money. And as for num..nuts he must love Her now…payday? Trapped who was trapped not him as all he had to do was walk out and let a woman….take over and win as I know She would have. To much pride got in his way or he could see the money. And don’t forget haters take your meds and know you stand by an abuser…proven. As We stand by a survivor.

  13. Vicky,
    I have no info re: your question in VENT but here is an article with comments attributed to Victoria Washington back in late 2013. If it really is the Victoria Washington, who worked on Jodi’s case, she has some interesting things to say & some of her comments tie into things we are learning from Nurmi’s book.
    WARNING: This article is written by Just Da Truth (or whatever his/her name is) so it might be better to focus just on Victoria’s comments unless you have a high tolerance for twisting of “da truth” and excessive faux outrage.

  14. Well, having received a copy of Nurmi’s book, here’s a few things I’ve learned so far:

    1. That he never believed her self-defense story or that she was physically abused.

    2. That he didn’t believe she preplanned the killing but that something set her off that day.

    3. That he assumed she would automatically be found guilty, not necessarily because she was (although he believed she was) but rather because that’s what happens when you have death qualified jurors.

    4. That his principle responsibility was to save her life and that “seeking a verdict of ‘not guilty’ really does not come into the picture”. (He repeats this numerous times throughout.)

    5. That even before he met and talked with her for the first time, he knew she was a “manipulator”.

    6. That he could just as well have named his book “9 Days Out of 10 I Don’t Like Ms. Arias and on the 10th Day I Hate Her”.

    • Someone needs to educate wormie, I mean nurmie the true definition of the word assume!!! ASS/U/ME making ass out of you and me… i say tar/feather and deem him the village idiot!!!

    • nurmi is supposed to get interviewed later this month. I hope the interviewer hangs him out to dry. shitzona is already on his case.

      • His book will no doubt bc an attorney can not basically call his client a liar and manipulator and that he didn’t believe her….it’s called CLIENT / ATTORNEY PRIVILEGE !!!! Apparently he has never heard of it..the 9th circuit court of appeals has heard of it and will not take kindly to this attorney hanging his own client out to dry, nor will they take kindly to Juanita’s toilet paper about to come out for the public to wipe their butts with either, no doubt…

        And all this stuff he writes in his book is based on what????? HIS OWN IDIOTIC OPINION BASED ON HIS OWN IDIOTIC POINT OF VIEW !!!! IMHO

        I believe he is nothing more than an arrogant, self-centered, narcissist, ego-maniac who is desperately seeking attention and money and using Jodi to get it…Well he will get the attention he so desires when he is called out by the 9th circuit court of appeals and even perhaps his own Bar association….


        • His opinion is just that his opinion….The facts of the case speak for themselves…Jodi was attacked by the pervert abuser TA and she defended herself..the facts and evidence point to this and that is what matters, not his idiotic opinion of his OWN CLIENT !!!

    • Hello everyone. Been a while.

      While I haven’t read the book yet, and am about to do something I don’t normally subscribe to, namely comment on a third party report, but everything Justus reports just seems to cement what I have been shouting about since Day 1. Remember when all of you were hot to trot on this DT and I was one of the few lost souls calling them out as an unmitigated disaster. Hate to say, but I told you so.

      It was very evident to me from the very onset that the DT had only one purpose in mind – avoid the DP. Whether you believe this was a case of self defense, or M2, or manslaughter, or whatever, the one thing that was clear and became even more so was that this was not, or at least there was no evidence of, M1. But short of the one little pitch in Nurmi’s closing the DT made no effort to show that. In fact their whole defense seemed to be pegged on humanizing Jodi. But that doesn’t buy you an acquittal. That approach in fact gets you exactly the result they got – no DP. There could only be two ways in which the defense turned out that way; the first being a willful attempt at steering the defense strategy to that end, and the second being happenstance aided by complete incompetence. But happenstance is just that – a one off deal. A series of coincidences makes one wonder.

      I still do truly believe that even the self defense claim as presented was concocted by Nurmi. I’m not saying this was not a case of self defense, or was a case of M2 or whatever. I’m just saying I don’t know. But I do believe that the story as told, and the time at which self defense was raised, and the manner of its telling were carefully orchestrated by Nurmi. I think there are just too many things that point to it. Here’s a succinct set of points:

      1. If he had to humanize Jodi, he had to present some rationale to bring a bunch of the stuff he did into court. The best way to do that would be to raise either a case of heat of passion or self defense – and he did both.

      2. Once he raises a self defense claim it becomes the state’s duty to disprove self defense. In this respect AZ is different to most other states. In most states self-defense is a proactive defense – i.e. the party claiming self defense must prove self defense. In AZ it is the other way around – once the claim is made the state must disprove it. In a real court this places a massive, and probably impossible task in the absence of eye witnesses. The state is being asked to prove a negative – which is nigh on impossible to do and is why a criminal defendant doesn’t have to prove anything.

      3. Remember Samuels testimony in which he talked about Nurmi taking him to convince Jodi to change her intruder story. Well it then becomes obvious that Nurmi didn’t believe the intruder story – which is OK. But he enlisted a third party to convince Jodi to change her story. This then begs the question – how do you do that? Do you get the third party to say – We just don’t believe you, so tell us what actually happened, or do you get the third party to also offer possible options. See if the attorney doesn’t believe the client he can just tailor his case to tackle the weaknesses in the state’s case (of which there were plenty here) and just not put his client on the stand. There are only two reasons to change the story – one is to make sure you put your client on the stand to provide a certain view of the case (see points above) and the second is to humanize them to the jury to ward off the DP. In either case this reeks of the attorney trying to manipulate the the narrative to achieve the goals he has set out – which in this case (as apparently acknowledged by Nurmi) was to hold off the DP.

      The only reason he would have to take this path is if he just flat out believed that this was in fact a case of M1. This is a marked difference from not believing it was not self-defense. If you believe it was not M1 you first have to look at whether or not the state has the evidence to prove M1, and whether or not that evidence can be refuted. Granted that the deck is stacked against the client with a death qualified jury, but you still have to look at the state’s case. And even if you do want to take the path of self defense you still need to wreck the state’s case.

      That effort was not made by this DT. In fact for the most part they let the state have its way – heck it seems to me they didn’t even investigate this case very much. Why? Were they afraid that their investigations would turn up evidence that might be helpful to the state? Well that can only be a possibility if you believe your client is in fact guilty as charged. But even then you have a responsibility to actively challenge the state’s case – which this DT obviously did not do.

      I’m not an attorney so this is just conjecture – but I guess it is perfectly possible to have a situation where an attorney is faced with a client whom the attorney does not believe. And that seems to be the case here. I guess the responsible thing to do then would be to not take on the client – which in all fairness to Nurmi he tried like all heck to do. But if for one reason or the other you are then stuck with the client – I guess you have a responsibility to put up the most vigorous defense possible – which this DT did not do.

      The question that begs to be asked – and I wonder if Nurmi addressed that in his book – is whose idea was it to conduct the case in the manner in which it was conducted. If it was the attorneys who decided to tackle it the way they did then shame on them. If Jodi directed the presentation, which as a client she has the right to, well then ……….

      Of course based on the few points Justus has provided, this book actually leads up to an interesting legal conundrum. So you have an attorney who doesn’t believe the client. That attorney also, in no uncertain terms, wants off the case. You have a client who at times petitions the judge to retain the attorney, and at other times asks for him to be removed, and you have a judge who eventually forces the attorney to stay on. Later you have an attorney who provides a remarkably incompetent defense, and then goes on to acknowledge that his only intention was to avoid the DP. How does this jive with justice, and more importantly what are the grounds for appellate reversal. Is it judicial error on the part of the judge for forcing the attorney to stay on, or ineffective assistance of counsel on the part of the attorney for not providing a rigorous defense, or do they just blame it all on the client and sweep it off the table.

      However, be that as it may, hopefully there is something in here that makes a CoA say maybe we ought to look at this a little carefully and see if in fact justice was served.

      • Ineffective assistance of counsel is written all over this case with Nurmi, no doubt about it…he says just about as much in his own pathetic book according to the quotes we have heard thus far from people who have read the book…I believe that it was judicial error on the part of idiot JSS to not allow Jodi new counsel when it was shown in no uncertain terms that KN was not communicating with his own client and we now have proof of the fact that he never intended to defend her from the murder rap at all…all he was focused on was avoiding the death penalty at exclusion to all other defenses…THIS IS NOT A DEFENSE, BUT AN ATTORNEY’S PLAN TO ALLOW HIS CLIENT TO BE CONVICTED OF MURDER IN HOPES OF AVOIDING THE DEATH PENALTY !!

        Jodi had a right to have an attorney to defend her to the utmost on the murder charges, instead she got a self-centered, narcissist, ego-maniac who didn’t even feel the need to communicate with his own client bc he had a plan and he was sticking to it come hell or high water !!!

        Jodi has been cheated of a fair trial and a fair defense. She will get another trial IMO…and it can’t come soon enough !!


      • Al,

        First off, welcome back. We always enjoy your input.

        And great post. But from what I’m reading, I actually don’t think Jennifer went along with this approach but Nurmi also sounds like he sees himself as the smartest guy in the room and nobody better question him. He briefly mentions that Jennifer “went rogue” (to be witnessed in future editions) which, as I read it, means she didn’t buy into the Nurmi party line, that is, that Jodi is an evil witch who deserves to spend the rest of her life in prison. I suspect that Jennifer treated her with respect and didn’t immediately decide that Jodi’s pleasant demeanor meant she was trying to manipulate. Jennifer probably listened to Jodi and understood her, something Nurmi wasn’t interested in doing. At any rate, Nurmi indicates the he and Jen are no longer the friends they were before the case.

      • Al, awesome post. Thank you so much. And yes, I remember reading older posts where you did state that you didn’t find the DT doing a proper job.

        “However, be that as it may, hopefully there is something in here that makes a CoA say maybe we ought to look at this a little carefully and see if in fact justice was served.”

        ^^^^Exactly and hopefully all the bs going on WILL indeed ‘hit a nerve’ and will be a headscratcher for CoA.

    • One of the impressions I get from this read is that Nurmi has very poor people skills and, in spite of his humanitarian claim of wanting to” defend those who cannot defend themselves”, he shows little to no empathy for the people around him, particularly his clients whom he considers the dregs of society. He whines about how he had to go to Estrella, a dismal and drab place and talk to Jodi and how Jodi, who was locked down for 23 hours a day in this dungeon, actually wanted to just talk with him about things that he deemed inconsequential to the case. He called it “her wanting attention”.

      • Let me make one correction. She wasn’t locked up 23 hours a day at that point but she was living in that drab and dingy place that he himself was whining about, mostly cut off from the outside world. But he couldn’t fathom that this might add to her need to talk and instead he attributes it to some character defect.

    • Nurmi even says at one point that the State can’t prove it wasn’t self defense but he still doesn’t think it’s his job to point this out and stress it to the jury. And at another point he says that even before the trail began he could hardly wait to get her a life sentence so he could get on with his plans.

      He didn’t want Jodi on the stand. He wanted her to just let him argue that she killed him in a moment of passionate rage. It appears that Jodi wasn’t going to let him argue something that didn’t happen but this pissed Nurmi off and he comments about how she always had to have things her way. What? She didn’t want him claiming something that wasn’t true? She didn’t want him just throwing her under the bus? Go figure.

      Nurmi is also miffed that he has not received a Thank You card from either Jodi or her family, for saving her life. 🙄

      • Just proves my point that this man is an ego centric narcissist where he is the center of his own universe !!!! OMG, poor Jodi never stood a chance with this guy…I just pray that the 9th circuit will clearly send a message that this is absolutely unacceptable to have a client just thrown under the bus so you can go on with your own plans and then to talk about it and talk about your client in your book while her appeals are ongoing….APPELLATE ATTORNEYS ARE YOU LISTENING ????


        • The appellate attorneys are aware of Nurmi’s book (as is the whole Arizona legal community). I am sure they will make whatever hay they can with it.

      • Maybe we should consult Mrs. Manners concerning the matter of, does a client owe a defense attorney a Thank You note who failed at his job. I’m thinking he was overpaid for his services, why thank him? IMO he is not the reason Jodi didn’t get the DP. It’s a Miracle she didn’t get the DP because of Nurmi being her defense attorney. . . . 😯 Maybe that is why JSS made him stay on Jodi’s case. JSS made it perfectly clear she wanted her to receive the DP. WHAT A SCAM.

  15. “…she won’t do it but her sister will…” Z Z Top I think little Ms JAA will be boogie…ing again pretty soon. Happy Holidays.

  16. Al, the self-defense claim was certainly not “concocted by Nurmi.” Jodi has told her supporters over and over that she told the truth on the stand. Also, Jennifer said in an interview that she believes Jodi did not lie in her testimony, which means that she believes Jodi believes her testimony, which could not be true if Nurmi invented the story. So it would seem that you are calling both Jodi and Jennifer liars, which in Jodi’s case would be perjury. You are also suggesting that the defense suborned perjury. Or else I don’t understand what you mean by “the story as told.”

    You also say that there was never any evidence of M1, but Nurmi must have believed Jodi was guilty as charged. Why would he believe it if there was no evidence of it? Also, Justus reports that he never believed the killing was preplanned (point 2 above).

    • Actually I meant that he didn’t believe she arrived at his house planning to kill him but that she became enraged at some point and then decided to kill him. That would still be premeditated murder and that’s Nurmi’s (unproven) theory.

  17. From the excerpts I’ve seen, Nurmi’s book is an epic, quite possibly unprecedented, betrayal of his client and a flagrant violation of basic rules of legal ethics. While other defense attorneys have written “tell-all” books about their clients’ trials, it has been after acquittal, or with the client’s permission, and usually both. They did not state that their client perjured herself; they did not reveal nonpublic evidence damaging to the client’s cause; they did not assassinate her character at every possible opportunity. And, obviously, an ethical lawyer does not publicly show passionate hatred of his client by explaining that he is eagerly calling her a name she hates throughout the book, or comparing her to a stir-fry of feces and dead rats.

    It is very interesting to read two Arizona ethics rules. One is the basic rule on confidentiality: The other is on duties to a former client, to which I’ll link below.

    As I read these rules and the official commentaries on them, there is no possible excuse for Nurmi’s behavior. The basic confidentiality rule is “A lawyer shall not reveal information relating to the representation of a client.” Taken literally, nearly everything quoted or excerpted from Nurmi’s book seems to fall in this category. The rule then states exceptions, but none seems to apply.

    One exception is “informed consent” by the client. Jodi certainly did not give explicit permission for Nurmi to reveal the inside material in the book. From excerpts, it seems he believes that she implicitly consented to some disclosures by talking about various matters herself. However, by the rule, lawyers can only disclose facts the client has “impliedly” consented to when it is necessary to their “representation” of the client. That cannot apply after representation has ended, as here.

    The only other possibility I see is “self-defense” by the lawyer, in a “controversy” between him and the client (or some other entity). However, from the commentary, this seems to be limited to legal proceedings to which the lawyer is a party, as in his collecting a fee or defending against charges of misconduct. There is no hint that the basic confidentiality duty is abolished just because the client has publicly criticized the lawyer! I have not explored Arizona case law on this, if any, but a NY court held that a lawyer cannot breach confidentiality just to protecting his own reputation.

    Finally, the rules state clearly that there is no difference (in every relevant respect) in the duty of confidentiality between current and past clients. The duty lasts forever.

    As some Arizona lawyers have already said, Nurmi should be disbarred for this massive, outrageous, vindictive breach of basic legal ethics. If it doesn’t happen, that will be another indication that Arizona isn’t really part of the U.S.

  18. I’m beginning to wonder if Nurmi’s eagerness to be rid of “Ms. Arias” might explain why he made no concerted effort to get even one juror to see Jodi’s side. Could it be that secretly (or maybe not so secretly) the thing he feared the most was a hung jury? Maybe he wanted an all-or-nothing verdict (so he could finally be done with her) and the easiest and most expedient thing to do was just allow for the guilty verdict (that he felt was automatic anyway). He must have been greatly relieved when they came back with a unanimous verdict…and then proceeded to crap himself when they hung in the sentencing phase. 😀

  19. So Nurmi accuses Jodi of being childish yet he writes a book and refers to Jodi as “Ms. Arias” throughout the book because she “hates being called that”…..Okay then, that’s not childish or anything…Pfft.

    • nurmi should not get a slap on the wrist if it is proven that he has broken any rules. It seems that nurmi is doing a great job on his own, destroying his career as an attorney. Imagine his book sales are only in the hundreds… then he’s screwed! No clients – no money – he’ll start stress eating again and bam! there goes all his effort in losing his extra pounds…

  20. Maybe JODI’s parents can sue JM and KN for writing a book about JODI without her written consent and use the profits towards JODI’s appeal ….

      • I’m certain Jodi’s family doesn’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling for Wormy Nurmi either. 🙄
        Poor, poor Nurmi, more pathetic everyday.

        • I expect Nurmi is in for some seriously bad times ahead. He’s already made many unbelievably vile comments about Jodi, her family, her supporters and people that nod to her in the hall. It’s like he’s having an emotional meltdown striking out at everyone who ever made a kind gesture to Jodi or uttered a word of support to her. If he doesn’t have a complete mental collapse, he may run for Grand Wizard of those that only get joy from the suffering of others.

          • I vote he gets the Grand Poo Pa Award! 😆 Why not?
            Pandering to those full of vile, hateful thoughts and deeds…oh my. Hope they don’t ever find themselves in trouble in Maricopa…… it would be a rude awakening. 🙄

  21. You might be interested to know that he gives us a shout-out in a section where he’s talking about Jodi’s “power as a cult leader”. He says, “That power can still be seen today by looking at a web page that asserts the innocence of Ms. Arias. Yes, even several months after the trial Ms. Arias’ followers are still drinking the Kool-Aid. She’s that good.”

      • 😀 Yes, we are apparently a bunch of mindless automatons, being naively manipulated and mind-controlled by Jodi, our sly but soulless cult leader. 🙄 The irony is that all we’re saying is that the State didn’t prove that it was not self-defense (a fundamental requirement in the Arizona justice system), and he actually agrees. But that is a minor detail to him; it shouldn’t matter that he let the State get away with that by simply ignoring that whole piece of the process. So long as the defendant isn’t on death row, he considers it a job well done (and wants a thank you for it, no less). But we who see that as an injustice are somehow the mindless ones. 🙄

    • Gulp, gulp, gulp then slamming my glass onto the table…..Cult, huh? If his cult describes citizens who are disgusted and sickened by a large body of people who support officers of the law concealing. deleting and withholding evidence to try to kill an innocent woman, then YES SIR I’m on that team! We are against the injustices that have been committed in the state of AZ!!! We will keep digging until the truth is pulled from their evil minds and greedy hands. SHAME ON YOU NURMI!!!! I hope and pray he enjoys his limelight with the likes of the people who have worshipped Travis Alexander. They definitely deserve each other. May God help and protect their innocent children because they have proved they will not. It is nothing to them. . .might as well throw their children to the wolves. Boys will be boys you know. 🙄 GRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • “That power can still be seen today by looking at a web page that asserts the innocence of Ms. Arias. Yes, even several months after the trial Ms. Arias’ followers are still drinking the Kool-Aid. She’s that good.”

      Another statement by Nurmi that clearly shows his position that he did not believe Jodi’s self-defense claim and that those that did believe it were fools and mindless. Again, what defense attorney would betray their former client with his own arrogant, self-centered self-aggrandizing views/opinions and make these kinds of outrageous statements and do this while your former client has an appeal pending??? This is outrageous. This is just proof positive that he absolutely despised Jodi and never wanted to defend her IMHO.

      His theory of the killing is just that his theory. The facts and evidence at the scene and the wounds on TA’s body show that Jodi was defending herself from his attack, not the other way around. Just as an example, the back wounds were superficial, not deep, but shallow and slashing and angled in such a way as to show that Jodi was facing TA when those wounds were inflicted as in she was trying to get him off of her !!! Those back wounds were NOT inflicted by her standing behind him and stabbing him. Hello? Do we have a BRAIN???? Look at the facts and then tell me that this wasn’t a self-defense case.


    • NO WAY!!!! He made us famous! 😀 NOT!! Cult, huh?! Do we get to have different names and kewl shit like that? Do we get to dress in purple robes and dance around the fire under the full moon naked? And who’s the leader? Jodi or SJ? Hmmm… toughie!

      FYI: if we get to have new ‘cult names’ I’m choosing my own. I’ll have to think about it for a bit and find an awesome one!

      Going to do a ritual dance in my yard. brb! 😀

  22. When did Juan put forth the effort to actually look for the murder weapons? He didn’t. Jodi gave an approximate location during the trial of where she threw the weapons and yet Juan did not attempt to locate them. Without attempting to locate the weapons then what proof did Juan have that Jodi killed Travis?

    • Producing a weapon is unnecessary. When Jodi attempted to plea to M2, way before the trial, Jodi sealed her fate. Jodi plead self-defense which is incriminating. If you have a dream team, and don’t incriminate yourself before hand, you MIGHT have a chance, but this was shitzona, and you had a career frog against a stacked deck, the same deck that is going before the AZ bar REAL soon.

      • I’m not so certain about that. I was reading from another post of a Juan supporter who said that Juan had proved Jodi had opportunity to kill Travis with a gun. I still don’t see how he can prove that she had opportunity when the gun that was stolen from her grandpa’s house had been stolen a week before Travis had been killed.

        How can you prove opportunity with a gun that was stolen and didn’t exist at the time of his murder? How can Juan prove opportunity when he cannot even prove whose gun was used to shoot Travis with which is probably the most important aspect of his murder.

        Determining whose gun it was would prove Juan’s opportunity theory. But since Juan did not even prove where the gun came from he can’t prove opportunity existed.

        How can self-defense be incriminating? It was already proven by the Alexander families history that they were all violent and for the most part extremely violent. His family had a history of violence compared to Jodi’s. Based on statistics Travis would have been more than likely to attack Jodi then Jodi would have been to attack him.

        • A weapon is not needed when an admission is given. Self defense IS incriminating, in so far as it is an admission to a degree of culpability. Corpus delicti neither requires a weapon, a motive or a corpse. Pay close attention to the comment I made regarding Jodi’s public attempt to plead to M2 way before the trial. This sealed the deal for frog. Admitting ANYTHING was the mistake, the circumstantial evidence was weak, but nurni was weaker.
          Frog never needed to prove the M1 circumstances i.e. Jodi’s grandpa’s gun or ta’s gun. All frog had to do was use his years of tried and true baffling bull, and pickles and nurmi’s inexperience, to drag the jury down his path.
          If frog DOES retire and WHEN Jodi gets a new trial, if Jodi’s new lawyers bring their “A’ game, then the psuedo M1 aggravators, the unlawful,split guilty verdicts, and the prosecutorial misconducts will be properly addressed.
          Juan won because Jodi had public defenders, Jodi need someone that would not allow frog and pickles to exploit the circumstances. Guilt of self-defense is no crime, but you take all the sensationalism and turn is into big bucks for frog and nurmi, and you have a totally different view, not justice.

  23. Besides being generally against the death penalty, Nurmi explains why he didn’t think this case deserved to be a death penalty case and then why he believes the State chose to seek the death penalty. First he speaks of disparity and gives two examples of cases that were in the system at the same time. The first was a case of a black woman who was accused of torturing and killing her 5 year-old daughter by beating her and forcing her to live in a closet with little food. And after the little girl was dead, she dumped her body in a landfill. This woman claimed that her daughter had been kidnapped and a huge public search took place – sound familiar? The other case was a man who killed his wife by stabbing her 27 times. Neither of these defendants faced the death penalty. He goes on to say that death penalty researchers, and the statistics they have compiled, point to the clear reality that who the defendant kills is the most prominent factor that determines whether prosecutors seek the death penalty. In the first example the victim was a black child and in the second the victim was a woman and statistics show that those most likely to face a death sentence are those who kill white males.

    He also attributes the media attention in Jodi’s case and that “certain prosecutors like the limelight and/or have big egos”.

    • LOL, it seems Nurmi might be basking in that flickering limelight also. We already knew his EGO was rather large. Poor, poor nurmi, I find your behavior as pathetic as your book. No stars for you here.
      😉 I wonder why he bothers to even think of us.

    • So he’s calling martinez a limelight seeking egoistic…. The pot calling the kettle black…
      Nurmi didn’t have the dignity to wait until the appeals were over. ‘Nough said.

    • Justus,
      Yes, Nurmi has replaced that dead guy in the heart and mind of the haters. They whisper KN’s name in devoted adoration and will love him forever or …until January or February when Martinez’s book will put them into a frenzy resembling religious ecstasy …until Nurmi’s second book comes out and then they will toss Tiny-M onto the scrapheap. One trait of the haters is that they’re very fickle.

      • LOL, the haters will be busy for awhile.
        Copy & Paste, Copy & Paste . . . . 😆
        Whatever! 🙄

        ♥ ONWARD TEAM JODI!!!!!! ♥♥♥JODI♥♥♥
        #Great Feeling to know that bothers so many!

        • That’s okay we expect that…… But what we do have are the FACTS of this case. And those are indisputable and speak volumes. The medical, physical evidence can not be changed. The coverup and the hiding of evidence, the destruction of evidence, the brady violations, the perjured testimony, etc….this are all facts and well documented. So in the end the court will look at the facts, not the views/opinions of her former defense atty who I believe will be called to account for the writing of this book by whatever overseeing board/authority there is for AZ attorneys and the court themselves will also not look kindly on the writing of this book by KN or the book soon to come out by our little lovely Juanita and these books just may be the turning point for Jodi in obtaining her new trial…They may be the last straw in this egregious outrageous travesty of justice of the quest to kill Jodi Arias and may further tip the balance in her favor and gain her a new trial.


  24. This comment was posted in the Comments section of an article by Michael Kiefer entitled “Just treatment, conduct in Arias case raise questions” on March 21, 2015.

    “I work with a girl who was on the first jury. She came in every Friday to give us weekly updates, she had a chat room set up with other jurors and the court reporter. This is why the reporter was dismissed. The Judge knew all this.”
    Gina Longaberger

    I wrote about this comment on on JAII on March 22, 2015 on the main page (public). Unfortunately, I didn’t take a screen shot of the comment and when I went back to the article the comment had been removed. It seemed an odd comment but had a ring of truth since jurors often had Friday off during the original trial and I couldn’t see any benefit to Gina L for making up such a story. It seemed to me that if there was any truth to Gina’s comment, it could have been grounds for a mistrial since she indicated a juror was talking to other jurors in a chatroom and with the public about the trial. I did some info gathering on Gina and discovered she worked at an insurance company in Phoenix, AZ. I sent a Gmail letter to Kirk Numi on March 23, 2015 @ 11:45pm with details about this comment. It seems Nurmi could simply check to see if a juror worked at this insurance agency (which I won’t name here) or not. If a juror did work at this insurance agency, Gina’s comment should be investigated. If not, perhaps the story was not true. I never heard from Kirk Nurmi. It might have lead to a mistrial and Nurmi would have to go through the whole process all over again, something his book suggests he definitely would not want to do. Better to let Jodi go to prison than inconvenience anyone.

    • Ha! I’m sure he did investigate it and thought “Screw that! I ain’t telling on that juror! Lemme sit here and pick my nose and mind my own business of snot collecting. If I shut up this will be over and I can open my law office and become an awesome lawyer by screwing others lives. As long as it brings in the moolah, who cares about Ms Arias! “

  25. For those interested in the “3×5 cards”, actually it was just one card. It had some handwriting on it and it was the State’s expert (and we know we can trust them, right?) who says it looks like someone attempting to simulate Travis’ handwriting. But even Nurmi (who was otherwise doing his very best to throw Jodi under the bus) says “I’m not sure how such a conclusion was reached as it sounds more like mind reading than handwriting analysis”. He then goes on to mention the enormous difficulty it would be for Jodi to forge the letters. “How, if Ms. Arias did write these letters she was able to author them, get them out of the jail and have them emailed to me? This is a more difficult task than you might think given that she was living at the jail and everything she sent out was inspected and her phone calls were all recorded. Adding on to the difficulty of the task of Ms. Arias creating these letters would be the fact that she would have to do a good enough job at simulating Mr. Alexander’s writings to fool a handwriting expert.” But then, after stating all that, he immediately goes on to say ”Putting these difficulties aside, once the 3 by 5 card was found, it was my belief that Mr. Arias wrote the letters.”

    • So after recognizing all the arguments he could put before the jury as to how Jodi couldn’t have forged the letters, he folded under Juan’s threat to use the card to *prove* she wrote the letters. (I honestly think Nurmi didn’t want to do anything that might possibly create a hung jury. After all, he wanted to get on with his life.)

    • Again, it was HIS IDIOTIC BELIEF !!! That plus 2 cents gets you nothing !!! IT IS WORTHLESS IMHO !!! What an idiot !!! Jodi was doomed with this idiot !! She deserves a fair shot at a FAIR TRIAL WITH A LAWYER WHO BELIEVES IN HER AND BELIEVES IN HER INNOCENCE !!! Jodi was and is innocent of the premeditated murder charge….she killed TA in self defense. Self defense is NOT a crime !!!


    • Wait! How the hell would she be able to forge travis’ handwriting? Did she have anything handwritten by him? Or was her photographic memory a superpower that she could remember every little detail in his handwriting? I call this BS!

    • As an addendum to the above, in Chapter 40 Nurmi further discusses the letters. I’m curious as to why he originally said in Chapter 16 that “a 3 by 5 card [taken to mean one] was found in the cell with handwriting on it” and then later refers to multiple cards. At first I thought maybe there were multiple cards but only one had handwriting on it. But in Chapter 40, in discussing a hearing on the matter, he says “[The State’s expert] testified that, in his opinion, the words written on the 3 by 5 cards [plural] found in Ms. Arias’ cell were someone’s attempt to simulate Mr. Alexander’s handwriting.” He goes on to say that the defense expert was of the opinion that it was “highly probable” that Mr. Alexander authored the letters and that “highly probable” is the greatest level of certainty in the field of handwriting analysis. The State’s expert countered saying that the rating of “highly probable” could not be applied when the hand writing comparison was being done from a photocopy. Jodi (acting as her own lawyer at this point) called two witnesses, the defense’s expert and a woman named Heather. Heather had been a cell mate of Jodi’s for a time and Jodi asked Heather some questions trying to prove the point that Heather had written those things in the magazine. To this Nurmi says “None of Heather’s testimony or Ms. Arias’ questions really made any sense to me. Furthermore, I did not believe a word that Heather was saying.”About Martinez’s cross examination of Heather he says, “Those who watched the trials know how Mr. Martinez tends to act when cross examining someone. Imagine something like that only unrestrained by the objections of an experienced attorney.” Heather continued to claim that she wrote these messages in the magazines. Then Nurmi says, “Ms. Arias seemed so proud and happy with this girl’s testimony, she seemed to be relishing in the fact that this girl was willing to lie for her. The look on her face was what I might imagine on a cult leader as they watch members of their flock kill themselves on command.” I see nothing about Jodi not wanting her expert to evaluate the cards. Nurmi thought she should have asked for a continuance so the expert could do just that but she didn’t (and Nurmi wasn’t going to interfere). Jodi just said at this point she was in over her head and wanted to resign pro-per. I have not yet seen more about the 3×5 cards but will report if I do.

      • Nurmi seems to believe that he is some kind of human lie detector and yet the biggest liars in the history of jurisprudence – Martinez, Flores, Melendez to name a few – managed to lie to him undetected for many years. He isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

        It seems to me that Nurmi chose the wrong side of the courtroom to practice law. His words and actions are those of an accuser not a defender.

  26. I also notice that every time he has to explain something that his prospective fan base might not approve of, he qualifies it by explaining that if he didn’t do such and such, it could have created an opening for her conviction to be overturned (the implication being that he was actually doing them a favor).

    • That’s incredible! Does he ever indicate that was his motivation? If so, that would seem clear grounds for ineffectiveness of counsel — a defense attorney actually working to get a solid conviction.

      • No, I haven’t seen him imply that his actual motive was to make sure her *planned* conviction could not be overturned, just making excuses and apologizing to the haters (his largest book sale demographics).

    • So he cared about what people thought rather than trying his best to actually make a case of reasonable doubt that would have been able to either have a different outcome in the verdict or even overturn the conviction. It seems that nurmi had/ has lost the plot as to what a defense attorney is suppose to do.

  27. I see on Twitter that some guy named Brad Smith (on a FB site) has accused a black man of killing Travis. Apparently, there’s even a photo of the black guy. Is Brad Smith a friend of JAII and Jodi? Hopefully, he informs Martinez.

    • From Twitter: (under a photo of a black man and Jodi)
      Brad Smith “It was taken after the murder. After he killed Travis she invited him to go to it. Looks pretty happy for someone who just killed their boyfriend three weeks before.”

      Does Brad Smith really know something or is he just another hater racist…most haters are racists, you know.

  28. Having just watched this trial from start to finish (in the last few weeks), these issues stand out to me.
    -She was over charged, should not have been a 1st degree case
    – Martinez was an absolute dick !!! – He had no right to treat witnesses so abusively. Misconduct.
    – The judge was in way over her head and had no control over Martinez.
    -Nurmi hated Jodi and the Jury could read it.
    – The family’s eye rolling and smirking should have never been allowed.
    _ Why was Flores and his stupid fat head allowed to sit at the States table day after day?
    – Alyce Laviolette was obviously biased as pro Jodi which ended up hurting her not helping her.
    – Dr. Samuels was an idiot. Once Jodi’s story changed he should have re-administered those tests. THEY WERE NO LONGER VALID. And he filled in her answers on the answer sheet!!! Really?? How is this ok?? He also came to court unprepared (missing documents left in his office). Gee whiz!!! It’s not like there was a lack of funds, her trial cost millions, why not re-order the test. Did the defense not think this would be a fucking issue. The defense should have known this and should have disqualified both LaViolette and Samuels for sending Jodi books in jail while they were evaluating her. WRONG. If I were on the jury, I would have an issue with that. They needed to get 2 other experts to testify.
    – Both Samuels and LaViolette were too emotional. Were they not prepared for what Martinez was going to dish out at them?
    -Demarte sunk Jodi. If there was a juror on the fence, they fell off to the State’s side with her testimony. Like her or hate her she was sharp and unwaivering. There was a point where Wilmot had her on the ropes but could not find the email exchange to back up what she was saying. Demarte asked to see the email and Willmont could not find it and let it go. . Willmont also looked foolish trying to discredit Demarte. – It was clear that the jury was believing her as they took notes all through her testimony and not through LaViolette or Samuels testimony. Going after her the way she did made her look desperate and foolish.
    -More needed to be make about Horn, Flores, and Martinez getting their stories straight for trial. How can you have Horn and Flores say one thing and then backtrack when they come to testify?? Also, Horn denies ever talking to Flores pre-trial- BULLSHIT !!!!!
    – Jodi held up well on the stand but she was there too long. I think she started to annoy the jury. She only needed to be there half the time she was. Who decided to keep her up there that long???
    -Samuels all but admitted that it was Nurmi who convinced Jodi to go with self defense. Why the hell would he say that???
    -If those letters were forged, so what?? Admit them anyway. It’s the States job to prove that they are forged. Why did the defense back down? Were they afraid that Jodi would get 2 life sentences, or be put to death twice?? This was her only proof of what Travis was in his own words. – They should have fought like hell to get them introduced. They also should have forced Chris and Sky Hughes to testify and have those email exchanges between them and Travis admitted.
    – I also think that Nurmi trying to humiliate Deanna on the stand with the sexual questions did not sit well with the jury.
    -The aggression worked well for Martinez but did not work well for Willmont and Nurmi. – They needed to do their homework and find ways to prove reasonable doubt. I believe they thought there only job was to spare her life not get an acquittal so in their minds mission accomplished.
    Again, this is just my humble opinion. – RETRIAL !!!!!!

    • Cat, there are pointers you have made that I disagree with (my humble opinion):

      1. “Alyce Laviolette was obviously biased as pro Jodi which ended up hurting her not helping her.” – Alyce was a defense witness. She was pointing out the obvious: domestic violence. Please tell me that after listening to the phone calls, reading the e-mails & texts, you didn’t see the abusive manner from travis? Come on! He played Jodi like a violin. He took advantage of her love and became the puppeteer.

      2. ” Dr. Samuels was an idiot.” – Uhhhmmm, Samuels’ is an expert with 30+ years of experience and a mile long list of professional qualifications. Again, he was a defense expert.

      3. “Demarte sunk Jodi” -Ha! Demarte lied and manipulated her interviews with Jodi in favor of the prosecution. After all she was the prosecutions’ witness. She had NO experience and was only following martinez’ lead… She was ironic and not respectful AT ALL. Unprofessional, IMO.

      4. ” I also think that Nurmi trying to humiliate Deanna on the stand with the sexual questions did not sit well with the jury.” – NO. deanna got ‘caught’ in her lies multiple times. Those lies had to do w/ her & travis having sex. And she lied under oath. And SHE was being a hostile witness. She mocked JW and was disrespectful to the court.

      • Pandora, while I do respect your opinion I have to say that LaViolette seems like a lovely woman but did seem smitten with Jodi. They jury picked up her constantly looking over at her. – it did seem over biased on her part and did hurt Jodi. There is absolutely no excuse for giving Jodi books in jail while evaluating her. You know damn well the State was doing a happy dance when they heard that.
        If Samuels was so sharp how could he be unprepared for court and not re-test Jodi after her story changed? I don’t get this. his credentials aside, he looked horrible on the stand. They had to have known that this would be a huge issue for the jury so instead they have JW talking about getting attacked by a lion or a bear what’s the difference. – It would have made a difference to me if I were on the jury. It screams incompetence.
        Yes, Demarte was a master manipulator but she was believable, she was prepared and on point. Objectively she just looked better on the stand. So to a jury looking to convict anyway the defense needed to do better be better and have better witnesses.

        • I don’t agree that DeMarte looked better on the stand. To me she seemed dishonest (about her years of experience), a prosecution tool (for pretending that Samuels’ testing was unethical), cold as ice to Jodi, and full of herself. But, as you say, “to a jury looking to convict anyway” she might be just what they wanted. I do agree with a bunch of your other observations. But I also agree with Pandora about Deanna, who lied under oath. If one can prove the other side’s witness is a liar, one should do so.

          • I am coming at this from a different angle. When I 1st watched the trial although fragmented I was not pro Jodi. I found Samuels sloppy and unprepared for trial. I think his and LaViolette’s buying her the books did not look good. I especially did not like that Samuels filled in her answer sheet. Let’s face it, it looks shady. Now if I am watching this not loving or not hating Jodi this is going to give me cause to pause. Can you imagine how this blood thirsty jury just sucked this up??
            Demarte should have been taken down a few pegs but JM was not the attorney for that job. Basically the defense made the conviction too easy for Martinez. Very shoddy work and now Nurmi is having a come to Jesus moment and feels he needs to purge. – I say purge away this can only help Jodi IMO.

  29. Isn’t Brad that short, fat guy with coke-bottle thick glasses who has a “very, very close” relationship with that old hater who married her brother – Cate Ellington-Ellington-Ellington? (I think I might have forgotten a couple of Ellingtons).

  30. So did Jodi not speak in that first trial and saved Herself…allocution. then it was her money that found the hidden files via J. Bond(fitting).Now to think that another trial may save Her…well it will if all evidence comes to light…but that’s up to a lone judge. And az. will get at least 2 more tries to MURDER Her or 4…see last trial. Her new team must demand an end to this farce of justice. i for one do not believe there are 12 people in az. that would set Her free…..they love to win that bad they would MURDER. She can not get a fair trial in az. or a jury trial. She WAS judged by hate and the judge could care less…..this faith in juries that can do as they please…remember they must do their duty or face justice. Ask any…what would happen if You were judged by 12 that hated Your guts…..and they got the chance to harm You. No accountability,No justice. The appeals MUST do their duty an put an end to this wrong. If they the haters win then We all lose. As for fat boy ,proof once again She speaks truth….as my Ma said…FUCKING WHITE TRASH. And now to think of why tiny stood on the other side that day….seems the two men wanted Her dead. May the law..yers find him soon and the courts.

  31. In Nurmi’s book, word for word.

    Before I end my discussion about these messages, I think it is important to note that one more alarming thing stood out to me and still stands out to me today. You see when I began reviewing these messages it was readily apparent that, apart from those on Arias’ helio phone, several text messages were missing from certain conversations. Was this intentional? If it was, I will never know but I certainly had my concerns that someone had deleted data, but I could never prove it at the time, but who knows what will come to light in the days to come, perhaps someone will discover more messages.

  32. Kirk Nurmi: ” Jodi Arias wanted to attack Mr. Alexander on a worldwide stage and she wanted me to aid her in this quest. Frankly, it seemed to me that making these attacks was more important to Ms. Arias than the outcome of her case”.

    What a douchbag. !!!!!!!!

    • Right! She lied for two years and even tried to plead to second degree murder so all this stuff didn’t have to come out and then when it had to come out, in an attempt to save her own life, she’s accused by this double-crossing douchbag of just wanting to smear poor Travis. Un-believable!

      • It was the Alexanders and Martinez that were on a quest to attack Travis’s character not Jodi. She did everything in her power to protect his memory from TA’s disgusting trash talk and abuse being brought out. They wanted DEATH for Jodi. Despite all of their attempts they failed but they certainly made a good name for their scamming, abusing low life brother Travis. As stated many times here Travis own filthy words and devious abuse are the reason he is dead today. Self defense is not a crime. . .except apparently in Arizona where ones church will lie to the Lord to protect a fallen demon member. They can all thank Juan Martinez for bringing all of his deep dark sorted secrets out.
        Jodi was willing to sacrifice herself for his memory, BUT not his family.
        We do not need Nurmi to explain that one to us.

        Excuse please, going to throw up!!!!! 🙄

  33. I can see it now. If Juror 17 had caved under the pressure and Jodi had gotten the death penalty, he would now be telling us how it was all her fault; he did what he could for a very difficult client. But now, since Juror 17 didn’t cave, he wants all the credit. 🙄 🙄 🙄

  34. Professional Responsibilities

    Here are some basic ethical and professional rules your lawyer must follow. Your lawyer:

    – Must represent you ethically, zealously and within the bounds of the law
    – Must competently analyze legal issues and exercise knowledge of the law applicable to your case
    – Must communicate with you in a timely and effective manner
    – Must not create a conflict of interest
    – Must follow your directions in handling your case unless they are illegal
    – Must keep your personal property separate from his or her own property, and must keep your money in an escrow account
    – Must return your money or property when requested
    – Must keep client conversations confidential, except in specific and rare occasions
    – Must not have a personal relationships with a client
    – Must not act against your best interests unless he or she first obtains your informed written consent
    – Must be loyal to you

    Your attorney may have other responsibilities to you, depending on your case and the ethical rules that apply in your state.

    If a lawyer fails to practice these rules, he or she can be disciplined by any bar association. It’s possible the lawyer may even be disbarred for serious violations. Criminal prosecution is also a possibility. And a failure to comply with the rules may be the basis for a malpractice action.
    Confidentiality of Conversations

    When you speak with an attorney about a legal matter, your communications with that attorney are privileged. This means that subject to some very limited exceptions, and unless you give permission, your attorney can’t disclose any information you provide to a third party.

    • Must follow your directions in handling your case unless they are illegal

      He talks in the book about how she “wanted to do things her way”, wanted to run the show, how he just wasn’t going to let her get away with that and how her telling him what she wanted done demonstrated some major defect in her personality. He brushed her off, treated her like a spoiled child and acted like he was the all-knowing one, not to be questioned. And how dare she ask him to deviate from his all-knowing plan. How dare she want him to make some attempt to show her innocence. He had already decided that a guilty verdict was a given so a not-guilty verdict was not even worth fighting for (even though he states in the book that he knew that there was no way the State could prove that it was not self-defense).

      I know if I had to deal with that kind of arrogant son of a bitch I’d be screaming too!

    • Well of course, once he hooks those haters he has to reel them in to benefit from their $$$.
      He has learned scamming first handed, imo.

      • Beth Karas is using the same playbook. At one time, Beth just reported the facts. But, now that she’s been cast out into the world and has to earn a living, she’s Gone Rogue Big Time. She found out that to make money she had to dumb down her program to appeal a different breed of cat (sorry, cats). Now, she’s doing a Nancy Grace Lite show to appeal to the sadistic, bullying, humorless dregs of humanity and, not unexpectedly, they love and worship her for it.
        Interviewing the outrageous Jim Clemente was pure HLN. He was so over-the-top hateful – a caricature of Dr. Demented, Geri Bouwman, Dr. Drew and Tara Kelley. The only statement he made that made sense was that the scene at Travis Alexander’s place was a possible indicator of more than one killer.

        • I guess the bean soup line was too long for Beth so she had to cave into the pattern of abusing and attacking those less fortunate. I remember her whining about how poor she was and what a tough time she was having during the trial ….. oh my. Maybe the Hughes are sponsoring her now. About her speed.

  35. “As an animal lover, I don’t like zoos. I feel the only creatures that should be caged behind bars are politicians, lobbyists, and lawyers. And rapists, but I’ve already listed that three times.”
    ― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE 😆

  36. As for the plea to 2nd M…..well when told just what a winner tiny was and it only takes 12 to murder You and are NEVER held to account…what would You do. A lot of innocent folks have been put to death and has one who put them EVER paid a price…NOT THAT I KNOW OF. It is so very easy to say…I would have stood My ground….but at the time who was supporting this young woman? There were big issues in Her life but now many have seen Her truth. As for A.L. Dr. Sam….they did their best. I for one could out speak tiny any day…and here’s how it’ done …repeat his crazy talk and remind the jury just how crazy it is. Don’t worry A.L. I will never want to spar with You and am surprised he in not in CONTEMPT for that remark….! As for jamean if one was to believe her ONLY Jodi can not have PTSD the rest of the world no problem.And did I ever hear that woman? is a world expert….WAITING. well in her mind… As for the tests…redoing would not have helped as She had already seen them and would ask….WHY! We know why She lied in the interviews and tests…to protect him….a mistake but for love and who among Us has not done that for love…made a mistake. Them who have so much faith in tests don’t have need for courts…lets throw Her in the water and if She floats…GUILTY….sinks….innocent.That’s the test all woman face.As for the jury not liking how deanna was treated…..may I be the one to remind them they took an oath and breaking that oath is treason and contempt of court….No trial for you pal but a cell so you may come to your senses… you rot.No one should ever trust any juror until You ask…so what facts and reason did you use to convict. And that is why a judge MUST step in ALWAYS…..think not lawyers? I ask you who has the last say in any trial….jury or judges of …APPEAL. And if all fails there’s a PARDON. If all do their duty these injustices would not be,but it’s never to late to start.She will not give in to this evil,and I for one do believe one day soon will be free to talk about EVERYTHING as the trash runs for the hills.

  37. Beth Karas
    1 hr ·

    Clarification on a filing in the Jodi Arias case: The recent motion to withdraw as counsel is Jennifer Willmott’s motion to withdraw filed in the Maricopa Superior Court, not the Court of Appeals. Her withdrawal was never formalized following the trial and restitution hearing. This motion is NOT by her appellate attorneys.

  38. Can you believe this comment from a Stupid Dufus member. It’s rational and only has a couple of pejorative words in it. Plus, no spelling mistakes. I think Elizabeth Hall is “turning.” Do we have room for her in JAII? Or, is she our “mole” inside?

    Elizabeth Hall I am disappointed that Nurmi has made this so personal.
    He could have kept it on a professional level, and explained some of her odd behavior within the context of a personality disorder, detaching himself yet still explaining the challenges of working with someone who is disturbed.

  39. A question for the Legal people please.
    Ok, so on the very last day of her day in court, that reflected a judge who already had her mind made up,
    Ms Jodi admits to killing a specific way defending herself, as she did.
    Question: Does that justify the charge of First Degree death penalty trial? If so, can her statement be used against her in the appeals?
    Comment. It seems that if you are fighting for your freedom, you would admit nothing and stop supporting the man who attacked you. TA’s reputation is a bad man. Why say that you always protected his reputation as she said in court? Was that for the benefit of TA’s family? I don’t understand.
    From what I researched, Jodi is not a bad person. She was railroaded by a corrupt trial, yet no one is doing anything about it. Further it seems that as long as Jodi is in that state, her US Constitutional Rights will be denied.
    To all of this point as a US Citizen, I sent a message to the President asking him to remove Ms Jodi from that State of Arizona so she can has a fair appeals.
    Fight Jodi. Never give up.
    Thank you

  40. Jodi’s appellate lawyers have asked for more time to respond to the State’s response to her motion to enforce the protective order and to the State’s motion to file documents under seal dated November 6, 2015. The filing is online. Does anyone know how to get it from the official site?

    • Maybe he isn’t worried because he made enough money off of one case retire from lawyering. He’s got a tidy chunk of change that he could live on for quite awhile if he manages his money well and doesn’t live extravagantly.

      • Living on savings without a pension isn’t so easy! If he’s disbarred, I predict he’ll need to find gainful nonlegal employment before long, or give up the double-bacon cheeseburgers.

        • He got a couple of million in fees from the case tho, right? Sure, he spent some of it on the surgery I guess. But a couple of million bucks can last a good long while if you don’t try to live like a millionaire.

          • Well, you certainly may be right. I don’t have any other explanation. I don’t imagine the job market for disbarred lawyers is a hot one.

            Still, other people’s salaries or fees had to be paid, any law office has office expenses, and taxes on, say, $400,000/yr are hefty. Nurmi has decades of life expectancy left. I wouldn’t want to be his age even with $1 million left, if I were unemployable. He may have to retire to Yreka.

            How much he must hate Jodi if he’s giving up his entire career just to get back at her.

            • It used to be that you could earn a modest and dependable living just off interest or dividends on $1 million. But I don’t think that’s true right now, with interest rates so low and the stock market so vulnerable to decline or to dividend interruption.

            • I’m pretty sure he isn’t motivated by hating Jodi and wanting to get back at her – although apparently both are true and making those truths known suits his purposes.

              His is the very same motivation that put Jodi on 48hours before her trial, the same motivation that had Hannah Anderson lighting up social media after her rescue – this is Nurmi’s desire to speak in his own defense, the have his side of the story heard.
              He was a lowly public defender dragged -against his will- onto an international stage for humiliation on a grand scale. He was excoriated and ridiculed from every direction, just for trying to do his job as best he knew how.

              It’s not about hate, it’s about ego. His took a pretty sound thrashing.

              And the public may well forgive him a few years down the road. Look at Marcia Clark, Mark Fuhrman – heck, even Monica Lewinski. They’re all making money again due, in part, to their international humiliation.

              • None of which means, by the way, that I approve of what he’s doing or that I have any respect for him at all.

                That’s just the situation as I see it.

    • I think, at this point, he probably realizes he can kiss his private practice goodbye (and, of course, in his mind that’s all Jodi’s fault). I’m pretty sure none of us would hire him. And the haters sure aren’t going to be knocking down his door any time soon. But if he is able to trash and crucify Jodi sufficiently, he can sell it to all those people who enjoy that kind of ugliness and maybe make a sizable sum. So maybe he’s willing to trade his law license for book royalties.

      • Do we know how much Nurmi gets for each book copy sold? Also, I’ve been wondering why he didn’t sell his sensational insider story to a commercial publisher.

        • I don’t know the royalty rates for CS paperbacks on Amazon – might be able to tell you in a few days. Kindle books between 2.99 and 9.99 get 70% royalty, but this one isn’t out on Kindle yet.

            • Maybe so – lower than 2.99 or higher than 9.99 and the royalty rate is cut in half to 35%. Which kinda cracked me up… Paul Sanders with his elitist notion of how special his book is, too good to sell for 9.99 – charges 11.99 for the Kindle version of his book and gets 4.20, instead of the 6.99 he’d get if he sold it for 9.99.

      • If it makes him feel better by blaming Jodi on a piss-poor job he did, so be it… some people just can’t admit that they’re useless and clueless at their job.

        Headscratcher: Jose Baez represented the most hated woman – prior to Jodi – in the USA. How is it that his career wasn’t ruined because of his client, Casey Anthony? On the contrary, his business is booming and he is one of the most famous and well paid attorneys in the USA! You know why? BECAUSE HE DID HIS FUCKING JOB!!!!!!! He represented CA with devotion, passion and professionalism. I have read his book and this dude did everything possible to prove CA’s innocence – even traveling to Holland to meet with DNA specialists and actually get educated about DNA!

        I doubt nurmi even lifted his phone to speak with any experts that could have helped debunk so many accusations the State made that reeked of reasonable doubt.

        (((Jose Baez)))

        • Nurmi did not even do a background check on Travis. Nor Flores. Or if Flores did he did not bring his findings out even after Chris Hughes told him he could see Travis pushing Jodi. Travis and/or his brother have a violent criminal background according to Riverside CA records.

          • Casey, I’m not sure but I’ve always believed the “supposed officers of the law” were following directions from the higher ups in this peculiar state of AZ. Probably if a background check was done on each one of them. . .we all might be shocked 😯 It appears that the veil that protects them is thick and powerful. It’s alarming that AZ has let these injustices happen over and over again. Time for them to CLEAN HOUSE!!

  41. It sounds like everyone within the Arizona judicial system is smoking dog shit because they don’t know their head from their asshole.

      • These stupers were either smoking something or into RL’s moonshine. They are right about one thing though – it was heresay and should never have been mentioned. 🙄

        LPS I’m not aware of the third allegation. I do know the police were called, but Jodie’s name was never mentioned in the complaint.. Her name was only mentioned by his friends.

        CL Yeah..I think it was suppressed bcuz it hadnt been proven jodi did it so therefore it was hearsay

        CEE I know –amazing. Jodi can say anything she wants that Travis ‘allegedly said’, ‘did’…but no one can testify from his friends, that Travis also was convinced JA slashed his tires and about the lie detector test SHE told him she’d take and all the other info surrounding the tire slashing. I know Mimi and Lisa mentioned it -but it was obvious that JM was extremely limited in what he could ask about it.

  42. I think Nurmi turned against Jodi at an early date in the trial. He saw how many people hated her and how much attention Martinez was getting. I think that he sold Jodi out because he knew if he later switched sides and wrote a book about being trapped with Jodi that just the wording of the title of the book would draw Juan supporters to his books.

    • I too find the title disgusting. – It’s clear that he wanted to separate himself from her and draw attention to his book. – He’s a lowlife and should lose his license to practice law.

  43. The Power That Jodi Has In Books – A verse

    Upon the burning cross they have set their souls on. Their lies and contempt for their own truth but ashes and cinders in their mouth on the cross of their greed and desire. The condemn Jodi for being evil but yet she remains imprisoned they still yearn for more about Jodi. A powerful soul she has become. Powerful indeed. They can’t go a day without tarnishing her soul their delight of rumor and gossip of spreading false witness for which their God does not punish them. But does their God really not punish them? I would have to say that their God does punish them. A long as Jodi maintains that she killed Travis in self defense she will be imprisoned, taking from her the power they want to write their books of lies and contempt to fool the masses for sacks of golden coins and their beds of luxury that they roll around on. What power they must be. To know that you are innocent as the clouds in the sly and yet allow their wanton desire of gold and luxury to be used to deem you as evil. What that power must feel like. To know that enemy burns from within from every word written about Jodi. Words that burn their tongues like hot coals from the bowels of Hell itself. They want Jodi, no they need Jodi to remain imprisoned and guilty in order to have their power of blasphemy and hearsay and contempt, the power of persecution over another.Sixty thousand plus burning on the crosses they know they hang upon. Their prosecutor and defense standing before them preaching how to burn in their mouths so that their pockets will be filled with gold coins. What power that must be to know every book they write will have your name in it as a testament to those who stood their ground against those who persecute and deem others to be evil so that they may be made as a sacrifice to their God who returns to them gold coins. A sacrifice that their God undoubtedly knows is a false sacrifice as corrupt and soiled for which they have been rewarded justly. Let me whisper to you now. Know that Jodi is innocent and clean of any sin. Those who surround her and see her burning on a cross they have created for her are in fact nailed upon their cross. Their hate filled souls crying out for Jodi to give them more power so that they will continue to burn, the only warmth they have ever felt. Lest their fire be quenched with the truth and Jodi set free from their imprisonment the will be imprisoned right along with her. The gold coins filling their pockets as they whisper to theirselves how they know their God gave them the gift of sight. A gift that allows them to see the evil of those God has deemed unfit as the untruthful before them as the Devil. The Devil being their foresaken souls that burn burn daily on the crosses set around Jodi to watch. They burn in abundance for those who have had weighted stones placed on them and cast into the lake. They burn for Jodi because she has given them the power to burn. A burn that seethes in their hearts because she has given them the power their want. The power to burn for their lies and contempt. They proudly parade through the streets on their burning crosses their prosecutor and defense putting words in their mouths that burn their tongues form Hell itself….all for a few tokens of gold coins.

  44. Let’s see he has written a diet book, a let’s slam Jodi book (a 3 part trilogy). What’s next for him? A cookbook?? “How to make a better garden”?? Or maybe a self help book: “How to tank your law career by disclosing privileged Client information in 3 easy steps”. I can’t wait for the movie.

  45. That’s why JM was signing autographs and walking canes because he knew he was going to profit off JODI’s name and yet he still denied it in front of the cameras that he wasn’t doing for profit.

  46. You have to love this. Norma absolutely trashes DeMarte, saying many of the things we saw and believed.

    “Once I read Dr. DeMarte’s report I became of the opinion that the reason her inexperience did not create a problem for Mr. Martinez was because the goal did not seem to be to conduct an intellectually objective assessment of Ms. Arias. Instead it seemed to me that Dr. DeMarte’s goal was to simply create a diagnosis that would both fit with the State’s theory of the case and could be sold to a jury. It further seemed to me as if once she figured out what diagnosis would fit best with the State’s theory of the case, her plan was to then work backwards and search for and/or bend facts that would support the desired diagnosis. To this end, facts that did not support her chosen diagnosis were either ignored or assessed as untrue.” He goes on to say, ”Examples of this that come to mind are her willingness to misuse a test designed to assess domestic violence to draw her conclusions that no domestic violence existed in the relationship that Ms. Arias and Mr. Alexander shared. You did not hear about this test during the trial and in retrospect it may have been a mistake to keep it out of evidence.” (No shit!) ”However,” he continues, ”Dr. DeMarte did in fact ‘mold’ a test that was supposed to be given to supposed domestic violence offenders (in this case that would have meant Mr. Alexander) and instead gave it to Mr. Alexander’s brother. Yes, the same brother that thought that Mr. Alexander died a 30-year-old virgin was her source.”

    • Furthermore:

      “Dr. DeMarte was unwilling to acknowledge the fact that all of Ms. Arias’ testing showed that Ms. Arias had clear symptoms of trauma. Dr. DeMarte was also unwilling to acknowledge that Mr. Alexander’s choice to call Ms. Arias names like ‘whore’, ‘slut’, ‘three whole wonder’ and ‘corrupted carcass’ was abusive. I always wondered what Dr. DeMarte would say if she was testifying in a case and the person who made those comments were the defendant and not the victim. My guess would be that she would say that a defendant’s use of such terms was evidence of their abusive tendencies.”

    • And what Nurmi doesn’t emphasize quite enough here is that DeMarte had Steven take the test, pretending that he was Travis. Steven is nine years younger than Travis which means he lived in the same household with Travis for, at the very most, the first ten years of his life and hadn’t lived in the same household for the ten years preceding Travis’ death. Yet he’s supposed to put himself in Travis’ shoes and take a test as if he were Travis? And she used this test to determine that Travis was not abusive? Preposterous! Unethical! And highly unprofessional!

  47. There’s jamean on the stand caught in lie after lie…..the student pretending to be a dr.,the name calling was not abuse…..what world does it live in? t-dog should have done that to a lady cop and found out the hard way. I have seen a few cop videos…NOT GOOD to bad talk them….EVER! And this no way PTSD….how would it know with her real lack of experience. Just listen to the news ….woman…these days PTSD is very common. No a jury of fools/haters heard what they wanted to justifie their evil ways…see their interviews!I do believe any who watched that showtrial thought…is this for real..?.and in the U.S.? Thanks to haters now the world has a reason to hate America even more.Great job a holes!These things SHAME America!

  48. I don’t have a copy of Nurmi’s book, but things that others have reported about it seem revealing about his motives for writing it. Some of his accusations against Jodi are so absurd that he sounds more like a jilted or severely conflicted lover than like the moral judge he pretends to be. Here are four examples.

    1 Nurmi describes Jodi as greedy for money. He says she yelled at her mother to send commissary money in the early stages of her imprisonment and used the phone to seduce supporters into donations. It is hardly surprising that if Jodi had no other resources, she would be angry at her mother for not sending money to keep her off the awful, inadequate Estrella food. I would be too. When a brother of mine spent time in state prison for a serious crime, my parents took great care to see that he had everything he needed. It would have been unthinkable to them to let him starve in a Joe Arpaio jail.

    As for seducing money out of supporters, that is the exact opposite of the truth. Jodi turned down my own offers of commissary money twice. Her general reluctance to ask for money has been a serious impediment to her fundraising from the start. In fact, she herself has tried to give money to supporters who donated their energy to her cause or were in financial straits, just as she shared her commissary money with Estrella inmates.

    2 Nurmi describes Jodi as a cult leader in the jail. He misses the simple reality: she made many loyal friends in jail, who were grateful to her because she took time to help them with their problems. I was told this by another prisoner, who said the other inmates loved her. I have also seen several reports that she was very popular with the Estrella staff. That is not surprising: she is an exceptionally friendly person.

    3 Nurmi admits that he thought the state could not disprove self-defense, which means in Arizona that Jodi was legally entitled to acquittal. Nevertheless, he says trying for that result was no part of his plan. Why? First, he says, because a death-qualified jury would never deliver a not-guilty verdict. Maybe not, but only one juror would be necessary to block conviction and force a retrial. Second, he says, because to argue innocence would interfere with avoiding a death penalty after conviction of M1. But that’s nonsense. Despite Jodi’s firm testimony to self-defense, the DT was able to present extensive evidence of Travis’s mistreatment of her, which sufficed to block a DP from two juries. Rather, it sounds as though Nurmi’s strategy was based simply on his belief in her guilt plus his desire to escape into private practice.

    In sum, Nurmi refused to make a significant effort to get Jodi what by his own admission she was legally entitled to, because he believed her guilty as charged and wanted to get on with his life. As one example, he refused to verify the porn on TA’s computer despite Jodi’s repeatedly begging him to do so. As soon as she went pro-per for the second time, all this evidence came out. It destroyed one of the three pillars of Martinez’s argument (the other two being the alleged gas-can lie and Horn’s testimony that Jodi’s self-defense story was impossible), not to mention revealing prosecutorial misconduct of the worst kind (destroying exculpatory evidence).

    However, when Jodi complains about Nurmi’s strategy and tries to get him to do a proper investigation, he attributes this to her evil temper and controlling personality. As normal as it is to be angry at a mother who denies you food, it’s surely even more normal to be angry at a defense lawyer who refuses to take obvious steps to fight for your legal right to avoid life in prison.

    4 Wholly apart from this, Nurmi is miffed not to receive a thank-you card from a woman whose character he blackens at every opportunity in his book, while violating the most basic rules of attorney-client confidentiality and loyalty. Unreal!

    A man who hates a woman this much, is this blind to features of her character, and mistreats her this badly before the world is not acting as a sober moral judge. Whatever Nurmi’s other motivations in writing – and I found Journee’s post very insightful — the root of his animus toward Jodi in the book is his own frustrated love or conflicted lust for her. Nothing else can explain his preposterous picture of her.

    • Thank you Alan for posting this. I absolutely agree with you 100%.

      I’d like to point out some things that nurmi wrote that enrage me:

      1. Jodi: greedy????!! NO FUCKING WAY!

      a. On many occasions, when Jodi found out that I had made videos supporting her, Jodi had offered to pay me for my time and effort even though she had NEVER asked me to do anything.

      b. She has asked to pay for my postage expenses when she saw how much the cost was.

      c. She has even offered to find a way to help me economically when she was hearing about the austerity crisis here in Greece!

      Of course I told her to SHUT UP (my exact words were “OMFG! Shut up or I will close the phone on you right now!”) and that if she EVER again mentioned GIVING me money for any reason I would never talk to her again! ♥

      I also know that her gesture of generosity has been made to others and of course she has been told off for even thinking of paying!

      Jodi is one of the most generous, thoughtful, kind-hearted people I have ever met. How dare that slob call her greedy! Jodi has so little and yet she doesn’t think twice about sharing with a person that is in need. FFS! She got in trouble at Estrella for trying to help another inmate!

      2. JODI A CULT LEADER! AAAAA-hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard! And what might this so called cult represent? 🙄

      3. Jodi makes loyal and good friends not because she ‘manipulates’ or ‘hypnotizes’ them like a Homer Odyssey siren but because she herself is a loyal and a good friend. She has excellent manners, people skills and ethics.

      How could nurmi ever be able to recognize such characteristics when he totally lacks them?

      4. I will say it many times: nurmi tried to save face in the retrial sentencing phase. His piss poor representation in the first trial (verdict) was anemic and THAT’S what got Jodi convicted in M1. A self defense case turned into a DP case because nurmi didn’t care, the prosecutor wanted fame and glory, the judge was a sour cucumber lost in space throughout the trials…

      He refused to respect his client’s wishes, refused to come into contact with her and got pissed when Jodi voiced her opinion. Dumbass, it’s the client that decides, not the attorney!

      5. *sigh* …. so according to nurmi, Jodi was flirtatious with him …. excuse me, one second…. BAAAARRRFFFFFFF…. ahem… sorry about that… that is disturbing! It seems that nurmi had a crush on Jodi and not seeing any reciprocation from her made him bitter and hateful.

      WRAPPING UP: Nurmi has more dick in his personality than in his pants.

    • YES Alan and Pandora!!!!! Nurmi has made it crystal clear he should have never been Jodi Arias’s attorney. Apparently, just another Clown in this 3 Ring Tragedy. IMO He might as well have shot himself from a cannon, it would have been more spectacular. S P L A T !!!! 😆 Although, I’m thinking he might have shot himself in his foot. Aaaahhhhh!

      PS Jodi has been the sweetest, kindest and most thoughtful friend anyone could ask for. . .smh. So far from what he wrote about her……smh So far from what the Hughes wrote about her…..smh. Just makes me sad.

  49. Nurmi is doing a podcast interview about his book with Beth Karas Sunday. Maybe that will help him sell enough copies to live comfortably after disbarment.

  50. One thing that I see is Nurmi’s inability to understand that Jodi’s interactions with him might be, at least in part, a result of his own behavior toward her. Had he not treated her with such disrespect and disregard, perhaps he would have seen a different Jodi, the person she wanted to be with him. She was trying to develop a rapport with him on that first visit, telling him about herself, trying to make initial contact and develop a nice relationship. But when she got negative vibes from him, that he just wasn’t interested, she backed off. I think only someone who went in expecting to see something negative would place “flirtation” and “manipulation” as the motive behind someone’s initial demeanor. For someone to make such a judgment about another person and think they fully understand the reason behind a particular behavior so very quickly, before they’ve even had time to get to know that person, indicates he saw exactly what he was looking for.

  51. Does anyone know what the difference is between the Office of the Legal Defender and the Public Defenders Office? I had always thought the conflict of interest pertained to one attorney, not a whole office.

    • Since apparently he likes the style so much, maybe he should consider becoming a raper and leave Lady Justice alone. He certainly has no talent for practicing the Law.


      • What’s with that crazy new look of his. REALLY??? 😆 😆 😆
        Why didn’t he just wear a Clown costume with a BIG RED BALL on the end of his nose?

  52. Thank You Alan and Pandora, for speaking the truth. She does not beg in court or letters. We give because it is the right thing to do. I wanted to do a small kindness for Her and She asked me how much? I wrote back this is from the heart,Yours and mine…no cost ever for that. Now I’m on restriction…..ONLY one letter per wk. BUT same amount of info and words bad spellling and all, but never a complaint from Her on my grammer…see haters She just gets better…..LOL. No one of sound mind can not care for Her, hell I almost turned a few haters to the light…..but the darkness is strong and smells too. Now I ask any , would You not ask for help……well if I see another in need of help I don’t wait,I just help. Read that real s…l…o…w…haters. No wonder the world has isis…..hate never helped anyone as they took a trip to enjoy itself’s to…..cancun.

    • Good Article! Thank you to Lise LaSalle for giving her spot on opinion!!! ♥♥♥Lise♥♥♥

      Oh my, Nurmi you are a low one, you are……….. In fact, much like TA with his OWN words he’s let the World know just what a low life he truly is. 😯

  53. Nurmi suddenly found himself dealing with a case which had unprecedented aspects. It could have simply been another day at the office for him, where he’d casually represent a client whose innocence he didn’t believe in thus not giving his 100%. However, THIS time it was different – Nurmi was under close scrutiny by the entire world. This was a case he couldn’t handle not only because he lacked the right lawyer skills and qualities but because that case hit the headlines both on a local and on an international level, as well. This was a case possibly setting a precedent for the AZ legal history. Nurmi wasn’t up for the job, he was just too weak as a professional and his heart was just not set on it. And he KNEW he had done and was still doing a piss-poor job. It’s no coincidence that haters and supporters alike kept bashing him and pointing out his inadequacy.

    This is the exact opposite of what happened with Casey’s case and Jose Baez (as my good friend Pandora so shrewdly observed): Baez did find himself faced with the public outcry but he ROSE TO THE OCCASION, passionately and fervently representing Casey, making everyone bow to his legal genius.

    Back to fat-ass… So, what do you do when you know 90% of the AZ population is against you and your client? Going back to private practice means you need new clients and when no one comes knocking on your door, you put plan B forth. You join the hords, you become one with the masses. And you don’t even hesitate to announce that in open court! His “9 days out of 10” comment was apparently his initial way of saying “I’m one of you guys”.

    I don’t think writing that POS book has to do with getting back at Jodi.
    Nurmi seeks ABSOLUTION, in my opinion. He needs to absolve himself in people’s/haters’ eyes by RENOUNCING any involvement in trying to properly defend Jodi Arias. He is setting himself up as the poor innocent victim who not only was there despite his own will but who possibly belonged to the other side all along. It’s all about SAVING FACE.

    He is too afraid to admit – even to himself- that had he done a good job, had he dedicated himself to this case regardless of personal likes/dislikes, he would now be enjoying a Baez status.

    Utterly disappointing (yet not unexpected), unethical and disgusting. May this be the beginning of his fall.

  54. Nurmi’s book is going to bomb and a year from now it’ll be at Dollar General next to all the other books that failed. This guy is an embarrassment. I thought he did a piss poor job during the first trial and maybe if he had spent less time picking his nose and eating Dunkin’ Donuts and more time focused on defending his client, Jodi would have stood a better chance at not being found guilty.

    Nurmi was the one who pushed to have the phone sex audio tape played in court. I know that Jodi’s family couldn’t believe that and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kirk fapped to it away from the courtroom. He says that Jodi flirted with him. I say that it was the other way around and when she didn’t reciprocate, he got angry and turned on her. The guy is a creep and she deserved a better defense attorney that him.

    He also said in court that 9 days out of 10 he doesn’t like Jodi Arias. What kind of a defense attorney says that about his client? If he felt so strongly about this, he should have asked to recuse himself from the case. Instead, he chose to defend someone that he didn’t like and I believe that he sold Jodi and her family out and he threw her under the bus.

    I keep hearing you guys talk about the haters, but they’re nowhere near as big as they once were. Most of them have moved on and the ones that are still there weren’t even around during the first trial. They act like they love Kirk Nurmi now and they’re his biggest fans, but they really despise him now as they did then. This is one of the few things we both agree on: Kirk Nurmi is a POS.

  55. Mr. Dwight Huth, please stop embarrassing yourself by trying to sneak comments back on our site using different pen names each time we ban the previous one. Your hateful remarks on other social media venues about this site, SJ, admin and friends that frequent here were not appreciated. You are not welcome here. I hope this comment makes it quite clear. Don’t you have any dignity at all?

    Have a nice life and stop stalking. :mrgreen:

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  56. “All this being said, his reputation amongst defense attorneys was that he was not honest, which at the time surprised me, but I had yet to meet him.” (Flores)

    “As a whole, my interviews with these men left me with the impression that they were not the impartial fact witnesses, which in theory is the role that police officers are supposed to serve during a case.”

    “As you might guess Detectives Melendez and Flores were not the only government workers who in my opinion were placing the agenda of Juan Martinez above the truth. Chief amongst these people would be Dr. Kevin Horn.”

    Excerpts from Nurmi’s book. So, Flores did have a reputation and this was not his first case of perjury perhaps.

  57. Well that fits with flores….the thin blue line or is that fat blue line and yes haters I too have a weight problem….a c cup now but working my way to a b cup….LOL. That’s a joke haters,and most men do have man boobs….duh! But back to law n disorder….what reason was there for…s…or…e or what ever he calls himself to sit with the creep. he looked in need of ex-lax and when on the stand proved it…’nt remember/recall….my pen broke, the wind took my notebook. But hey he’s a COP and they never lie…right or do a fake shelf tilt. Busted on that es ta bum.As for kirk and his 30 pieces of silver……go fin a tree that can take the strain…PLEASE. Thanks to fat boy all now know once again Jodi spoke truth. Odd how the more they hate it shows Her truth.And Lise La Salle as always Thank You for the wonderful words of TRUTH.

  58. Totdoc gave a “molded” version of a test for domestic violence (with T-Dogg being the victim) to his brother – the same one who believed that he was still a virgin. I really can hardly believe what I read.

    Would knowing about that ridiculous exercise have made any difference to that juror who was a supposed psychologist? Little wonder Dr. G. used the “asinine” word to describe DeMarte’s testing.

    It’s the craziest thing I have ever heard of….. 🙄 🙄

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

    • I know! Totally ridiculous! And the only thing to top that is Nurmi saying “Gee, maybe I should have introduced that at trial” but then gives us no reason why it wasn’t. Oh, but wait! I know why. Because it might have resulted in a hung jury, something he was actively trying to avoid.

      • My thought was that Juanita would not let it in. I remember Dr. Geff spending a lot of time just sitting through a lot of side bars and objections during his testimony in the retrial. I will need to do a refresher of his testimony, but a have a vague recollection of Dr, Geff testifying to something about a tmodified dv test. Just the idea of it is so bizarre!!

        • I wonder on what basis Juan would have been allowed to keep it out. And the way Nurmi put it in the book, he said it may have been a mistake not to have introduced it, as if it was his choice to keep it out.

          • Sorry, Justus, you are correct. I must have been sleepier than I thought when I read it last night. Here’s the exact quote for the sentence preceding.

            “You did not hear about this test during the trial and in retrospect it may have been a mistake to keep it out of evidence.”

              • I think 99% of lawyers seeing what DeMarte had done would have pounded the air with his/her fist and shouted “YES.” It relates to DeMarte’s credibility. Big time.

                • There is a quote from a long ago celebrity (can’t remember his name) who said when he heard his brother talk about his childhood, it was like his brother was raised in a different household … his experience was so different.

  59. I’M IN SHOCK.
    I just listened to Beth Karas’s interview with Kirk Nurmi.

    Karas: “If Jodi had taken the camera with her, would she have been charged at all?”
    Nurmi: “…but beyond that we still have the mixture of DNA …the mixture of HER BLOOD AND HIS BLOOD would have been enough to charge her.”

    There was no DNA mixture containing Travis & Jodi’s blood. If a specimen like that existed, it would have gone a long way to proving Jodi was there when Travis was killed. The only thing that put her there at the time of Travis’s death was Jodi saying she was there. There is no other “proof” that she was there when he died.
    There was biological substance containing DNA from both Travis (minor contributor) & Jodi (major contributor) contained within the partial palm print on the wall. The biological substance was never identified. I believe Journee has information that a test was done that proved it was NOT BLOOD.

    It’s so hard to believe Nurmi went though that whole trial thinking there was definite proof Jodi was at the scene when Travis died. No wonder he believed she was guilty. !@#$%^&* idiot.

    • I should have added that one of the lab people stated there was no way to determine when the partial palm print was placed on the wall.

    • I don’t know if he went through the whole trial thinking there was blood found in that DNA mixture or not, but he certainly sounds either like a DUMBASS who forgot about such a crucial piece of evidence or like someone sucking up to the haters big time parroting whatever the hell they want to hear!!! 🙄

  60. What a complete lazy incompetent idiot !! He should not be practicing law IMHO !!



    • “But as things stand there is no way to know if Montgomery will base such a decision on reasons of justice or on politics.

      And that’s his fault.” 🙄

      I’m thinking he will go with the politics. I would hate for him to mess up his track record. . .he’s on such a roll.

  61. You know damn well Martinez promised the family a death sentence for Jodi. Montgomery must have believed that it was a sure thing a slam dunk………….not so fast. Close guys but no cigar.

  62. Nurmi took Flores at his word about blood being in the palm print. Now Nurmi knows that Flores is a liar. Just because Jodi was willing to take responsibility for TA’s death did not mean Nurmi should not have investigated this crucial evidence with his own expert. Nurmi challenged none of the evidence prior to bringing in a very unscientific focus group to persuade Jodi to abandon any story that might have proved her innocence had she had a competent defense attorney.

  63. Yep, every single piece of evidence needed to be checked, rechecked, tested and re-tested. What a fucking idiot he was this was a CAPITAL MURDER CASE. It’s not like her defense was on a shoestring budget. Millions were spent but not spent very wisely. I think a majority of that $$$$$ went to Nurmi’s lunch bill. When I think about how close she was to be on death row I want to vomit.

    • It really does make a person physically sick when you take in all that he did and didn’t do in Jodi’s case. . . and he is proud of himself. How strange…… 🙄

      • One thing that he did do during the trial is lose weight! We can give him that much. Too bad he’ll probably gain it back from stress eating once he realizes that the profit he was hoping & aiming for is never going to be met. :mrgreen:

        • I thought know one could be as low as JM but Nurmi has proved me wrong. If only he had taken time to investigate, I mean really investigate. Heck, he should have just read Justus’s Blog. He did such an amazing job pulling the Reasonable Doubt Site all together that even a moron like Nurmi should realize there was Reasonable Doubt EVERYWHERE!!!!!! SMH 🙄 Guess he was too busy getting a makeover. 😆

          OH BTW Good to see you RASNA!!!!! ((((((RASNA)))))) 😉

  64. This is off topic but too funny not to address:

    So, a friend sent me a rant that Dwight wrote about JAII, Rasna and SJ (I wish I could paste the screenshots here). The highlights are:

    1. Rasna is a terrorist and has been reported to Interpol (Dwight reported) because her gravatar is an ‘islamic symbol’… Hahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That shit is laugh-pee funny!!! Rasna’s symbol is ‘OM’: a spiritual icon that Hinduism uses (I had asked her a long time ago and after she explained, I looked it up). So my reply to Dwight is: OMFG!!! You are using expired drugs!!! Stay off them, ffs! If you don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s best you don’t talk at all! It makes you look really idiotic (not that in your case you have to try!)

    2. SJ, JAII and the members here, sneaked a laptop in Estrella to Jodi, were ‘working’ for Sheriff Joe and Juan Martinez and made Jodi confess…. LMFAO!!! We have been exposed! My best friend is joe and juan! The ‘double J’s’….

    SJ… or are those your real initials (lifting eyebrow) ???? Are you S(heriff) J(oe) incognito??? Come clean! Dwight has exposed you! 😆 😆 Why were you sweet in Casey’s page and so badass here??? Fess up!

    Rasna, we want a full report and official documents of your life! You evil sneak! Using this site as a cover to your terrorism!

    Members of JAII: please reveal your real identities: yes, yes… all of them are here: DeMarte, Horn, Flores, Martinez, J.S. Stephens, Melendez, Deanna, even the alexander family is writing here behind pen names!

    LMFAO! This shit is so funny. Cray-cray in all it’s glory. Dwight, please stop! I am going to confess first:

    I – am – not – human… I -am – a – robot… Programmed – to – receive… Welcome – to – Hotel – California …. You – can check – in – any – time – you – like – but – you – can – never – leave… So-rry… Ra-dio sta-tion got in my fre-quen-cy ….. I – need re-programming… 😀 😀 😀

    Can’t wait for SJ and Rasna to reply! 😀

    I know what I’m thankful: for stupid people: their way of thinking brightens up my day! 😀

    ((((robots)))) ♥

    • OK, I fess up : I hate Jodi Ann Arias.

      I LOVE TRAVIS VICTOR ALEXANDER. I have a photo of him above my bed, which I kiss every night before going to bed. I light up in loving memory candles and I consistently donate to a charity his brothers set up called ” Pedos are Us” .

      I’ve been serving as a spy of Juan’s for almost 3 years but since Dwight has exposed all of us, I see no point in trying to keep up with my cover.

      😆 😆 😆 😆

    • I read Mr. Huth’s rant. There seems to be major issues with this fellow. But I thank him for the laugh I had while reading his verbal rampage. 😀 – Pan is right, the symbol beside my name is related to my religion: Hinduism. I’m not going to get into details about the sacred symbol of ‘OM’. Whoever wants can google it.

      BTW, SJ & friends, we’ve been exposed: I’m having a secret affair with Kermit, SJ – who btw is Pakistani (remember back in 2013? hehehe) – is dating Pickles and although I can’t get into details, word is that other members of our evil site are also secretly involved with people on the prosecution’s side 😉

      Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI (or are we??? :mrgreen: )

  65. I just finished reading this pile of crap and I’m beyond disgusted. Does he really think he appealed to the folks who hate Jodi by writing this? Does he really think he will further his legal career in private practice? It’s unbelievable. I don’t even know what else to say.

  66. Not going to read aforementioned asswipe material; thank you to all who read and remarked upon it…maybe I’ll pick it up if it ever hits the bargain bin at the dollar store in a twofer.

    I had figured Nurmi’s defense of Jodi was anemic because he was convinced her self-defense claim had been zeroed-out by the prosecution’s switching of the gunshot from first to last. I gave him too much credit. Yeah, he was exasperated by that and by the conundrum of the piled-on (and not premeditated) Felony Murder charge, but the question of why the prosecution team fell all over themselves trying to keep out evidence while shellacking their spin onto any evidence that was allowed apparently did not give him much pause. Psst!! – Maybe the prosecutions case could be flimsy…!?

    Both Nurmi and Willmott acquitted themselves as if hamstrung through the first trial and I thought it was likely a reaction to JSS’s and JM’s ‘synergy’, but now it looks to me as if JW must have been beside herself once she realized that saving Jodi was up to her, and that she’d have to professionally soldier on as second chair in spite of the first chair’s conflicted prejudice against his own client.

    Now KN is attempting to take credit for what JW accomplished? Has he conveniently forgotten that the vote was FOUR AGAINST the death penalty after Willmott pleaded for Jodi’s life in the first trial?

    Nurmi’s attitude being what it was and is, if Jodi hadn’t taken the stand in her own defense against KN’s ‘better judgement’ she would be on death row right now. Can anyone suggest that the defense would have prevented a death verdict putting forth Nurmi’s matter-of-fact shambling courtroom performance while having Jodi sit silently as those gigantic photographs, interrogation videos and TV interviews drowned her case like a tsunami? Anyone?

  67. Interesting. . . . Maricopa County Department of Justice sure proves this one right.

    “There is no question that indigent defense and inadequate lawyers are among the biggest contributors to wrongful convictions … This has enormous impact on public safety. Because whenever there is a wrongful conviction, the person who really committed the crime is still out there.”
    -Barry Scheck, Co-founder Innocence Project

    Maybe that is why TA’s siblings feared for their lives even though Jodi was locked away in solitary confinement. They had Reasonable Doubts too. 🙄

  68. i still LOL when I see stupid nerdi, I mean numi’s nu look! He b a rapper now? He needs to take that heavy
    gold chain and hang himself on a door knob!!! Him thinking he’s a”G” and all.. nurmi, be like Nike JUST DO IT !!!;))) This song goes out to nurmi and b/m, i mean kermit!!! Just put their names in the proper place
    Like nerdi’ instead of Dre and kermit for the other bitch
    #1JODI #FFJ #1 SJ TEAM JODI SELF DEFENSE/DV IS NOT A CRIME!! PEDOPHILE MORMONS/CORRUPT COPS/JUDGES/ATTORNEYS “ARE” THE PEOPLE SHOULD PUT THESE AZ FAGITS ON DEATHROW!!!!! This would be a book to write/read !!! Hey dirt ball nerdi/jaunita this will make you famous!!! SNICKER/GRIN ;))) ok, at least make the 10 o’clock news

  69. I too do all I can to show T.V.A.s truth…t-dog! eddie snell,and an all around man/child….hmm did that come out right.Gee in one of his poems he did’nt want to be EXPOSED…..well so called friends did that very well.But as one idiot said I don’t care what the prosecutor did to win and that says it all…..and the mindless vote. For a state that has few trees they sure have a lot of lynch mobs and fools who scream on court house steps as if it’s Rome in the good old days…..thumbs down….really how very sick is that?

  70. Underchilde ‏@Underchilde Jun 6

    Sometimes I think I could get away with murder, but then I remember I can’t even eat pancakes without getting syrup all over me.

  71. It’s the last book on this earth I would ever allow in my home. Kirk Nurmi makes my skin crawl, always has always will. His actions and directions he took this case did nothing to assist in making sure the word justice was associated with this trial. He ensured a backlash towards his client by most of words and deeds. By the time it got it front of a jury the fate was sealed that to shut him up meant attacking the whole thing start to finish. Also ensuring most of America would be angry too before anything was ever presented. Ensuring that disgust would follow to his client , assuring an end beneficial in all ways only to himself. He stands for skin crawling now and all he is left with is the lowest form of clientele be interested in solicitation of his services now and always!

    I hold him completely responsible for most of the fiasco that ensued! People were pissed as hell at HIM and his hand lining of this ! Must be a special, special place to live in for the rest of his years, hope he enjoys every minute of his popularity bought and paid for at the expense of others ! Fucking standing ovation Kirk…..clap, clap, clap……

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