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UPDATE: Next conference set for August 26th [click for details]

Fuck this AZ state circus act & the never-ending judicial farce.

We’re not really interested in some BS plea deal.

What we ideally need is a new, sequestered & untainted jury, and a new trial for this basic self-defense case. Based on that, we will ultimately get a proper verdict.

As for TA’s meth-head inbred “family”, well, they can save their crocodile tears for some other pedo. That ship has already sailed. In all likelihood, Samantha probably had sex with TA more than anyone else ever did – so she can STFU right out of the gate along with the rest of them.

The thing is… it’s not about them or their BS. It’s never been about them. It never will be. Fuck them all. They’re just the side-show/freak-show that everyone has grown weary of seeing.

It’s about justice… and more importantly, it’s about JUSTICE FOR JODI.

No more. No less.


Circus start-time is scheduled for 10:30 am JT.

Leave your comments below…

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  1. Copied and pasted from the previous page:

    I’m starting to think it doesn’t matter if people have seen it in the media or not, it’s the sequestration that makes them take their duty as a jury more seriously. Without sequestration, the jurors don’t have any motivation to stick to their instructions, because the courts have not established a strict tone for the trial. Jodi’s trial was a farce from beginning to end, because the judge was too lenient and winged everything that landed on her desk. No sequestration, media is allowed to roll tape 24/7 in and out of the courthouse, people were allowed to act the fool in the gallery, and she didn’t do a damn thing about Martinez’ hyperaggressive tactics.

    Had she – Judge Sherry – set the tone from day one that Jodi’s trial was to be taken as seriously as the death penalty that was on the table, I think we’d have a far different outcome. But because she just didn’t give a shit, proper justice couldn’t happen.

    To add to that:

    I am still interested in seeing a law passed requiring mandatory sequestration for trials dealing with serious criminal charges; a permanent gag order on the media to STOP filming in courtrooms and face consequences for going on 24/7 hate campaigns against defendants as it’s unconstitutional; and lastly that any powers that be that allow this crap to happen be held fully accountable for their complicity in the whole thing.

    • I agree with your post MB.

      I think being sequestered facilitates a shift in awareness for jurors and helps them to take it serious. People may not realize that, and may even deny that it does. It would be interesting if some studies were done regarding the feelings and mindset of people sequestered versus those who are not.

      I wonder what judge sherry’s deal is. I wonder if she had already made up her mind too, and just didn’t care. I still am shocked at the behavior she allowed martinez to get away with. There should be some kind of punishment for what he did to the witnesses.

      What an embarrassment to our country to have that kind of shitty behavior shown as acceptable. I thought the Italian criminal system was stupid, but I think we just ranked ourselves right with them. (Sorry to any Italians, I am specifically talking about the Amanda Knox case, not slamming the country. Although now I have Italy on my list of places NOT to visit along with Arizona. I would never commit a crime, but what if my neighbor in the hotel did and I got blamed! No thanks, don’t need that drama.)

      I’m totally on board for mandatory sequestration for cases like Jodi’s…and I’m glad that Florida did it right with Zimmerman’s trial. also, I think it really helped that they worked until the job was done instead of taking so much time off like Jodi’s trial.

      10:30 for the proceedings…looks like I won’t be able to make it live, but I will be back after to check it with everyone.

      • I so agree with sequesterisation. I also don’t understand how Martinez was allowed to get away with his behaviour. I particularly do not understand how he was not admonished for his extremely *unprofessional* behaviour of signing autographs and posing for photos. This was a court case, not a reality show!!

        • Thank God Nurmi and Willmott filed a motion for that! And thank God they filed so many motions (even though they were denied, surprise surprise) to have for the record if it goes to apppeals.

          • ITA They have a laundry list of areas for appeal and I was THRILLED they brought up the prosecutorial misconduct charges. If I remember correctly JM’s buddy the Judge asked the defense if they wanted to do this is chambers and they were like hell no we want a hearing in OPEN COURT!

            • Yes, I so agree. Some people have been critical of Nurmi and Willmott , but I personally think Jennifer Willmott was a great lawyer. I’d love have her in my corner anytime. She never ever sat on her laurels at all. I particularly loved her ‘fairytale’ objection because it was so true. Martinez really was talking nonsense and twisting everything!

    • Mb, well said!
      “Had she – Judge Sherry – set the tone from day one that Jodi’s trial was to be taken as seriously as the death penalty that was on the table, I think we’d have a far different outcome. But because she just didn’t give a shit, proper justice couldn’t happen.” ~ I firmly believe so too.

  2. Good morning all, I’d like to see the state give up on trying to kill Jodi. There is no way that they can find 12 jurors + alternates that are impartial and unbiased. It’s Travis’ family that keep pushing for DP and they just don’t care about her getting a fair trial as long as they can keep getting $$$$$$. Greedy Bastards there must be a special in hell for people like that.
    I’ll be praying for Jodi today.

    (((((HUGS JODI)))))

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia.

  3. The good thing is that the more the state persist in their ridiculous efforts to kill an innocent young woman in the full light of international publicity, the greater the eventual comeback.

    Jodi has collected the complete set of possible offences against a fair trial, every imaginable infringement on her rights.

    This has, by Newton’s law, to create some immense backlash at some point.

    Against the death penalty, against prosecution misconduct, against lying witnesses, against the waste of public money, against domestic violence, against irresponsible trial by television… I could go on for pages.

    So Jodi will achieve an immense amount of good – GO JODI.

    • I woke up an hour early wide awake and the first thing on my mind was Jodi and what today will bring for her.

      Sending out prayers and happy thoughts to all involved.

  4. Hi there everyone!

    As I have said many times, Jodi did not get a fair trial. In fact it was way way way far from what one would call a fair trial.

    Unfortunately, I believe that pickles will be her usual ‘not giving a shit’ self and flip a coin at the last minute to see how she will proceed!

    I am hoping to see some solemnity in that courtroom today, although I am not holing my breath!

    Sending Jodi my positive energy!

  5. There is a report up on Fox that seems wrong. It says

    ” As she awaits a decision by prosecutors on the future of her murder case, Jodi Arias and her attorneys are returning to court Tuesday to ask the judge to throw out the jury’s finding that made her eligible for the death penalty.”

    Today is a Status Conference and hearing on Defendant’s Motion to Continue Trial.
    Unless something changed, I may be wrong.

  6. 15 out of 20. Back from visiting my daughter- and back to watching the corn grow…. I wish the best of luck to Jodi today.

  7. I am almost 100% certain Judge Pickles will deny any appeal. I believe she has proven her bias so I finally have a judge I know enough about to vote against being on the bench.

    Its more typical conservative hypocrisy that Montgomery says cost is no factor in going back to trial. As a taxpayer, and not a conservative, I call bullshit and want them to stop wasting my money.

  8. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 5m

    Heading down to #JodiArias courthouse in a bit. This will NOT be live streamed or televised sorry. I will be live tweeting the hearing.

  9. Prayers today for you, dear Jodi. I will be thinking of you as you journey on to VICTORY. God bless and keep you safe. Stay strong and never give up hope.

  10. Prayers today for you, dear Jodi. I will be thinking of you as you journey on to VICTORY. God bless and keep you safe. Stay strong and never give up hope.

  11. So this hearing isn’t going to be streamed? Why not? That doesn’t make me happy. 🙁

    So did you hear what the juror from Zimmerman’s trial said on CNN last night. They had no idea that the trial was as big as it was. They were shocked when they discovered how closely followed the trial was.
    That’s why you MUST sequester the jurors in high profile trials especially.
    There is no doubt in my mind that a different verdict would have been reached with a sequestered jury in Jodi’s trial.

  12. Hey everyone, Just popped in to say that my thoughts and prayers are with JODI. And, to say that I wholly agree with MB and everyone else on the sequestering of juries. I also hope that some brave soul will come forth and reveal just how corrupt Munchassnez and the rest of his shit-eaters are! I cannot believe that those monkey-ass motherfuckers think that they can seat another jury that unbiased and untainted! If that’s the case then —-and this is in no way meant to be offensive nor disrespectful to the handicapped and disabled—–the jurors had better be blind, deaf, and mute (I won’t say dumb because it’s obvious that the fuckers that convicted JODI are just that….DUMB! And let’s not forget BIASED!) It makes absolutely no sense that a state in this country would allow such a circus in a court of law—where you get to make up “evidence”, pitch fits—–yeah you Guano Munchassnez!!!, lie–Estebunion Fishlips and Munchassnez’s prostate Examiner!!!!( I can’t even remember the lying little fuck’s name), and—-by staying at a Holiday Inn Express— become an expert on DV…..tot-doc!——and not give a damn (yeah you “judge” Sherry Shitstain!)—and convict an innocent person of a crime in which she did not commit!!! AZ and Italy must have the same corrupt values when it comes to truth and justice! Anyway, have to go for now and I wish everyone on TEAM JODI a great week and I especially wish our little angel—JODI—-the best!!!!!! You shall prevail!!!! Go TEAM JODI!!! 🙂

  13. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 2m
    Willmott just arrived in a light lemony/goldish suit. Her hair is a lighter brown/blonde now. Sideswept bangs, minimal bald spot. #JodiArias

  14. geebee2, I just heard an attorney explain that the AZ death penalty law has been rewritten twice as it was struck down in the US Supreme Court and Jodi’s case is the first case since the 2nd wording.

  15. To the ASSHOLE tweeting at Wild About Trial…… YOU are a reporter. You are not a respected member of the community, you are a damn reporter and nothing more. You should be out covering who had lunch with whom and not in a court of law which is a serious solemn sacred place. Take your lame ass biased disrespectful comments and stick them up your arse. That is all.

      • I have been offended by everything out of his mouth today. Even if I was not a Jodi supporter I would find his comments offensive. He is trying too hard to be witty in a place where wit and acting like this is a game has cost a woman her life. Oh and (((((Maria))))) 🙂

        • He’s making a joke out of a very serious matter.Shame on him… ((((((((((tnlucy)))))))) Glad to see you here today!!

      • Absolutely. He’s a prick.
        Sucks that he has all the good live updates though…
        Wish one of us here was close enough to go to the trial/hearing and live tweet, I’d definitely enjoy reading our tweets more!

    • Noticed Tara Kelley tweeting about pounding burgers and fries at kilt. Question 1: Does she have a life outside of Jodi Arias? Question 2: Does she need more calories?

      • Speaking of this witch she won’t let her 15 minute go yet. I believe it was CNN and they were doing a story on high profile cases and the life of a juror in that case and they had this twit on. I was like omg she will not stop milking her 15 minutes and this from a woman who was just an alternate and wasn’t involved at all in the deliberations. I wish this chick would go disapear already.

    • He’s a total asshole. His “report” of today’s proceedings is just slanted all to hell, with a bunch of commentary about how much money taxpayers have been paying for her court-appointed lawyers.

      This bastard apparently doesn’t believe in the right to a fair trial.

  16. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 40s
    There will be another conference in late August and judge wants to get trial going in late September. #JodiArias

  17. Wild About Trial ‏@WildAboutTrial 1m
    Monday Aug 26th is the date for the next status hearing case management conference. #JodiArias

  18. Hey, all, remember me? 😛 I’ve been traveling a lot this summer, so haven’t had much time. I’ve been spending some time catching up. Let’s see what the crazy train decides to do today. I know the ideal would be to just toss everything out and start over, but I think I’m more likely to become a supermodel. I’m starting Weight Watchers next week, so that’s not happening anytime soon.

  19. Ridiculous. Just give the girl 25 to life so she can get started on appeals. What are they trying to prove by working so hard and spending so much money and wasting so much time to give Jodi the DP which would be appealed for the next 20 years anyway. Disgusting. Travis wasn’t worth all this bullshit.

  20. Doesn’t Arizona have other people in their jails who are much more suited for the DP? Go worry about the ones that are a clear and present danger to the public instead of a 32 y/o woman who was defending herself against a abusive pedophile deviate. Jodi, who never has been in trouble before in her life has to deal with this nonsense.
    Hell the Alexander family has had way more trouble with the law than Jodi ever has.

  21. Just heard on the HLN commentary that the DT is trying to convince JA’s mom to speak on her behalf – to save her life. Why is her mom so reluctant? Why would ANY mom be reluctant to fight for their child? I’m having such a hard time digesting this info. What is this FEAR FACTOR that has seeped in ALL the way, even into her own flesh and blood? Anyone who knows anything is shutting up. These are just the symptoms of course, and the root of all this must be something pretty big and/or powerful!

    • Well, most people would chalk it up to the fact the circus has claimed that she and her mom have a terrible relationship. And after what happened with Dr. Samuels and Alyce LaViolette (death threats, etc), I think that might be fueling into it.

      • I hear you KW. But, how many moms would really put their own life over that of their child who is in a life and death situation? Hard as a mom for me to accept/understand. In a crisis, you would think a fly would put everything aside, and pull together? Its a tough one for me personally, to get.

      • I don’t mean no offense, but I think Jodi’s mom may have some mental issues. You can see in the police interview how freaked out she is and blabbering about Jodi which no sane parent would ever do to a child. She also was caught laughing inappropriately a lot in court so she may be medicated and doesn’t feel like she can get on the stand and make a good impression. I know people who are on meds for mental illness and they are ‘off’ and sometimes inappropriate or come across differently. That could hurt Jodi if people aren’t sympathetic to her mom. Juan Martinez doesn’t care that someone is mentally ill and would use that to his advantage and crucify her on the stand. She’s got a lot of pressure with a sick husband and a daughter accused of murder, this could put her over the edge if Juan gets a hold of her.

        • Oh,please…Jodi’s mom doesnt have any ”mental issues”. How would any of us react in an interrogation room when you have just found out your baby is being charged with premeditated murder?? She’s not ‘freaked out’ in that tape,she’s devastated and desperate!

          • Maria I didn’t mean that in an offensive way there is nothing wrong with mental illness. But I have read some stuff where people talk about that she may be medicated and it makes sense to me. Of course she was upset, but confirming to the police that Jodi needed help and was aggressive at times is not what one expects a parent to say. If she has depression or whatever an is on meds it can affect her thought processes. It can also affect her behavior which might be why her and Jodi were said to have a strained relationship and why Jodi felt her mom didn’t trust her. Some of those meds make you paranoid or disconnected. Of course Sandy believes in her daughter’s innocence, but she may not make a good witness if Juan Martinez brings up any meds she might take and make it seem like mental illness runs in the family. You know how the media skewers every single little thing with Jodi and her family. Juan would use that as a weapon to tell the jurers that this is a family problem. Plus I dont know if she is on meds, just a speculation as to why she wouldn’t testify.

            • If Juan wants to prove Jodi has mental issues (or her mom) and that mental issues run in the family as you saud,then it would another absurdity on his part because he’s got to learn that he cant have it both ways. You cant seek the DP for a mentally ill person,ha! 😉

        • I never saw her mother do anything inappropriate at any time inside or outside the courtroom. Maria is right, she just found out her first born was being charged with M1 in another state, AZ.

          • Thank you Canada Carol, maria.

            I am disgusted by the negativity about Jodi’s family. Yes, they are not perfect people but perfect is not the point and never was. Jodi’s mom has been there every day in court and has had to deal with the awful loss of her firstborn child to a miscarriage of justice. What more do people want?

            I am pretty sure that Jodi’s relationship with Travis strained her relationship with the rest of her family, especially after she had to move back to Yreka after she spent her money on Travis. I can only imagine the mix of emotions. I imagine they felt fear, frustration, confusion, and a bunch of other stuff especially if they told Jodi to stay away from that abuser. I also keep in mind that the media edits footage to make things look worse than they are. We saw what, a whole thirty seconds of footage out of what, thirty hours? To put things in perspective.

            • I agree with MB, Maria, Canada Carol. Show me a perfect, prim and proper family! It doesn’t exist! Unless we are talking about the Walton’s and even in that fictional tv series, they had their problems!
              Of course, Sandy freaked out in the interrogation room. She was in shock!
              As for the giggling in the courtroom? Nonsense! I have giggled at a funeral, it didn’t mean I was unrespectful – sometimes giggling in a sad, tough situation is a way to shield our emotions! I am sure that Sandy was giggling with the stupidities that were coming out of kermit’s mouth!

    • I heard that woman too and don’t believe her for a second.. Jean C. said at the time, and she was the reporter who Sandra spoke to, said that she was very much wanting to testify on her behalf. It seems there was at least one camera in the courtroom cause I just saw Jodi and she looks terrific, chatting with her attorneys and doesn’t seem to even notice the armed guards. What a little trooper she is.

    • Jodi herself said in her post allocution interview that her mom wanted to speak but her attorneys didnt think it was a good idea. Maybe because they knew Martinez would try and completely destroy Sandy on the stand,bringing up their bad relationship,the supposed ‘beating up ‘ incident (pul-leeez) and of course the interrogation tape.So maybe they did it thinking it would be best for Jodi but with the media putting a negative twisted spin on everything all the public got to hear was Oh look at that heartless moom,not speaking up for her child. Please…Sandy has proven she stands by her daughter!

      • I am sure that Jodi didn’t want her mom to speak just to protect her from that vicious man, the cruel mob and the immoral media!

    • Just wanted to apologize for posting my negative reaction that I had on what I heard on HLN, re. JA’s mom. Should’ve known better than to believe them and give in to a knee-jerk reaction to the crap that’s passed off as ‘news’ on HLN. I had them on to alert myself to JA’s arrival in court for the status hearing. Sorry for starting something I shouldn’t have. Won’t happen again. 🙁

  22. I have been doing more research to find a way to help Jodi and I found a organization called Take Back The Night that deals with victims of rape and sexual crimes. I know Jodi wasn’t raped but I’m not sure if a sexual crime has been committed that is big enough for this organization to take an interest in. They are advocates so they feel like they need to stand up for all victims no matter what the circumstances. Jodi could really shine a light on rape and sex crimes and could be a good poster child for what happens when a woman has to defend herself weather its rape or sex crime or abuse. I’d like to get some feedback before I call them. Is there any other big organizations we should be concentrating on?

    • I really like the way you hold your own against them gee bee! If they paid even a little attention to the trial they would have realized that what you say is right and that you have more research then any other person. I think you’ve done more research then even Jodi’s lawyers. You should have volunteered early on becuase I believe Jodi would be walkign free right now if all your hard work was put before the jury.

      • What you don’t see is quite a few posts I flagged and were deleted.

        I really sense Jodi has turned a corner in terms of a fair deal in the press.

        Some of the latest reports are very fair considering the press cannot openly go against the verdict the jury gave.

        Especially the Fox news report showing Jodi giving her allocution. Surely any neutral person seeing that without prejudice will wonder what on earth is going on here?

      • Original research is what I do… I have a talent for it.

        I went through several things with SJ today.

        (1) Blood spatter on the toilet – proves Travis was shot first.
        (2) The chip in the tile near the cartridge casing – has to be where Jodi dropped the knife.
        (3) The linen cupboard door, which must have been opened during the fight, proving Jodi sought refuge there, but never made it.
        (4) The trail of blood in the hall – which shows Travis coming down the hall, falling, then getting back up and going back the other side to trap Jodi – proving he has intent on attacking her.

        It’s worth understanding these things.

  23. So, status hearing scheduled for August 26, maybe?
    Trail to resume late September, maybe?
    Motion to vacate the DP, no decision.
    More or less not much happened today.

  24. Is there a reason why the first paragraph of my post above was edited out? All I said was that the comment about Travis sleeping with his sister was going too far. I respect SJ and his frustration but making bogus accusations about incest can hurt Jodi when people find out it was said in anger and not fact. I notice SJ’s comment is still there because I thought maybe he read my comment and had a change of heart, but its still there.

    If I stepped on someone’s toes I’m sorry, I’m just thinking of Jodi and all the shit the haters already sling at her we don’t want them thinking she would condone those kinds of ugly accusations and incest is a very ugly accusation.

    • I checked your comment from behind the dashboard and there’s no indication it’s been edited by anyone.

      The only time we edit comments, is by request of individual posters to remove any personal information.

      If you have an issue with anything SJ writes, please feel free to email him privately.

      • Thank you MB for checking. That’s really bizarre but I know I wrote it, but I guess crazier things can happen! lol

        Do you have a email address for SJ? I’m not mad or anything but I really think if he knew that that sentence was offensive and not in Jodi’s best interest he would want to take it down. He has always showed he has a big heart and wants truth and justice that’s why I was surprised and disturbed by that sentence.

        • I have to agree with you, Cindney. I was taken aback by that comment as well. I realize this is SJ’s site for him to post what he wishes, but as a poster here, I don’t want those kinds of comments to reflect back on me. I am only here to support Jodi and wish not to bash the Alexander’s. I don’t think it reflects well on Jodi either.

          • Thank you for your support Britney. I won’t bring the matter up anymore here I don’t want either of us banned.


          To anyone reading this: Any future attempts to accuse mods of editing content or trying backhanded attempts to publicly criticize comments will result in the ban hammer being brought down on the poster.

          This is a support site for Jodi. They – the Travis Taliban, media, family and friends – have already taken away Jodi’s right to presumption of innocence, a right to a fair trial, the right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment, amongst many other things we take for granted here on the outside. Is it so much to ask that the haters not try to take away the one web site devoted to supporting her? One simple web site, one small space in a sea of millions of other sites; can Jodi and her family have just this one space to read without being insulted or hearing sympathy for the Alexander family? There’s a ton of other sites to express that, please feel free to go there and do so ————->

          I wasn’t going to say anything about the Alexander family as talking about them is not my priority, but since it’s been brought up it’s my opinion that they went from being victims to being perpetrators when they decided to aggressively pursue the death penalty at any cost; the truth be damned. The stakes could not be higher. Why the gravity of the situation cannot be grasped by so many baffles me.

          With Jodi’s life hanging in the balance, the least of my worries is comments about the family. There I said it. They have behaved atrociously throughout this entire trial; and have elicited a negative response for which only they can be held responsible for.

          Hopefully this will be my last comment explaining this, but every time I make a comment and think it’s going to resolve the issue, someone else crops up to start in again. So that’s why from this point forward, I’m just going to bring the ban hammer down and forget about it.

          • MB I apologized and I didn’t accuse anyone of anything, I simply asked why my post was edited because I thought it had been. I only mentioned what was in the post because if there was some confusion or misunderstanding about what I said I wanted to clear it up. For all I know there was a typo that made it come out so it wasn’t what I meant. I still don’t see what I said was wrong I was trying to be helpful and obviously not trying to attack anyone.

            Thank you for giving me SJ’s email address I’ll take it up with him.

            I do have to say I am very confused but I’ll get over it.

            • Just so we’re clear I was NOT criticizing, I pointed out something I thought was helpful to SJ. And I was NOT siding with the Alexander family. I don’t know how you read so much into one post you didn’t even see. Are we suppose to sit back and watch while people say unintentional things that might hurt Jodi? Would’nt you want that pointed out? I don’t get it. I tried to be helpful. I thought something I wrote was edited. I asked about it. You said it wasn’t edited. I apologized and admitted I might have done something on my end that deleted it. Why then do I feel like I’m being attacked? I won’t bring this up again MB, but I think there is a big misunderstanding because this went way out of control and there was no intention for it to get that way.

              I am sorry for all of this. Please forgive me.

              • Why are you apologizing? Apparently you think I read too much into things, and apparently you believe I’ve attacked you when I made a post that applies to EVERYONE not just you.

                This is your last chance. I am putting you in moderation until you can show more respect to the people who keep this site going.

            • No, it wasn’t there or else there would have been code to show that it had been edited.

              So you’ve been banned for making accusations when I’ve already drew a line in the sand when it comes to unfounded accusations.

              Whose next?

    • Yes… just a shame that Sheppard Smith @ Fox got awarded with the coveted “Dickhead Of The Day” award for trying to turn his brief commentary on today’s hearing into a comedy routine. What does he plan for an encore? Trayvon jokes? I doubt it somehow. WTF.

      Team Jodi

  25. I hate to say it but I turned on HLN to get a glimpse of Jodi. Left the sound off but she looks good and had her hair twisted up on top of her head. Jodi appeared to be doing as well as possible. I am a mother. I would for ever speak up for my children, no matter what they had done. My kids have always had to prove themselves innocent (i usually figured they we’re guilty and loved to be proved wrong) but I would speak up no mattter what .Right is right and wrong is wrong. I’m sure that everyone has things in their lifetime that they have done that they are not proud of. Jodi was defending herself. Period. I would rather be dead myself ( if I was her mother) than to see what Jodi is having to endure. It makes me so mad for them to say she doesn’t have any friends in the world who care about what happens to her. Where do they get their information. . .Mars? Geez!

    • R. Love I talked about this a few posts up that maybe Jodi’s mom has mental illness or something and is afraid what Juan will do to her on cross. Also she may feel that if he does skewer her that it will be her fault if Jodi gets DP and she can’t have that on her conscious. I don’t agree and I pray she finds the strength to do what is best for Jodi.

      • Maybe you are right about her Mother. It is just hard to understand. I hope that someone will find a famous legal team that would help Jodi to fight this farce of a trial. All it takes is big bucks! Jodi is innocent and we all need to spread the word the best we can. There are so many diffrent ways she could be defended. I will continue praying for a miracle for Jodi. God bless her for all she as suffered.

    • I agree! In the letter she sent me she said she reads magazines a lot. Maybe she knows top knots are in style right now 😉

    • Natural beauty! She could make a punk hairdo for all I know and she would come out looking classy! Jodi is one of the few women I’ve seen that is so beautiful without a hint of makeup!

  26. I’m back.

    sooooo, nothing happened?

    With that court, I’m not surprised. They keep pushing everything out and out. The trial could have been shorter if they had their act together.

    Hey, pickles and kermit!!! Why don’t you take a trip to Florida to see what a real court looks like? You take enough time off work already so it shouldn’t be a problem fitting it into your schedule. Just leave everyone hanging like normal and pick up when you get back. easy peasy

    • lol BeeCee, no kidding huh? They couldn’t schedule a hair appointment to save their lives. Makes me wonder what brand of hair dye he used when Juan went back brunette for that whole day and a half. I’m guessing natural instincts by clairol.

  27. I Have To Agree With The Last Poster. While I Agree Jodi Was Wronged In Her Trial By The State Wholeheartedly, These Attacks On The Alexanders And The Mormon Faith ( I Am Mormon, And A Jodi Supporter, As Are MANY other LDS!) Just Really Turn My Thoughts Around Only To The Hatred I Receive By The Website Owner , When Receiving My Email.
    Profanity And Hatred Is Not Necessary To Get Your Point Across.
    It Really Does Make You Seem No Better Than Those Against Jodi.
    If You Want People To Continue Following Your Updates And Continue Supporting Jodi Here,Maybe You Could Tone Down TheComments About TA’s Family Members(We don’t Need To Hear About Them Anyway, Right?) And Against The Mormon Faith.
    Not All Of Us ( LDS) Are Like The Alexander Nor Their Friends
    I’m Here To Support, Not Have To Defend My Faith.
    Thank You 🙂

    • DeeDee MB already talked about this up the thread. If anyone criticizes SJ regarding that they will be banned. The last person was banned and you might be next. MB left SJ’s email address so you can email him and talk to him one on one.

      • Alright, And Why Would Anyone Be Banned For Simply Speaking Up About How Many Feel? I ,personally Support Jodi NOT the Alexanders Inany Sense. This Is The Best Support Site That I’ve Seen Up And Continue Running.
        I Wish To Stay And Show My Support ,I simply don’t Like To See My Religion Brought Up As A Collective Group Of Bad People Who All Feel The Same As The Alexandersbecause,We don’t.There Are Many LDS members Who Support Jodi. Travis Is The Bad Example For LDS that Live Double Lives. I’ve Known His Type. My Ex Was Similar, And Abused Me.
        I Am Also A Survivor.

  28. This morning I put another $100 on Jodi’s books I’ve been doing that for the last couple of months since I heard that she can spend $100 each week on commissary. Now i wonder is that considered income and will she had to file a tax return? Is there a way to donate without it being considered income? If I give directly to her family as a gift would that make a difference? I’d hate for her to have this little bit of money to enjoy herself and then have to pay a portion back

  29. Alright, And Why Would Anyone Be Banned For Simply Speaking Up About How Many Feel? I ,personally Support Jodi NOT the Alexanders Inany Sense. This Is The Best Support Site That I’ve Seen Up And Continue Running.
    I Wish To Stay And Show My Support ,I simply don’t Like To See My Religion Brought Up As A Collective Group Of Bad People Who All Feel The Same As The Alexandersbecause,We don’t.There Are Many LDS members Who Support Jodi. Travis Is The Bad Example For LDS that Live Double Lives. I’ve Known His Type. My Ex Was Similar, And Abused Me.
    I Am Also A Survivor.

    • DeeDee,

      I am not banning people for speaking their mind. I am banning people for bringing unfounded accusations into this site where there was zero proof to back them up.

      Since I have started posting at this site, there have always been people who feel compelled to disrespect SJ and the purpose of this site. I have wasted enough of my life trying to talk sense into them, so I am drawing a line in the sand and whoever pops up and wants to curl their lip at me is going to get bonked like whack-a-mole.

      I wish it didn’t have to be this way, but people want to push my limits so they can look like heroes to the other side. I don’t need that drama, I’m done with it.

  30. What Is The Address That I Can Write Personally To Jodi? How Do You Put Money To Her To Help Her Out Buying What She Needs?To The Poster Way Up There About Just Giving Her 25 Yrs… NO!She Has Already Served Each Day Longer Than She Ever Should Have! Innocent Victims Do Not Serve ANY jail Time.

    • She is in the Estrella Jail:
      2939 W. Durango St
      Phoenix, AZ 85009
      inmate number
      458434(I think this still correct)
      Meter stamped postcards only

  31. I just want to hug that frail young lady, my heart breaks seeing her like that today and morons going on about no glasses on or this or that, stupid people

  32. Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 12m
    A few of my dedicated haters came all the way 2 court 2day just 2 glare at me. I’m flattered. Thought it was I who had nothing better 2 do.

    • I love Jodi and I don’t mean that in a sexual way. I just unconditionally love this woman. She’s awesome. And so are you, Maria! 🙂 (((Maria)))

      • I LOLed when I saw that tweet of hers! She has such a great sense of humor!
        I love her too,Jeff and no,not in a sexual way LOL 🙂 She truly is one remarkable human being.We all wish she were here with us and not locked in that tiny cell.But good things come to those who wait,right? 😉


        • I love her like she was one of my own daughters. I have 3 the oldest is Jodi’s age. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for my girls, that includes Jodi.

          (((((HUGS JODI)))))

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  33. Jodi Arias ‏@Jodiannarias 10m
    The State rejected my 3rd request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers

  34. Jodi tweet
    The State rejected my 3rd request for a plea to settle quietly and less expensively. Off to retrial we go. Sorry, taxpayers.

    I’m glad people can send her money and mail. She needs all the help she can get. I hope she doesn’t settle for no appeals, that would break me apart. I’m praying for ya girl!, every day and night!

      • I might try to answer that for Ellie, it was either a blunder like my post with the double negative, OR ) A negative thought, which is the first step toward failure.

        • Thanks johnm.
          I am still waiting for Ellie to answer because so far I dont like what I’m reading…She made it sound like we’re all delusional here; we KNOW she was convicted but hey some of us will NEVER come to terms with that because she was WRONGFULLY convicted of M1. So if that’s the case,NO we will never ”face the fact” !

          • Yeah, I’m afraid that even if she owns up she has a rough road ahead, the real mirror is just around the next bend.

                • I’m sorry Johnm; I do believe you. I read the posts earlier a few times, but obviously I was still confused. A couple of people here just recently were seeming to undermine the intent of this site. I hesitated for a couple of days to say it, because I don’t want to be unfair to anyone, and I’m sorry if I am wrong, but Cindy’s post a few days ago which seemed to be happy about the likelihood of finding an untainted jury immediately made me supicious because it seemed like subterfuge couched in excessive sunshine.
                  This site has been emphasizing how widespread and insidious media coverage would inevitably taint a new jury pool, and her post tried to diametrically contradict that position in a way that ostensibly appeared innocuous, but, to me, the composition of the post was so pat and strategic in its inclusion of, to me, ‘red -flag’ points such as how so many people were not ‘meaningfully’ affected by media coverage of the jury trial.
                  I’m not someone who is a trouble-maker, and I may be completely wrong, so if I am, I’m sorry. Before Cindy was banned, I wrestled with my suspicion that she had an anti-Jodi agenda, and I was thinking I might approach her about it, but then she was banned.
                  It is my opinion that more damage can be done to a cause, if the undermining elements are disguised in good will.
                  Again, I might be as wrong as can be, but after wrestling with this for a few days, I still feel compelled to say it.

    • I believe wrongfully convicted, she may have killed him but she DID NOT murder him. Self defense is not murder!!

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Really? You sympathize with people who have done nothing but lie and try to put Jodi to death for the past seven months?

      I see you’ve been banned at least twice. Let me help you out with the third time.

  35. For those of you who want to send Jodi a postcard, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. I got mine from the local post office. They are the 2012 Sailboat Forever postcards which you can also purchase from if you click on the “Cards & Stationery” link & then go to “Cards & Stationery With Postage”.

      • You are doing well MB.
        The haters must come creeping in more so on trial/hearing days.
        Dear Haters –
        Here at jodiariasisinnocent we are Forever Team Jodi.
        Our vision is clear. Our hopes are positive. And our souls are strong.
        You will never break us. You will never win.
        Your friendships are built on hate, ignorance, and jealousy (just to name a few qualities).
        Your delusions will not hurt me. They will not touch me.

        And for that I must thank Team Jodi.
        All of you!

        The One and Only,

    • I didnt put a website in my post – just referenced JAII in full words.
      Wonder if thats holding up my comment?

      If so, SJ/JC/MB please dont double my posts – use my newest one.
      I retyped the post thinking my PC was being screwy.

  36. Well the circus goes on,the haters and the prosecution seem to be hell bent on executing a woman that was wrongfully convicted.This trial was a wash from day one,lying dectectives,medical examiners that cant keep the story right,witnesses that were threatened and harassed,hate campains by the family of TA,a prosecutor that was allowed to do what ever he wanted,a runaway media circus that spewed 24/7 and a judge that shouldnt even be allowed to do traffic court because of her lack of control in the court.Jodi is innocent and I dont believe that she should cop a plea with the state,roll the dice and see what comes out,at least she can appeal this way and she does have a strong case for appeal.If she makes a deal with those bastards,she stands no way to ever appeal and justice has failed.Jodi should have walked away from this,yet it seems that the state is trying to make an example out of her,the state should take lessons from Florida,they have their shit together down there,only Arizona seems to be fucked up,you gotta ask yourself why???Must be a motive for their insane retarded behavior that keeps driving them to execute an innocent woman. NUFF SAID!!!!!!

  37. Thank You For The Info To Write Jodi! I’m Going To Add Money To Her Books Also. It’s The Very Least That I Can Do For Her 🙂 & I Make Postcards ,So I’ll Send One Of Those.
    Thank You MB For The Clarification 🙂
    I Love Seeing So Many Supporters!! At Leaat She Knows She Is Not Alone, And That Means Everything

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