An interview with Dorian Bond, Jodi’s Private Investigator

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Jon Leiberman is an asshole. His well documented BS & hate-fuelled stints on HLN are testament to that.

In this Leiberman interview on “HNGN” from a few weeks ago, Dorian Bond (Jodi’s private investigator) talks about the jurors, the mistakes made during the first trial, the possibility of a new trial, and the forthcoming appeals. I’m not too sure why Lieberman assumes Jodi has “raised an awful lot of money” for her appeals… because that’s not the case.

Here’s the video:

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In the meantime folks, and as always… we plough on regardless

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    • Congrats on first Justus!
      There is no doubt in my mind that when Jodi’s case goes to appeal that it will be overturned and she will go free!!

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • AMEN RAY!!! ♥

        Hey maybe Lieberman is going to donate to the appeals fund. . . . 🙂
        IHMO , The Media owes Jodi Ann Arias a whole bunch of money $$

        • Too right! Where would Troy Hayden (for example) be without Jodi? Nobody would have heard of these people. I can’t wait for her to get a fair trial. We need to stand by her all the way and help out any way we can. Once her case goes to appeal, She will go free, I know it. Enjoy the rest of your weekend team Jodi

          • Just realised my username auto-corrected itself. Got a new phone the other day, and I’m aware of phones and their auto-corrects so I made sure to double check my comment…. didn’t think it’d would change my username though! Lol : )

          • I totally agree! They would be ‘nobody’s’ if it wasn’t for Jodi. Not that they are respected now. IMO, they made a name for themselves “Unfairly prejudiced towards Jodi” just to make a story….

            When a new trial is appointed, I do wish the jurors are sequestered and the case is tried behind closed doors with a change of venue. No public, no reporters. Only the court reporter. After the trial is over, everything could go public but not during the trial.

            Although, by now, I doubt there’s anyone that hasn’t heard of Jodi’s trial. So again, it’s questionable if Jodi will get a 100% fair trial.

          • Dwight, I’m not sure I had heard that mimi hall was going to babysit for the hughes. Can you tell me where this was said?

      • Deadline Alert:

        I just came in from working the farm. On my computer was a posting probably by a JAII Member.

        I have been cautioning about DEALINES.

        I just read the Deadline for Arizona Direct Appeals IS 20 DAYS AFTER SENTENCING.

        Please spread the word around.

        For Jodi that is the difference in getting postcards_and getting free.

        There was a second, I suppose alternative process. It will likely also have a DEADLINE. I would be happy to help, but to my knowlege NOBODY has made a master plan nor done any recruitment. It seems like it must be somebody that doesn’t want regular folks to get involved.

        I need to get back to outside farm chores. Good luck.

      • Ray Chastain:

        What so you mean_WHEN? when Jodi’s case goes to appeal????? One deadline is 20 days after sentencing, and I am not aware that anybody has made any plan to get the supporters involved. But good luck.

        Just sayin’ from what I observe the priority of the group seems to be “Admiring the Problem.” That’s how deadlines get missed.

        • Seabird, This can also be called regrouping after a long hard two years. Discussions are happening and we are all thinking and trying to figure out what we can do next (such as, find ways to find that appellate money) . I don’t think we, or anyone else outside of Jodi’s defense team, are expected to handle the legal aspects of things. JW said she is submitting the proper paperwork for the appeal before she drops off the case. I know you’ve mentioned the Arizona Innocence Project and I know we’d all be grateful if you could get more information, find out if and how they could get involved. Any other suggests are also appreciated. It would probably be better to join in the discussion with more helpful suggestions rather than reprimanding the people who are doing just that.

    • Great article, Vicky. Thanks. When Jodi wins a new trial, all the lab work should be re-examined – the palm print & the substance that contained a mixture of TA’s & Jodi’s DNA, the nude photos to ensure the validity of the date & time stamps (not sure if this will be possible with damaged cameras and missing sim cards), the hair sample (can’t remember if it was used in the actual trial or just mentioned in Jodi’s interrogation), the bullet (hollow point or not, date of manufacture of shell casing, was it really a .25 caliber?), the shower pics (since even a lot of haters claimed Travis took these photos himself using a timer), analysis of computers, analysis of the death scene, analysis of Dr. Horn’s autopsy and testimoney, the record of phone calls made by TA & Jodi June 2-6, 2008, etc., etc. I’m sure these and many other things will be re-examined but I also expect some data/evidence will have gone missing when it comes time to do this work. Police have a way of losing evidence when it’s to their advantage.

      • Regarding the camera, damaged or not, you can still prove the time stamps were manipulated simply by admitting the instruction booklet that shows this camera does not create time stamps.

        • Thanks a lot, Trixels. I’d like to make a list of what we know for sure and things we don’t know. Also, a list of lies Martinez and his witnesses told (with proof that what they testified to was a lie). A lot of that information is in the comments on this site from people like you.

          • There’s an incredible amount of evidence that Juan and Flores lied and those underneath them were willing to go along with it, or at least not rock the boat. Dr. DeMarte being one of the main ones. Dr. Horn. He did and said what would be in his best interest. His expressions show this repeatedly. I think rather than being “bad” some were just afraid and unwilling. Perhaps even Juan. Jodi and her investigator and her appellate attorney need to know these things, too. But will they be afraid too, and will they follow Jodi’s somewhat flimsy story in order to get paid?

            Many people don’t believe Jodi told the truth, or the entire truth, but I believe she did the only thing she could do based on her own fears, and the fact no investigator would take a look at the most damning evidence against Travis himself, or against some possibly small faction of the Mormon Church. She knows a worse truth than she can face or admit, or she truly knows nothing, having perhaps being drugged somehow. I’ve also recently found some tidbits on Lisa Daydoughknee’s husband that are …interesting. Many, many clues exist pointing away from Jodi, but not many pointing definitively at someone else, at least not now.

      • Good points Coldcase53. Yes, I too believe that a lot of evidence will go ‘missing’ but that will be in favor of Jodi since every piece of evidence has been documented. I still wonder about those 5 sim cards…. as well as Jodi’s camera SD card which got ‘lost’ too (ahem ahem) …

    • Vicky, this is what I just posted about. This is simply “Admiring the Problem” while deadlines swirl down the toilet bowl.

      Frankly, we have been doing that for seven years already.

      • Seabird, This can also be called regrouping after a long hard two years. Discussions are happening and we are all thinking and trying to figure out what we can do next (such, find way to find that appellate money) . I don’t think we, or anyone else outside of Jodi’s defense team, are expected to handle the legal aspects of things. JW said she is submitting the proper paperwork for the appeal before she drops off the case. I know you’ve mentioned the Arizona Innocence Project and I know we’d all be grateful if you could get more information, find out if and how they could get involved. All other suggests are also appreciated.

    • Heavens, nothing would surprise us anymore. We know what can happen and how people bend over backwards to conceal the truth. Very disturbing……. SMH 🙁 I don’t know if you saw the video of the people outside the courthouse on Monday but if the whole world is full of idiots that think like them we are in a really bad way. Complete Morons. I swear they looked like they had crawled out from under boulders in Goblin Valley!!! 😆 LOL Just do not want anyone to forget ole Dave Hall and his escapades. Fakers, Scammers!!!!

      • See how travis’s ‘bestie’ never showed his fugly red face in court this time around? I am sure that the prosecutor and the alexanders forbade him to… Just proves that these people turn on their own when it comes to winning… SMH.

    • Yes, people:

      Coldcase 53 has just posted what the FOCUS MUST BE if Jodi is to be rescued. If you have Mormon magic underwear, maybe that will help. Otherwise pull up your big boys and girls WORK pants, and TURN on the collaboration machine.

  1. This morning I was reading an article about the most expensive cities to rent apartments/houses. At the end of the article it said one of the most affordable cities to rent is Phoenix. I did a craiglist search and sure enough, you can rent a 2bd 2ba condo or apt for no more than $750.00 a month. An apt like that in San Francisco would set you back over 5k.
    Anyway my point was it didn’t cost them a fortune to find a place to stay during trial. I also heard that the church helped them with money, as well as the idiot donation money as well. These people are not hurting for money.

    • Please, Please, Please

      STOP WITH THE ADMIRING THE PROBLEM ALREADY.. ….this is crunch time. Prioritize. The name of this game has been “hurry up and wait” Please figure out which time this is and ACT!.

      • Seabird.. Jennifer Wilmot is filing the notice to appeal to ensure the 20 day deadline. Apparently there is a lawyer for the first appeal and I believe he was named in the Bond video on this page.

      • Who’s admiring the problem?? As patty says, Jennifer is gonna file the notice. Appeals ARE gonna happen.

        Of course we need to come up with fundraising ideas, of course we all need to help with the fund but seabird: PLEASE stop saying we are” admiring the problem” coz no, we’re not!

        • Right Maria, we have no doubt that Jennifer is taking care of the paperwork. Jodi will also be right on top of this…..she always is. Not to worry..

      • Yes, I think the 20th day after sentencing is in a weekend so the deadline for filing the appeals has to be before “that weekend”, or May 1st, a Friday. …I am uneasy until I see on this site that the appeals has already been filed, as early as possible before May 1st. …. Jodi is innocent in my opinion, but certainly “totally innocent of any premeditation”.

        • But I think an appeal can be filed on any day even a weekend, & I certainly support Jennifer. I feel sure she is writing a terrific appeal.

          • Hi R.Love, I got so far behind in reading the excellent posts of so many dedicated Jodi supporters. But, I got in early on this Dorian Bond interview & read the entire posting upthread. …As you know, I still hold-on to the two intruders scenario, that someone(s) were there before, during, or (after Jodi escaped) from whatever happened to TA. …Or, someone(s) came in days later & (they) contaminated the scene, changing the evidence logic. …And, that Jodi may have been persuaded to abandon that intruder scenario by “whoever”. …Her self-defense scenario has NOT BEEN PROVEN FALSE by the prosecution. …Everything that the prosecution (& media) says she did, is based on something that has NOT been proven, but is ACCEPTED by the Jodi haters because of reverse logic. …In other words the Jodi haters believe that if she won the fight with this BIG guy, in hand to hand combat (her self-defense), she could only have won if she planned the whole thing, like a Mafia hit or a CIA murder incorporated plan.
            …David did not take Goliath down by the rules of gladiator to gladiator combat, nor does any little woman have to play by the rules in her self-defense. …That is why God gave them ability to use long fingernails, or some other Guardian Angel provided handy weapon.
            …I believe Jody will remember more things once the appeals gets into full swing.

            • Jodi (not Jody), did I just misspell your name in last sentence upthread !! Jodi, Jodi, Jodi, forgive me.
              …I once misspelled the name of Jesus when trying to spell it in Greek & in Latin.

        • Hiya WLOPEZ !!! Good to see you back here! I’m sure that the appeals will be filed in time (who knows? They might already be filed). So no worries.

    • Trixels, I totally agree: these morons didn’t waste a dime from their own pockets. I wonder if the IRS would be interested in looking into all the donations they received and all the money they ‘wasted’ these past 3 years… I’m sure they’ll have a lot of ‘xpaining to do… Just sayin’ …

    • BTW,
      Not admiring a problem, FACING it head on and
      fight against it.
      We know she’s a fighter.
      Who in the world would admire what she’s gone through?

      I admire Jodi!
      She has amazing strenght.
      NEVER doubt it!!

    • Aly, Jodi is a strong woman! And I too admire that she is so involved in every single detail of her case. Most defendants leave it up to their atty’s but not Jodi.



      • Really Pandora,
        and even though I haven’t spoken to Jodi, I can see her strength, just like I see her remorse.
        Those that wanted to give Jodi the DP because she didn’t show remorse are so full of lies

        Just like you can see her strength, you also see the remorse.
        What did they want???
        When she apologized, they laughed, if she would have been crying and not being able to take it
        all in, then she was fake.

        So, what they didn’t do is listen to Jodi and hear her pain and also know that she
        wasn’t lying.
        Why would they label her a liar and NOT see and hear the lies from the state.
        They were in your face LIES and they didn’t question that?

        I hope that they’re proud of themselves for GETTING on the jury! They knew what their verdict would be. That’s why they didn’t listen to Jodi.
        Fortunately the juror that voted against the DP, listened to the witnesses and didn’t follow
        with their heads up their asses.

        That’s what they did!!! Exactly!!
        After listening to the trial, you would have thought, HOW did she even get convicted?
        And were’re given 2 choices? LWOP or DP??

        How did they even get what was it, 4 others that didn’t want the DP to agree with them?
        Offer them a lollipop????

        • I absolutely agree Aly. Whatever Jodi says or does, the haters and vile travibans are never satisfied. So I’d rather Jodi doesn’t shed another tear for that pedo, ever again. She shouldn’t give the satisfaction to those minions nor show them her vulnerability.

          I’m glad that in her final chance to speak in court, she outed all those POS for the lying fuckwads that they are! After Jodi is set free, I hope that she sues the shits out of all of them that committed perjury, blackmail, corruption to try and kill her.

  2. Canada Carol or anybody else that has a good grasp on where to find the info (and thanks again to Carol for that last help she gave me finding what I wanted to review on witness # 1 🙂 ) I am looking for any youtube re-trial video or trial video or both on the return of the gas can issue and the hair color issue….I know these issues were irrelevant to the case IMHO but if you know which days those were testified to please let me know…Thanks again 🙂 🙂

  3. I’ve posted variations of the same paragraph four different times only to see them all disappear. I hope now they don’t all show up at the same time. At any rate, this is test…

  4. What password do you use for the protected vents? Also, I saw the two hour Snapped today. It will come in again at 11:00 EST. It made my blood boil. Sky Hughes is so full of herself. I wish their computer could have been seized. The evidence would have mounted in Jodi’s favor. They have
    Iced and back pedaled so much it makes me mad.

  5. Okay, can anyone direct me to the link that Jade posted the other day? that displayed Jodi’s letter to Travis about just being friends and moving on with their separate lives, etc…I have looked and I can not find it now…. 🙂 Thanks !

      • In case you’re in a hurry, try the Pedo letters, day 1. There are 2 links to photos of the letters, part 1 & 2.
        Looks like you are up to something interesting, good luck, BB!

        • Glad to be of help, BB.
          The evidence is where the solutions are, of course IMHO,
          The evidence and lack of evidence, will be where the key to Jodi’s freedom is found.

    • Maybe this is one of the reasons rent is so cheap in Phoenix. . .who would want to live their when they seem to have home invasions every other day? Some strange are going on in that County! ALARMING!

  6. Moving Towards FREEDOM FOR JODI!!!! I Believe It!
    (((((((((JODI)))))))) Sending Jodi Positive and Happy Thoughts!!

    ♥ Mark 9:23 – Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe,
    all things [are] possible to him that believeth. ♥

  7. Watched a long, gossipy interview on News Now Fox 10 with Monica Lindstrom last night (apparently it was taped the day after JSS announced Jodi would not be executed).
    Monica: “People love to hate Jodi Arias.” She also mentioned they hate JSS, too.
    Monica: “…there are some weird people out there that actually like Jodi Arias.” 😆 Weird people.
    Monica worked in the same department as Juan Martinez for two years but left b/c she “had to pay off student loans.”
    Stated the jury foreman said he was most affected by “Jodi’s lack of remorse” (as the saying goes: “It’s not what you look at, it’s what YOU see.”) and other jury members were influenced by the fact that Jodi’s mother did not testify.

    • “…there are some weird people out there that actually like Jodi Arias.” ♥ AWESOME!!!!

      I’d rather be one of ‘the weird people’ than be full of hate, vile, revenge and bitterness. All those haters (Monica included) can go sit on an arizona cactus for all I care.

      Monica and the rest of the haters don’t know Jodi like we know her.

      I really wish that each and every one of Jodi’s friends here and anywhere else get a chance to speak with Jodi. She is the most brilliant, funny, caring, grateful, selfless person I have ever met! She laughs, she cries, she gets upset, she gets excited. She has feelings like all of us. Most of all, Jodi has become a very mature and honest person. She is not afraid anymore.

      She has taken responsibility of all her mistakes and she is trying to fix all the mistakes that can be fixable. For those mistakes that she cannot fix? She is trying to help others not to make those kind of same mistakes: It’s called DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS and how to have the strength to report and walk away before it’s too late.

      I am honored to be one of the ‘WEIRD PEOPLE’ ♥ ♥ ♥

      ((((Weird people)))) ♥
      (((TEAM JODI)))♥

      “I’d rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not” – Kurt Cobain

      • Awesome post, gf!! Couldn’t agree more!!

        Yes, I too prefer being called “weird” than being called “brainwashed sheeple” LOL!!! 😆

        Finding out about Jodi’s case and gradually getting to know her and becoming her friend and siter, I can now safely say it was one of the best things that’s happened in my life. It has helped me grow in so many ways.
        Pandora is right; if only all of you could talk to her. She truly is one of a kind. Weare proud to be standing by her. And to be raising our voices against the injustice done in her case.

        We love you, Jodi ♥

      • Right On Pandora!!

        We aren’t weird.. we are real!! The brain dead mean girls bandwagon jumpers who are influenced
        by media are really just scared..after all they know how vicious their own kind are!

      • Not only do I like Jodi, but I am very proud to call her my friend and a part of my family!!! I guess that makes me one of them WEIRD PEOPLE, I am very proud to be WEIRD.
        (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

        Ray in H-burg Va.

      • We don’t just like Jodi. We LOVE her. You know it, I know it, and in about a week or two, Jodi’s going to know it when she gets an outpouring of love from all of us in her letters.

    • Okay, some random thoughts on this:

      1) I keep hearing over and over again about Jodi’s “lack of remorse”. When the hell did she ever show lack of remorse? Perhaps she didn’t display the kind of emotional outburst in court the way that some others did and the way that many people would have liked her to have done, but Jodi has REPEATEDLY apologized and said she feels terrible for what she has done. How is this lack of remorse? Furthermore, at the end of the day, does it really matter if she shows remorse to these people? No matter what Jodi does, she’s going to be vilified so if she shows remorse, she’s giving a performance. If she doesn’t show remorse, she’s an evil, cold-hearted witch.

      2) We don’t just like Jodi Arias. We LOVE her!

      • I agree Raja,
        but when you have idiots that were on the jury saying they wanted the DP
        because she didn’t show remorse, that really makes your blood boil.
        The JURORS???
        Is that why they want to give her the DP, then I know something started out wrong with the jurors to begin with, because again they’re lying.
        They are the ones that didn’t deliberate!

        • I absolutely agree with you! Their minds were made up before the trial started. Apparently, JM, PIOF and JSS aren’t the only liars that were in that court room. Jodi has NOT lied since she took the stand in Part One of this Tragedy. Unfortunately, the State can’t say that for themselves or for their “Hired gun” witnesses. Just like their hired jury pool. All part of their scam for the tax payers in Maricopa County which btw is actually the city of Phoenix and in the STATE OF ARIZONA. Geez, I hope I got that right! Go for a visit and never leave guilty or innocent, doesn’t matter to them. SELF DEFENSE IS NOT A CRIME FOLKS!

            • R.
              I believe there was jury misconduct all over the place,
              In that case, the whole thing should be thrown out.
              AND the judge’s BS about I see NO hands.
              OF course she saw no hands.

              When a jury isn’t sequestered, that’s what you’re going to get.
              PLUS, the jurors all heard the others for the state lying.
              To all of them, NO BIGGIE!!!!

              It really does make your blood boil.

              • I believe there was jury misconduct also. Who do they think they are, trying to kick a juror off the jury because they didn’t share the same views as them. They are strange ones these brainwashed groupies. The juror that they all wanted kicked off and tried to twice, is the only one who deserved to serve because she was willing to pay attention to the facts and make her own decisions instead of following behind a bunch of twits who apparently lied to give Jodi the DP. OH I’m bad I keep forgetting “Lying for the Lord” is acceptable in their Circus Courts. Heaven help them if they ever need help themselves.

                • I know, R,
                  They are a strange hateful crowd.
                  I think that juror should go to someone, also get the very best lawyer
                  and sue the State for such conduct.

                  It shouldn’t just stop like that, AT ALL because if not for her then Jodi
                  would have received the DP.
                  Then WHAT????

                  Jury misconduct is very serious and THEY know that they shouldn’t just
                  get by with it, without paying BIG consiquences.

      • Raja, she not only has apologized many times, she said she was disgusted with her actions. That made me angry! No, Jodi shouldn’t be disgusted, she should be proud of standing up to a vile abuser (abuse is not only physical people, it’s also psychological).

        I’m sure that most of the HATERS have seen the two movies
        2. ENOUGH

        I’m sure that when both (Julia and Jennifer) fought back their abusers, all those vile haters were rooting for the girls and were happy to see that they killed them to finally get away from certain death. So why are they so against Jodi for doing the same thing? If Jodi didn’t fight back, she wouldn’t be here today. That pedo would have killed her and of course gotten away with it because… well because he was a man, a mormon and leading a double life that nobody knew about. He seemed to be a decent person but evidence shows that he was a fucking disturbed POS.

    • Dwight’s Huth

      You know why the people you mentioned.didnt check on TA when they didn’t hear from him, because IMHO there was no need for them to check up on TA because they knew exactly why TA was not answering his calls or texts, because they knew he was not able to answer because he was in the middle of his Blood Atonement! Their part of the plan was to do exactly as they did, show up after his body was brought back to his house and then blame Jodi!! IMHO they were part of the plan!!! You could tell by how quickly they blamed Jodi!!!

      • Mirja, I agree with you to the point of them taking him out of the house. I just don’t know about that point. The reason is because of the statement Jodi saying she remembers the knife going into his neck. He was still alive. OK the way she said it was very interesting to me. She didn’t say she remembers putting the knife into his neck. Now it could have been a fault memory.
        I really want to go back a listen to the 911 call again. I’m wondering if Mimi knew what was going on because she didn’t either remember or knew Jodi’s name. I’m still very confused as to why everyone would point their figure at Jodi due to the fact that they would have known Jodi was over a thousand miles away??

        • cindy,

          Yes, like you said, Jodi did say that TA was alive when the knife went into his throat. IMHO, that’s where they started the ritual (at TA’s house) but they finished it at another location and then when he was dead they brought his body back to his house! That’s why no smell, no bugs, etc.! Then they told the selected group of people when to go and discover TA’s dead body and to make sure that they mentioned that Jodi did it!!! All of them pointing the finger at Jodi was their cover up!!! That’s why they did all the ritualistic steps like position his body in the shower, put the ritual cup in shower, put TA’s sacred underwear in the washer with the bed linens, then they went and set up the crime scene as best they could but it wasn’t very good imo!

  8. I thank Dorian Bond for his interview. When he was talking about Jodi and who she is, I could totally understand what he was saying: I too feel that way about Jodi. She’s a good person, a loving soul and she could have been the ‘girl next door’.

    It’s really a shame that people – for fame and glory and monies – started a hate campaign against Jodi that resulted in Jodi being called one of the most hated women in USA. If Jodi is the monster they make her out to be, I would really be afraid to meet all those monsters behind their screens that have made it their life goal to destroy Jodi: a women they don’t even know! Now those are the real monsters; NOT JODI!

    ((((Jodi’s Appeals))))♥
    ((((Jodi’s freedom)))) ♥

    • That’s always my question: do you even know Jodi Arias? The answer is almost always “no”. Usually it’s followed by “and I don’t want to know her either!” Well, good for you. I know her. More importantly, I’ve taken the time to get to know her and if I thought that she was in any way, shape or form this monster that she’s been made out to be, I wouldn’t even be here today.

  9. I thought the first jury set a new bar for low, but you detestable latest fabricators that made it on the jury with a predestined mission to try to murder Jodi, are even lower level scum.

    Who the fuck do you think you are, preventing juror 17 from sending out a note out to the judge? You’re the creme de la creme of scum. It’s only unfortunate that your sabotaging and kidnapping of juror 17’s right to her view of the evidence didn’t result in the death verdict because that little stunt would have been a rocket speed ride to a reversal and new trial.

    If all 23 of you vacuous cloven hoof, prehensile, winos were put into a room, what you would have is one short of two dozen shit heads.

    Martinez is the Grand Wizard of slugs and you were his loyal minions, along with his other co-collaborating slugs and evidence twisters. Every one of you is so intellectually vapid, you would have found John Wayne Gacy innocent. And to party with the highest pretensive jackelopes that ever soiled a courtroom in a murder case, was the crowning glory. Alexanders you turn my stomach.

    If Travis could be brought back to life tomorrow and all you had to do was give back the pity-party money you leeched out of his fortunate demise, there isn’t a fucking chance in hell you would do it. You and those vacuous posse groupies of yours all sleep in the same bunk.

    The smell is detectable in Hawaii.

    • Preach on sista! They partied with the excuse that they ‘won’??? They didn’t!

      Jodi is not going to be killed, she will get a new trial, eventually she will be free! So, ya, you can party for your dead brother (that alone is disturbing) and you can expose your bias (especially to the ‘oh so honest’ jurors 🙄 ) but that only helps Jodi’s case get stronger! What is put out on the internet is there forever. Just sayin’

      (((Jodi is winning))) ♥

  10. Oh, another thing in this Monica Lindstrom video (below) is that at some point during Monica’s training to be a lawyer or early in her law career, Sherry Stephens was her supervisor.

    I wouldn’t recommend this video b/c there is a lot of sniping at Jodi and mean-spirited remarks…and praise for JSS and J. DeMarte. But, one part of the video was interesting (@34:15) although it wasn’t fully explained. A viewer from Scotland asked about cameras in the courtroom.
    Monica said:
    “I think the laws and courtroom rules across the country and ethical rules for attorneys and judges are going to change dramatically because of the Arias’ trial. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rules are called the “Arias Rules” because of this trial (she was interrupted by snarky remarks from the interviewer here) …but things are definitely going to change. In fact, already in Maricopa County, when they do voir dire, they talk to the jurors now about their social media accounts and tweeting and Facebook. That didn’t exist before this trial…”

    • If Jodi needs to go to the United States Supreme Court (God forbid), I wonder if the issue that Monica Lindstrom referred to above that “the laws and the courtroom rules across the country and ethical rules for attorneys and judges are going to change dramatically because of the Arias trial” is an issue that is suitable for the US Supreme Court?” Of course it will depend on whether Monica’s predictions come true.

      12. What about the United States Supreme Court?
      Very few cases have issues that are suitable for this Court, but if a defendant has one, they should talk with a lawyer as quickly as possible after the mandate has issued, if not before.

          • Liza,
            It was referring to Monica Lindstrom’s comment that Jodi’s case may change laws and courtroom rules across the country. Like I mentioned above, Monica didn’t explain exactly what issues she was referring to. She didn’t spell it out. But, she seemed to indicate Jodi’s case may signify a need for new ways of looking at an important legal issue or issues.

  11. OMG I think that I have stumbled upon one of the WORST YouTube videos ever. It’s one of Travis as this “Eddie Snell” character and it looks like it may have been uploaded from Jodi’s YouTube back in 2008. It’s about 2 minutes long and I swear that you can hear Jodi laughing in the video. I’m almost positive that she’s the one videotaping Travis.

    Honest to God, if I thought that he did something funny or brilliant, I would admit to it, but this video is AWFUL. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t get what is funny at all about this. It kind of reminds me of when you go to the movie theater and they have some stupid comedy trailer come on and 90% of the audience is laughing hysterically and you’re like “Okay, am I missing the joke here?”

    Maybe I’m wrong with this video. The only redeeming quality about this video is Jodi’s laugh. It’s adorable. As for the rest of the video, it sucks so bad.


    Proverbs 11:3 – The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.

  13. I am still getting that nagging inclination to think that just maybe his neck wasn’t cut at the place everybody thinks. That was the prosecution’s version. We have to keep in mind, she never gave a version. The sequence of all the different wounds don’t necessarily have any factual basis or proof either.

    It has particularly got my attention because Jodi has now said she remembers the throat being cut and that he was still conscious (I agree with that part) but that he was “STILL’ attacking her. She has remembered what would most likely have been the last act of the sequence and she had remembered the shot way back in the first trial. That has to mean that total recall of the fight has come back to her. In other words, I believe she remembers the entire event, and as she said, was intending to testify about it.

    Since she used the words “still attacking,” I can’t see any way that he would be attacking her at the end of the hall tile where she had to resort to cutting his throat. That just doesn’t seem logical. And I have long been puzzled by that big puddle of blood in front of the closet door. There almost doesn’t seem like any other cut on his body cut have generated that kind of blood. It’s larger than what is on the carpet. And he was stationary there positively!

    What if they were tussling at the end of the hall as she was trying to get away from him? What if she stabbed him in the heart there? Or any number of the other gashes on his neck caused the blood we see there. If he was facing her there or struggling with her there, that would definitely account for the stomping around on the carpet.

    Although if his throat was cut there, her need to spin him around would have caused a somewhat similar replication. But the footprints are on both sides of the blood puddle there. That’s a little problematic because she wouldn’t have been needing to step too much on the right side (closet door side) as she would on the left side to start to turn him. But most important we have to have some way to account for all that blood in front of the closet.

    I haven’t thought this through completely enough yet but I am still not settled that the accepted hypothesis is right at all. And I know a ouija board is more accurate than that steaming pile Martinez sold to the jury.

    The only thing I’m sure of is that the gunshot happened just like she said and that he went to the sink because of it. If the defense would have just hired a damn blood specialist pattern expert, a ton of things would have been explained.

    How can we be sure that downward smear on the wall is from his hand? If it was, there positively had to be a handprint of his there where the smear started. Why wasn’t there testimony about it? It would have been a piece of cake to show it. They find the edge of a palm print of Jodi, but weren’t interested in showing his hand starting to make a huge smear like a rainbow? And the defense doesn’t question any of the blood?

    God, the defense was just pathetic. And I’m being generous.

      • I had wrote a long post last year during the first trial and the site crashed just as I was finishing it. When I got the comment box again, it was a blank box. There was no way I was going to reconstruct it or possibly remember what I had written.

        But it was a long point by point dissertation of my total disagreement with almost everything described in his description after the gunshot–most especially with the knife and his opinion. It was a post I was very comfortable with in my own personal analysis. If it had not vaporized, I think it would have changed some minds.

        But to sum it up in a few words, I don’t think what he described is what happened at all or what we would see on a video if it had recorded the entire event. What he has described about the vector of the gunshot and the path of the bullet, I very much agree with.

        • Jade, I don’t know if you use Mozilla, because it has a great app…called “Lazarus” that will save all your comments to any site as you write, then if you have by chance or error deleted same, you can search the app in options & hey, “Magic”, they’re there for you.

          • I took a look at that and very recent reviews are not complimentary about it and/or that it is not compatible with recent updates of Firefox. Apparently recently changes have been noticed and some reviewers said it made them “donate” before it would recover what they wrote. That is a little sneaky.

            • That never happened to me & I use it daily & I have latest Firefox updates. 99% of readers feedback is positive. Maybe it because I am also using Adblock Plus & Blur (do not tack me).

  14. “A lie has speed, but truth has endurance” —-Edgar Mohn

    (thanking one of my good freinds for sharing this qwuote with me) 🙂

      • A different tv station also said, “Not to count JODI out” because her new appeals team has a strong case for what Froggy did during the trial. And that “JODI will be back with a vengeance”

            • Reason MORE complicated????
              Alexanders!! PERIOD!

              I’m so happy that they turned down Jodi’s plea.
              Jodi take care of yourself.

              You ARE loved and since they turned down your plea,
              it’s going to show true colors.

              They bit their noses off to spite their face.

            • But, I just checked out Cates and he’s been on all f the TV shows along with Joey Jackson on HLN and FOX!
              Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, is this going to be fair?

              They say he’s been on this case, I guess in the background, but doesn’t seem to
              be with Jodi.

              The defense attorneys wre ALL against Jodi.
              I couldn’t believe it!!
              Is he going to be one to help on the appeals?

              • No, Cates was on HLN regularly, yes. But he was always speaking against the prosecution. ALWAYS. Can’t say for sure what he believed about Jodi except that she was entitled to a fair trial and she wasn’t getting one.

                • Well, That’s good to know Journee,
                  I think he was the one on NG’s Show that walked off
                  and said her show was stupid. I liked that!!
                  Anything to know he’s for Jodi and has seen the
                  blatant lies and coverups, plus all of the other laws broken.

                • UGH!!
                  Thanks Journee!!! : )
                  I haven’t watched HLN since they started all of the circuses, so I had to go there looking for the time that I was talking about.

                  I forget what case it was about but I remember it was ONE time that I was happy that I didn’t miss it.

                  Good Lord, I just saw loud mouth susan moss. OUCH!!! : )

                  I didn’t realize how much peace that I’ve had not watching her.

                  SO, even though I know it was Cates, I’m not willing to go through the
                  mud to find it, BUT I remember I loved him for it.

                  In some cases I realize it’s ok to watch those so that I don’t forget how horrible they were, but I had forgotten some great moments and that was ONE of them.

                  Thanks for sitting me straight Journee.
                  I KNOW I can count on you and NOW I feel such relief! : )

        • Oh, ya. The only good thing that all those haters and ‘yellow tabloiders’ did was by trying to make ‘headlines’ they made Jodi’s case known worldwide. It’s too late to try and sweep all the fuck-ups that were done against Jodi in that courtroom!

          As it is said: Whatever doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. Jodi is getting stronger, her case on corruption is getting stronger and it is far from over…

    • CC53, I read that and it’s pretty enlightening that someone came out and said that. I just wish that it didn’t have to go back to JSS first. That’s just a east of time and just crazy. Can someone please explain that to me????

    • 8. What can the Court of Appeals do?
      It can affirm a conviction and sentence, it can set aside all of a judgment and order a new trial, or set aside a judgment and order the defendant released. It can order a re-trial or re-hearing on parts of the case. These are the basic things that can be done

      • Don’t you know those TAXPAYERS are proud sheeple! Vote him again, why don’t cha?

        County taxpayers have paid $6.8 million in attorneys’ fees, and the county also has forked over $2.6 million to pay a staff that is monitoring the sheriff on behalf of the judge. Taxpayers also are picking up the costs of video cameras in patrol vehicles and the creation of a fund to compensate people harmed by the violation of the 2011 order that barred Arpaio’s immigration patrols. The legal costs from the profiling case are part of the $74 million that the county has paid in judgments, settlements and legal fees for the sheriff’s office during Arpaio’s tenure. Some settlements resolved lawsuits filed over the treatment of inmates in Arpaio’s jails and the sheriff’s failed corruption investigations of political foes.

        • : ) This is what is costing the majority TO hate.
          Hope they’re enjoying it!
          You think that they believe they’re getting their moneys
          worth of HATE.
          It really does cost to HATE!

          PLUS, it would be costing them for years IF they had gotten what they wanted.
          The DP!!

          SO, let’s see, the AZ tax payers are paying for the FUN of HATE also to
          the media!!!!

          That’s for HLN motto HateLivesoN

    • The should give Jodi the special honour of locking Arpaio up & throwing away the key. You see, it should be “Life for a Life”…although Jodi’s sentence of life will be very short term. Right Guys?!

    • I really do hope that he get’s locked up in his own jail! Now that would be KARMA. Plus I’d love to see how friendly all those inmates that he has tortured would be with him in the showers… What goes around, comes around and sheriff joe has been poking Karma for too long, he’s woken her up and she’s not happy! 😉

  15. I believe that her verdict will be overturned because the computer was tampered with and evidence withheld. The reason behind that being done tells me that the prosecution didn’t think she would be convicted if the computer evidence had been produced in the first trial. Also, how did TA’s SIM cards disappear? Was in it the states custody at the time? The truth is going to be found. I think that the last argument was the reason he attacked her. There was more there than her dropping his camera.

    • SIM cards have always been a puzzling issue. So many things that just don’t add up or make one go “Hmmm” . Corruption at its finest.

    • The jury in the second trial never even considered the porn that was shown to be all over the computer & that was deceitfully hidden by Prosecutor during first trial. Why? Because 11 of them were bent from the word go & only had one thing on their minds from the off. And that was to help Martinez murder Jodi. Latter Day Satan’s, the whole eleven of them, along with Martinez, Flores, Montgomery & Arpaio.

      • The second jury was far more corrupt than the first one, imho. Because after 2 years of HLN and other news stations dealing with Jodi’s case 27/7, there’s NO way they hadn’t heard anything about it. Unless they live under a rock or something… 🙄

        • Right Maria,
          Then when the real trial came, they could have heard the lies
          and found out what REALLY happened and didn’t happen.
          They didn’t HEAR it, because they knew what they were going to do.

          Plus they had a chance to show their bias and now I hope they’re caught
          with their pants down.

          So, I hope them getting on the jury, really pays off for them behind bars.
          Whatever they get for juror misconduct!

    • Of course the state stole them as it/they were full of porn. Flores probably has the SIM card on his phone now for his daily ogle hour.

  16. “Arizona Supreme Court denies Bill Montgomery’s request to depublish court’s opinion. Debra Milkes ruling allowed to stand as a precedent” Michael Kiefer


    If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn’t sit for a month.
    ~~~Theodore Roosevelt 😉

    • HAPPY WEDNESDAY to you, too, R. Love and to JODI and to all TEAM JODI!!!

      We weren’t born to follow (LIKE SHEEPLE!!!)!!! You gotta stand up for what you believe!!! This song by Bon Jovi tells it!!!


      We are here for you, JODI, every day!!! We are fighting for you and with you for your FREEDOM!!! We aren’t going anywhere!!! We love you and support you ALL THE WAY!!!

      • Right on Marja! ♥
        This is not about living in a fantasy
        This is not about giving up and giving in….. We weren’t born to be follow…….

  18. Here’s another case that shows how Jodi was unfairly overcharged. Man shoots and kills his wife in a hotel where he was apparently carrying on an affair with another woman. He’s a convicted felon in possession of a gun, has drugs in his possession and is charged with 2nd degree murder and had his bond set at $750,000. Jodi gets a first degree murder charge and a bond of 2 million. They definitely made a special case out of her for some reason. BTW, in the comments section of this article, someone wrote it was his second attempt on his wife’s life.

    • They (Prosecutor/state) hated/hate her because she’s smart & talented. When Martinez was cross-examining her in first trial he just couldn’t trip her up with his smart-alecky questions. So much so, that he had to resort to abusing her again & again & calling her a “Liar”. Yes, she lied when she was arrested, but not on the stand, & even her lies were nothing compared to his all through the trial. He was & still is the top representative of all that is WRONG today in the US justice system.

      • Definitely! Jodi Ann Arias HAS NEVER LIED in court and especially when she was on the stand. Hoping that clears it up for the brainless twits who like to misrepresent things only to promote themselves and their pathetic egos. Hope they stick that in their pipes in smoke on that for a while SMH Juan Martinez has proven he is a LIAR many times over! That is a FACT folks! Proven!!

    • This link made my day!!! I am posting the article here. It’s worth reading more than once:

      Will contempt case put Arpaio in the pink (underwear)?
      EJ Montini, The Republic | 11:05 a.m. MST April 22, 2015

      Sheriff Joe Arpaio invented pink underwear for inmates.

      Should he now be sporting a pair?

      Should Arpaio, at the very least, receive a pink slip from county voters?

      Even if you are among Arpaio’s most ardent supporters, and he has many of them, you can’t like what you’ve heard about the testimony in the civil contempt hearing going on in federal court before Judge Murray Snow.

      Snow is the judge who found Arpaio’s immigration enforcement procedures unconstitutional and ordered them to stop. An appeals court agrees.

      The sheriff already has admitted to not following Snow’s order. That should be troublesome enough for law-abiding Arpaio supporters. The sheriff of Maricopa County is supposed to enforce the laws. He’s supposed to follow court orders. He doesn’t get to make the law or ignore court orders, even those with which he disagrees.

      That’s not how our legal system works.

      Arpaio’s popularity appears to have gone to his head. He came to believe his own press releases. Instead of acting like a sheriff in real life, he acts as if he only played one on TV.

      The hearing before Snow could change that.

      In court Tuesday Sgt. Brett Palmer, a supervisor with Arpaio’s former human-smuggling unit, testified that Arpaio personally instructed him to continue enforcing federal immigration law after Judge Snow had ordered them to stop.

      Palmer described a conversation with Arpaio in which the sheriff wanted him to hold some individuals who were being detained, something Palmer believed he had no legal right to do.

      Palmer said, “The sheriff took a very authoritative stance with me. (He) told me I was not to release these individuals. I was to hold them, pending his arrival. I told the sheriff immediately that was an unlawful order and I was not going to follow it.”

      That’s not good.

      Arpaio will get to have his say. He and his attorneys will try to put a positive spin on things. They’ll try to soften Snow’s view of the situation. They’ll try, as the old saying goes, to put Arpaio back in the pink.

      But in this case, that might mean underwear.

    • C’mon judge, really knock it to him. Send him to Tent City Street and let him create his underwear out of green bologna like Tarzan.

      Martinez can get a preview glimpse of his long long overdue upcoming comeuppance.

      • If he doesn’t keep his job, his family will have to find a new way to scam the masses. No wonder he likes to keep his jail full, the commissary must pay pretty well for him to hold out this long for them. I would think that would be a major conflict of interest, but not in AZ. And we are weird. . . 😆

  19. Sheriff Joe’s days are numbered. Karma is coming around. This is a civil trial which means they can fine him hefty fines but there is also a possibility that criminal charges could be laid down the road. His key supporters have jumped ship. His long time attorney is gone and his deputy. He should have retired years ago, he has gone too far. Judges don’t like it when their orders are not followed. I would love to see him in pink pjs size exlarge.

    Re Samantha, I think I heard she was married but not now.

    • Judy thank you. I wonder who the guy was sitting next to her in court? Oh well doesn’t matter. I hope she is one that doesn’t go back to work with out seeing a psychologist to deal with her anger issues. We have enough cops with anger issues running around..

    • One thing interesting, Arpaio has already raised 2 million dollars for his campaign. If I was one of those taxpayers I would want him to fork it over to pay for the mess he has created. SMH Sheeple……..

  20. I got that from you tube a video of 1.13 minutes called “Travis Alexander’s sister reacts to Jodi Arias interview from t.v. show” It was a snip of 48 hours that they showed in court – and Samantha rolling her eyes etc.
    They refer to Samantha as Turbeville.

  21. Good morning my friends!!!! Jodi will be waking to a bit cooler morning. The temps in Goodyear will only reach 83 today. I’m sure she is enjoying reading her many letters of love sent to her. I wonder what books she is reading?? I can see her getting lost in her drawings…. :-). Back in Phoenix Sheriff Joe will be in the hot seat..hahaha!!! As much as we would like to see him spend the rest of his days in pink, I somehow do not think that’s going to happen. Maybe throwing him out of office to live out his life in shame and paying restitution will be enough. But I got to say the idea of him in pink does sound so sweet……

    ((((Jodi)))). Today is one day closer to the end of this nightmare. You are strong and you are loved!!!

        • It’s chilly again! 🙁 I painted my toenails on Saturday when it was warm and beautiful and now it’s back to cold!

          • In Ireland, we have our hottest day of the year so far…& at 6.30 in the evening the sun is still hot & the sky is totally blue & the birds are chirping & the plants are beginning to bloom & what more can I say but that its, “L-o-v-e-r-l-y”.

            The hottest year since records began was last year; well I think this year will beat that by a degree, or two or three. And this year I want to see Arpaio & Co in jail & Jodi “Free”.

  22. S.J. that was so FUNNY and TRUE…own it joe! Now on to …MR. Bond…He should not or ever talk @ that day as murder…as others have done…KIRK…me thinks. Self defence is NOT SUCH….I always correct anyone who says that word…IT,S not true. Zimmerman…YES and I,m a shooter and ex recon…Stand your ground as he went after an unarmed kid.DUH! And yes I know how hard it is not to slip…up…but remember it helps the haters so. Think before you speak.

    “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition
    from mediocre minds.” ♥ ~~~~Albert Einstein

    A little good advice plus it’s FREE! Don’t say you haven’t been warned. 😯

    • Good one R…& all the dirty used diapers should be re-used on the Politicians especially in Arizona; they won’t notice the difference because they’re so used to laying in their own muck/dirt.

  25. Does anyone think,that after Jodi shot TA that the gun jammed and he kept attacking? To me the fact that two weapons were used proves it was NOT premeditated. I mean who plans an outright attack out? She was in love and doing everything to win him back. I totally believe he snapped into violence and she defended herself.the defense never tried to make it self defense. I wish she had had better defense.

    • The gun may not have jammed. She was surprised when it went off. Travis said it was not loaded. It may just have had that one bullet in the chamber, a common error that people make. The many knife cuts TA suffered were attempts to keep him away or force him to let go. They were not excessive. They were Jodi trying not to kill TA. If Jodi wanted to kill TA or he was a victim of a blood atonement conspiracy there would not have been all the cuts in non-vital areas.

  26. A kiss for luck and I’m on my way……..

    Wish me luck as I proceed forward with my plan…….

    May not amount to a hill of beans but I’m going to try anyway…….


  27. Senior abuse?
    Stephen Lemons ‏@stephenlemons 4h4 hours ago
    Day Three of @RealSheriffJoe contempt trial. Plaintiffs attny slapping around Joe like a freakin pinata

  28. The JAA Appellate fund page now features news of the “$25k Matching Gift Campaign” – and the current fund total.

    Go check it out @


    Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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