Innocence: An Argument For Jodi Arias [re-post]

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This is a re-post from May 30th 2013:

Check out the excerpts below from Richard Speights’ detailed post – “Innocence: An Argument For Jodi Arias”… then click here to read the full post at his website. It is the most detailed & comprehensive synopsis of the June 4th events I have seen to date.

The above answers all the blood evidence, stabs, abrasive wounds, and incisions in a reasonable version of events, wherein all the pieces of this puzzle fit together perfectly, naturally, and consistently. The evidence shows Arias did not attack Alexander; he attacked her. Her actions, according to the evidence, were in self-defense—justifiable homicide. This is the only reasonable conclusion to Travis Alexander’s death.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

It is clear Jodi Arias defended herself against a rampaging Travis Alexander. The autopsy report is clear only when you understand the meaning of each cut, stab, and wound and how they fit with the blood evidence. The prosecutor and the defense team couldn’t give a complete and creditable account for all the evidence at the scene. The prosecutor and defense answered the evidence with more than one scenario each. This essay contains the only story that accounts for all the cuts, stab wounds, and blood evidence, and the evidences shouts, “Jodi Arias did not commit murder. Travis Alexander’s death is justifiable homicide.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The jury was not sequestered for the trial. They may have sworn they didn’t watch television news, listen to the radio, or read the newspapers, but, honestly, how could they have escaped the poison of seething hatred for Jodi Arias. It filled the air. It tainted the water. It changed the taste of everyone’s food. It crept into the lives of the jurors, who were free to move about the murmuring mob, living among the horde that later howled for Arias’ blood. Arias did not have a fair trial. The spotlight of hate was too bright. The flood of hatred had completely drowned all common sense and fairness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Seeing Travis Alexander’s dead in that shower will haunt Arias for the rest of her life. No amount of water could wash away the horror. She couldn’t clean away the nightmare. But like my father and others who have had to kill, Arias is not guilty of murder. She fought to stay alive. She fought, as any of us would, to take her next breath, to see another tomorrow. Her actions that terrible day are, as they should be, justified.

Click here to read the full post.


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  1. I’m reading Richard’s write-up and I agree that a .25 bullet lacks the energy to penetrate the skull when fired from a distance.
    I think the dura mater was in fact intact and the bullet’s path was not through the brain, as our “perjurous” Dr Horn suggested. So Travis was only slightly wounded when the bullet hit his thick skull and deflected through the nasal cavity. That’s what caused him to spay blood though the nose and leave blood spatters on the sink and the area around the sink.
    I don’t know why the defense team did not call everybody’s attention to this, it’s a huge gap and has not been addressed.

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    • Richards’s write-up is very good.

      Was he doesn’t do is take account on the blood evidence in the hallway and the linen cupboard, and the accidental photographs taken 62 seconds and 74 seconds after Jodi dropped the camera.

      Just bear that in mind.

        • What is your theory, geebee? I thought Jodi testified to them playing around with the ‘timer’ function on the camera to record them having sex. This seems like the most plausible explanation to me – that the timer function was still on.

          • No, the timer function was off. It was on before to the photo of the shower ceiling, You can tell from the timestamps.

            No, the theory has to do mainly with when the fight involving the knife started.

            I believe it is after the last accidental photo.

            The key questions are: why did Jodi pick up the knife, and why did she open the linen cupboard door. I have an idea, based on the idea that Jodi probably wanted to help Travis, and she may have forgotten he had threatened to kill her.

          • I would add that it’s not exactly necessary from the legal standpoint.

            The state attempted to prove it’s case in two ways :

            (1) The crazy gunshot last theory ( which would disprove Jodi’s self-defense claim ).
            This was completely refuted by Robert Geffner

            (2) The gas-can nonsense. Which I am sure will fall apart, for any one of a large number of reasons.

            I just like the puzzle of reconstructing things, and this is a particularly fascinating case, because Jodi had acute stress amnesia, and that influences behaviour in very strange ways.

  2. “The jury was not sequestered for the trial. They may have sworn they didn’t watch television news, listen to the radio, or read the newspapers, but, honestly, how could they have escaped the poison of seething hatred for Jodi Arias.”

    As it was proven, the jury was on the internet all the time… couldn’t they have at least opened their damn eyes and read anything decent referring to the case instead of spending their time on social media sites where the main topic was ‘bashing Jodi’?

    Imagine if they had come across this article… aawwww, who am I kidding?!?!? All the solid evidence in the world proving Jodi acted upon self defense wouldn’t have changed their minds. Their venomous hatred had blinded them so much that even if crystal clear evidence smacked them on the backside of their heads, they wouldn’t see it!!!!

    This essay was an eye-opener for me. When I had first read this it helped me understand and see clearly that indeed Jodi acted upon self defense. I wish there was a way that the defense team can use this essay on the next stage of this trial… I don’t know how much help it would do in this corrupted trial but it is another aspect that proves the perjury made by Horn, Flores & Martinez…

    I wonder how martinez would react to all of the info in this essay… How the hell would he dance around this? Probably some fascinating break-dance move to mesmerize the jury! LMFAO!

    SJ, thank you so much for re-posting this essay. You are awesome! (((((((SJ))))))))

    ((((((((Jodi is innocent)))))))

    PS. Maureen, please take the time to read the whole essay. I would love to hear your opinion.

  3. Doing a little research on line regarding .25 caliber handguns and came across someone asking the question: “What is the most embarrassing gun you’ve ever owned?” Here are two of the answers:

    “My Phoenix arms .25 caliber raven. It was cheap but what a joke. If some one shot me with that and I found out, I’d be really pissed. It can barely cycle. So one shot then throw it at your attacker.”

    “I know someone who was headshot with a .25 auto from 2″ and took the gun away from the person and pistol whipped them with it. Not a good self defense round.”

    • I never really thought about it, but one advantage of gun shot last to Juan is that he doesn’t have to say the gun jammed after a singe shot was fired.

      Of course, why Jodi only shoots Travis once when he is already dead is also not so clear.


      • Yes it is madness. You know what else is madness? The entire State’s theory. It’s shit. It’s always been shit. But somehow they got 12 gullible morons to believe their shit theory. I still to this day cannot fathom that. They really believe she shot him AFTER he was already dead. Unbelievable.

        • What’s more, they said she shot him in the head after she dragged him into the shower. Mind you, the wound was on the right side of Travis’ brow and traversed right to left. The right side of Travis’ face – IN THE SHOWER – was the ‘inside’. So even if she turned his head to the left (why?) to fire the shot, she still would have had to have been standing somewhere in the shower to fire the shot. But wait, that shower’s pretty small, the shot couldn’t help but be close range – yet there was no stippling around the entrance wound?

          WHY THE HELL did the defense team NOT put up their own forensic CSI and ME?

          • OMG! Excellent point, Journee!! Had she fired him in the shower, she would have to aim at the left side of his face or the centre, near the nose. How could she possibly have hit his right eyebrow?!?!

            Echoing that question! I still can’t wrap my head around this.
            At least: even if they could not hire an CSI expert or an ME for whatever reason,why the hell did the defense team NOT raise those questions, like the one you just posted?!? It would plant the ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ idea in the jurors’ minds! (hopefully…)

            • Why didn’t the defense team step up to the plate?

              I think Speights was right: between the crime scene and the nature of the wounds, they didn’t believe her either.

              • I think their attitude towards this case was a defeated one from the get-go. As if they were so overwhelmed by the evidence, they felt they couldnt do much to help Jodi. Jennifer was feistier than Kirk, no doubt. But there are so many things they missed or failed to harp on or address.

                • I don’t think they expected to find evidence that would support Jodi’s story. I think they were afraid if they hired their own experts, those experts would support the state’s story and they’d be stuck.

                  Plus there’s the whole ‘was there or wasn’t there someone else there’ issue, with an unexplained shoe print and a story they’d abandoned in favor of self defense. They didn’t know what path to walk so they just tiptoed all over the place.

        • I agree with you, Jeff, on how the prosecution got ANYONE to believe anything about their theory of what happened to Travis Alexander, and the truth is that Jodi didn’t even shoot Travis, period, nor was she there when whoever brought his dead body back to his house and positioned him in his shower and positioned the crime scene! Travis was ALIVE when Jodi left his house on June 4, 2008!

    • Quick online research here too. Look at this one:
      ” Colonel Jeff Cooper once said about the little .25 ACP “If you must carry a .25 ACP caliber pistol, do not load it. For if you load it, you might use it. And if you shoot somebody with it, and they find out about it, they’re likely to be very upset with you.” While a gun chambered in 25 ACP beats the heck out of not having a gun at all, it’s simply not adequate at stopping a determined attacker. ”

      Or this: ” I tried to talk him out of it, saying that the .25 is by far the most…disrespected pistol cartridge of all time”

      Or this: ” The people getting shot with these mouse guns aren’t typically incapacitated immediately, but linger and die in the hospital later on. Do you want to halt the threat now or later? ”

      We could go on and on… But I guess that won’t change Martinez’ or Horn’s minds right? Pfff….

      • From Maria:

        Or this: ” I tried to talk him out of it, saying that the .25 is by far the most…disrespected pistol cartridge of all time”

        From me:

        That’s what I kept telling people who wanted to nag that ‘Dave Hall said Travis didn’t have a gun.’ If Travis had THAT sissy little gun, he would NOT have told Dave (with his collection of automatic assault rifles) about it.

      • Or this: ” The people getting shot with these mouse guns aren’t typically incapacitated immediately, but linger and die in the hospital later on. Do you want to halt the threat now or later? ”

        Makes me wonder, yet again, about what kind of gun killed Josh Freeman who lingered in the hospital for a week – and was it found next to him and did anyone EVER think to compare ballistics. (of course they didn’t, and there surely no evidence to compare at this point).

      • All very true, I owned one of these pistols many years ago a colt 1908 .25 auto very well made I never had a problem with jamming it was just extremely under powered you could do more damage by throwing it than you could by shooting someone. Not a good self defense weapon.

        Ray in H-burg Va.

  4. I have never looked at the autopsy photos but judging from all accounts I have read, I’ve always believed Jodi acted in self defense. If you were to have a raging bear attack you, you’d use everything at your disposal to fend it off, Every wound could never be perfectly explained and categorized under such a circumstance. If Jodi was hell bent on killing TA during a surprise visit then she was woefully unprepared. A small caliber weapon and a borrowed kitchen knife rather than an assault weapon and a machete? We’re expected to believe that she drove all this way with murder in mind harboring this supposedly premeditated plan and that was it? You would only buy this if you watched Nancy Grace and wanted her to be guilty. If there’s a new trial the blood evidence should be picked apart by a Henry Lee or someone of that caliber.

    • Sad life story. Last night, at midnight, our friends horse got hit by a car. My husband was called to put it down and took his 38. The horse had a severely broken leg and we could not wait for a vet. To my horror ( i knew it had to be done but) he shot it between the eyes and it fell then tried to get up again still fighting to live. He had to shoot it again. Bless its heart it didn’t have to suffer anymore. We, needless, to say were heart broken for the horse and our friends. But no one can tell me if your shot you can’t still keep fighting!!! That was with a 38 between the eyes at close range.
      Ugh! So so sad.
      Sorry to share but somehow it just seemed to prove a point with me.
      Back too Free Jodi. . .and signatures are at 225!

      • Sad story. But when I was very young that happened a few times a year. That was where my mom grew up. Interesting, that something so devastating as that experience can be an example to help others understand the crime scene.

    • ” …then she was woefully unprepared” Yep! That is exactly what Martinez told the jurors to believe and they so eagerly followed like the good sheeple they were. A premeditated murder with a borrowed knife and a (supposedly) stolen gun, with less effective bullets than those originally found in it when she (again supposedly) stole it! But of course we must not forget about the gas cans, right? Coz they directly speak of her being guilty. Not that she had to drive in the middle of the freaking desert, all by herself. Oh no.. (rolling eyes)

    • Now it is time to set Jodi free. She is no different than Debra. Jodi has been mistreated and accused of something she did not do. Yes, she killed TA but it was SELF-DEFENSE!!! Who cannot see that……oh, ya I forgot…the haters can’t. Give me a break AZ.

    • I am so happy for Debra Milke! Imagine being on death-row for 23 years…Her case is definitely gonna affect Jodi’s, hopefully in a positive way. It may at least give people some perspective, making them realize that some things in life are not just black or white.

      • Maria, I do wish the same thing for Jodi, too!

        I spend all morning reading about the Debra Milke case.

        So many loops, so much corruption (Saldate)…in the name of what? Rewarding? Recognition? A raise?!?!

        If this woman had planned the evil murder of her son – as the other two (Scott and Styers) claimed she did – why the hell didn’t they go and inform the police what she was planning?!?!

        They framed this poor woman. She lost the best years of her life trying to prove her innocence. She never had the freedom to mourn her son like every mother should… So sad.

        And now, Horne amd Montgomery still want to convict Debra? What is wrong with these fucking deranged people?!? Can’t they just accept that the state was wrong? Isn’t relieving to know that an innocent person’s life was saved before it was too late?

        (((((((Jodi Arias)))))))
        ((((((Debra Milke)))))))

        • (((((PAN)))))
          23 years, the best years of Debra’s life gone and she will never get them back, someone needs to pay dearly for her lost years.

          ((((((DEBRA ♥ JODI♥))))))

          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • (((((MARIA))))))
        I hope and pray that Debra’s case will help Jodi in some way.


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • I’m happy for Debra, too. And I really hope that Jodi will be condemned to 23 years on death row but will walk free soon. As for Debra it is not only that she spent 23 years on death row, but the execution date was already set in January 1998. Actually she had already eaten her last meal, chosen if she prefered the injection or electrocution (she wanted the injection) and had talked with a priest. Tell me, how perverse is that?

        Right, Maria, “black and white” thinking fits very seldom in life. It didn’t fit in Debra’s case nor does it in Jodi’s. I guess it is crucial wrong in the American justice system that the prosecution is not obliged to consider mitigating circumstances.

        So, hopefully, there will be happy-ends for both,Debra and Jodi.

  5. After reading the essay I realize that Jodi was framed and she did not lie about her self defense story! I didn’t have all that info before. This post was an eye-opener.

    Thank you SJ.

    I would like to apologize to everyone for coming on so strong. It is true that once you have a full ‘picture’ everything is clearer.

  6. There articles are all well and good, but they don’t do anything to help Jodi. Can’t her lawyers do something with this information?

  7. If I remember correctly, weren’t the bullets in her grandfather’s gun hollow points? I’m no gun aficionado but aren’t they much more damaging than the bullet that was found in Travis’ face? Why, oh why would Jodi take the time and trouble to change to less effective ammunition?

    • Hollow points or not the most likely thing to happen is you’re really going to piss someone off, especially if you are shooting at more than point blank range.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • I think Justus’ point was that it wasn’t grandpa’s gun… just another FAIL for the defense team that they didn’t make that point.

        • Yes, Journee. And did Martinez present any theory about why Jodi would have gone to all this trouble, such as “she didn’t want him to die immediately so she could watch him suffer”? (I certainly wouldn’t put it past that sociopath!)

    • Justus, YES! Grandpa’s gun had hollow point bullets, which are far more effective and damaging given their ‘mushrooming” effect, they expand inside the target causing more tissue damage. On the other hand, round point bullets (like the one Travis was shot with) are less lethal and damaging given their slower expansion.
      Once again, we see Martinez’ dumbassery! He gives credit to Jodi for being this great master manipulator having planned this murder in a calculative, step by step way, taking everything into consideration.BUT when it comes to the murder weapons (not to mention the crime scene or evidence left behind) he wants us to believe she was as stupid as can be! She goes into all this trouble of setting a fake robbery scene only to change the ammunition to -as you said- less effective one. In spite of doing that, she also chooses not to fire a contact shot, which would probably incapacitate him more easily (it is there in the autiopsy, no stippling or soot found on the wound). Now, regarding the second weapon oh boy, was she stupid! She doesnt bring a knife with her, instead she chooses (being the cold-blooded murderer that she is and having so carefully thought this out) to borrow one from Travis’s kitchen! Okeyyyyy… Sounds like a premeditated murder to me. NOT!

      • Martinez’ ‘dumbassery’…brilliant use of the English language, Maria! I think this should be entered into American slang with an explanation from which it was derived ; ‘used to describe a short middle-aged man with a God Complex and the manners of a drunken swabbie. Most likely a virgin,’

  8. An interesting statistic: The town of Yreka (with a household count of approximately 3100) had 49 burglaries in 2008. That very nearly one burglary per week.

  9. Tonight, or Saturday night, I was watching 48 hours. It was from 9pm until 10pm. The story was about a man who was a very successful motivational speaker. He lived with his family in an expensive neighborhood outside NYC. This successful motivational speaker became involved in some Ponsey Scheme. It seems like the Ponzey Scheme fell apart. This man went to Harlem in NYC and asked a gangster to kill him for money. So much of it was ringing out Travis !
    I hope someone else caught this because this motivational speaker Ponzey Scheme concoction is proving deadly. And not by Jodi or the wife.

  10. Here’s a thought regarding the many complaints on this thread and others about the defense team’s failure to attack the state’s case with a pathologist and a CSI.

    Whenever Jodi wins a new trial — and that is what we all have to be hoping for — it might be very helpful to the defense (new or old) to have available a clear summary of absurdities and conflicts with the evidence in the state’s narrative of events.

    Many points have been here made by numerous people, going back months, to show how the state’s story either is absurd or does not fit the forensic evidence, while Jodi’s is not absurd and does fit it. New ideas are still coming, like Journee’s point above about the impossibility of firing the shot in the shower. Then we also have analyses like those on Speights’ site, Geebee2’s, and another that shall be nameless.

    It might be very helpful to a future defense team if someone could digest this material and reduce it to, say, a 2-page summary of issues (as I tried to do for legal issues on 6/22), so they don’t have to waste a lot of time rediscovering it themselves or wading through thousands of posts. I can’t try this myself, since my pro-Jodi time is occupied with other efforts, and I also never studied the forensic evidence, as others have. But I can think of at least four people who could do a great job with this project. Anyone interested?

    • What other site? We don’t mention rival sites that disparage our posters because we don’t want to give the site views, that’s why.

      • I’m just trying to follow the rules. I thought I read some time back that we are not supposed to mention sites not recommended by this one, and the one I meant was banned for making a false claim about SJ.

        • Thank you 🙂 Do you have any more questions? Many sites like to mention this site to get more site views. We don’t like to help them with that. LOL

          • Oh ok I just wondered because the one I was thinking of seems very supportive but I didn’t know there had been remarks about SJ. Thanks I just wanted to know for the future. I certainly understand.


    there is a widespread public lack of appreciation about the existence and nature of sociopaths in our mindset

    martha stout phd says it is 4% of the population or one in twenty five

    a sociopath in essence a person who has no conscience

    jodi is NOT a sociopath

    some of the behavior we express outrage about here should be viewed against the psychological category of sociopathy, whether it’s martinez, flores, travis alexander, the haters, etc

    such knowledge can help people escape from an endless loop of confusion and helplessness

    to explore this area will require you to click on just a few links to listen to an audio or read some material

    you can explore further

    first a youtube audio by the narrator of martha stout’s book, the sociopath next door

    the title suggesting the ubiquity, or omnipresence of sociopaths, one in twenty five so you know them

    1. Audiobook:The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout

    2. next a transcribed interview with martha stout, including “thirteen rules for dealing with sociopaths in everyday life”

    wherein the rules are discussed

    here is rule number 4

    Question authority.
    Once again — trust your own instincts and anxieties, especially those concerning people who claim that dominating others, violence, war, or some other violation of your conscience is the grand solution
    to some problem. Do this even when, or especially when, everyone around you has completely stopped questioning authority. Recite to yourself what Stanley Milgram taught us about obedience. (At least six out of ten people will blindly obey a present, official-looking authority to the bitter end.) The good news is that having social support makes people somewhat more likely to challenge authority. Encourage those around you to question, too.

    you can also google > “thirteen rules for dealing with sociopaths in everyday life”

    3. an excerpt from “Inside the Mind of a Sociopath

    the first two paragraphs

    Imagine – if you can – not having a conscience, none at all, no feelings of guilt or remorse no matter what you do, no limiting sense of concern of the well-being of strangers, friends, or even family
    members. Imagine no struggles with shame, not a single one in your whole life, no matter what kind of selfish, lazy, harmful, or immoral action you had taken. And pretend that the concept of
    responsibility is unknown to you, except as a burden others seem to accept without question, like gullible fools. Now add to this strange fantasy the ability to conceal from other people that your psychological makeup is radically different from theirs. Since everyone simply assumes that conscience is universal among human beings, hiding the fact that you are conscience-free is nearly
    effortless. You are not held back from any of your desires by guilt or shame, and you are never confronted by others for your cold-bloodedness. The ice water in your veins is so bizarre, so
    completely outside of their personal experience that they seldom even guess at your condition.

    In other words, you are completely free of internal restraints, and your unhampered liberty to do just as you please, with no pangs of conscience, is conveniently invisible to the world. You can do
    anything at all, and still your strange advantage over the majority of people, who are kept in line by their consciences, will most likely remain undiscovered.


    • I firmly believe that a sociopath is possibly what Jodi ran into when she met Travis. (He even jokingly referred to himself as a sociopath in an email to the Hughes.) I believe much of Jodi’s “addiction” to Travis and what explains why she kept going back is described well in “Red Flags of Love Fraud” by Donna Andersen. Here is how she describes this very real addiction that comes with falling in love – and especially with falling in love with a sociopath:

      “There are three stages to love: attraction, pleasure, and bonding…During the pleasure phase you feel excited, your pulse races, you have butterflies in your stomach…Now suppose the person also wants you…he or she showers you with attention…The pleasure stage involves brain chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine…Dopamine is released by rewarding experiences such as food and sex. Cocaine increases dopamine, which is why the drug produces feelings of well-being and euphoria. Therefore, dopamine is closely associated with reward-seeking behavior, including addiction…In the bonding stage, another hormone becomes important. It’s called oxytocin (not to be confused with OxyContin, the pain relieving drug). This neurotransmitter has been called the “cuddle chemical” and the “love hormone”. When oxytocin is released in the brain, it increases feelings of trust, contentment and calmness, and reduces fear and anxiety…This hormone serves a normal and important function in the human bonding process — it makes us feel calm and trusting with our mates. Nature probably gave us oxytocin so that we want to stay with our partners to raise children, thus helping the survival of the species…Sex is not required for oxytocin to be released…social interactions involving trust also cause oxytocin to enter the brain…The long and the short of it is that oxytocin produces a rewiring of the brain! Trust, love, intimacy and sex change your brain…These chemicals increase your pursuit of the reward — Mr. or Ms. Right…

      “Now, here’s the scary part: This information does not apply to sociopaths. Research suggests that the oxytocin system in sociopaths may be dysfunctional. Sociopaths do not trust and do not bond. But they are very good at pretending that they do…If you are attracted to Mr. or Ms. Right, and you feel the pleasure of having your interest reciprocated so that you form a love bond, you experience all the psychological and biological effects of attachment — even if the object of your affection is a sociopath who is toying with you…Sociopaths entice others to form attachments to them through deception and trickery. The problem is that our unconscious minds do not distinguish between attachments made through deception and those made legitimately…The experience is very real to you, you form a love bond, and your brain is rewired…Sociopaths pour on the charm…then, as you become more and more attached, they disappear. Or they ignore you. Or they pick a fight. What are they doing? They are intensifying your love bond…Just as sociopaths instinctively know to hook you with pleasure in the beginning of the relationship, they also know that they can make you even more attached by threatening the relationship. This seems counterintuitive. If someone is giving you a hard time, why would you want to continue your involvement? The answer comes from addiction research. Scientists have discovered that although pleasure is required to establish a behavior pattern, it is not required to maintain it. This is Nature’s way of keeping people together…if parents split up at the first sign of trouble, the survival of children would be in doubt.”

  12. Reading about this latest mess with Zimmerman made me think of Alyce, and Jodi – and most especially it made me think of Ashley.

    Why do cops not get it that if a woman accuses her husband of violence – whether to herself or someone else – and then later recants, that maybe she changed her story because she is SCARED – scared for herself and/or people that she loves?

    It just bugs the HELL out of me that Flores & co never even interviewed Dustin, never investigated him at all!

    • That’s the crux of battered woman syndrome – abused women hope that their abuser will change over time, which usually never happens.
      Jodi hoped to change Travis’s wicked ways, in the back of her mind she hoped he would stop treating her harshly, stop hitting her and verbally abusing her. But Travis, ever the scumbag, was recalcitrant and would continue abusing Jodi. Travis thrived on Jodi’s helplessness. Basically Travis brought it all on himself, he should be on trial, he should be on death row. I hope in hell they have death row and I hope Travis is on it!

  13. Wish we could get this lucky……

    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – A man sentenced to life in prison in his roommate’s murder could get a new trial because one of the jurors contacted a witness on Facebook.

    According to court filings, the juror knew the medical examiner and sent her a message congratulating her on doing a “great job” during her testimony.

    The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that the judge in William Darelle Smith’s 2010 murder trial should have conducted a hearing on the Facebook communication as soon as he learned of it.

    The Supreme Court said the communication may have been harmless, but it is impossible to know because no hearing was conducted. The trial court was ordered to conduct a full hearing. If it cannot do that, Smith is to be granted a new trial.

  14. I was just channel surfing past HLN and stopped in for a moment to see whose life they’re trying to destroy these days. At that moment HLN was promoting their evening lineup of talking heads. I couldn’t believe my ears (even had to rewind and listen again) when I heard the following promotional line: “There is so much more to a story than just the facts.” WTF???

    • Sure!
      It must be their obsession with Witch Hunts, their sick twist of the facts, along with the complete distortion of the truth, their lust for blood money, their complete lack of conscience and respect for ‘due process’, ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ and ‘innocent until proven guilty” .
      Did I leave anything out? I’m sure there’s more!

    • Why let the facts get in the way of a good story. RATINGS…$$$$$$$$$$$
      So what an innocent woman gets the death penalty. RATINGS…$$$$$$$$$$

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

  15. Above I mentioned that in 2008 Yreka had 49 burglaries, averaging nearly one burglary per week. Does anyone know how one might go about obtaining the dates and locations of those burglaries? Just wondering if there was a rash of burglaries in grandpa’s area around the last week of May.

    • I don’t know how you’d go about getting that info, but it was reported that there’d been a number of burglaries in that area at the time – like the break-in at the Allen’s, they all looked to be the work of some errant teens.

  16. Here is a review of Shanna Hogan’s book, Picture Perfect.

    I’m actually considering reading it, if only because she seems to take a somewhat more realistic view of Travis (if not entirely honest – abuse isn’t discussed in the review but somehow I don’t think Hogan gives abuse allegations any credence, in the book at least) and of their relationship, their addiction to each other. Even concedes that Jodi may not have killed Travis out of jealousy so much as a real desire to be OUT of the relationship, and believing Travis’ death would be the only way out. Reading the review I got the idea that Hogan was just right at the threshold of of believing ‘justifiable homicide’ but couldn’t quite go there because “Jodi is a sociopath and the most hated woman in America”. Taking on the Alexanders, after all, could be hazardous to her health.

    • Are you really gonna read it? If you can stomach it, honey go ahead.Good luck with that! From what interviews I’ve watched of that Shanna chick, she’s a hater. Big time! I’d be throwing it out of the window before having finished Chapter 1, I think so why bother…? 😀

      • After I posted I read the reviews on amazon and figured nah.

        But did you read the link I posted? THAT review talks about how when Shanna was researching Travis she kinda liked him, but as she learned more about how he treated women said there was no way she’d want him dating someone she cared about.

        I found that refreshing, coming from a hater. But then again, maybe she’s just trying to sucker people like me into buying the book, lol.

        • Journey,
          I don’t know much about this book and characters involved. I don’t think the person truly wants to get you to read the book by her little real insight she gained into Travis. The woman sounds confused. Plus Travis’s friends felt the same way about him. So she had to be privy to this info. I myself, will not go near a book from the defense side. I have seen and heard enough to know their thinking process is from the devil. Maybe one day a book will be written about the errors of their ways.

    • Jay,
      sherry pickles has whipped out her magic 8-ball that she keeps in her chambers and uses for dp cases and is asking it what to do… so it’s up to the 8-ball to decide!

      IMO, I think kermit has tampered with that damn ball too! Just to be on the sure side! LMFAO!

      I hope that Jodi is finally granted a re-trial in another state, far far away from shitzona, without tv coverage and with a sequestered jury that has not been brainwashed by the media.

      • Pandora,

        I, too, hope for a retrial. It amazes me how anyone could think the first trial was fair. Jodi deserves a trial that is conducted without the media pushing for her death. I believe she will be set free when she gets a fair trial. It really is a no-brainer.

        Thanks for your comment.

    • Maybe we can expect rulings about the pending motions, such as the “Twitter”, “jury sequestration” and the “moving out of Arizona” motion. Hopefully there will be some decisions for the benefit of Jodi.

  17. Hi everyone! How are you? I just came back from vacation and right before I left I received a letter from Jodi. I won’t reveal what was discussed in the letter nor will I be posting anything about it anymore on my blog. In fact, I removed a post earlier this year where I discussed the first letter she sent me. I want to respect Jodi’s privacy and this is my way of showing respect for both her and her privacy. All I can tell you is that I know with all of my heart that Jodi is not this monster she is being made out to be in the press nor is she any type of monster. She’s a wonderful person and someone that I feel honored to support. I said months ago that I felt like I know Jodi’s heart and this has been confirmed to me many times over. In some ways I feel like Travis Alexander kind of brainwashed her and it’s taken years for her to get that junk out of her head. I feel like over the years she’s getting closer to being the old Jodi again except this time a new and improved version.

    So many people focus on her earlier interviews when she was interviewed for “48 Hours” and this is just my opinion, but I believe she is a different person today than from that time. We also must keep in mind that this was in 2008. That was 5 years ago. Most people change in 5 years especially when they’re in their late 20s. I always thought that Jodi was smart, but she is even more worldly today because of her experiences. And one of the things that impresses me the most about her is how strong she is. She’s not a very big woman at all, but she possesses the heart and mind of a strong woman. She’s evolved so much from the woman that was interviewed on “48 Hours” back in 2008.

    The last thing that I want is for Jodi or her family to be harassed or attacked. I will do anything and everything to prevent that from happening.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Glad to hear that Jodi finds the strength to write her supporters.
      Hope she’s alright and doing well.
      She’s indeed very strong – she’s been put through the ringer (by Martinez who is the most uncompassionate thug I can think of) and still keeps up her spirits and stays positive. I would have long crumbled under the pressure.
      I agree that she has matured a lot in the last five years. I still find it hard to believe that they let Martinez admit that 2008 interview into evidence – its inflammatory nature outweights any probative value it may have. Martinez used it to confuddle the jury which is his style – he attacks the messenger, not the message.

    • No she is not the monster she has been made out to be. If these people that are calling her a monster would ever take the time to correspond with her they would see a totally different person. I’ve been writing with her for months now. I never have given a lot of details other than how she seemed, she has always been very positive and puts others before herself. She is one of the strongest people I know. I guess she has to be in her current situation.


      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Hi Jeff,

      for me it is amazing, too, that she has the strength and the willpower to deal with her situation like she does. I’m glad that she knows that there are people supporting her.

      I liked the recent post by “Piquette” on your blog. I, too, can’t get the “death-loving” mentality of the majority who want to fry her, grill her, give her the injection and want her welcomed by Satan ten minutes later. What is this? Hystery? And why especially in Jodi’s case? I really don’t believe either that this is for justice being served. I wished that the idea of love and healing by forgiving would be getting a bigger chance in America.

  18. An actress named Jerica Young will be portraying Jodi in an upcoming episode of “Deadly Sins”. I’m sure if and when we watch this, our collective blood pressure will sky-rocket. Here’s excerpts from the article:

    “Like much of the nation, Young said she followed the trial through the news. Yet after being chosen for the part, she said she brushed up on the details and learned as much as she could before stepping into Arias’ shoes.” When stepping onto the set, however, Young said she had no way to prepare for the show’s script, since most of it was based on improvisation. The actress stated “The script would have maybe one or two lines that the people involved in the case actually said, but after that it was up to us. It was really crazy and challenging, but it was a great experience.”

    The article goes on to say “Although the next season of “Deadly Sins” is slated to begin in January, Young said the producers of the show believe they may be able to time the airing of the Arias episode to coincide with a sentencing hearing scheduled for this month.”

    • Of course they’d make the money decision instead of the morally and socially responsible decision.

      On the plus side – the odds are that ‘improv’ will make it pretty cheesy. I got hooked on OWN’s Tyler Perry drama – The Haves and the Have Nots – because I thought the story line was good (and Tuesday nights were otherwise dismal, lol). But they were clearly using an improv method, with each scene meant to carry a specific point or message but it was up to the actors to get it there. Only a handful of the cast members up to the challenge, the rest were embarrassingly dismal and managed to spoil two-thirds of the scenes

    • Oh great!! Another one improvising on Jodi’s life, mind, thoughts, beliefs, acts! As if HLN and the rest of the media haven’t done so for the past 9 months…
      Will ANYONER EVER get interested in the FACTS???

      • Btw, that actress is ugly!!! Just like that other one in the Lifetime movie. They insist on choosing ugly actresses to play Jodi.Why?
        Hmmm, now that’s a thinker. NOT!

        • (((((MARIA♥)))))))
          You are so right about that actress, she ain’t much to look at and she sure don’t have anything on Jodi. A lot of Jodi’s good looks come from within, its just the kind of person she is. 😀


          Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • well, this says it all:

      “When stepping onto the set, however, Young said she had no way to prepare for the show’s script, since most of it was based on improvisation.

      “The script would have maybe one or two lines that the people involved in the case actually said, but after that it was up to us,” Young said. “It was really crazy and challenging, but it was a great experience.” ”

      Um, yeah, do we expect anything less? I wish we could, but alas, it is not possible.

      I don’t find her ugly, just blah. Jodi has a way greater aura, and that can’t be duplicated by an actress anyhow.


    • Here we go again! WTF???

      Is it legal to make movies and tv series episodes and books about a case when this case is still on trial? Especially whe it is obvious that there are no facts included and when it is in favor of travis?

      Shouldn’t the law have been able to stop this at least until the trial is over? Pfff…

      As for the actress, I don’t know her, haven’t seen her acting anywhere so I can’t be able to have a full picture of how bad or good she will be in the role. Ugly? I wouldn’t say ugly. I’d rather say: I don’t see the similarity between her and Jodi. Jodi has exodic beauty.

      IMO, I think that Jessica Alba, Roselyn Sanchez, Salma Hayek are women who have that exotic beauty and would be more suiting for the role. But of course, they would never put their careers on the line to act in a movie or a show that is so far from the truth and has no quality whatsoever! They know better that it is safe to stay away from bullshit and bad productions!

  19. I just watched an episode of “Your Bleeped Up Brain” called “Fact vs. Fiction” on the Science channel. It’s very reminiscent of the confirmation bias ( that we encountered in all those people who decided Jodi was guilty before the trial even began, most notably those “screaming” heads on HLN but also all the “sheeple” who gladly followed their lead. They all truly believe what they are saying because they only absorbed those things which verified what they already believed and discarded the rest. It’s why the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” is so damn important. Watch the program if you get a chance.

    • There is another show that relates to Jodi I’d like to recommend. It’s called The Real CSI and it’s available online for free at

      Junk Science is a big issue in the United States and it was all over Jodi’s trial.

  20. Here’s what I have come to firmly believe in Jodi’s case:
    1) If there is going to be a retrial of the penalty phase in September, this should be done in a different “venue” (i.e. location other than Arizona). It is impossible to have a “fair and impartial” panel of jurors in Arizona, due to the case’s “high publicity profile” at this time. There were no direct witnesses to the crime itself when it occured; and
    2) It is a waste of taxpayer’s money and time to use the “death penalty” when: a) other alternatives
    make more sense; b) a person could become a productive member of society, with rehabilitation and work opportunities; c) the “accused” is not be likely to be a “repeat” offender; and
    3) The “death penalty” does not bring about the resolution or “closure” desired or even serve to deter crime; a person who can redeem themselves makes for a more just and better world. yours ELT

    • Just saw that. I think it’s good for Jodi, isn’t it??
      Jennifer and Kirk had a reason to file those motions! Pickles being the sluggish person that she is probably needs time to absorb everything, sheesh… We all look forward to the sentencing phase coming to an end, but I remember there were people here predicting that no way could this start before the end of the year or early 2014.

      • Any time Jodi walks out of that court room with out being sentenced is a victory for her, albeit a small one.


        Ray in H-burg Va.

  21. I would be willing to bet that .25 caliber gun was Travis’ mother’s. She died in 2005 and her possessions were probably divvied up among the kids. She obviously owned a gun which she emptied into her husband’s car at some point during Travis’ childhood (per Travis). I would also bet Travis’ siblings are aware of him having that gun and are keeping their mouths shut.

    • Totally agree. I’ve said this before: Travis was a POS when it came to Jodi but deep down he was always a hurt baby who had been exposed to abuse and had serious traumas resulting from that. It’s only natural that he would want to keep some of his family’s memorabilia, especially when his mother passed away. If his siblings knew about this, it’s a shame that they would refuse to share that piece of information with the prosecutor. On the other hand, knowing their modus operandi of course they wouldnt, to them it is what it is. Regardless of the fact that Jodi may or may not have brought a gun with her, their brother is dead and they want their revenge. Of course, this is all speculation.

      It was a disgrace that even though the crime weapons were never retrieved, Martinez got to mention in his closing arguments the grandfather’s gun as if it was proven that Jodi took it or as if she had been charged with that robbery!! But then again, the defense team should have made a greater effort to ‘place’ that .25 gun in Travis’ possession. Wasnt there a video showing Travis shooting?? If yes,then they didnt even play that video for the jurors, in order to plant the seed of doubt in their heads.

  22. I just watched a movie trailer. They made TA such an innocent young guy! I hate that. I don’t know how old the actor is, but he looks like 22-24. Jodi looks older than TA in this movie! What I know for sure is that TA was a mature man, he was almost 31 when he was killed.

    • If you watched the Lifetime movie trailer, it’s a good thing you only watched the trailer LOL! Take it from us, it’s as shitty as can be!!

    • OK – I remember Karp was a psychologist that was involved with the case earlier on. Was she the defense expert that had to back out because of her health? DeMarte testified that she’d read Karp’s reports and that Jodi had told her about more instances of abuse than she had anyone else. Is that ringing any bells?

      There is a defense motion to preclude any rebuttal evidence related to expert witness Dr. Cheryl Karp. So is that what Nurmi’s after, do you think? He doesn’t want tot-doc up there talking about reports from a defense witness who never testified?

      • I think that’s why. At trial, Martinez brought Karp up saying that jodi MUST have been lying about EVERYTHING because she had told Dr. Karp that travis abused her more than she had told other shrinks. Karp also did a post death psychological autopsy in which she stated that travis was most likely a sociopath but that was ruled out as evidence. People tell more to shrinks when they trust them. IMO, it doesn’t mean she lied. It means for some reason, she felt comfortable with Karp. They tried to say Casey Anthony was lying too because she had told a shrink more about the sexual abuse she endured than the state shrink. It’s a bullshit imo.

  23. Go to the Proof of Perjury thread and there is a place where you can click to sign the petition to the Gov of AZ. If you haven’t signed yet please do.
    we need all the signatures we can get. Thank you Kate Z.

  24. WOW !!! ….I just read the entire re-post of Richard Speights. And, I was totally convinced that Jodi is totally innocent because of self defense by just watching the trial. But, now I am so glad that I finally read a description of what someone describes as to what I thought happened, but I had no idea anyone could have explained it in that detail. Hope the jury members who convicted her can now read what really happened & that it was her successful self defense fight against Travis. And that I believe that the jury & the judge was snookered by the prosecutor into their totally wrong guilty verdict. … …

  25. I have to admit, when I first heard about this case and started to follow it, I absolutely believed all the media rhetoric… it had me convinced Jodi was a cold blooded killer who deserved to fry.

    After reading this essay… man… my heart just goes out to her. She’s truly living a nightmare right now and I wish I could do something to help. 🙁

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