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Check out the post below from RF, which I thought was more than worthy as a main post in the site.

Here it is:

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In defense of Jodi:

1) How could a person aspirate blood spatter into a sink from knife wounds to the back, or from a wound to the back of the neck? And how could blood spatter of some velocity appear on and around the toilet?

The angle of the gunshot wound is consistent with Jodi’s story of T charging her and falling into her from a “takedown” position when the gun went off, accidentally discharging. If she had sneaked up on him in a premeditated fashion, that sink and toilet blood spatter would be in the shower, or on his bed pillow, where she would have shot him in his sleep. Instead, the wound occurs in such a way as to spatter during, not before, T’s fall to the floor.

Given the disparity of their physical sizes, Jodi would not have premeditated a disorganized attack such as the one the evidence irrefutably shows.

It was well known, moreover, that the deceased had a fighting, i.e. wrestling background. But let’s get back to the hard, physical evidence.

Given the angle of the gunshot wound, it would have been impossible for Jodi to have shot T after he was re-positioned in the shower after the fight. The right side of his head was not presented to her. She would have had to shoot his left side, but clearly, SHE DID NOT.

2) How could the many cuts on T’s back prove premeditation? Do they suggest instead an attempt to flee?

Learning that the purported stab wounds on T’s back, under proper forensic scrutiny, are described instead as less mortal slash wounds, and knowing how numerous they were, and seeing that the fight extended into the hallway/bedroom area, the evidence points in the direction of a defensive fight on Jodi’s part, not an offensive one with murderous intent. The area over which the fight took place suggests as well an attempt by Jodi to flee by the bedroom door.

3) Why did Jodi run into the closet and grab a weapon?

The fact that Ms. Arias was unable to flee by the bedroom door and that somehow the fight became a mortal one not far from that exit, supports her significant claim that she feared she would not be successful in using that door to escape after T had initially attacked her with the body slam to the bathroom floor. Thus J’s choices to flee T by running into the closet the very first time she ran from him, and her impulse to grab the weapon she was fairly certain was still on the closet shelf, are logical in hindsight.

The gunshot had to have come first to account for the bathroom blood spatter, since the knife fight resulting in T’s demise ended in the hallway or bedroom. The spatter on and around the toilet is consistent with Jodi’s story of the gunshot occurring as T was lunging toward her in a “takedown” that resulted in both of them landing on the floor. If she had planned the gunshot, the blood would not have spattered near and on the toilet, i.e. in those lower areas of the bathroom, outside of the shower.

After the gunshot, the evidence points to T’s having gone to the sink and mirror to see where the blood was coming from. The autopsy report, absent Dr. Horn’s later oral contradictions, does not describe an incapacitating wound. Blood from the sinus area had to have been coughed out to create the type of aspirated spatter visible on the side of the sink. The sink spatter is more evidence that the gunshot was NOT incapacitating.

Somewhere upon rising from the floor, Jodi begins to have no memory formation. This is his second attack upon her; her brain is no longer functioning correctly by this point. We don’t know exactly who reached for the knife first.

What is very probable:

The slash wounds on T’s back are the types of wounds a person would inflict if trying to free themselves from another person’s grip, bear hug, or pinned-down position, but without intending to make the effort to inflict life-threatening knife thrusts. The deeper wound on the back of the neck, in all likelihood, was made by J in a desperate attempt to break free, and also likely to be the one that resulted in her being able to take those few successful steps toward the bedroom door. So that deeper cut in the back of T’s neck above the shoulder could account for the continuation of the fight further down the hall – and a pursuit.

4) What supports Jodi’s claim that she felt threatened enough to grab a gun and point it at T?

She states that T became infuriated that she dropped his camera; that he picked her up and body slammed her to the bathroom floor because of this. In picking Jodi up and flinging her in such a manner, he would have completely overpowered her, so for a few seconds, during the lift and slam, Jodi would have experienced no liberty whatsoever. She would have been completely and utterly at his mercy of his fury.

5) What proof is there that she ever dropped the camera? What proof, in other words, is there, that (according to Mr. Nurmi), “something went wrong” and that someone over-reacted to the mishap?

The PROOF that she DROPPED the camera is in the PHOTOGRAPH of the CEILING. The camera obviously slipped from her grasp as she PUSHED THE SHUTTER button.

There IS ample proof that the fight was disorganized and unplanned. The chaos evidently begins with the photo evidence of the ceiling.

The Prosecutor was successful in presenting the evidence in this case in such a way that the jury took their eyes off the ball. Like a good orchestra conductor, he emphasized the notes and the tone that he wanted the audience to hear, nonetheless his case against Jodi was and remains UNSUCCESSFUL because his narrative is NOT CONSISTENT with the EVIDENCE.

That the “Finders of Fact” – the jury – accepted his fractured narrative while the defense team effectively countered the prosecution’s version of events every step of the way is proof that the case against Jodi was supported and bolstered from the emotions that were constantly injected into the case in the courtroom and from outside sources, such as HLN.

A close look at the evidence AT the scene provides reasonable doubt that Jodi planned any of it, so the prosecution “dumped it”, that is, the scene itself, instead concentrating on circumstantial “evidence” leading up to the fight. To reach back to Jodi’s life at the age of say, ten, in the fifth grade, was just par for the prosecution’s course. In AZ, trying a death penalty case on circumstantial evidence works just fine, apparently, even in the presence of evidence that refutes the circumstantial “story”.

Even in presenting the case as a circumstantial one, the prosecution created more distractions; they had to, since no piece of that evidence makes a whit of probative sense taken by itself. Thus, the steady creep of hearsay and gossip into the state’s case, and the need for the defense to introduce text messages and emails to counter same.

6) Did the prosecution prove that Jodi “knew” that T was taking another girl to Cancun or that she cared one way or the other?

Of course not. And why has imputing so many EMOTIONS to Jodi been so necessary to “win” this conviction? An interpretation of the evidence at the scene should be paramount; judicious procedure should not be “dumped”. The forensic crime scene evidence was ditched because it tells the wrong story for the prosecution. This should not have happened; but clear-minded people do see that an injustice has been done.

Ironically, when HLN takes a break from its soap opera “news” reports on current cases and celebrities, it broadcasts the crime show “Murder By The Book”, which consists of documentary-style reports on forensically solved “textbook” cases.

So the truth is that (and not that this would seem to particularly bother anyone in charge at that network) Jodi’s conviction would not survive the forensic scrutiny it would be subject to in order to qualify for coverage by the HLN crime TV show, “Murder By The Book”.

I want to thank geebee, Journee, and Maria R. for their contributions to this site, because without their input, this post would not exist.

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Thanks to RF for the post.

In the meantime — and while we wait for the AZ State Circus to return to town again — always remember…


Make no mistake.

Leave your thoughts & comments below.

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



      • I know you’re right they are 7 hours ahead. 10 am here now 5 pm there, QUITTING TIME, BEER THIRTY, TIME TO GO HOME!! LOL 😀

        Ray in H-burg Va.

            • I’m pretty sure SJ, the admins and even government officials are part of this.
              I was betrayed. I’m hiring my own P.I.s to get to the bottom of this, as I have already said.
              SJ, I thought you loved me! Little did I know…

                • My PI is fine, thunder stealer 😉
                  I have already called the feds, it’s out of their jurisdiction they said….

              • Not the government officials over here, Maria! Haven’t you heard? Most of our officials are furloughed. The knuckleheads that are left are sitting in the capital building reading Dr. Seuss.

      • Conspiracy??? What conspiracy??? 🙄 This was fair and square! I’ve told you before:
        You snooze – you lose! LMAO!

        Ray, back me up here! There is no conspiracy, right?!! 😉


        • No conspiracy here, it was all fair and square. Just like Pandora said you snooze you loose, maybe next time Maria 😉

          Ray in H-burg Va.

  1. Awww, man! I almost made it! Well, congradulations my dear friend Ray! You earned it! 😉

    I guess Maria will have to try to next time!

    (((((Ray and first comment))))) ♥

    • Kind of nice to be first better luck next time Maria, and Pandora.
      ((((((((((((MY CYBER SISTERS PANDORA MARIA♥ ♥ ♥)))))))))))))))))))


      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • Pandora uses a wicked kind of subliminal seduction, you know! Don’t let her get to you. She’s part of this first comment conspiracy, I think… Do you know how high this conspiracy goes????

        • No seductions! LOL! Just charm! 😉

          And for the last time! There is no conspiracy!!! Face it! You just can’t get a break in being first! LOL!

          Raaaaayyyyyy….. TELL HER she’s wrong!

          • Maria, I swear no seductions. But Pandora is very charming 😉 you have this conspiracy thing all wrong ♥ ♥

            Ray in H-burg Va.

  2. The post “In Defense of Jodi” is the heart of the case. The defense should not have shied away from the bloody crime scene and the awful autopsy photos. Wade deeply into them, for they show objectively that reasonable doubt is vast. The jury followed the prosecutor, not the facts or the law, and State v. Arias was wrongly decided.

    Arizona juries hand out the death penalty four times more often than in other states. Why is this? “Biblical law”, a blinding revenge mentality, chaotic politics, and poor education seem to be the reasons. Even after 5 months of trial and even with the heart-wrenching victim impact statements and no mitigation witnesses for Jodi, it was still 8 to 4 and no unanimous decision. What makes anyone think the result will be different next time?

    Yet Arizona, with no real evidence, is still trying to get death for Debra Milke and will not let up on a basic domestic homicide (State v. Arias) which should never have been a death penalty case in the first place.

    The embarassed Maricopa D.A. is doubling down on these two must win situations. If more and more people begin to wake up to what “RF” is seeing here, justice may one day be done. The Maricopa D.A. may have won the battle but will never be able to win the war.

      • Pandora,

        You know it!…..and there are plenty of both in Arizona, Maricopa.

        Sheriff Joe wants the taxpayers of Arizona to know he is saving them thousands with his proposal to have prisoners pay for their meals. Meanwhile, he’s been sued by prisoners, The ACLU, The Federal Government, and even other county employees costing the taxpayers millions. Way to go, Joe! Save that money!

    • Exactly!
      There has been much talk and speculation as to why the defense team did not hire their own crime scene expert or their own ME etc. IMHO, this has been one of the things that has brought about a lot of nagging and complaints among supporters; truth is, we may never know why they chose to tread carefully even though if they had harp on the crime scene and how it totally matched Jodi’s story we may have ended up with more sceptics on the jury.

      • I was watching some crime/law drama the other day (probably SVU) and they mentioned something about judges having to sign off on funds paid to expert witnesses of indigent defendants. I do realize it was a TV show, so I don’t know whether that’s true at all, let alone true in Shitzona – but it does make some sense, I think…. SOMEONE would have to approve those expenses, wouldn’t they?

        I wondered at the time if that might explain why the defense didn’t have their own crime scene expert and their own ME.

        Frankly, I am most inclined to think that Kirk and Jennifer were just totally unprepared for the shit storm they waded into.

      • You’re right, Maria
        The defense had spent their budget on experts when the prosecution changed their theory to the knife first theory. It seems like the defense did not see the value of crime scene forensics at the time. The prosecution offered little about the blood evidence, probably because it contradicts thier own theory, like it says in this post.

    • There is huge amounts of reasonable doubt. That is probably why the defense team didn’t cover all their bases. It is obvious Jodi did this in self defense. It is sad that Arizona can get away with murder. Plus, I never realized that there are so many people who can’t think for themselves. People who just follow other people. Who will believe a sick blatant prosecutor. Martinez is a pathological liar and his license needs burning.
      The defense needed to do a better job. They better redeem themselves and get Jodi free.

    • What a brilliantly written post, Rob!

      Hello everyone, I’m rarely here these days but rest assured I’m always here in spirit!

      We WILL get justice for Jodi!

      Hi SJ!

  3. I received an amusing email earlier today.

    From: Clive Solomon –

    His Message:
    “She is not innocent you morons. She admitted killing Trayvon.”

    My Reply:
    You’re a much misinformed trial watcher & a typical HLN viewer :mrgreen:

    I think it was Zimmerman that admitted to killing Trayvon. Re-member? I don’t believe Jodi was there at the time.

    Jodi rightfully defended herself against a violent inbred piece of pedo shit animal. He got what he deserved. Does your obvious retardation prohibit you from grasping such a simple equation?

    Consider yourself corrected – and remember this too, you clueless & motherless fuck:


    It’s happening.

    Make no mistake.
    Team Jodi

    • (((((SJ))))) ♥ LMFAO!!!

      “She is not innocent you morons. She admitted killing Trayvon.”

      When I first read that I was soo confused! I was thinking: Who the hell is Trayvon?!?!?!

      OMG! Either this guy is a total idiot or he is one insane fuck that is blaming Jodi for a totally different case! I bet he’s both: an idiot and an insane fuck! LOL!

      Next thing you know, Jodi will be a suspect for the starting the Syrian war! LOL!

      Είσαι τέλειος! Σε λατρεύω!

      • I’ll bet she was on the grassy knoll in Dallas when President Kennedy was assonated back in Nov. ’63 LMAO 🙂

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • See? Those are the kind of IDIOTS we’re up against!
      After all these months, I still can’t figure out some of the haters:others are ‘rightfully’ passionate meaning they have studied the case while others haven’t even bothered to check out facts and evidence yet take the time to send hateful, ignorant, rude comments or e-mails, like this guy!!!
      Sheesh… 🙄

    • Exactly as you said SJ : clueless!

      Well, I hope he read your reply and understood what a fool he made of himself.

    • You were right on target!

      Those numbnuts that spead ill-natured rumors about Jodi don’t even know what they are yacking about! They really need to learn to shut their traps and to get their stories straight, to avoid making asses of themselves in public!

      BTW, when Martinez was cross-examining Jodi on the stand, he said “…and so you, as HER killer then are sending these items to her…”. He must have been high on drugs that day, because he accused Jodi of killing Travis’s grandma.

    • I literally laughed out load reading this. At least it was good for something. Who’s the moron that can’t remember that his name was Travis, not Treyvon.?! :X

    • Oh, SJ, thank you SO MUCH for making me laugh SO hard today – I am STILL laughing after reading the email you got from the person who said, “Jodi admitted to killing Trayvon”!!! WOW!!! What were they smoking??? LOL!!!!!!!!!! Too, too, funny, SJ!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I REALLY needed that laugh and my belly hurts from laughing so hard!!! 🙂 OMG!!!

  4. RF,
    thank you from the bottom of my heart for this excellent post. Your analysis was also a remarkable synopsis of the whole case. It is utterly disappointing that pro-Pros people refuse to see Jodi’s story even when they are faced with evidence from the crime scene or the autopsy itself. At this point, it is no longer (not that it has ever been) vital to convince those who failed to look at things objectively. Jodi has a pending sentencing phase and then her appeals to focus on.

    ( On a more personal level, I want to thank YOU for mentioning me on your post though I feel I do not deserve the credit. When it comes to forensic analysis geebee has been our mastermind, a truly devoted person who has worked diligently to build his Wiki and to post almost daily here. Journee has been one of the most accurate and knowledgeable posters, too. As for me, most of the times I just try to find my way around LOL)

    From what I understand, you must be a regular reader here but I don’t know if you are a regular poster. In case you aren’t, plz plz do try and stop by more often and post to your heart’s content!

    🙂 ♥

  5. RF,

    ‘In defence of Jodi’: Brilliant post. Very enlightening and cut to the chase.

    You are welcome to join us and state your point of views more frequently.

  6. I don’t like speaking ill of the dead and there’s nothing I’d like better than to have Travis alive and dealing with the consequences of his behaviors. But Travis was a fake. Certainly an intelligent fake but a fake nonetheless. That’s what sociopaths are: intelligent fakes. It is said that sociopaths are born with the propensity for sociopathic behavior (“nature”) but it then takes a fertile environment to “nurture” that propensity. And Travis certainly spent his formative years in a fertile environment. Use of women to satisfy one’s ego and sexual needs is often considered macho in our society; the more women, the more macho. You’ve heard it (even during this trial): “Boys will be boys.” Only these are not boys, these are grown men whose disrespect of women is condoned, not just by men but by women who unconsciously need to side with those in power. If sociopathic behavior is considered the norm for men, what does that say about our society? Jodi loved Travis but it was the fake Travis that she fell in love with. And then he started to disappear on her. By the time Jodi realized that he was gone, deep down inside she thought that if she was just good enough, kind enough, loving enough, long enough, that the Travis she loved would come back…and he would love her for being all those things. But the likes of Travis don’t get that. Part of Travis’ karma is that he could have had Jodi as a loving partner for the rest of his life but, instead, because being “T-Dog” was so much more important to him, he lost all of that, and his life. Interesting how karma works.

    • You know, I’ve been thinking. Jodi supporters (most of them at least) have always been kind and careful to carefully state how they never wish Travis were dead or that it would be better actually if he were still alive to share his story; some of us are afraid of being attacked and some of us just find it appropriate and respectful to state ” Not speaking ill of the dead but…” and sometimes both things apply, meaning we dont wanna sound offensive and we don’t wanna have to explain ourselves to the haters.
      Anyways, what I’ve been thinking (and your post kind of reminded me ) is that WE have tried to include phrases like this one in our posts when there were thousands, literally thousands of people out there bashing Jodi in the worst linguistic possible way ever!! I mean the things that have been written about this girl are completely outrageous, they make your skin crawl! I dont remember seeing any of the haters coming forward and apologizing or beginning their posts by stating they have nothing personal against Jodi and that they would try and remain as objective as possible. I’m not saying that we, supporters have remained objective but most of the time we have tried to tread as carefully as possible.
      What I’m trying to say,I guess is that maybe I’m tired of reading ”I dont like speaking ill of the dead” after all these months, after everything we’ve been through, after everything Jodi herself has been put through. Maybe we have earned our right to say some things without the need of ‘Introductory notes’, LOL.
      Justus and my other family memebrs here: we know you would never speak ill of the dead. Nor would I or any of my fellow supporters here. It seems to me though, that we cannot stress this point too strongly: we have NOTHING personal against TA nor do we like that he died in such a horrific way. However, the guy WAS a major asshole who treated women like SHIT and nothing will ever change that.
      Just because people die doesnt mean they become holy or something.
      If that were the case, Hitler would be a Saint now. Sheesh….

  7. Beutifully explained like always SJ Team / jodi. The help of all these persons wo can SEE the TRUTH can not stop the truth to be exposed to the public. God bless.
    We are Jodi´s supportes and mean while at awaiting for the CIRCUS to come back to town. We´ll keep on fighting here for FREEDOM for Jodi..

  8. Many good points from RF, but in terms of reconstruction, there is further evidence.

    We know (from a rather dreadful photo) that Travis had a profuse nosebleed, and there are blood trails down each side of the hallway.

    But most significant, in my opinion, is the blood pattern on the carpet at the bedroom end of the hallway.

    I think the only explanation for these trails of blood and the diagonal line on the carpet is that Travis came down the hallway first, and then turned and headed back towards the bathroom.

    This photo gives perhaps the best overview of the hallway:

    • I think Jodi should have hired you as her attorney (at least as second chair)! 🙂
      You’ve done a lot of sleuthing and analyzing, raised some interesting questions that Martinez didn’t have to consider because I believe noone asked them, and if your findings had been presented to the jury, Martinez would have been decimated. I’m thinking more and more that Jodi’s attorneys didn’t do their homework well enough.

      • Alexey

        It’s not that simple.

        The salient point here is that the prosecution changed their theory to gun shot last just before trial.

        That gave the defense no time to properly prepare for the change.

        Now ultimately I think this is a good thing, as it creates a very strong case for appeal.

        I have been having some private discussion with the one of the best defense attorney’s in the US on the subject of blood evidence. I believe the strongest, most relevant point, that discredits Martinez theory immediately is the pool of blood near the toilet entrance.

        But there are numerous points that the defense won, for example concerning the gunshot wound, and Horn having to contradict his own autopsy report.

        The prosecution are committed to a completely untenable position, once real scientists (blood experts, reconstruction experts) get involved the prosecution have no chance at all.

        The state blood expert really was not an expert at all, with only very minimal knowledge.

        However, even with the current trial record, Jodi has a very powerful appeal case.

        Now… IMO Jodi’s defense needs to first to discredit the gas can nonsense, which I think is very likely to happen, if I am reading the signs correctly. Then we have a new ball-game entirely.

        Each step needs to be taken with considerable care. Everything takes time, the important thing is to be thorough and get things exactly right.

        How will things turn out? I cannot predict. The MCAO has often shown itself to be pig-headed, the Debra Milke case is just unbelievable the way they have carried on.

        All very much in my opinion of course. ((((( Jodi )))))

        • Geebee2,

          I’ve seen many times from others too on this site your claim that “the prosecution changed their theory to gunshot last just before trial.” As I recall, several people gave the time interval as 5 days.

          But I couldn’t find any source for this figure, and ended up taking this claim out of my summary of legal issues because of Judge Stephens’ apparently contrary statement. Rejecting a defense motion after Horn’s testimony, she wrote on 1/10/13:

          “Defense counsel learned approximately one year ago that the testimony of Detective Flores at the hearing held on August 7, 2009 was inconsistent with the testimony of the medical examiner Kevin Horn. The inconsistency relates to the sequence of the wounds inflicted on the victim on June 4, 2008.”

          Does anyone know what Stephens is referring to, and what the defense was told one year before trial? I’d be interested in any comments on this conflict.

          • Flores testified in another hearing that the shot came first per the medical examiner. Later, Flores lied under oath saying that he was wasn’t told that and he was just giving his own opinion ( testimony). At trial, Horn testified the shot came last but this contradicted the earlier testimony of Flores. Flores also talked about the sequence to the media, again citing Horn.

            • My question is when the defense was told that Horn would testify to gunshot last — “just before trial,” or “one year ago” as in Stephens’ statement.

              • My understanding is that Horn had not spoken AT ALL under oath (none of the pretrial hearings or depositions) until trial. If that is true, there would be no ‘testimony of the medical examiner’ for the defense to know about a year ago.

                Of course, if the defense team didn’t depose him, that would be their bad -wouldn’t it?

          • Chris

            It’s a good question, and there are conflicting reports.

            What Stephens was referring to in her ruling is anyone’s guess.

            The defense would have taken a deposition from Horn, maybe this really was in early 2012, but in terms of the pace of a trial in Arizona, this could be said to be “right before trial”.

            Consider the minutes of 21st Dec 2011


            “IT IS FURTHER ORDERED affirming Trial on February 21, 2012 at 10:30 a.m. before this division. LAST DAY REMAINS: March 24, 2012.”

            The trial date kept moving, would be interesting to do a full analysis of how many times it moved.

            • What I am suggesting is that by this time the defense had already arranged it’s expert witnesses and trial was thought to be “imminent”…

              But then the trial date continued to move, with the trial eventually starting 10 December 2013.

            • Interesting. So everyone could be right — you, other posters, Stephens.

              I’m still glad I omitted this point from my summary of legal issues, for a different reason. Whenever it was that the defense learned the prosecution was switching to gunshot last — early 2012, early 2013, or whenever — it should have used this to move for a trial delay, more money for experts, or whatever was necessary to get their own pathologist and crime-scene expert to rebut Horn effectively. Instead, Stephens says the Nurmi motion that she’s rejecting was not filed in time. In retrospect, not having a defense pathologist and CSI looks like an awful mistake — though it still might not have been enough to change the verdict.

            • Something new I just noticed when rereading Stephens’ denial of Nurmi’s motion: she refers to testimony by Horn on 1/9/12 (before Flores on 1/10/12). That answers Journee’s question above.

                • OK. so now I’m as confused as you were when you asked your question. Why and where were Horn and Flores testifying a month before the trial was supposed to start in Feb of ’12?

              • Remember the lyrics “the day my mama socked it to the Harper Valley PTA”

                Remember ‘sock it to me’? Laugh-in?

                (okay, I guess I’m really aging myself now, eh, lol?)

              • Chris,

                I am reading over what you are bringing up. You are very thorough. My little bit of input is: I remember when Martinez changed about the gunshot. Anything the Defense filed was denied. But Stephen’s denied just about everything the defense filed or said. Stephen’s aloud abuse against the defense witnesses. I never knew about the Jodi Arias Trial. I didn’t watch until the beginning of March. It wasn’t planned and no one told me about Jodi. One day I just stumbled across the trial on HLN. I don’t usually get pulled in to this type of television. I obviously had a completely different reaction than the normal HLN watcher. Although I don’t watch HLN normally. From the time I started watching Jodi’s Trial, I knew Stephen’s and Martinez were way off. I still believe the first trial was a mistrial.
                Millions of people watched who jumped on the Death Row for Jodi Arias group and the Juan Rock Star Group. I never got an inkling that those groups were valid.
                What I do know is that I have excelled intellectually all my life. I can pick out a problem in a split second. I can solve a problem in a split second. I have been granted scholarships to the best schools. I have studied and worked with the best and brightest. HLN was appealing to the masses. The average and below average. It is sad the Judge wasn’t above those levels. Stephen’s needs to leave the Law. She is a disgrace.

  9. To paraphrase the words of Jack Nicholson, “The truth?” “Munchassnez and the Shitwads Can’t Handle THE TRUTH!”. It’s been obvious from day one that that satanic imp and his minions have been lying and manipulating every aspect of this farce of what they call justice. That inglorious little shit-pipe has spewed nothing but lies from day one and continues to do so even now. I for one will never set foot in Arizona for anything unless it’s to see Munchassnez, Esteban Fishlips, the Munchassnez Excrement Horne, Joe Assholepia, and Sherry Shitforbrains hang from ropes for the evilness that they’ve put upon JODI and all others who are innocent!! GO TEAM JODI!!!!!!!!

    • I feel sorry for the people living in Shitzona that are decent and have to keep their mouths shut out of fear. The more I read about crime cases in Shitzona, the more I see a pattern of corruption there… WTF?!?! Are all authorities of the law there so incompetent of solving a case and getting the facts right that they make up their own stories about what went on?!?! Or is it just political games behind the scenes? If I was living there I would really be alarmed. 🙄

  10. Excellent analysis and very interesting to read RF! However, I don’t see why you think that Travis coughed this blood into the sink. His head was turned down at the time of the gunshot so all Travis would’ve had to do to prevent himself from choking is keep his head upright or at worst, slightly tilted down. The spatter in the sink appears to have come from Travis spitting the blood with his lips mostly closed. When the jaw is injured, it has a tendancy to stay sedentary. I’d like to say that Travis allowed the blood to pool in his mouth, before approaching the sink and spitting. He then braced himself against the sink and simply turned his head down. Good day everyone.

    • The song actually came ten years before the movie, released by Jeannie C Riley in 1968.

      The hypocrites in Harper Valley were paragons of virtue compared to the hypocrites we’ve seen in this case.

        • LOL – speaking of showing my age – I just added a thought to this in the wrong spot.

          A phrase from the lyrics came straight from Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in. (the day my momma SOCKED IT TO the Harper Valley PTA.)

          Then I got thinking about Ruth Buzzi and Joanne Worley and Arte Johnson and Henry Gibson – remembering Goldie Hawn and Lily Tomlin from when they were practically kids. I think I’ll go cruise you tube and see if they have any clips from the joke wall.

          • the clip, which includes the earlier song, was nicely put together from the movie

            i wouldn’t label the harper valley hypocrites as paragons of virtue by comparison with this case

            the harper valley pta simply had the potentiality to inflict less evil on the mother and daughter

            which per se doesn’t affect the nature of the pta’s hypocrisy, simply that their stage, or field of play, was more modest

            unlike the stakes here, redolent of the salem witch trials, containing wide political and religious forces


            “The episode is one of the nation’s most notorious cases of mass hysteria, and has been used in political rhetoric and popular literature as a vivid cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations and lapses in due process.[3]”

            and of hypocrisy, whether it be “under the hypocritical cloak of Christian love or the sense of social responsibility or any of the other beautiful euphemisms for unconscious urges to personal power (Jung, 1966:5).”


            and by way of counterpoint, in the literature of the hypocrites, conscious of their deceit, there is Tartuffe in the french play by Molière


            “As a result of Molière’s play, contemporary French and English both use the word “tartuffe” to designate a hypocrite who ostensibly and exaggeratedly feigns virtue, especially religious virtue. “

            • I disagree Wes –

              The people of the fictional Harper Valley were just doing the stupid shit that people do behind closed doors and were offended that Mrs. Johnson didn’t bother to hide her naughtiness.

              There are people at the core of THIS mess who KNOW Travis was an abuser and are willing to let Jodi die rather than speak the truth. What is it that they fear, that is worse than the death of an abused and innocent woman? What evil threatens them?

              And if that’s not monstrous enough, there’s another whole faction looking to maximize opportunities to profit by vilifying an abused woman.

              This is beyond hypocrisy.

              This is putrid, festering EVIL.

              • jodi’s case is far beyond, and deeper than, the narrow confines of a simple song dealing with small-town hypocrisy, of “decrying Mrs. Johnson’s supposedly scandalous behavior by small-town standards,”

                since knowing that ta was an abuser, is not direct evidence of the events as they unfolded when jodi
                defended herself and killed ta

                thus if and when they choose to disbelieve jodi, then they’re free to fill in the blanks, and select whatever facts
                they wish to believe surrounding the critical events, regardless of normally accepted rational processes

                the bigots, and hypocrites, don’t analyze such matters deeply, or with any semblance of consistency,
                even if they remember sufficient facts

                and if, and whenever, they become fixed in their determination against jodi, and disbelieve her, they thereafter lay that judgmental template across all the evidence they’ve heard, or will ever hear

                they have closed minds.

                also, as they have compartmentalized psyches, consistency is of no importance to them

                through the looking glass:

                “I’m just one hundred and one, five months and a day.”
                “I can’t believe that!” said Alice.
                “Can’t you?” the Queen said in a pitying tone. “Try again: draw a long breath, and shut your eyes.”
                Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”
                “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for
                half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

                the extract above concerning the salem witch trials partly explains what has happened so far; a “vivid
                cautionary tale about the dangers of isolationism, religious extremism, false accusations and lapses in
                due process.[3]”

                “What is it that they fear … ?”

                the above, and all that has been discussed over the past months by all of us, and i would throw in modernity

                they’re afraid of the modern world, and retreat into the false certainties of their religious dogmas

          • Don’t worry Journee I remember them all. Much better TV back then than the talking heads of today. At least on Laugh-in it was just silly stuff. . .we all need a good laugh today too. Too bad the Talking Heads of today aren’t funny, isn’t it.?. They could bring the Gong Show back and Gong each other in the heads!!!!! It’s all Gloom and Doom with them though.

              • No you didn’t! Yours just got bumped below Wes’ reply to me, mine to him, and his to me again – but you’re in the same box as his first reply, lol.

            • I just remember my whole family laughing together for an hour.

              It’s a nice memory, it makes me smile…. they’re all gone now, so it’s good to remember those smiles.

              • I was thinking the same thing. Except for my husband and two kids, I have two brothers left but my parents and all grandparents are gone. It is always good to remember the good times we had with them. 🙂

                I wish Jodi could spend time with her family. Maybe one day soon! Real Soon! 🙂

  11. Hello everyone! I LOVE the “In defense of Jodi” post BTW.

    I just wanted to say that I made a new post on my blog which is a direct message to Travis Alexander’s family if anyone is interested in reading it. I’ve included a link to my blog on my name here. Just click on it and it will take you there.

    • Thanks for making it so easy to get to your blog Jeff:). The letter was extremely wonderful and very thoughtful. I hope that Travis’s family will read it too. At least, it might help them understand where we are all coming from. Free Our Jodi!!!!

  12. Yes everything is good. I just needed to get back to my life for a time. But I have never wavered in my stand for Jodi. I have stopped in and read the post over the past months.

    • Well I am glad you piped up and said hello. Last I saw of you is you were going away for a few days, and then you never came back.

      Say hello to Al for us, ok?

  13. I have come away from all of this with two thoughts:

    NEVER EVER step foot in the state of AZ.

    ALWAYS look at all sides of a story…..Jodi did not kill TA…..I don’t care if she admitted shooting him.

    Another thought that came to mind is we all were joking about this trial would not be over until 2014…….hummmmm

      • Well, the tweets came from Jodi. She (They) may have deleted them, that could easily happen. I don’t suspect they’re fake. I say that because the tweets were in rapid succession, and are not evil, just sad. I imagine that the deletions were a product of Jodi not wanting to create more attitudes about her family and their situations, I get that.

        • ADMINS

          If you want to erase my Jodi tweets in respect for Jodi and the fact that she took them off of her twitter timeline, I understand. I post them so others that might not follow can read and discuss, as twitter is like the wildwest, chock full of ignorance and hatred.

      • Chris, you’re right. The only tweet about bankruptcy is about herself. But even if the other tweets were not posted on her twitter account, they are not far from the truth. Unfortunately, the diner is not doing that well. I hope things change for the Arias family. They have gone through hell with the haters and yet they keep their heads up and don’t stoop to the haters’ level… they are respectful and low toned people. Something I can’t say about the Alexander family…

  14. The more I study the photos of Travis laying in the shower, the more convinced I am that he was upright when he entered the shower (probably with help from Jodi who saw the gravity of the wounds and wanted to help him, as is her nature.) I know we’ve all speculated about how Jodi could have drug 190 pounds of dead weight into the shower and why there are no abrasions from being dragged over the shower door frame. But even more than that, the way he ends up laying to me suggests that he was standing upright in the shower and then as he lost consciousness from blood lose slid down the right side shower wall into that final contorted position.

    • Yes, Justus – I stipulated from the beginning (when I had my shower door frame epiphany, lol) that IF HE DIDN’T walk in there himself, he was carried.

      I think she might have sort of ‘danced’ him there, face to face, him walking backwards – I say that because of the abrasion on his heel.

      • But there’s still the bloody shoe print, and the scuff mark made by that same bloody shoe at the base of the shower (lower left…. which still makes me wonder if might have carried there.

          • It’s not IN the shower, it’s on the front of it, at the base – left side practically under the door – and it’s not a shoe print it’s a scuff mark from a treaded shoe that has blood on its sole. There used to be a close up of it in the only expanded collection of crime scene photos that I have seen – HLN’s. It even had an evidence marker on it. But I guess HLN must have got wind of ‘doubters’ making note of it and pulled it.

            Here is a link, scroll down a little – there’s a picture of the sink, then side by side pictures of hallway and toilet, then a picture of the shower with the body removed. You can even sort-of almost see the blood – you can tell it’s more than just a black scuff.


            • In the close up, you could actually see where the shoe struck, with a thin line of red at the bottom of each tread, and then the black smears downward. One tread was bloodier, and the blood made its own bit of trail on that tread – that’s the darkest spot you see there.

              • Interesting Journee. What is laying in the shower a glass or cup or something? Wonder if there were finger prints on it.

                • Forget that. . I read on and saw. Looks like the cup would have more blood on it than shown. There are dark spots in the hallway that aren’t numbered what are they? (looks like footprints) The crime scene looks like a sloppy job was done investigating.

                • I don’t think the cup was in the bottom of the shower until they took Travis out – seems like it was on his right leg..

                  The dark spots in the hall, kind of at a distance? Those are the blood pools in front of the linen closet that geebee has been trying to figure out.

                • I don’t recall any particular testimony regarding the plastic cup, does anyone else please? But I do remember people speculating it was with that cup that Jodi tried to wash away Travis’ body. Which always sounded kind of weird to me. because she could have turned on the faucet of the shower, right?

                  Now, I have a rather ‘stupid’ ignorant question, but since I’m among friends I’m gonna ask it anyway LOL: when detectives take pictures of the crime scene and put the evidence markers and take measurements (those yellow tape measures on the sink, for example), are they allowed to move the objects that were around this particular spot???
                  If yes, ok just a stupid thought on my part. If no, then why is the liquid hand wash on the othr side of the sink in one photo and the towel missing?

                • Maria, I seem to recall CSI Connor saying something to the effect that, before they start putting out evidence markers or doing anything they do to collect evidence, they take pictures to record the scene as they found it – understanding, I suppose, that marking and collecting evidence might require them to move things around.

                • Thanks Journee. That makes sense, because the hand wash is on the left side and the towel on the right one before there are evidence markers and then they are moved when the tape measures are put. I just didn’t know if they are allowed/supposed to do that.

    • Justus,

      The thing that doesn’t add up for me is the blood pool on his bedroom carpet. It shows that a large amount of blood was shed there: something we would see from a body that is lying there bleeding out. That makes me think that travis fell there and bled out (possibly where he died).

      So, I strongly believe that his body was placed in the shower post mortem, thus making it almost impossible for Jodi to have moved him from the bedroom all the way to the shower and placed him there all by herself… (without leaving trails of blood in the hallway from dragging him plus positioning him in the manner that he was found). I still believe that travis was carried to the shower and I can’t imagine Jodi doing it with a “fireman’s carry” technique.

      • Pandora, I’m not sure but I think if he was already dead when arriving in the shower there wouldn’t be as much blood as there was under his body. I believe bleeding stops once the heart stops.

        • Yes, we bleed because our heart pumps blood through our body.Meaning we need a heartbeat to bleed.
          Justus, could it just be blood running down his body from all the stab wounds? Would it be THAT much? Doubtful… So, if she cuts his throat near the end of the hallway leaving that large blood stain on the carpet and he dies on that spot (isn’t that what the prosecution claimed?) how does she manage to drag him so quickly in the shower so that he still has all that blood to shed?

      • I’m most inclined to think the blood on the carpet came from the chest wound.

        Horn noted a lack of hemorrhage in the muscles and soft tissue of the neck, and attributed that to decomposition – but he also noted a lack of hemorrhage in the presumed track of the bullet and attributed that to the gunshot coming post-mortem.

        But what if it was the other way around? He didn’t find blood in the bullet track because the bullet didn’t travel where he thought it did. And there was no hemorrhage to the neck tissue because the neck wound was – perhaps? – post-mortem. Maybe even after he was placed in the shower? Wouldn’t need a pumping heart – just gravity – for that much blood to spill from the neck wound and collect in the bottom of the shower.

        • Gravity can do what the heart doesn’t
          After you die, your body can be seen as a big bag of blood. Initially, that bag is under some pressure, a bit less than the diastolic pressure (the pressure between heartbeats). So if you cut into an artery a little after death you may get some squirting, rather than just leaking. It won’t be much, since diastolic pressure isn’t that much over the pressure of the air, and the instant you make an incision that pressure is released.

          And it only lasts for about half an hour; after that, the muscles relax completely, letting the blood vessels expand. The blood basically leaks down into the lowest parts of the body. Make an incision where the blood has pooled, and it will leak out. That’s why you hang meat by the feet after slitting the throat, to allow the blood to drain out. A mortician usually helps this out with pressurized embalming fluid.

          After a few days, the blood vessels themselves will decompose along with the rest of the body. If the blood hasn’t leaked out already it joins the other bodily fluids and liquid byproducts of decomposition.

          So a body can bleed for a while, though in a different way from a body pressurized by the heart.

        • Pandora and Journee,

          I tend to think (as does geebee2 apparently) that the bedroom blood is from the gunshot. After going to the sink and investigating the wound Travis follows Jodi down the hallway along the right side where he falls on the carpet and bleeds from the face wound. Jodi in the meantime has run back to the bathroom, so he gets up and heads back up the hallway on the opposite side where he meets up with a knife in the hands of a Jodi who has gone half nuts in fear. (Like walking into a whirling airplane propeller.)

          I think if the neck wound was the cut that finally brought his aggression to a stop, he may have still had time to get into the shower…with Jodi’s help.

          • Justus,
            I am sure that experienced CSI and coroner experts would be able to analyze the amount of blood that was shed on the carpet and know if that was where travis died. But that is only when the investigators and coroners know how to DO their job… in this case, IMO, they were all amateurs!

              • I am no specialist but common logic says that the slashing of a throat would release so much blood. Thus, I don’t think he would be able to walk to the shower with a slashed throat. How DID he get to the shower?

                • I remember reading that the throat cut was a superficial wound and that the throat cut picture used in court was after the autopsy was performed which made it appear deeper than it really was. Am I wrong? Seems like it was Pajama Girl’s site. It made sense to me at the time. I don’t think Jodi could have cut him on the throat that bad (as it appeared in the court picture) unless she had used an electric knife or saw. I believe some of the pictures used in court were after the autopsy was done.

                • R., That’s a great point about the autopsy contributing to the damage to the neck wound. And I seem to remember someone else saying that part of the goriness of the slash was caused by decomposition. If it was indeed a superficial cut he would have had time to reach the shower before collapsing.

                  And his final position in the shower seems so odd to me if he was drug in. Because of the location of the shower door and wall, if I imagine myself dragging someone into that shower, their head would have ended up on the left back corner with their feet to the right. I suppose it’s possible to end up how he did but for me it would take some contorting to do it.

                • Justus – I don’t think Horn’s estimate there takes other blood loss into consideration. WhatEVER wound caused the blood stain on the carpet, a lot of blood was lost there.

                • R.Love,
                  Great points! Why didn’t the defence team bring this up in court? Why wasn’t that specific picture questioned?!

                  Too many slips… 🙁

            • Justus –

              Google fireman’s carry.

              If Travis didn’t walk into the shower, I think maybe a fireman’s carry is how he got there.

              Definitely not dragged there.

              • Journee, I’m presuming you’re going with the idea that someone else put him in the shower. You’re not saying Jodi flung Travis over her shoulder and carried him into the shower, are you?

                • Yes, Justus.

                  IF Travis did not walk into the shower on his own steam (or maybe with a little help from Jodi) SOMEONE ELSE carried him there.

                  Which, to me, could explain a few other things the police didn’t bother to question or investigate, namely:

                  the roommates who didn’t smell anything for five days
                  the bloody shoe print
                  the scuff mark that matches that bloody shoe on the front of the shower

                • Journee I agree with your point of view. There are so many unanswered questions about how travis finally ended up in the shower.

                  The sad thing is that we have to speculate on how things actually happened. The investigators should have already solved that. Nothing adds up. IF the detectives had done their jobs correctly and thoroughly, there is no doubt that Jodi’s sentence would have been quite different.

                  I do believe that Jodi ‘started’ everything (IN SELF DEFENCE) – leaving travis still alive – but someone else finished ‘the job’ and staged the murder scene. Why? Who? When? and How? Unfortunately, I don’t know.

                  Jodi is taking the wrap for something BIGGER than we know… Flores was too eager in closing the case so he would have enough time to go eat some donuts, instead of actually investigating!

  15. The weekend is here! Finally!

    I hope you all have an amazing and relaxing weekend.

    (((((Hugs))))) to all of you, my lovely cyber family.

    (((((Jodi))))) ♥ – keep strong and have faith.

  16. I find this interesting. In Flores’ investigation report he states the following:

    “Once in the bathroom area, I noticed large amounts of blood on the most northern sink and mirror. Some of the blood appeared deluded as though water had been spilled on it for a short period of time, while other sections of the blood spatter appears to resemble heavy arterial spurting. I noticed the inside of the sink had a combination of both deluded blood with heavy spatter on top of it. This indicated the faucet had been running initially, then turned off as the person continued bleeding for a few seconds afterward.”

    So what I’m hearing is that while Travis stood at the sink and (according to the State) was being stabbed in the back by Jodi, he took the time to turn the faucet on and off. That’s not something I’d be doing if someone was attacking me with a knife.

    • I have the exact same sentence by the Flores report written on my notebook with a big question mark ,so as not to forget to ask you people here what you make out of it (I don’t remember if I ever did though LOL). Yeah, isn’t it weird that Flores seems to have gotten so many things backwards? i.e the sequence of the wounds, the blood spatter on the sink… Kinda makes you wonder, right? Is he stupid or just a liar?

  17. Please refresh my memory…where was Jodi when she witnessed the young skateboarders apparently messing with her license plates?

    I”ve been wondering a couple of things: (1) Jodi wouldn’t necessarily have been their first or their last victim, so I”m wondering if anyone has investigated if there were other similar incidents in that area at the time, and (2) if she drove all the way to Pasadena and then to Mesa with upside down plates, there must be others on the highways who noticed the plate. Why hasn’t someone stepped forward to say so? Maybe they are either ignorant of the trial or they are among the haters. (Rhetorical questions…just wondering out loud.)

  18. Another interesting note:

    According to Ryan Burns, Jodi called him sometime between 9pm and 10pm on June 3rd to tell him she was on her way. Being approximately a 10-hour trip from Pasadena to Salt Lake City (not including stops), Ryan was expecting her around 9am on the 4th. Now why, pray tell, would any murderous mastermind tell her alibi she would be there in 10 hours if she was planning a five-plus-hour trip to Mesa and then another 10-hour trip to Salt Lake City?

    Does anyone remember what time Jodi received the call from Travis guilting her into coming to Mesa?

  19. Hi family! I read all the posts. I am having a few life tragedies. The ups and downs of life.
    I am around and wonder with such a bad investigation of the murder scene, how can you bring that into evidence? This was a Kangaroo Court. Someone above quoted Alice in Wonderland. Absolutely brilliant! During the trial I would say, OMG – I just fell in to Alice in Wonderland ‼

    I checked out Jodi’s Twitter account. I read some of the responses and see that the haters are still at it. Sick, dumb, lonely hater people. They haven’t found anything better to do than hang out at Jodi’s Twitter account. Obviously not.

    Jodi sending you lots of love and prayers. Family, including Jodi, sending everyone lots of love and prayers.

    • Oh Marianne, I am sad to hear you are going through tough times. I am sending you my warmest positive energy. ♥

      Oh, sweetie! The haters will never give up on their hate. You see, they have absolutely nothing else in their lives to keep them going. They lash out their pitiful frustration on Jodi. 🙄 I for one have become immune to their hatred and whenever I come upon their vile comments, I usually laugh at them! My only complaint is that they don’t have a wide range of imagination and so their venom is ALWAYS the same thing: BORING! 🙂

    • Hope everything will work out for you 🙂

      Yes, unfortunately there are a few regular haters that just won’t quit. 🙁 They come up with some pretty demented stuff that should easily qualify them for a one-way trip to a mental institution.
      Too bad the keeper of Jodi’s account cannot block out these haters (Twitter does not allow that, I think – even if you block somebody they still can comment on yoru tweets).
      These haters need to get a life and a brain.

  20. What I don’t understand is, why haters fail to see, that Travis was deviant living as a mormon and a successful salesman. What sort sort of man holsters those things, and even then dates a pretty girl.

    I’ve been at point blanc gun point about 5 times, once by police. If I had come at them instead of getting on my knees, I would have been shot and killed.

    • Travis should have known better being a Mormon to lead Jodi on to have her believe there was love for her..The haters will not look at that part of Travis.I don’t understand it either. He was no saint in no way no how. The evidence is clear of that fact..

  21. Rusty if you haven’t signed the petitions you might want to . . .just click on petitions and it will take you to them.
    Also Pandora had some petitions on the same thread, check them out too.

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