Here’s what we know so far…

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The result of this morning’s AZ State Circus hearing was that there’ll be another hearing on September 16th.

Following on from all of that, here’s a quick rundown on what we know so far

* We know the infamous shoe print in the bathroom wasn’t put there by TA or Jodi,

* We know Zach Billings actually knows way more than he’s prepared to admit to,

* We know TA’s inbred meth-head family are both retarded and very bad actors,

* We know the original jurors were watching a different trial to everyone else,

* We know Dirty Sanchez never produced any evidence to prove pre-meditation,

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* We know that none of the pedo-huggers have ever been subject to domestic violence,

* We know what Chris & Sky Hughes are,

* We know the world is a far better place without TA – see proof below…

Justice for Travis has been served - Jodi Arias Is Innocent-com

* We know the only DP the haters are gonna end up with is this one,

* We know both the State’s “star witnesses” repeatedly lied under oath, (and that they couldn’t even find their own ass with both hands),

* We know the haters should be prohibited from reproducing (by way of mandatory terminations),

* We know this trial was a grossly overcharged self-defense case,

* We know Jodi is awesome and always will be,

* We know WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for Justice for Jodi…

Ani’t that the truth.

What else do we know?

Team Jodi

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. We know there is blood spatter in the toilet, and a significant pool of blood near the entrance to the toilet.

    This confirms Jodi’s version of events, and refutes Juan Martinez’ theory.

    • According to Juan Martinez, Jodi attacks Travis in the shower (stabbing him in the vena cava), then he goes to the basin, then down the hallway.
      But in this narrative, the pool of blood near the toilet never gets made, and also the spatter in the toilet cannot get there.

      On the other hand, in Jodi’s self-defense testimony, Travis rushes at her, the gun goes off, with Travis shot.
      He is now on the floor near the entrance to the toilet, accounting for the pool of blood there, and the spatter in the toilet.

      • I cannot accept Martinez’s narrative where the knife attack comes first and here’s why:
        Jodi is a petite young woman, she doesn’t have much strength in her. Travis on the other hand was a burly bulky guy, a muscle bound maniac (I’ve seen vids of him swinging his legs around like crazy), he worked out, he had been on a wrestling team. In other words, he was physically fit. It just doesn’t sit right with me: he would have certainly been able to stop Jodi attacking him. There’s no way he would have been overpowered by Jodi! Even Jodi with a knife! That’s why I think that the gunshot would had to have come first. Or there was a third person in the house.
        Martinez’s narrative just doesn’t square with the facts!

        • Alexey,
          Yes, I’ve seen seen his kicks. He could have easily kicked a gun or knife out of Jodi’s hand,
          There’s so many unanswered questions, too much doubt and even lies from the prosecution side.
          Plus if they investigate (that’s very unlikely, since they didn’t investigate to find the real truth ) they will find out that there was misconduct with the jury.

  2. Well, here goes Monday the 26th. My thoughts and prayers will be with Jodi today for sure!! I will be putting up hay in 90 degree weather but Jodi will never leave my mind. . . she will only inspire me not to grumble and complain about how I hate to put up hay. How could any of us complain about our lives with all she has suffered! Everyone continue to pray and back our Jodi! Freedom for Jodi PLEASE!

    • So true. The thing is, Jodi is such a good person, I don’t think she feels any bitterness at all.

      It’s the art of not caring what people think about you, it’s the truth that matters.

      I’m still working on it.

  3. It truly numbs the mind when you realize how much evidence to acquit Jodi the jury and the media have ignored or how much spin was put on it to make it sound like she is guilty.
    The TA/Mormon spin machine did an incredible job making TA out to be a saint instead of the lying, manipulative, two faced, pedophile, abusive, depraved, piece of shit he really was.
    The asshole got exactly what he deserved.

    • I hope not. And I doubt it – it’s just a status conference, basically just administration, deciding how long attorneys need for next steps, etc.

      Don’t expect much to happen today.

  4. Happy August 26 people!

    Happy Monday. Happy hearing day.

    I had a very difficult weekend with a death in the family. It’s a horrible time.

    I hope everyone had a great weekend. Let’s keep good thoughts for today’s results.

  5. (((((Jodi))))
    Hello to my cyber family.
    I would like all of you to send your positive energy to Jodi on this day. She needs all the love and support she can get.

    I am not sure if there will be live coverage. Does anyone know?

    TTY after the hearing.

  6. I am hoping that Jodi’s team gets plenty of time to prepare for this new upcoming penalty phase. But with how this kangaroo court operates she will probably have to go back to trial in Sept. Her defense needs time to get info across to the new jury that hopefully will bolster a retrial with the truth. Jodi needs to appeal this sham and let a new jury see the real facts of her self-defense against the real criminal TA.

  7. Oh, Jodi… If only you could see how many people are here for you, on every social media… On pins and needles. Let’s see what today brings.

    We LOVE you, girl ♥ ♥

  8. Well, sounds like today wasn’t too eventful.
    New hearing set for September 16th.
    No date set for new trial yet, maybe at the next hearing?

    Though this is not a bad thing, I suppose it gives Nurmi and Wilmott more time to prepare.
    I just hope Jodi is in good spirits.

  9. Ok…so they bring Jodi into the courtroom for less than 120 seconds. This idiot judge “didn’t have time to review the pending motions”. Therefore, no rulings. ANOTHER hearing date for September 16. No trial date.

    This is the most absurd way to run a court proceeding I have ever seen.

  10. Just watched ALV I terview on HLN. I feel so bad for her! Those emails threats while she was testifying seem like they would have to create some kind of mistrial. Does whitness intimidation not qualify for a mistrial? It should if it keeps her from 1) being able to properly testify 2) makes it so she is to afraid so testify in the new trial.

    • Brenda,
      Good question. It would be a surprise to me if they ever did anything in favor of Team Jodi. They don’t even follow the law. It’s a damn shame that their are not held accountable for the way they are dealing with this trial. (and by ‘they’, I mean Stephans & Martinez).

  11. An interview with LaViolette: because of the death threats and at the urging of her friends and family, she has declined to participate in the retrial.

    IMO, that right there is cause for the AZ Supreme Court to overturn the conviction and send the case back for retrial.

    • AMEN, Journee!
      Apparently it’s only us supporters seeing such things clearly. Maybe they are all brain dead in AZ!

    • Journee,

      I know! The AZ Supreme Court needs to step in. Could anything be more ridiculous than this trial? Now we have JVM taking the place of an expert witness. She is screaming out on TV that the reason LA Violate got death threats is because LaViolette believed Jodi was abused. Explaining that everyone was so against her because she believed Jodi’s lies. OMG! LaViolette was an Expert Witness for the Defense Team. What did JVM think she should do? The disrespect for LaViolette’s professional education and experience is appalling. But not just appalling, scary. All of the disrespect and hatred was spread viral through social media. Again, HLN with craziness coming out of there mouths. I don’t see them get away with it with others. Not to this extent. They are taking advantage and putting innocent lives on the line. Yes, Jodi is one of those lives. They will have people so revved up to kill her. Even though she is innocent.

      • I don’t think the AZSC can step in – can’t do anything until the case gets to them. IOW, they have to finish the trial first before Jodi can appeal to the SC to overturn conviction because of witness tampering (among many other things!)

      • What HLN dummies dont get is that they are setting a negative precedent. Instead of trying to pull the freaking reins in on those haters they themselves have created, they are adding more fuel to the fire by humiliating ALV, who whether they like it or not is an expert witness and should be treated with respect, because that’s what civilised citizens do when they respect their own Legal System!! Now, what they dont seem to understand is that EVERY fucking time a defendant is let’s say ‘unpopular’ or ‘hated’ the lunch mob will feel they have the right to intimidate, gag even threaten a defense witness coz they ‘ll know their behavior was applauded during the Arias case!

        • If I were Alice Laviolette I would get RIGHT BACK UP and stand up for what I believe in and know to be the truth. She should not let those horrible bullies win. Their goal was to frighten anyone away who could testify on Jodi’s behalf and it worked like a charm. This is a disgrace. I do feel so bad for her and it made me so sick that they frightened her but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do! Love ya, Jesse

  12. Does anyone know of any NEW motions (after the twitter and media motions?). Trying to figure out why the court reporter was handing out copies of 1500 pages of transcripts – wondering if it has to do with defense witnesses (ALV) who have declined to participate in the retrial and what part of prior testimony they might use instead.

    • Actually, no! LMAO! It seems that my fingers don’t want to cooperate with my brain today! I’ll just blame it on the heatwave! 😉

  13. Has anyone watched the Ted Rolands interview with Alyce LaViolette in which she describes he abuse (death threats, etc) that she’s received since testifying? (Sorry, folks, but it’s on HLN.) Of course, both JVM and Joey Jackson, not so very subtlety, implied that she deserved it.

    • Oops…sorry….I was so anxious to report this crap that I didn’t read the previous thread. You folks are already way ahead of me.

  14. I think if I hear JVM scream out the words “pathological liar” one more time, I am going to go ballistic (I know, I don’t normally watch that POS network but I was interested in hearing Alyce). That loosely-used label is making me crazy. Jodi told two lies under extreme stress, shame, embarrassment and fear and that somehow makes her a pathological liar? How many people, when first confronted, deny involvement (for various reasons)? Does that make each and ever one of them a pathological liar? And these self-righteous know-it-alls have no friggin’ idea how they would have reacted in a similar simulation, having just killed the person they loved the most. But they are so cock-sure of their holier-than-thou selves as well as enjoying the belief that they are so much better than Jodi. Such irony.

    This whole affair has brought to light the amazing lack of empathy that exists in our society. Very very scary.

    • And in 1981 a man in Maricopa County stabbed his wife 26 times killing her. At first he told the police that a stranger had done it (sound familiar?) and then he told them he did it but he had no memory because he was sleep walking. Nobody claimed he was a pathological liar. As a matter of fact, they jury let him off because his wife was reportedly a “nag” who drove him to it. Tell me there isn’t misogyny written all over Jodi’s case.

    • Hey Justus, To take a phase from the movie ‘Doctor Detroit’, I’d like to rip off the heads of those hln motherfuckers and shit down their throats! The only problem being is that so full of shit that they wouldn’t even notice anything different—-since they already of bunch of shit-bags!

  15. I just saw video of Jodi in court today she looked really good. Her hair up in a bun again, she was not as heavily guarded or restrained today no waist chain only handcuffs and stripes. She seemed to be well rested and even smiled slightly. Jodi is so strong one of the strongest women I know!


    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

      • ((((((((((((((((((JANEEN)))))))))))))))))))))

        Thank you.Today went pretty good for a Monday! 😀


        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Jodi was so cute as usual, she seemed serene and confident. (of course the HLN motherf**kers said she looked like a zombie!! okey….moving on)

      Unfortunately the 2 videos uploaded on YouTube are sort of edited, they dont show the part where she walks off and SMILES!! Every smile is valuable, yet the haters find it so hard that Jodi’s spirit is not broken, nor will it ever be because she feels all our love, support and positive energy!
      And by God, LOVE is so much more powerful than hatred. So, no matter what we WIN they LOSE!

      • Well, Maria, I was at the courthouse today. I waited almost 3 hours just to catch a glimpse of Jodi. Even though I was only in the courtroom for all of 3 minutes and 36 seconds, it was well worth it. She looked phenomenally good. In fact, I was shocked at how well she looked, taking into account all that she’s been through. Seeing her in person was completely overwhelming for me. All I could do was stare like an idiot. I don’t care what anybody says, she’s an astonishingly beautiful woman.
        So they said she looked like a zombie? Seriously? What bunch of fu@*ing retards! I can’t say I’m surprised though. I just consider the source, I guess.
        Anyways, I’m back! And I’ll be coming in a lot more than I have been lately. Forgive me for my absence.

        • maria and Jeff,
          The hateful idiots are hallucinating on their hate. Asshole Mike or whatever his name is asked another babble mouth what he thought of the way Jodi was acting????????????
          These people really are so sick with hate, it’s pathetic.
          Jeff, I’m glad to hear that you got to see Jodi. I think the reason she’s so pleasant is that she feels right, she’s not eaten up with hate, plus I’m sure it has to make her feel just a little better
          knowing it is killing the hateful bastards.
          They are miserable wallowing in their hate and lies they just can’t stand it.
          Is there ANYONE at all that doesn’t talk the same way about her? Making fun of her shackles. Oh they said, SHE LOOKS QUIET DIFFERENT, not all dressed up and with her glasses.
          Were they so damn blind that they didn’t even notice that she WAS waring glasses.
          She looks good with or without them. They CAN’T stand it.

          Jeff they also took on the hate about Alyce. May sound drama like, but you couldn’t help but cry listening to Alyce. This is terrible!
          I agree Jodi looked beautiful today, she always does.
          Right, maria, her spirit is not broken. They want so bad for it to be, but it isn’t going to happen.

          • Yes, Aly, what they did to Alyce is completely inexcusable. It’s also cowardly. All these assholes should be taken out and buried in the biggest landfill we can find. To me they’re all just worthless trash anyways. And what do we do with our trash? I’m beginning to think that most of the decent people left out there are on this site.
            I’m just glad that Travis’ family wasn’t in the courtroom today. I don’t think my stomach could’ve handled the sight of them.

            • You’re right Jeff. All of the above and don’t forget bullying, you know the ones that are so anti-bullying? Anti-bullying my ass!! I think they deserve the Bully award, they teach it.
              I wish they would throw them in the trash.
              I know it sounds crazy watching them, and yes we could get it on the internet, but we like to watch it together and when it’s happening.
              We hadn’t seen Alyce since the trial.
              It broke my heart AND the assholes justify this?
              They are trash and exactly right, that’s where they belong along with the rats.
              Yes, I’m glad you didn’t have to see that family. I couldn’t have stood it either, It was hard watching them during the trial.

              This may be a crazy question, but why are they not at home? Are they now going to wait until Sept 16th?
              She got 1st degree murder.
              The babble heads are so worried about them living out of a suitcase. OH, MY!!!
              That’s their choice. They want her to go ahead and get the DP so that their family can have some closure or go home? If that’s it I hope they’re there forever.

              • Apparently the motherfu@#ers have gone back to California. I heard that somewhere today. They’re a frickin joke. It looks like they’re still trying to squeeze out more money from people with their damned Memorial Fund too. Could someone please explain to these rip-off artists that it’s not cool to continue to profit on their brother’s death? No one can tell me that they’re not profiting off of this either – I know damn well they are. After seeing that family’s background I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re pocketing every fu*#ing dime.

                • Of course they are pocketing every dime.
                  That worthless tattooed skank Tanisha is a convicted felon! She has a rap-shit 10 miles long! She was convicted of theft! So she has no moral values! She thinks nothing of ripping people off. And her sister Samantha (damn her to hell) is probably a crooked cop – I hope she gets mortally wounded in the line of duty. She cried her ass off on the stand but we all know those were FAKE tears! How can you possibly grieve so much for 5 freaking years? Get the hell over it already! And her lousy piece of garbage brother Steven looked like Butthead in profile! Just pathetic! I wanted to put my fist through my display!
                  I bet this scumbag family will take this to the civil court to get a huge settlement there! God, I’m disgusted with the Alexander family! I wish they got run over by a big 18-wheeler! I know it’s wrong to think that, but God, I hate them for their greed and desire for revenge!

                • Alexey,

                  I love your passion. However, do you really wish anyone be killed in the line of duty while protecting our citizens? I don’t think Samantha’s tears were fake. IF I lost a family member I might cry ten years later. Are you serious when making these comments or are you just angry?

        • I’m glad you were there today Jeff –

          kinda makes me feel like we all were.

          Makes me hope that, in a way, she felt us all there.

  16. Well I can see that some things never change. Judge incompetence’s middle name should be “delay” because she’s good at that. So much for swift justice.

  17. Sherry Shitfrbrains probably wants to keep delaying things so she can suckle that troll-munchassnez-while they think of more lies and bullshit to spew.

  18. What I can hope for is this trial, the way it was handled bankrupts Arizona.
    Each time they come in for anything, I hope it really adds up.
    Pathetic assholes!
    Another thing, I don’t give a damn about the Alexander family and tired of the babble heads worrying so much about them.
    This is such bullshit and there is not one babble head to respect, not even Christi, I think that’s her
    They practically said that Alyce Lyvette deserved what she got.
    I felt so sorry for her.
    I keep thinking there is not a chance this could all be happening here and realize it isn’t a show, it’s for real.
    I cannot understand the hate and the lies coming from the prosecutor, the idiots “reporting” this.
    They are SO cold, it scares the hell out of me.
    Something has got to give.
    This is not humane the way that they talk and laugh about this.
    They said Alyce deserved it because she believed Jodi.

    We’re supposed to believe JANE’s story that she is writing a book because everything she’s heard is from the LYING friends and family of travis. She’s “telling” Travis’s story because he can’t???????????????? They are all liars. JANE is used to it herself because she lies. They all lie.
    This stinks so bad and it actually hurts to hear the HATE spewed from them. I agree with Alyce.
    It is sad that people are so full of hate.

    • I’ll bet if you were able to talk to Hitler’s inner circle and asked them what kind of guy he was they would answer the same as Travis’ inner circle…..Well he was a wonderful guy couldn’t ask for anyone any nicer than him. It just depends on who you talk to as to what answers you get.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • I already posted a very harsh and negative review of JVM’s so called “book” about Jodi on Amazon!
      I think we all need to pitch in and do this, to show that skank JVM that her book is nothing but utter garbage, just like she is!
      He book already got 21 negative replies (vs 26 positive ones)! It’s neck and neck
      Let’s trash her book on Amazon to prevent her making a quick buck off of Jodi’s tragedy!

      • Alexey,
        I think it’s wrong.
        What they did to Alyce was inhumane.
        Alyce is an author of a book that she wrote before anyone knew about
        All Alyce did was testify that she believed Jodi was abused.
        Everyone but the willfully blind know that,

        What JVM is doing is totally different.
        First she IS making money OFF of lies. She’s writing it because SHE believes Travis was a wonderful person, EVEN though she heard him speak. It was him speaking so she can go by that.
        His tone was so abusive and threatening; In his very own voice you could tell that he could and would be very mean and abusive. She doesn’t have to write what the Travis family want her too.

        They say they are all mean and hateful and threatening to Alyce because she listened to Jodi’s lie.
        NOW it’s OK for JVM to listen to the lies from Travis himself and his family. What hypocrites.

        I don’t care one damn bit about JVM, and sure not enough to even waste my time about reviewing her book. I’n Not buying the damn thing. That’s what you do, not go to a book review like the uneducated did and write trash about a woman. What good did that do, but hurt Alyce, more emotionally also.

        Writing about the author that wrote a book about abuse and trying to slaughter her name. At night
        when all of this is over, I hope Alyce can get her life back. She, like Jodi didn’t deserve this.

  19. I am dumbfounded and perplexed at how anyone in their right mind could convict Jodi of anything. She is completely innocent, and hasn’t done anything wrong in her life. She has done more for DV survivors than mother Teresa has done for anyone else. Jodi should be nominated for saint hood.

    • I love Jodi as well as all do here. But Sainthood, I am not there Mandela. There are just too many unanswered questions about what exactly happened on June 4, 2008.


    • While Mandela’s statement is a little ‘off the cuff’ this is exactly what the Travis supporters have done. Deemed him a saint. So while I agree that Jodi is an intelligent, kind and good-hearted person, who would never have done anything to harm anyone in her life had she not met St Travis, I don’t want to be as ridiculous as the other side.

  20. I want to know HOW they intend to have 12 people come in, NOT even alternates from the trial, that heard and saw it all, but 12 or more people to decide whether she get’s death or death.
    It’s both death beause, she will either die early in prison or later.

    I really feel like I’m in another world. That this can’t be real. Has there ever been another one like it? And you know IF they thought that they couldn’t afford a sequestered jury then WHY did they have it televised? What do they want from these jurors? For them to all agree on the DP?? Is this Constitutional? I’d like to know. Like mandala, I’m dumbfounded!

    If this jury doesn’t all agree on the DP, does this mean that they keep getting jurors until they DO get them to agree on the DP? Something is very wrong.
    WHAT IF???
    This next jury listens and they come back and 3 or 4 decide that she should be found guilty?

    They say that this world is watching this and that they are jealous of our justice system, how and who told them that?
    If some other country had Jodi over there doing this to her, we would ALL be appalled.
    We would move heaven and earth to get her here.

    I think Arizona must be another country. The consentration camp that the sheriff thinks is so great?
    How can he allow that? Something is damn wrong and I feel helpless.

  21. I say since this is okay, let’s just get rid of double jeopardy altogether and keep trying someone till we get the verdict we want. No need to bother with interviewing jurors either…it’s a waste of time. Just go to the next TA vigil or pick 12 commentators from HLN then anoint the fair-minded Nasty Disgrace as judge. AZ has got to be kidding. If you reside there and entice someone into an unhealthy relationship, in which you physically, mentally and sexually abuse them, then you end up dead, you are deemed a saint and the victim is sinner. Makes perfect sense to me. I would quiver in fear if I received so much as a traffic ticket in this twisted state.

    • Gwen,

      Thank you so very much for a much needed laughfest! I have had a horrible time of late and your post made me laugh tonight. Thank you!

      P.S. I usually say the best punishment would be to have to sit and listen to Justin Bieber with headphones, but given the conduct of certain other “public figures” I may have to change that! LOL

    • Gwen,
      You’re right!
      This IS a case of double jeopardy. How can Arizona get by with it?
      They are having a new jury, calling witnesses. It’s going to be a NEW TRIAL.

      I thought it was so wrong to have a new jury come in and give the DP, but it’s even worse.
      THEY can’t do that.
      Someone that could change it should be raising holy hell.
      You’re exactly right. If this jury can’t ALL decide on the DP then they will just have another one until they get what they want.
      Someone said yesyerday that they couldn’t do that. What’s to keep them from doing it? They’ve done everything else their way.
      Absolutely something VERY WRONG going on. It has from the very beginning and I believe more that this was a set up for Jodi.
      Remember Gus?
      They didn’t want to call him. It had to be because he would have helped Jodi.

      When Jodi was leaving or in the car and she said that she saw blood, when the guy interviewing her asked her what she would do now, she said turn around and go to the police.
      Remember she said she was in a fog. I think there is a hell of a lot more going on here and it has to do with the foot print that was never checked.
      The investigation that never happened!

      • Aly, in Arizona if they get a hung jury in the penalty phase, as in this case they will seat a brand new jury just to decide life or death Jodi is already convicted of murder 1. If the new jury can’t decide (hung jury) then it will go to judge Stephens to decide natural life or life with parole, death penalty is off the table. No double jeopardy, hope this helps

        Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

        • Thanks Ray and ALEXIS,
          If the jury is hung on the pentalty phase it is retried?
          How do they get a jury that wouldn’t be biased OR have death threats.
          I’ll have to admit I’m very confused. Doesn’t it seem like they are just trying
          to make sure that they get a jury that will give the bastards their wish?
          I hope that it runs into billions! : )

          • I’ve read that they can impanel a jury a third time in some cases but can’t remember if that’s in California and Arizona, or just California.

  22. And hear hear to all of SJ’s points! May all of the haters be locked in a room and have to watch a Miley Cyrus video over and over. lol

  23. Hello everyone! How are you? One of the things that I keep hearing from anti-Jodi Arias people is how Jodi loves being on-camera and there isn’t a camera in this world that Jodi doesn’t like. Well, what about the pro-Travis Alexander entourage that showed up mugging for the cameras every week on HLN during the trial? How many times did they give interviews? How many hours were they on TV compared to Jodi Arias? Jodi gives a couple of interviews that are, what, 15 minutes long and she’s the media whore? It seems that the media whores are in the camp of Travis Alexander, not Jodi Arias.

    These people are either dishonest or just plain stupid. What do they think she’s going to do? Not fight for her life? If there’s one thing that I know about Jodi, it is that she’s not a quitter. If you tell Jodi she can’t do something, she’s going to find a way where she can, believe me. It’s one of many things that I love about her.

  24. ALV said today that she’s received death threats and was actually reading some of them on-the-air. I don’t doubt that and I can only guess who would send garbage like that to her. However, I think she’s making a mistake if she chooses not to testify on behalf of Jodi Arias. Don’t let these bullies intimidate you, Alyce. Stand up for yourself, for Jodi and for every other woman or man who has suffered from domestic violence. I certainly understand your reticence at testifying again and making yourself vulnerable to more attacks and threats, but we must be brave and strong because that’s what survivors do.

    • Exactly!
      I would never give into these fear-mongers. They are too pussy to actually follow through on their threats! They are all bark and no bite!
      I would testify on Jodi’s behalf and to hell with all the foaming-at-the-mouth travis fans! They are all pathetic pussies anyway who need to get a life!

  25. Well, glad to see all of Team Jodi got me updated on today. Phooey! I was hoping for more of a miracle. Jodi has inspired so many of us and we must not let her down. Maybe a miracle for Jodi is just around the corner. It is so sad to think of Jodi in the jail cell one more night she has suffered way to much. If the judge can’t figure out what to do . . .let us tell her. The justice system is really stinking pretty bad in AZ. Everyone have a good night. . .maybe tomorrow will be better.. Love to Jodi and all you guys too 🙂

    • The judge will keep Jodi in jail for life if the jury doesn’t vote for the DP. We have seen the judge’s bias a million times. We know who’s side she is on.

  26. JM: How many cash registers were there back on June 3, 2008 at Walmart?
    AW: There was, I believe, 25 on the front end, then there’s a few outlying registers, like sporting goods and electronics, so I would say 27/28 maybe 30.

    She doesn’t even know that Walmart store #2458 was located at North Davis in 2008!
    She says “I believe”. She doesn’t KNOW. She gives a rough estimate.
    She checks the registers that are NOW in store #2458. But these can be different to the registers that were in store #2458 back in 2008.
    She has no idea that some of the registers in 2008 are now associated with store #5751.

    • I agree, they did not check into the fact that walmart had changed locations and while at the time she went to one store but it had been relocated and so there would have been no transaction at the new store because it .. i guess you would say split.
      as i know it, the place she returned was the automotive.. something like that but that did not transfer to the store they did the check on

    • omg!!!!!!!! ive been reading here unable to post but randomly keep trying for about 4 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (maybe not 4 but before jodi was convicted) ty for letting me back!

  27. Good morning all, yesterday’s court date for Jodi went well, it must have Jane and Nancy both were all fired up. They just couldn’t stand that Jodi’s lawyers filed motions late last week and judge Stephens didn’t set a date for the retrial. I really think that Jane and Nancy would have a cat fight live on TV to see who got to put the needle in Jodi’s arm. The both of them make me want to P U K E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Ray in Harrisonburg Va.

    • Nancy and JVM are truly trash of the worst kind. How HlN is capable to stay of staying on the air is beyond ridiculous. No one could depend on their news because it is always so biased to the side of making them money. YUCK! I refuse to turn them on!

  28. If anybody is new or hasn’t before seen my online petition, please take a look and please sign (your information is secure and only seen by the recipient of the petition):

    This petition is an attempt to remove courtroom proceedings from commercialized television and only show them on a network such as CSPAN, no commercials— and especially no commentary telling the ‘sheeple’ of the world what to think.

    • Btw, this petition has only 129 signers whereas the petition to GoDadday to shut our site down has over 2200. I wonder if that gives us some estimation of the percentage of the population that is really into hate: 95%

      • 2200 to shut our site down. We aren’t the haters. I am reading a book called ‘Viral Hate’ by Abraham H. Forman AND Christopher Wolf. I highly recommend it.


        • I agree with that maianne

          and it spreads like wild fire.
          It’s so sad that people want to hate, like Alyce said.
          She was very sad not angry and their hate against her and what they’ve done
          is try to kill her.
          I’m going to get the book, but not at any place that allows such hate at
          their place.
          Like HLN, anyone at one time on there that had any decency at all, they’ve all
          caught the same hate bugs.

  29. This case has been blown out of all proportions. The fact that the mass media swarmed on it did not make it any easier for Jodi coupled with, I believe, wrong defense presentation of her side. No one should start a case by asking “what everyone wants to know is ‘did you kill Travis?”…..hellooooooo!!!!!?????? the case is over…..she is guilty……This is the reason why 95% of the population hate her. A panic spiral has been created by the media fuelled by these sort of statements.
    This case should’ve been run on “crime of passion” clause. As I’ve explained elsewhere on YT, here in England there had been quite few cases of “c of p” which after years of mental/physical abuse men/women walked away free after killing their respective spouses. These things do happen.
    However, I’m not saying that Jodi is totally innocent. Her act was childish, immature and obsessive, just as much as Travis’ temper and feelings of grandeur and manipulative control powers. I can understand how Jodi must’ve felt, but in fairness, based on the fact that they were not married and did not live together, killing him was a big mistake.
    In view of all these things, I believe that there should not be, even, talk of death penalty. Obviously the justice system is wrong, so wrong and so barbaric. The best solution should be; case should be re-tried on crime of passion ticket, found guilty of diminished responsibility , 5 years term, with the time she served released from prison and be allowed to do what she is trying to do for the good of the society.
    The best thing she could’ve done would’ve been: walk away from the son of god.

    • Leonard,

      Your suggestion for a solution sounds reasonable. More reasonable than the DP. True, they weren’t living together. Jodi realizes today that once they broke up it would have been 100% better not to look back. Retrospect is so much clearer. Yes, Jodi has served her time. Doing good in society is where she needs to move. All this trial continuation and hater hordes are a waste of time and money.
      Travis’s childhood situation was horrific but without very serious intense psychiatric help he was a very ill man. The documentation is huge regarding this very subject.

  30. Marianne, thank you for your comment.
    I would like to dwell upon the so called “haters brigade”. First of all Jodi is displaying great courage and tenacity. Secondly, “the haters”: supposing there are 95% of them. Based on my personal experience, by commenting on their channels, I can say that Jodi has nothing to fear really. Of the 95% about 40% to 50% are schools boys/girls who have nothing to do=bored, who think that they’re having a great time. It just shows how the society is shaping up. Frightening. Of the 95% , 20% to 30% are adults who have no understanding of the details of the case. The jurists are included in this. Heart wrenching. The rest are the journalists and the professional liars, who fill their pockets with money, at the expense of the ordinary people. Shame, shame.
    Trust a lawyer? a journalist? the legal system? I rather be eaten by a real vulture than those vultures.

  31. I see that my last comment has been removed by the moderator.
    I believe that there is a misunderstanding
    Face to face communication is difficult to understand 99% of the time, the other 1% is impossible if one is on the web.

    I think the use of the word “eParty” may have been misconstrued/misunderstood. My explanation is as follows: “eParty” stands for “electronic Party” which has political connotation. Any other perceived meaning, in my opinion, is irrelevant. My original idea was “ePPP”= “electronic People’s Political Party”, shortened to “eParty”. Main idea is the fact that we should setup an internet political party to bring about justice and equality, get rid of those old fashioned ideas of executions, prisons, punishments, presidents, prime ministers, senators etc.etc.

    As you can see it is a bit involved. I had been at it since 2010. It is such a new idea that it is not picking up.

    May be one day the idea will bloom.

    In the mean time, you people are doing a great job for Jodi, I’m really proud of you.

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