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Check out this excerpt from the excellent “Pitchforks” blog – the latest post being titled “Hate, the Oxycontin of Women in Social Media.”

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“There is, in social media, a particularly venomous hatred of Jodi Arias that is expressed by women. Indeed, most of the intense, negative emotional feelings towards Arias, and other high-profile female defendants, posted on blogs is by women. The excessive and indulgent hatred is often accompanied by expressions of exaggerated joy if the defendant is caught out, or at the thought of what punishment should or will befall her.

This unhealthy combination of hate and joy is like a drug that not only dulls pain, but if used in excess slowly and insidiously becomes an addiction. Though some men express similarly strong emotions on social media threads, it is noticeable that the vast majority of the most vengeful and perversely enjoyed comments are from women.

Others have expressed the view that such female hatred towards another woman is in part a reflection of deep-seated resentment or jealousy, a kind of inverted snobbery against someone who is bright, articulate and confident, who also happens to be very physically attractive.

This perspective holds that the inordinate amount of loathing and ecstasy spewed by many women with regard to women defendants with whom they have had no direct or indirect dealings themselves perhaps indicates unresolved insecurities and emotional issues in the hating women’s own lives, rather than appropriately proportional inter-relational reactions to another human being. Insecurity and hate certainly often breed unwholesome glee when a person one feels threatened by is brought down with a resounding crash – if one can assist in that demise, even vicariously, the relish is all the more delicious.

The backlash to these observations is equally vociferous, protesting that such a perspective is outrageous, preposterous and “shallow”, but the focus of these protests is wrong-headed. They decry a perspective that attempts to invalidate their conviction that Arias, or other defendants they have internally condemned, is “guilty as sin”, and accuse the observers of themselves being “sick” and too stupid to see the “evidence” for what it is because they have “drunk the lying bitch’s Kool-Aid”.

Such responses to observations that women’s hate for Arias et. al. perhaps hint at the haters’ own insecurities…”

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Team Jodi


  1. Jodi has been the subject of a huge amount of uninformed vilification.

    I have to admit when I first came across this case a couple of weeks ago, my initial impression was that Jodi’s case was weak, it took me a couple of days to realise that there was something severely wrong with the prosecution case, and then a little longer to go through the evidence to properly understand the case.

    I still haven’t viewed all the testimony, but I have seen enough to be very sure Jodi is innocent.

    I have recorded my exploration of the case in wiki format at

    I am sure she is innocent, it all adds up. This was a combination of an abusive relationship, a gun accident and self-defence, and the jury will certainly find her innocent.

    I may lose interest a little bit now, there are many wrongly convicted people who need help.

    I fervently hope Jodi can make a full recovery from all the abuse that has so unjustly been heaped upon her.

    • That was interesting to read geebee2, you did a good job. But one thing that you have listed is in the wrong order. The prosecution now claims that she shot him last — when he was already dead and after she had stabbed him in the vena cava and slit his throat. That makes their theory of the gun even crazier.

      • Hi Also Abused!

        I am not going to answer Cate Ellington, I’m done with her. Not once did she empathise or sympathise with your post.. *eyes to heaven and scream*

        As for the person who seems to think she couldn’t have been abused because they were ”just having sex”… took me a while to stop laughing at that one! *hits head against wall*

        • There you are Heather! I thought your posts over there were fabulous. I wished there was a like button. Cate is a piece of work. Now, apparently, Travis’s disgusting words to Jodi could be taken another way. Wow!

          And yeah, “just having sex” so it’s not a relationship. Not to mention that wasn’t ALL they were doing. Ugh!

          • Thanks Also Abused, I thought yours were too and I like button would’ve been good! But then there might be a thumbs down one too..(!)

            You know, its either laugh or cry and Cate’s ridiculous postings had me feeling aaaargh.. but now? She can rant to her heart’s content!

            Oh yes, the moronic ones.. I laughed and giggled all through cooking the dinner, it went on and on, couldn’t stop myself! The one about the just having sex.. my God its worrying, yes, UGH is right.

            Pitchforks was brilliant, have you seen the blog site?

            Here you are:

            Every hater should see it, so I’ve replied to all of them with this link on the azcentral site 😀 I’m sure they’ll love it, aren’t you?

          • Also Abused, Pitchforks has to blog sites, yep its for real this time!! Have you seen the other, its on the link Vladimir posted.

      • Right. I was debating someone, and they chose to go with the more plausible theory.

        I should note the deviation from the states’s case, I will do that right now.

    • Another thing the prosecution is using as premeditation is changing hair color. JM is saying she changed her hair color from blonde to brown, but I don’t believe she actually did.

      • She went from blonde to brown in March of 2008, long before her road trip. There are pictures of her from May with brown hair. JM was trying to imply that she went from brown to blonde to brown again between May/June, not realizing how that would have caused her hair to fall out LOL.

    • Hi geebe2 I have just seen your layout of the trial, it must have taken you a while, its very well done and very well thought out..

      Don’t know whether it was you that I answered on Pitchfork’s site–you said you were on here and I don’t see the name of whose post I answered, but if it was you, I apologise if I offended you, it certainly wasn’t my intent.. the only possible mitigating circumstances are that I had been shown a lot of hate for defending Jodi, notwithstanding the other people on Pitchforks blog and it can get a bit much as I am sure you understand.

      We’re on the same side here so there’s no confusion at all, its great that we all care so much for Jodi.

      • Heather

        I have only posted here and on Injusticeanywhere forum, where we have had a civilised discussion, despite myself being the only person there who is convinced of Jodi’s innocence.

        So no, I don’t know about Pitchfork’s site, I haven’t posted there, and there is nothing to apologise about!

  2. You are not unlike so many of us out here. For myself I have come to the realization that you can NOT believe everything you hear on the news. I should have known better after all I lived in the 60dy’s and 70dy’s. Everyday I am berated by loved ones for my stand on this trial. I Posed this question to them, “Have you seen one day of this trial?” None have, “but the News’s said……….”

    If anyone who has taken the time to invest one day in reading, viewing this trial they would walk away with questions.

    Everyone is still so hung up on the CA trial and try to draw similarities to this one. The only similarities are the Media and their ability to incite a mob mentality………..So I pray that the good people on the jury will not look back, they will not be afraid to do their job without preconceived notions of the past.

    • Hi Cindy

      The baying mob are a disgusting spectacle.

      Fortunately the defence case is strong.

      The thing to bear in mind is that if the prosecutor has a strong case, it should not be necessary to whip the media into a frenzy, that should always be a warning sign. Of course in the early days of this case, Jodi, due to her state of intense denial, created a perfect storm of adverse publicity.

      My earlier post seems to have been removed – perhaps I should not have put a link in it. Anyway, click on my name if you want to see the wiki I created.

      My very best wishes to Jodi and her family.

  3. I have also written an op-ed this morning appearing on most bathroom walls around the nation.

    When Cooters Fart Dust
    by dirtyPickles

    As you may know the hate for Jodi Arias ruins deep with many women in this country. It may be due to the fact, that she is young, beautiful, and very articulate.

    Women who cut their hair after pregnancy into the “I never want to have sex again, haircut,” are jealous when their looks are now in decline and men who acted like they cared about what they were saying have moved on to greener pastures.

    These types of women are not all women. These kind of women grow up having parents tell them they are little pretty princess. This type of up-bringing breeds jealous and hate towards other women like Jodi. Women like Nancy Grace internalize their hated for women like Jodi after they find their own once perky breast now resembles water balloons thumb-tacked to a wall.

    What follows is a predictable behavior. It is a syndrome called “Cooter Fart Dusting.” The DSM defines this syndrome – “a woman who is mad at the world for her lack of attention and hates women who get any attention from others. This syndrome not only has psychology affects by also physiologic affects as well. Their vaginas usually become very dry and dusty and resemble a punched roasted beef sandwich.”

    Apparently, the only medical treatment for this condition is public ridicule and horse tranquilizers.

    Now some will say that this article is written by a man who thinks of women as objects. This could not be further from the truth. I personally respect all women who don’t want to be as good as man, but better. Better in the sense that they identify with being the best and not measuring up to a man.

    Women like Nancy Grace are just symbols of jealously and should be ignored and left withering. They will evidentially dry up and nasty away.

    DirtyPickles is the winner of the “Shit-house Poet’s Award” seven years running. If you wish to read more of his work, read his column that appears once a week on this site and gas station everywhere. He is also available for lectures and debates. His new book will be available on Amazon in May called “Yes, Your Ass looks Fat:” A man’s desire to find love on a street corner.

    • Dirty Pickles you have had me in fits of laughter!!!! I’m laughing as I type this!

      An absolutely Brilliant post lololol!!!! Because its ALL TRUE!! LOL

      I would LOVE to read more of you! Well done!

      In fact I’m thinking of framing this!!!! 😀

    • DirtyPickles, please join me over at youtube. I’ve decided to start my own damn TV Station of sorts! “Inconvenient Truths TV”…So sue me, any and every body! I can use the publicity:)

      All you funny/smart geniuses, I WANT YOU! The gloves are OFF on “Idiocy in America”! I have officially reconfigured my rain stick into an “idiot stick”…step right up and let me show you how it works!:)

    • Can I just google Dirty Pickles?

      Just had a thought.. Jodi needs to laugh, what about posting this on her message board for her to see?

      I’m sure she’ll love it as much as we do!!!!

    • DirtyPickles, O-M-G! You are hilarious, and so painfully right. As a Mom of 3 I can attest to the “hair cut that says I never want to have sex again” That is so true. But for those of us who are happy just being us, we get back on track. The women you speak of are real, I can spot them a mile away, and run in the opposite direction. It’s so awesome that as a man you are so in touch with the realities most men just don’t get.

    • “Women who cut their hair after pregnancy into the “I never want to have sex again, haircut,”

      LOLOL I know exactly which haircut you’re talking about! Funny thing is, a lot of stuck-up bitches in high school already had that haircut.

    • Appreciate all the kind words. I will have to look into the blog thing. Until then, I will continue to share my thoughts at the expense of others.

      Thought for the day,

      If Jesus never wrote anything down and never told anyone to take notes, isn’t the Bible just a phone book for the biggest game of “Telephone” in the history of humankind.

  4. I have a question that has been burning in my brain for a week now. Does anyone know if it is plausible to believe that one of the knives in the dishwasher could have been used in the stabbing?

    • Yes, it’s more than possible. That’s why, as far as I know, the pictures of the knives, the knife block (with 2 knives missing) and the dishwasher (with 2 knives in it) were never shown during the trial. That subsequently negates JM’s BS about Jodi bringing the knife with her on 6/4.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ, my thoughts also. Gee until I looked at all the pictures I never knew that the knives were in the dishwasher. What a bunch of BS THIS IS, RIGHT…….

        Saint Travis why is it you could not find a wife? You had everything going for you….hummm it would seem on the outside. What did these young girls see that no one else saw?

        As cold as it might sound I am in a way happy that Travis grandmothers past away before all these truths came out. Regardless of how any of us feel about Travis’s behavior you have to admire her for taking in her grandchildren.

      • SJ-
        I continue to be stunned at the evidence that has not been brought into this trial. Please tell me that the defense will bring this in during the remainder of their case.

        Also, I still can’t figure out why C. Hughes has not been brought up on any charges for obstructing justice, and or harassing witnesses. I also can’t understand why, if the letters from Travis were not considered forgeries, why were they not admitted.

        I know you are very busy, but would appreciate if you or someone with more knowledge than I, can address these issues.

        • My thoughts about why CH isn’t faces charges is because who is the one responsible for prosecuting CH would be the prosecutor. Prosecutors have the sole discretion of who they want to charge. If the prosecutor refuses to try the case, then the case doesn’t get tried. And why would the prosecutor do that when CH’s obstucting justice, withholding evidence, intimidating witnesses all benefit the prosecutor? JMO

    • Yes, Cindy–I don’t trust the State, Flores or Martinez any further than I can throw them, someone could have easily altered the crime scene. We see these photographs.. now? Underhanded isn’t the word.. what else haven’t they showed us/the jurors?

        • Me too, Cindy.. I think about it all when I’m in bed and dream of the simplistic in a half sleep state, such as imagining someone turning to Jodi and saying she’s freed.. then of course the reality kicks in, I say a prayer for her then fall asleep.

  5. Have you guys seen this? This is supposedly a summary of HLN/InSession’s analysis of the jurors. I’m not sure where it was posted as my friend sent it to me. I wish we knew who the alternates are, but it’s interesting to see that at least a couple of them are paying close attention to Jodi’s testimony and several take notes.

    Juror No. 1
    She is a white female in her 60s and sits closest to the witness stand. She doesn’t look at Arias often during her testimony. People in the gallery observed her yawning once during an emotional part of Arias’ testimony.

    Juror No. 2
    He is a white male in his 50s. He takes few notes and usually has his head cupped in his hands as he listens to testimony.

    Juror No. 3
    She is a white female in her 40s. She takes a lot of notes and often watches prosecutor Juan Martinez as he moves around the courtroom. She has been seen submitting questions.

    Juror No. 4
    He is a white male in his 60s, and he takes few notes.

    Juror No. 5
    She is a married, white female in her 30s. She sits on the edge of her seat and is the most visible juror from the gallery because she has a “unique hair style.”

    Juror No. 6
    She is a white female in her 60s and is also seen taking many notes.

    Juror No. 7
    He is a white male in his 30s, and he is married. He takes notes and often bites his nails.

    Juror No. 8
    He is a white male in his 50s and is married. He also takes notes and has been observed submitting questions.

    Juror No. 9
    He is a white male in his 60s. He wears denim on most days and sits at the end of the jury box. He sits close to the first row of the gallery where Alexander’s family sits.

    Juror No. 10
    He is a white male in his 70s and is married. He has a tattoo on his right arm. He rarely is seen taking notes. He sits the furthest away from the witness.

    Juror No. 11
    She is a married, white female in her 30s. She takes a lot of notes. She does not look at Arias during testimony. She tends to look straight ahead or down at her notes.

    Juror No. 12
    She is a white female in her 40s and also takes lots of notes. She swiveled her chair toward Arias during her testimony.

    Juror No. 13
    He is a white male in his late 60s to early 70s. He wears an audio-enhancing headset provided by the court. He does takes notes.

    Juror No. 14
    He is a white male in his early 60s who often swivels in his chair. He does not appear to be taking notes.

    Juror No. 15
    He is a white male in his late 20s or early 30s. He appears to be the youngest member of the jury and takes very few notes. He smiled when Martinez asked Arias if she could predict the future.

    Juror No. 16
    He is a white male in his 40s.

    Juror No. 17
    He is a Hispanic male in his late 20s to early 30s. He dresses casually and sometimes slouches so far down in his chair that he is hardly visible to the gallery. He does not appear to be taking notes.

    Juror No. 18
    She is a white female in her 40s. She is an occasional note taker and she often looks at the gallery during sidebars.

  6. Three things:

    Did the juries choose their seats from the beginning. I thinks this could possible show person that may be prejudices in their view all ready. You know the type, “I am not afraid of you.” Of course this may be completely arbitrary. Another thing no black people. Why?

    Read this article on Abuse of Women 1 in 4 have been beaten in at least one relationship.

    Afterwards think about this. There are 6 women in jury and 1 alternate.

  7. I am soooo angry… no words left.JA will never get a fair trial.I am watching Day 18 again.WOW….Great point about the knives! Why cant that be shown??Disgusting,Travesty ,abhorrent etc etc.Need to rant!

    • Know how you feel, Michele, I’ve ranted and ranted til I think there’s no rant left and I still rant!

      I’ve yelled at the screen of my laptop more than once looking at the trials and will continue to do it, yes it makes me very angry too, its all abhorrent, corrupt, unfair, obscene.. underhand… I could go on and on.. just as well my immediate neighbour is deaf!

      We have to send positive thoughts every time we watch the trials, thoughts travel, I’m a great believer in that!

      • I will try Heather and thanks,My neighbors must think I have lost it!!I am just confused as to most peoples response when I tell them my take or observations..They either say, oh thats just the way it is or shes guilty and let her fry! It shouldn’t be this way.I want to work toward change but not sure where to begin.Do you think after this is over we could still share ideas on how to fix this broken system and help to recruit others?Ok I am done for now.Time to get a grip and I am sending the positive through to all!!!Thanks again

  8. I wonder if theyr’e done building the talking heads playhouse? It should be a go laugh on HLN after dark..I hope jodi has a good day,and I hope they can get more evidence from the good Dr.S

    • It probably took them all of 10 minutes to build their playhouse…the shelves probably have no nails so that they’ll crash down immediately upon “Jodi” running into the closet.

  9. Pitchforks is now on Twitter!

    Pitchforks seeks to challenge lynch mobs of media & public prosecution, explore methods & motivations of Pitchforkers & damage done to legal process & society

    Follow Pitchforks on Twitter: Pitchforks @PitchforksPosts

  10. That is a very interesting articles and so sad that it is true.
    Look at the animal kigdom. When an elephant has her baby how the other females
    did the hole for her to lay in and all trumpet after she gives birth. PLUS if anything ever happens to the mother, onr of the other females are there too help.

    These women they are talking about siply baffle me. I have learned through the years that older than me were very wise and understanding, easy to talk with, now that I’m there I always hope and pray that each female younger than me would get the same from me.

    And that they don’t have to act like a bitter older hag, because they are jealous.
    I ask myself why?
    I find you learn from all ages, even the tiny ones.

    Look at the influence these older women could be, but they are showing just the oppsite.
    A strange speciman that some call themselves.
    They don’t interest me, they show hate, just the HUGE thing we could start getting rid of a little bit at a time if only.
    Instead they show the ugly side.

    I read somewhere the ages the thought Jodi more guilty were between 20 and 40.
    These women on TV are over 40, trust me.
    And I think that even though it makes me sick that it’s jealousy, I’m sure that’s what it is.

    I wonder if any of these could stand on their head like Jodi. : )
    Oh, that really pissed them off
    Nancy is probably trying right now to stand on her head. lol
    After laughinf at Casey dancing all of the time, she couldn’t wait to be on
    Dancing With The Stars!

    Was Nancy Grace itteregated when she was the reason for the woman commiting suicide?
    She fought it being on TV.
    GEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder why.

    They need to learn from the animal kingdom how to live.

    • Yes Aly all these younger chicks are jealous and I myself tend to get a long better with older women because they’re more stable and mature of who they are. I’m sure it’s (been there done that) mentality of them being haters at one point in their lives.

      This weekend I went to a conference where a lot of inspirational speakers were and I met a girl in her 30’s from Ureka, Ca. who used to be a mormon and I mentioned the Jodi Arias and sure enough she began to criticize Jodi like she knew her. Everything that came out of her mouth was a mini version of Nancy Grace and all I said to her was “I’M TEAM JODI” and I don’t follow the media. From then on I felt a negative vibe from her and I know she noticed how I just ignored her then. My thoughts were (if she’s here at this positive conference why is she talking negative about Jodi when she doesn’t even know her?) yeah I was baffled. I hope she was convicted over the weekend and will take home to reflect on her own life lol!

      • Really Suzy,
        I like to hear the ones younger than me ( and that’s a lot ) SAY “I want to be like you when I grow up” : )
        I can’t think of a better compliment!
        I find that even though they are younger, you can tell that they are much more mature than most adults older.
        And I always learn so much more! : )

        I will never forget, there was a defense attorney on and when he answered her question, she put her fingers in her ears.
        I guess that’s mature, lol

  11. All the haters contesting to follow the media and display hatred towards an un known individual is nothing but a reflection of their own insecurities. I totally agree to this sentence below:

    “Social-media addicted haters would benefit from investing the same amount of psychological energy towards examining the true source of their resentment within their own lives, and working with those in their immediate environment to resolve those conflicts.” (Pitchforks-blog)

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