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Following on from Vladimir Gagic’s post yesterday — Jodi Arias: Has the Government proven Murder One? — if you missed his online radio program featuring a live discussion of Jodi’s trial, click the play button below to listen to it, as he takes live calls from both sides and isn’t afraid to cut people off when they start talking BS.

It’s well worth it.

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  1. So folks here’s where we stand from yesterday. Thought I’d summarize and maybe someone can have Ms Willmott or Nurmi’s office look this over.

    1. The Battery with Serious Bodily injury charge against TA. Even if the charges were dropped, what brought them on in the first place.

    2. The issue with a chemical test on the bullet.

    3. The issue with the third $19.65 charge at the gas station in SLC. How come no one’s gotten a receipt for it. Duplicates should be available.

    4. Is there anything to the posts about chasing after young boys or was that just a joke.

    Also read yesterdays page. Lots of good stuff in there.

    • Al – I posted something at the bottom of yesterday’s comment thread regarding TA having a gun in his home.

      • Just went over and read it. You’re sort of making my point.

        Just a piece of advice my friend, get rid of those .22s. If you do need a weapon for self defense get something a little bigger like a 9mm or a S&W 40. The problem with self-defense weapons is that if you pull one out be ready to shoot it. And if you do shoot it make sure it stops whatever you’re shooting at. The .22 is actually a rifle cartridge. When fired out of a short barrel, like in a handgun, it doesn’t get to its max velocity before leaving the muzzle. So a 22 handgun is actually just another mouse gun. And when you don’t stop the intruder, or person mad at you you end up with the mess we have here, or sometimes even worse, because they may shoot you with something a lot better. Also being a rimfire 22 rounds are notorious for their misfires and so at least get some new ammo.

        That being said and done, the best home defense aid is actually a dog! Most intruders stay away from houses with dogs.

        I’m one of a strange breed. I’m a great gun enthusiast. I grew up with them. Did a lot of hunting in my time, which I have now given up. I still shoot skeet and other forms of target shooting. But I am completely and utterly against the presence of loaded weapons in the home for any purpose. I think they cause more trouble than they are worth. I am also completely in favor of the registration of all weapons, including forensic fingerprinting of all weapons. However, I digress. That’s a discussion for a different forum.

        • Al-
          Your post is thought provoking and brings to mind the following questions.

          Question # 1. Do you know if there is any way that the .25 caliber can be traced to Travis friend Dave Hall? I’m not sure about Gun laws or registrations in those jurisdictions.

          I just can’t help but think that because of his criminal background, Travis was not able to purchase his own gun. Since he so wanted to play with the “big boys”, I can see Dave H. giving him the gun and telling him to tell no one. Hence, Jodi’s testimony that the gun was to be kept secret.

          Question #2. There has been talk of the possibility of Travis being on steroids, but the ME never testing for that. Would there still be a viable blood specimen left after all these years that they could now test for this?


          • Dont know about the testing for steroids.
            Checking for guns is a different issue. Unlike what anyone will tell you there are very few jurisdictions that actually require registration. At a licensed dealer every buyer fills out a federal 4473 form but it stays at the dealer with no centeral database. After that there is no further trail required or kept.

            So who knows where a gun comes from or goes to.

            Could come from anywhere

          • Only felony charges and domestic violence charges where he would not be able to purchase a guy which would of been in CA not AZ.

            Since most of the charges where dropped this wouldn’t present a problem for TA obtaining a gun.

            In AZ you only need a background check according to AZ attorney.

            If this was TA gun it could of been on the one from his parents. Second he could of bought one at a gun show or from a friend.

            This was not a powerful gun, so having a little trouble thinking this control freak womanizer would have this type of gun. Would think he would have something more powerful.

            The autopsy report there was NO drugs of any sort in his system. He was holistic type of person his family portrays him to be then I find it hard that he would be sing steroids. Yes, it would of show up in his system when the drug test they administered.

            If you read Chad’s post on myspace you will find them rather disturbing about his likes for ” boys or men.” Joking or not joking it needs to be considered.

            The roommates don’t add up in my book. How the HELL can you lay in your bedroom upstairs and not smell a dead body. Something is extremely fishy with this story. My guess is since Jodi confused to the murder the DA didn’t dig to much into their stories. Crap DA investigation.

            • Actually Rachel, they only did routine laboratory testing for drugs, steroids are not a part of that. Only drugs tested for would be found. I read the autopsy report, there was no testing for steroids. They did tests for the most common drugs of abuse and antidepressants. All tests were negative. If they had kept a urine sample taken from his bladder at time of autopsy, it could be frozen and kept indefinetly and tested at anytime. But I didn’t see if this was done or not.

            • Good post Rachel, but I will disagree with you statement about drug testing on him. They DID NOT test for steroids…or if they did, it was redacted from the autopsy report. There is nothing in the autopsy report to show they tested for that.

              Illegal substances and controlled substances were listed, but not steroids.

            • “He was holistic type of person his family portrays him to be then I find it hard that he would be sing steroids.:

              Another thing being he clearly is not the wholesome person his family and friends believed him to be, so steroids are not automatically out of the question.

              • Does anyone know the terms of his probation? Anger management counseling perhaps? I’m sure Jodi’s lawyers know, and will hopefull drop a BOMBSHELL!

          • I live in New York and dated a man who had many unregistered guns I saw them and he would threaten to shoot me when I broke up with him.

    • Could someone post a link to yesterday’s thread regarding what you guys stumbled upon yesterday (TA’s charges, etc)? Gosh I was all over the place here yesterday and didn’t see it and sill can’t find it…..Someone told me I am in Samoan time zone, which I am sure is screwing up where my posts end up but I don’t know how to fix that either?

        • Thank you for that and WOW! AMAZING STUFF! How can I go to bed at 4am and still manage to miss this stuff? LOL Anyways, just a heads up. There is now another “Jess” poster mentioning that she emailed admin and I wanted you to know that it’s not me, the Jess that’s been here for a while. I was going to change my username, but decided against it as I only see one post by her so far. The other Jess will likely change his or hers username when they realize my posts are not in line with their views anyway.

          • It is hard to tell sometimes who is who. We had two Ben’s posting, I wish they had done a BenA and BenB or something, because now the latest one I can’t tell if it is the one from before.

            Unique user names would help.

            • You’ll know it’s me because I’m cynical and I have nothing but negative things to say……LOL Just kidding. Maybe I’ll switch to “used to be Jess”. If you see that you’ll know it’s the old cynical, negative, Jess.But for now, I think the other Jess just did that one drop in post.

        • Help…am I missing something?

          Read the terms of probation and only see that he is to stay away from Stater Brothers (Super Market Chain) and some other minor conditions. Were the battery charges dropped?


    • Al…I like all of your points…But I would like to add that after I read about Travis writings about the emotional and physical abused he endured from his drug addicted parents…You can read below…

      Scroll to here…
      MONDAY, MAY 5, 2008
      Introduction to “Raising You”

      I would like to know if Travis Alexander ever had an psychological counseling…it’s not uncommon for an abused child to grow up and abuse the person that they love or care about in the same type abusive way that they were abused as children…No wonder he abused Jodi in so many ways…

      And with all of Travis sexual orientation that we have heard about in testimony and that he preferred anal sex to vaginal sex….That alone sends a “RED FLAG” message to me that says Travis has some serious issues…knowing now that he was emotionally and physically abused as a child…I wonder if he might have been sexually abused also…possibly that could help explain some of his sexual fantasies and he had many of those…and according to his own words he wanted to make porn movies…and he was supposed to be a “virginal” priest like person in the mormon religion…His abusive past might explain his own twisted behavior…

        • Jodi made an implication that Travis was sexually abused.
          It wasn’t an outright statement, but what I believe to be a hinting of Travis having said he was sexually abused.

          Cant remember what day or even whom was questioning her.
          If I remember right she was possibly going to go into detail, but Martinez objected, imagine that.

      • Current psych research has found that being abused as a child does not make one more likely to become an abuser. That’s a myth.

        • I agree Lisa with what you said “that an abused child does not make one more likely to become an abuser”… and in my words…”it is not UNCOMMON for an abused child to grow up and abuse the people he loves or cares about”…

          I was in the field of Psychology myself at one time and you would be surprised at how many adult abusive relationships could be traced back to the abuse that the adult suffered as a child…

          A majority of adults that were abused as children really would benefit from psychological counseling…

          • I think the work uncommon confuses your comment. Not uncommon = common.

            I am a professional psychologist. I go with research rather than anecdotal info. Those who come in for psych help are there because they need help, thus they are a self-selective population. We go with research because that eliminates anecdotal bias (all humans have anecdotal bias; I’m truly not slamming you).

            And yes, those with a history of abuse would greatly benefit themselves and others in their lives. Those who have been abused carry behavioral patterns with them. While they usually do not become abusers, they can model healthy relationships for their children when they have learned what healthy relationships are like.

          • I think when your abused by the grown ups that should protect you it destroys your self esteem you can become an abuser you can internalize your pain or you can get help I know humans are complicated creatures. I just can’t see a Jodii doing this for no reason something happened to set this off.

  2. ALL great posts yesterday even if I didn’t agree with some of them!

    Glad we can all put our opinions that are PRO JODI slant here.

  3. I can’t get past the roommates. I’m not suggesting they did anything to Travis, but the smell, the dog, things out of place, sticky bannister. Maybe they just didn’t care, maybe they aren’t the smartest, but I know that I sure would be checking things out. In my head and if I was on the jury, wouldn’t be able to let this go. Something is off. Also some of the comments that were posted here, guessing from Travis’ Myspace, why would you post about chasing young boys, if that was intended as a joke, maybe my sense of humor isn’t very good. And to say I’m not bothered about what was discovered here last night, would be an understatement. I don’t care about the stealing, but sure would like to know about the other charges.

        • So enlighten me Leah. I’ve always wondered why they didn’t call any of the roommates. After all they found the body, they would be able to testify to his demeanor, etc.

          How come none of them were called. What am I missing or don’t know?

          • I have no idea either, I’m just questioning how one didn’t want to investigate further, especially with the decomp smell. Maybe the roommates came and went all day and night, and just didn’t make a big deal out of it. It seems strange to me.

      • All the roommates pointed the finger at Jodi during the DA investigation.

        Even though the knife was never recovered it makes me wonder if a kitchen knife blade could slit someones neck like TA’s? I know mine wouldn’t. That was a pretty deep cut. Would there be shavings from the knife that they could test from TA’s knifes in the kitchen? Did the ever check the dishwasher?

        I really think there is other person involved and Jodi is covering up for them.

        • Yes, there are some kitchen knives sharp enough to do that.

          i don’t know what brand he had, but that would be something to check.

        • Jodi said she remembered putting the knife in the dishwasher, and a knife was recovered from the dishwasher that belonged to the knife block on TA’s kitchen counter. They are exhibits #67 & 68, there are photo’s available I just can’t find the link to them.

        • The ME was asked about the type of knife used in the stabbing. He said that because of the degree of decomp, he couldn’t reliably determine what kind of knife was used to create the wounds. TA’s skin had dried and pulled around the wounds.

        • I thought that there was someone else involved as well how could Jodi have moved T.A’s body? If he weighs 180 something he is deceased and he is limp and heavy I do not know how she could have moved him by herself.

    • That is the biggest mystery of all. Somebody had to be in that house when Travis’s body was decomposing and had to have smelled something suspicious. After all, somebody had to feed Travis’s dog; the dog wasn’t starving to death when he was found.

      WHY weren’t the police called DAYS before he was actually found?

      • And if you look at the layout, they had to walk right past the bedroom doors to get to their rooms. Hint-the closer you get to the source of the smell, the stronger it is.

          • I keep thinking the same thing about the dog scratching at the bedroom door. Or laying outside of it and whining? Dogs have such a strong sense of smell. A dog would know something wasn’t right. Unless the flatmates left the doggy gate up the whole time, thinking thats what TA wanted?

    • I agree. I had one reply that it was not normal for 20″s something age group in guys to speak of HOMO tendencies an such an then another said Oh yes it is very normal……….So I don’t know I find it disturbing myself ……………….but then I find it disturbing people think it is normal to walk around on a campus with a back pack on an not attend that College but it is a great way to pick up new girl friends. Ok? I find that disturbing also.

  4. Good morning!

    Okay, guys the story of the charges is out! It canNOT be ignored. The facts speak for themselves. Which is the difference between “us” and the “Travesites”. Sorry, but it just fits.

    Update to my theory: Jodi’s telling the truth. After she accidentally shot him OR someone else purposely shot him, she got the hell out of there. The camera remained on the floor, on timer, and that’s when the last pic of him in the shower was taken. She was NEVER involved in a knife fight, I don’t believe. Hence no real cuts on her. I’ve got more, but that’s the gist of it.

    Oh, facebook is abuzz. But the pearl among the swine are coming forth, one by one. The big ol’ mean HLN boat will now start to try and turn the other way. Hopefully too late for their nasty butts!

    And what’s really, really sad besides the death of human being,and the possible death of Jodi? The fact that Travis’ family has been used as the biggest pawn of all in the ugly, ugly games of HLN and the State of Arizona.

    Nothing further, your Honor!

    We’re at 189!

  5. Al you have some good points, but I believe any evidence that would support JA is being ignored, down played or just manipulated.
    Example-hair color- shorty is saying JA dyed her hair as evidence of premed. I find this absolutely ridiculous-she was changing her hair color so much how did she find time for the murder
    Blonde when she picked up the rental car-then along the way she stops at a salon and dyes it brown so its brown at TA and Ryan Burns-then it’s blonde again when she dropped off the rental car.
    But JA is seen in a picture in May with auburn hair with blonde streaks. Shorty implied when computer guy on the stand that JA was able to manipulate the date time stamp on the pic.
    Picture taken of JA on 6/4 if you look at her hair in the braids it looks like blonde streaks are in it, but the light is so poor her hair appears darker, also in the crime scene photos, a clump of hair with some blonde hair is seen in the hallway. State testisfied they only found one hair. Directly contradicting the photograph they took.
    I don’t believe she changed her hair color at all and that it was the same color at TA’s as it was in the May pic.
    I think i read somewhere, can’t remember cause I’ve read so much about this case, 25 ammo was found at her parents house. Not too much was said about it. Why? Possibly the test results wouldn’t fit with shorty’s case?
    When you take a very close look at the evidence, much of shorty’s premed case is merely implied, not very much substance to back up what he is claiming. That’s why he has to keep harping on gas cans. How does 3 cans prove premed more than 2-it doesn’t, but he is trying to imply that she is lying so anything she says can be discarded.
    If the prosecution doesn’t have enough evidence to support their case, then their case doesn’t deserve to be made, but since prosecutors are given immunity for anythings they do in the course of their job, shorty can imply what ever he wants all day long.
    I have to say, this is what bothers me the most about this case. Sad and tragic as this case is, there is no justice for anyone involved because this has turned into government sponsored vengence and prosecutors should be held to a higher standard. He is not working for TA’s family, but the state and the taxpayers.

    • I don’t even “get” the bit with the gas cans. For Pete’s sake, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of remote roads and highways in the western U.S, especially in Utah and Nevada and through the Cascades in northern California.

      I just don’t understand the jury’s obsession with the gas cans. I can’t believe any of them have never been anywhere outside of the Phoenix, Arizona, area.

      JA wouldn’t have left a paper trail if she planned on premeditating a murder.

    • TB,

      I agree with everything in your post. I think the prosecutor starts with a theory and then fits the facts to the theory. Sometimes to the extent of changing stories ala Flores and the ME.

      Be that as it may, the defense should bring this out in a coherent manner. I hope they do.

      • I agree Al, but it should be the other way around where the facts should dictate what the theory is. And if they don’t support some made up theory, then they don’t. The prosecutor shouldn’t act like he has a dog in the fight. I love what Dr. Ben Carson says about what lawyers are taught in law school. Paraphrasing-Lawyers are taught to win at any cost, not to do what right.

      • Changing the facts to fit his theory is exactly what he has been doing. You can catch it in almost every line of questioning.

        “Was the sky yellow?”
        answer: No

        “Was it green?”

        “So you said the sky was not purple is what you’re telling us?”
        answer: Yes but that is not what I said

        “So now you’re saying the sky was purple?”
        answer: No that’s not what I said

        “You JUST told us you thought the sky was purple, do you have a problem with your memory?”
        answer: No

        “Ok so on that day you said the sky was purple but look at this photo IS THE SKY PURPLE? NO, ITS BLUE! SO YOU WERE LYING, WEREN’T YOU?”

          • Yes he does, and its infuriating. I sit here watching and wanting to reach through the screen and strangle that little shit, and I can see Jodi getting frustrated as he intentionally twists her words to fit in with what he’s saying and she gets cut off when trying to unravel it all. If that were me on that stand I’d of lost it on him already, I don’t know how Jodi manages to keep her cool.

            • A first, the little man scared the sh*t out of me with his tactics, always implying that he has some big smoking gun and then just dropping the topic and never returning to it. But now I can tell when he has NO PROOF of the garbage he brings up. Case in point “would it surprise you to know that Walmart has no record of your return of the gas can?” What that really translates to is “There’s no record because I (little man) don’t have it and didn’t go get it”. Same with everything else. He’s a door knob.

        • The most incredible thing is that there are people falling for it all over the place.

          Clearly some jurors are….

          I think critical thinking skills should be taught in school.

          • Especially since his friends have frequently commented on how prompt–if not early–TA always was. Are you telling me nobody called to inquire as to his whereabouts? Too many weird things–the clean computer (I’m female and even I have sometimes inadvertently had porn pages show up–eek!), the superhuman strength JA would have needed to pull off what the prosecution claims, the clueless roommates. Too weird. Makes me terrified to ever be accused of anything, because almost everything that has transpired and all the points in question are things I can look to in my own life and see how easy it is for someone to twist things however best suits the purpose. Very scary!

          • That and a whole other range of useful things like empathy, thinking before one speaks, etc.

            Critical Thinking is a great start.

        • LOL that’s perfect!

          I’m listening to the radio show now – I love the statement “A great prosecutor is borng.”

        • And he’ll keep this up for 45 damn minutes – going nowhere, without a point. If I was on that jury, when he started with this crap, I’d say, “I’m taking a walk. Somebody come get me when we get back to the case we’re here for in the first place.”

        • Yes that is how I hear it too An I think the gas can thing is to catch her in a LIE somehow an then say see she lied about the Gas Cans so therefore she lied to you about it all yet again on the stand under oath…………………….but then I do not see why she would even bother to lie about a gas can being returned that is so dumb ? does it matter if she had 2 or 3 cans to begin with? or does it just matter to catch her in a lie? But I just can’t think of why I would lie about that myself even?

    • I mentioned this in a previous, very busy thread: it’s like JM’s big moment thurs was proving gas cans and the likelihood of a 3rd b/c $19.xx / 3.xx = 5.09 gallons.

      Wth am I missing? Is this the best u got? So basically the state is proving Jodi’s assertions that she wants back up gas before heading out across the desert. But at any point, has one of these cans (real or imaginary) been theorized to be larger than 5 gallons? The 5.09 gallon thing is really just silly!

      • My guess is that Martinez is going to take the tangled web he wove during all his questioning and put it together in his closing argument. I, like others here, have been commenting on how he really hasn’t made much of a case so far and he’s gone WAY off the road and into dark, narrow backroads (hope he brought some gas with him!) where he’s spent huge amounts of time seemingly with no end result in mind.

        My opinion is that he purposely didn’t “nail anything down” during his questioning because had he done so, Nurmi could have ripped it apart – or at least had the opportunity to. He’s waiting for the closing argument, at which time he’ll tell the story (his version) vividly, like a good crime novelist. There won’t be any fluff in it, although I’m guessing it will be lengthy. All he did with every question he asked during the trial was set the stage for the closing argument.

        It’s true – closing arguments are NOT evidence, and the jury surely will be clearly instructed on this fact. But juries are instructed on all kinds of facts that they don’t/can’t follow. Like when an attorney makes an alarming and possibly case-changing statement and the other attorney objects and the objection is sustained – too late, because what Attorney #1 said is already in the minds of the jury. The jury will take Martinez’ closing argument as gospel.

        The good news is, Nurmi has his own closing argument, which, if I’m not mistaken, will follow Martinez’. Here is where Nurmi will have his first chance to battle the real State’s case, which Martinez will reveal for the first time in his own closing argument. I have a feeling Nurmi will go in there with a machete and chop up the State’s case until it can barely be recognized. He’ll throw so much doubt onto all the key elements, the jury would have to be morons to convict on capital murder. (Yes, it seems there are at least a few morons on that jury, but not all.)

        Finally, as I understand it, Martinez will then have one more chance at rebuttal and to end the case after Nurmi is done. This is where the entire trial will happen. If he can effectively discredit all that Nurmi said, Jodi is in trouble. But if he can’t, Jodi is home free.

        Mainly I just wanted to lay down here my opinions on why Martinez’ case so far has been jumbled and never locked in on the specifics needed to convict Jodi: this was never his goal, because Nurmi would have shot holes in it. After Martinez’ last closing rebuttal, Nurmi will no longer have his gun.

  6. well unfortunately i had to go look at some of the fb pages mentioned here, which i hadn’t done before. Good god….i have never ever seen or read such hateful things, and personal attacks on anyone and everyone who even dare question what is being said by their supporters. i have a feeling this might of been how it was during the Salem witch trials right? Tie her hands, drop her in the river, if she floats, she’s a witch, hang her. If she drowns, shes innocent, oh well right?
    How is it that in a civilized nation, people could ever get so excited to see a young woman be put to death? whether she premeditated or not, it makes me so disgusted at how this trial has been sensationalized in our media enough to cause this type of frenzied mob mentality.
    Scary stuff

    • I’ve been on a few of the sites, and the mob mentality, I’m going to bet just like the Salem witch trials. You either get harassed or banned if you question something not in the playbook.

    • I call this a modern day witch hunt. Totally reminds me of that because they call Jodi a seductress and poor travis couldn’t help himself…also the Liar Gang says she had a weird sexual energy.

      • Leah/beecee, I truly believe they don’t want a discussion of facts, only to persecute this woman, just like Salem. Actually I wonder how many of these posts are made by the same people, just under different names.
        I will say I did enjoy seeing that one had his acct suspended because someone filed a complaint! lol

    • Mel you’re right, I posted something on a FB under my husband’s name and was accused of wanting anal sex with the evil/devil seductress because I fell under her spell. Just said I believed it was self defense and I think I’m going to be put on the wood pile.

      • I believe it TB…I saw some of the most vile comments I’ve ever seen towards even the slightest suggestion that she did not premeditate this murder. I realize that some of these people are unstable and are using the forum to get attention, but so many of them?
        Yikes :-\
        I put alot of the blame on HLN news, and their hosts/producers. I hope Jodis family slaps them with a lawsuit!

      • Oh, what did you expect it?
        This trial is under so heavy mediatisation that I find hard to believe how fair is it. As long as someone goes laughing all the way to the bank, high ratings, opinions, heated arguments, marketing, sex, religion, and more sex- who cares about fairness? Only few.

        • your probably right xr…showshow long its been since I’ve really watched a live death penalty case, both watched and followed on the internet. OJ was the last one I was able to pay close attention only because I was laid off, and there wasn’t FB at that time.
          So disturbing to read those posts, I’m just appalled by it. So thanks for having this site available, the ONLY voices of reason 🙂

        • Talk shows/news shows are in business for one reason: TO GENERATE CASH. They’re not here to help us or entertain us or inform us or to change the world. They’re here to MAKE MONEY. If all of their content was on Jodi’s side, there would be little money to be made. Nobody cares about an innocent girl. They care about an evil, violent seductress who is trying to lie to the jury after killing Travis in cold blood. That’s where the money is.

          And, of course, all the morons on Facebook and in other peanut galleries BELIEVE what the Media says, because that’s how they’ve been trained: It’s Black Friday – go shopping! Next thing you know there are tents outside of Best Buy. That’s just one example, but you all know what I mean. The Media owns most people.

          Fortunately there are a lot of great people here who have obviously made up their own minds by watching the TRIAL, not the talk shows. If you watch the trial, it’s easy to see the truth.

      • On No TB. Wait till HLN gets a hold of this. BOMBSHELL: Jodi supporter wants anal sex….
        Your poor husband will never live it

    • So True All. This is why it is so vitally important that educated, intelligent, logical, rational, reasonable, and critically thinking individuals on this site, need to continue to fight for Truth and Justice, no matter the ramifications of the ignorant, and unevolved!

      Throughout history, it has been the reasonable voice of the few, that brought about much needed change. It has never been done without facing violence from the Mob.

      A young woman’s future and life hang in the balance. Appears like this group is the small minority looking for justice. Thanks, it gives me hope that the unevolved , degerates of our society will not have the only voice.

    • The mob mentality reminds me of these lyrics from a Hole song:

      “Burn the witch, the witch is dead,
      Burn the witch, just bring me back her head.”

    • I completely agree. Salem Witch trials. With Nancy Grace at the head of the crowd. You can bet that if HLN could live broadcast burning JA at the stake they’d do it in a heartbeat and NG would light the pyre. I refuse to even turn that channel on ever again.

    • I bet they wouldn’t be posting all those hateful comments on FB if it was their own family member or a friend on trial…they would want them to have a fair trial?….

      So many hypocrites out there…their comments about Jodi is so disgusting…and what makes it really worth noting here is that the majority of those hateful comments are from people who do not really know Jodi Arias or Travis Alexander personally…

      The hate mongers post those hateful comments based on the twisted distortions of the truth that they hear coming from the mouths of the news media headhunters…

  7. Yes, if my son and I do have a son, had been so abusive to a women that she feared for her life, I would understand it. I would have accepted the plea deal she offered. I have always raised my son to be respectful of women and if I felt that he wasn’t treating his wife/girlfriend right I would step in and speak up and my son would never hear the end of it.
    I love my son and have stayed out of the middle of his marriage, don’t want to be an overbearing mother-in-law, but if it not right I will and have spoken up. This is why things happen, because people will turn a blind eye instead of stepping up to prevent horrendous things from happening.

      • Don’t you just hate when that happens? LOL
        Anyway, I totally concur. In fact I recall as single mother of two boys back in the 90s, after leaving a most horrific situation (relationship), repeatedly over the years, telling my boys if they ever mis-treated a women in any way, I would “deal” with them myself!

  8. The vileness has been going on for a long time on some of these crime blogs. There is one in particular that actually started with Natalie Holloway, OMG. The problem for me is go ahead and be hateful and bigoted, but knock off the good Christian attitude while doing so. I agree with the unstable comment, that is what is so scary to me, are they just talking or would they go ahead with some of the threats and big talk?

  9. The state of Arizona really needs to look at it’s definition and implementation of a fair trial. Does it usually allow behavior such as the eye rolling as Travis’ sister has done repeatedly in the courtroom? I know that the judge gave instructions about conduct in the courtroom at the start of the trial, but maybe the sister wasn’t listening. Nevertheless, she still should have known better as she is a police officer, herself, and the judge, or someone else, should have reminded her that she should be taking the court’s rules more seriously.

    Also, does the state honestly think Jodi is getting a fair trial with the media circus going on, especially in light of the reality of the world today and the fact that the jurors in this trial aren’t even sequestered? I know that sequestering the jury is expensive, but we are talking about a case that has attracted national media attention and could result in a woman being put to death. It’s hard to believe that not one of the jurors could be affected by what they see and read about when they turn on their computers in the privacy of their own homes, come across, even accidently, opinions expresssed by Travis’ “friends and members of his church and business affiliations from his church who are appearing so often on televison, etc., or talk to their own family members and friends, or even experience the bias projected in newspapers and tabloids when they stand in line at their local supermarkets, etc. While Jodi faces the challenges of answering hundreds of questions from a seemingly skeptical jury and grilling from a most aggessive prosecutor, hell bent on winning a death sentence at any cost, she is also being exploited by a large portion of the media that supports its biased views, even manipulating and continuing to sensationalize data to shape and influence public opinion, that Jodi is “evil” or some kind of monster, which it has done from the VERY START of the trial, as the state continues to provide Jodi the “fair trial” every citizen is entitled to in an American court of law.

    • I hope one or even two jury’s are on this site to get the bigger picture of what is said here. BE CAREFUL OF SAYING ANY THING GOOD ABOUT JODI ON OTHER SITES THEY WILL ATTACK YOU AS THEY DID ME………

      • That’s what happened with Casey too and one of the reasons behind our sites. I hated it out there and not being able to discuss anything with people and listening to them say the same thing over and over again.

  10. The only thing I don’t really like about this guy, is that he tends to argue with his callers, even when they are agreeing with him fully.

  11. Jodi jodi jodi , why didnt u just walk away from this fat bumbling turd called Travis. I bet had u payed no attention to him he would’ve been kissing ur ass everyday. He thought he was something special cause u paid him so much attention. Trust me no other girl would’ve liked him.

    • And it is true the most dangerous time for woman in an abusive relationship is when she tries to leave. And JA was trying, he was losing control over her.

      • Thats what I think this last sex and picture taking session was. I feel HE called HER back for a little before he left because he KNEW her plans were to go see that other guy and he wasnt feeling confident. Remember Mimi may have been going to Cancun, but she had told him that she wasnt “That into him.” and had offered to back off so he could take someone else.
        Jodi was still there and available, and he was probably trying to pull her back in for some more sex while he looked for his next wife candidate.

        He was losing control.

  12. PLEASE READ *** I called Jodi Arias Attorneys yesterday.

    I believe I have solved the “third gas can problem.”

    Look at video 3/3 DAY 29. Now LOOK at the Wal-mart receipt around minute 57:11.

    The receipt says ** 5G KERO Carb **

    Jodi returned a Kerosene can. Kerosene cans are blue not red. If Martinez asked if there were any gas cans returned on June 2nd the manager would have to put the EPC or barcode from a 5G GAS Carb can. However, this would be a different barcode from a Kerosene can. Jodi returned a blue 5 gallon Kerosene can. I have also run a check on 5G KERO Carb and it only comes up Kerosene Can. Needless to say, the women which answered the phone said they deeply appreciate the information.

    The case seems to hang on the two gas can and now whether or not she returned a one kerosene can.

    • Also, read what walmart policy is about returned items without a receipt. If she had used the receipt when returning it, it would have been a credit on her card. Same as the receipt. So this leads me to believe she didn’t use the receipt for the return and it wasn’t necessary.

        • Another possibility–since she returned the same day cash for cash–is that they simply voided the transaction and then re-rang (that sounds like funky grammar!) the items she didn’t return. Long shot, but it would be worth checking if anyone can.

          And blue kerosene person–incredible thinking! Many pats on the back!

          • If one does not have a reciept, and the item is under 10 bucks the store or front end manager/ lead CSM can and will make all kinds of different calls. If there was no reciept, Jodi could have gotten a gift card with the money returned on it. (This is how Wmart makes sure you spend your money back in the store.) or the cash, or there were no more red cans and the person doing the return just didnt give a F*ck about inventory and just scanned the barcode from the blue can because they are the same price.
            I know this because I worked for one for a very long time right up into management..

            Also most Wmarts only keep a video of the return desk for 45 days, and then it is expunged form memory. Or overwritten, but if they had been on the frigging ball, they could have gotten video footage no doubt of exactly what was bought and returned.

      • I think she paid cash for what she bought at Walmart. I need to find that receipt again…
        If she turned around after buying it and returned it the cashier may have forgotten to cross it off of her receipt. That has happened many times to me. It’s only a big deal because JM is trying to say LOOK shes still lying! What a punk

        • Usually when you do a return they give you another receipt showing your return so the first receipt doesn’t mean anything.

          I ve returned items to Walmart without a receipt and was given in store credit. However, they always ask for your drivers licenses. Not sure what they would do if you didn’t have a drivers licenses.

          • They put you in their system, if you have too many returns without receipts, they wont allow any more. Also, On her original receipt, IF she used it, they usually ciircle and initial/date the return and give it back. Hers didnt have this sadly. So without a receipt, only $10 and under is given cash back. I fear this doesnt bode well for Jodi. Something is up, this is Martinez;s gotcha moment, I bet. BUT, what does it prove?

            • “Something is up, this is Martinez;s gotcha moment, I bet.”

              I doubt it or he would have already provided it. He is full of hot air and nothing else. He hasn’t had a gotcha moment yet in my opinion. LOL

          • Is it possible they overrang two red ones? I did that countless times on countless things. – AND have had it done, where you look at your reciept and go- WTF I didnt get two (milk, cheese, trampolines.) and you have to go back and get it refunded?

            See, I dont know how far apart the purchase was in regards to the return.
            Were they done the same day.
            Were they done at the same store?

            I cant find this information.
            Anyone care to post a link? I realize this is an old post, so this may not get answered.

    • Also as a woman, a gas can is a gas can, I didn’t know blue was for kerosene, red was for gas, I would pick the blue to keep it separate from Darryl’s red ones.

    • I hate to say it, but I doubt that the prosecutors office just called up and talked to a manager and asked for the vague term “return of any gas cans”. Logic would dictate they’d offer up the code from the purchase receipt when checking for returns. But since the state only threw that out as a what if..there is still no proof that they even have checked. It would serve the defense team to check this out, if they haven’t already, no matter what.

      • Actually I posted what Walmart has on their site. The prosecutor stated, Would it surprise you that Walmart has no record of a return, Walmart Policies are that you do not need a receipt to return products up to $25.00 or so that is a trick question a Bluff that is why he did not continue, his style is accusatory to jump around and throw as much stuff at the defendant as he can to confuse them, scare them into lying she said I received cash she did not say she used a receipt. Does it surprise you that Walmart has no records of a return receipt by anyone??? He may have checked but Walmart says you do not have to have a receipt to return the product it is on their website.

        • He also does it to make the jury think she is still lying.

          The problem is, it appears there are some who fall for it.

        • I don’t think he used the word receipt when referring to the return of the gas can. He asked something along the lines of “would it surprise you that walmart does not have any record of any refund for a gas can on that date…” While a receipt isn’t necessary for a return and refund, I’m not sure that means the clerk can just reach into the cash register and hand over cash to a customer with no transaction record. It’s been awhile for me personally, but do registers even open without some kind of transaction being punched in? Most are computerized and require some kind of transaction code be entered to get the register itself to open. 2 cans, 3 cans…I’m not sure it matters much in the overall scheme of things. Also, is it possible Jodi is mistaken about which Walmart she returned it to? Maybe they only checked the store she bought it at but she returned it to another one?

          • If we’re so confused on the gas can thing, can you image how the jury feels and they can’t talk to anyone about anything. Anyway talked to hubby, he said law in state where we live gas can only be put in appoved containers. We’ve had that law since the 1967 riots, law was passed to make it illegal to put gas in glass bottles, because during the riots, lots of buildings were burned down. If you try to put gas in a blue container, the attendant is suppose to stop you cause the container is not an approved one. And we have had red cans for gas, blue for kerosene and yellow for diesel for as long as he can remember. I don’t think this helps to clarify anything about the gas can / Walmart thing at all.
            Since this is another implication by shorty, we just have to wait and see if he clarifies any of this.

          • They would have scanned the returned product and the price would pop up on the register, hand over the cash and she might of had to sign the refund receipt but im not sure as this was 5 yrs ago. Policies may have changed since then

          • He used the word Record same implication a record would be some sort of receipt many people return things without Record Receipt its a trick question. That is why he changed the subject They call it KBG tactics you accuse someone of the most outrageous things all at once and something may stick. Even if it is a lie. Many prosecutors only care about winning not the truth this is a cancer in our Judicial system.


      • TONYA F
        You are RIGHT!!!
        This guy has a record and too many of his Clan are covering something, up.
        I do not know what but something is very strange about this case.

      • YES!!! But the jury isn’t focused on this. No one is (except a few of us here). It’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo sad because the world just doesn’t understand.

      • Tonya.

        This is exactly right.

        Jodi is going through the horror of having her deepest personal things all on display for the world. This other girl probably literally ran for her life because she could still just say it didnt happen because it was still a secret.

    • Good catch…… That shows how dumb the prosecutor is in this case. The moron cant even read a receipt correctly.

  13. I have a question: If she changed her hair color in an attempt to be incognito, don’t you guys think it would have been a lot easier for her to tuck her blond hair under a baseball cap instead?

    • Abe Abdelhadi was on the Dr Drew show on 1/16/2013.
      In the 1/16/2013 Transcript of that show Abe Abdelhadi states the following.
      “The prosecutor had informed me that she dyed her hair in APRIL of that
      year (2008). That’s when she dyed her hair”. If I remember correctly he
      also stated he had talked to prosecutor a few times.

      The guy at the Car Rental in Redding, Ca said she had blond hair when she rented the car.
      She would have had to show her driver’s lic in order to rent the car…it is quite possible he
      was going by what the drivers lic showed.

      • Good point Will about the driver’s license. there are studies out that show witness memories are not real reliable.

        • I’ve gone from blonde to brunette … because I wanted to look different, so my ex wouldn’t have an easy time finding me. I was blonde all my life, my natural colour is dishwater blonde. I had light light blonde highlights for over 20 years.

          When I dyed my hair brown, it took a really long time for it to take. Even though it was permanent colour, it would fade after a few days. The blonde would begin to show a little. Finally, almost a year later, my hair is now brown. In fact, people ask me if I went darker. I didn’t. But it finally “took” so it looks like I went darker, I guess.

          Jodi was all over platinum blonde. It must have taken forever for her hair to “take”.

  14. What if the “medications” Zach was getting into travis’ cabinet for were steroids and he disposed of them before travis’ body was officially found?

  15. I read this on a hate site and have a Q about the gas can situation: Martinez brought up the bank records which showed a third transaction of $19.65 at the Tesoro gas station. We know she was there at approximately 4am from the other two gas receipts. People are saying that gas station has never been open from 1am-6am, but you could still purchase gas at the pumps using a credit card. If that is the case the $19.65 could not have been used for snacks etc in the store itself. So… the question is what was purchased for $19.65 that morning?

    • Dog good question, was wondering myself. Is there proof they were only selling gas on 6/5 during those times. And does shorty have any proof or is this just another one of his implications and all he has to do is imply, imply, imply to cause the jury to believe JA is lying.

      • The haters said people had called that gas station and verified they were not open between 1am-6am in 2008, so I’m sure if that is the case then Martinez has done the same and will bring it up at some point in time.

        • Also even if the inside isn’t open, don’t most places have a window you can walk up to and buy things that way. I know I’ve done that when I’ve gone to a gas station at 3am. So to say they were closed, store part not opened, doesn’t mean you can’t still walk up to the window. Because if the pumps are on, someone has to be inside monitoring. Never have seen an empty gas station with just the pumps on.

          • According to t-towners there is no staff at all from 1am-6am. I’ve never heard of an unmanned gas station that still allows gas to be purchased at the pump (by credit card) but I’m in Canada, we’re about 20 years behind the US of A… so what do I know. Do they have these in the States?


          • Yes JC…. this was the part on the last trial day where Martinez showed that third transaction on her bank statement for $19.65 then divided it by the cost of gas per gallon which came out to 5.09…. insinuating that she put 5.09 gallons of gas in a third gas can. Many of us were thinking she purchased $19.65 worth of junk food or whatever from the gas station store (at 4am as per her receipts), but the t-towners are saying the store part was not open from 1am-6am… so what did she spend $19.65 on if there was no third gas can and the store was not open ???

            • I actually think jodi smoked cigarettes after the murder, maybe she bought cigarettes and a few other food items. Remember the car rental guy said the car smelled of smoke

    • Well, first of all I think it’s a stupid line of questioning…I understand those people’s obsession with the gas transactions.

      However, I would want proof that they were not open during those times in that year…

    • It is a question that the defense team needs to be prepared to answer in their closing, knowing that the state is going to cover it. If the inside of the gas station was open in June 2008 during those hours, they should be prepared to have testimonial or notarized statements saying so. If the store wasn’t open back then during those hours, they need to ask Jodi why she made a third gas purchase, assuming she’d already fueled the car and the two cans. Surely her team is on this already?

  16. Wow…you guys are really good! The information you’re able to uncover, and the research you put into uncovering inconsistencies…. I have been following your site for a while, I’m not on FB, or twitter; didn’t follow the trial from day 1, as many of you have… at this point in time, I think Jodi will probably not get the DP, but something way less, allowing her some kind of life after this debacle! I wish the jury had been sequestered, I’m finding it hard to believe after this long recess the jury will not have violated their instructions. I’m not going to go into the evidence, and the rest; but will share some info as it relates to the Court…my cousin works there… 1. This is not the only case the judge is responsible for, thus other duties require her attention, thus late starts…. 2. The courtroom is much larger than it appears on tv, Jodi is not as close to the jury as it appears, and the gallery is some distance from the jury. One key for me will be the final selection of the jury that goes into deliberation. I will say that I’m glad Bella is a participant in your forum; she has helped clarify some points for me…

    • Thank you for that insight. The judges have a lot on their plates, as do the attorneys, for they also have other cases they are working on as well.

    • It is a disgusting mess that the jury did not get sequestered.

      As IF – AS IF- no one on that jury has read/watched/heard something. If they all live in AZ, this is all a buzz.

  17. legal question:
    what possibilities are there for her to walk free? ex: if its a mistrial or hung jury, they can recharge her, or is that illegal?
    Also, since they refused a plea deal, is it all or nothing? Murder one, DP, or nothing?

    • if its a hung jury, she will be retried again. The Mendenez brothers ended with a hung jury the first time. The judge made the decision to throw out a ton of eyewitness testimony that what the brothers claimed were true and ended up with a conviction the second trial around. With a mistrial, a new trial would occur as well. I suppose the state could choose to not retry the case, but with this case, I doubt it.

      • thanks JC, so can they give her a lesser charge, like muder 2 or manslaughter, or is it all or nothing?
        What a shame that they didn’t just accept her plea, could of saved all this trauma for everyone involved. it definitely reeks of EGO on the part of JM

      • Has anyone contacted Jodi’s lawyers law offices about Travis’s alleged arrest record (if that in fact, is the same Travis)?

        • SJ and I have missed each other but I have left him a message about this. I hope someone emailed him too as he checks that often. One way or the other we will figure this out:-)

          • Do you think a few of us could get together, and like all contribute to mail an original copy of the report to Jodi’s lawyers? It costs too much ($126) for me to be able to do it by myself, but I would contribute to this.

            The mailing address for her lawyers is on their website. Maybe it would get there before Wed?

            • Why cant we email them the copy in a pdf? ummm wait, what report are we talking about? I think anything online can be turned into an electronic file actually.

              • Travis’s alleged criminal record (I’d assume an original report, or we could mail a copy and they could get an original), but I’d assume if he was arrested, there must be a mugshot. If it really was identify theft, then it won’t be his, but if it was him,

    • I think it goes like this: If a hung jury, the state can choose to retry the case. They can also choose to add in lesser charges. In this case, as I understand from the documents, there are no lesser charges, (2nd degree plea was refused), so its 2 types of 1st degree or nothing. The DP however is a separate phase and they can choose 1st degree but not the DP for the punishment phase.

    • MIstrial, hung jury, she is tried again, depending on what the prosecutor wants to do, he could offer plea. If not, then it’s another trial with a different jury, just like starting over again. Judge could include lessors before jury begins deliberation, I’m sure the defense will ask for this, not sure about prosecution, but it is left to the judge. And both sides have input on the jury instructions.

      • Lets not forget what Martinez did in the Doug Grant trial, as it relates to the lesser charges. He waited until the last week, in a hearing over jury instructions, and he himself asked for lesser charges to be included! He got his way, despite the defense teams objections. They wanted it to remain an ALL or Nothing on 1st degree because they knew their client wouldn’t be convicted. Apparently the state felt the same way by the end of the trial and thus fought to have those lesser charges included.

        • That’s the way I’ve seen it happen in countless trials. Lesser included offences are always asked for right before jury deliberation, especially if the State thinks they’re going to lose, but also by the defense if they think they’re going to lose. The State may figure they’re screwed on the original charges, did not prove them, so lets add some other stuff, that way she won’t walk. Unfortunately, jurors have admitted many times post trial, that their guilty verdicts to lesser included offences were arrived at by some sort of compromise, to give the victims family some sort of retribution, and the defendant some sort of punishment. That’s all fine and dandy, but I think it should solely be based on whether the facts are proven, not on wanting to see the victims family satisfied in some way.

  18. although in my head I think it sucks that they can keep dragging this on and on. If you can’t meet your burden, that should be that, poor girl.

  19. Martinez is trying to fit a story for DP he is not interested in the truth just winning his case. Is the evidence that Travis Alexander was arrested allowed.?? Also Chad was on Nancy Grace the one who statedt hat Jodi introduced Travis to Sex
    This is the comment he made on MY Space

    Twas two nights before Christmas, and all through the greater Phoenix area, Travis was cruising for underage boys to make his Christmas more cozy. Have fun, just don’t violate the terms of your probation!

    I think all Travis Friends need to be investigated especially since a lot of them are going on HLN.
    and making inflammatory comments about Jodi Arias

    • Couldn’t agree more Oliviero. Hopefully, they are all being investigated as we post!

      Can anyone tell me if the Arrest Report, Probation report etc., assuming this is the correct Travis, be brought into this trial by the Defense? I know often times the jury never hears of previous acts.

      • I think she needs a real KICK ASS LAWYER Like Gerry Spence F Lee Bailey who is good at getting dirt on others. I think that the fact that is prior arrest record if its true I think it is from the fact that its not just check mate but seems valid. Also the remarks by some friends.

        • But she needs money to get a lawyer like that.
          I wish some hotshot lawyer would do this for free to make himself famous for getting her off these charges, and THEN for suing them for 5 years of her life.

          But Nurmi has done a pretty good job. I find him a bit slow, but dont know his style, and his record. Nurmi may have some more to show.

  20. Mr. Gagic posted this in the comments section of his blog page:

    The government’s obligation is prove premeditation in their case in chief, which they could not do under any circumstances. For all those saying “wait and see” the government prove murder it, considering the fact the prosecution case in chief closed weeks ago, that is a direct admission the prosecution did not carry its burden on that point.

    Sounds like he’s saying that if the prosecution has any big BOMBSHELLS, then it would have come out already. Sounds like Kerms may be grasping at straws now?

    • Yep. That is what I suspected all along. I thought if he had any bombshells he would have had them in the opening….now all he has is jack and that’s why he spends his time with words games and badgering Jodi.

      Oh, and splicing her journal to attempt to make her look obsessed. Can’t forget that awesome example of prosecutor skills.

      • Yes BeeCee, I agree.
        I’ve thought the same; that if Martinez had this big bomb, surely it would’ve been dropped by now?
        But now, I get to hear about how this bomb is going to explode during his closing arguments.
        I guess I just don’t see how that would make any sense, dropping bombs basically after the fact?
        After you had all this time to argue it or to catch Jodi red handed while she was on the stand.

        Would the jury not think, “This guy is full of shit.”. When he had all this time to blow the court to pieces, but instead waited until its almost over?
        I know I would.

        So to anyone who thinks Martinez has anything on Jodi, I’m calling bullshit.
        And I’m very confident, how can Martinez have anything on Jodi when this so obviously wasn’t premeditated?

        Sadly, it seems, his theatrics are working on some people.

    • That’s why I think he is trying hard to impeach her testimony. If the jury doesn’t believe her, then they have to believe him.

  21. Possible Medical Reason for Jodi’s Memory Loss

    I apologize if this slant on memory loss has been discussed before. I’ve only been following Jodi’s trial for a week or so.

    There is a medical condition called Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) which can result in temporary memory loss that usually resolves within 24 hours. As the syndrome resolves, the amnesia improves but the individual may be left with a distinct lapse of recollection for events during the TGA attack.

    Precipitants for TGA include:

    – overwhelming emotional stress
    – sexual intercourse, one of the most common precipitants
    – physical exertion
    – “bumping” the head
    – pain
    – cold-water exposure

    From what I understand, Jodi may have experienced ALL OF THESE PRECIPITATING FACTORS shortly before Travis’s death depending on what kind of shower she took after the sexual activity. Remember, it only takes ONE of these factors to trigger the amnesia.


    (1) “Transient Global Amnesia,” Medscape, September 25, 2012
    (2) “Sex, then amnesia…and it’s no soap opera,” CNN, November 4, 2009

    Many, many articles on TGA on the net.

    • Thank you Mattie.

      We had someone on the other day trying to say Jodi’s memory issues were not possible. I hope that the defense will have a well versed true expert who can testify about it.

      Good research!

      • The sheep on the haters side try to say a lot of things are “not possible”, but that’s because they are experts in every field, from forensics to psychiatry and everything in between.

      • Jodi´s memory issue is not going to be determine by people/mass-media, etc. I believe Jodi has deeper issues than the memory lost.
        She seems to me as a hurt and scarred deer . She is not aware of what is she saying and not processing the event. This girl was/is in denial and deceiving herself. This was not her fault.I believe ppl are too judgemental with her she has been painted in all the ugly colours.
        I wonder, if it was not a record of Travis talking that dirty and the porn activity, was she believed?

        • Yes, and probably she did not want to mention the abuse for so long after she was arrested, not just because she did not want to taint his memory, but because she knew that no one would ever believe her and would moreover hate her so much.

          • …since understanding how deeply she was abused would threaten their view of the world and their rationalization of their own acts of cruelty against vulnerable women and girls at the bottom of the pile.

        • xr, I fully believe that if she hadn’t recorded the sex talk the haters would still be swearing he was a virgin and she faked the photos.

          • I swear that some of them either tuned out the sex tape or didn’t listen. I read a comment today about how “maybe Travis didn’t even like anal sex, it might be one of Jodi’s lies”….uh yeah, I think Travis talking about how good he is at “working that booty” negates that theory!

            • ugh, I shouldn’t be surprised by that….after all, we have our theories and things also…although I wouldn’t put them in the same class because I am biased toward this site.

        • Thanks for that evidence!
          I still cannot get over how anyone hearing the tape and seeing the texts would not think of it as abuse.

          Any person who sends ‘you’re a whore’, ‘you’re a slut’ or any other insulting text to another person and EXPECTS and GETS a positive acknowledgment from that person is ABUSING WHATEVER POWER THEY HAVE OVER THE OTHER. It’s that simple. What is so hard to comprehend? Denying it sounds to me like a mass hysteria.

      • HI Bee Cee,

        I think you’re probably referring to some of what I’ve written regarding memory and I think I may have been unclear.

        I don’t remember saying that Jodi’s claims of memory loss about the stabbing is impossible. I do remember saying that current memory research on repressed memory/forgotten memory doesn’t match with Jodi’s claims.

        Based on how Jodi and Nurmi have phrased comments about Jodi’s memory, I do think that they are planning to have experts testify about memory repression. I expect the state to call experts to talk about current memory research.

        None of what I’ve written was meant to imply that Jodi’s story regarding her memory is impossible. I do believe that, based on the research, the defense will have a tough time with a repressed memory defense.

        The only one who knows what Jodi does and does not remember is Jodi.

        If I was unclear, I apologize. I also hope that sharing such info, which I believe is highly relevant to Jodi’s defense, doesn’t make me a “hater”. When I first commented on the issue, it was to answer a specific question asked by a fellow member on the afternoon that Jodi first said she couldn’t remember the stabbing.

    • That’s interesting stuff! I never doubted her memory loss. This is pretty much what a lot of sexually abused children suffer with for years after too, because while they are in the traumatic event, the mind goes “elsewhere”. That might be a different kind of memory loss technically, but I don’t find the memory loss far fetched at all. When she said she could “remember feelings” from the event, I totally understood.

    • Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly find yourself somewhere, and you don’t know how you got there, or what happened? I have. I was in an accident, and I came to in a hospital. When I came to, I had no idea as to where I was, or what had happened. I could barely open my eyes halfway, and I could not move. Seeing everything through my own eyes, while not knowing where I was, or how I got there, was absolutely horrifying. It seemed like a horrible joke. People stayed with me until I was able to get my bearings. It is totally terrifying. Some people get lost, and they panic and run. But, this is worse than being lost, because there is no connection to the recent past. And, there is no way to make sense out of it – without some sort of past memory.

      Try to imagine going to bed in your house tonight, and waking up in the desert, in Arizona, tomorrow. What would you do? How would you know where you are at? How would you know how to get back? How would you explain to yourself how you ended up in the desert, after going to bed in your house? You might think that you had died, and somehow got stuck in the desert. Or, you might think that you had been drugged, and dumped in the desert, by someone. Or, you might think that you were stuck in a dream, and that your mind is playing tricks on you. Really, what sort of explanation could you come up with if you suddenly find yourself somewhere, but you don’t have any memory of how you got there, or what had transpired prior to that?

      Let’s look at the facts. Jodi says that she remembered Travis saying, “Bitch, I am going to kill you.”. She also says that she remembered the knife dropping, and screaming. Then, she came to her senses in the desert, while wearing bloody clothes, having bloody hands, and having weapons in the car. If a person had no memory at all, then the person should be very, very concerned. What if the person left the victim’s house, and went to an elementary schoolyard, and killed a few kids, too? With no memory of anything, then anything is possible, because there is no memory. As I said, I have come to my senses before, without having any idea as to where I was at, and it was both totally terrifying, and bewildering, at the same time. It would have been far worse if I had been alone in the desert with weapons, and bloody clothes.

      People automatically try to make sense out of things. And, this sort of thing is like a trick played on one’s mind, because the mind has no way to piece anything together, when a large portion of memory is removed. It creates alot of problems. But, in this case, Jodi did not miss a beat. She did not miss a beat in disposing of the weapons. She did not miss a beat in disposing of bloody clothes. She did not miss a beat, in washing blood off of her hands. She did not miss a beat in going to see Ryan, and getting romantic with him. And, she did not miss a beat in leaving a bogus message on Travis’ telephone.

      What I am trying to say is that while a traumatic event can cause memory loss, it is also true that suffering from memory loss can be a traumatic event, all in it’s own right. A sudden major loss of recent memory can produce confusion, angst, bewilderment, disorientation, uncertainty, fear, etc, etc.

      To me, the issue is not whether it is plausible that Jodi could have lost her memory, or even whether it is plausible that she was a victim. To me the issue is do these claims fit the actual pattern of behavior that can be seen. This is where I think that the prosecutor differs from other people. I do not think that he spends so much time trying to “read” Jodi, or tell whether or not she is telling the truth. I think that he looks at all of the evidence, and he looks at her own testimony, and he looks for flaws, or contradictions. Then he hammers her on points that he has doubts about. If the person is telling the truth, it should become apparent. But, if the person is inventing stories, or building one story upon another, then at some point, the flaws the flaws will began to show. In this case, if I was a juror, I would probably be having a problem with the transition between when Jodi says that she does not remember, and when she says that she does remember – with the transition being in the desert.

      • Ben you make some good points here. The problem I’m having with this case, is the prosecutors twisting of what I see when I look at the evidence. Prosecutors shouldn’t be able to invent stories out of thin air. Look at my post today about the hair changing theory. Who’s story fits the evidence. In this case I think JA’s does much more so than JM’s. Listen closely to what each side is saying then look to see if the evidence fits what they are saying. Same thing with whether or not the gunshot came first or last. I have tried to fit the gunshot last and have not come up with a reasonable explanation, but I can for the gunshot first. Same with the gas cans, JA has a reasonable explanation why she would have them and all JM has done is try to prove she is lying by having a 3rd, not showing why its premed. Yes JA has lied, and lied, and has been her own worst enemy, but that doesn’t justify the state lying just to put a needle in someone’s arm. The state is we the people and should be held to a higher standard, because if they can justify lying and manipulating evidence against one person, then they could do it to anyone and no innocent person will be ever able to expect justice.

        • Hello TB,

          Thanks for the input. I certainly hope the state (JM) would not lie. If so, this defeats the entire notion of justice. Also, I would have to say that listening to Jodi, directly, is what has produced the most doubt. I have never been a very good judge of character. So, I would like to think that my doubts are unfounded.

      • Ben…really good post…the mysteries of the human mind are incredible…I believe Jodi when she talks about things she can and can’t remember…I can relate with her…

        My mom died three years ago….soon afterwards my mind felt foggy….I would sometimes find myself at the mall (25 miles from home) and other times at the grocery store (5 miles from home) and I didn’t have any memories of leaving the house and going to either place…this lasted for quite a while before it stopped…they say it was caused from grieving stress…I knows this happens to a lot of people…stress can do a lot of things to the human mind…

        As far as my feelings on the prosecutor….I can feel his hatred for Jodi across the television screen…it’s obvious he doesn’t care if anything she says is the truth…he seems obsessed in twisting everything she says around in hopes that he can get her to say what he wants her to say…

        • Oh my Gosh Truthseeker1111 – you just reminded me of an incident! My mom passed when I was 6. I am now 45. Somewhere in my 20s, my brother lost a child, and they couldn’t afford a cemetery plot, or headstone so as a family we decided that the baby should be put to rest on top of my mother, in her plot. When we arrived at the cemetery after the service, I remember being shocked to see my mother’s grave dug up (don’t know why I was expecting something different?) It’s the last thing I remember. My Father told me a few months later, that I had immediately turned my back to the grave upon arriving, stared off into the distance throughout the entire event. I couldn’t remember anything about the event past arriving and seeing the grave like that. I was surprised when he told me what my actions were. To this day, I have NO MEMORY of anything past arrival. I don’t remember turning away, I don’t remember the words spoken, or even leaving and how I got to the family gathering afterwards. It was and still is the strangest feeling to have a chunk of time missing like that, and it’s amazing what the mind will do, even when you are not consciously thinking that there is even going to be a problem. In other words, I wasn’t anticipating any anxiety occurring, I hadn’t even considered before hand what I was about to see. The 6 year old took over and blocked everything out!
          It is a most bizarre feeling!

      • Hey Everyone,

        I don’t mean to intrude, but I have been following along here, usually when I need a break from the onslaught the hate mongers dump on me on facebook. especially after being threatened to be choked to death the other night. I think I would rather face a pack of rabid dogs to be honest. But I’m getting off topic….

        Jodi’s memory loss is not uncommon when someone has experienced a traumatic event. I have always maintained that something transpired that day that pushed her to react the way she did, something horrific that caused her to basically snap. You have all seen the crime scene photos, and I have no doubt that they were shocking to see, which they are. Can you even begin to imagine how traumatic it was for Jodi while she was stabbing him? It is no wonder her subconscious blocked it all out.

        Because the only memory she has after he threatened her till finding herself in the desert, she has been trying to fill in the gaps based on what she knows of herself and what she does remember. It’s called ‘confabulation’, which is totally different than lying. Lying is a conscious decision to deceive, what Jodi is doing is trying to fill in the gaps with what she thinks happened. I was really happy when her lawyer was questioning her after the jurors questions, and he reinforced that she doesn’t remember stabbing him, and the only reason she said she did it is because she was told she was the only person there, so she had to have done it.

        The experts will explain the memory loss and confabulation, any doubts or questions will be put to rest. But what if she wasn’t the only one there? I am having a really hard time wrapping my brain around her doing everything they said she did in the time frame they have laid out.

        I don’t know why, but the pieces are not fitting together here. How could his room mate not notice the smell? And believe me, I worked in forensics and there is no way anyone could go about their day to day routine with that stench, it’s beyond putrid.

        Thanks for hearing me out…..

        • Hi Gail…I agree with you…did you read everything in the Flores Report link at the top…there were actually two roommates Zach and Enrique going up and down the stairway to go to their bedrooms…and one or both of them brought their girlfriends over to stay in the bedroom with them during this time also…so even the girlfriend didn’t smell anything either…and it was mentioned that they felt stickiness on the the railing…when I looked at the crime scene photos of the laundry room washer and dryer…I found it more than odd that Zach didn’t notice any of the dried blood while he was doing the laundry that weekend…Yes…you are right…The pieces just don’t fit together…

        • Someone threatened to choke you to death? That is awful! All of those hater sites say that we’re crazy, delusional, etc….but has anyone here EVER threatened the life of someone whose opinion we didn’t agree with? No! The “Springer rejects” do it all the time.

    • Mattie…you are definitely onto something concerning the TGA…I went to the net and freshened up my memory on Transient Global Amnesia (TGA)…stress is one of the things on the list that can cause symptoms of TGA…and looking at Jodi’s life history with so many stress factors compounded with other factors…she just might have experienced episodes of TGA…

      All the doctors that I know have told their patients for years that too much stress can literally kill you…being under stress on a daily basis eventually wears the mind and body down thus creating numerous health problems…they recommend to try and relieve yourself of as many stress factors as possible in your life if you want to live healthier…

      • Thanks Truthseeker1111

        I should have added a bit more to show what I was thinking by posting the information on Transient Global Amnesia (TGA). I think there are a few things we know for sure (or at least what I think is likely. Pardon my lack of humility) that could have precipitated Jodi’s loss of memory knowing that any ONE of these factors could trigger TGA and the resultant temporary memory loss:

        Precipitants for TGA include:

        (1) “overwhelming emotional stress”

        (Jodi admits she killed Travis. Probably true. I think (although I’ve never killed anyone …yet) that killing someone is extremely stressful even if the killing is justified and there is no other option. Maybe, watching your child die might be more stressful but killing someone must be near the top of the list. One likely precipitating factor.

        (2) “sexual intercourse, one of the most common precipitants”

        (I believe there are photos that prove they had sex at least twice that day). Second likely precipitating factor.

        (3) “physical exertion”

        (stabbing Travis 27 times and slitting his throat would leave Jodi exhausted – at least temporarily). Third likely precipitating factor

        (4) “bumping” the head

        (Jodi said her head hit the floor each time Travis “body-slammed” her – twice, I think – possible but no proof she was body-slammed or hit her head). No proof but a possible precipitating factor.

        (5) pain

        (no proof Jodi was body-slammed or in pain due to other reasons). No proof of being in physical pain but a possible precipitating factor.

        (6) cold-water exposure

        (I’m not sure what they are describing here . Could mean falling into an ice-filled lake in winter. I don’t know if a cold shower would cause TGA . I believe Jodi recalled having a shower after the sex and see no reason why she would make this up. Possible precipitating factor.

        @ xr;

        You said @ 4:20pm: “I believe Jodi has deeper issues than memory lost ”

        I don’t know if this was directed at me but I want to explain why I even raised the issue of Jodi’s memory. The questions submitted by the jurors seemed to indicate that some of them have difficulty believing Jodi’s inability to remember a certain time period after the gun went off. Jodi has stated time and time again that she has a “good memory.” I believe she does have a good memory. I was trying to show how someone can have a great memory which can be interrupted/lost under certain conditions (TGA or other reasons, e.g. concussion) for several hours and then revert back to a great memory again possibly the same day .

    • Actually she should have a Ct Scan She could have some indication. Like my Sister & brother who have Epilepsy, My sister has Black outs where she has no memory, I do not understand her not receiving Help, she said it was not made available to her. I feel so bad for her.

    Would it be terrible if someone posted those screen captures of TA’s violent past (CRIMINAL RECORD) to youtube? It’s public record right? We need to get some people to open their eyes to this girl’s innocence. If someone would be brave enough to do that, I think it would be amazing. Considering this trial is probably one of the number one searches at YouTube right now (mostly haters), it would likely bring a few people there who otherwise would not have taken the time to really look into it, and just brushed it off after listening to the other haters. Just disable comments,so that no one can say anything and leave it up. Add a few captions to the video about some facts that people are just not getting, and make it a domestic violence “call for action” type video.

    • A mormon and an executive at ppl with a criminal record and kind of tons of sex as seen on adult movies on his brain? This must be a nice guy (sarc-int)

        • I don’t think there is a problem. It’s a video providing public information and it allows the viewer to draw their own conclusions.

  23. I was AFK for a while but back now. So a bunch of disconnected stuff.

    In response to TB about lawyers twisting facts. The problem with a set if disconnected facts is that each can have its own cause and result and you can sling them together to get what you want. That is what they do, but it is even more egregious in circumstantial evidence cases. That is why the California jury instruction makes sense. In CA if your case is based on circumstantial evidence then the prosecution must prove each element beyond a reasonable doubt, and if there is more than one reasonable explanation, and one of those explanations points to innocence then that is the explanation that MUST be selected. For instance, they would have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the gun was in fact stolen from her grandparents. Since they can’t prove who actually stole it, and if the thief could be someone other than Jodi, a jury in CA would HAVE to assume that it was someone other than Jodi. I don’t know what the Arizona law is, maybe some legal beagle can let us know.

    I know there has been a lot of talk on this site about more than one person being involved. Well, if you guys read the charging documents in this case you will see that the it says “JODI ARIAS on …… acting either alone, or with one or more persons…………..” This has always puzzled me. Why the CYA for other people? Is there something in the evidence that the State gathered that made them think there was more than one person involved?

    The roommates and the smell is really an issue. The stench had to be getting worse each day. At some stage, if they had to have thought about doing something about it. Mimi hall said you could smell it as soon as you stepped in the door. I think most people would have tried to get in and figure it out. Even if they didn’t have a key, they’d have called a locksmith or something.

    On another topic, JM has the personality of a cactus, and his questioning and court room demeanor is brash, abrasive and a little sneaky, but I think some may be getting a little beyond the facts vilifying him and calling this a witch hunt. Lets take an objective look at the facts. No matter the cause and or circumstances, this was a brutal killing. At first glance it sure looks like overkill. Once they had the evidence, they know who did it. If you were on the investigative side, I believe the crime scene and the brutal nature would make you want to see the perpetrator get a harsh sentence. Maybe one could have been talked into something less that M1 but Jodi did herself no favors with the “No Jury’s going to convict me” statement. Regardless of her current explanation that was a vivid example of slapping a prosecutor across the face with a chain mail gauntlet. Any prosecutor would get his panties in a wad after that. Couple that with JM’s personality and you get what we’re seeing now. Plus, i other reports are true, this is just his style. In as far as the public media is concerned, they’re jus a bunch of ratings driven ghouls. And I don’t believe that the number of folks on the hater web sites is any more than on ours. Strange as it may sound to folks here most people in the country aren’t even aware of this trial. I read two newspapers every day, The Washington Post and the New York Times. I have yet to see any great mention of this case. No one in my office (and I polled them) has even heard of it. My wife hasn’t. So its not a whole bunch of people doing this. It’s just the same bunch of morbid yahoos who show up at execution sites with their “Fry Him” placards. Don’t let them get to you folks.

    • When I say “witch hunt,” I am not referring to Martinez. He’s doing his job whether we like him or not. I’m referring to the media “experts” and the “Internet detectives” who think that they have all the answers and can just continue to pile on with their hate. I think most others here mean the same.

    • “JM has the personality of a cactus”

      Sorry, but you had me there. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

      I agree with you, but it still shows overzealous reactions of prosecution. In so many battered women killing spouses cases, there is overkill: Wendy Maldonado, Beatrice Sheehan, Susan Wright … etc., etc. I asked women I know why? These are women who are also victims. They said if they had killed, if they killed now (some time later), they would have to be sure he was dead, dead, dead. That he couldn’t get up and hurt them some more. It seems to be a very common theme. Sad, indeed.

  24. Honestly, some of the loons out there…I just read comments in which one person compared Jodi to Jeffrey Dahmer and another thinks that the appeals process for death row inmates should be outlawed.
    Jodi’s not a serial killer….and WHAT IF SOMEONE ON DEATH ROW IS INNOCENT?

    • That is the ultimate argument against the DP. It is irreversible once meted out. Other than the fact that it is merely a state sanctioned revenge killing. There is no detrimental aspect to the DP. If there was the cumulative load of DPs since time immemorial would half eradicated murder by now. Plus it’s a rather sordid business, this taking of life by the state.

      • Good grief. Jeffrey Dahmer killed multiple people, multiple. Jodi was a normal every day girl until she unfortunately killed Travis. How can someone make a comparison?

    • Kira, I also read a post that JA was going to be a serial killer because her astrological sign was cancer and most serial killers are cancer and it was lucky she was caught before she could kill any one else.
      LOL. I just thougth I had better get busy, cause I’m cancer and haven’t killed anyone. I have some catching up to do.

  25. I listened to the podcast. It seriously astounds me that people actually believe that just because Jodi Arias admitted to killing Travis Alexander in self dense, that she does not deserve the right to answer all possible questions in her own voice. I cannot believe that people are in support of an unfair trial, especially for such a serious one – death penalty.

    Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to think in the beginning. Based on the CNN article, I thought she was guilty. What made me change my mind was when CNN brought her babysitter on TV, and she implied, oh yes, Jodi must be guilty because when she was 4, she hit her brother over the head with a baseball bat and lied about it. That alone convinced me this was a complete witch hunt, and the media was spewing garbage and grasping at straws.

    • An on top of that really? was it one of those plastic kid bats I bet it was ! that babysitter was strange acting all weird like oh I am on tv hehe. What kids don’t do some of that stuff they are the kids that are sitting in a padded room with nothing to play with because they may get hurt.

  26. Need a little comic relief??….NG said on FRI show: why was Jodi driving around with five or six gas cans packed in the trunk of her car? LOL five or six cans???? By the end of this trial she will have Jodi packing around 100s of cans of gas!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I came across a post this morning, the woman posted that because Jodi had 15 gals of gas and her car only held 12 gals, there had to be a second car!

          I had some fun with that one, by the time I was done the woman deleted all her comments and left the site! LOL

    • Hahaha reminds me of my ex’s lawyer. In each successive document, I had more lawyers. I had 2 or 3. Then, I had 4 or 5. Then, I had 6 or 7. At the end, he forgot and said something about me having about 9 or 10. Really? Loose math.

    • Thanks, great article. It also goes into prosecutors guidelines, ethical decisionmaking nd responsibilities. Everything I read that a prosecutors should fallow n go by is the opposite from what Martinez has done in this case.

    • Thank you. This study applies directly to Jodi’s unfair trial.
      I couldn’t resist highlighting parts of Taslitz’s paper with yellow markers to reprint here:

      from Declining Empathy:
      “The reduced amount of face-to-face social contact and the changing nature of the amount that does occur seem to be having ill effects on empathy—one person’s ability to stand mentally in another person’s shoes…. But empathy is essential to judging another person’s culpability accurately. Jurors must understand what the defendant thought and felt and why before they can decide whether he acted, for example, in “cold blood” or instead in the “heat of passion.” Jurors must be able to make this latter decision relatively dispassionately, but the decision will be poorly informed if empathy has failed. Emotionally overwrought media coverage can only worsen this state of affairs.”

      from Trials Are Morality Plays:
      “… every trial of an individual serves as a kind of morality play…
      Each side may view events very differently. Was a defendant’s killing done in his genuine fear of facing imminent serious bodily injury at the victim’s hands, thus requiring his acquittal for acting in self-defense? Was the killing instead motivated by the defendant’s sudden anger at the victim, a heat-of-passion killing meriting a lighter penalty? Or was the defendant’s act one done in cold blood, for profit or vengeance? In the real world, motives can also be hard to tease out. A defendant might be angered at her victim precisely because she fears the victim, as an abused spouse might be when she shoots her husband. Yet the law requires jurors to place those motives into one category (fear) or another (anger) rather than accepting life’s messy ambiguity. Even in the abused spouse case, therefore, values necessarily play a role.”

      from Lawyers/Prosecutors:
      “… an elected prosecutor running on a platform of vigorously prosecuting a particular case may feel bound to do so even if later evidence suggests that the opposite course of action is wise. The prosecutor may lack a clear-headed ability to evaluate a case rationally because of the phenomenon of “nonrational escalation of commitment.” Once people commit to a course of action, most are reluctant to change their minds.”

  27. Al….that sure conjures up a quite a picture…little Jodi determinedly headed to AZ driving a gas truck and towing more gas, no less! LOL. thanks for the laugh.

  28. While discussing another case of a woman that Martinez prosecuted, this gem of a statement was brought up. ( They get blonde highlights and wear makeup and portray themselves a certain way to cover the evilness but they can only do that for so long…) So for any of us women thinking about doing this with our hair, we better think twice. This is the craziest comment I’ve read today.

    • Well, now I know I’m really behind in my killing spree. Since I’m cancer, have frosted my hair at one time and wore mascara and lipstick, I think some one should warn my husband if he ever sees me duct taping knives and a gun to my body.

  29. If it’s ANY consolation, the more video of Travis I see, the more I think he looks like a dork — even though the media (through TA’s friend’s submissions) are CONSTANTLY trying to show us what a happy and fun guy he is/was. QUESTION: If Travis was SO GREAT, why wasn’t he married by the age of 30? I got married in my thirties, so I’m not throwing stones, but in the Mormon church, it seems like ALL of Travis’s friends were already MARRIED and most with kids as well! I don’t know what Jodi saw in this guy — I wish that Jodi would have left him alone when she moved back to CA. It seems none of the other girls he dated wanted to marry him, so if that was Jodi’s goal, she probably would have ended up with him in the long run. She could have done SO much better!!!

    • I think the fact that he was a 30 yr old unmarried mormon helps make a case for his womanizing. But thats just my viewpoint. I think he wanted to wait until the last minute (mormon time-age 31) to have to be with one partner for the rest of his life.

      • I think that might have been the case too. He may have been telling his friends “Oh, I’m looking for ‘the one'” just to get them to back off on pressuring him, but something tells me that he wasn’t in a huge rush to get married.

        • The guy was a fraud. He was full of himself and he couldn’t support a family by himself. If he was so successful he wouldn’t be renting rooms in house and borrowing money from jodi. Btw this asshole ripped jodi off on that old piece of shit BMW that was worth 3 grand and he sold it to her for twice that amount. The guy was an asshole . I wish I had known jodi and I would’ve beat Travis ass for jodi .

          • I wondered about that BMW I did not know they were that cheap even? But you are so right about all that you stated. She needed some body to step up for her than as she does not too. I hope she has some support in the court sometime soon.

      • It also occurred to me that it was odd he wasn’t married at his age, (given the number of women he played with), There’s probably records for that too somewhere. Where can we check for those kinds of records? Anyone know? You never know with this guy! It’s incredible to me how much crap his family and the State have managed to keep hidden about him.

  30. Since someone posted here a couple of days ago that Jodi lied on the stand again when answering a juror question about premarital sex before marriage in the Book of Mormon, ‘did she not read it’, and she said yes, I read it, but it only talks about ‘whoredom’.
    Well Jodi spoke the Truth, and knows her book well. It only refers to sex when speaking about abominable sins, lust, harlots and whoredoms. See my earlier post quoting the one passage defining it as a sin.
    Marry/marriage is mentioned 4 times, whore/whoredom/harlot is mentioned 44 times.

    I checked the frequency of a few more words referring to family in the book. Here are the results:
    father(s) 743 times
    mother(s) 41
    brethren, brother(s) 724
    sister(s) 1
    son(s) 505
    daughter(s) 90
    husband(s) 16
    wife(wives) 81
    whore(dom)/harlot(s) 44
    man(men) 1017
    woman(women) 60

    Looks like sisters, daughters, mothers are the losers, in that order. And fathers, brothers, sons are the winners.
    I am aware that the Bible being written 2000 years earlier might show a similar bias.

    But Jodi answered truthfully to the question .

  31. Just remembered….in addition to the five or six gas can remark, NG also said: why would someone be hauling around that much gas UNLESS…(dramatic pause)…they intended to maybe BURN…THE….BODY?………cut to commercial $$$$$$$$!.

    • Ya yet another ridiculous statement from the springer rejects. So she was going to what… carry his 200lb body to her car at 6 o’clock in the evening, stuff him in to the trunk without being seen and then drive to the desert for a bonfire? Anyone who’s ever had a bonfire knows it doesn’t take (5×5) 25 gallons of gasoline to start one or keep it going once its burning. These people just continue to make complete asses of themselves and its amazing how many little sheep are following along right behind them. Is there something in the water down there that turns people in to idiots or what?

      • Not only didn’t she drag a body to the trunk of a car (or plan to), I still don’t believe she dragged a 200 lb (+ dead weight) body around the upstairs of that home.

    • NG
      also made remarks about the Murder of Whitney Houston I think people for some unknown reason do not Realize NG Jerry Springer The View HLN are PHONIES they are just entertainment, they have no interest in the Truth just like these silly woman’s organizations that come on Jane Nancy Doctor Drew they only care about sensationalism when you have a so called Domestic Violence expert state without ever interviewing the victim that she is not abused. Special Interest Groups fund both sides. Gloria Allred and her daughter, a frequent guest on Jane Velez are money hungry ambulance chaser who many times have taken the side of the abuser ITS CALLED SHOW ME THE MONEY. They are not interested in the truth. I am sure that they MUST know about Travis Alexanders Criminal Record. Do you really believe all these Mormon Friends of his don’t know the extent of his sexual problems doubt it. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!!

      • Oh my God, yes, the Whitney Houston remarks! “Who went in there and held her head under her water?” Nancy, get a grip.

        • She is all about ratings making up stories she called a relative of mine in FLA he worked for CVS Drug store she just is a media whore a Joke, its not intelligent or News Worthy infact there are TOO MANY commercials to watch

    • You would think NG would stop and think… I have children and people hate me. Are my children safe? OMG I would never set my family up like that.
      What a hateful woman.
      What a careless woman.

  32. Maggie I noticed that too. They have always done a certain amount of creative editing but it does seem to be much worse as it relates to Jodi’s trial, even to the point of out right lying.

  33. And who would have done this…if it were true…..Dustin Thompson again…hmmm….think he has a charge of some kind of identity something or other…And why didn’t TA have this expunged if not true???

    Phoenicks Redux From the Joey Jackson page … I wouldn’t be so quick here folks. Probably why it never come up in trial …

    “They discovered what they believed was a criminal record of Travis’s. It was for shoplifting and battery. They, of course, are having a field day with the ‘battery’ part. I brought it to the attention of one of Travis’s sisters yesterday and she gave me the explanation. Someone that Travis knows got arrested for those crimes and gave Travis’s info in place of his own. Shannon Hogan,the author of Picture Perfect wrote a paragraph in her book about it: “On another occasion, Travis discovered he was being fined $515 for a conviction for robbery, contempt of court and assault and battery that he had not committed. When he called the department of corrections to learn the origin of these charges, he learned that a man using his identity had just served six months in jail. Travis’s identity had been stolen.
    “I was really innocent,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”
    Travis called his Prepaid Legal attorney and within an hour his record was expunged.”
    Travis has NO criminal record except traffic violations.”

    • Are you really buying that story Maggie? He would of been finger printed and mug shot.How did you contact the sister? Don’t you think the sister would cover for her brother?

      If the person just got out of jail serving a six month sentence the charges would of not been reduced. If his identity was stolen those charges would of been removed.

      Just saying……

    • If this was true, why didn’t they put the real name of the person who did it, like also known as(AKA), on an arrest record they put all known names that the person has used on it.

      • Also TA’s sister is a cop, she could have gotten it fixed for TA faster than an attorney or even swept under the rug fast.

          • yeah if it is him, it shows a history of violence. It it has been stated by their side that he didn’t have any history of violence. The only thing I wonder about is what – did he move back to riverside in 2002-2003? The narrative has been that he came back from his mission two years after high school and moved to mesa. I think there is a pic of him as a return missionary. So did he go back? When and why? It’s a bit of a mystery in that regard?

            • At this point only a booking photo, fingerprints, and perhaps an interview with the victim/s would prove it to the haters. I hope someone can provide that at some point.

            • Alexander served an LDS mission in Denver, Colorado, from the summer of 1996 to September 1998.

              Im guessing he went back to Riverside after his mission. He moved to Mesa in 2004

      • Yeah, the corrected report would be out there, not this one. Smells like bullshit!

        Reminds me of a teen who gets busted with pot and tells his parents “Just holding it for a friend!”

        • total intelligence insulting bullshit at that. record removed in one hour, just made a call etc…

    • Well that is sure some interesting spin, it doesn’t make sense to me. Wonder how long it took someone to think that one out. LOL Thanks, I hadn’t seen that.

    • If I’m reading some of these comments correctly, there is the assumption that if the report is wrong, it is because of a “cover up” rather than incorrect Instant Check info?

      • Well my thinking is so far that either 1.) cover-up and “pre-damage control by Shanna Hogan who didn’t vet the info. Her presence to me is very biased, she’s in with the family so maybe. At first i thought it was RARE name mix up and birth-date mix-up of two people or a cover up. Can’t be a name mix up if their side was talking about this very thing? Also, according to that quote, hogan said travis “swore” he was innocent so did she just take someone’s word?

        • I looked at the link that SJ-Team Jodi posted this morning. Travis, not some unknown person using his name got probation. Appeared to be actual Court documents so I think it’s a fair assumption to believe Travis’ family and friends are starting their spin and cover up. Hopefully, SJ can confirm.

    • When he called the department of corrections to learn the origin of these charges, he learned that a man using his identity had just served six months in jail.

      Since when does the DOC give out information about anyone arrested over the phone? The DOC TOLD Travis over the phone, oh it’s not you, it was someone saying they were you? Let’s see the mug shot and go from there. Might be time for a road trip down south. I won’t forget my gas cans.

        • I actually know someone this happened to okay. His brother was arrested using his id for a felony. Was bailed out as the fake. The real person was arrested because his brother ran away. The cops didn’t know the difference. he gave them his ID at a routine traffic stop and was arrested not knowing his name had been used. He still had to go through the process and his public defender prove it wasnt him using finger prints and mugshots.

            • So I am confused (what else is new)…….Am I understanding correctly? That the haters are now saying that there was an identity theft incident and that Dustin Thompson has an identity theft charge on his record, around the same time period?

    • And someone had sex with multiple woman and used Travis Name they fingerprint you that is nonsense.
      That is him. They are covering up something bigger then his record. Who used his Name that is the sorriest story I ever heard.

    • “I was innocent” Travis said “I didn’t know what to do.” I called my Prepaid Legal attorney and within one hour it was all cleared up and the record expunged.

      Sounds more like one of Travis’ PPL testimonial sales pitches to me.

    • Shanna Hogan should go back to writing her crappy blogs.


      Our hometown hero Travis ALSO told his family that he was a VIRGIN. That he didnt have sex. blah blah blah , and they HEARD his voice and didnt even at least act a little shocked/proud/indifferent.
      No. deny deny deny.
      Travis wasnt the only one using Bill Clintons defense.

  34. since I am not a math person …..

    Pasadena, CA to Mesa, AZ 387 miles Jodi stops in Pasadena, fills up her car, and gas cans…. then off to Mesa AZ arrives there without having to get gas in A…. that much has been established. How do you leave AZ without purchasing gas and get all the way to SLC?

    Mesa, AZ to SLC
    I51 723 miles
    US 89 669 miles

    • “that much has been established”

      Huh? What has been established? Jodi says she filled up in Desert Palm, Ca. and Buckeye, Az. It’s 680 miles to SLC from Mesa Az. via US 89 and I-15 according to Google maps.

      • This math is so convoluted that I keep waiting for Martinez to bust out with “If a car leaves Yreka going 60 miles an hour and another car leaves Salt Lake City going 70 miles an hour, at what point is Jodi lying?”

  35. I was home sick for three days last week. I put HLN on and ran the live feed at my computer. It was like two completely different trials. But then, that stands to reason, since HLN does the thing where they say they are “just hitting pause…you won’t miss a thing.” Sorry, but that’s not LIVE! If they so comfortably and blatantly lie about their broadcasting, no wonder they have such a heyday with the lies about JA.
    I’m sorry to be so negative, but I cannot shake the horror of knowing how willingly and CLUELESSLY people turn against others. I’ve always read that it is a nightmare trying to prove Narcissistic abuse. This trial really drives that point home. Poor Jodi. Poor Travis too, but poor, poor Jodi.

    • The media did the same thing with Casey Anthony and then when the not guilty verdict came in everyone was shocked and upset. It was the media that made her the most hated woman in america,but if you watched the entire trial,as I did, the prosecution had very little evidence of anything amiss.

  36. If Travis’ record was expunged, it wouldn’t still show up in the Riverside Co Criminal Records. Expunged means record….wiped clean. Yet the record is still there. It wasn’t just found in check mate. If someone Travis knew stole or used his ID who was this person? Travis didn’t tell his family who it was?

    • I agree 110% Kitty! It’s amazing what people will say and do to edify Saint Travis. I’m sorry, but neither what Travis ever did or didn’t do, has brought me to this point …..And good God almighty, I am NOT saying anything he ever did, other than attacking Jodi with the intent to kill her, justifies clarifying his reputation/ego,or his death. I am sorry for his family and his true friends.

      Nancy and the HLN gang has caused this…They have spewed their venom so steadily, that many of us who feel especially sensitive to what I see as the verbal rape of Jodi by the prosecutor and Media can’t sit back without fighting fire with …facts…the forgotten F word..

      There will be no one to blame, but HLN, Nancy Grace,etc., etc. and Juan Martinez for what is going to be leaked and substantiated with whatever we find to the masses.

    • Yes kitty, expunged would mean it wouldn’t show up on the riverside site.

      Then all they have to do to prove it wasn’t him is to get the mug shot of whomever it really was.

      It is true that people ATTEMPT to use others’ identities when they do a crime, but usually they are fingerprinted and it is caught and then they are charged with even more.

      Many times the person claiming someone “stole” their identity and committed a crime are actually the ones who did it and don’t want family and friends to know. Just another lie from Travis to his family and friends.

      Battery on another cop is not easily wiped out by a relative who is a cop. They don’t really tolerate that well. Traffic violations, sure, not battery though.

    • Do expunges within one hour even happen? My husband got a DUI in his mid-20s and did the program, paid the fines, lost his license for 30 days, etc. It still took seven years to be fully expunged from his record.

      • No. it’s big legal process from what I understand. In my state it involves petition the court as to why, them listening and deciding. And it had to be a good reason too.

    • Not to mention, once the real identity of the identity thief had been confirmed, seems the records would have been changed to reflect the correct identity. Something is really fishy about all of it.

  37. The latest theory on the arrest from the state site is that Travis was a victim of identity theft, that it was not Travis that was arrested but someone who stole his identity.

  38. They are blaming Jodi now, for stealing his identity. The arrest happened in 2002 long before they even met.

    • more quotes from the state

      He actually heard about it from a friend and called to find out his name was used in an arrest and it was never taken off the books. He called his prepaid legal attorney who cleared it up in 15 minutes and his record was cleared. But still, the trolls are trying to really tout the battery charge. It’s so dumb because it had nothing to do with him!

      • Lol! So who served the probation? Who paid the fines? This guy went 3 years without anyone catching on that hi name was wrong? Why show up back to court if they don’t even have your name?
        This has to be the stupidest excuse I have ever heard! THEN, prepaid legal lawyer calls, tells them, “wrong guy” and they just say, “oh, our bad, we will take that right off!” Lol!

        This was not one single incident, this was several court dates and a period of probation. The identity theft excuse is a JOKE!

        • Thank you KMiller!
          Wait there’s more!! The person pretending to be Travis served 6 months in jail, using Travis’ name!! Travis only found out when there was a warrant out for his arrest, even though “Travis” just spent 6 months in jail.
          I’m about to die here people.

          • The REALLY crazy part is that even if this did come out in court, the haters would be saying, “oh, what an injustice! How can Nurmi just get by with telling lies about poor Travis like that?” What will it take to show them this was not the guy they thought he was, not even close.
            Jodi did mention other girlfriends may know about TA’s abusive behavior, I hope they have a witness.

            • does anyone know if the defense will be able to get this into evidence? Often times, jurors never see this information. I do believe it is critical to show his violent nature and to show Jodi’s need to defend her life.

              • I cant see how they dont know. that (investigating travis) should be the first thing they start with on both sides. I don’t know… I’m still wondering if there isn’t a sealed transcript out there about this very issue keeping both sides from bringing it up. Thats just a thought though.

                The prosecution investigate to avoid these surprises… I don’t know. This is odd.

                • Yes JC, very odd. I am so hopeful that the defense will be able to get this information in. Great job, by the way, quickly deleting degenerates posts.

            • the diehards will always be diehards but I guarantee a few people will look at what Travis was capable of on June 4th, 2008, differently knowing about those past charges. If that was travis, which I think it might be, than his propensity toward violence would be differently.

              I guess I’m saying I’m suspicious of this writer who is so closely connected to the friends and family that she based her narrative of travis around, bringing this up. It seems like they anticipated it may be discovered by media and wanted to anticipate by saying a b.s. story. But I could be wrong too.

          • I know you all!! Me too!

            We really need some news agency to take pity on us and publish an article, they can get mugshots can’t they?

    • Lol! Saw that too! It was really HER! She looks like a “Travis”! Or she stole it for her evil ex, Matt! He wanted to shoplift from a grocery store, and he needed the name of a good Mormon boy no one would ever suspect, lol!

  39. Like I said earlier….if the record was expunged, as his family claims, it would not still show up in the Riverside Co Criminal Records…..expunged means wiped clean… record.

    • they must be getting lots of hits lately. You have to retype the court case number in now instead of just clicking the link.


    • Well, this identity theft occurred on MAY 13, 2003. IF it were the identity theft that the haters are trying to spin into TA’s charges, the “crime occurred” date would say March 11, 2002 – The day that TA got charged with shoplifting, and battery. This is really interesting, but it can’t be connected. Let’s see if the haters try to spin this into their web of lies. It’ll only make them look more ridiculous when the truth is finally proven.

      They want us to believe that someone stole his identity to commit crimes, but they just can’t fathom how Walmart might now have a record for a returned gas can? So dumb.

  40. Its easy to find out he was finger printed, That’s HIGHLY UNLIKELY that someone stole his identity,
    Don’t believe it. Its as believable has Nancy Graces theory on Whitney Houston. And all The Moonies appearing on HLN .

    • I believe identities can be stolen, however, this story about what happens sounds like BULLSHIT if I’ve ever heard it.

    • I’m reserving judgement. To be frank, it’s no more preposterous than Jodie changing her story three times, or believing TA was a pedophile with no tangible evidence, on the word of an admitted liar. I say this with respect- it’s important to consider all sides, and not to dismiss something out of hand because it doesn’t fit with our paradigm. That’s for fanatics, not truth seekers.

      • I dont think the pedo story is that off. We never got to see the letters that were proven to be written by travis.

        • I understand! I’m just saying it’s important not to be rash in dismissing or accepting any ideas- that’s for the Nancy Grace’s of the word. 🙂

  41. I have to say, JC, I invite the Travesites over here, in the hopes that one or two will absorb a grain of truth. I realize that may sound counter productive, but in the big picture, I think it helps. I am now awaiting on FB someone to answer my question: So, WHO stole his identity? And where is that guy’s mugshot? Waiting and waiting and…..:)

    • Maggie, I don’t mind the lurking, but I really get annoyed when they have nothing to contribute but negativity…and trying to use this as a platform to push their negative thoughts about what Jodi is doing and why.

      Also, like I have said many times, if I want to talk about conspiracies by goddess I will talk about conspiracies. And I don’t like it when they try to pick apart regular posters for sharing their conspiracy thoughts.

      I could ignore it, but why? This is our home not theirs.

      • Thank you ! I was thinking I was alone on that being sort of bashed here a few times for snooping back on my space pages but I wanted to get a feel of what Travis was all about not the nonsense these people out there are trying to paint a picture of a SAINT an it is not so. If I never found one thing I may think so or if I found a lot of Bible Verses by him I would think the other way maybe even.

        ( an shared here because everyone does not have the time nor the patience to SNOOP)

      • They are not interested in the Truth Their Brain Cells are damaged. Because being a parrot that regurgitates what the Corporate media states requires no thought so as Gerry Spence pointed out
        “The problem is simple. We no longer own our own minds. They already belong to the corporate-government oligarchy. We have been thoroughly propagandized. We do not know our frontal lobes have been so tinctured with propaganda that we – all of us – will vehemently deny to our last breath that we have lost our ability of independent thought. ” Anyone that believes that Travis was a victim of Identity Theft needs help he bought a car traveled etc. He belonged to a company or scam that would not have those records still active.

      • Oh no ma’am:) There is quite a furry being stirred up on a number of sites…….Just look at the comments around the petition….

        Oh, I think I might have just gotten an “investigative reporter” a tad interested…to either confirm or dispel what we’ve found…

        Jeancasarus Rex:)

        • Just remember she still is HLN, would they investigate, and then claim it WAS identity theft. Do you know of anyone who would show up for court and do 6 months in jail, if you knew they were looking for someone else?

    • Famouse Sam Shepard Case
      F Lee Bailey
      He charged that Sheppard had been denied his constitutional rights. In particular, he raised the point that had attracted Justice Frankfurter’s attention — the media circus — and the failure of the judge to grant a change of venue or protect jurors from the barrage of prejudicial publicity. also Bailey’s case got a boost from a chance meeting with columnist Dorothy Kilgallen, who gave him an affidavit that Judge Blythin told her during the trial that it was “an open and shut case.” Asked why, she said he replied, “Well, he is guilty as hell. T

      The TV Show The Fugitive was based on the Sam Shepard made into a hit movie starring Harrison Ford.

  42. I read somewhere (?) that Travis’ brother Steven (the one that’s in court everyday) is also a police officer, someplace in Arizona. Has anyone else heard of this?

    • I too have heard this Trixels.
      Samantha is an officer in CA, if I rememer correcly and Steven in AZ, again if I remember correclt.

  43. Hi guys. I’m new to the page. I am trying to be objective on this case and keep an open mind. I agree that the mob mentality regarding Jodi is troubling and I also agree that the media coverage has been biased, especially on HLN; that being said, I have a few concerns regarding Jodi. I mean no disrespect to anyone here and I understand that this is a support page for her. I’m trying to see both sides but I’m having some trouble with some of the things Jodi has said and done. I’m mentioning these things here because maybe there is another way of looking at it that I’m not seeing.

    For me, the biggest concern is her timeline of the events immediately leading up to Travis’s murder. I saw a video posted that did a demonstration of what Jodi said happened and put it up against the time stamps from the photographs and based on what Jodi’s said, things could not have gone down that way in the time between the last picture of Travis alive in the shower and the photo of her dragging his body – that’s a big problem.

    Also, the TV interviews she did are troubling as well. She is a very good liar. She lied in all those videos and did it with a smile on her face and with a sweet voice and demeanor. She kept with each story she told until she could go no further with it. First it was that she was never in Mesa, she stayed with that story until Det. Flores confronted her with the pictures from the camera proving she was there at Travis’s house. Then the next day she told a different story about the two intruders and she stayed with that story until confronted with DNA evidence that proved she was there and no one else.

    Then the self-defense story comes up two years after the murder. I can understand being scared and being afraid to admit what you have done but once she was arrested what was the benefit to her to keep silent on the self-defense or on Travis’s abuse and pedophilia behavior? She was already in jail and was not getting out so why not tell what really happened? I don’t buy it that she was trying to protect Travis’s reputation; that doesn’t make sense to me.

    I think the more she lies the easier it will be for the jury to discount her testimony and the easier it will be for them to believe the circumstantial evidence that the Prosecution has on her showing premeditation.

    Sorry if these things have already been discussed in exhausting detail. Like I said I’m new here. Thanks!

    • ThatGirl

      This may be a Jodi support page, but you will find, if you stick around, that people in fact look at all aspects of the case. I think the only thing we are all united on is that this was not a premeditated murder one and the DP should not apply. From there on you’ll see all kinds of views presented, as I think they should.

      Here’s what I feel about the points you raised, and I’m sure there are as many opinions as there are posters here.

      The timeline:

      The question here really is this. When was the last picture actually taken before the incident started and at the time when the last picture was taken, what was the actual situation. I believe that the last picture intentionally taken by Jodi was the one with TA looking straight at the camera. Others believe it was the side view of his torso while he was sitting in the shower. Between these pictures and the one that shows Jodi’s pant legs there are almost 3 minutes. 3 minutes is a long time for things to happen. Try it. Go through the motions described by Jodi and anything else you think needs to be done and time yourself. You will be surprised. Now, others believe that the picture of the ceiling was taken when Jodi dropped the camera and TA has already had his throat slit before the dragging picture the “dragging” picture. This leaves a lot less time for all of the mayhem to have occurred. In fact I believe the prosecution says all the mayhem occurred sometime between the torso picture and the dragging picture and the throat slitting happened at the bedroom end of the hallway. Again there is a time issue. In fact they originally stated that the “dragging” picture was actually a picture of her in the act of killing TA. The problem with this was explaining the blood on the shoulder and so they turned to the shot being last. Either way the timelines here are so short that most theories of what happened run into a time problem, which is what has led some people to believe that someone else was involved and the dragging picture doesn’t show a dead TA.

      If on the other hand the dragging picture shows some intermediate stage, like a time when she was standing and he was down, say when she’s trying to get away from him and his upraised arm is trying to grab her, this could fit. My point here is that I don’t believe that the pictures show what the prosecution is trying to say they show. In this sense you are right, there isn’t enough time for everything to have happened between the ceiling picture being the dropping of the camera and the dragging picture showing a dead TA. A fair minded jury in that case says throw the picture based timeline out. It doesn’t fit anyones theory. All it shows is that at some stage TA was alive and at some stage he was on the floor and there was blood on his shoulder.

      All the lying is another obviously big problem for the defense. The initial lying to the detective is understandable. Most people involved in such an issue lie, and they lie to protect themselves. It’s the famous SODDI defense (Some Other Dude Did It). I don’t believe anyone in this group says Jodi is perfect. This is a severely damaged girl, for whatever reason. Still doesn’t mean it didn’t go down the way she said it did. The problem with the folks who ignored the boy who cried wolf is the fact that the wolf got THEM. This is always the issue with discounting everything a person says because they were caught in lies at some stage. The real situation is that almost everyone lies about certain things, and almost everyone tells the truth at certain times. The real challenge is to be able to take the totality of facts and then try and determine what is the truth. Look Flores lied about what the ME told him. The ME is lying about the effects of a 25 caliber bullet in the type of injury TA suffered. They know it, we know it and by the time Nurmi and Jennifer are done, the jury will know it. Does that mean the jury should automatically throw everything out. I know a jury that did that with a prosecutors case in a famous murder trial. The cops tried to frame (or tilt the evidence) against a guilty man. The Jury threw the whole case out because the defense was able to prove that in some instances the police and the DA played fast and loose with the truth and evidence. In that case everyone was up in arms about the verdict, since they felt that one shouldn’t throw the whole case out because of a few issues. And I am talking about the OJ Simpson case. So with respect to the lying, I feel one should look at the totality of the evidence and see what looks possible, beyond a reasonable doubt.

      This whole thing about protecting TAs reputation is one warped issue that I don’t understand. However, there are always certain things that are beyond one person’s ken. And there is ample anecdotal evidence of women in these abusive relationships with dominant sexual partners doing things that others find peculiar.

      So hand in here, and see what shakes out. At the very least you get to see the other side of the story. Then you, just as anyone else can make up your own mind.

    • Hi ThatGirl-
      I came to this page because I was looking for an objective source of information that was NOWHERE to be found in the media. I will say that I did not start out as a “Jodi” supporter, only a supporter of Truth and Justice, with a sincere desire to do my part to make sure the American Justice System works the way it was inteneded.

      In the few weeks that I have been on this site, I have become a “Jodi” supporter as well. Once you are here a while, I think you will find that this site provides the only information that is fair and accurate. Also, unlike other sites, there are no vile, digusting comments allowed. You can actually be here without feeling like you have been violated.

      Hope you stay, and I think you may see that Jodi is being unfairly tried in the media, and realize she needs all the support she can get to insure she recieves a fair trial.

  44. JC and TR

    It’s not quite that simple for the defense to raise this issue even if they are aware of it. The first hurdle they have to cross is that of relevance to their defense. This means that Jodi should have been aware of this battery charge and it should have played a role in her decision about the likelihood of TA taking her life.

    Now regardless of what we common folk may think, most attorneys are reasonably ethical folks. So here is Nurmi’s dilemma. Let’s say he did find out about this case. Let’s say he then asks Jodi a question something like “are you aware of TA ever having caused bodily injury to anyone else?”. Lets say her answer was no. Lets say he follows it up with “are you aware of any criminal act in TAs life?” Lets now say she says yes. (see I’m giving him the benefit that he told her something had happened once). Now lets say Nurmi says “what was the criminal act?”. Again lets say he actually told her what he was convicted of and she says “Shoplifting”. That is the end of the story. A shoplifting conviction can not have any relevance to a fear of one’s life. It’s done. He will not raise that issue in court.

    Nurmi, if he is an ethical attorney can then no longer say to her “Oh by the way, did you know TA was charged with battery with serious bodily injury. Think about it”, or something to that effect. Once she has told him she doesn’t know about it, he cannot ethically feed her the info and then question her about it.

    An attorney cannot, ethically ask a question of his client when he knows the answer will be a lie. That is called subborning perjury. An attorney also cannot coach a client with answers. They can coach them on demeanor, court-room behavior, how to answer questions, etc. But they cannot provide them with the answer. That again is unethical.

    So if Jodi did not know about this incidence then Nurmi’s hands are pretty much tied in as far as asking her is concerned. He could potentially ask it off one of the other witnesses, but again it would be very difficult. For instance all the witnesses put up by the prosecution to date were not open to the question. On cross examination, Nurmi is limited to the bounds set by the DA on direct. Any question that stretches that bound is considered beyond the scope of the direct. So, if JM didn’t ask any of his witnesses about TAs other acts, except in as far as they related to that person, Nurmi can’t go there either. And if he tries to bring on a witness just for the purpose of disclosing this fact, then the whole relevance issue arises again.

    I don’t know if they had some kind of evidentiary hearing about this, but my personal suspicion is that this issue is probably beyond the scope of anything happening in court and will probably never show up in front of the jury. Hope I’m wrong but…..

    • Thanks Al. I hope you are wrong as well, but I know, with all the rules of evidence, some very important information never gets to Jurors.

    • What if Jodi did a back ground check early in the relationship but never told anyone that stuff? I know a lot of women that do that now a days. An I myself have done several on my daughter’s bf’s with out telling her.

    • Could you imagine if you were a juror and voted to put someone to death, then found out after the case was done and over, there was evidence that would have convinced you not to give the defendant death.

      • TB,
        I would be livid.
        If a juror did that and found out too late.
        I see and hear a lot of stuff kept from the jury that the victum was nothing but a saint.
        They’ve put witnesses on the stand that we could hear, but not the jury.
        That’s unjust.

        That is exactly why I’m against the DP. If they find out later that they weren’t given the whole
        truth, then who is the worst criminal? The one charged with murder or the ones that LIED to get them the DP?

  45. I was thinking that was the case, but wasn’t quite sure how to explain it. There’s already a ton of stuff that sounds great to us to bring out, but it won’t be, at least unless there’s a mistrial maybe.

    However, in the court of public opinion, this stuff and more needs to come out. Not rumors, but the stuff we’ve found and will find.

    Not with the sole intent of disparaging TA, but as our only way to fight on any kind of level playing field with the garbage that’s being put out against Jodi by HLN and online by so many.

    We are at 199!

  46. Geraldo I tuned in Gloria Allred Shredded Jodi, She seems to be the same piece of Crap that she always was a hypocrite. She will tell us what she deems to be sexually normal, and that Jodi Was not abused when an intelligent person comments on any issue they could not possibly make such a judgement since she Never spoke with her. But what can one expect. From such Trash as Gloria. She has never been a victims advocate.

    • Not sure what Dr. Baden did the CA case, I didn’t follow that one, it is possible since I read that Dr. Werner Spitz did CA. The Dr. Baden they are talking about does do high profile cases and for the most part I agree with what he has said about other cases. He does say the gunshot came first, and since he was once the chief pathologist for New York City and has worked with Dr. Spitz, he knows gunshot wounds. Dr. Spitz, being the chief forensic pathologist for Wayne County, MI, which includes Detroit is the be all end all expert on gunshots, actually wrote the text books used in medical schools and has taught at Wayne State University Medical School.

      Spitz, Werner U.; Spitz, Daniel J. (eds.) (2006). Spitz and Fisher’s Medicolegal Investigation of Death: Guidelines for the Application of Pathology to Crime Investigation (4th ed.). Springfield, Ill.: Charles C. Thomas Publisher. ISBN 0-398-07544-1.

      How was Casey Anthony able to afford to hire experts like these two? Because they don’t come cheap.

  47. I think about the arrest record and even though the attorneys know about it do his friends and family know about saint Travis? Does the Media? I mean, now he is a sexual deviant, but also a thief. Seems like he did NOT want to be arrested either. I think the date’s indicate he may have been working at PPL at the time. Theft is frowned upon by LDS community. I wish Nancy Grace had this info. But again all pro TA sites, say no big deal. it goes to his character and he assaulted and battered a police officer and others. Goes to his history. He was not who he said he was and this can prove she is telling truth of DV. I am against all killing, I am not reaching, I am only hoping all info comes out so Jodi is not killed too and no more loss in regard to all this.

  48. Is it at all possible that she did shoot him, but someone else stabbed him, and she witnessed it, but because it was so traumatic, she couldn’t remember that happening (psychogenic amnesia), and maybe just remembers the knife dropping, because she heard the person who stabbed him drop it? Because it doesn’t make sense, the knife wasn’t recovered, but she said she didn’t take it. Why would she not admit to taking the knife, if she admitted to taking the rope and the gun?

    • I mean, if she had cuts on her hand, maybe she was trying to push the person off Travis, but she can’t remember any of it, and she just assumed she did it because she can’t remember?

      • But it doesn’t make sense to me (at least this part)

        There were two pictures accidentally snapped (which were supposedly during the killing or dragging). There is no way on earth that Jodi could stab Travis while holding the camera, she would have had to have put it down. It doesn’t make sense that she would pick it back up while dragging his body either, because he is too heavy for her, she would of had to have dragged him with both hands.

        • It’s possible. That would also be a very traumatic experience.
          I think there are many possible scenarios, all including the fact that she has only two hands like most of us, and that there are loose ends, holes and plain lies in the prosecution version.

    • My newest theory (ok- one of my far off theories. ) is that she shot him and possibly did stab him during the minor frey afterwards or during…. but that one of the creepy housemates or zealot friends came in and did the throat slitting and whatever shortly afterwards because they knew about his lifestyle and couldnt deal with it. – and knew they had a patsy.

      She could be traumatized enough to forget shooting someone she loved like that.
      but may not be remembering the other crazy throat cutting part…. because she didnt do it.

  49. A horrible rumor is being spread by the Jodi supporters that I’d like to put to rest. They discovered what they believed was a criminal record of Travis’s. It was for shoplifting and battery. They, of course, are having a field day with the ‘battery’ part. I brought it to the attention of one of Travis’s sisters yesterday and she gave me the explanation. Someone that Travis knows got arrested for those crimes and gave Travis’s info in place of his own. Shannon Hogan,the author of Picture Perfect wrote a paragraph in her book about it: “On another occasion, Travis discovered he was being fined $515 for a conviction for robbery, contempt of court and assault and battery that he had not committed. When he called the department of corrections to learn the origin of these charges, he learned that a man using his identity had just served six months in jail. Travis’s identity had been stolen.
    “I was really innocent,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”
    Travis called his Prepaid Legal attorney and within an hour his record was expunged.”
    Travis has NO criminal record except traffic violations. (admin/Cathy)

    So his name was used on two different occasions? come on, REALLY?

    • Pretty sad Kmiller, isn’t it?

      Hate to burst their bubble but the record was not expunged or we would be unable to see it on the Riverside site. Where is his identity theft police report? Where is that documentation?

      They need to provide a mugshot to prove it isn’t him.

      Until then, that is just more spinning lies from the Liar Gang.

      • How do you know that if the record was expunged, you would not be able to view it on the Riverside website? Are you a lawyer? Do you work for the Riverside County Court?

        • Expunged…. “In the common law legal system, an expungement proceeding is a type of lawsuit in which a first time offender of a prior criminal conviction seeks that the records of that earlier process be sealed, thereby making the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. If successful, the records are said to be “expunged”. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “expungement of record” as the “Process by which record of criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed from the state or Federal repository.”[1] While expungement deals with an underlying criminal record, it is a civil action in which the subject is the petitioner or plaintiff asking a court to declare that the records be expunged.”

          Record still on public file = NOT expunged. You don’t have to be a lawyer or work for the country court, you just have to be able to read.

        • Charlie, I do not work for them, however I have multiple contacts in law enforcement. The PPL Travis Liar Gang team is simply spinning again.

          These are also the people who swore jodi was a stalker…based on what Travis said.

          So Travis lied to them, and now they are lying to everyone else.

          Not to mention, people do ATTEMPT to use others ID’s but there is no way it went that long without being caught.

    • Wait, I don’t get it, are you saying that Travis was a victim of identity theft or he wasn’t?

      And I think everyone isn’t just assuming it is him, we are trying to figure out whether or not it was really his record (nobody is assuming it, as far as I know). There should be a mugshot with the record, that should take care of things. It’s just to make sure Jodi gets the best defense possible. If it is in fact true, it could help her case.

      His sisters may not really know the truth about his record too. I mean, they didn’t know anything about his relationship with Jodi. Maybe he wasn’t proud of his record, and he didn’t want his family to know, or maybe it really wasn’t him. Either way, further investigation is warranted.

    • PLUS when was it YESTERDAY he/she brought it to the attention of one of the sisters? Wasn’t it late in the evening last night when we first posted this? Sounds like they had their “media ready” response for when this news made its way to the light.

      • Right – if the record were expunged, then why are we still able to view it? If a person gets a record expunged, aren’t there court documents to record anyone filing for one; and wouldn’t we be able to view it?

    • They don’t expunge records in an hour 🙂 ha ha nice try ! Also just bc attorney calls the court house not like …. Nice try again! This would have to be brought in front of a judge to grant this ! Seriously several different charges over a couple years and your claiming identity theft !!!!!! So laughable right now ! Coming from the sister that was a drug addict ……

      Guilty on all lies ….. Gossip is so cheap …… And it’s FREE!

      Show the evidence ….

      Good work team jodi supporters !

        • Now they are twisting it and saying Jodi’s bf mr Carr is a criminal from his hometown Ohio to off rest TA criminal record!!!!!!

          Open the closet door and let them skeletons out !!!! Don’t hide behind lies!!

  50. So the person that stole Travis i.D also paid the fines! And reported for probation.
    So much for the record being expunged.
    Blown away…

    Case RIM418038 – Defendants

    Seq Defendant Next Court Date Status Agency /
    DR Number Arrest Date Count 1 Charge Violation Date
    ER02066050A 03/07/2002 PC 490.5 03/07/2002

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Status

    Custody N/A
    Filing Type Complaint Filing Date 03/11/2002
    Ordered Bail $2,500.00 Posted Bail $0.00
    D.A. Defense DPD-RICE
    Next Action: Deputy Report #: RSRC-RI ER02066050A

    Warrant Type Status Issued Affidavit
    BEN ISSUED 09/18/2003 N/A
    Probation Type Granted Expiration
    Summary 03/11/2002 03/10/2005
    Sentence Convicted Date Fine and Penalty Restitution Fine
    03/11/2002 0

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Charges

    Arrest Charges
    Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status
    1 PC 459 F Burglary 03/07/2002
    Filed Charges
    Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status
    1 PC 490.5 M Shoplifting 03/07/2002 GUILTY CONVICTED
    2 PC M242 M Battery 03/07/2002 GUILTY CONVICTED
    Amended Charges
    Count Charge Severity Description Violation Date Plea Status
    4 PC 853.7 M FTA on written promise 03/07/2002 ACTIVE

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Probation

    Probation Type: SUMMARY Granted: 03/11/2002 Expire: 03/10/2005


    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Related Cases On Calendar

    Related Cases On Calendar
    This Defendant Does Not Have Any Other Cases With Future Hearings Scheduled.

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – All of Defendant’s Other Cases

    Case Number Filed Date Charges Next Hearing Jurisdiction Status
    This Defendant Does Not Have Any Other Reportable Cases.

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Actions & Minutes

    Action Date Action Text Disposition Hearing Type
    09/26/2003 ELECTRONIC WARRANT SENT AT 08:04
    09/26/2003 WARRANT GENERATED.
    09/25/2003 BAIL OF $515.00 APPLIED FROM CASE RIM418038

    08/25/2003 853.6 PC CITE RELEASE FILED.
    08/22/2003 RELEASE WITH: SIGNED CITE TO APPEAR ON 091803 BY 853.6 PC
    11/07/2002 REFERENCE NUMBER

    CRTSS 20021107-1318-MO REFERENCE NUMBER 04821615674
    05/03/2002 ELECTRONIC WARRANT SENT AT 08:03
    05/03/2002 WARRANT GENERATED.


    03/11/2002 COMPLAINT FILED. (IMAGED)
    03/11/2002 COMPLAINT FILED
    03/11/2002 JURISDICTION SET TO RI BY OTS310.
    03/11/2002 R.O.R. FILED BY RJJAS

    Case RIM418038 – ALEXANDER, TRAVIS VICTOR – Fine Information

    Date To Pay: 09/11/2002 First Payment:
    Prior NSF: N Payment Amount: $0.00 Last Payment:

    Fine Number Fine Type Fine Description Original Amount Paid To Date Current Due
    1 GEN General Fine Distributions $270.00 $270.00 $0.00
    2 CBF CRIMINAL BOOKING FEE $110.00 $110.00 $0.00
    3 RFS RESTITUTION FUND (STATE) $100.00 $100.00 $0.00
    4 ACF Admin Cost Fee $35.00 $35.00 $0.00
    5 TRV Trust – Victim Restitution $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
    Total: $515.00 $515.00 $0.00

    • An it is ok tho to bring up JODI all the way back to when she was 5 years old. So I don’t want to read about how this was so long ago. An that is what they will say. Fair is Fair. An the other side is beyond fairness since this started. Now who has the problems ?

  51. Do any of you think Travis’s sister (not the police woman) has a strange face? I’m not trying to be mean-spirited, just wondering if it’s just me. Something about her mouth.

  52. Quote:
    Originally Posted by popsicle
    Posted on Travis’s sister

    Tanisha Sorenson
    please come and sit right behind us, ill make sure they dont move you, since thats what they keep doing, and it pisses me off cause unless we know who you are, theyre making everyone move from travis side to jodis side of court and then itt looks like more people are there for jodi and not for travis, but if i reconize you, i can tell them your traviss friend but if i dont know whos who then i cant tell them that there with us, but i knoew what you look like amber so ii will be able to have you and whoever comes with you sit righht behind us.)
    Wednesday at 9:00pm via mobile · 1

    When was there they weren’t putting anyone, anywhere. I sat wherever I wanted and I could have moved if I’d wanted. There was no one telling anyone where to sit. Maybe they do in the morning, idk. That said, if they are doing that at any time, it’s most likely the media peeps wanting to show a full house. The camera is on Jodi a lot, so it would make sense the media wants people seated in that camera angle. Most of the back rows of the gallery behind Travis’ family is media and afaict, most of the people on Jodi’s side are lookie-loos (like me!) with no connection to either side

  53. Shanna Hogan, author of Picture Perfect, on the rumor that has recently surfaced about Travis’ criminal background:

    “Just further info. to put to rest this thing about Travis and any criminal background.

    His ID was stolen sometime between 2001-2. He knew the person who stole it but I won’t post publicly.

    I wrote about this in 2011. Here’s a paragraph from my book:

    On another occasion, Travis discovered he was being fined $515 for a conviction for robbery, contempt of court and assault and battery that he had not committed. When he called the department of corrections to learn the origin of these charges, he learned that a man using his identity had just served six months in jail. Travis’s identity had been stolen.
    “I was really innocent,” he said. “I did not know what to do.”
    Travis called his Prepaid Legal attorney and within an hour his record was expunged.”

    Admin 2 : Shanna tells me that the above info has been verified by two sources and the person who stole Travis’ ID has admitted it. I believe the rumor was started by an Arias support site. I hope this now clears it up.

  54. Not…..Mug shot.processing date was 05/2012 in Ohio. Middle name, age and date are wrong also.

    The arrest record from Riverside Co in CA is him. Same middle name, DOB and addresses. Record was never expunged. As I have said….expunged means the record is gone, wiped clean as if it were never there.
    The arrest and conviction record is still there, not expunged.

    I agree……..the calling of Travis’ ppl attorney and the resulting 1 hour expungement was probably just one of TA’s ppl marketing stories.

  55. Some morning musing on this arrest/ stolen identity thing. Looks like the phantom person was put on probation for 3 years. If you are on probation, don’t you have to check in at certain times with a probation officer, like once a month. It looks like the probation was done, if it wasn’t would be a warrant for arrest and then additional jail time for probation violation. So who showed up for probation check ins? Wouldn’t be the real person if they didn’t know about it, and why would the phantom person show up for probation check ins, no one would be looking for him. Also this author Shanna Hogan, why would she devote an entire chapter in her book about it if the record was expunged? No one would find expunged records, so why mention it. Also when did she meet the Alexander family? She has a direct quote from Travis. How did she talk to him and are her sources, which she doesn’t name, TA’s friends and family. And the strange and bizarre continues.

    • Ps. Also people who work for Legal Shield have to buy one of their plans before they can sell anything, one of their rules. Legal Shield, (ppl) also sells identity theft protection. We can see how well they monitored TA’s identity.

        • Touche’ TB…

          I was going to run right out and get a PPL policy, cause their lawyers get you cleared in one hour! Then my two year old pointed out it was probably not true. LOL

  56. Watch this video about having records in California exponged. It says once a record is exponged the court files are updated to show your case was dismissed and will not show a conviction. The process apparently happens within 48 hours of the court granting the expongment.

    Odd that 10 years later TA’s records do not indicate it was cleared.

  57. Now I am further convinced the charges may have resulted in ID theft
    The date of the offense was 3/7 and the person plead, at arraignment, guilty. And even to higher charges than the original arresting charges. ( arresting charge is shoplifting, battery was added on after the prosecutor looked at the report. Those are a stretch and are usually added on to invoke a plea on the arresting charges. Yet this person plea guilty on arraignment to everything.

    That should have raised a red flag for the court. It is very, very rare one pleas guilty on arraignment, so rare that judges do not even like to accept it and make sure a person is refusing a right to be represented. On top of that, this was a video arraignment after 5 days in jail.

    The person would have not even be offered an advise by an attorney yet, that occurs after arraignment unless one has sought out an attorney on their own per-arraignment. If the later, an attorney is never going to advise a guilty plea during arraignment. An arraignment is the first time you are brought before the court. Once again no way does an attorney who sees a client pre-arraignment advise a client to plea guilty at arraignment and if they have not seen an attorney, a person has to assert pretty strongly that they do not want an attorney for a judge to accept their guilty plea during arraignment.

    No way does one who sells legal insurance plea guilty at arraignment. They would plea non-guilty, bond out, seek out legal advice, and end up pleading to lower, not higher, charges. That is the opposite of what happened here. And to top it off, ,And after the paying the required guilty plea fines to get out, nothing required by the court is completed by the defendant. That makes no sense, but makes perfect sense if the one pleading is not the one paying the piper.

    If someone understands the criminal record that are displayed, it goes to every reason that TA’s ID theft claim was true.

    *** note it was necessary for whoever was in jail to pay the fines to get out. What they paid was not bond, but the fines associated with pleading guilty that had to be paid to get out. Note when it says “Posted Bail” the entry is 0. That is because they paid the fines to get out.

    I’d be careful continuing to purport this as something different.

    • “If someone understands the criminal record that are displayed, it goes to every reason that TA’s ID theft claim was true.”

      It COULD, It does not FOR SURE. The ID theft claim could be true, but the ONLY way to know is to see the booking photo and compare fingerprints.

      “I’d be careful continuing to purport this as something different.”

      We are calling it what it is..until someone proves it wasn’t him, it was him. Pro Pros already claimed it was expunged, and clearly it wasn’t. Why would Travis lie to his own family about it being expunged? Oh yeah, because he had an image to protect, if it really wasn’t him he would have taken the time and money to take care of it.

  58. Dog
    He would have not wanted an expungement. An expungement does absolutely nothing for anyone innocent but bury the record. It would be malpractice to do such for someone claiming innocence/ID theft.
    The reason an expungement would be very foolish is because the expunged charges can be brought back up in the future and considered during sentencing.
    The only fix for an innocent that is convicted is an appeal to gt the conviction overturned, not dismissed.
    That stands regardless of state because of the possibility of the charges being reinstated after dismissal.

  59. One only does the terms of probation ordered; they only check in if they are ordered to do so
    The terms of the probation are included in the charges page
    Appearance in front of a PO was not ordered

  60. An expungement is usually only available to a first time offender who pleads guilty under the statute for expungement, completes his/her sentence, pays all fines, community service, anger management classes, etc. – whatever the court has ordered. When all of this is completed, the defendant must petition the court for the expungement submitting the appropriate pleadings and proof and formally submittng all such information to the DA as well. Once the court orders the expungement, the clerk of court will eliminate all public record of the arrest and conviction. The public will never see the record but it is available to law enforcement for recidivism purposes.

    Obviously this record was not expunged and it is laughable to even think it could happen in an hour.

    Methinks TA was a BS’r and tried to impress sheeple with his nonsense because he didn’t know better and neither did they. Selling PPL pyramid crappola doesn’t make one an attorney, nor does buying it.

    So, who has the mug shot??

  61. Does the probation line up w/the comment on the “myspace” page re: young boys and probation? Please forgive me if this aspect has been discussed, I ‘m never able to make it through all the comments.

    Thanks for this safe place. Like others here,I’ve been abused.

  62. Hmmm. . at the bottom of TAs legit arrest info add: quote TA in his own words “I want to tie you to a tree and stick it in your @ss”. Don’t know about Arizona, but in my state, sodomy is a punishable crime.

  63. Thank you whomever posted the Greta youtube segment. Isn’t she astounding? It would be beautiful if Jodis attorney could take what Greta said and utilize it .. Not like HLN . . all those people should be put on gag order.

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