Harvard Death-Penalty Study Rips Maricopa County Prosecutors A New One

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Check out the interesting post below from Phoenix New Times (8/23).

Here’s an excerpt:

Maricopa County’s death-penalty system is plagued by “overzealous” prosecutors and creates a high number of questionable death-penalty cases, according to a new Harvard Law School report – (opens 55-page PDF report in a new window.)

“Too Broken to Fix: Part I: An In-Depth Look at America’s Outlier Death Penalty Counties,” by the school’s Fair Punishment Project, identifies Maricopa as one of 16 “outliers” among the nation’s 3,143 counties or “county equivalents,” for having sentenced five or more defendants to death during the period 2010-2015.

Jeannette Gallagher, Juan Martinez, and Vincent Imbordino account for more than one-third of all of the capital cases (21 of 61) in which the Arizona Supreme Court has found problems on direct appeal since 2006. The higher court overturned or vacated the death penalty in four of the 21 cases and found instances of “improper behavior” in eight of the cases.

10-28 retrial - more non-sensical BS from kermit

The report notes that the state Supreme Court found that Martinez — who gained worldwide fame as the prosecutor in the Jodi Arias trial — committed misconduct in at least three capital cases. Additionally, the state’s high court cited 17 examples where Martinez had acted “inappropriately” in the murder prosecution of Shawn Patrick Lynch. (The U.S. Supreme Court overturned the death penalty in that case for reasons unrelated to alleged prosecutor problems.)

Smith has harsh words for the three prosecutors.

“They don’t have the temperament required to prosecute a jaywalking citation, and what they’re being entrusted with is the death penalty,” he tells New Times. “They shouldn’t be prosecuting misdemeanor cases, much less deciding whether or not somebody lives or dies.” >>>


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  1. ACCOUNTABILITY….no matter who You are….defendant prosecutor judge(ANY JUDGE!) jury and all witnesses…but the more power then the more accountability…NO EXCEPTIONS…NONE. How very odd that ANY court would allow misconduct in a DEATH PENALTY trial. That a judge would say and he did …guilt was never in doubt…and was not removed from the bench and charged with breaking his oath makes one wonder just what is going on …has the win trumped JUSTICE??? How strange that they who judge fear to be judged. This they know all when at times they seem to know nothing but getting elected. That any sitting judge that saw even a part of that trial and never spoke up says it all….and with that justice for all is doomed. The ones in power will own that…like it or not as the old saying from the 20’s…Daddy what did You do in the war…is now …so why did You just say nothing when You claim to represent justice and thus allow a show trial that stalin would have been proud of! And all the while a certain judge sat there worried about her JOB! Don’t do your job just worry about it!!! But then there are 50 nations in America that do anything to American citizens as the Fed’s look the other way….but let any state mess with the Fed’s and look out…UNCLE SAM has teeth. TREASON IS TREASON and that trial was TREASON. May one day soon may all who betrayed the CONSTITUTION get they very own day in court. Now let Me say this on killing as yes She did kill travis on that sad day….this She killed OMG well My nation asked Our troops to kill and whoever We wanted RIGHT or WRONG that’s called WAR.Of late i have heard more vets have taken their lives then killed in action…how strange is that? To have survived combat and then to end it all…yet no more then 10% see action so why the big numbers? Then I heard that as many in the U.S. who have returned from the last two wars take their lives each day then all the KIA’s put together. Now imagine after WW 2 in 1946 400,00 + took their lives after surviving now what would cause that??? PTSD. Just the though of being in harms way affects one let alone hand to hand combat.Know anyone of say 120 lbs who wants to battle a person of 185 lbs? And a trained fighter at that and a person who loved to brag of his violence. Feel my wrath…who or what says that? And folks wonder why She cried in court when show photos of Her attacker as a victim as the state did all to destroy Her for him and his mob/cult. Ask Yourself just how would You stand up to that abuse via the system that no one wants to rain in…because it might mean the state doesn’t get it’s way….why should it??? The real question is not why so few stood up for Her…but why so many stood for him…a wanna be big shot (opps!) a user of all,a true two face,a person who used faith to gain and a pedo…he did tell the world who he really was from his own foul mouth….who or what would want to stand by such a punk. So now We the few must right a wrong…and with truth and fact we will…stay strong Jodi as We stand with You..w/o end my friend.

      • Thank you, johnm,
        I’m glad to hear “Pimp-sky” got the boot.. He showed such glee when he made a nasty, mean-spirited comment about Jodi. It seemed to fill him with joy criticizing/condemning her. The downside of him leaving HLN is that he probably will spend more time working with and harming more addicted people. His character, like Dr. Demarte’s character, is not suited for being a helping professional. Maybe Vinnie WILL get him a job at Atlanta’s NBC Affiliate “11 Alive.” If they’re willing to hire a parasite like Vinnie, they’ll hire anyone. I’m starting to believe in Karma. Who’s next? Wee Juan Martinez or Dr. Kevin “I see dead people” Horn.

      • Most people don’t realize that, outside of Hollywood, psychopaths don’t typically commit murders. And most people don’t realize that pathological liars lie even when there is no reason to. Furthermore, a psychopath wins at any cost, and is more likely to be found in professions such as policitians, attorneys, and surgeons. Hmm, sounds more like JM than TA.

    • Interesting to note: In the comments at the end of the article the haters are attacking HLN for firing Dr. Drew (“He was just giving his professional opinion!”), displaying once more the ignorance in this crowd, oblivious to medical ethics that forbids a medical professional from diagnosing someone in abstentia – having never personally examined that person. It’s the same ignorance they applied when this same unethical bozo told his viewing audience that Jodi is “a psychopath”. They swallowed it hook, line and sinker (“After all…he is a doctor…he should know!”), and then those who wanted it to be true spread it all over the Internet where it ultimately became “true”. (Just like all the other unproven crap that came from that network.)

      • It’s like what I wrote about in about another unethical doctor…

        From HLN transcripts:

        January 2, 2013 – Trial Day 1 Nancy Grace

        Before we’ve even heard one word of evidence, Nancy Grace has on as her guest, Bethany Marshall, psychoanalyst, who gives us her “professional” opinion:

        “Oh, you know, the defense is just trying to blame the victim, paint him in a bad light, make him out to be almost like some sexual pervert or someone who is betraying his faith. But the fact is, Nancy, she used sex to have power over him. I`m sure what happened, as any young man will do, he started dating other women, living a free life. She got stuck in rejection, seduced him continually in an attempt to have power over him and to reassure herself that she was desirable to him. And the day or the night of the murder, just like “Basic Instinct,” she had sex with him to put him into a powerless state, and then she went in for the kill.”

    • Note in this article that Pinsky’s diagnosis of Jodi as a “psychopath” is not even mentioned. Nobody probably even noticed it because, since they all already believed it themselves, why question its validity or question the ethics or qualifications of the person making such a damaging accusation simply to throw red meat at an already fact-aversive armchair jury.

      • To anyone who knows Jodi, to call her a psychopath is a grand joke. She’s the exact opposite: rather than having no conscience, she has a hyperactive conscience. She worries about the ethics of all kinds of stuff that wouldn’t cause the average person a moment’s doubt. Remember how she drove her fundraising team nuts by insisting on shutting down fundraising for the 2015 Christmas holidays.

        As for Drew Pinsky, he’s just another TV hustler doc, taking advantage of the fact that once you have an M.D., you can pronounce on everything and fool some people into thinking you’re an expert. As far as I know, his specialty is cosmetic surgery. He has zero qualifications in psychiatry, and his insight into Jodi is nonexistent. Given what he was doing, Jodi’s nickname “Drew Pinhead” for him was quite apt.

    • It was waaay overdue! He is one of the leeches that wanted to make a name and money off of a tragedy. I guess Karma was going down her list of useless POS and said: “Let’s be done with this parasite and move on to ‘bigger fish'”. Profiting and getting good rates is not acceptable when it comes to the justice system. Trial by tv idiots gave Jodi NO chance in a fair trial. I wonder what Dr. 🙄 Drew would think if someone in his family circle was abused like Jodi was and fought in self defense… Would he have called his family member a cold monster slut? I wonder about people that judge when they have no idea what went on in that relationship. Especially when they don’t know the people involved.

      Drew’s greed and inhumanity led him to his career death. Hope it was worth it Drew… you ruined, slandered and humiliated Jodi more times than I can remember and now you’re paying the price of your sins… good riddance asswipe.

    • The majority of the jurors were biased before setting their foot in the courtroom! ESPECIALLY the retrial jurors. They were so influenced by the media circus that they had their minds made up to ‘fry Jodi’ that they lied their asses during jury selection to secure a seat in the panel.

      Besides, no responsible, law abiding, serious person would go party with any side of the parties involved in this case. Those 11 jurors partied as if they had won a million bucks! That just goes to show how head on they were in caging Jodi. I’m sure that Juror 17 disappointed them and that’s the only reason that the verdict took so long to come out. They were forcing Juror 17 to change her opinion. Thankfully, Juror 17 didn’t give in to their abusive manners.

      BTW, has anyone ever heard of jurors partying with the prosecutor, the detective and the ‘victim’s’ family after the verdict and for the sake of the trial? That is wrong in so many levels. It will come back to bite them in their asses.. Wait for it!

  2. U.S. Justice Department Will Probe Metro Phoenix Sheriff Arpaio
    Posted: Aug 26, 2016 9:09 PM PST
    Updated: Aug 26, 2016 9:09 PM PST

    PHOENIX (AP) – The investigation and possible prosecution of metropolitan Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be handled by the U.S. Justice Department after federal prosecutors in Arizona asked to be removed because of unspecified conflicts of interest, according to a court filing made public.

    • Three sheriffs in my county got prosecuted for corruption and money laundering only to get sent to one of those luxury resort prisons for sheriffs where they have manicures, pedicures, seafood buffets, and swimming pools with conjugal visits.

      I just hope this 240 pounds of shit gets a real prison for being a dick with JODI

    • I’m glad that there’s a good possibility that Arpaio will never again be able to treat human beings in the atrocious manner he has gotten away with for so many years… decades. I really do wish that he pays for all his sins! And of course, gets a little taste of his own medicine.

  3. Samantha Alexander got married last week. The ceremony went smoothly except for some rapid eye-rolling activity by Samantha when the vow to “love, honor, cherish and obey” was read. 🙄

  4. Does her man know who she really is??? Was this not the police officer who stood before a court and told how she plotted to…MURDER…a person . And before even a trial…that’s one know it all cop and cop of the year…LOL…imagine the runner up….some guy named bundy??? maybe? One has to wonder if she USED her day to honor her …just a good guy brother…and played the Alabama eddie snell video…the one were he talks of murder…well they are a very close family as they know how to keep secrets very well …for now. As they have said …this is not over….as I say not by a long shot (that’s a play on shot…it was up close as he lunged at Jodi as it WAS FIRST ! …it is far from over and We will end this injustice for all. Facts and truth are with Us….and never forget to pray for that troubled family he came from as it explains how he came to be…

    WE ARE BEHIND HER 100% !!!!!!! ((((((((JODI AIRAS))))))) ♥ THANKS TEAM JODI!!!! ♥

    • Better to use the money to reward, the one who gets the killer busted; as if, Jodi, coud have actually overpowered Travis, the kickboxer, fighting for his life, and, as if, the three photos, did not prove that there were four people at the kill site, as proven by Jodi, taking pictures; whatwith, no photograph of her, because she was the photog….otherwise, why wasn’t she, in one of the pictures…??? .Why reward more lizards at law, for their indolence whatwith, Arizona, bribing their lie-yers, three million dollars, to take a dive….??? …..Snidely…. Edgrrr…

      • Edgar,
        I am opposed to the little I can understand about what you say, over and over and over again. When you come back three years from now to comment in the present again, would you please make an attempt to clearly state your case and leave out your penchant for obfuscation. It really undermines your stance when no one can understand a sentence you compose. snidely backatcha johnm

  6. I was wondering if there was any way that the appellate fund can deduct a certain amount of $$ every month automatically? I think that would be a great way to keep donations up. Like $10, $25, $50, $100 or more if someone has that type of $$ or maybe another matching fund?

  7. I just think it might be much easier for some people to donate to the appellate fund if it’s automatically deducted from their credit card!

  8. Awesome Alan! I mentioned it to Jodi when I sent her the Harvard study last week! I think it would be easier for some people to do it that way and maybe more affordable for some people too!

  9. There’s a report on one of the vile, sub-human sites that Jodi has a job as a “porter” (which they say is cleaning floors and bathrooms) for 0.10 cents an hour. Apparently, she can work 32 hours per week. Anyone know if this true? Personally, I hope it’s true but it would be nice to have more details as to the scope of this job. The money is not important but a job could have emotional benefits for her.

    • “Ah? A small aversion to menial labor?” The doctor cocked an eyebrow. “Understandable, but misplaced. One should treasure those hum-drum tasks that keep the body occupied but leave the mind and heart unfettered.”
      ― Tad Williams, The Dragonbone Chair

      “As he farmed, hard labor left his hands callused, the sun bleached his hair, his face leathered, and his heart throbbed with music.”
      ― Brenda Sutton Rose, Dogwood Blues

    • Last I’ve heard, Jodi doesn’t have a job yet. I agree with you CC53, it would be wonderful for Jodi to have a job. All jobs are good for the soul.

      I’m sure that the ‘sub-human’ sheeple writing about her supposed job were trying to degrade Jodi by saying that she cleans toilets… SMH… there is no shame in any job. I wonder if all those idiots look down on janitors and cleaning people that clean up THEIR shit when they go to public toilets (malls, restaurants, movie theaters, cafes, etc.). Because I personally respect them more than any other workers: their job is to make us look good: cleaning our dirt and keeping those spaces safe from illnesses.

      So to all those that think that Jodi would be humiliated by working as a ‘porter’, think again… I’m sure she’d do an awesome job in cleaning up.

      Also, here’s a question for all the haters implying it’s a bad thing to be a ‘porter’: What does your shit look and smell like? A valley of flowers? Fuck you, assholes.


  10. A job is a job and much better then as a paid murderer via the state of az…..too hard on that tiny rat well read the piece on him above…thanks Harvard! Think about this not only does a state get to take away Your freedom by unjust means then bitch and complain when they get sued for wrongful conviction…but are allowed to force one to work for SLAVES wages BRAVO the taxpayer…think of all the money you,ll save unless She wins on appeal…and dig deep for old joes misdeeds soon as it just might break the bank…oh well they voted for him why should he take all the blame for his misdeeds…did he not brag about it??? I have cleaned toilets and still do and it has funded a great cause…JUSTICE 4 JODI…and what kind of person does not clean toilets??? So as for cleaning toilets or clocks Us southpaws are good at it…think of it this way…who would want to be a person who wants to destroy life at any cost for a fucking win at all costs….as the rat does…who is safe as he does his worst to gain a win??? Hell I knew a DR. who could use a lesson in cleaning or hiring one who could, what a pig.Odd how they that mock Her are …FULL of SHIT…one claimed that Jodi must have held t-dog by the …hair…as She slashed his neck. That boy had rather short hair did he not? And was he not at least 4 inches taller then Her…duh! but even he claimed to be 6 inches taller….travis the great fake…why would a man lie so much as he…well that was his job…pity poor t-dog as he just let Her attack him…or was it he as always lost control of himself as he tried and failed to take Her life over a camera…well that their travis always putting things before people…early on he learned to use things and people…and thus an ABUSER was born. We never have to mock travis as he did that all by himself and a great job he did…eddie snell was more true then travis ever was…there was something not right with that boy….such truth from an innocent. Think I’ll head to the bank soon and take out some of that toilet money I earned and send it to a friend….p.s.haters….what do you think t-dogs job is in ….HELL??? Now what true church would stand by him after all We learned about him …FROM him?

    • Justus, IDK who wrote that article but kudos to him/her. It’s always refreshing that there are people out there that actually do see prejudice and unfairness. It’s a shame that assholes like Pinsky are not judged for their actions when it ‘suits’ the sheeple’s agenda. I wonder how they justify their exemptions: “Uhhh, he’s an idiot but I like him because he roasted Jodi…” Doesn’t make sense but what does when it comes to biased haters and Jodi Arias?

      Pinsky: Good Riddance fuckface!

    • It is a good article.
      I have long suspected that there are many academics in fields such as women studies, culture studies, and gender studies, etc. who are secretly sympathize towards Jodi, and realize how she has been scape-goated.
      Hopefully they will speak out on Jodi’s behalf.

    • Yes, an excellent read, especially the stuff about Jodi’s trial and Pinsky’s qualifications. As to the latter, apparently I was mistaken in my comment above. Sorry!

  11. I have been certified by the state’s best. Over 15 years of training to identify bad behavior involving bad actors. But unfortunately when I hand them their ill conceived diabolical plans to build bigger prisons all I seem to hear is…”Um , Michael you are on the wrong side of the fence.” So say the experts. I say….Jodi was railroaded by the egotistical Mormons, the self anointed psycho bed pan tenders wannbe head shrinkers, and the pompous elected officials. Oops… morons. As if I was officially being held accountable for every written word unlike a few girls. Just remember to breathe and take a moment to listen and poof … I was officially in Fremont prison from July 11, 2006 through August 2, 2007. Not long enough according to the experts. Jodi will be released before she spends more than 365 days incarcerated in a women’s prison. The experts can shove that last sentence up their lower holes and skip off to the bank. Have a great weekend.

  12. And here’s another little piece of happy news:

    It’s way overdue, if you ask me. This rag was slandering people and ruining lives and careers just for the ‘clicks’ and of course, one of the most unethical wanna-be journalists (she had nooooo chance of ever making it as a respected one) was Christine what’s-her-face. She thought by being unethical, a liar, a slanderer concerning Jodi and everyone involved in supporting Jodi, she’d make money. I hope those ‘clicks’ she got were worth it because her vileness and fabrication of truth contributed in shutting that rag down.
    I am proud to say that I was one of the hundreds of thousands that reported this rag because personally, this rag made my life a living hell for a while and dragged innocent people into it’s vileness and ruthlessness.
    Another ‘GOOD RIDDANCE’ to a rag that will certainly NOT be missed!

  13. Heads up peeps, there’s a hoax article going around saying that Jodi is being released in a week… So don’t ‘buy it’ if you read it. Another idiot wanna-be wanting to make a name using Jodi…
    Here’s the link (although I’m guessing this shitface author gets paid by the clicks)

    BTW, my stalker is commenting under the article using ‘Pandora’ and pretending it’s me. I DID write a comment but it hasn’t been approved of (nor do I think it will judging by the things I wrote in it! LOL). So, it’s not me posting under there… Why do I draw all the moronic, useless degenerates???? LOL!

    • This person is from Mountain View CA. Lemme give you guys some info I dug up…
      Email IP:
      Name: Get Report
      Country: US
      Address: MountainView CA
      ISP: Google

      General IP Information
      Decimal: 2915224603
      ASN: 15169
      ISP: Google
      Organization: Google
      Services: None detected
      Type: Corporate
      Assignment: Static IP
      Geolocation Information
      Continent: North America
      Country: United States us flag
      State/Region: California
      City: Mountain View
      Latitude: 37.4192 (37° 25′ 9.12″ N)
      Longitude: -122.0574 (122° 3′ 26.64″ W)
      Postal Code: 94043

    • Pandora,
      I love the comment from “George Barwood” (obviously not him) who takes all the credit for getting her released. I wouldn’t think anyone would take this article serious but it’s possible a few people did …unless they’re just going along with the “joke.” That party in Greece sounds like a winner. A pig to roast and 200 lbs of onions? Wow!

      • And Jodi coming to my ‘village’ … ahahahahhaaaaaa! My town is where Leonidas and the 300 lived. A historic town that all the universe knows it’s history and people from all over the world come and visit! Next thing you know they’ll be saying that we walk around in those white dresses, in sandals and walk with swords fastened to our belts 😆 They are so ignorant! 😉

        • Hey Pandora, I just looked and it looks like your comment was approved!

          I’m sorry you have to deal with all this BS, these people are truly pathetic!

    • The mere fact there are people out there who spent time writing this AND thought it was hilarious proves how low their IQs are. This is SOOOO childish! Teenagers have a better sense of humor, FFS!
      Thanks for the laughs haters! 😆 😆 😆

      P.S: I feel genuinely offended for not having been included in your fake JAII characters’ comments! WHY PANDORA AND NOT ME? Have I lost my touch? Sigh…….I’ll try and win some of your hate back, I promise.

  14. “Associated Media Coverage

    Associated Media Coverage was yet another fresh face on the fake news scene in early 2016. After its February 2016 creation, Associated Media Coverage swiftly leapt into the hoaxmongering business with bits about a motorcycle curfew, an e-juice ban, a two-pet maximum ordinance, and a fabricated claim that a transgender woman was shot in a Colorado department store bathroom.

    While the myriad sites referenced here represent only a small sample of the overall “satire” nuisance on social media, many widely-dispersed fake news claims have originated with them. All of the above-mentioned sites exist solely to spread false information; and none can be trusted as legitimate sources, no matter how compelling their claims might be.”

    • NIce lyrics, R. Thanks.
      I hope Jodi is holding up OK. She’s resilent but she must have days when the going is very, very tough.

      • Thanks (((((CC53)))))! I thought it summed us all up well! We will always have Jodi’s back. No matter what the future holds, we will fight for her to regain her freedom from this horrible nightmare. A nightmare which was fabricated by the corrupted law officials of Mesa County, AZ and a few devious friends of Travis Alexander, all for the almighty dollar and fame. These facts bother a few brainwashed people who continue to have their heads stuck in the sand (or somewhere else 😉 ) but for ALL of US we know the TRUTH will SET JODI FREE!!!!! Sending Jodi LOVE , STRENGTH and POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!! ♥

  15. This is a long article by Judge Alex Kozinski who discusses many of the myths about the law. He is quite open and honest about the failings of prosecutors and the police. He was born July 23, 1950 and is a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (where Jodi’s case may eventually end up), where he has served since 1985. He was Chief Judge of that court from November 2007 to December 1, 2014. In addition to his judicial duties, Kozinski is an essayist and a judicial commentator.[1]

    While the article is not about Jodi, it touches on many issues that affected her trial. Here are 3 issues which are discussed in more detail later on in the article:

    7. Juries follow instructions.
    This is a presumption—actually more of a guess—that we’ve elevated to a rule of law. It is, of course, necessary that we do so because it links the jury’s fact-finding process to the law. In fact, however, we know very little about what juries actually do when they decide cases. Do they consider the instructions at all? Do they consider all of the instructions or focus on only some? Do they understand the instructions or are they confused? We don’t really know. We get occasional glimpses into the operations of juries when they send out questions or someone discloses juror misconduct, and even then the information we get is limited. But we have no convincing reason to believe that jury instructions in fact constrain jury behavior in all or even most cases.
    And, because the information we get from inside the jury room is so limited and sporadic, experience does little to improve our knowledge. Looking at 100 black boxes is no more informative than looking at one.

    8. Prosecutors play fair.
    The Supreme Court has told us in no uncertain terms that a prosecutor’s duty is to do justice, not merely to obtain a conviction. It has also laid down some specific rules about how prosecutors, and the people who work for them, must behave—principal among them that the prosecution turn over to the defense exculpatory evidence in the possession of the prosecution and the police. There is reason to doubt that prosecutors comply with these obligations fully. The U.S. Justice Department, for example, takes the position that exculpatory evidence must be produced only if it is material. This puts prosecutors in the position of deciding whether tidbits that could be helpful to the defense are significant enough that a reviewing court will find it to be material, which runs contrary to the philosophy of the Brady/Giglioline of cases and increases the risk that highly exculpatory evidence will be suppressed. Beyond that, we have what I have described elsewhere as an “epidemic of Brady violations abroad in the land,” a phrase that has caused much controversy but brought about little change in the way prosecutors operate in the United States.

    10. Police are objective in their investigations.
    In many ways, this is the bedrock assumption of our criminal justice process. Police investigators have vast discretion about what leads to pursue, which witnesses to interview, what forensic tests to conduct and countless other aspects of the investigation. Police also have a unique opportunity to manufacture or destroy evidence, influence witnesses, extract confessions and otherwise direct the investigation so as to stack the deck against people they believe should be convicted. And not just small-town police in Podunk or Timbuktu. Just the other day, “[t]he Justice Department and FBI [] formally acknowledged that nearly every examiner in an elite FBI forensic unit gave flawed testimony in almost all [of the 268] trials in which they offered evidence against criminal defendants over more than a two-decade period before 2000.” Do they offer a class at Quantico called “Fudging Your Results To Get A Conviction” or “Lying On The Stand 101”? How can you trust the professionalism and objectivity of police any where after an admission like that? NOTE: He then goes on to discuss the Debra Milke case briefly.

    • Wow! Yes, it DOES hit home concerning Jodi’s trial/case. I wish that more open minded and honest people like Judge Alex Kozinski were in the judicial system. Unfortunately, justice is very connected with politics which means that most of the people associated to the law will be corrupted, asskissing fucks caring about their future political position rather than serving fair justice.

      People can hate what I say but it’s the truth and as cliche as it sounds: truth hurts. We all ask to hear the truth but can’t handle it when it’s not what we want to hear. 😉 Go figure…

  16. Ok. This is a great site to vent and comment on what happened to Miss Jodi. However, has anyone, besides me, written to the ACLU, the US Department of Justice, the Arizona Department of Justice, The Governor, The Federal and State Attorney General, The President of the United States, the Arizona Judicial review board, Congress or Senators and so on? Anyone?? Where are all the Attorneys and Organizations that should be screaming judicial corruption in that State of Arizona.. To make positive change you must act. Get on line or write some letters and don’t forget to send a little note to Miss Jodi, and the hundreds of thousand of inmates, all across America. Men, Women and even Children are suffering and need just a little hope. A simple line that says we are thinking about you. Share some compassion and help others if you can. Our best wishes to All inmates and especially Miss Jodi.

    • Yes many have done just that. Great idea and maybe we should all do it over and over again until they pay attention. Sending Jodi well wishes sounds wonderful also! ♥

    • Hey MP … I wrote to the President and the governor of Shitzona and I also filed a complaint

      against “Tiny” with the Arizona Bar association.

      I think I presented them all with a strong case. I received a response from the president so I forwarded

      the letter to JODI so she can read it. I don’t know what to say but I have all my fingers and toes crossed -_-

    • The donation totals for the last two months are very disappointing: only $268 and $360. Admittedly, the appellate-fund site was down for technical reasons nearly half of August. Still, if the trend continues into the September total, something must be done about it. This is not nearly the donation rate needed for Jodi’s case ever to reach Federal court.

      • I totally agree with you, Alan! The amounts of the last 2 months donated to the fund is unacceptable! Everyone has to donate including myself! That’s why I suggested the automatic deduction from credit cards. That way there’s a steady amount coming in every month and no one has to worry about it. Every month it’s just taken out whether it’s $5,$10,$20,$25,$50,$75,$100 or another amount. Whatever amount someone can afford. Every dollar counts!!

        • I have NO DOUBTS that we will reach the total that will be required to FREE JODI!

          Philippians 4:19 ~~~~And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

          I Believe. ♥ God will provide.

  17. 468. 7-Sep-2016
    ORDERED: Motion to Vacate the Notice of Completion (Appellant) = GRANTED/Vacating the notice of completion of record issued 05/12/2016. The Clerk of this court will reissue the notice at such time as the record in this matter is complete. Anthony Mackey ProTem Judge – Author

    Almost 1.5 years after Jodi’s sentencing, people are still working to complete her record.

    • Nothing like dragging their feet. Wonder who is behind all that? Paid Holidays, Paid Vacations, Personal Leave time. . . . .I’m thinking the tax payers are proud to see their hard earned money at work! Who or Whom are pulling all of the strings in that Justice System, anywhere else they would all be FIRED!

  18. News clips from ABC News and HLN are reporting that Jodi’s lawyers are going to file a claim that she is being “singled out” for a porter job. I don’t know if this is true or not since one thing Jodi’s trial proved is that ABC is no more of a legitimate news organization than HLN. You can’t trust what either organization reports.

  19. Work Programs
    Arizona law requires that all able bodied inmates work. Inmates who are physically and mentally capable shall participate in productive work programs that are beneficial to the community, to themselves, and to the Department. The Department strives to provide a variety of work programs for inmates. The work programs are developed and designed to encourage work ethic and to teach inmates to be responsible for personal obligations. Inmate classification scores, as well as the individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities are considered when making job assignments.
    An inmate’s refusal to work will ultimately affect his or her Earned Incentive Plan phase level thus affecting all of the inmate’s privileges.

  20. Interesting how Gov. always wants in their way….one of their own does wrong they get a civilian trial…how odd are they REALLY civilians…do any but they have extreme power to destroy life? And a grand jury can and has been L.A. county see Errol Flynn. The power of the prosecutor seems endless but a win is a win as they say. How is it when they who work for gov. get protected by gov. Imagine any cop unscathed getting a show trial as Jodi….YOU FEARED FOR YOUR LIFE…no witness’s ,no bruises, then it’s death row for you!…Well until We see a cop killing on video …We should not judge…OPPS…but there for the power of gov. are they not on DEATH ROW. There is an outrage of a NOBODY….that’s travis but would there be if he had won another of his beatdowns with Her…I say not. I have asked many a mormon …why do you defend such an evil sick man…NO ANSWER as of yet. To gloat the She cleans toilets speaks of a mind set that would toss out the workers that do jobs that others will not do…but them jobs must be done. In 1865 when Congress passed the 13 th Amen. to bad they are not made slaves when they do wrong…imagine that as 100% would at one time be SLAVES or better yet try them for TREASON…no one is forced to take an oath…are they? Folks in prison or jail have few rights as ones awaiting trial for 5 years also….so much for justice and rule of law. Proud of that anyone??? If so tear up your Constitution and be done with it this rights thing…and good luck, you’ll need it .Any American who would deny justice for another is nothing but a traitor and should be called out. How is it JOHN McCAIN had more rights then Jodi in prison the north allowed contact visits as well tried to make a deal with Him. Yet he shits on other P.O.W.s who broke down and confessed to crimes…well it was an undeclared war was it not…what nation would treat pilots well who bombed them??? And dear old John does forgive the north for the murder of a low of 8000+(north claimed pows) to a high of 16000(U.S. claimed pows) less then 850 U,S, pows returned home. But in the Hanoi Hilton in the end interview John forgives the north to bad he would not ask for wrong to be undone in His home state…but then that;s called doing the right thing and as a politician that’s not easy to do…Ya think John? Should I write Him on that as he may not know what is going on in His rather un American state.

  21. Does anyone know if there was Exif data on the June 4, 2008 (?) bedroom photos of Alexander and of Jodi recovered by Detective Michael Melendez? If so, have you ever seen a screenshot/photo showing this Exif data? Was it shown during the trial?

    • Although I didn’t get any response to this question, the point is that if there was exif data on the recovered photos that verified the date and time the photos were taken, Martinez would have had this information enlarged 100 times in size and hung off the courthouse in downtown Phoenix. It would have been positive proof that the photos marked June 4, 2008 (by the Mesa Police Department) were actually taken on that date. The information posted below seems to suggest that the recovered photos most likely did have exif information on them, if I understand it correctly. The fact that no exif data was everv shown during the trial or outside of the trial makes me think THE DATES ON THE PHOTOS ARE BOGUS, FAKE, NOT GENUINE OR TRUE.

      “In the package recoverjpeg there is a command sort-pictures that will organize images in sub folders by date. This requires the recovery program was able to recognize and recover EXIF-data with the images, and I think most of them are.

      If EXIF-data was recovered, and depending on camera model, it may be possible to find out what number the image had in the camera, and then deduce what file name it had.”

    • Darn. My post went into the “suspicious package” queue. Hopefully, it won’t be blown to smithereens and will be posted before JAII members are off to bed. PLZ. I know you guys go to bed about 6:30pm. I was hoping for some feedback.

  22. So been told there was no porn ever found on t-dogs P/C…but it wasn’t his right as deanna owned it. rather odd how a man of wealth have to take a loaner…as it seems with his bud dave hall…miss that .25 dave…LOL. No porn found…just a whole lot of porn sites. Now for a guy who never viewed porn he sure knew a lot didn’t he…even what 12 yr. olds sound like…makes you wonder. But wait a sec. did not the rat claim her team messed with the p/c in POLICE control…so with that does the rat trust the police? Or is that a cover your ass thing? So over 5 days how many walked into the home and did what they needed to do…seems dear old just a good guy was rather two faced,or MORE then. I’ll say this about haters they love to twist words….if a porn site is accessed in any way 1000’s of times that’s not really a fucking mistake. And this there is no porn…funny how he loved to talk about porn and proud of it too. So America or Canada do You really want a thing as travis calling your children or babysitting them. Such a world class guy who always wanted to babysit for a mighty rich a-hole. That’s you u$e. instead of claiming any letter was fake I’d be getting My kids assessed. But that is not the first time children were ignored by their so called loved ones. The priest/bishop did WHAT…you lie and here’s your beating…and many times that is how it was. People with power do abuse they who don’t.

  23. Well, well, well…. so some eager beaver hater posted Jodi’s visiting list online (I wonder how much $$ it cost)… whoopty-fucking-doo! What’s the biggie? I mean the only sad thing about this is that MY NAME is NOT on that list! Can’t wait til it is!

    And I don’t understand why the haters are so fascinated with people visiting Jodi. Aren’t these haters the same fuckers that couldn’t wait for the trial to be over and ‘be done’ with Jodi?!!! LOL! Pathetic little nobodies, hanging on to Jodi because they have no personal life.

    Anyways, let’s see how many haters are decent enough to acknowledge that these people on that list have a right to visit whomever and for whatever reason they want and show respect towards them. Besides, as I quickly read on twitter, nobody actually knows who these people are… so what’s the big deal?

    I do know a few people (and call them my friends) that don’t agree with supporting Jodi BUT they are very fair and respectful. So I hope that these friends of mine will try and help with this outburst of evilness and meanness. Besides, why should someone’s life be ruined just because they’re Jodi’s friend? I hope that this doesn’t become an ‘Alyce LaViolette’ abusive situation.

    For what it’s worth, I trust that people aren’t that hateful as they seem to be (I still have faith in humanity..)

  24. Hi Pandora! I love how the haters always say that Jodi seeks the spotlight during the trial and how they say she will go crazy not being in the limelight. They all said she kept the 2nd trial going but we all know it was the Alexander’s and Martinez that wanted her to get the death penalty! The 2nd trial Shouldnt of even happened. Like Sandra Webber always says,They just can’t quit Jodi! Well I guess they better get my name too cause I plan to visit Jodi!! I never deal with the haters cause they aren’t worth my time. They make me sick! Think about it, if someone hates Jodi, what is there to even talk about, she’s in prison. Go hate on someone else. Just a bunch of pathetic people on Twitter using the hashtag bashing Jodi 24/7.I also include the media who keeps it going. At least everyone from HLN is gone. What a joke!

  25. Richard Speights commented on an article.
    August 24 at 3:00am ·

    This seems a good place to say, yet again, Jodi Ann Arias is innocent of murder. She killed Travis Alexander in self-defense, according to the evidence objectively viewed. However, with so many factors against Arias in this trail, she didn’t stand a chance.


    1 Martinez’s prosecutorial misconduct, 2 a less than adequate defense team, who missed every opportunity to dismiss supposedly inculpatory evidence—every opportunity, 3 Nancy Grace daily beating the drums of guilt to a worldwide audience, a world eventually seething in hatred for the young woman from Yreka, 4 a sitting governor proclaiming Arias’s guilt before the jury got the case, 5 an unsequestered jury, allowed to wonder the streets while the forest fire of hatred against Arias burned Phoenix to the ground…

    The above is not complete, but then again, we all saw as Martinez verbally gutted defense witnesses and ran Nurmi and Willmott into the ground. Amazingly, the worldwide audience never noticed he also introduced false evidence and misrepresented blood evidence, but they were too busy Tweeting, “Jodi Ann Arias is a soulless witch,” to notice. Nonetheless, more than a few of us did notice Horn’s testimony tailed for the prosecution and recognized his opinion as medical mumbo-jumbo—it wasn’t even good medical mumbo-jumbo, but it did the trick; there are still people out in the world who believe the knife nicked Alexander’s lung.

    Martinez wanted a guilty verdict, and he got it. Maricopa County wanted a conviction, and it got it. Arizona wanted a tough-on-crime stance, and it got it. They got their conviction, and they got their reputation, but they lost honor and dignity along the way. What a shame.
    Harvard Death-Penalty Study Rips Maricopa County Prosecutors
    Maricopa County’s death-penalty system is plagued by “overzealous” prosecutors and creates a high number of questionable death-penalty…
    LikeShow more reactions

    • Good one coldcase53, most of us absolutely agree with Richard Speights in this comment and from his comments before. Self-defense is not a crime

    • This information by Richard is not new to longtime JAII members but it’s a nice summary of some of the major points of Jodi’s case.
      One issue JODI’S APPELLATE LAWYERS NEED TO KNOW about is what Richard is referring to with his statement:

      “Amazingly, the worldwide audience never noticed he (Martinez) also introduced false evidence and misrepresented blood evidence.”

      Martinez (& Kirk Nurmi) both believed that Jodi and Alexander’s blood was mixed together at the scene of Alexander’s death. THIS IS NOT TRUE BUT THIS IDEA IS STATED IN THEIR RESPECTIVE BOOKS SO THERE”S NO DOUBT AS TO WHAT THEY BELIEVED GOING TO TRIAL.
      Personally, I think this misconception (or possibly Martinez’s misrepresentation) about the “blood,” or more precisely the DNA evidence, which was not blood, contributed greatly to Martinez ‘s ability to obtain an indictment against Jodi when the only other “evidence” he had was the photos which didn’t prove anything except Jodi may have been with Alexander 3 hours before his death (assuming the photos are legit which I still question).
      I believe this misunderstanding about the DNA on Nurmi’s part led him to believe Jodi was definitely with Alexander when he died. However, there is NO OBJECTIVE PROOF she was with Alexander at the time of his death. The only thing that puts her with Alexander when he died is Jodi saying she was there and killed him in self-defense.
      When you examine this case closely, it’s a very weak case depending on bits of circumstantial evidence that Martinez took, speculated on and blended into his story as to what he thought happened. Martinez doesn’t know what happened to Travis Alexander any more than anyone else. No one really knows what happened ….except perhaps Jodi.

  26. How is it the only real thing the mob needs is injury or bruising to a survivor….NO WOUNDS OR MARKS proves guilt…wow put that measure on the police and fill up death row with police….and most times they far out number their foe or so called foe. I looked at the scene and evidence and understood from that there had been a fight. All wounds show a defensive hit not an attack…this she could use both hands is more hollywood then fact….in a fight for ones life You don’t play games. poor travis we are told just stood,sat,and laid there as She went wild on him….sounds wrong to Me as it should any with a mind that works. This is a man(?) who goes nuts over a boob joke on ANOTHER who must have thought it was a crack on him. he had a way of dealing with others as he wanted and his fake friends claim …as they lie how he changed the world…maybe by scaming others and abusing people. Take poor deanna who still loves him after all she now knows….she survived his ways but now must destroy another with lies…one time only deanna or MORE. Now why on earth would she want to see t-dogs latest victim..or was that more of a VISIT that never ended? Did Jodi have any wounds or injuries that one could see…many have had wounds they didn’t know they had it does happen. in some fights only one gets most of the wounds or all tends to happen when the loser goes ape shit..I,ve seen such fights…when an expert claims can’t happen that shows he is far from an expert. Take horn caught in a bold face lie on Phineas Gage….really how would he not know of the most famous case of head trauma in U.S. history or the world. But lied he did to claim that travis was done right then and there…works with their first claim…SHOT FIRST…but not with the lie of …shot last…seems the state can’t keep their story straight. Did She ever lie…on the stand? they lied in front of a jury and paid folks to lie. Odd how no one ever tried to reenact the fight except Jodi and then was mocked…but that’s how he was hit by the .25 from such and odd angle..his head was turned away and downward to get that hit just as a linebacker does tackle a person. There was a fight and She got VERY lucky as he got very mad…thus She survived as he lost. This b.s. on going over board…one must stop the attack or else also lose…more then one has thought it’s over and been killed by a dying person. They have nothing to lose….that hit to his throat was just that…Her stopping yet another attack. Speculation???name one trial that does not have that…when only two were there.

  27. alan,
    Some day, some where, some one is going to take a hard look at Jodi’s case and write a real, in-depth, factual book/story about all the holes in Martinez’s prosection, the tunnel vision of the police investigation and the character assassination & slut- shaming of Jodi by Martinez and the media. There must have been 1000 stories (or more) about Jodi and all of them are filled the same speculation, innuendo, rumors and gossip TAKEN AS FACT. But, I feel Jodi will have the last laugh one of these days. In a way, she’s already a winner with her optimistic, courageous spirit and sense of humor under such difficult circumstances.

    • Cc53, I couldn’t possibly agree with you more. For years, I have longed for a good true-crime author to take up Jodi’s case and expose all the ways she was railroaded to a conviction by Maricopa County and national and social media. It would make a great story and sell lots of copies, just like the books on Amanda Knox.

      However, as of now, it looks as though any such book will be too late. Donations to Jodi’s appellate fund are currently stuck at about $3000-4000/year, which isn’t even enough to cover inflation on her retainer goal. Unless the mass of her supporters start acting like adults and face reality, when her state-paid appeals expire in 4 or 5 years her case will be over forever, and she will die in Perryville regardless of what exciting books may be written about her case thereafter.

    • Books are OK. Books make the Injustice widely known. But books alone won’t set Jodi free.
      I like to think that some day, somewhere, someone from the legal field is going to call Martinez, Stephens and Horn on their bullshit and that they will all get into trouble. I like to think that there still are reasonable people working for the Supreme Court and that one day all the corruption and injustice will come out and Jodi will be able to walk out with her head held high.

  28. I would prefer to stay the course and BE POSITIVE. Life is messy and unfortunately obstacles are thrown in our ways at every turn but as long as we keep our eyes focused on FREEDOM FOR JODI the money will be there when she needs it. The monies donated so far are a Blessing. Remember the struggle Jodi has faced and her strength in God and her positivity have carried her through. It has been an uphill battle the whole way but IMO things will change, just you wait and see! Self Defense is NOT a crime. Somehow, Somewhere the Truth will surface and FREEDOM will follow for JODI!!!
    ♥ Every one needs to continue to DONATE for JODI’S FREEDOM. WE NEED TO DO OUR PART AND
    ♥ WE WILL NOT LET HER DOWN. ♥ ((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))

  29. When we come to terms with this is not really a fund raising attempt but actually a “Friends Raising” we might open the doors to our hearts and realize our friend Jodi is in need. Everyone hates to ask for money but for my friends and family I would climb the highest mountain to request help for my loved ones. Jodi is not able to do this on her own so we must help, there is no other option. She appreciates everyone who has loved, prayed and supported her during this tragic nightmare in her life. Self Defense is not a crime. This case got hijacked by many seedy individuals seeking fame and fortune. The list is long as we all know, Flores, Martinez, Nancy Grace, HLN, the Hughes and on and on it goes. Jodi has been used and abused by the Arizona justice system long enough. I feel honored to be able to give and support Jodi Arias in anyway possible, because for me, it is an investment in my friend’s future. She is worth every cent and she deserves another chance in life. FREEDOM FOR JODI!!! (((((JODI)))) ♥

    To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.
    -Mother Theresa

    • ” Jodi is not able to do this on her own so we must help, there is no other option. ”
      Please we muct keep donating whatever each of us can. IT MATTERS.

  30. If you are reading here at Jodi Arias Is Innocent, and you have a prayer or money to help with Jodi’s appeal, Please, Give and Pray. We all know Jodi Arias is innocent. Self-defense is not a crime.

  31. Nice to see Judge Samuel A. Thumma is cracking down on court reporters to get Jodi’s trial transcripts finished. I don’t know what Michael Babicky felt about Jodi but there is a photo of him posing with people not friendly to Jodi (I can’t remember who – possibly one of the jurors in the sentencing trial or a hack writer who’s name I won’t mention. Not cool or professional).

    22-Sep-2016 ORDERED: Court Reporter Michael Babicky due dates EXTENDED to 09/30/2016 for transcripts dated 12/06/2013, 12/13/2013, 02/09/2012, 04/16/2013, 04/15/2013 or OSC set on 10/05/2016. FURTHER ORDERED: If transcripts are not filed by 09/30/2016, a monetary sanctions shall be imposed in the amount of $75.00 per day beginning on 10/01/2016. Hon Samuel A Thumma –

    • Strange how the people who influenced the media and this circus trial are still holding up the truth. Court Reporter seems to be just another pawn being used to continue the scam.

  32. Wow 75.00 a day…will he get a raise! how is it the system gets away with such crimes …and yes it is a crime when you are paid to do your job an refuse to do it. Is this thing trying to run out the clock…az. should be forced to pay for a top transcriber no matter the cost or the state should be forced to end this joke of a trial. Yes the trial is still on as is the case…She still has appeals no matter what any think or do…as in dragging their feet. how very odd that haters have such power in COURTS as the cult heaps praise on such courts. Ask any who …THINK…She is so guilty…how do you know or what do you base that on? This b.s. travis was never a pedo….hmm .acts like,smells like and SPEAKS LIKE…busted by his very own words from that hate filled mouth.No matter if there were letters or not or 3×5 cards he OUTED himself. So much for sound minds in a courtroom that dared judge another. But put the letter to the test as they have a right to do …We nor Jodi can stop that…but lets say there are still originals who i ask could EVER trust the state with them…opps there was this FIRE…two of them or soon more! Then blame Her team…now where have I heard that before? Well 75.00 is a good start….and another issue on appeals to show the evil that calls itself justice in az.

  33. Giving to the Appeals Fund for Jodi has not stopped. Yes things have slowed down but I believe it will pick up as people realize the need is GREAT!!!! We must have the funds on hand for her to acquire the legal help she will need for her future FREEDOM! 🙂 PLEASE DO NOT HESTITATE TO GIVE . . . JODI NEEDS US ALL TO GIVE! 🙂 ♥ Thank You TEAM JODI!!!!!

  34. Is that mike the 300 wpm court reporter…getting the 75.00 per day fine soon? Now if this 300 wpm is true what seems to be the problem…is this person trying to RUN out the clock on appeals? So i did a test and soon learned that one can repeat from 1 to 10 x 30 = 300 words in 60 sec.s but man You got to say it fast. But to think that a person could put down 300 random words and not get some wrong or LEAVE some out makes Me wonder who We should trust. Why would he or she want to pose with any from trial unless they want to show which side they are on. Why is it taking so very long….TYPOS ??? or CHANGES!!! One really has to wonder just what is going on in that state when it comes to justice. Now I saw the photo of the rats minion fake till a shelf …with his hands….but She placed Her foot on it and no tilt as the man on HLN did two times. That man weighed 210 lbs. to Her 115 lbs. but tilt it did not…now what kind of person does that in a court or ALLOWS that in their court. Please remember that We must give and not expect to get….I never expect a note or call no matter what I give. Same goes for letters…send em because it’s the write thing to do…LOL write! She has a lot of things to do and must for once put Herself first…just as on that sad day. I am sure that She will try to answer all who write and give. Sad to think there are few limits on the state to destroy one as they place limits on Your right to fairness. The need to win is great in them ….=(

  35. I think there is a possibility that Jodi might again face the death penalty when she gets a retrial. However, her haters may have saved her from this possibility because, due to their actions, she has been called “the most hated woman in America.” A new jury will, in all likelihood, know who Jodi is and there is a definite chance that vindictiveness may play a role in her sentencing (because of her notoriety)….. IF she is found guilty again. We know the jurors in her sentencing trial were vindictive because of their comments in post-trial interviews and TV appearances.

    “There is one exception to the rule that an increased sentence on retrial is permisible under the Due Process Clause. This Court has “made clear * * * that ‘the Due Process Clause is not offended by all possibilities of increased punishment upon retrial after appeal, but only by those that pose a realistic likelihood of vindictiveness.'” Alabama v. Smith, 490 U.S. 794, 800 n.3 (1989) (quoting Blackledge v. Perry, 417 U.S. 21 (1974)); see Chaffin, 412 U.S. at 29 (observing that the Court has “intimated no doubt about the constitutional validity of higher sentences [in a retrial] in the absence of vindictiveness”). Where resentencing is conducted by a jury, there is no “real threat of vindictiveness.” Id. at 28. The jury has “no personal stake in the prior conviction and no motivation to engage in self-vindication.” Id. at 27. In fact, the jury typically will have no knowledge of the prior conviction or sentence. See id. at 26.12″

  36. Sometimes i have to really wonder about judges and their minds…the jury will typically have no knowledge…how in hell do they know that or EVEN care? For any to face murder via the state 4 times and then 2 more screams injustice…any man or woman who sits as a judge must be so evil to allow that….NO ONE can win on retrial after retrial when most scream my tax $ are being wasted…DESTROY Her…now! This 12 nobodies who are allowed to murder via the state with no accountability as the entire states side is just as un American as it gets…who thinks the Founders would ever allow such evil …they chose war over much less …see Canada…We stayed and it didn’t turn out to bad…did it? I can never see any deal that will not be death as LWOP is…and to think any upon proving they state did all to murder You and Your REWARD is another 2 trials to put You to death. Remember the state only has to win once…and so far they had 4 tries. Maybe one day soon ALL will be held accountable …and never mock that as in America …anything is possible….even justice for all.

    • Wayne,
      When Jodi gets another trial, I’d be surprised if the state seeks the death penalty again (but who really knows in the “killing county” of Maricopa). I just wanted to put my comment out there in case they do (as a talking point for us).
      We now know that ALL the “evidence” is circumstantial (weak circumstantial, if there is such a thing). There is:
      – no proven motive (just something Martinez dreamed up)
      – no witnesses
      – no weapons found
      – no DNA or other objective evidence that put Jodi at the scene at the time of Alexander’s death
      – no exif data was shown to prove the “June 4, 2008” photos were legit. Michael Melendez said the date and time on the photos was correct under oath. If that is so, why didn’t he photograph the information he was looking at on the memory stick. If he could see it, there must be some way to capture it so we could see it. Police basically brought the photos forward and said: “You can trust us. The police never lie.”
      – no criminal history by Jodi
      Plus, I doubt if Martinez would be allowed to prosecute Jodi again (according to Beth Karas) because of his book. It never should have been a death penalty case according to several lawyers that commented on the case. Hopefully no other Maricopa prosecutor will try to make a name by going for the death penalty against Jodi again.

      • If The Defective Detective Flores had actually done his job honestly, If the evidence hadn’t been withheld and deleted by (?) , If the friends and family of Travis Alexander had not tainted the investigation and media with LIE after LIE about Jodi Arias, this whole circus in a courtroom would have never happened. The “unsequestered” jury wouldn’t have sat through endless hours or had to endure listening or watching that raving maniac Martinez trying to make a name for himself at the expensive of Jodi’s life. What a creative JOKER he is. Self Defense is NOT A CRIME! This has been nothing but a pathetic scam to profit off of the citizens of Arizona. A scam to make Travis Alexander into a Saint (by his own words proven to be an abuser) in order for the friends and family to profit off of.
        The citizens of Arizona need to pull the Veil of Deception off of their eyes. FREE JODI AZ!!!

  37. Thanks CC53. Great info. But remember She did say She killed him and for many mindless idiots that’s proof of guilt. Odd how any other who fears for their life is praised for surviving their abuser. And We as the world know him to be just that! his own words and actions prove that well.

  38. Court of Appeals Division One: Party-Case Index
    ORDERED: Post-Management Conference Motion to Supplement #14, #18 (Appellant) = GRANTED/Court Reporter Michael Babicky to furnish one complete copy of the transcripts to appellant’s counsel and one complete copy to appellee’s counsel due 10/28/2016. FURTHER ORDERED: Post-Management Conference Motion to Supplement #19 = GRANTED/Michael Babicky review the transcript dated 05/16/2013 to determine if the date should in fact be 05/16/2014, and if so, to file a cover page bearing
    the correct date due 10/28/2016. Anthony Mackey ProTem Judge – Author

    • Great find, Amy. I agree they should have disbarred him but it embarrasses him before the public at the very least. Also, I hope he appeals it so they maybe can bring more of his dirty tricks to light. As Kiefer wrote: “Martinez has 10 days to appeal the admonition. If he does, the matter will go to a formal hearing.” Plus, Kiefer also says they have to deal with Martinez’s “book” (which is made up, in good part, of trial transcript, Jodi’s interrogation by Flores, gossip and many comments presented as fact that were never proven). Plus, it’s filled with mistakes and ghost written.
      It’s not the Karma I would like for Martinez but him getting hit by a bolt of lightning is probably hoping for too much.

  39. That’s so awesome! Martinez should’ve been disbarred but it’s a start. Hopefully it’ll help Jodi with her appeals! As the saying goes, where there’s smoke there’s fire. That POS cheats to win. He doesn’t play by the rules and not just in Jodi’s case!

  40. Great Way To Start Out the Weekend!!!!!
    The frog is turning a pale shade of pink lately! 😆
    ♥ YEAH !♥ ((((((TEAM JODI))))))

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