Happy Thanksgiving!

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On this special day, I’d like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day, full of family and friends (including the ones you don’t like), great food and great memories :mrgreen:

Happy Thanksgiving! - Justice for Jodi Arias

be fucking brave

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UPDATE: The recent JAA Appellate Fund Matching-gift Campaign raised $91,805.45 — thanks to a generous matching donor and all the supporters that donated to the fund. Let’s now be sure to keep the momentum growing so the fund total can push through $100,000, and even closer towards raising sufficient funds to help cover the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction.

All donations via go directly to the fund. It is also the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them.

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In the meantime…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious


          • 🙂 I submitted at 7:25 am and it disappeared into limbo for more than an hour (because of the links) during which time you submitted yours. Then when Admin finally approved it, it jumped ahead of yours. No special powers or influence or anything… 🙂

            • Vicky,
              I witnessed you being first and I think you have a legitimate claim on “first on the page.”
              While Justus (sorry, J) made the first attempt to be on the page, the attempt was diverted into moderation. While ADM was examining Justus’s comment/document, you actually placed your comment on the page.

              For example, if the first visitor to the White House was carrying a bulky package, the United States Secret Service (if they weren’t sleeping) would take the person aside and examined him/her thoroughly. In the meantime, a second visitor, looking presentable and non-threatening and with the proper credentials would quickly pass through the doors. Barrack might even invite that person to have lunch with him as the first visitor of the day. I hope the JAII prize is food and you’re sharing.

  1. I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I really hope you are surrounded by loved ones and enjoy your day.

    Sometimes, we forget to be thankful and grateful for the little things. We take them for granted and that’s a shame. Today is the perfect day to think of those little things. ♥


  2. Can’t help but think about our Jodi on this special day. Does anybody know if she gets a Turkey meal or if it’s the same as every day. It’s so depressing to realize that she has to endure this daily torture. Free Jodi as self defense is not a crime!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American and Canadian friends!!!!!

    Take this chance to spend time with your loved ones, to talk (to REALLY talk), to share, to have fun, to rest….. Sometimes we DO take things for granted, even the things we would never think we should be grateful for.

    Don’ t forget to think of our Jodi today, too ♥ ♥ ♥

      • I think it’s best to be safe and celebrate both. I found out very recently that my very great grandparents came over on the Mayflower and the majority of my ancestors stayed south of the border. 🙂 Two turkey days!!

  4. I may not comment much but I want you all to know I hold you all in high regard and wish you all a Very Happy Thanksgiving.

    FREE JODI <3

  5. We Must ALL Fight On Until Jodi IS FREED.

    I will never shy away of standing up to be counted, hell will freeze over first!


  6. Attention everyone: where are the admins?? You guys have GOT to put that Happy Thanksgiving photo down. Why? Because Scoopy (hey, do you remember that loser?) tweeted the exact same photo. YUCK!
    Do we here, on JAII, want to have anything in common with Scoopy? Yuck! 😛

    😆 😆 😆

    • The following says it all…

      “We are constantly confronted with wrongful convictions rooted in a prosecutor’s belief that winning a case is more important than seeking justice. These experiences compel us to recognize that sometimes the criminals our justice system most needs to confront are actually running it.”

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to Jodi and her family and to everyone here I tried to find info on what they were serving in Jail but I could not find a thing maybe someone else has better luck

    • “Prosecutorial misconduct includes withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, destroying evidence, and allowing unreliable witnesses or fraudulent experts to testify. Police misconduct includes coercing false confessions, lying on the witness stand, or failing to turn over evidence to prosecutors.”

    • And of course they’ll say that Jodi was dumb and didn’t think of that BUT in a breath they will call her a mastermind brilliant manipulator… Whatever fits their story. 🙄

      • Exactly right, Pan. They somehow have no problem fitting contradictions into their heads because they possess no ability to analyze their own thinking processes, which, by the way, is “First decide the truth (as I want it to be) and then pound square pegs into round holes to make it all fit.” A great example of this is one typical respondent’s answers to many of these questions:

          • Yes, the State (and a bunch of nitwits) want us to believe that among all the possible murder weapons at her disposal, she not only chose the least powerful one but then, in her master murder plan, changed out the bullet type to make it even more ineffective.

            Who the hell is drinking the Koolaid???

  8. One dude made a comment on another site that is a unanswered question of his is.. he made it clear he is neither for or against Jodi! He has never known Jodi and never will nor will he be writing to her. He said he is a active fireman/fire fighter for over 8 years and its way hard for him to believe Jodi was able to drag a limp dead weight mans body down the hall and place back into the shower! He also brought up the fact that there was a large boot print left by the shower door! Of course he was attacked by the death ghouls and ive seen no more comments made by him! Now my question is from my reading deanna was in tva house several times unannounced. Tva journal did come up missing and was later discovered in the possession of the hughes that was made by court order to hand them over. I also read where hughes didnt even go to cancun . He had not one picture of him nor his family stay at the paid for trip! Lets not forget the very important money making CONfrence call that ta misst and hughes didnt even check up on ta to say WTF???!!! AND from what I read hughes was local! I did see hughes on the stand under oath , while he waited it looked to me the man had shaking nervous break down until he realized the questions being asked was not hard ones . No questions like how did you come in possession of travis stolen journal and why did you make us court order you to hand over? And was you in tva home before cops were called to the scene? Did you delete files in attempt to cover up on tva computer? Where is the missing sim cards to his phone?
    I wish Justus could of been the one to ask both hughes and deanna the hard questions along with the nervous roommates that after 5 days still couldnt smell the rotting flesh nor think anything was out of the ordinary ! Things that make U go hmmm!! #1 Jodi #FFJ #1 SJ TEAM JODI

    • Pam, when chris hughes was on the stand he was was sweating bullets! Every question made to him had the same answer: “Can you repeat the question?”. This was done to give him time to think of the answers he ‘should and was told’ to answer.

      His answers contradicted to what his wife – sky(e?) – said on the stand.

      Every time he replied, he looked over at the prosecutor’s table and at his wife… if all this doesn’t seem shady and guilty of sth, then I don’t know what does! People don’t have to like Jodi to acknowledge that both hughes lied their asses on the stand under oath.

      (Let’s not forget how much moolah the CASH’S* – oops, I meant HUGHES – made off the fake ‘Donate for travis’ sake (so I can line my pockets)’ that they had going back in 2013 – Still got those screenshots from back ). 😉

      *C-hris A-nd S-ky H-ughes

  9. As you KEEP bringing up your feelings about Jodi’s inability to have put ta to the shower, you need to explore Jodi’s motive for subjecting herself to the last 7 years, if someone else MIGHT have had the real responsibility. Have you never heard of the super human feats of adrenaline? Are you calling Jodi a liar? You must know, I refuse to allow you to call Jodi out.

    • Johm, reread the comment! This remark was what a fireman said/believed! You are always so quick to jump on people just cuz you dont understand what youve read!! I read where people are always putting you in check! Stupid old bitch!

      • You might just not want to be calling me names. I read your comment, you continue to put the fact that Jodi didn’t put ta in the shower out there, like you have forever. I’ll leave your attitude to the admins.

        • I’ve said it too, john – I still say it.

          Unless Travis got himself back into that shower, he had to have been put there by someone strong enough to carry him there. He simply was NOT *dragged* into that shower, because the autopsy does not describe any of the pre-or-post mortem abrasions that would have occurred had he been dragged there.

          Furthermore – pointing that out, and continuing to point that out, does NOT dispute Jodi in any way. When asked by visitors, Jodi continues to say she has no memory of how Travis ended up in the shower.

          And, as Pandora says, we have no way of knowing what happened after Jodi left. And there is evidence – beyond Travis’ position in the shower and even beyond the boot print – that there was SOMEONE in that house between Jun 4 and Jun 9 who has never spoken up. (or not on the record, anyway)

          • It’s O.K., I don’t agree with you Journee. I ssay Jodi DID put ta in the shower, and it is just as probable as any other scenario.

            • Well Jodi hasn’t said that. She agrees that she must have but says she has no memory of it.

              So NO ONE, not me nor Pam nor anyone else who has doubts on that issue. is calling Jodi a liar.

              • You have a totally different view about what happened than I do, so it’s neither here or there without testimony in court. I say Jodi put ta in the shower, and I believe Jodi accepted responsibility for doing it. If someone else may have done it, why would Jodi not just say I’m not responsible for actually putting ta in the shower, because I cannot remember. Not, I, Jodi,accept responsibility but I don’t remember.
                I personally don’t take responsibility for things I don’t remember.
                I’m not so sure Jodi is saying anything to anyone asking anything about the case since it’s under appeal.

                • So now the visitor who shared that conversation in VENT is a liar, too?

                  C’mon, john.

                  You’re free to choose to believe what is not supported by testimony, but are you really ‘supporting Jodi’ by smacking down a supporter who believes something else?

                • I don’t think Jodi would tell that visitor anything that she might possibly regret, or have to own up to, in the future. Jodi accepted the responsibility, that’s the testimony, if you disagree then I believe you are calling Jodi out, a liar or other. That’s how I personally see it. Whether it’s opinion against opinion it still needs further testimony for me to alter my opinion, only testimony

                • I accept her *testimony* that she does not remember it but agrees she must have done it.

                  The *evidence* does not support Travis having been *dragged* into that shower and maneuvered him into the position he was found in.

                • And, if you’re not saying that Jodi’s visitor lied to us, you’re saying that Jodi lied to her visitor.

                • I guess I’ll have to request of the source, the visitor, if they feel like Jodi could reveal facts that might affect her appeals. I do know that until such point as Jodi made the knife in throat statement at sentencing, that many of the “intruder or others” theorists, believed Jodi was not even there. Only time might tell

                • John,
                  If we go strictly by the evidence, there is no “proof” Jodi was in Travis’s house after 1:44:00 pm on June 4, 2008 (give or take a few minutes since I couldn’t find any other photos of Jodi in the nude that showed a date & time right at the moment). There is a nude photo of Travis at 1:47:15 pm marked June 4, 2008 but there’s no proof Jodi took the photo. And, even then, we have to believe that the photos were actually taken on that date and time since the police were apparently the ones that put the date and time on the photos .
                  During Jodi’s interrogation, she suggested her memory card might have been in Travis’s camera although she wasn’t sure it would fit and also said that date and time stamps can be tampered with. She also said her memory cards might have been left at Travis’s place (which to me suggests that the nude photos of Jodi & Travis could have been innocently deleted a long time before June 4, 2008 as that was their habit (take nude photos and then delete them). The police wouldn’t even need to use Travis’s camera if they had Jodi’s memory cards.

                  So I would say there is absolutely not 100% foolproof evidence Jodi was at Travis’s place on June 4, 2008.

                  There is one other issue though. Jodi apparently was aware of what video Travis was watching on June 4, 2008 around 4 am when she supposedly arrived. But, her description of the video is rather vague and Jodi often gave great detail when describing things so it’s possible someone told her what Travis was watching (just a guess). I know Flores fed Jodi pretty well every piece of “evidence” the police had (plus he made up some other stuff) during his interrogation of her. Jodi could have written her own book about Travis’s death with the amount information Flores gave her or (leaked to her) during the interrogation.
                  Also, remember that Flores fed information to Zachary Billings and Enrique Cortez so their stories lined up with the June 4, 2008 date.

            • I’m still not convinced that anyone put Travis in the shower. I know people are convinced that the final battle took place at the bedroom end of the hallway (and I know the blood is compelling) but I think Travis somehow went into that shower upright and that’s where he lost consciousness as he slid down the right wall. It’s the only scenario, in my mind, that makes any sense considering his final position on the shower floor. Think about the most probable position if he had been drug in head-first while lying on his back (or even on his stomach). What sort of contortions would have to have been performed to get him into that position? As a matter of fact, dragging him in while prone, in any direction (head first or feet first), would have required a great deal of pushing and shoving of various body parts to get him into that position. And then, of course, there’s the ever present unanswered question: Why would Jodi (or anyone else, for that matter) bother to do that?

              • Yep – but the ‘why’ question applies to Travis also.

                Why, during a struggle for his life, does he go into the shower?

                Why is the question – all the way around, really.

                It would have been a monumental effort, for someone Jodi’s size, to maneuver Travis into that position in the shower after he was already dead. (and his body would have born as many signs of that struggle as it did of the struggle that came before, which it did not)
                WHY do that when she’d presumably be in a hurry to exit the house before roommates got home?
                So okay, maybe she *helped* him into the shower while he was still alive. If he was still vertical, she would have had his cooperation in getting into the shower. But, again, WHY? ‘I’m dying Jodi, help me get into the shower?’ huh?

                The ONLY reason I can think of for ANYONE to have moved him to the shower after he was already dead was the drain. So fluids would have a place to go and not leave telltale seepage and stains on the ceiling below. But even at that, you’d think it would have been easier to get him into the bathtub.

                Of course, there’s that other reason. The Mormon reason. And I guess the Mormon reason could even explain why Travis would cooperate to get himself into the shower.

                • It’s easier for me to imagine Travis stumbling into the shower, with no apparent reason in mind (considering the circumstances), then to envision someone, for no logical reason, using precious time and a great deal of energy to drag his 200 pounds of dead weight down the hallway and literally stuff him into that small space. (And perhaps there was a reason he went into the shower. Maybe he backed Jodi into the shower and that’s where the final battle took place.)

          • OK, Journee, if no one else is going to ask, I’ll ask. What evidence are you referring to when you say there is evidence there was SOMEONE else in Travis’s house between June 4 – June 9 who has never spoken up? Thanks in advance.

            • Hi there. I think Journee is referring to the big bootprint. It was NOT Jodi’s… Then again, someone might say that it might have been one of the CS INVESTIGATORS but again: after 5 days, hadn’t the blood dried up making it impossible to step in blood and leave a print elsewhere? Plus, don’t ALL investigators + medical team wear those plastic thingies on their shoes so they won’t contaminate the scene? Hypothetically, IF the blood was still ‘wet’ and it WAS indeed one of those people, the print would have been a smudge and not such a clear print.

              Plus, we know for a FACT that the roommates were gallivanting in the house the days after June 4th up to the day that travis was found. One roommate’s girlfriend was also there… so who can guarantee that the roommates were NOT involved and don’t know more than they’re saying?

              • They know a lot more than they are telling….or should I say a lot more than they are lying about !!! Of course they smelled him while they were there days hatching their plan to blame this all on know Marie Hall ( I believe she was the one that called 911) couldn’t quite remember the name though and had to ask again while on the phone with police…not saying they had anything to do with his killing but IIMHO they sure had interfered, arranged, rearranged, and tampered with the scene…all of course to protect their beloved pervert abuser TA..

            • Who put the floor cleaner away?

              Both roommates told Flores that the downstairs was in disarray and the floor cleaner was left sitting out for a few days. Both said it was put away and everything set right again late in the week – both assumed the other had done it.

              • Good question, Journee. Was the door to TA’s house locked between June 4- June 9? It was locked the night his body was found.

                • I think Enrique Cortez made a comment that Travis’ door was locked when he (EC) got home from work the evening of June 4, 2008. He claimed that was unusual since the door to Travis’ house was usually left UNLOCKED.

                • Enrique said the door was locked when he got home on Thursday the 5th.
                  Of course, he also said he saw Travis talking on his phone, downstairs, about an hour after the last photo in the bathroom was timestamped.

              • Journee,
                Yes, I knew that was you answering my question.
                As for Enrique seeing “Travis talking on his phone, downstairs about an hour after the last photo in the bathroom was timestamped,” that’s what I meant on Sunday when I wrote about how Flores fed information to both Enrique and Zack so they could alter their stories so they would fit with TA dying on June 4, 2008.

                Now, if the door to Travis’s house was NOT locked on June 4, 2008 (as per usual) but Enrique said the door WAS locked when he got home on Thursday, June 5, 2008, what would that indicate? Zack or someone else locked the door? Or, less likely, Enrique locked the door himself and didn’t remember doing it.

                • It could also indicate there was a unknown visitor or visitors to TA’s house on two occasions between June 4-June 9. On June 5, 2008 when the door was “accidentally” locked upon leaving and a second time when the visitor or visitors put the floor cleaner away and straightened up later in the week.

                • And the roommates did not have front door key – only keypad code in the garage. Not that a key is necessarily needed to lock the front door, but some do – deadbolts, for example, have to be key-locked from the outside if there’s no one inside to throw the bolt.

              • Interrogation Transcript:

                DF: Did you… you went through the door or the garage? I know a lot of his friends have the key code for the garage, and he doesn’t keep that a secret either.

                JA: Umm…

                DF: I got that from several different friends.

    • Johnm, this topic was a huge thing back then. Yes, adrenaline can give us a big rush of physical power but again, the time needed to drag, to clean up, to get the fuck out of there doesn’t sum up. Plus that boot print is still a question for everyone. Something the defense team should have brought up during the trial.

      I personally believe Jodi’s sworn testimony 100% BUT I nor Jodi nor anyone else can ever know what happened when Jodi left travis’ house and how many people entered after… 😉 — Remember, Jodi has a lot of black outs about all the things that happened that day. That’s another thing adrenaline rush does: it blocks out very emotional scenes to protect us.

      Pam was just telling us what she read. No need to attack her.

      • And Pam, no need for attacking Johnm back. We’re all a family here and for the same reason: to raise questions, to prove Jodi’s innocence and to remind whoever reads here of the injustice that has occured! 😉

      • I don’t agree with how you categorize what pam said. pam has stated from the beginning she did not believe Jodi put ta in the shower, and this is not the only time pam has made reference to other’s comments about Joi’s inability to put ta in the shower. Now you say I’m attacking, well then maybe you don’t understand the implication the way I do, and even if pam was just reporting, she need not name call me to get her point reemphasized.

    • johnm…. 2 words – shoe print.

      I believe it evidence that someone else was there. This would make Jodi’s story and photograph of her with TA’s body believable –

      WHO TOOK THAT PHOTOGRAPH? It didn’t take itself, however convenient it was to say it did.

      Why didn’t Jodi say someone else was there, well, she tried to.. but why she didn’t, remains a mystery that no doubt we shall all find out about.

      • If it’s important for you to believe someone else was there, I couldn’t appeal to you in anyway. I’m strictly interested in Jodi’s testimony.

  10. Nurmi wrote that at JAII we are all drinking the Kool Aid and Jodi has some kind of cultic spell over us. If that were true, we would all be chanting the same mantra. Without really thinking about it, I can come up with three or four very different interpretations of events that the peeps here have had over the years – and continue to still have!

    I for one HATE kool aid. 😉

    • Which brings back my question to pam of what motivations Jodi would have to subject herself to the last seven years, including the possible DP. Lost in the name calling

      • Subject herself?

        Did she turn herself in and beg for impossibly high bail?

        Jodi spent nearly seven years fighting for her life. Nuff said.

    • nurmi is bitter because he realized that we are doing a fucking awesome job in representing Jodi (here at the site) than what he did as a ‘professional’ (using the word loosely!) during the trial.

      nurmi thinks that if he attacks us, the ‘opposite side’ will think he’s awesome and buy his book. Thing is, we have something in common with the other side: we both agree that nurmi is a douchbag and an idiot! Only few are going to waste their money to buy his trailer trash book and they’ll do that only out of curiosity to read his bs and call him an even bigger loser!

      It’s funny that in most of his tweets he adds ‘hashtag Jodi Arias’ so people could read his tweets! That right there is proof that he is a NOBODY without Jodi! 😉

      • Had Nurmi known in Jan 2011 when Judge Duncan denied his motion to withdraw that the case would drag out to 2015, he may well have suffered a complete mental breakdown rather than just his heart sinking.

        If an attorney takes the drastic step of quitting his job to get himself off a case, I think the judge should take that person seriously. It seems it would be impossible to do your best when you are totally miserable for years. Just as Nurmi was coming to the conclusion that he was not cut out to be a capital crimes attorney he gets the longest case anyone could imagine. He wasn’t a people person to begin with….

        • It goes to show how serious nurmi took his profession. I mean, he was a nobody back then and could have used this case to make a name for himself. It’s not only about the outcome of a case. It’s about the passion that an attorney has to win the case.

          Jose Baez was a nobody before Casey too… His passion and dedication to prove CA’s innocence is what helped him become one of the most successful attorneys in the profession.

          Both Jodi and Casey are the most hated women in USA but I ask you this: who would you want to represent you if you had to chose between Jose Baez or Nurmi? I definitely would choose Baez as I’m sure that everyone would too. Even if it wasn’t a choice between the two of them and you can choose any attorney: again, I would choose Baez. He had all the odds against him: (prosecution, media, public. Even the judge hated him 9 out of 10 days – pun intended) but with his loyalty to his client and his devotion he went against all odds and won one of the highest profiled cases in American history.

          It goes to show that the defense attorney is who makes or breaks a winning case. Just remember, Debra Milke had an attorney that was lazy too and he too was against a corrupted prosecutor and investigator… Debra spend over 2 decades in jail and almost got murdered by the State because of her attorney’s incapability to represent her with passion and devotion. She was freed only when she and her friends took matters in their own hands.

    • Nurmi and the rest do not seem to get that we here simply see too much reasonable doubt in this case – and this is precisely why we maintain that Jodi is INNOCENT. Of M1.
      It has nothing to do with a cult or drinking the Kool-Aid (I’ve never had Kool-Aid btw, does it taste good???? LOL) . I CAN’T believe how one-dimensioned they are trying to portray us. Jeez!

  11. Did anyone watch 48 Hours last night? It was about a woman (a prosecutor originally – now a defense lawyer) who was trying to deal with the death of her young pregnant sister and brother-in-law who were murdered 20-25 years ago. The killer was a teenager who was said to be arrogant & didn’t show any remorse (if the media can be trusted). She struggled to forgive the killer (thrill kill was mentioned in the program) and actually started visiting him in prison in 2012. It’s an amazing story. It made me think of the Jodi-haters and how different they are from this woman.

  12. Pandora We will never know just what went on after Jodi left…so very right.I thought it so odd how the woman who called 9-1-1 had to ask …what’s Her name….Jodi?And just how many entered the scene…and how would they know what kind of SCENE? A lot can happen over 4 days and seems to have….who gets a crew showing up at their home when your on a trip and NO ONE knew different on that as for all they knew he was on that trip…could of went on his own dime…LOL . Seems to Me two guys at least viewed t-dog or most.Imagine any detective hearing that…as they think….WT…beep…how many of you idiots went in for a look-see? Little did Jodi know at the time all the help She was going to get from his so called friends and help they did the persecutor in any and all ways…most were on HLN that often one would think they got paid of were told too or find new work. I have never seen more nuts fall of a tree…it’s like they just had to see who could bring more hate then the last one….kina strange. For any to think only She did all that makes one ask,so how do you know? Her words on the stand hold up to the facts and reason,after She left who knows who needed to do a clean up to cover their tracks and t-dogs.

    • Wayne, you’re right. It always seemed so weird that for so many days that travis was ‘missing’ nobody moved their pinky to try and find him and all of a sudden, there’s a search party with all the posse pointing their fingers to Jodi from the first minute. I mean, you’re in shock while making the 911 call and yet you can think so clearly to accuse someone on the spot?

      I think that there’s a lot more than what we know and nobody from that posse is ever going to fess up. I mean, yes Jodi came clean and confessed in killing travis in SELF DEFENSE but those 4 or 5 days that travis was a ‘no show’ certainly has a secret story behind it…

      Come on, people that claim to ADORE travis don’t give a flying fuck what’s happened to him when he misses the conference call, the trip and doesn’t answer his phone??? Doesn’t add up at all. And although I have been trying not refer to the alexanders, hadn’t they contacted their ‘beloved’ brother – the brother they claim was the ‘glue’ to keeping their family together – for so many days? I think that it will always haunt them that they were having an awesome time camping or row boating or whatever the hell they were doing without giving a shit about their brother. Who (that claims that they are ‘close’ to their siblings) goes w/o any contact for so many days? If I don’t hear from my siblings for over 24 hrs I call to make sure everything is well. But that’s just me, actually giving a shit and actually caring for my siblings. 😉

  13. I just got confirmation from an Arizona lawyer that the only exception to the Arizona confidentiality duty that could possibly justify Nurmi’s disclosures about his representation of Jodi is informed consent — which she did not give. So, if the State Bar applies the rules, he should certainly be disbarred.

    • Yes, but it’s hard to imagine a worse breach than this one. Nurmi’s disclosures are massive, hugely adverse to his client’s interest, premeditated and repeated (in interviews), and motivated partly by self-interest including monetary gain — and they occur during appeals. For the State Bar not to disbar him would amount to saying: “No Arizona lawyer can be disbarred for violating the confidentiality rule.”

    • Alan, thank you for the info. Still, we are talking about Arizona: so much corruption, so much injustice and the only thing that has happened is all of the authorities that could do something about it turned a blind eye. It’s scary.

      I too believe that nurmi should get disbarred. It seems that he enjoys slandering and gossiping about his clients rather than doing the hard job (that he was hired to do in the first place) of fighting for their freedom. So these type of attorneys should not be allowed to represent people. They are dangerous.

      I also hope that he has to pay back the State of Arizona for all the money he ‘stole’ from the tax payers w/o actually earning it. He’s a poster boy for lazy, incapable humans that go through life getting paid for jobs they don’t do.

      • Oh, but don’t you know he saved her life twice (according to him) and he should be thanked for that….right?? No, IMHO Jodi’s life was spared bc not all the jurors bought little Juanita’s stories about Jodi and the fairytales that were spun about abusive pedo TA…it was despite KN’s representation that her life was spared, not because of it !! IMHO…

  14. I often hear dissenters claim that because she didn’t run out the door after Travis was shot is proof that she wasn’t being attacked. But I ran a movie in my head where she did actually run out the door. And you know what the ending was in that scenario, the dissenters were saying that was proof that the gunshot was not an accident, otherwise she would have tried to help him. (Jodi was screwed from the get-go because of the ignorant, lazy-thinking society we live in.)

    • Justus, it’s what we all have been saying always: whatever Jodi did or didn’t do, she’ll always be the villain.

      And they do a great job of contradicting their own theories:

      They say Jodi had premeditated killing travis. They actually say that she had taken a long time to plan this out… So her premeditated plan to the ‘perfect murder’ was to leave such a sloppy mess behind? Give me a fucking break! They have to choose: either she was a brilliant manipulating monster or she was dumb as fucking rock to have planned the worse murder in history. They can’t have it both ways.

      If Jodi had planned to kill travis she would have been in and out of that house in a matter of minutes w/o chancing to be seen or heard by the roommates, by neighbors and go off her ‘well planned’ itinerary which would have been her alibi…

      Simple reality: She wanted to see travis because she was still in love with him. So when she made plans of her trip she added stopping by and seeing him. They had sex, she was happy, they had fun taking sexy pics and when she dropped his fucking camera he attacked her (because of course that’s what real men do when someone breaks their toys: they attack 🙄 ), he tried to choke her to death and she fought back for dear life. Adrenaline kicked in and we know the rest. Self defense. That’s what it was. A messy ending to a self defense act. No evil premeditated bullshit.. For those who think she had premeditated all this, they should take a minute to evaluate their deranged and sick ways of thinking… It seems that they would be capable of premeditating and not Jodi…

  15. Imagine Jodi running and getting by a man who has been shot in the head after for some very odd reason he looks in the mirror…who in hell does that looks in a mirror after getting shot! he would have caught Her as he was a runner not Her and then sad to say She would be …FREE. Only Jodi must run, zimmerscam is a hero.

  16. Oh, My! Tara is back! Along with all her brilliant insights. Now she is going after fellow juror, Zervakos. Juan is apparently claiming one juror on the first jury fell in love with Jodi and Tara is pointing fingers at Zervakos. And according to this article, Juan is also stating that a 9mm gun, knives and (God forbid) condoms were found in her “rental car”. (Was she driving a rental car when she was arrested?)

    • Yep – cops had been watching her load up a rental car for a trip. Or, perhaps, a move – that was the speculation, anyway. There were boxes loaded up, also. The story about the 9mm and the knife (? *knives* was the way I heard it) isn’t new, either. And, IIRC, at least one or more of those weapons were said to have been found not by the police but by the rental car place at some later date.

      I suspect the Daily Mail’s one and ONLY source for ALL of this article is the idiot manicurist. The case is making the news again, because of the books, and the fame-whore can’t stand that she’s been left out of all the press.

    • And how about this annoying piece of misinformation coming out of this rag:

      “After the case Zervakos became a figure of hate for Arias’ supporters and gave a series of interviews in which he tried to defend himself.”

      Does anybody proof read anything any more? Why would we be directing hate toward a juror who refused to kill her? Do these people have their heads up their butts??? This is a case of “the Arias supporters are the bad guys so it must have been them who demonstrated hate”. Geez Louise! Can this get any more insane?

      • And could it possibly be that Juan’s entire source for this allegation is Tara’s interpretation of what was going on? I bet she was only too happy to discuss it all with Juan. Let’s see if she gets an acknowledgment.

    • Now here’s an interesting statement:

      “Kelley said that most jurors could barely even look at Arias, but Zervakos seemed more interested than the others.

      Tell me, Tara. Why was it that “most jurors could barely even look at her”? Could it be because they had already decided she was a monster, they already knew she was guilty? Why else would you find it repulsive look at the defendant during a trial, the defendant who is presumed innocent until all the evidence is in? Could it be that Zervakos was “more interested” (as you put it) because he hadn’t already convicted her? Yes, do tell us all about it, Tara.

      • I’ve always felt Tara’s infatuation with the Alexanders, being either male or female, rather questionable in itself. She appears to have fallen head over heels for them. Did she know them before the trial? Sometimes I just wonder how many of those jurors knew some of the key players in this circus. smh

      • Exactly….they couldn’t look at her because those idiots had their minds already made up…oops, where’s the innocent until proven guilty? Oh that’s right it was left way behind in their mad rush to kill Jodi..

    • And it pisses me off that condoms are lumped in with items meant to denigrate her character. Would we even be seeing this as a negative insinuation if the subject was male? Would it even be mentioned or would it just be lumped in with all the other insignificant items found in the car?

      • For a woman to be enjoying sex, even SAFE sex, it is taboo. The exact opposite for a man.

        HOW PATHETIC!! Is this how advanced our society is? Is this the message the media are getting across to the younger generations, that condoms are a SHAMEFUL object that one should be publicly humiliated about? Good job,people. NOT. Now go back to your Victorian suppressive fucking era where you belong!!

    • Oh, ffs! Why doesn’t this tara chick get a life? Fame whore..

      Zervakos NEVER claimed to be on Jodi’s side. He never claimed to have any sort of sympathy for Jodi. He was doing his job! He was evaluating the facts, the evidence. He was one of the few people that actually paid attention to the case as a case without putting his emotions to judge Jodi. Of course he’s getting attacked now. Dontcha know it? Whoever uses common sense in this case is either a nutjob, in love with Jodi, manipulated, drinking the Kool Aid, etc. Some people have their brains as decoration. They haven’t figured out that they can actually use them and think for themselves. Bahhhhh- hhhh … sheeple.

    • Tara Kelly that FUCKING fat bitch! Someone should shut her ugly mouth once and for all, ffs!!

      I PITY HER SON AND HUSBAND. Especially her son….Poor boy growing up with such an usnatble person. Tara needs a shrink ASAP, she obviously ahs a lot of issues.

      Tara, you are NOT RELELEVANT A-N-Y M-O-R-E! Go get laid FFS and keep off the media!

    • Carol,

      Nurmi is very busy. He’s working harder to flog his book than he ever did to help Jodi. He’s booked for tomorrow night (Tuesday) with Jarrett Seltzer and he’s making jokes about it.

      L. Kirk Nurmi ‏@_nurmilaw 23m23 minutes ago

      L. Kirk Nurmi Retweeted Jarrett Seltzer

      Better tune in you never know Jarrett and I might break out into a medley of our favorite Adele songs

      L. Kirk Nurmi added,
      Jarrett Seltzer @JarrettSeltzer
      Just over 24 hours until @_nurmilaw joins me live to discuss Trapped With Ms. Arias – – Tues -7pm EST
      1 retweet 0 likes

    • …and every bit of these interviews he is doing should be documented for her appeals as well…so keep on flapping you big jaws KN….THANK YOU !!!

    • Oh well! RASNA will know what I’m talking about! My computer has been playing tricks on me! 😉
      LOL Who was that anonymous poster! smh

  17. Okay, so I wake up this morning to national news reporting that one of the Jodi Arias’ jurors was in love with her….REALLY ?? If I am this juror I am going to defend myself against such a preposterous accusation. I am going to stand up for the fact that I, UNLIKE ALL THE OTHER JURORS, had an open mind to the truth and did NOT already have my mind made up, etc…I hope this juror does such a statement or interview…IMHO

  18. So Zervakos denies the accusation that he was in love or had the hots for Jodi and further that he has no respect for our little Juanita who he says is just sensationalizing the case in order to make a buck…exactly right…

    Like I said his book is just expensive toliet paper…


  19. And here’s another interesting quote from Tara about Zervakos:

    “We’d have lunch together and he’d tell me how back in the day he was a womanizer. He thought she [Arias] was young and attractive and he didn’t see how somebody that young and attractive could kill anybody.”

    Really, Tara? The two of you were discussing this over lunch? During the trial?

  20. Just discussed on national news was the book by little Juanita. It was described by one lawyer commentator as unethical and the other as unprofessional and that this book was going to be part of the appeal, no doubt about it according to him. He also didn’t buy the story about the jury foreman being in love with Jodi and mentions the jury foreman denies it…

    So this is exactly what little Juanita wanted….publicity for his toilet paper book…maricopa must be beaming with pride !! BARF !!!

  21. Here’s my take of the nuts in a nutshell:

    Near the beginning of the interview NAG said “I gave you a lot of H-E-L-L during the trial. I’m sure you noticed that.” At the end she said “I’ll try to hold my caustic comments for Ms. Arias, not you.” Those were two occasions when Nurmi smiled. The whole interview was split screen – Nurmi was stone-faced and very serious and NAG was her usual sarcastic, caustic self. She kept referring to Nurmi as L. Kirk Nurmi. She made some snide comment about noticing that it was Part 1.

    NAG wanted to know how Jodi had used sex to manipulate Nurmi, mentioning that he was married, and referring to the boyfriend and personal grooming passage of the book. Nurmi’s response was not one that NAG approved of – that it was just another indication that Jodi was a victim of sexual abuse.

    So NAG changed the subject to Nurmi not approving of the strategy of trashing TA. Nurmi said that he didn’t think it was a good strategy; that his ultimate job was to save her life, and that he thought it would turn the jury – and the way the trial was taken over by the media – the whole world – against her. He felt he would have had an easier job in saving her life if he had just argued the facts that she was a young woman with no criminal record etc. NAG agrees and then said she wouldn’t believe anything anyway.
    NAG then brought up the quote about “grooming” again with her usual dripping sarcasm.

    Nurmi: “The sexual habits that she had with TA were fair game in the trial. For whatever reason, Ms. Arias decided to take it that one step further and talk about that subject if you will. To me – I wasn’t shocked by it. I’ve been around the block. I had been a criminal defence attorney for more than 12 years at that time. I’ve had a lot of cases of a sexual nature, and ultimately to me, as sensational as it is to talk about, it was just another sign to me that she was a victim of sexual abuse.”

    NAG interrupted him because she didn’t like the answer, switched the subject and showed Jodi singing Holy Night.

    Her next question was how Jodi manipulated him.

    Nurmi: “I don’t think she did. I mean, she tried. I think we have the incident when I tried to get off the case and she tried to make sure I remained on the case – which happened – which led to the title Trapped with Ms. Arias.”

    NAG wanted to know why he wanted off the case.

    Nurmi said he was assigned the case in 2009 and as a public defender you really don’t have a choice. Later he decided he was done with capital work and wanted to leave. He said he also “saw where the case was going and knew the results it would have on him”.

    NAG said she didn’t believe that Nurmi would quit because he thought she would be convicted and Nurmi was shaking his head no. NAG: Public defenders – most of their clients get convicted because they’re guilty. “In a nutshell L. Kirk Nurmi, why did you want off the case?”

    This is the only other time Nurmi smiled.

    Nurmi: “I’m not saying I wanted off the case because I thought she was guilty. I wanted off the case because I had a sense of what it would become in terms of the media exposure in terms of what she was going to do and I didn’t want to be a part of it. I didn’t want to do capital work anymore. I wanted to move into private practice….”

    NAG kind of cut him off again – ok, ok, I got it. NAG then had her guy in the white coat talk about the neck wound, and a Clinical Psychologist Dr. Ramani Duvasula discuss the effect it would have had on Nurmi to be “trapped”.

    NAG wound it up with a report that Jodi was getting special treatment at Perry, which supposedly came from the daughter of an inmate. All the wardens greet her – she has carpet in her room – she has a TV in the rec room. The response from Perryville was – No.

  22. Nancy Grace is a complete fraud, and a very destructive one at that. There was nothing of the slightest interest in the part of the interview that I saw, and it ruined the finale of Gotham to boot. So now I don’t know what happened to the Galavan crew. Fortunately, it seems to be available online.

  23. Great police work on that glock…that Her aunt had to tell em it may still be in the rental car….DUH! And the knifes well last time I checked it’s o.k. to have em in Ca. Good thing She didn’t have a dinner set…OMG we found 20 knives ,forks,and SPOONS! As for the other…well if You had a cheater in Your past….! Now if I was Bill Z. I’d be talking to a very good LIBEL lawyer as that what a state prosecutor has said…book or no book…it just accused a juror of wrong doing…..PROOF tiny! And just as PPL was reborn to LS…MURDER Inc. has a new name HLN….and a thing that thinks all are guilty,once charged…that from her own vile hole.The cult of death is strong and ea. night one can see it live….tune in for our next target….it just may be …YOU! Injustice for all…..praise t-dog. The great one who spoke of pure evil……or did he have a good imagination or MEMORY concerning children….SICK!

  24. Nurmi tweeted that he had a “great conversation” with Nancy Grace, just as he’s been saying about all his interviews. What a shameless self-promoter. In reality, he barely got to say a word on the Grace show.

  25. Ha! Told ya:

    William Pitts ‏@william_pitts 7h7 hours ago
    BREAKING: Publisher disputes @DailyMail claim #JodiAiras juror in love w/Arias. “Much of the material they reported on isn’t in the book”

    The fame-whore manicurist was Daily Mail’s ONLY source for that article.

    DAY 25 3 of 3

    Juan Martinez (JM): Ma’am, with regard to the killing of June 4 of 2008, it was you that committed that murder…that killed Travis Alexander, correct?
    JA: Yes.
    MY COMMENT: Martinez calls it a murder, then changes it to killed. Sleazy… trying to influence the jury? No objection from Jodi’s defense lawyers.

    JM: Nobody else was involved, right?
    JA: That’s correct.

    JM: And in terms of the … we don’t need any finger…any more of the fingerprint evidence that we have, you’re not disputing that the fingerprint evidence indicates that you were there, right?
    JA: That’s right.
    MY COMMENT: There was no fingerprint evidence Jodi was there. If Martinez is referring to the partial palm print that only proved Jodi was in Travis’s house sometimes between 2006-2008, not that she was there on June 4, 2008. No objection from Jodi’s defense lawyers so did they believed there was fingerprint evidence showing Jodi was there?

    JM: Same thing with the DNA evidence. It was you that was there, right?
    JA: Yes.
    MY COMMENT: Only mixed blood DNA evidence from both Travis & Jodi would have pointed to Jodi being there on June 4, 2008 and that DID NOT EXIST. The mixed DNA was NOT BLOOD and could have been left there anytime between 2006-2008. Again, no objection from Jodi’s defense lawyers so did they also agree there was mixed blood DNA that proved Jodi was there?

    Is this ineffective counsel or what?

    • JM’s way of sidestepping the sloppy investigative work. It didn’t matter that Mesa police had never even processed any of the other bucal swabs taken. It didn’t matter what other fingerprints may have been at the scene. Even the bloody footprint didn’t matter because Jodi said she killed Travis.

  27. Whooppsie Daisies, I certainly did not mean to trip over that. Seems like a good reason to borrow a pencil and make a note of the whole affair. My. My. My. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. I love the decorations on the tree. Happy Holidays.

  28. Monica Lindstrom ‏@monicalindstrom · 2h2 hours ago
    I am interviewing #JodiArias lead atty Kirk Nurmi today for @KTAR923, what questions would you ask him? #LegallySpeaking

    I should be able to watch this one. I hope it isn’t pay-per-view like Karas & Jarrett.

  29. The photograph of Jodi standing behind TA’s body, no way could she have taken it, nor could the camera have taken it; the distance, the amount in the photo – that shot would have had to have been taken at least 2 FEET away. So who had that camera? Obviously someone, a man at least 2 feet away from Jodi, almost certain it did go off by accident… in his hands.

    It has to be the person who made the shoe print, doesn’t it.

    It also explains that Jodi did not put TA in the shower on her own.

    TA was jealous… another man appearing… caused a fight… sounds to me like Self Defence went 2 ways. Jodi: he was still going for me. I remember the moment the knife went into his throat..

    • I was on that train of thought for a bit too – that the camera was too far away for either of the people in the picture to have triggered it…

      but what if it was kicked in the scuffle – not kicked hard, just moved aside with enough momentum that when it came to a stop against the wall, upside down, it rocked enough to depress that button?

  30. I actually think this man, the owner of the shoe print, saved Jodi’s life.

    Maybe this is why she won’t name him or say that anyone else was involved; after all she knew she would be going to prison; naming someone else would not have been able to prevent that from happening.

    • Joe,

      you need to be patient. Jodi is overwhelmed with mail. Sometimes mail is even stalled so she is given twice as much to catch up with.
      And PLEASE always bear in mind that she suffers from tendonitis which makes it very hard for her to be constantly writing. She is doing the best she can, trust me.

      Don’t take it personally; after all, we ALL write to her to keep HER company and remind her we’re still here. One shouldn’t write just to get a reply back, sounds a bit selfish to me. Do it FOR her, not you 😉

      Patience…..She *will* write back 🙂

  31. Joe, Maria is right she does write back but it does take some time. And when she does, she is very apologetic that it took her so long………she is so damn polite.

    • Thanks CAT and MARIA……… Jodi and I keep in touch, I didn’t mean to sound selfish. I know her case consumes all her time, I just thought she was in some kind of restriction like when joe arpaio was an asshole with her for giving her food to a hungry inmate.

      • I don’t think the problem is her case consuming time. It’s that she has severe pain in her writing hand, and I think also outgoing mail processing by the prison inspector has been slow. The result is that she can’t put out nearly the volume of mail she did while at Estrella.

  32. I wonder if the cops ever did DNA tests on the blood or took finger prints from the faucet, because whoever stopped in the middle of the attack to turn on the faucet was the attacker, the one obviously controlling the stop and go of the violence.

    • Jodi Legg said she developed precisely TWO DNA profiles – Travis’ and Jodi’s – and compared them to the DNA found in the ‘handprint’ as well as to one of the hair strands at the scene. That’s all the proof they wanted. They were never looking for answers, they were looking to close the case.

      • No fingernail scrapings were presented in court. Why? Because they never did them? Or like Nurmi said about Flores referring to Chris Hughes saying he could see Travis pushing Jodi he knew they might not support his case so he didn’t bother. I don’t buy that the body was cleaned so well by whoever killed him that no DNA could have been found.

  33. I just had to share. I got a letter from Jodi yesterday!!! I’m over the moon that she would be so kind to respond to me. I won’t share the contents because thats private but suffice to say she is OK. This just made my weekend!

    • There is still so much interest in Jodi that Monica splits the interview into 5 parts (instead of editing Nurmi’s boring interview down to 10 minutes). Monica suggests Jodi was the reason Nurmi left the public defender’s office and he doesn’t exactly correct her although he limply mentions “there were factors outside of Ms.Arias.” I didn’t like Monica’s inference that there was “no secret sugar daddy paying Jodi’s bills” as if Jodi was the type of woman that might have a sugar daddy.
      Monica’s voice would be perfect in a cartoon as a busy-body, gossipy next door neighbor. She’s got that nasal nastiness sound down perfect.

      • What a whiney cry-baby he is!!! OK, we got it – he wanted off the case. Jeez….. He is SO selling this, trying to sound as if he was one of the haters but forced to defend Jodi. Umm, isn’t putting personal feelings aside and doing the best he can part of his job? Hello?

      • Monica is really just a catty gossip, an ‘entertainer’
        who unfortunately has a law degree.
        Her comment about the sugar daddy perhaps shows her resentment that she has to work for a living. Also, just another example of the unwarranted misogyny directed against Jodi.

  34. Pathetic. I wonder did big boy get death threats like JW and LaViolette get? I just wrapped up watching JW plea to the jury to spare Jodi’s life. – I think she did a very good job. I know for a fact big boy would have said “kill or don’t kill her, I really don’t care. When’s lunch?”

  35. Monica Lindstrom with Kirk Nurmi – Part 2
    Monica comments that “people hate Jodi Arias.” I don’t think Monica even realizes that she is part of the reason that some people dislike or hate Jodi. The biased reporting painted a horrible and false picture of Jodi starting with HLN and other light-weight reporters along the way who jumped on the hate wagon. They just repeated slanted and untrue stories as fact. Lazy and unethical reporting which continues to this day.
    Then, Monica describes the”strangers, the weirdos that love her (Jodi) for whatever reason.” What’s really weird is the people who hate Jodi with a passion and they don’t even know her. But Monica apparently sees nothing wrong or unusual about hating a complete stranger since she is part of the hate mob herself.

  36. So we’re the weirdos? The people who see an injustice and want to set it right? The people who care about the constitution? The people who actually do know Jodi and didn’t prejudge her before we got to know her. OK, so maybe they don’t think it was an injustice. Does that give them (including Monica) the right to call us “weird” or any other name? What would they do if they saw an injustice? Just complain about it and get back to the lives? I guess so. But we’re the weirdos. 🙄

  37. Odd how she pretends how the press didn’t know how coverage would go….it goes the way they want it too….just tell the world…if this person isn’t put to death NO ONE is safe! Is that not what brother steven said…I wake up at night fearing….B/S. he’s more at risk falling down the stairs. Love Her or Hate Her this is about fairness and justice and that’s it.The mob says We are wrong….well he’s still DEAD. The mob can not undo a death by wanting Her destroyed. But has one ever said what if we got this wrong… can we undo that? Jodi was so right to out the true family that last day in court….steven and tanisha showing the roman sign of MURDER, thumbs down! BUT is that not what was used to take the life of a person who was defenceless…? For pleasure of the mob… News flash that family will never heal…No money in that.They use others as their t-dog used All.

    • I sincerely hope that Nurmi has a speedy and complete recovery. It is quite a shock to learn that he is not well, but as Jimmy Carter can attest to, it can and will be beaten.

      • I am a firm believer in “what goes around, comes around”…………………… Nurmi didn’t give a damn whether JODI lived or died and now he is paying the piper. Nine days out of ten, I Can’t wait to see what happens to flores and Martinez. all these mother fockers will pay for what they did to her.

      • I truly feel bad for Nurmi, and I hope he will regain his health and live a long life.

        That said, Nurmi has no integrity and deserves to lose his license to practice law. His unethical behavior will hopefully be deemed highly unlawful by the people who oversee the legal community.
        I so hope he will be disbarred.

        His unconscionable behavior__ if not duly punished__ will set a dangerous legal precedent that will potentially affect everyone, even people who hate Jodi.

        I have not been able to post here in a while. I am shocked that Nurmi has acted so despicably. Some of his vile comments are outright demented.

  38. Nurmi would be the poster child for stress the last few years of his life.

    “The connection between our emotional (psychological) health and physical health is very complex. Psychological stress can affect our health. Researchers know that stress, especially chronic stress, can weaken the immune system

    Immune System
    The complex group of cells and organs that defend the body against infection, disease and foreign substances.. The immune system defends our bodies against infections and diseases, such as cancer. A weakened (compromised) immune system plays a role in the development of some types of cancer. Stress can also alter the levels of certain hormones in the body.”

    Read more:

  39. I hope Nurmi makes a complete recovery. He can do it. In the meantime, since he likes to write, perhaps it would make good sense to write about health again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jodi sends her support. Also, I want to take this opportunity to say that I think he has a great voice for radio and TV. I hope he continues to speak out against the death penalty.

  40. God Speed to Nurmi…get well soon ! Sincerely

    He is the fight of his life…so was Jodi…and it requires 10000% effort to win with no stone left unturned and nothing left to chance….

    I still vehemently disagree with what he doing via his book(s) about Jodi that is IMHO going to make it very hard for Jodi to ever get a fair jury in any retrial that is ordered by the appellate court…It simply is not fair or right and once again diminishes Jodi’s constitutional rights…but these books IMHO will clearly show his ineffective assistance of counsel which is good for Jodi…

  41. Just listened to the 2nd part….Blah, Blah, Blah….how he “saved” Jodi’s life, really? IMHO it was in spite of his representation that the one brave juror saved Jodi’s life, not him….

    Of course, he’s got to sell his books, right? And of course, make lots and lots of money, right? While your client is on appeal, right?

  42. So nurmi has cancer….well he should drop the book tour and the rest and really work on saving his life good luck on that. When you hold hate in your heart it does not help you….he just might be learning that. I had a cancer scare and asked my dr. why no test….that costs money…..and that dr told my family that I might die from it and they used it in a court case against me…oh yes the judge had no problem with that…any thing to mock me. I know all about injustice from the courts…people of power and money OWN the courts.If I were nurmi I make my peace with Jodi and ask forgiveness….for all he put Her through.She will forgive! That’s who She is. But remember he had a duty to do right by Her and FAILED!

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