Happy Thanksgiving!

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On this special day, I’d like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy a wonderful day, full of family and friends, great food and great memories.

Happy Thanksgiving! - Justice for Jodi Arias

I’d also like to thank (in no particular order)…

Bryan Neumeister — for ripping Kermit a new one, and decimating the State’s case against Jodi by uncovering & confirming JM’s evidence tampering.

The Haters & pedo-huggers — for all the amusement they’ve given (and continue to give us) during and after the trial.

Corinna Flores — for tweeting the sealed hearing stuff and inadvertently outing Gloria Esteban.

Kermit — for all his award-winning acts of prosecutorial misconduct and evidence tampering… plus his seemingly effortless ability to coerce the initial trial jurors to return a guilty verdict, without ever producing any real or valid evidence to back it up.

HLN — for finally kicking JVM & VP’s fat clueless asses into touch.

Judge Pickles — for being instrumental in making sure Jodi’s trial may well be the longest & most expensive in AZ’s history.

And finally, Jodi & I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support.

(If we missed anyone, let us know!)

The circus returns to town next Tuesday (12/2) @ 9-45 am MST.

In the meantime — always remember…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Make it an awesome day!

Team Jodi #WINNING

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – as are their intentions – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! 🙂 I hope you all have a great time with your family and loved ones. Get some rest, relax, enjoy yourselves and remember to be thankful for many things in life we usually take for granted.

    My heart and thoughts are with our Jodi today. 🙁 🙁

    WE LOVE YOU, angel ♥ ♥

  2. SJ!!!! Every poster here is grateful to you for creating and keeping this site.

    You’re f*cking AWESOME!
    Σ’ αγαπώ πολύ!!!!!
    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Oh, btw: You forgot to thank Dr Fonseca; she too ripped Kermit a new one 😉 LMAOOO!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Great post S.J. and a special thanks to you for the site where we can come and discuss the injustice without persecution for views.

    Jodi, Bill, Sandi and family please keep strong you will all be together soon. May you all feel God’s arms around you.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

    I hope you all have a fantastic day, surrounded by loved ones!

    ((((SJ))) thank you for everything you do for Jodi and her supporters. Thank you for standing strong in your ongoing support for Jodi despite all the bullshit you endorse day in – day out from haters and not only…

    You are our rock!

    In turn, I would also like to thank detective Melendez for being so CLUELESS or DIRTY or BOTH in Jodi’s case. He made it easier for the tampering and corruption to surface.

    ((((Team Jodi Hug))) ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. I remembered an interview that I saw of the CASH Clan and began thinking. . .you know they have professed to be Travis BFF and there was NO ONE in this WORLD like “how amazing ” he was but yet they have covered up all of his CRAP!?!? Probably even from the PING from Southwest Airlines! If they were the friends they profess to be, then why wouldn’t they help him in his time of need. Be there to support him and see he got the help he needed. I feel and I always have, that MRS CASH and Travis were way better friends than Travis and MR CASH. MRS CASH is a devious woman IMO. He has been blind to the fact that his wife most probably had been caring on with Travis for years. They were not like parental figures or big brother and big sister figures to Travis, NO they were way more to each other than that. She appeared to know to much about Travis’s personal life and I do mean PERSONAL LIFE! Ole Mr. Cash has had his head in the sand or wait. . . maybe he figured it all out and maybe he had things that needed to be covered up . . .to save his own face. Boy wouldn’t that make a man MAD to find out secrets such as that. They have lied and connived from the very beginning of this tragedy. They protest way too much! They were not BFF, NO NEVER! They used Travis and when they found out he wasn’t living up to his end of their bargain everything came tumbling down. They might have even been one of the reasons Travis was in such agony not being able to live a “GOOD LIFE” like them, I’m sure they pointed it out to him all the time. Should they have not tried to help him with his love for Jodi instead of undermining it at every turn. What kind of people sneak behind peoples back and talk trash about them? My answer would be BACKSTABBERS! They are probably the reason he was still single. . .no one could live up to MRS CASH’S standards. . . .PUKE!!PUKE!!! She has been way to invested in this whole relationship or “none relationship” of Travis and Jodi’s! Sorry, just wanted to unload a few of my negative thoughts. . .SMH. Just the thoughts of that family enjoying Thanksgiving makes me want to PUKE!! SCUM BAGS! Just thought I would vent my frustrations on the main page TODAY!!!! WHY NOT?

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my team Jodi family.
    (((((TEAM JODI)))))
    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving to the smartest and best legal minds ever assembled —> ((((Team Jodi)))) ps. And I mean that in a positive way. 😉 G-d bless and hold Jodi and her family close.

  8. I give thanks in advance and forever, to the Guardian Angel of Miss Jodi Ann Arias. …And, to Jodi herself and her entire family. …And, thanks to the founders of this website: jodiariasisinnocent dot com.
    …And, we all pray for the exoneration of Mademoiselle Jodi, in God’s Good Time, with good words to Him, from St Joan of Arc, the Saint of all prisoners, of all time.

    • And certainly Happy Thanksgiving and thanks to all those on this site and others who support the total innocence of our friend Miss Jodi Ann Arias.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. May you all be blessed with health, love, joy.

    Sorry for having gone AWOL. Business trips and such.

    Rasna Admin – TEAM JODI

  10. Hey, where is everyone today? I am off today, refuse to go out on Black Friday and deal with wacky shoppers and crowds. Just stopping by to say hello, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. I will try to catch up reading all the twitters from the crazy circus trial from Monday and Tuesday.

    • Hi Vicky 😀 No shopping here. . .been a busy day organizing all of the lost posts out in the barn. LOL
      Found some really great ones but better leave them undercover for now! 😉

        • The judge found reason to allow it. If it was Jodi who testified, then the courtroom was closed not because of who the witness was, but because of what the witness had to say — which Jodi may or may not have gotten around to saying in the short time she was on the stand that afternoon…. most likely not considering Nurmi’s usual pace and Martinez’ incessant objections.

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