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As we look back at 2013, we all know first hand that Jodi’s trial has been a piss-poor excuse of a judicial circus throughout the year, and that still continues to this day. We also had two “high profile” trials (including Zimmerman’s) actually start and finish in-between one status hearing and the next a few months back.

Whether we’ll ever get a re-trial in 2014 or even an unbiased jury is another thing altogether. Come to think of it, we never managed to get an unbiased jury the first time around, did we? So how that could be achieved at the second time of asking is anyone’s guess.

As I documented back in May, we’ve still never seen any conclusive proof of pre-meditation. And despite Kermit’s shambolic showboating escapades and countless acts of blatant prosecutorial misconduct, the State never even came close to proving their case beyond and to the exclusion of all reasonable doubt. Nor will it ever. No amount of assumption or wishful thinking will ever change that fact.

The autopsy pics never proved pre-meditation either. All they prove is that the pedo-animal Jodi was defending herself against came off decidedly second best. Jodi – the potential VICTIM – turned the tables on her attacker. Self defense. Plain & simple.

So yes, let’s see how this BS unfolds next year… if and when the AZ State Circus ever manages to come back to town.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

In the meantime, and from a purely personal perspective, DECIDE TODAY that you’re finally gonna achieve your dreams in 2014. Don’t just try to do something either, because trying means having the intention to fail. Decide you’re gonna do it instead.

Because sometimes, you just gotta put all your excuses to one side and go for it… whether you wanna be an astronaut, a brain surgeon, a professional golfer, a porn star, an author, an artist… or even if you wanna be something ridiculous like a State Prosecutor. Whatever it is you wanna do or whatever you wanna be — even if it’s something relatively mundane like losing weight or stopping smoking (or both) — decide you’re gonna do it and to hell with anyone that tries to stand in your way and stop you.

I could go on as usual, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

I hope you have an awesome New Years Eve, whether you’re in the US, Canada, the UK, Grease or even Australia… and I hope you have an equally awesome, peaceful & prosperous 2014.

Thanks again for all for your support throughout the year, and for your continued support in 2014 and beyond.

And remember:


Make no mistake.

Until next year!

Team Jodi

If you would like to help Jodi by way of a financial donation to the official JAA APPELLATE FUND, click the Team Jodi link below for further details. All donations go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. Thank you for your support!

We Are Team Jodi ---- And We Will Be Victorious!



  1. Happy New Year Team Jodi!

    It is a shame, I don’t think the AZ State circus ever left town.

    Jodi never got an unbiased jury because they started with jury deselection instead of true jury selection.

    I hope 2014 brings the best for Jodi and her family.

    Go Team Jodi

    • Congratulations to onetimeagain for being the #1 on January the 1st of 2014!! How on Earth did you get by Maria and Pandora?????? LOL Happy New Year to All of Team Jodi and to Jodi and her family! Thanks to our Administrators and SJ for all of your hard work. ((((((JODI)))))))

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR, fellow Jodi supporters!
    SJ, Σ’αγαπώ! You’re awesome and I am proud to be your personal cheerleader 😉
    Rasna and ALEXIS, thank you for all your hard work and for the time you so selflessly spend here.
    May 2014 bring health and happiness to all of us.

    As for Jodi , 2013 was a dark, bitter, painful year . We were witnesses to such obscenities that some of us lost faith in humanity, right? I don’t think there’s much left for me to say that I haven’t already said throughout this year. Not a day goes by that my heart doesn’t not bleed for her, for the blatant lies and the perjury, the railroading, the lynch mob and the vultures tearing her apart, the crucifixion of a woman who was presumed guilty until proven innocent and not the other way round, a woman whose rights to a fair trial were trampled and who was fed to the wolves for the sake of money and reputation.

    .This New Year’s resolution should be to NOT let the darkness swallow us, to keep being united as a fist (Greek saying 😉 ) and to keep believing in our girl and in OUR version of the facts that took place that fateful day in 2008, which we know is the TRUTH!
    Love more, hate less. After all, it was love that brought us all together in the first place.
    We are not interested in hating or gossiping. Even if we sometimes crossed the line last year, we promise to NOT let it happen again and to not make the same mistakes in the future.
    WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT A WOMAN who was overcharged and who did nothing more than to defend herself.

    I am grateful for each and every one of you. Every single supporter is valuable. It was never a matter of quantity and we will NOT back down just because our voices are the minority in this case.

    Happy New Year Everyone! I love you!

    ((((((((( JODI ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ )))))))))))

  3. Happy New Year to ALL!

    I am so glad to have met you all, only sorry for the circumstances. I have thought, sometimes, of Jodi’s apparent acceptance of whatever her fate may be, her confidence that somehow it will serve the greater good. One of the greater goods already served is the existence of Team Jodi and the fact that she has brought us all together.

    (and, ahem, SJ — “Grease?”)

    • Maria and Journee, you said it all! & Journee, thanks for asking about the Grease “typo” [not] – as usual you catch everything!

      This was the year I learned a new Greek word (the one that starts with the elegant E’) and also some exotic fancy letters that I think Jodi would probably like to be able to create in her own great handwriting. I hope you, Maria and Pan, are teaching her via your postcards.

      Thank you so much, SJ, Rasna and Alexis for all that you do in making this site a safe place to express our views and to help Jodi.

      Happy New Year and lots of love to one and all!

      • You mean this ” Σ”? That’s our ”S” 🙂
        And yes! I’m teaching Jodi Greek via my postcards 🙂

        • Great, Maria; that’s a wonderful and worthwhile gift for Jodi. I personally find the Greek alphabet quite captivating!

          • I think she has a gift for languages.I also write to her in Spanish- I want her to have the opportunity to practice it so as not to forget it. She’s very good at it, yet quite modest ♥

  4. Hello to everyone! It’s almost New Years here in Grease already (LMFAO, SJ)!!!!

    I would like to wish you all health, happiness and non-stop laughter til it hurts! 😉

    May 2014 bring all of you whatever 2013 didn’t.

    I personally can’t wait to kick 2013 to the curb – the bitch it was! LOL!!!!

    SJ, thank you so much for whatever you do everyday to keep this site ‘up ‘n’ up’. I would also like to thank the Admins for their patience and time and for all that they do to keep out all the haters’ BS from this site and keep us safe.

    I would like to wish Jodi a best 2014 ever. May justice shine upon her and finally get a break from all the crap she has been through.

    Finally, to all my cyber friends and non blood related family: thank you for being part of my life. I would like to hug each and everyone of you but knowing it is impossible to do so I do not get upset because I already have you guys in my heart!

    HAPPY 2014, peeps!

    (((((Jodi))))) ♥
    (((((SJ))))) – Σ’αγαπώ πολύ!!!! ♥
    (((((Admins))))))) ♥
    (((((((all friends and family))))))) ♥

  5. GOD bless Jodi Ann Arias in 2014
    ((((((((((JODI♥)))))))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 🙂

    Ray A. Chastain
    in Harrisonburg, Virginia

  6. HAPPY NEW YEAR ————————————————————————!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    to all my family of Jodi supporters here and to our sweet Jodi!!! I pray that the New Year, 2014, brings many, many, many, unexpected “POSITIVE” Breaking News – BOMBSHELLS in FAVOR of Jodi’s trial that will lead to the FREEDOM of Jodi!!!

    I love you all, especially you, SJ, for creating this awesome site with awesome people for the support of Jodi, and Admin. – Alexey & Rasna, for all you do to maintain this site as wonderfully as you do and keeping it safe for everyone from , useless, negative, evil, disgusting, hateful, unnecessary, undeserving posts from hate filled posters!!!

    I love JODI and you ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I wish a happy and prosperous 2014 to everyone at JAII. And may I suggest that there is one New Year’s resolution that all of us should make and keep? Namely: to give generously, in money or at least in time, to raising funds for Jodi’s appeal. So many times, people here have said that they wished they knew what to do to help Jodi. Well, here it is! Everyone can help with fund-raising in some way. Other than sending postcards, meeting her need of $250,000 for a private lawyer of her choice is the most important thing we can do, and if we all pitch in we can easily do it. Whether she can hire one seems to me the most important single factor affecting her future. It may well be her only chance at freedom, or even decent living conditions. Best of all, it is under our complete control! No haters can interfere in any way. Please, everybody, let’s not drop the ball and let Jodi down on this. Let’s agree to make 2014 the Year of the Appellate Fund.

  8. Happy New Year to all of the admins and supporters ♥ And to Jodi and her family ♥


    Ray in H-burg Va.

  9. Happy New Year, everyone! Today is a new beginning, a new day, a new year. And I believe that there is so much to look forward to in the year 2014. We have a long way to go before Jodi ultimately receives justice and freedom, but we are on our way. I believe that the truth shall ultimately set one free and that this is no different for Jodi Arias. I have faith in the majority of people and that once they collectively open their minds as well as their hearts they will see the mistakes and injustices made by the prosecution and the state of Arizona along with the details and truth presented by the defense.

    A powerful and influential media tainted with bias towards Jodi Arias contributed in making her the most hated woman in America. We will succeed in changing that perception in 2014. Some anonymous Internet trolls have taken it upon themselves to try and intimidate, bully, harass and censor those of us who steadfastly support Jodi. They have failed. Our numbers continue to grow in size and influence as theirs continue to shrink in sink into obscurity.

    Slowly but surely, the truth is getting out there and this will continue in the year 2014 as more and more people join our side. We are not violent people. We are not bullies. We do not seek revenge. We seek justice and freedom for Jodi Ann Arias and we will achieve it. It might take months. It might take years. But together we will achieve justice and freedom for Jodi. God bless Jodi and all of you. Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year to all of you!

    Jodi touched my heart and changed my life in 2013. SJ, Rasna and Alexis; this site has been invaluable to me as a port in the storm of injustice. Thank you all for your hard work and integrity in the face of vicious attacks from all sides. Although severely outnumbered, everyone here represents the very best of humanity, in my humble opinion.

    Thank you all for reminding me that good people with open minds and hearts still exist!

    The BEST for 2014!

  11. 2014… a new chapter in the book of our lives… may it be filled with awesome stories, funny memories and many new great experiences.

    May this new year bring immense happiness in all you do.

    May you all have good health, lots of love, inner peace and will power to fight for whatever you believe in.

    May 2014 keep Jodi safe, give her strength and finally give her the well deserved justice she was robbed of in 2013.

    Remember, we are here supporting Jodi for the long haul.



  12. Good morning, people!
    I realized I didn’t wish ”Happy New Year” in my mother language and since whichtrial likes our alphabet so much here it is:
    Καλή Χρονιά! or Ευτυχισμένος ο Καινούριος Χρόνος!

    • Your language is very pretty and elaborate Maria. I believe I might have to learn your alphabet. Seems ours is pretty bland next to yours! 🙂

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