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While we await victorious verdict day sometime this week, I was planning to post some of my earlier comments relating to the burden of proof and reasonable doubt – but I’ll probably do that tomorrow.

Instead, I thought I’d post a few happy smiling mugshots from the past few weeks of the trial – so here goes…

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Alyce LaViolette… trying (and failing) to keep a straight face during the buffoonery of Kermit’s legendary Snow White-riddled cross… while Mike the court reporter carries on snoozing…

Alyce LaViolette - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Kirk Nurmi… finding great amusement while Kermit, once again, is left holding the cream pie…

Juan Martinez cream pie moment -  - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Jennifer can’t help but display her delight, as yet another exceedingly piss poor State witness starts talking gibberish during cross examination…

Jennifer Willmott - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Jodi’s smiling too, even though Kirk Nurmi just admitted to not liking her 9 days out of 10…

Jodi Arias - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Dr Richard Samuels after delivering his famous one-liner to Martinez – “But you have no knowledge on the subject…” — Go Richard!!!

Dr Richard Samuels - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Gloria Esteban just found out that he IS getting paid after all… despite having done nothing since the 1st week in January aside sitting on his fat ass and impeaching himself repeatedly…

Gloria Esteban - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Even Judge Pickles is getting in on the act… despite having 56 attempts at starting on time, and still never quite managing it. Does she care? Not at all…

Judge Pickles - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Dr Robert Geffner — trying to imagine what Kermit would look like if he really was 6 foot 2 and not 4 foot 2…

Dr Robert Geffner - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Dr Horn — “I’m playing Rob Lowe in his next movie and, quite honestly, I just don’t give a shit about my unfortunate typo error. Yay for me!” Nice one…

Dr Horn - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

Kermit. Obviously not smiling… but hunched and ready to spring into action with yet another trademark temper tantrum. Objection blah blah! Overruled! Please sit back down and STFU or go dye your hair again…

Kermit - Jodi Arias is Innocent -com

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

By the way – it must be sooooooooooooo frustrating for the pedo-hugging Taliban retards to be able to see our site but NOT be able to post comments. Be sure to take a moment out of your day to think about that when you’re posting :mrgreen:

In the meantime… it kinda goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…


Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Later peeps!

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  1. Good Morning everyone! Fingers crossed
    and sending rays of energy and good thoughts
    from the universe to Jodi during 1st full day
    of deliberations.

    Pop quiz for the day: Does Juan Martinez
    fit all these nine levels of Narcissistic personality disorder?


    1.) Grandiose sense of self-importance. Makes their achievements seem bigger and better than they really are. Wants people to view them as superiors without them having earned the status first.
    2.) Preoccupied with fantasies of extreme success, power, beauty, perfect love.
    3.) Believes he or she is special and unique and only should associate with other special, high-ranking people whom alone can understand them.
    4.) Need too much admiration from others
    5.) Feel entitled to special treatments. Have unreasonable expectations and expect that others obey their expectations
    6.) Takes advantage of others for their own reasons
    7.) Lacking in empathy. Can’t put themselves or won’t put themselves in other’s shoes.
    8.) Often envies other people or believes that others envy them
    9.) Are arrogant, haughty in behavior or attitude

    • What a great spot on description of the ompah loompah!! When the case is over and his book is published he will be able to buy something he has always dreamed of, no not height, he will be buying a BRAIN. In his fairy tale called Life in Never Never Land hits the shelves he will come out with CD where he will be singing the classic song from the Wizard of OZ, but with a twist, “If I only had a BRAIN.”

    • Exactly!!! Martinez’s belief is his “grandiosity personality” will make up for his height. Pompous little man! How sad.
      Have to comment on Nurmi’s closing….. did putting it out to the media the day before his closing that he had a “cold” suppose to make up for he’s pitiful closing? I think Wilmont should have done the closing, sure she wouldn’t have said such stupidity as “half the time I don’t like Jodi” statement . Think Nurmi’s request to be removed (at the on start) as JA aty . should have been approved by the judge. He was watching too much HLN and didn’t deliver for Jodi.

      My prayers are with Jodi …. pray that the jury is honest and not watching HLN …. because if they did at any time, at any day, Nancy Grace, etc. and her followers hung Jodi without a fair trial.
      I am praying for those jurors that believe in her innocence and right to a fair trial and most of all….to stick to their guns and not give in to the HLN watching jurors. Stay strong unbiased jurors!!

      • Nurmi rocked the closing! He only asked to be removed from the case because of going into private practice and couldn’t affored to do it at PD rate..

      • I could not disagree with you more! Kirk Nurmi did a first rate, wonderful job in his closing arguments. I was riveted to every word he said. He was the only person for the closing – the jury needed to see/hear it all coming from a man. Sorry ladies (I’m one) but that is the truth. Kirk is a big, imposing man with a teddy bear, likable presence and I’m sure the jury likes him. And don’t forget, the majority of jurors are men and men will listen to a man before a woman. Yes, Kirk Nurmi was the only choice and a great one, at that.
        I will agree, though, that I did not like the 9 out of 10 days not liking Jodi remark. Maybe 5 out of 10? Ha.

        • It probably wasn’t the best thing to say, but Jodi’s reaction with that sweet goofy smile should speak to the jury. Although Jodi has shown a lot of emotion, anger or hostility was not one of them. Most defendants would have had a negative response to that, but to me it shows Jodi’s usual passive nature.

          • I thought it showed Jodi’s sense of humor. I thought that was a good thing. On HLN they make the stupidest comments about her behavior. I think her behavior has been appropriate. I also would think the Defense would go over with her what they are going to say. I don’t know if that’s allowed. But it sure seemed like they could have had an inside joke about that coming up. If I were in her shoes. And my defense attorney said that about me, and I wasn’t expecting it. Everyone would have seen a look of hurt on my face. Maybe even crying.

            • It was just a matter of money for Nurmi, and Jodi wrote a letter to the judge trying to get the deal Nurmi and the court eventually worked out. I actually thought it was one of his best lines from the trial. He needed to really humanize Jodi and point out that this isn’t a popularity contest.

      • Mary Guerra ….I totally disagree with your accessment of Kirk Nurmi’d closing. He was wonderful!!!

        There was nothing “stupid “about him stating the 9 out of 10 days he dosen’t like Jodi”.
        That was a powerful statement…..why do you think Juan object to it and Pickle sustained the objection?

        • I think the “9 outta 10” comment was definitely a daring one! Had JM not objected, it’s intended purpose would’ve been seen but JM doesn’t want anyone to see anything good about Jodi. If anyone is SEETHING in this trial it is for sure JM. In fact that’s the reason I’m posting, I just wanted to say that I think JMs courtroom behavior really outshined the Intended purpose of representing the Alexander family and in some ways I feel it probably turned at least part if not all of the jury against him for the way he communicated so condencendently to them and every other professional they were subject to.

    • Congratulations on being #ONE Josh…and you too Jeff for being #TWO…

      SJ….thanks for giving us a “SMILE” to start our morning…awesome…

    • Bingo! We have a winner. Juan notsMartinez is a pathetic little worm in the bottom of a tequila bottle….

      • Hey Michaele, Please don’t put that visual in my head —–as I may never be able to drink tequila again without thinking there’s a turd at the bottom of my bottle of tequila!!!!!!!!! LOL 🙂

    • As much as I can’t stand Martinez, I don’t think he is a narcissist.

      Is he a rude, angry, conniving, manipulative, career driven little man? Yes, he is!

      IMO his behavior is all the teenage angst he hasn’t gotten over as an adult. lol

  2. Well I just loved your collection of happy smiles 🙂

    Actually, I don’t think that still does jusitice to the smile Jodi have when Kirk said he didn’t like her 9 days out of 10.

    That was a master-stroke, it just brought home the reality – these are real people, fallible, loveable, sometimes mistaken, sometimes annoying, sometimes distraught, sometimes happy.

  3. Thanks for the pics SJ !! Just what I needed to start my day!!! Feeling more anxious than usual, but so happy I’m not alone in this feeling. I’m praying the jury comes to the plate this morning with much common sense and fresh minds. Forgive any typos please as I’m having to access this site on my IPad since the haters compromised my IP address. Hugs to all, especially Jodi!! I keep imagining Michael the arch angel with his white light enveloping Jodi with his glorious wings to keep her safe. Oh, and good morning to all!!

  4. Yes Thanks SJ
    The display of everyone smiling & your snarky commentary is brilliant as always
    Great way to start this week!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. I am not from AZ can anyone tell me what are the leading news stations there and what are the leading news papers?

    • I sure can Jennifer. There’s ABC 15, KPHO channel 5 and Fox 10. As far as newspapers, The Arizona Republic is the largest by far. I was going to bed but can’t seem to get to sleep so I’ll just stay up a bit longer. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you. I am so tired of the haters getting their voices heard. I want to let them know that their are many people in Jodis corner. I want to release a statement on behalf of her supporters but am not sure what all I should say. Any suggestions?

        • Jennifer, the haters can go to the top of a mountain and YELL
          but I still would not be able to hear them from where I am at…
          no matter how loud they are…..I will never be able to hear them.

          So scream your bloody lungs out y’all
          cause in space nobody can hear you scream

        • I agree, Jennifer. But always remember there is an unspoken rule that you see time and again when it comes to politics, laws, government, etc. and I believe it is true; there is a Silent Majority that do not take the time to post or even communicate on the internet, talk shows, etc. As defined: “a presumed moderate majority of the citizens who are too passive to make their views known.” I don’t believe it is due to passivity, however. It is just that not everyone makes their viewpoints public. But, I believe they are smart, logical and use their brains instead of their hatred to think. We represent the Silent Majority (which is why we are such a minority – we are the small part of them that decides to speak out), but because for the most part they are ‘silent’ it only appears that the haters are in the majority.

          As for the haters; they are rearing their ugly heads one last time as they sense their downfall, whether that be emotionally due to this trial or some other demise they bring into their hate-filled worlds.

          • Yeah, and I think, the haters abused kids are getting a chance to see the light of day while the haters are focusing all their rage on Jodi right now. Maybe this trial will save some of those kids cuz they will get a chance to think clearly & ask a teacher or someone they trust for help.

        • I wanna let you know that there are MANY Jodi supporters. We are quite, we are kind, we are smart and we are paying attention. We are not letting “the crowd” influence our thinking abilities. I’m one and I’ve seen many like me sneaking in and out of certain websites picking away some of the nonsense!

  6. Good morning All – Are we all nervous this morning with butterflies ??

    I just heard on ABC News that Jodie will be brought to the Courthouse each day as the jury deliberates. The Judge has said that the verdict will be read within 1 hour after the Jury notifies the Judge it has reached a verdict.

      • Cindy,

        I am sure they mean that they are bringing Jodi to the holding cell at the court house for when they do reach a verdict. I am sure the attorneys are on standby near the courthouse. The families will be notified that is probably the reason for the hour to allow everyone to gather for the verdict.

        This is going to be a nerve racking week. The rain has finally stopped here, and the sunshine is out full force. I hope this is a good sign. I have great faith in our jurors in making the right decision.

        We don’t want a quick verdict., we want to them to be professional and go over every reasonable doubt to make the right decision.

        Appeal will take forever….. FREEDOM for JODI.

    • Hmmm. Just wondering if that would be a Honorable Judge Sherry Stephens HOUR? or an ACTUAL hour?

  7. In the picture of Jodi smiling, who is the lady pictured to the left? She was sitting behind the defense most of the trial until closing arguments then moved next to Jodi.

  8. Good morning everybody !!!

    Great collection of photos !!! …..I woke up this morning feeling little anxious and grumpy, but thank GOD to this site !!! It made my day !!! I thank you all for being here and for posting such great posts!!!! I read each and every one. Jodi has a very strong support group and I have no doubt, she will be free 🙂 Lets hope it doesn’t take long for the jury to see through all the BS the prosecution presented.

    This is for Jodi :

  9. Juan is a prick and a little one at that. Thanks for all the smiles. Here’s hoping for a positive verdict. I can’t predict the future but hopefully justice will prevail for Jodi. There is reasonable doubt all over the place IMHO.

  10. Gonna stay extremely postive today
    and I recomend everyone to stay positive as well!

    I do however have to say the pic SJ picked
    of our darling lil Juan is scary | Man he looks psychotic

    Just look at them evil freaky-deaky eyes!!!!

  11. I hope the jury takes their time…goes over everything. We have to remember. this is something they will have to live with the rest of their lives. No matter what the verdict is people are going. to be judging. them. for years to come.
    May St Christopher sit on all of their right shoulders.

    • I have served as a juror a couple of times, once in a criminal trial and once in a civil trial. The civil trial ended quickly when the parties involved reached a settlement. The criminal trial I served at wasn’t nearly as serious as the Arias trial, but I can tell you that every juror on that panel took it VERY seriously…I have have great confidence in the jury system, and believe that each member of the jury will hold themselves personally responsible for fulfilling their duty.

      • Hear, Hear spring!
        I too feel that the jurors have taken and will continue to take their jobs seriously. I am certain that if one of the jurors, during this deliberation, brings up a matter that was NOT presented during trial, the others will call that person on it. I for one took my job as a juror seriously and know if ANYTHING beyond the scope of the trial was discussed I would have said “where in this case did you see/hear THAT?” and I would make that juror be held accountable for an assumption. If even ONE juror stayed true to the admonition and is absolutely SERIOUS,(which must have taken dedication, determination, and willpower) I know that that ONE person WILL not stand for any crap.

    • elna,
      You must be one tough cookie! I supported Jodi on youtube for quite some time (from years ago when the 20/20 (or was it 48 Hours?) video was posted. After the trial had started I got a horrible reply to a comment I left on there YEARS ago in which I stated, “There is something awry with this case and I feel that this young woman is being framed by a quiet, yet powerful cult…the “church” of Mormon.

      I continued to write comments in support of Jodi after the trial started but I could not STAND the way I was barraged with hateful replies and how my comments were getting so many thumbs downs that they disappeared within moments of posting. That had NEVER happened to me on YT prior to that and I have been on YT since 2007. I was baffled and hurt by the nasty things people were calling me…. I even got a reply last week to a comment I left over 2 months ago ( probably one of the last comments I have made on a Jodi related video on YT) and it said, “Hello, is that YOU Donovan?” That probably was the least hateful of the replies to any of my comments. In fact, I took it as a compliment. 😉

      • hey Dorothy ..i delete the haters…also mix unrelated music & other things so i will get positive feed back while Jody’s truth gets out alittle each day…soooo thankful 4 all of u @ this site….i like elnacopper @YT she is alot like me…<3 4 Jodi

        • elna, I’ll check out your site 🙂 If you are any good at editing maybe you could do clip compilation video of JM flailing his arms, squatting and whatever odd movements he made (play it in fast motion) and play the “Chicken dance” tune. 😆

  12. Love the smiles, hoping and praying for many more after the verdict. Lord I ask that your presence be known in that deliberation room today. Lord I pray that you will open the eyes and ears of the jurors so that they may see and hear the truth. Speak to their hearts today and guide them in the right direction. Let today be a day of peace and comfort to Jodi and her family in knowing you are in full control. I pray for the Alexander family that today will be a day of forgiveness. Soften the hearts of those with much hate and let there be love.

    1 Peter 3:8-18
    Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind. Do not repay evil for evil or reviling for reviling, but on the contrary, bless, for to this you were called, that you may obtain a blessing. For “Whoever desires to love life and see good days, let him keep his tongue from evil and his lips from speaking deceit; let him turn away from evil and do good; let him seek peace and pursue it. For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous, and his ears are open to their prayer. But the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.” …


      That was the best prayer I have ever read thank you so much will keep that in my heart all day

    • thanks enough is enough. i pray the jury does gods will. and if they don’t, well than we are going to work our butts off to have it appealed and get gods will accomplished eventually. but i’m guessing we have a smart jury and our sweet jodi will have her freedom soon.

    • They give one example of a piece that looks like an ad in a magazine, while Jodi has made dozens of pieces by now. So to say all her artwork is copied is ridiculous. I don’t see how the artwork would be classified as “fake copies” anyway. Even if a piece of artwork was inspired by a picture in a magazine, It’s not like she made color photocopies of pictures in a magazine and is trying to sell the photocopies as her original artwork. She drew everything herself so how is it a ‘fake copy’?

      • Yeah but even if they are WHO CARES! THE POOR GIRL IS IN JAIL!! WHAT DO THEY EXPECT> (but yes I saw that article i love radaronline and in my opinion that drawing was more like Skeletor then the ad look at the features they are to sharp for the model in the pic.) I hope the next drawing is a selfie of her givin the finger to Nancey . Maybe Nancy tattooed on the finger? Just a thought!!LOL your thoughts

    • The jury deliberated for 10 hours, 40 minutes and 33 seconds before reaching a verdict in the Casey Anthony trial.

      Team Jodi

          • SJ,

            Do you remember who the juror where ( meaning numbers between males and females for CA)?

            I think it’s in our favor that JA has 9 males and 3 women.

              • SJ,

                Don’t know if you want to put this at the top of the page for everyone…. but I found it for those who are in a different time zone or country.

                Text ABC15 to get apps for YOUR phone … VERDICT WATCH: Watch LIVE VIDEO of the verdict when it happens on, … Download the ABC15 Mobile app right now to get alerts when the jury is ready to read that verdict.

              • Having more males on the jury will probably actually help Jodi because men are usually softer on women than other women. Even if for some reason she did get first degree, there’s no way they’d sentence her to death. Plus, the guys have to know that there’s no way teeny tiny Jodi could do all that to TA.

  13. Some people are wrongfully convicted.
    Putting in Appeals, hoping the charges will be lifted.
    A prison cell, now their new home.
    Entrapped, inside razor barb fences.
    With no more freedom to roam.
    A lot of precious years, will be lost.
    At somebody else’s cost.
    Taking everything day by day.
    The only thing left to do is hope and pray.
    Maybe some day, the real criminal will meet their fate.
    Wrongfully convicted, and having a lot of hate.
    Pushed through the system, so they can close the case.
    Not able to accept what has happened.
    Sooner or later, it will have to be faced.
    Innocent as hell, we shouldn’t be here.
    Living a life of constant fear.
    Maybe, they’ll realize they made a mistake.
    Hopefully some day, when I awake.
    I will hear I’m a free women ( JODI).
    And a journey home, I’ll take.

  14. The walls are high and you’re inside; the doors are locked and barred
    But do not fear confinement, take strength and don’t grow hard
    For all the lies can’t keep you, from those that love you most
    And when your term is over, the past will be a ghost
    For you can sleep, your conscience clear and they will bear the guilt
    And if they don’t they’ll rot in hell for the case that their lies built
    Take heart in your own innocence, you know the woman you are
    Let no one tell you otherwise, your conscience clear by far
    For lies breed guilt and they can’t hide, it’s with them all the time
    Although they think they’ve won for now, they know they’ve done the crime
    For one day you will show the world and you will clear your name
    Then everyone will look at them as they bow their heads in shame
    So next time someone tells you to talk about your crime
    The answer that you’ll give them is “this crime is theirs not mine”

  15. So, they had a candlelight vigil for Travis last night in Phoenix.

    Only 50 people showed up and the only friend that showed up was Dave Hall.

    I wonder where the other “friends” were. Probably doing interviews with HLN or some other network and making money off Travis’ back.

    • Wow. Questions (if you know the answers) and comments :p

      1) Who held the vigil?
      2) Did his family members show up?

      And … this seems to be a pattern with his “friends.” Staying in Cancun even after they found out about his death, not realizing he was dead for 5 days ….

      I honestly do think Dave Hall was a true friend to Travis. Were the other people strangers? That would be really sad that strangers care more about him than his family/friends.

      • Not sure who held the vigil. Travis’ family members were in CA at their own vigil.

        Yes, the other people were strangers. Pretty sad in my opinion.

        • Nicole,.

          Judging by the CA vigil looks like only Tanisha , her husband and children by the photos that have been posted. Didn’t see the brothers, Samantha or Hillary in the photos from the CA vigil.

          Tanisha seems to be the trouble maker in the the family.

          • I saw a pic of Tanisha showing all her tattoos. Ms ALV mentioned that Travis didn’t write about his friends in his journal, makes me think they weren’t around from his when he was alive.

              • CC,

                Not to be mean, but those tattoos are not cheap. Instead of those she should of fixed her teeth. I saw a youtube video of her and at the end she smiles, I was like WOW…. ” girl you need to fix those teeth” and stop with the laser treatments.

                I am all having a beautiful white smile. I know it was caused from her drug addiction but geeezzzz all the money they ranked in they have plenty to get the dental work done.

                And, when your mormom your not suppose to have tattoos…. according to the Book of Mormon.

                • I didn’t mean anything bad about tattoos. I don’t have any but I do like them. She has a lot of them and with her bad attitude she came off as street rough, that’s all I meant.

                • We know that Pumpkinhead Hughes was doing a radio show last night.

                  I don’t think that any of these jokers were Travis’ true friends. If they were, they wouldn’t be so willing to sell out their stories on HLN.

      • I honestly do think Dave Hall was a true friend to Travis. He is nasty how can you say that…..he could have been one one that killed him if he was hired he sure had all the guns. don’t forget the assault riffles and he was the 1st one to point the finger at Jodi. after Chris and Sky Hughes. called him he is the one that that was waiting for Jodi in Utah. he could have been the one that invited Jodi to go camping …. 🙄

        • Oh, I know. Just because he is being nasty about things right now does not mean he did not care about Travis though :/ I mean, he does seem to be making the effort to attend things whereas his other friends did not.

          He hasn’t tried to grab media attention as much as others who kept claiming to be friends of Travis!

          • He’s all over social media though…and took pictures outside of the courtroom when his ass got booted out.

            • That, I have not really paid attention to. That would be why I missed it. I find it odd he was not there for closing arguments though (or was he and I just missed him?)

              He was booted in case he was called as a witness. He was not. He would have been allowed by closing arguments to be in court.

    • I had looked over at FB, and there were supposed to be all of these vigils and prayers that Jodi would get convicted and get death.

      Of course this is just a cult mentality and very sick on their part.

      • You would of thought the Mormoms would of been out in full force for this vigil….. Maybe they have see TA true colors and just don’t want to admit it to the public. I do know that the first Sunday of the month is their day of fasting. This wasn’t something special for TA, it’s part of their CULT.

  16. Q: How can you tell when a lawyer is lying?
    A: His lips move

    Q: What is the difference between a dead dog in the road and a dead lawyer in the road?
    A: There are skid marks in front of the dog.

    Q: What do you call a lawyer with an I. Q. of 50?
    A: Your honour.

    Q: Why won’t sharks attack lawyers?
    A: Professional courtesy.

    Q: When lawyers die, why are they buried in a hole 24 feet deep?
    A: Because deep down, they are all nice guys

    Q: What is the difference between a lawyer and a bucket of crap?
    A: a bucket

    Q: What is the difference between God and a lawyer?
    A: God doesn’t think he’s a lawyer.

    Q: What does a lawyer and a sperm have in common?
    A: Both have about a one in 3 million chance of becoming a human being.

    Q: What is the difference between a lawyer and a gigolo?
    A: A gigolo only screws one person at a time.

    Q: What do lawyers use as contraceptives?
    A: Their personalities.

    • LMAO at that one – I mean, seriously… Phoenix who won’t even investigate DV cases?? Please. I see this, their record of ignoring DV, the police returning children to abusive homes, so I don’t believe that article. It is more of a lie to cover their asses and make it LOOK like they’re trying to do something.

      For those who didn’t read my story before, one of my friends got shot in the face by her abuser b/f. She tried leaving him a number of times only to be tracked down and taken back. She even was locked in a closet for three days. She called police who never believed her (he was a good ole boy) so she gave up trying. When he shot her in the face, he (fortunately) didn’t kill her but then said it was suicide. Her sis flew to AZ and stayed by her side trying to convince any police, detective, nurse, that the bf did it. It was only luck that a detective was by her side in the hospital when she ‘woke up’ long enough to say he did it. Only then did he get arrested. FUCK those AZ police/detectives. They care about no woman or child.

  17. What the heck am I supposed to do while waiting for the verdict? Seriously? Oh that’s right, I am supposed to be working. Geez I am afraid I will miss the verdict somehow.

  18. SJ sure knows how to start a day and with a smile his message is clear keep smiling all day let mimi me JM do the growling we are up and with you Jodi we are holding your hand as you wait for the verdict

    good morning to you my family and good friend congratulations Josh Davis for getting first place

    • Thanks Tonya
      You really are amazing!
      It is about all of us just bringing out
      the postive energy and light today
      in full force for the haters to see
      that we are divine and not a bunch of
      insane people who believe in something
      that is not true. So glad the clarity
      & integrity you Tonya and everyone on here
      really shines the light on the negative foreces.

      It was very hard for me to sleep & I am tired.

      I can imagine how rough it could have been for
      most if not all of the jurors last night to get sleep.

      They do have a massive weight coming into
      the courtroom today for deliberations.

      I do feel we have some really amazing energy
      in our favor, let’s hope good prevails over evil
      today and this week.

  19. Thank you SJ,
    I needed those SMILES and the humor that you added to your post this morning. This is indeed the beginning of a very serious and solemn period in time. Unlike many others here, I feel a positive sense of peace. The jurors certainly have to put on their thinking caps today. It will probably be the most difficult thing they have ever had to do in their entire lives. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes for one minute.

  20. Morning, everyone! I loved this post with all the smiles 😀
    Jodi and her family have been at the forefront of my prayers since Friday- I am really feeling positive about all this today. Happy Monday, ya’ll!

  21. Goodmorning

    Hope you all had a good sleep and are ready for good news! Happy to hear that only 50 people showed up for the vigil.. WE had more prayers here for Jodi! Lets do the group prayers/meditations for Jodi everyday at 6 pst until Jodi is free!

    Jennifer and SJ

    I am happy that Hayley from Australia has been in contact..I’m praying for her!

    I don’t have money on a small pension but God does provide for me in mysterious ways!I don’t know where Hayley lives in Australia but found this on the net..resources for her!

  22. Want to talk about unethical…… Dr. DEMARTE

    During the Jodi Arias trial, a laptop was stolen from a psychologist who testified.

    According to the police report, the psychologist was frantic when she got home and realized there was a burglary.

    She said she had notes relating to the trial on the laptop, that wasn’t password protected.

    Exclusive video shows Dr. Janeen Demarte outside her house talking with investigators after a laptop and some jewelry were stolen from her home on February 6.

    Demarte, the state’s psychologist in the Jodi Arias case, told investigators the laptop had notes pertaining to the case, but did not say what specifically.

    • “… but luckily, they didn’t steal her stripper pole” — or so I’m led to believe.

      Team Jodi

      • SJ,

        You just made my morning….. Have you been peeping in her windows watching that show:) With her ego, don’t know how she could wrap her legs up around the pole…. She would fall head first with the first SWING:)

    • Many of the reviews written by DeMarte’s “students” said she was often *unprepared*.

      I have wondered if that laptop was, ahem, stolen to explain a lack of work product that was never there to begin with.

  23. The fact that 99.9% of the pics of TA were taken by JA speaks volumes of the Alexander family’s connection with their brother. None.

    • Yeah, that’s so true. I haven’t seen any pics of him with his family. And they didn’t even notice he hadn’t been heard from in 5 days!!

      • And they used those pics taken by JA at his memorial service and in their memorial video. Pathetic, really, when you think about it.

          • There is no way in hell I would memorialize my brother with pics taken by the person who killed him. But that is all they got! And then to connect those pics to the assertion of his love for life. Duh! He was with Jodi during those life loving pics.

              • There is a photo with TA and his sister Samatha that was taken 2 1/2 weeks before the killing that was posted on her FB. Never seen a recent one with his brothers or Hillary….. This is one messed up family…..dysfunctional. I pray they all get therapy after this is over…. They all need it.

                Especially Tanisha and Hillary.

  24. flores lied and chaged his story to suit the prosecutions case that the gun shot was first, when infact his first statement was it was last

    Horns: lied when he said it was a typo ,when infact he and flores agreed it was last but after conversation it became first

    Demarte: lied about her experince and the fact there was no abuse

    Martinez: famously quoted” the truth doesnt have to be remembered” but he keeps forgetting the chain of events regarding what order things took place: seems he doesnt believe the TRUTH as much as he makes out

    DENNA: that girl friend had everything to lose if she stated he was abusive with her, and the computer? registered in her name on the registry even though it was a chrismas present?

    so even if jodi was guilty, the fact remains the state has lied to achieve guilt, and that for me is unacceptable to find guilty through blatant lies

    • HLN are always using body experts, but did not mention Deanna nodding her head in affirmative while she was testifying negatively. She did this most notably when asked if TA ever called her names, but there was another question I can’t remember.

    • The shady characters in this trial were
      some serious next-level shizzz! I mean
      think about how JM built his deck of cards
      on lies that Jodi had said when BAM
      right there so many of his star witnesses
      put a capital L on the word LIES
      Seriously Dr Horn is one creepy fellow
      & Detective Butthead & his lies…
      Dr. DEMARTE and her Vocal Fries of lies…
      the list goes on….

      Jurors will recognize this and there’s one thing
      I believe they do not appreciate is their intelligence
      insulted & it is clear from the juror questions
      they are intelligent. Lets give them that!

    • and its so effing frustrating that they are allowed to get away with it. This should serve as a serious wake up call for everyone to vote out of office anyone that participate s or condone s this type of behavior in a court of law.

  25. Well, now I can work for real.

    But here’s some more food for thought. If I was on this jury I would suggest that the first thing they do is look to see if the state has disproved self defense. Because if they haven’t the rest is moot.

    So what do we have there:

    Even if you buy all of JM’s arguments about premeditation, you have to credence to Nurmi’s argument that too much time and too many opportunities passed between when she got there and when the killing took place. Something set it off. What was that something?

    Does it matter from the proof point of view? To overcome self defense JM needs to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that whatever set this off was not a threat, or perceived threat from TA. Did he do that?

    I don’t think he even addressed it. But the law and the jury instructions are very clear. He must.

    And if the jury decides he didn’t then the rest of it is moot.

    I’m not sure of this little nuance, but maybe someone can clarify. Once the issue of self defense is raised, and the judge instructs, is the jury bound to see whether the state disproved it, or could they just say we don’t believe the claim? My reading of that instruction says they can’t just disbelieve it but must decide if the state disproved it beyond a reasonable doubt. If so this may be a quick turnaround. Or so it goes from my lips to the jury’s minds.

      • Who you kidding with that work remark? None of us will be able to go back to our lives. until the verdict is read. We may try but we just need one another. right now.

    • That is why I was disappointed with the way Nurmi ended his close.

      Yes, I realize that Jodi’s life may depend on the jury’s willingness to believe that maybe Jodi just ‘snapped’ and manslaughter is more appropriate, so he closed with that.

      But, truly, is there any space at all between the “snapped” of manslaughter and the “doesn’t know when to stop” of an abused woman defending herself? Isn’t that WHY the BWS instruction was given?

      • the defense made a good choice, they have weighed up teh odds

        The odds are not in their favour when it comes to self defense, just because the jury may well thing the killing was overkill, and that image may well be far to hard to remove…

        so going and ending with manslaughter, leaves the jury with a get out clause, if thats a good way to put it

        the jury may well be inclined to feel someone must pay also , since a gu ywas killed

        also if jodi is found guilty of man slaughter and the jury go with teh lesser evil so to speak, then the max jodi can get is 10 years
        she has already done 5 years
        and she could do 4 years with 1 year on good behavour

        she could be out in 4 years time, i knows that still wrong, but it may be the better option than LIFE or deathrow

        leaving the options open, is to make your odds higher of jury picking something other than 1ST DEGREE

        I Personly think it was a great move, chess at its finest

        • I agree with you that it was an excellent decision to give the jurors the option of “snapped” in case they were not convinced of dv.

          • Like I said, I don’t disagree that it was important to give the jurors an option to vote manslaughter. I just don’t think it would have hurt, to add at the very end, that they might ask themselves the difference between the ‘snapped’ of manslaughter and the ‘don’t know when to stop’ of an abused woman defending her life.

            • The courts deal in whats called the Honor system

              The honor system works on the bases that every person is innocent of the charge at hand, and that their Honor is intact

              Jodi kinda screwed that up with her double lies regarding what took place. This on its own bringS her Honor lower as she enters the courtroom. since she has a mOUntain to climb in regards to bringing her honor up, she is deemed as someone that is not trusted, but still innocent of teh charge, but it does her no favours since she has the lowest honor score out of everyone in the room, because of her 2 lies regarding the 2 storys

              The defense are aware of it and realize that the moUntian is far to high and therefor they are lowering the peak so to speak, by going for manslaughter they are expressing the understanding and a non bias position of understanding, couple that with the remark Nurmi made about 9 out of 1o0 days he also doesnt like jodi arais, he is sending a message to the jury that, he is been fair and that man slaughter is also a fair judgement

              it is rather clever of him on both counts.

              Because attorneys can at times come across as if they understand nothing other than their client is innocent of any wrong doing at all regardless of how it may appear, and if that is the image left, then its an image that may not sit nicely with them

              Jurors are human and a large portion of them making their minds up is done simply by dislike…. Nurmi was trying to show them. look guys yeah she killed him yeah it was self defense, yeah it appears more than that, and i understand that, so if you are going to go by appearance then let it be noted iv been fair and balanced even though im her attorney,
              and here is the compromise from me to you, fair is fair

              thats the way iv looked at it

              when you it looks as if it might not go your way, COMPROMISE

    • The fact is, in arizona as longs as the jury Believe the circumstantial evidence is so over whelming it can then be seen as evidence.

      so as long as the state can make it seem as if obvious of guilty, then teh jury can use that as a fact finder

      I DO not agree with that when its a DEATH PENALTY CASE, Only hard evidence should be used to find guilt when a persons life is on the line, …Thats just me and my opinion.

      This has been the argument from the state all along, because they have no facts. but its a sad fact in arizona they are allowed to use circumstantial evidence as EVIDENT OF GUILT

      Martinez made the point ” if your asleep in a beach with eyes shut and yo uwake up to find foot prints, that means someone was there, YOU didnt have to see the person, just the fact foot prints are now there is circumstantial evidence someone was there,

      The state really has no evidence thats why they are relying on story telling

      will it work? i do not know, its upto teh jury now to decide if story telling is worth sending a woman to death row

  26. I pray the jurors give the proper weight to lying prosecution witnesses. The CA jury was smart enough to do that. I hope this one is too.

  27. All that needs to be said.
    If the lead detective, and medical examiner has to lie and change their story, then you can’t trust anything from the states case. You must find her not guilty because they lied, and no court of law should find someone guilty when the two biggest witnesses have been proved to be liars.
    Ask the jury in the OJ case about Mark Fuhrman, he lied, and that was enough for reasonable doubt.
    Victory awaits for Jodi.

    • I have heard pundits on HLN dismiss this remark about the 12 yr. old girl and I don t understand why.
      It is a very strange thing to say even on a sex tape.

      • I agree Joan. I’ve heard them dismiss it as well on HLN basically saying boys will be boys. That is so disturbing and really in a way making it “ok” for people to call women sluts, skanks, whores, whatever. Also, people who are pedophiles can start somewhere and it may seem “innocent” but gradually pictures and fantasies are not enough and they need an actual kid.

  28. The moment that the jury finds Jodi Not Guilty of first degree murder Jodi wins and the Judge, Martinez, the Alexander Siblings, the media, the detectives and the Travis Taliban all lose.
    The further down the list the jury goes with Not Guilty verdicts the more Jodi wins.

  29. Watching the little man’s closing. How convenient that he picks certain things that JA says as truth when those things fit his scenario. The rest he deems lies.

  30. I think we all have to remember that a verdict of anything less then M1 is a victory for Jodi.
    So I pray that no one goes off the deep end if she does not walk
    It would truly be amazing if she did.

    • Yep.

      I have a question – on another site, they have a poll set up where people can vote for their verdict prediction. One option is “life with parole after 25 years.” Is this a possibility and if so, does the judge determine that or the jury?

  31. And it makes me sick that the haters are so hateful to JA’s family. They are hurting just as much, if not more, than the Alexanders. My heart goes out to them.

    • The haters are now writing to the bar to try to get JW barred…. When will they stop…. They go to great lengths to hurt innocent people and their careers. I am applaued today that this shit is happening.

      The scary part is the verdict isn’t even in… that’s when the real DRAMA is going to kick in…

      I have my purple candle lit for Jodi’s family. She has a frail grandmother, and a very sick father, and a mother who is totally exhausted, gave up her job to shit in court for 4+ months supporting her daughter.

      • jw disbarred? unbelievable! i like the candle idea. i’m going to light one too. candles could actually be another good fundraiser for jodi too.

        • I’ve been wondering about JW. There’s been so much else going on to worry about. She did seem very tired, as though she didn’t sleep at all the night before Nurmi’s closing arguments. She’s an absolute professional. You couldn’t tell unless you really got a good look at her. She was receiving death threats just a few weeks ago!!!! Now they want to disbar her??

          This mob would like to do away with our entire justice system. If someone is accused, just burn them at the stake right away. No defense, no trial. And if they don’t get M1, they’ll turn on the jury too. Juan Martinez might turn on them as well. Maybe the entire Phoenix police department with Detective Flores and Martinez’ influence. Certainly the HLN mob will turn on them. They turned on the Casey Anthony jury. Look at what they’ve done to Alyce LaViolette so far!!

          I am just disgusted.

            • I guess Jen did her job as a defense attorney. With these Haters that’s enough of a reason.

              If it were up to the Haters and the Travis Taliban anyone that is supporting Jodi including all of us here would be put to death too.

              Those people are screwed up in the head.

      • All this hate shows the disfunction of that family. Good luck disbarring an excellent attorney for doing her job.

          • Tony, I did have a nice night’s sleep, thank you. I have become overly emotional about this case. I want it done. I need it done. I picked the worst week ever to quit drinking. As soon as I did, (Monday) my fucking nerves became so raw, and I became so damned sensitive, that I need to walk away occasionally.

            Doesn’t help much that this is the last week of the semester, and I have an ass-load of finals. Ugh


            All we can do is, Keep Calm and Carry On.

      • They’re such morons…If anybody should be disbarred it is Juan Martinez for witness tampering and concealing evidence.

        • So true…i’m afraid juan had somone mess w/Jodi’s food…she lost so much weight & the Headaches…food connection….Nurmi has something planned legally 4 Juan…Juan almost slid under his chair ..when Nurmi said “Shine the light of turth”

  32. Happy Monday friends!

    Good morning: SJ, AL, Josh, Dorothy Jaz, geebee, Jennifer, Jeff, KD, spring, crystal, cb, willis, abusesurvivor, Phillip, BeeCee, Bystander, cindy j., FUJuan, leet, Gilberto, scrappy, Mariana, Nk, Ann, Nicole, tnlucy, Maddi, enough, joujou, Joe, sojourn, Gn, Pat, Rachel, Richard, Kalista, CanadaCarol, Mary Guerra, elna dornellas, Glen, notguilty….

    AND GOOD MORNING to all who have come in after this posts.

  33. How would NG and all the others react if it was their precious daughter who met and got involved with a Travis type. Good wholesome mormon boy. Before this trial, I did not realize how different that church is. Any time religion represses normal sexual behaviour it seems pedophilia is the outcome.

    • Well, Catholic church does it too as do some others. I find all religion repulsive. If you want to believe and pray do so in your home as Jesus suggested.

        • I think the pedophiles are making their way into any place where they are allowed to be placed in a position of trust. Using God’s name as a cover…hmm what better way to gain the trust of those around you? They are allowed to be alone with the children as soon as they gain the parent’s trust…similar are summer camps and boy scouts….It is not necessarily the churches that discourage premarital sex…it’s anywhere the pedophile is allowed to be trusted to care for children. I had a sixth grade teacher who had a coin collecting contest and the student who brought in the most valuable penny would win an “outing” with that male teacher. (this teacher had once stood beside me while I was sitting at my desk and put his hand INSIDE my shirt as he was “rubbing my back”. I ran from the classroom and told the teacher across the hall, who scoffed at me and abruptly sent me back to my classroom) Well I did NOT submit ANY pennies…I certainly didn’t want to be alone with him! My BEST friend was the “lucky” winner…I will just leave it at that. I feel sad for her, but I am glad I had the wits to recognize a perverts ploy.

          • I don’t know how old you were at the time, but when I was very young something happened to me. Even though I was too young to know that it was wrong, and never spoke of it, something inside me knew it was very wrong. I was probably about 4-5 yrs old.

            • Carol, I think most children have that innate sense…many times the reason it continues unreported is because the abuser has threatened them or their loved ones, or if the child is older, feels it is their own fault or wouldn’t be believed. If that teacher across the hall had believed me there would have been a red flag raised. I never told my parents because of how that teacher scoffed at me…it was embarrassing enough to RUN and TELL…but to be told to go back in the devil’s lair was horrid. I didn’t understand then and I STILL don’t understand why she would dismiss my report. She had to have seen how petrified I was. I was NOT a drama queen kind of child either. She just chose to IGNORE my fear and push it all under the rug. It makes me SICK!

              • To have had the courage to tell someone like a teacher and not be believed. I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope that teacher had nightmares. In my case, it was someone that I could stay away from once it happened.

        • Anytime restrictions are put on a persons sexuality, it leads to problems. Children are vulnerable, they are trusting, and easily exploited.

          We are sexual beings, it’s a part of our nature, and to deny that is just asking for problems. Gods word says to go forth and pro-create, it doesn’t say except for priests, and only if you are married.

  34. The death penalty is so barbaric and I cannot for the life of me understand how it still goes on in this country. Even harder to understand is that there are so many chomping at the bit to legally murder another human being. How does that make them better?

    • The only people punished by the death penalty are the family and friends of the one put to death. How is that right? It sickens me.

      • I should not have said “only.” Just trying to say they should not be made victims. The death penalty makes them victims of murder. Wrong. Just wrong.

        • I argued against the DP in high school in 1972. If anything, things have gotten worse since then. It is disgusting.

  35. good morning to you all! great pics today sj! thanks! and i love the t-shirts. i think it is amazing that jodi wants to raise money for battered women and i think it’s awesome you provide a space for her to do it. who the heck thinks about how they can help others when they are on trial for murder? jodi is so amazing! i’m pretty sure i would be too occupied dealing with my own issues. what a beautiful person! i was thinking about jodis mom today. mothers day is this week and that day could be really rough for her. is there any way we could send her flowers sj? i think it would be a nice gesture. i am sending out all my good vibes and prayers to jodi and the jury. i hope everyone has an awesome day!

  36. I just ran across some of the photos from the CA vigil held yesterday. I don’t care that they want to morn their brother but I am highly offended that they released so many balloons into the air. Most of that plastic will end up in the Pacific. 🙁

    End Rant.

  37. Good morning everyone, BIG HUGS and lots of love to all of you , Jodi and her team. Also, happier thoughts and feelings to the Travis Taliban, I hope they don’t lose their shit and can accept the verdict for what it is.

  38. A couple of questions. I read that the when the jury reaches a verdict there will be 1 hour for everyone to get to the courtroom before the verdict is read. Will the reading of the verdict be live streamed? Or does anyone know a news channel that will be streaming it on their website? And for the admins, will there be a post here with a link to the live stream? Thanks.

    • Text ABC15 to get apps for YOUR phone … VERDICT WATCH: Watch LIVE VIDEO of the verdict when it happens on, … Download the ABC15 Mobile app right now to get alerts when the jury is ready to read that verdict.

    • Also, I don’t have a cell phone, I’m wondering specifically about a live stream to watch online from my computer.

    • Phillip

      see you are ready for a good fight with the KKK today have we gone rude yet we a all chill in right now praying for the right verdict

  39. Will anything be live stream today or do the jurors just report to the jury room and nothing goes on in the courtroom?

    • The jury goes to the jury room, unless they ask the judge for something related to the evidence, we won’t see anything in the court today- unless the verdict comes back.

      Is it true that Jodi has to sit in a holding cell all day while they deliberate? If that’s true, maybe the jury stopping at 4:30 each day was for her to be sure she gets her medicine and food then like during the trial. I am hoping it’s a positive sign that they are worried about her.

    • scrappydoo…the live stream cameras are ready. They are set up in the courtroom during deliberations. They are focused on the state insignia right now but I expect when a verdict is read there will be live feed.

  40. I watched Nurmi’s closing yesterday and I thought it was brilliant. I refuse to watch Kermit flailing. I don’t know how any juror could not see reasonable doubt. I still think it will be a hung jury or possibly manslaughter. I am hoping the men on the jury think TA is a jackass who treated women like shit, because he did. I hope they think of their own daughters and I hope that the women do likewise.

  41. Before the tension of the verdict-watch really begins later today, I thought I’d lighten the mood by re-posting my one act play. I have made some revisions. Here you go:

    A Short Play
    By CanadaLinda

    Heinously Lewd Nimrod (We’ll shorten that to HLN): Visualize Tasmanian Devil. Big evil grin, sharp teeth, and drool – lots and lots of drool.
    hateful; odious; abominable; totally reprehensible)
    a.low, ignorant, or vulgar.
    b.base, vile, or wicked, especially of a person.
    c.bad, worthless, or poor, especially of a thing.
    (Slang): a simpleton; a nerd
    Note to Prop Dept.: Have blond wig and handcuff necklace on stand-by.

    Justice For Jodi aka Voice of Reason ( We’ll shorten that to JJ) – A roving reporter. Visualize you, me or anyone contributing to this site!

    SETTING: Outside courthouse in Arizona. Large crowd gathered– amongst them are jugglers, sword swallowers, acrobats. Smell in the air of popcorn and cotton candy. Calliope music in background.

    JJ approaches HLN

    JJ: Excuse me. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?

    HLN: Whatever

    JJ: Any comments on the Jodi Arias trial?

    HLN: Ya..only one. Guilty!!!!!

    JJ: You seem to be very invested in this. I take it you’ve been watching the trial and listening carefully to the testimony?

    HLN: Don’t need to. She did it. She killed him! The bitch deserves to die!

    JJ: That her actions resulted in the death of Travis Alexander is not in dispute.

    HLN: Huh? So what the hell is the trial for? Just fry her skanky ass.

    JJ: Do you know anything about the case?

    HLN: Enough to know she’s guilty as hell. Tons of blood man…in the bathroom, the hallway, the bedroom. That must have been some fight! And then she killed him!

    JJ: What you’ve just described is what the defense is claiming…a struggle and ultimately self defense.
    HLN: Say what?!
    JJ: What’s your opinion of the prosecutor, Juan Martinez?

    HLN: Well, like I said, I haven’t been watching much of the trial. Been too busy moving the cars around on my front lawn. But I hear he’s really kick-ass. Knows how to shut a witness up! If someone wants to go on and on with facts and information he cuts to the quick…yes or no. That’s all you really need, right? The rest is BORING!

    JJ: I see. And the judge?

    HLN: Oh great judge. Real smart lady. See, when the prosecutor objects, she says sustained and when the defense objects, she says overruled. See, that’s smart.

    JJ: What about the expert witnesses. Any comments?

    HLN: I liked that Dr. Demarte. Now, there’s someone I trust. She’s memorized those college books real good. Those others like that Alyce lady and the guy with the funny moustache – they’ve been working with crazy people and so called “victims” for years! That’ll mess you up for sure. No, I’ll take book learning over that any time. And by the way, I don’t like the way the defense team treated Dr. Demarte. This is a girl with a dream! A dream to one day be a forensic psychologist! Do you have a daughter? Didn’t she have a dream?

    JJ: Well yes. My little girl wanted to be a ballet dancer.

    HLN: Well there you go…now you wouldn’t have criticized her at her first recital, now would you?

    JJ: Well no, of course not.

    HLN: Exactly. Let a girl have her dreams is all I’m sayin’!

    JJ: So what brings you to the courthouse today?

    HLN: Are you kidding? They’ve been giving away free Kool Aid every day of the trial! I love that stuff. Drink it by the gallon!

    Suddenly a voice in the crowd: “Verdict’s in! NOT GUILTY!”

    Camera cuts back to HLN character. Manic spinning has stopped. Eyes are bulging. Devil creature is melting into stinky, brown slime. Note to camera man: Close in on the shit flies gathering over goo.
    Calliope music stops. Jugglers leave. Kool Aid stands close up shop. Crowd is dispersing. Camera pans out. Final shot on sign at base of courthouse steps:


  42. Good Morning, everyone!

    I just re-watched Nurmi’s closing which I thought was excellent. Now that the jury has had the weekend to reflect on both closings, I think Nurmi’s closing was much more powerful and to the point and I am thinking the jury will see it the same way.

    Not only did he argue the law but he put a human face and reality to what took place between Jodi and Travis. Viewing his closing a second time gave me a much more positive feeling about the verdict. It’s like Al said previously, he gave the jury something they can all hang their hat on but I am feeling more like that could be self defense or an acquittal, based upon the common sense argument.

    I concede that I may be too optimistic!

    • I am sure Kermit’s closing was all over the place. I caught the first sentence of his rebuttal and i was like…what??? I am unfortunately a cynic, though I did think the Casey Anthony jury would find her guilty of something other than murder and they did not. I hope I am wrong this time also. I really hope for an acquittal but worry that they will give her something or be hung. If there was another trial and Kermit was in charge along with Judge Picklehead I couldn’t bear it.

      • New trial would have same prosecutor but different judge, I believe. Definitely a new judge. Probably same prosecutor because he knows the most about the case.

    • kitty, I like your optimism…I feel the same way, even though Nurmi barely mentioned self defense and focused upon manslaughter in his last sentence…that bothered me. I want to believe and focus upon the BEST outcome, and that is that the prosecution did NOT prove premeditation and murder, rely upon the evidence that there was a horrific struggle and self defense is what happened…although there IS the throat wound, which I think will be a huge topic of discussion when the jury finally comes to the point of deciding on a verdict.

  43. I loved scrolling through all the smiling face and then get to the pic of JM at the end. I literally LOL

  44. Wow. I wouldn’t want to be on that jury for anything. I couldn’t take the stress. I’d be thinking of what the Casey Anthony jury went through. And who knows what will happen to this jury locally if they come back with anything less than M1?

    • Yes, this scares me. It can make a jury do things they should not. I am really afraid of the media attention and the threats that may cause this jury to do the wrong thing. I hope not. I really do. I could not live with myself if I did.

  45. All right folks, may be a little callous, but lets get predictions on when the verdict will be delivered:

    I say tomorrow with a covering bet for Friday.

  46. I just saw an article posted on MSN where the judge from the CA case says he was shocked that she was not found guilty. He states that she was two completely different people in front of the jury and when the jury was not present. How in the hell is it ethical or even legal for him to go on a national forum and provide inside information on that case regardless of whether it is over or not?

    • Bullshit…the camera was on Casey all the time whether the jury was in the room or not, and she always looked the same. The prosecution did not come close to proving their case. It doesn’t matter HOW Casey behaved.

        • Judge Perry was very pro-pros the whole way through Casey’s trial – that was obvious. If he’s still saying that the prosecution made a great case, then we can clearly see where his bias was. As Jose Baez said, “A judge is just a lawyer in a black robe.”

          Casey’s free…haters gonna hate, fuck them.

          • I just do not understand how a JUDGE can go on a national forum and give interviews like this. They are supposed to be above reproach and this is just tacky an IMO unethical.

          • I just watched Perry’s interview, and he is SUCH an asshole. OMG, Casey swore when her laywers asked her about a plea deal. Why the fuck wouldn’t she be upset? She was innocent and didn’t want to cop to a plea!

          • Perry was biased but he led the courtroom pretty fairly except for a couple of motions that he ruled against, but Jose Baez got the better of him anyway. Read his book. It is great! At least Perry could rule from his desk, not have continual sidebars, reprimand the lawyers and the visitors….lol..still laughing at the guy who ended up in jail and the woman also. That was just great!!

          • Amen to that!

            If this judge is still on the bench, he should promptly be demoted. WTF is he thinking being on HLN!!??

            • wasn’t he on Good Morning America? HLN is just stealing the clips and playing them in bits and pieces like they always to to spin them.

              I think we should be praying together on the half hour during deliberations- prayers joined together…

              • okay, I just looked up a couple of posts , and it sounds like it was the Today show not Good Morning America.

                I hate the way they are saying NOBODY likes Jodi- they need to shut up.

                • lol…It may have been, I was surfing channels and saw his face on HLN…I only listened to half the stupid shit he said and I changed the channel.

    • I did not watch the CA trial, so I cannot comment about anything to do with it.

      I will say this. Jodi was always the same, whether the jury was present or not. She only cried when the jury was present, but that was because there was pretty much no testifying without the jury present. The testimony affected her. She never put on a show. So if I hear the judge in this case come out and say something similar, I will be angry!

    • Unprofessional, unethical, and irresponsible of him. He is a-okay with the prosecution presenting lies as evidence. Scary, to say the least.

  47. I dont know why, but i think a verdict will be reached today. I hope Im wrong. I’m guessing by 2:30 pm….

    • I am with you, JC. I estimate around 3 pm……………. also, wishing I was wrong. I would like to see them deliberate longer, but I have a feeling about today.

      • NNNNOOOOO! I gotta pick my kids up from school and my hubby from the airport @ 3!!
        I swear to God if I get a text while on the highway………..

      • I would be fine with 3pm …. some of you may know this, in the Catholic faith 3pm is the hour of mercy, the hour which our Lord died on the cross, at that time we can unite our prayers, unite ourselves with Him …

        A passage from St Faustina’s diary …

        On October 10, 1937, Saint Faustina received instructions from the Lord concerning a principal element of the devotion to the Divine Mercy: The Hour of Divine Mercy:

        “At three o’clock, implore My mercy, especially for sinners; and, if only for a brief moment, immerse yourself in My Passion, particularly in My abandonment at the moment of agony. This is the hour of great mercy for the whole world. I will allow you to enter into My mortal sorrow. In this hour, I will refuse nothing to the soul that makes a request of me in virtue of My Passion” (Diary, 1320).

        “I remind you, My daughter, that as often as you hear the clock strike the third hour, immerse yourself completely in My mercy, adoring and glorifying it; invoke its omnipotence for the whole world, and particularly for poor sinners; for at that moment mercy was opened wide for every (145) soul. In this hour you can obtain everything for yourself and for others for the asking; it was the hour of grace for the whole world – mercy triumphed over justice” (Diary, 1572).

        I know there are a wide variety of people .. wait .. awesome people who support Jodi .. and post on this board, some may not agree with it, some will .. but i just wanted to post this … i believe in His mercy …..

        I believe His will be done .. in all things, no matter what the haters say or do …..

        I Trust in the Lord .. He “Will” see to it … as SJ posts on top of the board .. that “We” will be VICTORIOUS!!!!!

      • It’s more a not guilty verdict.

        There is NOTHING here to convict her of anything.

        Last Wednesday’s performance by Kevin Horn should have sealed the deal once and for all. When you are a juror and you are treated like an idiot for the prosecution, it really is over with.

        While anything less than M1 is a huge victory for the defense and a crushing blow to the prosecution, anything other than acquittal proves the jury has been tainted.

        There’s nothing here, people.

    • Possibly, just because the trial has gone on so long, they may be tired. :/

      On the other hand, they were not sequestered. They are not desperate to go home to their own beds at night. They had a lot of time on their hands, given all the trial days that were cancelled. I just don’t know.

      • NK,

        I don’t give a FK if they are tired… this jury has ample time to rest.. given their five day weekends, day of here and there…….. A human being life ( JODI) is on the line…… This is nothing to gamble over, and they should go over every bit of evidence weighing it out.

        This is the most BOGUS fk state for a DP case. They should of been sequestered Friday, and had to work this weekend. Just like they did for a rape case in OHIO a month or so ago. They worked on Saturday and Sunday in that case.

        This ” three ring circus” is allowed to set their own schedule… WTF, with 1 /12 lunch breaks, making it 6 hours a day, if lunch is not brought to them.

        If they come back today I will need to pop a avitan…………. and if they come back with M1 there is still the sentencing phase which could be another week. Then the appeal.

        Take your time jurors, and make the right decision.

        Prays continue for Jodi and her family. My purple candle has been lit all weekend.

        • But….. but…..if they would have been sequestered and worked over the weekend, how can they check HLN? 😉

          • And they couldn’t possibly go to the vigil! What would Methface (lol! love you Janeen) do with the 12 extra balloons?

          • Let’s pray we have some honest jurors that have followed the rules. 4 months with no internet surfing, news, newspaper, radio, etc would drive me crazy. I would of been one of the jurors on the internet trying to find out everything possible…… Detective Gadget…. 🙂

        • Oh, I absolutely agree. I am saying, if they come back with a rushed verdict, that would be why.

          I believe they should take a few days, make sure they thoroughly discuss it. Of course, if the rushed verdict is in favor of Jodi, I will know they are unbiased.

    • I think it will be quick just because the trial has drug on so long with long weekend breaks. They have had a lot of time to digest everything. Especially since the same evidence was beaten on like a dead horse.

    • I think we will too but i think more toward 4:30 because they are going to want to look at everything . Kmiller go to abc15 and download the verdicit watch app. it tells ya when they are going to read the verdict and you get to watch it from your phone. (But don’t you do that because you’ll be driving and we love ya and don’t want nothing to happen to you on our joyous day so you should just listen from your phone!!LOL) NOT GUILTY HERE WE COME!!!

  48. I love how these haters or shall I be polite today and call them
    ignorant close minded fuckwads….think that the verdict will be
    reached within 5 mins of DP guilty verdict!
    5 mins really guys? Look up the word disheartening with an online
    dictionary and you will see your reflection looking back at you 🙂

  49. Honestly, if I were on that jury and was inclined to believe Premeditated Murder, I would have completely changed my mind to much lesser based on the abhorrent behavior of the “The Prosecutor” and the blatant lies and crap of the the prosecution’s witnesses. It is their burden after all. And they have totally discredited themselves in more ways than one. I, for one, could never agree to kill another human being, legalized murder or not. So I would have never made it to the jury box anyway. But, if I did believe in legalized murder, I sure would not be willing to bring a death penalty when the prosecution has to resort to lies and hideous theatrics to get one. Even one lie on their part is one lie too many.

    • It should be what is in effect jury nullification although that term is usually used when there is a mountain of evidence of guilt (example: O.J. Simpson).

      There really is nothing at all to deliberate.

      • You obviously didn’t watch the OJ trial if you think they proved anything other than planted evidence and multiple state witnesses looking like lying fools on the stand. The timeline and story that the prosecution wove was impossible.

        • Not true Canada Carol. The evidence was all over. The shoe prints themselves were enough. The DNA was not planted and I don’t think a police conspriacy would have worked with that many people involved. And to what end?

          • The blood evidence that gave DNA results also had EDTA a preservative found only in blood that has been taken for sample and placed in a purple-topped tube. Lead detective carried OJs blood sample from Parker Centre all the way out to crime scenes. Evidence in trial was that 1.7 cc of that sample was unaccounted for. The tubes of the deceased showed blood on the outside, something that would not happen with a lab handling. They have a police video showing the bedroom before collection time and their biggest piece of evidence, the bloody socks weren’t there as well as other changes to the things on the bed. Dr. Lee actually found two sets of bloody footprints. The blood in the bronco was not seen for months and then was suddenly discovered after the bronco was sitting for months with people going in and out. It only took two cops to do this, and I am positive that they did. To what end, because they were sure he was their man. If not for the dream team that OJ could afford they would have gotten away with it. There are two excellent books written that no one ever talk about, just part of the media coverup of anything that pointed to him being innocent.

  50. PS I really cannot WAIT to see JM’s
    deflated face one last time when the verdict comes back
    and it’s not M1
    the look on his face will be priceless
    same goes for the HLN cult!

  51. If an appeal is necessary, are JW and KN automatically responsible for that appeal? I remember the Yazeed Essa case where the attorneys for the defendant declared in open court they would not be doing the appeal. Maybe that was because they were private attorneys. Anyone know?

    • I don’t know scrappydoo. Where does everyone wait? I mean the defense attorneys, the prosecutor, the detective, the judge, Jodi herself? Do they wait in their offices and Jodi at the jail?

  52. Don’t you think it was wrong for the judge to allow Nancy Grace to sit right behind Jodi’s Mom in court on Friday? Wouldn’t that sway any juror that watched the Casey Anthony trial??

      • She allowed the manslaughter instruction. More importantly she gave one helluva a DV instruction for self defense. That instruction is only given at the discretion of the judge and only if she feels that the evidence shows past acts of DV. The way she delivered that instruction allowed Nurmi to really be able to define DV as it should be. The jury may not know this, but for a judge to deliver that instruction means that it has to be warranted by the evidence. If the jury knows that, then its a clear message to them from the judge – I believe Jodi was a victim of DV. Even if the jury does not know the circumstances under which a judge delivers that instruction she did in such a manner, with a prolonged discussion of all the various things that can be construed to be DV, that it has to be an impact. And by the way the factors she lists are again on her discretion and must be warranted by the evidence. And she basically laid them all out from constraint to illegal confinement to sexual assault to aggravated assault.

        I think any bias she may have shown earlier went right out the window in that last week.

      • What did judge do RIGHT?
        Sh allowed in the tape recording of the phone sex where we hear ta voice.
        i think this was KEY
        But i also wonder if there were other phone sex tapes she prevented from being admitted.
        Anyone know?

    • Thats exactly what I was thinking, I cannot believe ole helmet head actually went there, it sort of like threatening the jury with her sitting there and probably most of them knowing how she acted with Casey. Hopefully a few cannot stand her either?

  53. Al, will they be allowed to look at Jodi’s journal or only the portions covered in trial? If so, a couple of them may be take days looking at the journals.

  54. I just watched that Belvin Perry interview. Any respect I had for that judge just went out the window. He essentially crossed every ethical guideline there was. I could see this coming as a memoir after he retired but for a sitting judge to come out with this claptrap goes against every norm I can think of.

    From now on every case that involves the lawyers in that case is going to have people asking for his recusal. Plus all this BS of being judged by the big judge is just crap.

    • Agree. Also, he must have been asleep on the bench to thing that murder by anyone was proven. Ther is no comparison between, Jose Baez, a perfect gentleman, and the State’s team, imperfect liars and, well, you know.

    • This makes me wonder how much money is HLN paying to these people? A freaking sitting judge!? He must need the money or something. So sad.

    • Agree! That interview really pissed me off.

      I bet he’s not happy about Jose telling it like it was in his book. He knew that Perry had a pro-prosecution bias. Perry nearly gave Jose a nervous breakdown until Cheney Mason stepped in and told him to knock it off with the threats of contempt.

      • I remember that part on Jose’s book. Well, the statements he’s making on national TV only proves how right, Jose was about him.

        This judge is such a disgrace.

  55. Oh, jeez. In keeping with the long line of fools on Dr. Drew show, C&S Hughes on Dr. Drew again tonight. Whoopedy Do! Aren’t their 15 minutes up yet?

  56. HI everyone!

    I want to make this waiting game more fun while also promoting Jodi’s charity project.

    So, i would like everyone to post a guess of when the jury will return a verdict UNDERNEATH this comment if you can. I’ll keep track,

    The directions:

    Post in Arizona time, the time you think the jury will return a verdict and the person who is the closest, will get a free t -shirt. I will buy and send to the person who wins.

    So let’s have fun. ( I won’t be guessing in this game either.)

  57. OK, I predict tomorrow by the end of the day.

    I’ll watch My Cousin Vinny tonight to calm my nerves.

  58. Is there an evidence list? Are those scratched CDs on that list? I am so obsessed with this and am with you guys…wish I had found you sooner! I am a big hater of HLN! Jodi better walk! This trial has set DV back 20 years…well NG personally has set DV back. OMG!

  59. I know the verdict will come in the second I am unable to get to a TV LOL. I think everything I have to do is in the mornings here in PA so I should be home if something comes in. I may be out Wed night though. I want to be home and on this page so I can “be” w you guys when we hear.

  60. Does the jury have access to the typed Autopsy report? All they need do is read that. Typo regarding the dura mater? No way. Not only was that in tact, so was the galx cerebri. Or was that a typo too? Also, no damage to the lungs indicated that I can see, which wipes out that whole aspiration from the chest stab wound crap. Dang, I hate when prosecutors and MEs lie.

  61. Al,

    The judge might have given a detailed Domestic Violence instruction because she was so impressed with what Alyce LaViolette said. It’s obvious Juan Martinez is desperately threatened by Alyce L. I know I was very, very impressed by what she said and how she made Jodi’s whole story make sense.

    You’ve given me reason to hope! LOL

    • That was the most important instruction in the whole trial – that the jurors must consider whether or not what happened was reasonable (self defense) from on the perspective of a DV victim.

  62. Goodmorning all! I love your post today SJ! Lol I wonder who Martinez was mugging in that picture, he looks pissed! Haaahaaaaa And what happened to dr “wannabe” she so cold she cant fork up a smile!

    Anyway, does anyone KNOW of a trxt set up or something that advices when the jury comes up with a verdic??? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if anyone knows, ill be running around today and dont want to miss it!

    Thanks everyone!

  63. I hope that the Travis Taliban realizes that a first degree murder conviction against Jodi will be a huge victory for men that abuse their women. How many women are going to fight back knowing that they will end up in jail for life or dead via their abuser or the DP for trying to defend themselves?

    This isn’t entertainment. This is as real as it gets.

    When your daughter is getting verbal and physical abuse at the hands of her b/f. He can just laugh at her knowing she will never be believed and people will look at him as a Saint.

    For the life of me I can’t understand why so many people especially women automatically believe that Travis is so innocent even after what they heard Travis say to Jodi on tape. The guy was a total pig.

    • Yes, Joe. And the way Alyce LaViolette explained it all on the stand, I really understood the whole thing! How we DON’T tell anyone!!!! Maybe we hope they’ll change. I know that most people, especially the HLN watchers, don’t understand it still. But Alyce LaViolette explained it all so perfectly, and I think that’s why they hate her so much. I understood Jodi running toward the open door when she ran down the hallway. I was in that exact situation once! You don’t think, you’re just in survival mode. You don’t hesitate. You just run!

    • I so agree Joe.

      Domestic violence does our society NO favors. Not only will M1 be a huge victory for abusers, it will be a huge victory for all the rhetoric HLN has put out there. For the past four months, HLN has been teaching abusers and people who identify with abusers how to throw their victims under the bus. Fight allegations of abuse with more abuse, no matter how true they are in the first place. smh

      How do they sleep at night????


    The Wheel of Fortune is highly symbolic. The angel in the top left corner is Aquarius, the eagle is Scorpio, the lion is Leo and the bull is Taurus. These are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac but all have wings signifying stability amidst movement and change. The book they each have in their hands is the Torah, representing wisdom. On the wheel itself are the Hebrew letters IHVH (Yod Heh Vau Heh), the unpronounceable name of God. Interspersed with these letters are TORA (read anti-clockwise) or TARO (read clockwise) which also translates to TAROT when you return to the spot where you started. The snake descending on the left side of the Wheel is the Egyptian god Typhon, the god of evil. The snake also represents the life force descending into the material world. The Anubis rising on the right side of the Wheel is Hermes, a symbol of intelligence, wisdom ascending or our shadow selves. The Sphinx on the top of the wheel represents life’s riddles. The middle wheel contains the alchemical symbols for mercury, sulphur, water and salt – the building blocks of life and the four elements – and represents formative power. The outer circle represents the material world. The eight spokes in the wheel represent the Universal radiant energy, as well as the eight Sabbats of the year. The blue background represents wisdom.

    The planet of this card is Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, growth, success, and expansion. The number 10 is a higher octave of the number 1, empowering the qualities of the 1.

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      The Wheel represents karma and reminds you that ‘what goes around comes around’. In the upright position, you are likely to be at the positive end but again, do not become complacent. You still need to act in ways that are fundamentally ‘good’ to ensure that luck or positivity stays on your side.

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      A great affirmation for the Wheel of Fortune is, “Through all the changes that the Universe brings, I feel the centre of stability which is within me.”

      • I feel this card represents all involved. It serves as a great reminder that karma is real and that you get back what you put out to the world.

  65. Why is it that people think only servicemen can have a PTSD diagnosis? I have PTSD and was never in the service.

    • Most servicemen don’t have it anyway because few of them see battle.

      It’s a bunch of bullshit. Any kind of severe trauma can cause it.

      Killing a person is the most severe trauma anybody can go through.

  66. I had a strange dream last night. The trial was over and there were people outside the courthouse waiting for the verdict. Two women were talking. The one said to the other ” I plotted how to kill him for months after finding out he molested my daughter. I am glad he is gone so he can’t hurt any other kids.” The other woman asked how old her daughter was to which she replied her daughter was 12. A reporter overheard the conversation and taped it and went inside the courthouse. Then I woke up.

  67. Thank you Janeen and Jaz, the text WORKED! Feeeeewwwwf I was a little down thinking I’d miss it but thanks to you guys im not! {{{{ XOXO}}}}

    • KM

      My point exactly. What this lady says is the way the law should be applied. The prosecution cannot ask the jury to assume stuff, fill in the gaps, or speculate. It is OK for the defense to do that. But the prosecution, with its burden of proof to beyond a reasonable doubt, must show you exactly what happened and how.

      In this case both JM and Nurmi say they can’t tell you exactly what happened and how. But JM has to, the law says so. He doesn’t have to tell you why, but he does have to tell you what and how. An argument that says this is consistent with that doesn’t wash.

    • Jennifer Ford was a great juror. I was really impressed by how she came forward right away, in the face of overwhelming hatred, to explain how and why the jury reached their verdict. “You want me to sentence someone to death, then you’ve gotta give me something about how Caylee died.”


  69. Hi everyone, I stayed up late last night praying for lovely Jodi. I’m so nervious, but I’m trying not to loose the faith. Please when ever the veredict is read, let everyone know. Thank you 🙂

  70. HLN stop interviewing people who say they are speaking for all survivors of domestic violence. I am one and you ARE NOT SPEAKING FOR ME. Ms. LaViolette did!

  71. Oh and by the way it is Ditat Deus time on the stream, just like the trial was still on.

    54 minutes and counting.

  72. So, according to the judge’s instruction, the jurors HAVE to review the whole thing from the point of view of a domestic violence victim! How wonderful! So they’ll have to recall everything that Alyce LaViolette said whether Juan Martinez hates her or not. And when she was on the stand, do you remember how everyone in the courtroom was so hushed and just riveted to what she was saying. Why? Because Alyce LaViolette’s testimony really was TRUE.

  73. I’ve got a really bad feeling that if the jury comes back with anything less than a 2nd degree murder verdict the Taliban and the Media that steers them are going to do something insane. Someone from the defense is going to die.

    The Travis Taliban is f’n nuts. I don’t put anything beneath them. They want vengeance and someone will pay.

    • Joe, they will calm down and move on to the next, especially if HLN repeats over and over that the jury’s verdict has to be respected. I mean, they’ll probably TRY to upset people, but they’ll calm down.

    • I second that!! Look at what happened to CA She STILL has to walk around with a bullet proof vest when she’s not in hiding that is. I can only imagine what will happen to her if she is found not guilty!! : (

        • I don’t see why Jodi would have to worry about getting shot at. For one thing, CA was accused of killing a CHILD. That alone hits a raw nerve on anyone with a heart. Even with a vest, the head is uncovered, but few men are willing to kill a woman like that, although manhood is practically gone, so that number is unfortunately growing. Even fewer women have the nerve to so much as point a firearm at ANYONE. Maybe if their life or kids lives are in danger, they’ll kill an intruder or attacker, but to search someone out and kill them methodically like that………..highly unlikely.

          Jodi, if she did it alone, is a rather unique woman in what she was able to do to Travis, regardless of the order.

            • Yep…a LOT of people hate Jodi, and no way would she be safe. It doesn’t matter that she’s not accused of killing a child. Go look at the Travisites and read what they’d like to see happen to Jodi.

    • I see limited intelligence on the haters page. They are more neanderthal in nature so violence is a concern. The defense should be sure they have some security initially. Just look at all the hate generated when Casey Anthony was acquitted. I didn’t watch that trial nearly as much but there was very limited evidence. Didn’t stop those haters.

  74. Had to step out this morning and am just getting back …I wanted to say thank you for your kind comments and for joining me in prayer today.


    • Nope – maybe they will give a description like 35 y/o married female – takes lots of notes – or something like that.

      • Ok good!! WOOOOO! I almost shit!! Thanks you made me feel better. Sometimes i misread stuff and it looks like thats what i did!! ((((Hugs)))))

        • (((((((Hugs)))))))))) Prayers and hugs for Jodi and her family. Lord please let the jury come back with an acquittal and send Jodi home to her family where she belongs. Not to sound corny but I wish she had those ruby red slippers and could click her heals 3 times.

          • Yeah or the genie lamp so we could have 3 wishes.
            1.) for jodi to never have met travis then she would not be here
            2.)make her a famous artist so we could all still love her
            3.) make all of us on here millionaires so we can fight this fight for the next innocent victim of the state.

            Because imagine if Jodi would have had a millionaire supporting her and paying for her lawyers and putting her in that $1,000 a day jail that looks like a hotel !! CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW PISSED THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN!

            That my friends would have been priceless !! Your thoughts!

          • NO they can apparentlly the judge for CA (sorry guys i dont mean to offend but i didn’t know about that case till it was over. I mean i knew tid bits i just didn’t follow it) just released those jurors names here recently of something if i understand correctly SJ do you know more about that

            • The judge in Casey’s case was supposed to release the jurors’ names within a few weeks of the trial ending. The defense managed to get him to hold off for three months because of the harassment that several jurors (who spoke to the media on their own) were getting. Some anonymous jurors were given a hard time by people who knew them personally as well.

            • As far as I recall, Judge Belvin Perry kept the jurors names & info sealed for several months after the verdict for safety reasons.

              Team Jodi

      • Unlike the CA case, they haven’t given the occupations that I have seen. That would be interesting to know.

    • I do think so, if I had to guess they will give descriptions of what they observed in court. I think after the verdict they will prob seal the names like they did CA case. Especially because I’m not thinking many will be happy with verdict.

    • LOL I laughed when I got to his picture too. Is he like that all day?? From the moment he wakes up? LOL

  76. Just read something that HLN posted about the jury. What does being a nail bitter have to do with anything. Some of the descriptions are almost funny!

      • Yes it’s the Daily News Sil…..the comments were what was DEPLORABLE – not the story per se….

    • Here’s an interesting comment:

      brooklyngirl772 hours ago

      “This chick won’t stop. She is not a domestic violence survivor. I am, and I didn’t even go through a scintilla of what many women go through when being physically or psychologically abused. I had a good support system of family and friends and I left early on. I had never been with anyone who was an domestic abuser, and I did not plan to stick around to find out how bad it could get. Abusers isolate you from friends and family, they berate you, they hit you. This did not happen to her. If it did, she should have been going to the police, telling her family, friends, anyone who cared and could help her. She didn’t because it did not happen.”

      See, she ADMITS she has not gone through what Jodi has gone through, yet pats herself on the back for leaving. Well good for you! And kudos for having a supportive family and friends to make the right decision. But not all abuse victims have that, which is why they don’t leave. Even teenagers stay in abusive relationships without proper parental support and guidance.

      • I would say that this person is a liar. She is the one who knows nothing about DV. Jodi didn’t even realize she was being abused. (I KNOW and have LIVED that, myself.) Not all abuse is hitting. I would postulate that Jodi was emotionally/physically/sexually abused by a sex addict, con-artist, master manipulator (the latter being a common trait among addicts of all kinds).

        • NO, it is not all hitting, the worse for me were the words, I would even say, just hit me and get this over with, make the words stop with a punch, words hurt worse than any bruise ever ever did

      • Apparently using the measures “guano” maritnez uses I am not a victim of DV, I am bedridden, no way to leave the building (trapped in a home fire), phone calls monitored, not getting food but every other day, medicines not refilled for weeks, no clean sheets for up to a year, no shower for 2 years, cannot get to doctor appointments, and more…

        I am truly unable to ‘go to the police’ talk to my family or friends about it proves there’s no abuse! However, somewhere along the way someone reported the situation and APS got involved and says it is a viable case. But in court ‘guano’ would be cutting down the witness (Adult Protective Services) about making all this up. He would certainly say that failure to go to the doctor proves that I am not even ill and don’t even need medical care!

        There’s never been a slap, punch, kick or any other physical thing which I can provide photos for and certainly I don’t journal it since it happens every day, I would also report ‘nothing remarkable’ happened! The remarkable thing would be if I got regular meals, doctor appointments, a prescription refilled before I went without for weeks… 🙂

      • You dont leave, you dont tell because then your world will be turned upside down, then you wont be able to “fix him” so you can have your fairytale life intact. If you told they would make you leave, he would get arrested, everyone would know your shame and on and on, dam these people anyhow

  77. I posted this on another site.

    Psalm 2
    King James Version (KJV)
    2 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?

    2 The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord, and against his anointed, saying,

    3 Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.

    4 He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision.

    5 Then shall he speak unto them in his wrath, and vex them in his sore displeasure.

    6 Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.

    7 I will declare the decree: the Lord hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee.

    8 Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession.

    9 Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

    10 Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.

    11 Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling.

    12 Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

  78. It amazes me how many people thought there would be a guilty verdict already!! They are basing this on the fact that the last DP case Juan did was back in 15 mins which I think is a problem in its own right considering it was a conviction.

    Hypocrites… DP Is a premeditated killing by definition!

    • cause they are delusional thinking that Kermit did a great job proving premed…

      You are right! DP is premeditated murder. It’s not justice. A person’s own god/gods/goddess/’ will be the ultimate judge and jury for our life’s works.

  79. Psalm 3
    King James Version (KJV)
    3 Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! many are they that rise up against me.

    2 Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.

    3 But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.

    4 I cried unto the Lord with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.

    5 I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.

    6 I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.

    7 Arise, O Lord; save me, O my God: for thou hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek bone; thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly.

    8 Salvation belongeth unto the Lord: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah.

  80. Does anyone know if the jury will have protection after the verdict is read. ya know going home after the trial for a couple of days or are they on their own to find help?

    • As of now I doubt they have thought that far. 1) they did even bother to sequester the jury 2) no verdict yet so they might be thinking they might not need protection. Their identities are unknown and can be sealed

  81. Looks like “team Travis ” contacted Dior to bring a Jodi drawing to their attention and claim Dior is sending a cease &d form ….. Or else will press charges

    • They can send it all they want and waste their money but there is no copyright infringement because it was a generic look . as in that look has been done a million times and Dior would owe the very first person who ever did it money if they wanted to start shit. Jodi named it something else and changed it slightly so its not the same!! GOD!! The haters want to say that Jodi was obsessed. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY CALL THEMSELVES? I BET THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TOILET PAPER JODI WIPES HER BUTT WITH!! I knowwhat the are called OBSESSED<STALKING< PSYCHOPATHS !!!

    • No, it’s all BS. Dior are doing nothing about nothing in reality.

      On an equally humorous note, some guy called “Cassandra” emailed me to say she would be emailing Beyonce… because we used the Destiny’s Child video in yesterday’s page for the new Survivor t-shirts without her permission, lol.

      I thought they’d have better things to do right now… apart from their homework… such as coming up with a long list of excuses as to why the verdict didn’t go as planned for them :mrgreen: Apparently not…

      Team Jodi

  82. Happy Monday, Everyone!
    Feeling like in “Hurry Up & Wait” mode, just trying to stay calm and wait and see what jury decide.
    Following and relating to everyones’s comments, here, in meantime. Hugs to all. ♥

  83. I’m not sure we will have a verdict today. I almost hope we don’t. Mean there are hold outs and that gets closer to manslaughter or self defense. I’m leaning manslaughter.

  84. Just some truthful humor y’all –

    The country I am visiting has no tigers or bears or even gophers! They also have no squirrels, raccoons, badgers, or chipmunks. What on earth would Martinez do if he came here!?!


  86. I have and am praying that the jury uses common sense while deliberating Jodi’s fate and they return a just verdict. Also no mater what anyone’s personal feeling about the death penalty is I don’t believe that God believes in it, no matter what the Mormon sisters of Travis think

  87. Hey Everyone, I just found this post by some lady on the HLN facebook page and had to post this here. I had to laugh because they have not been respectful at all. PUHLEEZE!!!! Praying we hear our not guilty verdict soon. Stay strong Jodi girl. We are all here for you.

    “I really appreciate the way Travis’s family have supported him in the courtroom. They are so classy and my heart broke with them and just hope they can move on and feel all of our support.They are a classy family , they were there every day and groomed very respectful.”

  88. Question to the legal eagles here. How long does a jury have to deliberate – if they can’t agree on a verdict – before a hung jury is declared?

  89. The Hughes on HLN Dr.D again! They are fame whoring off their friend’s death! Meanwhile they left for Cancun without good o’l Tdogg with no worries. They were all but pool side when they got the news. Did they cut their trip short …. Nah why … Not like it was their best friend or like family or anything. What a joke. They are true narcissists smiling through all their interviews yet what they say doesn’t match their affect yet DD doesn’t comment own that. They will be dropped like a hot potato when case is over and their new found self importance will be forgotten along with their names.

      • I no longer watch these shows – but can we ‘call in’ to the show to ask questions? Cuz that would be pretty awesome to ask why it took them so long.

          • I had asked this same question some time ago, Nancy. Apparently, the ‘next day’ thing was another lie perpetuated by hln. I believe the ‘reality’ was that he was not due to go to Cancun til like 5 days later. But TA DID miss church, a conference call and, apparently, missing work/church was not big deal for an elder? hmmmmm….. I smell b.s.