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Happy Memorial Day!


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    • Yes, Jason you did an amazing job with all your research, connecting the players in this scam and writing a comprehensive article. Thanks for bringing this SCAM out of the dark and into the light of day for all the see.

      • Yes, excellent article on Occupy HLN. Thank you!

        If you listen to the media and shows like Nancy Grace and Doctor Drew, you’d think the brothers and sisters were practically saints and they are enduring such financial hardship and emotional trauma because of this trial and Jodi Arias. When I first began watching the family in court, I felt very badly for them, just as I do any of the spouses and family members who have to go through trials involving the loss of a loved one. However, as the trial progressed, I began to notice how they were crying and doing things like continually rolling their eyes, walking out of the courtroom, sobbing and otherwise attracting attention from the cameras in view of all, at times even the jurors. This kind of emotional display is not something I have seen so often from other families in court and I wondered why they were allowed to act so inappropriately.

        Then, toward the end, Samantha, surprising a police officer who should know better about how to act in court and keep emotions under control, and who probably at times suggests individuals going to court to do just that, continued to elicit sympathy from jurors and the public as she kept crying and getting so emotional, barely getting through her next words at times, and telling everyone how her family was forever “ripped” apart and how they were suffering financial hardship to be able to be at the trial all this time.

        The family does deserve sympathy, no doubt. But there are many other families who have gone to trial without all the drama and have conducted themselves with dignity and appropriate behavior in a court. Emotions run deeply and finances add up despite monetary assistance from the state and church or other organizations, but others go through it without all the emotions and financial requests we see in this case.

        Additionally, others have read statements like Samantha did during a sentencing phase, and showed more emotional restraint than her, and within much less time after a death. We have to keep in mind that Travis has been dead now FOR OVER FIVE YEARS and that the family has had time to cry, experience their emotional pain, and go through the stages of grief. From what we’ve seen in public displays of the most photographed and talked about family members, you’d think Travis had died more recently.

        As I see it, there are one or two possible reasons for how the prominent family members have been behaving: 1) They are taking advantage of all the publicity they are getting to raise money and try emotionally to influence the outcome of this trial and 2) they are messed up psychologically because of their very dysfunctional family backgrounds and are, at least subconsciously, using their brother’s tragedy to blame for all their problems and issues in life, i.e. Jodi is the one responsible for all their misfortunes, and as long as she is alive, they will continue to suffer. By doing so, Samantha can continue to carry on as she is, and do it more months and years, and keep the death fresh in her mind and dominating her life. Along these lines, and as Jodi remains alive, she will continue to feel ripped apart emotionally rather than realize she should get past her revengeful intent and hatred for Jodi, move on with the help of psychological help and counseling, and face the real demons in her life. No amount of money she and her family can raise will ever compensate for this.

        • Hmmm. There is a documentary that has been showing lately on the documentary channel in my area that is interesting to me as related to this case. It is about how the Mormons completely engineered a campaign to get rid of Proposition 8 in California to ban gay marriage. It was amazing how much they engineered that.
          The issue is that they are a Church, yet they behaved like a political action lobby. That is still being investigated, I think (was getting really sleepy toward the very end).
          But, from watching that, I have no doubt whatsoever in my own mind that there is a “Mormon Media Blitz” just as Jason of OccupyHLN says, against Jodi. One that is every bit as much a deliberate, engineered effort against Jodi as their campaign to get rid of Proposition 8 in California.
          Why? I think this case is MUCH bigger to them than anyone realizes. They want Mitt Romney to win the Presidential election, probably next time, or election after that. They put extreme effort into their image in the public mind. They believe that they are destined to run this country, as exhibited by their actions re: Proposition 8 where they have imposed their religious beliefs on the political system, which is none of their damned business. This country was founded on separation of Church and State and that is pretty much what makes this country this country.
          If Jodi gets off, the Mormon church looks terrible. It wipes out decades of carefully managed PR, in their effort to get the general public to view them as “mainstream” enough to have their candidate Mitt Romney run for President.
          This case, if it were viewed based on the facts, exposes them as the cult they are, and exposes their average Mormon young single male and his activities, and it looks terrible. They have to ruin her.
          If you look at the amount of money they must have spent defeating gay marriage, and the tactics they pulled getting that money from their members, then I can only imagine the pressure they’ve put out throughout the church to run this Mormon Media Blitz that Jason talks about.
          From my experiences on the comment sections of the news articles on this case, especially Facebook, this is a very deliberate, organized attack on anyone and everyone who dares to disagree with their position and I’m sure everyone knows who has experienced it too.
          That makes me think that everything about that family is calculated and directed.
          I don’t believe them for a moment, to me, all of it is acting at this point. As you said, 5 years has passed. There is no way it isn’t pretty much scripted, although, I’m sure they do still feel grief, that doesn’t mean it isn’t purposeful manipulation of the media.
          They want the money, it is helping them get it, and probably a lot of it goes to the Mormon Church, if I had to guess.

          • OMG!!!! I read that entire page, and WOW! Guess I’m use to the laws in my state! What is going on, and why can’t they get this stopped? I see why Romney wasn’t voted in now!!
            Dang! What a bunch of BS! Tanisha (or whoever) has a record, now I’m tellin’ ya! Do you think that’s why she didn’t get up and speak?

            • I know. The laws in California are the same as in your state, about keeping religion out of government, but you’d have to watch that documentary to see how they did it. They were very, very sneaky. They went to other churches, such as the Catholic church.

              The POSED as “regular people”, and went door to door getting signatures, carefully keeping people from realizing they were Mormon!!!!!!!

              Who thinks they haven’t done that in this case?! All of those people on the court steps, “commenting” to the media? Planted. That’s my take on it. That’s what they did to get the ban on gay marriage passed. They had a whole bunch of “training videos” on how to talk to people casually and influence them to vote for Proposition 8.

              It is really, really sick and wrong.

              • I didn’t learn about the Mormons until Romney. I had NO clue the CULT was that large! I’m a Republican, my brother is a Pastor, but he wouldn’t vote Romney! He said, I prayed about it, and I just couldn’t do it! Now I see why! Although he kept his opinions to himself. I asked WHY?, but he remained silent…..
                BTW- People using my name, you will be found out and prosecuted!! I support Jodi 100%! Gotta a problem w/that? Bring it on!!

                • As far as Occupy HLN…..Dang!
                  It’s like this…… You either love Jodi, or hate her…..
                  I won’t waste my time arguing with a bunch of Jodi haters! It’s like trying to convert a Mormon to TRUE Religion!

                • I’m a Mormon, I believe in Christ and I know he doesn’t hold it against me for supporting Jodi or for being a Mormon.

                • Most people who are Mormon wouldn’t consider falling into this “hive” trap.

                  What we have is a small group of them who have something to hide or something to preserve (such as business interests and reputations) who want to stifle ALL dissent, and then there are some who subscribe to the old doctrine of blood atonement.

                  The whole farce is unbelievable.

            • I do think that is why Tanisha did not speak an the fact that she was helping
              with the harassing the witnesses as in Dr. Samuels an Alyce she had the
              petitions on her FB wall she was fueling the hatred. An the fact that her
              black rotten teeth would have shown when speaking I think is another
              factor. People would think she was a drug addict for sure. I feel sorry for
              that family only because they all claim to be close an are liars themselves
              an drag Jodi through the mud with lies they never even met Jodi.

              They all
              claim they are so close well a brother that close does not lay in a shower
              dead Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun an then Mon finally someone shows up? Travis
              missed Work meetings an Church meetings an Church on Sunday? An this
              was Monday night 10 pm? come on ! why because the Cancun Trip was the
              next day. If it were not for that trip who knows how long he would have laid

          • Speaking on if any goes to the mormon church, it would have to if they are mormon, because all monies are tithed at 10%. It is about the same in most religions, people tithe monies to them.

        • I loved what he wrote. He’s an honorable man. Kids always defend their parents, or should, if they’re equally honorable. And visa versa. 🙂 Wise parents make wise kids!

      • Hi,
        Where may I read Jason’s article? I am studying and making notes on this trial and I daily go over testimony etc. It is truly a disgrace what the media is doing in misrepresenting testimony and taking things truly out of context. HLN is a sensationalist news show, but for all the supposed other credible news stations to to misleading and not objective should be illegal, shouldn’t it? I’m hoping SJ and team are figuring out a way to hold all thse news stations accountable and more. I wish would have gotten the password. I wish i could help.

    • SEEMS MOST PEOPLE ON OCCUPY HLN ARE JUDGEING JODI !!!!!!! DON’T JUDGE SOMEBODY IT MIGHT come back and bite you in the ass !!!! I GET IT its all a big scandal I understand .But as far as the comments on that site .I think I’ll stay right here on we are Team Jodi …. And we will vicious make no mistake !!! where I’ve been since it all began ……. R.I.P.Travis Prayers always for Jodi Arias family & Friends .And remember keep in mind nobody Wins in this So why don’t we JUST END THIS HERE AND NOW .mjmm aryjane mjmmorales Mary

      • Oh my gosh, I was just going to say that, I “liked” Occupy HLN yesterday and posted a few things on my real fb and wow, the mean crazy people are allowed to post there so I am back here, I feel safe here 🙁

    • This is J.M boss he is the one that can stop this its crazy to retry this.

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      PHOENIX, AZ (May 23, 2013) – Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery released the following statement in response to the lack of a unanimous decision in the penalty phase of State v. Jodi Ann Arias:

      “We appreciate the jury’s work in the guilt and aggravation phases of the trial and now we will assess, based upon available information, what the next steps will be. As of this point in time, the Court has set a Status Conference for June 20 and we will proceed with the intent to retry the penalty phase. Because, for purposes of a jury determination on punishment, this is still a pending matter, there will be no further comment.”


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      • Interesting. My husband is a Yale grad attorney (wrong type of law….) in Pinellas County (yeah, the district that bused the jurors into Orlando for Casey’s trial), but I may fish around and see what he knows about this stuff.

        I’m sure he won’t approve…but in twenty years of marriage that hasn’t stopped me yet. (^0^)

        Letters (NOT EMAIL) to Judges and Trustees make impact. LETTERS.

  1. good morning to everyone today hope we all have our thinking caps on and are ready to dig in and do some damage stay incognito don’t confront but document everything you find

      • I have had it posted on fb for a number of days. Think of the Tragedy in Oklahoma and how those people really need donations. Think of who is dying because they can’t get the proper help in Oklahoma. TA’s family are true criminals and murderers.

    • thanks AA for the link she the one that is sick I did not know about all the haters ya right she know and was home watching the TV like the rest of them and used JM words to get out of it…

      • So she feels sorry for Jodi, yet she still voted to kill her. Stupid crone. I knew the women would end up being the harshest ones.

        • Contradictory words all the way… ”Feels sorry”, ”sees a sad girl” in Jodi ”Jodi is not a monster” BUT hell yeah she voted for death!
          Is she nuts?

          No offense intended but she is a middle aged woman.She was probably offended by all the explicitly sexual photos,stories and details heard in this trial that couldnt put it past her to form the opinion that Jodi was a whore-in other words she identified with Travis and Travis alone.As to her description of Jodi as ”manipulative” that says it all-she bought Martinez’ crap ALL THE WAY.GAS CANS,GAS CANS GAS CANS is all we’re gonna hear from that woman’s mouth I predict.

          But hey,lady !!!! You dont convict someone for premediatated M1 for being manipulative (even IF that was the case which isnt) OR give them the DP for that either!

          • I think age is a misunderstood concept. People of any age can be close minded and overly reactive to graphic photos, sexual behavior etc. These reactions come from earlier life experiences. I am 64 years old and can tell you that when I grew up culture, morals, etc. were not nearly as rigid as they are now. I would have found Jodi innocent.

          • I preface this by saying that not all middle aged women are like that juror. Sadly, however, there are women like that juror whose vaginas have dried up, and they have forgotten what it was like to be a sexual and sensual woman, forgotten the problems they once had with contraception and men. These subset of women will never have to worry about being pro-choice ever again. They have forgotten what it was like to be in love, to love on a macro scale, and to have this love for every living being on this planet. They have no compassion for Jodi. This planet is truly doomed when women start to lose their compassion. It is the feminine principle that keeps things alive, that cares for life. What has happened to us?! Excuse this – I am angry by that juror’s interview.

            • Again there are many reasons women are not supportive of other women. I have been a mental health professional for many years, and to simplify the problem by believing that the cause is a dried up vagina is simply ridiculous and disrespectful. Get some education about womens issues pror to saying such awful things. You obviously devalue anyone middle aged or older.

                • Thanks. It is such a complex issue. Women who have not been well supported tend to be mistrustful and competitive throughout life. Women are taught to be competitive with other women, and often see other women as a threat. It is so sad Piqué.

                • It is complex, for sure. I’ve discussed it quite a lot with others here on these pages. There are plenty of female misogynists out there, and the Arias trial has given them a venue, freedom and support for their hateful messages.

              • Rebecca, I wish they had “like” buttons in this forum.

                I was really pissed a couple of weeks ago with Vladamir Gagic proposing it is “peri-menopausal” women who hang out in front of courthouses screaming for the blood of defendants. (no pun intended).

            • Krikee, I have to agree. As a woman who is approaching 50 in a couple of years, I almost hate to admit this, and someone might well take away my woman card for it, but it’s something women at work have talked about.

              There’s a huge difference between the attitudes of older women who are still experiencing orgasms and women who aren’t. Women who are peri- or post-menopausal but still sexually active (whether gay or straight or even if it’s with themselves, doesn’t matter) are happier, laugh more easily, engage with others more effectively, cooperate more and basically just seem to enjoy life a whole lot more. It doesn’t matter what they weigh, either. There’s a certain glow about women who are still enjoying some type of sexual activity. They take more pride in their appearances. They support the sisterhood of women and respect other women. They nurture and even mentor younger women in a caring fashion enjoying their youth and beauty.

              Whereas, single women who believe masturbation is wrong and either never formed a romantic partnership or have been separated from their relationship for some time (particularly if their children are grown or they never had any) when they reach a certain age, just seem to revert to the equivalent of jealous, bitchy teenagers. They’re difficult to work with. They’re unhappy. They anger easily. They criticize quickly. They handle stress far less effectively. They’re critical of others and very very jealous of young good looking women or even women of their own age who are involved in relationships.

              One of the most interesting aspects of this — and I’ve watched it occur — if that woman does find another partner, she changes and becomes easier to work with. I’ve seen it happen many many times.

              Sure, perhaps there might be something else going on with the older women who are unhappy, such as depression. And there are very difficult hormonal struggles going on in women of a certain age that are not that dissimilar from the hormonal changes of the teenage years. However, many women seek medical or natural methods to work around their hormonal changes and it seems the women who do so are more often than not the same women who are still enjoying their sexuality and want to continue to do so.

              Regardless of what any particular religion teaches, sexuality and sexual desires are normal basic human needs. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or something that should be repressed and ignored. We don’t have to live in the Victorian Era anymore. Orgasms are extremely beneficial for women, most especially as they age, through boosting immunity, endorphin levels and flushing cortisol and assisting the body’s natural detoxification process which improves digestion and may even work to prevent cancer. Not to mention the fact that being aware of one’s body can greatly assist with early disease detection.

              That’s not a devaluation of any woman who is older, in any way. To me, it’s just a shame that certain religions attempt to portray sex as something evil.

              • I am not implying that sexuality is not important at any age. I see patients well into their 80’s and many are sexually interested and many active. Sexual health is important. My point was that Juror Number 6 may not support other women, assuming that is the case for many reasons. She certainly has shown the inability to support Jodi, manifested by her flagrant disinterest during the trial, and her recent hateful statements. She may be ignorant, or simply be looking for three minutes of fame. Clearly she does not possess the thought processes to think critically or analytically. I also doubt she has the motivation to think, and she most likely has a long history of this very concerning behavior. She will, however, be a great star for HLN and their somewhat questionable audience. I would suspect that she was hateful by the age of 18, and possibly by late adolescense.

              • I am also soon 55, agree YET — There is no site I have gone onto regarding this trial about JODI that women and men, especially women have not called her every sexually profane word. That is the first thing people do with a woman is call her, ho, whore, slut, cunt, and the list goes on, oh I forgot about bitch. Name calling seems to be a pass time – and all that does is play right into the hands of TA. these two kids were so psychologically suffering.

              • There is resentment for Jodi because she is an articulate, creative person, confident of her intellectual abilities. She was thorough on the stand in her responses to JM. She wasn’t casting about the room for emotional support before she answered him. I know of few men or women who could stand up to a prosecutor of JM’s ilk so resolutely. I wouldn’t know how happy she was with herself before this whole tragedy unfolded but I would guess that Jodi enjoyed her own company or she would not have liked long road trips.

                There are some people who find both analytical women and men unnerving. They see them as conceited because their opinions are well thought out and it is therefore a bit daunting to have a discussion with them. Many folks on this board are likely intimidating to others and might not even be aware of it. More over, there is a tendency for some to find quick-witted but deeply intelligent people manipulative. A person demonstrating these qualities might not even have a specific agenda; nonetheless some people feel overwhelmed by the force of their personality and cannot help but experience that person as a bit of a threat. They feel manipulated simply because they are surprised to be somewhat unsettled in that person’s presence. I strongly suspect that Jodi made others uncomfortable but didn’t know why until she took certain tests in jail and had her suspicions confirmed. Her intellectual abilities are exceedingly strong. She speaks of the bad “choices” she has made. Perhaps she had overcompensated for the discomfort she sensed in others by giving them too much power over her.

                If Jodi were on a jury she could argue her viewpoint very well. You can tell from her letters and journals that she has a fine mind. You can see why she has had to take a default position, as it were, looking at this trial now from a purely moral standpoint:
                “I had the jury God gave me” – (approximate words). She knows better than to try to imagine how the jury could come to those guilty and penalty verdicts if they were using logic and reason. She had obviously analyzed the entire case from the jury’s standpoint before the verdict came in and had steeled herself for the prejudice.

                I appreciate some of what krikee had to say: “These subset of women will never have to worry about being pro-choice ever again. They have forgotten what it was like to be in love, to love on a macro scale, and to have this love for every living being on this planet. They have no compassion for Jodi. This planet is truly doomed when women start to lose their compassion. It is the feminine principle that keeps things alive, that cares for life.”

                Notice she used the word SUBSET. It was not a blanket statement. Many older women report that it is a relief for them to no longer worry about how their sexuality affects their choices and their overall health. They actually might find critical thinking easier without the emotional tumult of their younger years, thankful that they are not as vulnerable to others’ opinions as they were before.

                I would like to add something to this discussion of how women treat one another and themselves vis a vis relationships: When it comes to relationships, some women can find themselves on an emotional rollercoaster – “high” when they’re dating someone new, and “low” when they are ending a relationship or searching. There is much pressure to be a couple and not be left out of things; many women take that hard. Unfortunately, some women feel lost and anxious when they are single. They almost behave as if they are ill and should be given a break of some sort for their unwanted, accidental status. In framing their singleness this way, they have magnified their emotional pain to an almost excruciating level. These are exactly the women who tend to dash into relationships with the wrong man and end up with drama or boredom instead of harmony. You could almost say that for some women, this cycle is an addiction.

                The dangerous concept that some women internalize is that they are worth more if they are in a relationship, but ultimately, there are so many things that can cause a person to come across as difficult and irritable because of low self esteem. Sexual intimacy is a wonderful thing, connecting one person to another and to the larger world like nothing else, but for some it is only a temporary salve for their unwillingness to develop themselves as autonomous, independently thinking individuals. For some, being in a relationship is primarily a way to live with their own insecurities. This goes for some men, too.

                Not having a satisfying primary relationship is no excuse for a person to be rough and irritable with others, but I think people who are out of touch with nature and their own creative potential can be even more negative and critical of others than those who are not happy with their love lives. I refer to “anima” or “animus possessed” (Jungian psychology) individuals who seem unable to let go of their own viewpoint long enough to consider another because their thoughts have come to define them so much.

                So that begs the question: “How do we define ourselves?” Do we define ourselves by our compassion, self-control, artistry, ability to motivate others, our health and sexuality, our relationships or our ability to parent? Do we define ourselves by our physical agility and strength, intellectual abilities or our ability to form judgments that we can stand by and live with? Do we define ourselves by the balance in our lives?

                Rebecca said, ” People of any age can be close minded” and that is true.

                A fairly happily married older woman can be just as mistrusting and threatened by another woman as one who is single and casting about, competing for a partner. The open-hearted older married woman who is not threatened by a single woman and welcomes her into her house is a rarity and a jewel. My mother was like that, and I don’t think it should be any other way. One never knows what fate may bring, and often women are widowed or lose their loves much earlier than they ever would think possible.

                When I was younger I expected that some of the insecurities I saw in younger searching women would ease up as they became more successful and had children but the conclusion I have come to is that character is character. There is no substitute for it and you never know where you are going to find it. A person is worth as much as they believe they are worth. If this country stands for anything, it is the idea that a value cannot be assigned to a person by society. The Justice sitting on the Supreme Court has a greater understanding of the rule of law than the average person, but they have no greater value as a person, no more civil rights than anyone else. By the same token, since we are stuck with ourselves we might as well sign up to be our own best advocate.

                The “trappings” of life and one’s status as old or young, sexy or dumpy, lucky or unlucky in love, are transient. One never knows exactly why others behave as they do; often the truth of why an individual went down a certain path becomes evident to only one or two others, long after that person dies.

                Life is incredibly complicated and people infinitely complex, so making harsh judgments, especially the most black and white ones, gives some a feeling of “centeredness”. To them, the process of categorizing and “naming” provides profound relief. They want to be rid of the terrifying infinity of choices that life holds. Some cannot stand freedom – it is almost unendurable for them, so the best way to reduce life to a predictable set of choices is to become addicted to something. It can be drugs, alcohol, brawling, shopping, romance, work, extreme sports, gambling, sex, or judging others.

                For some, the “grey” area of tolerance is a scary place to live. It reminds them of their own frightening potential to be truly great, and the moral choices they will be responsible for if they embrace life more fully. Perhaps they grew up in an abusive environment and now live with a sense of dread – a mortal fear something awful might happen at any moment. Of course, addiction is no fun, but it is guaranteed to reduce one’s choices, create predictability and simplify life, however perversely.

                Someone here posted about what it was like to be on a death penalty jury. He said it caused him to have PTSD and that others on the jury experienced severe emotional distress for years afterward. I believe he said there were even some suicides. It is time that the states stopped requiring that life/death pronouncements be made by their citizens. For, whatever they decide, those juries will have to live with it long after the penalty is imposed. Even if the penalty is not chosen, the jury members will have to live with the memory of either having been talked out of imposing it or having been the one to argue against it. If there is a reversal or a stay, or if the penalty is voted out in that state while the condemned person is on death row, the arguments that led to that person’s penalty were also punishing to the people whose duty it was to make them.

                Bearing in mind that the states cannot force any particular person to vote for the death penalty, in jury selection, the state is searching for those who are willing to take a life. Do some feel obligated to assume the responsibility because they sense that they are capable of performing the duty with utmost care? The people doing so are self-selected. They cannot escape responsibility for putting someone to death after the person is executed. It was fully their choice to make. And there would inevitably be a creeping awareness as one deliberates, that oneself could be, but for fortune, the condemned. Innocent people have been executed. It can only be a horrifying experience to be deliberating while bearing that fact in mind.

                The living conditions on death row are inhumane, and the day of execution does not come swiftly. Slathering media coverage of DP cases makes it all the more intolerable. The penalty falls mainly on the poor, ethnic minorities, and those with lower intellectual abilities. It does not correspond with the most heinous crimes.

                The death penalty should not be an option. It is cruel and inflicted capriciously. It fosters harsh judgment and blaming through the entire spectrum of society at many levels and has not been shown to reduce violent crime – rather it increases it. It is the worst addiction society has besides war.

                I was inspired to search for a good book of quotes (from all sorts of leaders) by some of the fine people who post here. Today I went to a book sale and one of the first books I found was just such a book.

                “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only legitimate object of good government”. -Thomas Jefferson

                • Wow. What extraordinary writing and insight. I hope you are an advocate of Jodi Arias. She needs more like us on her side.

                • T,
                  There is only one thing I take issue with, and not strenuously.
                  “And there would inevitably be a creeping awareness as one deliberates, that oneself could be, but for fortune, the condemned. Innocent people have been executed. It can only be a horrifying experience to be deliberating while bearing that fact in mind.”
                  This statement, while undoubtedly true, is something that I don’t believe is going through any death penalty juror’s mind. If they thought; There have been so many mistakes made, which can never be taken back, and For the Grace of God There Go I. I don’t think the death penalty would survive. I believe that if anyone was truly capable of putting themselves in the shoes of a man/woman being not only strapped to a gurney, but being strapped while knowing they’re innocent, or worse their innocent child being strapped in, the DP would not fly.
                  I found your comment breathtaking, thank you

                • Trialtoogoodawordforit, you write beautifully. Both form and content. And wisely. I felt, after reading, more connected with others and myself.

                • Wow, wow, wow!! I am so impressed with your post that I printed it so I can read it again and absorb all the wisdom you have imparted here. I would like to ask what is your profession? Are you a psychologist…..teacher………writer?? male or female?

                  You have given me much to think about… it relates to my own life (compared to my older sibling’s choices and life—I am 69, she is 72). I am single, never married, no children……she has been married 3 times, has 4 grown children and 10 or so grandchildren and has been in a relationship with a “kid” of age 32 for last 6 years, and been in one relationship after another since age 13. We just don’t ‘GET EACH OTHER”. You have described both of us very accurately. Thank you so much for one of the BEST posts I have seen online.

                • Wow! Well said! I agree that people are often inscrutable, even long after death. Think of Abraham Lincoln. Millions of people have tried to figure out what motivated him, but they’ll never know if they missed the mark.

                  I also agree with you completely about the DP. Can you imagine what people feel who served on a DP trial in a state where the next state over the border – say two miles away – has no DP? If the DP is the only deterrent to murder shouldn’t states that don’t have it be overrun with murderers? What is stopping people in DP states from arranging to commit murders in non-DP states? Just a few more, among the many, reasons the death penalty makes absolutely no sense.

                  You, my friend, are very wise. Thank you so much for your comments. BTW, I am one of those women for whom it is a great relief to no longer worry about my sexuality. For the first time in my life, I am comfortable in my own skin.

              • Thanks everyone who read my post and responded. Wow, I’m amazed at your kind words. To Trialwatcher, I am trying to imagine your holidays, all those kids and your sister and you being so different. It makes my head spin, lol. One for the books, actually! Hope you are enjoying all the nieces and nephews.

                Have been a big reader all my life. One of the most influential books I read in grade school was a biography of Harriet Tubman. I found the book in the school library and was very inspired by that amazing and unimaginably heroic woman. She rescued so many while she had a head injury and would black out sometimes enroute. She knew that it put her at additional risk but was a conductor on the Underground Railroad nonetheless.

                mn, I agree with you about how a scenario of innocence while deliberating would not be an omnipresent thought. It would likely be a momentary consideration kept private because guilt would have been decided. Maybe I should have emphasized that it could become a more present thought over the years for a former juror after having served on a DP case. PTSD can cause intrusive thoughts and that could eventually become one of them. (I wonder what DP jurors report about that.) But the DP is being imposed now in fewer and fewer states, so progress is being made.

                Pique, it was really nice of you to say that about feeling more connected. There are a lot of great writers and thinkers here who express themselves so well it is always worth visiting this site. This ordeal is so painful to watch, yet a community has formed, and out of this tragedy many of us here have learned a tremendous amount from each other.

                Edward, I don’t think Jodi ever meant Travis any harm no matter how disgusted she was with his behavior at times. There is no evidence that she felt malice toward him or any hostility. All that has come out of her journals was bewilderment about Travis and a sense that she did not know how to deal with her confusion. It is unfortunate that her defense team could not show more persuasively how a woman is in even more danger when she tries to end an abusive relationship, because it turns out that many on the jury did believe she was abused, at least emotionally.

                Hope everyone has a nice night!

                • Wanted to clarify that Harriet Tubman would actually physically pass out enroute, sometimes alone in broad daylight – a different type of blackout from the amnesia associated with emotional trauma.

            • OH my gosh that is funny. But I am 51 an disabled now but I still remember
              the ugly some men I dated for short periods in my life were. I pray to GOD
              women do not forget they are lessons to pass on to daughters an granddaughters
              all though they do not listen because they are in LOVE LUST an LOST until
              they feel an see it for themselves. I have seen men like Travis just not Mormon
              men. I call them Pigs but his nickname tells it best T-Dogg always sniffing out
              a new B#$%# in heat. That is what dogs do.

          • “Contradictory words all the way… ”Feels sorry”, ”sees a sad girl” in Jodi ”Jodi is not a monster” BUT hell yeah she voted for death!”

            “Is she nuts?”

            In answer to your question, I think, not only is she nuts, she’s Mormon.

            Ooooh that burned my hide. My god this outrages me. The nerve of these people knows no bounds.

            • Absolutely correct Milan. I am more convinced every day that this entire corrupt, shady, illegal, digusting situation is all orchestrated by the Mormons!!

              • Same here! The more I learn about all of this and see what is going on, the more I’ve thought the same until I am really convinced of it now.

              • I too have been convinced after I started reading up on that Religion an watching
                the Mesa Arizona congregation blabbing the same nonsense one after another
                talking in the same monotone with the same blank stares they freak me out ! they
                say Jodi is robotic not hardly she was the only real person the rest were fakes.
                Just how I feel about it. She got sucked into that crap because of Love she
                thought but was only used an gossiped about behind her back. Those are not
                Christians that do this.

            • Milan,
              I saw her in another interview earlier where she emphasized how she prayed and prayed to God on this. I thought to myself; She was talking to God? The guy who’s son was falsely accused, convicted and then executed? What did God tell her I wonder?
              Juror #6, thou shall kill, as I have changed my mind
              Thou shall take over my job, of being the ultimate judge, as I need a vacation
              Maybe God should have sent her a dictionary so she could look up the word “paradox”

          • Got news for you: “middle-aged” women were in the forefront of the sexual revolution, and also so-called “old” women past retirement age. The vast majority are not withered-up prunes.

            One thing I can’t stand is stereotyping.

            • I went to college in 1976-80 and one of my classes was “Women in the Humanities”…..during the “hay days” of the women’s movement. The main book Professor Davis had us read in that class was ‘The New Our Bodies Ourselves”, “A Book by and for Women”, The Boston Women’s Health Book Collective”. Your post reminded me of this book…..still sitting on my bookshelf 32 years later. I don’t know if there is an updated version of it.

          • First of all,let me apologize if I offended anyone by saying ”she is a middle aged woman”.I didnt mean that she hates Jodi simply because Jodi is younger.That’s why I wrote ”she was PROBABLY offended by all the explicitly sexual photos,stories and details heard in this trial…” meaning that older people MAY sometimes be more conservative than younger ones. I wasnt speaking generally,nor did I include any general statement such as ”all middle aged people are conservative”.I didnt attack the juror’s age.Being a racist or an ageist is one of the things I dislike the most.I was merely trying to convey that since Jodi’s jury did not consist of what one would describe as her ”peers” age-wise,some of the sexual content of this case could have been shocking for the older jurors.

            • I see this woman more in terms of politically CONSERVATIVE…..probably affluent……probably supports the tea party……probably married from a very young age. Probably sexually repressed.
              Did I miss anything? (Mormon?…maybe)

          • Everyone on this topic, I prefaced my comment by saying that not all middle aged women are like that juror. Apparently I wasn’t clear enough about my post being about THAT JUROR and the subset of women who don’t remember what it is like to be a young woman. I apologize. Btw, I’m a middle aged woman.

            • No we are not:)
              I was part of second-wave feminism, and remain staunch and active to this day, although a wee bit past middle age, no partner and not crabby…just more curmudgeonly…;)

            • I understand. Thanks from Rebecca64. It is okay to be middle aged. My experience is that every stage of the life cycle is good with new and different challenges.

        • Ya know, I agree? It seems it’s mostly the men who were against death. One, at least. I haven’t heard from all the jurors, so I can’t say for sure; but it has surprised me, thus far.

          You never know, though. There were only 4 women on the jury, I think. Have we heard from all four?

          I know there was one female alternate appearing on whatever show would have her. She doesn’t count. I don’t know how many legit jurors are talking. Anyone know?

    • Seems juror 6 has didn’t waste any time going to the snuggling up to HLN, the Hughes, Dr. D’s HLN juror. She is already posing for pictures with them. Juror 6 was observed telling TA family she was sorry when she left the court room. So it doesn’t surprise me.

      N K ‏@nk_light 6h
      @PitchforksPosts impossible to know when the pic was taken, but it was of her and the 2 HLN jurosr. Also, friends with Hughes and family.

      Pitchforks Pitchforks ‏@PitchforksPosts 5h
      @nk_light What she was friends with Hughes’ before? I know she’s met up wth them in the last 2 days.

      • And why would she? After all, it’s not like she has any real consequences to face. The court of public opinion is on her side. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain; the same with the other death eater jurors.

        Book deal – CACHING

        Interviews – CACHING

        Guest spot on HLN – CACHING

        D-list celebrity status and rubbing elbows with wealthy, influential yet sadistic people – PRICELESS

        • Has this EVER happened in a high-profile case before? Did OJ’s jurors pose with him? Did Scott Peterson’s jurors pose with Laci’s family or the prosecutors? Honestly, something is not right here. And why are the damn Hugheses in the thick of everything? They’re not even family!

          • Exactly! Why are they eve-ry-whe-re?? Why are the reporters and jurors treating them as if THEY are the brothers or parents of TA?As I said the other day:who made them Kings of the world?

            • I am convinced they are “planted”. This is what they did to defeat gay marriage in California. They posed as “ordinary citizens” who were “concerned”. They produced a whole bunch of training videos to show church members how to do it! How to make it seem like they were just your ordinary person, how to comment about it, how to influence people.

              In my opinion, that is exactly what has been going on here. They are posers. That’s why they are “eve-ry-whe-re” and by god they ARE “eve-ry-whe-re” 🙂 , all over, putting themselves in front of every camera they can manage, mobbing every comment site on every news article. It’s an engineered effort, IMO.

        • So sad, MB, but, yes, so true….

          I sure hope all the other jurors who voted for the DP don’t start talking. It is safe for them since public opinion, unfortunately, is on their side, and they can get some attention as well as make some money for being on the “right side”..

          However, if they do continue to talk, and befriend HLN, the Alexanders, or Hughes, etc. by process of elimination the media will figure who the 4 that voted against the DP are. That is what this media is trying to do. If this should happen, and the public knows the 4, these jurors are going to need some protection, for sure.

          If we ever get to this low point, I hope some law or something will be passed to stop trials from turning into avenues for the media, including social media, to exploit and profit from while harming the lives of private citizens and their families who, unfortunately, were not on the “right” side that the media circus promoted.

          • It’s already happening Mattie. By process of elimination, as each juror opens his/her mouth, it’s becoming easier to determine who voted for life. The Twitterverse is engaged in speculation already. They’ve condemned the foreman as a life voter and they’re out for blood.

            I feel like I’m watching reruns of Spartacus where a particular citizen gives a thumbs up for someone in the arena and is immediately stabbed to death because the mob disagrees.

        • I’m confused…..they won’t say who voted no but will admit if they voted yes?? The foreman said NO ONE was supposed to talk or so I thought! All you would need to do is use the process of elimination thus exposing the ones against the death penalty!!

          • Yes. In several interviews they said that they agreed to keep it a secret who voted for what unless that individual juror wanted to tell which way they voted.
            So, yes, by process of elimination just like Mattie says, it’s going to be figured out, because the ones who voted for the dp are proud to say it because they know how much support they have from the Mormon Media Blitz whereas the ones who didn’t vote for the dp will be figured out and attacked, I believe just like Mattie does.

            It might be good though, because this court has rejected every. single. attempt. to get them to listen about juror bias, bias, prosecutorial misconduct, juror misconduct, etc. etc. etc. Maybe, if they do more damage, something will change! How long can they keep pretending everything is normal in this case, when it is so outrageously abnormal?!

          • I was calling them Death Eaters to myself earlier today…LOL.

            They can get their own code names: Bellatrix, Lucius, Narcissa, etc.

    • Just watched the interview.

      What a hag fame whore.

      There is no way she wasn’t going home and watching the news.

    • I just don’t get this woman.

      You may not need the why for the guilty verdict, but you sure as shit should know it to sentence someone to death.

      • Al…she give me a lot of concern…grrr…

        1:17 into the video…interviewer asked “you had no idea how many people around the world were watching this trial?”

        1:21 into the video…juror 6 answers “not around the world, no, not at all”

        I just bet she knew everything going on around her….WHAT ABOUT IN YOUR HOME AND COMMUNITY…and what she was saying…just doesn’t ring truth about anything…

        • That’s what I thought! She had to think about how she answered and be very careful, because that women KNEW! She’s such a liar, she sets my teeth on edge.

          That’s it, no ring of truth at all.

          Oh geez, and that “she gives me a lot of concern”, grrrrrr is right!

        • Doesn’t make sense to me. Even if you accept her opinion of Jodi as “manipulative” and a “sad, sad girl,” how does one get from “she concerns me” to “I voted for the state to kill her.”

          Makes NO sense.

          • I know, it makes no sense whatsoever, except that she’s a Mormon. That’s the only thing that fits, imo.

            • Milan, did you learn that she’s a Mormon or is it just, as you say, the only thing that fits? I don’t know if I caught the entire interview because I don’t recall their names.

          • Not only that, but who in their right mind would ever want to sit on a jury again?
            The reprisals are totally sickening, and this is objective justice at work? Having every minute detail about your life published on the Internet, when they are supposed to remain anonymous?
            That’s an extremely worrying joke.
            They might just as well have voted from the comfort of their anonymous living rooms.
            There was no way to escape the media hyperbole anyway.
            Disgraceful display of tampering and trial by media.

            • The jurors who are coming out, exclamation points and all, know it is safe to do so. They are being embraced as heroes.

              We may as well have all voted from our living rooms via text messaging, keying in this number for “life” and that number for “death” a al Dancing with the Stars.

    • Thank you Also Abused for posting that.

      OMG! Juror # 6 actually said,
      “I wouldn’t consider Jodi a “Monster”. [Jodi] was manipulative and untruthful” …YET SHE wanted to sentence her to the DEATH PENALTY!?
      WTF was THAT? SO Juror # 6! I’m talking to YOU! You mean to tell me that Jodi deserved the DEATH PENALTY for being manipulative (and WHERE in the trial did you get THAT? What in particular was it that she did, said, during the trial to give you fact that she was manipulative? Jodi admitted to lying (about June 4th because she wanted to spare TA’s reputation) She COULDN’T tell the truth about the day of the killing WITHOUT EXPOSING TA’s TRUE deviant behavior. YOU, MISS JUROR #6, DID NOT LISTEN to ANYTHING Jodi said ON THE STAND! Jodi wanted to plead guilty to M2 in order to prevent exposing to the public what an EVIL man Travis really was.WHERE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO THE SAME TRIAL I LISTENED TO?????
      OMG I am Fu@king sickened by you!….and all the other half wit jurors who thought Jodi deserved the death penalty!

      • And her and alternate No. 17 are “besties” and 17 said she decided Jodi was guilty during opening statements when all the stories were exposed.

      • Dorothy…

        If truth be told…I bet Juror 6 has been manipulative and untruthful about things in her own lifetime..yet no one gave her the death penalty….cause she is still alive and breathing…WTF…

        I hope all things bad that she is saying about Jodi boomerang back to her 1000 times what she is putting out…she will come to feel a slow death herself for voting the death penalty…

      • I can’t take it, I gotta take a break. This is just too much, it is so outrageous. it is SO obvious that they were watching HLN and/or surfing the net, checking Facebook and talking to other jurors and family. I almost posted a comment about it on the site, but I’m going to keep my mouth shut for now and hope that more stuff comes out about them and their activities. More people are going to spill one way or another.
        Could not believe those people. The way they proudly held up their hands that they voted for death! And one is an ER nurse! God forbid I ever have to be treated by her! She puts no value on human life if she could watch that trial and do what she did. She has no compassion whatsoever. Same with the others. Just disgusting.

      • I thought the jury foreman said they all agreed that they were not going to reveal how they all voted. I guess that agreement didn’t last long.

        • I hurried to get their “15 Minutes of Fame”…

          The evilness in them will slowly eat them to death…Karma…

          • Correction:

            THEY>>>>hurried to get their “15 Minutes of Fame”…

            The evilness in them will slowly eat them to death…Karma…

        • I think they agreed they could say how they voted if they wanted, but they wouldn’t say how any other juror voted.

  2. Hey look! News from our local station about Arpaio!!!

    Coming up on Nightside: Racial profiling in Arizona–that’s the ruling from a federal judge against the self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in the country.

    He be in some trouble now, I just was watching the video someone posted about him today and what he called his concentration camp and they were saying that!

      • omg..that video was disgusting.what’s wrong with him?and all the people in that gathering laughing! ”campsites”,really? So they are not afraid to borrow Nazi language and brag about it.
        So sad,how easily mankind forgets…

        • Maria, I am sick, sick. Yes, they’ve borrowed the language from the Nazis, from the Holocaust, and from other oppressive systems that have practiced genocide, and they think it’s funny and/or appropriate. And the uniforms. They LAUGHED–called the people in there “they”–as in “they are coming here” and “they are killing us.”

          I don’t know what to say. I’m choked.

          • That is a repulsive thought, My father was in a concentration camp for four years, and we called them savage barbarians too
            In fact everyone hated the Nazi’s back then,but now we are reprising the role of censorship and fascism again.
            Justice is meant to be have high integrity be and objective and fair and balanced. It didn’t even come close.

    • Damn them took the words out of my mouth I said the uniforms looked like the concentration camp then the next day they were showing the bread and water watch what you say they will use it Hail Mary

      • I wasn’t really surprised by that, actually. The Maryland Correctional Institution, which I live very close to, serves “lock up loaf” which is pretty much the same thing. They serve it when an inmate gets out of line.

    • Yup, Sheriff Joe is a dickhead of the highest degree. Dude thinks he’s King Shit on Turd Island and can do whatever he wants whenever he chooses to do it. Maybe not so much anymore. This ruling may knock him down a peg.

  3. HLN has made so much money off the pain of others under the guise of justice. Their “reporting” is totally one sided and is set up to incite anger and outrage. It is like they are trying to change the narrative to fit their will. It must take a while to plan out their shows , yet they manage to have clips and highlights from the day as well as commentary from ” experts” as well as people who claim to know the people involved . It is like a reality horror show/ soap opera.
    There are real people involved who are fighting for their lives, reputations etc and these people have the audacity to say whatever they want whether it is true or not so long as it is riveting or sensational. Welcome to HLN where we have doctors who aren’t qualifiedas psychologists, former lawyers with questionable pasts and people with no real journalistic credentials reporting on whatever trial of the century that comes along !
    This whole process undermines the purpose of the courts.

    Justice is blind, innocent until proven guilty? Not if your HLN ! Nancy grace is ready to hunt them down, string ’em up and unleash the lawyers!

    Bombshell tonight! A person is accused of a crime, but Nancy just knows they did it, she has body language experts, prosecutors with an agenda and tv judges to prove it!
    The accused lied? Well she must be a psychopath, the accused doesn’t smile? Well she must be a sociopath!
    HLN , where the hosts don’t understand that you don’t need to shout if you are wearing a microphone!
    Got a missing child? Well, HLN will feign sympathy and interest until the next one comes along! Nancy loves kids, she has twins of her own you know. She is what every parent hopes to be! A loud, obnoxious opinionated bully who is wrong most of the time but says things with such conviction that it must be true! What a super role model for America!

  4. LOL Jury Foreman didn’t like Juan Martinez

    What a steaming pile of excrement Juan Martinez is

    But his feelings on Juan Martinez are not as neutral.
    “He’s merciless,” Zervakos said of the lead prosceutor on he case. “I don’t like being talked to like I’m stupid and I feel like that happened a few times.”

    Despite the outcome of the actual verdict, murder in the first degree, Zervakos says he and his fellow jurors regret they could not agree in the sentencing phase.
    “Do we feel there was unfinished business? Do we feel like we didn’t complete our task? Yeah.”

    Looking forward, Zervakos hopes the Alexander family can heal, but also had a final thought about Arias.
    “The only thing that I can hope for her is that she comes to peace with herself, that she comes to grips with herself.”

    Read more:

  5. SJ

    Welcome back. Hope your vacation was a good one. While you were gone MB did a great job and solved some “T” issues by showing them the door.

    So glad you posted the link to occuplyhln. People need to know the truth about this SCAM. Thanks.

  6. Yes Angela I remember back in the day when Walter Conkrite and Peter Jennings reported…. it seems at least that for every person on one side of an issue they introduced someone on the other side…. as I grew older it wasnt until I started watching Hannity and Friends that I realized that things have really changed now more of the little side bars that say these are not necessarily our views of the station they just down right take over….. someday we may even have a civil war if we dont watch our ways…..

    • You are right.

      There used to be a law that journalists were required to make a sincere, honest attempt to get both sides of the story, because if they didn’t they were open to lawsuits. That law was swept away in the late 70’s or early 80’s, I’m not sure exactly. Ever since then journalistic ethics have been steadily going down the sewer, as old time, real journalists die off and the new, yellow “infotainment” so-called journalists take their place.

      So here we are, predictably, with cr*p like HLN and their sicko ilk.

  7. I like Nancy Grace the show…. Im still glad to watch it. I have been surprised at her one sided takes on things…..However I did think that she seemed to be throwing us a bone when she announced that this was a win for Jodi and that the Alexanders should go home and reconsider…… I notice every once in a while she does this… I think sometimes she just has to be for the so called victim in all cases because they need to be heard they need a place to vent ….. they need to be able to hear the things she says so that they can swallow the bitter pill and move on without having to seek the DP… Its just a little reverse psychology tricks in there…. I dunno…

    .I do remember once though and Im sure if she is reading this it will make her Cring. It was the time that Daniel Horowitz a renowned attorney out of L.A. Well he was a regular on her show during the OJ and Scott Peterson Case anyways at some point in there his wife was murdered in the home that they were remodeling in grand grand style either remodel or building she was ordering like wood from Italy for the staircases etc… a real big deal …. anyhow they found her bludgeoned in the foyer of the home before it was finished….

    2 or 3 weeks passed and the PD found another suspect a mentally deranged teenager from down the street and her confessed or they found extreme evidence anyways it all turned out that he definately had committed the crime… Boy was she back pedaling…

    My point is she had me almost believing and probably many others that Daniel the husband had committed the crime….. Oh well just a memory…she does influence alot of people… but maybe should keep the course of neutral just a little more and I would love to see more of both sides of the story… that is the way it should be!

    • I remember the murder of that lawyer’s fiancee. He seemed to be a personal friend of Nance’s but nevertheless she was picking up her torch, slinging thinly disguised allegations ready to outright accuse him. Had another week went by without the real killer being found I am sure she would have had Mr Horowitz tried, convicted and on death row NG-style…with her mouth! I abhor her.

      • Kira,

        I knew about this one but it seems the other acct has just pop up and looks very suspicious. It is link to a word press acct called Jodi’s diary….after seeing this I knew it couldn’t be Jodi’s. It has her address and prisoner # posted and how to send her mail. I am just sick because I know she will be getting hate mail from the content of this site. I hope we can double our efforts to get positive messages to her.

        • I took a look at it also and it is definitely not hers. If you scroll down you will see some of the autopsy photos etc. NOT what I wanted to see before going to sleep and not what I would expect Jodi to post on a blog. It is sick what people will do.

          • Yeah, her name is spelled wrong, and it is a pic of her in shackles, which she didn’t want anyone to see and the Taliban site posted it anyway to mock her. I think they set this up themselves.

            • I must be getting blind-I didnt notice her name was spelled wrong!but the second I saw they have chosen the photo of her in shackles I knew it was a haters’ thing.

    • Hey guys you can tell it’s not Jodi’s site. It looks like it was written by a 5th grader. Jodi is much more intelligent than whoever made this site. Jodi is very articulate and her writing is usually flawless. The writing of this psycho is full of errors. Also Jodi would never put pics up of anything other than positive images of her and Travis. The stupidity of the haters never ceases to amaze me.

      • Trixel,
        I totally agree, it was hard to follow her but gave info regard court so had to wade through her bias. She certainly was less that objective about the case and very pro-TA.

        • F**k her! I read that article lst night.She has 7(!!) reasons listed why TA had every right to be mad at Jodi.ALL 7 ARE WRONG! In fact they are just hearsay.She doesnt even have her facts straight,yet she went to court every day.

      • Big mouth juror 17 sat next to the foreman

        and this Camille Cunt wrote this about her:

        “Yes, she did sit next to him and she was the one who would openly fidget at times. I think she had figured out the whole case long before we got to closing arguments. I’ve been very interested trying to catch up on all her tweets.”

        I do believe she did say she felt Jodi was guilty on day one of the trial. Why would she admit that out loud on twitter, for many eyes to see? I say to the dumb twat #17 keep on talking.

        • Yes, aren’t they supposed to serve jury duty without being decided and only making their decision by what they see in court?

          Thank god they don’t make pills for diarrhea of the mouth. She may free Jodi yet.

        • Lol Trixels. May these sleazy reality show rejects that disguised themselves as jurors keep on tweeting and talking. I am appalled by the lot of them other than the 4 that hung them up on death. And I am impressed with your many ways to call them V jay jays!

          • Gwen, ha ha.TY

            I am pretty pissed about all of the ways Jodi was screwed. After all the shenanigans JM pulled in court I am still dumbfounded they gave her M1. Premed & felony both? How? I am confused how they came to that conclusion. They cancel each other out, either she stole the gun from gpa or she stole HIS gun? I’m sad for Jodi and want to research and read all day & night about her case but feel a tad helpless that I can actually do something to help her out.

        • That’s against the oath they took and the jury instructions, to make up her mind from opening arguments. Sickos.

    • Camille Kimball is the Martinez fangirl who wrote a whole post about his relationship status. She’s nothing but a groupie.

  8. Well bless my mormon querying soul. I’m famously famous on two sites! lol
    How come it got shut down?
    Terrible news.

  9. Well she (the Juror) is dumb enough to actually help Jodi by her actions. Her behaviour is not acceptable from
    many aspects of judicial objectivity.

  10. Yep those great friends an family of Travis are reaping in the Silver just as Judas himself
    did once. I have no pity for them that are so greedy an disgusting that also have NO FEAR
    to BARE FALSE WITNESS. Shame on them all an HLN too. AN double SHAME on those that
    claim to be Christians. There is a special place for them all at the GATE they will not enter.

    No one deserves DEATH for Self Defense. An I do not care how the person died I have seen
    others die more horrific an the one that did it was not this hated or crucified world wide.

    The internet has made small people with little minds feel they can say an do whatever
    they want too strangers an they would not do it too a person’s face I guarantee most
    are weak when confronted in person.

    There is more to this story an I hope something GRAND COMES for JODI not LIFE either
    she deserves to have a LIFE away from those horrid people that claim they are Christians.

    That Wright lady will be up for parole in 2014 she stabbed her husband over 200 times
    buried him in the back yard was in a fog etc. From Texas a state known for giving Death
    an she has a possibility of a LIFE I believe Jodi deserves a LIFE too. I will never believe
    she did all that stabbing an slashing. The Blood Atonement is just too close too all those
    markings an Travis was a Virgin seeker. If Sex before marriage is equal to murder in his
    FAITH then how many did he steal out there that will not come forward ? it truly disgusts

    I will always believe Travis was the one that was being rejected by Lisa by Mimi an then
    that day was the last fling for Jodi an him. She was moving on to Ryan. Travis had a trip
    coming up an guess what Mimi only wanted to go as FRIENDS……….no sex games on ‘
    that fun trip. He was a pissed off man that day a rejected Mormon Male with no mate an
    coming to the age where he needed a mate. No one wanted to marry a T-Dogg sniffing
    every Virgin in the Ward out. He was going to be singled out soon in that Church. Jodi
    was just naive no where in her past relations did one man stand up an say she was crazy
    etc. Only Travis but he said the same about Deanna. He was the real phony an the real
    liar. It makes me so angry the Jurors could not see an hear what I did on that tape an
    in the emails an texts. Thankful 4 held out on Death but not Thankful they all voted on
    the murder one. Really pisses me off still. Tainted Jurors Tainted Judge Wicked Prosecutor
    Evil was sitting in the gallery with people that say Save the Animals an Abortion is a sin.
    But giving DEATH to a woman that was mentally an physically abused is ok because she
    is a liar. But the man was a Saint. PUKE PUKE PUKE.

    • Rhonda in AL you have described the situation brilliantly right down to the last sentence. A narcissistic abusive man who felt rejected and un-worshiped is a danger in itself. He was ready to snap and poor Jodi happened to be there that day because she cared for him. I am glad she came out on top but it’s sad she has to pay this price for surviving.

    • Rhonda, I so agree with everything you wrote. I ranted for days early on about why none of the nice girls wanted anything to do with him as far as marriage or even long term dating. Now that he is dead all of his smarmy ways have been forgotten. Travis with his slick suits and closet full of shoes was nothing more than a dirty rotten scoundrel. Jodi was way too good for him.
      Gwen I agree with you too. I look at the photos of him and I can see he was full of himself. He thought he was the cats meow. Personally I think he was a pudgy, funny lookin creep.

      • Pudgy, funny looking creep– truth.

        I wish Jodi had left him earlier. she could have done WAY WAY BETTER

        • Agreed with ll of you ladies.
          He was a nothing,a zero(not good english grammar but I am translating straight from my mother language,it sounds so appropriate for the scumbag)
          There was a clear-cut consistent evil and narcissistic pattern in all his doings whereas in Jodi’s case there’s a consistent innocent and naive to the wrongdoings of this world pattern.Poor Jodi…Life is too unfair sometimes.

      • Hey y’all.. ya after Juror 8 the drunk one got kicked off the Jury my puter died.
        Seemed like forever to get a new one an HLN had me so upset an CNN was
        not much better. I did get my husband to understand though so I had a little
        support. But I just knew that Jury was tainted my sister an parents are in
        Arizona an I could not get them to see a thing I said they only went with what
        they heard on the news there an it drove me crazy when I called them.

        I wanted so badly to go to Arizona an be in front of that courthouse asking
        how many people standing there were part of the Mormon Church. Or PPL/
        Legal Shield. An I would have had a BIG FREE JODI SIGN too.

        Glad to be back an see y’all on here going still !! Have a nice Memorial Day.

    • Gee Rhonda, where have you been? I missed you. Glad to see you back with the same passion as always. Hugs!

  11. Ok I know this has nothing to do with the actual topic at hand, which I have read by the way and I am flabbergasted by. Is this all about money? Do they even care about the victimS? Which gets me to my next point. I truly believe that the “ninja” theory…as Disgrace so eloquently puts it…is the true story. I apologize up front as this will probably be pretty long. I got into this trial pretty late admittedly and heard the details about it and much like the jury foreman I said to myself…huh? No way…this girl? Not to mention the vitriol I saw towards her which I have personally never seen. Well…

    Down the rabbit hole i went. First watching Jodi’s body language that first day of court, especially during the opening statements of her defense, she looks visibly uncomfortable. It very well could be because of the fact that the trial has finally started, but I really think it’s because she knows it isn’t true. In my eyes Jodi has personally only told one lie, and that would be that she wasn’t there. Ok, she has never been arrested before and it’s easy to understand as anyone would be frightened if they were accused of murder. Then I think it was 5 days later…correct me if I’m wrong….she comes back with the two people story. This is reference to her police interrogations by the way. It strikes me as kind of funny that Mr. Flores says that he finds it unbelievable after she tells him this story when his initial inclination was that there is no way that one person could have done this.

    Now the prosecution tells me that this was a premeditated crime. Travis was this angel sent down from god that no one would want to kill. He was a Mormon who was looked up too not to mention a very successful businessman. Ok sounds good so far….only he was having sex outside of marriage not to mention having to borrow money from people, Jodi being one of those people. Doesn’t sound like he’s very successful at either.

    Now do not take this as being mean towards the victim of this crime as he was the prime victim. However, I will not sit here and say that Jodi is the sole perpetrator of this crime, if she was even one at all, as the evidence, to me, suggests otherwise.

    How is it that a boot print never gets investigated? Jodi’s? Ok…if that was the case you think that would be one of the prime pieces of evidence in the prosecutions case. Only no that wasn’t allowed in…

    How is it that the roommates never smelled the decomposition of the body? I mean 5 days is a pretty long time for a body to just sit there. I would think the house would be permeated with the smell. It wasn’t that big of a house. The excuse is that Travis’ room and the rest of the house was separated. Sure thing…that’s why you didn’t smell it. Lets not forget that he left everything that he might have taken with him to Cancun, where you were well aware of that he was going, sitting out where if you walked in the house you would have noticed. Trivial I say! (Sarcasm) That really is a big huh for me.

    Then I thought Travis was supposed to leave for Cancun the day following his murder. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if that’s the case why did it take Mimi another 3 days to go to his house to see if something was wrong. You would think that since she knew she was supposed to go with him that she would have contacted him the day of…and if she didn’t get him that day, she would have gone and checked on him then. Nope…not very important.

    Next, the last picture of Travis alive and the picture a minute later. So I’ve seen the picture perfect shot and the reflection of Travis’ eye. I can say that I do see Jodi, and I realize that this is subjective and could never be admitted as evidence simply because of that fact. That being said I believe that I see her in a light bottom and grayish green top not taking the picture, but at a side angle. Almost like she is running somewhere. Which corroborates her story.

    All that being said, I realize that I could be completely wrong and this could be an open and shut case. However, I have yet to run into anything in this life that is as black and white as the prosecution has laid out. How is it then that Dustin Thompson’s ex Ashley Reed, who as fate would have it was talking of moving in with Travis, and his brother Dan both commit suicide. Dan on the day of Jodi’s arrest. Huh? The police never look into that?

    Not to mention Chris Hughes and his scary ass wife. I hear on HLN that Jodi is so scary and emotionless…what a creep right? Not even close. I would rather be in a room with a million Jodi’s than even one Sky. I don’t care if Jodi really did it or not, which of course as I said above I don’t think she did. There is something about those people. I heard that Travis might have fondled their kids when he was babysitting….true conjecture. However if that is true, certainly a motive. How do they go from saying Travis isn’t good for Jodi in one second, to saying that it was Jodi that wasn’t good for Travis. Emails say different. Not to mention how uncomfortable Chris Hughes looked during his time on the stand. There was just something about that.

    I don’t know I could go on and on and on about this fucking case. There is something that just does not sit right with me. We are all in agreement with the fact that this was the most unfair trial ever. No chance for her, and I feel awful about it. I want you all to know that I am on your side, not out of blindness but from looking at evidence and the fact that most of the characterization of Jodi is simply hearsay. My conjecture of that is that it is simply jealousy. She is beautiful and they are not. That simple.

    Thank you to anyone that even reads this rant and I want you all to know that I read and appreciate each and every one of you. Peace!

    This whole trial has been full of nothing but corruption and no regard for the prime victim or the unfortunate patsy, Jodi. I don’t care what anyone thinks of me and I will personally not rest until there is justice for this poor woman who was seriou

  12. I am very thankful to the 4 who stood by their convictions and voted for life. I took a special delight in hearing they found JM to be a piece of shit bully too even though they said it more diplomatically than I. Their lives are not going to be easy for them the next week. As has all ready been witnessed with the Foreman, they will be slandered, harassed and threatened whether they speak out or not with these internet bullies who have perfected the art with all the other victims of slander and bullying this entire trial of all defense witnesses and experts.

    HLN and those psychos on the Justice 4 Travis facebook page and twitter will not stop all week not until they identify each one and start the hate campaign on them. I advise them to report any and all threats and harassment to the FBI and all local authorities. Report IP’s take screen shots.

    This shit that goes on on Facebook and twitter of asasinating someone online has got to be stopped with real repercussions.

    The other jurors who step forward to be fame whores with pride in their vote for the DP I hope they trip over their own tongues and turn this farce of a trial on its ear with more evidence that they did jury misconduct by reading online and watching media lies like HLN for the pulse of the case instead of being objective and impartial. They are sorry little sheeple who HLN will make into faux heros all week long.

    Meanwhile the Alexanders and the Hughes with their at least 5 donation avenues will continue to shamelessly beg for money from the adoring masses and try to evade taxes further and keep laughing all the way to the bank. That has to be stopped too. Pay your taxes on your public welfare gravy train you crooks, criminals and vengence filled evildoers !!

    I am sure Tanisha has plenty to continue her meth addiction and maybe fix her teeth and Stephen enough to get the therapy he obviously needs. Sky Cruella Hughes has enough for her continued botox injections and her fat ass husband has enough for his food addiction which probably replaces their sex life. Too busy counting dollars and trashing Jodi. I am sorry to say but I have no mercy or sympathy for the whole evil lot of them.

    This verdict maybe God was trying to tell them something— but thats right— their religion is a cult and not one about love and forgiveness but only of collecting wealth and sitting in judgment of Jodi while ignoring their own many life transgressions. It should be called HYPOCRISM not Mormonism.

    Dirty Sanchez and the judge should be sanctioned for their unethical behavior. Flores should be demoted to a donut eating beat cop and the ME he needs to go back to medical school to learn how to do more thorough work and then get a heart transplant as its apparent he missed getting one when they were giving those out and learn how to not commit perjury. Looking like Rob Lowe’s little brother will only get you so far.

    As for Jodi, the truth will come out one way or the other it always does. She may not walk free for a long time but she will never be put to death of that I am sure. We will be here to continue the good fight of a fair trial without the vitriol of the ignorant haters and media interference encroaching on her rights as a citizen to a fair and impartial trial and better outcome that this woman deserves. We love you girl—don’t give up your rights to appeals!!

  13. I joined “Occupy HLN”‘s Facebook page and followed them on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. They do excellent work and this latest article is no exception. They are doing the kind of job that the so-called “journalists” in the mainstream media used to do, but don’t do.

    • Me too. I have always pegged The Dogg as a narcissist and they all attract each other in a very scary groupthink. Even to the point of preserving women to ‘deflower’ it’s nauseating.
      But nobody wants to report it. Are the reprisals THAT scary?
      If they are, then I would shake my head even more from thousands of miles away…

      • TA’s friends thought it so amusing that he would go to BYU with a backpack to pick up girls. Reminds me of Ted Bundy who also used props (fake cast, arm sling) to get his victims.

    • So true, Frank! True investigative journalists that ask the kind of questions that should be asked, report the kind of facts that people really need to know in order to make up their own minds, and who take a professional and objective approach seems to be increasingly rare these days.

    • Good morning Al,

      Great tune as always.

      I was just curious on what your thoughts are
      On what we have heard from the jurors as
      Far as juror misconduct?

      • Thank Gn.

        I don’t know if they’ve crossed the line just yet, however some of the stuff from 17 definitely bears investigation.

        However, I don’t think appeals courts react to this sort of stuff unless there is a blatant misconduct case. Minor issues, like when someone made up their minds doesn’t matter, as long as one of them doesn’t say – I made up my mind before the case started and lied during voire dire.

  14. Did you all see this from juror #17:

    @angel7878 in opening statements when we heard all the stories!Then it was confirmed when she took the stand! Everything she said was a lie!

    It was on her twitter account and so she disnt follow the law because the burden of proof is on the state.

    If there were other jurors feeling this way jodi had no chance at all to receive a fair trial.

    • So she is admitted she had her mind made up after opening statements?

      I don’t understand… We have a juror admitting that her mind was made up from opening statements… We have a juror who was obviously emotionally influenced by the Alexanders as she apologized to them in court right after she was dismissed… We have this same juror buddying up to and taking pictures with the Hughes and their family… We have the juror foreman admitting he believed Jodi was abused, but somehow he still chose a verdict of M1…

      How much more do the jurors need to say until this verdict is thrown out?? A juror had their mind made up after OPENING ARGUMENTS, meaning she essentially ignored the WHOLE TRIAL and was biased towards the prosecution from the BEGINNING. How is the verdict not being thrown out RIGHT NOW?

        • Not just that, but here again seems to be a woman, who instead of understanding Jodi’s plight seems to be blaming her.

          Remember her comment about how it takes a woman to see through Jodi, the men just give in.


          I’ve been commenting on this for months – why the heck do the women have it in for this poor girl? I just don’t get it. It’s not like TA was some great catch and they should be jealous of her. The guy was scum. Jodi, on the other hand seems to be the one that catches the wrath of women?

          Anyone have any ideas why?

          • It’s probably because Jodi is hard to read. The problem there is that Jodi does have emotional problems. I don’t know her so I can’t say for certain but her responses to some seem odd. I personally understand she’s got PTSD and she may have been fruity prior to June4, 2008 but the events of that night pushed her psyche over the edge. For this very reason which even the jury foreman admits she shouldn’t have been given M1 verdict because she SNAPPED!

            • Women are vicious by nature, and love to see other women hurt when they cannot have something themselves. Maybe their spouse cheated on them with someone like Jodi, so now Jodi is paying for their sins.

              Most of these women who want the DP for Jodi, are vicious, and didn’t even watch the trial. Only what they saw on HLN . Also, Jodi is taking a lot of heat from the CA trial even through they are two different trials. People feel that CA should of been convicted, and the judicial system was flawed in that case, and don’t want another person to walk free that killed someone.

              Also most of these women are uneducated, and refuse to look at the facts and evidence. Abuse is very common in families, and I can assure you that everyone somewhere in their faimily has experience some sort of abuse ( mental, physical, verbal). They just hide it in the closet……….

              • What pathological reason would you suggest for the men on the jury voting for the death penalty? If women are vicious by nature, then what problem do the men have? I think it may be more useful not to get into age or sex, without an educated scenario. It is more likely that their death penalty willingness is linked to an inability to process such vast amounts of information, as well as mob mentality thinking. I think people who serve on juries need more initial screening and scrutiny. some people do not have the ability to think abstractly, and that is a must skill for a juror.

                • Actually, I really liked something Vladimir Gagic had to say about juries:


                  “Jurors who lean pro-police or pro-defense is normal and common. It is a fair representation of our society as a whole. It is the very essence of a “jury of our peers”. As such, why not instead let any qualified juror serve during the guilt phase of the trial, whether or not he believes in the death penalty, and then let a second death penalty qualified jury determine the actual sentence?

                  By having two separate juries, one determines guilt and another the sentence, we would ensure the first jury would actually be a fair representation of the community. But the way things stand now, Ms. Arias was never actually “judged by a jury of her peers”; she was instead judged by a jury in which all the jurors believe in the death penalty. That is not even remotely the same thing. “

              • I have to take issue with you saying that women are vicious by nature. I disagree. The women you are seeing are fundamentalists. These women are like the women in the middle east, who go along with the horrible abuse by men. They are brainwashed to believe that women are inferior, just as the men, and they will enforce it.

                They have a double standard and they are showing that double standard. They don’t have the critical thinking skills necessary to be jurors on a case like this. There is no question in my mind that JM knew this.

                It’s simple, we are dealing with a fundamentalist cult here.

                BTW, I was raised in one, and this is very, very familiar to me.

                The old biddies enforce the religion on the younger, and they will never change. Fundamentalists, like those responsible for 9/11, think in black and white as they have accused Jodi of doing.

                But, it is a very misogynistic statement to say that “Women are vicious by nature” etc.

                Those women on that jury who voted for the death penalty may be vicious by nature, and jealous, but most likely they are church enforcers, brainwashed by a cult.

            • Good grief, FLNANG, I’m glad we haven’t met in person. You’d think I was nuttier than a fruitcake, I’m sure. Her responses seem odd???

          • Al, I think the real reason is there is a bias in society that women who commit a violent crime (even in self defense) must be a monster. Whereas, a man is expected to be at least, somewhat more violent by nature and, therefore, is more easily forgiven.

            International statistics reveal that abused women who kill their abusers are convicted at the same rate as any other person who commits murder.

            But look at this factual statistic: the average sentence of an abusive man who kills his victim is 2-6 years; while the average sentence of an abused woman who kills her abuser is 15-20 years.

            Why the discrepancy? Society does not understand abuse and does not expect a woman to commit murder as a result. And as I said above, If she does, she is punished more severely for doing so.

          • Al…

            I still feel it is the jealous thing with those women…

            I’ve been saying for months…Jodi is beautiful…intelligent…and she is a soft spoken young woman…those characteristics alone intimidates a group of women that are older…fatter…not as pretty…and not as smart as Jodi…

            Let’s say that Jodi is not on trial…that she is speaking in a Church women’s group meeting…once that group of women hear her talk…they would still have an immediate dislike for her…

            It happened to me and I know first hand how “bitchy” and conniving those jealous females can be when they take an instant dislike of you because of your beauty, intelligence and kindness toward others…

            I had to change churches because two women told me that their husbands wouldn’t quit complimenting on my looks to them and they felt they couldn’t be friends with me because of that and they shunned me…

            It was so sad…

            And that was the day that I learned about bitches…

            • I had many a similar incident when I was young, thin and pretty. Now, I’m older, fatter and not as pretty, but I don’t look at younger thinner more beautiful women with envy or hatred. I don’t worry my fiance is going to run away with them either.

            • Keep in mind there were more men on the jury than women. People are complex, both men and women and they are a collage of their past. What stereotypical attribute are you going to paste on the male jurors?

      • And a judge who was like a one woman Juan Fanclub, who cried when the jury were unable to sentence Jodi to death.

        I still stand that was the root of her choking up was the lack of death sentence.

    • She should be arrested for abuse of exclamation points. What a twat. And she was convinced of Jodi’s guilt after OPENING STATEMENTS? Keep running your mouth, asshole….

      • She should be arrested for abuse of exclamation points.” LOL LOL Kira.
        Ooops,I think I do it too.I better cut it out,I dont want to have anything in common with her,not even exclamation points, lol!

  15. Hi everyone. I wrote a blog post today called “Exposing The Real Travis Alexander” and I normally wouldn’t do this, but I really would like each and everyone of you to read it whenever you get a chance. If you like my posts on here, I think you’ll really like this article and I hope you read some of the other ones on there, but this one especially. Here is the link:

    • I agree with you Frank. I remember Juan saying he was PETRIFIED of Jodi. Yea I usually have sex with people I’m petrified of.

      • Jeff——-Martinez saying that was without a doubt one of the most ridiculous moments of the trial. He was not afraid of Jodi, and only told people that who did not like her.

      • Haha right, Jeff. Let’s all walk around screwing all the people we’re afraid of.

        Any girls here want to have sex with Martinez any time soon? How about CASH? Any takers? Anyone, anyone?

    • Nice, Frank! Very good info and very well documented I tried to respond with a positive comment but for some reason it didn’t take. I will try again later.

    • Beautiful Frank . . I don’t subscribe to the options and found leaving a comment n/a for the time being but want you to know your blog is awesome.

    • ” And, it sure didn’t stop him from wanting to penetrate those holes as often as possible.”

      Love it, Frank! Tell it like it is!

      “That is justification of behavior that is wrong and it sounds like a similar comment I heard evangelist Pat Robertson say earlier this week about how men cheat on their women because “they’re men”. Any man that treats a woman like this is a douche bag as far as I’m concerned and shame on anyone who defends this type of behavior.”

      INDEED! Women saying “But Travis was just being a guy. Any guy will take sex that’s readily offered to him,” makes me ill. I have been blessed in my life to know PLENTY of self-respecting guys who do not need to shove it into any hole that presents itself to them. And even guys who have done that once or twice while young and drunk, didn’t repeat that behaviour with the same girl or by the time they reached the age of 30!

      Thank you for posting that, Frank!

      • To Also Abused——you are so correct.To believe that his abuse of Jodi at age 30 was normal is crazy. Travis was a young man, not a boy. His rage was apparent. Keep in mind, these are the same women who are not concerned about the very disturbing and abnormal thoughts he verbalized about 12 year old girls. I think the state should have called an expert witness to discuss the relevancy of these kind of thoughts, as well as his inability to hide these thoughts. I absolutely believe, based on this statement that he would have molested a child.

        • And I assume you HAVE read Martinez’s motion to preclude testimony of Dr. Karp (who later left the case because of her cancer) whose report stated that he admitted he DID fondle two little boys, right? If not, let me know. I’ll post it again.

  16. the foreman juror looks to me like he really understands the Jodi arias before jun 4 as a very normal and caring person, so i wonder what evidence has convinced him to say that she was a different woman on jun 4 to say that she was a killer with premeditation

      • Tonysam,

        You are right. This verdict was not based on the evidence. I don’t know if it was fear, or they bought the NLN junk, or what. But it was not the evidence, because the evidence for premeditated M1 just isn’t there.

    • eli-
      My thoughts exactly. He seems to “get it” including that he sees that Jodi was verbally and emotionally abused. There seems to be a real disconnect that he then thinks it was premeditated.

      • Juan Martinez’s ace in the hole was, and will be (should another jury be empaneled), the neck wound photo. That’s where the disconnect comes from. Human beings can be logical, we can weigh the facts and the evidence, but then throw up that photo on the elmo for a few seconds and all that goes out the window. It’s kind of like ads in the 60’s, which were eventually banned, that flashed subliminal words like ‘sex’ in a booze ad. A picture is worth a 1000 words and as a prosecutor, he knew this from day one. That wound alone got him his M1 premed. He didn’t need no stinking evidence.

        • oh,but he did so much more than the neck wound photo to mess with the jurors heads.He lied,misrepresented facts&evidence,mischaracterized people’s testimonies and the Law itself,objected ad nauseum,covered up his own experts lies,attacked witnesses and used all theatrical skills he could to get his way in that courtroom.It’s a shame that all 12 jurors fell for that.

        • You’re so right Krikee. He didn’t have any stinking evidence. But that throat slash was ALWAYS ALWAYS the smoking gun! Without the throat slash, I honestly think there would have been a different verdict.

  17. Good Morning All!

    Let’s keep Jodi in our prayers and thought every day. I believe they still have her on lock down, so 23 hrs. a day with no inter actions with others. If I’m wrong about that somebody please correct me.

    As a father of two girls just a little older than Jodi my heart is breaking for her. My youngest was in an abusive marriage for about ten years. Since they lived 1400 miles away I was not aware of what was going on. When I visited all seemed well and my daughter finally told me she was ashamed of what was happening and she felt it was her fault. Most of the abuse was verbal and emotional, however it started to become physical. She finally had the strength and called the cops.

    Right after they had a baby boy, about 8 years into their marriage. I was there helping for a couple weeks and caught some of the verbal abuse first hand. While eating breakfast, I heard my son-in-law call my daughter a “lazy fat fucking cunt” and boy did my blood pressure go sky high. I went after him and he pick my grandson up to hide behind. He does not realize how close he was to meeting his maker. If I had known about the physical abuse at that time, I’m afraid that I would be behind bars at this time.

    This is what bothers me about Jodi’s father. He needs to stand up and support his daughter, instead of saying she is “a strange person”. He needs let Jodi know that he loves and will be fighting for till the end. He needs to stand up and be a man. Both of her parents need to come clean and realize that the way they raised Jodi was not the proper way. What I mean by this is they did the same thing many parents do, it’s my way or the high way. The things Jodi said about her parents are so common in hundreds of other kid’s stories. She didn’t trust them because they did invade her privacy, many parents do. After my wife and I divorced while my kids were in Junior High, my girls went through a rough spell with drugs and drinking, thank God they got through it. I made a lot of mistakes with my youngest when she was going through her drug stage, but one thing she always new is that I loved her and would always be there for her.

    Let’s keep Jodi’s family in our prayers too. I hope they will have the strength to support Jodi the way they should.

    • Tim,

      Did you listen to ALV’s testimony about Jodi’s Dad?

      Would you ever, ever in a hundred million years compare your daughters body to that of one of her friends? Would you ever whip your daughter a belt to your daughter?

      I don’t think so.

      And that my friend is the difference.

      • I honestly think Jodi’s dad was not a great guy. He didn’t treat her mother very well. And he’s a man who suppressed his own emotional side, perhaps being annoyed by it and allowing it to fester as anger. While I hate to stereotype, many Hispanic men are raised to believe they should not show their emotions. 5 years ago, when Gloria Esteban interviewed him, he didn’t show ANY emotion whatsoever. He wasn’t even phased by the fact that a detective was telling him his daughter murdered her boyfriend. In fact, he almost appeared cooperative. That was in stark contrast with Jodi’s mother who was virtually hysterical.

        Today, Jodi’s dad is a sickly man who may not have long for this world. I think he showed up in court to show his daughter that he does support her — even during some of her most graphic testimony. If he was healthier, I believe he would have been their every day beside her mother. The photo from the other day where Jodi’s parents were holding hands leaving court showed a completely different side of her father. As many people do, in facing the end of his days, he’s contemplating his life and seeing things differently. Perhaps this case has changed him and altered his views on life.

  18. Wow! Frank you hit the nail on the head. These were my thought exactly when I viewed TA’s my space page also. It tells the real story about Travis. I sure hope that the appellate attorneys have some one to research the social media. Not only to expose Travis, but also the jurors.

  19. I’ve been following the trial since this happened. You see, I’m a member if the “Mormon” faith, and I was in the singles Ward with Travis and Jodi in Palm Desert. I will say this with question about it – Jodi is innocent.

    I remember my brother had a thing for Jodi, my sister Rosalin told him he didn’t have a chance because Jodi was all about Travis. One night at a group activity Travis was doing his usual pretending that he wasn’t with Jodi. My brother smiled at her and said hi. A few minutes later I was walking to the bathroom and there in the hall Travis was calling Jodi a whore and a cunt, and accusing her of sleeping with m brother. Then later that night he was acting cozy with her saying to people “isn’t she so beautiful? ”

    He was a creep. There are men like him in the church that give us all a bad name. I know because I was once abused the same way. She should NOT be guilty. He pushed her to a Kenya brink, and I will defend her to anyone who will listen.

    • Wow!

      And where were all you folks while she was on trial? Why didn’t some of these folks get in touch with the defense team?

        • I have mentioned this story on here months ago. I emailed my story to the defense years ago before they changed lawyers. I never heard back. This whole trial was flawed. I wasn’t the only person in the branch to witness him, but none of us were called as witnesses.

          • Rebecca, I have been here a long time and I apologize I do not remember your post.

            Do you remember what month that was?

            Posts never actually disappear, they are all still here somewhere. 🙂

            You could still go to the defense at this time if you are not afraid of repercussions.

          • Rebecca…

            Darryl Brewer made a live statement the other night too about a whole town that was fond of Jodi and was ready to stand up for her and they were ready to come but no one ever subpoena them for this trial…

            Wonder how many other people got lost in the shuffle with the change of attorneys being involved with this trial???

            Do you know of any other besides yourself and Darryl Brewer that this happened too???

          • Rebecca,

            If you knew that Jodi changed attorneys / different attorneys’ where assigned to her case, why didn’t you contact the new defense team? Just because you emailed them doesn’t mean they received the email. They are flooded with emails from this case, and it could of been in a spam mail. Why not pick up the phone and call them, or certifed letter with confirmation that they received the letter?

            I understand your scared as your Mormom and they are dangerous people. But for Christ Sakes her life is on the line…….. put yourself or one of your children in her shoes…. Wouldn’t you want someone to step up to the plate in the beginning… not after they have been convicted of M1 …… You could of got in touch with her parents, family members, defense team, anyone on this case for JODI…

            You need to step up to the plate and do your civil duty……….. you are not the only Mormom that has come to this board saying they know something but are to scared…….. why would you stay in a cult llike religion if it’s that dangerous? Get the heck out, and do the right thing NOW please……..!!

          • So, you emailed your story to the public defender’s office? Is that what you’re claiming? You sent it to the main email address on their website? And this was years ago? Did they have an email address on their website years ago?

            And you didn’t check to make sure they received it by following up with a phone call and ensuring that you got to speak to the actual lawyers assigned to the case?

            You do know that Kirk Nurmi (who worked for the public defender’s office) has been on the case since almost the very beginning, right? And that the only “change” in lawyers was the addition of Jennifer Willmott, right? I’m sure if you were savvy enough to look up the public defender’s website, you would have been savvy enough to find his name and call the office and ask for him.

      • Al, I apologize for arriving late to the scene, but I didn’t start watching this trial until March. Honestly, I didn’t even know about this case until March of this year. In hindsight, I really wish that I could have been here sooner, but since we can’t go back in time at least I’m here now with all of you. The important thing here is that we’re here now and not going anywhere.

        • Same here, Frank. I had no idea this case was going on until March of this year. To everyone on this website I apologize for all the Trial 101 questions I’ve asked you. I still have not gone through all of the trial testimony. I have made it through the police interviews though, and all of Jodi’s direct, redirect. I’m just having a hard time going thru JM’s cross and recross of JA, ugh.

    • Rebecca…

      Refer to my gravatar….

      Jaz….RIGHT ON MY FRIEND!!!! ((((((((((((((good morning))))))))))))))) (((((((I “heart” you))))))))))

      LOL LOL

      • oops…it changed too quick….


        • Look my name and my sister and brothers names up in the palm desert singles branch directory. Why the heck would I make that up?

    • Hi Rebecca, when you say you were in a singles ward with Travis and Jodi, do you mean you were at a singles ward function or that you all belonged to the Palm Desert singles ward?

    • I know that Jodi lived in Palm Desert when she converted and was baptized there by Travis. Did he OFTEN travel from Mesa to attend group singles ward activities in Palm Desert?

    • Goodmorning everyone. This really REALLLLYYYYYYY makes me upset. How can there be people out there sitting around doing NOTHING all this time. And now that its almost over and JODI was found guilty, im SURE people will come out saying that they’ve seen how TA treated Jodi!!!!!!!!!

      WTF???!!!! Really, should WE really blv that if Nurmi had this info he wouldn’t have used it?! I don’t think so! He called Daryl B. and the defense even had to mention Leslie Yurri (or whatever her name was) in the last phase because no one NOONE had came out for Jodi. ONLY TWO people were willing to talk in Jodis behalf and they got threatened. Maybe if MORE people would’ve came out, these Mormon HATERS wouldn’t have found it SO easy to bully and threaten all of 4 or 5people that supported Jodi in court!

      Showing FACE NOW, might help them sleep better at night but think about it, we’ll NEVER know what the outcome would’ve been if these cowards would’ve shown up ON TIM, WHEN NEEDED! Fuck that, Jodi doesn’t NEED any bystanders NOW!!!!!

      • We don’t need any of them now plain and simple! We are our own community here too and we’re all very disciplined as well and ready for action!




    • Wow, Rebecca, that is interesting stuff. If that is true, then I agree that this information should have been mentioned months ago. However, I’m not here to chastise you and I’m not going to make you feel guilty. But you know what you can do? Be here for Jodi now. Loudly and proudly. And don’t let those fuckers intimidate you or give you a hard time.

    • Rebecca,personally I have no reason in the world to not believe you.
      My question is simple though and I can only speak for myself: If I who LIVE IN GREECE for goodness sake am here,trying to do my best to support Jodi through a keyboard and haver never even met her yet my heart aches for her,where were all of you to stand by her??????
      I know you’re saying you e-mailed them but my oh my…I would have done more if I were you.If I wanted my voice to be heard to SAVE a young woman’s life,I would be pounding on every door and would try to speak up until someone listened to what I had to say.
      Nothing can be undone at this point.But Jodi’s fight has not finished,far from it.
      If you are willing to help,you should.Even now,imho.

      • Exactly Maria, thats what im talking about. I would’ve made sure, SOMEONE would’ve heard me out. Her defense attorneys, it would’ve tryed to get on TV too. Gus did!! Im sure it wouldn’t have been easy because HLN and most of the media didnt want to air any Jodi support but Im almost sure that if people wouldve came forward to Geraldo or Gretta they would’ve listened and they would’ve aired it. The jury would’ve seened it because we all know they were watching!

    • Rebecca, you were probably fearful like the other people who attended the church, to speak up for jodi. Sure hope you will re think this and let the defense team know what ever you know. You may save this woman’s life. Please do the right thing now.

      • If Rebecca is for real, and has reason to be fearful, she should not be identifying herself on a public discussion board, in my opinion.

        Do the right thing, or don’t do it, but claiming to be an eye-witness to Travis’s abuse right here, where anyone can read it, doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    • Thank you for your post, Rebecca. It gives additional insight into the relationship between Jodi and Travis.

    • “She should NOT be guilty” you post sounds a few others that claim to have come here from the mormom community…. your wording/ expression is very similar. Makes me question your motive.
      ” He pushed her to a Kenya brink” Can to elobrate on this?
      I will defend her to anyone who will listen. We are all eyes and ears………. Why now? How in the heck to sleep at night knowing that you let this monster TA abuse Jodi and you watched this trial and know she’s convicted of M1….. You are just as bad as the other side…. Why didn’t you ask anyone of us for HELP, call the DEFENSE TEAM? What if this would of been one of your children?

      If you also experienced abuse , then you know exactly how Jodi is feeling inside………. You need to do the right thing and talk with the defense team…..NOW, and I cannot stress that enough……!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t sell your soul to the devil because your scared.

    • I must admit I’m a little confused, Rebecca. Jodi lived in Palm Desert with Darryl. But, Jodi wasn’t a Mormon then, and at that time, Travis was living in Mesa, AZ. Why would Travis have attended a singles ward in Palm Desert with Jodi?

      • Oh yes Jodi did become a Mormon an was baptized in Palm Desert that sneaky snake
        was sending those Mormon’s to her door to get her to join there while he was in Mesa.
        Also they would met at a half way mark somewhere at the Hughes home until the Hughes
        say they did not like Jodi anymore. An stopped that visiting thing? so they say ?

        You know that still bothers me about the Hughes saying that one night they as in Skye an
        Chris an Travis sat in their bedroom ? (odd to me) whispering things about Jodi. An they
        were shocked when she came to the door? really because I would be curious if it were me
        an my so called bf was spending over a hour an a half in a married couples bedroom whispering
        I actually would think something maybe going on in there the door was closed?

        An I still wonder today if those 3 were not doing some sexual things. I would almost bet though
        since Skye knew Travis first she fell for him an his slimy snake ways. They also had the balls
        to say oh when we went to sleep we were so scared Jodi would do something to our children.
        OMG they are so stupid really if that were true how could a parent even go to sleep then at all?
        Liars Snakes an Evilness is all I see in those peoples eyes.

  20. AA,

    A response to your response from yesterday that I just got around to reading.

    Your last paragraph drove home the fact that, while on an intellectual level many of us are aware of abuse and DV, the myriad and devastating ways in which it destroys the lives of decent people is a secret. Before I came to this site, I too was aware that domestic violence and spousal abuse existed, but the ways in which such abuse is levied on the folks was something I did not know, or for that matter had considered. Alyce LaViolette’s testimony actually drove home the fact that this behavior exists at a number of levels, and manifests itself in different ways ranging from the verbal to the physical. Prior to listening to her descriptions the mental image I had was one that revolved around physical abuse alone. The effects of verbal, mental and sexual abuse were not something that had ever crossed my mind. But hearing her testimony, and reading the stories of all the survivors on this site was an eye opening experience. More importantly a question that is often asked by those who don’t know much about this phenomenon was answered, at least for me, – Why do people take it?

    The sad thing is that across the world, everyday, there are millions of lives being destroyed by this scourge, whether it is the lives of the victim, their children or in fact the perpetrator. While some perpetrators may be inherently evil, it seems that the climate of their nurture seems to have a substantial impact on their future behavior as perpetrators, leading to a seemingly endless and growing cycle of violence.

    I think you are correct. People who do not have this scourge in their lives need to get involved. Only then will we be able to wipe this calamity off the face of the earth. More importantly, we need to educate others of how this happens and the ways in which it rips apart the heart and soul of those caught in its tentacles. And this needs to go from the grass roots all the way up to the halls of Government and the Judiciary. I think it needs to be explained that firstly this sort of violence is not the fault of the victim, and definitely not an excuse on their parts for some sort of personal shortcoming. Secondly, people need to understand that this sort of violence and abuse has a real and lasting impact on those it is levied upon, and is not just a convenient excuse for some later action on their parts – they are in the most literal sense of the term, fighting for their lives, whether physical, mental or spiritual. Lastly, it needs to be brought home to folks that such violence is often a dirty little secret between the abuser and the abusee, and society as a whole and authorities in particular act in inane ways, that tends to perpetuate the cycle.

    What we need is a sort of grass roots effort that spreads the word. I think as a first step, those like me who don’t have this miasma in our own homes need to talk about it in our own homes and with our friends. We need to make sure that our children are fully aware of the consequences of DV and the havoc it wreaks on those subjected to it. Secondly we need to have some way to bring this to the forefront of civic discussion (sort of like what MADD with drunk driving). I am willing and eager to get involved in any way I can.

    When I read the stories of all the wonderful people on this page who have been subjected to domestic abuse and violence I am not just saddened, but mortified that this happens within us and as a society, those of us immune to it have never seen the ugly underbelly of the beast. This should not happen, and must not be allowed to continue.

    • Why we took it number of reasons marriage for better or worse because we think they can change because we are in love so deep that we are blind to see reality we don’t want our family and friends to know what is happening and we take it because the say I’m sorry I did that and will not do it again kiss kiss and make it better and then 1 week later it starts all over again tell you snap or the light of day hits you and you say enough is enough and leave or it gets so bad you want to kill him Al thanks for your comment.

      • We went to a shrink and he told her my mom and dad hit each other and I though that was just the way marriage was suppose to be like when he would not give me a divorce I joined the navy still married to him to get away from him that is what saved me if I had stayed he would have killed me or I would have kill him.

        • That is what ALV was trying to tell the jury that we learn this behavior from our parents and the Travis clan did not want to here that no did my husband Jack Burge now my X I have no idea what he is doing nor do I care he tried to come back into my life and after being away I could see right thru him and all his shit. He still would not divorce me so I moved to Denver Colorado then off to the Navy. It was putting distance between us it made me stronger because he had pulled me so far down I was brainwashed thinking I was not worth anything and more

        • Hail Mary
          “when he would not give me a divorce”

          where did you get the idea that his approval is required for you to get a divorce ?

          from a friend, familiy law attorney, or your husband ?

          Divorce in the United States
          Like marriage, divorce in the United States is the province of the state governments, not the federal government. Divorce or “dissolution of marriage” is a legal process in which a judge or other authority dissolves the bonds of matrimony existing between two persons, thus restoring them to the status of being single and permitting them to marry other individuals. The legal process for divorce may also involve issues of spousal support, child custody, child support, distribution of property and division of debt, though these matters are usually only ancillary or consequential to the dissolution of the marriage.

          Divorce laws vary from state to state. Although all states allow “no fault” divorce

          maybe explore the popular nolo website

          divorce nolo
          divorce us

    • Yes! We need to accept that DV is all too common and this will continue to happen. Thankfully, Jodi HAS brought about awareness. I’m proud of her. It could not have been easy to take the stand for 18 days. She did the right thing! Guess what? I was abused by a psychopath. I called 911 on him when he hit our then 14 month old baby in the head with my cell phone. I lied to the cops when they arrived because he threatened me and had me too scared to tell the truth. Good people lie when they are scared to death.
      I’ve wondered the same, why are women siding with T? Why?

    • Al, it’s funny you mention MADD. One of my friends always says if one woman started that movement and moved mountains, why are the so-called domestic violence advocacy organizations not having the same results?

      One donor alone gave $3500 to the Alexander family to help them get through this trial. But domestic violence victims can’t get $50 for a bus ticket so they could find a way to leave their abusers.

      I speak about my story because it’s something I CAN speak about and I would have to find creative ways not to divulge confidences about other women’s stories, pardon me for that, but my story isn’t that different from others. My ex was arrested on March 14, 2011, and he was given a no-contact order from the criminal judge. The following day, I got a temporary civil injunction for protection (also called an order of protection or restraining order in other states). I also applied to the state of FL for relocation assistance as a domestic violence victim. Meanwhile, the final hearing on my injunction was on March 29, 2011. The judge could have dismissed it and allowed him to come back to the house that same day. He agreed to continue it indefinitely, because any evidence he testified to could have been used against him in the criminal proceeding. The prosecutor had the same amount of time (two weeks) to decide whether the felony he was arrested for would stick, or reduced to a misdemeanour battery (which often happens). In my case, the felony stuck and they decided that on March 28, 2011. If they hadn’t, and if I’d lost my injunction, he would have been back in that house and I could have been killed. Finally, in mid-May, 2011, the state of Florida sent me a check for $1,500 for relocation assistance. It took THAT long. While I’m grateful I got anything, it didn’t even pay for one month’s rent in this area — which I’m sure you know since you live somewhere around DC. That’s the most they give. If I’d have 4 children, that’s all I would have gotten. It doesn’t matter.

      Other than that, there’s no help with anything. They’ll give you free representation at the final hearing on protection orders — if you’re completely indigent. But if you own a house of have more than $300 in the bank, you don’t even get that. You’re on your own for the divorce and custody battles. Unless you have wealthy family members, good luck representing yourself. In FL, Legal Aid would only consider helping in cases where the woman is 100% indigent (I was) and has children (I didn’t). Personally, I found that discriminating, but what could I do?

      You can get some free or reduced fee counseling if you can get to the places the counseling facility (which are usually off the beaten track), and if the counselors can fit you into their schedule. And, if the waiting list isn’t too long (in some places, it’s over a year), you can stay at a shelter for 30 days. But you can’t bring your pets to many shelters. And after 30 days, you’re out. So you’d better have found a job and a place to live. But what if you haven’t worked for many years because you took care of the children? Or, what if you don’t have a great work history because you had to take time off to hide injuries or you were fired because he kept showing up at your job harassing you? That’s the plight many abused women face. Without good references, they can’t get decent jobs. Maybe Wal-Mart will hire them part-time for minimum wage, but how are they going to pay rent and buy groceries on that? And you can’t get an apartment to live in without a job and income to pay the rent.

      Why do so many women go back to their abusers? I hope I’ve given you one answer. They have nowhere else to go and no way to survive.

      Meanwhile, you have to wonder where are the millions of dollars going that various nonprofits are receiving under the VAWA? Nonprofit doesn’t mean the directors aren’t getting paid — and in many cases, they’re being paid 6-figure incomes and getting 6-figure bonuses. (I’m not kidding. We’ve looked at tax returns.) They’re staffed mainly by volunteers. Their counselors and full-time staff are dramatically underpaid and burn out quickly. So where is the rest of the money going? They host wonderful events to bring awareness to domestic violence and for fundraising and public policy. But how is all that helping the victim who needs $50 to get on a bus and go live with a friend on the other side of the country? When that woman calls all the numbers for help, they give her more numbers to call. When she calls them, they give her more numbers. Eventually, she’s given the same numbers she’s already called.

      There’s a huge problem here and domestic violence reform is desperately needed. What was once a great idea with well-meaning people behind it, became a moneymaking scam, unfortunately. And victims are re-traumatized and re-traumatized dealing with corrupt court systems where judges side with the abuser’s lawyer, while we make lousy witnesses because we’re emotional messed up PTSD-suffering, struggling, poor souls who can’t catch a break no matter where we turn.

      So yes, the movement could certainly use a well-educated, intelligent, articulate man like yourself.

      One of the things I’ve learned from conversation with lawyers is that there are lawyers out there who either want or are required to do pro bono work. A lot of corporate lawyers are bored and would love a challenging court case that made a difference once in a while. But they don’t know that there are victims who need help. They believe that because they give $1000 or more twice a year to some nonprofit, they are facilitating those agencies to support domestic violence victims and give them the legal assistance they need. They’re quite horrified to learn that’s not the case and that their generous donations aren’t actually helping victims.

      Someone like yourself who understands a great deal about the law could go a long way towards getting that message across to lawyers. One of the biggest complaints lawyers have about us “crazy domestic violence victims” is that we’re all over the place. Once we leave, we are suddenly faced with lots of decisions. But we haven’t been allowed to make decisions for years. Again, speaking about myself, I didn’t know who or how the electricity bill or water bill were paid and I didn’t know how to find out. I was burned out on a daily basis from making as many calls as I could looking for help so I could get to the grocery store. I was an emotional wreck because my husband had just tried to kill me. I couldn’t sleep without screaming from horrible nightmares and I continued to expect him to show up. Meanwhile, every day, he did something else, whether it was changing my mailing address, charging legal fees to my account, using my debit cards, setting up a credit card in my name, stealing the business that was my only source of income, having a neighbour harass me, sending animal control to my door, or shutting off water in the house. I was an hysterical basketcase. Other women are torn with visitation which means they have to see their abuser and custody battles — some being dragged to court every week, on top of all the other stresses.

      Lawyers want someone who communicates factually. They want us to detail the assets — which most of the time, we don’t know about, because he didn’t make us privy to that information. We need someone to walk us through the steps back to living a life after years of being afraid of our own shadows. But that’s not what lawyers want to deal with. When I asked a lawyer how I could determine who to pay the household bills to, he suggested I talk to a neighbour. I wasn’t in a fit state to even think of that. But it cost me $250 for him to tell me that. When lawyers get some hysterical abuse victim, we’re a pain in their ass, so they charge us more, but we don’t have more to pay, so they stop representing us.

      Someone like you and others like you could become an intermediary between us and the lawyers. You could help us fill out paperwork we need to submit to the lawyers for mandatory disclosure.

      Sometimes, what we need most is someone to talk to while we try to figure out what to find what we need to gather. Someone who could make practical suggestions on where we might find it. But hotlines can only talk to us anonymously for 30 minutes at a time, and if we’re not in immediate danger or looking for phone number referrals, they really don’t know what to do or say. And we can’t afford to pay our lawyers to ask them, they don’t want to spend the time asking the abuser’s attorney, and he’s most likely NOT going to cooperate anyway, because he wants to punish us for daring to having him arrested or daring to leave.

      I’ll never forget the stress and the pressure of those 10 weeks immediately after his arrest before I left FL. I thought about killing myself at least 20 times every single day because it was actually worse being on my own than being with him and abused. And everywhere I turned for help, I heard over and over again “Why didn’t you just leave?”

      There has to be a better system than we currently have. There has to be a way to help women without demeaning them further.

      Maybe you could think up some ideas. If you ever want to communicate further, you’re always welcome to ask SJ for my email address. You and other strong men and women like you, could really make a difference, and a huge one.

      • Also Abused, I feel your pain, anger and frustration and I know it well. I was told that I had to make a decision. My physical life or my pure existence. If I stayed he would kill me. Leaving meant loosing everything. But if I wanted to live I had to leave. Hide and not look back. I had a 15 year old son who was not allowed to come with me to the battered woman’s shelter. The rule was any male child over 12 years old could potentially reveal the location to the abuser .. his father, in a moment of confusion or weakness. I was not allowed to tell my own son the location of where I was staying. That was the rule if I went to the shelter. Some choice your life or your child! I saw dozens of woman face that choice.
        I did receive free and very good consoling . Some free legal assistance in a protection order that was not sent to the abuser but rather was issued directly to local LE. Which meant a lot but did not stop him from getting in my apartment when I was not there and leaving frightening signs of his ability to get in at his will.
        He never gave up . He found a way to get even as I previously posted. When everything was gone and I still did not return he found other ways and it went on for years.
        The most prevalent and over whelming thing for me was hearing “ just leave” “It must not be that bad” or “Why did you go back if it was so bad? “ or worst of all “ I can not imagine him treating you that way. He is so social and a good man” . In Jodi’s case we all hear “well she was away from him and drove over 1000 miles to get back to him” It is so hard to hear that because I did travel across the entire county to go back . It is hard to explain that you want to believe him so bad that you return again, or all the other dynamics that come into play. Then you feel so completely betrayed and ignorant and confused when the choke hold is tightening around your neck again. I think this is exactly what happened to Jodi on June 4th.
        The laws and resources have improved drastically in the past 25 years since I was in this situation but not nearly enough as you clearly have experienced. I am so sorry for your pain and torment and loss .
        The most important thing is people need to be educated. All of TA’s closet friends knew he abused women , had a temper and was sexually promiscuous . They were partners in his crime against his victims. It is this guilt that causes them to condemn Jodi now with such over zealous not stop BS. It is their way of escaping the reality of the part they played in this dreadful story.
        Many of us live with violence which no one knows about or ever witnesses and often never believe. The shame , guilt, fear, self blame, the confusion and yes even the hope keeps us trapped in silence and the abuser and his actions concealed . But when we do finally cry out for help no one hears. If they do hear they simply do not understand or believe…..just like so may in Jodi’s case. The overwhelming number of people who do not believe she was abused by TA screams the truth. Our society is unaware, uneducated. lacking in compassion and uncaring when a victim suffers . I have advocated for victims for about 25 years now and awareness is still in the dark ages.
        Thank you for sharing your story because I believe it is in these very true testimonials we do reach people and make awareness happen a few people at a time. I think you have brought a new and undeniable awareness to quite a few here and I thank you on behalf of all of those who suffer or have suffered abuse.

        • You know, this really upsets me.

          If we are so progressive as a society and refuse to tolerate abusive behavior, then we should be demanding the abusers to stop abusing, bullies to stop bullying, and rapists to stop raping.

          People need to stop blaming victims. They need to stop asking abuse victims to “just leave,” stop asking rape victims to not wear attractive clothes, and stop asking bullied kids to just ignore it.

          I am so tired of people saying they are against these things, but when push comes to shove, most people don’t want to confront the aggressive assholes perpetrating their bullshit on society. At the end of the day, people tell victims to adjust their behavior. It’s not right.

        • Oh truthbetold, what a choice to have to make! That is just awful that you could not take your child. And yet, people act as if these choices are soooo easy for us to make. No one understood why I couldn’t just go into a shelter, but I couldn’t take my pets. And for some reason, at that time, my furniture, my stuff, meant more to me than my life, and my pets certainly did. I placed no value on my life. But to ask a mother to leave her child? That’s unthinkable.

          No one understands what it’s like until you’ve been there. No one thinks it will happen to them until it does.

          One other question to add to your list — and it’s sometimes been said in humour — is “What did you do that made him that angry?” Good grief!

          Hugs, my sister!

  21. Good Sunday morning Team…!


    I need to understand just what your purpose of posting your comments were. IF you witnessed abuse on Travis’ behalf AGAINST Jodi…why did you remain silent until NOW? After Jodi has been CONVICTED?!?!?!?!

    • uhhhmmmm I can guess its because itll help her sleep at night!!!!! The bad conscious isn’t letting these people sleep at night and they THINK if they come out NOW it might help them feel better!!!!!!

      Its unfuckingbelievable to me!!!!!!

  22. Ummmmmm…..

    The Bat phone is ringing ——- calling Batman and Robin………………………………..


        • I knew I had to come in here and let you know everything with me is a-okay otherwise you’d round up the posse and come after me!:-)lol

              • hey Janeen, yeah im here for a little while. Hubby went fishing so I can sit and have fun with you all! lol And ohhhhh I had a KILLER headache all day yesterday!

                Feeling better today!!! ; )) Tony wants the posse to hunt him down. I think he’s forgetting who and WHAT he’s asking for!!!!! WHATCH OUT, TONYYYYYYY!!!!

                • Oh I know you’d really go HARD on me LC!lol I’d be dead or close to it after you were done with me.

            • There is a big part of me that kind of wants the posse to come after me.:-) I think I might just enjoy some abuse by all of

  23. I hope the dt is checking into the fact that the jury did watch tv, went on the internet, and were influenced by their perception of what they thought the public wanted, perhaps even envisioning themselves in the limelight, giving interviews and receiving kudos for being such great upstanding citizens….

  24. Good morning Team Jodi! ♥

    Rebecca: I am really upset at your post. WHY did you not contact THIS defense team, if you knew Jodi was innocent?

    Coming here now and saying this smells like bullshit.

      • As opposed to the roommates, who can’t smell a decomposing body when sleeping, cooking and listening to music in a confined space with it.

        • not zach but the other one said the other day somewhere that the house was huge and that is the reason they did not smell the body rotting in the shower hummm

    • Hi (((((((Renee))))))
      It’s sad,isnt it?All these people saying they knew stuff but didnt do anything.
      And Gus Searcy was attacked for trying to speak up and I know there were people even here who didnt believe him.At least,he tried to make himself heard and he stood by Jodi.

      • Can they live with their consciences if Jodi is sentenced to the death penalty? Can they go about their normal daily business knowing that poor girl is locked up 23 hours a day?

        I sure couldn’t.


    the scam industry in the criminal trials field looks very lucrative, but not without a large downside

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    unethical and immoral of course
    and criminals most likely because such scammers would need very good legal and financial advice to avoid the serious time in the slammer from curious states ag’s, the irs, etc

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      political and religious leaders have exploited the hates and fears of suckers for millennia

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      large scale financial criminality,as in the us, i suspect will remain the preserve of the financial sector,
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      democratizing of financial criminality to main street, which without political cover i suspect will have
      some of the scammers learning about the phrase being “sent up the river”

      of course a side effect of the political, religious and financial exploitation of, and intrusion in to.
      criminal trials is a diminution or even loss of a defendants constitutional rights, such as a right to a fair
      trial, an impartial jury chosen from ones peers, etc

  26. Just how many jurors were already snuggling up to the Alexander family way before anyone else started noticing???


    Remember this link…Page 3….Jodi’s mother…

    Sandy Arias informed the Court that she was told information regarding possible
    juror misconduct.

    Each Juror (including the alternate jurors) were brought in individually and questioned…

      • Basically, what it says is that Jodi’s mother, Sandy, reported to the judge in chambers that there was some type of juror misconduct occurring. The judge then spoke individually to each juror.

    • This site makes me feel like there is still some hope for humanity.
      My life was destroyed by domestic violence, although not to the same degree as Jodi.
      I lost my friends, home, sanity, and people still sided with my sociopathic ex, who also happens to be a pedo. This trial is personal to me and it makes me sick. Those jurors knew there was abuse. It is a fact. They had it out for Jodi, just like all the other bat sh!t crazy people, and claim its because she lied.
      Well, guess what? That’s not premeditation. AND, aren’t these same jurors liars by definition when they say they weren’t affected by the news? Ya, right! It’s a total sham.

    • They did, they had already made up there minds. They felt bad for TA family and they did not make there decision on the evidence (there was NO evidence of premed), they found her guilty based on FEELINGS!

      • SAD…BUT TRUE! THIS TRIAL CERTAINLY REVOLVED AROUND EMOTIONS NOT FACTS AND OBJECTIVITY!!! The media, the Alexander family, the interviewed “friends” and roommates of Travis all played to emotions.

  27. Addressed to Britney,

    /* I wish someone would make a gif of Juan’s reaction and put it on tumblr. I would love to re-blog it. Absolutely priceless! */ (May 23, 2013 at 10:58 pm)

    Have you already picked up the – gif file – at the address
    for your page at tumblr …


  28. Juror 6 comment…

    1:17 into the video…interviewer asked “you had no idea how many people around the world were watching this trial?”

    1:21 into the video…juror 6 answers “not around the world, no, not at all”

    I just bet she knew everything going on around her….WHAT ABOUT IN YOUR HOME AND COMMUNITY…and what she was saying…just doesn’t ring truth about anything…

  29. Just when you thought you can Keep Calm
    and Carry The Fuck On……
    The death penalty soul suckers jurors
    are coming out of the woodwork & acting
    like we predicted!
    They were soooo biased all along towards
    TA’s family from the get go!
    That jury aside from a few decent people
    need a little Jury Misconduct Investigation
    to wake them the fuck up!
    This is not JR. HIGH SCHOOL for fuck sakes!
    They repel me!

  30. My latest blog post has REALLY pissed off the pro-Travis Alexander camp. These are just some of the comments that I have received from them. My comments to their comments will be in parentheses. This ought to tell you what kind of people we’re dealing with here:

    “Some people think because a man or woman wants to be with more than person, they are evil. Not like their was a ring on it! Hodi supporters…(Frank)..hang it up!” (I never said that being with more than one person is evil, but that it is wrong. But why does there have to be a ring on it? Doesn’t commitment count regardless of whether or not you’re married to your 12 wives? ;-))

    “Frank you did not get my goose with that stupid article it just shows how demented you are.. Good luck finding a women that would want the likes of you. Not” (Says the middle-aged woman who doesn’t have a man and is fantasizing about a dead guy.)

    “Hey Frank………..I so hope you will meet a ‘Jodi’ someday………just saying…………..then you will see what a monster she is…… must not be normal!” (I’m not normal, but normal is boring. I’d like to think of myself as unique. And, you know what? I hope that I will meet someone like Jodi, too. Because I think she’s wonderful and lovely and I would be so lucky to find someone like her. Quote me on that, too.)

    “Poor Frank. What the hell are you going to do? Lol Are you going to plan a prison break?” (Prison break? No. It’s called justice, love. :))

    This one is probably my favorite comment so far:

    “Frank. Nobody is claiming he was an angel. He was a guy much like thousands of young men his age who can a lot of times be stuck up dicks. I have known and dated several. But he was absolutely no monster. And he wasn’t unstable like Jodi. Sure he may have been an asshole. The thing is, they weren’t in some serious relationship anymore so it was Jodi’s responsibility to have some self respect and make the decision to move on to better things if she felt she was misused. She was an adult capable of making these types of decisions on her own. So I am sick and tired of this poor Jodi bullshit because that’s exactly what it is… Bullshit”

    (Okay, first of all, that first sentence is an out-and-out lie. Because they HAVE made Travis out to be an angel and the way that HLN is reporting about him, you would think that he’s going to become canonized soon. Second, once again, we have these pro-Travis women making excuses for his behavior. “He was a guy who was like a bunch of other guys and acted like a dick and an asshole…but he was a decent guy underneath”? It’s all Jodi’s fault once again. They say it was Jodi’s responsibility to have some self-respect and make the decision to move onto better things. Why is it always Jodi’s responsibility? Didn’t the dildo with a heartbeat have anything to be responsible for? I’m sure that he must have learned something about accountability from one of his self-help books.)

    • yeahhhh!!! Frank ^5.. Love it . . and most impressed, they didn’t have any grammar corrections to throw at you lol. I really wish some of their mothers would not have missed a period too

      • What do you expect from people whose favorite TV program is “Duck Dynasty” and think that a thesaurus was a dinosaur? It’s that great edumacation I’m telling ya! 😉

      • I am stealing “wish your mother wouldn’t have missed a period” as my new response to grammar correctors =)

    • Thank you Frank!!! I am so SICK of hearing that TA acted like a “man” SO SICK!!!!! I can’t say iv dated a lot (I haven’t) so I dont know, not 100% sure, but I DONT THINK every man is the same! Especially the way TA was treating Jodi and fantasizing about young girls and boys!!!!

      • LC, you and me both. Any guy that fantasizes about a 12-year old having an orgasm is sick. Either that or Jerry Lee Lewis. (Joke).

      • What really gets me is the fact that so many women are defending Travis’s bad behavior. They keep making excuses for him and other men who behave that way. What’s that about? Have they heard of the word “commitment”? Just because a guy isn’t married doesn’t give him carte blanche to fuck every woman that he wants to. Unless maybe they’re down with the polygamy thing and think that it’s okay for him to have 12 wives or something. LOL I don’t know.

        But the fact that he was fantasizing about a 12-year old is beyond creepy. I really wish that Travis was here so he could face the consequences of his actions. If he ever laid a hand on a child, I would have wanted him to be behind bars and see just how much he likes having anal sex done to him in a rough way.

        I just think that after he died that Travis got his own trial in front of a jury of his peers and if he thought that Mesa was hot, I’m sure that the Rock of Fire down in Hell isn’t any picnic either.

    • Poor Frank.I’m so soprry you have to taste their poison.Do not succumb! Be there and stay strong for Jodi’s sake,plz!

      • Maria, thank you for that. Very kind of you, but I can handle it. Trust me, you don’t have to worry about me staying strong for Jodi’s sake. These people are gutless turds and they are like seagulls to me: they do a lot of yapping and all that comes out of them is a bunch of shit. LOL

  31. Hey guys!
    (((((((((((TEAM JODI)))))))))))
    I haven’t read all of your posts yet. But what I did do was write an email I Christian Mingle. They advertise on HLN and I was thinking most Christians are all anti death penalty. So I wrote them a little email letting them know who they’re in bed w.

  32. I’m not sticking up for TA lovers bc I can’t see where they are coming from at ALL. But these people think of him like they would a son or friend. This is why I don’t bother w the haters. Bc I could meet someone nice and we could talk nicely for 748 days and they will NOT make me turn against Jodi and I think they feel the same way about TA. Of course it’s not going to be talking nicely it’s going to end up in an argument, I was just using that as an example. Bc my Mom sees Jodi as she could be her daughter and I see Jodi as she could be my friend and I think she was driven to do this it was the last straw and she protected herself and I’m just not going to be moved. So I guess that’s why I don’t even go on their sites. It almost hurts my feelings the way they talk about Jodi. So I can’t waste my energy on them I get too sensitive about this.

    • Danielle, yea I feel that way too. Why bother? If they can’t change my mind, why would they charge theirs. I also DONT want to hear all the hate they have, ill be tempted to creat an account just to argue back. I used to get on and make some sense to them but not anymore, for what?! Im not wasting my time, those people are hateful and they’re just looking for reasons to hate, be mean and bully. They can do it with eachother.

  33. Thank you Juan Martinez for being an obnoxious little weasel with the most irritating courtroom demeanor I’ve ever seen!!! If not for you the jury may have formed a death penalty verdict thanks to HLN and all the other biased lying media spectacle they created!!! Great Job Juan!!!

  34. I had to close my facebook down. Jody haters were making friends with my friends. What jerks. That’s ok I didn’t use it much anyway. I will no longer list my last name on here.

  35. I had to take my facebook down. The haters were making friends with my friends. Doesn’t matter I didn’t use facebook much anyway.

  36. This may sound weird bc I don’t know Jodi, but I feel like I do. I don’t want to be creepy LOL. But from her interviews and time on the stand and her artwork.

    Do you guys feel like that?

    • Absolutely.I am of the belief that nothing is a coincidence.We cross paths with people we knew in previous lives and the Universe somehow manages to bring us together again.

      • Without a doubt Maria….I was your sister in all our former lives and will continue to be your sister in every life going forward!!! LOL

      • I agree with you maria…

        One day years ago…this lady passed by me on the sidewalk as I was taking my small child into the daycare center…she stopped and turned and asked me who I was…I told her…then she said that she had a feeling come all over her as she passed by me that she had known me all of her life and beyond…and I told her that I had felt a connection too as we passed each other…

        Note: She told me…that day…was the only day…that she had ever brought her child into the daycare…all of the previous times her husband had brought their child in…

        We were spiritually…universally…destined to meet each other in passing that day in that particular spot of the sidewalk at that daycare center…

        And from that day to this day…we remain the very “best” sisterly friends ever…

    • Yes, I feel like that, too. I think that it is that many people relate to her which is why they understand what she is going through. If you look at Travis and his family, they’re all about money. Jodi’s family isn’t like that at all. Travis talks about Jodi being a “whore” and how he disliked whores on MySpace. Well, he obviously didn’t take notice of his family and circle of friends. These people have been doing so much self-promotion of themselves this week and their websites it’s pathetic. They do it because the minions at HLN enable them and allow them to get away with it.

      • All they did in that group of friends was pass each other around. I knew a group of friends like that in high school. Each month they all switched bfs and gfs yet they all remained friends. So weird.

  37. I know people are worrying about the jurors’ safety due to all the lynch mob mentality out there.I am too.
    No juror should feel scared just because they did their duty to the american society.
    But: I personally have no sympathy for them.I am not saying that I condone bullying.Not at all.Team Jodi supporters should nevertheless remember that these are the same people who decided to NOT follow the evidence or LACK of it actually and convict her of premed M1 in the first place.
    If you ask me,I think their not being able to agree on the sentencing phase was not because they(well some of them at least)suddenly felt for Jodi.I think it was their own fear of putting someone to death and the fact it somehow dawned on them that they had to live with that guilt for the rest of their lives.Which in and of itself is contradictory,because if they were convinced ”beyond a reasonable doubt” that she was in fact guilty of that crime then why not go all the way?So,maybe they think they got it wrong?If that’s the case then they chose the easy way out of their own responsibility.They chose to step away and let someone else clean up the mess they made.They failed as the foreman said.But not because they were unable to reach a sentence,imho.They failed because they chose to go deaf during the trial and convict a woman who they shouldnt have.
    Harsh as I may sound Im not backing down.I dont like them,period.I pray that one day they will realize they got it all wrong and that they will regret having fallen for Martinez ‘ antics and the Alexanders’ theatrics.They convicted her based on their emotions and not on evidence.For all I care they can go back to their lives,enjoy their anonymity once again.They should be not harassed but I hope they will all understand that they chose to hear and sympathise with only one side of the story.

    • When you get the postcard make sure you leave about 3 inches across and 1 and a half inches down where the stamp would go bc that’s about as big as the post office meter label is. Or else your writing will be covered. I learned the hard way LOL. But they were so nice at the post office you should have seen them trying to get it on without putting it over writing.

      • Can I buy postcards already with the meter mark on it? I am visually disabled and have a hard time getting to the post office. If figured I would buy a bunch at one time.

        • They didn’t let me pre meter post cards they only metered they after I wrote on them. I’m from PA I don’t know if it’s different in other places. You could call your post office first and see what they will let you do.

              • Yesterday I asked at the US post office here about metered postcards, and they sold me postcards with the permanent stamp on them–the “Forever” stamps that are actually part of the post card. Will these get to Jodi? I made the mistake of sending her some beautiful postcards of New Mexico (where I live) with an actual stamp on them–I guess they will never get to Jodi.

                • Can anyone tell me if these postcards with the stamp imprinted on them will be accepted at the jail and given to Jodi? Thanks for any info on this!

              • Yes, I saw postcards on Zazzle. I think she would like seeing beautiful pictures is there a size limit I need to know about.

    • I have a twitter but I am the most annoying twitter person ever. I only follow funny things and comedians and Jodi and my best friend and my cousin are the only people that follow me and I retweet every joke I find funny. Sometimes I stop retweeting bc I am annoying myself.

    • Sherry, I totally understand how you feel, but I really wish that you would reconsider and fight back against these bullies. Please don’t let them intimidate you or dictate how you run your life. We’ve got to stand up to these people because what they’re doing is wrong and we’ve got the law on our side.

      • But I was afraid these morons would hurt my friends and family. I am very protective of people I love. I need to stop using my last name on here too but if I just write Sherry it says my message is waiting for moderation. What do you think, Frank?

        • Change your name, I did when someone else was using it, and it will await, but the wait isn’t long and I wouldn’t use your first name either. Maybe a nickname.

  38. I hope the IRS investigates the Hughes’ and TA’s sisters. They are profiting BIG time and I hope they are exposed for money laundering. Each eye roll, each smirk and each tear was worth the money…you got paid for your performance SCUMBAGS! SHAME ON YOUR EVIL SOULS!

    • Dr. Drew is no doctor of the mind at all. How he takes lying Tot Doc at her word on supposed BPD and repeated tries to analyze Jodi makes me physically ill. I have written to HLN’s sister site CNN and told them I cannot any longer watch either channel and will get my news elsewhere due to the sheer volume of lies and mockery they allowed HLN to play the trial in the court of their skewed paid talking heads, faux juries and fake reenactments.

      I particularly told them that Vinnie Politan, Joey Jackson, Dr Drew Nancy and JVM are hate mongers to the highest degree and that CNN condones this stupidity which makes them as low as their little sister site. Boycott CNN as they allow the circus on HLN to perform their lying skits and bullshit while an unsequestered jury was to decide the fate in a very important capital murder case. The hate HLN has stirred up on its show and on its twitter and facebook as well is no more than an internet lynch mob. I sent them the links to occupy hln and told them don’t be surprised when their (CNN) allready dismal ratings fall even lower. The lying sickos like their smut rag full of lies HLN better.

      As far as Juror 17 she has nothing of substance to add. She was not in the deliberations and obviously made friends with creeps on the TA side long ago. Just like Dr. Drew who is supposed to care about addiction and recovery was praising the drunkard Juror 8 who got himself a DUI during a capital murder case he will praise this dimwit who was and is a non entity as she cast no verdict or vote–thank God.

      • I, too, have written to HLN, complaining about the unfair trial coverage and after trial coverage.
        However, unless they get lots and lots of complaints, they will continue to do this with every trial.

        Now they are gearing up for the Geo. zimmerman trial. Are we again going to see intimidated
        witnesses, wall to wall coverages by biased pundits etc. ?HLN has made a cottage industry
        out of other people s suffering and they are making lots of money.

    • One of the words that I am tired of hearing is that Jodi was “manipulative.” I doubt many people who use this constantly are aware that we are all manipulative at times, particularly when we want or need something. It is not always mail adaptive. I think it could be said that Mr. Alexander was manipulative.

      • I was thinking the same thing about the overuse of the word manipulative. It is a word that I can’t imagine myself using to describe anyone – if I was asked to describe someone’s demeanor. It is definitely a word that has crept into the vocabularies of these folks through media, JM, etc.

  39. Jason Webber’s site has confirmed my opinion that these SCAMMERS’ motive and intention is to keep the ‘HATE MACHINE’ running so that the profits keep rolling in. HLN and it’s affiliates have been doing the same thing.
    They ALL smelled the blood so they came in to feed.
    Sickening, period. Who can say Jodi Arias didn’t get railroaded? Nobody period.
    Pisses me off.

  40. Need a legal eagle here about ethics, specifically ethics in the prosecutor’s office.

    It has been tweeted by CH that he gave JM a present (a bobblehead of himself); court watchers have given JM ties (also gave tie to Flores), personalized M&Ms with sayings like “Its your fog”, “justice for TA”, etc.

    What is the rule on acceptance of these gratuities? Also, it seems that the gifts were received in the courtroom (probably when jurors were not present) – does that make a difference?

    • I’m not really sure about the ethics of accepting gifts. I know that Jeff Asthon got a bunch of fruit baskets when Jose Baez kicked his ass in Casey’s trial. The haters were bombarding his office with shit.

  41. So the TA family and HLN don’t want to stop the money train. Obviously.

    they’ll keep pitching fame and fortune to those who want to speak out. To keep this production going.

    You all know they have a lot of incentive to do this.

    So. Once the dumb jurors start speaking out and revealing their misconduct, like having their hate on display and admitting their real opinions from day one, revealing their awareness of the media circus and hate fest – the easier juror misconduct and mistrial appeals will be.

    Keep talking jurors. Keep talking.

  42. I have to admit along the lines of protecting yourself I was nervous about putting my return address on the postcards I wrote to Jodi bc there was so much hate. But then I thought if someone was that mad that they were going to actually take the time out of their life to come and get me bc I wrote to Jodi so be it. But, they were going to find something a little unexpected. One crazy bitch and her crazy assed family. I mean if he got in I’d have to drag him into the kitchen to kick his ass bc I’d get into trouble for getting blood onto the carpet.

    • The fact that the jurors do not have the sense, the ability, the judgement, or the impulse control to shut their mouths is beyond comprehension. I have no faith in the jury system. Never have and never will.

      • Interesting point Rebecca.
        I think it was Judith who mentioned that in Germany they have a judge who considers the evidence, and I am pretty sure in countries like Italy and Norway, they have a panel of Judges. I’m not too convinced that the Judge route is the right way to go especially, if you get someone like Pickles who was and still is so biased for the prosecution.
        It might not be the issue of juries per se -although this jury seems hell bent on admitting that they decided on guilt at the outset, regardless of the evidence- but the lack of a subjudice rule, which allows for the relentless, uncontrolled media coverage. Another problem is the overwhelming advantage the system gives the prosecution. But with Juries specifically, I think the British system that prevents the naming of jurors and maintaining secrecy of the jury room works much better, especially when you see the scenes played out since the verdict .

        • Oscar—-I agree with everything you said. Judges probably are not the way to go, but maybe jurors need a weeklong course prior to serving.

        • I will take your million dollar question and take the chances with a new jury…. Pickles wants the DP, and she would give her life without parole.

      • Rebecca,
        Thanks for sharing what you witnessed firsthand about the relationship between Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. It is yet another tidbit of information that reinforces the fact and theory that Travis Alexander emotionally and mentally abused Jodi Arias.
        So you witnessed him humiliate her by pretending not to be with her. And you witnessed him humiliate and emotionally abuse her by calling her a ‘whore’ and a ‘cunt’. And later you witnessed him psycologically abusing her by saying to her,” isn’t she so beautiful?” while in the presence of other people. He really knew how to make Jodi feel good didn’t he. How fake.
        You need to stick around. Maybe there’s a way to get your testimony in the appeals.

    • Danielle,

      And if you could drag them right on through the kitchen out to the backyard, that would be even better 😆

      Have no fear – none of them care about TA … they all just care about themselves.

      I never seen so much “dry crying” in my life as I did out TA family & friends {sic} in that AZ courtroom.

      You’re more likely to win the Lotto then have a friend of TA hunt you down.

      Why don’t we see TA lifelong friends? .. all was see are the family & friends (CASH) that are trying to scam money by tweaking peoples emotions with their obviously false slander.

  43. Okay …

    After reading the Occupy HLN – CASHing in article – my mind wondered around awhile.

    I have never made the leap that Jodi premeditated to murder Saint Travis. And now looking at the TWEAKER’S CASHing in on Saint Travis death … along with the BALD JEW … I think these useless sicko’s would of killed Jesus H. Christ for money.

    Word of advice to the Mormon Cult – “STAY OFF THE PORCH!”

      • Just guessing – “Bald Jew” was what TRAVIS called Abe. There’s no evidence at all that there was any friendship between Abe and Travis, so it’s quite suspect, IMO, that Abe hopped on the gravy train with CASH and the Alexander family.

      • Did you read the article?

        When I was typing I couldn’t remember his name – just what TA called him – the BALD JEW.

        I have Jewish friends & they are all nice God fearing Christians.

        I now see his name is Abe – Have you seen this idiot on TV ? I don’t care what religion he is, still an idiot.

        • Willie…LOL 😆 “I have Jewish friends & they are all nice God fearing Christians.” Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today 😉

        • ABE is a fk-ing idiot…. and just pissed off that he didn’t get a shot with Jodi… He’s vile, and disguisting…… like the rest of the CLAN……. CULT MORMOMS…….. Why the HELL did she get so trapped in their web…..IF only some nice guy would of swept her off her feet before she got involved in the mormom cult and PPL…. we all wouldn’t be here today.

    • Occupy HLN needs as much support as we can give them. I have liked them on my facebook page and will begin to post on their website as well because they too are getting attacked. The articles/ info blogs are well thought out and well worded. This Jason guy writing for it has a reasonable way of looking at things and uncovers the scam with clarity.

  44. I cannot believe the Jury Foreman is getting death threats. That is horrible. What is wrong with these old bats? They beg for jodi to get the death penalty because they claim she killed someone , but want to kill someone over nothing. This is just like the witch hunts they used to have in the uncivilized world. Unbelievable.

      • I seriously worry about people like this. I think someone needs to trace these people down and throw them in jail. Last I checked death threats are illegal.

    • lilly,

      Speaking of with hunts. Joseph Smith Jr the founder of the Mormon church ( who was killed by an angry mob while awaiting trial in IL for polygamy) family goes all the way back to the witch trials of the 1600s.

      “Many Mormons do not know about Joe Smith’s family involvement in the Salem witch trials of 1692, when Joe Smith Sr.’s great-grandfather Samuel Smith and Samuel’s father-in-law John Gould testified against Mary Easty and Sarah Wilds respectively. The testimony of these relatives of Joe Smith hanged these girls as witches. A belief in witchcraft was passed through the Smith generations. Even Orlando Saunders, whom Mormon apologists consider to be one of the most favorable witnesses to Joe Smith’s character, said in an interview that both Joe Smith Sr. and Jr. believed in witchcraft ……………………”

      • WOW. I did not know that. Everyday, I connect more dots. Did you notice the upside down pentagrams on mormon temples? In one of my books, I read about ‘black magicians’ using ‘white magic’ symbols such as the pentagram which is not an evil symbol when it’s upright. It symbolizes the 5 senses of man, the 5 appendages of our bodies, and the 5 elements of the earth. Not evil at all, and that’s why satanists must turn it upside down to pervert the symbol so they are able to use it in their dark practices. I bet most mormon’s do not even know this. I think we need to do as much as possible to expose this somewhat science fiction like religion. It’s interesting to read about kolob, and the ideas that men will have their own planets to populate and stuff, and I’m not going to dismiss these ideas immediately as they are quite entertaining.

    • Thanks for the link. As more information comes out like this I’m beginning to think Jodi’s defense team dropped some balls.

      Grandpas gun had hollow point bullets but the bullet in the bath was full jacket? That is huge.

      Also the character witnesses that Brewer knew ignored.

      And now the Mormon Rebecca claiming other saw his abuse.

      This is not good folks.

      • I read AA’s thoughtful post about the lapses in the defense’s presentation. I think she nailed it on the head.

        As I have often said on these pages, the defense’s actions in this case are extremely mystifying. I last said this yesterday. Along with the points that AA brought up and Jeff’s point about the hollow points in Grandpa’s gun there are several other such issues.

        1.Yesterday I talked about the mysterious shoe print that no one questioned.
        2. No one seems to have ever questioned Flores about the incongruities and inconsistencies in his report.
        3. Why didn’t the defense put on a ballistics expert to testify about the capabilities of a 25 caliber weapon.
        4. Why did the defense not talk about other reports that dealt with the issues of incapcitance, or lack thereof, by gunshot wounds to the head from small caliber weapons. After Geffner’s testimony, they casually asked Horn if he had heard of such reports. Why didn’t they present him with the reports, even after JM putting that yahoo on the stand 3 times.
        5. Why did they not put on a forensic expert and try and reconstruct some sort of sequence of events from the available evidence?
        6. And what’s with the memory cards for the camera?

        And there are numerous other such instances.

        The defense had to be aware of the fact that this trial would gain wide publicity, and if they needed a win they had to have every i dotted and every t crossed. Was it that they felt there was absolutely no chance of getting a suitable verdict, and so put up a proforma defense and wait for the appeals?

        Or is it that Nurmi had absolutely no interest in the case, didn’t believe in his client, didn’t like his client, has to live in the community and so didn’t give a hoot – and so put on the bare minimum case he had to so that the judge wouldn’t get mad at him, and possibly cite him?

        Or is it that they thought they had enough to win and were sadly mistaken?

        Or is it in fact a case where the defense team was just plain and simple incompetent and we are all trying to find reasons and grand designs, where none exist and the simple fact of the matter is that Jodi was represented by less than competent attorneys?

        This had nothing to do with money. The AZ supreme court has previously reversed M1 verdicts where the defense didn’t get funds they asked for based on the defendants right to an adequate defense.

        Personally I have always believed and will continue to believe that this defense team, for all of JW’s charm and Nurmi affability, is just not up to par.

        • Al,
          You bring up all the questions that have been running through my mind throughout this trial and I agree with your comment in toto.
          There is ONE thing which you may or may not have taken into consideration and that is JODI being the client of the defense team. Perhaps she went along with the defense team’s recommendations to a point but drew the line at certain things. Nurmi DID state, “9 days out of 19, I don’t like Jodi” which may have been an indication that Jodi was difficult to represent. (?)

          • Dorothy, the problem with that idea (and it’s one the general public has jumped on) is that most of the issues Al talked about above (2-5) would have been sound strategies in proving self-defense and agreed with Jodi’s testimony. Jodi also said Nurmi was the boss, not her. And it’s really a rare client who criticizes their attorney’s strategy to begin with. (I had to constantly teach one of mine during my divorce — but then, you can see how opinionated I am and I did go to law school.) Jodi wouldn’t have stopped the defense from putting on a medical expert to counter Horn. Her testimony was that she shot him first.

            And that’s not to mention that a good lawyer can always persuade a client to go along with his/her strategy — most especially when it comes to technical issues, which those points are.

        • Al, I can answer about 1 and 2. Once they went with self-defense, there was no point confusing the issue with the footprint or other issues from Gloria’s report. In fact, that would have been considered inappropriate lines of questioning.

          That still begs the question as to why, with the glaring big old footprint in the still-wet-blood, they ever thought they had a better chance WITH self-defense, but that’s the beside the point.

          3-5 are incredibly valid questions and I’d really like an answer.

          6 is a bit more iffy when it comes to the self-defense strategy they went with. It really wasn’t relevant given that there was no argument about the photos because they proved Jodi was there.

        • Al, one other thing, Maricopa County PD’s office may well have been stingy about funds. But the defense had decisions to make about budge. Keeping Samuels and ALV on the stand as long as they did was a huge flaw and cost several thousand dollars more than they needed to spend.

          Also think about Geffner vs. Samuels. Which one would you have put on the stand? There may have been some issue regarding Geffner’s availability, but he’s also not the only expert out there of his caliber. There are others who specialize in domestic violence. (And that doesn’t even address the length of time Jodi herself was on the stand which was completely unnecessary.)

          I think the big problem with these lawyers was that they didn’t know how to face off with someone someone like Martinez. There were so many times they sat down right before drilling an important point home. Martinez drove every point home. I pointed out a few of those examples on the blog Brad linked to. They were also scattered much of the time. They were typical of rookies who come to trial with Plan A, but they haven’t figured out a Plan B, if that doesn’t work. This became very evident for example when JW was questioning Alyce and where she wanted to go got thrown out. She fiddled with papers desperately trying to come up with Plan B. Why wasn’t she already prepared?

          • I agree, and I posted to that effect earlier but was roundly criticized. It’s called budget management and we all do it every day in business and our home lives. (except the US Government, that can’t seem to get a handle on it)

            • I must have missed that post, sorry Al.

              Yeah, really, budget. And IMEs are a dime a dozen and willing to work for lawyers for a reasonable amount on a case like this, especially. But they couldn’t find one? Any Forensic Anatomical Medical Examiner would have done the job just fine.

              But I honestly think they missed that line about the intact dura mater until a juror brought it up. Don’t you?

                • Oh good Al, I’m not the only one who thinks that. I’ve seen other people say JW was trying to save it for closing arguments.

                  That’s a fucking travesty if they missed that even though they put Dr. Geffner on to essentially rebut Horn-dog, isn’t it?

        • I agree with you they agree with you that is why they told the judge we cant defend her we want to go now.

          • Hail Mary,

            The ones I saw or heard were due to:

            1. Nurmi having left the PD’s office and wanting to start his own practice.
            2. Due to impact of prosecutorial misconduct.

            I may have missed others.

            But, you know if a lawyer doesn’t want to be on a case, forcing him to stay on is neither fair to the lawyer, nor to the defendant.

            • Hail Mary and Al, check out my post at the bottom about PDs and the political complications for Bill Montgomery of this trial. It might help explain some of this.

      • Yes, the bullet issue is HUGE. If you want to kill someone, you would use hollow point bullets before full jackets, especially with such a weak caliber gun. Why didn’t Jodi keep a receipt for the purchase of those new bullets since she kept receipts for everything else? Where’s the gun store clerk who recalls the gorgeous blonde who came in to buy them? (Well, that’s ridiculous because we KNOW she was no longer a blonde based on the police report of the burglary.)

        I’ve often kept to myself much of my disgust about areas where the defense dropped the ball here. Whenever I brought up an issue I noticed here, I was jumped on and people were upset. Everyone here loved them. I have been more open about my feelings over there, especially since there are several lawyers there.

    • Thanks Brad. On other posts over there, I’ve systematically gone through all the possibilities that existed that someone else killed Travis. The wonderful lawyer who runs the blog, JMRJ, has been astounded. Even a couple of people over there who were convinced the verdict was the right verdict have begun to shake their heads. There are some really great discussions we’ve been having over there. It really makes you wonder why the defense didn’t do what Jose Baez did in Casey’s trial and give the jury other options. At some point, the defense and Samuels convinced Jodi to change her plea to self defense — probably so that the lesser included offences could be included in jury instructions to give the jury other options but it backfired. Would they have won on a “whodunnit” defense? I don’t know. It would have been a long shot too but given the juror’s statements that they didn’t think Jodi *could* be the defendant, perhaps it would have been the better option.

      • Also Abused, I think Jodi was convinced to go the self defense route. possibly because she refused to name names. I see from reading about Nurmi’s practice that he specializes in domestic abuse. Perhaps that is where he felt most comfortable, not quite out of his realm? I think the “whodunit” is the REAL story except I think Jodi KNOWS who was there but would not divulge that information. Add the footprint and what Jodi said in the Dateline video…her story of two intruders sounds more likely than little Jodi defending herself, dragging Travis’ big body and getting it into the shower. The rug print or whatever that was that was in the hallway where there was no blood except for the edges is clearly visible but it looks like there were no drag marks. It looks like whatever was there was lifted directly up, as if TA’s body was on it and that was the method used to transport the body. This would have required at least two people. Then there is the clean-up (if that’s what ya want to call it) which would have taken considerable time for ONE person, but with a few people it would have taken less time. Bring into consideration the time the roommate returned from work that evening and how the gate was on the stairs, no blood on the carpet/floor or elsewhere in the house except on the washing machine. Being THAT careful, alone, would have taken considerable planning and time. There is a time line of the approximate time TA was killed and the roommate returning from work and Jodi’s phone call to Ryan Burns from near SLC (or was it Las Vegas, I have a geography issue…). One person, and a small female at that, could NOT have done this alone.
        I do not understand WHY the defense chose to go down the self defense route with Jodi acting alone. Perhaps JODI didn’t want to involve anyone else and wanted to be the martyr and the only way the defense could work that scenario out is to work with what they had.

        • Dorothy, sorry, but I respectfully disagree. First of all, Nurmi’s practice specializes in sex offenders. But he hasn’t been in private practice for very long at all. When he convinced Jodi to change her plea, he was still working at the PD’s office.

          If they had gone with self-defense, they would NEVER have needed to put Jodi on the stand. Jose Baez got away with not putting Casey Anthony on the stand. And he used her prior lies to the police really well without putting her on the stand.

          I agree with everything you said. By the way, her call to Ryan was from Kingman, AZ. She also called Travis from there. The calls began at 10:30 p.m. Kingman is 3.5 hours from Mesa. So, she had to have left Travis’s house by 7 p.m. Travis was still alive at 5:30 p.m.

          Jodi did NOT have to involve anyone else in order for them to go with a third-party defense. But the fact of the matter is that lesser included offenses (second degree murder, manslaughter) would NOT have been in the jury instructions in a third-party defense. Nurmi was making decisions to save his client’s life and freaking. He was NOT the most experienced lawyer just because he worked for the PD’s office and had tried many cases. PDs plea more than 90% of their cases. I’m sure he assumed his plea offer for second degree would be bought by Martinez and swallowed whole by the Alexanders so as not to tarnish their brother’s name. It was an extreme shock to him when that didn’t work. And he thought he had the letters, but they didn’t get in, despite what his expert said.

  45. Go back to the Flores Report and see what Ryan Burns said on page 20 where all the friends in Utah were talking and take it from there intruders and bullet all before Flores said anything about the evidence. How the hell did they come up with that now that you see all the ones making this profit now. sure shed light on this story….. who did Jodi met in Utah Dave Hall was there who else besides Ryan Burns at the restaurant…..

    • Hail Mary,
      I just went back and read that Ryan Burns part about the friends discussing the gun, etc! with Flores. Seems to me that Mr. Burns knew a bit too much about that crime for THAT stage of the investigation. Seems like there was something VERY fishy going on…the grapevine certainly was up on the facts… sounds like people were in cahoots with one another…getting their story straight…

      • Thanks Jodi goes to Utah they say she invited herself but I think they set her up to be there on the 4th were she would go 4 wheeling with Dave Hall the gun guy and kill her then the murder of Travis would be Jodi did it. and She can not be found but they would have made it look like she committed suicide and end of story. Killers go free. But Jodi pulled a fast one and showed up at Travis was witness to the murder. I still want to know about he message on May 28 were Travis is yelling about something. What I think Jodi was trying to move on from Travis with Ryan by the way Hughes brother set that up ???? and Jodi was still worried about Travis getting help for the pedio shit and may have told the Hughes out of spit for Sky being so mean to her and throwing her out of the house. This could be the rant ALV was trying to bring up but couldn’t Travis was killed with Rage and Hate who would do that I say someone with a child that was Molested. I can see Dave Hall the hunter that kill and guts Bears could do it if the Hughes asked him to knowing that Travis Molested someone. Why else do they cover-up Travis past and say hes a good boy. and now they are racking in the money off his death Occupy HLN told us they caught on to the lady’s that were doing that in Australia .. Now Let us find out when the Cash campaign began with the Hughes. I was convent for him to be out of town when Flores was doing his investigation his was done over the phone in Cancun and no record that his finger prints or DNA was taken I have a problem that the DNA is only of Travis and Jodi yet roommate said he was in his bathroom and lots of others were in his home so they we are still figuring out what happened yes he abused her but Jodi did not see it that way she only loved him and when your in that state of mind I can not see her doing this to him that is a male thing like gutting a pig like JM said something Dave Hall could do and the others that kill animals. Travis was just another animal to them if he was such a good friend why say in Cancun and live it up and have fun when a friend has just been killed at least Jodi went to the see him and send flowers why because she was looking for the intruders hoping to here there voice and remember but guess what the Hughes were not there and they were all gone well I’m just venting will stop now

        • Hail Mary, You have something there with the luring Jodi to Utah to kill her, make it look like a suicide and pin the murder on her. After all, there was a running theme that “JODI MUST be the one who killed TA” The murder must have been planned for a considerable length of time in order to spread the “Jodi is stalking TA” rumors and to get everyone on the same page. That hateful “John Doe” email, the slashed tires…THAT stuff wasn’t Jodi IMO… AND I agree that TA’s murder was a vengeful HATE Mormon crime. Someone WANTED him dead and Jodi being there when they arrived to carry it out foiled their entire plan. I think whoever the “intruders” were REALLY did force Jodi to be involved by making her shoot TA (like she said happened on the Dateline interview.) so SHE would be an accomplice to the crime and therefore not rat on them.
          I just wish the defense stayed with Jodi’s original story instead of going the self defense route with Jodi acting alone in this. There is NO way this crime was committed by only one small female. NO WAY.

          • I could never really get past that fact: Jodi is a slender female, and Travis was an MMA fighter. Just yesterday, I was play fighting with my boyfriend. I’m fairly strong for a female, and have taken martial arts lessons, so he doesn’t taken it too easy on me like I’m a delicate flower. BUT, he and most men have these HUGE forearms. Twice as big as mine. I can never win because my wrists get hopelessly trapped in his crushing grip. Prosecution says she shot Travis last, so that means, she would’ve had to beat him in a knife fight. Impossible. I cannot imagine that any woman could ever do this unless the guy was sleeping or had been drugged OR, and it’s highly unlikely, she has specifically trained for this type of combat. No possible way even if he was naked and slipping on the floor. He could grip her wrist with knife in hand, and slam her to the floor and then proceed to beat the living day lights outta her, or kill her. My boyfriend can hold both my wrists with one hand. I know if he wanted to he could kill me with one punch, and he is just average, no MMA fighter. All the adrenaline in the world couldn’t help me. Everyone who ignorantly believes she is even physically capable of this argues that Jodi Arias has hulk like strength. They are more likely to believe in fantasy instead of that someone else killed Travis Alexander. Someone involved in a covered up plot with people in high places to make sure the blame goes to someone else. Also, if my friend even just passed away from a heart attack or something, I would NOT be so heartless to continue my vacation. I wonder if that was intentionally set up too…… they’d be out of the country in case anything did go wrong and they became suspects.

            • You’d be amazed how strong people are when they are full of adrenaline.

              In absence of any evidence to the contrary, I don’t think anybody other than Jodi Arias was involved in the killing.

              Now covering up for Travis’s problems and the hate campaign, that’s a completely different story altogether.

  46. Are there 2 different Rebecca’s posting today, the one that’s 64 years old and the one that was in the Palm Desert singles ward????

  47. My experiences with photographing CopperHead snakes in the wild, at close range is less dangerous than posting my personal PRO Jodie Arieas, views on Twitter, Facebook or Utube………….all of which I have accounts with.
    Having watched this trial from the beginning, and also having some of Jodie’s personality disorders, though I would never have gone for a loser creep like Travis, or have accepted abuse, probably because I’m self made and on my own since 16. I fight back.
    For some reason my posts here do not show, am I still being moderated?

  48. Twitter This may explain the juries decision for m1

    Smarter people tend to be more open-minded and accepting of others.

  49. I saw the interview of three jurors on GMA and one lady said, “Jodi played us.” I’d like to know how? And also juror whatever number you were don’t you think the state played you? The state lied more than Jodi!!!!

    Jodi was fighting for her life and the state was fighting for politics! So you are ready to sentence someone to death because, “the state proved its case.”? How about considering mitigating circumstances because last time I checked you already held her accountable in the guilt phase of the trial!!!!

    Also, Jodi suffers from emotional problems and she talks with a flat affect because that’s the only way she could get through her testimony (which btw was emotional) and her allocution!!

    Her “lack of remorse or emotion” is because of her trauma! If she cries she fakes it and if she speaks flatly she’s remorseless. And you held jodi accountable what about the state? They lied to your faces over and over I’m just speechless with the stupidity!


      Aesop’s Fables
      by Aesop
      translated by G.F. Townsend

      The Wolf and the Lamb

      WOLF, meeting with a Lamb astray from the fold, resolved not to lay violent hands on him, but to find some plea to justify to the Lamb the Wolf’s right to eat him. He thus addressed him: “Sirrah, last year you grossly insulted me.” “Indeed,” bleated the Lamb in a mournful tone of voice, “I was not then born.” Then said the Wolf, “You feed in my pasture.” “No, good sir,” replied the Lamb, “I have not yet tasted grass.” Again said the Wolf, “You drink of my well.” “No,” exclaimed the Lamb, “I never yet drank water, for as yet my mother’s milk is both food and drink to me.” Upon which the Wolf seized him and ate him up, saying, “Well! I won’t remain supperless, even though you refute every one of my imputations.”

      The tyrant will always find a pretext for his tyranny.

    • Jodi also is very reserved and has a flat affect because, as we all saw during the trial, her mother has the very same demeanor. So a big part of her “way” is inherited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ok, I understand our frustration with Rebeca’s post about how Travis was abusive to Jodi in the past and how she witness that, however, as we saw the jurors interview, from the beginning they were bias toward TA’s family. They said that just by looking at the photos and all the evidence that they knew the crime was premeditated because the state proof it’s point. How about looking at everything, including everyone’s testimony, no, because their mind was set. So, I don’t think that Rebeca’s testimony, or even half of the Mormon church testimony that she was abused by him was going to make any difference. I don’t know, but in my opinion, I believe that racial discrimination played a role on this trial. Jodi has a Mexican father, so she is Mexican descendant, Travis was a white male and member of a Mormon church. Now, lets look at the jurors. Not to difficult to understand, uh?

  50. I strongly suggest everyone here educate themselves on the mormon faith and the LDS church. NOT the public ‘pollyanna’ view, but the more secretive doctrines and practices revealed by those who have done extensive research and those who have left and EXPOSED the church. Do not become hateful of all mormons, but just EDUCATE yourself. This crime and trial will be 100 times more clear when you learn about this religion and wealthy community. I’ve come to the conclusion that the publicity of this trial was meant to PROGRAM the American people to ELECT A MORMON PRESIDENT. We came so very close. Educate yourself, and hopefully more people will break free from the mind control program and realize what is really going on. Don’t be naive. Just please remember history especially within the last 100 years. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I pay attention to the undercurrents of society and seek the truth.

    • Marie
      i agree echo some of what you wrote

      i would disagree with one point, “This crime and trial ”

      my stance is that there was no crime, jodi justifiably defended her life by killing her attacker, which negates all charges ie no crimes

      on your call for people to educate themselves about mormon

      i’ve seen a couple of sites claiming to be from ex mormons
      i haven’t examined them
      uninterested in such
      maybe anyone interested could look at them, assess them ,and report back ?

      • Wes, I agree with your disagreement. 🙂 I just didn’t use the right words to describe my thoughts. I have some major doubts that Jodi even did it. When I say crime, I’m thinking about someone else totally. I don’t think she was physically capable.

        • Marie
          it was common for many of the witnesses to refer to a CRIME, when the truth is that an allegation of a crime, or being charged with a crime, does not prove a crime has been committed
          samuels did that when he inadvertently referred to a “crime scene”

          the prosecution tried to suggest jodi was an unprovoked attacker

          pure speculation, which the biased incompetent law and order, police judge allowed into evidence, and closings ,and which i suspect most of the law and order jury immediately gobbled up to come down with the guilty verdicts

          i suspect the unwillingness for 4 of the 12 to later go along with imposing the death penalty revealed that the 4 had previously been improperly pressured, ie bullied, by some or all of the other 8 to convict on m1, but in the penalty phase, those 4 stood their ground, regretted their earlier weakness, and now no longer were going to be bullied into imposing the death penalty

          that’s my suspicion
          because if the culpability and aggravation phase were the same, one might expect the imposition of the penalty to align ?

          probably the aggravation phase hardened the 4’s resistance to the bullies within the jury

    • Amen Marie! ” I pay attention to the undercurrents of society and seek the truth” Exactly how I feel. I am feeling pretty hopeless concerning the American mind set in general.
      I keep thinking, on this memorial day weekend, of all the people who fought for our freedom and rights and can’t help but think that integrity is lost now.
      I feel so badly for Jodi caught up in the machine, just one of the disposable people used for politics, ambition and greed. A scapegoat flung at the masses to keep them busy so they don’t see what is really going on around them.

  51. I haven’t posted for awhile, but read everyday, several times a day. I have been getting so mad about everything, that couldn’t even put it in words. I decided not to look at that Facebook page, State VS……., but I finished doing yard work, and for some reason thought I could handle reading over there, wrong like usual. There is an open letter from the son of the jury foreman, a very interesting and well thought out letter. There are a couple of people who made comments that have more than one brain cell working, but the rest of the comments OMG We really live in a sick and disturbed society and a dangerous one, going after the son and dad with all cylinders, and suggesting the naked pics of Jodi influenced him. Seriously, he is 64 years old, I’m sure he has seen enough female nudity WTF. And of course the first article on that page is about donating money. Go back to work and earn your own damn money, with all the trials I’ve watched I never felt this way towards the victim’s family, I won’t even look at them when the camera is on them and when I’d get a glimpse I would start yelling and screaming at them, making money off of a dead family member does not sit well with me and never will. Everyone have a nice Memorial weekend.

  52. I just saw the juror 6 interview on AZ central and what stuck most in my mind is that she thought Jodi was a sad girl, yet she believed she was “manipulative” which in my mind translates to her not believing jodi at all. I think she never gave her testimony an opportunity. She believed jodi was manipulative plain and simple. I guess Juan Martinez did a “great job” convicting Jodi arias based on manipulation. I yet have to hear from any juror how they came to M1. But besides that I thought jodi was on trial for murder not manipulation. And if manipulation was the charge she wasn’t very effective. Her testimony was very flat which could have been full of tears to manipulate the jury but she didn’t. Her allocution could have been full of tears and “begging to spare her life” but she didn’t. That is manipulation 101. She didnt cry and that to me shows she’s got emotional problems and trauma. She could’ve spoken about more abuse she suffered and she didn’t. These people are high.

    • I have seen some of the interviews and I cannot get over how upset juror #6 was for not being able to give Jodi a death sentence. She talked about praying to God, well what God is that? And she goes on to say that “felt she needed to be held accountable”. Well they convicted her didn’t they? So Jodi has been held accountable. Of course she was the one who said sorry to the Alexanders’. And then the other woman said they “failed the system”. Not the person, not humanity, not decency, but “the system”. Un fucking believable!
      I guess these death sentence enthusiasts are determined to do all they can now, to pressure any new DP jury to complete the task that they failed. After all, to them it is the “system” that what matters.
      And this “system” is rotten.

      • wouldn’t they have more fun if they all got on a plane and did the provo push for a youtube? It’s not a sin to them so slam it out there.

  53. How was she manipulative during her testimony??? She admitted to her pre trial lies. She admitted to things that would mortifying most people to have known!! They even got to ask her more questions if they felt she was trying to weasel her way out of answering them!! Her mind was already made up….if it wasn’t her argument for conviction would be more than the argument “yo sammity Sam” put forth!! Plus if you think a person is manipulative why would you feel sorry for them?? Why are reporters afraid to ask real fucking questions!!

    • Exactly “why would you feel sorry for them?” If they’re manipulative!?!??! She said she felt sorry for her and her tone wasn’t sarcastic, vengeful. She really feels sorry for Jodi. And you are right she admitted to the lies, admitted to a bunch of embarrassing mortifying things!!! Where was the manipulation except from Martinez!

    • they’re just wearing out a word . . this trial went further than anticipated so it lost it’s concept for the most part. Now during interviews that’s all they have and everyone of them that gets interviewed will use manipulation as their platform. It’s a stunt and we’re jerking out the trapeze from under them. oops

    • Yes, cb, they’re wearing out that word. I don’t think that juror knows the definition of that word, she’s just parroting what she’s heard. Did she hear it during trial from DeMarte, or did she hear it on TV during or after the trial.

  54. I live here in Utah right in the Happy Valley….. I am married to a Mormon he is inactive though and has always lived his own life if you have any questions about the everyday customs regarding marriage dating everyday interaction let me know. I know so much and its hard to explain unless Im directly asked questions . but they have thier own ways about doing things that are for lack of a better word twisted. There are alot of good MoMOs doing there best but the dark side is dark.

    Also I am going on a one day Vacay to SLC today… I had an idea before I leave. I will be back hopefully wi fi in the hotel bbut.. so

    Remember the GMA Guy the rude one that interviewed Jodi. WEll he said to Jodi you know nobody believes anything that comes out of your mouth regarding the abuse defense. She replied that there were plenty of people that believed it. I was thinking maybe we should diluge that particular anchor with letters even letters that simply say….WE bELIEVE WE COUNT just to show him that there are people out here that believe. So what say you guys should I do it or not???

    Sorry in a hurtry already late for check in ill check in here later for replies. Thanks guys. Be safe. God bless Jodi. \

    • Thanks Sara, I’ll think of some questions. I’m mostly interested in what goes on behind temple doors with the elders, but I’ll take any info I can get. I do believe there are probably many many good mormons, just as in every group of people………there’s the good and the bad. I can also be very understanding of the different ways of living. That’s what makes life interesting for me is learning about our differences instead of just criticizing. I just can’t understand the ignorance of so many people though. I guess I just don’t resonate with that mind set.

    • Sara, do most single Mormon men approaching the age of 31 feel the extreme urgency of getting married like Travis did? I know you can’t speak to the state of his mind, but what’s so terrible about being out of the singles ward, especially in this day and age when Mormons have LDS linkup?

      • Krikee, Hi I am in SLC and yes there is wi fi…. Okay so I asked my husband the question that you had about single men feeling the urgency to get married. My husbands answer was that its not so much that they feel the extreme urgency to get married as much as they feel the pressure of the church philosophy to GET married. Its just what is expected of them… I personally feel that if you are following the Mormon Doctrine of Covenants to the T it is more likely that your life will be filled with Blessings such as placement in the Bishop Brigue etc all this extra incentives just ensure more and more that your life will be easier to live and that should anything go wrong the church is there to pick up the pieces especially financially.

        • Sara,

          So if a young man reaches 30+ years and continues to not be married how is he viewed in their local ward? Does he move outside the singles groups? Are there groups for older unmarried adults?


  55. Wow… Tara Kelley really posted this on her twitter.

    “Question for all of you….did u ever watch just to see if Nurmi’s chair would break that day?! #jodiarias #justicefortravis”

    What a fucking bitch! Sorry, but she’s a piece of shit & I can’t stand ignorant people like her! I don’t even know why I wasted my time looking at her twitter. I refuse to look at it anymore. It’s filled with garbage, and she talks like an immature high schooler.

    • Britney, sometimes we should know better than to go to those sites. I do it even after I say I won’t and end up being outraged, pissed off, disgusted. And yes, it is a waste of time.

      Do we know if this alternate juror is a Mormon?

    • She was definitely a plant. And I think Judge Stephens knew it, was afraid of the bitch causing a mistrial with her mouth, and made her an alternate for that reason.

    • And she’s not exactly Twiggy, so she should keep her mouth shut about Nurmi’s weight. #justsaying #Juror17isabitch

  56. Hi, everyone…..I don’t post often and when I do it’s normally some frustration and I need to share with people who have control of their own minds–you guys:) Anyway, today, I’ve been watching the ID channel and I must say the prosecutorial spin on things is everywhere…most of the cases I’ve watched I’ve gone online to get additional information and normally the facts have either been omitted or speculation accepted as the truth! For instance, someone earlier mentioned the Susan Wright case and said she tied him up and stabbed him……there were several forensic pathologists that said there were no signs he was restrained. Instead, they say he was so coked out that it was enough for him to possibly pass out which supported her story that he was high and beat her and their child resulting in the stabbing….of course, this was after her being abused by this KNOWN drug abuser many times before. But, I guess, since she was a lowly stripper she deserved it….however, the ID channel only briefly mentions his drug use and never discusses the defense witnesses…..I just don’t understand this half-assed reporting!!

  57. The ONLY reason any of these “jurors” minds were made up is because they all went home and listened to the bullshit that was being slung by hln. It is supposedddddddddddd to be a news program but it’s NOT, we all know that but obviously these idiots didn’t. They seem to have grabbed at everything they were thrown. Couple that with JM’s many lies and the people he got to lie, well, let’s just say they should all be in jail.
    THIS sentence needs to be overturned ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jury misconduct, prosecutorial misconduct, severely biased judge FOR the prosecution, HLN spewing nothing but lies, witness intimidation by the haters inflamed by hln . If there has ever been a case that needed to be overturned ASAP this is IT!
    People keep buying into their shit!
    Jodi needs the biggest baddest atty that there is to tear this shit up. There is FAR toooooooo much evidence that wasn’t brought in, not to mention the witnesses that should have been called.
    The MAIN most person who needs to keep shouting at the top of his lungs is Gus. He is no idiot AND he knew Jodi while all of this SHIT was being done to her. I’d better hush, I’m almost ready to rant.

  58. Okay, I asked this yesterday but I am still not clear on what is going to happen next. How will a new (impartial…pfft like that will happen…) jury decide sentencing without hearing the entire trial/ testimony? This makes no sense to me at all. I would think if the jurors could NOT come to a unanimous decision for the DP then the DP should have been thrown out. Do you mean to tell me that those jurors who wanted Jodi to be executed couldn’t find life imprisonment justifiable punishment for an M1 conviction? Why such a “gung-ho-for-the-death-penalty” attitude? I just don’t get it. Wouldn’t natural life imprisonment serve the same purpose…keep Jodi from ever being set free? (I wanted Jodi to walk with time served, just so you know I don’t understand this jury ONE bit.) Does anyone have a link to the law that addresses this?
    Also, I think I saw someone mentioned crying in the courtroom when the sentencing came back hung. Who was crying? Did I misread it or was the judge crying? I hope I misread that.

    • They claim it was the judge crying but they love to lie-they didn’t show the judges face during the reading. They swear Jennifer smiled and Jodi sighed with relief and that is DEFINITELY not what I saw. Jodi looked sad and then cried. Jennifer was expressionless.

      • Mak, I definitely saw Jodi sigh. Whether that sigh was of relief, I don’t know. I think maybe she was a little relieved that she didn’t get death yet, but at the same time she seemed upset because now this is being drug out even more, and there’s still no full conclusion yet.

        • I forgot to add, I did see JW let out a little smile when she looked at Jodi. She quickly contained herself though as to not show emotion in the court room. It is her job to save Jodi from death, and so far she had done that. I think she was happy.

          • Good for Jen; I’d smile too if I trumped Martinez on any issue. That little rodent’s expression of rage was priceless.

        • Had they both gotten up and high five’d then did the full on Jim Carrey hands on hips, sex simulating, screw you provo push move and yelled ‘YEAH…take that!’ it would have been absolutely appropriate in my opinion. lol

        • Remember Amanda’s violent emotional reaction when she was declared innocent in Perugia at her appeal?

          After all the tension, some reaction is inevitable. It’s unwise to read much into it.

          Jodi has had to try to conceal inadvertent reactions over many months, because they can be used against her.

          I think she may have actually smiled, but tried to cover her face to conceal it.

        • Jodi looked upset and Jennifer looked stoic with just a touch of “finally we got something tilted in our favor” look.

      • That judge is so unprofessional. She should be impeached! She showed bias toward the prosecution throughout the whole trial, she didn’t sequester the jury, and now she was choking back tears after the verdict was read. Just ridiculous.

    • Dorothy, I totally agree. I think since all the jurors couldn’t agree on death, the DP should have been thrown out. This whole getting a new jury thing seems wack, in my opinion.

      “Do you mean to tell me that those jurors who wanted Jodi to be executed couldn’t find life imprisonment justifiable punishment for an M1 conviction?”

      ^ That reminds me of something else. The foreman said that since they couldn’t reach a decision, they thought it would be handed over to the judge and she would decide either LWP or LWOP. If that’s the case, why didn’t they just all decide on life then if they thought that’s what the judge was going to give her anyway?

      • Britney, I saw Jennifer sort of smile in a sympathetic, comforting sort of way and reach out toward Jodi after the hung sentencing was announced. I saw Jodi look flustered or perhaps upset and then cry. I just don’t understand, after such a lengthy trial, how is it possible to have a new jury take on the responsibility of deciding on sentencing when the jury that HEARD (pfft) the entire trial couldn’t even decide. It makes absolutely NO sense to me. I can understand if it was a two week trial, but FIFTY-SIX days worth of testimony, SO many witnesses, SO much entered into evidence… To me it sounds like the court may as well just toss the dice or pull the sentencing out of a hat, because without HEARING EVERYTHING how can another jury decide. It seems unjust. Also, I thought NOT ALL of the jurors were convinced it was premeditated…am I wrong about that? If so, then the DP should have been eliminated at that point. Whatever…I am so confused and there isn’t much info out there on how this predicament will be handled legally and how it is to be carried out in a just way.

      • Sounds like the jury did not fully understand that another jury would be chosen. What a mess this whole thing was/is.

  59. AREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE there ANY REALLLLLLLLLLLL investigative reporters who want to blow this shit up and make a HUGE name for themselves in the process???????????????? Looks like to me, someone taking down this SHITZONA (I just had to, lol) circus and all the SHITZONIANS who think they are GOD would make someone a household name. That alone should be reason enough for someone who has a real pair of balls to get it rolling.

    • I think if someone does it will need to be a bigger platform inclusive of Jodi’s case. Something like how biased media coverage and social media is contaminating the integrity of the juries, or how sequestration should be enforced for high profile cases….I think anyone focusing solely on her will receive a serious professional backlash. Look what happened to Alyce and she only testified!! It’s going to have to be someone extremely savvy with a big name but a well thought out plan…

      • I think that a high profile atty will know just exactly how to deal with their stupid bullshit threats. I honestly can’t see them being bothered by bs.

        • True, but if they wanted to tackle it now it would the story would probably gain more traction if the story took a sideways approach. Every media outlet out there seems to be pro Travis right now and may not give the story the attention it deserves if its just about her…unless he’s on Geraldo and even HE backed down after getting crazy tweets from the “angry mob”….

        • Mak39 and cj, What baffles me is that NO ONE with any brains in their heads has even approached the topic of the injustice of this trial and all that went along with it. I do not understand…aren’t there any REALLLLL reporters or attorneys who find ANYTHING appalling about this case AT ALL? Are they all afraid? or are they just ignoring the flip side to this trial. There has been NO COVERAGE at all about the things WE discuss on this page. WHY IS THAT? We offer so much insight. One would think that at least SOMEONE would pick up on some of the questions we all have and/or points of discussion…I guess they are all on the gravy train…that is where the money is after all. I suppose no one wants to ruin their ratings or fall victim to the evil that will inevitably befall them.

          • I think so much of the media focuses on “ratings” and there is no honest journalism anymore just people spouting opinions on a network that claims to be a news channel. any unbiased reporters don’t seem to get the national attention they deserve because most intelligent people find other means of inquiring info instead of relying solely on cable news, so those journalsts blog instead. And God forbid anyone question the lack of fairness or integrity in the reporting on tge major networks, for instance, after the hung jury verdict Jose Baez was on In Session and Vinnie Politan lost his mind when he suggested cameras should be out of the courtroom if juries are not going to be sequestered. He started talking about our right to know what goes on in the courtroom while totally ignoring the fact that his network along with social media lessened JODI’S right to a FAIR trial. It just really makes me sick because as attorneys they KNOW better!! Most people are stupid, unfortunately, and can be spoonfed anything and they take advantage of that fact by perpetuating an environment of ignorance!

            • Vinnie P et al sold themselves out…they are nothing more than sensationalist tabloid-like puppets. And to think I once thought VP was a handsome guy (WAY back when it was court tv) and enjoyed the shows then…I am embarrassed to admit that. Now when I see or hear him et al, I am repulsed…


              don’t forget “journalists” are for the most part dumb asses
              the best that could be said of them is that they’re average, pedestrian

              in the age of the internet, journalism as a career is finished, nobody gives a crap about them, or what they write
              opinion journalism is not even worth a derisory comment
              good riddance to the lot
              well deserved ridicule and dismissal of them

              i never read any of their crap

              what is written here is superior, with respect to knowledge, insight, synthesis, analysis, etc

              what’s their training ?
              how to turn on a printer, or use a laptop
              everyone can do that

              they have no special academic credentials, such as in the traditional arts or sciences, physical or social, which would provide some depth of thought and analysis

              in the past, i never saw any originality of thought; or curiosity from them; they’re mentally lazy, conservative and unimaginative

  60. BBL gotta go check on supper, smokin a boston butt (((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSS FRIENDS)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

        • 😆 …. I suppose you could call me a Boston Butt…because since this trial began my Boston butt has done nothing but GROW like a pigs behind 😯 (that’s what happens when one does not exercise YIKES)

          Thanks for clarifying…Hope it was yummy 🙂

  61. Jodi took the stand, told her side of the story in a matter of fact and well-spoken manner. The times that she cried were authentic, she didn’t display smugness or arrogance nor did she gloss over things. She is just naturally eloquent and intelligent and some people can’t stand that. It’s called ENVY, peeps. The only manipulation going on was with Juan(lying ass)Martinez and the Addams family in the galley with their overwrought emotional theatrics. And you, the jury, who were chosen to listen to both sides bought that whole load of cow dung. If you had any honor, and I am very doubtful that you do, you would hang your heads in shame.

  62. Sandy Arias should sue hln for millions upon millions for what they have done. Alyce needs to sue the bastards. There are a lot of folks who need to be taken down while Jodi is being brought OUT!


    Jury Foreman, William Zervakos, during a brief ‘Inside Edition’ interview: “[Jodi] was crucified in the court of public opinion.”

    That guy is HUMAN.

    I mean, why are the majority being so negligent of their own humanity? All the haters are basically witch hunters.

    PRIMITIVE and IGNORANT. But, they just need to be educated. And the media is doing a great disservice to the country’s substance of character.

    I’ve been working on the consciences of the HLN’ers… and I actually accomplished a few things by – legit – correcting them in certain moments.

    Can someone please confirm if the jodiann_arias Twitter account legitimate? I know the Jodiannarias one has been officially confirmed an authentic Twitter profile openly approved by Jodi, herself.

    Also, if possible, please let me know if Team Jodi/the Arias Family have heard of Dr. William Francis Pepper or know anything about him.

    Sending you a hug, Jodi!


  64. The son of Jury Foreman, William Zervakos, wrote a very touching and empowering personal statement that I think Jodi would appreciate – and that all of us better learn to appreciate… right?

    Here’s his excellent article; this outpour has a strong and warm heartbeat:


    My dad was the jury foreman in the Jodi Arias murder trial.

    I am betting that a good portion of you don’t know or care but there is sure a sizable piece of America and beyond that knows now who my dad is—which is to say they know his name and they know he had a chance to help execute a criminal. And they know that on his watch, that criminal was not sentenced to die.

    That’s where it ends, of course. The knowledge of my dad. That’s all that all but a statistically negligible percentage of the universe knows about my dad. They don’t know that my dad loved his kids or loved baseball or loves cars or loves golf or loves his grandkids or any of a million things. They don’t know that above all his weaknesses, my dad is an honorable man.

    And that’s okay. No one needs to know my dad. I think before this all happened, my dad would have liked to be famous. I’m not speaking for him but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case anymore.

    Today I read hate mail my dad had gotten. Some person had sent him a threatening message complete with his email address, full name, and phone number (which at the very least means that this guy should retake Hate Mail 101). I also read some comments on an article online about my dad. Surreal. They say my dad was fooled by the defendant, that he was taken with her, that he hated the prosecutor. But what was most interesting to me is how many people say my dad is a media whore.

    Let me explain to you how the media works. I am a media whore. I want nothing more than an open mic, a bully pulpit, a captive audience. But no one cares what I have to say, and therefore the media doesn’t care.

    But the world (maybe even you, if you are honest) wants to hear about Jodi Arias. Everything, every lurid detail about her. So when my dad showed up at his own home after the mistrial was declared, the major media were there waiting for him. They spent the night in his home. He chose to speak, but if you all didn’t care, no one would have even had a clue who my dad is. It’s poor form to consume media and at the same time complain about its availability.

    One last thing, and then I’ll be done, because thinking about how my dad is suffering makes my heart hurt. A jury gets impaneled once or twice in a generation to oversee a trial like this. That means there are one or maybe two people per generation that know what my dad has just gone through. I would love to hear what their thoughts are. I’m sure my dad would like to decompress with them over cocktails. What that group alone would know, though, is that when you are a juror, you are bound by law to be impartial. What you see and what you are *mandated* to consider and not consider is different from what Nancy Grace’s viewership gets to see. They are allowed to foam at the mouth for five months with bloodlust, knowing from day one that the defendant is guilty as sin. But a juror is told to leave emotion and sensationalism at the door so that the defendant can have a fair trial.

    You might say, “But Jodi Arias is a psychopath. She doesn’t deserve anything but the hot end of a gun.” You’re allowed to think that. But I hope for your sake that if you’re ever put on trial for something, you have jurors like my dad to hear you out.

    I looked at my four year old son today as he was about to fall asleep. He gave me a dreamy, half conscious smile. Genuine, because four year olds always are. I told him I loved him. He said back to me, “I love you, dad.”

    At that moment I realized that if I make it to the end of my life and my son can be proud of me, then I will die happy to my very bones.

    So here’s my open letter to my dad:

    Dad: I love you. And I am proud today, and I am proudest today, that you are my dad.

    • Your right cj, lets see what Nancy Grace ( Nasty Disgrace) Jane Velez-Mitchell (Big mouth bitch) Mike Galnos (Mr. No Balls, himself) Vinnie Politon (an idiot that acts like he is on coke) Ryan Smith (Mr. I agree w/everyone nitwit) Dr. Drew (Mr. Wuss in disguise) and all of their so-called “expert, professionals attorneys (nothing but glorifies high price “liars”. I am so happy for Jodi and I truly think HLN owes them an apology, big time!!! Let me tell all of you Jodi followers: Prayers do help!! I said a lil prayers for Jodi as she approached the podium she spoke from. She was EXCELLENT and so brave, she put Samantha to shame. (Notice Samantha was always looking for the cameras so the tears could start flowing);The sister that looks like one of the Aadams Family on crack/meth, what a phoney!!! Did she even know where she was at? To be truthful about them, THEY ARE NOT!!!! DO YOU HEAR NOT!!!! A CLOSE FAMILY. Damn HLN couldn’t keep their frickin mouths shut, just for one day, to Honor Mother’s Day. I felt so bad for Jokd’s mother Sandy’ I am and will be 100% for JODI ANN ARIAS. THATS MY STORY AND I’M STICKING W/IT. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT FOR OUR LIL JODI.

  65. Imagine.. had the judge not been biased, had the prosecutor not been allowed to lie and pummel witnesses, had the jury not been tainted by the media, had the public’s perception not been skewed by said media, had the family of TA not been uncouth unforgiving attention seekers then I believe Jodi would be home now.

    • Gwen, I think you are right…so much is wrong with this case. I wish Jodi had stayed silent from the beginning…no interviews prior to the trial…there is a lesson EVERYONE should heed here. If you are brought in by police for questioning related to a crime MAINTAIN YOUR RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!!! NO MATTER WHAT! Because WHATEVER you say WILL be used against you.

  66. Imagine that you were called to be on the new jury and you are told “okay a previous jury found this woman guilty of murder 1 and they found her to have used extreme cruelty. Just assume this is true and accept this as fact.. Now decide her punishment”.

    What right-minded person would find it acceptable to assume the guilt as fact?

    Now if a mini-trial is put on with testimony and the new jury can ask questions of the witnesses, why are they asked to accept the previously found guilt?

    • I have my doubts that there will ever be a second jury. The first group was obviously tainted; how in the hell will they find impartial people now? I think that it will come down to a LWOP plea bargain, which Jodi should only accept if her appeals are left in place.

      • Well, as I’ve recently learned, there are a great deal of people in this world who agree with the death penalty. I used to think my views against it were growing in popularity, but apparently, I’m wrong.

        The new jury will have a few days to a few weeks or testimony — not a 5 month long saga as this has been, so the venire will be much greater to choose from. They won’t be stuck with only potential jurors who can only take a week or two off from work.

        There are many people who know nothing about this trial, believe it or not.

        It will be easier than you think to find a second jury.

  67. Im thinking the SCAM money is being used to pay people off namely the jury.

    What a bunch of retards. I also think they didnt completely understand
    the verdict instructions. They obviously didnt understand the sentencing

    • Wow, I hadn’t thought of that…but I think those who are raking in the dough are probably too damn greedy to give any of it away.

  68. Hi guys, I’ve been working a lot and not had much chance to come on and comment but trying to read your comments when I get the chance. I did a search today and came across this. I can’t fathom it though, her comments are