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Having watched some live coverage of the Zimmerman trial over the past week, it came across as a prime example of a how a trial should be run. No theatrics… no shouting… no badgering witnesses… no throwing stuff… no tantrums… no hidden agendas… no racial bias… no corrupt prosecutor… no state perjury — and of course a properly sequestered jury.

I also observed that you don’t just send an unsequestered jury home for the day or weekend, and ask them not to talk to anyone… as judge Pickles did. That’s BS. You give them specific instructions on what they cannot do, and you make sure they both understand them and stick to them.

This is from the end of the GZ trial day yesterday – and with a sequestered jury. Notice any big differences from the AZ State circus?

[hdplay id=243 width=500 height=300]

On the eve of the 2nd anniversary of Casey Anthony’s Not Guilty verdict, I still firmly believe that if Jodi’s very basic self-defense case had been held in Florida — where a potential female victim successfully defended herself against a savage attack from an aggressive serial abuser & pedophile — then she would ultimately have been acquitted.

Click the following link if you missed my 6/22 post — Ten Kinds of Unfairness in the Jodi Arias Trial.

I’ll leave you with this tweet a few hours ago from Jodi:

Jodi Arias twitter message - 7-4

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy today’s holiday with your loved ones, and stay safe.



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  1. Wow first??

    Happy Independence Day to all my american friends and fellow Jodi supporters! ♥

    Now, that Judge could teach Pickles a lesson on how to run a courtroom. All these instructions to a SEQUESTERED Jury! Wow,just wow…

    • Good morning Maria, and Happy Independence Day to all I hope everyone has a good day with family and friends. Remember Jodi and her family today. And don’t forget Jodi’s birthday next Tuesday! Wouldn’t it be great to completely overwhelm the jail’s mail service with postcards for her.

      Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

  2. A Fourth of July message from Jeralyn Merritt. How many people have been sacrificed for media ratings?

    We Hold These Truths
    By Jeralyn, Section Media
    Posted on Thu Jul 04, 2013 at 09:08:00 AM EST

    Guilt sells in America, innocence does not. More often than not, the public tunes in for guilt, and changes the channel for innocence. Either innocence is boring to them, or they take a perverse joy in believing some defendant they know nothing about has more flaws than they do, which means their lives aren’t so flawed after all. Or, perhaps it’s that their lives are so filled with perceived slights by others, at work or at home, they just want someone to beat up on – their own personal punching bag – to lessen their frustration and make them forget their own problems. What better scapegoat than a stranger everyone agrees to hate in unity?

    The media, all too willing to sacrifice truth for higher ratings and increased ad revenue, indulges the guilt- hungry viewing public. It’s a vicious cycle that never seems to end. Add to the mix a few private parties with a well-oiled public relations team, and chaos ensues.

    It’s as if the country has time-traveled back to the days of the Salem Witch trials and still not satisfied, goes back further to the days of ancient Rome and gladiators. A guilty verdict in America today brings throngs of cheering spectators to the courthouse steps. The prospect of a not guilty verdict has public officials planning for riots and protests. All this in nation where the most fundamental and bedrock principle of the criminal justice system is the presumption of innocence.

    It is beyond shameful that on the anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, our national and cable news channels, instead of paying respect to the rights and individual freedoms we all enjoy today, choose to fill the airwaves with guilt-mongers, who out of ignorance or to promote their personal partisan agenda, unite to declare a man guilty before his defense has even begun to present its case.

      • This was an interesting article.

        Until about 5 years ago I was very much a “law and order” type. I don’t remember ever getting fired up over a death penalty case like people are with this, but in retrospect I think that what I thought was a desire for justice may have been tinted by a desire for revenge. I don’t know what triggered it, but my perspective has been changing for a while now.

        The Casey Anthony trial made me very aware of how unfair it is to have a trial influenced by public opinion. Its really disappointing how so many people are eager for a death penalty without regard to the facts. I can’t tell at this point if the media (in particular HLN) is shaping public opinion or if the media is just measuring public opinion and making programming based on it. At least in the CA case the jury was sequestered so the death threats couldn’t subvert justice. It seems like sequestering should be a minimum requirement for a trial like this.

        Anyway, good article and I hope it makes some people think.

        In my opinion, this trial has been a joke. The prosecutor is a “celebrity” (which should not carry any weight anyway) and the jury is exposed to public opinion so they know they better come back with the “right” verdict.

        I have to think that most people

    • geebee2,

      I can’t believe people are so stupid and one dimensional. It is so difficult to get that type of person to understand. They see that she first lied, then admitted to killing him. So she is guilty. We aren’t saying she didn’t kill him (at least to these people). We are saying, the same as she plead in court, that she killed him in self defence to save her life. These people can not see between the lines, or as far as I am concerned they can not see the truth that is blatent. The first time I watched the trial, which was in March, and simply by channel surfing, I saw immedietly that Jodi’s side wasn’t represented correctly. I then watched every day and every thing got worse for her. Clearly, it isn’t Jodi that is an intentional liar. Martinez is an intentional liar. Also, Jodi was never officially diagnosed by a professional on a psychiatric diagnosis. The defence stated PTSD. The Prosecuter brought in the young psychologist with clearly no experience who said borderline personality disorder. Well she was a decoy for Martinez. I myself am a professional in the psychiatric area. Way over the years of Martinez’s decoy. I understand the criteria for both diagnosis. I understand all the games professionals can play with the two diagnosis. It infuriates me because Jodi was already abused and Martinez continued to abuse her down to stripping her of a psychiatric diagnosis. The defense, who did what they could with Dr. Geffner. { I did not even listen to his testimony because the jury wasn’t going to get anything } eventually was saying Jodi has the borderline personality disorder. Which was only there way of saying ‘yes, see Jodi has a mental illness’. Look the prosecuter even said she has a mental illness. The problem is, I would say, everyone in prison has borderline personality disorder. They needed to go after her PTSD and her bi polar. Which I am sure she is getting medicated for. But it could be Jodi didn’t want that out there. She was willing the PTSD. But what happened was her psychiatric diagnosis just fell to the floor once Martinez pulled his stunt with the pop tart young psych idiot.

      I see Jodi was really cheated in so many ways. On top of it, 95% of our population are idiots. Plus it seems like all of the jury came from that 95%. How sad and pathetic.

      Thank you Geebee2 for fighting for Jodi and getting her story out to the world!

    • I did as I always do when you post the links whre you’re having discussions. The thing is that even when someones provides them evidence,proof and arguments they still seem unable to process all this information and they keep spewing the same venom and nonsense.
      I really really admire you for what you do; I know I don’t have the stomack for it,especially when it is plain obvious that we can’t fix stupid.

      • I have a lot of experience arguing with “pro-guilt” people in the Amanda Knox case.

        Only very rarely will you get them to completely abandon their belief in guilt, but often they will change their theory, or say “but what about all the OTHER evidence”.

        For example when people realise the ammunition stolen with the gun doesn’t seem to match, they argue “well maybe she bought some ammunition”.

        Knowing about cognitive dissonance theory helps understand how people react.

          • I enjoyed this link. Then I followed a link within this one. It explains how Maria states ‘You can’t fix stupid’. I have many thoughts in that, one being, this is how someone like Hitler could overtake Germeny. It is better for someone to not ask questions and move on. Not even to question yourself and why a relationship didn’t work, etc. Well then, one is not going to change. The person who had a bad relationship at 16, has continued to repeat bad relationships with partners until they are 66 and older. Which gives me the answer to Arizona’s Judicial system not seeing the serious problems that lies within. If they are not going to self evaluate, if they are not going to listen to the rationale outside, if they are going to take praise from HLN, they are going to continue to feed their own egos, and nothing is going to change. There are to much of a percentage from below the Judicial System of this Maricona County, Arizona with their steadfast cognitive dissonence. The Judicial System above Montgomery is covered in bullshit with cognitive dissonence.
            So do you know what is going to fix this? What fixes something this aweful? We know that these people are not open to the truth and higher learning. They are only open to lying, deceit, and closed minds.

  3. Oh how I have missed you all so much!
    I got back from my vacation this week and am finally unpacked and caught up on things.

    I’m sure today will be slow, considering the Holiday – HAPPY 4th by the way! – but I just wanted to touch base and let you all know I’ll be around again.

    I hope all have been well and has been well.
    On another note, how in the fuck was/is Arizonia allowed to handle their court as they did/do, (in the public eye mind you) with no reprecussions?
    What the fuck kind of Justice does any political, legal, or observing figure even see in Jodi’s case?
    It is truly the most ridculous, sad, disheartening thing I have seen in a long, long time.
    As SJ said, if Jodi had been in Florida she would be out celebrating today like a normal person, as she deserves to.

    With all of this theatrical, rigged, backwards bullshit Jodi had to go through there’s truly no where to go but forwards, demanding for Justice for Jodi.

    • I hope you are feeling much better M!!!!!


    • ((((((((((( M ♥ ))))))))))))

      Where have you been? You’ve abandoned us 🙁 after all the trouble I went through to stop referring to Martinez as ‘M” LOLOLOL!!! Welcome back,it’s nice to see familiar ‘faces’ of old posters again.

      You’re right btw… That courtroom was a circus,the trial was televised and it’s shocking that there have been no prostests or at least a considerable amount of legal experts out there to stand their ground and call Pickles and the Prosecution out!

      • I’m feeling much better, finally kicked my summer cold (for the most part).
        I was in the Dominican Republic for a week – got back this last weekend.
        Juggled work, unpacking, and getting the house back in order.
        Oh and kissing my cats to death.

        Sorry I’ve been MIA for so what feels like forever – family vacation with no internet is always tough, right?
        I had a good time, but am really glad to be back, I have missed you guys so much.

        maria you didnt have to do that for me!
        HAHAHA, but its hilarous, at first I thought people were calling me an angry midget, but soon realized, it was that dumb ass Martinez. 😀

        I’m glad to be back.
        Back in the loop and ready to sass.

        How you all been?!

        • It’s been quieter the past few weeks but still busy.We’retrying to figure out ways to help Jodi. Personally, I’m looking forward to July 16th (as all of us that is) to see what will hapeen with the hearing.
          Give a kiss to those cats of yours for me too!

    • M.
      Hi! I don’t know if we have met. I probably discovered here in the beginning of April and started posting more toward the end of the trial. Happy 4th in case you are from United States.

      I think we all are shocked over the injustice of the Arizona Judicial System. It is a very sick, ill system that has gotten away with murder and crazy by the courts. I have never seen a trial so wrong get passed a judge. Not even just get past the judge, but have the judge help what is illegal go through as legal in her courtroom. The judge actually sat at the top of her bench, like Arizona had it’s own special laws and they were above the rest of the United States. I am sure they celebrate Independence Day during a different month since they know something the rest of America doesn’t. The Arizona judges and prosecuters, plus Montgomery have a big party with HLN at some point during the year that they call Independence day for the United States.

      I look forward to seeing you around. I hope you are feeling well.

      • Hey Marianne –
        Its very nice to meet you.
        I too am not sure if we’ve met, so many people visiting the site its sometimes hard to keep all the names straight.

        I havent been watching the trial in Florida, but have been reading.
        Opinions of guilt on who’s part aside – it is a totally different system than what I saw in Arizona.
        I just find it so hard to understand Jodi’s trial.
        I dont understand how such injustice could be smeared and played and replayed for all to see, with such little concern – or worse yet the amount of hate and ridicule many spit at Jodi.

        So I dont know if I can just hold Arizona or judge pickles accountable.
        The outpouring encouragement and appriciation for HLN and their bullshit is just as intolerable.
        And they too must be held accountable for their complete inaction and help in creating the witch hunt for Jodi.

        All I can say is thank the cat gods for this website and for people like you and the many friends/supporters we have here.

    • OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG girlfriend!!!! I hope life is treating you FANTASTIC honey!!!

      I love you Moni!!!! ((((((((((((((((((((((Moni)))))))))))))))))))))))))

      • Love you more …Janeen!!!! Took off work today….enjoying my weekend.

        Going to a pool party in Rialto tomorrow…..that’s Alexander country!!!!!:>)))))) I’ll have to be on the look out:>)))))

        ((((((((((((((((((((BIG HUGS JANEEN))))))))))))))))))))

  4. Night and day difference in those two trials. Makes me sick to my stomach how Jodi’s trial was handled. I was watching the Zimmerman trial and thought “wow – what a difference!” Wondered how Fartinez would have been handled by the Zimmerman judge had he even tried his garbage in her courtroom.

    I will be sending Jodi a birthday card and hope she will be able to read everyone’s heartfelt birthday wishes. It’s important for Jodi to know that she won’t be forgotten on the outside. We love you Jodi, we believe you and we want you to be free.

    Happy Fourth of July to everyone here from the very humid northeast!

  5. Happy Independence Day to my fellow Jodi supporters and family!!!

    Have a wonderful, and safe day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ♥ TEAM JODI ♥

  6. Happy Independence Day to ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is well. Stay safe, watch out and don’t burn yourself with fireworks ORRRRRRRR on the grill!!!!!!!!!!

  7. SJ….

    I hope you celebrate today as YOUR day. Why you ask? Because you are truly an INDEPENDENT man. You do not cow down to the haters. I do not even dignify them with the whisper of a response. I applaud you.

    You are wonderful beyond measure.

    I love you with all my heart SJ. i also love MB and JC. They are the most loyal of friends you will ever have Mr. SJ…I know you already know that! LOL LOL LOL

    MB…JC: You are diamonds in the rough. If and when Jodi can actually read and digest what our members here have attempted to convey to her and each other, she will undoubtedly be wholeheartedly grateful for your advocacy, your strength, your convictions, your undying loyalty to not only Jodi, the Arias family, and SJ, but each and every one of our members. I am without words to express how much I am grateful for you both. I love you guys. Truly.

    My hero…aka Renee…what can I possibly say that I haven’t already tried to say? You are the best friend I have ever share a friendship with. You are more important to me than the air I breathe. If that means I kiss your ass, kiss your boots, kiss your anything, so be it. Life is much too short to mince words and too many people have a hate and hurt agenda. When we cross paths with someone who makes your heart smile, the most genuine gift you can give that person is to let them know how much they are loved. I adore you Renee. You are my forever friend, my forever best friend, and my forever hero. Don’t you EVER change anything about you. Don’t you ever listen to a negative word, EVER. You are amazing, awesome, spectacular, strong, fantastic, honest, loyal, genuine, real. You are authentic. When God produced you, he most asuredly made sure no one will ever be able to fill your shoes. I know it’s only three words…but they mean more than the letters that create their sentiment…I love you.

    To each of my Team Jodi members…each one of you makes my heart smile. I love you all and appreciate all of your individuality and contribution to this most sacred of havens (as I am sure Jodi will one day LOL)

    PLEASE BE SAFE EVERYONE! Enjoy the day. Enjoy your family. Enjoy the loves of your lives.

    Happy Independence Day everyone. God Bless.


    • ((((((((((Janeen)))))))))))) you make my heart smile too! You are a wonderful person with kindness and love in your heart. I love you back, girl! <3
      ((((((((group hug with Jodi in the middle))))))))))))

    • I think everyone is a diamond in the rough and I love that analogy by the way. Yes everyone stay safe and enjoy your loved ones this holiday. Our freedoms in this country are precious and we are truly blessed to live here.

      I’m thinking of all past and current service members who have fought for our freedoms so we can celebrate today. If any of you are reading, THANK YOU and MAY GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR FAMILIES.

    • You brought tears to my eyes Janeen. Beautiful post, thank you for sharing!


  8. Happy 4th of July to everyone! Today we all celebrate our Independence Day here in America and someday in the not-so-distance future, Jodi will celebrate her independence and freedom, too.

  9. Praying for a Wonderful Independence Day for Jodi. . .if only she could share it with her family. It makes me so sad to think she is still locked away. Please everyone never stop praying for Jodi! Jodi hope you can feel the love coming your way!!!!!!!!

  10. Happy Independence Day!
    SJ, Thank you for everything you do for us and this site. I remember I found out that Jodi had a twitter site. I went to her site and Jodi was thanking you. I went to this site and I was so releaved to find people that felt and think like I do. I sent you an email and gave you all places you can look me up so you would know I was legit.
    MB & JC, did you ever tell SJ about when he went on vacation and I got blocked? I was so mad. It was just at the end of the trial and I was missing real sensitive info. Sorry I was so mad. I hope you could tell I really wanted to be here. I wouldn’t have reacted so strongly if it didn’t matter. Thank you for unblocking me.
    Thank you to everyone here for being here. Thank you for thinking out of the box, for building, for searching, for not judging. Because can’t we look so much farther if we don’t judge?
    Prayers for Jodi, that her Independence becomes sooner than later.

  11. I just went over to GeeBee’s discussion that he mentioned earlier today (7:51 am) and I hit the up-arrow (Like) on all his comments. Come on, folks. Let’s show those people how many support him. (At least they might stop calling him an idiot. Idiots!!) The votes are running about even right now. Everybody please go find all of his comments and hand out some serious likes.

    Oh, Yeah! Happy 4th!

    • Has been quite a blast there…

      But I think I put a few points across 🙂

      And the discussion is at least vaguely rational.

      I’m stopping for tonight.

      What happened with the letters is still interesting though, I’m still not 100% clear on that.

      I think it was some kind of chinese whispers, with Martinez exaggerating a bit, or press office. This sort of thing does happen, I saw it in another case.

  12. GeeBee, I really loved the “We Hold These Truths” post. How appropriate on this, the anniversary of our day of independence.

    • It’s a very tough case to understand.

      The key is to realise WHY Jodi lied in 2008.

      It’s simply what she said on the stand : she was so ashamed about everything, she loved Travis, she killed him, she couldn’t face a trial, she just wanted to die, even though she was legally innocent.

      Perhaps sounds surprising, but when you have low self-esteem…

      Remember she talked suicidal in 2007 when she saw Travis with another woman. That’s what low self-esteem does. See

      • geebee2,

        You have a lot of insight and knowledge into human behavior. On my Twitter page a few days ago I wrote that ‘Jodi is not a liar. Anyone who keeps calling Jodi a liar needs their own psychiatrist. Stop Scapegoating Jodi!’
        Basically, that was about Ms. Disgrace prompting people who agreed with ms. disgrace that Jodi was a liar. How Disgrace would yell all over television ‘Liar’! Some where it came up. Just with the repeated lack of insight HLN kept banging into people’s heads. On top of Martinez’s lack of insight regarding Jodi. The constant ‘Liar’ word coming out of their mouths. When again, who were the biggest liars in the whole trial? They were Martinez, Horn, Flores, Judge (is it Stephens {Pickles}), the stupid no experienced psych expert who screwed up BPD(where I am from, she isn’t even liscensed to diagnose), all the members of HLN, the Alexander family, Chris Hughes and wife, the other friends of the Alexander family, other friends and family of Chris Hughs, and who ever I missed. But huge amounts of people on the Prosecuters side LIED for NO GOOD REASON. It was all for blatent professional and finacial gain.
        But Jodi, who suffered severe psychological damage, who was in at least a year of DV from TA who was a nasty, manipulative, empty human being. And Jodi who suffered from amnesia, PTSD, DV, and multiple defense mechanisms was the one who was the liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • HI Hope! Seems to me that maybe it is time for you to post elsewhere… this is a Jodi support blog.

      Just sayin…

      • No, I think Hope is fine… she just wants to know… that’s great.

        Remember it is a very difficult case to comprehend, if you have no initial knowledge about DV.

        I don’t think the jury ever understood.

  13. Happy 4th of July to everyone, I don’t post all that often , but try to read other posts as often as I can, I am Thankful that Jodi and her family have such a great advocate site like this with great admins. To show our support for Jodi. Everyone have a great day. Praying and thinking of you often Jodi. Stay Strong and keep the faith

  14. My heart is saddened for all the young AZ firefighters who lost their lives. I hope you all are safe and sound and enjoying Independence Day.

  15. I’ve been following the Jodi Arias case from day 1… I watched 99.9% of the trial… What I’ve missed I’ m catching up on every day…

    I try to read all comments on this site… Very informing and knowledgeable.

    One thing I am very familiar with is DV… Jodi definitely was with a man that was an extreme abuse… I stress that strongly …. He wasn’t just a sweet talker, he was a great manipulator, he knew how to hook and reel girls in…he knew how to tare down the victim which is Jodi in this case.. A little bit at a time.. Once he realized he could call her names, use her sexually (even if she liked to please him) she was uncomfortable at times … Yet he knew he had her… She was the fish on his hook he could eat up spit out and then catch again and start all over … Why cause that’s what an abuser is great at… They justify every thing… They rip the victims self worth self esteem away a little bit at a time… People ask why… Why do we return why do we put up with it… Key thing to remember the victim is torn a part a little bit at a time … Ones character is ripped apart… You forget who you are.. You are not allowed to have your own thoughts… You are not allowed to be the person you were… You become a pleaser a care giver…. You remember the good times not the bad… You remember the sweet side the kind side… You start doubting who you are…. Cause one moment you are their princess the next minute you are a dirty little secret… You become the abusers power and control with out you remember they are nothing…. Jodi completed Travis with out her he felt like nothing…. Yet he was soooo disappointed with himself that she became his punching bag, he used sex to release his frustration… She knew what calmed him… And yes she did just that…. Reading and hearing about the type of person he was, believe me dropping his camera would set a person like him on fire…. Remember though that wasn’t where it started, yet that day was a breaking point for Jodi…. She felt stronger she was herself again she was confident and she fought back she protected herself from the monster.. Travis reminds me of the abuser that likes his cake but needs to eat it as well….Travis had a rough up bringing … He was mentally physically and emotionally abused… Some escape the patterns they were taught most find it very hard to … In saying that please don’t get me wrong stats show that people do seek help and escape the pattern of abuse!!! Always remember a victim becomes the a users power and control with out them they are nothing… Travis was losing Jodi she was moving on with Ryan … She was reaching out and remember who she was … Unfortunately travis had that hold on her and she returned…I believe Jodi his the truth because a victim becomes a good liar and I say that lightly…. In saying that the victim has to hide everything about their life they can’t even reach out to others about the abuse they are receiving… Your self worth is soooo destroyed that you start to believe you are the problem you start making excuses for the abuser you start lying to your self and you promise your self things will change … Again you remember the good times… Being hit receiving bruises they disappear its the emotional abuse that is soooo damaging…. Looking at Jodi I seen a very strong independent woman yet I seen a young woman that was truly torn apart by a true abuse… She still justified his wrong doings she still wanted to protect him…. Yet she was willing to hurt herself… Why cause she loved him… She truly thought he was her everything… He convinced her he was gods gift and a great gift at that… Not only did he damage her mentally he tore apart the only Jodi, Jodi knew….. It was very hard for me to watch Jodi on the stand … If only she had the knowledge she has now June 4 would have never happened…. Soooo yes understanding abuse is very important in this case…. I understand… I have that connection… I was fortunate to walk away before I ended up in the position Jodi found herself… I pray for her every day…. I pray she finds peace with in herself… I pray she realizes it was not her fault…. She is not to blame…. Like she said if Travis was here he would tell them she didn’t do it…. She didn’t … Jodi wasn’t Jodi she became the person Travis created … A fragile broken down woman that fought for her life…. I wish he was a live today soooo he would have to look in a mirror see his true image and see the person he truly is… I feel for the abusers as well… As they too became a part of the vicious cycle of abuse!!!! Especially if there is a history of abuse with in their family…. May Ms.Arias find all the peace and love and hope she deserves… I believe in her…..xoxo

  16. Oh man there’s just no getting away from HLN. I was looking at my online TV guide and there’s HLN

    Nancy Grace Mysteries:
    Episode: Trayvon Martin & the George Zimmerman Trial: What You Need to Know

    I wouldn’t trust NG to tell me what I need to know about dental floss let alone ANYTHING news related, EVER AGAIN. I am so done with that pathetic excuse for a news channel.

    Hope you are all out celebrating and enjoying some fireworks somewhere.

    Peace out!

    • Bev, I am done with HLN. After the experience with this trial, I would be masochistic to ever want to watch that channel again. I am sitting in my chair, the old woman that I am, and listening to the sounds of fireworks in the distance. I have no desire to go down to the source….lol! I am so old and boring!

      • SD. NO your NOT old and boring. Maybe you’ve seen a lot and it takes more to amuse or entertain you. I didn’t go out to see fireworks on Canada Day either. I’ve seen them lots of times and frankly, getting caught up in traffic and crowds just didn’t turn me on enough to go out.(Plus it was raining) Besides I’m going to a concert next weekend so I have that to look forward to. Have a great night, what’s left of it!

        • Thank you, Bev. Actually, I feel the same as you do. I don’t like crowds, never have, and would prefer to stay at home. You are right, this preference of mine precedes my current age.

          I was so hoping that Gulliver person would come through with his/her hypothesis about personality preferences, especially in regard to this case. I have my own opinions, but I’m not qualified to state an official opinion.

            • MB, remember when Gulliver encouraged us to take a personality test and many of us did so? Lots of the people who responded and posted their results were “intuitives” vs. “sensors” in Meyers Briggs terminology. I have been interested in personality typing for a lot of years and it really intrigued me that there might be some credence to the fact that personality type might be an indicator as to how some see Jodi as being guilty versus others of us who believe in her innocence. My personality type is INFJ, i.e., introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging. Look that up because it means so much more than the letters imply. (BTW, I didn’t discover that just recently….I took the test long ago.)

              Anywho, here’s a website that explains it much better than I ever could, and an excerpt from that page that deals with the immediate discussion:

              “Many Type experts believe that of the four type dimensions, the Sensing and Intuition scale represents the greatest differences between people, since it really influences one’s worldview. A research project we conducted demonstrated this vividly. People were presented the facts of a murder case that involved a young woman accused of stabbing her live-in boyfriend. The boyfriend had abused the defendant in the past while intoxicated. Her attorney argued that she suffered from “battered woman syndrome.” And so, at the time of the incident, she had reason to believe that her life was in jeopardy, and acted in self-defense. On the other side, the prosecution claimed she offered no proof that she had reason to fear for her life, could have left the scene, and therefore had no justification for killing her boyfriend.

              While the majority (75%) of both Sensors and Intuitives voted “not guilty,” Sensors were more than twice as likely to vote for murder as were Intuitives. These results were consistent both with Personality Type theory and with our experience as trial consultants. “Battered woman syndrome” is a theory; an idea, a concept that requires jurors to imagine how an abusive relationship can cause a particular psychological response. It is not a condition that can be documented or verified scientifically. Since Intuitives are naturally interested in the psychological workings of human relationships, they are much more likely to accept this theory as valid than their Sensing counterparts.

              Sensors, on the other hand, prefer clear, tangible proof, and are naturally drawn to practical, rather than theoretical, explanations. In this case, the Sensors focused on the murder itself, and the fact that the defendant was physically able to leave her boyfriend that evening, while the Intuitives focused on the defendant’s motivations and psychological justification for her behavior.”


              I think it’s very interesting and fascinating to learn about, and knowing that neither way of processing information is right or wrong.

          • Didn’t mean to make it sound like I don’t l like crowds. I actually thrive on crowds. I have waded into crowds of 100,000 and more to see concerts by ACDC, The Eagles, The Stones, Paul McCartney, Collective Soul, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alanis Morissette, Nickleback, Steppenwolf, Heart, INXS, Def Leppard, Elton John, Bryan Adams, Meatloaf and Alice Cooper. I always go as close as I can. I was so close to the stage when I saw Kiss that I could feel the heat of the pyro on my face. I stood in pouring down rain surrounded by fellow concert mates all wearing yellow rain gear, (It looked like a fishermen’s convention) I was right against the security fence up front at Aerosmith. I flew to Pittsburgh Pa. last November to see Madonna. Crowds are no threat to me. It’s very moving that we have all come together for a common reason and despite our differences, we are there to enjoy the music. Next week I’ll be seeing Rush. Can’t wait!

    • If Nancy Grace said the sky is blue, I’d have to open my window and look outside just to make sure she was telling the truth.

      I give HLN about as much credibility as the average hater. These are grown people who in the end, chose to act like the buffoons they appeal to. What dingleberries.

  17. Hi everyone!

    I’m just popping in for the moment to say I haven’t forgotten everyone.

    I went on a weekend vacation and we had a family medical emergency occur that is currently keeping me away.

    I will be back as soon as I can.


  18. I also would like to add… I wear the “Survivor” t-shirt with great pride!!!! Thank you Ms. Arias for supporting such a great cause!!!! You are always into thoughts… Xoxo

  19. Happy 4th of July people! I agree with SJ, if Jodi’s trial had been in Florida, things would have been different for her. I’m from Florida and I know that here at least people have the right to have a fair trial at least.

    • I agree. Florida has a large Hispanic population, too, but the difference is that there’s not a border controversy in Florida as there is in Arizona. To be fair, the border situation IS an issue that needs to be addressed. However, we have many white Americans who are prejudiced against Hispanics and not only want to deport the illegal aliens, but they want to deport the legal citizens who already are here. These people just can’t deal with the fact that the country has changed and is changing demographically. They’re uncomfortable with the realization that whites are not going to be a majority in this country in the next decade and they’re going to make Hispanic Americans out to be scapegoats for taking jobs away from other Americans, committing crimes, etc.

  20. Good evening. I just wanted to say that I removed all of the posts that were supposedly from Jodi Arias on my blog. I honestly was skeptical from the get-go when this person misspelled Donavan’s name as “Donovan”. Sure, everyone can make a typo, but I highly doubt that most people would forget to spell their best friend’s name correctly. So someone obviously took the time to create a fictitious and bogus profile designed to smear and attack Jodi Arias. This just goes to show you the length and extremes that people on the other side of the aisle will go to.

    As I have said many times in the past, Travis Alexander’s supporters rely on desperation. Jodi Arias’s supporters rely on inspiration. Even in these difficult times for Jodi and her family, we remain optimistic and confident in the face of smears and attacks coming from the media and Travis’s supporters. They got the verdict they wanted and they’re still unhappy. That is because they don’t want justice. Justice isn’t enough for them. They want revenge. They want to see Jodi die a slow, violent, painful death and just the thought of that gets them all hot and bothered. Just keep in mind that these are the God-fearing Christians and Mormons who claim to love Jesus Christ so much that are wanting this.

    We have mentioned in the past how racism and bigotry has played a part in the treatment of Jodi Arias. In response to this, I have had some Travis Alexander supporters try to play the “Gotcha!” card by pointing out how Casey Anthony was white, and still is, yet HLN and many people hated her, too. My response to this is that a large part of the dislike and hatred towards Casey was because she was perceived to be a child killer. Most people who are accused of killing a child or children are not looked upon favorably by most people regardless of their ethnicity. However, there IS one thing that both Casey and Jodi have in common and that is that they are both young, attractive women. A lot of women hate both of them and, with all due respect, if you were to look at many of these women you would see why they are jealous of Casey and Jodi.

    This brings me to another point that the Travis Alexander supporters try to bring up which is “If you’re so passionate about finding justice for innocent people in jail, why don’t you create blogs or websites for others?” I have gotten involved in the past whenever I felt injustice had occurred, but for some reason I always felt a connection to Jodi Arias from the beginning like she was a kindred spirit. Maybe this has to do with both of us being artists and admirers of people like Napoleon Hill. But, yes, I chose to support Jodi for this reason. Not because I’m in love with her, but because there are so many things that I love about her as a person and not in a sexual way. I genuinely care about Jodi and see her as a flawed, imperfect woman yet one that has a beautiful and lovely heart, mind and soul. I know Jodi’s heart and I’ll always believe that she did not pre-meditate Travis’s killing. But here’s my question to the Travis Alexander supporters: how come I don’t see you creating websites for other supposedly innocent people who were brutally murdered or butchered as you would call it?

    Travis Alexander was wrong about many things, but one of them was that you don’t need 10 steps to improve your life. You only need 1 step: do it. Take that first step and move forward. Motivational speakers can be entertaining, interesting and charismatic, but their words are empty rhetoric when they don’t practice what they speak or preach or they live their lives juxtaposed to that which they make speeches about. If you want to know what kind of a man somebody is, look at what they DO, not what they SAY. Look at how he lives his life. Not all of us are motivational speakers. Sure, it would be nice to wear polished suits and a headset and get up in front of thousands of people in a tropical place like Fiji and talk about how wonderful your life can improve. And it would be nice to be able to write books about improving your life, but none of this matters if you can’t trust the person that is telling you all of this. None of this matters if you lack character. Any good man worth his salt would rather have character than to be a character. And, as someone once said, character is when someone does the right thing even when nobody is watching.

    Jodi Arias got railroaded by the judge, the prosecution, the state of Arizona and some knuckleheads on the Internet. Trust me, all of this is going to backfire on them-big time. If I didn’t believe that, I would tell you. Jodi got cheated out of a fair trial and she has been abused from day 1 by the media. This woman has been treated like a piñata and that is one of the many reasons why I am here to support Jodi. I care more about what people say about Jodi than what they say about me. And I know that Jodi is a strong woman that can fend for herself as she demonstrated in court, but one-on-one confrontation is one thing. Having multiple bullies from the media and cyberspace harass and attack you is another. So I’ll do whatever I can to protect Jodi or any other domestic abuse survivor from getting hurt again.

    • Casey Anthony was white, but she is also female.

      There is sexism in both of these cases, so their point is moot.

      Prejudice is prejudice, whether it’s against someone’s sex or gender, or race. It all stinks. It all needs to go the way of the dinosaurs.

      Great post as always JM 🙂

    • JM. You don’t have to explain or justify yourself to them. They aren’t worth it.

      It appears we are at a stand off, they aren’t going to budge and neither are we.

  21. I’ve been out of the country for awhile and out of touch. Today I’m praying for Jodi’s freedom on an Independence Day somehow, someway very soon…

  22. I love that quote by Dr Seuss. It’s so true isn’t it?

    Despite earning a reputation for disproportionate reporting of crime in that state, it appears Florida knows how to conduct trials properly. Unlike Arizona where they work up to only four days a week, starting late, ending early, and allowing prosecutors to abuse their power by badgering and abusing witnesses, defendants, and defense lawyers.

    There were sooooo many people that tried pretending that what was going on in AZ was just fucking fine, perfectly normal, and anyone who criticized Martinez or his congo line of joke expert witnesses was a big ‘ole meanie. But the proof is in the pudding isn’t it; that Jodi’s trial was a complete farce of prosecutorial misconduct with a complicit judge when we compare it with Zimmerman’s or even Casey Anthony’s trial.

    So now we all get to scratch our heads and ask, “We spent 2 million on THIS?” Yeah, thanks AZ! 🙄

    • Oh MB, I am sitting here reading your post, shaking my head in agreement and thinking that even if those that insisted that Jodi’s trial was fair were to spend some time compairing the Zimmerman or -as you said – even the C.Anthony trial, again they would find some lame excuse to continue to back up their opinion. Some people can’t face the truth and fact that they were wrong.
      I am really sorry for the folks that do realize that Jodi’s trial was a fiasco and have to be punished by paying their hard working money. These are the people that should start speaking up because superstar Kermit doesn’t give two shits about them and he will not stop at anything if that means that he will be top news for a couple of months more.
      In a spherical view of the whole trial, what I see is a kindergarden playground, with a group of bullies out of control and a teacher having lost control in total, even siding with the bullies. It’s a shame. A fuckin shame that these things are acceptable in 2013, in a country that has a huge history of fighting for justice. 🙁

    • What infuriates me the most is that he may get away with it.
      Not only do we need to stay focused on Jodi,her sentencing phase and her possible appeals but also to make sure that this poor excuse of a prosecutor should be called out .And that is exactly why she should not give up her appeal rights. Because that is the only way to finally find true Justice and to call out all the BS that took place in that kangaroo courtroom, Kermit Pickles and perjury included!

  23. Happy Independence Day to Jody and to everyone who supports her!!!
    I hope Jodi’s doing well!
    And certainly had the jury been sequestered the outcome would have been different. The pressure from these moronic pedophile lovers influenced the outcome of the trial and that is just downright sad. And a shame! In all fairness the verdict must be vacated because Jodi was not given a fair trial!

  24. Good Morning family! TGIF!
    (((((((((Hugs to each and everyone of you))))))))

    It’s been a bit quieter lately 🙁 but I know we’re in the middle of the summer period and with nothing new regarding the case it is completely understandable.

    All I’m looking forward is next Tuesday, our girl’s birthday*****
    That day I think we should all check here at least once to write a birthday wish ( our admins will certainly make sure that the title of the day’s post will be something in honour of the day 😉 ) and those of us who meditate or pray should do it intensely on that day to send some Light and Love to our baby girl.

    Gotta go,TTYL**

    • Maria, I like the way you think 😀 . well its off to work now….have a good day all….. I’ll check in later.

      Ray in H-burg Va.

  25. Ok so i just saw a trial of Susan Wright who killed her husband self defense of yrs of abuse and that night her husband on drugs hit their son. He called her a whore and hit her the night she lost. She stabbed him 193 times and after he was dead she was still so frightened he was gonna kill her. She suffered from ptsd and in trial she took the stand and said she killed him in self defense. Short story, they found her guilty 1st degree murder sentenced her to 25yrs a new laywer appealed it and in 2010 after serving already 6 yrs they sentenced her to 20 and shes up for parole in 2014. Her new lawyer said it wasn’t a fair trial and appealed. I dont have the link but u can google Susan Wright and it will pop up.

  26. Hello Family! I have missed you all. I have been in and out of the hospital with several oral surgeries so I have not been as active lately on the sight. No need to worry, I will be fine, but it is still painful. On the lighter side, I am on some good pain killers, so that is a plus! LOL . I have tried like 3 times to watch that stupid Dirty little Secrets’ movie as I drift in and out of sleep and I swear it is so bad I can not get thru it without dosing off! I mean the trial itself was much more interesting and had me on the edge of my seat. I am going to go out on a limb here and say something that I have noticed, it may be the drugs or it may be true, you guys can let me know what you think. I have watched, admittedly, HLN a few times as I lay in bed recovering from surgery and watching the Zimmerman trial. I have come to the conclusion that we may have done some actual good. HLN is and was well aware of our sight and community and contempt for the way they were so biased against Jodi in the Arias trial. As a result of all our protests against their biased views it seems that they might be trying to be a bit more even keeled in this trial, not going overboard favoring one side over the other. Could it be they have learned a little lesson from us? I sincerely hope so… then again it could be the good drugs I am on! LOL Love ya, Jesse

    • I’m working on a post to try and somehow link together the incredible screw-ups in the reporting and prosecution of this case….

      I mean the gun shot last for a start, which is total nonsense and always has been.
      What was THAT all about?

      But I have seen equally bad screw-ups in other cases, for example David Camm.

      Basically I think these offices do what they damn well like because they are not held accountable.

      It’s some kind of weird mix of corruption and incompetence.

    • Jesse, sweetie it’s GOTTA be the drugs. Although I am boycotting HLN on TV I do give it a brief listen occasionally on my way to and from work (it’s an hours drive). I have to say NG did everything she could to make excuses for Rachel Jeantel who was on the phone with TM when all this happened. In my opinion that little lady had MAJOR attitude and if I were on the jury I would have a problem with that. There are some things in this world that command respect and the sanctity of the courtroom is one of them for me. It may not be a perfect system but it’s way better than they have in some countries. If I were a juror I just might have a problem giving credibility to anything she said, simply because of the snotty little attitude she was displaying. This has NOTHING to do with race. I just have a problem with teenagers giving attitude because I know they are capable of much better behaviour.

      I agree that HLN have tamed it down but they, esp. NG, is still as rude and abrasive as ever. Cutting off guests, talking over them. Gawd if she acts that way around her children she better not ask why later when they are obnoxious, self entitled brats. They are still doing the subliminal message thing too. The channel was on in my staff room at work one day and they were talking about the GZ trial, while meanwhile showing shot after shot of a happy, young TM. A few weeks ago someone here posted a clip of the TV show Community where they were dissecting HLN’s tactics. I couldn’t find that clip to show you, I wish I could have. It shows all the little subliminal tricks HLN does to influence viewers. Very interesting and an eye opener.

      Anyway, hope you have a quick recovery. Too bad you couldn’t have seen my dental surgeon, he’s VERY easy on the eyes and does excellent work! lol

      • Oh and by the way, I didn’t mean to make it sound like I have made any decision about GZ’s guilt or innocence. I think it’s tragic that this young man lost his life and my heart goes out to his mother. There are never any winners in situations like this. I am very impressed with the way the courtroom is being run and the behaviour of the lawyers. Az could use some lessons from Fl.

      • AWW, Thank you, I am doing a bit better today. Lucky you to have a “Hot” dentist! I of course am still totally aware of how out of wack HLN is and Nancy grace is just laughable at this point. I was just hoping mabey we made at least a little difference. Again thank you for your concern Bev. Love ya, Jesse

    • Jesse,
      Hope all is going well with those surgeries. It is good you are resting and taking care of yourself.

      I think HLN does seem tamer than during Jodi’s trial. Although, I am not checking in to it as much. But when I do I don’t get as much of the lynch mob stuff.

      I think there was something very unique about Jodi’s trial where so many sides felt they could take advantage of her and her situation. No one really took a strong stand for Jodi. She was an easy target. Her family kept to themselves. Even when the detective was first interviewing them, they immedietely started speaking as if Jodi has always had problems. It was their character. If my child was arrested, I would never verbalize what Jodi’s parents verbalized to that detective. First, much of it was normal growing up problems. If Jodi had a mood disorder, nothing was diagnosed and you don’t throw your child out to the wolves. You get her home, if possible. You don’t dig a deeper hole. I saw her parents as extremely complacent. It seems like Jodi didn’t have those people that would fight off the vultures. Or would be able to pre research why Samantha wanted Martinez. If someone could have met that eye to eye that could have been erased. But Jodi gets that complacency from her genetics. I am sure she didn’t know to think how to get rid of Martinez. She probably thought she was making Travis’s family happy.
      As a result, Jodi and her trial were open for the cruelist, most horrible circumstances. I am not saying this is Jodi’s fault or her parents. Some how, Jodi’s side wasn’t able to over power even enough to influence media. So, as we have said many times, there was many things very very wrong with that trial.
      I think Zimmerman’s trial has more control on his side. I can not pull it a part because I don’t follow it.

      • Regarding Jodi’s parents I have my thoughts meaning I dont totally disagree with you but the thing is that the videos of their interrogation were released when we were far into the trial.Jodi had already been torn apart, ridiculed and humiliated ,already presented as the evil femme fatale by HLN and the rest of the media.I think that video was just the ‘cherry on top’ and a good excuse for the lynch mob to dig a deeper hole to bury her.I bet they were exhilarated to have found it and to them it was another stone they had in their hands to throw at Jodi.

        • I don’t know the exact order every thing happened in. The way I am thinking of it is that Jodi was questioned and eventually arrested. Something like that. Or they questioned Jodi, kept her in a room by herself and then spoke to each parent separatly. This was all previous to the trial, to HLN, to Jodi doing any time, or to Jodi even meeting any of her lawyers. We saw the tapes 5 years later in the middle of the trial. I am not talking about when we saw the tapes. I am talking about when they were actually being done in real time. If a detective like this Flores sat me down talking about my daughter doing such a horrible crime, the last thing I would do is start bad mouthing my daughter. Jodi’s mother didn’t mean to bad mouth her but she started talking to the detective about every problem Jodi ever had from inception. My immediate response, and I have done this “Not my daughter! You have the wrong person. Get out of my face.” That is the way it is with family. It is the same with nieces and nephews. Then, Jodi’s father goes in with the detective and tells bigger stories.
          Jodi was really marked from the beginning. The detective gets to TA’s house to find his 5 day old dead body and everyone tells him to look for Jodi. Then the detective hears stories about Jodi slashing TA’s tires and what other crazy stories anyone could make up. Everybody could point a finger at Jodi without getting their heads cut off. And it escalated to such an unreasonable point with that trial. The Judge was the one who had the power to stop that. The Judge needs impeachment and to get fired. I am sure Jodi’s parents were overwhelmed and didn’t want to be out of line. I don’t know if they were born in the United States or had immigration concerns. All that prosecutoreal misconduct, all the falsefication with the M E and the detective, no one followed procedures! Judge Pickles didn’t even follow procedures during the trial. Jurors were getting texts and e mails during testomonies.
          Okay! I will take a deep breath and get ready for the day. Big prayers for Jodi.

      • You are right, poor Jodi was treated horribly. I think a lot of the hate towards her is and was because she is a beautiful ,young woman. I don’t know why more women were not on her side. It really surprised me that women had so much contempt for her since most women have been abused and used by a man at some point in their lives. I hate to say this but it must come down to old fashioned jealousy. I believe women should empower other women. There was just so much wrong with Jodi’s case. Anyhow, thank you for being concerned with my health Marianne. I feel a bit better today. Love ya, Jesse

        • Jesse,
          I am happy you feel a little better. Still take it easy and let your body recuperate. It sounds like you had difficult surgeries. If you have the time, take good care of yourself.

    • Jesse,
      I hope you’re feeling better.Take good care of yourself sweetie!
      As for HLN ,I havent been watching of course but trust me: I think it’s the drugs,LOL!! Nothing they say will ever sway me to believe they are capable of looking for the truth ,the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

      • Hi Maria, I feel a bit better today and thank you for the sweet words of concern. I know how off the whole HLN gang is believe me! I just hope that we did some good. Lots of love to ya, Jesse

        • Last evening I went to check on HLN’s crime shows. OMG! They had on a commercial where Disgrace, the P guy , and some one else were doing this real soft, sweet commercial. Everyone would vomit! They are trying to give people a warm fuzzy feeling. I don’t think so! SJ will kick us out if we get a warm fuzzy feeling about HLN!

    • jesse, I think it’s the drugs! I tried watching their coverage of the Zimmerman Trial…..They’re very biased in favor of the Martin Family…Nancy, Jane, Vinnie and the rest are still misconstruing information etc., the same as what they did throughout Jodi’s Trial. I only watch trials on my computer…the live feeds; and I’m being choosy in which ones! Only those that show the trial with minimal “talking heads” interrupting !
      Hope you feel better soon….

      • Hi Samj, You are probably right. I have only watched a little of the Zimmerman trial, the whole thing is so sad and tragic. Thank you for being concerned about me. That was sweet. I am sending you cyber hugs!!! Love ya, Jesse

  27. When I first started watching the JA trial I was a dedicated watcher of HLN. At first I thought, “OMG she’s as guilty as sin!!!” However, the more I watched the more I was mortified at the biased reporting. The more I heard about how she was treated by TA the more upset I became, and realized that there was so much more to this case than what HLN was picking and choosing to tell us. That’s when I started searching for other information and came across this site. I find it very alarming that a “news” channel can stretch and bend the truth to such an extent, and even more alarming that so many people just eat every word they say with a spoon as if it’s the God’s Honest Truth. I hope that with the hundreds of news stories and articles they have done on Jodi, there’s a HUGE ASS slander lawsuit towards them in Jodi’s future. Money talks.

    Makes one wonder if the owner of the station might have been rejected by a girl like Jodi at one point? Is that what’s behind this vendetta?

    • I don’t think HLN deliberately plan to be unfair.

      Ok, they are always biassed in favour of the prosecution in every case.
      That’s what sells.

      But in this particular case many things aligned badly.

      It’s the usual thing – they just didn’t want to listen to what the defense had to say after they all decided she was guilty.

      Travis’ friends all seemed credible rich, well-to-do people…

      Jodi’s friends are poorer, they were harassed, they are not forceful people, not good witnesses, not able to stand up to someone like Nancy Grace. And maybe they wouldn’t be given air time anyway.

      Something like that. WIsh I could have gone head-to-head with Nancy in full possession of the facts.
      I would have wiped the floor with her given the chance.
      Even more so if I could ask her about the terrible things she did in the past.

      • I just love this piece on Nancy.

        I kept on putting it in the wikipedia article, but all the HLN lovers just could not stand it.

        “Speaking of which, what about those HLN-TV experts? Are they just a tad too over-the-top or is that just me? I mean, really. “I don’t know, Nancy,” they all seem to say, shaking their heads in bafflement at whatever question they’ve been asked. “It must be because she’s evil?” Well, okay, that works in cartoons, but shouldn’t we expect a soupçon of erudition from our learned experts? Something like, “We can’t objectively evaluate anything about this case because we are making bucketloads of money by gushing like a clique of schoolgirls about how awful that psychopathic murderess is.” (And while we’re on the subject, perhaps Jodi could make a killing, ahem, by teaching some of these TV show experts how to apply their makeup. I’m just sayin’.)”

  28. Yea I saw some of those articles before. She’s good at ignoring all the bad press. I suppose she would have to ignore it or she couldn’t continue to do what she does.

    Anyway, its a beautiful day here. Think I’ll take my dog and go kayaking up the river. Maybe take some wine and lunch and make an afternoon of it. Take care fellow Jodi supporters. See you all later!

  29. I noticed that many NHL people do not treat Zimmerman in such a way they treat poor Jodi. They don’t say that he is 100% evil. I heard that some people on HLN told that they wanted to find out what had really happened . In Jodi’s case, they didn’t want to find anything out, they didn’t want the truth. They acted like she is witch that is 100% evil; and this witch killed a nice guy who didn’t want to be with her because she was just too needy, manipulative and didn’t give him space. Any thoughts? Why? Why is it so unfair?

    • People are afraid of smart, strong and beautiful women. I imagine Jodi was quite messed up in the head when first arrested, due to the extreme emotional and mental (and physical, IMO) abuse she suffered………but I believe the last five years she has done a lot of healing.

      I think the Jodi of today is intimidating to many other women. It is sad, but true, that most women hate a strong, beautiful woman. I think it is easier to believe Travis was a saint and she was evil, than it is to believe he was a fraud and she was a good person.

      In the beginning, we heard a lot of “Travis was a saint, he was perfect, he was a virgin, yada yada yada” Now we hear “Travis was not perfect, no one is, he was human, yada yada yada”

      I wish even ONE person who is a fierce Jodi hater would examine ALL evidence, including the crime scene, and open their mind to the truth. But not many people are okay with saying, “I may have been wrong.” it is easier to scream, “YOU are all wrong.”

    • HLN is not a news station. No way! Maybe an ‘info-tainment’ station,yeah I’d settle for that term.Now let’s ask ourselves: which story would sell more? The beautiful seductress that catches an innocent good-looking(ahem) guy in her web and finally ends up killing him in a bloodbath OR an innocent woman meeting a messed-up in the head guy and kills him in SD?
      Drama sells. Fake drama with a lot of lies to spice it up sells more! And when the story is embellished with kinky sex oh my…they got themselves a gold mine! The good girl who meets the wrong man just doesnt sell.
      Otherwise, ‘Fatal Attraction” would be a flop and ‘Enough” would be a box office hit!

    • There is a gender issue.

      The George Zimmerman case is very unfortunate IMO

      There are genuine cases of people not being prosecuted unjustified killing with gun

      But Zimmerman is not one of them – evidence shows he was in fear of his life, that was clear to me from day one. He should not have been charged. Politicians should not speak if they do not know.

      I oppose US gun laws, but you cannot hold an individual responsible – and George is actually a pretty good guy

    • Thank Goodness!
      If it was up to me I would ban Nancy (dis-)Grace from appearing anywhere in the Unites States!
      Nancy is vermin in the gutter, human scum!
      She was cited for misconduct in court numerous times when she was a prosecutor and she’s been known for badgering and harassing people she takes interviews from. At one point a woman even committed suicide because of the “interrogation” she got from Nancy Disgrace.

    • Noted… I don’t know how significant this is, but maybe executives at Time Warner are starting to take notice.

      I do hope so.

      Fingers crossed.

    • I can’t watch HLN or CNN now. 1st it was FOX, now them. I resent the fact they refuse to even attempt to spend an equal amount of time trying to present a different perspective. I say someday there will be an argument that cable commentators were slandering bigots. When you use free speech as your shield to slander people before trials are even over, and incite the lemmings to frenzied hated, you qualify as bigots. I’m grateful for Jodi’s friends here. It seems my prayers have changed these last few months. I used to Thank God in my prayers, now I pray FOR Jodi. I pray the thoughts expressed by the people here make their way to REAL arbiters, to STRAIGHTEN THIS SHIT out! Too, too many unjust actions by Arizona’s judicial on this.

  30. Karrie says:
    I’m reporting this because I believe Geebee2 understands greatly of what occurred during this trial … I strongly believe not one person on the jury had an understanding of DV…. Emotional and physical abuse is completely damaging… Jodi Arias was with a man that broke her inner spirits… Please take the time to read my post!!! This is for Ms.Arias!!!! Xoxo
    I’ve been following the Jodi Arias case from day 1… I watched 99.9% of the trial… What I’ve missed I’ m catching up on every day…

    I try to read all comments on this site… Very informing and knowledgeable.

    One thing I am very familiar with is DV… Jodi definitely was with a man that was an extreme abuser… I stress that strongly …. He wasn’t just a sweet talker, he was a great manipulator, he knew how to hook and reel girls in…he knew how to tare down the victim which is Jodi in this case.. A little bit at a time.. Once he realized he could call her names, use her sexually (even if she liked to please him) she was uncomfortable at times … Yet he knew he had her… She was the fish on his hook he could eat up spit out and then catch again and start all over … Why cause that’s what an abuser is great at… They justify every thing… They rip the victims self worth self esteem away a little bit at a time… People ask why… Why do we return why do we put up with it… Key thing to remember the victim is torn a part a little bit at a time … Ones character is ripped apart… You forget who you are.. You are not allowed to have your own thoughts… You are not allowed to be the person you were… You become a pleaser a care giver…. You remember the good times not the bad… You remember the sweet side the kind side… You start doubting who you are…. Cause one moment you are their princess the next minute you are a dirty little secret… You become the abusers power and control with out you remember they are nothing…. Jodi completed Travis with out her he felt like nothing…. Yet he was soooo disappointed with himself that she became his punching bag, he used sex to release his frustration… She knew what calmed him… And yes she did just that…. Reading and hearing about the type of person he was, believe me dropping his camera would set a person like him on fire…. Remember though that wasn’t where it started, yet that day was a breaking point for Jodi…. She felt stronger she was herself again she was confident and she fought back she protected herself from the monster.. Travis reminds me of the abuser that likes his cake but needs to eat it as well….Travis had a rough up bringing … He was mentally physically and emotionally abused… Some escape the patterns they were taught most find it very hard to … In saying that please don’t get me wrong stats show that people do seek help and escape the pattern of abuse!!! Always remember a victim becomes the a abusers power and control with out them they are nothing… Travis was losing Jodi she was moving on with Ryan … She was reaching out and remember who she was … Unfortunately travis had that hold on her and she returned…I believe Jodi told the truth… yes there were many lies involved… unfortunately thats because a victim becomes a good liar and I say that lightly…. In saying that the victim has to hide everything about their life they can’t even reach out to others about the abuse they are receiving… Your self worth is soooo destroyed that you start to believe you are the problem you start making excuses for the abuser you start lying to your self and you promise your self things will change … Again you remember the good times… Being hit receiving bruises they disappear its the emotional abuse that is soooo damaging…. Looking at Jodi I seen a very strong independent woman yet I seen a young woman that was truly torn apart by a true abuse… She still justified his wrong doings she still wanted to protect him…. Yet she was willing to hurt herself… Why cause she loved him… She truly thought he was her everything… He convinced her he was gods gift and a great gift at that… Not only did he damage her mentally he tore apart the only Jodi, Jodi knew….. It was very hard for me to watch Jodi on the stand … If only she had the knowledge she has now June 4 would have never happened…. Soooo yes understanding abuse is very important in this case…. I understand… I have that connection… I was fortunate to walk away before I ended up in the position Jodi found herself… I pray for her every day…. I pray she finds peace with in herself… I pray she realizes it was not her fault…. She is not to blame…. Like she said if Travis was here he would tell them she didn’t do it…. She didn’t … Jodi wasn’t Jodi she became the person Travis created … A fragile broken down woman that fought for her life…. I wish he was a live today soooo he would have to look in a mirror see his true image and see the person he truly is… I feel for the abusers as well… As they too became a part of the vicious cycle of abuse!!!! Especially if there is a history of abuse with in their family…. May Ms.Arias find all the peace and love and hope she deserves… I believe in her…..xoxo. If any one gets a chance look at the power and control wheel they use when one seeks counselling … Jodi was Travises Power and Control with out her he was nothing …. When an abuser loses that power and control the violence grows…That’s very important to understand!!! Jodi is a survivor!!! Xoxo

    • She is not just a survivor – I really hope she can be much more – someone who can accomplish so much, change so many lives for the better. She is already doing this, but it can grow even more.

      Domestic violence, the death penalty, trial by media – three huge issues, just for starters.

    • I agree with you that Travis was in a really bad head space in June 2008, despite his blog that this was going to be his best year yet. He was a 30 year old mormon who, by his church standards should be married. Lisa Andrews, the woman he wanted to marry, dumped him in Feb. because he didn’t make enough money working for PPL, and the other mormon prospective wife material, Mimi, was not interested in him and had just told him that she was going to Cancun as a friend only. The fact that Jodi was really starting to make progress in breaking free, must have really sent him over the edge stress-wise, thus the anger expressed to her in the message of the 26th. His anger and frustation was with everything and everyone and he took it out on the person he could, Jodi. Like Jodi said, if only she had just stoppped answering his messages when she moved away.

      • Travis also had just refinanced his home again, and it seems he was doing some struggling with his money matters.

  31. I am hoping someone can help me with something ALV said about Glendale Community College. She said they used to called it something that sounds like Reed Ford & Mull University because it is right beside it. Does anybody know what she is saying?

    • I’ve read that a while ago. Some of their ideas are ‘out there’. If they have conclusive evidence that what they claim is the ONLY possibility I hope they have contacted the Defense Team and are ready to take the stand in the future. Otherwise it’s water under the bridge,imho. They should have raised their doubts when the trial was in progress. Jodi has already been convicted and if they knew something but chose not to speak back then I dont like them. Sorry if I sound harsh but I’m sick of people trying to sound relative when it’s too late for something to be done. At least we know there are people out there who are looking into all kinds of scenarios and might help her case in the long run.

        • I also think that IF there is something in that report however, that could be considered NEW info, if they don’t get to the defense and the defense doesn’t go on the attack, then it’s just plain cowardly. I am like you, I don’t mean to sound harsh, I just want something to break this whole damn thing wide ass open.

          • Exactly!!! They know they address a highly controversial case and they hide behind their anonymity. Sorry guys,but you can’t have the cake and eat it too. If they believe their findings are irrefutable they should just come forth and speak up. Jodi was and is still in dire need of people backing her up,cowards won’t do!

    • Maria and CJ,

      LM is really trying to be informative. Maria, at this website, there is a completely new forensics report that is a week old. I know the annonymous things are frustrating, but with dealing with all the haters, etc everyone can not give out specific information.
      Yes, it is frustrating. Plus, even if excellent individual forensic experts have evaluated, then Jodi’s team has to take it seriously. Or someone needs to know where to take this information. I don’t know any of that information.
      All I can do is tell my friends who are frustrated what I have researched with the forensics reports. Because CJ and Maria once you go and read over the different reports. Even if we don’t understand everything, you also suggest to others.

      Also, I believe LM is the person that posted the excellent petition. I have seen a lot of petitions come and go. But that was one awesome thought out petition. LM is not a person that is going to come to a website and drop off meaningless gossip.

      In general, I am just saying that I know we are frustrated. We are going to help Jodi. Maybe geebee2 will have insite into this info. I have just gotten the info which looks excellent. But I am not an expert ib field. As long as the Jodi supporters work together. Just be careful. Maria and CJ, I know that you know to run any questions past moderators MB and CJ plus SJ. But I am just saying for anyone newer, if there is any question anything, e mail moderators. Just so the haters or crazies don’t get mixed into TEAM JODI

      • Thanks Marianne for being so supportive. First off, the first forensic expert who was given the pics randomly to review by a trial watcher did not even know who Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander are. This person was asked to examine the shots and give their expert opinion. Once this person realized that Travis was tortured over a 5 day period, she created a quick blog and to this day male or female, remains anonymous due to the possibility of harm and death threats. Then two other experts in the field reviewed the same shots independently of another and came to the same conclusion. I have been informed that a retired Marine Colonel reviewed the report and said it is precise. He was suspended abruptly from Twitter when he made that statement. Another expert from Georgia is looking at them also. That will make 5 so far. The originator of the report knows Dr. Henry Lee and Dr Michael Baden. The problem is that they are paid big money because of who they are and do not do charity cases. Nurmi and Wilmott were emailed about the revelation but so far no reply which doesn’t surprise me. They also received death threats during the trial. I will be emailing them this week. Dr. Lee(Oj trial) is in his 80’s and Baden in his late 70’s. They have all the fame and money they’ll ever need. Now I want you to think about something….remember how most of us questioned why there was no stench in the house?? Well, that’s because Travis wasn’t even there. There wasn’t a single bug or even bug larvae on his dead body. The Ninja story maybe the closest to the truth that Jodi could talk about and not have her family members killed. She is the ultimate sacrificial lamb in this whole saga bless her heart. Jodi testified that she thought the evidence would have showed there was more than one person involved. Nurmi was surprised when she stated that. Think about how many people are involved in this coverup. Horn, Flores for sure. Chances are Martinez and Judge Stephens too. This is HUGE!! We’re talking about a Mormon community! There are one big gang who do what they are ordered to do. They are a multibillion dollar business operating under the name of Jesus Christ to claim a non profit status. I know Flores is Mormon. Three people have “supposedly” committed suicide…two on the day day Jodi was arrested and Ashley Reed. There are so many layers to this. I am a firm supporter of Jodi. I have sent her money in the past and wear my Survivor t-shirt with dignity. I don’t sugarcoat circumstances. There are a handful of us working to get Jodi free and bring the true murderers to justice. We have to be smart about this and remain anonymous for now…after all, look what happened to Travis. Because this is Team Jodi, I wanted to share this info with all of you. Let us all say a prayer for Jodi and that the truth will set her free.

        • Dr Lee analyzed the crime scene in the Anthony case. He pulled out due to public pressure. Baez talked about that in his book. Would be awesome if he would sign off on that the pajama girl and the other people were correct. It’s been hard for me to buy into that this was ritualistic but I respect the opinions about it.

  32. The next step for Time-Warner : put things right.

    Tell the true story of Jodi to the American people.

    Or face much more damage later – if they cover up, it’s News of the World time.

    Social Media means cover up doesn’t work any more.

  33. Yes, Ms. Arias…. Is more than a survivor… She has inspired many!!! She has given me the strength to continue to move forward…. She opened my eyes in many ways…. I thank you Ms. Arias for all you stand for … For your strength … Your compassion… Your love towards ones that need it dearly!!!! I truly wish you all the best… And when I wear my survivor t-shirt I wear it with pride … Knowing some one like you cares!!!!! Xoxo.

    • Wow, wow, wow.

      I think we heard you the first time. Thanks for coming by, thanks for sharing. Your visit was truly enlightening as it always is from that side.

      Enjoy your weekend “Karrie”.

  34. Janeen… I’m not just stopping by… I’m a very private person … I’ve been reading this site basically from day one… When i was informed this weejend that I could post with out my bame veing exposed to the cyber world i took the chance to share my insite on DV….Many of you have expressed extreme knowledge… Full of enlightenment faith belief in Ms.Arias… Which is very encouraging for many…. I am sorry you feel the way you do about new comers… I have supported Ms.Arias before I came across this site… Her well being and concerns is what matters to me…I will continue to read JM’s blogs, geebee2’s great knowledge … Renee’s love and kind words to many etc etc…. I miss sir lips … An Abused their words were soooo full of encouragement and genuine love …. And many more that have stopped commenting for many reason…. In saying that… Sorry if I confused you in any way Janeen!!! Xoxo

  35. Janeen… I believe you are….. So many newcomers are rejected and taken the wrong way… If you truly want to hear my story ask SJ for my email address… I could have commented on this site from the beginning… Unfortunately I don’t handle rejection well or harsh words…. I put up with emotional/mental physical abuse for years…. I found the courage to speak up cause what geebee2 was stating regarding understanding DV is soooo true!!!!

    I truly hope Janeen.. Whatever anger you hold resides…. I am a supporter of Ms.Arias… That truly is why I shared my insite …. I do thank all here for being there for all when needed!!! Xoxo

    • Karrie I believe you and I know how you feel. It is hard coming to a site to support someone and have to deal with rejection and suspicioun. There is nothing in anything you say that makes me doubt you. I am also a newcomer even though I have read here for a long time. I was really sick and weak from cancer treatment and so I didnt post until recently but it was nice to come somewhere to read like minded people. I still don’t post very much. I just got out of the hospital this morning after 4 days and I am trying to get strong and I haven’t been feeling well enough to even do much reading but I want you to know your posts were very moving and I hope you don’t go. These are nice people but many are super defensive because of all the trolls. They don’t think anyone new can come along and be for Jodi. That is real sad because everyone talks so much about trying to get Jodi support and then when a new supporter finds this place they are shunned.

      • cindney,
        I know this doesnt concern me or maybe it does. I felt I had to answer to what you’re saying here mainly because I was one of the people that first welcomed you here but witha-grain-of-salt kinda of way. You say you’ve read here for a long time.I have absolutely no reason in the world not to believe that; I sm actually grateful and overjoyed that there are so so many people out there who support Jodi besides the ones that post regularly. However,since you’ve been reading here you must probably know how commited,passionate and devoted to Jodi and how much IT HURTS knowing there are limited things we can do now after she was convicted. You must have probably read posts of people here daydreaming about being able to afford the best appeal laywer for her and yadda yadda yadda…Not saying that we can or will but you know,it’s never a bad idea dreaming 😉

        So where I’m getting at is your first post here.Do you remember it? You were talking about your illness and how you have this fortune that you wanted to give out to Jodi or her family to use wisely for her appeals since your family is well-off. Reading that,I was taken aback! I was like WTF?And why is this person addressing this serious matter on a public site? You said that you had talked to your lawyers but still had questions,which in fact you raised here. Remember what I advised you back then? To talk to someone on Jodi’s side or your laywers again to cleat this up,not us.NOT on a site where anyone can come and read this kind of things. You never wrote me back to let me (us)know at least what you decided to do or how it went if you proceeded with your donation.

        Now,here lies the root of my doubting you or posts like yours: they appear to come out of nowhere,too late into the game,trying to gain our trust instantaneously, or addressing dead serious matters (like you did) and all I keep thinking is ‘why now?why so late?why not a few months ago?’ I know you’ve been fighting this illness and I can only pray that you’ll soon feel better.Maybe that was the reason you posted once and then not so regularly.I totally understand and sympathize.

        I have yet to get a detailed answer from you on the ‘money’ thing, though. That’s when I will completely trust you. Otherwise you’ve just touched upon a matter that hurts not only all of us supporters here but possibly Jodi’s own family who could have dropped by and read your post.
        I just want to say that sometimes we may forget that Jodi is not a ‘study case’ eligible due to her circumstances only to legal analysis (although this is the major role of this site).To most of us ,she is our friend,our relative,our loved one who is away and that makes us more prone to feel irritated with some posters. Don’t judge us harshly – everyone’s posts are invaluable and welcomed.

        • Great post sister! ^5
          It is true and I was also wondering about that post. I too, would like to know if Cindney got the answers to her questions and it is only fair to say that we are asking because it was posted here on this site that is public, so it does become a public issue.
          (((((((Maria&herkittycats!)))))) <3

        • Maria

          I did respond to your post and others that recommended that it was not a topic for this board and I should talk to people in the legal field. I said that I would take your advice and not discuss it here. I thought no one wanted me to talk about it here, so I haven’t.

          I spoke to a wills and probate lawyer about a week after my post. He told me that there are always ways to work around barriers. I missed my second appointment last week due to illness and this week I was in hospital for several days so I haven’t given him all the paperwork and documents he asked for. When I do that he will see what he has to work with and told me he can come up with a plan and it’s not as difficult as I thought it would be but there are lots of pieces to consider. The important thing for me is that my family doesn’t have to know right now about my plans. Like a lot of you I don’t get too much support about this with my family. They are more concerned with my health and dont want me to even think about not beating this disease.

          I will be sending Jodi some commissary money next week for her birthday. I read she can buy $100 worth of commissary each week so I hope she will feel like she can spurge. I sent her a birthday postcard yesterday of Oldtown Salinas which I hope won’t make her too homesick.

          And thank you Maria for making me feel welcome when I first posted. I thought I thanked you then, but if I didn’t please know that I am sincere. You were very sweet to go out on a limb.

          • IMO, Your health concerns should be your number one priority. I wish you well and will pray for you.

            • Thank you JC. My health is a priority. I had to move back in with my family. I’ts been hard after living on my own for most of my adult life. I have been on a roller coaster of hope and pain and sickness. I started following Jodi’s trial for the local connection and then realized she is innocent and is not being treated fairly and it’s been a good but sad and frustrating diversion from pain and fear and constant hospitalizations. Maybe I am a little obsessed nwo. I have watched a ton of shows on prison life, there are good ones msnbc and they really show what life is like for Jodi. There are a couple on Estrella that are fascinating. You can find those on youtube.

              Sometimes I feel like me and Jodi are kindred spirits. We are both trapped in unfair situations that we would never have thought we’d be in. We are both looking at a shortened life. And I feel like I’m in prison sometimes when I am trapped for days and weeks at a time in a gloomy hospital room with my visitors wearing masks like I’m contagious. But the masks are for my protection but I still couldn’t leave my room, and right now I am home but not strong enough to leave. Praying for Jodi gives me hope for both of us because praying for myself just doesn’t seem like it will ever help. I attempted suicide Christmas eve 2012. I spent 6 days in the mental ward. There was another woman that was older that told me when her mom found out she had 4th stage ovarian cancer she just killed herself. I totally understand that. She wanted to not to have to live whatever little time she had left in fear. Better just to get it over with. I understand when Jodi said she just wanted death sooner that that was what she meant.

              I dont want to hate no one. I dont have time to hate anyone anymore. I just want to live and have Jodi live and I hope I live long enough to see her go free.

    • You’ve been reading since day one; than you know I am not holding any anger Karrie. I truly am a loving and kind individual.

      I really can’t tell you how wonderful it is that you dropped in.

      • Yes, she absolutely is!!!!!!!!!!! Truly, loving, kind, sweet, compassionate, passionate, honest and a real friend.

      • Janeen can you share what it is that makes you doubt Karrie? She seems very sincere to me. Is there something that was deleted that would clear the air or a post she made that contradicts her story? I have only been catching up on the last couple of days posts for a couple of hours so if I missed something I’d just like to know what it was. I don’t like to condemn people without proof.

        • SJ didn’t delete anything. I”m sorry but with that new poster, the issue is complicated and there was cause for concern. I hope that straightens it out and I hope you feel better too from the hospital stay.

          • Well JC, the next time I respond to a new poster with a ” Wow! Great Post! That needs to be a front page article! ” Please feel free to hit me over the head!
            I on purpose don’t go to hater websites because like all of us I am just to busy for all that. I am very nice but attack my family and friends and we don’t even want to talk about it. I have top attorneys that are petrified of me. So I stay away. Those hater sites would waste my time. I really appreciate everyone that does know them and who deal with them so well. Thank you so much for handling the situation with the DV so professionally. One team member after the other were awesome. How sad that people would make up stories to come to a website they don’t want to belong to.

            • I know. The woman who came by last night isnt banned. She’s free to come back and explain. I won’t ban someone on account of that useless site. I will take legal action too if needed!

              • It will be interesting to see how it plays out. I don’t know any specific website names but I have heard the most frequent story and names of a person for safety reasons from someone here. Then I thought maybe this girl was sincere with her story but just ended up on the wrong website. Then I remembered that you were able to look specific things up concerning her related to a website and writing. This way you could tell the two writing styles were different. I got lost somewhere along the way. Their are a lot of our own posts to get through. The bottom line is Jodi. Our intention at this point is to be productive. We are supportive to each other. Which we need. But we don’t need the other drama because it pulls time and energy. I was just so thankful for everyone that was so professional. Janeen has a major gift. Everyone else were also wonderful. I will e mail you about anything else. Feel free to e mail me anytime. And anyone you trust that you feel can guide me, feel free to pass on my e mail.

      • Yes, you are loving and kind, Janeen.

        I also think your ability to detect sincerity versus dishonesty is spot on. I agree with you….the over-the-top gushing is just too much for me to believe that this poster is genuinely interested in our common cause.

        At least when I went over “there”, I posted as my REAL self!

    • Karrie,

      I’m very sorry if you felt attacked. You see, Karrie, there is this lame website that sends people in here to disrupt, confuse and play games with our regular and new posters. Your name was mentioned there before you posted. What I find interesting, is that when I looked you up on the web because of this concern, you write much differently. For one, you spell correctly and you know when to use a comma, period and an explanation point. You also don’t abuse ellipses… You know what those are right? They are the THREE dots indicating to the reader that words were omitted from a thought. Janeen was aware your name was mentioned because she, like most of us, would like to see genuine posters here who want to talk about the case. Can you explain to us why your name was mentioned on another site before you began posting? Thank you and take care.

      • Right – once I had a misunderstanding with CC when she thought she had been banned from my site…
        I mistook her for a troll… that’s what the trolls are trying to do – sow mistrust and discord.
        It’s up to us to be careful. Anyway, touch wood, the troll(s) seem to have gone quiet.

  36. Janeen………………………………..(((((((((((((((((J)))))))))))))))))))))) Love you honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ((((((((((((cj)))))))))))))))

      Hello my darlin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a fantastic holiday! I hope you are feeling better! 🙂

  37. I know you are Janeen… That’s why I was shocked by your response…. I appreciate you opening your arms…. All smiles… As always I will over see this site and respond when my words count!!!! You all have a great weekend!!!! Xoxo

  38. Cj…. Thank you for your kind words…. Hang in there stay strong…. I’m sure you are a fighter…. The cancer gene runs strong in my family… I lost not just my parents to cancer but most relatives as well to cancer … My youngest sister was just diagnosed last week with ovarian cancer…I come from a family of 11 siblings…. Unfortunately I was waiting for one of my siblings to be diagnosed with the C word…..if you ever need some one to just talk to please feel free… I’m a great listener …. I wish you well and sure wish I was close to give you a huge hug!!!!! I thank you again for having an opened mind!!!! Xoxo

  39. Hey everyone! Happy Saturday!
    Hope everyone has a great day.

    I would like to express my thoughts to the newcomers. Although, I am a fairly newbie here (since May), I have come to love and respect SJ, MB, JC all the true supporters of this site. Everyone here treats each other like a family member (to be honest, in the cyber world – we have become a cyber family). After all the attacks we have had from haters, it is just normal for us to be overprotective of this site and our fellow supporters. This is our haven, if I may say. It is a place where we feel safe to discuss matters that concern Jodi.
    So, do not get upset if some supporters of this site get a bit overprotective. It is only because they have invested a lot of time, energy and care for this site. It is also because in the past they have trusted posters that although posted kindness and love for Jodi (just to get accepted) in reality were not true Jodi supporters and were only around to play games.
    If you are true supporters of Jodi, in time, you will get to see how loving and caring we all are. If we are given reason to be suspicious of someone it is not because we have an agenda with that person, it is to protect our cyber family and this site.
    I would also like to tell Karrie that Janeen, Renee’ and the admins are all kind people, with a heart of gold and have all of our backs, protecting us. They have seen a lot of shit go up in this site and that is why it is hard for them to trust everybody new from the getgo. Give them and us time and if you are a true supporter, you will soon see and feel the love that we all have to offer.
    So Karrie, do not be upset with what has been written. It is only natural for us to be uneasy around newcomers. This is our cyber home and as we do with our real homes: we protect them as well as our families.

    ((((((((Janeen, Renee’ , SJ, MB, JC))))))))))
    (((((((((my cyber family)))))))
    ((((((all true Jodi supporters)))))))

    • Happy Saturday, honey!
      I totally agree with what you wrote. All newcomers must understand where we’re standing.We’ve been dealing with trolls and their stupid mind games ever since January! Yes, January!
      Of course we are always super excited to see more people coming in support of Jodi whether they were on the other side and finally starting to see things clearly or they were Jodi supporters all along who didnt happen to know of this site’s existence. However,we ask for the their patience and understanding especially when they post for the very first time; some of us still feel a bit tense because (as we Greeks say) we have eaten a lot of shit, LOL!

      Besides, our admins are the best admins one could wish for and they are taking care of the trolls 😉
      So,welcome to all the newcomers and I hope there are no hard feelings. As I always like saying:only time will tell…

  40. Dear S.J.,
    Could you please tell me what happend to
    I tried to find it and got some advertisement from GO DADDY.
    I don’t think you intended to end the website so abruptly because you did add that new
    section about the two year anniversary of Casey’s acquital.
    I hope things get back to normal soon around here, because Casey will NEVER be

  41. I love Jodi’s tweet above quoting Dr. Suess. I speak my mind and lots of times people don’t agree with me and react negatively. Trolls work on people’s reactions to words and play with people’s minds. I don’t even look at the posts at other sites because they are so hateful. I so appreciate that this site is kept a respectful site but I was mistaken at first for one of those hateful troll people.

    • The best way to handle trolls is ignoring them. They are better obscene and not heard. Let them choke themselves because they will eventually any way.

  42. Good afternoon, Team Jodi! How is everyone? I just posted something on my blog called “In Defense Of Donavan Bering” if anyone is interested in reading it. I’ve been reading some of the posts on here in recent days and it is disheartening to read about the persecution that we Jodi Arias supporters have to endure online and offline from Travis Alexander supporters. It’s not a fun way to start the day, but what keeps me going is knowing that I’m doing the right thing and we’re all doing the right thing. Anytime in life that you take a stand that’s not the popular point-of-view, but the correct one, you’re going to encounter criticism, scorn and attacks. But as a wise man once said, it is better to be right than it is to be popular.

    History is filled with examples of people who took unpopular stands and wound up paying a price for it. There was a time when people believed that the world was flat and had people sent to psychiatrists for mental evaluation because they dared to believe that the world is round. There was a time when whites and blacks had separate bathrooms, restaurants and hotels. Those who challenged segregation were met with much criticism, scorn and attacks. They also received death threats and some of them had the unfortunate experience of having burned crosses in their front yard. Then there was this great man who preached the gospel of God and performed what many people interpreted as miracles, but this man paid the ultimate price by getting crucified and nailed to a cross.

    There is an old saying that says “the pioneers take the arrows”. We, my friends, are modern-day pioneers. We have each chosen to take a stand albeit an unpopular one because it is the right thing. We are not motivated by the force of desperation, but rather the force of inspiration. We’re not shilling for money. We’re taking action to help others. And while supporting Jodi Arias may not be a popular choice right now, it is the right choice and when all is said and done, history is going to look back on this trial and see that we were right all along. Until then, never, ever give up. Keep fighting the good fight.

    • Great post JM!
      Although I never thought of which side would be popular or not,I didnt have that kind of information living in Greece. And I certainly do NOT feel a pioneer regarding this case; I decided to follow it and fight for Jodi,even though I don’t even live on the same continent, because my gut feeling which is something I trust completely told me that there was so much more than meets the eye in this case. And I was right.

      I simply feel proud to stand by a remarkable woman who was denied due process.

  43. Hello Team Jodi family!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the hell out of this holiday weekend!

    This is my daughter’s 18th birthday weekend! I do NOT have “kids” anymore! (Yes, she’s my youngest! LOL)

    ((((((((((((((((((((((I love you)))))))))))))))))))))))))

    (((((((((((((((((((Renee…You are more awesome than words can say…♥♥♥)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((cj, Jaz, Kmiller, Maria, LC, Pandora, Moni, JC, MB, SJ, BeeCee, BevM, Rachel, JM, SD…and of course the rest of Team Jodi)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Have a fantastic afternoon! 🙂

    • Helo my wonderful (((((((((((sis))))))))))))

      Hug and kiss your daughter for me,give her my best b-day wishes ♥ ♥
      It must be both a sad and a blissful feeling to see your babies growing up.Enjoy the day with her and the rest of your beautiful family.

  44. Hi guys, Just stopped in to say hi. I’m working nights all weekend and the heat here is unbelievable! Makes it hard to sleep, thus making those nights difficult to endure. Yes, I would like some cheese with this whine, lol

    Hope you all are having a great weekend.

    Keep the faith.
    Love ya!

    • I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately too. The A/C is on, but as hot as its been, it’s still too hot in here for me to sleep comfortably. I’m one of those people that needs the room to be kind of cold for me to sleep good. That’s why I like Winter. I sleep so much better.

      • I’m hot-natured as well. I like it cold in the house. Otherwise, I can’t sleep and I’ll get sinus headaches with it being too hot.

        • Same same………… perfect climate is 70 degrees, slight breeze, no humidity. Sleep is best at about 65 degrees, with a fan.

  45. Hi peeps..I have been having a sabatical, during which time I have studied all sides of Jodis debacle.

    I stand my initial gut reaction, which was total disbelief at JM’s cross of Alyce. I wasn’t born yesterday, and am very aware of the effect of mass media manipulation and the ongoing agenda of consciouness derailment.

    Since then, I have tried to educate myself on the FACTS presented. Keep in mind, that I am a very intuitive person, and can usually tell what is the truth and what is a lie.

    Jodi is someone who has been used, bruised, and brainwashed.

    For those of you who get off on for egos sake, it is my firm belief that you have a long way to go until you can judge. Heal yourself first.

    This is for Tonya..

    The Judgement card suggests that my alter ego is The Compassionate One, whose superpower lies in revelation of my life and worldly events. I will reflect a sense of gratitude for my life and those involved by showing humility, forgiveness and charity. By doing so, I feel a strong redemption for past events — a great liberating feeling. I have punished myself enough and am free at last. Clearing the conscience through forgiving yourself and others can bring an overwhelming sense of peace and joy.


    • Hey Pat!
      I always say I’ll go back and re-watch ALV’s testimony but I find it hard. How that short midget treated her is still fresh in my memory and I’m still not over the disgust I felt watching it.

  46. Just dropping by too to say that everyday I still hope to hear on the news that a mistrial has been declared and that the bombshell tonight is FREE JODI! I just watched an episode of 48 Hours which made me decide that, for the most part, prosecutors perceive themselves to be God-like creatures who hate to be wrong and who will cling to a lie rather than admit when they are even if it means putting an innocent person in jail. I still loath Juan and long for the day when he eats so much crow, he shits feathers.

      • After watching and rewatching Jodi’s 48 Hours episode,I’ve decided NEVER to trust that show again! I’ve always been fascinated by criminal cases and I’ve been watching documentaries and shows like this for the past 10 years. Now my faith in all the information I’ve learnt has been shaken.How can I be sure that the truth was told and not the media truth?????

        (Well,ok maybe in the cases of Manson and Dahmer lol,I dont wanna sound too judgemental)

  47. Just thought I’d add a little humor after some serious days this week. This is my parody of “The Bitch Is Back” by Elton John & Bernie Taupin dedicated to HLN’s Nancy Grace.

    I was justified to be a fan
    That was before you went to HLN
    Times have changed, you went from thin to fat
    And you’re hungry now for ratings when the bitch gets back

    Exploit for ratings that’s alright
    Even cheering death on a Sunday night
    You can bitch the best out of all of your crew
    You’re just warming up the seat next for Dr. Drew

    You’re a bitch, you’re a bitch
    Oh the bitch is back
    Stone cold crazy as a matter of fact
    You can bitch, you can bitch
    ‘Cause Jodi’s better than you
    It’s the way that she moves
    You’re afraid of the truth

    You entertain by being insane
    Sell your soul by dropping names
    Innocence till proven guilty is a fact
    When they hear this from you they know the bitch is back

    You’re a bitch, you’re a bitch
    Oh the bitch is back
    Stone cold crazy as a matter of fact
    You can bitch, you can bitch
    Until your face is blue
    It’s the way that you move
    ‘Cause you ain’t got a clue

  48. In no way do I feel attacked .. If my name has shown up else where that is news to me…. I am very private… Have a little OCD regarding auto correct … Meaning when It takes over and spells a word Not intended to be in the sentence unfortunately Causes me to want to repost… Please bear with me…. I am a genuine supporter of Ms. Arias… I truly have over seen this site regarding her basically from day 1… Many reasons for me not to respond earlier…. Most importantly …I needed to watch the full trial… I needed to see with my own eyes the truth…. And that I did…. In saying that geebee 2 made and excellent point… No matter what we believe…. In this case we need to understand DV… Which I have great hands on experience with….

    Thank you for allowing me to reply… I will continue to read and speak when I feel it may give some one here a little more insite… Sorry for the late response I was camping this weekend… No service!!! Once again I’m here for Ms. Arias… I believe in her!!!! Xoxo

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