Happy Birthday Jodi!

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A post by Pandora:

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Today is a day of celebration. It’s Jodi’s birthday. And to some that might mean nothing (or even give them heartburn) but to Jodi’s family and friends, that means the world.

Jodi Arias: A talented, gifted, generous, amazing human being.

Her beauty captures our eyes; her extensive kindness captures our hearts and souls.

Celebrating Jodi’s birthday while Jodi is incarcerated is not going to always be like that. We only have to have a bit of patience until her appeals get started. That’s when the prejudicial, unreliable, inflammatory prosecutorial misconduct will be revealed and Jodi will be set free for ‘time done’.

Someone once said “Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is an act of kindness.” Today, on Jodi’s birthday, I ask you to exercise your act of kindness as a birthday gift to Jodi: Please donate to her appellate fund @ — Each and every cent that we donate that will ultimately help Jodi have a ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ appellate lawyer to fight for her well-deserved freedom.


My dear friend and sister, remember: WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR YOU.

Never question it.

Never doubt it.

Prepare for it.

xoxoxo, Pan.

P.S. Who’s bringing the birthday cheesecake??? 😀

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The JAA Appellate Fund $25,000 Matching-gift Campaign is still underway: A donor who wishes to remain anonymous has pledged to match, dollar for dollar, any new donations received before August 1, 2015, up to a total of $25,000. Please give generously – and soon – to allow the JAA Appellate fund to take full advantage of this gift.

All donations via go directly to the fund for assisting with the legal fees associated with appealing Jodi’s wrongful conviction. is the ONLY website authorized to collect donations.

In addition, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, donate through any other website or Facebook page/group claiming to be “official” and/or acting with Jodi’s approval or authorization. The same applies to any “Jodi Membership Clubs”, groups or fake Trust funds that have been set up. These sites are bogus – they continue to steal money from Jodi – and they should be actively avoided. If you are aware of any such sites, please help Jodi by clicking here and reporting them. Thank you for your ongoing support!

we are team jodi - and we will be victorious. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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If you’d like to send Jodi a letter or postcard, click here for the current address details & guidelines.

To access every court document & motion relating to this trial, click here or click the Court Docs link from the main menu at the top of the page.

In the meantime…


Team Jodi #WINNING <<<

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  1. Thanks to all the committed folks on this website for all you do for Jodi. Happy Birthday Jodi, thinking of you always.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jodi! I hope this year brings you goodness and peace and a damn good appellate lawyer! My donation is forthcoming before the end of the month. Love to you and your family!


    ♥ Recipe for Love ♥


    2 Hearts Full of Love
    2 Heaping Cups of Kindness
    2 Armfuls of Gentleness
    2 Cups of Friendship
    2 Cups of Joy
    2 Big Hearts Full of Forgiveness
    1 Lifetime of Togetherness
    2 Minds Full of Tenderness


    Stir daily with Happiness, Humor and Patience.
    Serve with Warmth and Compassion, Respect and Loyalty. 😉

    Author: Unknown

    😀 Blowing a huge kiss to Jodi ♥ <<<<<<<<<<<<

    • 😆 OH NO I DIDN”T FORGET!!!! Just getting started:
      As I was getting out my old trusty broom to do a fly over to send wishes to Jodi I remembered. . .hey why not send some of my favorite Angels by to entertain our Birthday Girl. ♥ It appears they weren’t busy, so why not. . . SO HERE THEY ARE JODI . . . ENJOY!!!!! 😆 Happy Birthday!!!!!! ♥

      • Kicking door wide open to deliver the Largest Cheesecake to be found in Perryville! 😀
        I’m positive Jodi will share with everyone……… ♥

      • R Love, that Happy Birthday video was EXCELLENT !! Jodi will luv luv ! Put her in the best mood ever! 🙂 #1 JODI , GOD BLESS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:))) FFJ!

      • I’M HERE, I’M HERE!!!!! I am a bit late because the stupid broom wouldn’t start 🙄
        Vroom, vroom I am carrying the silly string and the cups (I had some left from our last party 😉 )
        and a HUGE heart-shaped sign with all our names. Gonna hold it up into the sky so that Jodi’s heart can read it ♥ ♥ ♥

        Who’s bringing the booze???

        • I told you last time to get your broom overhauled before you started out again,
          Silly thing! I’ve got some extra spark plugs in my bag! I’ll share.

    • Wow, wonderful words!! Just what fills the heart!!! Happy Happy Birthday, Jodi. You were born to shine, so keep that spark!!

  4. 35 years ago today the universe was given a bright new star. No matter what this star has had to endure it still glows brightly!!!

    May God bless you and wrap his arms around you today and always!!! Jodi Ann Arias you will always be our shining star!!!
    Happy Birthday Jodi!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Jodi! I wish you well, especially today, I hope you’ll hear from some family and friends too! You’re in my prayers, each and every day!


    I hope today you will feel ALL the love we have for you at JAII/TEAM JODI!!!!! We are celebrating your special day with you!!! No matter how far away you are in miles, you are always right here with us in spirit and we with you!!! Feel our warm & loving embraces and catch our kisses!!! You are SO loved, Jodi! I pray that God gives you tons of special blessings today and every day!!!

    R., thanks so much for picking me up!!! I wouldn’t miss JODI’S party for the world!!!


  7. Wow Pandora! you got me with that one! Love me some Brian Adams! Pass that cheesecake R.Love! Happy Birthday again Jodi! There are wishes for you!

  8. Happy Birthday Jodi!

    This is one of the last birthday’s you’ll celebrate in PV. Soon enough, you’ll be celebrating as a free woman amongst friends and family.


  9. ROFLMBO!!!! ♥ NEWS FLASH . . .Breaking news!!!! Jodi Arias is not the first to be wrongly charge and convicted!!! Frankly this is JUST RIDICULOUS!!!!!!

    Johnm you’ve already had 2 pieces of cheesecake you better slow down or you won’t be able to man handle those LookyLoo Party Crasher!!!! Maybe later. . . . 🙄 HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!!!! ♥

  10. ” Important encounters are planned by the sould long before the bodies see each other ”
    Paulo Coelho

    There’s a reason why Jodi Arias came into our lives. We were destined to meet and feel her pain and thus feel compelled to speak up against the Injustice done in her case. More than a Cause, Jodi Arias has become for many of us a member of our family; I for one am blessed to have found another sister for whom I’ll NEVER stop caring or fighting for. No matter how hard my life is, no matter how many obstacles in the way, Jodi is always gonna have a special place in my heart and daily life.

    ************** HAPPY BIRTHDAY, mi cariño *********************

    Jodi is not alone today, she WILL get to feel our love and support and for that I’m sure we’re all thankful.

  11. Pandora…you are the best! bar…none and soon it should be that for Our JODI. as We are now part of HER family and SHE is part of Ours…..That,s called …LOVE…..I would ask all just to do their very best….no matter what it is it all helps…$$$ , letters,or hold HER in Your heart….trust Me on this it does make one HAPPY! Lets see if We can max out that match fund soon….Bless You always and allways Bless Our JODI ANN….who is surrounded by LOVE. Please view Delta Goodrems BELIEVE AGAIN video JODI LOVES the words and message….and You will too…..35…SHE sure don,t look it…failed once more az.

  12. For you Jodi, I wish you a Happy Birthday this day Aug 9th, 2015. …And, I as well as the countless hundreds of thousands (and the number growing) of your dedicated worldwide supports, certainly do look forward to your FIRST BIRTHDAY that you will celebrate, after your release from prison, into a new life of freedom.
    …I am age 74 and look forward to seeing that day sooner than later. …May your Guardian Angel protect you and your entire family. …(((((Jodi))))) ………WLOPEZ4JAA

    • Oh my gosh, CORRECTION to my comment above:
      …For you Jodi, I wish you a Happy Birthday this day July 9th, 2015. …etc…
      …I made a mistake on the date, I am 74 years old, I think. …

  13. Thinking of Jodi on her special day. The same day as my own sister..One day we want to see her celebrate on the other side of those walls.

  14. Happy Birthday Jodi!

    from William Wordsworth:

    “Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting: The Soul that rises with us, our life’s star, Hath had elsewhere its setting. And cometh from afar.”


    “And I have felt
    A presence that disturbs me with the joy
    Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime
    Of something far more deeply interfused,
    Whose dwelling is the light of setting suns,
    And the round ocean and the living air,
    And the blue sky, and in the mind of man;
    A motion and a spirit; that impels
    All thinking things, all objects of all thought,
    And rolls through all things.”

  15. Happy 35th Birthday, Jodi. You are a courageous and resilient woman.
    P.S. Donation made to your appellate fund today.

  16. Jodi,

    Only you know what happened in the room that day, but I’m beyond positive of one thing.

    You are not guilty of what you were charged with or convicted of. And you deserve a trial with lawyers who know what the hell they’re doing and a lead lawyer who doesn’t treat you as an imposition on his time, to prove it.

    It has been my pleasure to defend your injustices and although the truly happy birthdays may be on hold, one day in the not too distant future, you will have the greatest celebration of all–avenging the pricks who put you where you are and enjoying the rest of your life as a free and wrongfully accused woman!

    A special happy birthday wish to you today and justice is coming.

  17. What a wonderful day for celebrating with Our Jodi!!!!! Thanks to everyone and remember it is never to late to lend a helping hand to someone in need. Jodi would for all of us, we will not let her down!
    No NEVER!! Please donate for Our Girl, Jodi deserves our Help, Jodi needs Our Help!
    ♥ (((((TEAM JODI)))) HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET JODI ! YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE !!!!! ♥ ♥ Headed to the donate button and then to have some more PUNCH! ♥

    • These are a few of the questions that someone on the first jury asked Horn when he testified in rebuttal and then juror #8 was released. Could it have been juror #8 or someone else who didn’t make the final cut? There was at least one person who was not buying Horn’s BS story.

      JSS: Is it possible you could be wrong about Travis being able to ambulate for only a few seconds after the gunshot?
      Horn: I don’t believe so, no.
      JSS: Can you explain what could happen to cause a different outcome?
      Horn: I don’t under the question.
      JSS: What could happen that could allow Travis to still move well and for a longer length of time?
      Horn: If the bullet had not passed through his brain that could change the outcome.
      JSS: How frequently have you seen injuries with a .25 calibre weapon?
      Horn: Probably at least a hundred – two hundred times.

    • This juror question was asked on Day 54 the day after juror #8 left. Horn looked pretty silly when he answered it.

      Juror Question:
      JJS: ” Would you agree that one-hundred percent of the people you have seen with frontal lobe trauma area deceased at the time of your examination?
      Horn: I hope so.”

    • Juror #8 was charged with a felony DUI, not because of his level of intoxication but because there was a minor in the vehicle.
      He was released from jury duty the first day of court following this incident, not because of the DUI per se but because he had told the arresting officer that he was a juror on the Arias trial – a violation of the instruction to jurors.

  18. And there You have it that fucker horn caught in a LIE….he knows about Phineas Gage when PRESSED….at first he did,nt know about Gage then POP…oh that case….where a man lost a tea cup of BRAIN and LIVED……seems it,s real easy to catch horn in a LIE. And to think that jury on the road to win at any cost. Why is it We have caught the state minions in LIES….and the jury did,nt….can We all say ….AGENDA…such is the evil of the mob. But soon I pray and yes work for We,ll get to the appeals and yes FREEDOM and TRUE JUSTICE for ALL.

    • Yes, when I first heard about Phineas Gage, it was late in the case, I think between the guilt phase & the sentencing phase. …I was astounded about reading what happened to Phineas Gage (1823-1860) and how he survived a large railroad construction tool that was accidentally blasted completely through his head & through his brain.
      …I sent a snail mail to Jodi’s defense team, no not the Kirk half, at least referring the team to just Google: Phineas Gage. …. ,,,, Of course most all the regular people on this site knew all about Phineas long before I did & how the judge ((kept out information)) that would show that a person COULD SURVIVE & function with an object blown through his head & brain. …And, she/they ((tricked the jury to believe Horn’s testimony)) that a person like Travis would just ((immediately fall dead & could not possibly attack Jodi)) if he was “accidentally shot first” by a 25 cal. …Thus tricking the jury to believe that Jodi lied about the shot being first. …
      …According to the documentation on Google, Phineas Gage not only survived but he spoke in a few minutes, walked with little assistance, & sat upright in an oxcart for the 3/4 mile ride to his lodgings in town. …No, not a hospital, this accident was Sept 13, 1848, no surgery, no antibiotics, & (after a few years) he took on a physically demanding job as a long-distance stagecoach driver in Chile, South America. …He lived another 12 years after his brain was totally penetrated.
      …I believe that this kind of brain penetrating evidence was kept out of court by the judge finding that, sort of paraphrasing: “it was not exactly, exactly, exactly, exactly like a 25 cal bullet”.
      …So surely, the 12 in the guilt phase jury was tricked & 11 in the sentencing phase jury was tricked by Horn & the judge & the news media, ((in my humble opinion of course)).

      • Phineas Gage had his incredible accident of an “iron tamping rod tool” being blown by a blasting charge into his head, into his brain, exiting his brain, exiting his head, and was found some 80 feet away. …This “tamping rod” weighing some 13 and 1/4 pounds was “tapered” for a length of 11 inches of tapering at the entrance end into his head, and being 1/4 inch (flat not needle point) in diameter at it’s entrance point. …The remaining part of the “rod” was lager than 1/4 inch, and to a diameter of 1 and 1/4 inch which also passed through his head.
        …This 1/4 inch in diameter (entrance) is the exact, exact, exact, exact, exact, exact diameter of the 25 cal ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) cartridge (what was left of it) which the medical examiner “Horn” is said to have been found inside the head of Travis Alexander.
        …In order for Horn to argue, and the judge agree: that there is “no medical documentation” of any person surviving a 25 cal ((or 1/4 inch projectile)) “entering the head,” and still being able to ambulate & cause a fear of a “death threat to Jodi, it would have to be researched by the AMA (American Medical Association) in my opinion.
        …For The AMA to NOT give out this information about the survival of Phineas Gage, if they were properly asked, is a question to be investigated of the operation of the AMA, in my opinion.
        …Because the accident of Phineas Gage is not like someone who may have survived a “javelin thrust” through the brain (such as a “Gladiator) over 1,000 years ago, and still became victorious & killed the opponent Gladiator and thruster.
        …But the Phineas Gage brain penetration accident is within the “current time operation of the AMA.
        …Because the AMA was founded in 1847. …
        …And, the Phineas Gage accident occurred in Sept 13, 1848, nearly two years after the AMA was founded.
        …I suggest that a new defense team in its appeal, send out the proper legal request about the brain penetration of Phineas Gage and his survival to ambulate & work another 12 years.
        …Jodi did NOT LIE and when she testified that the accidental shot was first. …The jurors WERE TRICKED by the court, to make them believe that Travis would have fallen dead if shot first.
        …Because, in my opinion, head and brain penetration survival and ability to ambulate, is not properly accessible from the American Medical Association (AMA), for defense of Jodi Arias.

  19. Dura mater, decomposition, two holes in anterior fossa on Day 53 not mentioned in autopsy report even though the anterior fossa was mentioned in the description of gunshot with the bullet transversing it …. brought in by the state with big red arrows on this new evidence……it’s a wonder Horn didn’t sprout a pair on his frontal lobes while lying for Diablo……. I mean kermit.

  20. Horn’s written report was just days after the discovery of TA ‘s body, there is no better evidence as to what THE TRUTH WAS REGARDING TA’S INJURIES. Going back and trying to re-write the facts is NONSENSE and will not be lost on the appellate judges…just ask Lisa Randall and Harold Fish (he unfortunately passed but not before he was exonerated)…

  21. Happy belated birthday, Jodi! A birthday is a celebration of one’s life and this is a woman who came very close to having her life taken away were it not for an angel who courageously followed her convictions and principles to do what was right rather than what was popular. This angel is an example that I only wish more people in this world would follow.

    Instead of focusing on the negativity that comes with being a Jodi Arias supporter, I’m going to focus on the positive. Jodi’s here and she’s alive and that’s wonderful. Every day above ground is a great day. And every day she gets closer and closer to freedom and justice, but it’s not going to happen unless we all get together and help her. August 1st is rapidly approaching and she needs to get the best defense attorney she can find to help undo the injustice that has been given to her. If you gave to her fund this year for her birthday, bless you. But don’t forget to write her letters and postcards and let her know how much we love her and are behind her every single day, every step of the way.

    And one last thing: to Pandora and Maria, you’re both in my thoughts and prayers as is the rest of Greece. I’ve been watching the news and it’s troubling to hear what’s coming out of your country. Please know that I haven’t forgotten about you or the great country of Greece.

      • Yes, all the sickos have come out from under their rocks to harass and ridicule Kareem. He keeps asking them to stop hating but I suspect that’s like asking them to stop breathing,

        • Kareem is a good guy. He’s a rapper, he writes songs about whatever inspires him. Haters apparently have no respect for artistic creativity and freedom of speech. Yeah, I know – what else is new? 😉

  22. Portion of Journal Entry JAA

    Mon 12-24-07

    ……………. “Nobody was very inquisitive about my religion. My mom, more than anything. On the way back to Yreka today she was asking me about Temples.
    It felt wonderful to see my family. I will never tell my mom or dad or anybody about my bruises again. Never. They cannot be trusted. Lesson learned. “

      • It’s again just her “lying” word and no actual proof. She needed her ex-boyfriend, Matt? I believe – the one that actually saw bruises on her to testify for her..that would have mattered but he was threatened by Juanita if he did testify…ARE WE REALLY SEEKING THE TRUTH, JUANITA ????

        • The word is “business”, not bruises. Get it right or you’ll discuss this forever for no good reason. Read the original. It’s clear it says “business”.

            • You’re welcome. Just didn’t want to cause hysteria. I know how a little thing can get analyzed, researched and disseminated to the nth degree. It’s a non-issue in this particular case. Jodi wouldn’t ever spell bruises with 2 ss’s at the end. She’s pretty spot-on with her grammar and spelling.

          • Yes, it definitely means something but absent any corroborating evidence it would just be another “lie” by Jodi afterall she was a first class “liar”…..or so goes the fairytale…I agree it is meaningful that she wrote this and could have been used but wasn’t 🙁 Probably the defense team weighed the pros and cons and the pros were lacking?? Or perhaps they didn’t weigh it at all – ineffective assistance of counsel ! I don’t know…Matt certainly would have been a help to corroborate her abuse.

          • It’s time to go see the opthamologist and get a new prescription obviously!!

            I owe a big apology to the Admins and Peeps of JAII as it seems you have all been included in their ridicule of me.

            🙄 🙄

            • Who? What? When? Where? How? I’m going with you to the Ophthalmologist!
              Lordy, I’m the worst for TYPOS!!!!! Glad we can give them something to use their time up with CC! 😆 Apparently, they are really searching for things to do around their parts!

                • 😆 No, I’m the Queen Bee of Typos. . . .well, who cares really, as we all know everyone is capable of mistakes. I personally think it is sad there is this certain breed who thrives on aggressive and bullying behavior. Truly pathetic.

                  😯 Remember when they said they couldn’t wait until Jodi was in prison so they could move on??? Surely, they wouldn’t tell a lie! 🙄 Thanks to them I now know how to spell STUPYD. 😆

                  ♥ I understand, though, TEAM JODI is totally LOVEABLE~~~~~~ ♥♥♥
                  FREE JODI ANN ARIAS ARIZONA!!!!!!!!!!
                  LET’S GET REAL!! IT’S TIME !!!!

            • No reason to apologize Carol. They are obsessed with all of us over here;they’re drawn like a moth to the flame; of course they chose their favourite peeps a while ago (I love you too haters, muah! 😉 ) . So, nothing new. Nothing to discourage or deter us from keep posting.

            • Carol,
              I wouldn’t be concerned about haters ridiculing you. They go after anyone that supports Jodi. And, you especially do so much to help and support Jodi and this site. They used to attack me on Twitter for any minor error or point of view but when I realized what kind of people they were, their comments became meaningless to me.
              “If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.”
              John Wooden

        • Sorry if it seemed like ridicule. There is so much misinformation from both sides of the aisle on this case. Didn’t mean for you to feel personally attacked, Canada Carol. Mea Culpa.

  23. Lisa Randall’s case DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE !!!

    Harold Fish conviction REVERSED !!!

    Jodi Ann Arias : CONVICTION REVERSED AND REMANDED FOR NEW TRIAL; DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE !!! Only two options…take your pick !!!!

  24. thanks wlopez4jaa could not have said it better…the only reason I,m on this web thing is for her….what a trip just to get HER address thanks someone in AZ. So how is it a luddite like me can find P.D. but not horn or HER team…..and just(?) what,s stopping the judge it is all about facts just the facts in a trial….RIGHT? Not like a bullet duh….the projectile was launched by GUNPOWDER…WTF! Hell I,ve seen a .25 fired at 2 ft. and bounce back hitting my pal in the forehead….what a red mark He had …..for a few mins. Before that We tested for range….target was at 8 to 10 ft. and the round dropped 3+ ft. WOW just what You want in a fight. Jodi was spot on when SHE said that the .25 looked like a toy…..some are just that. I do believe HER because the FACTS back up HER WORDS…the states side…well it seems they had to versions or more at all times….sounds like a lie to me….how about You…..hope I got Your handle right….or maybe I,ll just call ya cool cat!

    • Yes Wayne, when I read your mention of Phineas Gage 7/10/15, 12:10pm, I felt I had to give the “click- on link” for him and I did, up-thread. …Or, anyone can just google his name & select the Wikipedia information on him. . …I think I understand what the judge did by NOT permitting evidence of the “survivability of catastrophic brain injury” throughout history, into Jodi’s trial. …To trick the jury & the news media into believing that anyone who receives a gunshot to the head will just FALL DOWN DEAD, thereby suggesting that, Jodi could not have accidentally shot him first, so she must have lied.
      …I do not know if anyone tried to actually introduce evidence about Phineas Gage and how a 13 and 1/4 pound projectile of iron was blasted through his head & through his brain and he not only lived but did not even lose total consciousness. …But, I think that the judge was able to reject exculpatory evidence by the way it is researched and presented. …I think she rejected evidence if it is not a 25cal.
      …I could be wrong, but I seem to remember hearing on news something like the survivability of brain injury can only be considered if it is almost identical to the injury that the M E described about Travis. …In other words: if a construction worker accidentally shot a “nail projectile” into his head, and did not even know it till years later when a doctor viewed his xrays & said: Hey you got something in your head! …That would not be (according to Jodi’s trial), the same as a 25 cal bullet in the head of Travis. …She (the judge) seemed to let Horn qualify the similarity or lack of it, such that Travis was shot with a gun & that would have greater consequences than just a sharp object like a sword or spear or nail gun projectile as examples.
      …So that would eliminate thousands of years of soldiers surviving brain injuries because it was before gunpowder. …Now, if the M E is able to only consider evidence if it is a 25 cal bullet to the head then that would eliminate any kind of documentation of any person surviving a head & brain penetration before 1908. …Because that is the year that the first 25 cal semi automatic was introduced to the world.
      …And, the person who originally designed the Colt Model 1908, .25ACP semi-auto in 1908 was John Moses Browning, pioneer, & gun industrialist. …John Moses Browning was of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. …I believe that almost every Mormon man has a 25 cal semi-auto.
      …So, the judge apparently believes that she has control of the entire history of mankind as to what exculpatory evidence can be rejected.
      …I hope that some persons with the defense can subpoena or obtain through the Freedom of Information Act, all documents that the American Medical Association & the FBI have on the survivability of head & brain penetrations of ANY KIND in order to show that the court in Arizona has tricked the jury in order to find Jodi guilty.
      …And, that the unholy three-some of judge, prosecutor & M E be written in history as the three stooges of Arizona. …Not to be confused with the entertainers who were magnificent as the three stooges.
      …We need all documentation of the survival of Phineas Gage introduced in Jodi’s appeals.
      …And, St Joan of Arc will lead the way into the hearts & minds of those who care for THE TRUTH.

  25. Just remember first there was Lisa Randall and then Harold Fish and now there is Jodi Ann Arias. It’s a grand slam folks !!!

    Hmmm, and Dr. Kevin Horn was involved with all three cases…hmmm…3 strikes and you’re out !!! Too bad the court system doesn’t work like good old American baseball !!! LOL !!!

    Well see what the appellate courts say………

      • Don’t think Horn was involved in that case, but it nonetheless was overturned by the ninth circuit due to Brady violations !!

        Good Ole Brady Violations !! You gotta love em’

        Thanks Juanita !!

  26. The sheer volume of inconsistencies makes this a case by any cogent jury who has the dedication to micro-analyze every nuance of common sense, a miserable failure of proof beyond a reasonable doubt. It a ten on the Richter scale failure of failures.

    The line got blurred between pretrial videos and interviews and testimony that was given under oath. The only statements that had to be true is what was said after putting your hand on the Bible and swearing to tell the truth. Nothing else has the weight of perjury.

    A jury should view a prosecution’s case as if they had two containers. One is a bucket containing a given number of frogs in it, with that number incrementally increased with the seriousness and gravity of the charge against the defendant. The second container is a shallow container. Both have covers. Each frog simulates an element of the prosecution’s case that they contend shows guilt.

    As the testimony of each of these contentions is presented, it should represent a frog being transferred from the bucket to the shallow container. When it is and stays in the container with the cover securing it, that should represent a viable presumption of being convincing evidence.

    If three frogs however are transferred, and while moving the fourth, one jumps out before the cover can be replaced, that now constitutes reasonable doubt being introduced relevant to that evidence.

    If four more are successfully transferred, but in the next attempt two again jump out–reasonable doubt has just entered the picture. Only when ALL of those frogs are transferred to the shallow container and the cover is securing them, should a jury consider the prosecution’s case proven to the standard they are sworn by their juror’s oath to uphold–BEYOND a reasonable doubt.

    This is the charge of a jury, to hold every piece of material evidence to the scrutiny of being convincing to the exclusion of of almost everything and ANYTHING else, as an alternative. And it should be just as difficult of a burden and that high of a threshold to meet for a prosecution, as the successful transferring of those frogs in the analogy.

    A prosecution’s case is not entitled to the presumption of “possibly.” Sure as hell not in a first degree premeditated murder case.

    Nothing in the presumption of this evidence came close to meeting that burden. Theories and non sequiturs were thrown out like confetti and backed up by absolutely NOTHING. Martinez did more double talk than the famed Al Kelly. I was marveling at it. It was surreal. But there was no judge to give a damn because she was as useless as a Walmart bag for a prophylactic..

    And then the people representing her as HER advocate, were abysmal and didn’t make ONE single point that the news stations were all talking about as stunning the courtroom. Not one! Bland, pansy-like, demure, boring, lackadaisical, and utterly incompetent. ! Not only were they pathetic in cross examining State’s witnesses, they were pathetic in preparing their OWN witnesses.

    Dr Geffner VOLUNTEERED to testify because he saw how badly things were going and he was the one that caught and exposed the monster dupe that was being perpetrated. Nurmi nor Willmott even knew about it! Remember that? It caused the big tiff over whether they should get a sur-rebuttal and there had to be a hearing about it whether the surrebutal The defense had already rested their case and hadn’t mentioned a word about the impossibility of a bullet going into a brain without perforating the covering that protects it.

    If it wasn’t for Dr. G, we wouldn’t even know about dura mater-gate. In two years, they never saw the medically impossible contradiction after reviewing his autopsy report. These people are representing somebody in a death case?

    And for Christ sake, Horn didn’t even know what he was looking at in the dragging photo. When he was shown the photo, he had no clue what it was showing! That point should have been driven home prompting audible gasps all over the courtroom. His own fucking medical examiner didn’t know what was in the picture that Martinez gleefully wet his pants over, and saying it was Jodi dragging Travis’ dead body. That shouldn’t have been a Perry Mason moment? How fucking bad do you have to be to blow that? An on-the-ball attorney would have sliced up Horn like a zucchini.

    It’s just as much of an uncategorical outrage as the shaft job they tried on Oscar Pistorius. I hated that wise-ass Andrew Dice Clay wannabe as much I hate this four-eyed fungus.

    The only difference is that there was a wise old sage sitting on the bench with at least one super sharp girl assessor–that assessor was really sharp. And there was no simpleton jury like the incomparable dolts—-and pre-disposed–to–vote–guilty bunch of sperm waste—these jurors were.

    Masipa applied the law and saw through the totally baseless accusations and sleight-of word that was tried relentlessly by Nel. A neighbor hears an argument between one person? And that’s their proof of a fight taking place between Oscar and Reeva? A dog could knock him over if he was on his stumps and they wanted him to run out of the house and down the stairs instead of what he did?

    It was the classic replica of Jodi’s witch trial. When it gets to the people who know how to read a transcript and apply the law, we are going to see Lady Justice on duty and royally kicking ass. Book it !


    These are the few ways we can practice humility:

    To speak as little as possible of one’s self.

    To mind one’s own business.

    Not to want to manage other people’s affairs.

    To avoid curiosity.

    To accept contradictions and correction cheerfully.

    To pass over the mistakes of others.

    To accept insults and injuries.

    To accept being slighted, forgotten and disliked.

    To be kind and gentle even under provocation.

    Never to stand on one’s dignity.

    To choose always the hardest.”
    ― Mother Teresa, The Joy in Loving: A Guide to Daily Living ♥

  28. A belated thanks to SJ and Pandora for the wonderful tribute to Jodi on her birthday. Very touching.
    Also, Pandora and Maria, I understand there has been an financial agreement in Greece although, according to reports, not all Greek people are exactly happy about the deal that was reached.

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