Happy Birthday Jodi!

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Today we celebrate Jodi’s 34th Birthday with a post & video from Pandora…

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A Birthday Poem for Jodi – (from Pandora):

“We are born into this world kicking and screaming.

We go thru life trying to figure out life itself…

We try to be the best we can.

Sometimes we stumble into bad situations and make even worse decisions.

That doesn’t make us a bad person. That makes us human.

On July 9th 1980, Jodi was born into this world, kicking and screaming.

Growing up she strived to becoming a successful, giving, loving, honest person.

She stumbled upon the worse ‘mistake’ in her life.

This ‘mistake’ tried to degrade her, tried to make her feel like a nobody and tried to take away her pride.

When Jodi’s life was at stake, she defended herself and decided that she was not ready and had not accomplished her goals yet. She was not going to give up on life… she fought to stay alive – kicking and screaming. And she did.

Today we celebrate this brilliant woman.

6 years ago she was unfairly incarcerated because she wanted to live.

Today Jodi is still fighting a battle for her life.

They can cage her, they can strip her from all her rights but they can’t take away one thing:

Her beautiful soul.

Jodi, home is where the heart is.

Happy birthday, beautiful.

Remember: You’re fucking perfect – to me.”


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Team Jodi

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    • Hey there SJ. Thanks for your help in the video! 😉

      It wasn’t really a poem, in that sense; more like scattered thoughts put together.

      No matter where Jodi is, no matter how tough and vile people can be towards her, I personally know that she is a sweetheart.

      She is fucking perfect – to me! And I’m proud to call her my friend!

      ((((Jodi))) ♥

      • P.S. SJ & Admins, thank you sooo much for this awesome site. Without this site it would be really hard to voice our thoughts and point of views concerning Jodi’s unfair trial and the justice she has been so brutally denied of.

        ((((SJ)))) ♥
        (((Admins))) ♥
        ((((TEAM JODI)))) ♥
        ((((All Jodi supporters)))) ♥

        • (((((PANDORA))))) ♥ Thank you for the poem and the song! And Thank you SJ for this site! And Thanks to all of Jodi’s supporters!! Jodi will be in my thoughts and prayers today, as she is every day.

          (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
          (((((TEAM JODI)))))♥ ♥

          Ray A. Chastain
          Harrisonburg, Virginia.

          • HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!
            JODI ANN ARIAS =)

            With all my heart,I hope today you can feel all the Love ,and Support
            We All continue to send !! – Stay Strong –
            KEEP YOUR HEAD HELD UP HIGH <3 5 years, ago b/f the trial, Not all of us knew who you were.
            You must have felt, soooo alone.
            I hope this year is different from the past few Bday's =)
            I mostly just wanted you to know – YOU ARE NOT ALONE <3

        • (((((((( Φιλενάδα μου ♥ ♥ ♥ ))))))))

          Great job, both of you! I wish Jodi could see how much we love her…

      • Pandora,

        Very beautiful words for our dear, sweet Jodi on her birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome video too!!! You are SO right also, Pandora, in that they can cage Jodi and take away her rights but they can’t take away her beautiful soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They also cannot take away all the love and support that she has from her Team Jodi supporters and others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, she is perfect to me too because I don’t know anyone else who could go through what she has and still is going through and maintain her sweet disposition with always saying only nice things about everyone!!! She truly amazes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am proud to be Jodi Ann Arias’s friend also!!!!!!!!!!!!

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We LOVE you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂


        (((((TEAM JODI)))))

  1. Happy birthday, hope the day is A-Okay. Lots of goodwill sent your way. From all the way from the opposite side of the world.

    • Angela, it’s PINK. Whenever I listen to this song it always reminds me of Jodi. 🙂

      BTW, welcome to our site. I don’t think we had an appropriate ‘welcome’ for you! It’s good to know that people from the opposite side of the world are supporting and standing by Jodi! ♥


  2. Happy Birthday, dear Jodi!!!

    I pray that God fills your heart with joy and peace today! The peace that passes all understanding as God says in His word;

    “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13 NIV.

    I also pray that you feel all the love and support for you here at Team Jodi!!! God loves you so much, and so do we all!!! I pray also that you feel all of us celebrating the day that you came into this world!!! God has a purpose and plan for your life, Jodi!!!

    “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

    Jodi we know that you are innocent and should not be in prison but the truth will prevail and you will be free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, peace and joy to you today and every day!!! I love you!!! 🙂

    Love, Mary Williiams

  3. Dearest Jodi, 🙂
    Happy Birthday from us ALL! You are in our every thought 🙂 and you remain in our prayers.

    “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ: By whom also we have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that the tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope: And, hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us.” Romans 5:1-5
    ” What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8: 31

    The love of God is with you Jodi. Remember he will not forsake you and we will be right by your side no matter what lies ahead. Feel our LOVE and stay STRONG. You will be FREE once again.
    Thanking God for the Day you were Born! Happy Birthday Jodi. 🙂
    PS Since we can’t send cake or gifts, my gift to you will be in your Appellate Fund 🙂 ! Much Love to You! 🙂

  4. Hey Pandora and SJ.

    Excellent song and absolutely spot on. Jodi is fuckin perfect to all of us.
    And a beautiful poem, really says it all.
    I want to wish Jodi a very Happy Birthday and hope she has a brilliant day and she will be in my thoughts all day as Jodi is in my thoughts day in day out.
    All my love Jodi for your 34th birthday Much love and best wishes.

  5. Happy Birthday Jodi! I hope you know how many do care about you! I pray for you every day! So keep your faith, it’s a gift, that’s just for you!

    Thanks Pandora and SJ! Pink and Jodi got me cryin’ again. It’s a strong combination, that’s for sure!

  6. Dearest Mademoiselle Jodi Ann Arias,
    …On this day July 9th of 2014, I wish you a peaceful birthday and sincerely hope for your release soon, for “time served”. …And, I PRAY that the world will realize that the Arizona jury in 2013, was intentionally SNOOKERED or tricked (IMHO) because they ASSUMED INCORRECTLY that you were untruthful in the trial. …I believe you were as truthful as humanly possibly considering the 5 years that had passed & the pressure of the Hate Lovers Network news media who were cheerleaders for an unjust court system of Arizona. … ……….. ……………….
    ……I have prayed to St JOAN of ARC and asked of her to be your GUARDIAN ANGEL for all time. …
    …GOD BLESS you and your family, and all your friends, including all your friends on this website. …
    ………………………………. …………………………………
    ……I am WLOPEZ4JAA & of course ((4JAA)) means that I am ((FOR JODI ANN ARIAS)). ……
    ….. Coincidentally, the judge (unknowingly) selected Sept 8th as start of the DOUBLE JEOPARDY part of the new trial & that is the CELEBRATED NATIVITY & BIRTHDAY of the Blessed Mother Of Jesus Christ. …I am praying to St Joan of Arc to [[…inform…]] the judge that JESUS will be sitting in court with him MOTHER on her birthday & for the entire trial. …{{{& taking names for HIM to JUDGE later}}}….

    • …TYPO:
      … …I am praying to St Joan of Arc to [[…inform…]] the judge that JESUS will be sitting in court with (HIS) MOTHER on Her Birthday & for the entire trial, {{{& taking names for HIM to JUDGE later}}}.

  7. Happy Birthday Jodi, keep your head held high and know you are Loved, my thoughts and prayers go out to you today and everyday. Pandora, great job on song choice and video.

  8. Happy 34th birthday, graceful Jodi.

    I’m truely wishing you an overturned conviction that’ll result to ‘time served’. Hoping that in the following immediate years you’ll celebrate your birthday among family and friends, far away from this nightmare.

    God bless you, gorgeous.

    P.S. Great song and poem, Pan. High five!

    Always remember: WE ARE TEAM JODI – AND WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS in our quest for JUSTICE FOR JODI!

    Rasna – TEAM JODI

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet angel! ♥ ♥ ♥

    I know you cannot read any of this, nor can you watch this beautiful video… However, the Universe doesn’t have any mundane limitations so I believe that you can FEEL all this touching outpouring of love and support that everyone is expressing today.

    May the Archangels keep you under their wings today, same as every day.
    We love you, we pray for you, you are deeply rooted in our hearts. Fighting against this injustice may take a long time but we promise we will not stop, we will not turn our backs on you, we will not give up on you. NO MATTER WHAT.

    Remember honey, all you need is hope.

    “Hope is the thing with feathers
    That perches in the soul
    And sings the tune without the words
    And never stops at all.”
    ― Emily Dickinson

    Let it be known to the world that we are PROUD Jodi supporters.

    Abuse is abuse is abuse and it is NEVER justified, forgivable, acceptable or forgotten.

    Jodi has become our sister, friend and yes why not? Our hero!

    “I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

  10. Happy Birthday Jodi!

    We celebrate this day with you and for you because we know your life has made this world a better place.

    Stay strong, girlie. You keep fighting and we’ll keep fighting.

  11. Happy Birthday, Jodi! Remember that you have been chosen for a special mission on this earth, that is, to carry the banner for all the women in this world (past and present) who have been so casually mistreated with these type of misogynistic attitudes but who had no one to stand up for them. You represent all of them and you are doing an incredibly brave and admirable job. We all admire you. Hang in there, kid! And be joyful!

  12. Happy Birthday Jodi! Today is a day to relax, reflect on the beauty of life and on the simple but abundant gifts life offers. It is incredible isn’t it, to think that all we have to do is close our eyes and go to sleep, and we will awaken to a new day – the most amazing gift imaginable! What a miracle. (We don’t even have to worry about whether we will pay cash or use a credit card for it – it just happens!) And today is your special day, a day when you can rest assured that there truly are people who love and care about you, and that you do have friends. I hope they have some way to acknowledge YOUR DAY today in the facility.

    We are all praying for your safety and release, and for the day that you will hear the words, “Time served”. In the meantime, we believe in you, your appreciation for life and in your wonderful, generous spirit!

  13. A heart-felt poem, Pandora. I do take exception, however, to your painting Travis all black and evil. This is not the reality. He did much to enhance Jodi’s life despite the ways in which he certainly did not.

    • I beg to differ. . .Travis and Jodi’s relationship was a HUGE mistake. Travis maybe was not evil but he was definitely not the Saint he has been portrayed to be by his friends, family and the media. The reality is Travis was abusive to Jodi. Their relationship was a mistake for both of them.

    • Ronald Jones, what Pandora actually wrote described Travis’s worst behavior toward Jodi. She didn’t say he was all evil. I am not going to get into an extended back and forth with you, especially on Jodi’s Birthday Page.

      Jodi apparently feels it was a mistake to have become involved with Travis, his good, supportive behavior towards her notwithstanding. But neither does she characterize him as all evil.

    • ” He did much to enhance Jodi’s life” Not so sure about that!
      And even if he did, Jodi was paying very dearly when he’d choke her unconscious, break her finger, slap her on the face, character assassinate her etc etc… Travis was Evil & Good. Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
      I wish he had chosen one of the two so Jodi could have either walked away sooner or stay with him.
      Travis was living life to the extreme, he was playing with fire. And got burned in the end.

    • Hi there Ronald! I don’t know what you mean when you say that I ‘painted travis all black and evil’… I wrote he was a mistake. A mistake in Jodi’s life. I never said that for the whole duration of their relationship that everything was horrible and ‘black’. I am sure that there were good times. When saying ‘mistake’ I mean Jodi could have done better. And that is MY OPINION. I am surprised that you of all people (you do write poems and stuff, right?) would take sth so literally! Mistake IN GENERAL!

      In my writingz, I am celebrating Jodi being alive. Period. Nothing to do with bashing travis…

      I don’t even know why I have to explain myself… pffff.

      Chill out.

  14. Does anyone know if she is getting any mail from us I would hate to think they are keeping her mail from her especially on her Birthday has she spoke to anyone on the phone or is this also taken away

    • Timewilltell, hi! I send Jodi postcards weekly and she has recieved all of them. I just don’t do it via that site that you can write electronically. I think handwriting and doing things the ‘good ol’ way’ is more ‘personal’! 🙂

  15. My birthday wish for you is that this time when you look over at the jury box you will have people like the ones on this site looking back at you.

    (((Jodi and Supporters)))

    • Yes, Justus, I just looked it up on Google & she is exactly 7 years younger than Jodi. ….Very interesting ! ! …And, poor Amanda is being persecuted for her apparent sexual lifestyle while the real killer got a short sentence. …Yes, must be something in the stars. …And, must be some similar proclivity in the brains of some prosecutors to chase after these cases. … So they can talk about anything sexual & amplify its significance into the minds of a jury. …Amanda’s case is really Double Jeopardy ! !
      …I can think of 3 more (high profile) innocent women in history who were found guilty & that their prosecutors exploited the jurors sexual curiosity. …Hope Amanda can find peace also. …
      …And, did you know that if you Google: Jodi Arias innocent happy birthday ….it will bring you right to a link to this site & this: Happy Birthday Jodi! (post/thread) ? }}}}Jodi is innocent{{{{

  16. Happy birthday Jodi!

    “March on. Do not tarry.
    To go forward is to move toward perfection.
    March on, and fear not the thorns,
    or the sharp stones on life’s path.”
    Khalil Gibran

    Remember: after a storm comes a calm.

  17. Dear Jodi,

    I wish you a happy birthday, and hope that your conviction will be overturned! Together we will weather this storm, no matter how long it will take.

    Pandora: great job on the video! You rule!

  18. Happy Birthday, Jodi

    “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.

    And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger – something better, pushing right back.”

    ― Albert Camus, The Stranger

  19. Thanks for saying my name is nice, did you know Jodi means “God will increase” I looked it up and I think its from Hebrew Judith/Jude. So God will increase whatever blessing she needs.

  20. 7/7/2014 MOT – Motion – Party (001) 7/10/2014

    • Of course it should be ” Amicus Curiae Brief”, probably a typo by the person who wrote it in the Court docs.

    • My thoughts on likely ‘friends of the court’ who might have something to say about this case –

      Sally Duncan, Victoria Washington or Dr. Karp. All three have spoken up at one point or another about how the trial went.

      • Upon further consideration, I think most likely Dr. Karp. There’s already been some argument about (JM) alluding to her findings in court but not allowing her to testify. That would qualify as ‘withheld evidence’, nest-ce pas?

        • There really is not much to go on, but it refers to “newly discovered’ withheld evidence. Dr. Karp’s findings were known to the defence but they didn’t choose to call her. It does not seem right that JM brought it up with Tot Doc and in his closing, but it doesn’t seem to be newly discovered. I hope and pray with all my heart that it is something that will blow JM’s case right out of the water.

  21. Happy Birthday Jodi.
    I hope more and more people will intuit the beauty and purity of your soul, and that soon your freedom will be regained.

    “Each person comes into this world
    with a specific destiny__ he has
    something to fulfill, some message
    has to be delivered, some work has to
    be completed. You are not here
    accidentally__ you are here
    meaningfully. There is a purpose
    behind you. The Whole intends to do
    something through you.”
    ___ Osho

  22. So Maria – we don’t know what evidence has been withheld or by whom, the prosecution or defense. It would be interesting to know that little piece of info. Thanks for posting the motion.

  23. Just learned that apparently it is not the defense or prosecution that files these things but someone who has something to advise the court – someone not involved in the proceeding. That is a weird concept to me. Of course I am not familiar with the system there.

    • It will be interesting to see if he changes his view on the importance of truth in the news, won’t it? I was thinking it would have been a better present to Jodi for him to get a job collecting garbage. 🙂 LOL

      • LOL The really positive thing is that one by one the worst of the haters have left. I read that the station is changing their focus away from crime to media stories. Although it’s hard not knowing what is happening with Jodi it certainly is wonderful not to have them speculating all day long, all negative of course.

        • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a network that only focused on the positive things in life?
          Just dreaming. . . . 🙂

    • Now that is shockingly good news! I am really curious to see if he will change his POV or the way he discuss’s Jodi’s trial. Thanks for the info Carol! 🙂

      • He was being especially cruel with an almost daily remark about her and I wondered why he had pumped up his ire. I think he was getting in his last licks at her before he moved on. Just breaking them apart will help, as they fed off each other last year like a regular lynch mob.

  24. Good Afternoon Everyone, Betsy Here 🙂
    Solo sorry we haven’t been checking in on the postings the last month or more but Johnny and me have been really, really busy traveling this great country of ours all summer long. But we do our reading regularly and can’t tell all of you how proud we are both of all the things your getting done for Jodi. The main reason Iwrote to yall today is to let everyone know I was just reading on my iPod the story about that crazy fella up in that Pittsburgh prison is at it again with those phony court filings again. He even spelled the Latin words on the papers wrong. My Lord, dumb and a pest too that boy is. Anyways now no one needs to pay his crazy stuff no never mind OK?

    Have a Blessed Day Everybody, Betsy 🙂

    • “He even spelled the Latin words on the papers wrong.”

      Are y’all referring to the purported “Amicus Curale” brief of July 7, 14?

        • That thing they’ve posted looks phoney to me and the content would not be taken seriously by anyone. This amicus brief was submitted under seal by defendant so how would anyone have it? There is an interesting description of this type of brief online, usually involving high profile cases, civil rights. etc.

          • The three ‘petitioners’ give the same address as the one on that bogus motion a few months back – the one where Jodi was suing Nancy Grace and claiming to have Hep C because of poor treatment in Estrella…. remember that one? That motion was presented on behalf of the defendant, also – even had Jodi’s forged signature on it.

            • OMG, I didn’t pay any attention to the Hep C story so I didn’t know about those crazies filing that law suit as her. So does that mean that they filed it under seal and how does that site have it if it was sealed? I did read that these briefs are expensive and don’t sound like something a trio of nuts in prison would do, but hey this is the Jodi Arias case.

              • I don’t know why the briefs would be expensive? Hiring an attorney to write one might be, but clearly they didn’t do that, lol. I *think* the most that would be involved in filing the motion would be a filing fee.

              • “but hey this is the Jodi Arias case.” EXACTLY Carol! There was nothing normal in this case! Between the circus trial, the lynch mob witch chase… ha! I wouldn’t be surprised to know that this was bs….

  25. I hear that the newly discovered evidence is a load of BS, it says the Illuminati is involved. In another words its worthless to her case. So alas it is nothing to get all excited about, probably that nut case who filed the Hep C rubbish. And we had such hope. =(

  26. Hi Journee and Which trial. That trial lady twittered it. You should go read it, that boy is cuckoo.
    Betsy 🙂

      • Yes – “trial ladies” – there are so many of them, speculating about so much of this and that, so much of the time, with so many, many sponsors selling us I don’t know what all!

          • I’m happy you found it. I can’t say I’m too happy with both of your tones though girls. I’m always polite and friendly when I come by here, can’t you show me the same respect back? Me and my group raise and send money to help Jodi get free every month and I stop by to pass along something I read about only for y’all to talk down at me. That’s very hurtful ladies. 🙁 We lost 2 gals from our own group of fundraising ladies cause of the things said to them on the computer so shouldn’t we at least be friendly to the ones left who are still fighting for Jodi’s freedom?

            Beg anyone’s pardon if I seem forward. Blessed Day, Good Night. Betsy

            • My tone was sarcastic because you were needlessly coy (more than once) about the message regarding the “withheld evidence” brief that you dropped on Jodi’s birthday page – without so much as a “howdy do” to Jodi.

              By the way, Journee did not adopt any “tone” whatsoever.

            • Hi Betsy. I did not see any ‘tone’ from anyone. Journee and whichtrial? were only asking where you read the info you did. And I agree with whichtrial: it sounds like you wanted to cause a bit of drama. This is Jodi’s b-day page, I’m surprised that you didn’t even take the time to wish her…


            • WHOA there, Betsy! I have two VERY big objections:

              1. I didn’t detect any disrespect towards you from anyone nor did I see anyone talking down to you. Both Journee and Whichtrial? merely asked you where you got your info from. IDK what your issue is but Journee and Whichtrial? have been around for a long time and have always treated all supporters with utmost respect. They’re always polite. I think it’s YOU Betsy that should be aware of your attitude.

              2. If you lost 2 gals from your own group that’s an issue that you should address at your own group. Don’t blame JAII supporters for that. So take it down a notch and please remember your manners when coming to OUR site. To demand respect you must first give respect. I feel you’re disrespecting JAII, trying to pick fights. I don’t tolerate that – ask around.

              I always like to keep my boots shiny and ready to use… 😉

              I beg YOUR pardon if I seem forward.

              RASNA – TEAM JODI

          • Thanks, Journee

            Sadly, it appears, at first glance, that the only thing real about this document is the clerk’s name which is easily obtained. Seems to be written by someone with mental health issues. If it was simply a hoax, wouldn’t it be more believeable?

              • And I wonder: this guy pulled this bs just a while ago. How is it possible that his bs motions got by the authorities again. Shouldn’t they have an eye on him? I would guess that anything he hands out would be double-checked. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that it’s another cray-cray… there are many of them out there!

          • Just found and read that POS, BS ”motion”.
            OMG, how many loons are out there??????? So, OK it wasn’t Jodi- it was the Illuminati.
            I am so angry right now because I posted that ”motion” since I saw a lot of people talking about it on Facebook, I got all excited thinking it was truly new withheld evidence but I guess I was hoping too much. 🙄

            • Maria, don’t be so hard on yourself, hun!

              How can we possibly keep up with all those fuckards out there. It’s interesting that they take so much time in trying to cause trouble for Jodi and so much energy in hating her… I’ve heard that shrinks in USA are not expensive… these people should absolutely get some help! Obssessing on hating Jodi is not a good thing and they should take a look at that and seek professional help. If they are not treated for their hatred soon, it might lead to sth more serious later on….

            • I really appreciate the way that you keep me informed with the court documents. It was filed with the court as the defendant and it’s not your fault or Jodi’s that there are such dumb people out there. Thank you again.

                • Don’t worry about it, Maria. I appreciate how you keep us informed! Besides, the more junk this guy puts out, the less credible the news outlets appear for running with whatever slop is thrown in their direction. Indeed, with respect to many BS news reports about Jodi’s case, corroboration, proper disclosure and minimal corrections have not been implemented. Seeing this, perhaps more people will stop taking so many news stories at face value and decide to think more for themselves.

                  After all, these bogus court filings are only the tip of the iceberg, are they not?

  27. A very Happy Birthday to Jodi! I do hope TEAM JODI is victorious!! It’s great that Jodi is painting so much -I wish she could get out of prison in a short while, kicking her way out of the terrible system just as Pandora mentioned, like she kicked her way into this world 34 years ago. I will donate to her fund as soon as I can.
    Went through a long divorce in France, but will donate asap. Thanks to all of you who help Jodi so much. I really wish I could do more. Does she have a lot of visitors; is it possible to go see her during the summer? Does she want visits?
    From a fervant supporter of Jodi.

  28. I have a question/thought I’d like to share and although this is Jodi’s Birthday page, I am posting it here since this is our most current page:

    On March 6, 2103 —

    Juror Question: “Why did you call the cops on the ex that shook you, but never called the cops on Travis?”

    Jodi: “Well that was when he tried to break my forearm, it seemed logical. I tried to get to the phone. I never did with Travis because the prior experience he grabbed the phone out of my hand and hung up. It was a very negative experience. He told me to shut up. They were going to to call back. They did call back. He created an excuse as to why 911 was accidentally dialed, blah, blah. And he would make up for it in ways that Bobby didn’t.”

    Since Jodi did call the police on Travis and they called back and got a lame excuse, shouldn’t there be a record of both the incoming and return call in the 911 records. Are those public records? If not, are they available to defense attorneys? Granted it doesn’t prove abuse directly but certainly proves she called the police.

        • She called the police on Bobby and the question was why if you called the police on Bobby, then why didn’t you call them on Travis. The question is not really clear, but the testimony from the trial is Day 13 at around 2:40. The one time that he was physical with her, he came over to where she was staying, they got in an argument and he put her in a strangle hold and she fell to her knees, more arguing and then when Jodi went to reach for the phone he put her arm in a hold (he was into martial arts). That’s when she called and Bobby hung up the phone and the police called back and he made the excuse that his girlfriend was programming the phone. That was a negative experience that she recalled later when Travis was hurting her and she didn’t call the police. Not that she would have reported Travis anyway.

            • Justus, she was definitely referring to Bobby with respect to making the 911 call; it was his hang-up and excuse-making when they called back.

              Travis had more standing in the community, it seems, as well. Obviously TA had a public image that was tied up with his reliance on monthly sales of a serious product for a good portion of his income.

              On Day 20 of the trial, Jodi testified that the mortal fight that took place “was exactly what I was trying to avoid”.

              Jodi was aware of the risks that staying in Mesa would create for both of them. She had retreated to Northern California thinking that the physical abuse would end when she no longer resided in Mesa.

              In direct testimony on Day 20 of the trial (also in Part One Video) with respect to why she did not phone 911, Jodi states that she didn’t think TA was alive when she emerged from traumatic amnesia while driving west in the desert on the evening of June 4, 2008. She wasn’t fully aware of what had happened but she knew she couldn’t “rewind the clock”.

  29. Justus, that incident regarding the 911 call was with Bobby Juarez. Jodi was explaining that that was the reason or one reason she didn’t call 911 on Travis, because of the memory of how Juarez reacted, grabbing the phone from her hand.

    Oh And happy belated BDay Jodi 🙂

  30. I didn’t know who Jodi was on July 9th, but I do now…so wanted to say Happy belated Birthday Jodi. Your amazing in many ways.

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