Happy Birthday Jodi!

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On this special day, I’ve invited Jeff to write a post  for Jodi’s 33rd birthday.

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Happy Birthday, Jodi! On this day, 33 years ago you were born in Salinas, California.  The number 33 is quite significant throughout history.  For example: a normal human spine has 33 vertebrae when the bones that form the coccyx are individually counted.  According to the Newton scale, 33 is the temperature at which water boils.  Jesus Christ’s age when he was crucified was 33 in 33 A.D., according to many Christian traditions, although it has not been historically verified.  In an odd coincidence, Jesus is also reported to have performed 33 miracles.  Islamic prayer beads are generally arranged in sets of 33, corresponding to the widespread use of this number in dhikr rituals. These beads may number 33 in total or three distinct sets of 33 for a total of ninety-nine, corresponding to the names of God.  And, 33 is not only a numerical representation of “the Star of David,” but also the numerical equivalent of AMEN: 1+13+5+14=33.  There is also another odd coincidence involving the number 33 which involves the death of Alexander the Great (Alexander of Macedonia).  He is alleged to have died at the age of 33.  However, this number is not just synonymous with death.  In Dan Brown’s 2009 novel The Lost Symbol the number 33 was discovered to lead to the essential meaning of life in The Bible.

Today, and for the past 5 years, Jodi, you have been fighting for your life as well as for freedom and justice.  And we, your supporters, have been fighting alongside you every step of the way.  Ours has been a most difficult journey as we have endured a cacophony of criticism, attacks, ridicule, discrimination and violent threats against our well-being.  When faced with such stiff opposition, I am reminded of a quote by Jaren L. Davis that says, “Make the decision, make it with confidence, and the world will be yours.”  The efforts that have been made by the haters have disappointed us a great deal, but they have not discouraged us nor have they shaken our resolve.  We remain steadfast and loyal to you, Jodi, and we walk with you in the direction of freedom and justice, decisive and confident.

On a personal note, Jodi, I believe that you and I are kindred spirits because we both are artists.  I am a writer, a poet and a musician and you are a writer, a painter and a photographer.  You have a passion of photography and I have seen many of your pictures.  They are as beautiful and lovely as you are as a person.  I believe that music and songs are snapshots of a person’s life that is captured for posterity as an audio recording.  I think this is why many musicians often look back at their earlier songs and muse with embarrassment as if looking at an old photograph and asking “Is that really me?” The song or the picture might not be relevant to who or what person is today, but that moment is forever captured in a song or a photograph.  I also believe that each and every artist puts a part of themselves in each and every work whether it be a painting, sculpture, poem, song or novel.  I have looked at all of your paintings and I feel like they represent a microcosm of your soul.  Vincent Van Gogh once said, “I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”

My dream is for you to be free and to receive justice, to be able to live outside of a prison cell and sleep in your own bed again, to partake in the simple, basic everyday activities that most of us do yet seem to take for granted until we have those freedoms and liberties taken away from us.  My dream is for you to one day be able to see just how many people around the world love you and are praying for you and your family.  My dream is for you to be happy and feel the unconditional love of so many people touch your cheeks like a bright sun on a summer’s day.  My dream is for you to someday meet a man who will love you the right way, treat you like a queen and spent the next 40-50 years making you laugh, smile and cry tears of joy as you two grow old together.  Last but not least, my dream is for you to do whatever it is you have dreamed about and make that dream become a reality.

Make a wish, Jodi.  Happy Birthday to you!

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Thanks to Jeff for today’s post.

Feel free to leave your message for Jodi below too.

In the meantime, we plough on relentlessly in our quest for JUSTICE for JODI.

Make it an awesome day!

Team Jodi

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope your day is as good as it can be given the circumstances. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers. That goes for Jodi’s cyber family here at this site too! Jodi is truly blessed with so many people that Love and support her.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

  2. ********HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our angel********

    As SJ always says ”We are here for the long haul” ! We are here to fight and scream till our voices are finally heard and true Justice is finally served. We love you, girl ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. Jeff,
    thank you for this BEAUTIFUL post.If Jodi could read it, I bet she would be grateful to you.
    I know there are a million things I would like to tell her on this very special day of hers but I am not so good with words as you; well,in english at least because I too write poems in my mother language 😉

    Anyways, let’s make this page INUNDATED by all our messages of LOVE and SUPPORT!
    Let anyone who drops by today be reminded that we have NOT forgotten of Jodi nor have we been discouraged, deterred, disappointed or lost focus! We are still here, we still remember all the INjustice that was done and we will remain restless till the day we see TRUE JUSTICE being served!

    W E – L O V E – Y O U – J O D I **********

  4. “Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.”
    ― Honoré de Balzac

    • “In the beginning there was only a small amount of injustice abroad in the world, but everyone who came afterwards added their portion, always thinking it was very small and unimportant, and look where we have ended up today.”
      ― Paulo Coelho, The Devil and Miss Prym

      • “I am a person who is unhappy with things as they stand. We cannot accept the world as it is. Each day we should wake up foaming at the mouth because of the injustice of things.”
        ― Hugo Claus

  5. Have a good day all, its off to work for me, check in later,


  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI,I know this day is not what you would have dreamed, but with your many supporters and advocates we will turn this injustice around so you may start to have the Birthday you would have dreamed. Stay Strong, keep the faith, thinking and praying for you often.

  7. Beautiful post, as always Jeff! There are also 33 paths in the Kabbalah. 🙂

    Dear Jodi: Happy birthday. I wanted you to be able to spend it with your family and friends outside that gulag people pretend is adequate housing for inmates; but things didn’t turn out that way. I am not big on faith or belief, but I have to trust that your situation serves a higher purpose. It sucks when someone has to suffer to get people to see the light; especially when it’s a good person like you.

    I will work and do whatever I can to help right the wrong that has been done against you. You don’t deserve the heaps of shit that have been piled against you. And we, as a society, aren’t going anywhere good if we allow this to continue to happen to you or other victims of domestic violence.

    As always I keep you and your family in my mind and heart every day. Even if I don’t post I am always trying to figure out ways to help you all out in some way. I have learned so much during the course of this trial, it’s the least I can do to repay the courage you showed testifying on the stand and sharing your life story with the world. I only wish other people could see what I see, and feel the gratitude I feel.

    You are special Jodi – thanks for being you! <3

  8. On Jodi’s birthday I hope for peace in her heart and smiles on her face.

    Jodi and her family are on my mind everyday and in my prayers constantly.

    ~{ ♥ HUGS ♥ }~

  9. Where is Janeen??????

    We cant start the party without her!Or the cheesecake…


    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Hey Maria, girlfriend!
      Janeen went to get the cheesecake! Today is a celebration so let the party begin!
      ((((((((Jodi, Maria, Janeen, Renee’, Rachel and all the rest of you lovely people in my cyber family)))))))))
      ((((((((SJ, MB, JC)))))))))

  10. Jodi, Happy Birthday, girl!
    I am wishing you health, spiritual peace and love.
    I and all your supporters on this site are sending you our positive energy.
    We have become your cyber family and we will keep on supporting you until you breathe the fresh air of freedom and beyond that.
    Today, I know that it must be very heartbreaking for you to spend your birthday far from your loved ones BUT please keep in mind that HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Nobody can ever take that away from you!
    My wish for you on this very special day is to celebrate your birthday next year among your loved ones at your home, free as a bird.
    Be strong and be well!

  11. Jeff, thank you for the post. It was a beautiful post full of love, care and humanity.
    I am sure that one day very soon, Jodi will be able to read it.

  12. Happy birthday, Jodi! I know things seem desolate now, but remember the darkest hour is always before dawn. I’m sending you my very best wishes and want you to know that I am praying for you everyday. Please know that with every passing day, there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow. Stay strong, keep the faith, and know that there are many of us who are here to encourage you. There’s a better day coming!

  13. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Jodi
    Happy birthday to yooooouuuu!

    Happy Birthday Jodi!!! You are brave. You did not know on the day you fought for your life you would potentially be saving countless lives by preventing or ending unhealthy relationships by having the strength to survive abuse creating awareness. It is sad that the state of Arizona judicial system is corrupt but once again YOU are the one exposing the states bias and unlawful intent, hopefully ousting pickles and seating a person that actually deserves the title “your Honor” before the ultimate mistake is made. Our job here will never end, all we can do is educate our peers and pass the knowledge down to our children to do the same as there will always be evil people. Jodi, keep your head strong and don’t let the isolation sink you, the whole world is not against you just a handful of creeps and unfortunately some of then hold power. Happy birthday to you.

  14. Happy Birthday sweet girl. I know your day will not be a celebration but I hope you find some joy in today. May the Lord bless you and bring you peace and love today and every day. Praying we have some victories and reasons to celebrate with you soon.

  15. 33 years ago today Jodi Ann Arias was born. If I could have one wish come true for Jodi, it would be that she wake up the day before she met the hobbit and never crossed paths with him, ever. She would have been able to not feel she was only worthy of a boyfriend who thought of her as a place to cork, a 3-hole wonder, a means to get his rocks off. She would have had the opportunity to think much more of herself and would have been able to have her extraordinary talents flourish and we all would be enjoying her gifts instead of defending the wrongs that were done to her. I wish I had a time machine to rewind the clock so that the past 5 years were all a horrible nightmare.

    I wish I could hug Jodi and tell her a little bit about each of you and how your phenomenal personalities have brought us all together to support her. I think it would make her heart smile. I hope Jodi knows about all the unending and unconditional support she truly has. The hater brigade have done NOTHING, nor will they ever succeed in, destroying our allegiance, support and love for Jodi. That is a promise I make to Jodi. In fact, the more the hater brigade brings it, the stronger we get!

    It may take a few moments, but I have brought the cheesecake and the picture of it is now my gravatar. I know not everyone here loves cats as much as me and several others, but this cake is exactly the cake I think would make Jodi laugh.

    I love you Jodi. Happy Birthday. I hope it warms your heart to know even with your current circumstances, even if you never get to meet any one of us, you will NEVER be alone.


    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((THE EXTRAORDINARY MEMBERS OF TEAM JODI)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Let’s have cheesecake! Let’s crack jokes! Let’s LAUGH and ROCK THIS HOUSE! ♥♥♥

    • Janeen, that was absolutely beautiful!!
      (((((((((((Cheesecake’s in da house)))))))))))))

      Love you too sister! <3

      • ((((((((((((((((((((((((((I love you my beautiful, wonderful, fantastic GREEK sister))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • ((((((((((((My darling sis from another life)))))))))

      You are soooo right,as always!! NO, the hatred and the haters have not made us falter.NO,they havent dissuaded us from believing in Jodi and that we WILL witness the day she’s set free.NO,they havent discouraged or frightened us.NO,we dont give a SHIT about their bullying us.NO we dont care if they ridicule or make fun of us (or our country for some of us;) ).NO,we won’t forget about her even when all the media noise settles down.
      Guess what? If anything ,all this war againsy us has made us STRONGER.
      We A-D-O-R-E Jodi Ann Arias and they better get used to it!!!

      • ((((((((((((((My dear sister))))))))))))))))))))))

        You are one in a million. You radiate compassion and honesty. You have a heart of gold.

        Don’t you ever change. You are PERFECT the way that you are.

        There are not many people that are beautiful enough to leave footprints on our hearts and souls. Thank you, thank you, thank you for leaving them on mine. 🙂

        I love you Maria! ♥♥♥

    • Janeen,
      I’m arriving a little late to the party, is there any cheesecake left? “Crack some jokes”…your my kind of gal. OK…I’m going to say POOP!, CRAP! and FART! all day long in honor of Jodi’s Birthday. Lisa Andrews tesified TA didn’t like those words. I’m trying to picture this conversation between the two, did it go something like; I love you, Lisa, you’re a virgin, I’m a virgin, we share the same faith, your “marriage material” BUT before I quit screwing around with other women and buy you an engagement ring you need to clean up your act and quit using words like Poop, Crap and Fart.

      (((((Happy Bithday Jodi!)))))

  16. Happy Birthday Jodi!

    My wish for you is real justice that gives you your freedom one day and that we all can get together to celebrate your birthday with you!

    Love you Jodi!

  17. Happy birthday Jodi… I completely agree with all of the above.

    Jodi is just a great example of a survivor – and has taught me so much, made me a better person.

    Hold you head up high, be proud of what you are standing up for.

    I heard another survivor on the radio this morning, and thought of you.

  18. Happy Birthday Jodi!,
    We’re both Cancers and that means we’re homebodies. Great at art and cooking and super sensitive. I keep you in my thoughts each day and hope that someone let’s you know we all are here for you. Hope you’ll have much peace today, that’s my wish for you!

  19. Happy Birthday, Jodi! You have changed the world, and things will go well for you on the 16th. People are waking up from their madness and realizing you have been wronged. I’m privileged to know you and call you my friend. May all your wishes come true–today and everyday.

  20. Happy Birthday Jodi!!! Just want you to know that we love you here in texas & that my family & I still pray for you daily. We’re in it for the long haul!!! Love you &God bless!

  21. Happy Birthday Jodi, Where there is love there is hope, and all your supporters here are filled with love and hope for you.

    • Exactly! Judging and hating is too easy.WE are motivated by love,compassion and understanding.

  22. Happy Birthday, Jodi!
    Hope you’re doing well, you’re an awesome and caring person and we all love you and wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!
    You did nothing wrong, the justice system is rigged!

    • Hey everyone!

      Sorry I haven’t visited lately – it’s summer vacation for my son and I’ve been crazy busy! Love to you all :).

    • My ex’s b/d is also July 9th. But we get along so it’s all good. I even called her to wish her Happy Birthday. So my ex and Jodi share a birthday and I have a daughter named Jodi. 🙂

  23. Today is your day…..Ms. Arias!!!! May your heart be warmed with all the love and support directed your way…. “We believe in”!!!! You will always be an inspiration to many!!! You are a “survivor”!!! Xoxo


    Thinking of you today and everyday.

    Personal Daily Horoscope of Tuesday, 9 July 2013
    for Jodi, born 9 July 1980

    Send page

    Holiday! ***
    Happy birthday! Today the Sun returns to the position it was in when you were born.
    As would seem appropriate with this transit, today is a day of new beginnings, and the influences you feel today will affect the entire year to come. However, this does not mean that the whole year will be disappointing if today doesn’t work out exactly as planned. You are receiving a new impulse from the energy center within you, as symbolized by the Sun. Therefore any new venture that you start at this time will ride the crest of this new energy and will very likely come to an acceptable conclusion. Whatever you do or begin today will bear the stamp of your individuality more than anything else. This is the day to assert yourself anew.

  25. Happy Birthday Jodi I am sorry you have to spend it in jail and that people have eyes but they cannot see the truth. It is my hope that you are safe and that you will get justice because you did not get it the first time.

  26. Happy Birthday our dear Jodi.
    As many have said, I hope you can enjoy this day – your day as best as you can.
    We are all thinking of you and will continue to support you everyday.
    I know, in time, you will get to celebrate these special days freely.

    We love you Jodi.

  27. Dear Jodi

    My heart is heavy knowing that today your dear mother remembers the joy and excitement she felt exactly 33 years ago. Even though none of us knew her then, it is the one day we are sure that her heart was soaring as she looked into her beautiful baby girls eyes. We know that today when she spoke your name for the first time after your birth that she was in awe at how easily it fit her perfect baby girl. Your mom had many dreams for you today. She and your dad and your whole family smiled and laughed and wondered a loud at what kind of great woman you would become.

    You didn’t disappoint them Jodi. Prison was not their dream for you, but it was not because you did something wrong. There dream was that you would move forward and light up the world no matter what circumstances you found yourself in. Their dream was that no matter what you would show prove that you are a woman worthy of all Gods greatest gifts. It matters not if you are in prison, it matters not that you were forced to defend yourself, it only matters that you have lived the dream in your heart.

    Happy birthday Jodi. You are incredible.

  28. Happy Birthday Jodi!

    I missed the cheese cake.

    Great posts today Team Jodi.

    Thoughts and prayers for Jodi’s family.

    Kinda of late post, I am lengthening the wishes for Jodi’s birthday.

    Love you all.

  29. Hey! all just got in from a long day at work. I thought about Jodi all day! I guess I’ll break out the “for special occasions only bourbon” and raise a glass or two to Jodi on her birthday.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JODI!!!! you are truly blessed with soooooo many people that LOVE you and support you.

    Ray in Harrisonburg Virginia

      • Single malt is scotch which is very good, bourbon is Kentucky sippin whiskey one of my personal favorites is Knob Creek single barrel 120 proof and goes down like water, yes it is that smooth. NEVER EVER mix sippin whiskey, chase it with a small sip of water if you must and I think its against the law to mix it with coke or 7up. or at least it should be. (LOL)

        Ray in H-burg Va.

  30. I sent Jodi such a trival postcard to wish her a “happy” birthday.

    My prayers are that next year she can celebrate freely after exoneration.

    I can’t fathom just how slowly the clock must tick for her.

    A WASTE.

    Since I posted pro-Arias comments on my own site, I experienced nasty, poisonous emails from ‘Pro-Travis’ supporters.

    How funny that Mr. Alexander’s “supporters” forget the He/She WERE, in fact, LOVERS.

    Despite the Domestic Abuse, Toxic Relationship existing between them.
    What truly transpired is their knowledge and Not ours.
    He is not here to repeat it and she (perhaps, mercifully) has No Memory of those moments.

    Jodi’s Birthday: I said a prayer for Jodi and for her family and lit a candle—how sad that this “theatre” has continued so long for So Little GOOD—-but, if the road leads to a Reversal of Fortune, it is worthwhile indeed.

    In Japanese: otanjyobi omedeto.
    You GO Girlfriend.

    Jodi is not alone.

    I pray for her health, safety and some mirth (where it can be found there) daily.

    Godspeed. n.

    • Norma, it seems that no Jodi supporter is entitled to his/her own opinion! They blame us, make fun of us and even threaten us JUST because we dare speak in favour of Jodi. And I dont care if they think she is a cold-blooded murderess and I support that ‘evil’ (in their eyes) person. FREEDOM OF THOUGHT AND SPEECH are two of the most vital liberties people have bled and died for. A bunch of Travis supporters (who as far as Im concerned can sanctify whoever they choose to) will not make us change our minds because -frankly?- who says we wanna change them??? LOL!

      P.S :Your post reminded me that I havent lit a candle for my baby girl since May 8th 🙁 During deliberations I kept a white candle lit but I was so heartbroken after the verdict I never did it again. Now that I’m slowly coming to terms with it, I’ll start once again lighting a candle for Jodi.

  31. Jodi. Happy Birthday!

    How I wish you were spending this special day with friends and family. It is not to be today but it WILL be in the (hopefully) near future!

    I believe with all my heart that you will be exonerated; that this farce of a verdict will be overturned; that you will walk in the sunshine and breathe the air of freedom again.

    Keep your head up and don’t let the bastards get you down. You are in our hearts, thoughts, and feeling on this and every day.


    ((((Team Jodi))))

  32. Jeff,

    Lovely tribute.

    I hope Jodi feels the positive energy.

    Happy Birthday Jodi. Many here are happy you were born. Never forget that and don’t let the hate grind you down.

    • Thank you, JC! I hope Jodi feels the positive energy, too. It’s a bittersweet day for me because she shouldn’t be in jail. She should be home with her family and friends enjoying the day and opening up presents. I believe Jodi. Moreover, I believe in Jodi.

      Some of Travis’s supporters might say “Yes, well, at least Jodi gets to celebrate another birthday. Travis can’t.” All I can say to that is that I’m really sorry that Travis isn’t here anymore to celebrate another birthday. But I’m going to temporarily put aside any feelings of sadness because today’s for Jodi. This is her day. And birthdays are meant to be celebrated, not mourned.

      If I could be there the day that Jodi finally is freed from jail or prison, I would like to be there to give her a big hug. I’ve always considered her to be a kindred spirit and, to me, she is one of the best friends I’ve never met yet. It’s hard to explain, but you’re just going to have to trust me on this when I say that I’m very intuitive and I have absolute confidence that Jodi is a wonderful human being that would not ever intentionally hurt another human being. I just hope that Jodi knows that if she ever reads this or if someone can get this to her that as long as I’m breathing, she’ll always have a friend with me. And, Jodi, I’m always here for you to talk to or to listen. Count on it.

  33. Hey guys…… I just wanted to stop by and at least say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JODI! I didn’t want anyone to think I was gone, my husband is here for a few more days and im trying to spend as much time with him and the fam.

    I miss you guys and I haven’t forgotten about Jodi, I think about her everyday.

  34. Happy Birthday Jodi.

    My birthday wish for you, is that you remain strong and always keep the faith that justice will prevail. I pray that you find comfort in the fact that you were meant to save your life, despite the hardships that has brought you. I hope you are able to celebrate that you were blessed with another year to bring hope to others that may one day have to fight for their life. May your 33rd year bring you abundant blessings and your freedom.

  35. Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!! We love you and think and pray for you always!

    Warm wishes to you with much love. Wish you were a million miles away from that horrid prison. 🙁



  36. Dear sweet Jodi. I hope you had as good a day today as can be expected given your circumstances. My heart goes out to you, your mom and dad and the rest of your family. I know that on the birth days of my children I spend the day reliving that special amazing day as I brought them into this world, and I am sure your mom did the same thing today. She must be heart broken to see her little girl going through this horrible time.

    The day you came into this world, you came here for a reason. We don’t get to choose, but I truly believe that you were meant to bring injustice and domestic violence to light. You do have amazing supporters in the people who live at this site. We are your cyber family and we are here for you. Things will get better I truly believe that.

    To all who posted above, thanks for your beautiful words to Jodi. I am sincerely proud and honoured to be among you.

    We will prevail.

    • Yes we WILL,Bev dear!
      Thank YOU for being a loyal supporter. I totally agree with you btw,everybody is born for a reason and no matter how incomprehensible the Divine Plan of our existence may at times seem due to all the hardships,the Universe surely knows what purpose each and every one of us is here to serve**

  37. happy birthday jodi prayers are coming your way & GOD BLESS i really hope you get out on appeals…so unfair ..trial was a 3 ring had you convicted long before trial started and after that they crucified you every single night ( DURING TRIAL ) on their stupid ass shows just to boost their ratings & $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ dont you worry sweety you WILL GET YOUR JUSTICE~~GOD BLESS YOU ~JOEY xo

  38. Can I wish Jodi a Happy Birthday, too? Happy Birthday, Jodi! May all your dreams come true on this very special day.

    • Remember reading this: “FACEBOOK ADVICE

      …I had that hater person “caligirl” from a long time ago send me some nasty pictures. She has quite an ugly mug on FB, BTW.

      Again, DON’T click on anything sent to your private email from ANY facebook friends. It is relatively easy to imbed keystroke programs into those email links and then you are toast. Don’t even do it from me, or ANYONE because once a person is hacked, then they have access to your friends’ information…it is ok to look at it in your feed..but sending things to email with viruses is way too easy.

      ALSO, I do NOT allow any apps to work with my facebook. An app sent to you by a hater COULD be malicious.

      Without knowing exactly why we have had so many people lose electronics I would just say DONT CLICK ON ANYTHING.


      She wasn’t talking about you now was she? A sensitive person such as yourself wouldn’t do such a thing as send sick pictures to a supporter on facebook while bitching about the pictures posted here?

      If you were falsely accused, by all means defend yourself.

      • I would love to see these so called pictures I sent to BeeCee.. I received 1 email from her, I have never contacted her. How could I? I never had any of her information, she had mine bc SJ posted it, remember?

        So, using logic, how would I find or contact her? I don’t even know her real name. If she received any sort of pics, they most certainly were not from me. I have no idea what she is talking about, as I know none of you by your real names (well, back then I didn’t, and still now I only know most of you by your first names). And even if I did, I would never send anyone weird pictures.

        • Anyhow, you can believe me or not. Or maybe she had me confused with someone else, or thought whatever she received was from me, but it wasn’t. I’ve never tried to contact any of you outside of this site.

            • I’m not saying she made it up, maybe she thinks it was me. I am just being honest in saying it definitely was not me. I’m probably more interested in seeing the proof she has than you are.

              And, I was never using 2 IP addresses. Honestly, once I was banned, I tried, but I couldn’t figure it out. I was posting under two different names, using the same email address to post as 2 different people bc I was getting frustrated. Then I forgot which name I was posting as, and I ended up outing myself. So hopefully that clears that part up.

              • It does. I meant same IP same emails, two different people. Sorry. Anyhow, you obviously feel jodi is a “butcher” so why even post here? Perhaps, you don’t like the idea that we try and keep this supportive but if you are so obviously against her and thinks she needs to die, why did you come here? Were you Jason from Cali too by the way?

                • So cali I didnt ban you. Were you here as a “mole” back then like they bragged about over there saying the moles have been here since we let a ton of new posters in? Or, were you really supportive of the defense case? Are you a poster who left angry because you wanted to post here? You don’t have to answer all the questions. I’m trying to understand where you are with this site.

                • Oh I took my name out of that other post. we have a lot of readers here, tons of crazies out there. But you are welcome to message me. I tried to find you but couldn’t.

                • The word “butcher” makes me sad bc I don’t want to think of anyone as a “butcher.” I think it is more of a spoof on this site. I have never said I think she needs to die. In fact, I posted about her living conditions awhile ago on the other site. If you go back and read, I was almost in tears about the entire situation. I can try to find it and post what I said here.

                • Sorry, I was trying to find my old comments, but I cant.

                  JC, no I was not a mole here..
                  I didn’t even know of the other site back then.

                  I was never a mole, but I was also never a Jodi supporter, and I am just being honest about that.

                  I was posting on here back then bc I was passionate about the trial and wanted to understand more clearly why you all supported Jodi so vigorously.

                  And yea, I am trying to find you on the other site, but I can’t. You can email me at cmagorien1@yahoodotcom

                • I see. There was a time we getting a comment a minute on trial days. SJ asked me to help or he would have had to disable comments. I wasnt reading posts on here much but focusing on who to let in from pending and who was trolling saying “fry the bitch” on here. I’m sure you saw those whackadoo posts too when you posted here.

                  So banned the people that came in there and said stuff like, “fry the bitch” over and over. I think there was a point that people were banned because they started asking questions and the everyone felt that that the was the precursor to the fry the bitch comments. SJ does not like fence sitters either. But some people were banned unfairly no doubt as it was BUSY. DO use your real email? I do. Can we make deal no copy and paste, no discussions being posted? LLM rules? And if you don’t mind, can we chat by facebook? I think people from there need to see us as real people and then draw their conclusions. If I could broker a peace deal with a few I would like that.

                • Thank you! I will email you my facebook page tonight. I have to get two of my boys from a field trip, dinner and I’ll be back. I will email you soon caligirl 🙂

                • I was definitely not one of the ones saying “Fry the bitch,” that’s not even in my vocabulary. I was one of the annoying ones always questioning Jodi’s stories.

                  But, admittedly, I did it knowing that I thought Jodi was guilty and still do.

                • I know, I know you didn’t post that filth. And you have every right to that opinion and I respect that. I think people don’t understand that SJ and the majority didn’t want that expressed here ( that she was guilty of first degree ). I don’t buy the pre med part. I think it was an imperfect self defense case. I’ll email you soon K! But a ton of people said 2nd degree and manslaughter without being banned awhile go. Then it got crazy. Absolutely crazy and things changed. I was copying the wrong IP addresses and banning the wrong people! I will email you tonight. I need to get my boys and settle them. If you can find the link to my facebook you can message me. It’s on the site. Otherwise I will email you.

                • Sorry, JC.
                  I keep trying to find you. I googled our site and “JC,” but didn’t find anything. Then I tried googling our site and “Sonja,” and still didn’t find anything. I asked the others where I can find it. I am trying, but if not, just send me an email. Believe me, it is me. Who would make up a last name like that? Lol. Talk to you soon, enjoy dinner with your boys.

        • what about you using the same IP for two people? Use logic now? Be nice when you talk to me or SJ will ban you. You are a guest remember that.

        • Why are did you come here caligirl? Why? Why leave a comment in pending for jodi knowing we all know who you are? and what about the two IPs? You can facebook me and I’ll show you. Don’t say you don’t know where to find me either, my link is on your favorite blog. I do think you know thats true though.

          • I just wanted to see if you would allow my comment through. And why? I feel more comfortable bc we all kind of know of each other now, but I don’t know how to find you FB, JC. I don’t think that is listed anywhere on our site. If it is, I haven’t seen it at all.

              • Janeen, you FB info is not listed on that site. Where? I will go look for it right now, but I have never seen it.

                • Her financial info was listed and she was mocked! Would you like that if it happened to you? And please don’t think it can’t. Financial problems could happen to anyone. Get married, get divorced… You know. Stuff like that.

                • Ummmm….

                  Not my FB. My full name, my maiden name, my son’s name, my ex husband’s name, my stepfather’s name, my stepfather’s wife’s name, my complete home address, my employer’s name and phone number and at least 5 towns that I have lived in during the past 20 or so years was also listed.

                  I have it copied. I can prove it was posted on that site.

                • I just can’t believe people think that hurtful stuff will teach anyone anything other than hate?

                • No, I would not want that to happen to me, no one would. But I hope you can see that there really were some terrible things said about the Alexanders. I have always kept Jodi’s family out of this bc I think it is tragic on both ends.

            • It is. My facebook was listed because I commented on IT about a really screwed up matter that makes me upset. My full name is on that site. You can contact me anytime. I googled myself to be sure, its there. ( i removed my name as everyone saw it.) It’s there. Ask Karen.

              • I will go check. I don’t remember seeing you post though. Although, sometimes it is hard for me to keep up with the comments.

                • I wouldn’t post! I hate being attacked. I mean someone ( cant remember who – think karen) posted my full name and in another comment posted my facebook because I commented on IT. Underneath is a comment from the admin saying ” interesting”.

            • Okay but you don’t wish Jodi anything good right? You want her to rot, without air, die, never see a familiar face, all that right? I don’t get it really. She’s not Ariel Castro. Do you wish that she have any peace ever?

              • Yes, I do want her to find peace. But I think we have two different views on what that means. I think she needs to come to terms with what happened that day and take some accountability for her part in all of this. I do want her to have peace, and I don’t want her to rot with no air, of course not.

                But we share different views in the sense that I don’t think that Jodi is the angel that most of you seem to think she is. I also don’t think Travis was an angel either.

                We all say things out of anger, I get that. And sometimes I think that the anger is intensified and perpetuated by both sides. I think we have ALL said things we don’t mean in a literal sense, but I just don’t think it is right to trash Travis or his family. If the roles were reversed, I would be defending Jodi just the same.

                • I hear you and understand. I will email you soon. I think we can find some common ground in all this.

      • And just to clarify more clearly, I have NO idea what” imbedding keystroke programs into email links” even means. I would have no clue how to do anything like that. But if she has some sort of “proof,” I’d love to see it bc I would be much more confused by it than any of you.

        • Ok CM…

          So tell us, what is your reason for being here? You did NOT want to wish Jodi happy birthday. So fess up…

          • I was just wondering if you would allow my comment through. I am surprised that you did. I do not support Jodi, this is true. I think what happened is terrible. And I disagree with a lot of your theories.

            With that said, there can be a middle ground. Travis will never celebrate another birthday, and neither will Jodi, really. That is a terribly sad situation, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

            • I absolutely agree with you! Picture that!

              I am not being nasty or sarcastic. After what you and others have said about my best friend, Renee, you now think there can be middle ground?

              I think what has been said about Renee is unforgivable. Not to mention that your friends all believe I am only kissing Renee’s ass, i.e. Renee’s syncophant.

              I find that insulting and the things that have been said about Renee are worse than ANYTHING we could ever say.

              If we can find middle ground – I want the Renee bashing to stop.

            • It is indeed a tragic sad situation. But you clearly know which side of the fence you’re sitting on and so do we. So what’s the point of coming here anyways?

    • (I am still here, just caring for a very ill family member at the moment and have not posted much.)

      It was definitely you, caligirl, who sent me rude photoshopped images of Jodi. They were worse than anything that has been posted here. WAY worse than a body bag picture.

      I never said YOU put a virus in the images, I used that as an example for people not click on things sent to them regardless of whether it is sent by facebook or email.

      Why wish someone a happy birthday after you have said so many terrible things about them?

      Why come here to fish for more information? Is your own turf too boring at the moment?

      • Screenshot your inbox from your FB, you are completely mistaken, BeeCee. I photo shopped pictures of Jodi?!? What in the world are you even talking about? YOU reached out to me, and I don’t even know your real name. You emailed me, I did not email you, and I have no clue what your FB is. On top of that, I don’t even have photoshop!! I have an HP computer and cant do anything fancy on it. It was absolutely not me. I will admit to things I have done, but I will not admit to something I haven’t done. If you have the proof, show it. Show it came from me bc it didn’t. Let me guess, you don’t have it anymore or you deleted it? Right? That’s all I will say about that.
        The rest of your questions have already been answered.

      • Hey BeeCee –
        Been missing you!
        Hope all is well with your family member.

        Keep in touch – looks like we got some turds in the punchbowl.

          • My bad JC.
            I dont mean to stir shit – just defending BeeCee a little.
            And definately dont want you to take blame if something doesnt turn out well – at least you’re trying, I respect that.

            My apologies caligirl.
            I’ll play nice and hope you can too.
            Jodi is an amazing girl who deserves freedom and maybe eventually through this site you will see why.

            Please ignore my not-so-funny comment above…

          • I miss you too M!! and everyone else..I am just very busy and tired from caring for my loved one at the moment.


            You are an angel JC. I admire your willingness to have dialog with all people.


            • Take care of yourself BeeCee.
              We’ll be here when you find spurts of energy and time. 🙂

              Hope you are around on the 16th.
              I’ll need you here!

  39. It’s technically the 10th now here where I am, but I didn’t have time to wish Jodi a happy birthday earlier. I hope she had a nice birthday. Well, as nice as it could possibly be in jail anyways. I’m sure all the support mail and birthday wishes she received put a smile on her face, at least.

  40. (((((((((( H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y – J O D I ))))))))))

    Your strength and perseverance are an inspiration to so many who love and care about you.

    Please know you are thought of an prayed for daily. Those prayers are for the justice and freedom you so well deserve. There are so many who support and believe in you, never give up hope,

    God bless and keep you today and always,

  41. Happy Birthday Jodi,

    wishing your freedom in the first place, of course with lots of healh for you.
    Also many of success in what ever you do. Keep your head up, time will pass very quickly.
    You´ll see the days fly as fast as the lightinings. And then you´ll be free, that I am sure.

    Then, we are bigger then the numbers of the haters, and we´ll praveil ! Therefore, our thoughts of positiveness for you is larger then those that choosen to hate you. Like you said on that interview, with that hater of reporter, “this things doesn´t reach me”. Beautiful answer !

    Keep up the good work and, don´t you ever forget, we LOVE YOU !


  42. I am just seeing this post today, (10th) and wanted to add a special Happy Birthday to Jodi! My wish for you is for you to have much happiness and peace in your heart. I will always hope and pray that you are able to have a lifetime of love, and that this travesty of justice is someday (soon!) reversed. I will continue to hold out hope for your future outside the 4 walls you’re behind.
    Thank you for the truly beautiful post, Jeff!

  43. Wonderful post Jeff sorry I missed your birthday Jodi girl happy belated birthday to you my wish is the best for you always 🙂

  44. Well it’s Tuesday afternoon and all’s well…………………………………………………..!

    ((((((((((((Team Jodi)))))))))))))))

  45. Good evening my lovely cyber family!
    I hope you all celebrated Jodi’s birthday in the best possible way!
    I ate cheesecake and had wine to honor Jodi.
    ((((((((all Jodi supporters)))))))))))
    ((((((((my sisters)))))))))

    • I’m sure she felt the outpour of love yesterday! There were so so so many people not only here but on every single FB group wishing her a Happy Birthday! It was so moving! And away from prying eyes, if you know what I mean… 😉

  46. Happy late birthday Jodi! I’m sure this isn’t how you wanted to spend this birthday, but everything’s gonna work out!

  47. caligirl

    Remember when you were posting as jason and caligirl at the same time? I do, thats when SJ banned you. Is doing that banworthy in your opinion or is playing the victim on the darkside a better route for you.

    Let’s get real caligirl or guy – you know who I am. I don’t know who you are. You act like a major troll posting as two people talking to yourself and whine over there about how people are unfairly banned. Give me a break already. Who victimized who? You did doing that crap here. Remember, IPs are everything caligirl. Your master taught you that. You know where to find me on facebook. Let’s chat on your real profile. I promise I wont bite. I will talk to you the same way as you talk to me…

    • Oh JC………………………..

      Optimistic of you to think she would speak with you at all. They like to play games under assumed names instead of who they really are.

      I will speak to ANY ONE OF THEM under THEIR REAL NAMES. Not poster names. Not aliases. REAL NAMES like REAL HUMAN BEINGS.

      I will gladly speak rationally and will give out exactly what is brought to me.

      • You took the words out of my mouth sis!

        THEY know and USE our real names! We know nothing about them! How easy for them to come over here and MOCK us and our birthday wishes???? Wow, how mature! How hard is it for people to understand that we are entitled to our own opinions and beliefs?
        Btw, I refuse to speak to anyone under a fake name when it’s been months and months that there’s a person over there using MY REAL NAME!!! How disgusting and childish!

      • Same here! I don’t care who goes there and the posters who do need to get over that fear. Problems get solved by communicating with the right people not people dehumanizing an entire group, acting pompous and sanctimonious at the same time. The only reason I don’t talk is that I don’t know who Im talking too! Isn’t that internet safety 101? I wonder how many over there played games like that here by posting as two or three people and then bitch about being banned FFS? I don’t have the energy for that. But then again, they hang with Linda Paris and she’s out with hate. LOUD AND PROUD. She dehumanized the defense team yet most everyone over there thinks the defense did their job. I bet they would LOVE her blog which is 1000xs worse than any blog on the web! Oh the hypocrisy… Got it love it. It’s human nature i guess.

    • JC, sorry to tell you but I went there to post a personal comment to someone that was talking to me and Maria. Of course my post never got thru. I can’t imagine why?!!! LOL! Probably because they are still wiki-ing what to answer me!
      Janeen is right, why don’t they come with their real names?
      I am sure that ms. caligirl will not answer you because she is too busy hiding behind mama’s skirt!
      (((((((((mama’s skirt)))))))))

      • And btw Pandora: they are not wiki-ing anything! If they knew how to use Wikipedia they’d know why the Parthenon is in ruins! But they found it appropriate to blame the greeks! HAHAHA!

      • Are you serious? I thought it was all about free speech over there. SD went through an interrogation over there and was banned in a heartbeat! She was very respectful. I thought they were so mean twisting up everything she said! How dare they think they get to question someone publicly and put them in an emotional bind like that anyhow. It’s as if they view themselves as our judge and I resent the shit out of that. They have all the power and nothing good comes out of a power imbalance like that. BTW, I dont fault cavin for banning SD either because he’s the webmaster he’s the boss who gets to decide what is on his page, when, how and for how long. he didn’t ask their opinion. He banned her and announced it.

        Wait, do you mean to tell me that he didn’t notify them that you posted? Isn’t that against their own rules they made up their head? Power imbalance is abuse imo. I wonder how they would act toward me if we were in the same room? I tell you what, they would have an entirely different opinion and same about all of us and I doubt it would be negative. Whatever though. I think one of them has a heart. Name rhymes with crabby.

        • Oh JC, not only did he not notify them but he bans many people from even looking at their posts! White pages. Probably too scared of what we will read!
          Yes, I posted answering a specific person that was writing to me and Maria.
          Never got to their page. That was 2 days ago! Maybe it is still in moderation!!! LOL! NOT!

        • “BTW, I dont fault cavin for banning SD either because he’s the webmaster he’s the boss who gets to decide what is on his page, when, how and for how long. he didn’t ask their opinion. He banned her and announced it.”

          Agreed, JC. Actually, I wrote an email to dec3iver the day I learned I was banned because I wanted to apologize to the members for my sarcasm towards the end of my visit over there. I wasn’t feeling well, felt like I was being interrogated, and became a bit snarky. I don’t know if he communicated that to the group or not.

    • Janeen, they do not allow everything to go thru! And I was not going to post, but mr santa send me and Maria a personal comment and it is only a nice thing to do to answer!! I don’t want to be rude to him!

    • Of course she did!
      And by the way,so that they know: we never intended to go there and rty to post anything! WE respect their peace and their beliefs as long as they are willing to respect ours. BUT: when a person personally attacks me,my friend and most importantly MY COUNTRY it’s my right and my duty to answer back! FYI haters…

      • They have called us racist so many times and they attack your country? UNCOOL! They dont like anyone commenting on the U.S. judicial system apparently.

      • You are absolutely right, Maria! Personally, I welcome diversity and am glad that people from other countries are here. The other thing I want to say is I am very impressed with yours and Pandora’s ability to converse with us in English and you do a wonderful job of it! 🙂

        • Thank you SD! We are proud and overjoyed to be here among you. This has become our home and we want nothing but peace to support whoever we want.
          Speaking for myself, english is obviously not my monther language and during trial I used to stay up till 4 o’ clock in the morning to watch it and discuss with all of you here at the same time. (Most of the time I’m up till late even now because that’s when traffic hits this site,time difference you see..) I do make a lot of mistakes but I never expected to be made fun of and ridiculed on that other site for that! It’s pretty petty if you come to think about it; attacking a non-native speaker for not being able to communicate as effectively or accurately as native speakers ,LOL! Yet they did do that,trying to hurt my feelings, who knows? Well, they didnt succeed in doing so! I am still here and will be till the day Jodi is set free!

          • I understand you perfectly, Maria, and do not think you make a lot of mistakes. Those comments that were being made were just plain mean.

        • We have international concerns! We do not ONLY focus on what happens in our country.
          I am here to support Jodi because of the injustice that has been done to her. As I have been saying from the getgo: since when is it a crime to fight for your life and come out a winner? I do not applaud DV! I will fight against it wherever in the world I hear about it!
          It is like saying: I don’t care if American pets are being abused, as long as here in Greece they are fine! wtf! Animals are animals all over our plant as humans are humans everywhere!

          • I felt sad when i read many were starving in Greece during the market collapse. Has it gotten better?

              • I think the the world is in dire straights. But I am a nervous nelly. My husband was laid of a ten career as a carpenter in 2008. He went and got his hazmat. CDL my working class man, I’m so proud of him for not letting life get to him and getting back in the saddle right away. I was laid off of a teaching job. But we try and live below our means so I can stay home with the kids because I love that. There was a time we were living off of 1400.00. HUMBLING. I take NOTHING for granted now. Although, I do miss teaching. I like working with kids with issues. The kids that hate you at first. LOL

                • People are getting laid off all the time here these days…Today they announced that 2,500 people working on the public sector (teachers mostly) are getting fired.Well,suspended actually but that’s just sugar coating the pill…

          • “It is like saying: I don’t care if American pets are being abused, as long as here in Greece they are fine! wtf! Animals are animals all over our plant as humans are humans everywhere!”

            Amen, sister! I couldn’t have said it better.

  48. Here let’s do it for them:

    Janeen Russo: 9
    maria rigadopoulou: 12
    Pandora: 14

    That’s just so far!!!! Pan YOU WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!

      • LMAO!!!!!

        I did not plan on ruining your Christmas!!! I am sorry!!!!!!!!! You will NOT have to wait until Christmas for your prize honey…………………….

        LOL LOL LOL

    • Ah, yes the commment counting… And if mods post we are trying to what? I post when I have something to say not to make comment counts go up FFS. SPIN SPIN SPIN

    • OMG! I made 12 comments. Shit I better shut it! It might MEAN something nefarious if I don’t!

  49. (((((((((((((((((((((kittens, cats, lions, tigers, bears, porcupines, unicorns, raccoons, skunks, lynx, ocelots, puppies, all furry creatures)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • ((((((((((((( Jodi holding her head high and SMILING even when in shackles))))))))))))))

      Coz THAT’S OUR GIRL!!!! She is a tough cookie!!

      • AND July the 16th is near, we’ll get to see our beautiful ANGEL once more! WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

    • ((((((((santa’s been a bad boy)))))))))
      ((((((((love all animals))))))))
      ((((((love Jodi)))))
      (((((((love SJ, MB, JC, and my sisters)))))))))

      Maria, Jodi can pull off anything she waers! She is a beautiful woman in and out and either in shackles of Dior she looks the same beautiful!

      • (((((((((((((fuck the ‘majority’ ))))))))))))))

        ((((((((we are proud JODI SUPPORTERS))))))))))

        (((((((((love all my fellow Jodi friends))))))))))

        (((((((((We are here for the LONG HAUL))))))))))))))

        SJ ♥

  50. ” I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”


    Just saying…. 😉

    • So in case the ‘other side’ doesnt get it, it’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
      We can love,support and defend whoever we CHOOSE!

  51. Respect to be respected. Another comment not gone thru there! Can’t spend anymore time waiting for moderation. I was talking to lloyd. Seems he can’t answer. To the rest that replied, I have nothing to say. As I wrote in my comment: it was between lloyd , Maria and me. I will not involve anyone else. He dissed my country, my culture and I will not reply to him with ribbons and feathers! He had it coming! That’s all I have to say to everyone lurking!
    Now, here in my cyber home, I focus on JODI and ONLY JODI. That is what I’m her for.

    • Well said girl! Let it be known that if they do not bother us then we have absolutely no desire to bother them! They like Travis ,we like Jodi. AS SIMPLE AS THAT!

  52. I didn’t wish Jodi a happy birthday yesterday because this situation is so sad and effed up but I will do it a day late. It’s my wish that she has hope in her heart and peace of mind that although this was one of the not so good birthdays in her life, she will have happier ones in the future. As for the creeper up top ‘caligirl’? Sad that her life is so empty and hollow and hate-filled that she pretends to be 2 people and creeps onto this site just to see if she can. She was quick to ask for proof of something…where’s the proof that TA didn’t attack Jodi to the point she defended her life? I say crawl back under your rock and cuddle with your hate. Jodi is a better person that any of you will ever be.

  53. JC, it does my heart good to see how you have conversed with a member from JAIAB in such a mature and reasonable way.

    AND that you were respectful.

    AND that you didn’t try to intimidate, threaten or harass her.

    Lessons to be learned, indeed.

    • ((((((((((((((((((((SD))))))))))))))))))

      Great to see you honey! (((((((((((((((((((hugs friend)))))))))))))))))))

  54. can anybody explain what this means?

    7/9/2013 OBJ – Objection/Opposition. – Party (001) 7/10/2013

  55. Happy (Belated) Birthday Jodi!
    You may never see this, but I want you to know I have been in your corner since the first time I heard of the terrible tragedy that occurred June 4, 2008. I send you a big (((HUG))). My birthday wish for you is that things will turn around for you in this new year, that good fortune will be on your side (for once).
    Happy Birthday Pretty Girl (a little late…but that’s me, sorry).

  56. Hey all,

    I believe someone posted before that we take our freedom for granted. We do. I believe that everyone here would trade a day or two or more with Jodi so she could enjoy some freedom that we enjoy every moment in a day. We wake up and can do anything we wish to do. We can go outside smell the fresh air, feel the sun, feel the rain lightly bouncing off our face. We can hug our spouse, our children, our grandchildren and our friends anytime. We can help a neighbor, lend a hand to a person we have never met that is in need or simply say thank you to someone who comes to our aid. We can take a ride through the country, spend a day at the beach and go out to eat or fix our favorite foods at home anytime. We can walk our dog or let our cat curl up in our lap.

    Keep Jodi in your thoughts and prayers. Jodi will one day enjoy freedom that we have so available to us.

    • Well said. I agree that we often do take our freedom for granted. Sometimes when I’m doing certain things, I think to myself, “Jodi can’t do this anymore.” And it makes me appreciate it more.

      • Aw…such beautiful posts.Both. Yes, I agree with you. We take not only our freedom but so so many things for granted.Even the little things like food,sanitary goods or even get up from the chair and walk a few feet to stretch our legs. Jodi can’t have any of these and I know what Britney’s talking about. Ever since January almost anything I do or experience I am thankful for because I always say to myself ‘Jodi cant do this’ .Those of you who have been here for a long time will probably remember my posts regarding my feeling guilty eating dinner in front of my computer while watching the trial because I knew Jodi was starving and I honestly felt guilty stuffing my mouth with home made delicious food while looking at Jodi’s underfed cute face 🙁 So so many things we have to wake up and be thankful for every morning.

  57. Hi all! I was upset and a bit sickened to see the face of caligirl on a site that I go to repeatedly each day. I understand giving people a benefit and a chance to talk rationally.

    However, that poster, and her minions have said worse things about ME than I have anyone.

    When I know I wont have to look at her mug again, I will come back.

    JC♥ you rule for trying; but I guarantee she is here for the wrong reasons, and I for one have nothing to say about her, around her or to her. There are other posters over there I would feel much more okay having to look at. as for her, Nope.

    ♥ TEAM JODI ♥

    • Renee’,

      Don’t go. Because shyte is thrown at us does not me we have to eat it. You are worth more when you post here on this site. I am sorry for any crap that you have dealt with.

      We need you here!

      • I would never leave this site, I take sabbaticals when needed…and if I have to look at her face, it is needed. 😎

        • Renee –
          I wont argue that you should stay, I understand why you are frustrated right now.
          However if you’re taking a sabbatical please make sure to keep in touch.
          Let us know whats up.

          You’re amazing, intelligent, funny, and very important to us Jodi lovers here.
          I enjoy your posts very much, you crack me up.

          • M. I appreciate you too! I am close to several posters here, who always know how I am. I have grown a second family; and yes, I consider many here family. How can I do so when I have not met them? Easily, after hundreds of emails, chats, texts… exchanging pictures and memories and feelings… yes, family.

            and a truly wonderful, and beautiful best friend. ((((((((((((J)))))))))))))))

    • It was so disrespectful of her to come here and post on Jodi’s birthday page! THAT’S what infuriated me the most because I had talked about it with some of my friends and posters here and I didnt want anything to ruin Jodi’s beautiful b-day wishes page and surprise surprise: There she was!
      Frankly?I still don’t get it.Why come here when she knows she’s not wanted,when she clearly knows which side of the fense she is on,when she has been here before and is familiar with our opinions beliefs and love for Jodi. She says this is a tragedy for both sides.I absolutely agree with her and respect the fact that she too acknowledges it.She also said that the word ‘butcher’ sounds sad to her; yet this doesnt stop her from posting on a site whose name contains that particular word. For example if I didnt believe Jodi is innocent I would never become a member of a site whose title manifests her innocence! Anyways, she sounded kind and trying hard not to disturb anybody. If she really believes what she claimed last night I’d advise her to find a more ‘melow’ site if there is such a place! She clearly thinks Jodi is neither innocent nor a butcher! Then she should steer clear from both sites LOL! Otherwise she is just pretending and is on a mission or something.We don’t post there so they shouldnt post here. It is better to try NOT TO MINGLE!

  58. As far as I’m concerned Caligirl can go to hell. Makes comments about Jodi and other posters and then tries to back peddle as fast as she can? Hell to the NY no. F her.

    • You know what? some of us of dont feel like fighting anymore. Can you save it until after I talk to her please? She posted a happy birthday wish and I let her in. Email SJ. Not trying to be rude but how long have you been here anyway. You come in and stir up shit? they havent even mentioned you. Please knock it off.

          • Oh, okay. fuck it. I too am tired of fighting, Of trying to enjoy my rights under the fucking Constitution,. tired of bullies… fuck it

            • Andrea who has all of a few posts who did that to stir up shit not defend anyone. I’m not buying that.

              • Yes I have a few posts and was talking to Caligirl not Renee. Not stirring up shit but speaking my mind. Sorry didn’t think doing that or having a few posts (I do read every day and I do have a jammed pack life so can’t sit on the Internet all day and write frequent and lengthy posts) was a horrible crime in here. If Caligirl did that to Renee and you r going to talk to here then, to me, that is stirring shit up and perpetuating the problem. But that is just my opinion. Peace out. I’m done in here.

  59. Jesus guys I spend one day at the beach and when I come back all hell has broken loose!!! My best advice to all is to STAY AWAY FROM HATER SITES!!!! It’s very bad for your equilibrium. I got too much sun today so I’m off to bed.

    Everyone needs to have a Mental Margarita and just chill.

    Nite nite

  60. WTF is going on here? Don’t give into the trolls. I have read that posters here don’t talk to people unless they post by their real name. I have had to post with an alias to protect my loved ones. I am not afraid of anybody.

    I am here because I am fighting for Jodi’s cause.

    • Not talking to people posting under fake names who come from the haters’ side to stir shit my friend! Not you.We dont have a problem talking to our fellow Jodi supporters whether they choose to write under their real name like myself or under an alias.

  61. Zimmerman is coward not to take the stand he killed a kid he is not sorry for killing a kid Jodi is much better then Zimmerman she took the stand she cryed in court for killing travis she snapped Zimmerman did not snap he killed a kid because he wanted to hes the one that lied not Jodi Zimmerman doses not even care that he killed a kid

  62. Good morning my cyber family,
    Yesterday was a bit hectic. It wasn’t intentionally done.
    This morning, I was thinking about all that came down and I just wanted to say that it is only human and normal to react with rage when someone has been verbally attacked by strangers over and over.
    It is not us that started this thing. I mean, we did not look into a crystal ball and see that in the near future a copy-cat site was going to be made and all posts there would be personal attacks of Jodi supperters. And then ran here and started posting mean things about the haters.
    The haters made a site LONG AFTER ours was already made. THEY started snooping and writing personal info about us. THEY started to steal our identities. THEY came here trolling…
    IMHO, if they were walking down the street and some stranger passed them by and said “Fuck you asswipe” they too would be offended and answer back appropriately and in the same tone. THEY wouldn’t say “Please don’t cuss at me. Let’s have a coffee and talk this over”. LOL! Let’s be real people!

    So, if there is bad things said about them, they can only blame themselves. It is a big deal to be able to say that you were wrong.

    SJ, did not invite them telling them “Hey, there haters, why don’t you come over and trash talk to Jodi’s supporters. And while you’re here, be free to copy/ paste all posts and mock them when you go back to your site. And because we love you soooo much, please do post all of our personal info, too”.

    So, if they want us to stop, and respect their opinions, they too will have to stop messing with us and start repsecting our opinions first. I do not have anything personal with anybody there (except santa bc he attacked my country). Whomever else had sth bad to say about me is just a fart sound in my ears bc they do not know me thus they can not hurt me!

    Learn to agree to disagree.

    SJ, thanks for allowing me to speak my voice freely. YOU ROCK!
    JC, you are an angel, girl!
    MB, you too are a hero!

    I love you all! Σας αγαπώ όλους!

    Jodi is my priority but sometimes I loose focus! I shook off the rage and am back to normal!

    Have an amazing day! I know mine is going to be one!
    (((((((((((my Jodi fellow supporters)))))))

    • I could not agree more with you more girlfriend!

      Speaking for me,here’s the deal and please allow me to come clean. Just like Pandora who also lives in Greece we heard of the case,read about it and decided instinctively I guess at first which side we were on.We googled and found the appropriate site to express our support and ideas. Personally, early on I went to one of HLN’s pages and wrote ”Martinez is a bully” under some comments praising him. I got attacked of course,got nasty messages on my FB but thought I had it coming and I knew they were sort of right to attack me because I had been disrespectful to them.I realized I had no right whatsoever to go on a page which was clearly pro-Pros and write something so controversial.I learnt my lesson and after that incident,I have NEVER EVER been to an opposing site or FB page and written a single word mainly because I do believe in freedom of speech and in a beautiful greek proverb which goes along the lines” Oh you Teacher, that would teach but failed to abide by the laws of your teachings” (if that makes sense LOL)

      I only posted here and on closed FB groups where I was comfortable talking to fellow Jodi supporters. So imagine my surprise when I found out that there was a copy-cat site made not to promote support for Travis but dedicated to mocking our site, posters and comments. Most importantly, I was shocked when I checked it to see MY OWN REAL NAME and a person USURPING it with a bunch of others calling me all kinds of names and making fun of my grammatical mistakes probably not even realizing or taking the time to find out I was a non-native speaker (one of them suggested I might be German LOL). Now who in their right mind would not be annoyed? I kept asking myself what did I ever do to them? I just support Jodi whether they believe this is noble or not!! I didnt steal their name, I didnt attack them personally judging their education,skills and qualifications (because that’s what english means to me,I spent years studying this foreign language and many others and I am still in the learning process).

      Bottom line? THEY started this and it would only be fair if they decided to end it. We somehow will have to agree to disagree. We are all free people with a Free Will so we can love or hate whoever we choose. Yes, I am proud to say I LOVE Jodi Ann Arias( dont try and figure out why JAIABers, I dont care if you think I have issues) and I am also not afraid to say I HATE Travis Alexander (again I am entitled to my own opinion right? Democracy is the regime my ancient greek ancestors first conceived so anything that sounds like a Dictatorship is hated here; we greeks are kinda like allergic to it LOL)

      Both sides are fighting for their own cause and I think both sides will be better focused on their mission if they dont mingle as I wrote up thread.

  63. And please sign the petition:

    Each time someone signs, Time Warner investor relations get an email.

    I know they will not like it one bit when this comes up at a board meeting or AGM.

    It may be a big company, but there are just a few senior directors who decide these things.

    Would love to be a fly on the wall.

    Remember the News of The World? Remember Rupert Murdoch getting hauled up in front of MPs?

  64. Evening, everyone! This will probably be a new post on my blog. I’m not sure yet. I’ve got a couple of ideas lined up for later on in the week and this weekend, but this one is called “Who Is Jodi Arias?”

    Throughout the Jodi Arias trial, most people who watched it on television, listened to it on radio or read about it in newspapers or on the Internet didn’t really get to know who Jodi Arias is. By contrast, we seemingly got to know Travis Alexander after being inundated with videos, photographs and recollections from family and friends of his. Of course, most of us know by now that a lot of that was B.S. and that Travis Alexander took his Mormonism about as seriously as William Hung takes vocal lessons. But what about Jodi Arias? If you were to look up Jodi Arias on Google and type her name, some of the names associated with her I won’t even repeat here out of respect. Let me just say that one of the kindest ones is “vixen” and even that I find to be unnecessary.

    Most people dislike or hate Jodi Arias to a large degree because they bought into the lies and distortion of facts by HLN and the prosecution. Jodi’s critics often liken her to a witch. She’s not a witch, but this most certainly HAS been a witch hunt against her. The fact that this trial took longer than a Kim Kardashian marriage is something that I find to be disgraceful. The fact that so many taxpayer dollars were wasted on this sham of a trial I find to be disgraceful. We have real, serious threats to society who have had shorter trials than Jodi’s and were released to go back out onto the streets. Jodi Arias was never a threat to society before she killed Travis Alexander and she is not a threat to society now.

    Jodi is not someone with a propensity towards violence. Nor is she a woman who jumped from bed to bed with men the way that Travis casually did with women. Some people say that all Jodi wanted out of Travis was sex. I disagree. I say that it was the other way around. Because Jodi wanted a relationship with Travis and he spurned her at every turn. He took their relationship as seriously as he took his so-called “devout Mormonism”.

    So who is Jodi Arias? Jodi Arias is your sister, girlfriend, wife, friend, co-worker, acquaintance. She is your next-door-neighbor. She is every woman that has ever been abused by a man. Jodi Arias was repeatedly subjected to emotional, psychological and, at times, physical abuse from Travis Alexander. Some of her critics say that there is no evidence of physical abuse to support her claim. Therefore, Jodi is making up stuff. While it may be true that at this time there are no photographs to document or validate Jodi’s claims of physical abuse, it is without question that we have evidence of Travis Alexander’s emotional and psychological abuse of Jodi. Not all of us are survivors of domestic abuse, but I am sure that many of us at one time or another were bullied and spent years getting pummeled with negative reinforcement which often takes years of de-programming to allow many of us to happily live and have a good, balanced life again.

    What sickens and saddens me is to watch how some people on television, radio and the Internet have taken it upon themselves to make sure that the pattern of emotional and psychological abuse of Jodi Arias is uninterrupted. HLN has been the biggest culprit of this, gleefully and openly mocking and bashing Jodi Arias while simultaneously paying tribute to Travis Alexander with solemn, sad-looking faces 24/7. Anyone who dares to support Jodi Arias is shouted down and castigated by HLN as well as other media outlets. They are roundly criticized and attacked for “supporting a murderer”. However, murder is defined as “the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with pre-meditated malice”. I just happen to be one of many people who don’t believe that Jodi Arias pre-meditated the killing of Travis Alexander.

    Criticism is one thing, however; personal attacks and a well-orchestrated smear campaign to destroy Jodi Arias personally is another. Some media outlets especially HLN as well as well-financed supporters of Travis Alexander have taken their dislike and hatred of Jodi to new lows when they seemingly find fault with every little thing she says and does. For example: allegedly flipping off Nancy Grace, Jodi’s decision to wear or not wear eyeglasses during the trial, not wearing prison garb in the courtroom, mocking her artwork as well as the “Survivor” shirts she has helped to create and showing genuine alarm at how someone like Jodi could dare to do multiple media interviews directly after court has adjourned for the day. Apparently, it was perfectly acceptable and okay for Travis Alexander’s family, friends and supporters to be interviewed on a daily basis throughout the trial, but not for Jodi Arias’s family, friends and supporters.

    There are two sides to every story and, unfortunately, Jodi Arias has had her side of the story suppressed by most media outlets. For whatever reason, they chose to align themselves with Travis Alexander’s family and friends and helped perpetuate this myth that Travis was this Mormon golden boy and paragon of moral virtue. Sure, he wasn’t perfect, and he may have made a few mistakes, but he was essentially good-natured and, sadly, was cut down in the prime of his life by this cold-hearted vixen. That’s the B.S. they’ve been selling since Day 1 of this trial. Unfortunately, many people believed it and bought into it. Not because the evidence suggests this, but because they WANT to believe it. It’s the same reason why many of these same people refuse to believe that the verdict in the Casey Anthony trial was correct. They are judging this trial based on pure emotion, not by facts. And, many of them have suggested that the only reason why people like me support Jodi Arias is because she’s a young, attractive woman. They say that if Jodi Arias looked more like Donavan Bering than Eva Longoria that we wouldn’t be as passionate about her defense. With all due respect, this is a croc. Furthermore, could not the same be said about their passionate defense of Travis Alexander? If Travis Alexander was not a wealthy, attractive white man, would they care as much about supporting him? I can guarantee you that they would not.

    The simple face of the matter is that neither Travis nor Jodi could help the fact that they both are attractive people. That is one of the main reasons why the media latched onto this story and promoted it. However, my support of Jodi and almost everyone else’s support of Jodi goes beyond her physical beauty. Jodi Arias is a beautiful and lovely person inside and out. She is not this monster or evil devil that she has been portrayed by HLN or haters on the Internet. She is one of too many women in this country and this world who have suffered domestic abuse by a man. Unfortunately for Jodi, this is compounded by the additional abuse that has been inflicted upon her by various media outlets and anonymous bullies on the Internet that continue to pile on personal attacks on her and her family. How Jodi maintains her dignity and composure in the courtroom and outside of it I think is a demonstration of her character. Sure, she has came close to snapping quite a few times and who could blame her? If any one of us was constantly being subjected to such abuse along with our family, can you imagine how difficult it would be to keep our cool and remain calm?

    There are two sides to every story and eventually Jodi’s side will be heard by everyone. And, once people gradually begin to hear the truth about what really happened on that fateful day in June along with the events that transpired before that, a lot of people are going to owe Jodi Arias an apology.

  65. For those out there thinking Jodi Arias is they Ultimate Monster and deserves the needle when the evidence was not even conclusive (even the jurors themselves couldnt agree on the sentence!)

    A couple of days ago a heineous crime was revealed in Greece : a father came back from a trip only to find his baby DEAD IN THE FREEZER! Apparently the baby was crying so the mother threw it in his crib violently but with the crib having a wooden floor the baby hit its head and started breathing heavily,dying.This was going on for a whole day!!! The mother never asked for help she just left it in the crib,fighting for breath and when she realized it wasn’t moving she put it in the freezer to avoid decomposition and left it there for days!!!! The father came back home and found it, called the neighbours and the cops obviously shell shocked! The mother when interrogated said :” It broke my nerves so I hit it”

    I am not claiming Travis’ death was anything short of a tragic violent death. What I am asking from people is a bit of perspective. You can NOT like Jodi Arias as much as you want.But focusing all your hatred on one person as if they were Hitler and making her destruction your life’s purpose,or the destruction of her family her friends,anyone affiliated with her or anyone supporting her because they understand what made her snap, is wrong IMHO.

    • (Sorry for referring to the baby as ”it” but I dont know the gender of the child; in greek the noun ‘baby’ is neutral so when we don’t know the gender we use the ‘neutral’ to us pronoun ‘it” .No disrespect intended)

    • Maria, my heart broke with that piece of news. When I saw it on the news I freaked!

      Your comment is so right on spot.


  66. Happy Birthday Jodi!! I know that I’m late, but I have been busy. With so much love, I wish you a happy birthday and I hope that soon you’ll be able to enjoy your next birthdays together with your famy. May God bless you always and forever.

  67. Happy Birthday Jodie, you are not alone. a lot of people still love you. Every morning from
    this day forward when you first open your eyes, Smile and feel the warmth of this love in your heart.
    You are so Beautiful, strong, and talented. you deserved so much more from this life.
    Please continue your artwork , it is awesome. your art it gives us insight to what is inside your heart .
    You are a Survivor and in our prayers each day.
    May God bless you and his love and forgiveness help you through this difficult time.
    You still have so much love and strength in your life, whether you see it or not. look what you
    have Survived so far. A truely Strong Woman… Continue fighting, Never stop Believing.

    Happy Birthday , and God Bless you Jodie .

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