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Check out the re-post below from June 16th.

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Following from my last post, here’s the next installment of Gus Searcy’s recent interview with Pitchforks.

In this recording, Gus discusses “The Secret”, CASH, the Cancun trip, the suicide of Dan Freeman’s brother (the day of Jodi’s arrest), the suicide a few days later of one of Jodi’s friends, the supposed suicide of Ashley Reed, the Dustin Thompson “tip”, thoughts on the “Ninja theory”, John Hepworth & the bathroom shoe print, plus a bunch of other stuff too.

It’s well worth listening to.


With specific regard to the bathroom shoe print, I firmly believe law enforcement know who it belongs to, but the information has been purposefully suppressed.



Make no mistake.

Believe it.

Prepare for it.

Be part of it.

Leave your thoughts & comments below.

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  1. I don’t have time to read and comment coz I’m off to meet some friends, will do later but all I want to say for now is ….. in ya face Pandora, I’m FIRST! 🙂 🙂
    HA HA HA!

  2. Rasna,

    I just posted on the previous topic above the post you placed the link with the excellent misconduct link. Can you please repost that article? Your whole post is excellent to repost if possible. I have to get some work done. I will be back in a few hours. Thank you.

    • Marianne,

      I am guessing that this is the post with the link that you are refering to:

      Related to the four (4) previous threads referring to Prosecutorial Misconduct, the following link is yet another exposure about rogue cops and prosecutors.

      “A recent study found prosecutorial misconduct in nearly one-quarter of all capital cases in Arizona. Only two of those prosecutors have been reprimanded or punished. This led the Arizona Republic to conclude:

      There seldom are consequences for prosecutors, regardless of whether the miscarriage of justice occurred because of ineptness or misconduct. In fact, they are often congratulated.”

      After Michael Kiefer’s interview – and when Martinez and Flores thought that this would be put in the past and forgotten about – a ‘second wave of shit’ is coming around… to nail them to the crapper again.

      • No punishments, because lizards at law, investigate, themselves, and, have a trick, that, they cannot, comment, upon, ongoing investigations… How, convenient, that this, condenses, to, a violation of closed meetings laws… just as, “grand” jury, and, court, juries, are, done, secretly, as, ordered by the law gods, whom we all must serve; never mind that we own the bastards…. Edgrrr…

  3. For at least the last 20 years I have been aware of the link between the so-called law of attraction and right wing religious based groups, Mormon and other born-again Christian groups begun in America. My niece was recently subject to years of this influence to her very great detriment. She and her husband masqueraded as a happy united Church going couple with countless photographs and three children to prove it. They were both pastors in their church. He was a youth adviser and worker. When she finally left him even her own sisters refused to believe it when she disclosed the truth at last: that her husband was a violent abuser. As she told her mother, my sister: “Mum, I thought if I just kept believing he was a model husband, he would become one some day.” That is how abuse goes unreported: the so-called “law of attraction” keeps women believing that if they believe it is so, it will happen, if you believe someone is good and kind to you, he will eventually become so one day. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keeping violence locked up under closed doors without help from the outside can and often does result in the kind of violence that we have seen in the tragic case of Jodi Arias and Travis Alexander. The other problem is believing that it is the law of attraction that will bring you money and financial success. Over the years many people have come to me in great despair after going bankrupt from believing this rot. Gus Searcy I actually like. I have him as a friend on my Facebook page. His BS philosophy I do not, he has been taken in like countless others, and since he was her mentor, I think he should take some blame for influencing a vulnerable young Jodi Arias this way. Yet he continues to defend these philosophies? For that he is extremely blameworthy. Travis Alexander also was taken in by this BS, and was in great despair at the time of his death because things did not turn out the way it was promised to him that it would, if only he believed. Life as he ended up living it, and life as he was promised under the philosophies sprouted by Gus were diametrically opposed. I deal with this in my book: A Mormon Murder – Jodi Arias and the Killing of Travis Alexander.

  4. “So many angles to this story that are very very fishy – that nobody seems to follow up on – once they decided that Jodi ‘was their man’, so to speak. She was the convenient one that everyone could point to… “ –Pitchforks

    Was Jodi picked as an easy target when there may have been other things going on? Stories were invented after the facts, to sort of speed into the case and indicate Jodi as the one murdering Travis Alexander..

    Before Travis’s death, there was no word that Jodi was a stalker, that she was hassling Travis, bothering him, chasing him. No stories about being oppressive or intrusive. Suddenly, all these accusations spring out of the woodworks after Travis Alexander is found dead.

    • Joshua Freeman commits suicide the day Jodi is arrested (July 15th, 2008).
    • Another friend of Jodi’s commits suicide after Jodi’s arrest.
    • Ashley Reed Thompson commits suicide a year and a half after Jodi’s arrest. Ashley had ‘tipped’ the police that her husband Dustin was involved with Travis’s death.

    “We did not confront her about the phone tip, because we were still in the process of gathering intelligence on her husband, Dustin.” – pg 17 of the Flores report. Did Flores ever thoroughly investigate the possibility that Dustin Thompson was indeed involved in Travis’s death? I highly doubt it. Why go to all that trouble? They already had Jodi in custody.

    Are these three suicides weird coincidence or did they know too much and had to be ‘taken care of’? Were these three suicides thoroughly investigated to prove that they were not related to Travis’s death?

    Jodi’s intruder story changed only a few days after Ashley ‘committed suicide’. Who is to say that it wasn’t out of fear and to protect her family and friends from yet another tragic ‘suicide’?

    • Yes, I agree …. very suspicious ‘suicide’ coincidence. Not one ..but three! (raising eyebrow).

      I would have changed my story and lied my ass off if it meant protecting my family and friends and keeping them alive and well! Who wouldn’t?

    • Three suicides, as, defined; Maybe, explains the Charles Manson clone, caught, in California, with, a trunk full of explosives, night vision guns, etc; Swastika, prison ink, forehead, stating, “I’m on a mission;” “to kill, someone, and, commit suicide….” Who, has the horsepower, to, order anybody in America, to do that; if not, a quasireligious, fanatic; and, the term, “on a mission,” rings a few bells; all, tying into, this, soap opera… Strange, that, after the arrest, there, was, a news, black out… Then there’s Steven Alexanders’ internet, death threat, and, another, blackout, while, other people who make threats, are, getting, arrested, but, somehow, religious, fanatics, are given a pass…whatwith, Mormon DAs, Mormon judges, and, Mormon, governmentals, all over the place… with all those opportunistic, Lieyers, to, exploit, the Sheeple… Then, there’re the Stepford wives; robots; of the sainted ones, watching the Jodi Arias, saga, seeing what happens to, “good little Mormon girs,” when they, get out of line…… And, who do those, with, information, go to, but, the same conspirators, who, are, concealing exculpatory, evidence, and, putting on their, spastic, carnival hypnonauseating, side show, tapdances, at, law… Edgrrr… And, a president LSD…??? As if, this one isn’t bad enough, to, destroy, America; better read the Mormon prime directive… in the history, of their, conniving, and, killings…

  5. All those suicides look very suspicious, I think they were actually homicides to silence the witnesses and the bloody footprint could belong to the real perpetrator, sinse it doesn’t match Jodi’s.
    It’s very suspicious that Jodi changed her story after Ashley’s suicide – could be she was trying to protect her family from “suicides”.
    There’s a conspiracy going on.
    Travis was like a black hole – he ruined Jodi’s life.
    All this makes me want to support Jodi even more! Now I have some serious doubts that she killed him at all! The intruder theory seems more realistic to me now than it did before.
    Obviously those corrupted detectives didn’t lift a finger to investigate the footprint and the string of three homicides! And US taxpayers pay their huge salaries! What for? They don’t do their job at all.

    • It all adds up – she recanted her first story because, as she said, the intruders threatened to hurt her family if she told the truth.
      Then after all those unexplained “suicides” she takes the fall all of a sudden – something she would do if she was in fear for her relative’s lives!
      This makes a lot of sense actually! Especially sinse they swept the footprint under the rug just because “it didn’t match to Jodi”.

        • Thanks!
          I’m becoming more and more convinced that Jodi’s second story is the truth.
          This bloody footprint keeps bothering me – why wasn’t it analyzed further? I mean, they couldn’t match it to Jodi, and sinse they had already “convicted” her in the police department, they decided not to pursue this, to discount this (possibly) exculpatory evidence!
          This is so typical of detectives – to find the first suspect and not to follow up on other leads that can clear him/her of the crime.
          If this behavior is not CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE, I don’t know what is!

          • The bloody footprint, is an important clue, as proven, that, the blood, not squeezed, stayed up, proving that, the step, was upon, partially, as in, after the kill, dried blood; by the killer; an accessory to the kill, or, an an accessopry, after the fact, since, the days after the murder, places the guy, into the murder scene, with, the kill, or, the blood would not have stayed up, being more liquid,,, so, why, if that person wasn’t part of the soap opera, then, why, didn’t he, call the gestapo…??? The footprint, was not, five daYS LATER, AS THE SEPARATE, AND DISTINCTLY, DIFFERENT, PERPETRATOR, CRIME, SHOWED, COMPLETELY, DRIED BLOOD, AS EVIDENCED, BY THE BOUNCING BRASS, EJECTED SHELL, LANDING, UPON COMPLETELY DRIED BLOOD, OR. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A WET BLOOD SMEAr upon the brass, and, if the gunshot was first, as perjured to scam extradition, the blood would have poured upon the brass; not as it so happened, that the dried blood island, had, blood, underneath, and, not, on top, of the brass, , that, these two separate crimes, were, in point of fact, two, separate crimes… Then there’ s the community police meeting, regarding a serial killer, being loose, wherein, the gestapo, placated the sheeple, without, mentioning, in that meeting, that, they already had their victim, in jail; all the while, the sheeple are sniveling, about, a serial killer… So much for placating, the sheeple; another, malfeasance, by the under oath, mob… Edgrrr…

    • It never made sense to me how the footprint was never addressed. If I were on that jury I would have a problem with a bloody footprint with no explanation.

      • I don’t think the Jury ever got to hear about the bloody footprint, unfortunately.
        The saddest thing is that they reached a verdict as it was their duty to do so (can’t say they did a good job, SMH) but some of them, instead of catching up with any facts that they may have missed during trial, are out there partying with the Alexanders, FFS!
        So, I guess they don’t care and they will never find out the oh so many weird and unexplained questions that have been bothering us for 11 months… 🙄

        • They did. The footprint was discussed by one of the crime scene investigators – either Conner or Perry, don’t remember which, but it was introduced in testimony.

          There was just never any follow up.

          I *thought* I had remembered a juror question to Flores about it, but I’ve never been able to find that testimony on video. I guess I must have mis-remembered it.

          • Thanks Journee! It’s been so long since I watched that part of the trial. So, if it was introduced one would imagine there would be dozens of jurors’ questions, asking for clarification…

        • We don’t know what the jury, did, because of the mountain of reasonable doubts, concealed, by Sir Spazalot, deciding, what is or is not, subject to, sharing, it, with the defense… and, or, concealing it, from the jury… Over 5,000 interogatories, asked, and, badgered, yet, hardly an equal, interrogation of, the jurors; as if, there’s a snowballs chance in hell, that the prostitutor, did not, stack the deck… Edgrrr…

      • Nothing to, pondering, why… This was not a murder, at all, under the warped and twisted stewardship, of the, LSD cult, with their, blood oath, blood atonement ritual heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, ascension, to planet playboy, and, all those, virgin, angels… Is state murder, any more legitimate, than, religious, sacrifice, eternal soul saving, atonement, considering, separation of, church, and, state…??? if the killers of Travis Alexander were not, quasireligious, weasels, they’d stand up, for Jodi, instead of letting, an innocent girl, take the rap, for their allegedly, sacred, blood oath, blood atonement, ritual, sacrifice; proving their spineless, tacit admission, of, clear cut, execution, of, Travis Alexander; allegedly, to save his eternal soul, but, more realistically to keep his predatory ass, out of Mormon, wives,’ and, daughters,’ beds. After all, who does he think he is, Brighamist Young, or, Joseph Smith; fornicating, all, in the name of, Jesus Christ; the perverted, blasphemer…. That’s why the boot print guy, never called the gestapo, because, he was there to launder the scene, to, remove the quasireligious, duct taped, praying hands, evidence, that, proves, Travis, allowed; his, ritual; beginning, with the taped, prayer mode hands; knowing, and, submitting to, the drill… since, he obviously, never, taped himself… that, Travis, willingly, submitted to. by buying into, his own, devoutness, hype; out guru ing himself… caught between, piety, and, perversion… Not, a murder, at all…. Proof…??? Unless, the duct taped, praying hands, was a con, then, forensics should be able to prove, by all the hands and wrists hairs, ripped out, by the tape removal, that, this was a quasireligios, soap opera… as, the facts, are proving, while, the socalled church, hides behind, privilege, while, Jodi, pays the price for their, degeneracies… Edgrrr…

    • A lynching for the spastic troll, for his perjurious, hypno-nauseation of the entire courtroom ful, of, sheeple… Edgar…

  6. In all of the swirl of speculation – by Travis’ so-called friends and the loonies at HLN – as to what prompted Travis’ rant-filled missives of May 26, I had forgotten what *Jodi* actually said on the subject. Yesterday I went looking for that testimony. What *she* said was that she had been pressing him, again, to seek some help with his pedophilia issues. She said that when they’d talked about it before, she’d agreed to keep quiet about it on condition that he a: get some help and b: not spend the night at the home of his friends who have children (Hughes?). She had learned that not only had he not sought help (which she sorta knew), but that he *had* spent the night with said friends. She testified that she had mailed him some pamphlets, and that he went off on a tear when he received them. And we know that she *did* send him ‘snail mail’ on the 25th, because her check to him (for the car) that was on his desk was dated the 25th.

    So I am wondering if she followed through. Did she tell someone? Is that what set all of this in motion?

    Despite Taylor Searle’s observation that the email Travis sent on the the 26th was ‘really bad’, bad enough to inspire Jodi to do something scary, we now know that ‘really bad’ was par for the course in Travis’ written communications with Jodi.

    But in the concurrent text messages of the 26th, Travis *does* use the word BETRAYED.

    • Adding on:

      I have seriously begun to suspect Josh Freeman was involved in some way, that he might have been someone that Jodi told Travis’ secret to.

      Part of the suspicion comes from Dan’s explanation for Joshua’s suicide – it’s the ‘coincidence’ that becomes way too coincidental when paired with the other coincidence of the timing – that Joshua shot himself the day Jodi was arrested.

      Dan testified that Jodi had become ‘family’ to his family. He considered her a sister. (And, in the interrogation, when Jodi says she’s already in the system, and maybe it’s better if she takes the blame, she chokes up with real tears when she says ‘better that than my little brother’).

      Dan also testified that Jodi visited his family AFTER she had moved back to California.

      Then there’s Dan’s odd choice of words when he called Jodi with the news that they’d ‘found Travis’.

      • ‘Better that than my little brother’… wow, thanks Journee. I hadn’t ‘caught’ that part… These are the things that make me go ‘hmmm???’.

        • Mind you, I’m not suggesting that Jodi was part of some plot to kill Travis –

          I am just wondering if there *was* a plan to do some sort of intervention.. if she might have enlisted the help of some person or persons to confront Travis and pressure him to get some help. And she/they underestimated what Travis’ reaction would be.

          • Very Possible, Journee. At no time would I believe that Jodi planned to kill Travis. I believe she loved him but knew she needed to break away. It was making that very difficult for her. When you look back at all of the pictures of the two together it is clear that she was very involved with him. I fell Travis felt like he owned her and could do what ever he wanted to her. I’ve even thought that maybe the intruders were a planned sexual encounter gone really bad. Maybe that’s how the stiletto heel ( if that fact could be true) was made in his head. If it was something like that Jodi wouldn’t want that to get out because of Travis’s reputation. Apparently,Travis was really kinky. I no, that’s far fetched but I’m struggling here trying to figure out what could have happened. Jodi was in denial and would have done anything for Travis and also to protect her family and friends. Will we ever figure this out????

    • ” Betrayed”… by, ratting Travis, out to the Bishop; as in, thinking that, Jodi, did it…??? Why is the Bishop, concealing the name of, who, ratted, Travis, out ? Surely, Jodi, had no motive; she got, what, where, when, and, how much, whenever. Read, “The God Makers,” for the precision, kills, of Anderson. for fornicating his step daughter, and, Alexander, for, unspeakable, perversions; admitted to in his e mails… Heart plunge, ear to ear throat slice … bleed out… body rinsed… clothes, laundered.. sheets laundered,… to, facillitate, the sacred ritual ascension, to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels; rewards, for, getting to do, there, what got them blood oath, blood atoned, for, here on planet, Schizo… Is this why, Jodi, hid the camera, to, prove, Travis,s undevoutness, double life; to, the church…??? And, put, Jodis’ life, in danger, from Travis, and, the church…??? Edgar…

  7. Greetings all.
    Have a comment that some should people should think about as they review this case of events..

    All the ranting, raving and comments over Jodi’s case is fine, as long as it get in the hands of the right people, that can use it, to support her efforts to be free. We need to focus on those who can intervien, take action, overturn the conviction, or hold people accountable for what has taken place in this case. Correct the errors and set the record straight to free Jodi.

    I would like to suggest, people send comments and factual evidence missed, to the 9th Circut Court, the Attorney General, the Amnesty International, the US Supreme Court, the FBI, the State Offices and anyone who can take action on behalf of Jodi. People she is being railroaded and the abuse must STOP.

    Its hard enough trying to defend yourself when your locked away in a prison cell, with little or no resources, but. it is especially difficult, when your own defense team fails to visit,or falls asleep in court and the sheriff abuses the inmates.

    The State of Arizona need to be held accountable. From the Governor on down. We cannot allow the Kangaroo courts of Arizona, its Judges, Prosecutors, or Police, to abuse their authority.

    So again, I suggest that everyone write a letter, comment, or what ever you can, towards those agencies, departments, offices and governments, that can help, seek the truth, correct the wrong, and do the right thing.

    Jodi needs to know that we are on her side and doing everything we can.

    She is locked up in a 7 x 11 ft cell 23 hours a day and not allowed to talk to any other inmates.
    The Sheriff also is abusing the inmates including Jodi with the threat of bread and water diet for anything they say during interviews. People this abuse must stop.

    She is currently located at the Estrella Jail, 2939 W Durango St., Pheonix, AZ 85009.

    We all need to take time and write to everybody we can, and put a stop to this whole mess..

    Good luck everybody. Our best wishes to Jodi.

  8. Hello my lovely cyber family! Happy Wednesday!

    SJ, thanks for reposting this interview. As many times as we hear it, there is always something new that we didn’t ‘catch’ the first time around.

    I would like to point out two other points of the interview:

    1. The boot print. It was never actually investigated or brought up during the trial because it didn’t belong to Jodi and so martinez was not about to open a can of worms that was not needed and that was going to prove that there were others involved. Even if it is said that that print was made by the people that found travis or by the investigators that were examining the crime scene, it still doesn’t add up! Ffs, how could that boot print be made if the blood was already dry?

    2. The hughes (sarcastic *sigh*). The hughes had an agenda in terms of absolving themselves from this case. The lengths they went to discreet their involvement and intimidate people (to keep their mouths shutty) seemed very excessive. Their protests were too much, as if they were afraid that something would come up during the trial. As Gus Searcy stated in the interview “It’s never been about justice for them but for revenge” (revenge for what, I ask.). I find Pitchforks statement very ‘to the point’: “A ‘cover my ass’ kinda story”.

    (((((Jodi))))) – never give up!
    ((((SJ)))) – you already know how much I love you 😉
    ((((Admins)))) – respect for your patience in putting up with the cray-cray haters
    ((((Jodi supporters / my cyber family)))) – I love you guys for standing strong and supporting our Jodi.

    • Great point Pandora. How did the boot print get there if the blood was already dry? It couldn’t have could it. So who was there and made that print when the blood was wet? Someone else was there.

      • Theoretically, I think the bloody pool on the carpet would have stayed damp enough, for several days, to allow for some transfer. But, the print would have been tracking away from that soaked carpet. The print that the CSI team found was walking away from the shower.

        • Maybe it was placed there after the body was positioned in the shower. Whoever it was they must have been in a big hurry to leave such a GIANT CLUE for all to see. hmmmm

        • Journee, some time ago when we were discussing how soaked the carpet and the floor were I went hmm…maybe that explains the footprint found days later. But it just doesnt make sense how there is just one footprint near the bathroom if the person producing it stepped on the blood pool on the carpet, where she supposedly cut his throat. Unless that person flew… LOL.

          • “Unless that person flew”… LMAO. Maria, don’t forget that this is a witch trial so everything is possible (broomstick getaway, flying carpet ride…) GMAFB! I am sure that martinez has a totally reasonable explaination about the boot print!

            broomstick… flying carpet ride… LOL – sometimes I crack myself up!

        • Journee,

          I am still not believing that the bloody pool on the carpet would be dry after 5 days, in that heat.

          Hypothetically, IF the blood was still damp on the carpet, wouldn’t there be a whole set of bloody boot prints either going down the hallway to the bathroom or exiting the room?

          Ffs, what did this person do? Hop around on one foot? (rolling eyes)

          • Yah – sorry if I seemed to be contradicting myself.

            What I was trying to say was that, yes, there could still have been ‘wet’ blood at the scene five days later (AZ is hot, but the house was climate controlled so it was probably never more than 70 degrees F in the house) – BUT a damp spot on the carpet would not explain a *single* bloody footprint at the other end of the hall.

              • Someone was sloppy in their hurry to clean up. . .but why are we the only ones with brains???????? ~~~~~~~~iiiiiiii ( my attempt at rolling eyes)

              • I just reread the Flores report and it states the bloody palm print was Jodi’s. But that doesn’t change my mind. They were fighting so it makes since but she didn’t have on big boots.

                • There was no actual blood in the palm print. It was some kind of biological substance that contained DNA from Jodi and Travis, but it wasn’t blood. So theoretically it could have been left at anytime. That palm print doesn’t tie Jodi to Travis’ death.

                  (that’s from the testimony of Lisa Perry)

                • Thanks Journee!! It didn’t mean anything to me though. As much as they spent time together there were probably prints everywhere. I did find it bothersome that Dustin Thompson has not been interviewed(?) at all. I found it amazing that the roommates from minute one were pointing the finger at Jodi. They didn’t miss a beat, did they?
                  Looks like you guys are doing a good job here taking care of Jodi. 🙂

  9. I dont know if its true but this is what i found

    Today “The Trial Divas” got first hand info into the status of the Jodi Arias retrial of her sentencing phase. According to Juan Martinez, it looks like the reindeers will be making a stop at the Maricopa County Courthouse as it delivers the jurors who will make up the jury pool for retrial. This according to discussion inside the Richard Chrisman hearing today as the attorney’s and Judge were trying to set a retrial date for Richard Chrisman. The Chrisman defense wanted a trial date of January 27, 2014, when Juan quickly replied that it could conflict with the Jodi Arias retrial. Talk continued regarding jury selection for Jodi Arias tentatively being scheduled for December, with the trial beginning in the first part of January.

    • I saw that too.

      Wonder how many jury summons they’re sending out for next month…. and how many are addressed “under a rock.”

          • I volunteer to go and serve on the jury. . .never have before but I’M sure I would do a good job.
            I will get my son to fly me in. Geez, I bet they wouldn’t want me though. 🙁 Seriously, I hope they do go out of Maricopa County to find juriors. They do that in TN. . .probably not in AZ though.

            • If AZ is like most states, the summons(es? – what’s the plural of summons?) have already been sent for the month of December.

              And if that’s been done – as Martinez seemed to be suggesting by telling the judge in the Chrisman case that he anticipates jury selection for Arias to start in December – wouldn’t that mean that there’s been a ruling on the motion for change of venue? Except that should at least be in the minutes, wouldn’t it?

              How could Martinez be confident of seating a jury in December if we’re in mid-November with no ruling on the motion for change of venue?

                • I am confused about your question, lol. Nurmi filed a motion for change of venue for the retrial, right? Has anyone seen anything about Stephens having ruled on that motion? Because they would have to be issuing summons(es? lol) NOW – if they haven’t already – for a December jury. And they would have to be issuing them in the county from which they plan to pull the jury. Whomever is in charge of these matters SHOULD know they need to beef up the usual jury numbers to improve their odds of finding jurors who haven’t formed an opinion about the case.

                  So again, I have to wonder how Martinez is so certain they’re seating a jury next month if there hasn’t been a ruling on the venue motion.

                • R. Love – a jury summons (where I live, anyway) is a general thing. They don’t send out a specific batch of summonses for a specific case, they just send out a bunch of them depending on what the docket looks like for the month. On any given day in any court there might be one or two or four or five separate trials (civil and criminal) in need of a jury. A certain number of people will have been called to present themselves for jury duty on that day – each of them having been assigned a ‘number’ and sent to sit in a room with a bunch of other people and watch some innocuous cable channel (here, it’s TVland) while they all wait for some judge’s court clerk to come in and call their number. Then they go and wait somewhere else until they’re either called in for voire dire or the case is settled/pled out at the last minute. THEN, if all of the jurors needed for the day have been seated, they can go home. But if they still need jurors on a case, they go back to the big room and watch TV some more until their number is called again, etc.

                  So, jurors summoned for the retrial of this case shouldn’t be getting ANY notice that they’re being called for THIS case – because the process is supposed to be totally random as it’s happening.

                • Interesting. Not sure about TN but we had a Big Murder trial here (Knoxville) and they went to Davidson Co. ( around Nashville) to pull jurors for it. . .I believe they knew ahead of time but I’m not sure. They bused them here and put them up in a hotel until the trial was over. They were sequestered.

                • I read that the Judge believes her county is big enough that they can find jurors that haven’t heard of this case. Once again, this trial has me frolicking through ‘Alice in Wonderland ‘! I am surprised no one commits the judge to a locked down mental institution. Then she can say and think anything and not be harmful.

                • That’s a big problem. Everyone in the whole USA has heard all about this case and mainly the lies spread by HLN. Judge Pickles could be cast as the Queen of Broken Hearts for sure! If there aren’t grounds for Mistrial than hopefully this will help with appeals. ( ) Praying

    • Just a month away… Great! Echoing my fellow supporters: SHT! another painfully difficult Christmas for our Jodi

      All we can do is send her many postcards, wishing her and trying to make her feel a bit better because in case you don’t know THAT is the only thing she has asked for this Christmas, oue sweet Jodi. Postcards, to brighten her days in that gloomy cell.
      And for those who can afford, a donations to her Appellate Fund might be a good idea 😉

        • Oh, I cannot take the credit R.Love… It was Jodi herself who asked for postcards for Christmas.
          And I know first hand that it is a wonderful experience writing to her and that moment when you open your mailbox and realize there’s a letter from Jodi, OMG! It’s the best feeling EVER ! Her first letter arrived on my birthday- I was elated, as you can probably imagine 🙂 🙂

  10. How come she didn’t plead not guilty by reason of insanity? Seems like she might have a chance with that one if they highlight some of her odd behavior. I am not convinced it’s premeditated either but I am not buying a conspiracy theory… She should look seriously at a plea deal to avoid the death penalty because the first Jury was 8 to 4 in favor of death…

    • The crime was done in self-defense and they went ahead with that, because that was the truth. Exploring other possibilities here on thiw site, does not mean we do not believe in Jodi’s testimony.

      Why should she look ”seriously” at a plea deal? I say, she should NOT ! Her case reeks with so many appellate issues, why give up on her last chance to find TRUE Justice?

      Oh and Mark, by the way: reviewing ALL of Jodi’s past (and I am sure my co-posters here agree) I see NO ”odd behavior” on her part WHATSOEVER. Care to elaborate on what specifically you were referring to?

      • Right on Maria. Mark could research and find many people who talk about what a wonderful and intelligent person she is and was before meeting Travis Alexander. She is still a fantastic person. She is strong and she will carry on. Jodi was fighting for her life and Travis was the abusive aggressor. Why should she take a plea deal she is not guilty. Jodi has shown no odd behaviors. This was all orchestrated by a symphony of liars. All fairy tales. The facts are screaming out from every corner. As far as the lies that prosecutor Martinez spun and HLN produced for their money grubbing Nancy Disgrace and Jane V. Moocher and Vinnie PooPoo, they all produced the fairy tales that were shown all over the world. They are the ones who should be paying for their crimes. My mother would have had them down by the nap of their necks washing their mouths out with lye soap!!! The laws are protecting the guilty not the innocent. Disgusting. Jodi should never take a plea deal when she is innocent. Mark really??????? FREE JODI AZ!

      • Thank you Maria for your answer! Yes, I totally agree. NO PLEA DEAL. I really am curious to hear Marks point of view. Wonder if he’ll come back and share…

      • I understand the claim of self-defense and there is some evidence to support that claim. The sequence of events leading to TA’s death is very important, especially the gunshot wound and fatal stab wounds. I believe the defense asserts that JA shot TA in the head first while the prosecution asserts that TA was shot after he was already stabbed. Let’s assume the defense is correct and JA shot TA first. I think self defense is a possibility in this case. I will say that I do not believe she found the gun in TA’s closet. Same caliber handgun stolen from her Uncle’s house week’s earlier? Jody took that gun from her Uncle’s and brought it with her but that doesn’t mean premeditation or that self defense still isn’t a valid argument. She might have brought the gun to protect herself against TA and perhaps when he attacked she did protect herself.

        Continuing with the defenses timeline of events. There was more struggling and TA was then stabbed several times including a fatal wound to the heart. Here is where the self defense argument starts to become less plausible for me. At some point between a gunshot wound to the head and a fatal stab wound to his heart, TA would have had to become incapacitated and unable to fight let alone pursue and attack Jody. Then there is the throat wound – I saw the autopsy photo of this and TA’s throat was slit ear to ear. It looked like he was nearly decapitated. I cannot beleive that ALL of the wounds to TA were the result of self defense. I believe JA had an opportunity to get away from TA at some point – perhaps after the first gunshot wound where TA must have needed a few seconds to “recover” but definitely after the fatal stab wound to the heart.

        If you tell someone unfamiliar with the case that self defense is being claimed where the victim has a gunshot wound to the head, and multiple stab wounds including a stab wound to the heart and a slit throat, and the accused has no obvious lacerations or other wounds, they will think you are nuts.

        This is why I think Jody should (and I think probably will) take a plea deal.

        • If she was going to take a plea, she had the opportunity to do so at the settlement conference a few weeks ago. There was no settlement at that conference. Instead, Martinez is now saying that they’ll be seating a jury for the retrial next month.

          Taking a plea would mean giving up appellate rights, and Jodi’s family has said she is not going to do that. There are too many clear appellate issues in this case.

          Grandpa’s gun was loaded with hollow point bullets. That is not the kind of bullet that was retrieved from Travis’ head.

        • Mark,
          There is no deal. There won’t be a deal. Jodi won’t take a deal. You, like those who don’t care about Jodi, have your view. Your view is meaningless here. This is Jodi Arias is Innocent, not Jodi take a deal! There is NO reason to wonder how TA died. It’s not up to your judgement. Save your judgement to tell your compatriots elsewhere. Here we believe in Jodi’s innocence. Not questioning the facts, the facts you spew are conjecture. Jodi’s innocence is our BELIEF. If you don’t believe in Jodi’s innocence go, bye.

          • To all who might believe in Jodi and her innocence, and who might take umbradge in my expressions to Mark regarding his judgement and his view of the facts, I say this. It’s my belief that we here accept that Jodi took responsibility for TA death. No matter what, the direct evidence never proved she did not defend herself. If it had this would have been over long ago. No matter how the death happened, all we REALLY have is Jodi’s word. Based on my understanding of law, and my opinion of how poorly Jodi was represented, this trial was a tossup. But the law in Arizona showed how intimidating and unfair it can be and bullied the jury into submission. Now, how the death really happened, God only knows, and no matter how much truth was told, few would risk their lives to protect Jodi and continue as a welcome citizen in Arizona or in America, for that matter. So, while we here look at the shitty prosecution,judge and their conjected arguments, what we do is pray, and talk and share ideas to help Jodi and ourselves. Jodi deserves a fair trial, she took responsibility for self-defense, and they NEVER proved otherwise. And Arizona has a justice system that’s being exploited for how poorly they treat and adjudicate citizens. Jodi did her time, Free Jodi!

            • ((((((johnm)))))) I applaud you!

              I truely believe that Jodi did what she did in self defence. What I can’t know is how much of it was done by Jodi and what happened when Jodi left the house up to the day travis alexander was found… Five days are ample days for others to have paid a visit to travis… Just sayin’…

              • Pandora, I so appreciate being here with you all. I hope so much that Jodi is informed that this group cares deeply for her welfare, and that we refuse to leave her or give up on the power of her righteousness to come through. Who ever tweets for Jodi, please let her know we’re here for her, Thank you!

        • Mark, a few factors that are not in the HLN and hater sites archives:

          GUNSHOT: The intact dura mater means the gun shot did not penetrate the brain, so it would not incapacitate Travis. Dr. (?) horn changed his theory during the trial to fit martinez’s story. He implied it was a typo on his autopsy report… a typo? Come on! I make typos and am criticized about them… horn wasn’t in school writing out a quick essay and handing it over to the teacher without proof reading it! Pff… CONCLUSION: incompetent medical examiner.

          GUN: Elizabeth Northcutt, a forensic firearms examiner with the Mesa police, testified that she had examined a cartridge casing found at the crime scene and identified it as a Winchester .25-caliber casing. She said she also examined the bullet removed from Alexander’s cheek. During cross-examination, Northcutt said she was not able to match the casing or the bullet to a specific gun because no weapon has been recovered… CONCLUSION: no solid evidence about the gun used. (Has anyone ever researched how many 25-caliber guns are sold and owned in the USA?).

          (Oh and BTW, just to keep the facts right: a gun was stolen from Jodi’s grandfather’s house and NOT from her uncle’s).

          STABBING: As I have posted in previous threads referring to the stabs… There were ONLY 3 stab wounds… the rest were superficial cuts and wounds. I ain’t the one saying it… it is stated in the autopsy reports… But how can a story sell if the deed is not gruesome? HLN helped in over exaggerating the facts… to make sure that they would ‘sell’ BIGTIME. (Thinking out loud: how much of that ‘mullah’ did HLN and its mediawhores contribute to travis alexander funds…? I’m betting … hmmm … zero! Just sayin’). CONCLUSION: Stop being gullible to HLN’s BS! If you wanna do some real research, I will gladly recommend a few sites that are thorough and not biased.

          If ‘someone unfamiliar with the case’ goes and reads all the garbage that the media has put out there, yes! we might look nuts BUT if someone takes the time to research in detail, he/she will find out that the investigation had gaps, the evidences and crime scene analysis was null and the prosecution theory was void. (Ha! I used the thesaurus!!!).

          p.s. Don’t take this the wrong way but I think you are not well informed nor have you watched the whole trial nor have you done your homework… if you have any questions about this case please be free to ask, we all will gladly fill you in! 😉

          • Has anyone, bothered to, say, that, since, Jodi, has been quasilegal kidnapped, that, there, have been a dozen, home invasions, with, guns, and, or, gunshots, in, Mesa…??? How many, were by, .25 caliber, bullets, and, or, small automatic pistols; likely, to be .25s…??? Edgar…

            • Your right I don’t believe anyone has thought to check the breakins with 25 cal guns around Travis neighborhood. So Edgar are with you with me in believing the the intruder story? or is it the Religious Family of friends who you or questioning? Do you know more than we do, if so I wish you could share it with us to where I can understand. I get lost in it all but I am trying to understand. Sorry.

              • Thanks for thinking, I, can shed light on this Alice in Wonderland, charade, of a trial… For five years, I have produced, dozens, of, reasonable doubts, to, such an extent, that, dozens, of, Arias Bias, troll sites, have bit the dust, and, crawled, back under their shrooms; taking, all their, unanswered, delusions, with, them; answering, only, by, death threat, and, name calling; each, and, all, such sites, predicated, upon the same, Arias Bias, stupidity… and, all, taking their trolls away from exposing the fact, of, being brainwashed, from licking the gestapos’ boots, with them….Only, to, begin anew with another, site, with the same, echoing, Arias Bias… DeJaVu… all over again… Someone, is surely adept enough to find all those unrefuted, reasonable doubts, from all those unbrainwashed, enough to see the truth, sites, so as to, put, all of our reasonable doubts, together, to, submit, to prove, that this, was not a murder at all; but the culmination of, an allegedly, “sacred,” blood oath, blood atonement, agreed to, willing, ascension to planet playboy, and, all those virgin angels; so as to be rewarded, for perversities, here, on, planet, Schizo… The thousand person wake, is a clue, to the celebrated, ascension; and, reverence, to the doctrine [law], and, covenant [agreement], of submission to heart plunge, ear to ear, throat slice, blood atonement; only means, of absolution, for, perversions, as, were ratted out, to, the Bishop, whose, concealment, of, who, ratted Travis, out, is a lead, to, who wasn’t getting, what, Jodi, had no problem, with; therein, to, expose, who, was incensed enough, to, see to it that, Travis, was, out of here… Jodi, had no problem, with, getting what she wanted; but, Travis, left behind, a wake, of disgruntled, usees… all, with, motives, that, Jodi, did not have; except, if, needed, self defense… if, Travis, suspected her, of taking X rated photos, to, pass around at, church; to, expose his, devoutness, charade… That, would, explain why, she hid the camera, in the bedding, and, carried it to the washing machine; to be retrieved, later… Getting, run out of there, by, intruders, left the camera, in the washer…Five years, of comments and, reasonable doubts, have been generated, and, consistent, reasonable doubts, have been, concealed, from the jury, by, the fadeaway, Arias Bias, thirde grade, Nobel laureates, Someone, should, gather up the hundred, reasonable doubts that proves her innocense… We don’t need to believe, anything; this, is, about, facts, evidence, and, the conspiratorial, collusions, of, by, and, for, lizards at law, fronting for the LSD quasireligious Corporation, doing the secrecies, of their dirty deeds, and, not having the temerity, to, try to justify the admonitions, of, Brighamist Young, and his revelations; ie., “We would not, kill a man, except, out of love, to save his eternal soul…” And, “is there a man among us, who would not, kill a, brother, to, save his, eternal, soul ?” …Read, “The God Makers,” and, others, who lived it, and, exposed it… Read of the exacting parallel between, Anderson and, Alexander, blood atonement, suicides; Anderson , for doing his stepdaughter, and, Alexander, for, doing, whatever, the Bishop, is concealing, that, Travis, tried to alibi, his way, out, of… Anderson, heart plunged, ear to ear throat sliced, bled out, into, the grave… body rinsed… clothes, laundered… and… Alexander… heart plunged… ear to ear, throat, sliced… bled out, into, the drain… body, rinsed… bedding [symbolically], laundered… After, such, sacredness, that, we mortal infidels, can’t understand, who, in their half baked mind, can be duped, into believing, that, Jodi, had the strength, at, 130 pounds, to, overpower, Travis; a kickboxer, wrestler, bodybuilding, weightlifter, fighting for his life, to, nearly, decapitate, him…??? And, who believes that the haphazard stabfest, and, gunshot, four days, after the precision kill, was actually, done to, desecrate the solemnity, of sacred ritual, or, as a feebleminded, soap opera, to, set, Jodi, up, for both, and, separate, crimes…??? Read, my, hundreds of other, site, comments, if, you can find them. They prove, that these, lizards at law, are, pandering to the LSD/LDS cabal…. with, all those, voters…and, all, are deliberately, railroading, a girl, because they haven’t got the BBs, to tell the truth..Five years, of this, and, barely, getting the points, across… Edgar….

                • I’m sorry to be slow but I am on the Team Jodi train and I plan on doing all possible to help her. Your thoughts are greatly appreciated and I know Jodi appreciates all your help. Thank you Edgar.

            • I dunno – but I know a friend of Travis’ who shot himself in the head with a gun of such small caliber, so pitifully ineffective, that it took almost a week for the young man to die.

              That young man was Joshua Freeman.

          • GUNSHOT: Yes, I heard that because of the low power of the gun, the bullet did not penetrate the brain which would have killed him instantly. But the bullet entered his forhead and ended up in his cheek as you have stated. Surely this will “incapacitate” someone at least for a few seconds. This has to be worse than getting punched in the face which would likely put someone in a daze for a few seconds. My point is that this should have provided an opportunity for Jody to get away from TA. Perhaps he recovered too quickly and she could not get away or perhaps she stuck around to finish the job.

            GUN: If I stole a gun from my Grandfather’s house and I wanted to use it in a crime, the first thing I would do would be to discard the bullets already in the gun and buy different ones so that the bullet cannot be traced back to the Grandfather’s ammunition.

            STABBING: OK, you state that there were only 3 significant stab wounds. Wasn’t one of them to the heart and wasn’t one of them across the throat? I saw the throat wound and like I said earlier, the autopsy photos showed that she had cut through a significant portion of the neck “meat” and that the head was nearly decapitated. This was called a fatal wound but the wound to the heart was also called fatal meaning that TA was either already dead or in the process of dying when one of those two stab wounds occurred. This again makes me wonder if Jody was really still defending herself or deliberately trying to kill TA at this point.

            From what I have read about TA he sounds like a douche so I really would like to believe that Jody killed TA in self defense.

            • I think if she knew enough about the gun to go shopping for ammo for it, she’d have known better than to steal it to begin with. A .25 auto is barely more effective than a cap pistol.

            • You can also check the autopsy pictures and see the cut on the throat was little more than through the surface on the skin but the pictures used in court where the ME or someone in the dept had used a Dremel tool to open up the neck
              (it also was made bigger than it really was) and that was the one presented in court. You can see this in 3 different pictures. Could that be acceptable? not really IMO.

            • If, you stole the gun, it would not, be from your grandfather, with, or without, his ammo…to be, traced,… because if the gun was found, ballistics, could prove the striates were, the same, no matter whose, ammo, went through the gun… As to the other,comment …the photos show that, she… etc…is not so, either; because the photos don’t prove such, superhuman strength, for a girl, to overpower, and nearly decapitate, a martial arts, kickboxer, fighting Minnie Mouse, for, his, life… Also, where’s the comparative evidence, that proves, the found, shell, did match, the remainder, bullets, in the box; if, there, were more bullets; indicating, that, it wasn’t proven, because, Sir Spazalot, concealed it, from the jury; chalk up, another, reasonable doubt…since a non defective detective, would have surely, checked it out… and, no doubt, did, so, why, if not, for, concealment of exculpatory, evidence, was that, concealed, from, the jury…??? Lots of that, going around, in Arizona… criminals at law… pandering to all those, righteous, voters… Edgrrr…

              • hmmmm. I’m with you and slowing understanding what your thinking but as usual who can we trust with the information if all of the law in AZ is corrupt? Got any ideas where to go next because I’m not sure. Interested in what you think about the 3 suicides? Do you believe they are related to the fact Jodi confessed?

        • Mark,

          You have missed a key element of Jodi’s testimony, or you have chosen, in your comment here, to selectively address some of her testimony but not all of it.

          Jodi stated that she held the gun and pointed it at Travis to make him “stop”. Her thinking was – and she testified to this – that if someone pointed a gun at her, it would make her stop.

          Jodi said that as she had the gun pointed at Travis, he began to charge her in what she described and physically demonstrated in court as a “linebacker” move. It is as he charged her that the gun went off. Now, after Jodi testified to this, there were a number of people who commented here on how easily that particular make of a .25 fired. Several people said that it didn’t take much pressure on the trigger to set it off.

          Imagine for a moment how easily that gun could have accidentally discharged if Jodi was holding it, and in horror realized that Travis was going to try to tackle her nonetheless. What is the most logical physical reaction a person would have, if, as they have someone in their sights, that person charges at them, heading straight toward the weapon? The person holding the weapon is very likely to grip that weapon even tighter. And if, as Jodi has testified of herself, the person holding the weapon has no weapons training, it would be very likely that the gun would be squeezed involuntarily, whether the person holding it is aware they are holding the trigger or not.

          Now, Mark, you wondered about Jodi’s opportunity to leave, and that is what I am ultimately trying to address here. If, as she testified, she shot him accidentally, it is very likely that after they both managed to get to their feet again, there would have been a pause in the fight wherein they both would have tried to assess the damage. Travis stood at the sink (and the blood evidence at the sink and on the mirror shows this) to check himself. And it makes perfect sense that since Jodi had not intended to fire the shot, that she stood near him at that point, stunned, horrified, and unable to even comprehend that the gunshot had hit him. She could have had the idea that if he were standing, it made no sense to her that he could have taken a shot to the head. But the blood was flowing from Travis. It would been shocking and confusing, as if the world had just turned upside down. Again, she had no weapons training at that time and would not have known about the relative firepower of different calibre firearms. She did testify that she knew the gun had discharged, but said that she did not know that he had been hit. (This goes to her PTSD related blackout.)

          The very moment Jodi could have fled, (or perhaps could have continued to fire the gun if she had had an intent to kill) – IF THIS HAD BEEN A PREMEDITATED ATTACK, was instead a moment that Jodi was likely frozen in incomprehending shock and horror that Travis was wounded and bleeding, but Jodi does not remember what happened after they both began to get back on their feet.

          The States’s case against Jodi does not address all of the evidence at the scene. An accidental gunshot would come first. A gunshot after death would be a gratuitous, vengeful, evil act. The prosecutor took great pains to try to convince the jury that the gunshot came last after four years of having maintained the State’s initial contention that it had come first. Detective Flores and Medical Examiner Horne testified during the trial that they had changed their opinions about the sequence of the gunshot.

          The net result of this flip-flopping on whether the gunshot came first or last, and the final insistence by the prosecution that it did come last, had the effect of making Jodi appear to be a homicidal maniac, when in fact the crime scene and the autopsy do not support that. In actuality, the evidence shows a chaotic fight wherein nothing was calculated.

          But a secondary effect of the State’s case having taken a serpentine route in trying to achieve a premeditation conviction of Jodi Arias was that it had the effect of causing thoughtful, rational people such as yourself to either forget or not consider some of the mitigating evidence in this case. The scene shows that the fight stopped for a few seconds while Travis checked himself at the mirror and coughed up blood there at the sink.

          The prosecutor wanted the jury to believe that while Travis stood at the sink, Jodi repeatedly drove a knife into his back, and he just stood there? Preposterous. Even a Hercules could not endure such an attack so stoically. From the standpoint of pure evidence, the angle, depth, and location of those slashes do not support the prosecutor’s explanation for those wounds.

          Perhaps the jury members were cognizant of the reality that the State’s case did not add up but were shell-shocked from having been subjected to four months of observing the prosecutor’s yelling, badgering, sarcasm, ridicule, humiliation, belittling, arm contortions, spinning footwork, repeated questions, compound questions, sniveling insinuations, and faux fairytale literary analysis, and were tired of having to take breaks because of Jodi’s perfectly understandable migraines.

          Did the jury members individually have qualms that if they questioned the evidence overly much during deliberations, that other jury members would turn on them and pile on, in much the same way that they had seen witnesses attacked during the trial? Does anyone honestly believe that, after all the emotional turmoil that the jury was obligated to observe, that they still had the where-with-all – after four months of essentially being captive to those abuses of authority by the State’s prosecutor – to think objectively?

          It was painful and ugly to watch the trial on a screen. But to have to be PRESENT for it, and then render an opinion? – A dreadful nightmare that would stretch any person’s capacity for “reason without passion”, which is how the law is meant to be defined.

      • I don’t believe Jody’s odd behavior has anything to do with the bloody shoe print. The shoe print is evidence of either a contaminated crime scene or perhaps from one of the people who found TA’s body and called 911. I don’t see the shoe print as evidence someone else was involved in TA’s murder.

        I don’t want to get into what I consider odd behavior for Jody because perhaps what I consider to be odd, you do not. Anyway, in the absence of an insanity plea, documentation of unusual behavior is not important.

        • I just love how these people who want Jodi dead like to carry on about a ‘bloody hand print’ that WAS NOT IN BLOOD and just ignore a shoe print that WAS in blood.

          That bloody shoe print was part of a crime scene. I would expect that investigators doing their jobs would have made every effort to identify that print – which would include comparing it to the shoes of the roommates and anyone else known to be at the scene. You can’t call it unimportant just because it can’t be tied to Jodi. It was part of a crime scene. Somebody walked in Travis’ WET blood and left a print walking AWAY from the body.

          The only place in the crime scene where there might still have been WET blood five days after Travis is presumed to have died was where the carpet was soaked with blood – at the other end of the hall from the shoe print.

        • When I think of odd behavior the “friends and roommates” come to my mind? Really odd for so many different reasons. 1)Quick to point the finger at Jodi. 2) No sense of smell. 3) Never checking to see why were the doors locked(because he never did), why was Travis’s ring and watch laying around (because he always wore them) and why was the doggie fence put at the top of stairs (never was there before). Just weird. The house was sorta big but not big enough to never see or check on anything. I believe this was the beginning of the fairy tale as it was being spun. hmmmmm odd behavior.

          My son shared an big apartment with a guy in Fla when he was in school and even though they never hung out together he knew what was going on in the place where he was living. And I’m positive he would have looked for what was smelling bad or if furniture was moved.

        • It’s odd, that, you don’t note, that these were two separate crimes, four or five days apart, within, which time, when the blood was still wet, the mans’ bootprint, made the impression.. The reason there were bloodless, stabbings, and, gunshot, also, proves, by the blood and the brass, dried blood evidence, that, hearts, don’t still pump blood to wounds, five days, after death…. Crime 1… blood atonement, precision ritual… Crime 2… the feebleminded stabfest, to, set, Jodi, up, for, the first crime… as if, she killed him, and, sat there for five days, waiting for the blood, to dry, all the while, contemplating, how, best, to set herself up for the first, crime; when she could have just driven away… to, avoid detection… stopping only long enough to turn her license plate, upside down, and, remove the front one… to, avoid detection… or, with cans of gasoline; whatwith, such, premeditation, why, didn’t she just, burn the crime scene…to, avoid detection, instead, of, allegedly, hanging around for five days; why, to, kill him, again…??? Then, there’s the cellphone call… 555-1212… which is, long distance, 411 information… as if, that, wouldn’t place her, in Arizona; while, avoiding, detection… with all that premeditation… Why, of, dozens of reasonable doubts, none, appeared at the bogus trial ? Couldn’t have been, because, of the spastic, shucking and jiving, of the pirouetting penguin, in a tutu, hypnonauseating, the judge and jury, tapdancing, his, Charlie Chaplin, strobe act, could, it ??? Edgrrr…

        • Nope… the footprint, was into, wet, not, dried, blood. proving, complicity, in doing, or, concealing the deed number one… as, deed number two, is evidenced, by no blood dent, or, blood smear, was on the clean ejected shell, that proves, days, lapsed, between, two crimes; not, one… as proven by the dats it took, for the blood puddles to become dried blood, islands… as, verified, by the careening, brass, jamming upon the dried blood; without, a smear, or, a mark… of course, also concealed, under color of law, by these conspiratorial lizards, at law… as, evidenced, by the secrecy sought, from, the court, to conceal, how much, payola, the orghanized crime at law, cabal, was, bribing the socalled, defense, to, sell out, Jodi, and, to not, let the jury, know, either. Why, unless the “defense,” had a guilty, conscience…??? Two million bucks, and, that, was, months, ago… What a cash cow, the Arizona, taxpayers, are… Edgar…

        • Difficult to imagine that there was still wet blood near the shower five days after Travis’ death, especially in an air-conditioned house. AC provides a dehumidifying factor that adds a drying effect to the passage of time. Blood was designed by our creator to congeal and dry quickly. Those who suffer with hemophilia do not enjoy this built-in life-saving fact of life; in other words, it is easy to take our rapidly-drying blood for granted and to forget how quickly it actually happens.

          That shoe print was likely left by a young, inexperienced person who had no background in crime scene investigation or law enforcement, a person who did not associate with criminals or have a criminal record.

          It is patently unfair and BOGUS that this print remains un-investigated.

          The State’s case appeared to be based on the idea that carrying gas cans on a road trip in the desert is a suspicious activity, and that personal disorganization suggests a criminal mindset. A person who has difficulty planning activities and keeping others informed of their whereabouts is someone who is stressed and feeling insecure, not a felon or a criminal mastermind.

          In retrospect I wish Alyce LaViotette would have been able to describe in more detail how a person in an abusive relationship could become directionless and vague, because that vulnerable state of mind is at the heart of why Jodi’s road trip took a wrong turn in the direction of Mesa, AZ.

  11. Hey everybody!! Pandora put some more petitions up for us all to sign. . .be sure and check in and sign them. ((((PANDORA))))

  12. Hey all, don’t know if you remember me but just came to say hi 🙂 Things got real rough for a while so no I haven’t left the cause or forgotten you all. I am surviving, I guess that’s most of us do really. I figured life wasn’t meant to be amazing or most days remotely happy. But hey I am alive. That I can be thankful for. Am I religious person. No. Born Catholic but yeah religious myself no 🙂 But do I hold in hope that there is a ‘heaven’ somewhere. Absolutely. Don’t worry, I am not suicidal 🙂 I think we all have some hope, it just holds some different forms. I want a better life. Yes. I just know that in reality, it most likely won’t be on this earth. But am I in a better position than Jodi. Yes. So I have a lot to be thankful for. I wonder how she hangs on to hope though??? How do you guys thinks she holds onto hope? Oh peace to you SJ for keeping this page going. Hayley love to you all. (No that does not include the Tcreeps stalking this page, please go kindly bash your bible).

    • Hey there Hayley!

      I don’t remember you but welcome back anyways!

      Times do get rough for everyone. The secret to holding on is to have realistic dreams, make it a goal to make those dreams come true and work your way everyday in reaching your goal!

      Life doesn’t come easy to most people. We have to work with what we’ve got and make the best of it. Yes, I will refer to the corky saying about lemons and lemonade… add some ‘sugar and ice’ there and you’ve got yourself a great refreshing beverage! 😉

      How does Jodi hold on? I believe that even though she is locked up 23 hrs a day, she has found ways of using that time the best she can doing things she loves: drawing, reading, writing letters, educating herself… Physical freedom can be easily taken away BUT nobody can ever take our mental freedom… In mind and soul, Jodi is as free as it gets! And that is why she is strong in the heart and keeps going on!

      (((Hayley))) don’t be a stranger… 🙂

    • Hello Hayley! Wow, long time no see gf! I am so glad you are back.
      Trust me, I know what it means to go through hardships and all I can tell you is that in the past I used to take a loooot of things for granted. Now, whenever life slaps me in the face (as we say in Greek) I think of Jodi’s extraordinary courage and strength, I think of this woman and how dignified she has been during this entire ordeal and how she manages to keep her head high and I am made to realize that there are so so few reasons for me to complain about.
      I don’t presume to know how exactly she has managed to keep her sanity; I guess (as Pandora said) she has found ways to adjust to her present situation and to cope with everything. She is definitely a much stronger and more mature person than she used to be.
      ”What does not kill us makes us stronger”, right? 😉

  13. Hi Hayley 1 from Aus! Good to hear from you. I think one thing that keeps Jodi hanging in there is knowing that she has a loving group of people supporting her. Never give up hope. There is hope for us all and we should never forget that. When I feel down and out I shake myself and tell myself to get up and get busy helping someone else who is worse off than myself. When I think of our Jodi it makes me ashamed of myself for ever complaining about some of my daily routine jobs. At least I’m able to go outside and smell fresh air whether it’s raining or snowing or sunny. I know sometimes things seem unbearable but just remember God loves us and TEAM JODI will always care about you and your troubles, so hang in there. We are in the same boat together. If we concentrate on Jodi’s troubles it makes ours seem bearable. Love to you and hope things look up:) Help us FREE JODI! 🙂 ((((SJ)))))

  14. Does anyone know whether Stephens ever ruled on motion for change of venue?

    I haven’t heard anything about it. And can’t figure out why Juan knows he’ll be doing jury selection next month if we don’t even know what county the jury might be coming from. People reporting for jury duty next month should have been summoned already.

    • So Stephens denied the change of venue on the same day that Martinez was telling the Chrisman trial judge that he expected to be tied up with Arias’ jury selection in December.

    • And on the next day, she rules that she will order 400 jurors for this case.

      But jury notices for December should have gone out already.

  15. We must have somebody from our side to report what happening in court every day otherwise we will be led by the crazy media and get wrong information

    SJ? How will we be able to get objective information?

    • Kiefer has been pretty objective in his reporting. Of course, he won’t be tweeting from the courtroom anymore, so I’m not sure how he will be able to disseminate up to the minute info.

    • Here’s one post by Ms. Washington: “I spent 2.5 years with Jodi. I cried when I heard the word. “Guilty”. It would be only the second time in a 16 year career that I have cried for a client. I don’t know if things would have been different had I been allowed to continue the fight. I’d like to think so. Not because I am so much better; but, because I cared. She was every sister, friend, daughter, woman I know. But for our ability to control our impulses, we would be her. I cared because I am her, I was her, I know her.”

  16. Victoria Washington: I had to withdraw from Jasper’s case. I almost cried when I told him. I sat there looking at his torso with a Swastika from nipple to nipple and neck to waist tattoo, looking at his 88 in block letters on his abdomen with lightning bolts on each side, and all I could think about was how much I was going to miss him. Funny, how this Black, Jewish, Lesbian came to love an avowed white supremacist neo Nazi. He wasn’t born that way, and oh the things he could have done if he had been born to someone else. I won’t pretend that our relationship changed anything about his views, if nothing else I was only the exception to his rules. I’ll take it. At the end of the day, he knows I loved him unconditionally and accepted him for the psychopath he was. Yeah I know some of you get that sentiment.
    November 10 at 8:05pm · 3

    Robert Wells: You are taking the hit, and I know who caused this.
    November 10 at 8:07pm

    Victoria Washington: Yes.
    November 10 at 8:08pm

    George Barwood: Oh, I just made the connection. Victoria Washington was at one point assigned to a case I have spent more time on than any other : Jodi Arias.
    November 11 at 12:32pm · 1

    Victoria Washington: I spent 2.5 years with Jodi. I cried when I heard the word. “Guilty”. It would be only the second time in a 16 year career that I have cried for a client. I don’t know if things would have been different had I been allowed to continue the fight. I’d like to think so. Not because I am so much better; but, because I cared. She was every sister, friend, daughter, woman I know. But for our ability to control our impulses, we would be her. I cared because I am her, I was her, I know her.
    November 11 at 12:52pm · 4

    Victoria Washington: Rob knows the pain I still feel for her. I will tell the truth one day about how the system created the perfect storm that led to her conviction. There is so much more and I swear, Jodi will never get executed on my watch. I will testify in court, give a sworn statement…this is an injustice that will not stand.
    November 11 at 12:54pm · 6

    Sandra Webber: Ms. Washington, your words about Jodi confirm what I have believed both intellectually and intuitively since I started watching the trial and becoming familiar with the evidence and “players”. A perfect storm indeed. I am not a Jodi “worshipper” nor do I have any hate for Travis or his family. I have been rather outspoken on my blog and FB page (my most active page was shut down unfairly by FB, however) on the subject, and in theories that I have. I do not propose to know all the answers of course, but the fact that there are so very many unanswered questions and illogical conclusions based on the investigation, along with the egregious abundance of prosecutorial misconduct, that anyone who truly, truly cared about “Justice for Travis” should also be incensed. I believe Jodi is the most exploited and abused woman in the world at this moment, by systems that should have protected her and sought the truth and real justice. I admire your courage and willingness to speak the truth! It is such a rare commodity, it seems, in Maricopa County.
    19 hours ago · 1

    Victoria Washington: Please call me Victoria. I am waiting for the conclusion of her case in superior court. I am not and will not write a “tell all” and further take advantage of Jodi or use her case for my own gain. When I say tell the truth, I mean in a post conviction evidentiary setting. I deliberately turned down all interviews during the trial, because I know every word I say would have been parsed to further skewer Jodi. Justice demands a fair hearing and that is all I want for any of my clients.

  17. There should be a correlation bertween all the sites, so, not one, reasonable doubt, is, overlooked. Over 5,000 digs, called, questions, were put to Jodi, brainwashing, her, into, convicting, herself, yet, only a pittance of questions, were, asked, of the jurors, as, to, what, exactly, did they decide, considering, that, dozens of reasonable doubts, were concealed, by, the, prostitutor…??? …….. Edgar.

    • So are you thinking that Nurmi is somehow involved in the injustice that has happened? I know Martinez is a real skunk and I was thinking Nurmi is only flawed by his uninterested attitude in Jodi ( could care less).

      • I have wondered whether the defense team might have felt the same sort of threatening pressure as the people who were afraid to come forward (like the women Searcy spoke of who knew Travis was abusive). If there is some – er- threatening power threaded through the government and court system of Maricopa county, I imagine lawyers from both sides would be acutely aware of it.

        R. Love – have you ever watched the two news specials linked above? Picture Perfect and Along Came Jodi? It is SO interesting to me to see Flores back then, and even Flores during the interrogations, compared to the Flores we saw on the stand. I’m telling you, Flores on the stand was terrified of something. He was like a whipped puppy.

        Frankly, I think Martinez and Stephens were afraid, too. Of course, maybe Martinez acts that nuts all the time – I’ll never watch him again if I can help it so I’ll never know- but when I remember his hours of Snow White lunacy, I have to wonder how he ever got any respect as a prosecutor.

  18. No Journee I haven’t but I will try to this weekend. It is a scary mess, all of this. Poor Jodi, what in the world?Who is responsible for all of this? AZ is not a good place to be living in I’m afraid. I find myself wanting to spack Martinez across the face so I know what you mean about watching him again. I don’t think my blood pressure can stand much more of him. I haven’t thought of Martinez or Stephens being afraid of anything but not making money off of this mess. She seems to just give him anything he wants and ignore his horrible behavior. Maybe she has been told to do so,? Oh my Journee what next?

    • Watch Picture Perfect (I forgot the other one was newer)

      You’ll see some of the earliest clips of Flores: easy going, gregarious, pleasant fellow. (Who, BTW, says they believed that two or three people were responsible for Travis’ death). Even in the interrogation tapes he was personable. On the stand, he was flat. Just completely flat. And waited for Martinez to lead him to every answer. His default first answer was “I don’t recall” – he didn’t even remember the roommates’ names until he was told what to say.

    • And Martinez? Seriously ask yourself:

      What could make someone with a formidable and respected reputation behave as he did during the first couple hours of cross examining Alyce?

      The idiots who think he’s a rock star (I was watching the feed over at HuffPo at the time, seeing their comments coming in as the feed was running) assured me that he knew what he was doing, and they were pretty sure they understood where he was going with his bizarre Snow White crap, that I should just wait for it. And I’m telling them over and over that he didn’t do his homework at all, that he did not know what he was talking about, hadn’t bothered to watch even a few minutes of the speech he was ridiculing or he wouldn’t have gone off on that tangent. And guess what – it never went anywhere. The day ended and when he came back the next morning Snow White was forgotten.

      But for that couple of hours, R. Love, he looked like someone who was DESPERATE. Grasping at anything and everything and looking like an idiot in the process.

        • Okey Doke Journee watched Picture Perfect and I remembered seeing it when they first had it on TV. You are right, Flores did mention at the beginning that he thought maybe a breakin or intruders might have happened. He appears to be thoughtful of what did happen and like he was really checking things out but there again are those friends . . . . I thought it interesting that Chris Hughes tells his wife “Oh my gosh we should call 911 Travis voice mail is full and no one has heard from him.” Call 911 because someone voice mail is full????? hmmmm He also looks away and at at his wife a lot during the interview. I have always felt when someone is not looking at you when they are talking they usually are telling some really big lies!!!!! The Hughes come across to me now and the first time I watched it as fake and liars. Also towards the end Chris looks at his wife when she is answering the reporter’s question like you better be careful what your saying. He knows exactly what happened to Travis IMO. They had talked among themselves and decided before going on camera just exactly what they would say. Chris Highes is slimey. Jodi was blindsided by them all. Even the friends do not look at the reporter when they tell their lies about Jodi. Grrrrrrr

          • Did you notice Flores, though? How earnest and warm and personable and *confident* he was? —- compared to the quivering lump he was on the witness stand?

            • Yes I sure did and usual your right!!!. Interesting. Just finished Along Came Jodi. . . .OMG my heart is just breaking for her. She really can’t catch a break and to watch the faces of the Alexanders again is unnerving. Over and over again their expressions are awful while Jodi parents just sit and listening like they were told to do. His family did not know him at all and it is apparent in the interviews that I have watched of them. They are in a dream world. When I look at the pictures of Travis alone and with Jodi you can almost see the abusing side to him. And then there is Dave Hall the boulder abuser, liar and IMO is lower the whale poop and they actual use him to finish up the whole segment . . . .UGH!!! Like what would anyone think he would know about their relationship???? Talking about he has no problem with the Death Penalty and those smirks of his. Geez. He’s out entertaining the Boy Scouts with his immature actions. He is another guilty partner IMO. I hope they throw him in the slammer and lock him up. You are right though Flores has changed through the years and appears to be directed by someone. . .the troll Martinez or maybe even the Bishop. Travis Alexander was no Angel.

              PS You know I keep hearing Gus Searcy say how insignificant that Travis was to PPL but the Hughs and his “friends” call him an up and coming rockstar???? What’s woth the lies???

  19. OK….I am not a Jodi supporter, but I am not here to bash her. I just wanted to ask if the footprint could have been from one on Travis’s friends that found him or law enforcement. If you guys have information that the shoe print is someone else’s and was there BEFORE anyone found TA’s body it should be brought to light immediately don’t you think?

    • I agree,
      Whoever made that shoe impression in blood has not come forward yet, and that suggests that that person has something to hide, or else they would have come to the police station and said that they had been in the house.
      The obvious question is: who was it, and what are they hiding from the police? What is their involvement in this murder?
      These questions are left unanswered, this shoe print may well be exculpatory evidence that points to another suspect.

    • The only information we have, Amy, is that there was an unidentified bloody shoe print at the crime scene, about a stride’s length away from Travis’ body, walking away from the body.

      It had to have been left by someone who was there to walk in Travis’ wet blood. There was no wet blood at the scene when Travis was found on Jun 9, so the print was not left by the people who found him, or by law enforcement.

    • I think the foot print could have been a roommate walking in, seeing he made the foot print and freaking out not saying anything afraid he was going to be accused of murder. But it wasn’t admitted at trial so it’s only a guess. Zac Billings was the only one with a key to the room too.

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