Gus Searcy’s interview continued [w/Pitchforks]

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Following from my last post, here’s the next installment of Gus Searcy’s recent interview with Pitchforks.

In this recording, Gus discusses “The Secret”, CASH, the Cancun trip, the suicide of Dan Freeman’s brother (the day of Jodi’s arrest), the suicide a few days later of one of Jodi’s friends, the supposed suicide of Ashley Reed, the Dustin Thompson “tip”, thoughts on the “Ninja theory”, John Hepworth & the bathroom shoe print, plus a bunch of other stuff too.

It’s well worth listening to.


With specific regard to the bathroom shoe print, I firmly believe law enforcement know who it belongs to, but the information has been purposefully suppressed.

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    • The footprint was never explained…how did it get there in the first place. As I have said a million times, if it was Jodi’s it would have been brought up and used against her in the trial. Yet it wasn’t….hln…I mean hmm. Whose…footprint…was…it? (Malcolm in the Middle anyone?)

  1. Received my Cat’s Eye print, which is proudly hanging on the wall at my home in Andalucía Spain, the traditional birthplace of bullfighting. Ugh!

    Such a tragedy that this talented young woman, with so much to offer for the good of society is destined to spend years languishing in prison before she gains her freedom.

    I know that I speak for everyone on this website, when I say that Jodi deserves nothing but the best legal representation in her future appeals.

    It is my intention to visit the US in October along with my son and granddaughter and spend a couple of days in Pheonix, which should be interesting.

    • Yay for your print!

      just a few tips for traveling in Arizona:

      Don’t turn down a red car for rental, don’t dye your hair, make sure you check your license plates after every stop, ummm…if you have a cell phone make sure it doesn’t die…oh, don’t worry about running out of gas, I guess there are stations all through the desert according to some people.

      • …and don´t buy a strawberry frappuccino at Starbuck´s, for God’s sake!!!!!!!
        LOL,BeeCee you’re so funny!

        • LOL, I forgot about Starbucks! how could I? We should write a book on what not to do while one is in Arizona.

            • Oh these are so funny on what not to do in Arizona. It is making
              me very anxious though. Over the Fathers Day Weekend I talked
              to my Father of course an he is in Arizona. He keeps bugging me to
              come for a visit. An I am really just dragging my wheels I don’t want
              too. It is too hot anyways right now maybe in the fall. I really want
              to see if I can visit Jodi somehow while I am there?

              • Rhonda, we are just trying to be funny, LOL.

                (although, when I drove through that area in 2007, there weren’t that many gas stations, and they weren’t open all hours of the day either…so while it’s probably ok to pass on the gas cans now, in 2008, it might have been a different situation, LOLOL)

                I don’t know if Jodi can actually get any visitors, but that would be nice.

                • They did make me laugh 😉 Yes I will pass on gas cans that
                  would worry me thinking they would blow up I am weird like
                  that though. But I do know people do keep gas on hand in
                  the desert.

      • Don’t have ANY highlights in your hair because it will confuse people as to what color it actually is. And,by all means, don’t drop the brand new camera of an abusive narcissist who is on the verge of snapping because no other women want him and he can sense you’re almost done too!

  2. ah.

    I must give a shout out to Sandra/IT and Kmiller, my co-conspiracy theorists at the time when we discovered Ashley’s death was not normal. Even Pitchforks is using our research. LOLOLOL (Thank you Sandra for procuring that external autopsy report, and for posting the diagram. And thank you to my PI friend for looking at that report with me and confirming what I thought.)

    I don’t hear Pitchforks giving us any credit???



  3. SJ

    That shoe print has always bothered me. JM brought it up briefly with one of the crime scene specialists, restricting his questions to where it was found and the direction it was pointed in, and then left it alone, with no other explanation that I heard, and the defense didn’t even talk about it.

    Some folks have hypothesized that it belonged to the room mate who found the body and was made when he went in on the day Mimi Hall came by looking. But my problem with that explanation is that if it was dry enough to cause partial mummification of the body, then wouldn’t it have dried any blood on the floor?

    And if that were in fact the case it would have been easy enough for the state to say so.

    So why is no one talking about it? Its such an anomaly. I’m sure the crime scene folks did some analysis on it.

    AA, when she was still posting here posited that the defense my not want to talk about it because if it belonged to someone else it wouldn’t fit with their self defense theory. But wouldn’t the state have had to give all the information it had to the defense? Of course they may not have, just the way they denied the presence of pertinent emails, etc from TA’s computer for years.

    It still is a worrisome detail, and someone has to have some idea of where it came from, the size of the shoe responsible for it, and whether or not there was wet blood around at the time of the discovery of the body to allow the roommate who went in to have made the print.

    Another detail I guess we’ll never find out about.

    • “But wouldn’t the state have had to give all the information it had to the defense?”

      I just snorted coffee through my nose! Thanks!! LOLOLOL

      My opinion is that fresh and/or water diluted blood, ONLY, would dry in that manner. So, I do think the state is withholding, just like with the bullet type not being mentioned, and just like they didn’t use the pedophile letters in the same manner they tried to use the magazine.

      • BeeCee

        Firstly, sorry about the coffee. It was just supposed to be a tongue in cheek smarmy question.

        In any trial each side brings out what they feel is helpful to them. So of course JM’s going to hide stuff that hurts his case (even though that’s not what he’s supposed to do). But the defense could have asked, both about the bullet and the shoe print. At times it seemed like JM was taunting them by dangling that stuff out there with a sort of challenge – Wanna go there buddies?

        So who knows what that was all about.

        • “It was just supposed to be a tongue in cheek smarmy question.”

          LOL..I figured as much dearie 🙂 It still made me snort though. Not a pretty picture, LOL.

    • Hi Al… Yes, setting everything else aside, there’s definitely a big question mark over that shoe print.

      Heather Connor brought up the picture early January, and it was never mentioned again after that.

      For the benefit of anyone that missed it, here’s a link to the shoe print pic:

      This is a link to the bathroom/plan displayed in court showing where the shoe print was found:

      And here are my comments from back in March:

      “I’d still say that shoe print belonged to Zach Billings, and he “discovered” TA in the bathroom several days PRIOR to the big find on June 9th… which would explain how he managed to “miss” all the signs something was not right, including (but not limited to) the decomp stench for those full 5 days.
      As far as I recall, Zach Billings was the only guy with access to all the keys. He was also the guy that let everyone in to the bedroom after unlocking the door on 6/9. Maybe law enforcement did match it up to someone (obviously not Jodi/TA or they would have said) – but they decided against stating WHO the shoe print belonged to in case it upset their apple cart and opened an even bigger can of worms (?) If ultimately it can be explained, then fair enough… but if not, then that brings up even more questions.”

      It also reminds me of the issue pertaining to the memory card in the camera. Heather Connor testified that she found the memory card at the bottom of the washer/dryer… while Michael Melendez testified that the card was already IN the camera when he received it.

      More questions than answers for sure.

      Team Jodi

      • Also, unless I am mistaken wasn’t there some testimony about fibers consistent with the kind of ropes used on curtains being found in the bathroom? I seem to remember a picture of a clump of such fibers on the bathroom floor. If my memory is correct, that again points to the rope being cut in the bathroom – another detail glossed over.

      • JM did try to get Jodi to cop to “boots” when he had her on cross. It was just a brief exchange (odd, for him, as he tends to hammer at stuff til he gets the answer he wants). I *think* they were talking about the stuff she disposed of on the way to Utah, and he asked if she got rid of the boots, too. She looked confused, said she didn’t have any boots, he asked a confirmation question (‘you didn’t get rid of any boots?’) and then let it go.

      • I believe she killed Travis in self-defense since there is no evidence to the contrary, but I think his roommates and friends tried to cover up in the aftermath in order to “save face.”

      • This talk about the bloody shoeprint reminds of another trial way back when where there was a lot of expert testimony about who and how footprints showed up at a scene where all the crime scene people were trampling through the blood evidence, and how long does it take for blood to dry. The evidence for the blood on a leather glove for example, was that it would be dry in 7 hours. I’m surmising that even the biggest patterns at Travis’s would be dry ten days later at room temperature, but I am an amateur Sherlock.

    • Ya that is about as funny as the laundry in the washer was still wet?
      Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun an Mon at 10 pm they show up ? things are
      not still Wet give me a break.

      Bunch of funny business going on in Mesa Arizona.

      Wonder if whoever tried to do a crappy cleanup left the ceiling
      fan on high also? Oh but conveniently left a palm print on the wall.
      Man Come on.

        • I agree I have had a emergency before an left laundry in
          for a few days an it is not pleasant.

          I just have a suspicion of the roommates though doing
          their laundry an knowing how some men are as my brother
          lived with me before at one time an I lived with him too at
          one time well he would take out mine set it on top of the
          dryer an do his put mine back in there an redo it? instead
          of just putting it in the dryer an finishing it?

          So to me if this happened they seen that camera? they
          may not have noticed whites mixed with blacks etc an
          bleached though as some men are not that observant
          but a camera I do not see how they would not have seen
          that. But went ahead an rewashed Travis’s clothes again.
          So they would be damp still possibly by Monday night
          at 10 pm. Just my thoughts on that.

          On that thought Travis may had some things in the dryer
          an instead of taking them out an folding maybe stuck them
          all back in the washer again mixing the bleached up with
          the regulars? I just think the roommates did more an know
          a little more than they are bringing forward.

  4. Morning,people!

    Even if someone could convince me that it took 5 days for a decomposed body to be found and the roommates didnt smell a thing,the re’s no way I’m gonna believe that that shoeprint was left the night they found him! No way! The blood in all the photw is so dried up that it makes absolutely no sense that this particular spot had blood that remains ‘liquid’ so to speak. Now,let’s supposed someone said it was Jodi’s shoe impression and done on June 4th (arguing she had socks on during the killing and put her shos back on when leaving the house). First of all,I don’t remember Martinez making a big deal out of neither of this points.He only indicated the impression made on the carpet by her socks in the large blood pool pic. And why did he have to ask Flora&Fauna about Jodi’s shoe size, if he was going nowhere with it?? Not to mention,Flora said he didn’t know.

    Something smells bad….

    • The smell issue is also sticks with me. There is NO WAY the roommates didn’t smell something off….not with a central air and a HUGE vent above the door to Travis’ suite.

      I’ve been thinking of the “hand print”. Did JM go over that in detail? I don’t remember the testimony.

      • I was surprised he didn’t let the hand print slide by, instead of allowing in testimony that it wasn’t in blood at all.

        • Just thinking about this and realizing –

          If Jodi had stuck with the intruder story, JM might not have brought in that ‘hand print’, because it might (conceivably) have supported the story – the position that Heather Connor demonstrated looked like Jodi might have been backed up against the wall in that hallway. The fact that there was NOT blood in that print might have been a bigger deal if she was still asserting that other people killed Travis…. JM might even have tried to bury it.

          Of course, Jodi could also have been backed up to the wall in the self defense scenario, but with Jodi now saying that she was there and that she killed Travis, and Juan armed with multiple images of bloody walls in that hallway, he could keep on ranting about Jodi’s bloody handprint even though five little words uttered by his own witness said it wasn’t a bloody handprint at all.

      • Jaz, it was broth to our attention a while back by, I think BEEGEE 1, that the “hand” print was a sliver of a print. It was never a whole print. I could be wrong but it was more or lest like the side of the hand or just part of the palm.

        • Yes, Cindy, it was the left edge of the left hand, and it was not in blood but in ‘some other biological substance’ since it was developed/revealed by leuco-crystal-violet.

          • Journee so smart you are….good job. So all in all how could they honestly determine that it was indeed Jodi’s? I’m sitting here looking at my own hand and I see a few lines but darn I just don’t know. Ok just play along for a minute here. So why can’t it be from a past visit? I can’t see TA scrubbing down the shower from top to bottom and I don’t think he could afford to have someone clean his house anymore. I heard Jodi ask the same thing when she was being questioning.

            • Absolutely, the print could have been left there anytime.

              I am guessing it was most likely in sweat.

              The DNA tech, Jodi Legg, said that two *partial*profiles* were obtained from the sample – as in there was not enough DNA there, OR the DNA that was there was too degraded to develop full profiles.

              The two partial profiles that were developed were ‘consistent with’ Jodi and Travis’ – more of hers than his.

              And I, too, have to wonder how unique the side of a hand can be, particularly expressed in a print that is somewhat smudged. When I look at my own hand, I see no ridge detail, just a few creases where the hand bends.

              • When you start adding up all this bs that JM couldn’t back up don’t ya just wonder what the jury convicted her on? But I guess that is something for the appellate lawyers to go over. The only real thing in this trial is Jodi confession on the stand saying she shot TA.

                • “don’t ya just wonder what the jury convicted her on?”

                  Well, seven of them were ready to swallow whatever BS Juan dished out. We know that because seven of them convicted her on two contradictory theories of the crime. So, no critical thinkers there.

                  I remain convinced that the five who voted premeditation only, while they might have been somewhat persuaded by the gas can ‘lie’, ultimately had no choice but believe ‘intent to kill’ because of the neck wound.

                • I’d say 5 of them were not critical thinkers and the rest of them just stupid. You can’t convict a person of premeditation when the ”beyond a reasonable doubt” requirement has not been met and you certainly cannot convict someone of 2 contradictory charges.

        • It was just a sliver of a print. But what I was wondering is if it was just brushed over in testimony? I will go back and review tape.

          • No, it wasn’t brushed over. The story of it sort of wove through a couple of days of testimony, between the various experts involved with it. Heather even got up and demonstrated how the hand was positioned to have made the print on the wall.

            JM continued to call it a bloody handprint, even though is own witness (Lisa Perry) said the print tested negative for blood.

            • Did the judge or defense team object to Martinez’s subterfuge regarding calling the hand print bloody when Martinez’s own witnesses said the hand print was not bloody?

              • I don’t remember them objecting but it’s been a while since I watched that part of the trial. If they didn’t ,that was something they shouldnt have missed. Not that it would have made any difference,though…

      • Jaz, hi. The smell of the decomposed body is the what gets to me also. The area that I live in has a lot of forest animals and unfortunately, they get hit by cars and wonder into fields where they ultimately die. If you pass by the fields the stench that comes out of there is repulsive. So how is it possible for a dead body out in the open air to have such a strong stench which you can smell from very far away but travis’s roommates didn’t get a ‘whiff’ of the smell of his decomposing body?

        • I don’t believe the story about it taking the roommates five days to find the body for a minute. I also don’t believe that Jodi picked up the body and placed it in the shower.

          It was NOT dragged. There were no marks indicating that the body had been dragged over a raised metal shower lip.

          I found my father 2 days after he died. As soon as I opened the door I KNEW he’d died. There was no missing the odor.

          I’ve had my cats cripple a mouse in the house.It crawled somewhere into the walls and died. The stench was unbearable within a few days. Imagine if a small rodent can generate that kind of odor, what a large, human corpse would do.

        • Moreover, in fact, wouldn’t the air conditioning & ventilation systems, etc. spread this smell throughout the house, even if it were faint. I mean, you would think……. I would imagine even in a house that size just walking through the door it would hit you hard enough to make you puke after 5 whole days…

  5. There was another Searcy interview at Pitchforks (or another part of the same interview) that seems to have been taken down and I’m not sure why.

    It was the first one I saw posted here, the link was put up while the interview was still streaming live. It’s the one that first made the connection (for many of us, at least) that Dave Hall is Mimi’s brother. He also talked about the two women, the mother and daughter that Jodi traveled to Vegas with in September ’06, who had witnessed Travis’ abusive behavior with Jodi but were afraid to speak up. And he talked about the woman that was in the car with him when he was having the phone conversation with Chris Hughes – the woman whose name he wouldn’t give up in court even when threatened with contempt and was actually sitting there in the gallery at the time – he told Pitchforks that the woman in question was so afraid of ‘these people’ that she ended up leaving the country. (now that I think of it, maybe that’s why the interview was taken down, because I think Gus actually mentioned that woman’s name)

    • The video is still up on Youtube, it’s the interview w/ Jean Casarez and Gus. The woman in the car was Charmaine Juban. This has nothing to do with this case, but if you’re interested, do a name search of her in Orange County Superior website. This is public info.

      I am being very careful about not spreading rumors or un-sourced info, as well as not infringing on anyone’s right to privacy, or bashing them personally. Whatever I have said in the past was just my opinion and/or theory of this case. That said, if you are interested in what Zack Billings is up to, check out his Google+ webpage. His first name is spelled Zackery, which is not how it was spelled on the Flores Rpt.

      • No, the interview I am talking about wasn’t a video – just an audio from Pitchforks like the one above.

        It was that first one that we heard – we were all bouncing back here saying OMG Dave Hall is Mimi’s brother! Why didn’t we know that?

        • Sorry, meant the video naming the woman in the car is still up on Youtube. Yes, I see that the Pitchfork one is gone. Journee, thanks for the reminder about Mimi Hall connection. I couldn’t remember where we’d heard about it.

        • I remember Dave Hall saying we the Lovers for Jodi were so stupid because
          we thought Mimi was his sister and that they were no way related?

          So either he is yet lying again or someone is confused? Mimi is in Arizona
          an Dave is in Utah though I think ?

  6. OMG im so pissed rightnow!!! just saw the commercial about jodi on lifetime…..sooooooo unbelievable it makes her look like the female phyco!!! we should try and do a petision to stop the showing !! especially since the trial isnt even over!! if the new jurors see that she may will deff get the DP!! thats so unfair im sooooo mad right now!!!! wtf!!! …..sorry had to vent!!! grrrrrrrrr!!!

    • carrie don’t be….they can do what ever they want. No it will not be a true story and the facts will be pro TA. So I guess it will be your choice on rather you watch it or not.

      • I am compelled to watch it just to see how far they went but at the same time I know it will be a waist of time because I’m going to be emotionally torn up over it!! So frustrating!!

        • Like everything else on Lifetime… They’ve done two different versions of the Scott Peterson Case. Just a bunch of morons in desperate need of good ratings.

    • The actress is ugly and she portrays Jodi as a psycho serial killer or sth… It’s the prosecution’s side of the story and so damn biased!

  7. So glad I live in massachusetts cuz I’d probably be at the courthouse ranting and raving!! I haven’t been this mad in a long long time!! 🙁

  8. Good Monday morning my friends! (((((((((((((((♥hugs to everyone♥)))))))))))))))))

    BeeCee……I am still laughing!!! LOL LOL LOL

    (((((((((((((((((((((((♥good morning sis♥))))))))))))))))))))))

  9. I hope Gus is keeping himself safe. With all the unexplained suicides it’s a little bit disturbing. People seem to be dropping like flies, either dying or being scared off. There are so many angles that were not investigated, it’s reminiscent of the many cases where the police were so focused on one person, that they missed glaring evidence pointing to someone else, thereby sending the wrong person to prison.

    This woman sucks as an interviewer. Why does she keep interrupting? Can’t she let Gus say what he’s trying to say?

    Must be taking lessons from NG

    • “This woman sucks as an interviewer. ”

      Whew. I didn’t want to be the first to actually say that!!! I have a hard time listening to her. Maybe a transcript is on the order!


    • But she has a thinking mind unlike NG. I’d never heard of her before, but she knows what she’s talking about. The last time I accidently saw NG, her bombshell exclusive was another piece of Jodi’s police interrogation, something I saw on the internet months ago..

      • It’s a “bombshell tonight” every night on Nancy DisGrace. LOL “Dr. Drew is worse, because he pretends to actually have credentials & know what he’s talking about. He’s just another reality t.v./talk show face,& we all know most rreality t.v. stars are actors, they just told to wing it instead of being given a script.

    • It’s because of the reasons you mentioned Bev that I always say how much I admire Gus for being so brave.And to think he’s a single parent…However,he never falters and always speaks his mind.If only there were more people,courageous enough to back up Jodi’s story.

  10. Last night I was channel surfing and I noticed the daytime emmy awards. My first thought was that I hope Ellen DesGeneres wins so I stopped only to see Drew announcing the contenders for daytime talk show. Perfect timing I thought as I stopped, not noticing that the actual station was HLN. THAT MAN CAN’T EVEN GIVE AN AWARD WITHOUT MENTIONING JODI ARIAS!!! God he is SUCH a loser! Why would anyone give that pathetic excuse for a Dr. any more credibility by having him give out an award! He is a disgrace to the medical profession. It was at this point that I realized, dammit, I’m watching HLN…….and changed the channel.

    • Well, dear, if I am correct, neither “Dr.” Drew or “Dr.” Phil are licensed with the APA anymore. You can’t give “general group therapy”, which they did & do, it’s not subjective enough, can be misunderstood, etc. I can get into explaining why more, but it’s basic Abnormal Psych. stuff & easy reasearch. These people aren’t real doctors, & they’ve obviously done things to have their APA License revoked, so why trust or believe them? They are just bonifide Oprah wannabes. At least Oprah is intelligent, does good interviews, & has a sense of ccompassion, which are things these “Dr.s” lack. I have no respect for them.

        • Oh, oh, I’m sorry to be so jaw flappy (can I saw that when it’s typed?), but they stopped having Judge Joe Brown on the Show when he said, “What is this, some kind if witch–” & they cut his camera. Bah ha ha!! Go Joe!!

        • Personally, I dislike Dr. Phil. I have found him to be lacking in empathy and compassion on many occasions. I think aside from his show’s emphasis on judging people, which some of his audience finds to be a kind of sport, I consider Dr. Phil to be very lacking in insight and wisdom.
          I think a lot of the general public might appreciate the general information about different topics related to psychology, but mostly it is just information, and in my opinion, Dr. Phil lacks the wisdom, insight, integrity, and depth of being to apply that information. In my opinion, his stance and attitudes are simplistic, highly reductive, and show a sneering contempt and disdain for the complexity inherent in psychological issues.
          I’m not sure that I’m quoting accurately, but Russel Brand said that “Tyranny is the absence of nuance”. I believe that Dr. Phil despises nuance, considers issues in facile black and white terms, and shows revulsion towards anyone who thinks ‘there is a lot more to it’ than his easy answers claim.
          Just as HLN, in my opinion, is biased and incomplete in its coverage, and relies on half truths rather than a full and accurate picture, in my opinion Dr. Phil operates in a similar vein. This kind of information entertainment gives people an incomplete understanding of the issues, accompanied by a false complacency where they then believe they have a complete enough understanding and picture, and the ripple effect on people’s attitudes and beliefs is
          harmful. That incomplete picture affects real people’ lives.
          It is often better that a person assume that he doesn’t know, so he will be able to be open and receptive to further knowing and learning. To me, Dr. Phil is the worst sort of ‘know it all’ and he truly doesn’t seem to appreciate how much he doesn’t know.
          I have to note here how truly horrified I was at the way Dr. Phil treated one of his anorexic guests. He very belligerantly berated, shamed, and condemned the anorexic woman for ‘trying to control everyone’. He treated her with contempt like she was a bad person. The poor woman, who was extremely frail, was so taken aback and vulnerable to his ‘attack’ against her; he implicitly accused her of being despicably manipulate. Apparently that was his understanding of the dynamics of anorexia.
          On a future show, the anorexic woman’s parents were featured. (The anorexic woman was still just as sick.) The mother of the anorexic woman very smugly said to Dr. Phil, ” We gave our daughter back her disease!”——- as if they were so proud that they hadn’t fallen for, to their and Dr. Phil’s mind, the manipulative, devious machinations of an anorexic bent on ‘controlling’ them.
          I frequently think of that poor anorexic woman, and I hope so much that she is alright.

          • I find any TV show that exploits human weakness or misery to be suspect. The first time I saw “Dr” Drew’s celebrity rehab I just felt that he was exploiting a very serious disease for the sake of a tv show. The more turmoil and controversy they create the better for ratings. How can anyone get well in an environment like that? I didn’t watch it again. I feel the same way about shows like hoarders etc. It’s clear that someone who can’t bear to part with any posessions has some tragedy or other issues in their past. Shows like that are disturbing to me. I think “Dr” Phil is a pompous ass. Have you ever seen his wife walk a few paces behind him? Makes me sick. He is overbearing and a know it all, or at least he thinks he does. I think these men are a disgrace to the professions they claim to be experts in.

            • I could not agree more with the both of you. I don’t think they should be allowed to treat people the way they do, or have these shows, which is exactly why the APA yanked their licenses. You can’t give credence to anything they say I would never take the advice of a doctor who’d had their license revoked, on television or otherwise!!

      • The APA, whether it be the American Psychiatric Association or the American Psychological Association, is not involved in licensing providers. Each of the APAs is a professional association not a credentialing body.

  11. Thanks for sharing the videos of the radio shows with Gus. Pitchforks is right on target with the “fishy” nature of everything to do with the investigation, trial and media blitz by TA’s supposed “friends”. I appreciated the analogy to Macbeth “Me think thou doth protest too much”, in regard to the hate frenzy surrounding this case from the TA side. I have thought this exact thing in the past week with all the nonsense from the hater site and people leaving this site out of fear.

    The TA supporters clearly belive that anyone who belives Jodi was wrongfully convicted, are: crazy, deranged, moronic and obsessed lunatics who are not to be taken seriously. Clearly, I belong to the crazy group, as I fully believe Jodi was wrongfully convicted. What is so puzzling to me is; if this group is so crazy and misinformed, then why so much focus on what is said on this site? If we are to believe the other side’s premise, then they should just be able to get a good laugh at the lunatics and dismiss every theory, every statement, every song, and every post as “lunacy”. It boggles me as to why people would set up an entire site and devote a great deal of time to “out” crazies, and discredit what they believe to be sheer insanity. If I belive someone to be delusional, I don’t spend inordinant amounts of time and energy focusing on their thoughts or statements.

    As Gus and Pitchforks pointed out, maybe the other side is afraid that the truth will be revealed before they are able to silence Jodi forever, with the State sanctioned murder of the DP. I ask, what other reason would there be to put so much energy into shutting up crazy people with delusional thoughts?

    • “if this group is so crazy and misinformed, then why so much focus on what is said on this site?”

      Darn good question isn’t it TR?

      A lot of the information was originally brought out on this very website…even if there have been occasional bad feelings there has been/and will be some awesome researching and thinking going on here.


      • Absolutely BeeCee. Fascinating information and research to be exact. I found this site by sheer accident when I was trying to find some accurate information on this case, as HLN was so over the top with their coverage I realized I would never obtain real information from them. Much of what I have learned and what continues to make me believe that Jodi is innocent, has come from this site. If Maricopa County had acted in an ethical manner and fully investigated everything there was to investigate, I may have given more credence to the State’s theory.

        One of the first things that a good and ethical investigator does, is find out anyone who may have had a reason or motive to murder someone. Despite Ashely Reid and Lisa calling to give them important tips about other’s that may have had a motive, the investigators and the DA failed to track down every lead. Why is it that average everyday citizens track down information, but an entire police force cant? If I were Travis’ sibling, I would be looking at every site possible to glean as much information as I could, to insure that the right person was behind bars. I wouldn’t be able to rest until I knew that every theory was fully investigated and no stone was left unturned. I would even be curious as to why Jodi stuck to an “intruder” story for so long, and suddenly changed her story, when there is evidence that someone else may have been there ie: shoe print, dead body undiscovered for days, friends taking days to find him even though they are now saying they were worried for his safety because Jodi was stalking him, and the list goes on….. Maybe every other theory would lead to a dead end, no pun intended, but I would still want each and every one investigated. I would be fearful if someone else did indeed kill my brother for nefarious reasons, that they would still be out there and be a potential threat to me and my family.

        • Everything you said is spot on TR.

          Because I have friends and family in law enforcement I was quite shocked to discover (through the Flores report here) that such a poor investigation was performed. Now I support the Innocence Project…much to the chagrin of some of my family members. LOL

          I realize the simplest answer is often the correct one, but not when one is dealing with human behavior and powerful organizations. Flores went with the simple answer, instead of using his brain.

          • I too support the innocence project. I can see how a victim’s family can get so caught up in the grief process, particularly the anger that they may want to cry out for the death of the perpetrator. I have actually thought about what I would do if someone murdered my dearest relative. I too may want that person to die. However, I then think, could I live with myself if I pushed for someone to be executed, only to find out later that it wasn’t them?

            May sound far fetched, but the Innocence Project has proven just how many innocent people have been convicted. Locally, a man was released from Prison after 22 years, when evidence was discovered that he was wrongfully convicted of murder. At the time of the murder, several people came forward with information about other possible suspects, but the police failed to investigate because they were so certain they “had their guy”. Now, more than two decades later, those leads have gone cold and the real murderer is still free. The wrongly convicted man was able to successfully sue the State, but no sum of money will restore 22 years and his reputation.

            Again, I can’t say what I would do if it were my family member murdered, but I can say I would not cry out for execution with so many outstanding questions that have gone unanswered as in this case. If it were me, I can only hope and pray that my faith and sense of “vengence” not being mine to dispense, would keep me from rallying the world to support executing someone.

          • I love what you said here. It’s really, in fact, one big Ad Hominem argument. If we are “crazy, deranged, moronic, obsessed lunatics”, then it is easy to dismiss anything we say without giving any thought to what we are actually saying. “You’re crazy & deranged” is easier than trying to argue against some of the brilliant observations made by the outstanding & incredibly kind people here. I have this picture I wish I could post here. It is an emo, goth dude handing a little girl a rose, their shadows reveal she has a Devil’s tail, while he has a halo. Everyone has a false image they project to the world, for the most part, people only know what you want them to know, & I think there is a lot more to this story. I like what you had to say as well BeeCee, & i think this points out the problems with Occum’s Razor: the simplest answer is not always the best or truthful one.

        • ”One of the first things that a good and ethical investigator does, is find out anyone who may have had a reason or motive to murder someone.
          ((((((TR))))) ,yes!
          Not only did Florez NOT look for anyone else that might have a motive to kill him,let us not forget that the State never proved Jodi’s motive either!
          Even if his supporters keep hammering this ‘jealousy’ motive (puke) where was the conclusive proof that Jodi slashed his tires? Is there a report? NO! (sorry Martinez,we DEMAND documentation of facts as much as you want documentation of Jodi’s bruises). Did they ever prove that it was Jodi who sent that freakish religious e-mail? NO! Were there any e-mails from the Hughes or other friends warning Travis about Jodi since they were so damn concerned about their poor friend? NO! We ONLY have Travis’ WORD that Jodi was stalking him (sorry Travis we cannot take ONLY your word,you’re a PROVEN LIAR since you kept the same motif,telling Jodi that Deanna was crazy and obsessed which was NOT true and plus you know…Hearsay! 😉

          On the contrary: 1)We have the Hughes warning Travis that it was HIS behaviour that was off and extreme towards Jodi
          and 2) We have written material by you dear Travis asking Jodi to cut any ties with males that she was just friends with,just because you were jealous.
          So,off the top of my head if the State thinks they have proven the ‘jealousy ‘ motive,I’d say to them all you proven to us is that if anything it was TA who was the crazy jealous bastard in that relationship,NO Jodi. And you know,I’m still waiting for that motive the poor girl had to commit this crime…. I guess I won’t hold my breath.

          • Hi Maria!

            Great post!

            You are just getting up I guess…and I’m still puny so I will be going to bed soon.


            ((((all my Jodi sisters))))

            • LOL,(((((((((BeeCee)))))))) I should go to bed too.It’s 4.15 am here,I was out all day and needed to catch up before sleeping.

          • I’m so glad you pointed this out. I have always felt that Jodi seemed to be the one who was responsible, level headed, which is not the same as being “cool & cold” the way they have all claimed she was, & actually aware that she needed to distance herself. Other than than one occasion when she confronted someone, supposedly, she never seemed to have acted jealous at all, in my opinion. I have proof that Travis did… I just don’t understand how the jury didn’t consider that more.

          • Also, on the phone sex call, Travis was acting jealous as well …
            I remember when NG was talking about the recording, she said Travis didn’t sound “that in” to Jodi. I think the contrary. I do believe he was very jealous of other men and their attention toward her.

            • Oh, absolutely. Apparently, she was berated for even talking to another man. That form of codependency & controlling behavior most definitely qualifies as abusive behavior. Even throwing out a woman’s birth control or poking holes in codoms is considered abuse: sexual abuse. There are many types of abuse. I have a couple of charts. I will try to find an online link, but would a MODERATOR please allow me to send them by email? I think this information is important to the defense, very much so. Try

              These are listed on the Power & Control chart: Physical Abuse, Isolation, Emotional Abuse (ahem!) Economic Abuse, SEXUAL ABUSE (ahem!), Using Children, Threats (ahem!), Using Male Privilege (ahem!) Intimidation (ahem!).

              These are the Attitudes & Behaviors of Men Who Batter: Intimidation & Violence, Verbally Abusive, Minimizes Abuse (“you made me do it”, for example), Substance Abuse, Breaks or Strikes Things in Anger, History of Violence, Projects Blame, Cruelty to Animals or Children, Extreme Jealousy, Controlling Behavior, Isolation, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Rape or Use of Force in Sex, SPIRITUAL & RELIGIOUS ABUSE, Use of Privilege.

              To me, it is VERY CLEAR based on these facts that Travis was extremely abusive. Even calling her a psych on is both Projecting Blame & Minimizing Abuse. MODERATORS, please check this site & email me!!!!

    • I agree TR. If “IFFFFFFF” Jodi does get the DP, it wont happen tomorrow or the next day, or next week or the next. The idiots dont think about it. IT TAKES TIME and anything can happen from now until then. She WILL also get the appeal on the STATE and there HAS to be more than one lawyer out there WANTING this case.

    • I feel like I am in the middle of Alice In Wonderland!

      Is it just me, or does this case scream Reasonable Doubt from the beginning? Seriously, how did the jury convict Jodi? Why hasn’t there been a mistrial? Why hasn’t there been a retrial? Why did she get M1? Why is anything the defense sais rudely ignored? Martinez even gets his second trial for sentencing where he will make sure every jury member will vote DP. Plus, who in the entire world and solar system doesn’t know about this trial? The squirrel in my yard can be a jury member. Why is this trial so corrupt?

      I hope that soon I can get out of Alice in Wonderland.

      • I’ll second that,Marianne!
        ‘Why’ and ‘Reasonable Doubt’ is all I can think about after May 8th…

      • I agree. I don’t know if I can say this or not, but it’s my personal opinion nonetheless: I blame the judge. She didn’t even read the last part of the jury instructions to them before sending them to deliberate over the DP. I’m going back to watch that actually, because that last part was important & was something the defense kept bringing up. I think the defense did their best, but ultimately folded under the pressure because after awhile, after tons of their objections being overruled, they knew it was hopeless, but they did try, I’ll give them that.

  12. I wish Gus would go visit Jodi and see what he could find out.

    It would be nice with his finacial stability and friendship to be in Jodi’s corner.

    • Absolutely. Supposedly he’s well-off, doing this PPL thing. Why not helping her financially with her appeals?

  13. Good Morning All! Hope all you fathers had a nice weekend, and yes you ladies too! After listening to Gus’s interviews with pitchforks I went back to his testimony during the trial and listened to it, and also listen to some of his other interviews on Along with the boot print and the palm print, BTW was totally misrepresented during the trial, my heart is even more broken for Jodi. This poor girl is going to go through a lot more and definitely needs our prayers and support. In our local paper this morning was an article on a gentlemen here central Illinois that was recently released from prison on a wrongful murder conviction. I know with time and as the real story comes to light that Jodi will also be set free. I just hope it doesn’t take 13 years like it did for this person. You all have a wonderful day.

  14. In a few previous post several were discussing the smell issue in the house from decomposition. Two weeks ago I bought a package of chicken thighs and was planning on cooking them for supper that night. Something came up and I didn’t get a chance so was going to wail a couple of days to grill them. I bought them on a Monday night and they stayed in the fridge until Wednesday. When I got home Wednesday from work and opened my door, WOW, I gag thinking about it. There is no way that TA laid there for 5 days and no one noticed. If they didn’t, they have to be pretty dumb.

  15. I hope Jodi gets her wish and they wait for January, it will give Time to settle down some of the media frenzy especially after that bogus movie comes out. I wish there was something we could do to stop the showing of that lifetime piece of crap movie!!! It really bothers me!!

    • I know Carrie….. It doesn’t make any sense. How can they air this piece of shit movie BEFORE the trial is over???? Its NOT over yet, she hasn’t been sentenced!!!!! What did they do, guess the ending or left that part out?! Either way, IM NOT watching it. It’ll be another Lindsay Lohan playing Elizabeth Taylor = BIG BIG FAIL!!!!!!!!!

      • In the 90’s there were some horrific murders of teenage girls in Ontario, Canada. A man and woman were eventually identified as the murderers. The woman made a deal and got a lesser sentence but she was every bit as guilty as her husband. There were video tapes of the murders and tortures. The man was Paul Bernardo. He was a rapist and had raped dozens of women. He was known as the Scarsborough rapist. He married Karla Homolka in a fairy tale wedding. Together they killed 3 teenage girls, one being her sister. Because Karla made a deal, (which should have been null and void when the video tapes surfaced, she ended up doing 10 years in prison while he is in for life without parole. Although he was a sick rapist, the only time murder occurred was when Karla was involved. In fact they said Paul went out for an errand and when he came back one of the girls was dead. They dismembered at least one, and threw her remains in a lake. There is no way either of them should ever see the light of day again. Karla got released and married her lawyer’s brother, and is currently living somewhere in the Carribean and has 2 children. She was instrumental in the murder of 3 teenage girls, one being her sister, and yet she gets to know the joy of having children?

        This movie paints her as a victim (from what I can gather as I refuse to watch it). She was no victim, she is on video actively participating in the torture and sexual assault of these girls. The actor who played Paul says he didn’t realize it was based on a true story and said he never would have done the movie had he known, and also didn’t encourage people to watch it, but the actress who played Karla, Laura Prepon, from That 70’s Show knew EXACTLY what it was about. I remember clearly seeing her interviewed and being appalled that she would ever take such a part.

        This crime hit me hard as I had young daughters. One of the girls had been late for her curfew and her parents had locked her out. Karla and Paul picked her up and the next time she was seen, she was dead. How’s that for something to live with? The parents later broke up. Paul and Karla were so harmless and non-threatening looking, they picked the other girl up in a parking lot by asking directions or something. The sister was actually drugged, raped, and died in the parent’s rec room, choking on her own vomit from the drugs her sister slipped her, brought from the vet clinic she worked in.

        Thankfully the parents went to court and fought to have the videos destroyed, and won. (Otherwise they would be all over the internet by now). There’s no way this movie ever should have been allowed to be made so inaccurately. It seems it didn’t get a lot of attention, thankfully.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if HLN had some behind the scenes influence in the way this Lifetime movie about Jodi was slanted. I suspect most of these types of movie we see are heavily slanted and not necessarily in the right direction.

        Heres the link to that pathetic excuse for a movie about Karla and Paul.

        I, for one will not be watching or reading any fiction about Jodi Arias.

        • I read some books about that case. I think Holmolka is a sick monster and that plea deal was a travesty! Did you read about the reporter who found her last spring? She married with children in hiding but she’s free unlike her victims.

          • Yes I did read that and it makes me physically ill to think that she has gotten to enjoy the pleasure of having children when she was instrumental in taking the lives of those three young girls. There is no way the plea deal she made should have been allowed after those videos came to light. Her lawyer who surpressed the videos really suffered no consequences either. Just such a travesty of justice. If she were ever associated with the right person again, she would be capable of killing again, I firmly believe that.She is one sick individual. Also, how does a parent ever forgive their child for killing one of their other children? I really feel for all the parents in this horrible crime.

            • Her lawyer did as well? I thought it was Bernardino’s lawyer who found, hid and lied about the videos. She used the battered woman’s defense. He did abuse her, that much is obvious but based on what I read, she may have been the one who wanted the girls dead! And what she did to her own sister? OMG! I don’t think I’ve heard of a more gory case than what those two did!

              • I might be wrong about whose lawyer supressed the info but regardless it really pissed the public off that he did that and she basically got off with a slap on the wrist. She never should have ever seen the light of day again either. And yes, it was clear that it was she who wanted the girls dead. Her sister was an accident if you could call it that but the other two never had a chance. It was the only way she felt they could get away with it. It was a very gruesome case and very unusual for here. Yes he did abuse her but apparently she got as many kicks out of the abuse of those girls as he did, according to the videos.

                Off for a 12 hr night people. have a good nite.

            • BevM,

              Holmolka’s parents forgave her because they believe she was abused and under the influence of Bernardino. They needed to be in denial imo. Facing what their daughter did could have really done them in. Perhaps, they see the truth now.

              I feel for any parent who loses a child. Experts say that burying a child is the worst kind of grief a person can feel.

        • Omg that is awful…..u truly are swaying the way I look at lifetime movies for here on in!!….did anyone pay attention to whiteys buglers trial line up for today?? They are trying to convict him for at least 19 murders and one of the states main witnesses is a hit man who killed approximately 20 people and pleaded out and got less than 15 years!! How the hell does that work?? A murderer is testifying against a murder?? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?? ONLY IN AMERICA……and apparently CANADA TOO!! 🙁

        • She helped kill her own sister for entertainment purposes and to please her man along with several other young women and in the most horrific brutal planned way. She had actually befriended one of the girls in a sick sort of way. She is a monster! This is the most twisted case I have ever heard about and she walks the streets today. If anyone deserved the DP it was those two but no, here in the good ole US of A we decide that a vulnerable woman who was mentally and physically abused and ended up killing her torturer in a totally unplanned way, whether it be self defense or no, it’s no biggie. Let’s give her the DP because the prosecutor say’s so and he’s pissed and cuz the family of the deceased is so good at turning on the waterworks and pretend crying. Maybe it’s the equivalent of an Oscar or a People’s Choice Award. To reward bad behavior. I think maybe we should start have phone in vote trials like American Idol. It would be just as fair as this trial.

          • Oh…Gwen,
            The Karla and Paul case is sicko! This one makes an anti DP person as myself wobble a little! I can’t believe what she did to her sister. Your right, it is most twisted case I know of. Nightmare tonight!

            • ” … wobble a little.” Yes, that’s a good way to put it, Ann. People like Paul and Karla certainly test our anti-death penalty convictions. I DO understand why some victims’ family/friends would want to see these murderers die. Some even say that the execution, once it’s all over, brings them a certain amount of relief from the torment of their colossal loss.

              The movie, Dead Man Walking, illustrates both sides of the debate very well, especially since the death-row character (a composite of two real-life death-row convicts) is almost totally unsympathetic.

              For me, though, capital punishment is problematic for so many reasons, and the good it may do to assuage the suffering of survivors does not outweigh the brutalizing effect it has on society as a whole. In the end, I’m glad to live in a country which views killing criminals as cruel and unusual punishment, and am horrified when there’s even a whisper about “bringing it back.”

        • This happened near my hometown. I remember it well. I was in highschool at the time. Very sad story.I remember the day they found Kristen. It was like the whole city just stopped. Very sad.

        • I hate to compare any case with this case, & I think cases like this may actually be harmful to Jodi, because this is the woman she is being made out to be. However, I will say that I find it difficult to believe that she was on camera doing these things & no one questioned her defense the way they did Jodi’s… It seems a*% backwards. IDK, I think we should just focus on the law, cases that will help her appeal & on Jodi. If we hate talk this woman, we aren’t far off from the people who hate talk Jodi.

      • Yep lol I agree!! And coming from lifetime is even worse!! I would have thought for sure HLN would have started making movies starting with Jodi’s story since they got the ratings they needed by being lying bias assholes!!

  16. I hope this link is still valid ! It worked this morning.
    I also took screenshots but I can’t get them to come up
    This link pertains to CSHughes writing about his “rags to riches ” story . Within the page he writes that he went to juvenile detention, that he was in jail once and that he was on an episode of Cops ( he doesn’t write any details about why ) before making the choice to work for PPL. He then meets Sky and everything falls into place for him.
    His webpage also shows a lot of his insights about the law of attraction and the Secret and how he relates it to his success.
    It seems to me that Jodi learned about the connection between the law of attraction and success from Travis and Chris.
    HLN spent a great deal of time ridiculing her beliefs about the law of attraction yet they did not talk about this belief system with the Hughes and how it had an influence on them and Travis.

  17. I just heard Bill Pelke speaking on HLN about forgiveness for Paula Cooper who murdered his grandma 27 years ago and the horror he lived with until he embraced compassion and forgiveness for Paula. The horror of her death left his life once he did, I hope that the Alexanders were watching. Mr. Pelke is a real Christain.

      • Gee thanks, after all the work I have done for Jodi I had to look up in the urban dictionary to find out what troll meant.

      • Geebee, Canada Carol is not a troll. She’s just saying that the Alexanders need to learn some grace and forgiveness. Far be it from me to tell anyone how to feel about anyone else, but the learning grace part might not be a bad idea.

        • Thank you. It was so nice to hear that this man not only is forgiving but is making plans to help her after she is released.

          • I heard him too an the first thing I thought also was I pray that that Alexander
            family heard it. Not sure it would help them but even if just one could forgive
            an know that the whole story puzzle does not sit well. Hopefully they seen
            that program they have also for those that are so hateful an maybe can over
            come some issues. But I doubt they will due to being in that Faith they hold
            tight to each other I truly believe.

    • I listened to that too while trying to catch up on Zimmerman. Bill Pelke is an exceptional person imo.

      • Yes, Bill Pelke is an exceptional person who apparently sees that another human being has the inherent potential and capacity to be loving because she IS a human being, and even though what the girl did was horrific, she was a minor, and a minor should never be given the death penalty.
        Of course, I don’t believe in the death penalty for anyone.
        The existence of people like Bill Pelke, with such a loving heart, will have a greater impact on emphasizing the preciousness, fragility, and value of life than all the death row executions any so- called justice system might meet out.

    • Thanks Janeen! How about books, can we buy books online and have them sent to her? Or other items, like drawing supplies? I was thinking about ordering a drawing pencil kit online for her birthday. I was thinking that if it comes straight from the company, it will be allowed.

      • Books HAVE to come ONLY from

        Hello darlin’ ((((((((((((((((LC))))))))))))))))))))))

        How are ya today?!?!?!?!

        • HI (((((((((((JANEEN))))))))))) ♥

          That’s ok. I dont mind ordering from Amazon. What about drawing items, like pencils, drawing pads or anything `like that?

          Maybe I should contact them. Do you or anyone have the info to where shes at, a phone# ???

          • As far as I know she cannot receive anything but books from Amazon and what’s on the commissary list. I will double check that.

            LC….you have mail. 🙂 ♥♥♥

    • Thank you for posting!! Also, I got an email back, finally!! You can send Jodi books directly from the publisher, obviously nothing in bad taste, but I doubt anyone wants to send her anything like that anyway. 🙂 We can’t send journals or art supplies, unfortunately.

  18. Goodmorning to everyone! I haven’t listened to Pitchforks & Gus yet, I will today.

    I was wondering……. has anyone heard of Tony??? He hasn’t been here and he didn’t say he was lvg us!

  19. Hey everybody. I’m still here, but I haven’t had anything useful to contribute so I’ve been hanging back. I ordered 10 more postcards that are supposed to arrive today. Some of them have famous art pieces on the front and I really hope Jodi loves them!

      • Hey LC! That shirt looks lovely on you!
        She wrote me back after she had gotten my first 3 postcards (I have sent 5 total). I’m excited to be able to finally respond to her letter!

        • OH Rachel THATS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t written to her yet because I KNOW she receives so much mail and I didn’t think she’d reply back (not because she didn’t want to, but because she has so much). Im waiting until it starts slowing down for her.

          I also want to send her a book or a drawing kit (if its allowed) for her birthday. So, ill need to start looking into that now.

          Im excited for you that she has replied, she’s such a sweet girl!!!!! I can see her making piles of postcards that she has replied to and a pile that she has to get to. lol

          • I was ecstatic when it was in my mailbox! She told me how the Cat’s Eye drawing has paid for 14 dogs to be spayed/neutered for adoption (as of June 1st, when the letter was written), and how they have sent so much to domestic violence shelters from the t-shirts. She is a sweetheart and her handwriting is so neat! Haha.
            I’m certain she gets a lot of mail. I was surprised and felt honored that she wrote me back!

            • That’s wonderful that she took the time to write you back. I ordered some postcards and also went with an art motif.

    • Rachel, hi.
      When you send Jodi another postcard would it be possible to squeeze in a “Love & Support from Greece” (unfortunately, we cannot send mail to Jodi).

      • Pandora, I sure will! For you and Maria both 🙂 I have 10 to work with so I will definitely fit that in somewhere.

        • TR helped me and I sent 5 postcards to Jodi today (well,to TR actually but she will forward them for me) YAY!!! But since you write to Jodi regularly,yes do make sure you tell her she has support from all over the world 🙂

    • ok, so the postcards don’t have to be plain white ones?

      I haven’t actually sent her any yet because I knew she was getting lots of mail already.

  20. Is it possible that if new evidence came to light in Jodi’s defense such as the mysterious suicides that they talked about on Pitchfork that Jodi could be exonerated? Perhaps she was telling the truth in the first place when she said someone else did it and she was in fear for her family. Look what happened to the Memphis Three. They sat on death row for years and it was finally proven that they were innocent. Jodi needs a champion to really investigate this case and maybe they can find evidence to free her.
    Wishful thinking on my part.

    • I couldn’t agree more & this is probably the perfect place for me to post my thoughts on this. Is is POSSIBLE that they were the “man & woman”? Is it POSSIBLE that it had something to do with the Church/Religion? Was Jidi backed into a corner & forced to chose what she felt was the lesser of two evils? IDK, something has just never sat right with me & something about this case has been picking at my brain forbablomg time. Something just doesn’t fit. I’m a truth seeker, so I can’t help but to explore the POSSIBILITY that there was a lit more to this. At least I’m not alone in thinking so. 🙂

  21. I am not sure why my posts haven’t been showing up, I tried to post this morning but was waiting in moderation. I removed my picture, so maybe that is why? If i have written anything offensive, it was not my intention. I think the only ones who may be offended are HLN! I have been here for a while and was away due to illness and family. I have always thought the state overcharged Jodi. I was too late to join the password protected areas, but felt I would have been unable to help because I am Canadian.
    Well, if I am unable to post anymore, just know that I wish you all well and am hopeful that your efforts will help Jodi, whatever may come
    All my relations,

  22. geebee2 – I haven’t visited your wiki pages for some time. Visited this morning and I am blown away. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into collecting and publishing so much info. I know where I will be browsing for the rest of the day.

    I was just reading through the Prosecution Narrative at the bottom you have a 1-11 list of unexplained evidence. I am going to treat them like an essay blue book. Just take the questions one by one and see what comes out.

  23. ((((((((((Team Jodi)))))))))
    Good morning/ afternoon to all.
    Just finished listening to the interview. Once again, I am going to say that Gus is an awesome guy. Says it the way he sees it. No threats, no money, no nothing is going to shut him up. What a true friend to Jodi.
    I believe that the investigation was done in the most sloppiest, informal way ever. There are so many gaps. It seems that Flores and all the investigators that were involved didn’t think that there was reason enough to do a thorough research of evidence found – after all, they had a suspect, why go to the trouble..
    What really gets to me is the jury. How the hell did they not question all the facts that were given. I mean, did they really put thought in the bloody footprint? Did they not think of the stench that must have been throughout the house? Did it not bother them or problematize them that travis’s ‘close friends’ hadn’t heard from him for so many days (especially the one’s that he was suppose to be with at Cancun) and yet they did not call anyone that was near the house to go check out the situation. Hell, if my close friends are missing for more than one day I make calls until I find out they are safe. travis’s friends didn’t even worry that some kind of accident might have occured to him and he might be injured. That just doesn’t make sence.
    I for one, think that the jury didn’t pay attention to the trial, half the time. They must have other thoughts on their minds (e.g. ‘what should I cook tonight?’ or ‘Should I ask (random name) out?’ or ”What time is the game on tonight? Did I get enough beers?’, etc). How could this jury decide to convict a woman without having all the facts overanalyzed?

    • Pandora, I was going to send you ^^^^up there to read my response to a similar question from Cindy this morning, but I figure since I knew where to look it would be easier for me to copy it to you here:

      “don’t ya just wonder what the jury convicted her on?”

      Well, seven of them were ready to swallow whatever BS Juan dished out. We know that because seven of them convicted her on two contradictory theories of the crime. So, no critical thinkers there.

      I remain convinced that the five who voted premeditation only, while they might have been somewhat persuaded by the gas can ‘lie’, ultimately had no choice but believe ‘intent to kill’ because of the neck wound.

    • I had put all my faith in those jurors. But by the time the questions started pouring in I knew we were screwed because we were dealing with a bunch of idiots, incapable of what is called critical thinking!

  24. Did anyone see “48 Hours” Saturday night? The episode was called “The Accuser.” It was an update of the Ryan Ferguson case. Ryan has been in prison for several years on a murder charge. He was accused by his friend, Chuck Erickson, of being a participant in the murder of a newspaper reporter. Chuck Erickson has admitted, after several years in prison himself, that he made the whole story up. Both of these men are in prison and there’s no proof that either of them were involved in this murder at all. The only eye witness has also admitted that he lied. Ryan’s lawyer took on this case pro bono because she is convinced of Ryan’s innocence. Not only that but she is also convinced of Chuck Erickson’s innocence.

    The reason I posted this case is that in spite of Jodi’s “confession” (to the gun going off), I’m not really convinced she killed Travis. There are a bunch of cases where people falsely confessed to a murder and were later found to have had nothing to do with it.

    • BTW, I’m absolutely convinced Jodi killed Travis.

      It makes perfect sense, and her testimony at trial is obviously the truth.

      There is plenty of physical evidence that all shows what happened, things like where she dropped the knife.

      • hummmm she did not say “she” dropped the knife. She said she heard the ping on the floor and wasn’t sure if it was from that day or something she recalled from another day…..

        • I’m not convinced, . . there is not gun or knife to fingerprint and too many others that should have been questioned that had more motive than Jodi. Part is an opinion joined with Jodi’s apprehension manner when “admitting” and the other is tangible. My opinion doesn’t count unless proven. As civilized people we can agree to disagree amiably .. bottom line is . . we don’t know for sure. . . “reasonable doubt”.

          • “As civilized people we can agree to disagree amiably”

            Yes, I agree! This site has become an online community, and like any other, people need to learn to respect each other’s rights.

            GeeBee said that Jodi “killed” Travis, not “murdered” Travis. He is supporting her testimony that she was the one who did the act, but the intent was self defense not out of malice.

        • I’ve been listening to her testimony quite a bit. Jodi testified that after time, she recalled a memory of a knife hitting the tile floor in the bathroom. She also testified that she remembers putting a knife in a dishwasher, but doesn’t know if that was from another time because she had done it often.

          • Yes,I think she has an auditory memory regarding the sound the knife made when hitting the tile and a visual memory of putting a knife in the dishwasher but she said that she had done that before so since June 4th is foggy she can’t be certain if the memory is part of that particular day.

            • Ok guys, this may be a long shot, but is there any possibility whatsoever that Jodi was given drugs without her knowledge? This is a serious question. If she had been, it might explain some things. It happened to a friend once at a bar & she ended up being ok, but she said & did weird things that she still doesn’t remember. She didn’t get checked out either, she just felt embarrassed about it & left it alone.

      • Where is the physical evidence of how she got him in the shower by herself without scraping and bruising his body in the struggle to drag him over the metal rim of the stall?

        • Journee,
          It is obvious that TA’s body was lifted and placed in the shower stall. Jodi could NOT have done that alone. I often wonder, with all the obvious clues that this crime scene held that indicated Jodi was more than likely not the only one involved (if she was at all), why the investigation focused solely on Jodi. I also wonder why Jodi’s story changed. The “two intruders” scenario is more plausible to me…so much was disregarded in testimony. I wonder if Jodi was convinced to take the “self defense” route because the defense team found it to be easier to explain. Were they more comfortable with it and thought the jury would find it easier to believe? Or, I wonder if Jodi chose this as a defense so as not to involve anyone else…so many questions! How did the jury not feel that neither the prosecution nor the defense scenarios pulled that crime scene together and made absolute sense of it. How could not ONE juror see…that what was left OUT of the testimony but was in actual evidence spoke VOLUMES as to the lack of plausibility of either side.

          • Out of respect to the final five jurors who *I*believe* were honestly trying to do right – instead of just slurping up whatever Martinez spoon fed to them – I will offer this:

            First, there were just so many damn bits of flotsam and jetsam that didn’t fit, didn’t make sense and wouldn’t pull together for a cohesive story that it just created a constant niggling “huh?” feeling.

            WE had the luxury of going back over the trial tapes, again and again if we needed to… clearing up confusion in some places, spotting inconsistencies and gaping holes in other places.

            The jury got to hear it once, and in many cases probably didn’t have the opportunity to fully register what they were hearing because they had to keep listening to hear the next part. (I am one of those people who could never take notes in classes because I would always miss the next thing said). They didn’t get to really examine that cluster of knife wounds on Travis’ back, for example – they didn’t get to figure out, like geebee did, that those were chops and not stabs.

            Even with the luxury of time, and the ability to really examine things, even knowing for WEEKS that something really bothered me about Travis’ placement in that shower, my little lightbulb moment didn’t come until after the verdict…. I was here, arguing with tonysam about it, imagining myself struggling with 200 lbs of wet, dead weight, when I finally realized it. DUH, to drag him into that shower would have been a FIGHT in and of itself, and it would have left a LOT of visible evidence on Travis’ body.

            But the lack of that evidence on Travis never even struck a chord with me before – never even registered for me that it should have been there.

            So I guess what I’m saying is that I can’t blame the jurors for not seeing what they didn’t see.

            After all, no one was telling them the whole truth.

        • Also,where is the freaking bloody drag mark???? He was bleeding profusely at that point,if she dragged him to the shower his body would have left an extensive dragging mark on the floor. But oh yeah I forgot Martinez’ stupid theory:she cleaned around it!! Duh!

      • Keep in mind geebee

        It is clear that Travis fought for his life. The evidence of that struggle does not prove who the assailant was.

          • No kiddin’ cb. I invariably sustain a half dozen bruises just trying to carry too many groceries in from the car at once.

        • I never had a problem believing that Travis was abusive or that Jodi had to fight back to protect herself. I knew that Travis, once injured, would have fought and that for as long as he fought, she would have had to fight and someone was going to die. I was even able to construct, in my mind, to my own satisfaction at least, the way the fight might have played out – going by Travis’ injuries and the blood evidence at the scene.

          It’s the part where Travis ends up folded into that shower stall that I can’t explain. It is clear as day to me that she could not have put him there, that he had to have been lifted/carried and essentially dropped into that position. Because his body bore no signs of the struggle it would have taken to drag him there and position him as he was found.

          Now, it may well be that the scene was tampered with after the fact. Maybe someone else found him dead and moved him. Maybe hasty calls were made and some deemed it prudent to insure that Travis’ personal life and activities were sanitized before cops were invited to the scene. Maybe that and that alone explains all the bizarre Mormon behavior.

          But in my gut I know that someone else put Travis in that shower, and that means someone knows something that they aren’t telling. Until they decide to speak up, the only thing that has been proven to ME about the events of June 4, 2008 is that Jodi knew what youtube video was playing at approximately 4am on the laptop that was confiscated from Travis’ office.

        • Alyce LaViolette answered a juror question that explained that often times battered women, once they fight back don’t know when to stop.

        • “May have overreacted”

          Some people think this, but is it really rational?
          When defending yourself, is there really any such thing as an over-reaction?

          There is the major complication that Jodi had completely lost her memory due to acute stress. This means she would have continually forgotten that Travis was attacking her once the fight started. This makes the end result sadly inevitable, because she would not have left the scene (she would have continued to try and help Travis until he was obviously dead), and he would have continued to attack her. What Alyce said is really equivalent to this.

          However, what I strongly believe, is that personality does not change in acute stress. I see no reason to think that Jodi’s personality changed from gentle and non-violent at any point. But nevertheless her basic defense mechanism (which every one of us has) would still have been there. There is the legal concept of “mens rea”,, meaning “guilty mind”, which says that one cannot be guilty of a crime unless there is criminal intent. For me “intent” means rational, thinking behaviour, and this does nto occur during acute stress,

          • “When defending yourself, is there really any such thing as an over-reaction?”

            VERY true geebee. When one is in fear for their life, then you have the fight/flight response and all those chemicals kicking in…I think once someone really starts defending themselves there is no stopping until there is no movement from the threat.

            Anyone remember the guy who caught a man raping his daughter in Texas? He beat that man to death, and then felt a lot of remorse. He couldn’t stop himself…very understandable. While that was for protecting his daughter, I can see the same thing for protecting oneself.

          • Geebee one thing you say doesn’t comport with my understanding of the testimony on flight and fight by Dr. Samuels. The old brain of us takes over which is the part all animals share with us, and the rest of our brain really is cut off. He testified about how a person would not have the usual rational thoughts and I believe that our personality is cut off, as all part of the instinct to survive.

      • I agree with geebee. I think the simplest scenario is the one Jodi told on the stand. As far as getting him into the shower, I think it’s possible that once the violence ended she tried to help him and perhaps in an adrenalin-induced state (and not wanting to hurt him even further) she managed to lift him into the shower in an attempt to clean his wounds (I believe there was a plastic cup in the shower – she may have used that to try to wash his wounds.) But, of course, it was all too late for Travis.

        • I never understood the importance or the role that plastic cup has in the entire crime scene.Why use a cup to clean him up when she could have turned the shower’s faucet on?

            • I get that.I mean I get the fact that people keep cups in their bathrooms,I do too to wash the toothpaste out of my mouth.It’s the claim that she used it to clean up the crime scene or TA’s body that I dont get.

              • It’s quite natural that Jodi cleaned up Travis’ body to minimise the trauma for the person that found the body.

                She also did various somewhat irrational / habit things, like straightening the bathroom scales, deleting photos that were no good. Then she put the camera in the washing machine… It all speaks to her state of mind, a state of acute stress, but also a state of DV – minimising, hiding things to protect Travis’ reputation, stop everything coming out, but not fully rational.

          • The position he was in, if someone wanted to – for example – rinse his back, the shower faucet probably would not have reached it.

            (who, in 2008, did not have a hand held faucet extension for their shower? weird… I think I’ve had one since the ‘shower massage by water pic’ was invented)

            • Good morning Team Jodi.
              I finally got a new computer since my laptop was messed up. I don’t know how it happened, since I don’t post on FB, but I read some of the posts. I have virus protection and they still manage to mess up my computer.
              You might want to look at this about the autopsy report, it’s very interesting.
              By the way, I just got my Survivor shirt with a nice note from Jodi’s family and I will keep it and cherish it.
              I am glad to be back 🙂
              Love you all !!!

    • Yes I too was looking into that case it is all over Twitter for Freeing him. Just
      proves again some crimes are not investigated at all really.

      I found this video also I do not agree with Travis being shot in the shower
      but the same thing could be done with Travis on the outside of the shower
      just as Jodi stated…………same pattern……….I wish I knew how to do this
      stuff on the puter an do a reenactment of how I think it happened.

  25. ((((((((((((((((((((Pandora)))))))))))))))))))))))

    I’m sorry doll, I just saw your hello to me! LOL LOL LOL

    Rachel: PLEASE take care of yourself! I hope you feel better! (((((((((hugs))))))))))

    • geebee2,
      I hope at least ONE of the jurors sees your link and it causes them to think…Jodi beat the odds of being the one who lost a life that day, yet the jury disregarded that…I am still puzzled as to how they came to a unanimous M1 verdict.

  26. Hi GeeBee,

    I left this message for you on Task Force #1 but I see you are hanging out over here so I will re-post. Hope and I have been discussing how to best get all this Task Force #1 information organized in a way that best suits collaboration. I’ve found a project management tool for my Mac that helps list projects, sub projects and people who are working on each. It also generates webpage reports. I just need to work out how to best publish the pages as well as a repository for all the work being done.. It appears that you may be our resident wikispace wizard. I tinkered with it, realizing its main function is collaboration, but I don’t find it intuitive. So I am wondering if we could elicit your assistance in creating such a area, similar to your wikispace pages for Jodi? It would be most appreciated.

    • Forgiveness and compassion are indeed liberating. As long as TA’s family harbors their hatred for Jodi they will not be free. I believe THEIR prison is far worse than the one in which Jodi lives. I hope they will some day open their hearts.
      Thank you Al for the link. That man has a lesson for all of us.

  27. Hi all, has anyone spoken to Danielle? Haven’t seen a post from her as frequently as usual. I dropped her an email and no response. Hope she is okay.

  28. Hey everyone,

    I emailed with Drew Hensley today. He claims he has never talked to TOTT, has never been harassed by an JAII member ( like TOTT alleges) and only emailed Misty Catcher back who also wanted him to “out her” at that site. He also has no plans to sue SJ or any member as trash insinuated as he was shown his matching IP addresses used to impersonate ppl in this site and can’t explain that.. He denies coming in here and cannot explain why his IP was used. TOTT lied again.

    Why are we suddenly posting about libel/slander/cyberbullying?

    Because its happening to us, that’s why.

    Have you guys heard of forum shopping? Interesting term that was brought to my attention earlier.

    Take care!

    • wait, so someone impersonated Drew to come here and impersonate Janeen? Is that what you are saying?


      Could it be someone he knows?

      Very strange, I think IP spoofing is not that easy. If officials have to get involved they can probably figure it ALL out and get to the bottom of whomever is harassing all of us over here.

      and then that Misty cacher!!! ugh, people.

      • He is denying that he came in but also confirms it was indeed his ip. I thought IP spoofing was almost unheard of?? Could happen though.

        • well, maybe he is denying because he is embarrassed for his poor behavior.

          Very strange. The person would have to know his email AND somehow spoof his IP. Not likely. Another scenario would be someone in his house or work or wherever it was that knew his email and used it to get in.

          very strange.

          I harbor no ill feelings, I’m just glad he stopped.

  29. Hmm JC .. the forum shopping is a “term” and would not be recognized by the present court .. but .. under the criminal section .. “Generally, they can do so only where they can show that localized notoriety or publicity makes it unlikely that an impartial jury can be selected in the district in which charges were brought.” which is you know, obvious . . I wonder if since this court has kept the unfound gun as part of the cruelty phase weapon used . . and the gun being stolen like it was fact. from Cal .. couldn’t someone ball this all up, get it thrown to Cal and the entire case heard by using the “discovery” part? Sounds messy and it is but sometimes ya gotta make a mess to clean one up. You should see my kitchen right now lol.

    • That is is unbeliveable that martinez got the jury to agree on both charges. Grampas gun has never been found, nor is the THEFT of grandpas gun ever been charged to anyone..was the theft of Grandpas Gun ever a priority for ANYonE in the justice sysgem of AZ?

      JM got to introduce Grandpas Gun and pound away at the psychic of all and sundry to ensure by NPL that Jodi would be convicted.

      Thats just one of JM”S tricks..

      There are so many faucets of injustice in Jodis conviction, that I believe are unprecedented. The hoard of ugly, blood seekers led by Media ratings, the “reality TV” to shape consencus, and finally, the inhumane treatment of those who will not be bamboozeled.

      • Martinez couldnt of course resist the ‘temptation’ to use the burglary at grandpa’s house during his closing arguments when it was NEVER proven that Jodi did it nor was she EVER charged with it! Un-fucking-heard of!

        • He also used the idea that Jodi was a “stalker” – for which NO documentation was ever submitted as EVIDENCE to PROVE that…

          • Yep,I wrote a long post ^^^^ about that.If anything,Travis was more obsessed and jealous than poor Jodi ever was.

          • Jm said as if it is proven fact that Jodi slashed tires and stole a ring,not to mention the stalking that didn’t happen. I don’t know how he was allowed to do that.

          • he couldn’t nail down stalker / theft because of a couple things .. no court order, police report or exparte on Jodi for one the other thing is stalker is an offense punishable by law . . jm during closing said “stalking like behavior” because by law he cannot call her a stalker – it’s an overused word anyway. . what Jodi might have done was not stalking in the legal sense .. he smeared it and most people don’t know the legal term and the foreman juror got it when jm talked down to them like they all were stupid and illiterate

            • How come Jodi was exhibiting stalking behaviour when she looked at his emails, but when he went into her’s in April and found her messages with Steve Carrol, it was okay? Because it’s Saint Travis.

      • I’m sure this has probably been said, but if this trial wasn’t televised there would be less justice for Jodi. The vast majority of us would have only heard one sentence or two in these last few months. HLN wouldn’t have had a following without a tv trial. The prosecution (pickles and martinez) must answer for the unfairness they used to get the verdict. There are too many of us that clearly see the injustice. As long as we continue to dissect the trial proceedings, we provide viewpoints that Jodi’s team can use for her defense. I pray each day for Jodi to be freed from jail. She’s done her time already.

      • That effing FAMEWHORE! I saw that pic yesterday I think.She ordered a necklace with ”Justice for Travis’ and ”Juror 17” on it. DISGUSTING AND BIASED! Too bad we cannot prove she was a sell-out all along. Karma will get you,fat-ass!

        • AMEN sis!!!!

          I did see the necklace. I hope the designer is called to testify as to when it was commissioned and by whom. The authorities need to look into this.

          I love you sis!!!!!(((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    • coldcase she has her paged block and you have to put in a follow request. Has she final realized that she is being watched?

  30. “Imposition of the death penalty is arbitrary and capricious. Decision of who will live and who will die for his crime turns less on the nature of the offense and the incorrigibility of the offender and more on inappropriate and indefensible considerations: the political and personal inclinations of prosecutors; the defendant’s wealth, race and intellect; the race and economic status of the victim; the quality of the defendant’s counsel; and the resources allocated to defense lawyers.”
    -Gerald Heaney, former appellate judge

  31. So, does anyone know whether the ‘status hearing’ or whatever it’s called is still set for this week?

    Do we know whether it will be televised or not?

    • I would think with the defense motion to put the case over to January 2014, the status conference will also be rescheduled, unless it will be to decide on that motion.

  32. So, as for the DP, from the beginning, Jodi was at the whim of a madman(JM) who was most likely being spurred on by the Alexanders, who are a cross of The Addams family meets Breaking Bad. As for that juror and her necklace…that is the most blatant naked attempt to garner attention that the word famewhore is too kind. She must be the most pathetic loser on earth to go to these lengths. Will someone would please do her before her desperation drives her mad. Juror 17, you are not even good enough to do Jodi’s laundry much less be involved in this case. Appalling!!!

    • Actually I believe that this asking for the DP is a great stunt that Maricopa county prosecutors have undertaken to allow them to get easy M1 verdicts. The stats show that Maricopa county charges DP in about 50% or more of their homicide cases. Now this does two things for them. Firstly, it lets them get a death qualified jury, which is more likely to convict on the guilt phase. Secondly it gives them a single and very powerful chip for plea deals to LWOP.

      And even then 85% of their DP’s are reversed by appeals courts.

      So I think this is just a “flea flicker” type play for them on 2nd and 1.

    • Good Evening (((((Gwen)))
      Good Evening ((((((Warriors)))))
      Glad to see everyone.

      I like this one too:
      “To take a life when a life has been lost is revenge, not justice.”
      -Desmond Tutu

        • Trying to stay out of trouble.
          Hanging with right crowd doesn’t always work.
          How’s my bad ass pussy cat Janeen?

          • Doing great!!! Can’t complain about much of anything Ann……


            You hang with me and my sisters Ann…….we always stay out of trouble! 😉

  33. All this talk today about shoe prints, rope fibers, hand prints, memory cards, etc got me thinking. So in any chaotic and long drawn out affair there will always be things that are unexplained, or memories that lapse, or fail. How many times have each one of us asked ourselves “How did that get there?” or something along those lines. When I was a kid they would play this game at school, where they’d pile a bunch of stuff on a table, let you look at it for a couple of minutes and then write down what you saw. I guess it was supposed to improve our powers of observation – but the fact is that even grown ups playing that game would miss a number of items.

    So I don’t think, every small little detail necessarily matters to either the prosecution or the defense. What does matter is that the state must show, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the evidence in fact proves their case. In fact, I believe it must show that to exclusion of all other reasonable theories that may also be pointed to by the evidence. So it isn’t a case of the state’s theory being the most likely, or most probable. It must be the only reasonable explanation of the evidence. This is unlike the standard in civil cases where a preponderance of the evidence is all that is needed. In that case the most likely or most probable story meets the proof standard. But in a criminal case the state must show that the evidence, not only proves their story, but it must also be the only reasonable explanation for the evidence and events. So they don’t have to prove that little green guys from Mars didn’t do it, but they must show that to a reasonable person this is the only explanation.

    Now under normal circumstances the state doesn’t have to prove motive, however, if there is anomalous behavior then I believe the state must at least provide an explanation for that behavior. The same holds for anomalous evidence. So if there is some evidence that points away from the state’s case, then I believe it is incumbent upon the prosecutor to be able to explain that evidence.

    In this particular case, there is an added twist. The defense put up a theory of self defense. Arizona law now makes it incumbent upon the state to show that this was not self defense, and again they must do this beyond a reasonable doubt.

    So when I look at this from the thirty thousand foot level, here’s why I always feel that the state didn’t make their case. According to the prosecutor Jodi stole a gun, (did all this other stuff that I will address later) went to AZ, spent 13 hrs cavorting around with TA and then stabbed him first, cut his throat and then shot him. And that is where the evidence provided by the state, breaks down. This has been my position from before the defense case, and was my position after the closing arguments. It’s the fact that the state did not, or could not address the big anomalies.

    Let us assume for the moment that the state is right, that she did do all of the stuff they allege prior to going to Mesa. Now she gets there and then spends 13 hours there without shooting him. And then when she does decide to kill him she first stabs him. These are major anomalies, and I have always felt that unless and until they can be explained there will always be, in my mind, a reasonable doubt of whether or not this was in fact premeditated murder. If TA was found dead at his doorstep I would not be here on this page. If he was found dead in his study at 4:30 AM I would probably not be here. If he was found shot in his bed in the morning, I would probably not be here. But 13 hours later, and I feel the state needs to tell me why. And it has to be more than speculation. Statements by the prosecutor along the lines of “Well maybe she wanted to confront him, or maybe she needed to build up the nerve”, etc are not evidence. They are mere speculation and that, from my point of view is not allowed.

    I have often asked a question based on a hypothetical situation that keeps coming to my mind. Let us assume, for the sake of argument, that JM is right and all the stuff he alleges prior to her reaching TA’s house is in fact correct. Now let us assume that once she got there she lost the gumption to pull it off, whatever the reason – she was scared, she saw TA and realized she loved him and couldn’t do it, she thought she managed to talk him back into the relationship – whatever the reason. The evidence definitely shows that even if she did in fact set out to kill him, she waited 13 hours and spent time with him before the actual killing. So hypothetically speaking, is it possible that made her change her mind yet again. She claims that what precipitated the whole thing was his body slamming her, her attorney claims that it was a sudden quarrel. Both of those are reasonable explanations for this anomaly. The state must now show us why those are not reasonable explanations. See, in this case it doesn’t matter whether she lied about the gas cans, or the color of her hair, or any of that stuff. We have a defense attorney raising a reasonable valid point. We have a prosecutor saying that is not true. Well by the rules of this proceeding, it is incumbent on that prosecutor to show me why the defense’s theory is not reasonable.

    Something happened that precipitated the killing after 13 hours of “hanging out”. And if I am to believe the prosecutor then he must explain that 13 hour gap to me. The acts prior to the killing (such as the alleged dyed hair, etc) must be connected to the killing act across that 13 hour gap. And also, if she had a gun available, and if the state is correct, why did she first stab him.

    So until they can clear this up for me, I don’t believe they have proved to me that this was premeditated murder based on her prior actions. Now there may be some other esoteric reason for jurors finding for premeditated murder. Some have argued that it wasn’t all this other stuff, but rather the fact that the throat wound was meant to kill and hence was premeditated murder. But that is not necessarily a valid argument under the law. For it to have been premeditated murder there must be a clear intent to kill, with a cooling off period, during which some intent was formed, and I believe in such cases the state must show when that intent was formed. The mere fact that everyone knows that cutting someone’s throat will kill them is not enough to prove premeditated murder. In fact if that act took place without the relevant cooling off period, and a clear formation of an intent to kill, even though a cut throat can mean nothing but death, that is at the very best M2, and maybe even manslaughter. But again it s incumbent upon the state to provide the evidence that this was actually M1.

    Now people outside the courtroom may form their own opinions, and these rules do not apply to them. But within the courtroom, during a trial, these rules definitely apply to the jury and the prosecution.

    And that is where I feel JM and the jury failed. A criminal trial jury must judge to a different level than folks sitting in their living rooms, and the prosecution must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt, to the exclusion of all other reasonable explanations that may be raised.

    So does the shoe print matter, or the rope fibers, or any of that other minutiae? I don’t think so. I believe that the state failed to show, to the required level of proof, what exactly went on in that room that day. Statements from the ME or crime scene experts that something is possible, or consistent with a particular sequence don’t matter, especially when the same witnesses agree that the defense’s case is also consistent with the evidence. So what I would ask is for the prosecutor to show me how the evidence shows that what happened in that bathroom fits his theory and only his theory, and in this particular case he also had to show me why, with evidence, that Jodi’s story was not true. I don’t care about the lying before that, I don’t care about the gas cans, or the hair color, or any of that. I want the prosecutor to show me how the evidence shows that her story is not true. I know he tried with Horn’s testimony about the shot coming last, and Flores’ goonygoogoo experiment with the shelves. But I want him to show me for real.

      • Al,
        I want to reach through my monitor and shake your hand, slap you on the back and may even hug you for posting this. May I steal “HUGE CHUNKS” of your post when arguing my position?… I’ll give you all the credit…Al said—” I want the prosecutor to show me how the evidence shows that her story is not true.”

    • ‘These are major anomalies, and I have always felt that unless and until they can be explained there will always be, in my mind, a reasonable doubt of whether or not this was in fact premeditated murder. If TA was found dead at his doorstep I would not be here on this page. If he was found dead in his study at 4:30 AM I would probably not be here. If he was found shot in his bed in the morning, I would probably not be here. But 13 hours later, and I feel the state needs to tell me why. And it has to be more than speculation. Statements by the prosecutor along the lines of “Well maybe she wanted to confront him, or maybe she needed to build up the nerve”, etc are not evidence. They are mere speculation and that, from my point of view is not allowed.”

      I agree with that.

      I’m confused as to what you mean in the last part of your post.

      In that last part, are you saying you want the state to show you how the blood evidence and other forensics prove step by step that Jodi’s self defense story is a lie? Is that what you are saying? When Martinez gave his closing argument, didn’t he try to tie the forensics step by step then? Remember how dramatic his close was?

      • What I am saying in the last part is that I want Martinez to show me why I should not believe the self defense story. So its not good enough for him to show me that the evidence fits his story. He must also show me why the evidence does not fit the self defense story.

        The way I see it right now is that there are two stories that have been presented – JM’s story and Jodi’s. Now JM claims that the evidence upholds his story. But that isn’t good enough by the law. In the case of self defense he must also show me why the evidence shows that the self defense story cannot be true. If he doesn’t do that then we are left with two possible stories, both of which are borne out by the evidence – and that is the definition of reasonable doubt.

        Now he did take a crack at trying to disprove Jodi’s story. He produced two things to try and do this – Horn’s testimony that the gun shot had to come last, and Flores’ little experiment with the shelf. Well Horn’s testimony is just not true, in my opinion. And we’ve thrashed that to death. And Flores’ little experiment with the shelves was so lame, I doubt a high school physics teacher would have given it a passing grade as a lab experiment (and if you want I can go into that in greater detail). But what he didn’t show me was how the rest of the evidence negates her story that the killing was precipitated by self defense, or Nurmi’s argument that this was the result of a sudden quarrel.

    • Al, regarding this:

      “Some have argued that it wasn’t all this other stuff, but rather the fact that the throat wound was meant to kill and hence was premeditated murder. But that is not necessarily a valid argument under the law. For it to have been premeditated murder there must be a clear intent to kill, with a cooling off period, during which some intent was formed, and I believe in such cases the state must show when that intent was formed. ”

      AZ law – as set forth in the jury instructions – is that intent to kill can be formed in the instant before the act.

      • Right it can be – but, if that is what they would have us believe, then the state must show me that such was the case, by some evidence.

        If he had proved to me that here’s how things were going, and here’s what happened, and she did this, and then that and so on and at this point she decided to cut his throat, then I would believe premeditation.

        But if this jury believes premeditation was formed in an instant, what do the base that on. It can’t just be the fact that she cut his throat. That act must also have been done with clear intent and malice aforethought, and that intent must be proven. But the state didn’t even claim that. So, if that’s a decision the jury made they just did it on their own. Else they bought the whole hair-gas can scenario.

        • Ah! But did the JURY KNOW that Martinez needed to prove that? They didn’t get that instruction until the end… I THINK it was in the instructions before closing arguments. So it was fresh in their minds for Martinez to spin it as though he had proven it.

          Like the instruction that Martinez had to prove it wasn’t self defense – they didn’t get until just before arguments either. Martinez’ cover on that one was in the wording of the instruction ABOUT self defense. Although I don’t remember the precise wording as well, the gist was that a person can defend themselves with deadly force only to the point where they might reasonably have been able to get away. So that was fresh in their minds (and I’m pretty sure Martinez reminded them) when JM pointed out that could have taken a left and run out the door instead of turning right into the closet – Travis was naked and wet and she could have run into the street, run to a neighbor, etc. For the JURY, that was all he needed to prove that it wasn’t self defense.

          • Good point Journee, and I for one felt Nurmi should have driven that home again and again, with a lot of force during his closing.

            A little chart like the one SJ posted from the CA trial would have gone a long way. Those visuals sure do stick.

            • Yes, visuals stick…that’s why Jaun would slap down the gaping throat picture whenever he needed a little trauma-drama…then leave on the visual projector for a 10 minute sidebar. He will have to order a new one for the new jury….it must be thin and faded by now.

              • So he could scare the feck out of women.
                Pictures of extreme violence juxtaposed with female genitalia is a very clear message to all women who might be remotely sexual, especially sexually repressed cult followers.

                • Yes, Fred. The message is: “look, an evil c*nt did this.” The old idea that female sexual parts are a wound and/or deformity has been resurrected when they put those pictures side by side. Everything old is new again!

    • “Now let us assume that once she got there she lost the gumption to pull it off, whatever the reason – she was scared, she saw TA and realized she loved him and couldn’t do it, she thought she managed to talk him back into the relationship – whatever the reason.”

      I just want to point out that Jodi knew she and Travis could not carry on an exclusive relationship, that’s why she broke up with him after finding out he was cheating with other women. They parted amicably, but continued hanging out and having sex, but that doesn’t mean she was interested in having a conventional relationship with Travis. Before the killing, Jodi had moved back to Yreka, was getting back to her old self and started pursuing a potential romantic interest with Ryan Burns. Travis was the one who asked her to come see him on her way to visit Ryan Burns, so this indicates to me that Travis also had issues letting go of her as much as she had issues staying away from him.

      Plus, Lisa D asked him to not email or call her, and he contacted her anyway according to her testimony. Then there’s Mimi Hall who told Travis she was NOT interested in him whatsoever romantically, but he still put her name down to go to Cancun and insisted she accompany him. All of this leads me to believe HE was the one who was lovesick and had troubles letting go of old flames, not Jodi. IMO it is no mistake that Travis attacked Jodi during the most dangerous time in their relationship, when she was trying to move on with her life.

      • Right. Seems clear that if anyone was going to do the leaving, abandoning, getting rid of the other, it was going to be Travis. And that he would decide on the terms.

        Those vitriolic text messages were the push and pull, what he did and did not want from her. According to him, the whole world knows she’s a worthless whore, yet he wants this whore to himself for when he wants her. He never wanted to be completely done with her. What he wanted was control over her–over access to her body. Which is why he worked so hard to make her believe she was too used up/evil for anyone to ever again desire her, let alone love her. That’s not a break-up; that’s an attempt to enslave another emotionally and sexually.

        • He was a classic narcissist.They do that,you know; they want you to themselves,no other person can have some of your time.You are there to serve their needs and purposes. Plus,there is what is called Narcissistic Rage.Trust me ,when this kind of people get mad(for whatever reason) you do not want to be near them! It’s scary.

      • And let’s not forget about Deanna. Travis knew she could no longer fulfill his sexual desires but he had trouble letting her go; he was emotionally attached to Deanna as much as he was physically attached to Jodi. He was so neglected as a child that he was probably suffering from fear of abandonment as an adult. There was something child-like in his behaviour sometimes. He could just NOT let people go. See? Everything that Jodi has been accused of can easily be attributed to Travis as well 😉

      • I want to add though. I think part of the problem was ignorant jurors making up their minds about guilt based on the opening statements!

        how wrong is that???

        Isn’t that what that Tara said? Un f’in believable.

        • I agree BeeCee. I didn’t believe the jurors internalized anything from the Defense. Maybe it was just Martinez’s reputation that got carried over to the jurors. Maybe the Defense weren’t dramatic enough against Martinez. These issues ultimately don’t matter but they seem to win this type of thing. At this point I am concerned about Jury selection in general. There is so much reasonable doubt in this case. To get a M1 verdict is both stupid and cruel.

  34. I want the defence to get an expert to review that post mortem. The slides and specimens in formalin should be available. Horn`s answer that his report was per protocol was a nonanswer, but the report does read like a normal report, but with mention of decomposition .Good detail in description of other organs of the body, but no microscopic findings. His clinical findings and cause of death make the gun shot secondary. And of course, the fact that it states what it states about the dura mater and frontal lobe. I would also love it if someone besides Martinez explained the crime scene.

  35. When Sky`s brother Zion was setting up Jodi and Ryan, I think in April, Jodi told Zion in a text message not to edify her as a blonde to him. The hair thing really does not fly with me.

    • Its just another one of those things isn’t it. There are pictures of her in May with dark hair (albeit with lighter highlights). There are pictures of her on the 3rd with dark hair. The Yreka report of the burglary says BRN hair. Yet the car rental guy said she had blonde hair. Now she made some bank transfers at a Wells Fargo or WAMU ATM. In our part of the country all bank ATMs have cameras – how come no one looked at those pictures? I don’t remember now – but did anyone ask Darryl Brewer what color her hair was when she went to visit him? If not why not? If yes what did he say? Why didn’t anyone ask her family in Redding (where she left her car) what color her hair was when she went to rent the car?

      Again, its like the shoe prints – no one seems to have gotten to bottom of the car rental guys blonde hair story.

      • There are so many of “those things” floating around all over the place.
        This has always been my impression of the Prosecution’s case: balloons of speculation floating up higher and higher with no tethers whatsoever to connect to reality…I kept waiting for the tie downs…they don’t exist.

        • I know, and they would have you disregard all of that – why, because they KNOW this was a case of premeditated murder one. And that may be fine in your living room or at the kitchen table, but a jury in a court of law should ask for more clarity. They can’t just know it, they can’t feel it, or guess it or have a hunch.

          This isn’t a case of who you believe. It should be a case of whether the state proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

          That’s why the verdict form says Guilty or Not guilty and not Guilty or innocent.

      • Jodi’s testimony explains the hair for me. She decided in March to go back to her original color and said it took more than one time to get it there. She could not have gone back to blonde for Columbo. Anyone who has stripped their hair to be platinum blonde for years could not do it without damaging their hair. He saw the blonde driver’s licence and perhaps the highlights. The text message she sent Zion, to let Ryan know that she was not blonde anymore fits with her going back to her natural color before she is to meet him. I don’t think anyone asked Darryl.

        • I don’t know about hair dying, but my wife said the same thing you did – apparently you can’t bounce around from brown to blonde to brown at will. Apparently the colors don’t hold or something.

          I wouldn’t know, I’m salt and pepper and getting saltier every day.

          • It’s the platinum blond part. The color has to be stripped out of the hair and is really not that good for it. And to go back and forth for one day really wouldn’t work.

      • Oh but they did little brother….The guy didn’t recall her really. I’m sure this is what happened. They always take a copy of your drivers license and he was going off from that. Blond hair…….JM played that very well.

      • That rental car guy was a moron. He looked at her driving licence where she has blonde hair and it stuck with him. That’s why he insisted on that story. But of course this is a capital case and even one stupid guy’s misconceptions can lead to a DP.

    • hair colour is a red herring..classic misrepresentation and misdirection coupled with an unrelentless puonding of yackity yak…yes or no..answer the question.. wtf was the question ??
      objection why do you even ask
      overruled of course

      justice? for whom?

    • Good point! I think the prosecution made a huge deal of things that had other equally reasonable explanations. They say she took pictures of herself beforehand, so? Maybe she was taking them & deciding on one to send Ryan, who knows.

  36. Well the state wants to go ahead and still seek the death penalty,good fucking luck getting a jury that isnt biased and tainted.This whole trial was a joke,the judge didnt do her job,she should be running a traffic court,Lying detectives and medical examiners,witnesses that were intimidated,death threats and mormon pressure all mixed in and yet nothing was done about it.Jodi got the royal shaft by the DA and nothing will change Judge Pickles will deny the defense again as she has through out the trial,Juano will get everything he wants and a young lady has her life ruined because of the social media.I for one believe that she did not kill TA,there was someone else there and there was a cover up.Jodi is taking the fall for someone and this stinks to high heaven,Anyone with a brain can see how the evidence stacked up.How can a jury so quickly find her guilty of M1 and then again very agravating circumstances,but fail to reach a verdic in the penalty phase,the jury copped out because they did not want to deal with the outrage by the public.Jodi should be doing time for manslaughter with time served,I think that is even extreme,Well the next months to come will be interesting and to close I say fuck the Alexanders and their followers,they are no angels either.

  37. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately all.
    Still recovering from this dreaded summer cold.
    However, I have been lurking (in a good way!), reading, and keeping up to date.

    But, I am also getting ready to leave for a week on a trip with no access to the internet. 🙁
    I will check in tomorrow before I leave and see whats happening before taking off.

    I will miss you all – it seems like so long!
    Wish I could pack my cats – really dreading that part.

    Anyway, hope all is well with everyone.
    I am going to watch the video above, it sounds very interesting to say the least.

    Forever Team Jodi.

      • I’ve missed you all too.
        I seem to be coming and going at all the wrong times!
        When I’m on in the evenings it seems so quiet – there is so much activity in the day.

        I hope you are making progess with research BeeCee.
        It seems we are hater free (for the most part) – but maybe I’m missing the action.

        And maria – I hope you’ve been able to get a postcard to Jodi.
        I’d love to help you out when I get back if you havent been able to.

        I miss you both very much.
        I’ll be back before you know it.
        And hopefully I come back to some kind of good news! 🙂

  38. Hello everybody, I have just come across a photograph of dhall taken on 5th June, that says ‘five years ago on this day I was travelling to Cancun to tell my friends that Travis was dead’. How would he have known that?

  39. There is so much explicit racism and sexism in this trail it makes me shudder. Mormonism is a place of neo-conservative values and historical racism, I have always viewed the hair dyeing as Jodi’s attempt to return to ‘herself’, not as a blonde trying to pass as ‘white’ in a male dominated ancestrally bloodline inclined cult/organisation. She was the wrong type of ‘blood’. She was considered ‘weird’ because she is ethnically different. Being ethnically different means you are over-represented in prisons and welfare organisations,and
    you are part of an oppressed minority. Oppressed minorities are powerless and do not get fair treatment from neo-conservatives. Being a woman just adds to the repression and powerlessness.
    I can only imagine how degraded and humiliated she feels at being the ‘toy’ for these people.
    At the end, as the photographs show, she looked like a pre-pubescent Indian Squaw. I’m not sure how this might have gelled with TA’s fantasy of a lusty busty blonde whore.

  40. Patti on Dr. Drew tonite

    “Um, well a couple of people have made fake citations about me and posted them on a few good friends’ websites, saying you know, I had drug problems up to DUIs, aggravated assault, and they’re just all lies. I’ve never been in trouble, for one. Second of all, they have put my home address out there, with a description of my house, where I lived and a map. You know, and one of the sites that they put it on was State vs. Jodi, and that site has over fifty thousand people on it. And so, I’ve never, ever received a death threat, but yeah, I do fear for my safety, because if you think fifty thousand people, like the whole entire world, it seems like, knows where I live, who I am, have pictures of me and my daughter on the internet. And so it’s really emotional and it’s really hard.” She sounded very troubled by these threats.

    • Who wouldn’t be? The level of projected violence by the public et al, very much reflects the level of projected violence by TA. So does the whole taking sides stuff,
      Over-populated prisons with ethnic minorities tells me outright about societal racial oppression, especially in Arizona. The just aren’t popular with the neo-conservative traditionalists, and a woman’s place is in the home.
      Mr Juanderful is bullying misogyny on legs along with the cult. Racism and sexism in the 21st Century is anachronistic, old fashioned, distrustful, invalidating and alienating. It’s really not acceptable behaviour in a modern world.
      Racism and sexism go hand in hand. JA is totally misunderstood by the DSM, the public and patriarchal law. She has turned into a very public level of irrational fear of ethnicity.
      They want her to be a psychopath, it makes her easier to kill, burn at the stake, and to outcast. Just like her family is outcast ostracised and suspect, even though they have done nothing wrong but support their daughter and sister and niece, just like ordinary families do.

        • Me too Kira! I’m watching Patti’s interview right now (trying really hard not to puke, Drew is disgusting!! ) Why did they have ”Former Friend” under her name? Distorting everything,they just cant help it can they?

      • HLN ‘s people have called Jodi every terrible name possible. Many of those names have come out of the DSM IV without any proof to back up diagnosis. They have also commented on Jodi’s behavior as it being a reason for a diagnosis when Jodi is acting completely normal. They must be mistaken Jodi for one of TA’s sister’s and describing TA’s sister’s hateful actions.

      • Well, I checked the interview and she did state she had not received a death threat.
        Hmm.. looks like she had backed down a bit.

        Jodi stated in her allocution:
        “This is Patti. She was my best friend for years. She was here last week to testify on my behalf, as you heard Mr. Nurmi tell you in opening statements, but she didn’t return today because she and her 9 year old daughter were threatened and harassed if she came back to the state”

          • Also, Dr Drew was getting lots of abuse for simply defending Patti….

            Maybe he now begins to understand the torrent of prejudice and hate that was unleashed.

            • I have been taking a much needed break from him and the Harem but I put it on last night to hear what Patti had to say and it was disapointing to hear him make a point of introducing her as “Jodi’s FORMER friend”.

              Then they had a segment with some promise it was about Jodi’s parents and the hell they are going through and how their business is in trouble and this neighbor wrote an Oped that was published in the local paper. So Drew had him on and the man talked about the threats against the family, the endless bullying and how people are trying to destroy their business. But of course thing deteriorated b/c this man noted that the Arias family is in hell too and the Harem didn’t take too kindly to that. They got their panties in a twist saying that the loss the Alexanders’ are going through is head and shoulders about what the Arias family is dealing with yadda yadda. Oh really? didn’t they both lose a family member, b/c Travis is pushing up daisies and Jodi is in a jail cell so I think you can say they have lost their daughter for the forseeable future.

              What really pissed me off was the Harem they had to keep coming back to how HENIOUS the crime was and how disgusting Jodi is and yet then they turn around and wonder why there is this group of people out there on there on the internet with such vile hatred for Jodi when they are the people most responsible for this culture of hatred.

        • Also, geebee I didn’t do the whole interview, maybe I should, but she said that, and she referred to him as “Juan” was telling what seemed to her like the whole world that she had a drug problem. I have also heard that he was threatening to prosecute for some pics that she had sold. I believe that his threats and the angry mob kept her out of AZ.

    • I don’t believe in boycotts. If anyone finds the movie to be offensive, then don’t watch it. Nobody’s making anyone watch this movie.

        • The haters boycotted a drive through casey ate at on her way out of jail once. They take ‘boycott’ all the way to stupid.

          • That just shows how stupid they are – boycotting a drive-through! Like the people who worked there knew that Casey was in the car…and why the hell shouldn’t she have been able to eat whatever she wanted? She’s free!

  41. Hi everyone. This is my latest blog post. It is called “Why Jodi Will Receive Justice”.

    Without question, we are definitely in for a long, legal war. In fact, it goes beyond a legal battle. Make no mistake, this is a war and one that will not be resolved within a short period of time. But I am absolutely confident and positive that when all is said and done, within a few years, we will be the last ones standing and victorious in our quest for justice for Jodi Arias.

    It is my belief that Jodi Arias will NOT receive the death penalty. Not now. So, this leaves two other options: life in prison with parole or life in prison without the chance of parole. Either way, whatever option is chosen, we will continue to fight for Jodi’s ultimate freedom and release from prison.

    As I sit here and type this, I am constantly amazed at how popular the Jodi Arias trial has become. I never expected this case to be so polarizing with both sides. I would have expected this for the upcoming George Zimmerman trial, but not Jodi Arias. Why do you suppose that is? I believe that it is because there is a lot of emotion placed into this story. Whichever side you support, Travis Alexander or Jodi Arias, most people are emotionally invested in this story and have allowed it to become a part of their everyday lives. And I think that the media is also responsible for fanning the flames of this war between Team Travis and Team Jodi which they privately love and thrive on the conflict.

    HLN has done a really good job of promoting Travis Alexander as this Mormon Golden Boy over the last six months while depicting Jodi Arias as the Devil. But truth be told, deep down they don’t give a damn about Travis Alexander or his family and friends. They are invested in this story because they know that it has given them huge ratings and they’re in this for the money. One might even call them “gold diggers”.

    And, if you are an ignorant, uninformed person that doesn’t keep up with this trial and you turn on HLN, you would understandably buy into the bullshit that the network is putting out there. It is very easy to understand why someone would be sympathetic to Travis Alexander and not to Jodi Arias if they spent their days and nights watching HLN or most other media networks. Because they have framed the story to depict Travis as a rising young man who was brutally murdered or butchered by this evil stalker. It doesn’t hurt for them to have so many of Travis’s friends and supporters coming out of the woodwork to praise him and bash Jodi Arias. I’m all for showing support for someone you claim to love and care about, but what they’re doing is tantamount to “media whoring”. In fact, I’m convinced that for most of these people, Travis’s death is probably the best thing that could ever happen to them. Why? Because they are exploiting his death and using his name to put money into their wallets. Personally, I find that offensive and I’m not even a fan of Travis Alexander. I find this equally as offensive as someone posting autopsy photos of Travis in an attempt to smear or attack him.

    The funny thing is that you would think that Team Travis would be emboldened and confident because they clearly have most members of the media on their side at this time and they are well-funded thanks to Travis’s fat cat friends. But if that is true, then why are most Travis Alexander supporters so angry and hateful towards Jodi Arias supporters? I can understand them not agreeing with us or liking what we believe, but I don’t see why we couldn’t just agree to disagree with each other. Contrary to what they may think, I don’t hate them. So why all of the anger and hate coming from their side of the aisle? Why do they go to such extreme lengths as they do to track down Jodi Arias supporters, copy screenshots from their personal pages on the Internet and post their private information on websites? Why do they make death threats against us? Why do they impersonate us on their websites and pretend to be us in an attempt to mock and ridicule us? If they are so confident and emboldened in their quest for justice for Travis Alexander, why is it that all they can do is attack, attack, attack? Because they are scared.

    None of them will admit it, but the fact is that they are scared to death that there is a good probability that Jodi Arias will not receive the death penalty and will not serve life in prison. And, they also know that this recent trial was a travesty or should I say “Travisty” of justice? The more we find out about what was going on behind-the-scenes of this trial, the more we find out how the judge and prosecution botched it. Jodi Arias never stood a chance for true justice in this trial because the deck was stacked against her from Day 1. Even so, the jury ultimately found that they could not give her the death penalty and I heartily agree with their decision. So why did they previously decide to give Jodi a guilty verdict? I suspect that peer pressure had something to do with it. And, I wouldn’t be surprised if the jury felt intimidated by some of Travis Alexander’s supporters. To be fair, I have no proof of this at this time, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we found out later that some jurors received death threats from Travis Alexander supporters. Just as I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the jurors in the George Zimmerman trial receive threats prior to the verdict such as “You better give us the verdict we want or there might be riots!”

    There is a cliché that says “Perception is reality”. Most people perceive Jodi Arias to be guilty of pre-meditated murder and this evil femme fatale that seduced a flawed yet amiable Mormon fellow, leading him astray and, ultimately, taking his life after a day of sex. If you believe this, you’re only listening to one side of the story and haven’t allowed yourself to open up your mind and heart to listening to the other side of the story. And my role in this case is to tell our side of the story with the help of many other friends and supporters from the Jodi Arias team. If you were to visit the “Jodi Arias Is Innocent” website, you will find an overwhelming amount of positive, uplifting, compassionate and inspirational comments. Yes, there is the occasional troll that somehow finds his or her way there along with the sporadic loons that go too far in attacking Travis Alexander. But I am happy and proud to admit that these are few and far-between. And, if you were to compare our side’s commentary with the other side’s, I think you will find them to be night and day.

    We may not have as many comments as they do on a weekly basis, but most of us have jobs and careers that don’t allow us to sit behind a computer screen all day making fun of strangers we’ll probably never meet or trying to impersonate them. We’re not in a contest to see who can have the most comments. And, besides that, we have plenty of people commenting on our behalf, thank you very much. It’s not about the quantity, but rather the quality of the commentary that matters to us. We don’t hide behind anonymous names except for security reasons because some of us have received threats and only choose to be anonymous for this reason. We don’t impersonate others with whom we disagree or take it upon ourselves to copy screenshots from their personal and private pages in an attempt to smear or attack us. Their defense in doing so is that because a few people decided to post autopsy photos of Travis Alexander that they felt it necessary to retaliate by smearing and attacking us. In other words, instead of just condemning bad behavior they choose to justify their bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior.

    Does this sound like a confident bunch of individuals to you? A group of people who have to lie, cheat and steal in order to achieve victory? This isn’t inspiration. This is DESPERATION. They know that their case is weak and the only way that they can defend it is through intimidation, attacks and lies. Team Jodi doesn’t do that. We take action based on inspiration, making a difference, raising money for charities, helping others and we don’t just talk the talk of God, we walk the walk. Also, we’re not afraid or intimidated to have some non-white faces on our team either. We are a diverse group with people from all over the world. People from different racial, social and economic backgrounds. People from different religions and even non-believers. And there’s something else that we have on our side that Team Travis does not have: the truth. We have the truth on our side and, ultimately, the truth is going to be what sets Jodi free.

    In closing, I would like to address those Jodi Arias supporters whom, like myself, have recently been the target of a smear campaign led by some Travis Alexander supporters. I know how difficult it is to have to take abuse from bullies. I did it for most of my years in school. That is, until I finally decided to fight back. Today, I am fighting back once again and, like those goons in school, I will defeat these ones, too. And none of you should ever feel afraid or intimidated to express your opinion. You have just as much right to your opinion as they do. Do not ever let bullies harass you or try to influence your way of life. Because, in a way, what they are doing is “online terrorism” and people who participate in this kind of criminal behavior must be defeated and they will be defeated. Perhaps it will make you feel better to know that you are not alone in this war. I stand by you and with you 100%. And I am comforted knowing that we have the truth on our side, the law on our side and God on our side. God bless you.

    • One final note: all of the bullies that picked on me in school have wound up in prison or dead. Who says that Karma doesn’t even things out?

    • JM ,
      Your compassionate and honest convictions continue to be an inspiration to all. Well spoken without malice or contempt. Thank you for sharing

    • well said JM!

      I want to mention, if anyone has an actual death threat please pass it on to one of the mods.

      My law enforcement friends and family would be very interested in those.

    • JM:

      Those folks, and especially the most vile of them, have lost all sense of purpose. If you go to one of those places (and I highly suggest you NOT waste your time) they no longer post things about the case, or even about the trial. They ONLY post about supporters and how to hate them and hurt them. They appear to have one purpose and one cause only- to threaten, harass and bully total strangers with a different point of view.

      They are no longer “Travis supporters” as they started, but rather, now they are “Jodi Arias supporters haters and bullies.” They are not doing their Saint Travis any good anymore.

      They have derailed. Humorous, maybe, but also very, very pathetic.

      Have a wonderful day, all!

    • Holy shit, thank you for sharing this!

      This is alarming. The fifth amendment just doesn’t apply when someone is arrested. It’s a constitutional RIGHT to remain silent under ANY circumstances.

      WTF is happening to our country?????

      • Isn’t it a constitutional right to be afforded justice and equity? The law doesn’t seem to think so, at least in how it’s applied in Arizona …
        It’s oppressive and racially motivated, and I feel like I’m back in the 60’s when black power commenced their struggle. For the musically minded a host of black performers sang about oppression as Dylan, Don McLean (American Pie) and hundreds of others did.
        There are current examples of modern music to exemplify it, even in modern art and architecture you can see the dialectic of discourse. The black against white the soft against hard and billions of other opposites. It’s very either or.
        I think we are witnessing the resistance against a counter-cultural movement taking place via satellite around the world against monetary oppression, welfare cuts and whole countries going broke and the issues it brings with it. Maria could explain it very clearly I would imagine.
        Occupy is at the forefront of societal disharmony in Europe (Manuel Castells- sociologist) and many many other countries, it’s revolutionary change being resisted by traditionalists and patriarchy – again.
        I’m sure I’m in a patriarchal time warp.

        • Oh I forgot to add the money-makers, how could I forget the money-makers?
          They are going to get way more scared than they ever have been during a world wide recession.
          People aren’t terribly happy when loss of income is affected.
          Apologies if I am too philosophically and sociologically minded. But I can sense a need for ongoing debate and discourse at a higher level than name calling and intimidation and bullying. It is a well known factor in causing PTSD and I can see just exactly how it might have arisen for an oppressed minority racially vilified woman.
          It’s very very reflective of the relationship between JA and TA…

    • the simple answer is to follow sirlips advice:

      (sirlips where are you!! I need you to post the talking to the police advice!!)

      1. don’t talk to the police
      2. don’t talk to the police
      3. refer to #1 and #2

      or, something like that. sirlips says it WAY better. LOLOL

      heehee, I can’t really follow this advice since I know so many, but hey!

    • Krikee,

      Here’s the court’s decision:

      Still have to digest it, but Huff Post doesn’t quite get right their explanation of what the court said.

      This was guy who was talking, but wouldn’t answer one set of questions and never asked for an attorney or invoked his 5th amendment rights. He just apparently refused to answer one (or one set of) question(s).

      The answer when being interviewed by the police really is to

      1. Immediately ask for a lawyer.
      2. Refuse to answer any and all questions till the lawyer is present, and specifically invoke your 5th amendment right to silence.

      At the very least this case again shows how over the years the SCOTUS has slowly chipped away at the boundaries of our freedom.

      • Al, that was interesting reading. A lot to take in, but you are dead on. Say nothing with out legal representation.

              • Fred, your philosophical and sociological commentary is not only very welcome, it is astute and insightful, and it is really necessary. What you said about a counter -culture revolution is right on the mark.
                I think the seething hatred must have been there all along, but now with the internet, as I said earlier, we have the crazy phenomenon that commentary posted under news stories etc. can subvert, undermine, distort and even falsify facts.
                Part of the problem is that the ‘news’ disseminated by the media on line and on
                T.V is so ‘stripped down’ that even though the ‘essential’ is ostensibly given and conveyed, that is really not the case. Rather, the state of affairs is that the true essense of subject matter reported on has often been divested of its soul and substance. There is no fleshing out of substance, no in depth commentary or analysis, not enough situating and relating subject matter in and to other contexts. There are just disembodied facts without a sufficient subjectivity behind them. Just as in literature where for decades the prevailing trend has been to decry ‘authorial intrusion’ and many laud a prose that is so unadorned and minimalistic
                (Hemingway’s heavy influence) , likwise in other areas even though there is more access to facts and information everywhere, there is less content.
                Past decades have heralded ojjectivity over subjectivity, not recognizing that they are two sides of the coin. There is more narcissism and emphasis on image than ever, but less introspection. A wide-spread perfunctory glibness is obliterating expression. What you said is true—- the hard against the soft—it’s definitely apparent.

                • Thank you Amy, we are seeing meta-modernism in action, the dialectic is very clear.
                  We live in a deeply shallow world paradoxically lol.

    • hehe, Cindy I think your autocorrect added an “s” to apologize, that’s why it looks like you are saying Fred never apologizes.


      HI FRED!!!! good to see you!!

  42. Ok I have been losing focus lately due to things in my personal life that I have had to attend to. Has the judge ruled yet on the motion for the delay? Or is this what she is going to do today?

  43. This was filed yesterday:

    6/17/2013 OBJ – Objection/Opposition. – Party (001) Docket date: 6/17/2013

  44. Good morning, Family! ♥

    Off to work, but I just wanted to pop in and say I still support our dear Jodi and I miss you all.

    Also, I received a WONDERFUL surprise yesterday… My bestie bought me Jodi’s Cat’s Eye for my birthday, and I have to say it is absolutely STUNNING! I got print 7/100, and I encourage anyone who can to buy one (unless they are sold out)

    (((((((((((((((((((((THANK YOU, HERO, J♥♥♥)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Enjoy the day! 😀

  45. Hi all and good morning. Haven’t posted in a while but just wanted to say I’ve been voraciously reading all the posts every day. I pray each day we all get one day closer to reaching Frredom for Jodi whether it be through prayers, well wishes, keeping Jodi in our thoughts or through a good appellate lawyer!!!

    You guys are digging up some good stuff and it seems that the “other side” talks way too much which is a good thing as they will start slipping up (ie, Fred’s discovery). Loose lips sink ships!

    Gus’s interviews are great too by the way.


  46. I have a short new page up:


    The question is this : given the extensive other corroborated types of abuse that Jodi was subjected to, why would the jury doubt that Jodi was physically abused?

    I’m glad to see that Nigella has taken the appropriate action, I hope she has been recording any abuse she has suffered.

    Perhaps we could approach Nigella and ask that she support Jodi.

    That’s all.

  47. Happy Tuesday!
    Looking Back 10 years ago today:

    “The slaying could have been committed with malice, but the weapon most definitely wasn’t a mallet.

    A juror in a Fresno murder case misunderstood the judge’s instruction on “malice aforethought,” and thought that for a guilty verdict the defendant would had to have killed his victim with a mallet.”

    My quote for today:
    “How dangerous it is rashly to adopt the Mosaical institutions [Old Testament teachings of eye for an eye]. Laws might have been proper for a tribe of ardent barbarians wandering through the sands of Arabia which are wholly unfit for an enlightened people of civilized and gentle manners.”
    -an attorney general of Pennsylvania in the 1790s

    • Ann, In a way that is …funny…although it does draw attention to a serious problem. I just had to chuckle at the malice/mallet mistake. YIKES! 😆

      • That’s what I thought…it goes to show lawyers shouldn’t take for granted the jurors understand the legal terms, the law as it pertains to their case and jury instructions.

  48. Hello, hello my wonderful Team Jodi family!!!

    Happy Tuesday!


  49. Was busy celebrating my birthday yesterday so just caught up. I love Al’s post on how the prosecution did not prove its case. Beyond a reasonable doubt my ass. One of the first things that guided my judgement in this case is how Jodi waited around for 13 hours, and then decided it would be better to have a knife fight than use a gun. It is beyond me how the jury and the haters do not get that simple point.

    • MY purpose in referencing the video incident where nigella lawson was being strangled by her husband was to show, what was disbelieved by the jury in jodi’s case, that men strangle women

      “Her eyes are transfixed as she struggles to prise away the powerful hand squeezing around her throat.

      Glamorous TV cook Nigella Lawson looks stunned to be ­attacked by her art collector husband Charles Saatchi during a vicious row at their ­favourite London restaurant.

      Fellow diners and passers-by at Scott’s in Mayfair were shocked to see the ­advertising ­multimillionaire reduce his celebrity wife to tears.

      Saatchi launched a tirade of angry words. Four times he grasped her around the neck with Nigella, 53, looking powerless and petrified.

      At first he used only his left hand, then both. At one stage he tweaked her nose then pushed both hands in her face. Twice Nigella jerked her head backwards as if in fear.”

      Nigella then downed her glass of red wine in one gulp and began to talk, her voice trembling.

      She seemed to be trying to pacify her husband, placing a hand on his left wrist as it lay on the table.

      At that moment she leaned over and kissed his right cheek.

      “It was utterly shocking to watch,” said one onlooker. “I have no doubt she was scared. It was horrific, ­really. She was very tearful and was ­constantly dabbing her eyes.

      “Nigella was very, very upset. She had a real look of fear on her face. No man should do that to a woman. She raised her voice and got angry but at the same time was trying to calm him down, almost
      like you would try to calm down a child.

      “The kiss was a strange thing. He was being ­intimidating, ­threatening.

      “And yet she kissed him. She ­appeared to be a woman who loves him but was clearly unable to stop him being abusive, ­frightening and ­disrespectful to her.”

      Saatchi, 6ft and 17 stone, marched off, leaving his wife sobbing at the table and ­grasping her mobile phone as he got into a car the couple had waiting.

      “Nigella is in awe of him and ­surprisingly lacking in confidence herself. She has been thrilled by the ­reaction she has been getting in America after appearing on TV.

      “And with the popularity in Britain it’s boosted her self-esteem.”

      MANY parallels with jodi’s account of her relationship with ta, including being choked by him, but in jodi’s case going further till she fell into unconsciousness

      THE jury in jodi’s trial were not required to make specific findings of fact, such as whether they believed ta choked jodi to unconsciousness

      HOWEVER, to me it looked as though the verdict of guilt, together with the statements from the jury foreman, supports the idea that the jury adamantly refused to accept that “ta the innocent” had choked jodi, till she blacked out, as she had clained

      SUCH would have bolstered her claim of self defense, that he attacked her, and given the prior choking incident, plus her knowledge of ta’s wider potentiality for violence, she clearly had good
      reason to fear for her life, etc

      I was pleased to see the uk police looking into whether to press charges

      the uk prosecutor’s office is largely non political

      WITH lawson this was how he behaved in public
      IT requires little imagination to speculate what that thug of a husband was like at home, away from public gaze [ alyce laviolette]

      • Wes,
        Mr. Saatchi should hire Juan. He would spin this and say…this was Nigella’s fault…she …”lied to him” about something to cause his angry, what did that evil woman do to Mr. Saatchi?….Nigella treats him like a dildo without a heartbeat. How dare she!

        I hope Nigella gets away from him.

        • when i came across the video earlier today, i thought this is jodi’s case in so many respects

          the details in the newspaper article showed it as so much worse

          the reporting above in the Mirror was light years away superior to the malicious, sensationalist reporting of jodi’s case

          the Mirror from memory was factual, detailed, relevant, fair, etc

          i don’t know the Mirror’s reputation otherwise, but this account was very good

          • The Mirror is a tabloid newspaper in the UK, not much better than HLN. The Guardian can be a relied upon as a more balanced newspaper, I don’t think it even mentions the Kardashians. The Times is highly conservative.

    • Very interesting,thank you Wes! Eerily similar to Jodi’s choking incident. Nigella did NOT press charges! So according to Martinez the incident can’t have happened (sarcasm!! )

      • hope nigella doesn’t have a diary, because if she does and didn’t record it it there, it didn’t happen

        obviously even though she’s the wife, she’s also a stalker

        it goes without saying, he’s afraid of her

        and the photos are lies
        the husband when questioned, and shown the photo

        husband: who do you believe ?
        me or your lying eyes ?

      • (((((((((((((((((((Janeen)))))))))))))))))))) I am ok. I was gonna get up and go have labs done but forgot and ate something soooooooo now will have to wait til tomorrow. Dahhhhhh dumb me, lol. Still feel the bone that tryin to work it’s way out and still been running fever sooooooooo we shall soon see. I am gonna try to get some things done today in my bedroom and laundry done. Just got through dealing with my screwed up pipes under the house. You know how it is, if it’s not one thing it’s another. Just gotta deal. I’d love to know your opinion on what I posted in task.

        • Ms. cj….

          I do not have access to Task. If it is something you want to share with me for my opinion – email it to me. 🙂

          As far as on the plate for today…a little of this…a little of that….;-)

          I hope you are feeling better.

    • I agree with almost all his points here, and then some. I hope that they not only overturn the verdict but that it also comes with a nice reprimand to the judge and prosecutor.

      • ICAM Jeff I would pay $ to see JM and his handholder Judge Stephens get a nice swift kick from the Appellate Courts. I brought over a few examples that really stood out to me and the remarks about the gas cans I don’t even remember him making. Probably b/c I was so enraged during his closing arguments I was zoning him out:

        2- During closing, Martinez told the jury to put themselves in Travis’ shoes — a blatant violation
        This is unbelievable. Why didn’t Sherry Stephens admonish Juan Martinez? She can strike it from the record all she wants. But guess what? The jury already heard it — the damage is already done! You can strike it from the record, but you can’t strike it from the minds of the jurors.

        3- Martinez also told the jury during his closing that if they don’t convict, they’re essentially filling the gas cans — another blatant violation
        How could a mistrial not be allowed right there? What is wrong with this judge?

        Juan Martinez posing with HLN Dr. Drew “juror” and Rick Santorum campaigner, conservative Katie Wick –

        4- Martinez playing the part of a celebrity during a capital murder case
        Nurmi called to the judge’s attention that Martinez had been filmed and photographed on the court steps posing with his fans and signing autographs. Nurmi showed a photograph that was on the front page of The Arizona Republic and talked about video shot by KPNX-TV, Phoenix, to document Martinez’s new-found celebrity.

        • Martinez is the poster child for how to abuse the court. There appeared to be no interest in justice. Evidence was hidden or suppressed and when presented manipulated. I watched recently how he tried to discredit Gus about Jodi’s attire. What a manipulative piece of shit.

  50. So the Travis supporters have decided to veer from their righteous path and become Jodi supporter haters? Cool. Now if they’d only boycott breathing.

  51. Flores Report, Page 15

    6/17/08 @ 1800 hours

    “Dallin, Michelle and Marie all gave follow-up interviews, but Jodi stated she no longer want to. Jodi said she had been talking to a close friend who convinced her that many people had been talking about her being involved in Travis’s death. After that friend talked to her, she felt uncomfortable talking to me without consulting an attorney first. No interview was done with Jodi that day.”

    I wonder how Jodi got from this stance/position to agreeing to talk to Flores on July 16, 2008 without a lawyer present. Did she decide to talk to Flores because she was arrested on July 15, 2008? If anything, she needed a lawyer even more after she was arrested. Was she simply naive or was there another reason?

    It seems anyone arrested and charged with a serious crime should automatically have a meeting with a lawyer who will explain his/her rights in detail before talking to the police instead of having a policeman read his/her rights (a few sentences) off a card.

    • Didn’t she decide, subsequently, to go ahead and interview with Flores over the phone?

      Unwise, I know. She never should have talked to him without a lawyer, period.

      But I think she wanted to talk. She probably would have that day if not for all of the gossip swirling around Mesa about her. I don’t think she was prepared for the chilly reception she got at Travis’ memorial that day.

      Still, it was eating her up not to talk about what had happened.

      Cops kinda count on that, don’t they?

    • During the interrogations Florez never really encouraged her to talk to a lawyer; in fact his careful wording succeded in DIScouraging her from doing so.

      • Thanks, Journee & Maria,

        This article verifies what both of you are saying. It explains how the interrogation room and situation is set up to induce the suspect to speak. It also suggests the “Stockholm Syndrome” can start as quickly as 10 minutes. And, how police present the Miranda rights as a mere technicality. But, of course, none of this info helps Jodi now.

  52. I think every time Dr Pew Stinksy or Nasty Disgrace appear on a program other than their own a disclaimer should be added under their name that says ‘Former Human Being’. As for the poor lady getting strangled in public by her hubby…I agree with Ann, I think it was, that he should hire Juan if charges are filed. Kermi would hold up to the public eye a saintly male virgin who was being stalked, enticed sexually and manipulated by the wanton Mrs Nigella and before long there would be a scarlet letter permanently stamped on her forehead. She would probably get the DP. In AZ for sure anyway.

    • Hi Gwen,
      In fine print under your Disclaimer…Side effects from watching may cause shortness of breath, sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of brain cells, and in some cases a change in mood resulting in suicide have occurred.

  53. Is it just me or has that Dave Hall Inconvenient Truth message about him going to Cancun on the 5th disappeared?

  54. Question(s):

    In Flores’ report, he mentions the supplemental reports of B. Cooper #10925 and S. Molander #14367.

    Has anyone seen those? These detectives did the initial interviews with Dallin, Michelle, Amanda, Kim (and I’m assuming Enrique -although he wasn’t on Flores first list of people at the scene, we know he was there) and someone named Karl Brinton Hiatt.

    I have seen Hiatt listed elsewhere (I just can’t remember where because I don’t see it in Flores’ report!) as someone who visited Travis on Jun 4. IRRC, he is a doctor? A plastic surgeon I think? And he was there to lend Travis money. Anybody have any idea where I might be remembering this information from? And does anyone know what time he was supposed to have seen Travis on Jun 4?

    • sorry journee, that information does not even sound vaguely familiar to me about Hiatt being there on the 4th.

      I think hiatt was in some HLN interviews, so that might be a place to start looking for it.

      I do remember something about Hiatt loaning him money, and that Travis used to have dinner with that family often.

  55. The Lifetime movie based on the Jodi Arias trial, Dirty Little Secret, will be airing this Saturday night at 8pm EST. Some of the early reviews from critics who have seen it in advanced screenings have praised the performance of both actors, but trashed the movie as, well, trash. I find it amusing that some pro-Jodi and anti-Jodi people have called for a boycott of the movie or the Lifetime Movie Network that they haven’t even seen. I’m sorry, but this is just silly.

    I will be watching the movie because I’m going to post a review of the film next Sunday on my blog. Based on the previews and sneak peeks from the movie, it looks like they are going to portray Jodi Arias mostly as a cold-hearted, crazy stalker that senselessly murdered innocent victim Travis Alexander although I could be wrong. Be that as it may, I think that we all have to remember that this is one version of the story and it isn’t the definitive version of the story. There probably will be another movie based on the Jodi Arias trial and that one could be seen through the eyes of Jodi Arias. We’ll just have to wait and see.

    In the meantime, my advice to those of you who want to boycott anything is to not watch the movie if you’re that offended by it. Boycotts tend to backfire and all they usually wind up doing is making the target of the boycott more popular and successful. If you want to hurt any business, the way that you do that is hitting them in the wallet. In this case, ratings mean everything. Without the ratings, tis movie will fade fast into obscurity.

    • ha

      I’m not boycotting. I’m just not watching it.

      About the only time I watch Lifetime is if I want to take a nap on a weekday afternoon, I’ll turn on a Gray’s Anatomy rerun to go to sleep by. Same as the only time I watch HLN is on a weekend afternoon if I want a nap, I’ll turn on a Dominick Dunne or Murder by the Book rerun.

        • Journalism has sunk to new lows in the past decades, we are treated daily to syndicated news owned by a few media barons. We are told what to read and watch, and it is very unreliable.
          No media seemingly indulges in self-reflexivity, it seems unable/incapable of self critique.
          The news and newspapers are redundant to me, I prefer unbiased reporting.
          All the media barons that I am aware of are distinctly biased. Its ruthless money grubbing, shallow and traumatising. It could be put to much greater use. How tv stations arrive at the idea what particular case might catch on to boost ratings is game playing, – with an agenda besides money.
          Who makes these decisions and is it actually fair treatment to anyone who is remotely associated with it?
          The people who live anywhere near the Arias’ must feel like they have entered hell like the neighbours in the Anthony case, and even the name Arias is like swearing.
          It’s shameful inhumane behaviour to people who have done absolutely nothing wrong.
          Death threats? How old are these people?
          Are they modelling behaviours for younger children to copy? It’s very available to any one who can connect to the Internet, and children and nurturing was what brought me here.
          TA and the whole family were incredibly traumatised children and remain as seriously re-traumatised adults. It’s heartbreaking to think of them as children and the level of cruelty visited upon them, as well as the loss of their brother. Such childhoods produce extremely complex disorders and dysfunctions, and I hope everybody remains safe during this protracted trial, because it will re-activate very unpleasant childhood memories for them on top of their loss.
          I hope their mutual support and faith sees them through this and way beyond when the fuss dies down. They will need to reclaim Travis from the public.
          My compassion is felt for everyone, it’s awful either way.

          • Yes, it is sad and traumatic for both families. I hope the world will do more to nurture, love and protect children.

    • I will be watching as well because I am a sucker for lifetime movies. I admit. 😛 I don’t take them as fact, even when they’re based on a true story. I don’t know if any of you have seen “Girl Fight”, but I remember when that actually happened and was all over the news. The lifetime movie made the main character really innocent, but the girl in real life has been arrested numerous times. Lifetime always overdramatizes and makes it so you can be more sympathetic to the victim in the movie.

  56. Fists of Affection
    Written By Danielle McCain
    Dedicated to Rachel and all of those affected by Domestic Violence

    Fists of affection punching holes through my heart
    Ripping at my soul and tearing it apart
    Fists of affection that bruise me inside and out
    Taking away my trust for you and turning it into doubt
    Fists of affection stealing away my self pride
    Leaving in return the emotional scars I hide
    Fists of affection keeping me captive to fear
    Leaving me imprisoned in every single tear
    These fists of affection are what took my love from you
    They are to blame fo