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Check out the video below from Dr Drew last night – featuring a very brief interview with Gus Searcy together with some information he couldn’t say on the stand.

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Gus was also on “In Session” with Jean Casarez earlier today – see video below:

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  1. This guy did such an awesome job handling the media ie insession this morning. I was left with the feeling: wow, how many people do know about travis but are afraid to speak out because of the bullying of his friends. And it’s complete B.S. that anyone should feel scared but that’s the way are media perpetuates things.

    • You know what? That’s an excellent point. I’ve watched HLN coverage where “friends” would go on tv in defense of Travis… some of them seem unsure of what they are talking about. Or they are just robotically repeating what they’ve been told by the inner circle. Hmmm!

      • Yes, I was very interested in the fact he mentioned people are afraid of Chris Hughes, and people are afraid to speak out because of that. He said something along the lines of “look what they said about me, how they attacked me.” He made a good point; they said Searcy was seeking media attention, but Chris Hughes has been ALL OVER media–social media especially.

        • Oh I know!! Gus didn’t even talk to the media until he was released from his subpeona, Chris was all over the place with his tweets and getting chummy with Vinnie Politan. I’m still flabberghasted that Sky admitted in open court that she has been watching the trial and feeding the prosecution tips and the judge has done nothing! What the heck?

          • The judge has done nothing with the Hughes because they got out of the court order on some dumb technicality. They obviously didn’t care about their moral obligation as I said before.

            Maybe they were intentionally trying to pollute the jury pool?

            Now Gus on the other hand, also lived in another state but he adhered to the court order.

        • Right, Martinez publicly maligned Searcy, in front of the jurors, by saying, “…he is just here for the limelight”. Could Martinez be sued for SLANDER, or DEFAMATION? Searcy was an up close-up eyewitness of Travis berating Jodi over the phone. Martinez, as a prosecutor, publicly slandered an eye witness of the abuse. I hope that his snide remark does not overly influence the jurors, simply because he is the “prosecutor”.

    • what was awesome was watching him give Martinez a “what for” during the trial! I was clapping and laughing out loud as Martinez was trying to intimidate him and Gus wasn’t having it! It was awesome, great job Gus!
      Just makes me sick he couldn’t give the full testimony

      • What Gus did to that pint sized absurdity of a prosecutor was tantamount to a pieing in open court. Outside of fictitious, really execrable TV court dramas, he is the most inept lawyer I’ve ever seen in action. Nurmi is a legal genius in comparison. Like T-Dog the 30 hole wonder, “double negative” JM is a mousetrap (i.e. one muscle). It’s sleazy gimmicks and histrionics ad nauseum/infinitum with Lil’ Juan. That guy is a mistrial waiting to happen…in fact, it should have happened already, several times over.

  2. I really wish there were other people standing up for her too.Comments about Gus Searcy havent always been favorable both here and of course on the other site.yet,he comes off as the only one ever saying sth good about her,as if he understands and feels her side of the story should be out there too.

    • I don’t think comments have been favorable because if he has/had information, I don’t think he was interested in providing it in court. I posted a new video of him (link below). I want to know why did he wait to divulge this only to the news. I know he said he contacted the Prosecution but they never called him back….but he was on the stand…at some point he could have divulged this supposed phone call of the night of the murder, but he never mentions it to anyone until after he’s release and is able to do interviews. I don’t trust the guy.

      • I find it odd that IF Jodi called him “that” night and said Travis was dead, he did not mention it to anyone else? He knew who Travis was, they worked for the same company. Odd.

        • In the first interview I posted yesterday, he said he told one person (didn’t mention who – I suspect it’s the person that was in the car with him that he claims Chris Hughes can “ruin” so in turn that’s when Gus pleaded the 5th and wouldn’t give up that person’s name). So he supposedly told at least one person about Jodi’s phone call. You can find both videos on my youtube if you click on the link here:

          • That was a different phone call with the girl in the car. That was when she called him when she had a fight with Travis and Jodi went and spent time in his motorhome. That was when Travis called her and fought with her on the phone and she went in the motorhome bathroom and took naked pics for Travis. Gus said she also called him the night Travis died and told him Travis was dead. The next day Gus went to Mexico on the same trip Travis was supposed to go on and apparently did not mention it to anyone.

        • I believe him for some reason. I think the prosecution chose not to use him because his info doesn’t match up with their theory of murder. He stated he has a problem with the idea that she planned the murder. He mentioned being threatened. He mentioned ppl calling his fiance saying he was cheating with the girl in the car. He did release her name on that interview. ( the insession). he said she was scared of the Hughes and more people could come forward if they weren’t so scared.

          If the phone call is corroborated but the conversation doesnt match with their theory of premed murder they wont use it. Who knows why the defense won’t use him though. Maybe its because talking of any phone call made my jodi could hurt the case?

          • It really bothers me that no one wants to come forward in this. If I had information that could save someone’s life, I would NEED to come forward. If it were me and someone was put to death because no one, including me, they knew that could back them up came forward, I would feel responsible for that person’s death for the rest of my life.

          • Woman,
            it really bothers me too.I think I would not even be able to sleep through a trial knowing that someone out there needs my help,not only to avoid being sent to prison for a long time but to escape death.I know fear or fear of damaging one’s reputation,career etc is a strong feeling but i cannot imagine having to live with my conscience tormenting me for not having stood up for a friend or even a fellow citizen.But then again,as already beeb discussed,we sre NOT in their shoes so who knows how we might have behaved.Still,I totally agree with ur point here.

          • Re your last paragraph: It’s exactly like his much replayed statement: What he had could help and hurt both sides. I think in the cost/benefit analysis, both sides found reason to opt out of using Gus, thinking the help was not worth the hurt. Also, he may have seemed a bit difficult to “control” and neither side likes surprises on the stand.

            Prosecution probably rejected Gus because its already well established, by Jodi herself, that she killed Travis. Sure, it could benefit them to show she wasnt so psychologically shocked that she wasnt aware at that time of where she had been and the knowledge that Travis was dead. But they didnt want to risk his testimony about the incident at his motor home, the phone call btw Jodi and Travis that left her so upset, where he could hear him yelling at her, where he would clearly portray Travis as abusive with empathy for Jodi.

            The defense didnt want that June 4th or 5th phone call from Jodi to Gus to come in, where she tells him he’s dead, because that wouldnt help them in trying to mitigate her behaviors after the act, eg, how she acted during the police interview – doesnt go to her having “blocked out” everything, etc. It just looks bad for her on many levels regarding the aftermath.

            Their psychological make up – Jodi and Travis – their whole relationship is so warped and tragic. And it is truly tragic that this backward country still has the death penalty in so many states. Besides being barbaric and totally unnecessary, it really warps any true “search for the truth” that our justice system is supposed to be all about.

          • Yes, but he didn’t say it was because Jodi called him that night of the murder (or at least I didn’t hear him say that). Maybe the never called him back b/c they didn’t see any calls from her to anyone else that very night. But what does he stand to gain from now saying “she called me that night to tell me Travis is dead”? I think him and Chris Hughes need to stay out of the media – I don’t think either one of them are helping this case.

          • Cathy, I appreciate the video you shared and your ideas. But i actually think you are a bit delusional. I can’t believe you are comparing Gus to Chris!!! NOT even close. You do realize that Gus held off until now? Who had the twitter account??? NOT Gus, Chris Hughes did. Who has been on the media more?????

            I don’t know why you keep attacking Gus’ credibility…you need to make an actual list and compare the two of them.

            He doesn’t stand to gain anything except that now there is someone nice talking about Jodi in the news instead of the Hughes group.

        • When asked what Jodi should get as punishment, he said that’s for the jury, and not him or the media to decide–I have to say I liked that.

          • Me too. He sounded respectful of the process and his role in that. He did the right thing by contacting the prosecution and they dropped the ball.

          • How can she ask what Jodi should get for a punishment, when we do not even know what happened? This whole idea that elfish Jodi drove 3,000 miles to defeat Goliath Travis, in a “knife fight”, is totally ludicrous. Also, when I saw the facts, I changed my mind about all of this. And, I do not have a problem saying that, initially, I was wrong about my conclusions (or maybe I was duped?). What I would like to see is for all of these talking heads to say that maybe they are wrong, too. That is not too unreasonable, is it? Given that we do not know the facts? Also, this lady’s question is fraudulent in nature. She puts on this perplexed look and says, “Well, if she was getting abused, then why would she go back?” This is an insult to all of the people who’s minds have been twisted by abuse, and they end up going back for more. There is nothing to be perplexed about. It is happening to other people, too. It is not rational behavior. But, it happens.

          • Ben, I agree with you, I just have to say I like the way Gus answered the question–basically by not answering it, but he is right. It isn’t for somebody like him to state–but I did like how he added it was not for the MEDIA to decide, because in so many instances it seems like the media has already convicted her, and it’s just so unfair.

          • I love hearing everyone’s differing points of view of things. Some things are so obvious but I overlook them. Gus pointed out that Travis is much bigger and why would Jodi choose to have a physical fight with Travis, if it was premeditated. If her intent was just to kill him, why not shoot him when he was in a much more vulnerable position while asleep. I truly believe that the Hughes’ were very controlling when it came to Travis and their concern for him when it came to Jodi corrupting his virginal ways was not what concerned them the most, it was the money.

        • Yes, and then 5 days later he hears Travis was dead? He didn’t wonder why he didn’t hear anything for 5 days? friend or foe? Is he more involved than he is telling and trying to cover? so weird, this whole story coming from Gus.

          • Weird from Gus? I see nothing “weird” about what Gus said. What I find to be beyond weird are the things that we know that Travis wrote.

            In all likelihood, Gus would have percieved Jodi as being small, and physically afraid of Travis – not much of a candidate for a defeat by a violent knife fight, wouldn’t you say?

          • Ben, I am with you–he spoke on InSession about a call Jodi got when she was trying to take a few days away at Gus’s place in Vegas to get away from TA, when TA yelled at her over the phone, and she was actually physically shaking and very upset. To me, it sounds like Gus is providing a perspective that supports Jodi. If she had that kind of reaction when TA yelled at her over the phone, what about in person????!!!!!

        • I doubt that anyone with half a brain would claim that someone called them – if it never happened. There are cell phone records, you know…

      • Cathy, did you see the video of Gus on the stand? They wouldn’t let him talk about what he heard. They didn’t give him a chance. Martinez, if i remember correctly was too stupid to know that sometimes people can hear conversations on a phone even if they are not the recipient.

        I have always liked him.

        I personally I think your mistrust is misplaced. What kind of trust does it show if he didn’t want to divulge who was in the car with him?

        I don’t think you are giving him enough credit…

        • I hear ya, but he could have blurted out he had a call with Jodi – that would have prompted new questioning from both sides. He could have kept reaching out to JM’s office of this phone call. I’m not just talking about his not wanting to divulge the name of the person in the car – that’s fine, he didn’t want to involve that person but the phone call with Jodi is critical – if it’s true…we don’t know but the phone records should be explored at this point and testimony should be given about this – for a fair trial on both side, each side should be able to question him about this phone call.

          • cathy.

            It wasnt his job nor his responsibility to blurt anything out. He could have even earned himself a nice contempt charge depending on how he blurted it.

            The problem lies with the prosecution as they did not follow up with him for whatever reason.


            You can’t just start blabbing on the stand about whatever you choose.

          • Likely, the prosecution didn’t return Gus’s call because his account of Jodi crying hysterically on the phone doesn’t match with their theory of Jodi being a cold-blooded killer who was laughing and cackling all the way to Utah as she burned evidence in the desert.

        • BeeCee,

          i agree. I think the woman finally consented to him releasing her name but she was afraid so he didnt release it in open court. I applaud him for that.

          • Yeah, she was afraid to speak publicly. That says it all. Also, it is understandable for a person to be angry over the death of a loved one. But now, five years later, in spite of everything that has come out, Travis’ family still appears to be “out for blood”. So, what I wonder is how – as Mormons – they reconcile their behavior with the most basic tenets of Christianity. Let’s see, there is “forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors”, etc. If a person refuses to admit that Travis did not do anything wrong, or that this death by knife fight could have been totally unplanned, it is pure delusion. Anything is possible. And, most people formed opinions before they even knew the facts. Now, many of them are going to have to admit that they were wrong.

        • I could not figure out why Martinez was so pissy with Gus during that hearing when we first met Gus. I was like whoa, what’s going on here? Martinez did not want Gus anywhere near this trial and was angry right off the bat perhaps because the info Gus had may have helped Jodi and Martinez was trying hard to keep that out.

          • My thoughts are that Martinez percieved Gus to be in favor of Jodi. So, he did not want him involved. But, if Jodi told Gus that she did not know how Travis died, and Gus was cross examined by Martinez, then he would have to admit that she lied, because she had already admitted to the death, in court. Maybe the defense did not want to give Martinez a chance on this, and decided to leave him out. And, this would explain why he said that the informaton could both help her, and hurt her. It helps to explain the abuse. But, it would hurt to have to admit that she lied. This is a total guess in the dark. And, I could be totally wrong. But, this is the impression that I get from looking at the bigger picture.

      • Cathy in the first evidentiary hearing , Gus Searcy stated that he had info that could both help and hurt Jodi Arias and that he had contacted the prosecution office after she was arrested but got no response. He called back again and got no response. Why would he call the police when she called and told him that Travis was dead? She didn’t tell him she had done it. From watching Gus Searcy on the stand with both the prosecution and the defense attorneys and even the judge herself, if Jodi had told him that she had killed Travis, I believe he would have called the police.

    • I agree maria, and I like the guy. I don’t think he’s lying, and I think he’s the only one with any sense on Dr Drew’s show last night.

  3. I am so tired of hearing “why did she keep going back?” Until these idiots study the dynamic of an abusive relationship, they have no business going off half-cocked with their inane comments.

  4. I gotta admit I was leary of searcy initially, mainly bcs of “potential hurt” comment. Could he have blurted out about the call yes…but he called the pros office more than once. It ws arrogant for them not to follow up.

    • Yes Daniel. While I was never leary of him, it was arrogant of the the pros to listen only to the hughes. I also agree with JC above that perhaps there is some information in the call that would not help the case. The prosecution doesn’t want him because he is pro-Jodi…and they were poisoned against him by the Hughes.

      I admire him for abiding by the media rules (unlike the Hughes) and I am glad he is able to go to the media now. I hope he has a good bodyguard because there are CRAZY ass people out there.

  5. Okay im watching this again and missed the first part. Jodi called Gus june 4th said travis dead. He said are you okay? she says yes. he asked where she was – she says northern cali. Jean C makes a point of saying this is critical info. He says the prosecutor never called him back.

  6. I blv n I trust what Gus is saying. He also sais that he asked Jodi for TA and she said, she doesn’t kniw, hes dead, she doesnt know! That tells me that she was there n she left, lv another person at TA. Since this doesnt fit into the charges with the state, thats why the prosecution is not using Gus. The defense used him but left alot of what he’s saying because it wouldn’t mske any sense into Jodis SD either . This other person, is the same reason why some are scared to come out with the truth. Idk thats how I see it! And like someone mentioned above, I hope Gus has protection…..

        • His been released from his subpoena so thats why hes talking to the media now. I doubt the pros can call him back LC. Afterall, it was Martinez who tried to discredit him on the stand so… calling him back would make the prosecution look incompetent if they try and make him a state witness.

          He stated that five years ago, when he was attempting to contact the prosecution, it was because he thought either jodi had an alibi ( by stating she was in northern cali or not). He made some interesting comments about getting to the truth and people censoring the truth when it doesn’t fit their theory of pred med murder.

      • lol lol David!! I’m afraid im gradually getting reaaaaaly allergic to the Hughes’,tried to watch 48Hours Interview,im now watching Chris’ testimony and im having serious thoughts of having a Hughes’ dart board in my living room LOL!!these 2 are scums,definitely hiding sth dark .is the defense thinking of calling them back?

        • I flick the screen LOL. especially when those horrible faces are made by the sisters. I get they are mad and what not. But they knew this would come when the plea deal was offered. I get the impression that they think justice comes served without self defense pleas.

          They said she is murdering their brother a fourth time by asserting her defense.

          *eye roll*

          • Is it me, or is the “she killed him three times over!” mantra just really stupid? You only die ONCE. After that point, you’re inflicting damage on a corpse, but you’re not killing someone mutliple times.

          • You know what I think JC? i think the prosecution didn’t give Travis’ family a true picture…I bet they truly believed that there would be no evidence showing what an asshole their brother was. They probably assumed she was bluffing when she asked for a deal. And we all know from Kermit’s past that he with holds evidence that could help defense.

            I also wonder that maybe jodi didn’t even realized she was abused until the defense started working with her on what happened.

        • I only have one thing to say on Chris and Sky Hughes. I believe they are partly responsible for Travis’s murder. I say that because they were the first ones to tell Travis not to bring Jodi around anymore. I believe that Sky found them in bed together and that Jodi never went to their house more than that one time. Jodi was on team renew which was chris’s team but gus searcy helped her because Chris would not. Some of TA’s friends said that he changed after he started seeing Jodi. Of course he did. All men change when they have a girlfriend. They just didn’t like that he wanted to spend time with her and not them. They were users from the get go. They were the ones that forced TA and JA to start seeing each other secretly. They used him for his UFC fight nights. It is becoming increasing clear to me by what his friends have been saying that they were the ones that forced TA to make a decision to keep Jodi under wraps. What kind of life could that be for either Jodi or Travis? These people seem to be highly unaware that when the right woman comes along, guy friends go out the window. The woman becomes more important than they are. Many friendships end. I mean what kind of friend would want a suit jacket that belonged to him after he had been murdered? Where was TA’s money going if he was making so much that he had to borrow over 900 dollars from Jodi in January 2008 and also borrowed 6 grand from the Hiatts?
          Gus Searcy had absolutely nothing to gain from helping Jodi out with her PPL. She was not on his team and she wasn’t even on his downline. He helped her only because she had a vested interest. Yet he was her mentor when it came to PPL. She had no one else to turn to , none of TA’s friends wanted her around , yet they have the fn nerve to say that she was very quiet when they were around?? They make me sick. IDIOTS!!!!!!

          • They’re assholes. Jodi didn’t fit into their little cult and so they ostracized her and made Travis feel that he had to hide his associations with her. Definitely not people who fit the definition of “friend.”

          • Yep. PPL is like a cult, the same claim made by many against the LDS church. They are VERY cliquish, and it is all about the image with them. Jodi didn’t have a chance in that setup, and, for that matter, neither did Travis since he didn’t really fit in with that crowd.

          • CH & SH Definitely withholding. I’ve posted this elsewhere on this site, but as a reminder SH used to admit that their issues with JA were bc of TA not bringing in enough $$

            Article from 2011
            “Shortly after they began hanging out, his business [and] income began to suffer,” Alexander’s close friend Sky Hughes told The Huffington Post. “She made it impossible for him to live a normal life.”

          • Fantastic post! I agree that the Hughes play a huge part in the atmosphere of hostility towards Jodi, no doubt about it. The only thing that sticks out for me is Travis constantly accusing his ex girlfriends of being stalkers, and his making Jodi cut ties to ex boyfriends and female friends.

          • This thought came to me when someone mentioned TA using prostitutes. I wonder if he was into calling phone sex lines. He could have done it from hotels etc when he was on the road. There would be a record on his credit cards I suppose but would the defense have access to that info? I just know that little habit can run into a lot of money!

    • Chris Hughes is the leader of the “Mormon damage control effort” (my opinion and my words only!) to cover up any information which would reflect poorly on Travis Alexander, and therefore the church and PPL. He was the CEO of PPL and Travis’ mentor. He was also totally into Travis’ business (personal and otherwise) trying to influence his life. His motive? Money, I presume.

      Chris Hughes and his wife wanted Jodi out of Travis’ life and was the reason Travis started keeping his relationship secret.

  7. I think the point GUs is making is that Gus knew about the abuse and the prosecution excluded him from devuldging the information which led the state to overcharging her.The investigation of this case was flawed

    • Oooh so Deb tell me what you think – if the prosecutor obtained knowledge that gus knew about the phone call but somehow that call made all the evidence look different, than that would intentionally withholding exculpatory evidence? Is that true based on your understanding?

      • I think they rushed to judgement based on the friends and family and did not want to investigate anyone that could lead them down the path of a passion crime. The problem is Jodi was secretive about her life. I do not think the phone call adds much really but knowledge that he was abusive does

        • I think so too. I do think Martinez was fully aware that abuse may have been present, just by the texts and emails he had read before he turned them over to the defense.

  8. I have never watched jane velez so this should be a treat. She has some idiot on saying that jodi had too much detail in her testimony so she HAS she be lying. I can assure you all that I get detailed like when talking.

    What these so called body language experts fail to say is that when someone is being deceptive by being detailed, there would a baseline behavior of them NOT being detailed in normal or less stressful situations. When we read Jodi’s email, she was detailed. When we hear the sex tape she is detailed when talking. That is Jodi’s baseline.

    ( I’m learning this by reading a book written by a defense lawyer who has studied deception. He debunks much of what we hear in the media by explaining what they leave out!

    • Interesting info, thanks for passing that along! I will keep that in mind – the baseline concept. You’re right, Jodi had a talent for detail, she’s an artist so it only makes sense.

      Yea, those “experts” on body language always puppet the prevailing opinion; it’s pointless that they are even asked because we all know what they’re going to say anyway.

      • And MB get this,

        Insession showed the press conference Jodi held in Sept of 08 this morning and Jodi wasnt detailed because at that time she was lying! There was a little detail, but most of her answers were very short and lacking detail which proves to me that on the stand she’s not lying. ( I never thought she was though.)

        Now when getting into the murder, I suspect Jodi MAY have a tough time remembering certain things due to trauma, and of course, the naysayers will say she’s lying.

        I pray she remembers what happened in such a way it clears everything up for her!

        • OK, had to jump in here. I have a Master’s in Psychology and am studying my doctorate, and I have studied deception. When people tell the truth and are telling their STORY, they are usually detailed (especially, I am sure, when one’s life depends on that). We have to pile on the fact that just like everybody else on this board, Jodi sent Emails, had a myspace and a facebook, etc, so the exact times and dates of things like that are all things anybody, like Jodi, could research. Now she is forced to tell her story about Travis to save her life and of course it is detailed because she had probably had a lot of it already documented, and she HAS to be detailed to be credible. It doesn’t mean she knew it from the get-go; she has had five years to review it and make sure she presents her story to save her life–any of us would be detailed at that point. Also, people are detailed when they tell the truth. They are also detailed when they lie. However, “the devil is in the details” is what applies to lying–when the details don’t fit right, or seem very exaggerated in order to distract from the truth.

        • JC,I totally agree with you and thanx kris for claryfying it further for us from a psychological point. Sadly,no matter how detailed Jodi’s narration may be to show that she is not lying,nobody of the haters will believe her.On the contrary ,they’re coming up with arguments that she’s taking that long to gain the jury’s sympathy and to lurk them away from the actual day the murder took place.I say,bulls**t!She was well-coached by the defense that this is the way to go,and thats what she’s doing.I find her very honest and her honesty lies in the fact that she is so detailed and gifted with such a sharp memory.However,just like you,I remember i said a while ago that when it comes to the murder she may have some serious blanks in her memory due to the incident being extremely traumatic and possibly commited under a temporary unhealthy state of the mind.On Wednesday,she seemed really surprised at herself when she couldnt remember sth Nurmi asked her and repeated twice ”sorry,Im drawing a blank”
          I join my prayers with yours that she remembers everything when the day finally comes.

        • Me too JC, and there are traumatic times in my life I still have a hard time recalling, and over a decade has passed. I wonder if Jodi got any professional counseling while being incarcerated?

          • I don’t think she could get counseling while in jail because her rights are so limited ( sadly ). I think anything she says to a therapist, while in jail, could be subpoenaed by the prosecution. Heck, lawyers subpoena counselings records during heated custody battles and twist the contents to make parents look incompetent when depression is being treated because of emotional abuse!

            It’s just a hunch, but I think counseling in jail could be used and misconstrued by the prosecution.

  9. I am really disgusted by Nancy Grace right now. She just played snippets of the phone call with subtitles and surprise, surprise… certain things that HE is saying are marked as [Inaudible]. Ummm, I CAN HEAR THEM JUST FINE. Also, she has an objective person on the show who is explaining why the phone call needs to be played, and the woman is explaining how the undertones of the call show control and abuse… NG cuts her off to say, basically, “Who cares about undertones? She killed him brutally, who cares about the undertones?”… Ummm, THAT IS THE WHOLE DEFENSE. This woman is making me feel stabby.

    • She also had some headline under her show that said, ” Jodi was pleasuring herself while listening to the sex tape call IN COURT”? What the hell? That is assinine and no thinking person would believe that no matter what side they were on! ( I HOPE)

      I changed the channel.

      Is she posting thoughts of others at the bottom of the screen, or are those her assertions.

      • I don’t know but everything she has on her show is COMPLETELY biased. It’s disgusting. Whatever, the woman used to be a prosecutor… prosecutors think all defendants are guilty, and are wired to view everything as proof of guilt, they are not wired to be objective.

        She just had a woman on the phone saying that the phone call was Jodi’s ploy to crush Travis, and that in the Mormon church they do have ways to sidestep the “No sex’ rule… “Sex in the water, doesn’t count.”… “Don’t be immoral, just go oral”… the implication being that his behavior was completely normal and acceptable within the church, they all know it, they are all fine with such behavior, but she is just trying to ruin him to the world. These people…

        ALSO, have you noticed that they NEVER let their guests talk if the guest is being objective or expressing an understanding or sympathy for Jodi?

        • Of course that isn’t true. Travis wouldn’t have felt the need to keep his relationship with Jodi secret if that were true. He already got into hot water over his sexcapades earlier on.

        • You know woman that is really funny/ strange since the LDS posters we have on this very site have said over and over that sex in any form before marriage is basically taboo, and against the law of chastity. If they succumb to their desires they must go to their bishop and repent. In my mind, it is even worse because Travis was an elder, not just a regular member of the church, so he would be more accountable.

        • I really think that all the calls on “NG” are screened, there is no way they could all be in favor of Nancy”s opinions! Most of the callers are like..”Nancy, I love you so much are my hero, you do so much for the victims” really? I always thought what they said on NG show was the truth, until, I watch the Casey Anthony trial..then I seen the real truth.

      • People say or write the stupidest things. Jodi dissolved into tears with the release of that tape, mortified her family and the entire world would hear that awful thing.

      • JC –
        I don’t have an answer, but I’m dying over here.
        Best case scenario, its a tweet from some random person – BEST CASE.
        That makes me want to puke.
        Who the fuck would think up this shit?!

        I am beyond disgusted with Nancy Grace – thought I already was – but it just got worse…

      • She did? OK this explains why I don’t watch the show, ever! Jodi looked like she would have run out of the court room and locked herself in the bathroom if she could have. She was totaly trying to disappear!

      • if NG said that,then she must be delusional and a cuckoo!Didnt she see Jodi’s swollen from the tears eyes,her whole face gone red after having cried intensely and when the tape was playing she was hiding her face behind her hair,crying her eyes out?Is NG watching the same trial as we do??

    • Oh, I can just imagine Nancy’s creative editing:

      Travis: Even when you were miserable, I still (inaudible).

      Travis: I want to (inaudible) a tree and (inaudible).

      • LOL, it was VERY much like that. Like, the part where he tells her she sounds like a 12 year old girl having her first orgasms?

        “Travis: You sound like a 12 year old [Inaudible].”

    • I haven’t bothered to watch HLN since the trial started. They have a vested interest it seems in toeing the prosecution/Travis friend line. No matter how much evidence undercuts the narrative, they trudge on.

      The sex tape should have torpedoed that line once and for all…but they are trying to spin it away.

    • I know. I do not like Nancy Grace at all. We are innocent until proven guilty. Nancy Grace just wants to hang her. I support Jodi 100% and pray for her.

  10. Here is my opinion on Gus.

    I do NOT think Jodi called him the night of the murder. I think she called him in the early morning of June 10th.

    First, she said that she did not know HOW he was murdered.

    Second, she said that she was in Northern California, which she was when it came out that Travis had been killed.

    Third, Jodi found out in the early morning of June 10th about Travis. That would explain why she called Gus.

    Do I think Gus is lying to get attention or seem important? No. I think he has his dates mixed up.

    Finally, I don’t think the prosecutor called him back because there was nothing in the phone records for that night that had anything to do with him. Think about it. If there was a call on her phone records on that night, the police would have called to find out who it was.

    Remember, the prosecutor called the Hughes’ to get a number for Gus.

    • Nicole. That could be…. But don’t you think that for Gus to have been so adamant about calling the police -twice, asking Abe, when he talks to the prosecutor to tell him to call him, to have been brought into court and to continue to have been so frustrated with the prosecutors office that he would’ve double checked his own phone records to have been sure he wasn’t overreaching? Plus when that reporter asked him that today on that show, she specifically asked are you sure you don’t mean after Travis’ body was found? Gus shook his head and said “NO, it was on June 4 The night he died”.

      • I agree with Daniel.
        I don’t think Gus is just “mixed up” or “seeking more attention”.

        I don’t understand the whole reason behind the phone call and what not (have not watched the interview yet), but I as Daniel said, this deep into (when he was origianlly try to talk to the prosecutor) it, why would he have not made sure he wasn’t “mixed up”?

        And if he were “seeking more attention”, why would he have been all over the media like Chris long ago?

        • M – my impression of Gus is that he’s a charismatic personality that draws attention, even when he doesn’t intend to. Martinez capitalized on that to try to discredit Gus, as an excuse not to take seriously the information he had.

          Now that we know the phone records are correct – and that Jodi’s specific words were “Travis is dead and I don’t know what happened,” I wish it would be allowed into court because it would certainly demonstrate that her state of mind was not in full capacity that night. She didn’t kill Travis in cold blood, or premeditate anything. It was a situation gone terribly terribly wrong.

    • Yep. I thought Gus’s timeline was a bit off. She probably DID call him from northern California after having visited Ryan in Utah.

    • I tend to agree ab Gus having the date wrong. Plus, the friend of Jodi’s who testified last for pros says JA called her in the wee hours of the morn

  11. Gus Searcy says that ‘nobody’ ever asked him the question as to what he meant by ‘help or hurt’. That to me, means not just that the prosecution did not ask, but also the defense did not ask.

    So according to Gus, this is actually the first time he is making this information known. If THAT is truly the case…then I think this is really explosive information & not going to just go away. The more I think about it- it can’t be ignored. NOT if there really is truth to what Gus is saying. (If he has his dates mixed up that is another matter, but I would be surprised, given the high profile nature of this case, if he did not look at his own records to verify the date and make sure his memory was correct.) This is the state’s alleged perpetrator of a capital crime and this is the only one that has knowledge and can come forward and say she contacted me on this night and gave this information?? Even IF (and it surely will) it makes the prosecution look bad, they will have no option BUT to re-think him as a witness. I think people may very well be correct in that the pros offc got turned off to Gus perhaps by the Hughes’ who wrote him off early on and the state seriously misjudged what he could have had to offer.

    But this goes back to my earlier concern as to Gus coming forward and the potential to ‘hurt’ her. Because if its true that the defense DIDN’T talk to him about this information, it kind of begs the question as to why. Could it be due to the fact that Jodi obviously already knew what the “information” was OR knew for some reason she did not want Gus as a witness, even if he saw firsthand Travis’ abuse? Because so far, this is the first witness we have that could possibly corroborate what Jodi has been testifying to.

    Does anyone have any theories as to why Jodi would have called Gus at 330am in the morning to tell him Travis was dead, that she did not know the circumstances of how he died, that she was in Nor Cal and getting ready to rent a car? I personally don’t buy the theory she is covering for someone. I think her lawyers would not have risked her pleading self defense when she was truly innocent of killing him and she was covering for someone else.

    • OK, here is another question.

      If Gus truly knew about the crime WHEN it happened, could he be an accessory after the fact? He should have immediately gotten on the phone with the Mesa PD the night he got the call.

      BUT, he waits until after she was arrested???

      Gus is no dummy. He would have called the police if he truly had info so as not to implicate himself.

      SO, that is why I believe that Gus is either lying or has his dates mixed up.

      • Nicole, when I first heard this, that Gus said that Jodi called him that was the VERY first thing I thought of. IMO his reaction to her phonecall seemed out of proportion to what most people would do if they received a phonecall like that. I know if I got one, I would be “WTF?????” And demand some answers. Not just quietly discuss it with a friend the next day.

        • Daniel, I agree Somethig doesn’t seem right to me about this “call”. Plus, wasn’t Jodie on her way to Utah right after the murder? Wouldn’t she be heading out of Arizona by then? I don’t know, but something doesn’t seem right to me.

        • I believe Gus was going away the next day. I don’t think he and Travis were close. He did say he contacted the DA as soon as he figured out there was a murder. He was surprised not to hear back.

          I think what is really strange is how the Hughes and the prosecutor seem to be in cahoots.

      • I wouldn’t think that he could be an accessory after the fact because he wasn’t aware that a crime took place. Jodi told him that Travis was dead, Gus asked what happened, and Jodi said she didn’t know. Gus could have assumed that Travis was in an accident or had a heart attack or something.

  12. Oh, I forgot to share this!!

    I clicked on Chris Hughes Facebook page. Guess what one of his “likes” is?

    The Utah Gun Exchange!!

    Maybe he and Sky are the ones who really murdered Travis and that’s why the gun was never found – he traded it in! 🙂

    • That’s something I have considered too. Gosh the suspense is killing me, but I do have a feeling things are far from what they seem.

      • I always was uneasy with the Hughes and the hold they seemed to have over alot of people involved in this case (maybe I’m giving them way too much credit here). But, after yesterday when Jodie said that even Travis wouldn’t include a mention of her in his book that she helped him edit because Chris and Sky Hughes would be pissed at him, I’m certain they are smack in the middle of this in some major way.

        • Wow. That is pathetic. Also, it is really sad that Jodi would have even wanted credit in Travis’ book. It sounds like a beggar asking for crumbs. I truly hope that one day Jodi gets the help that she needs.

          • I think Jodi is growing up very quickly as the phone sex tapes are being played, in that she just can’t start talking & make things better. Sometimes talking makes things so much worse. As Casey Anthony’s lawyer, Jose Baez has said, ‘the accused isn’t obligated to do or SAY ANYTHING’.

            Jodi won’t get the death penalty. I hope the very BEST for Jodi, though they couldn’t have picked a worse venue for the trial, right there in Mormon territory, TA’s hope turf, but the prosecution has asked for too much at the on-set.

            It doesn’t surprise me that NG is full of Sh*t, it’s how much worse Dr.. Drew is. I thought Dr. Laura was prejudiced & she clearly is, but Dr. Drew is worse. HLN is in itself a huge disservice to our country as it relates to honest information about America’s legal system.

  13. I don’t understand why the media keeps harping about Jodi being a “kinky girl” and that somehow, that if she enjoyed some edgy stuff; therefore she cannot be a victim of domestic violence.

    It’s like saying a battered woman is not a victim, because she may have liked being spanked during sex. Therefore, any other time her abuser hit her is consequently framed as part of some long term sex game.

    That is the narrative JVM keeps running, and with books like Fifty Shades of Gray being so wildly popular; I have to ask how this is going to affect the ability of domestic violence victims to be taken seriously. Showing an interest in edgy sex stuff shouldn’t disqualify Jodi, or any other woman, from having her experiences of domestic violence taken seriously.

    I know women who are into BDSM. Some of them ARE in fact victims of domestic violence, not because they like being spanked (just for example) but because they are abused OUTSIDE the context of consenting sexual sessions. Wanting to be spanked is not the same thing as wanting someone to scream at you, hit you, throw shit at you, empty drawers out and demand they pick up every piece.

    I just don’t see how JVM can bring “experts” on her show and try to splain to all the mouthbreathers what erotic humiliation is as if it excuses all of Travis’ behavior, when in fact abuse happened outside of sex. Backhanding her in the car is squarely outside the realm of a kinky sex session. So was throwing her down, kicking her in the ribs and breaking her finger. Plus, because Jodi was in a relationship with a man that she felt compelled to praise and comply with his personal needs no matter how strange it was getting, it’s hard to tell what she really likes and what she does not. And while it’s clear she is open minded and enjoyed unconventional things; consenting once does not mean she consents all the time.

    Anyway I just felt it was important to say all this.

    • MB –
      Absolutely – on all points.
      I especially appriciated the part concerning books such as Fifty Shades of Gray.

      I’m not the type to sign a petition to ban Harry Potter from the libraby or anything like that. I’m just wondering if people are assuming that BDSM is abuse acceptence? Therefore completely numbing them to actual abuse? I personally didn’t want to read Fifty Shades because what I’d heard overall, about a women being submissive to a man, didn’t interest me. (I am not judging and am not trying to discuss who read it and who didn’t!)

      Probably thinking too far into this and only became a thought becase of JVM really. But it sparked some questions for me.

      • M, I’m with you – zero interest in fifty shades of gray! To a degree people are already numb to abusive behavior (have you seen some of the shit on youtube?), so I can’t imagine confusing domestic violence with sex games is going to improve that. Especially if sexual abuse is factored in, when it’s already nearly impossible for people to recognize because consent has already been assumed or dismissed as unimportant.

        I never heard the rationalizations until JVM either, and I’m wondering the same thing because she is framing it that way. So she either has a superficial understanding of BDSM, or is deliberately obfuscating the issue; I’m more inclined to believe the latter since she is clearly Team Travis and has already twisted the facts so far out of shape; what’s one more lie on the mountain of bullshit?

        • MB,

          I read two of the 50 shades trilogy and for the media to even TRY and make the comparison is stupid! Christian Grey, the character, had been abused twice in my opinion. First, by his mother and second by the woman who turned him out to BDSM. And that was addressed by the heroine, Anastasia. Anastasia was NOT abused by Christian. The one incident in the book that caused her to leave, was when she didn’t use a safe word. Christian responded in love. He wasn’t cruel. There wasnt the element of being humiliated emotionally either because the writer would not have been able to tell the story had that been an element.

          The media is using pop culture, a book that details a love story, to EXCUSE REAL ABUSE without actually bringing the book into it. They are taking a cursory understanding people have gained by reading 50 shades or reading about 50 shades to exploit a life style that Jodi nor Travis have ever claimed. Not once has Jodi said we were of that lifestyle, nor do the emails, texts or sex tapes talk of it.

          LIke you said MB –

          There was NO SAFE WORD. That can’t be stated enough with this case (IMO).

          • Hey JC thanks for the summary of the books! But it never fails that JVM picks up a copy and waves it around like it’s an eraser for Travis’ provoclivities. I don’t think she’s even mentioned if she read it or not, which adds insult to injury.

            Yes, you’re right – Travis and Jodi never once bring up BDSM, I think the only word used was “freaky.” But then vanilla people use that word so it’s not lifestyle exclusive. And no mention or proof of a safe word! I agree that cannot be overstated, which places Travis’ antics squarely outside the subculture.

            M also mentioned something that can’t be overstated – abused women like sex too. It’s like once a woman becomes a victim of domestic violence, she’s treated like she has to turn her feelings on and off like a faucet. If it were that easy there’d be no domestic violence problem in the first place! I do not begrudge Jodi, or anyone for craving closeness and intimacy even if it means with someone who might not be treating them right.

    • I read the Fifty Shades of Gray series , and the story is nothing like Jodi and Travis’s relationship. I thought it was ridiculous that they made that comparison on JVM. The Fifty Shades book is really a love story that turns out to be so beautiful. Jodi was not treated well I feel she really loved him, but, he didn’t love her. Regardless of the HLN crews opinion, I feel the jurors will she the truth clearly, maybe she will get a second chance in life.

        • Been away for a couple of days, so a lot of catching up to do.
          So many comments now, its amazing!

          JC –
          JVM brought Fifty Shades into the equation, so yes, silly already, considering we all know which side JVM is on. And again, nothing against the book; I’ve never read.

          As MB said, there was no safe word in this relationship. For one, I dont think Travis wanted Jodi to have that option (a safe word) and had she does anyone really think Travis would’ve respected it? And secondly, I dont know much about Fifty Shades and seems like JVM doesnt either, because from what I am hearing on here it was a totally different type of relationship (sexually and mentally). Sounds like there was respect (give and take) in the book relationship; something I dont see between Travis and Jodi. Travis in no way respected Jodi.

          I dont think I’ll ever really understand the reaching some people are doing to validate Travis’ actions. Now they’re pointing at this book? Really? Those books werent even popular when Jodi killed Travis, were they? Maybe they werent even written yet…I’m not sure. Just seems like its everyone’s fault, except Travis’ to the pro pros and media.

          As you said JC, if I were the author, I’d have some major issues.

  14. In the interview, Gus explains the type of stuff that transpired between Jodi, and Travis, as he said that he was with her, while Travis called, cursing, etc, after a breakup. Ironically, in the evidentiary hearing, Martinez openly slanders Searcy, around minute 15:37, by saying that Gus was just there for the “limelight”.

    Ironically, in the evidentiary hearing, Sky Hughes takes her oath with a smirk, walks to the stand with a smirk, and almost cannot stop gloating, while speaking. Sky, what is all the gloating about? Are you happy that you are defending “El Traviso” – the guy who could have become the next BTK pedophilic killer? It must be something to gloat about. You are trying to defend a man who apparently relishes holding naked women in choke holds, while screwing them in the butt. Way to go girl! Wow! Thanks for making the world a better place!

    • Haha! I like your style! Totally agree on all points – these people must be out of their minds! There should be no happiness in shitting on the public record and asking everyone to say it tastes like chocolate. Skye’s general demeanor perturbs me, for reasons I can’t articulate very well. I expected her to fry a wire and start repeating a sentence until someone scrounged up a battery to change out.

  15. Can someone direct me to where I can find info on the Hughes’…I have missed soooo much. Thank you in advance.

    As for Gus…his date is wrong…if she called at 3:30AM then it was June 5th. Also how in the world does he go on a trip with a bunch of Travis’ friends-who probably were wondering why he wasn’t on the trip as planned -and NOT mention that call???? It’s very very shady. Also wouldn’t the cops dump her phone records immediately and check all the outgoing and incoming calls? They knew all of the calls on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th…they didn’t ck the 5th? Come on that’s a common thing that we see on Law and Order, etc. all the time bc it’s obvious that’s one of the first thing cops do! So my point is if that call happened the cops would have called the number so Gus would have received a call. And I know Florees is a creep and some of you will think he conveniently decided not to follow up on that call however we all know he is not the only cop that worked on the case…I have to believe (for my own sanity) that not ALL the cops associated with this case were crooked. Why is he lying…idk…idk the history btw Jodi and Gus. Just that he was one of her mentors.

    The quote “Common sense isn’t that common” explains this case to a tee. Martinez is emotionally unbalanced (which is fine in general just not as a lawyer), the judge is bias, Flores is a creep and corrupt, and there is NO way Jodi was physically capable to pull this murder off by herself unless Travis asked for it (Blood atonement.)

    I’m honestly blown away that with all of the “intellegence” in that room why they don’t pick up on any of the obvious inconsistencies.

    Lastly I can’t forget when Jodi said in her first interview…”so basically you’re telling me I’m already screwed?” And she said “I should probably just confess” and Flores said he didn’t want that.
    I am pro-Jodi so plz don’t be upset when I say this but there are plenty of intelligent ppl on this site…
    Jodi is clearly an unstable person…her reaction to situations are FAR from normal. One example is if I was in an interrogation regarding a murder, regardless if I was innocent or guilty, I would be SCARED shitless! She is so calm in that initial interview! Another example…if I were on trial for MY LIFE…I surely would not be doodling…
    My point is there is something VERY off about this whole situation…more than what any of us analyze. There will be many more bombshells in this case moving forward.
    I think they should make Martinez wear a stun belt during his cross examination!!!!

    • TL if he was going to CanCun the next day it would have had to be the 9th would it not since the trip was planned for the 10th? She would have been in Northern Cali then too. I don’t think that Jodi confided in anyone at all after it happened. She went to Utah as if nothing had happened so I am thinking she was trying to con herself into thinking it never happened. Even though this was said during her interrogation where she said other people had done it , I believe it to be true ” I got out of there and just drove and drove till I was somewhere in the middle of the dessert. It all seemed so surreal to me”

    • Video of the Hewwpukes: ok, I could only watch some of that… they’re self-obsessed…
      They are so concerned about helping people, but their focus is on a BMW for Christmas, not a family that they “helped”. So, they bought a BMW, so what. I know plenty of people who have one, and it’s just a car. They’re so transparent. If you’ve seen one MLM, you’ve seen them all. Some people get rich w/MLM, most don’t.
      * The media made a big deal about Jodi’s hair color, hmm… Well, why does SH have dark hair now? Was she involved in something bad while she had blonde hair, ever, and changed her hair color to avoid detection?
      The media’s looking at things that are irrelevant, and ignoring the TA elephant in the room.They aren’t reporting, they’re grandizing.

  16. Searcy jst said om jvm it was at 330am jne 5 and phone recrds confrm it. He obviously chckd. He did bring up he ws going to cancun but it wsnt til he heard abt it whn he got bck tht he thought to call police. If he hs phone rcds that confirm the call, this is not done. Unlss police R too embrsd for not following up. I find it strange he did not bring it up to judge in evidentiary hrg but prhps he ws so pissed he said screw it, ill just embrss them in the media whn they rels me frm the media ban. I belv like kira said, he couldve thought it a car accdnt for all he knew. At the time he ws just concrnd with jodis emotl well being dealing with the death of her friend.

    • I don’t find it strange that he did not bring it up in the evidentiary hearing because he was never given the chance by martinez to say much at all. Everything he said was objected to and Searcy would not back down from martinez. It was during that hearing that martinez told searcy “You don’t get to ask the questions I do” Then Searcy waited and waited for a question at the same time martinez was waiting for an answer.. 10 seconds of pure silence LOL.

  17. I’m sorry I forgot that Cancun was the day after they found him. Can someone that thinks Searcy is telling the truth explain to me why he was never contacted once they dumped her phone records? I’m honestly curious as to what you think

    HLN stated that at this pt they have to call him back to testify in court. I feel that if they don’t then we know its a lie.

    Also doesn’t anyone find it strange that he didn’t call her to ck on her the next day? If he was so concerned about her mental well being…

    • TL – I do find it strange that he didn’t follow-up with Jodie or anyone else. Especially given the fact that he knew Jodie and TA had previous issues and that Jodie was afraid of him. Gus strikes me as the type of man that would have wanted to find out more from Jodie. If I had recieved that call, I would have been following-up to find out what happened. But, thats just me. I can’t necessarily speak for Gus, but, yes, I find it odd that he didn’t. In fact, very strange.

      It’s so obvious that the Hughes are in bed with the prosecutor on this case. I’m astounded that the Judge didn’t at least drop down a sanction of some sort on Martinez about this. So, can every potential witness on a case just feed either side with info during a trial if they may called as a potential witness??? Really – so many things are just “off” with this case.

      • Me too Bystander. And note that the Hughes got out of the court order not to talk to the media because they lived in another state? They used a loophole but what about their moral obligation.

        And they way the Hughes spin this story over and over? I get for them its about money and protecting the church image but still…

        I think there is something hinky about them.

  18. The stated on HLN that yes he can be called back.
    Bystander- I would follow up to ck on my “good” friend! Something is very off.

  19. I think the Gus thing is more of the following. I think she called him on the 6/9/08 or the 10th cuz it was early in the AM. She was in N Cal and she was talking about coming down for the service she probably did rent a car, But remember how fuzzy he acted on the stand regarding dates he made that point. When he called the DA he probably wondered why they did not call him. They did not call him because the friends had told the DA that he would be a poor witnwss and he was seduced by Jodi etc. The whole point is that there was a record of her calling someone and the police did not investigate him shows a flawed investigation. The defense is trying to show prosecutorlal misconduct during the trial and during the investigation. Apparently defense lawyers do not like this Martinez guy. He has a known history. The reason why I think he works alone is because he so corrupt no one will work with him. He overcharged this case and did not want to call Gus who could hurt his case and I think defense had every intention of calling him during the trial as they did to make this point, Trials are theater in trying to pursue the truth.

    • I wonder if Jodi will testify that she called him and that is how they will bring it in that she called Gus. She may have seen Gus on her way down to Mesa as he was in Santa Cruz. the day before the killing.

      • Nice theory. If Jodi says she called Gus, then the state will not be able to refute it. They will only refute it if they can prove it is a lie, and they most likely can’t. If they were to call him back, it will probably open a can of worms that they don’t want opened. Then the defense then can verify further, helping them more. When they don’t refute it, it will be taken as truth by the jury without the defense having to put Gus in a hard “situation” with the PPL and Mafia.

    • I can see why no one would want to work with Martinez. He’s also arrogant enough to refuse a second chair in the courtroom because he is just that awesome *rolls eyes*.

    • Actually if what Gus is saying is true, it would help the prosecution. Why because Travis had a meeting with Gus scheduled for June 5th,if she called him it would show premeditation. Therefore I truly think he is mistaken on the date.

        • She would have known they were going to meet.She calls him to tell him he is dead. So Gus doesnt call around looking for Travis,or his body would have been found sooner.

          • Missy, LOL. Since the prosecution has used garbage for “evidence”so far, they might have gone with your idea!!! LOLOLOLOL.

          • Missy,

            If Jodi called Gus saying travis was dead, I doubt she said she killed him because she wasnt asserting that. I don’t see why Gus would have to assume that travis was murdered until he heard it on the news. See, I dont think his circle communicated much with the Hughes circle because he was the one mentoring Jodi. Chris wouldn’t. I get the impression by Travis remarks about the souless people in PPL, that Gus was one of them although he didnt directly state that. He did say something like everyone that Jodi likes at PPL are bad or a negative comment meaning the same.

            Like Kira said, that would show only that Jodi was trying to cover for what happened.

  20. Remember when Deanna came to the house looking for a book? I wonder if she was sent there to get his diary. Didn’t the Hughes have his diary at some point. How did they get it? This case is so bizarre.

  21. Oh look! It’s another picture of Travis with his crinkle brow face…and yet another woman.

    I think he liked new women all the time, because he only knew how to act the same, use the same stories and singing for attention…and it stopped working when he knew someone longer than a few months. Jodi never gave up on him though, even when he treated her like dogshit.

    • He sure liked surrounding himself with people a lot younger than him. I think he had a good side and he was a victim in his life as well which is why he was so confused. But in relation to Jodi which is what this case is about they BOTH were toxic for each other.

    • Interesting. Isn’t it funny how most people’s first impression of Travis was something along the lines of:

      “I thought of him as a bit stuck up and a sucker for attention. He had a manner about him that made me feel like he knew he ruled the space he occupied”

    • “He truly lived a Christ centered life. Ha, this is the kid who stressed endlessly about being able to get his tithing in on time so he would be worthy of entering the temple! Travis had a strong testimony of the gospel and was unwavering in his faith”

      O RLY?

    • wow! His friend was disgusted by person who wrote the article, not by TA’s own disgusting actions.
      That says it all about some of his “friends”.

    • Hey BeeCee thanks for posting that. I’ve been reading Lisa’s blog too, and am I the only one who is kind of confused by all the waxing poetic for Travis? It’s not like the guy left behind a legacy to brag about, and taking walks on the beach (poetically speaking) doesn’t come near to making up for the damage he left behind.

      And yea that “crinkle brow” face – ugh. That is the look on his face in almost EVERY SINGLE DAMN PHOTO ever taken of him. Even as a little kid! I do not like it. Something feels off about him every time I see a picture. I spent a lot of time scraping to survive and that requires fostering intuitive impressions of people to avoid trouble; and if I were to see him in a public place, I would get as far away from him as possible.

  22. I am just getting on this for the first time. I have been following this trail. I would like to express my feeelings about how this is all unraveling. First off, I begin to wonder why not Jodi did not go in with temp insanity (snapped if you will) I say this because as I listen to her testimony, if appears that she really loved this guy to the point that she is willing to do just about anything to keep him happy. But, with self denfense I have a hard time following this with the gun in possession and the overkill…I am not a hater, just am so confused with trying to figure in this self defense and the aftermath…it just does not make sense to me. I am will to believe that she snapped, had enough of being abused, finally coming to terms that she was being used and that it was so painful (I can really feel that), so painful that she went blind and did what I could really sympathize with and lost it! As humans we all wish to be accepted, right? And, after all her efforts of demonstrating her love and affection, she finally realized that it was all in vain and that this person was using her like she was some welcome mat..that hurts, I can feel that, Then, she just had enough and went blank….why not temporary insanity? This self defense thing is not adding up when we listen to this testimony that just screams being used and abused. Can you feed me back on your thoughts?

    • hi Linda,temporary insane was my initial thought when i first heard of this trial and continued to be up till the moment Jodi took the stand.Now,all i gotta say is im confused.She certainly was abused and suffered throughpout this relationship,there’s no doubt about that.If her lawyers decided to build their case on that then they must have their reasons,it means they know sth we dont ,hopefully.Since Jodi isnt done testifying I dont see we can predict what this trial will turn out to be.There are times Im not even sure it was selg defense but rather other darker,hiddenthings we dont know(for example the Hughes’ implication).

    • Hi Linda, I do think her state of mind is something that the defense will explore as her testimony about the night Travis attacked her is coming up. She called Gus soon after Travis’ death and said “Travis is dead and I don’t know what happened.” I believe that’s a good indicator that there was some compartmentalization or disassocation going on.

  23. Yes, I think this is very strange. Why would neither the defense nor the prosecution allow him to tell his story on the stand? Whatever happened to his first amendment rights?

    How could his story not help the defense? That she called him, on an unknown date. That the documentary evidence of phone logs should show, but has never been brought up in court. That she told him about a death. That he did not act as a reasonable person would, and notify authorities. That he did tell someone what he heard, however he will not say who he told because he has the constitutional right not to incriminate himself.

    What happened? How do we know? And so what? To me, all the strange questions about Gus just help contribute to an atmosphere of a lack of accountability..and clearly leads to exoneration! If he had been allowed to tell truth to power, the judge would have had to acquit her on the spot.

    • I think the defense sratedgy is is to knock out premeditation the gun is there cause she had been feeling suicidal and the experts to disprove sociopathy. This case was so overcharged. They are setting up grounds for appeal with the prosecution and police flaws in their rush for judgement and influence of the Mormon mafia types.

  24. Hey all I just wanted to point something out. It may have been pointed out already, but I think this is interesting. on the blog post here, “Day 18”, there are two my space posts that SJ refers to. One is from Ashley Reed. When you go to the MySpace page, her name on there is Ash, when you click on her profile pic to view her page, it says, “Sorry, the profile of ashleynthompson is only viewable by friends”

    So, this girl HAS to be Ashley Thompson. THE Ashley Thompson who called in the anonymous tip that her husband Justin/Dustin (forgot the first name) should be looked into concerning TA’s death.

  25. Manslaughter/second degree murder with a weapon for first offense is 7/10/21 years. This is a crime of passion manslaughter in Arizona. The prosecutors are over charging and the defense is most likely using the wrong defense.

    • There are some states where the penalty for 2nd degree murder has a greater sentence than 21 years
      Maybe the state would have considered second degree if that were the case

    • Hey now that is making some sort of sense to my question and confusion. It answers my question as to why not temp instanity. After listening to her testimony, I was getting this feeling that the defense is trying to build a case around her being treated less than human and that once she had realized that he was using her and she felt very rejected, she just snapped. But, since now I am made to understand that the laws differ from state to state, then, that makes sense. What does not make sense is the self defense and how they are going to work this type of testimony into that. I guess we will soon find out.
      Also, her testimony, these telephone sex talks and text sex are confusing as well. When I listen to them if not for the understanding that she is very weak to his callings anyone else would think them to be just a natural thing. People do have sex talks and sex texts without getting into this drama of a crime. They put up all these profesional doctors and such on the air to try to justify the motives and the why’s for the human behavior when I myself would not tolerate a man trying to manipulate me or try to control me, I can see how other women react and respond because I have pleanty of girl friends who fall so madly in love with a man that they are willing to accept all the BS and that just tells me that we all behave differently for different reasons. I do not judge this Jodi. I simply wish that she did not have to go this far and I tell you that I feel that when she caught him masturbating on some little boy photos she may also have thought that she was doing society a favor…and, she may have, even at the risk of her own life…sad

      • The sex talk completely obliterates the prosecution’s notion she was a stalker and jealous over him going to Cancun with another woman. In fact, Jodi mentions about him coming up to northern California after Cancun so they can continue checking off the list of the “1000 Places to See Before You Die” (the Oregon Coast, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Crater Lake) which he intended to do. Not to mention plans to find someplace in the woods near where my dad was born (Greenhorn) to act out his “Little Red Riding Hood” sex fantasy. This sex call was less than a month before he was murdered. That call is also important because of the Mormon angle. Now sex calls aren’t any big deal for many people, but Jodi and Travis were not “most people.” They were members of the LDS church, and what they were doing is considered a major problem. The call showed to all the world that Travis was a willing participant here, not some saintly 30-year-old virgin who was seduced by a Jezebel. The call exposed this guy as a hypocrite and a creep, especially when he was going around trash-talking her to his friends. The trash-talking of ex-girlfriends seemed to be a modus operandi of Travis’s.

        • Yeah, the trash talk was probably done to deflect attention away from Travis’ potential interest in Jodi, to how “bad” of a person Jodi supposedly is. By doing this, Travis could have created the illusion of “distance” between himself, and Jody. Meanwhile, he is having her watch his dog, clean his house, bring his food, be his sex object, etc. It is really despicable. Under these circumstances, who wouldn’t feel like an unappreciated door mat??

        • Yeah, I can understand now where you are going with this. All this time we hear about how good, how moral how great of a person this Travis is and then when he is exposed still people drag on about how dare anyone discredit him because he is dead and unable to defend himself..well, people need to wake up and realize that there are three sides to every story…his, hers and the truth! 🙂 They need to hear from the other side not because they need to defend themselves, they do in this case, but because there is another side here to be heard…I dont see them as trashing Travis…I just see this as learning another side of Travis that people needed to hear and know. I am sure that Jodi’s parents knew nothing about who she was, or capable of having this type of relationship with this boy but here it is and so now we are learning about Travis. People need to understand that Justice is blind and that her story needs to be told and that she needs to defend herself and she needs to let them know who he was…not so much because she is trying to defend or justify her killing him…but, to let them know it was not that cut and dry.

          • I totally agree with you @Linda..Why all those people keep saying that Travis is the victim and his name shouldn’t be drag through the mud.What they fail to realize there is no trial without having Travis deceitful and ugly doing in the mix.I believe Jodi totally,everything she said about Travis secretly like young boys and girls all played out in the whole story.The mention of Jodi sounding like a twelve year old girl having an orgasm do shed light on what Jodi said.However,it is amazing how most of these journalist from the panel of “In Session” and HLN still think it is all Jodi’s doing to trash his name again and again.Since every one think that Jodi had all of this preplanned why didn’t she just go by Travis and when he answer the door she pop him right there and then?..Why would she spent so many hours with him and out of the blues she just went crazy and shoot him?..I firmly believe he did some thing or said some thing very nasty and she might have respond with her exposing him with all those naked pictures and of course he worship his Mormon faith so much that by no mean would he allow that because they would have kick his sorry ass out of the church.I don’t believe Jodi just pick up the gun and went after him.I had no idea the Mormon church was into this sort of sexual kinky behavior.i know they are known for having sexual encounter with kids of both gender and marrying teenagers,However,i really didn’t know the Mormon church had all these different views as to what kind of sex is consider immoral and what kind can be done,what a bunch of crap.If you are a real and true christian and you believe in the bible then you would know the bible speak about sexual behavior of any kind out of marriage is fornication there is no getting around it.
            Travis was evil and he only treated Jodi the way he did because i can she did truly cared for him and love him,but Travis used her for his own sinful purpose.Plus why was he so much in a rush to get Jodi to join the Mormons?..I might sound terrible here but i have not one ounce of sadness about him,he has a hand in his own death.I wish Jodi had stood up to him in another way and not having to be where she is now..Travis was a sex addict and that is the reason he couldn’t convince those other women he went after who were already practicing the Mormon faith because they are aware of the Mormon stand on sex,but Jodi is new and he wanting to be her mentor was with motives, listening to testimony shortly after he met these women he propose marriage even without knowing them that well,because he was more into sex than actually getting to know some one.But Jodi was naive and so he used her for his own low down deviant behavior and every time something doesn’t go his way he act like a little immature over grown Mormon devil.Then Jodi accept his lousy sorry crap and keep thinking he cares and that is the sad part.I really hate when people keep saying oh if they were in her shoe they wouldn’t have gone back over and over again.Pity when we are on the out side looking in we have all the solutions in the world..Well i honestly worry for Jodi and i hope she doesn’t get the death penalty,i was looking at the Arizona correctional center and one of the woman on death row was prosecuted by this same prosecutor on Jodi’s case.He is a bully and i do not like him and i am worried that jury might agree with him.

      • If Jodi had intended to kill Travis, wouldn’t she have pulled a gun, and not a knife? His arms were much longer than hers. And, he was a former wrestler. Also, if she had intended to kill Travis, then wouldn’t she have brought a real gun, and not a .25 caliber. Every description I have seen, online, regarding .25 caliber guns, is that they are above a BB gun, but below a .22. And, they are not considered a “lethal” weapon, because they are so weak. A .25 caliber gun would probably be good for self defense, but not necessarily for killing a person. Even the idea of using the gun for suicide seems unlikely. What if the person needed to shoot himself six times, simply to die? If Jodi drove 3000 miles to kill Travis, then I think that she would have met him at the door, used real fire power, and then fled.

  26. I find this Gus thing is very suspect. It doesn’t add up. Also I don’t understand why the media is so interested….she was obviously heading to Utah when Gus claims she called him. If she did call him on the 8, 9, of 10th then he should be able to remember considering he left for Cancun the day before or the day of the call. I’m not a fan of that guy…something is up.

    Who is Justin? And how did the Hughes’ get Travis’ diary??

    There are some seriously shady ppl involved in this case I e never seen such a shit show.

    • @TL well said,from the get go i didn’t and still doesn’t trust that Gus,well of course the media will be interested in him because in the eyes of the Media truth isn’t what matter its more like rating and so what ever it takes.Gus is evil and even though the defense called him to testified for what ever reason i do not see the relevant of his story.Why is he telling story now that Jodi told him that Travis is dead?,,the prosecutor would have love to hear that,Well Jodi,didn’t say he was murder?. according to Gus she only said that Travis is dead,There is no where he said she said he was murder neither did Gus said he asked her what happened other than he asked her if she was okay.So telling a person some one is dead is totally different than if one said murder.People like Travis are evil and when they live one life openly and one secretly the out come usually be the same as what happen to Travis, i wish Jodi had make note of every encounter with Travis when he started his sexual deviant behavior to ward her.

  27. I’m confused. The state only charged her w 1st degree? So if they can’t prove it she could walk? Even tho she confessed (which I am 100% sure was done under duress)?

    Has anyone researched why she wanted to represent herself???

  28. Did you see that a bank account was established to help TA’s family with the costs of travel and various expenses during the trial? When Jodi’s family sold her art for the same purpose, people were up in arms.

    • Yeah. They forget that she is innocent until proven guilty and she still has rights. She has the right to try and pay for her family expenses.

      Maybe they should all move to a country where the accused don’t have any rights….how about Italy? Good god, can you imagine if we had a police state where it was upon the accused to PROVE innocence? It is important that we all try and make sure our rights are not taken away.

    • I saw that and thought the same thing.

      I keep wondering how his whole family can be there every day without working – especially the one who is a police officer. Perhaps people donated vacation time or they’re taking personal time?

    • hipocrites!why dont the Hughes’and their PPL success story plan lend them some money if the are in such a dire need of it?Plz…when Jodi’s brother did the same on e-bay they almost eat him alive for trying to fend for his family.

  29. I was thinking about that post death message and in it she said that Travis did not need to call Leslie back. Leslie cared about Jodi and was probably worried sick about her not showing up. She probably called Travis looking for her. Do not know what it means but hopefully we will find out.

  30. Just read some very very recent posts by Abe Abdelhadi over on that facebook page state v jodi arias. He is responding to Gus’ recent interviews. He is saying that what Gus is saying now on TV is NOT what Gus told him about Jodi’s call to him that night. He says Gus told him about that convo at the PPL meeting on 7/15/08. Very interesting. He claims the prosecutor also very much knew exactly what he was saying “NO” to when deciding Gus had nothing relevant to add and therefore decided not to follow up on his calls to them. He also says this information WILL be forthcoming and be patient. The plot thickens….

    • I personally don’t believe what Abe says. This is the same person who said Gus just wanted the limelight, when he is the one going on talk shows and to the media.

    • Daniel,

      So is Abe saying he talked to the prosecutor about what Gus said? That means that Abe is passing along hearsay because the Gus stated the prosecutor did not call him. During the hearing, the prosecutor did not disagree. It sounds like the supporters of travis are helping the prosecution….

      • Hi JC (What happened to CJ? :)),

        I think the implication is, (according to Abe), that whatever it was Gus wanted to tell the prosecutors…”it” did not make sense to the prosecutors and that was the reason that the prosecution never responded to Gus to begin with.

        And yes, i think you are right it sounds like Abe is saying that whatever “it ” was – despite Gus having said he told no one about the call from Jodi, Gus told Abe on 7/15/08 about the call from Jodi when everything was just coming out about Travis having been killed. I would imagine that when Gus found out that Abe was going to be meeting with the prosecutors office (remember this was discussed during the hearing) and told Abe to tell the prosecution they should call him (Gus), that the prosecution may have asked Abe during their meeting if he knew why Gus would be wanting to meet with them. Abe could have then brought up the phone-call Gus told him about from Jodi and for whatever reason, the prosecution deemed it irrelevant. Which makes me think like others have said above already that Gus may have had his dates mixed up. Despite the claim he checked his phone records to make sure the call from Jodi came in on 6/4-5/8 and not later.

        I am not sure what you mean by Abe passing along “hearsay’? If it happened as outlined above and was not done in a court of law but in that initial meeting between Abe & the prosecutors office then it was just passing along information he knew. I agree that imo, the prosecutors office should have still contacted Gus to be sure. Seems very odd to ignore a person who claims to have information on a case. In terms of the “supporters of Travis” do you mean Abe, helping prosecution? I agree. But this all took place I believe at the beginning of the case and would not be comparable to the tampering stuff the Hughes have been doing or been accused of.

        • Daniel, I think you have missed Abe’s ONGOING tampering. He was watching the evidence hearing online right before they called him for his testimony. He is in cahoots with the Hughes against Jodi. He was also the one who went to the media and said he thought of her as being guilty right away…no doubt based on what the hughes told him.

          I could be wrong but I think Gus did not tell Abe what information he had, he only told him to tell the prosecution that he had information, therefore, Abe influenced the fact that the prosecution did not call Gus back. Abe and the hughes probably told the prosecution the Gus was mentoring Jodi.

        • Thanks Daniel 🙂 I changed my intitials because there was another CJ and I didn’t want to get myself confused or others. I actually read post by CJ and wondered when I had written it! LOL

          Thanks for explaining that. I think you must be right. The prosecution looked at the phone dates and knew she didn’t call Gus and that his dates were mixed up.

          I did think it was unprofessional at minimum that the prosecutors didn’t make contact with Gus but that’s how they seem to roll.

          So Abe wasn’t witness tampering the same was Chris was with Gus. What did Abe testify to anyway? I can’t even remember accept that he sounded kind of rude on the phone. Wasn’t it about making media appearances? And Abe said that he hadn’t been told that he couldn’t do media interviews?

          • JC and Daniel
            I still dont understand how this Gus testimony is good for the defense? My understanding is that he got this call from Jodi where she stated that Travis was dead….
            So, the situation is concerning the “when” this call came in.
            If it came in at the time when Travis was killed; or after seems to be the concern for this testimony.
            If she called after this would mean that she had found out about his being dead and this would be posititive material for the defense
            or if she called when it happened..well, that is tricky, right.
            But, all in all what difference would it make either way when Jodi her self has confessed?

            Everyday following this trial I get more and more confused with the “direction” it is leading.

            And, I can not even begin to imagine what is coming when the prosecutor has his turn…but, I can say this…I believe she will go free. Dont ask me why, I just have that feeling and I believe that although it is not right to kill someone; there was a valid reason and she has it.

    • So Abe is an avid TA supporter. Wasn’t he the one who said Jodi deserved better? I may have gotten that confused. I’ve gotten so I don’t take much seriously that the knuckle dragging haters say.

      There is much discussion of facts on this site with open analysis. I see none of that on the hate sites – just hate and much of it. It reminds me of political sites. The far left and far right just rant and rave.

      • On the sex tape call, I think Travis said he didn’t like Abe? That he was souless? Correct me if I’m wrong.

        So abe could be asked about his statements to Jodi and Travis but would he tell the truth?

        • JC, Travis did say that on the tape. Who knows. i guess we shall see. Does anyone remember Abe saying anything negative about Jodi? I couldn’t remember anything negative. But something definitely gave me the impression Abe is not a big fan of Gus’.

          • I think that even if Abdelhadi admitted to having said “you deserve better’ to Jodi on the witness stand, her defense may worry that he might also try and slip something else in during testimony that they would not like. Remember-during the evidentiary hearing he was a bit aggressive with Nurmi, but not so with Martinez.

          • Abe is definitely not on Jodi’s side. In one of his first appearances on Dr. Drew, Dr. Drew asked him if he had any compassion for Jodi being he had dated her once. He was very adamant about her receiving the death penalty.

          • Well I think he gave interviews that didn’t help Jodi’s case. I haven’t watched any, but I read the haters quoting him all the time from his interviews.

            I don’t get what his stake is. He’s not Mormon ( i think, correct me if Im wrong) so protecting LDS isnt a motive.

            He works for PPL or used to but he doesnt sound to invested in that.

            He doesn’t like Jodi for some reason I cannot figure out. His reaction to Jodi, his tone seems out of proportion to the one date they had.

          • Hmmm,

            She did reject him in a sense. I get the feeling this is personal for him, Even in court, he sounded angrier that necessary to me. But who really knows…

          • There could have been all kinds of dynamics going on. Abe may not have liked Travis or been ever invested in Travis one way or the other. Jodi, on the other hand, he was probably interested in as a possible love interest so there probably was some rivalry on both ends. But ultimately and in the end, given the circumstances today with Jodi being on trial for her life, Travis dead, etc, and the fact that the Hughes’ appear to be quite powerful at Legal Shield….it speaks for itself. Abe is still with Legal Shield. His loyalty will remain where he believes is best for him.

        • JC you are right. TA called Abe soulless. I think this might also be why the hughes group called Jodi soulless. I think TA was one of those people who bad mouthed most everyone behind their backs.

          What a big clusterfuck.

        • Yep, you’re right. I’d have loved to see Abe’s face when he heard what Travis thought of him. Funny how Jodi is the one who was sticking up for Abe.

  31. The associates have to pay for all of the events to get motivated. This goes beyond a pyramid scam. It sounds like context or EST

  32. OMG! TL posted this video of the Hughes above. Sky has BLOND hair. This video was uploaded to youtube march 2010, no telling when it was actually made. We could probably figure that out with the info in the video. Anyway, why all the fit about Jodi dying her hair brown. Sky dyed her hair brown from blond also. So, this couple is looking worse and worse. this brings me back to the rental car. does anyone have any details about the events surrounding the rental car? The “media story is the guy who worked there says the girl who rented the car had BLOND hair (we know now Jodi was a brunette by then!!!!) and she had a guy with her.
    In the interview with Flores(the 2nd one about the home invasion) Flores asks Jodi, “did any of TA’s room mates see you at the house”. She says, “they had to have seen my car, they know my car”? I thought why would she say that when she was supposedly in a rental car? Is there any REAL evidence showing Jodi rented a car? Did she rent one, on a different date? She says, You can check my car and the rental car? Did she switch cars somewhere for some reason? I gotta figure this out, TOO weird.

    • She hasn’t gotten to that part of the testimony yet, but the car rental receipt had her name and credit card number on it…I couldn’t figure out why she said that either. I really need to take the time and watch all the interrogation again.

      • I would take it to mean that the car was parked in the driveway so they had to know someone was there other than travis and it would have had cali license plates on it.

    • IMO: I think someone “attoned” TA.
      The Hewwpukes?? Just think how much is at stake for them, because they made excuses for their TA wonder boy and tried to blame Jodi for anything negative, and it’s coming to light that TA wasn’t a good guy, quite the opposite.
      The guilt by association and their refussal to accept the bad about him, could affect their business. They are in damage control mode.

      • * Correction: I think someone “atoned” TA.
        Q: If he was supposed to go to Cancun, why didn’t someone check on him sooner? How was he supposed to get to the airport?

        • Yes, Travis wasn’t scheduled to leave for Cancun until June 10th and Mimi went looking for him on the 9th because he wasn’t returning calls about the trip. It is weird though, how Travis apparently had a lot of friends/business associates and no one thought to check on him sooner.

    • Kmiller, one thing that has really annoyed me about the opening days where Dumb & Dumber brought out the receipts…WHY didn’t they have her actual credit card statements? Maybe she lost receipts from Arizona. Just because she only had some in the box doesn’t mean there weren’t more.

      I would think bank statements and credit card statements would paint a more accurate picture of what she did in case there were receipts missing.

      I’m looking forward to her testimony about the trip…i don’t think she made it to that yet has she? (I’m WAY behind on video)

    • Hi Kmiller, as far as I know the prosecution put into evidence paperwork proving that Jodi rented the car. The dude who rented it IDed her as the customer in court if memory serves correctly.

      There’s shades in between that can pass as either blonde or brown. That’s the impression I get when I see Jodi’s photos is that her hair is a medium to dark blonde where the shadows look brown. When Martinez blew a gasket and was screaming at the forensic recovery expert what color her hair was, he was pointing at a shadow. Tactical facepalm!

      The rental car guy said there were stains in it. NG and the lynch mob are cooking up a bizarre story that Jodi dyed her hair in the car, which is ridiculous. Nancy is a bleach blonde, so she SHOULD KNOW that it’s an idiotic thing to say (well, we are talking about HLN). The stains were probably beverage stains.

      My only question is, who is the guy and how did the stain get in the back seat? There could have been two people there, but I’m wondering.

  33. Watching the Chris and Sky Hughes PPL video, there were so many things that struck me.

    First, if they were so rich, how come THEY didn’t loan Travis money? No, he gets it from the Hiatts and Jodi.

    I think it’s because they didn’t approve of his choices, his lifestyle, etc.

    Second, I love how they go to Sky Hughes’ parents house. Do all of you have ANY idea how much money that spread would cost in California?? Try MILLIONS! Now I know why Sky wears the pants in that family! lol

    Then, Chris gets a present from Sky supposedly using PPL money – RIGHT! Did you all notice that the “dealer plate” in the front was prominently featured?? Also, they just “happened” to have a professional video crew following them around when it happened – even taking shots while they were driving? How classless.

    AND, if I have to look at that “horse face” smile of Sky’s again, I’m going to puke.

    They are WAY up in all this stuff. I truly believe that Jodi’s second story about the intruders was correct. There’s nothing to say that these two weren’t the intruders.

    • The Hewwpukes are very invested in this case, IMO for more than just TA.
      I think they need to “fix” his reputation, so people won’t associate them with looking the other way on his sicko tendencies. MLM’s are only as strong as the people below you. If they lose their downline, Poof!

      • Bingo, book em’ Dano! Lol! Also like the post a couple days back, not only could they know of TA’s Pedo. problem, the cover-up effort has a kiddie porn ring stench. All these little “businesses” could be a mask to cover the money trail.

    • Maybe there was plenty to say about these two possibly being guilty of something, plenty to say the room mates, other cult members etc could be guilty just as easily as Jodi. Too bad dumb-dumb Flores never investigated ANYONE else, not even Justin Thompson, Who’s wife called an anonymous tip line and pointed the finger at him. So, when confronted she retracts her accusation, well NO SHIT!! People call ANONYMOUSLY because there is a REASON they don’t want people to know they pointed the finger! Usually out of FEAR!! Maybe the same fear that might lead Jodi to the conclusion that a self-defense claim is the safest route to take to try and save her life either from the state or the Mafia

      But, nothing here to see folks, move along, look at the STALKER, she’s the guilty one, everybody says so!

      I know self defense is the “defense strategy”, but unless her testimony clears a long list of impossibilities in this saga, I don’t know that I will ever believe she killed TA.

      • I agree. I know that adrenaline can make you super powered but I have a hard time wrapping my head around how she accomplished what she is accused of in so little time. I dated a Mormon for 5 years and while most of them are great people I saw some weird stuff. We broke up almost 2 decades ago and their missionaries find me no matter where I move. From the beginning I wondered how his Mormon community tied into this?

    • I think somebody else mentioned elsewhere, maybe on this thread, that Chris Hughes has been peddling the PayPal donations for Travis’s family’s travel expenses. Nothing wrong with that, but it seems hypocritical that Jodi’s family, who are just as innocent as Travis’s of this killing, are being criticized to the hilt about selling Jodi’s artwork (and she hasn’t been convicted of anything yet) for the same reason. Sickening.

  34. I can’t believe I am writing this. I have considered Jodi guilty the entire trial. Why? The lies. To me that is a clear sign of guilt. But lately I have been having doubts. She says Travis attacked her and she defended herself, I think I believe her now. Here is why… When on the stand Jodi says she said to Travis, “The only thing I am going to spit out is that you are a pedophile with a past.” This statement gives credence to her claims. If she actually said this to him, I see him being angry, very angry. Fast forward to the day of the killing. Perhaps they acted out one of the rape fantasies they spoke of on the phone and through texts and emails. Maybe they used a knife and a gun to role play. By the way, it doesn’t matter where the gun came from. I believe in the state of Arizona one can have the caliber gun that killed Travis without registering it. Maybe he had it. Maybe after all the sex, Travis told Jodi Mimi was going to Cancun with him. Maybe she threatened him about the pedophilia again, maybe he attacked her. Maybe the gun and knife were still readily available. Maybe, maybe, maybe. My point is, I NOW HAVE DOUBT, and that is all Jodi needs. Doubt.

    • IGood theory!

      My theory about that day is that they were carrying on having sex as usual. After it was over, the conversation became heated because Travis said something spiteful and hurtful to distance himself from Jodi because she fulfilled his sexual needs.(He didn’t want her around much longer, afterall he was leaving on a trip with another woman.) I also think there was major tension between the two because she was going to see Ryan and Travis knew that. He didn’t want his sex slave with anyone else but didn’t mind throwing his gf’s and trips in her face ie the sex tape.

      Jodi in turn made mention of the secret. ( My guess is that Travis put Jodi down a lot. We did hear about that at trial, Mentioning Travis weakness is way for Jodi to feel in control of herself.) The fight doesnt start at that point though as Jodi isn’t directly verbally confrontational. She probably made on remark about the secret in an effort to gain some power in her mind.

      Fast forward to the shower shots. Travis allows her to take pics as hes been working out, she’s still trying to get along but both of them are angry and upset. She drops the camera and Travis blows up.

      IMO, the violence isn’t about the camera really, that was just the catalyst for the fight. By Jodi’s testimony I can see the abuses and dynamics as red flags that created the perfect storm which occurred on June 4th,, 2008.

      • This is great. I like hearing this level of detail, instead of just some very general explanations of abuse as to why this could happen.

        What I would appreciate hearing are some detailed theories about the blow by blow of the actual attack and self defense. I understand that you and I don’t KNOW what happened, but I would like to hear someone provide a detailed description of the second by second events that happened once the camera dropped. Has anyone even thought of it at that level.

        I’m just using the following bullet list to illustrate what I mean. It’s not what I think happened, it’s just listed to provide an example so you or someone else can fill in how they believe it actually might have gone down. Here’s what I mean:

        Jodi takes the last picture
        Within seconds of taking this picture, she drops the camera (remember, ALL of this has to take place in 1:38)
        Travis sees this and is enraged (it is, as you say a release valve for all the anger that’s been building)
        Travis lunges at her?
        Travis stays in the shower and starts to yell at her, and then lunges/approaches her?
        Travis steps out of the shower and hits her?
        Travis steps out of the shower and chokes her while yelling?
        At this point in the attack, even though Jodi is terrified, her concern has not yet risen to the level of life or death, but she is very scared about bodily harm?
        At some point, she goes from terrified about bodily harm to realizing that this is life or death?
        Even though Travis is choking? Hitting? Pushing her? she is able to escape his grasp or control, and knows her only option against him is a knife or gun?
        The knife and/or gun is in another room and she runs to get it and comes back to the bathroom where Travis remains waiting?
        The knife and/or gun in the same room? In her bag?
        She opens up her bag to retrieve them, and Travis stands waiting and watching her, allowing her to retrieve them?
        She tries to get them out of her purse, and Travis tries to stop her, but she gets them out anyhow all the while Travis is hitting, choking, beating her, trying to stop her?
        She picks up the knife and moves towards him and stabs him in the chest first? Later stabbing him in the back?
        The fallen camera takes pictures as they bump against it during the struggle?
        Jodi drags him back into the shower?
        Travis never left the shower, so she doesn’t drag him?
        She kills him but someone else drags him?

        I sure would appreciate someone explaining their step by step detailed thoughts of how they picture this having gone down. Of course no one knows, but it would be more interesting to discuss these details than some general belief about how self defense makes sense in light of the abuse in the relationship. Please, someone.

          • LOL Good call.

            Jodi takes the last picture
            Within seconds of taking this picture, she drops the camera (remember, ALL of this has to take place in 1:38)
            Travis sees this and is enraged (it is, as you say a release valve for all the anger that’s been building)

            Travis lunges at her is what I believe was said in opening. I THINK he said, “im going to kill you”.

            Travis stays in the shower and starts to yell at her, and then lunges/approaches her?

            What about the pics tells you that he stayed in the shower?

            Travis steps out of the shower and hits her?
            Travis steps out of the shower and chokes her while yelling?

            People can yell and attack someone at the same time. He lunges at her and attacks her but in what manner we don’t know.

            She has a split second to grab a knife. Could be the knife used be the knife to cut that duct tape earlier. You know the duct tape the prosecution has failed to mention?

            At this point in the attack, even though Jodi is terrified, her concern has not yet risen to the level of life or death, but she is very scared about bodily harm?
            At some point, she goes from terrified about bodily harm to realizing that this is life or death?

            We don’t know how she perceived the attack. So she grabs the knife and a fight ensues. Him being a wrestler, he could be wrestling for the knife which is why there could have been those stab wounds on the back. ( did you read the coroners report? Only a few wounds and not the back wounds were noted as deep.) And another poster looked at the angel the of the slashes to the back and pointed out how she could have reached around.

            Why didn’t the ME talk about all the other wounds including how deep they were? In a trial, what isn’t said is also considered evidence.

            Even though Travis is choking? Hitting? Pushing her? she is able to escape his grasp or control, and knows her only option against him is a knife or gun? We don’t know how far away this knife was.

            The knife and/or gun is in another room and she runs to get it and comes back to the bathroom where Travis remains waiting?
            The knife and/or gun in the same room? In her bag?
            She opens up her bag to retrieve them, and Travis stands waiting and watching her, allowing her to retrieve them?

            I don’t think they were out of reach. It just doesnt make sense in that time span.

            She tries to get them out of her purse, and Travis tries to stop her, but she gets them out anyhow all the while Travis is hitting, choking, beating her, trying to stop her?
            She picks up the knife and moves towards him and stabs him in the chest first? Later stabbing him in the back?

            Did the ME say the back wounds occurred after? I dont think so.

            About the dragging up and down, are you sure this happened? How do you know there wasn’t a struggle in the hallway?

            Lastly, forensics, including testimony of ME is notably biased. Would you accept the nation academies of science asserting such?


            That link is research and commentary about how forensics needs an overhaul because there is no regulatory or independant agency that conducts forensics. When the police do their own forensics and have their own crime labs, do you think that the evidence will prove the person innocent? That’s not the way it works. Martinez, like most prosecutors, want to win.

            Until forensics is regulated by objective people, I won’t put much stock into what they drum up. While your reading that, click on the link about fingerprinting, specifically latent prints which is part of this case.

            You might find that some of your questions are answered.

    • Jenn> I was just like you in a sense. My first impression was not like yours, but, doubt no less. And this Media thing is really sickening in that it is ONE sided, And here’s the thing, I am watching footage of this trial and then watch the media and this is where I found myself in conflict. Who wouldnt be in conflict when you watch the trail and the media takes the information to a different level and twist words and phrases. if people are just depending on the media, they are not getting it right. One needs to just watch the actual trail and to some extent use common sense and see the holes in some ot these testimonies. Hey, I say this, when I have to question why someone didnt simply do something at the time then i need to believe that these holes need to be closely examined and yes doubt that this girl may be a scapgoat to a larger picture……fill in the holes 🙂

  35. OH MAN! I think I figured out about the BMW in the video of the Hughes’ that was shared.

    Go to this website:

    Now, look at the banner ads at the top. Wait for it to scroll through and read this:

    You will find one that says, “Be in the Performers Club for only 12 months and drive a BMW 3 Series.

    Guess that’s where the car came from in the video.

    Hmm, the plot thickens!

  36. Seriously!! I am at home sick as a dog crashed on
    my couch and decided to watch in session since today
    there is no trial. I was watching and the footage that they
    had not played ( i watched it on az) was about her getting
    smacked in the face. That’s like oh hey let’s forget the
    gunshot wound! Instances of abuse are vital! The played
    the sex tape about 200 times but nothing that just makes
    Him look bad.

    • Just wanted to further clarify why that segment is important. Not
      only is it an instance of abuse but its also an important piece of
      Evidence to show abusive pattern. He hits her. Then
      she talks about leaving and he is sweet to her. He kisses her
      and tells her he loves her. It fits the abuse for dummies manual.

  37. OMG, the sheeple on the State vs/ Arias page on FB are donating hundreds of dollars to Travis’ family members.

    And, I believe that Chris Hughes was the one who convinced the family to set it up.

    I wonder how much they’ll get, as I’m sure Chris Hughes will take a “management fee.” LOL

        • Nurmi asked Jodi about it when he questioned her about Ryan and Ryan testified about that as well. It is interesting that these Hughes characters seemed so linked to everything

      • Yes, very good question.

        I hate Nancy grace, yet I do find myself watching her sometimes, I guess for the same reason I find myself popping pimples on my husbands back sometimes. Anyway, she was going on about how Jodi carried herself in such a sexual manner. In fact, she “was so flirtatious, the other women did not like her around their husbands, because she was flirtatious towards them”. LLLOOOOOOLLLL!!
        How dare Jodi be attractive, more attractive than the average, and from what I’ve seen of the women in their “circle”, WWWAAAAYYYYY more attractive than any of them. They were so jealous of her, they couldn’t stand it! also, it’s disappointing enough that she found Travis attractive, but really? Chris Hughes especially, a sloppy mess, boooo! Im sick of the “news” entertaining their gossip!

        • Also, I was trying to find some interviews online with TA’s room mates so I could hear the story of how they found Travis and compare it to the police report. So, Of course I found one with Nancy Dis-grace. Zach (I think his name) the roommate who found the body was telling of the moment he went into the bedroom and found him. Nancy (OMG she is so lame) says when you walked in, what was it that you first noticed (paraphrasing) that made you realize that something terrible had happened. Zach say’s,” well, when I walked in, the first thing I saw was a large a pool of blood on the floor.” What? really Zach? While you were standing right outside the door trying several rings of several keys you didn’t already smell the stench of 5 day rotting flesh creeping out? Did the stench not smack you in the face when you opened the door? Really? that wasn’t the first thing that told you something was wrong? I know Flores wrote in is report the smell was apparent as soon as he entered the house. Nancy is one hell of a crime expert.

        • Yeah, more like the wives didn’t want Jodi around because the husbands were all trying to flirt with her. I hate how Nancy and the others are trying to paint Jodi as promiscuous when she clearly wasn’t. She was a serial monogamist and devoted all of her attentions to the person whom she was dating.

    • The Hugheses said a lot of trash talk about Jodi–of course after the fact. I remember their interview with 48 Hours’ Maureen Maher, and in retrospect it appears they were merely covering up for Travis by trashing Jodi. Those of you who saw the original report in 2009, you will remember Chris Hughes talked about how he and Sky took Travis aside and were supposedly warning him about Jodi during one of Jodi and Travis’s weekend visits to the Hugheses’ house. You may also recall that then they found out she was standing right outside the door and had some “evil” expression in her eyes after overhearing them. That “evil” look was supposed to be the reason the Hugheses didn’t want Travis bringing Jodi to their place anymore. This of course dovetailed with the prosecution’s and Travis’s friends’ characterization of Jodi is a crazed, evil stalker. The truth most likely is the Hugheses found out Travis was having sex with Jodi under their roof, and they wanted to put a stop to it.

      In other words, they, like all of Travis’s friends, have to have their remarks taken with a giant grain of salt.

    • Actually theres an interview with zion lovengier who says he set jodi and ryan up before he had heard any bad BS about jodi.

  38. HLN just had an “expert” on their show that said since there was no evidence that Jodi reached out for help to get out of the relationship, then she’s not a “real victim.”

    Jodi JUST TESTIFIED that she reached out to her mother to move back to Yreka!

    I swear, these people don’t even bothering watching the trial before blathering about things they clearly know nothing about.

  39. I took most of the day yesterday to re-watch the prosecution and its case. Martinez is a complete moron, and I hope he blows up like that again during cross. It will anger the jury, and will make him look like the bully he is. I mean, come on, he basically just stands there and YELLS at everyone, even his OWN witnesses. Then he attempts to destroy evidence, in front of the judge, and its tolerated! Makes my blood boil. I want to hear the witnesses testimony, and he won’t allow anyone else to talk.
    Jodi will win this case, and I will send him a personal thank you email when it happens. Don’t get me wrong, I feel this whole situation was tragic, it should of never happened. But sometimes people have to do extreme things to get away from abusers, you see many women in prison for these same situations, when is it going to end? No one should be in prison for defending themselves, its disgusting and shows how our judicial system, as well as the media, is so anti-female.
    Also, why wasn’t there any focus on the “man” that was seen with Jodi at the car rental agency? Maybe I missed something, but I never heard anyone bring it up again. Sorry, I have missed some of the testimony up to this point, but if anyone knows, that would great.

  40. I wonder if Martinez is being a total ass to everyone so there is less reaction when he does it to Jodi. I don’t think she is going to do well on the stand when it comes to June 4th. I hope I am wrong.

    • I just hope she practices saying yes and no a lot instead of going off into detail… I know she wants what she says to be accurate, like how she pointed out the time difference on the texts, but I don’t think kermit will go for her narration. Plus, with Kermit being prone to double negative questions, that might get stressful for her.

  41. Just as a general observation, most people have heard of the phrase “generation gap”. This can occur when children are born late, and the parents are already fairly aged. A difference of thirty or more years creates a situation where the children grow up in a somewhat different “world”, than what the parents grew up in. In these situations, at times, kids sometimes feel like their parents to not understand them very well – and visa versa. What people do not realize is that something very similar happens to the American born children of first generation immigrants. In these instances, the children simply cannot adopt the culture of their parents. They become enculturated in American culture. And, this can easily create a disconnect between both parents, and children. In some cases, parents may even experience a degree of “culture shock”, by what they see in their children, as the children are growing up. It also can lead to many conflicts, between parent, and child. But, eventually, by adulthood, the child must obtain his identity in American culture. Even if the child retain’s his parents native language, he will probably not retain the cultural values. And, in my opinion, people who are in this situation take a different approach to life, especially going into adulthood – partly because they are acquiring a new identity, that their parents might not even really understand. Is this what happened in Jodi’s life, while growing up? I don’t know. But, it does appear that she was looking for something to believe in. Almost in a single hit, she fell for Travis, for Mormonism, and for prepaid legal. Coming from a town of 7,500 people, and maybe a difficult background, this looks like alot to get swept away in. What was the appeal to all of this? Maybe, husbandly love, a sense of family, and a decent financial income. I honestly hope that the jury is considering the possibility that this person may really need help.

  42. One thing that amazes me is how we all can see the same thing and perceive something totally different. I am especially reminded when I read other websites regarding Jodi. Many people do not have the empathic ability to truly understand other people..and where they are coming from and are making judgements based on visual cues/stimuli…of which it is just their perception.

    Here is an interesting article about eyewitness testimony, which is essentially what so many people are doing to Jodi when they say she is a sociopath/psychopath/whatever negative thing they feel.

      • Right, she knew plenty of other people, and had a number of other relationships, before this incident. How many of those people have been able to come forward, and say anything bad about Jodi? None. This would include past acquaintances, past boyfriends, past husband, past school mates, school teachers, etc. So far, no one has ever come forward and said that Jodi was a “bad” person, or even that she ever did anything harmful to anyone. If Jodi was a “bad” person, then why was she so careful to end all of her other relationships cordially? Doesn’t sound like a “psychopath” to me. I think that people in the media jumped the gun. And, I doubt that they will admit that they may have jumped the gun, because it might damage their credibility, in the eyes of their viewers. For some of them, bashing Jodi might just be a matter of trying to preserve their own credibility – if their viewers buy into it. Ironically, it doesn’t sound much different than Travis publicly bashing Jodi, to try to make sure that his friends don’t begin to think that she might actually be a good person, and that he might actually be interested in her.

        • Ben, I also remember seeing and hearing people come forward on HLN to defend Jodi and they were shot down on the spot. I remember Mark Eiglarsh telling someone “well you only knew her years ago, so you aren’t really a good judge of her character.” Really? They’re going to believe some woman named Veronica that calls the show out of the blue, has no proof she ever knew Jodi at all, and let her spin some stupid story about a cat? And somehow SHE is a good judge of Jodi’s character? As if! They are picking and choosing who has a valid opinion of Jodi exactly the way they are picking and choosing who is a “real victim” of domestic violence or not. Why even ask for Jodi’s teachers and acquaintances to come on tv and share their experience if all they’re going to do is discredit them in any way possible? So ridiculous!

    • I don’t think people say those things about Jodi because they lack empathy or the ability to empathize though. The people in Travistown have a great deal of empathy for Travis and his family; but zero for Jodi. They *could* have empathy, but they don’t; largely because of denial of the facts and evidence. This case has been deceptively framed as “hero versus evil seductress” from day one, and I think that affects people’s ability to percieve Jodi as a whole human being. I see a lot of comments from folks that were once squarely on Travis’ side and are coming around from their initial reaction to the case… proof positive that the reactions to Jodi are motivated largely by reactionary impulse rather than intuitive impressions.

      I don’t believe the things they say are honest opinions any more than that they understand what the words sociopath or psychopath mean; and the difference between the two. They’re just name calling to name call, they don’t care about meanings of words as long as they sound as horrible as they can (if they did know the meanings, they would redefine them to suit their position). So much of this case is about spin and character assassination, there’s no reason for me to believe that they are sharing true intuitive assessment any more than they are interested in looking at all the evidence.

      The majority of communication is nonverbal – visual cues play hugely. First impressions only take four minutes to form. I don’t think nonverbal communication is the same as being an eyewitness though – it’s about gathering an intuitive impression rather than recalling specific events or characteristics of an individual. I get what you are saying that perception can be a funny thing, and I agree to a certain extent but in this particular situation they are just attacking her, as always, same shit different day, rinse lather repeat.

      • Hello MB,

        “The majority of communication is nonverbal ”

        This is one of the reasons why I like the fact that Nurmi keeps asking, “How did you feel?” Many males, myself included, cannot always figure out how a person “feels”, simply by observing a situation. If all of the jurors are males, then I think that this is a really good approach.

        • Good points Ben, and I agree that Nurmi is doing an excellent job. My position isn’t just about gauging feelings, though, it’s a lot more complicated than that. The reason I bring up nonverbal communication is because I feel that nature gave it to us for a reason. Not just to assess other people’s needs and act accordingly, but for self preservation. Self defense classes for women say rule number one is trust your instincts – if something or someone doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. I totally agree because there many times I have avoided trouble by getting the heck out when the atmosphere changed or a look crossed someone’s face and I knew they were up to no good.

          I don’t think that’s the position Jodi haters are coming from, though. Like a lot of people living comfortably in the civilized world, their bullshit filters aren’t screwed on tight enough to see how the media affects their viewpoint. Have you seen the way they word statements about this case? They say stuff like “THIS WOMAN did xyz” then they splash up a picture of Jodi to elicit a reaction. At best it’s propaganda, at worst it’s borderline brain washing and I say this because they do this over and over and over again, so that it slowly chips away at people’s inclination to give Jodi the benefit of the doubt.

          The attacks on Jodi have increased because she is taking the stand, most likely because Travistown hates the idea of anyone forming their own opinion about it. They don’t want people to use their own intuition and brains to figure out what’s going on, they want other people to buy into their narrative without question. They can’t just report the facts and let people draw their own conclusion. No, they have to ram their own idiotic version of events down everyone’s throat and make little comments about “kooky jurors” to discredit differing opinions. Is it any wonder people are compromised in the ability to form an honest opinion based on facts and plain, simple, human understanding? If that’s not enough, throw in people’s attitudes about sexism, racism, ethnic discrimination and the narrative that Travis was a good and righteous man led astray by the evil sorceress with sexual powers; there’s no way people are saying those things about Jodi just because it’s their own organic reaction.

          • MB,

            I do think some of the haters are just full hate and may lack empathy and remorse. For example, the ones who write to SJ, Gus and anyone else they can figure out who supports Jodi with death threats tells me they have something wrong with them.

            I can’t get past the death threats! Did this always happen in high profile cases or is this something new that started with social media, emailing anonymously?

          • Oh JC I’m so sorry to hear about that! When SJ said hate mail, I didn’t know it went that far. There’s no question there’s something very wrong with those people!

            I thought BeeCee was talking about the people who were the average everyday FaceButt people who say the worst things they can about Jodi just to make themselves feel better; that is who I am referring to in my post.

            I don’t know if this is a recent thing, but email has probably made it a lot easier for anyone to act out without consequences. I don’t blame you for not getting past the death threats, in fact I don’t believe you should – I’d take those very seriously and keep a record. is a good tool to copy/paste IP addys and contact authorities if need be. That is serious stuff!

      • to be honest I think a lot of the hate runs deeper than just she stabbed him. A lot of people hate her n a cheerleader in high school kind of way. She’s pretty – oh she’s a manipulative whore. it’s not true but I know many women who think like that.Also they will not word it like this but she let him do things with her so she is a slut and he is just doing what comes from instinct. Men are typically not considered accountable for their actions sexually but women are. Also, she’s more valuable to the media as that image than she is as a victim. Travis is more valuable to the church as a martyr.

  43. Jodi will soon testify about June 4th. Is it true that Martinez can only cross examine her on things she talks about during direct? For instance if they never cover the gun issue, can Martinez still question her about it?

  44. Lol! Prime example of the stupidity on the FB Hater site. In reference to Legal Shield, “How did Jodi even get a job with this company, she didn’t even graduate high school”.

    • LMAO Oh my God. Yes, Legal Shield requires a great deal of higher education…NOT. Just cough up an initial fee and you’re part of the pyramid/triangle/circle!

  45. Regarding cross~she will be cross examined on everything she has stated in direct, questioned on all evidence presented in states case and can be recalled for rebuttal.

  46. I have a question. Can Nancy Grace get away with saying that Jodi slashed Travis’ tires, sent anonymous emails, or hacked into his accounts without any proof to back up those claims? I get that she might have the right to broadcast her opinion and spin on this case as it unfolds; but I’m pretty sure freedom of speech doesn’t protect blatant lies saying people did things (illegal things at that!) without any proof.

    I ask mostly because the word ‘alleged’ constantly figures into most case reporting; whereas it seems to be totally forgotten in this one.

    • Ambivalently ~yes to your question regarding NG. Our constitution protects this right however,I doubt our founding fathers could have seen the absusive disgraceful acts our constitution allows.

      • I agree with you both. With all rights come restrictions and responsibilities, and free speech has been used to excuse some of the most abusive and offensive behaviors. It’s one thing to voice an opinion but it’s another to say “someone did this, and that is a fact” without knowing for sure if they did do it at all.

        I also want to point out, just to put it out there, that Nancy Grace is not bravely standing up to share an unpopular opinion. Not only is she peddling the prevailing opinion, and all the evidence so far proves she has no real reason to believe Jodi premeditated anything. So she is not on some holy crusade for the truth at all, her intentions are clearly not to seek a fair outcome of justice. They keep saying “This is Casey Anthony all over again” well did they ever stop to think it’s because they are doing to Jodi what they did to Casey Anthony? Not because there’s any similarities, it’s THEIR behavior that is the same. OJ, Casey, Jodi, comparing these situations is like apples to oranges to peaches. No acquittal case is “the same” just saying so doesn’t make it true. Anyway, just thought that was worth mentioning.

    • The constitution also gives rights for the victims of slander to sue NG’s ass and take her to the cleaners. If she did not have CNN to cover her lawsuit bill she would have been panhandling with a squeegee in one hand.

  47. If it was Jodi that sent the whoredom email and slashed the tires, they would be able to prove she sent the email. It most likely was the boyfriend of the girl Travis was seeing at the time.

  48. I have a feeling they are going to split her testimony up and have the experts explain her state of mind first because her credibility is what they have to restore.

  49. First of all, the media is a joke with this stuff. I am not sure how they can keep their jobs. They lie, they make stuff up etc… They have commented many times about Jodi and how she said she would like to go to Mexico but it was too expensive. In her questioning by the crooked cop, she actually said she could go if she wanted to, that it wasn’t expensive. The media is a joke!
    On another note, when Abe was being questioned in court, there was an echo in the phone in the courtroom. It wasn’t actually an echo, it was the TV playing where he was at. He was watching the trial the whole time, then was questioned over the phone in court, all the while watching the trial, which was against the court order. I dont understand why the defense, or the judge didn’t ask him point blank while they were questioning him about the echo, which was the TV delay in the background of the phone call.
    There is no doubt that she killed killed him, and that she lied many times over, but everyone deserve a fair trial. I’m disgusted with the media and their lies, and falsehoods. they should be held accountable!

    The Jackal

    • jackal,

      Do you know if abe lives in AZ? I thought he lived elsewhere. The Hughes got around the court order because legally it didnt apply as they didn’t live in AZ! ( Can you believe that!)

      So, I’m guessing Abe lives elsewhere as well. I thought he was listening the trial as well while in testifying. I got that impression by something he said but cannot remember what.

      • I have no idea where Abe lives, but watching his numerous interviews on late night TV, he’s a douche’. I know what it was he said about watching TV. They asked him if he had watched it at all, and he said he was watching it so he would kow when they were going to call him and he would be ready to answer the phone. I didn’t realize that watching TV prepared you to answer a telephone. I know what he meant, but that doesnt justify watching the trial.
        On the question regarding if a witness can sit in the courtroom during trial, it is not allowed. They have a witness room they can wait in, or someplece where they dont have access to the trial. Sitting in the courtroom isnt allowed because you hear things, and it distorts your memory, and testimony. There is a stupid law in AZ that allows the detective to sit in the courtroom, which I think is a joke. I understand why they have it, but it makes for a big conflict when they testify.
        Its a sad day when people get home from work, and they listen to these jokers on TV playing certain excerpts, and these people watching take it to the bank. A classic case with the Casey Anthony trial. Anyone that watched that actual trial from beggining to end knew that all she was guilty of was not reporting that little girl dead. Its not right either way, but the media tried to put her to death, even after the trial. NG should be put on trial and see how she likes it.
        Every person is different. Some people reach out for help, some dont. Some people get abused over and over and take it to their grave, some report it. For people to say she wasn’t treated a certain way because she didn’t report it is like saying there is no God because I have never seen him. Maybe there is a God, maybe there isn’t, but just because someone doesnt see something doesnt make or true or false.
        The funniest thing is watching all of his friends that have gone on TV saying he never did this stuff she was talking about, he was a devout mormon. They arent on there saying that any longer, now they are saying she was the reason he acted that way. This guy allowed her to make him act that way, but she wasn’t powerful enough to put their relationship out into the public? What kind of sense does that make? He hid the relationship, and she went along with it. She wasnt changing him, if she was, she would have told him were not hiding this relationship any longer. He controlled that aspect of it, and he controlled her as well.
        In my opinion, she went there that day to try and win him over, and stop him from taking that girl on the trip. I think she took the pictures, and whatever else, maybe videos, and threatened him and said if you want to go on a trip with her, I am going to show her this pictures, and these videos on this camera, and at that point, he went after her with a mission to stop her with whatever means he had. There have been many men that have used pictures and videos to blackmail women, and vice versa. I think she did this as well, and he wasn’t going to have it. It would have destroyed the relationship that he was trying to have with his new GF.
        What do you all think, you think she was going to use the pictures against him? and he came after her?
        The jackal

        • Ii know jackal, I read so many stories about how Jodi took her own naked pictures, etc etc, they are delusional and I wish people could WAKE UP!

    • Love this post – totally agree, the media is a joke. That’s a nice way of putting it. lol I didn’t get cable until 2008, and I credit the media for making me shift to becoming an Agnostic.

      Oh, here’s another stupid thing they said:

      Some domestic violence expert said that if Jodi were a true victim of domestic violence, she would reach out and get help. But Jodi JUST TESTIFIED that she reached out to her mom for help to move back to Yreka! It’s like these people don’t even bother paying attention to what’s being admitted into court. But there they are, saying shit that isn’t even true.

      Anyway, is it possible that Abe was watching the trial just for that day because he was going to be called as a witness? Are witnesses allowed to sit in the courtroom from start to finish if they are being interviewed that day?

      Also, Jodi did testify in court that she killed Travis in self defense. He attacked her, and she defended herself. I’m not sure that she deliberately lied to Insp Flores. Gus said that Jodi called him at 3:00 in the morning after the incident and said “Travis is dead and I don’t know what happened.” That says her state of mind might be questionable in the days after the incident. I’m sure Jodi and her defense will address these issues as her testimony continues.

      • Many women don’t seek help. The idea that she would seek help to fit their criteria is stupid generalization.

        When I hear Jodi on the stand, it seems like she doesnt recognize that she was being abused. Remember when she said she felt like it wasnt abuse because he pushed her down but it didn’t hurt? Or something along those lines?

        • She was confiding in Gus. He said he acted as a sounding board about Travis. He told her to leave him and that she was being used. So to me, that tells says Jodi was asking for help in what experts would consider to that to be her reaching out for help. She said Matt had her call a suicide hotline right? That’s asking for help. I wonder if the defense has the record of her calling. I think the hotlines try and keep record if the person is willing to leave their name.

          • Yes, the generalizations are so preposterous! I don’t know how these people sleep at night, for real. And you’re right – Jodi didn’t seem to be aware that she was being abused, I get that feeling from her overall. I don’t think people understand that abusive relationships are not cut and dry, and abusers also test to see how much they can get away with. Someone here said it best – like a frog in a slow boiling pot of water. Nobody would ask why the frog doesn’t jump out, why ask the same of victims of domestic violence?

  50. Im starting to wonder if Darrel not only did some of the tire slashing,but couldve also been there on jun 4th. His life was dramatically changed in a matter of days after jodi met travis in vegas.

    • Rebecca, I don’t see Darryl doing that. I do see it could be by someone who was involved with someone Travis was fooling around with.

  51. O yeah, I forgot something. He was supposed to be her spiritual leader. he was the one promoting the mormon religion, and even baptized her. How do you claim to be that kind of person, and then behind closed doors your having sex with that person? Thats about as bad as you can get. Talk about not having any ethics. This isn’t something made up either, this is all fact. Imagine if your youth leader at your church was having sex with one of their people in their youth group that they were witnessing to and teaching what is right and wrong? Makes me sick for people to try and say she wasn’t being abused. That is one form of abuse, and that has already been proven in court!

    The Jackal

    • Okay, but hold on a minute, Jackal. I get some of what you are saying, like about his friends’ changing their tune, how crazy it is to say “Jodi lured/stalked/cast-her-black-magic-spell-over-poor-Travis”/etc, ie, he wasnt an adult willing participant in their warped relationship.

      But, on the other hand, you lost me here…

      You said: “Imagine if your youth leader at your church was having sex with one of their people in their youth group that they were witnessing to and teaching what is right and wrong? Makes me sick for people to try and say she wasn’t being abused. That is one form of abuse, and that has already been proven in court!”

      Hey, Jodi Arias wasn’t in a “youth group,” ie, a MINOR in a group of minors he was leading (down the not so pearly path of “do as I say/not as I do” chastity hypocrisy). Just because she was a damaged person who suffered from weakness in the face of her horribly unhealthy obsession with this man, doesnt make her blameless or The Victim, period, in this story. It doesnt let her off the hook as an ADULT who made the decisions she made. That is as false a picture as the one Travis’s friends or Nancy Grace paint of Travis. (NG actually says of the sex tape: “She lured him into it” Ugh. Yeah, right.)

      It is one thing to point out the wrongness from the other side, but be careful of committing the same wrongs to make that point.

  52. I forgot to comment on something interesting for those of us who are curious if blood atonement will come out in the trial. During Jodi’s testimony on the last day, (Wednesday?)
    Nurmi asks Jodi something about Travis all the while all this is going on in their relationship (the abuse, sex, etc.) they are studying the Mormon faith and visiting Mormon spiritual sites while on trips?
    Jodi says, (paraphrasing) “yes Travis had read the book of Mormon over 20 times. He could quote most scripture off the top of his head. Since he was a leader (cant remember the title for him she used) he had studied teachings which are not well-known. teachings never spoken of amongst new members and some teachings and scriptures that are not even shared with most members even still”.
    Sounds to me they may be inching closer and closer.

    • I wonder about that as well…Nurmi may be setting the stage for Jodi to describe how she had to “deliver Travis to Heaven” after stabbing him in the chest and realizing that he was dying.

    • Okay folks, it’s time to put the conspiracy theories away.

      This idea of blood atonement is silly. He was an Elder in the Melchizedek priesthood. The “secret” teachings, scriptures, and stories that you are “guessing”, are just teaching that are taught to members that have more time as a church member, over those that are new to the religion.

      I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, and a member of the church for many years. I know what is what with the LDS Church, and this whole thought process of blood atonement as an idea of what Jodi did to him is beyond silly.

      BOTH Travis and Jodi were NOT living the law of chastity laws held by the Church. It wasn’t JUST Travis, it was BOTH OF THEM.

      She can play innocent all she wants, and claiming that he was to blame for her lack of knowledge. If she were a member that attended services each week, she would have been taught the correct meanings, and if she didn’t attend, her Bishop and/or Missionairies, and/or Home Teachers would have visited her and given her the proper explanations.

      Sorry about the rant, but some folks need to be educated in how the LDS Church operates, and not the cult that most people think it is.

      • I think people have gotten a bit carried away with the whole Mormon MFia thing. You can be rest assured that if this ws even subtly alluded to by the defense it would in NO WAY be helpful to jodi. The problem with theories like this , is that there is always some obscure fact that one could find if one is looking for a strange coincidence, conspiracy etc. And any attempt to show it lacks merit, is often met with cries that that is proof of a much deeper, far more insidious “cover up”.

      • Jag and Daniel,

        hey, we can have whatever theories we want! Last time I checked neither of you OWN my thought processes. And, it doesn’t necessarily mean I, or anyone else, 100% think one certain way or another is what happened.

        And, have you all forgotten that most every religion has extremists??? Does 9/11 ring a bell, or all the things happening in the middle east???

        • @beecee

          “hey, we can have whatever theories we want”.

          Pretty weak comeback.

          So in a death trial, you prefer theories over fact.

          The support you offer to Jodi is admirable, but to list theories over and over, and using these theories rather than using facts makes a severe mockery of the justice system.

          I provided first hand experience and knowledge of the function of the LDS Church, you provide heresay and gossip.

          Let me know when you have some facts regarding the case.

          • @jag, LOL. You haven’t read ALL my posts in this website. We do talk about facts here too. I’m just pointing out that you have no right to tell me the many different ways I can theorize. I’m not sitting with jodi at the defense table, so I can do that. No one is calling me for my opinion, as well they shouldn’t.

        • Agreed BeeCee.

          FTR, I absolutely don’t think that it would be a good idea for Nurmi to go in that direction. But it does look like Mormonism is coming into play somehow.

          I’m a Christian (non-demoninational), but I don’t get offended at all if people make comments about extremist Christians. I think they’re crazy too.

          • I went on a road trip with one of the board members of the FLDS, and I’m not going to mention his name, but there wasn’t anything but drinking on cussing coming from his direction. I lost all faith in that religion after I spent a week with him.
            This is a fact, I was there in the flseh. He is the only person I have met in the religion, and the other person I have heard things about is this guy from the trial, and it doesnt look like he was practicing anything related to the bible.
            Sorry, but those are the facts


          • Jackal.

            LDS and FLDS are two completely separate religions.

            “practicing anything related to the bible.”

            He was having sex. Yep, not obeying the laws of chastity. But remember, Jodi was a “practicing” LDS member also, and she was “practicing” sex with him. Both guilty.

            If I had a dime for every LDS member I know that had pre-marital sex, I would have a whole lot of dimes.

        • BeeCee, I never said anything about you shouldnt be able to theorize or voice your opinions. Don’t confuse my and jags post as being the same thing. I simply voiced my opinion that the mormon blood atonement idea was a bit far fetched and I voiced that imo, if even alluded to, would be detrimental to jodi. Thats my opinion. And I, like you, feel that I should be entitled to that opinion. It seems when people disagree with certain people, they get attacked. People can be in support of jodi and yet have very different ideas of what “support” means. For me, its literally what could possibly save her from the Death Penalty.

          • The problem with the death penalty, besides it defying ethics and logic 101, being barbaric, is that it warps the search for the truth. It understandably encourages stretching the truth and inserting all sorts of unfair aspects to a case to save the accused from the death penalty, or the state’s premeditated murder, as I have no problem calling it.

            What a shame the dp is, on so many levels. really distorts trials. That should give some people pause, even if they are still at the point where they actually believe it should still be a punishment in this day and age, in a so-called developed, advanced nation.

      • Jag,

        I can see why you get upset when it seems like people are attacking your faith as it happens with my faith as well.

        What I want to know is why do ex-mormons talk of such matters you dismiss as myth. The Godmakers was written by renown scholars not disgrunted church members. I read online that your church told it’s members they would be in trouble for watching the movie or reading the book and some talked about being visited by bishops for doing so.

        Travis’ own friend said, “your atonement was real” so as a LDS member, to what was she refering?

        And the last bit about Jodi being equally responsible for breaking a man made law? Well I disagree with you. Travis was the ELDER, Jodi was his new girlfriend being taught by him what was right and wrong in the church and he knew he had power over her thinking and took full advantage of that fact. . Like it or not, what Travis did is considered spiritual abuse.

        • also, as far as movies and books go, LDS members are counseled and guided to not watch any R rated movies at all.

          They don’t get into trouble. Good grief.

          and finally, IF Jodi were a member in good standing, she would have plenty of other members to help guide her into the correct LDS values.

          Yes, Travis may have told her many things. IF she wasn’t attending services, then he was her only source of information, and therefore SHE WOULDN’T be a member in good standing, and subject to any of the “theories” that Travis is being blamed for.

          • How do elders work in the church?

            Was Jodi and elder?

            Would an elder counseling a NEW CONVERT on LDS doctrine while initiating oral and anal sex while saying it doesn’t violate the law of chastity be in MORE trouble than her? Because he damn well should have been.

            If not, was are the expectations of an elder who is a temple worthy mormon? Wasn’t Travis also able to give priesthood blessings which are supposedly messages from God? Could Jodi give those or can only men? I think I read only men.

            There was an imbalance of power between Travis and who he was in the church as compared to Jodi and therein lays the abuse. Regardless of whether they were sinning equally travis had more power than her in the church, Make sense yet?

            He spiritually abused her.

          • Yes, this. He blurred the lines between religious authority and romantic interest from the start. I don’t see the point in singling out Jodi for breaking the law of chastity (a new convert) when it was Travis who deliberately confused the issue from the start.

            And I feel compelled to put this out there – the only reason it matters that Travis had sex with Jodi is because the Travistown cult tried to pretend that Travis was this good, honorable virgin mormon man led atray by an evil sorceress with sexual powers. They opened THAT door all by themselves! Jodi and her defense were forced into the position of exposing Travis for what he really was. They TRIED to plea to a lesser charge, so that none of this would have to happen. The state wasn’t having it! So the defense had to bring evidence of Travis’ salcious behavior to show the jurors that Jodi is telling the truth; that is just part of them being competent counsel.

          • Yes. Jodi would have had direction from others in the church….that is if Travis wasn’t trying to do his best to segregate her from that support system. She testified that she wanted to go to the bishop to repent for crossing the line sexually, Travis did not.

            I was taught growing up that if you proclaim to be a leader in the church(granted I was raised Chirstian but Mormons also follow the New Testament) that God hold you accountable at a higher level because you are supposed to guard and lead his flock. So Travis being a member of the priesthood makes him more accountable to God.

      • Jag, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were a moderator here on this site. What’s with your, “Okay folks, it’s time to put the conspiracy theories away? You don’t tell me or any other poster on this site what time it is. As BeeCee said, We can have any theory we want!
        You may think that is a “weak come-back”, but maybe you don’t really “get” freedom of speech and the whole reason that the OWNER of this site has created it. It is so we can all come here and freely discuss our thoughts, opinions, and theories surrounding this case. That’s what we do. If you don’t like that, go away. You calling anyone here silly is so funny to me considering you think that our theorizing makes any difference in this death penalty case. You think its silly that we would voice anything other than fact? Well, what facts do you offer? NONE! You offer knowledge of the LDS “church” based on your own experiences. I would argue that your experiences are based on opinion because you can visit any of the hundreds of ex-Mormon support group sites all over the internet where many people have a very different opinion and experience.
        Like BeeCee said, we are not at the defense table, nor are you.
        And stop with the patronizing, you said, “Jodi can play innocent all she wants” Then, you tell BeeCee you find her support for Jodi admirable. No you, don’t you are here voicing your non-support for her over and over, and justifying the actions of Travis. You can not tell me Jodi is equally as accountable for her actions as Travis when it comes to Mormon beliefs. She was a member for one year! Travis was for over a decade and was an Elder in the Melchizedek priesthood! She wanted to go to the bishop, HE DID NOT!
        I am not here to offer facts. I am here to discuss facts given by the defense and what they mean to me. We have very few facts to work with we haven’t heard Jodi’s story. I don’t hurt or help the defense, I’m just a poster here with an opinion, and so are you! We offer opinions to try and make some sense of this case. Your opinion and your personal experience at your church is no more helpful than my opinion about anything, and for YOU to suggest that YOU come here and offer an opinion or experience that is valuable, and others are SILLY and a WASTE is LAUGHABLE! Who are YOU to decide what the posters her at this site deem valuable!

      • Jag- If I remember correctly, Jodi is NOT playing innocent, nor is she “blaming Travis for her lack of knowledge.” She testified that regardless of how Travis tried to justify their sexual relations, SHE considered all of their interactions (anal, oral, and vagina) as SEX. All she is doing is testifying to Travis’ excuses to get around the Law of Chasity. I think Travis came up with these ludicrous excuses more to convince HIMSELF, rather than trying to convince Jodi, or heck maybe that’s how all Mormons who break the Law of Chasity get around it.

        • I agree. She’s giving her perspective of the story. She knew it was sex. She wanted to have sex with him. I don’t think she’s denied that. I think her testimony is to show how HE viewed her, sex and a bunch of things people didn’t know about him. He was very two faced. Her testimony actually is corroborated through the messages and that phone call recording they played in court.

          • @Observer:

            But actually, in the phone call, he admits it is a good thing they are finally doing it, why did they put it off for so long, etc… (vag sex). She agrees. He isnt trying to “fool” her anymore and she has shown she is long past being “fooled” (if she ever was… ) It is a conscious sham they are playing out at that point – that they are actually committed followers of the Mormon religion, which means its rules, and they arent bothering anymore to try to “follow” the rules when they are one-to-one. But they are both cynical upholders of it – their public presentation, how they both want to marry Mormons (with all those great rules they so dont want to follow!), blah blah blah… and hey, wouldnt it be great if they could find that wild side in a partner (said Jodi)…

            If she is doing all that just to please him, how does that make her somehow “better?” Let her end all contact with him, stop pleading for him to openly show their attachment to friends, but instead, detach. Then, after she does that, IF he stalked her and refused to let her go, started acting threatening and violent, then she shows she has the upper hand in this mess. Thus far, I have seen it from neither of them.

            Their relationship, what they say, is so wrapped up in the external societal trappings of the particular religious club they happened to choose, rather than any core spirituality. Following the rules, not following the rules… for two people who have the gift of talk and spit out so much verbiage about religion, they sure miss the deeper mark when it comes to a quest for spiritual knowledge and a truer, deeper understanding of themselves and others which such a path purports to lead one to discover.

            They appear to me as two very damaged, lost souls, clinging to each other in an orbit their actions make warped, hurtling toward meltdown. It is a fascinating story, an insanely richly multi-faceted story, for sure, as Jodi Arias herself tagged it, but mostly because the nature of the result is so rare, so extreme, so extremely violent – just a couple of weeks or so after a highly affectionate, sex charged phone conversation and plans to meet up, one is dead by the other’s hands. Without that ending, I doubt most of us would be here.

            Again, I end this as with most of my posts: The death penalty is wrong, on so many levels. Like with the Casey Anthony trial, it is perverting the search for the truth. Like any trial where it is introduced, it flies in the face of logic and ethics. The sort I imagine any healthy, normal 6 year old would get. The state commits pre meditated murder every time it carries out the death penalty. Period. And seeking it is attempted pre meditated murder, to boot.

          • “I think her testimony is to show how HE viewed her, sex and a bunch of things people didn’t know about him. He was very two faced. Her testimony actually is corroborated through the messages and that phone call recording they played in court.”

            Yes, for all the people that yelled it from the rooftops that they need “more than just Jodi’s word,” I find it hard to believe that they still don’t grasp the point and relevance of the sex tape, the penis pictures, ect. The point is to support her story and back her up. It also shows that Travis was a domineering personality – he enjoyed intimidating people and saying how other people had “no soul”. This tells me that at any point he can turn on people and percieve them as a worthless husks with no consciousness. Travis’ friends and family have gone on tv to repeat that same mentality – that Jodi was “soulless” and was “dead inside.”

            This is why I have described Travis’ behavior as socipathic – people were only worth something to him as long as they were useful to him. If they defied him in any way, like Abe did by just casually taking Jodi out on a date – they were no longer human beings with inherent worth or rights. They did not even exist to him anymore – Abe said he felt like a ghost. Travis didn’t deny this on the phone – once someone does something he doesn’t like, they are dead to him. Is it any wonder Jodi had no reason to believe Travis would spare her life once he attacked her? She was already dead to him.

  53. hey has anyone heard about this jury misconduct charge the Jodi’s mom filed? evidently Jodi’s mom saw Travis Alexanders family speaking with jury members

  54. I ironically just came across Nancy Graces lie about her finances murder circumstances
    and found a quote that fits perfect for this case.

    Typical, Her TV career is built around the idea that there need not be any such thing as “justice” or a “fair system” but instead the merciless, fascist, un-American hounding of anyone who appears to be guilty of a crime. Especially if that crime involves a young white woman (like young Nancy, duh).
    So it’s no surprise that her career, which is all about manipulating facts, is itself built upon an enormous manipulation.

    How anyone can take that woman seriously is far beyond my comprehension.

    eugene Mar 1, 5:33p

    • She wanted everybody to think that her fiance was murdered by a stranger but in fact he was murdered by a co-worker. That was one of many lies she has told over the years.

      • I find it interesting because she lied when she really didnt need to. When other people do that she calls them a pathological liar. The story was still sad. He didnt do anything to make the guy who killed him mad. He got fired and her fiance was a nice guy who pulled over to pick him and paid the price. Thats sad. She just needed a mold to squeeze herself into.

      • She’s been drawing attention to herself over her fiance’s murder for years. You’d think that she was the only person who was affected by it – it’s all ME ME ME ME. Nothing about the poor guy or his family.

  55. Has anyone else noticed that the majority of Jodi haters on other sites are female? I counted quickly and it looks like about 80%. Wondering why. Because she is good looking?

    • I said something about this above. Many women instinctively dislike attractive women. Not all but MANY. Especially one who looks like the hot popular chick from high school .

    • Same with Casey Jeff. A whole book was written about men versus women hating Casey and why. One of the conclusions was that women are indeed jealous when someone is beautiful and i agree.

      Look at the negative comments about jodi’s physical appearance made by women. Casey Anthony was called things like horse-teeth, and worse. Same with Jodi. As I woman I’m appalled and can only agree with social psychology that women are indeed jealous of pretty women.

      The same thing happened with Amanda Knox too. The headlines touted all three women as “fem fatale” “fatal beauty” and other salacious names. The response by many women is question the labels by criticizing their physical appearance, ie knox, anthony, arias.

      It’s a form of women to women bullying. Also, research has shown the women, bully other women in the workplace and if a woman is considered pretty, she runs a higher risk of being bullied. Nursing and teaching are the top professions this occurs in. This suggests to me that many women are insecure, petty, and enjoy running down women they feel threatened.

      I’m sure social psychologist and sociologists are having a field day with this stuff!

      • Nevertheless,

        Sj pointed out in a blog post here that the threats he receives for having this site are more from men than women whereas at his Casey Anthony support site, the threats are predominantly women. My theory is that Travis’s friends are involved in those shenigans while Casey didn’t have any male associates who were directly tied to Casey Anthony and made media tours stating such where Jodi does. Casey’s uncle Rick spoke out against her but he had no idea how to wage a media war like the Hughes, Searle and other friends of have travis have. Those guys know how to work it.

      • You do not even have to be as gorgeous as Jodi either. I consider myself very average. I remember being the new girl in an office with lots of women (I was an ambulance dispatcher) and all the women seemed super two faced. It took months for them to “accept” me. It was like there was a very specific chain of command and when a new girl came in her beauty had to be assessed and placed before they were comfortable with the situation again. It really is ranking system and many women do not like to be outranked.

        Also society has taught girls through movies like mean girls and about 1000 others that the prettiest girl is a manipulative snob. It feeds into the hate because then they have a surface reason for why they do not like the pretty girl. ” I do not like her because she is mean”. When in reality she could be the nicest girl in the world but they cant say ” I do not like her because she is prettier than me”. There is a huge example of this with the women in the church. They claimed Jodi was too flirty with their husbands. Funny thing about that is that they still swear she was obsessed with Travis. So she was obsessed with Travis but chasing your men? NOPE. She was nice to them so they spun it into my husband was attracted to her, shes a manipulative whore. If she had been shier and not as social then they would have said she was a snob and thought she was better than everyone else.

        • Maybe there is something to those of us who have experienced some violence are more sympathetic to Jodi. I find I want to believe her story. I’m also pretty good at recognize dirt bags, and Travis was a big one. Not about the fetish sex – that’s none of my business. But about the church hypocrisy and his arrogance.

      • I’m glad I’m not just imaging this. You’d think it would be just the opposite logically. Guys upset that it could have been them brutally attacked.

        Years ago between failed marriages (oh well) I dated 2 women that had violent tendencies, which I found out about later. The more serious relationship actually resulted in me being assaulted once. Amazingly I found that one tough to get out of – kept going back like Jodi did and I’m a pretty stable guy.

        • well I agree. I was in the military so I was submerged in male culture for a while and I like to think I can smell a dirtbag from a mile away. Travis definitely comes off as a player to me. I am not Mormon but honestly if I was in his Ward I would probably have rolled my eyes constantly at the women that fell for his nonsense. I do not like cocky men and he was absolutely a cocky man.

        • I think men who are on the receiving end of violence have it rougher then women. I bet it’s harder to talk about let alone get help. Society seems barely accepts that women are abused so…

      • Yes JC, Its so sad how women treat each other. I never got how Casey’s appearance and now Jodi’s appearance mattered. I mean, It obviously does to the pop-cult zombies, but why? you’re right jealousy.
        When I was in the military, I always wanted the girls in my unit to “stick together”, to support each other and be friends. There were very few of us amongst the males, but nnnnoooooo. They were not having that. Most of them still acted as though there was some competition between us. Competing for what? They guys that will give us attention no matter what we look or act like since there is nothing else to do? The guys were ours for the taking. Who we wanted when we wanted. why all the animosity there was more than enough to go around, If you’re into that sort of thing, getting attention because there is no other alternative to you. Very sad.

        • I know… I do notice there is female comradery on this blog. Women and men standing together to say what happened to jodi is not okay. But I don’t see us as the norm.

          The women that concern me the most are the ones who say they have been abused yet Jodi is lying. I read on an attack on us at an amazon forum asserting that the women on this blog who have been abused have obviously NOT risen above their circumstances??? And that we have misplaced sympathy because of that?? WTF? We are survivors but that doesn’t mean we don’t have empathy for Jodi and empathy is a whole lot different than sympathy. It doesn’t mean we can’t see the signs or are projecting our issues onto Jodi. People who have been traumatized will never be totally over it but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t reconciled our past issues. I for one, would never allow someone to abuse me now but I still think what happened to Jodi is horrible, sad and erroneously played down by the media. The haters seen to be fueled by their hate and pro-prosecution ‘so it must be the gospel truth stance’. Making Jodi arias into a media caricature of a person doesn’t negate what really happened to Jodi during her relationship with Travis and doesn’t make it okay.

        • I never understood the obsession with looks either. It doesn’t matter if Jodi looks like Cindy Crawford or is two hundred pounds, balding, with buck teeth and flat footed. She still deserves a fair trial, she still deserves to be supported in her defense, and she still has the right to presumption of innocence under our Constitution. Same with Casey Anthony – I get tired of seeing people debate about how good looking she is. Does it matter? This isn’t, and shouldn’t be about where these women fall on a 1-10 scale.

          And I agree, it is sad that some women are so desperate for male attention, they’ll attack each other to get it, even when that attention is guaranteed for lack of alternative. It doesn’t surprise me, though, because that’s the way women are taught to measure their own self worth. Not in asking themselves how smart, capable, open minded or innovative they are; but how many men are falling over themselves trying to get in their pants.

  56. so I was wondering, could the email be from Lisa herself? I mean she clearly was much more comfortable writing to express her emotions than actually telling him what she felt. She may have written
    the letter and showed him as a way of cooling him off? Just a theory not something I have any real belief behind.

      • yes. Maybe he wasn’t listening. She was not aggressive enough to tell him no and for him to take her seriously. She could have assumed (since she did not know how far he had gone with Jodi) that he would be worried about his reputation of she showed him an email from someone talking about how bad they had been.

        • Wait, I’m confused missmolly. Okay the email was received by Lisa D. yes? But you think perhaps Lisa D. wrote it in an effort to try and get travis to see how his behavior was wrong? Am i wrong about Lisa being the recipient of the anon email? I think im confused now LOL

          • If she sent it to herself then showed Travis, then she may have thought that Travis would be concerned that someone knew about how far they had gone when they made out. She didn’t know about Jodi so she would assume that Travis ( who was very image conscious) would be concerned that people knew about what they did. She reads to me as the kind of girl who would not say no but would push his hand away and then later tell him how disappointed she was. If she felt that it was not working, she may have been looking for another passive way to show her disapproval and to be obedient but get him to think more about self control.

          • Hmm, well pretty much without tracing it and knowing FOR SURE who sent it, I would say anything is possible! Even someone sending it to themselves.

  57. Molly,

    I see what you are saying and I think you and beecee may be right. With this case, anything is possible. I wonder if the woman who was married wrote that to Lisa? There are so many behind the scene players in travis life such as the married woman, Deanna, the women on his myspace etc… Who knows really!

  58. About Arias mother’s report of jury misconduct: The family speaks through the support page and wanted the admins to share this. I’m sharing because someone asked earlier about it but i cant find where.

    . “It’s been reported that Arias’ mother made a complaint about jury misconduct. What they didn’t report was that she claimed the Alexander family had been seen talking to jurors. The defence immediately moved for a mistrial. Each juror was called into the Judge’s chambers and questioned individually. The mistrial was denied. Arias’ mother lied. ”

    My comment – I’m sure jodis mother wasnt lying. I hope this juror slips up again, removed an and alternate thrown in. I wonder where this interaction occurred because the jury room where they go now, was not a part of this trial at that time. If memory serves, it was after the closed door hearing, that the judge talked of their badges and room.

    • I don’t think Arias’ mom lied either. She would know they would ask the jurors, so that would be a waste of her time if she was lying. What is really concerning is that a juror lied just so they can stay on the case.

      I wonder where the interaction occurred also. I wish it had been photographically documented.

    • Oh : “Sandy Arias is present and informs the Court she was told information regarding possible
      juror misconduct. Sandy Arias leaves Chambers.”

      So someone told Sandy about the misconduct. She didn’t actually see it herself? Hmm, that could be anything. Too bad the person who told her that didn’t tell the court themself. That means it could have occurred anywhere?

      When the haters say Arias’ mother lied…they are actually too dumb to see that if that is the case then someone lied to Sandy Arias.

    • I bet that idiot Hughes would try to speak to a jury member if he could. They aren’t sequestered and I’m sure the temptation is there! All in the name of “justice”, of course!

  59. Nurmi keeps emphasizing the time of day that Jodi writes her e mails,etc I am very interested in the diagnosis of her pyschiactric state.

  60. Oh for crying out loud! If I weren’t concerned about facebook anti-Jodi stalkers i would login to the HLN site and fact check the sheeple idiots. Most of those people posting are total morons. They still don’t get it that stalking has not been proven.

    Someone is saying that Jodi walked in with leftover food at Lisa’s house, LOLOLOL (you know, the time she walked in at TRAVIS’ house). Then they turn around and say jodi would have murdered Lisa.

    I wish people would get their facts straight. Yeah, I may go off on conspiracy theories, but hey, at least I’m not a complete idiot…all the time, lol.

    • No, you’re not an idiot at all! And any theories presented here are at least based on the evidence. Another difference between us vs. them is that we at least concede that we cannot know for sure what happened that night; whereas they view themselves as omniscient and claim to be the final arbiters of truth. When Jodi testifies to what happened, we will be willing to listen instead of condemning her.

      Yeah, and they call *us* crazy? Have they seen the conclusions they’ve drawn lately? The prosecution rested it’s case weeks ago, if they still think Jodi stalked Travis then they are delusional.

    • BeeCee, I left a msg on HLN under “Will prosecution play hardball with Jodi Arias?” The user name is under my sisters name, though i don’t have a FB so it posted my comment under her FB. Anyway it u want to check it out n lv. a comment under the 4/5 responses iv gotten back. I basically told them they were all ignorant idiots! I just had to! Lol

  61. Your so right JC but you know when another person here says when it comes to victims of DV and all they have to do end the abuse is to leave the situation—simple as that-it hurts to the bone that it could happen on here. She has said that (I believe a she—obvious title to indicate a she) and I have used my personal story to tell her it is just not just that simple (leaving). She then told me to stop projecting my problems on to her! I was so cut at her first, then sad and then remembered how the Maria lady was making a dart board for someone (with their face on it) I felt like making one too. I find her whole understanding of Jodi’s situation a little suspicious (Not Maria ! the person that wrote to me); as is when it comes to the crunch she casts doubt on Jodi’s DV situation. I do wonder if she is a Jodi hater posing as a supporter? Alternatively, she is just plainly ignorant of what abuse people with go through. SO I should stop projecting my problems on others? I wasn’t doing that. No abuse sufferer/victim here is doing that and no abuse victim does that! It is such a person experience. Uggggh….outrageous. They are sharing their incredibly PAINFUL experiences so people can get an personal understanding for what Jodi went through.

    • NO! Its very ignorant that people say that if you are abused and can empathize with Jodi then its just because of your experience. Of course your experience will have to do with how you look at things in life.
      People who support Jodi are not slaves to their past experience. Then nonsupporters turn around and say because they were abused they know shes lieing. Its insane to tell someone that they are bad abused but the person who agrees with them are good abused? What ? Just because someone does not agree with your doesnt mean that you get to tell them what their trauma will do. Its a way to personally insult someone deeply because you do not like their opinion, Its also a way to make themselves feel better by trying to make themselves better or more correct than someone else.

    • Hi Hayley. I noticed the same thing, particularly when it was said that Jodi “let the relationship get to that point.” As if Travis had no responsibility to end the relationship, or to simply LET JODI GET ON WITH HER LIFE as she was trying to do! Jodi made it easy on him – she moved all the way back to California! Right? If Travis really didn’t want to see her again, he didn’t have to! Why isn’t THAT being talked about, constantly pointed out; and why aren’t people willing, for once, to tell abusers to stop abusing?

      I think people see abuse victims as easy targets. It’s not as easy to confront abusers and tell them that their behavior is unacceptable, destructive, and reprehensible, than it is to admonish abuse victims for not being strong enough to leave.

      Oh yeah, and the whole bit about “baggage.” JVM said that on her show, too. Life experiences are not baggage, and they aren’t projections either. And trying to silence abuse victims by implying that they are projecting is a really shitty thing to do.

      • Hayley, mzmollymack, and MB:

        Yes, yes and yes! I am one of the people who relates to Jodi’s story partly because I’ve experienced emotional abuse. I am not projecting. I am recognizing.

        “Baggage” … ugh, what an insulting, minimizing, dismissive load of crap–to call real experiences and psychological scars “baggage.” You’re right on target, MB: what they call baggage is actually life experience.

        The thing about abusers–and I really mean what I say here–is that they’re all the same. Once you hear the details, learn about their private behaviour, they are recognizable. Because their personalities are disorganized in similar ways. The details differ, of course–each abuser adds his/her own personal touches–and abuse, like anything else, is on a continuum. But, over all, the pattern and the tactics are the same, though some may never physically strike or raise a hand.

        I’ve said it before, and want to say it again: it’s like they’ve all gone to the same finishing school where they study “Crazy-making 101,” “Advanced Techniques in Gaslighting,” “How to Make Her Take the Blame,” and “Principles of Captor-Bonding.” I’m kidding, of course, but my point is, abusers are the same, and use the same abusive techniques because those techniques WORK. Under certain conditions, these techniques will work on ANYONE–anyone who is vulnerable and who has a need/desire to bond with another.

        The people who call this “projection” or “baggage” are actually the ones who have a skewed view of human nature. They are in denial about their own vulnerability. If they can look at victims and categorize them as “good victims” and “bad victims” and can blame the “bad victims” for their plight, well, then that’s like an amulet they can wear around their necks–a talisman, a good luck charm. As long as they can convince themselves that they are nothing like a victim of abuse, then it won’t happen to them. It’s actually pretty close to magical thinking. Pray for rain, and when it does rain, that seems to be proof that praying works, rather than the fact that the rain was coming. Same with NOT being a victim. Because, life is good only when life is good. If the conditions of life change, if material and/or psychological and emotional resources are depleted for whatever reason, then suddenly, you can become weak, vulnerable, a sitting duck. Predators look for this and they find it.

        It’s stupid for anyone to think they’re above human vulnerability. It’s also arrogant to think that security and safety are forever and always. Worst of all, it’s cruel to look down on victims, to judge their worthiness from a tower of cozy privilege, safety or plain good luck. It’s like well-fed people telling poor people how to make 5 meals out of a single chicken. The battered, the poor–any kind of underclass–have to be paragons of virtue, thrift, strength. They have to pay through nose before a helping hand is offered, they have to earn empathy.

        Jodi doesn’t have to earn my empathy or my understanding. Travis was a rat, and bit by bit, he tried to erase her agency, her identity. I HATE that this happened to her, and I care that this happened to her. This has nothing to do with whether I like or don’t like Jodi. Whether she’s talented or a dud, stupid or smart, pretty or ugly, weak or strong, an atheist or religious fanatic. In fact, I must admit I find Jodi quite frustrating, particularly her meticulous equivocating, her seeming inability to call a piece of shit a piece of shit, just because it was wrapped up in nice paper with a bow. But none of this qualifies her or disqualifies her from the need to be heard and understood. The fact is, Travis sneaked into her head and rearranged all the furniture with the express goal of making her crazy. Far as I’m concerned, even if Jodi cried “more! more!” Travis is the only one to blame for that.

  62. I think a lot of Jodi’s behavior is misinterpreted. I’ve listened to most of her testimony. The text messages, phone call recording between TA and her demonstrate she’s telling the truth. When he said he wants to tie her up to a tree, texts her he wants to rape her and she testifies he’d take her pants off and perform oral sex or would have sex with her while slept sounds like the stuff she is saying is true. I don’t think the prosecution is going to have a field day with her as much of the masses hope.if the prosecution questions her about something that may take away from their theory it will open up the door for the defense to bring in something more. Like the questioning of the forwarded email that was dumb and he was clarifying that it was Bcc’ed. So what? She still forwarded the message to him. And she did it back then not like on June 16, 2008.

    The truth is the prosecution doesn’t have that much and their theory is falling apart as we learn more about Jodi’s state of mind prior to the attack and murder. I used to think the defense was taking too long to get to the point, but I think they want the jury to see what Jodi’s demeanor is right now and what it was like for her prior to June 4, 2008. After they are done with the direct examination it will make more sense to all of us that have had an open mind in this case.

    • I agree…I’m so sick of reading about “bad-ass Juan” who is going to “rip Jodi to shreds.” I think he’s ridiculous and he certainly couldn’t intimidate me with that Kermit voice of his. I’d have a hard time not laughing in his face.

      • It’s ridiculous. He’s a human being just like the rest of us. People need to do something better. I just wish the news was more objective and just REPORTED instead of giving their twists. When he has his turn it will be boring no action, no big bombshells. We have seen the other wide of TA which was the biggest bombshell for us as outsiders because the media never showed it til now. And I think the biggest deal will be when she explains the attack that led to his murder.

      • Hi Kira,
        Very much like “The Laughing Guy”, Martinez has very little to work with, aside a lot of hypotheticals, and lot of assumptions, and a whole load of BS for good measure. Good luck to him. He’ll need it.
        Team Jodi

        • So true, SJ!

          Gus Searcy had Martinez’s number and refused to be be abused on the stand – that was highly entertaining! I hope more witnesses make Martinez look like an ass.

          • When Kermit tried Cross examining Jodi out of turn the other day, when the defense was trying to get the Forwarded email entered into evidence, I felt like we got a pretty promising glimpse into how well Jodi will handle him. Asks, “Do you know what bcc means?” she was very quick with her answer and looked him straight in his eyes without flinching. I have a feeling she is going to do VERY well, much better than expected. She’s been in jail for over 4 years, she’s no pansy anymore:)

  63. Silly me.

    I have the coffee ready, and the cookies baked, ready to watch the trial, and then duh, today is a holiday and no trial scheduled for today.

    I have become addicted to this, and am anxiously awaiting to hear more of Jodi’s testimony.

    Looks like I am stuck with grocery shopping now.

  64. I Agree FLNJANG- All of these texts and emails prove Jodi is being truthful. I too, am glad she is taking her time and telling her story. And also you are right. The prosecution doesn’t have much at all, and their theory is nothing but gossip and hearsay. This case is even more weak than the Anthony case IMO.
    Honestly I think if Jodi had stuck with not guilty or the story number two (intruders). She would avoid at least death. That’s how weak this case is.
    Also I noticed too, the dumb-dumb state keeps showing “evidence” and making arguments that help Jodi. I went back over a lot of the live testimony so far this weekend, and when it came to the state, my thought was, REACHING!

    • @ Kmiller I know! It amazes me how people believe it. Jodi is her own worst enemy. That’s the point the defense is making with her testimony. It’s slow because its leading up to her state of mind. The state is reaching to make it a sensationalized case. Once the defense is done and the prosecution goes it will show its going no where. If she was premeditating this she would’ve left the crime scene a lot better than she did will “all the planning” the state alleges she did like dye her hair (absurd since it’d been brown for a couple of months) and the gas cans, the knife (which was in the bedroom to cut the duct tape they used during sex) and oh yeah the gun (which IMO belonged to Travis because AZ is a very open gun law state). She’ll probably get a lesser degree or something.

    • People out there are still trying to claim that Jodi dyed her hair on the road and that Travis had no idea that she was planning on showing up. It’s amazing how they stick to the prosecution rhetoric at all costs even when the defense has disproved it.

      • I know even when the Defense has shown text messages exchanged amongst each other. TA did not fear JA. He had other people who disliked him and he used JA as an excuse because he wanted to pretend he was an eligible bachelor, and that this woman was obsessed with him. He played with her and manipulated her. She was a VERY naive woman. I think you can see it with her history of relationships, too, that she’s testified so far. I in no way think she’s trying to be virginal. Her defense team is showing HOW naive she was in general. She moved a bunch of times to be with her boyfriends. She really believed in love and she wanted a relationship.

        • seemed TA also ‘bad mouthed’ other girlfriends too, like Deanna. TA wove a hecka web in which he himself finally got caught.
          SOMETHING, inevitably was gonna happen, imo…
          Now, he didn’t deserve death – & neither does jodi – BUT when TA put himself in that position, ANYTHING can happen and it did.
          could have easily ended up being deanna, or a jealous husband.

  65. Ok another theory- If any of you here are familiar with my posts, you already know I am on my own program. I know Jodi’s defense is self defense, but I guess I’m hard-headed, and some may call it crazy, but I cannot accept that Jodi killed Travis. I can not see it in my minds eye. I can not see 115lb Jodi stabbing TA 27 times all over during a struggle, slicing his throat to near decapitation, and dragging his 200lb body of dead weight back into the shower, squeezing him into that small space propped up in the opposite direction. Nope, don’t see it. I’m not saying it absolutely did not happen, I personally can not comprehend the possibility.
    So, the question that keeps coming to mind is, ” why in this world did she change her plea to self defense?” We have discussed she may fear who ever might have done this. Perhaps someone from the church. We discussed to similarities between the blood atonement ritual, and how that might have come into play here somehow. With that theory there is also the possibility that the atonement was performed by someone other than Jodi. Well, all of this is just theory, and most likely tomorrow we will learn more, and I am willing to accept whatever Jodi says happens, for defense strategy sake, but it is very difficult when the pieces of the puzzle are forced, but I will.
    Anyway as I completely obsess over WHY, as I’m unloading my dishwasher (lol!) I was thinking about the court documents. They are posted here on the site for all to review. Anyway, In those documents arguments are being made between the defense and the state as to weather or not the letters, texts, etc.
    The state argues this, ” These letters are hearsay, inflammatory, and character assassination, and (paraphrasing) should not be submitted as evidence JUST BECAUSE ME. ARIAS HAS CHANGED HER DEFENSE.”!! What?? So is this comment suggesting that before when Jodi claimed, “not guilty” none of this evidence was going to be allowed in? Did she change her defense so she could tell her story? Weather she claimed not guilty or self defense these letters, emails, texts etc. were important to show her innocence. If she claimed not guilty, then the use of these items would have been most likely to show the finger could easily pointed else where. I guess if they are only being used to point the finger in HER direction it was ok? Again, only theory, but just another reason I feel very unsettled here.

    • good points and ur REALLY thinking. seriously.
      in any regard, i also think self def. is sorta far fetched, but the def. thought thats the best to save her.

      I ALSO FEEL, its good grounds for a Jodi appeal depending on the outcome. i doubt she get off scot-free. the best will be 2nd deg. = 22yrs. – time served…

      • Here I go again, I know I sound like a broken record. In Arizona a crime of passion with a weapon, first offense is Manslaughter/Murder in the second degree with the sentencing guidelines of 7/10/21 years. The prosecution said this was a crime of passion and they are correct. They are over charging and the defense is using the wrong defense. I think the self defense claim is going to hurt Jodi unless her lawyers have something we do not know about. I hope they do.

    • It’s really hard to imagine this woman, Jodi, killing TA and pulling him into the bathroom, but I believe she killed him. I so agree that self defense is far fetched and I can see a mixture of self defense Nd crime of passion in this story rather than solely self defense. I think they fought and from the pictures of his body i think he attacked her and she stabbed him in the back while he choked her. He got off her as an instant reflex. She was already in fight mode (people probably can’t control themselves, anger at this point) maybe he lunged at her she stabs him and he fights her that’s why he has defense wounds of him trying to take the knife from her. She stabs him repeatedly in the chest and stomach area too. He’s down and then she slits his throat? That’s the piece of the puzzle that doesn’t fit. And she shoots him in the bathroom in a panic to make it appear as someone else broke in?

      • FLNJANG- I want to be clear I would never scoff at your theory, especially since mine are so “out there” just want to add and subtract to try and sort this out. I know its almost pointless, she is going to tell her story her in the very near future, but I cant help but feel like there will be some alternate possibilities. What you are saying is most definitely possible and the most likely story since the claim is self defense. The reason I don’t think it was, is because I an looking at all of the many strange things surrounding this case, and even though Jodi was afraid, I don’t see ANY lies she is guilty of in life before TAs death or after. I can’t help but believe there is more truth to the intruder story.
        So, she has plead self defense, I know. But this is my question. If she had claimed “not guilty”, and stuck with the intruder story, how would she have gone about proving that claim? There was no evidence anyone else was there, all TA’s friends pointed the finger directly saying she was a stalker, a bitter ex. According to the record, she was not allowed to use the evidence that may have proven she was not a stalker, and to show many reasons another person (many possibilities) may have come and murdered him. To me it seems she was “cornered into “self-defense”.

        • Oh yes Kmiller. I’m open to listen to other perspective so no worries. I understand that she may be cornered to make this claim. And you are right about the intruder possibility especially since TA would leave his house unlocke (this according to his roommates).

        • Hi kmiller,

          you posted:
          According to the record, she was not allowed to use the evidence that may have proven she was not a stalker, and to show many reasons another person (many possibilities) may have come and murdered him. To me it seems she was “cornered into “self-defense”.

          What evidence was it that she wasn’t allowed to use that proved she was not a stalker or that another person may have come and murdered him? i know i have watched almost all of the trial but have missed alot of the pre-trial evidentiary stuff. thanks.

          • Hi Daniel- this info I got out of the court documents. There is a couple of pages in there where the defense and the prosecution make arguments as to weather or not the letters, texts, etc. should be allowed in. The state says, (paraphrasing, the docs are posted on this site) They should not be allowed in just because Ms. Arias has changed her plea (to self-defense). So that tells me that BEFORE, when Jodi was claiming “not guilty” this evidence was not allowed. This argument was made again AFTER the plea was changed.
            So, If Jodi claimed “not guilty” what would she have used as a defense? Do the letters, texts, emails not paint a picture that it is very plausible someone else is guilty? Do they not show Jodi was not a stalker? Those were VITAL pieces of evidence in a not guilty plea, but without them, it would not have worked. So, if they are allowed in if she claims self defense, what can we deduce from that info?

          • hi kmiller; can you explain this part of your post, just not getting the meaning,

            “So, If Jodi claimed “not guilty” what would she have used as a defense? Do the letters, texts, emails not paint a picture that it is very plausible someone else is guilty? Do they not show Jodi was not a stalker? Those were VITAL pieces of evidence in a not guilty plea, but without them, it would not have worked. So, if they are allowed in if she claims self defense, what can we deduce from that info?”

            My understanding from your previous email is that the text, emails were not allowed while she plead Not guilty and were not allowed in when she later plead self defense. I am not following the point..How do we know if the evidence was not allowed in that it disproved stalker claims and also showed another person could hv murdered Travis?

          • Daniel- the document is an argument made by the state to allow this evidence( texts letters emails). This argument is being made AFTER the defense changed pleadings. Now, this proves that the evidence was NOT allowed previously when the defense was claiming “not guilty, because when the state argues its side, it states the evidence should not be allowed now “just because Ms. Arias has changed her plead (to self-defense).
            Also if the evidence had been allowed previously, when the plea was “not guilty” instead of the now “self-defense” claim, there would be no reason for the argument taking place on this date in this document.
            The defense WON this argument (except for the photo copied letters), hence the evidence is presently being presented in court.
            So do you see why I believe she may have pleaded “self defense”? what evidence would have been allowed in to prove “not guilty”?

          • The texts, emails, and letters prove Jodi was not a stalker. they prove she had no ill will toward Travis, they also show that he was messing with a married woman, had pedo. tendencies, and may have shown sexual activities with others (perhaps someone’s daughter at the church). There are many others who may have wanted Travis dead for the deviant behavior this evidence proves which would all have helped Jodi in a “not guilty” case. But without them, a very hard case to prove. They were not being allowed, it was impossible to disprove a lot of the “evidence” AKA gossip against her without them. Once she pleads “self defense”, and is no longer possibly pointing a crooked ring finger at someone else, the evidence was allowed based on the argument that the nature proved abuse.

        • Kmiller, I am right there with ya! How about I share my thoughts again,lol.

          first off: I’m not convinced there was no evidence of someone else being there. Afterall, they MISSED the 9mm (second gun) in the different rental car that Jodi was using before she was allegedly going to flee. They DIDN”T find it, EVEN THOUGH they found the 9mm ammo that would go to it. If they couldn’t find that, it makes me think they are a bunch of f’in lazy ass ignorant investigators who probably couldn’t find a murderer in a paper bag…

          Dumb Flores focused on Jodi from the first second Mimi and TA’s friends falsely accused her of being a stalker. Instead of being a good detective and truly examining and looking for all avenues and evidence, he focused right on her. Then, he didn’t even do a good interrogation, what a f’in dumbshit Flroes is.

          In reference to the size difference, after seeing her on the stand, after reading her blog, and hearing her letter I CANNOT believe that SHE killed him.

          I agree tha she probably would have been prevented from allowing all the texts, letters and things aws evidence if she had claimed not guilty.

          I think it would have taken 2 people or another man to inflict that kind of damage on him.

          She was a pleaser, not a killer.

          • Yes BeeCee, say it! Again, last night I reviewed the trial again. Dumb-Dumb Flores testified that he did not even READ the emails or texts until a A YEAR AND A HALF later after Jodi was in jail! WTF? Lazy rat Bastard!

  66. Those txt Messages that didn’t exist. Didn’t those suddenly appear (or the technology to extract them) after Jodi changed her defense? I was watching that portion of the trial last night. The defense argued for a mistrial saying they were told they did not exist until 2010. In fact the photo forensics guy later claimed they did exist but extracting them would have taken too long. The defense asked, could you have taken a photo of the screen of the phone showing the message. IT WOULD HAVE TAKEN TOO LONG? Longer than Jodi’s life? Why did they not just give the actual phone over and I’m sure the defense would have been glad to make copies. This case is so F’ed up!
    Then the judge asks if the lie affected Ms. Arias, after all she did get them eventually. YES TWO YEARS LATER rotting in jail, changed her plea! OMG, really?

      • Yes I did notice that, she said it many times, and put emphasis on it, I felt was a message to the jury. I know I heard it loud and clear, I hope they did.

        • Kmiller,

          OMG this is radical…it just came to me

          What if, when Jodi gets to the day of the murder she switches back to the intruder story without asking her defense team?

          Would she cause a mistrial?? The jury has heard the things by now that they wanted in when she said she didn’t do it.

          • OMG BeeCee! That is radical! So radical, that I have thought of that exact same scenario!
            LOL! I have been think of that a lot too. I did consider that same exact thing, only the defense team being aware that she is going to do it.
            So, does she go back to the intruder story, or does she say she blacked out, doesn’t remember, but can only assume she did it since the state told her she did?

          • Well, we are probably the only two on here other than Edgar who know about the reptiles…lol.

            She did say “the simple reason” is that he attacked me…so the more complicated version would be that in order to show she was not a stalker she had to claim self defense in order to get all the evidence in and not the ones the prosecution picks and chooses.

          • I think if she has to stick with self defense she will have to remember what the intruders did and then just ascribe it to herself. She knew she was screwed when she was “talking” wiht Dumb Flores.

    • could i just pop in here and say i absolutely adore ur comments!seriously,both of u do some grrrrrreat thinking which i love coz it’s so similar to my ideas about this case!!

      • AAWWW! Thanks Maria. I always fear maybe I’m a little too out there. I want to discuss the facts, but I just keep getting pulled back into other theories because nothing makes sense.
        I always enjoy chatting here and everyone has such good insight. I always stop to read a comment when I see your name cause I know its gonna be insightful.

  67. That is the same line that I have played in my mind over and over. The defense starts the testimony with the question “did you kill Travis Alexander”, She says, “THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS, he attacked me and I defended myself”. So, like you said, what is the more complicated version?

    • Interesting stuff you bring up… I also read Flores case files and one of Travis’s female friend which was married had pointed her finger at her husband killing TA.

      • Yes FLNJANG. The girl was Ashley Thompson. Her husband Justin Thompson. Ashley called into an anonymous tip line and said Justin should be looked at concerning TA’s death. The call was traced and it was discovered she was the caller. When she was initially interviewed(by someone other than Flores) the detective (knowing it was her) never brought up that he knew about her call to the tip line, and she never mentioned it. Later Flores interviewed her and let her know they knew she called that tip in (this was after he had decided Jodi’s guilt) she says, she had made a mistake. She said after thinking about it more she realized she was wrong. Then, it was dropped. I found no more evidence that those two were ever questioned further. NO crap! of course she did not want to admit it if she thought her husband was guilty of anything, that’s why she called an ANONYMOUS tip line!
        Furthermore, this is another reason why I thing the defense has an ace up their sleeve. During Flores testimony the defense is questioning him about weather or not he checked Jodi’s phone records against certain allegations being made. I don’t recall what his response was, but I do recall something else VERY telling. Defense says quickly, ” Did You check the phone records of Ashley Thompson or Justin Thompson? State, “OBJECTION”, LOL! Why even bring it up if self defense is their story and their stickin to it?

    • Yes, Kmiller, you are right! I didn’t actually fact check her exact words but that was it!! THE SIMPLE ANSWER IS

      a blackout saying that the state is telling her she killed him, but for some reason all her traumatized mind can remember is intruders…and then being in shock and disbelief.

  68. Guess who was the guest speaker at the business briefing in utah on 6/5/08 none other than one of the Hughes brothers!!! There is more to this story and threats to her family makes me wonder if there was some truth to that part of her story.

    • Oh, really Deb? that is just another weird circumstance involving “The Hughes”. I know they are PPL and will be in the same circle, but what are the odds of him being the guest then and there. There are thousands of members and thousands of meeting locations and times.

        • I think she was. Mr. X was, and I think they tried to scare Gus S. This might explain why no one was willing to come to Jodi’s defense, and why Ashley Thompson called anonymously and then retracted her accusation once she realized she was not anonymous at all. Jodi’s sister stated these (did not specify) friends and/or family were bad people, and they actually threatened her little girls life! Yeah, I would say she was scared.

  69. Well I just watched day 13 of the trial on you tube, to specifically look at the defense’s computer expert’s testimony. I was curious to hear what the examiner found on travis’s computer, because up this point, the other side is saying, ” if he’s pedophile, they would of found it on his computer. ” and Nasty Grace keeps flapping her jaws about Jodi breaking into his computer, so I listened and watched very carefully. Did you all see the photo’s he was not allowed to discuss as he handed them back to the lawyer? I did, they were pictures of Travis’s erection. At 4 am of June 4th, no doubt as Jodi was driving to Utah, but he wasn’t allowed to say if they were forwarded to her or not. He also never ever mentioned Travis’s computer being compromised or hacked, as Nasty Grace keeps telling everyone.
    Has anyone heard anything about his computer being hacked? And why wasn’t the pictures off his computer allowed? And who was Deandra, or Deanna, the name that was used on this computer? Was that his sign on name? It was never explained….thanks for anyone who has answers in advance. :}

    • Deanna Reid is an ex girlfriend of TA’s. She also did a eulogy for him at his funeral and he willed her his dog. You will hear a lot more about her as you continue watching the trial. Her name pops up quite often.
      Those pictures will come up again when you watch Jodi’s testimony.

    • Hi Mary- I need to watch that portion of the trial again. Every time I go back to a part to review, I swear I realize I missed SO much. Or maybe Its just that at the time it didn’t make sense, but in light of more testimony, things stand out and you can sort of pick up on what the questions are alluding to.
      Kudos for going back and reviewing for yourself, and not listening to Nancy Dis-grace. So glad I have a group to converse with whom are all too smart to listen to the HLN BS.

  70. Watch the video that one of the Hughes brothers posted on their site. The video is of that character Eddie Snell that he plays. He talks about hitting a woman and threatening someones family. I know it is a skit but alot of comedians derive their characters from real life. I think Travis was one confused dude!!

  71. Good evening,

    I was randomly searching for Gus Searcy interviews and ran across a MAP of Jodie’s trip during her so-called “pre-meditated trip”. I don’t have the specific link, but you can find it on HLN’s website. It is entitled “JODIE ARAIS: The Tragic Road Trip”. It’s the best map of her trip that I have seen to date. It shows the phone calls between her and Travis, the reciepts and where she purchased things, etc. Of course, they (HLN) is trying to spin as showing pre-mrditation, but for me, it shows just the opposite.

    Would like to hear what everyone else thinks after seeing this.

    • I think he talked her into coming to see him before she even started her road trip….those early morning calls…of course we will know best when she testifies. I think He knew she was going on a road trip and would be seeing Ryan….and wanted some sex because he knew she loved to please him.

      i don’t think jodi planned on staying with Travis that long, otherwise why would she call Ryan and tell him she was on her way? That would be silly if it were premeditated. she should have called and told him she was going to visit her friends longer IF she were preplanning a murder.

      From Pasadena to West jordan is about a 10 hour drive according to google maps.

      • BeeCee – did you also notice that she made TWO gas purchases on the last leg of that trip, just like she made TWO gas purchases PRIOR to getting to Arizona. Another prosecution theory blown out the door. BOOM, as LC likes to say.

        • The Prosecution threw up those two reciepts to show she bought gas on one stop, trying to say it was to fill-up the gas cans so she wouldn’t have to stop in Arizona. Well, if that were the case, then why did she do it again AFTER leaving Ryan Burns heading back to Redding. BOOM!

      • Thanks for the maps, Bystander. I agree with you and with BeeCee about this road trip not at all suggesting premeditation.

        The gas cans, the I’m-on-my-way call to Ryan, the ridiculous talk of on-the-run hair colour changes–none of it supports that she had murder on her mind. Yes, she did lie to Ryan about being directly on her way, but that’s a no-brainer. She didn’t tell anyone that she was going to see Travis for the same reason as always: their sexual relationship was a secret. It was Travis who insisted on that big lie, and I suppose that lie became part of her love-life as well. If she was romantically interested in Ryan, she certainly wouldn’t tell him she had to make a 12-hour detour because she was psychologically compelled to fulfill fantasies for Travis! Never mind that this would’ve turned off Ryan completely; at this point, Jodi still did not understand how sick Travis had made her–she wouldn’t’ve had the words to describe her Stockholm Syndrome-like condition, so lying would be easiest. Sick, yes, but nothing sinister about it. Anyway …

        There’re still problems with casting doubt on premeditation–and not just the gun (I’m on pins and needles waiting for her explanation for the gun!). The other problem is that the state can still argue “aforethought” since the intent to kill can be formed immediately before the crime. Martinez made a point, early in the trial, about the legal definition of premeditation. That it needn’t happen well in advance–that it can, in fact, happen in an instant. How this differs from “heat of passion” I don’t know. At any rate, we can expect the state will argue premeditation in whichever way they can.

        • Everyone says, “a gun”. But, the .025 caliber is the weakest gun ever made. It is stronger than a BB gun. But, the bullets regularly regularly do not penetrate a person’s skull. That is how weak it is. It is not considered “lethal firepower”, because it is the weakest gun on the market. In many cases, people get shot with .025 caliber guns, and they do not even know that they were shot. Also, if she did take a gun, with the intent to kill him, then why not take a real gun, and use it to kill him? People keep saying, she cut him 27 times! But, how many of those cuts were actually lethal? Maybe the one that hit his heart, and the one to the throat. That means trying to kill someone with a knife is horribly inefficient, could easily backfire, and results in excessive incriminating evidence, being left everywhere. Yet, there was a “gun” there – of course it is a little stronger than a BB gun. I don’t see this as being planned. I see it as a big “mess” – which is the last thing that a person making a plan would want. How many criminals are going to take photos of the crime scene, and then leave the camera behind???

      • So the dog wasn’t being fed or given water for 5 days? Wouldn’t there have feces and urine everywhere? Has this even been brought up? It just proves that the roommate(s) were indeed at home. I don’t believe Jodi committed this murder. I think she was framed, and her lawyers felt she had a better chance with the self defence story due to the Morman community they would be exposing. I don’t deny that she was abused by TA, however it’s just not physically possible for Jodi to have dragged him around, stab him that many times without major injuries to herself. If he were to fight back, she’d have obvious wounds, he had like 85 pounds on her. Like seriously, even if I came up behind a 200 pound guy and stabbed him, he’d be able to turn around and plummet me. I’m scared for Jodi because I feel that she’s not allowed to tell what really happened, and if the jury don’t see the holes in the case that she could potentially die.

      • The roommates thought Travis was away, yet found nothing wrong with the fact that he apparently didn’t send anyone to take care of his dog? Were the roommates in the habit of caring for the dog while he traveled? Such a weird living situation…

        • plus,dogs have a great sense of smell but can be in a house for 5 days with a decomposing body(even behind a closed door) and his master’s body that is,and never act weird?now THAT’S weird!! not to mention his roomates and their whole ”off” behaviour during those 5 days…

          • In Flores report he says as soon as he entered the home he could immediately smell the decomposition, and the guy who collected the camera was asked if he smelled bleach ( I guess the state tried to say Jodi bleached the clothes) he says, there were a lot of other odors (speaking of the decomp smell) so he would not have been able to smell the bleach. the decomp smell was definitely noticeable.

        • I thought I heard somewhere that he was suppose to take his the dog to a relative’s house for them to watch. Jodi had stayed there in the past to take care of the dog. I thought I ready somewhere that the dog often went to the bathroom in the house. I think that is why there were metal dividers to keep the dog off the carpet in the living room.

  72. I thought he was suppose to take the dog to his grandmother’s house but I could be wrong. There is so much info to take in, it makes my head spin, I am trying to catch up. What I don’t know that I am really curious about is the letters or emails to the Hughes, between Jodi and Travis and the diaries.

  73. The roommates CLEARLY had something to do with this. It pisses me off that they were not interrogated like Jodi was. There’s no way in hell they didn’t smell anything, in a hot State like Arizona in June, for 5 freaking days!!!! Jodi was framed. Period. And I think her lawyers are the ones who thought she’d have a better case with the self defense theory, due to the fact that this was a religious killing, and the likelihood of a majority of Mormon’s that would possibly be on the jury etc. Do we even know if the Judge is Morman? I apologize in advance if I’m offending any Morman’s, but I truly believe that this is a case of extreme religious cult, and all the evidence points to his little following. Slitting of the throat?? Come on!!! That was a freaking MESSAGE! Is it just me, or does Jodi seem to be a hostile witness at times. Of course, because the story she’s been told to say, isn’t what happened! She loved this guy, whether he was an a-hole or not, but she certainly did NOT kill him. She physically couldn’t do it.

    • She’s hostile because its embarrassing to have your parents listen to you orgasm. Plus she knows that the trial is being filmed. Nurmi is showing her state of mind with the questioning. She’s embarrassed about the sex stuff because she agreed to do all of it.

      • I do agree with you 100%, yes she’s hostile because its totally embarrassing, and totally irrelevant! She’s being told to tell a story that is only half true. Sorry, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t believe the self-defense theory. She’s told nothing to support it, why? Because it wasn’t the case. Yeah sure he was probably a dickhead, but she certainly had no motive to kill him. She was not afraid of him. I truly believe that the Mornan community got wind of his affair with the married woman, many were aware of him and Jodi’s “relationship”, and they had enough, and who is the easiest person to pin it on. Jodi. Who’d believe her? And if they all banned together, not to mention, threaten her, she wouldn’t stand a chance. Chris Hughes needs to be questioned. I loathe that the media is making her out to be a jealous whore. These were 2 consenting adults, involved in a sexual relationship, no signs of jealousy on her part. It’s clear that Jodi naive, and is easily influenced, and this is why I think she’s going along with her lawyers story. I’m not knocking the defense, because bringing up a religious case in a high profile murder trial, wouldn’t sit well. I simply think that they think they have a better chance showing that’s she’s really just a nice girl, and have her appeal to the jury, in hopes to get her off the DP.

    • I don’t know about the judge’s religion, but I imagine that the defense would use as many strikes as they could to keep Mormons off of the jury.