Gus Searcy’s interview, Part 2 [w/Pitchforks] – June 2013

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This audio re-post (from June 2013) features PART 2 of a recording from BlogTalkRadio with Gus Searcy.

In this recording, Gus discusses “The Secret”, CASH, the Cancun trip, the suicide of Dan Freeman’s brother (the day of Jodi’s arrest), the suicide a few days later of one of Jodi’s friends, the supposed suicide of Ashley Reed, the Dustin Thompson “tip”, thoughts on the “Ninja theory”, John Hepworth & the bathroom shoe print, plus a bunch of other stuff too.

It’s well worth listening to.


With specific regard to the bathroom shoe print, I firmly believe law enforcement know who it belongs to, but the information has been purposefully suppressed.

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  1. “Roux ( Oscar’s lawyer) condemns some media and social media for pushing pre-meditated theories about #OscarPistorius deliberately killing Reeva.” (BBC)

    The media and social media will have to be controlled in some way or they are going to influence all high profile cases. They not only influenced Jodi’s case, they may have decided the verdict.

    • Congrats CC on “first”
      There is no doubt in my mind that “media” especially HLN did everything they could to vilify Jodi and besmirch her character as far back as 2008. And the closer the trial got the more they pushed their agenda, just to make money. For them Jodi was the goose that laid the golden eggs, that is why they fought so hard to run the trial “live” from court like they did in the first trial (guilt phase). It appears that HLN’s chickens have come home to roost. No live coverage, no ratings, no ratings no money. LMFAO I hope they choke on every nickel they made off Jodi’s name. Good riddance to JVM, I hope she takes NG and Dr. Drew with her, and that effing Joey Jackson, I’d like to slap that shit eatin’ grin off of his face.
      (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
      Happy Friday everyone!!

      Ray in H-burg Va.

      • I remember seeing Jodi a few years ago on 48 Hours. Recently, I saw an episode of 48 Hours where a woman died. The defense said she died of a drug overdose (she was a known drug abuser and had very high levels of GHB in her system, which would be deadly to most people) and the prosecution said that her boyfriend killed her. The boyfriend was found innocent and I googled his name. He said he never would have agreed to do 48 Hours if he knew the way they were going to portray him and that they manipulated his interviews to paint a different picture. The show made him out to be the “bad guy”. I think a few people attacked him online because of the show.

            • Vicky, there are individual reasons for meanness, but in extremely general terms, it is usually an attempt to “level the playing field”, such as it is perceived.

              Facts in evidence, common sense, logic, science, historical realities pertaining to Jodi’s background, the Constitution and other tried cases are on Jodi’s side. The other side can try to bring all of that down, but over time, posturingz of the witch hunt variety will boil down to the equivalent of trying to level the Sawtooth Mountains with a piece of sandpaper. One need only apprehend the numerous motions filed by the defense in the first trial to glimpse the granite-topped range that looms large.

            • Tearing others down probably makes them feel good about themselves. If someone is worse than you, it means you are better. Right? And in some cases, I think meanness is a weapon against realizing one is in denial regarding their own life; on a subconscious level, the more they deal with other people’s plight the less time they spend on their own.

              • You’re right! Sad thing is that instead of those people trying to become better human beings they find it easier to remain mean and bitter! You know that it’s hard work in trying to become a better person! 😉

        • Maureen Maher should have been fired for her “report” on the Arias case. She took everything the Mormon group took at face value and exploited Jodi’s obvious PTSD to make her look like she was totally deranged.

      • HLN announced today that NG will be in AZ to cover the trial live each night for her show. I understand how the tweeters and journalists are covering it, but I’m not sure how NG intends to run her show this time. She has not mentioned Jodi’s name once since this all started up again and I was hoping she might keep it that way. Too bad!


        • Another one – NG – (besides kermit) that I am hoping gets laryngitis just before trial starts (like the night before would be ‘heaven’) and can’t speak a word for a couple of months! 😉

        • I’m sure she will try to find a “BOMBSHELL” to get peoples attention! Although,she might have to dig really deep this time around because it might actually be the truth for a change. NG needs a job behind a desk somewhere, deep in an office complex cubicle where she can’t hurt any one else with her hate filled nonsense. IMHO

      • Ray!!! Yes! It’s all about the money. Seriously, I wonder how they sleep at night. Is their conscience clear? But what am I saying? Unethical fuckwards don’t have a conscience. I really feel sad for their next victim. They crave in destroying people’s lives and reputation. I hope Karma bitch slaps them so hard they forget their names!

    • CC53, I couldn’t agree more with you! When people like NG, JVM and all the minions at HLN have such bias against Jodi even if they actually don’t know what happened and only listen to one side we know that these people have no morals and principles. Karma doesn’t do well with injustice! She slapped JVM sober… time to kick NG & the rest of those vile animals in the ass…

    • Thanks R.! I’ve watched most of the videos on that channel and I am thankful that people out there are taking the time to highlight the injustice of this farce of a trial.

      Jodi hang in there honey! The more we speak up the more people will realize that you are AZ’s double standard pawn…

      (((((Jodi)))) ♥

  2. Im praying & hoping with all my heart that things go good for Jodi. She deserves nothing more then a life of peace & happiness.

  3. Just read the Motion to Preclude Witnesses Contained In The Notice of Potential Penalty Phase Witnesses Filed By The State On September 19, 2014, but I’m sorry I can’t give you a link.

    Witnesses listed are Jill Hayes, DeMarte, Marsha Parker, Zach Billings, Taylor Searle and Alan Kreitel.

      • This is a WILD guess that’s out there …. but note his wife’s first name.

        Quote Originally Posted by geevee View Post Here’s a little bio on him (dated 1993):

        D. Vernon Parker, 52, Woodcrest Ward, Riverside California West Stake; to serve in Riverside California and Victorville California regions; former multi-region director of public affairs, stake president and counselor, bishop, Young Men president, deacons quorum adviser, and Scoutmaster; corporate accounting manager; earned bachelor’s degree from Weber State University and master’s degree from the University of Utah; born in Montpelier, Idaho; married Marsha Eunice Curtis.…entatives.html

          • Dear me, it’s getting hard to follow this. There are some who are saying now that Nurmi withdrew this motion, but who knows?

            I don’t know if you like BK, but she is launching a new site called for the trial.

              • Yah- I kinda suspected as much from her little teaser on her site, saying ‘and you’ll here my opinion, too!’ with an HLN grin.

                Curious where you heard her say that about Travis?

                • Under the tab Member Home at the top of her site, she has her daily posts listed and on the right is a pic of TA with caption that men are victims of domestic violence too and he was one of them.

                  How anyone listening to the evidence of that trial could get that idea, is mind boggling, and certainly not worth anyone’s time.

              • I feel so bad for Jodi and her family. They are forced to endure such perversions of truth and facts by exploitative, opportunistic people. The incessant, ever- accumulating oppression must be so stupefying and paralysing.
                I try to think of Jodi’s dilemma in the context of an higher, ultimate reality which is working to make her spirit indestructable.
                Her star will shine brighter by contrast, and more and more people will perceive it.

              • Travis?? A victim of DV? Omg, this must be one of the most ridiculously outraging things we’ve heard about this trial so far. Nope, won’t be spending any time on Mrs Karas’ site.

                • That was claimed on HLN last year by various individuals (could have been either guests, hosts, or both); was part of their campaign against Jodi during the guilt phase, as I recall.

                  There was never any discussion on HLN about the last-minute adjustment of the gunshot first/last bungling as far as I know or of the piled-on murder one charges by the state. None of the hosts questioned anything the prosecution or the judge did. I heard no meaningful discussion as to what might become appellate issues in this case. It was just a hate fest every day, as if they were all following a script in a nauseatingly horrible, wretched junior high school play written by a clique of miserable thirteen-year-olds severely in need of positive attention from caring adults.

                  The way that HLN handled this case was flat out insulting to the public. They seemed to take all of their cues wholesale from the abusive prosecutor without applying an ounce of skepticism to the galloping witch-trial atmosphere.

                  Now we have some of the same HLN “stars” setting up their tents again – never mind that their juvenile commentary thus far has served no intelligent purpose. Really, who needs it?

    • Hold on! I didn’t quite get this. Preclude the names listed? Isn’t Zach Billings one of the roommates? If so, why preclude him? I think a lot of people ESPECIALLY the jury would like to know why he ‘didn’t notice anything foul’ for so many days. I personally would like Zach to be called to the stand!

      • Yep, Zach Billings is the roomate. Jill Hayes is the expert witness who testified on the last day (I think), the blonde one. Taylor Searle is TA’s friend.
        Who’s Alan Kreitel?

      • Pretty sure they won’t be precluded, Pandora. Someone even said that Nurmi had withdrawn the motion. But whether he did or not (I think probably not – Nurmi’s motions are all part of making a record for appeals) – Stephens almost never agrees to a defense motion.

        The motion to preclude was all about JM sitting on his witness list and not giving DT time to interview them.

      • My collective understanding is that the judge denied the motion but that the defence may bring it up again if necessary. Nurmi is still trying to get evidence from that little toad.

  4. I hope the news media and public will read the ” Arizona’s double standards” link at the top of this page. I think many will be shocked.
    I hope the factor of such double standards can help Jodi in appeals.
    I wish the public would find compassion in their hearts for Jodi’s family. Her family is sufferring tremendously. None of them deserve to have their loved one die.
    I am sorry for the loss and sufferring of Travis’s family, and it certainly IS tragic that they are in a position where it is up to them to consciously make the decision to urge or not urge the state to execute Jodi (and yes, it is asking a lot of them to be forgiving and merciful if they truly believe she is guilty, [ I believe Jodi is innocent and acted in self- defense],
    however, I wish Travis’s family and supporters__ knowing the enormous pain of losing a loved one, __ would open their hearts to Jodi’s siblings and parents, and decide that they do not want THOSE innocent people to suffer such tremendous loss and pain.
    ” Two wrongs don’ t make a right,” is easy to say, but just as true.
    Supporters of Travis don’ t have to choose one family over another family_ both families are sufferring.
    It doesn’ t have to be ‘either/ or’; it can be ‘both/ and’.
    Travis did have internal conflicts, but he absolutely did have spiritual leanings and wanted to advocate for ‘holiness’ and ‘being a better person’.
    That said, I truly, truly, do not believe that Travis would want Jodi to be executed__ or suffer at all__ and I don’ t for one minute believe he would ever want Jodi’s family to suffer and lose a loved one.
    I truly believe all of that would be Travis’s attitude and wishes.

    • (continued)…
      I believe that the best tribute to Travis, [regardless of Jodi’s innocence or guilt], would be for his family and supporters to state, that in honor of a man they consider loving, kind, and embracing spiritual values, and high ideals, __ they will make the difficult sacrifice, and emulate the person they purport him to have been, __ and be forgiving and merciful, and to no longer advocate for Jodi’s death, but rather advocate for her life.
      That would be the greatest testament to Travis and his good, decent, loving nature.
      Emulating a man they say had a magnanimous heart.
      [ I am not minimizing or underestimating anyone’s pain.]

  5. That Christine person at is at it again. She’s ‘blogging” about Thursdays court session and it reeks of bias. And she doesn’t even take time to get her facts straight. For instance:

    “Since [the guilty verdict], Jodi Arias and her team have been doing everything they can to delay the inevitable, the sentencing….Meanwhile, as Jodi Arias pulls out every stop that she can to delay this, the family of Travis Alexander has been waiting patiently to find closure over the death of their beloved brother.”

    Geez Louise!!! First off, Jodi had little if anything to do with the delays, but that doesn’t stop this person (who would like to refer to herself as “professional”) from pinning it on Jodi. (Any issues in this case? Well, it must be Jodi’s fault so we really don’t need to seek out the facts.)

    And this:

    “Martinez then called Nurmi “snarky”, and the attorneys quibbled a bit.”

    The author would like her followers to see Nurmi as the “snarky” one (as declared by their idol, Juan). But it was Nurmi who called Martinez snarky. (Of course, if she had reported it correctly, the hordes would have just said something additionally rude about Nurmi.)

    There is also a battle brewing between this “blogger” and Sandra Weber as the article spends a great deal of time libeling Ms. Weber (who adds her own remark about libel in the comment section).

    • Thanks for the cliff-notes, Justus.

      Not gonna click the link – I’d just as soon not put any money in her pocket . Already too many people getting paid to be hateful and stupid, too many people still trying to make a buck off of Travis Alexander’s death.

      • Not gonna click the link either. Journee is right. Why allowing this person to profit off of lies,distorted and deliberately misleading facts and bias?
        Is true journalism dead?

    • Oh, and I did a “like” on Sandra’s comment and this soon popped up in response:

      Jane -> Sandra Webber • 9 minutes ago
      Justus give you a like. Only a loser & coward would do that. Justus you cow.

      Sweet, huh?

    • I saw all her tweets thanking all the reporters that she had used in her blog, but she sure didn’t understand them apparently. Check out SW’s blog about her problems with her.

    • I am so enraged how this kind of sh*t is allowed to pass itself off as “news” to the gullible public! With networks like HLN and this kind of freedom to declare anything you want to as “news”, our whole news media system is in serious trouble.

    • Justus,
      I wouldn’t even use that Canadian rag paper “The Examiner” to wrap fish in.

      We have papers like that in the US sold at grocery store checkout lines with headlines like, “Aliens Stole My Baby.” No one believes the stories, most of them are made up and rarely based on fact–at best, unchecked rumor. They’re only entertaining to read in the grocery line or while at the hair salon.

      No one considers them journalism. Which is why you don’t see stories like Christine’s in newspapers of substance in the US. The facts can’t be proven and the sources don’t exist.

      I might consider lining my cat box with it, though.

      Good for you for calling out these ridiculous stories, Justus!

      • Well said, Olivia!!!

        Needless to say that there are rubbish papers like that in Greece, too. Not good even for lining the cat litter box, LOL! Better throw them in the RECYCLING bin; forests have been destroyed to make them, at least recycle them to print books. 🙄

      • Hello Olivia! Welcome! Yes, I totally agree with you! LOL at “I might consider lining my cat box with it, though.” Too funny!

    • I gave up on her! I’d like to be able to have a healthy debate with her but it’s impossible. She turns on the defensive whenever something she doesn’t like is posted there! I was willing to be nicer if she was willing to be less stoopid! But after commenting 2 times there, I saw that THAT was impossible! I can’t win stoopid! 😉

  6. Dear Jodi and Team.

    I made a research on the mormoms. Guest what?!

    The massacre from 1857 that the Mormmans killed 120 people that were traveling through the territory from Utah. Pretty dirty trick they did used to fool the Christians that were passing through. They acted like hipocritis towards the Indians and the Cristians. Horrofeing!

  7. i am starting to get scared about the trial i don,t want JODI to get death i feel so bad for her family they may not get to touch or hug JODI for long time if JODI gets death her family will get to hug her one last time before she goes on death row if JODI gets death we all have to write to her we have to be her support so she dose not give up she will need us we have to write to her family to we cant blame her lawyers they will be suffering in their own way Jennifer will be heartbroken and blame herself she will be the last person to touch JODI some of you on here don,t like K.N. he may not get along with JODI don,t think he wants her to get death wont want to be in there shoes if you payed me they have hard job a head of them if JODI gets death yes they will be off the case this case will stay with them you can see on JENNIFER FACE SHE CARES about JODI if the worst happens i don,t think i want to watch the judge sentence her to death to see JODI FACE and JENNIFER FACE i bet JENNIFER WILL HAVE HER HAND ON JODI shoulder and she will have tears i hope and pray its life its all we could hope for now

    • Shannon,
      take one day at a time. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking what’s going to happen IF Jodi gets the DP. Right now, we all need to focus on the retrial and send Jodi as many postcards as possible to help her through this. ♥

    • Although this is a very stressful time, we need this to get over with (no matter what the sentencing is) and get started with the serious and important stuff that will help Jodi get her freedom: THE APPEALS!

      So send all your positive energy to Jodi.

      ((((Jodi))) ♥

    IT IS ORDERED that Vernon Parker submit to a voluntary interview with the State upon request.
    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that Mr. Parker is not to discuss any issues from sealed proceedings during the voluntary interview.

    I have a wild & crazy thought. It’s seems strange that Vernon Parker was ordered to do a voluntary interview (???) with Juan Martinez which makes me think that he is a defense witness. Martinez didn’t like what Mr. Parker is going to say so he is bringing in his wife – Marsha Parker – (if they are still married) or his ex-wife to counter Vernon’s testimony. Any chance this could be true or does someone know otherwise.
    If so, I stand corrected (is that a court expression?).

    • Do we know for sure that Marsha is related to Vernon? Or is that still speculation? Parker’s not such an uncommon name.

      Can a wife even *be* compelled to impugn her husband, in any way, in a court of law?

      • Well I’ll say this – if the two of them are or were married, at least one of them’s going to be in deep foo-doo with TPTB in LDS for testifying in this trial. And I suspect it’s not a good idea to get in deep foo-doo with the LDS.

        • Good point, Journee. I don’t know if they r related.

          As for impugning him, I don’t know how that works. If Vernon was on trial, I don’t think she could testify against him if she was his wife. But, if he is “only” a witness, maybe she could at least give her “view.” But, I don’t know for sure either way.

          BTW, do we know if Vernon is testifying for either side for sure? I’ve only seen a partial list of the state’s witness.

          • The court order you posted is our only clue about Vernon Parker. And I agree with you, to ME it looks like he’s a defense witness, because why should the state have to get a court order to interview their own witness? But an alternative explanation could be that the state tried to subpoena him to testify and he’s refusing citing clerical confidentiality. Why it would help to get his wife instead is beyond me.

            It’s all a mystery.

            • I like the way it says the Court ORDERED him to give a VOLUNTARY statement (LOL). I wonder when the investigation into this case started if anyone thought it would be a slam-dunk case? A mystery for sure – so many questions unanswered.

              • “I wonder when the investigation into this case started if anyone thought it would be a slam-dunk case?”

                When LE recovered deleted photographs while Jodi was still denying even being there, they slipped into a state of gumshoe shadenfreude. They acted as if they were simply incapable of professional circumspection from that point forward.

                • OK, whichtrial?, you made me look. Gumshoe I understand from “Old Time Radio” sites but shadenfreude? I looked it up. I guess it means detectives were feeling pleasure or joy in Jodi’s “downfall” (her misfortune). Bastards.

                  You know I’m going to use that expression on Twitter (just to make the haters work a bit). Thanks.

                • “Shameful glee” is how I think of it. And likely prurience because of the racy photographs… although EF himself didn’t display any of that in the interrogation videos.

                  I cannot believe they didn’t assign a woman officer to handle the interrogation after those photos came to light, FFS. Jodi should have been asked again about legal representation, and a DV expert should have been brought in to screen Jodi from the start, since she was willing to talk. The fact that she wanted to talk signaled, under the circumstances, that she NEEDED to, that she was overwhelmed and frightened and was seeking some reassurance by freely offering information about her relationship with TA. Her conflicted behavior was an obvious red flag that could have indicated intimate partner violence. Did a woman interrogate Jodi at some point and I’ve not seen that video?

                • I first learned the word in 2005, from an episode of Boston Legal. Alan Shore gave one of his famous closing arguments telling the jury that the case was all about schadenfreude.

                  (I still miss Boston Legal!)

                • LOL, thought something looked off with my spelling of it. I knew you’d used the word recently, so I figured if I got it wrong you’d correct me, ha! Thanks. I learned the word from…you guessed it – a lawyer.

        • Journee, I put my comment under to you under the wrong statement but I know you will follow it.

          As for being in deep foo-doo with the LDS, maybe that’s why all those headless corpses are showing up in the Arizona desert. (Governor Brewer is so quotable).

      • Marsha Parker is a witness for the state.

        From the court order above, it does not appear that Vernon Parker is a witness for the state, but for the defense.

        • Oh, OK. I don’t know anything official. I just googled the name and found a discussion on it. I’d post the link, but It’s a hater’s site.

          • They don’t want to think that a person presumed to be Travis’ former bishop might have anything to say that could help Jodi.

  9. Justus,

    I saw the article you mentioned above on a hater site. It was dropped off by someone going by the name Karmah Chameleon (Christine???) with just enough description to tempt a reader (not this one though). Apparently, that site uses Christine and Shanna Hogan as information sources.

  10. “The Kings of The Courtroom” (about prosecutors dominating the system)

    What shocked me the most was a case where a jailhouse “snitch” lied & and a man was executed. They later found out that the snitch received money to lie on the stand from a PRIVATE CITIZEN. I think the prosecutor may have been aware. I think the prosecutor has recently been investigated or charged about this case.

    The above case was that Frontline case I posted about the man who was apparently innocence but executed for setting his house on fire and his 3 sons died. Experts later said the fire was not arson (they used new fire investigation techniques).

    It makes me wonder if there has been any private money (Mormon money?) paid to people to speak out against Jodi (TV, media, Mormons, haters, etc.) b/c I’ve never seen this kind of hate in my life.

    • The only explanation I can see for this case being handled the way it is, is money, and lots of it, controlling every aspect of the prosecution and persecution of this woman.

      That article is excellent and should really be a wake-up call. It’s long past time these people are held to a higher standard when they are dealing with someone’s life and liberty. It really is shameful and disgusting how they are behaving, and they do it because they are allowed to get away with it, even rewarded for it. SMH

    • The mere fact that the DP is irreversible and the State runs the risk of getting innocent people executed should be in the forefront of the arguments of banning it once and for all.

    • It definitely is an excellent article. It is very revealing and informative, and many of the comments posted on it at the Economist site, are excellent too.
      The freedom of citizens of the United States is steadily diminishing, and likely most are not aware of that fact.
      The article and comments reveal a terrifying situation.

  11. whichtrial?,

    Yes, a woman interrogated Jodi in the “Jodi Arias Unedited Police Interrogation Video #6, 7, 8, 9, 1o, 11, 12, 13, and #14 which you will find on YouTube. #15 is the one in which Jodi describes to Det. Flores about the incident with the two intruders, and when you watch it you will see how spontaneous Jodi describes what happened and she genuinely cries and honestly pours her heart out to Flores who ends up telling Jodi that he doesn’t believe her and that she is lying and Jodi responds to Flores that she doesn’t know what else to say! Here is the link to #15:

  12. Friday night on Dateline was a woman who was shot in the face at point blank range, just above her left eye, by a stranger who accosted her in her garage. When the shooter fled, she first tried to summon help with the OnStar button in her car but that didn’t work. So she went in the house (disarming the alarm on the way) and called 911. She was still conscious when she arrived at the hospital.

    • Could you believe the way her kids acted? To side with the father in such a case is horrendous. Even of they believed the father was innocent that still doesn’t explain their lack of support towards their mother. So sad for her…

    • Yes CC53 thanks for sharing Keifer’s article. . . people will figure it all out one day soon. It’s all about “shaking that bottom line” $$$ ! Follow the trail of $$$ and they will know who to blame!!

    • A well written piece!
      Martinez has wasted millions of dollars and the shortsighted people in AZ still fail to see it!
      Martinez should be fired and disbarred! He’s a disgrace to the profession!

  13. PART 1

    From Michael Kiefer article:

    “The Arizona Supreme Court threw out the cruelty aggravator against Soto-Fong, saying that “where shots, ­stabbings, or blows are inflicted in quick succession, one of them leading rapidly to unconsciousness, a finding of cruelty, without any additional supporting ­evidence, is not appropriate.”

    This description sounds very much like Travis Alexander’s death(or at least what may have happened).

    • If you’ve saved your text, coldcase, try again in a few hours. When I spotted that glitch with the videos the other day, RASNA emailed me to say that some changes are being made to the site and it’s causing periodic glitches.

      • OK, Journee, I typed it all over again just now and it vaporized somewhere over Tennessee. Maybe, R. Love got it. I’ll try again later. Thanks.

        • LOL!! cc53 How did you know? I’ve been stockpiling all of the lost posts in my barn! 😀 Too funny. And. it is getting a bit crowded!! Don’t worry I’ll scoot some hay bales to the side to allow more if needed!
          I have been experiencing a few of minor glitches of my mine on my computer. . .so I’m almost afraid to touch it, in case it decides to self destruct like in an episode of Mission Impossible!!
          🙄 LOL It seems we are in a Mission Impossible state, doesn’t it! 🙄 BUT never you fear we will see our Jodi Free One day in our Future! I can not wait!! The sooner the better! Hang in there JODI! WE ARE WITH YOU FORVEVER MORE!!!

      • Example of glitches –

        All day today there’s been a post at the bottom of this page, by Monica, about a massacre in 1857, Mormons slaughtering Christians.

        It stayed at the bottom all day – posts that came after it, including mine about Dateline the other night – posted above it.

        and now it’s just gone, as far as I can tell

        is it in your barn R. Love?

        • giggling gleefully. . . yes ♥ Journee I stuck it behind the moonshine still for safe keeping. . .no one will ever find it 🙂 !!

          • Thanks, R. Love, for keeping everything safe in your barn. We’ll be ordering up a few cases (or, jugs?) of your best moonshine when Jodi gets a better sentence in a retrial down the road.

            • ♥ Absolutely! It might not be as good as Popcorn Sutton’s Moonshine but I’ll brew up a special celebration batch for Jodi!!! If it is not this time around, then it will ready for be next time! I’ve already started my list.

  14. Troy Hayden
    ‏@troyhaydenfox10 Thank you! “@FOX10Phoenix: Congratulations to @troyhaydenfox10 — Winner of 3 Emmys: Anchor, Military, Breaking News-Jodi Arias interview”

    • Troy Hayden? Gee, I wonder what time the med nurse comes around b/c I must have gone insane. Did someone put something in the water in Phoenix? How could that goof win even one award?

  15. “The Arizona Supreme Court threw out the cruelty aggravator against Soto-Fong, saying that “where shots, ­stabbings, or blows are inflicted in quick succession, one of them leading rapidly to unconsciousness, a finding of cruelty, without any additional supporting ­evidence, is not appropriate.” (Michael Kiefer)

    This description sounds very much like Travis Alexander’s death(or at least how his death may have occurred).

    This statement from the AZ Supreme Court seems to argue against the “cruelty” aggravator against Jodi which made it a death penalty case. Dr. Horn suggested Travis would have died soon after the cut to the throat which transected his airway, right jugular vein & carotid artery. I imagine Travis would have died quicker if his jugular veins & carotid arteries were severed on both sides. But, even so, he probably would have gone unconscious very quickly AFTER the throat cut because his heart would be pumping hard due to the struggle, his emotional state and adrenaline. Plus, it’s possible he was already unconscious or semi-conscious BEFORE the throat cut due to blood loss (as photos show blood in various areas around his house).

    So after the struggle starts several things happen – 29 (?) knife wounds, a throat cut and a gunshot. We don’t know the order of these “events’ except we know the gunshot wound came LAST(according to Martinez). So when Martinez says the gunshot was last, he eliminates the possibility that the throat cut was last and therefore the unconsciousness is moved up in the order of events and means Travis was unconsciousness before the gun shot wound. Martinez “proved” this was true when he said Jodi shot Travis when he was dead. So, according to Martinez, Travis went unconscious, died and then was shot. Martinez, during his closing argument, paused for two minutes of silence to illustrate how long he said it took for Alexander to die. So, according to Martinez, Travis went unconscious sometime during these 2 minutes.
    In addition, Travis was “killed 3 times over” so he probably was unconscious the second time he was killed and definitely unconscious the 3rd time he was killed. Sorry, gallows humor. I guess what Martinez was really saying was that Travis had 3 wounds/injuries that eventually would have killed him. I don’t know where he got 3 though. (1) throat wound – yes (2) the cut to the superior vena cava – yes 3. I guess he was under the impression that the bullet had gone into the brain but we now know that didn’t happen b/c of the intact dura mater.

    So, 2 minutes for Travis to die, according to Martinez, with the possibility that Travis went unconcious sometime before the 2 minutes were up. Personally, I don’t think that is cruel especially since he didn’t even know he was going to die a few minutes before his death occurred. As the saying goes, “the anticipation of death is worse than death itself”
    (author unknown).

    Has Martinez’s scheming lies screwed up his own case and backed him into a corner? Doesn’t the Arizona Supreme Court statement above indicate Travis’s death doesn’t meet the cruelty aggravator? Maybe it will come down to how “rapidly” is defined.

    • Good Post CC53! 😉 I thought I saw RASNA digging away in the barn trying to find it!! LOL
      It was worth the effort, for sure! Hey RASNA, hope you shut the door on the way out!!

      My favorite line: Has Martinez’s scheming lies screwed up his own case and backed him into a corner? Wouldn’t that be justice? ♥

    • CC53, thanks for posting. I’m absolutely sure that martinez didn’t even know what he was talking about most of the time… A lot of babbling to confuse the jury, using gory details for emphasis. Fuck him!

    • Maybe it’s an award that has Rocky Balboa as a statue! 😀

      “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t about how hard ya hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”
      ― Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

  16. I learned how to insert hearts efficiently – just press “alt+3” (3 should be on the numeric keypad)

    PS: this works anywhere – on youtube, facebook, etc.

  17. Thank you Gus Searcy I find you very believable and honest. Sorry I can’t say the same about the Hughes. They have appeared to be liars in every interview I have seen or heard them in. I would not trust them at all. I do believe they would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than to stay on the ground and tell the truth. Why have they taken upon themselves to create a massive attack on Jodi and her character with all of the false rumors??? The only thing that I can come up with, they are involved some how, to much protesting from the two of them. How deep is their involvement? Hmmmm………

    • I would be so happy if someone could pin them down as to where they were when they heard of the death. I just read a tweet from SW that gives a different version again. They don’t agree even with each other.

      Their pants are on fire and their noses are a mile long. Put them on the stand and under oath, although I don’t believe that would make a difference to those two.

    • Yes, it’s progress of a sort, and more and more I see articles that are saying that the death penalty is not warranted in this case.
      I think Dan Abrams has his own “special brand of crazy” to ever suppose Jodi or any other defendant would ever look forward to, or be “excited” about going to their own death penalty trial.
      The idea that she relishes being in the spotlight is equally absurd.
      She has been the object of relentless, vicious, malicious scrutinization on a collossal scale.
      The media and the public have made her the target of mass projection. It is they who are addicted to putting her under their microscopes and magnifying glasses so they can endlessly mock her, rip her apart and condemn her.
      Their persecution of her never exhausts itself; instead it feeds on its own fire.
      It truly is sadism.
      I can’ t help but be reminded of the Inquisition and the way self- professed righteous people tortured their victims.
      No one __ especially Jodi is making the media or forcing the public to pay attention to Jodi at all.
      They are continuing to focus on her because they benefit monetarily, but even much more so, because they benefit from the psychological compensation projection affords.
      This is an enormous case of transferance.
      Much of the media and public’s obsession, attitudes and behavior reveal a very pathological psyche and impoverished spirit__ both of which need to be treated and healed.

    • It’s clear that Dan Abrams hasn’t done his own homework on this case.

      He’s convinced of Jodi’s “motive” of “jealousy”, which, by the way, Dan – never had to be proven, as you know! And it wasn’t proven, by any stretch! So, for what other reason are you so convinced that Jodi planned TA’s killing?

      Abrams danced around the issue of the DP with all of the skill of a news reader, not a newsman – (sorry to offend anyone with the old-school appellation, but I’m certain Mr. Abrams would appreciate how I mean the term, even though he is a hybrid lawyer/reporter).

      He ends with an admonition that the second trial might run some risk of creating sympathy for Jodi – and now I am convinced that Abrams just doesn’t get it. Jodi didn’t have any mitigation witnesses in the first trial, Mr. Abrams, remember? So SINCE she has to endure a second penalty phase because the first jury hung – a redo which you suggest she is enjoying (isn’t that a gratuitous bash on your part? – especially since in your piece you’d made a similar point earlier in regard to how you observed Jodi engaging with media) don’t you think that she is NOW entitled to HER day in court? I.e., proper mitigation this time?

  18. New minutes.

    Michael K. Jeanes, Clerk of Court
    *** Electronically Filed *** 10/20/2014 8:00 AM
    CR2008-031021-001 DT 10/10/2014
    Docket Code 022 Form G000A Page 1

    A. Gonzalez Deputy



    The Court having received and considered the State’s Motion to Seal Pleading Filed on October 10, 2014, and good cause appearing,

    IT IS ORDERED granting the Motion and directing the Clerk of the Court to seal the State’s pleading entitled Objection to Defendant’s Motion to Strike the Death Penalty Due to Continued State Misconduct, not to be unsealed absent further Order of the Court. All as set forth in the formal Order signed by the Court October 10, 2014 and filed/entered on October 10, 2014.

  19. Sky Hughes testified during hearing on day 18 that she met Travis first at church, and Chris Hughes on Tricia’s True Crime radio interview, said he met Travis in 2001 and then he introduced him to Sky. Who is telling the truth?

    • Neither, they don’t know the truth! I would like to know what kind of a relationship did Travis have with Sky? She appears (or likes to appear) to know his every thought and dreams. . .just how close were the two of them before Chris came along or after he came along. She has stated things that were personal and one would not know unless they had a very close relationship. What kind of close friends were they REALLY? Friends with benefits maybe?
      I believe Travis and Sky had a whole lot in common. Neither tell the truth, both good at deceiving others and both relying off others to make a so-called living. But Chris is right in it with them so who knows. I believe anyone who would profit off of their Best Friends murder is as low as one might go. Sleazy scum. They did not know Jodi, they never bothered themselves to get to know her. Sky appears to be a jealous woman. . .wants to keep the cake and eat it too. One who wants all of the attention.
      (Travis and Sky) 2 peas in a pod kinda of thing. Something happened that turned them on Travis and Jodi. . .they were not best friends towards the end like they want everyone to believe. Maybe it is so they can profit off of his dead body or maybe it is something way deeper into their relationship. . .Hmmm.
      I say hook them both up to a Professional Lie Detector and let us all see who is telling the truth. IMHO the needle would blow off the lie detecting machine! KABOOM!

    • There are so many lies coming out of their mouths that I’m sure that they too have forgotten what the truth is.

      I agree with R. I always get this feeling when skye talks about travis that they had a more ‘close’ relationship than what skye will ever admit to.

  20. I support Jodi Arias, even though she might have done the deed. Although I cannot support her financially at the moment as I am struggling with health issues. I wish things could turn around for her in her next trial but I have a bad feeling she will get screwed over. The news, NG, JVM, and Drew Pinsky portrays her like she is a damn devil. Its was hard trying to figure out who she was just by looking at the TV.

    A supporter from across the web,

    • Hi Richter Rose! Glad to know you are one of many that can see all of this for what it is. . .a media circus! Welcome!! 😀

      • Thank you Rose. I’m glad I found this website with everyone here. I feel for her because I too was in the same kind of relationship. I will always keep up hope she can be free one day.

  21. WTF…. does this have to do with the Judge Welty minutes??

    MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio · 1h1 hour ago
    The jury will be sworn in at 10am tomorrow. Preliminary jury instructions will be read and then openings will begin. #jodiarias

    MC Superior Court ‏@courtpio · 1h1 hour ago
    The evidentiary hearing set for today at 1:30 in State v #jodiarias has been vacated.

    • I am wondering if the motion to strike the death penalty has been handed up to presiding Judge Welty. Remember the day last week when Jodi stood up to address the judge, and JM got pissy about ‘she’s not reppin’ herself’ and the judge told Jodi that another judge would be handling that matter?

      Gold commented about the evidentiary hearing, saying that ‘vacated’ means not rescheduled.

      • I’m sure you’re right. Everything is so secret, but that’s how the defence needs it to be.

        There is a tweet tonight that opening arguments could be televised if both parties agree, but I don’t think the defence will go for that one.

  22. Hi guys! Oh, I’ve got some exciting news: I got a sneak peak at what Jodi will be wearing during the re-trial. All outfits were bought by supporters and friends of Jodi’s. Thank you to everyone that pitched in. You are all fucking awesome!

    ((((((Jodi’s Friends and Supporters))))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ((((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • I saw them, too!!! They’re great, Jodi will look good in them.
      Jodi is fortunate to be surrounded by supporters who really care about her, who love and support her the way they do. Even caring about the clothes she will be wearing 🙂

      Thanks to all supporters who contributed – Jodi really appreciates it.

  23. I see twitter comments that say many made up their mind against Arias based on the autopsy pictures.
    I don’ t know if it is common in court cases, or in other states or countries, to show the jury ( and in this case, the ‘ world’) autopsy pictures
    but obviously they enormously prejudice people’s perception and understanding since the autopsy picture do not depict the actual appearance of the body, and by inference, the assumed appearance of the setting and manner of how the death occurred.
    I don’ t think a lot of people realize the unconscious bias this is giving them.
    Many people have never seen what a dead body looks like after a certain amount of time occurs.
    Even when people attend the wakes and funerals of their loved ones, they are seeing an embalmed body that has had its true appearance dramatically disguised and prettified through the artifice of embalming.
    Any one’s body__ even one from a natural, peaceful death at a very old age__ would appear absolutely horrifying to any onlooker, should they view the body after enough time has gone by, and the grotesque process of decomposition has begun.
    Any one’s autopsy picture would be horrifying to look at, and most especially after decomposition and surgical intervention and dissection have so drastically changed the nature of the appearance of death.
    The unjust use of the autopsy photos and their dissemination on the enormous scale now made possible through the tremendous proliferation of media outlets, is most likely the primary factor causing the public to demonize her.
    I hope there will be recourse for this in appeals.

    • Great Points Amy!!! There is nothing pretty about a dead body whether one suffered from a murder or just a natural passing. Either way is awful.

    • I think autopsy photos as well as crime scene photos serve (the prosecution) to inflame the jury. People see that gore and are incensed -SOMEONE MUST PAY!

      It is prejudicial, and most civilized nations realize that.

      • Here is a excerpt from an article on Canadian law & graphic material in court. It will be interesting to see if Martinez shows the throat cut again.

        “There’s a very good reason why Henderson and other crime scene shooters resist the temptation to shock their viewers: They know that if their video is too upsetting to the viewer, it could be ruled as prejudicial by the judge, and not allowed as evidence.

        “The key is striking the balance between probative value and prejudicial effect,” says Goldstein. “If the video is too gruesome, even if it accurately portrays the crime scene, it can be excluded by the trial judge on the grounds of being overly prejudicial. The reason is that the graphic nature of the video affects the jurors’ emotions, ‘arouses the sympathy and passions of the jury,’ and biases their impressions, which is precisely what the trial judge is trying to avoid.”

        On the other hand, some crime scenes are unavoidably gory by nature. As a result, they cannot be ‘cleaned up’ to spare the jury’s feelings for fear of compromising the evidence. So how do you strike the balance; either in the Crown or defence roles? “An over-riding test for admissibility provides that the probative value of the evidence must outweigh the prejudicial effect,” replies Hak. “‘Prejudice’ in this context means evidence that may operate unfairly against the defendant or that may be used incorrectly by the trier of fact. Video evidence that is graphic in nature is not excluded for that reason alone. It depends on the issues in the case and the purpose for which the video evidence is tendered.”

    • Amy,

      I’d love to hear Martinez explain WHY he needs to show the photos of Travis at all. Jodi has confessed to killing Travis so it’s not a “who done it” (if she really did kill him). Why can’t Martinez simply say Travis suffered 27 or 29 knife wounds, a cut throat and a gun shot wound above the right eyebrow? What did the jury gain by viewing the photos? Are they able to interpret/understand that most of the wounds (including the gun shot) may look bad but only 2 would have caused his immediate death. I can see why they should see the photos of the crime scene though.

      • Alas we humans rely on vision as one of the major senses we use to make sense of the world so photo evidence does become important. It is one reason a defendant must appear at their trial, I see no other way to present evidence that’s why one must document injuries and other signs of abuse, if Jodi had taken photos of her injuries from Travis she could have used them to prove her being abused. I think we have all learnt a valuable lesson at her expense. We shall see in (now at this time) a few hours. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end.

        • Yes, unfortunately it is true that domestic violence must document the abuse. I think it is very important that they tell someone about it, so someone could corroborate her story if need be.
          It is a shame that so much of the public does not understand that very often victims do not document or tell any one because they want to protect their abuser because they love him and empathize with him and do not want any one to think badly of the abuser.
          It is similar to the situation of a young abused child who loves the parent, and is proud of, and ‘ protective’ of the parent regardless of how abusive the parent is.
          There is also a psychological need for the child to believe in and only see the good in the abusive parent.
          This dynamic often continues into adult life when the former child finds a love interest. The grown woman, again, will want and need to ‘ protect’, defend, think well of, and look up to, the mate that is abusing her.
          So much of the public looks at the domestic violence dynamic in an erroneous way.
          They view it and assess it in a way that is similar to a consumer object/ purchase/ service transaction.
          If someone does not get their money’s worth, if the restaurant’s service is inadequate and performed rudely, if A STRANGER does not treat them well or is abusive,
          then they ‘ walk away’, leave’, ‘ don’ t put up with it.
          And especially when a stranger is abusive, one is more likely to have charges pressed against them.
          But it is entirely different when one is dealing with an intimate partner one deeply loves and empathizes with. He is not a stranger, commodity, or service.
          A slogan I like is: ” Don’t ask, ‘ why does she stay?’; ask instead, ‘ why does he do that?'”

      • Also, many or all of these wounds could be interpreted as DEFENSIVE wounds (as in Jodi was fighting for her life) although with Martinez’s running commentary, I doubt if many or any of the jurors saw them that way.

        • I absolutely agree. When I first studied the online photos of the wounds, I asked myself how could I look at these wounds from the position that Jodi was innocent, and I very quickly saw that I could see that by placing a pillow in front of my chest, with the pillow being made to represent a man facing me.
          It was very easy to see that if I was holding a knife in order to defend myself, and the attacker was pinning me down on the floor or pinning me upright, __ it was very easy to see the necessity of WRAPPING MY ARM AROUND THE ATTACKERS BACK and using the knife to stab his back so he would stop attacking me and free me.
          From that point on, I was convinced that Jodi acted in self defense.
          I’ m sorry to criticize Nurmi, but this should have been so patently obvious to him, and he should have striven with all his might to make it clear to the jury, how and why the back wounds were entirely defensive in nature.
          I don’ t know how the law works, and what are the grounds for claiming ‘ ineffective counsel’, but on this point especially, Nurmi is truly culpable. For a defense lawyer arguing self defense, and not showing how and why the back wounds were defensive in nature__ such negligence of insight and duty is reprehensible.

          ••••••••”There is a scientific basis to claim that the ” cluster of 9 stab wounds” to Alexander’s back are actually “chopping wounds” which are often DEFENSIVE blows on the part of the assailant. “Chopping wounds” are defined as having the characteristics of both sharp force trauma and blunt force trauma.
          The official autopsy report states that among the “cluster of 9 wounds” only, ” all wounds display blunt and sharply incised ends”.
          These wounds could have been made from the assailant from beneath the victim or face to face with the victim defensively……..
          NONE OTHER THAN PROSECUTOR JUAN MARTINEZ, using court reporter Mike Babitscky as the ‘ victim’, demonstrated at trial that *** the knife blows could have been delivered from a variety of positions.”
          …..from, “
          Rob Roman and Amanda Chen
          …………. excerpt from article,” An Open Letter to Wendy Murphy”.
          ( October 20)

    • My writing was unclear because I lost my train of thought.
      I meant to emphasize that the autopsy pictures are misleading because they don’ t represent the appearance of the body at the actual time of death.
      The autopsy pictures can also be misleading because they can cause viewers to form inaccurate conclusions about the manner in which the death occurred.
      There is an extremely prevalent mistaken assumption that Travis’s throat was slashed ear to ear, and that is simply not the case.
      In fact, the slash seems more to be underneath the chin.
      It is also not true that she nearly decapitated him.
      Also, the autopsy pictures show the state of wounds and incisions after time, decomposition, and the autopsy dissection etc. have drastically changed their character from the initial appearance at the time of death.
      I am mentioning all of this for the benefit of any person who visits this site and might happen to have such mistaken assumptions.
      For such visitors, it is essential that you read Justus Forusall’s wiki on the subject:

      Jodi Arias: An Argument for Reasonable Doubt

    • Interesting, what twitter “handle” does he go by? I would have thought he’d stay out of the ‘limelight’. Isn’t he too busy to worry about social media, all those motions he has introduced recently take time to draft. I believe he does work hard for her case, such a Sisyphean task.

      • L. Kirk Nurmi

        Attorney and death penalty opponent who believes that the Bill of Rights should mean something and that an individual’s liberty should be guarded zealously!
        Phoenix, Arizona

        P.S. Has a photo of the new slim-downed Nurmi. Doesn’t tweet much.

  24. When reading commentary about this case, I often see the statement “she confessed” as justification for condemning and hating Arias.
    So many seem to not realize that she never confessed to murder; she confessed to killing Travis in self- defense.
    And she testified in court that she has no memory of the actual killing.
    Defense experts explained how such trauma can cause memory loss.
    Of course I know everyone from this site knows this, but I’ m trying to make the point clear for any of the public who visits this site and misunderstands what she meant by confessing.

    • There was the Bert Stone case in Canada (1999) where a man stabbed his wife 47 times after he claimed she aggravated him with so much with verbal abuse that he went into a state of automatism (automatic actions and involuntary processes that are not under conscious control,) stabbed her and had no memory of attacking her. She got 4 years in prison on a MS charge.

        • I think a major problem with the jury system is that jurors might not know a lot about psychology.
          That can cause a juror to disregard expert testimony since the juror might view the testimony as B.S..

          • They should bring in an M.D. to explain the neuroscience.behind traumatic amnesia and dispense with psychology with respect to that topic. It is not a psychological problem, it is a medical one.

            Consciousness precedes being and acting. The neurons are firing, or they are not.

            Bring in psychologists to explain Jodi’s dissemblings and confabulation IN LIGHT OF the memory loss. But the injury should be established first, by an M.D., preferably by an unassailable brain surgeon.

  25. Please everyone, send your positive energy and happy thoughts to Jodi on this the opening day of her retrial. Keep her in your prayers that she has the strength.
    Never underestimate the power of prayer and positive thoughts.

    (((((JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((TEAM JODI))))) ♥ ♥ ♥
    (((((CYBER FAMILY))))) ♥ ♥ ♥

    Ray in H-burg Va.

    • I agree with you about the power of positive thoughts and prayer.
      The amount of strength this poor young woman needs to summon is incredible.
      So many people are trying their best to crush and destroy her, and laughing and delighting at the prospect.
      I really question how their concept of prayer is reconciled with their vindictive malice and hate. They are so adept at rationalizing and justifying it.

  26. And so it begins……

    Send your White Light, Positive Energy, Thoughts and Prayers to our girl.
    I’m sure she needs to feel our love today ♥ ♥ ♥


  27. Society cannot always get what they want, as courts do not exist to win popularity contests, but exist solely to dispense justice. What may appear to be justice to the uninformed general public, however, may not necessarily be justice. The general public may not even know the difference between punishment and vengeance; a distinction which is very important when a court is exercising its sentencing function. Fortunately, regardless of the level of understanding among the general public, South Africa has a constitution which applies to everyone, and which protects everyone including those who transgress the laws. As a country we have long moved from dark ages; that is the era of “an eye for an eye” to a modern era of balancing all the factors.

    – Judge Thokozile Masipa

  28. For Our Jodi: “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:13).

    Let us not forget that JODI ARIAS is an INNOCENT woman, we have never doubted it and we will continue to support her with all of our Love and Prayers what ever happens. Inch by inch we will get there Jodi, be strong and feel our Love! We will NEVER GIVE UP!

    Patience is power; with time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes silk. Chinese Proverb

    Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful. Johann von Schiller

  29. Latest court document:

    10/20/2014 MIL – Motion In Limine – Party (001) 10/20/2014

  30. ♥♥♥♥♥JODI♥♥♥♥♥ Also, please pray for Jodi’s family, who have
    also been suffering through out this tragedy! (((((((Jodi’s FAMILY)))))) ♥

  31. I heard something I had never heard before from Cathy on Gold’s spree cast that I found quite incredible. According to her, Samantha was barred from the sealed hearings because she almost physically attacked our Jodi ; did not touch her but came very close.

    I tried to inform them when Jodi changed her hair color, because they still don’t know but of course my comment was deleted. They want to stay in their own world of revenge.

    • This just proves a very good point. This family grew up in an abusive household. . .physically attacking people is what they do! If his own sister has that trait than why should anyone ever doubt that he certainly did?? SMH Are they still carrying on about her hair color???? There is no hope for them.

    • My understanding was that it was Tanisha who was barred from sealed proceedings, because she did a Corinna – posted sealed info to social media.

  32. “Avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath; for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. Romans 12:19

  33. Will Martinez’s theory of gun shot last fall apart in the sentencing trial? My understanding is that Martinez switched his theory to gun shot last to take away Jodi’s self-defense claim that Travis was angry b/c of the dropped camera and body slammed her, then chased her and she accidentally shot him with his own gun. Martinez got Dr. Horn to testify there was no bleeding from the brain after the gun shot so it couldn’t have happened the way Jodi said it happened. Dr. Horn explained that the lack of bleeding from the brain indicated the “throat cut” came before the gun shot and caused a “bleed out” or drained the blood from the brain. So Travis was dead when he was shot (proved by lack of bleeding from the brain).
    BUT, now that we know that the real reason there was no bleeding from the brain was b/c the bullet never entered the brain (i.e., the dura mater, the membrane around the brain, was intact). So Jodi’s story could be true. Are Martinez and Dr. Horn going to insist it was simply a typing error and try to convice the jury that the bullet did enter the brain when Travis was dead but there was a typing error in the report? Couldn’t Martinez’s whole gun shot last theory blow up in his face?

  34. I’m behind You Jodi 110% as You I’m looking forward to You receiving the Justice You have been denied in the near future Gorgeous. DP should certainly be off the table with You being eligible for parole within a few months in my book.

    Hang in there Gorgeous and don’t let anyone get You down Beautiful.

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