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Check out the video below from Greta last night – featuring an interesting interview with Gus Searcy and his thoughts on the trial, the events of June 4th 2008, the court of public opinion, additional witnesses, the big Mormon cover up and the media coverage.

Sounds very much like there are numerous witnesses out there to TA’s vile temper, that have been “warned off” against testifying…

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    • I don’t understand how this case has come this far?! I’ve been a bit obsessed with this trial. I have decided to review everything from day one of this trial. Thus far, yes the physical evidence is very compelling but when you have reviewed, read, and watched all of this from the beginning, she doesn’t seem like the cold cruel killer that Martinez is trying to portray to the jury. YES, if you have been following this on the news, then of course you are going to ASSUME that she is guilty but when you watch the trials, there are some wrong doing for example, the PD Esteban Flores, he continues to insist, telling her over and over and over during the interview in a long winded way, that she is a killer of Travis Alexander, that she should just admit to something she clearly she is saying that she is NOT. He continues to act like he is on her side when it is quite clear that he is not, to try to make her admit to something she did not do. Awful that these days, this is how crimes get solved. And further more, who says just because Travis is dead, that we have to paint him as a saint?! The prosecutor should focus to find out the truth instead of trying to convict Jodi, the scape goat, so they can say they have done their duty at the end of the day.

      • UnderstandingOne,

        Your post above about the unfairness of the mishandling of this trial is sadly only too true.

        Today I became curious about the gun that was used. I found the information posted below. I am mad as heck! I feel like we have been cheated of the opportunity to know the TRUTH about that weapon. The nature of that weapon is key in understanding Jodi’s truthfulness in relating what transpired, if nothing else.

        I posted below from a gun forum. It describes what is thought about that .25 caliber Winchester handgun by folks WHO KNOW GUNS. They actually WARN people NOT to depend on it as a defense weapon. Shoot mice; shoot for fun.

        They stress “stopping power” over and over – and that gun just ain’t got it. It is POSSIBLE for it to kill. However, it is highly unlikely, for an number of reasons stated in the posted info.

        I am shocked and angry that Martinez has been carrying on like once Jodi shot the gun, there was no excuse to keep wounding him with a knife. The testimony below completely contradicts the notion that a person wounded with such a gun is even likely to be incapacitated to the point they won’t keep on fighting. Once asaulted, thay are now hugely enraged, and more dangerous than ever.

        Furthermore, time is running out. When on earth is Nurmi planning on finding out about the nature of that gun (which actually disqualifies as a murder weapon). He needs to correct the jury’s impression of what they were ledt to believe about Travis’ ability to fight on in spite of receiving the bullet that was fired.

        The Gun Forums

        Frank Ettin (Gun forums)
        September 10, 2012, 11:01 A

        • This is the information about the gun Jodi used that was supposed to accompany the comments from the Gun Forum. I do not know why it did not show up in that reply?

          Frank Ettin
          September 10, 2012, 11:01 AM

          Remember that the goal is to quickly stop an assailant before he can hurt you (or someone else). So the real question is how quickly and reliably being shot with a particular cartridge will force an attacker to stop whatever he is doing to try to hurt you (or someone else).

          So while a .25 can certainly kill someone; but whether, if he’s attacking you, a .25 will stop him quickly enough to keep him from hurting you badly is another question entirely.

          There are four ways in which shooting someone stops him:

          psychological — “I’m shot, it hurts, I don’t want to get shot any more.”
          massive blood loss depriving the muscles and brain of oxygen and thus significantly impairing their ability to function
          breaking major skeletal support structures
          damaging the central nervous system.

          Depending on someone just giving up because he’s been shot is iffy. Probably most fights are stopped that way, but some aren’t; and there are no guarantees.

          Breaking major skeletal structures can quickly impair mobility. But if the assailant has a gun, he can still shoot. And it will take a reasonably powerful round to reliably penetrate and break a large bone, like the pelvis.

          Hits to the central nervous system are sure and quick, but the CNS presents a small and uncertain target. And sometimes significant penetration will be needed to reach it.

          The most common and sure physiological way in which shooting someone stops him is blood loss — depriving the brain and muscles of oxygen and nutrients, thus impairing the ability of the brain and muscles to function. Blood loss is facilitated by (1) large holes causing tissue damage; (2) getting the holes in the right places to damage major blood vessels or blood bearing organs; and (3) adequate penetration to get those holes into the blood vessels and organs which are fairly deep in the body. The problem is that blood loss takes time. People have continued to fight effectively when gravely, even mortally, wounded. So things that can speed up blood loss, more holes, bigger holes, better placed holes, etc., help.

          So as a rule of thumb —

          More holes are better than fewer holes.
          Larger holes are better than smaller holes.
          Holes in the right places are better than holes in the wrong places.
          Holes that are deep enough are better than holes that aren’t.
          There are no magic bullets.

          The bottom line is that a lower power cartridge with a smaller caliber bullet will make smaller holes and may not be able to as reliably penetrate to where those holes need to be to be most effective.

          Or to put it another way, why would anyone think that a .25 will be enough when sometimes a .357 Magnum isn’t necessarily enough. LAPD Officer Stacy Lim ( was shot in the chest with a .357 Magnum and still ran down her attacker, returned fire, killed him, survived, and ultimately was able to return to duty.

          She was off duty and heading home after a softball game and a brief stop at the station to check her work assignment. According to the article ( I linked to:… The bullet ravaged her upper body when it nicked the lower portion of her heart, damaged her liver, destroyed her spleen, and exited through the center of her back, still with enough energy to penetrate her vehicle door, where it was later found….

          …If you will just do a little research into stopping power and also the hydrostatic shock done to internal tissue and organs, you will see what I mean by STOPPING power….Hydrostatic shock is not a factor with projectiles at typical defensive handgun energy/velocity levels.

      • I was EXACTLy where you are UnderstandingOne. When I first caught wind of this case and doing research and watching news coverage, I was convinced that she was this horrible person who killed him in a jealous rage like the prosecution is saying, however, once I dug deeper and went from day one and saw everything I missed, plus watching the trial live and just listening and watching her and all thats being said, I just KNEW there was MUCH more to this story than what the media is wanting everyone to believe… And sad thing is that MASS majorityof people (including me at first) was drawn right in and believing every word. I just hope and pray that they if things do not go well for Jodi, that they can get a mistrial, because this whole trial has been completely ONE SIDED and totally unfair. The jury should have been sequestered since day one and there should be NO media coverage such as Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, etc. Those people are such pigs.

      • I agree also, I have just recently started from the beginning and reviewing the trial. On the news or rather nancy grace and the like, they portray things so against Jodi. As an example, the flowers she ordered for his Grandmother.

    • Gus is the nicest, level-headed person. I know if it happened to me–I would start destroying evidence and then have a panic attack, make up stories because I’m afraid of jail. Turn into something I;m not to get out of it–because I am terrified….we are all human. I never attacked my abuser for this reason: He would be dead and I would go to jail and my kids would be motherless…. it was not an option for me although the bullying was terrifying for all of us.

      Hang in there Jodi….

  1. Interesting. So they’d rather see one innocent person be put to death than have other people be “hurt” down the road by telling the truth about a guy who was an abuser. Great bunch of folks.

    By the way, Gus raised a question I have only seen raised before by yours truly. Why did she not just shoot him at the door?

      • To say nothing about how stupid the “gas can” argument is. Considering Travis had roommates, Jodi had no advance warning whether or not those roommates would be in the house when she “planned” to kill him. There was a chance they’d see her there, so there was NO reason at ALL to have the gas cans if she didn’t want to be traced in Mesa.

        • What I am saying is the gas cans were there so she wouldn’t get stranded. There was no nefarious reason she had them because she could have been placed in Mesa anyway by the roommates.

          • I don’t know why that does not make sense to people? It does to me crossing the desert alone an at night I would not want to be out there it is creepy. An in a car that is rented so your not sure how far you can run the gas needle down to either. She rented a car not to be sneaky but because her car was a piece of crap is what I understood. I myself have done that being afraid of a break down in the middle of nowhere. A rental car you can call them an they will bring one an replace what your driving or get it fixed.

          • are they EVEN looking into the returned can? If they aren’t then something is way wrong. Makes perfect sense to me to have extra gas in the desert, alone, non-the-less. Also, other people had seen her so how was that a “way to not be identified?” Why haven’t they done more with the roommates? I’m worried that between the media circus and the circumstantial evidence the media is throwing around some of it might stick. Why wouldn’t they MAKE people come in and tell the truth? IF someone is guilty then let it be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt but, if not, don’t keep on scrutinizing every move and crucify them. I hope the jury will do the right thing here and ignore the media. I took the duty very seriously when it was my turn and I hope they do to.

          • Jodi is a thinker and she is smart . Jodi is not stupid. She did NOT PLAN to kill TA; There were way too many really stupid mistakes made for her to be someone deliberately planning a murder.

            I live in AZ . It gets very dark in the desert along certain stretches of road, and very desolate when you travel from CA or from the Northern part of the country on your way to AZ. I drove here from NY over 3000 miles and I have also driven to and from CA to AZ. Gas is all kinds of prices depending on where you go out here, and it can be miles to the nearest station depending on where you traveling from.

            All that being said, it does not phase me one bit that she may have gassed up with extra gas in cans and she was probably scared to be caught out there alone. From what I understand, she claimed that she was used to traveling the roads alone, but she was most used to traveling with co-workers or a least another partner. She could have been somewhat scared even though she was familiar with the route; she could just be being Jodi, smart and prepared for her trip by buying a lot of gas at a good price once, and not wanting to have to keep stopping and prolonging the travel time on long stretches of desolate, boring and brown road. Or, for all we know, maybe she just wanted to hurry up and be by TA’s side…she did love him after all.

            To me, the gas can issue is niether here nor there. If I were planning on going to shoot someone that made me so angry that I’d want to kill them, I sure as hell aint gonna waste time “screwing around” for 8 hours and having idle chit chat and leaving to chance the possibility of his roomates coming back or some other girl TA might have been seeing popping in on us unexpectedly. Im driving in taking care of business and getting out of dodge.

            Just because she initially lied, and very badly I might add, does not prove she premeditated the murder. From the beginning, it sounded like a lover’s quarrel gone bad too me. If anything, the lying proved that she is a bad liar or someone not used to lying alot. After hearing the dirty and embarrassing details of their affair in open court, I can see why she would have lied at first…some people would be mortified to have all that come out and would rather burn in hell than let that be known or left as their legacy.

            • Exactly C.Nevares,
              Great observance!
              I never understood why go on and on about extra gas.
              Like you said, Jodi was being Jodi!

              AND how many of us would rather burn in hell, than to show pictures that you thought would never get out, but all over the world at that.
              And their private, personal messages

              It isn’t unusual to want to have fun and many do now with the phone and camers. They don’t think anything of it.
              Jodi is not LiAR, again she really just wanted to protect her’s and Travis’s image.

    • Agreed.
      If she was so incensed… the whole thing would have been a blood stain in the foyer.
      She didnt know who would be there.
      Who cares about the gas cans. I am a woman, I have travelled California/Arizona, why is it so weird not to want to run out of gas? Why does that mean premeditated. She hasnt denied having them. It was 5 years ago already.
      She had been invited there for sex with someone who she loved no matter what he said or did to her. She had made plans to go visit another man. The only reason her trip went off schedule is because of the murder happening the way it did.
      Its just so stupid. This whole trial has been relegated to nothing more than a circus.
      One side show after another.

  2. I posted this on yesterday’s page but thought I’d put it here as well since it follows a discussion that started earlier but now we have a new page.

    This was with respect to affirmative defenses and burden of proof.

    TB and joujoubaby,

    I am not a lawyer (actually an engineer) but the law is a hobby of mine. It’s probably the only other vocation other than the sciences that allows for an orderly exercise of logic, albeit this time to man made rules. So it is fascinating to a scientist.

    Anyway, Arizona’s self defense laws, encoded in ARS 13-404 and it’s justifiable use of force with reference to justifiable use of force in ARS 13-411 are in fact some of the most liberal in the country.

    13-404. Justification; self-defense

    A. Except as provided in subsection B of this section, a person is justified in threatening or using physical force against another when and to the extent a reasonable person would believe that physical force is immediately necessary to protect himself against the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force.

    B. The threat or use of physical force against another is not justified:

    1. In response to verbal provocation alone; or

    2. To resist an arrest that the person knows or should know is being made by a peace officer or by a person acting in a peace officer’s presence and at his direction, whether the arrest is lawful or unlawful, unless the physical force used by the peace officer exceeds that allowed by law; or

    3. If the person provoked the other’s use or attempted use of unlawful physical force, unless:

    (a) The person withdraws from the encounter or clearly communicates to the other his intent to do so reasonably believing he cannot safely withdraw from the encounter; and

    (b) The other nevertheless continues or attempts to use unlawful physical force against the person.

    13-411. Justification; use of force in crime prevention; applicability

    A. A person is justified in threatening or using both physical force and deadly physical force against another if and to the extent the person reasonably believes that physical force or deadly physical force is immediately necessary to prevent the other’s commission of arson of an occupied structure under section 13-1704, burglary in the second or first degree under section 13-1507 or 13-1508, kidnapping under section 13-1304, manslaughter under section 13-1103, second or first degree murder under section 13-1104 or 13-1105, sexual conduct with a minor under section 13-1405, sexual assault under section 13-1406, child molestation under section 13-1410, armed robbery under section 13-1904 or aggravated assault under section 13-1204, subsection A, paragraphs 1 and 2.

    B. There is no duty to retreat before threatening or using physical force or deadly physical force justified by subsection A of this section.

    C. A person is presumed to be acting reasonably for the purposes of this section if the person is acting to prevent what the person reasonably believes is the imminent or actual commission of any of the offenses listed in subsection A of this section.

    D. This section includes the use or threatened use of physical force or deadly physical force in a person’s home, residence, place of business, land the person owns or leases, conveyance of any kind, or any other place in this state where a person has a right to be.

    There is no need to flee, no restriction on bodily injury or death and no limit to the amount of force that is applied in response.

    Furthermore in 2009 Arizona passed a bill retroactively returning Arizona to the status quo of 1997 wherein self defense is not an affirmative defense. This is currently codified in ARS 13-205

    A.R.S 13-205 Affirmative defenses; justification; burden of proof
    A. Except as otherwise provided by law, a defendant shall prove any affirmative defense raised by a preponderance of the evidence. Justification defenses under chapter 4 of this title are not affirmative defenses. Justification defenses describe conduct that, if not justified, would constitute an offense but, if justified, does not constitute criminal or wrongful conduct. If evidence of justification pursuant to chapter 4 of this title is presented by the defendant, the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act with justification.

    The last paragraph essentially places the burden of proof on the State (see State v. King, No. CR-09-0333-PR.)

  3. If what Gus Searcy is saying is true, then Kirk Nurmi & Jennifer Wilmott CAN and SHOULD subpoena him and force him to provide the names of those that can speak up for Jodi. THEN, they need to subpoena THOSE persons who can testify to Travis’ violent behavior. Unfortunately this interview is really meaningless and will be filed away as more untruths unless the witnesses speak to the abuse. It doesn’t matter “IF she killed him”, we KNOW she did, she admitted it. So that person or persons’ comments to Gus are irrelevant and unimportant in light of the bigger picture!!!! Because this is a DP case, someone “not wanting to get involved” is of no consequence at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wouldn’t Kirk Nurmi IMMEDIATELY subpoena Mr Searcy????

    • Because Gus has pleaded the fifth on one issue in this case. Once a witness pleads the fifth, under almost all circumstances the court will not allow any further testimony by the witness. If they do, then there is a real chance that the pleading of the fifth in front of a jury can be prejudicial to one side or the other. Even though the jury is not supposed to infer anything from the exercise of one’s rights under the Fifth amendment, numerous courts have held that allowing a witness to plead the fifth in front of a jury is prejudicial.

      Hence, if there is even a chance that such a thing will occur, the judge will normally allow the pleading to happen in the absence of the jury and thereafter the witness will not be allowed on the stand.

      Hence no Mr Searcy.

        • I thought he took the fifth. I remember something about that, and folks asking him if he had an attorney, etc. This was after JM asked him who was in the car with him. They then broke for the day, and i don’t know what happened thereafter.

          • No he didn’t hew said can I, and then he proceeded to tell the name of the woman he was with he had filed legal papers for her, and wanted to protect her name. he also gave an interview on Court TV he was very good.

  4. Yay Gus!

    I wish some of those women would come forward. They think who cares since she killed him? They don’t care if she gets put to death?

    Wow. I could not do that. I would not want someone else to be falsely characterized by my lack of testimony.

    Considering that many of his “targets” were PPL women, I’m not surprised they are afraid to come out also.

    • i’m with you on that Bee Cee!! Way to go Gus!! He seems to be addressiing some serious stuff on that interview,it’s too sad that the interviewer is just NOT listening to him! Even when he raises some good valid points she goes back to that old sh*t ”Do you know of other instances of TA being violent?”
      I cant help but wondering,what kind of cruel society is this we’re living in?People knowing,having evidence to support someone but prefering to hide it for fear of upsetting their life’s harmony and balance? I wouldnt be able to do that either,nor even sleep at nights knowing I could have said sth to help another person but chose to sort of take the secret to my grave.It’s just sad and sounds a bit selfish,IMHO.

      • Yes, but since when did any interviewer on Fox News listen? 😉

        Surely to God if Anyone has information they should be subpoena’d–this IS a Kangaroo court and I couldn’t sleep at night if I knew anything that would help Jodi.

        As a Brit my eyes have been opened so wide at the American justice or should I say, INjustice system–its horrific..

        I hope to God she’s aquitted.

      • The reason they do not come forward is because basically they are told not to. In the powers at be, they probably consider Jodi to be Satanic. The religion is fear based and you can never ever question anything. Telling a lie in the name of God is permitted. If you stumble and fall, the slate is wiped clean every Sunday. I know these things because my son is a Mormon convert and the message was told to my twin grandchildren, age 8 at their baptism. Gus is right on about a big Mormon coverup.I still believe that the room mates, Matt and Enrique know so much more than what they told Flores.

        • The judge would not have spoken to him due to procedures, Gus did everything he could he did not plead the 5th, You can ask to speak to judge till the cows come home but it is not the procedure. When you plead the 5th you can’t just plead the 5th on certain information he did testify.
          You testify or you don’t you can be held in contempt of court. that is why he told the truth. Martinez was trying to make implications he made a fool of Martinez he already has made it clear about the duplicity of certain people and where he believes the cover up is due to.

    • Not that it’s right, but after seeing, hearing and reading some of the comments on hater sights and the national media calling for Jodi to be tortured and murderd byt he penal system even before her trail is over, those other victims might be in fear for their lives or unable to handle the pressure that Jodi has been bravely enduring. She did them a favor as far as i am concerned, but some folks just cant handle it.

  5. This case is clearly involving a larger picture that goes beyond the trial, itself. Under the law, a citizen accused of even the most heinous of crimes involving several or more individuals is supposed to still have access to a fair trial, in which he or she is assumed innocent until proven guilty. The bullying and other questionable tactics used to accuse and grill Jodi day after day by the prosecutor are not necessary for any professional lawyer to use to effectively get at the truth, although they can definitely help to break down the accused or expose him or her to a nightmare of an experience, to which day after day of seemingly never-ending and skeptical questions by a jury of well-meaning people doesn’t make the experience any more bearable or necessarily conducive to getting to the truth. At any rate, these are questions of procedure and other trial-related court matters that the state of Arizona may well need to review, not to mention their seeming interpretation of what consitutes a fair trial.

    But, in the larger scope of things, one can’t help but wonder if it is necessary for news stations to pick and choose what they want to “investigate” or report, as well as give incomplete and misleading or even erroneous data about Jodi as her trial progresses. Is it necessary for press and television to report and broadcast minute-to-minute trial testimony, details of her life behind bars, including what she is eating in jail, and constant appearances by Travis “friends,” including members of his business and church community, roomates, and even a psychic or “intuitive” who got “bad” vibes about Jodi-hardly the substance educating the public about the trial but all about ratings and profit that come by exploiting the accused DURING her trial.

    It is absolutely appalling that the state of Arizona would try a woman to give her a death sentence, not sequester the jury, and allow the press free rein to turn what should be a fair trial into a media circus event with tabloid-style reporting and “reality” televsion focused on an individual whose very life or death is on the line. There should also be a concern about the discriminatory nature of what the public needs to know, i.e. why Jodi and only certain other individuals have to go through this kind of in-depth, total courtroom and biased, seemingly “anything goes” media treatment, while others, also standing accused and known nationally for heinous acts of murder, even involving more than one person, do not. It is also highly probable that the media is directly responsible for BUILDING such a hatred for her that we see today. Even in my community, I have heard such hatred for her based simply on what my coworkers and neighbors, etc. know of her from what they’ve read and heard about her, some of which is so over-the-top not true and lacking in fact or objectivity, it is really sad. I pray for Jodi in light of the so-called “fair” trial she is receiving in the courtroom as well as outside of it.

    Finally, does anyone know if there are any laws currently being proposed or challenged that might help others going to trial not have to go through the media circus Jodi is experiencing? How much responsibility and accountability does the press in a murder trial in letting the public know when they are reporting their opinions rather than facts or for sensationalizing, manipulating, and omitting data in order to shape public opinion for their own purpose and benefit? If anyone knows and is willing to share, I’d love to hear.

      • Jodi did file a restraining order against In Session in 2011 claiming what they were saying about her would taint a potential jury but it was denied, she appealed and it was denied again. Obviously they don’t care what is being said about her on these hokey shows.

          • Seems like with Jodi they have really lowered the barr to what is the future.
            With Jodi they allow any and everything in EVEN though they sat “send your children out”.

            Even though they are the immature ones!
            They are a total insult to what the media has become. Is it all Tabloid junky crap now?
            I am really sick of them and hate giving these stations by watching them.

            Soon I WILL find a place other than In Session and HLN..
            I would rather them put it on channels that you paid to see the trials and put the talking bobblehead weirdos out of work..

    • Here is what I don’t understand – if there’s truly enough evidence to convict Jodi, then why the media blitz? Why go so far as to construct a replica of Travis’ bathroom and closet to prove a point? Why the constant onslaught of attacks against Jodi if what they are saying is true? If they are so right that Jodi premeditated this, if they believe it 100%, why the constant attempt to convince everyone else of it? I mean, so WHAT if other people don’t believe it? Why is there the incessant need to squash any doubt that Jodi premeditated this killing?

      The fact that HLN is so aggressive in their over the top coverage makes me believe they are trying to purposefully taint the jury to secure a conviction. But justice isn’t about securing a conviction. It’s about finding the truth and applying the system to reflect that truth. HLN pretends to care about justice, but how can they since they don’t care about the truth?

      • Agree MB – intentional jury tainting while inflaming lost people is my interpretation of that network.

      • MB, I don’t think that the reason HLN or any of the slanderous media keeps repeating all the salacioisness they can muster, is because they want to convince anyone of her guilt. Sadly, most that watch tgose shows, are convinced already, as are the hosts of those shows. Innocent before proven? This is all about programming and ratings.

        • I agree about the ratings, and I agree that HLN viewers for the most part are already convinced. Still, if they are already raking in the ratings by people who already think they are correct, why the blitzkreig on reasonable doubt? If the case is open, shut, dunked and slammed; why go through the trouble of chewing up and spitting out anyone who doesn’t agree, or bats for the defense? There’s a lot they could talk about this case that doesn’t involve the constant stream of “Jodi is a sociopath” repeated twenty times a day.

          They keep saying that the forensics proves the case, so if they really truly believe that, why aren’t they talking about that instead? Why construct a replica of the bathroom and closet not knowing what the shelving was made out of or how it was put together, if a bullet to the face and 29 stab wounds is enough?

          It’s just bizarre to me. So the only conclusion I can think of, is that they are trying to convince people to join their hate bandwagon. Or worse, they are trying to convince themselves because they know they are wrong.

          • MB,
            I’m convinced they want people to hate her and if the jury doesn’t convict her of 1st degree and the death penaty, they want everyone to hate who was on the jury.
            They’s all about hate.

            I know this is wrong, but I have to go into JVM because the trial is still on through her show, BUT for 2 years I have completely stayed away from HLN. NOW IN Session is just as bad and I hate watching the same talking heads.

            The public doesn’t reall watch the whole trial. they’ll grab some off of the ( SLUT ) shows and they believe it.
            Anyone that really watches the trial has a different opinion.
            So they’re counting on the majority that doesn’t have time to watch the trial, to watch them and their lies and hate and bullying and that’s all that they get.

            Their shows about bullying and hate are all bogus! They’re their untimate worse kind of hypocrite!

        • yes they are not supose to,but you can’t tell me as long as this is going on that they haven’t hrard anything.The media may as well take a P.A. and drive around anouncing it.I think this is stupid that the jury wasn’t sequestered.Thats the problem I see coming someones gonna admit they heard something.

          • I don’t believe for a minute that they haven’t seen some of it.
            That’s why they are showing Jodi doing exersizes and laughing ( both of witch distress you )
            like she a real weirdo and saying BUT the jury doesn’t het to see this.

            How long was she in the interrogation room?
            And was she limited to anything she could do?
            Then it was all legal.
            They bring up the stupidest things to try and prove she’s nuts,
            There are your real nuts!

    • Amen Mattie! As an AZ resident (formerly from NYC), I have noticed that out here, it’s a lot like the wild, wild west of folklore when it comes to laws. I have not seen or read of any new laws being considered in regards to changing how things are done in tese types of cases.

      What burns me also, is how “Dr.” Drew, goes on TV giving his “expert” OPINION on a woman he has never met or spoken to, much less treated and speaks with such authority on the matter as if it is facts he is spouting. This to me is reckless and careless practice as many people will take his side simply because he has the initials Dr. in front of his credentials and agrees with their hate rhetoric.

      I hate mob mentallities. Too often, people quickly choose a side despite have ALL of the facts or hearing both sides and the media knows this. This is reckless reporting and dangerous practice. I wish the vicitms of these media mobsters could sue for defamation of character when they get aquitted of crimes because even after the circus is over, the victims lives are ruined. I would hire Jodi and house her after this is over, but she will likely do time for something in this case. I would advise her to change her name and work under that name and she could work from home. Going out and living normally after this will be impossible for this poor child though.

      • Oh and the part about not sequestering a jury in this case…OMG! Unbelieveable! You can not convince me that they are not listening to, discussing or watching anything related to this case. That in itself is reckless!

  6. I am new to this site, but I have been following the trial from the beginning. I know that it is kind of crazy to feel so strongly about someone you have never met, but I have become very emotional several times throughout the course of this trial. Just to see the sadness and defeat on her face kills me. Not only that, but to turn the television on and see all of these so-called “professional” legal analysts ridicule and constantly bash this woman, enrages me. Who the hell are these people to judge anyone? Especially NG and her herd of imbeciles over at HLN. Yes, she killed him. We know that. But the simple fact is, no one ever knows what goes on behind closed doors. They wonder why she never mentioned it or documented it in her journal. Do you really think that any abused woman broadcasts to her friends and family “Well, he sure kicked my ass good last night, check these gnarly bruises out!”? Hell no, they don’t. The simple fact is that it is extremely embarrassing for a woman in an abusive relationship to admit what is really going on. You are always afraid that the blame will be placed on you or that you are a dumbass for staying with him. I have been through it. I know. As far as the journal, usually you document the things that are significant to you and that you always want to be able to look back on and reminisce. I definitely would not want to open my journal 10-20 years down the road and relive the experience of getting choked out or getting my ass kicked. JM is a sorry excuse for a man and is a total disgrace to the legal system. He must have missed the casting call the day Jim Henson held auditions for Fozzie Bear, because I am sure that he would not be a prosecutor right now had he not. I want to throw things at the television when that pint sized bastard is running that hole in his face. The judge is totally biased and puts up with way too much of JM’s bullshit. He should not be allowed to badger the witnesses as he has been doing. I also cannot, for the life of me, figure out why in the hell this jury has not been sequestered. This trial is exactly like Casey’s and has entirely too much publicity for them not to be sequestered. When they go home at night there is no way to know if they are watching TV, getting online or talking to their families about it. TA’s sisters are also another issue that I have. You have the one with the really weird long face that always looks like she has been sucking on lemons and the other one whose eyes must only know how to roll around in their sockets. I understand that they have lost a loved one, but they should respect the courts and the process due to Jodi for a fair trial. They should not be allowed to make any facial expressions or gestures that could sway the jury. This whole trial has been f’d in the A from the get go. Sorry for the rant, but I believe that I am the only one in my area that doesn’t want to see this girl put to death, so I have no one to vent to! LOL
    P.S. has anyone seen the drawing that was for sale on Ebay that Sheriff Arpaio put up for auction at a benefit? It was won by this person and they said they tried to contact the family to return it, but they wouldn’t respond. So he was trying to sell it for $1800.00. It is an incredible drawing. Jodi has such an incredible talent and I hate to see it go to waste all because she chose her life over her abuser’s.

    • Welcome and what you say about how you dont understand why you fall so deeply into this trial, is what many of us feel. We feel an inexplicable connection to Jodi, probably because 1.) her story is our story or 2.) its that of someone dear to us, who this could have happened to.
      Add the above to the incredible unfair media coverage, and injustice of her not being fed… bullying by the prosection, and unfair court decisions by the judge, and we have the ultimate underdog situation.

      I think it speaks to all of us.

    • I know what you mean. I have cried often during this trial about someone I never met. I can’t think of another time in my life that I have done this. I never took pictures or talked to anyone other than my therapist about my ex-husband’s abuse and that was near the end. There are many times he came at me and I was fearful and I could have been forced to defend myself and kill him. I just can’t imagine how tough it was for Jodi to sit in that chair and to be questioned day by day about all these things that you never want anyone knowing about you. I was lucky to get away but sometimes it is not that easy. I never wanted anyone to know and hid it very well. I felt ashamed and stupid for staying with an abusive man for so long and it was hard to talk about it. He was also a leader in the church we attended and everyone thought he was a saint. They didn’t believe me of course when I left him and that is why I never told anyone before I left him. I remember him cussing me out most Sunday Mornings as we headed to church. He controlled everyone I was in contact with and I never left the house without him. I had no friends. I even quit my job due to his abuse and harsh demands of no outside contact. Before I met him I was a successful accountant and a very strong independent woman. Slowly over time little by little he controlled more and more of my llife. The last person I had left was my mom who he “allowed” to come over when it was good for him. I remember once when I had major surgury he “allowed” her to come take care of me because he did not want to. My sweet mom was forced to stay outside the house in the yard when he came home after work until he went to bed so he did not have to see her. She was my last lifelink to the outside world. So this can happen to anyone and I think that is why I have become so emotional about this case and about her fate. So I am not surprised not many knew about the abuse. This makes me believe even more that she was abused because she did not talk about it.

      • I understand very well for those especially that were abused.
        I cry all of the time for Jodi myself, even though I have NEVER been abused.
        The idiots even try to say thay Jodi is a bad enfluence on abused women?????????????
        They are wrong!

    • I agree with Leanne,this trial is so out of line,I too have never mey Jodi,but I cant explain the effect this beautiful young woman has had on me.The media and all the posts,blogs etc are so easily available and I said it before that this is a trial that is swayed and predijusted against Jodi should be called a mistrial.THERE IS NOW WAY IN HELL THAT THE JURRORS ARE NOT SOMEHOW INFLUENCED BY THE CONSTANT RAIN OF THE MEDIA.Its amazing how many people are legal experts all of a sudden,I feel so bad for Jodi,its a big uphill battle with a JUDGE THAT SEEMS TO BE BIAS towards the prosecutor.I cant believe the amount of people out for blood in this case,I guess the legal system wants to make an example out of Jodi because of the Casey Anthony case,SOOO SAD.This young lady has made an grave error in her life,one I would think that she could change it if she could.Its so upsetting to know that all this hatred is angainst Jodi,she tried to plead to murder 2,she has tried other numerous things and to no avail,the system is against her.Also this thing about the gas cans,I drove through Utah and yes if I was a young woman I would take extra gas,there are miles of road there with no services,especially in a car that you dont know how far it would go on a tank.I believe in Jodi and hope that she walks free.A comment on the murder,why if you went to kill someone would you spend 8 hours at their residence,she could have shot him when he was sleeping or in the shower,she also had no idea if the room mates would show up.The roomate thing is suspicious,so is a cover up possibly by the church.There are a lot of people that have two sides to them that no one ever knows,TA could have been like that.What ever transpired that day must have been horrific as I dont believe tha Jodi could have inflicted all that damage to TA.I have a hollow feeling in my stomach about this trial,it is so one sided,I hope at least one jurror can see this.GOD BLESS JODI.

      • Yes I have a funny feeling that there is a cover up.I think one of the roommates could have cut T.A. throat..They or he might of found him,probably jodi had shot him and staged the seen to make it look worst than it was,just to get jodi in more trouble.

  7. Off topic here, but if the gas cans were used solely to prevent Jodi from having to stop for gas for fear of being captured on video while on the way to Travis’ then what is JM’s explanation for why she filled them again in Salt Lake City for the trip back to California?

  8. Wow, Gus makes some great points, and he and I are in complete agreement in regard to what we think went down on June 4th 2008.

    I can see why people are afraid to come forward – the public lynch mob is out of control.

    • Your right Kira. And I so blv there are others AND MARRIED MORMAN woman that can testify, but they wont!!! For one, they’re married, they’re not going to come out n give themselves a bad name for jodi (they were probably jealous of her anyway). Second, they’re belief and sticking by eachother comes before the law no matter what. To me its SICK!!

      Now everyone wants to talk shit about dr Samuel and they for sure hate Gus even more. They swear that Gus n Jodi had to have something more then friends. Whatever! !! And now they’ve gone against Greta for allowing Gus to say what he has.

      I think out of all the reporters, Greta has been one of a few (if not the only one) keeping it fair to both sides.
      I commented on her website n let her know that shes done a good job. I don’t want her to read all these hate msgs shes getting and switch sides.

      Here is the website, maybe some of you guys can send her a msg too.

      • Anyone who chooses to testify will be crucified. Especially if they come out in favor of Jodi. I can see where many would not have the strength and fortitude. I believe if I had anything that would help her, even to my own detriment or Travis’s I would have to let it be known. I pray that those with any knowledge find their strength to let the light of truth shine on their hearts and minds.

          • Well I can say for a fact I am not the majority I guess. I had to testify before about a accident an the 2 drivers that were ahead of me were co workers. But they were also friends as far as work goes. An I did get up there an tell the truth I never looked at them well only t to say it was them an though an I felt bad really but I could not lie a young girl died in that accident an may not have if my 2 co workers would have slowed down to my pace on the big road on the snow an not been showing off like big men with big attitudes.

            An I never talked to them again either I was ashamed they would want me to lie for them when someone died not only because of them but the young people were speeding for the road conditions also but the BIG RIG drivers we are suppose to be professional drivers an they were not being that night in my eyes not at all. 80,000 pound Big Truck is not a race car or a snow mobile an it is not funny to be flying down the road on ice an snow in Alabama not funny an not cool at all. A life could have been saved a daughter still here if the 2 men ahead of me listened instead of being the big men that were invincible on snow an ice with 80,000 pounds pushing them down the big road.

            The strangest thing about that court the JURY was sitting directly in front of me ! the Lawyers were on the left an right hand side. Was a horrible day that a hour seemed like it lasted forever. An the mother crying to my right is something I will never forget horrible day.

    • Monday night…and you KNOW that they’ll use shitty, flimsy shelves and move as slowly as they can get away with. HLN is such a piece of shit channel.

      • I might give up my boycott of HLN, if I know they will be really be reenacitng it, and using real weapons on each other 🙂

        • or if when the reenactor stomps heavily on the shelf, the whole edifice comes crashing down on her, shelves flying down thump thump thump thump on her, one concussion at the time, needing lengthy rehabilitation, plastic surgery and $ N millions lawsuit.

    • I am a big person… and worse.. omg… I am SHORT. I often put my foot on a similar shelf and quickly heft myself up to grab something. The shelves not only hold me up, but have not broken yet. I am 100 percent that Jodi could have done exactly what she said.

      They will no doubt use pathetic soft pressed board, or have it scored to break or something. Also… Travis had an elaborate closet “SYSTEM” which means that overall screwed to the walls and other pieces, it would be firm. with a quick step up and grasp and jump down to run with the gun out to the hall… it would have held up JUST FINE.

    • No kidding huh!! They’ll come up with some bullshit pressboard, it’ll snap or shift and they’ll be like “see!? See this proves it!”

      smh. How stupid do they think we are? But then again, look at the gaggle of morons following after HLN’s version of events. They’d believe if they used cardboard in place of wood, so it’s not like the bar has to be set very high.

    • People react differently under stress as well. They wont be under stress and the conditions will not be exactly like the day of the killing. So whatever HLN.

  9. Okay, wait just a flipping minute!!! Somebody needs to help me work this out in my head because I was not aware of Jodi calling anyone immediately after killing Travis. I thought her phone was dead. But, that’s not what isn’t sitting well with me.

    Greta: “The night Travis was killed, you received a call from Jodi, didn’t you?”
    Gus: “Yeah, it was about 3:30 in the morning when my phone rang. I saw it was Jodi and answered the call. She was crying so I asked her what was wrong and she said Travis is dead. I asked her what happened and she said she didn’t know…..”

    Loose quotes, of course, but close enough. Bear with me as I try to sort this out…..

    When Jodi fired that gun she says she doesn’t remember consciously pulling the trigger. She says the gun “went off”. This can be explained as the onset of the fight or flight instinct kicking in. Gun goes off and, still, Travis is coming at her like a linebacker as if she missed him completely. I would imagine Jodi’s thoughts are something like, “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK!” I know mine would be and they’d be accompanied by a facepalm. as it would surely be applicable in such a situation.

    Travis makes contact with Jodi and they’re on their way to the ground, the moment her body slams to the ground under his weight, the impact knocks the wind out of her. Her subconscious and conscious mind abandon ship, jumping on the wind as it’s knocked out of her, in hopes to be carried as far away from what was about to take place as possible. Fight or flight instinct is now the only thing controlling her. She has no soul, she has no mind, and she has no heart. She is purely primitive in her basic instinct to survive. With no mind there is no place to record or store memory and with no heart no remorse or emotion exists. In other words, I GET THIS AND BELIEVE IN THIS AS A THEORY AND PRACTICE IN GENERAL. But, in Jodi’s case, I now question if this happened to her. Because, Travis was still alive, very much so and fighting her so hard she feared he was alive enough to kill her, hence, fight or flight kicking in. But instinct takes over and her brain takes off so cue fog. This means, as she has testified, she has absolutely no recollection of events after being body slammed, which, came before the knifing. Which, means the last memory she has of him and their altercation is of him being very alive. So, why then, would she call Gus hours after the killing, and tell him Travis was dead? That makes Gus the second person to know Travis was dead 5 days before his body would even be found! Gus knew Travis and Jodi through PPL and attended events. They all traveled in the same circles, knew the same people. Travis was very well known and admired in the company. News of his death would spread like wildfire….news of his death DID spread as such once his body was discovered. So, Gus learns Travis is dead and says nothing to anyone in that 5 days before the rest of the world is let in on the secret? Not only does he not call any mutual friends to share the news, but, he doesn’t find it odd that nobody else is talking about this?

    I don’t like this. Not one bit. My brain cannot go through anymore scenarios. I do not want to examine evidence for signs of an accomplice. If he is telling the truth, best case scenario is that Jodi called him to confess she had shot Travis but nothing happened from what she saw and he attacked her, she blacked out and doesn’t know what happened, but she got away from him somehow because one minute she’s under him fighting for her life and the next she’s in the desert holding Travis’ gun. Gus tells her to calm down and asks where she is. She tells him she’s not sure. He advises her to toss the gun into the desert and pull over so she can get some rest. I could speculate that he either met Jodi back at Travis’ and that’s when the body was moved into the shower and washed off, the shoe print in the blood belonging to Gus or even Jodi at that point as she’d have shoes on then.I could also speculate that, per Jodi’s direction where the laundry room was located, Gus gathered the stuff that would be found in the washer, having no idea a camera was even a factor, and started the cycle. However, given the blood evidence found on the washing machine was consistent more with a drop of blood than a transfer smudge, it was likely Jodi doing laundry. But, to speculate like this only creates more questions and I have to reach farther and farther to come up with answers that are, at least, a little plausible. I have to be honest, when I speculate like this, I feel like I’m moving further away from what really happened and, as someone who relies heavily on my intuition and my track record for accuracy that is in the low 90th percentile, I have no choice but to abandon the scenario I’ve created. And so back to square one I go, kicking and screaming.

    I NEED YOUR THOUGHTS, PEOPLE, PLEASE! Right now, for me, this is bad for Jodi. I still do not believe DP is appropriate in accordance to the crime and nothing will change my mind. Even if she DID premeditate, which, I don’t believe she did, I would not support DP for a first offender with no record prior to this crime to speak of and not one violent incident in her past. I said this before in a previous post but, until they start sticking lethal needles into the arms of the men and women in prison serving life w/o parole or less for crimes of a sexual nature committed against children that resulted in death, not one needle should claim the life of someone who has killed only once….premeditated or not.

      • Thats what I believe BeeCee, he has confused the dates…but why? I keep hearing that comment from him, “I have info that can help Jodi or hurt her”…something about Gus just doesn’t sit right. I think he loves being in the public eye…and do not really put alot of faith in what he says. Jodi has never said she called Gus that night to tell him. I dont think she said she ever called him about it.

        • ” I think he loves being in the public eye…”

          I don’t think that is an accurate assessment. If that were truly the case he would have done like c hughes, d hall, and abe a (whatever his name is) and been in the media WAY before now.

          • Why people shred Gus is ridiculous he has his cell phone he has stated over and over again that the records would prove him right, Besides all these Freaks appearing on HLN , I think Gus is not a Media Hog unlike Travis Cult friends who make appearances daily on these Trashy programs.

    • Krystal, that is why “MY” thought have always gone back to the two intruders story she told first. It mskes more sense. For some reason, it always ends up there. Have u given THAT senerio any thoughts???

      And im with you 100% about the DP.

      • I tend to agree with the merging multi-person theory.
        There just had to be more than one person to pull this off.

        Face it, far from being a carefully premeditated murder by a naive idealist, whoever did the deed made a ton of what appears to be deliberately “unforced errors.” Jodi is much smarter than that. And the actual killers were smart enough to leave a crime scene that incriminates Jodi.

        You good people are starting to really percolate with the mystery solving.
        Here are some sites for you that I found informative.
        Definitely more than I wanted to know.
        The problem is, that without knowing, nothing makes any sense.

        I find the appearance of the ring in the kitchen on Thursday very intriguing.
        Thanks for that info.

        Juan Martinez, Prosecutor
        Death sought for Scott Falater – Sleep-walking murderer
        Former LDS high councilor
        (Phoenix) AZ Republic 17Dec99 D2
        By Jerry Kammer: The Arizona Republic

        Another Juan Martinez weird prosecution:
        Doug Grant, murdered wife, botched trial

        Juan Martinez
        The Jodi Arias Trial

        2007 The Mormon Curtain – ROBERT D. HALES

        1985 The Mormon Murders – Why the Cover Up
        Returned Mormon Missionary: Mark Hofmann – Pipe Bombs

        Blood Flows in Utah – Blood Atonement is for real


      • Call me “bigoted” or “predudicial”, I simply do not believe in executing women unless its an extraordinary thing like a Timothy McVeigh type of crime.

          • Actually at the trial, Manson and his followers were given the death penalty, but when California eliminated the death penalty, every one on death row at the time were given life instead. What I have a problem with that is if they were on death row, they should have been given life with no parole.

          • Right!!! Manson never wielded a knife like Joseph Smith, I guess the logic is that Hitler didn’t personally Gas anyone?? A Cult is a Cult, The DP was over turned in California.

    • If you click on The Flores Report above it will have a drop down menu called the Detailed Breakdown…it is in a numerical and chronological order of events taken from the Flores report and put into an easy reading format…if you only read everything from morning to midnight on June 4th…you will see that both roommates had interactions with Travis on that Wednesday morning June 4th…it was Zach’s day off from work so he was in and out of Travis house that day..Zach said he had to take his own car rental to turn in…and then there’s Enrique that is talking to Travis in the morning before he goes to work…Zach leaves the home and returns to the home in the early afternoon to late afternoon hours…then Enrique comes to Travis’ house from work at 6-6:30pm…

      I am learning to use this word more because of JM…POSSIBLE…ISN’T IT POSSIBLE…COULD BE POSSIBLE…

      POSSIBLY figure out how Jodi supposedly played dodge ball with the two roommates in and out during the time that she was supposed to have washed two loads of clothes…Travis’ clothes and camera was found in the washer and his comforter and sheets were found in dryer…

      Zach told the detective Monday night on June 9th that he washed clothes on Wednesday June 4th…I believe at that time he wasn’t afraid to say that he washed and dried clothes on Wednesday because the officers said that the body was in the shower for at least a day or two…meaning Sunday or Monday…

      I believe that Zach was in the home when the gunshot went off…and he entered the bedroom with the key that he keeps of Travis’bedroom and I feel that he cut Travis with the knife and put him in the shower…penalty of mormonism is in 3 stages…stage 1 cut the throat…stage 2 stab the heart..stage 3 make numerous cuts on the body…and remember the shoe print that was left in the blood that looks like a sneaker shoe print…and the shell casing setting on top of the blood…

      POSSIBLY during this time Jodi is in shock and she had fled the scene…and the roommate cleans up the room somewhat and locks the bedroom door…then he washes the bed clothes and Travis’ clothes… then left everything as is…and on Thursday…Enrique’s girlfriend finds Travis’ ring on the island in the kitchen…the ring that he is never seen without wearing…

      POSSIBLY…they are just waiting for someone like Marie Hall to come looking for Travis eventually…and I believe that is the reason that they roommates totally ignored the decomposition smell that permeated the entire house for days…Enrique is the only one that admitted that he smelled it to the detective but said that he just didn’t say anything about it…

      And once the roommates and others are being questioned immediately when the police and the detectives arrive after 10 pm that Monday night June 9th…EVERYONE of them starts pointing fingers at Jodi..

      POSSIBLY…it is like it was set up for her to take the ritual killing of Travis too…

      POSSIBLY…all those other girls that have kept quiet…that could have helped Jodi…God is listening and God is watching…and God will not sweep their behavior under the rug…what goes around comes around…I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear bad things happening to them over the next year or so…

      • “POSSIBLY…all those other girls that have kept quiet…that could have helped Jodi…God is listening and God is watching…and God will not sweep their behavior under the rug…what goes around comes around…I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear bad things happening to them over the next year or so…”

        yep, god/goddess knows what people do.

        A bad thing already happened to poor Ashley and all she did was call an anonymous tip in on her soon to be ex husband…sure it was a suicide…some people know how to make a killing look like suicide..

        • I’m with you BeeCee. SURE it was suicide. Wonder what life was like for her once the “Flores report” came out. I hope to God Sky H@ghes is forced to tell what she knows under oath!!

      • ”POSSIBLY…they are just waiting for someone like Marie Hall to come looking for Travis eventually…and I believe that is the reason that they roommates totally ignored the decomposition smell that permeated the entire house for days…”

        Right onTruthseeker!!!
        I was listening to the audio of Trial Day 1,Mimi Hall’s testimony in particular.May I add that POSSIBLY the roomates chose to ignore the pounding on the door that she testified went on for 1 to 2 minutes before finally deciding to go through the garage door.Suuuuure there was music coming from the roomate’s bedroom but how deaf can one be NOT to hear a pounding on their door for 2 minutes???But then again ,hey this is all speculation on our parts ,RIGHT??

      • But Jodi said in court that she dropped the knife and screamed so that would mean his roommate couldn’t have done the knifing?

        • As I recall it, Jodi said she remembered HEARING the knife hit the tile floor – and SCREAMED.
          If that is what she actually said, then some other person, wielding the knife used to butcher Travis, might have dropped the knife to the floor, creating that memory.

          I cannot get away from a hypnosis theory. It is POSSIBLE that a person really good at using it could have put Jodi into a trance state w/o her knowing it.

          It is POSSIBLE that they could have selectively erased memories, and replace them with what they want Jodi to BELIEVE happened, ie that it was she who committed the killing. (Putting her more under their control.)

          She “accepts” that she was holding the gun when it went off (were her finger prints found on that gun?), because the post crime evidence leads her to believe she is the only one who was with Travis when the killing took place.

          But she says she did NOT even realize that Travis was actually shot when the gun fired.

          She said she does NOT remember any of the other acts, which actually were the “cause of death,” as being in her memory as happening. (ie she does not have a “Testimony” of those acts happening.)

          Think about her state of mind, with several years of being conditioned by:
          Brainwashing by:
          mormon doctrine,
          Travis (trained by PPL),
          Cult-like submission to belief in
          “The Law of Attraction” & “The Secret”
          (Both of the above are condemned by mormon doctrine as tapping into the power of Lucifer, which would put Jodi’s brain in a state of conflict.)

          I would bet the defense’s expert brain function witness would confirm that all of the above would leave Jodi in an extremely vulnerable and suggestible state for those who would use her.

          As much as MY brain does not want to believe any of this, I have already posted a number of sources that confirm that it IS POSSIBLE.

          • Chelion, I don’t think she would need to be hypnotized to have false memories. I believe that it is documented that people can falsely remember sexual abuse.

            IF she really didn’t know what happened, due to being semi/fully knocked out concussion etc, I can see her trying to have those memories in order to “please” everyone…

            She did say she remembers putting a knife in the dishwasher but that it could be from another time she did dishes…maybe her brain is trying to create memories.

            • Hi Beecee! Happy Sunday,

              False memory syndrome is highly debatable and controversial from what I’v read. It’s a theory with an agenda and many professionals assert it rvictimizes those who have been sexually abused. Some say the theory is part of a conspiracy promoted by those who want to cover up sex abuse. With this theory, the blame is put on the therapists by saying they suggest sex abuse and help form the false memory in the client. The link below talks false memory sydrome, how memories of traumatic events surface etc.


              • Thanks for the link JC!

                I think false memory could apply in many circumstances. I wonder if there is any research into this.

                Think about how credible eye witness testimony is…it is not…is that a form of false memory?

                hmm… i think to think about this more.

              • I believe in repressed memory syndrome I know people who had it but never reported it. This exist. Very interesting especially prior to surplussed memory. But also can be used the other way when people have no sense of self they can easily be brainwashed by cults or psychiatrist who are quacks et6c.

    • Gus always said he had info that would either save her or hurt her. The time of call is my guess that this was it.

    • I think he is confused on the date also they need to check the phone records that is not that hard to do.

    • Krystal,

      I got goose bumps reading your post. I’ ve been spooked by thoughts about HYPNOTISM.

      I just lost a long post I was writing on here. I found some weird associations of murders that it seemed like the defendants had been in a trance.

      Tags “Juan Martinez, AZ , mormon murders.”

      One loving husband knifed his wife multiple times in a sleep walking state, then submersed her in the family swimming pool. Eerily, he put bloody clothing in the hatch back of the car, along with the knife, inside a tupperware bowl.

      Another husband pushed his wife over a cliff, she survived, but drowned three days later in the bathtub after taking 5 Ambien. She left notes saying she wanted to live long enough to see her husband marry his new girlfriend. She laid out her mormon burial clothes on the bed for her trip into the eternal celestial kingdom, to awat her husband, his new wife, and various family children from several different couplings.

      Post hypnotic suggestion at work?

      Doug Grant_horribly unfair trial, very similar to Jodi’s, with nobody crying fowl!

      That “Law of Attraction” business also amounts to brainwashing when examined.

      Arizona is awash with Powerful mormons. They have infiltrated the political control of the state, and control law enforcement.

      I was trying to accumulate the URL’s when I hit a wrong key and lost everything.

      Oh, yes, there is a history on line about the cruelly bloody history of women being forced to prepare their own husbands for the throat slitting, blood letting ritual of blood atonement. This is serious business.

      There was throat slitting in the Travis murder, and in at least one of the Arizona murders. This is 21st century activity, not the long lost past that is not practiced any more.

      PPL, the multi-level marketing that all of the main characters in the Jodi scenario have in common, is another example of using mind control techniques for recruiting, and for making under-performing “downlines” feel guilty about not applying themselves enough to be more successful.

      Gus Searcy has a website. He was a magician at the Magic Castle, and boasts being the highest paid magician in the WORLD. Magic – Hypnotism?

      Thanks tons for your post. I’m sure you can guess why.


      • Chelion, I’m not sure if you are referring to this post I wrote here or the extremely long post I wrote on Day 30’s comment thread that goes into a tragically romantic scenario I came up with to explain what happened that night. You commented on this post here but some of your response to me feels as though it’s directed toward the context of my other post. Mainly, because I go into more detail about the mind shutting down in the Day 30 post and trances or hypnosis seemed to be the theme to your response. Unless, I failed to understand what you were trying to say. Which, is entirely possible as I have gotten barely any sleep over the last 3 days thanks to a teething toddler who refuses to put his big boy pullups on for once, suck up the pain, and teethe like a man! LOL. I’m kidding. It’s actually the saddest thing ever, he’s got all 4 of his pointy incisors coming in simultaneously and they’re playing peek-a-boo so they cut through the gums only to pop back inside and they have repeated this for a good 4 months now.

      • Jodi did state in testimony that Flores is Mormon so ….

        Also I posted on the Court Docs comment page earlier wondering about the sealed Voir Dire individually of each jury member in chambers on 3/13 – any thoughts?

      • The prosecutors or press will say this persons intelligent so they know what they were doing Emotionally in my opinion Jodi Arias is very stunted and easily led. The Law of Attraction LDS are cults recognized by people who study cults. Never get angry negative thoughts that such Bull prevents a person from thinking. Brainwashing techniques used in these cults are pretty similar and the people who fall for them are usually from the same back round poor self esteem abusive families the cult becomes your Family, The Ross institute Studies this and has some interesting information. Love Bombing is used in these Cults the truth of the matter is that every human being has a different finger print. Non repeatable. and this uniqueness is what separates us from Animals etc. Cults are NOT inclusive they are exclusive. Jodi was shunned from the Cult which another member of LDS wrote about in their personal experience. which I posted. one of the quotes was This LDS guy thought of woman like toilet Paper.

    • Krystal, you are not the only one confused!! First time I heard that Jodi called Gus Searcy but it does not surprise me. I have had my doubts about Gus and frankly find him to be your typical “dirty old man” perhaps another male taking advantage of Jodi? Why in the world would he have her stay in his trailer and gift her a new cell phone? I have thought all along that Jodi did not kill Travis on her own and think that your theory related to dirty Gus has merit. If in fact Jodi did call him to say that Travis was dead what in the hell did he do about this. I can see him running to save her, helping to clean up the mess and advising her on what to do next.
      Jodi has displayed her need to be protected and more importantly her desire for interconnectedness at all cost. Was this an opportunity for Gus to “score” with Jodi? Perhaps so and perhaps he took advantage of her vulnerability? At the very least, he is questionable and should be looked at more closely. Why is it that he is granting interviews and revealing information not included in this trial? I say beware of this motley fool and the danger of him furthering continued abuse of Jodi.

      • Gus is the only one that stood up for her I liked him and he has stated his cell phone records would prove it easily. They were not interested. Gus didn’t like Travis and had no relationship with him he stated that he heard he died he was never told he was murdered and he was also leaving for Cancun,
        I think the other Freaks on HLN who are the ones trashing Jodi not him, He helped Jodi Arias the media hates him.

      • Gus is being Trashed because he is not a LDS Lobotomized Puppet!
        He is the only one defending Jodi Arias and calling him a dirty old man is strange.
        in light of all Travis’s friends using the word Booty Call whore dead eyes soulless Personally he seems more intelligent then Travis or the group Freak like friends who appear every day on HLN.
        They remind one of “The Island Of The Lost Souls”

  10. That squirrely little rodent JM claims those shelves hold 40 lbs. When a person is jumping up even with a foothold on a shelf, their body weight is in an upward trajectory and that upward momentum decreases the full weight being placed on the shelf by that person. Also Jodi said she grabbed an upper shelf while grabbing the gun. That handhold on the uppershelf also causes the full weight to decrease significantly. I believe her entire body weight was never fully upon that shelf. I would like to see Mr. Nurmi bring in the shelf from the crime scene and have Jodi reenact that move.. I’m sure the shelf would hold with no problem. I have done the same thing many times with the same kinds of shelves… jump up to retreave an itme on a high shelf ( without using my full body weight (( 175 lbs )) and never had a problem ) Actually the shelves I jumped up on were alot flimsier ( sp) * If the shelf don’t break, Jodi makes JM look like a flake * God bless Jodi, we’re all with you 🙂

    • I don’t think the shelves are going to break either. The thing I think is going to happen wont be so great for Jodi though. I have very similar shelving in my closet. The shelves rest on 4 pins. When pressure is placed on the edge of the shelf it flips up in the back causing everything on the shelf to slide forward. Since nothing but shirts are on those shelves there is nothing to displace her body weight in the back of the shelf. Since everything in that closet looks undisturbed it is going to cause a problem.

      I did do a little experiment in my closet to see what would happen. The shelf I grabbed to hoist myself up flipped up and caused me to fall back. All the items on that shelf ended up on the floor. Good thing my hubby was there to catch me.

      • I just went and tried it on mine. My shelves are solid wood & have metal pegs that screw in so I didn’t think they would break but the back did flip up. I raked my shin on the shelf below & I nearly broke my leg. I won’t be doing any reenactments.

      • Maybe your shelves are a cheaper version than the ones on TA’s closet. There are hundreds of different brands and similar shelves out there. Unless someone knows the exact brand and style of the exact shelves that TA had then these “experiment”s mean nothing.

        • My shelves are not cheap lol. Besides its about physics and the weight distribution when a piece of wood rests on 4 pins.

          • I have no idea why jodi said she stepped on the shelf. She could’ve said it was on the last to the top shelf . 5 yrs to think and u come up with this jodi ? Awful just awful.

            • Why do you want her to lie? There are shelves that may flip, others which will not, unless you have the EXACT shelves from TA’s home you (anyone) are in NO position to claim you performed a relevant “experiment”.

              • There is no evidence that the shelves were ‘resting’ on metal pegs other than what flowed from JM’s mouth. And even if they were ‘resting,’ the vertical holding panels must be set so that the shelves hold snuggly and must be tacked in and out with a hammer. And even if the shelves did not fit at all snuggly, a light person can put a foot over where the peg is , putting the weight on the peg, and not tip the shelf.

                • I have shelves that rest on 4 pins so I tested them out just now – they all have items on them so they are weighted down.

                  The only one that gave me trouble and flipped up was one that had a pin missing in the front.

            • Well, here’s a theory (keeping in mind that I think this started out as self-defense but moved into crime of passion):

              Jodi drops the camera and Travis gets pissed off…doesn’t take the time to step out of the shower and bodyslam her but does hit her or shove her backward while cursing at her. She leaves the room as he gets out of the shower to check the camera. She goes and gets the gun to scare him, but doesn’t leap up because he wasn’t actively chasing her. So the shelves stay intact…maybe she stepped onto the bottom shelf.

              She comes back into the bathroom where Travis is still with the camera and points the gun at him, telling him that the abuse is going to stop. He scoffs at her and moves toward her. Gun goes off and there’s a struggle that moves into the hallway, where the camera drops again and takes a picture of Travis bleeding. He is still in motion so she grabs the knife and just snaps at that point.

          • FactFinder. Not all shelves rest ON the pins. Unless we know FOR SURE what kind of shelves they are…then it is pointless to assume everyone’s shelves are the same.

            I doubt Kermit actually knows…it’s just another statement he pulled out of his far he brings things up without any evidence of what he is saying and then drops it…

            He is basically trying to impress upon the jury HIS version of events without any real basis. THAT should be criminal…

          • It is also about evidence. I can not believe that just because the prosecutor proclaims that a shelf would necessarily behave in a certain way, that makes it a FACT. Is not this the same as heresay?

            I have 4-pin shelves in my computer cabinet. The holes that seat the two front pins are three inches back from the front edge of the shelf. Yes, it is hard to place the heavy computer case onto that shelf, because when the case weight is tipped onto the shelf’s front edge, the teeter-totter effect happens.

            HOWEVER, my media center shelves are made with the holes to seat the pins less than ONE inch from the shelf’s front edge. There is no tendency whatsoever for the back of the shelf to flip up when I put all my weight (110 lbs) on the front edge of the shelf.

            Also, the 40 lb “rating” is bogus. Companies have to manipulate their numbers so they can blame the consumer if something happens.

            I am feeling very upset with this Judge’s lack of control of her courtroom.

      • POSSIBLY the same person a roommate maybe…who did something to the computer was the same person who straightened everything up over the course of the next 5 days…Zach said that Travis was very neat…maybe he felt inclined to straighten his closet…and someone put Travis’ ring on the kitchen island on Thursday so that Enrique’s girlfriend found it when she went to the kitchen that night…Remember both roommates had girlfriends that were in Travis’ home every night and especially on Wednesday night watching movies and such in their bedrooms…they used the kitchen and bathroom facilities…yet the ring wasn’t put there or noticed until Thursday night…

      • perhaps she is mistaken and sorta jumped up or stepped on something on the floor? when ur in a state like that, and in a hurry/excited/freaked- i dont know if ur thinking str8 or REALLY remembering what u stepped on. maybe she FIGURED she stepped on it.
        i kno she said what she said but if her memory is faulty…?
        i kno sounds like excuses, but…

      • Depends on what is on those shelves, I have similar ones that sit on pins, but because of the weight of the items on them, the shelf did not flip when I stepped on the outer edge. And we cannot clearly see in the picture what is on the shelf.

    • Ya and the shelving in Travis’ 1/2 million dollar house isn’t going to be made from the same material as shelving you’d buy at Walmart for $39.99. The shelving is likely built in the home, not a build-it-yourself kit from Ikea. I’d like to see the instruction sheet Martinez read this “40 pound weight limit” on. I think its just another of his ‘pulled from thin air’ bullshit tactics.

    • Thank you Rick. Exactly.
      I am a short heavy woman …. did i mention short… at 5’2 I frequenly grab a top shelf and pul myself upward quickly in the same manner to just grab something and drop down. I cant see how tiny Jodi wouldnt have accomplished this the same quick way with no breakage to the shelving.

    • Is LMN going to base their movie on the twisted distortion of the truth from the mouth of JM and the media haters or are they going to make a movie on the facts of the case?

      We see how they made the movie about Casey Anthony done from the mouth of Jeff Ashton’s twisted distortion of the truth…I HONESTLY DID NOT WATCH THAT MOVIE…

      And Jeff Ashton kept making innuendo’s for several years about how much money everyone was making off Casey Anthony…and the whole time he was secretly writing a book…and he put in retirement from his prosecutor job immediately when the trial was over…and published his book a few months later…and made a lot of money in the LMN movie: Casey Anthony…

      Now who made all the money…LOL…

      • They should get Assy Maggie to play Proscutor Juan dirty Sanchez. They could also get Michael McDonald to play the court recorder. Rosanne Barr as Jodi’s mom. Julie Louis-Dreyfus as Ms Willmont. Dennis D’Onofrio as Nurmi. The Judge will be played by “Hot Lips” from Mash.

  11. Look- The gas station can claim all day that all three purchases were for gas, but it means nothing if they don’t show the purchases were during the same visit. The $19.95 purchase was on an bank statement that only shows when the transactions went thru on the banks end. Jodi could have visited that same station on two different occasions.
    Wal-Mart can claim all day too, but unless they can account for human error their testimony is a wash, they can show video or shut up. IMO. I’m not worried at all. Nurmi KNOWS JM’s only hope is to impeach Jodi, he would NOT allow her to make any false claims.

      • ???

        YOU are funny KD. A video of someone not returning it would be a long ass video where everyone and their brother shows up on the video EXCEPT the person in question.

        • Yep, Kermit is going to bring a video of the Walmart customer service area and we will all have to watch it for HOURS waiting for her to not return it! That is just how stupid it is.

    • Most Walmarts (from my inner experience) only keep the video for 45 days, and it auto overwrites.
      And speaking from experience – sometimes I will buy junkfood with my gas. No one questions what it was that I bought at the gas station it just says an amount on the bank statement.

      • I thought they had copies of the receipts with time stamps for the Tesoro gas station. I have heard that the problem with the junk food or other purchase scenario is that the store is not open all night, but you can pay at the pump all night.

  12. Also- Unless the state’s psychologist put the same amount of time and effort into their opinion of Jodi, they have NO argument against a doctor with 34 years experience who visited with her on 12 different occasions. Doctor Samuels says he read years (since high school) of journal entries, watched footage, etc. his opinion has a pretty solid foundation. I’m not at all worried about this rookie the state has who more than likely formed an “opinion” based on nothing.
    I’m TEAM Jodi. I am on her side because I BELIEVE her, I don’t get worried when JM pretends to have proof otherwise. There IS no proof otherwise, because Jodi is telling the TRUTH!!!!

  13. Greta is doing women no favors by trying to parse between verbal, mental, and physical abuse. Abuse is abuse, and Gus did well to point out that Travis dominated Jodi, she cowtowed and submitted; if that isn’t the symptom of an abusive relationship I don’t know what is.

    And as if all the lies and cover ups about Travis aren’t enough, now this? Now “it’s not worth it” for these women to come forward to save Jodi’s life?? What?? Are you fucking kidding me? What is going on here??? Would they rather send Jodi to the gas chamber than band together to say ENOUGH with this problem of abuse and misogyny, the lives of women are worth something and if she goes down we all go down? THAT is what sisterhood is about! Come on people!!!

    I am just so devestated, for Jodi and her family right now. She is NOT getting a fair trial by any stretch of the imagination, not if witnesses who could come forward but are compelled not to.

    • Greta originally stated she didn’t believe Jodi did it. When Detective Furhman stated that the gun didn’t go off so she went to get a knife, Greta stated nobody uses 2 weapons at a crime, besides you drop one weapon he can come after you. Why didn’t she just shoot him again, you stick to the same weapon. Furhman was stupid the gun originally didn’t go off his scenario is she went to get the knife. what hold on. She said Its highly unlikely. Listen to the youtube with Furhman.

          • Oliveiro, greta DOES believe jodi stabbed and slit his throat. I heard her talking a week ago about it. She believes the ME version she said.

            • Originally, Greta told Detective Furhman, that she thought more then one person was involved, The defense has stated that Jodi did it, The story has many holes in it. But if you view the Video Of Greta that some one posted here, and i posted again she states, That the Gun Shot came first, you don’t bring 2 weapons to a murder, you use the same weapon, she stated I think that more then 1 person was involved. Since the drum beat has been that Jodi did it by her defense team andthey have offered up no other explanation. Greta cannot continue to disagree with the lawyers etc. But originally she believed as she stated more then one person was involved. She has not been as horrid as NG, JV, DD, Geraldo and the rest of the hate crew who are blood thirsty entertainment for the intellectually challenged.

    • They should be made to come forward, subpoena’d. Gus seems a good man, but he took the 5th amendment.. so that he wouldn’t be able to testify again?

      MB you echo my feelings on this; its shocking that other people should be considered because of the Mormon Church and PPL.. in fact, its criminal.

      A cover up versus Jodi’s LIFE??? My God. It says it all 🙁

      • He didn’t take The 5th this had to do with a woman he was with and driving her to file legal papers for she didn’t want her name mentioned, she had legal issues, but then he stated what he was doing. Martinez was trying to imply something. But then he stated what he was doing and that was easy to prove.

    • I’ve not been up to posting since early yesterday, not feeling well, but have been trying to keep up with other’s posts. just had to force myself to post cause the curiosity is killin me. Can any of my usual peeps answer a few things for me that relate to what MB is saying?

      1. Can Chris Hughes be held in contempt of court or obstrustion of justice or anything else? i watched his previous testimony and he appeared to be guilty of both. I don’t think you can be held in jail for being an a** h****, so I’m hoping something else can be done. i am convinced he has lots to cover up and is threatening others to not come forward.

      2. Can witnesses be forced to testify, as hostile witnesses, to attest to Travis behavior? I feel confident that just a little investigation would turn up plenty of people who could testify.


      • TR, ITA with you about Chris Hughes, something is just off about him. Is he the one leading the group that would intimidate and harass others if they were to testisfy in court? What is it he is afraid of getting out? Or is this just protection of his friends reputation? Does make one wonder.

    • I agree this is not a fair trial at all. An on the MEDIA it is all for TRAVIS an internet mostly also. I said it before though Mormon or PPL women/men are not going to say a word for the fact of their JOBS an then the CHURCH an also they would tarnish their own image within that group of people. An then the death threats an slander that would also follow.

      Sheep are sheep they will follow the sheep over a cliff to the death before breaking away from the pack it does not happen often that there is a smart sheep to turn around unless a smart dog is near to steer him in the right direction in time.

    • MB,

      I agree with you. My mother and I watched that interview and I was really not pleased with Greta. To be honest, I hate Fox news anyway. My mom said Greta’s right, that Travis was a cad, and that’s the only thing proven in this case. A lot of my thinking in this case, I will admit is based on a git instinct. I know there is very flimsy objective evidence other than what jodi has told the court. This is actually why I don’t agree with a lot of people that Gus Searcy is a good giy. He may do media interviews and defend jodi but it means squat. If he knows women that refuse to come forward, if he is a stand up giy, he will go to her attorneys and tell what he knows about who. Mr Nurmi should also subpoena. It’s as simple as that. I think I am going to call their office about Gus’s interview.

      • Amelia,
        I agree regarding Gus. He already testified for the defense, and he failed to mention other witnesses or incidents. He said Jodi called him that night, (am actually) to say TA was dead…and she has never said that. Personally, I don’t see how that would help her anyway. I remember he originally got on some show and said (or told someone) he had info that would either help or hurt her, depending on….just very odd to me. I do not trust him, he had a chance to testify and say much more, but he didn’t. Now that court is over for him, he wants to do interviews, (much like all TA’s friends) and I feel he just likes the spotlight. Just my opinion of him.

        • I don’t think Gus could have mentioned other witnesses while he was testifying – that would be hearsay and JM would have shut it down. They’d have to actually get the other witnesses on the stand.

          • Right, thank you!! He just can’t blurt out anything he wants to on the stand, especially since Martinez would object to it anyway. Gus tried to come forward, but Martinez was not having it, because he probably knew the phone call would support Jodi’s testimony that she doesn’t remember what happened that night.

      • Gus did the best he can he spoke to Nurmi they can subpoena Friends etc. But they aren’t talking blaming Gus who has been the only one defending her is ludicrous. They have no interest in the Truth

      • Utah has the highest rate of depression, Porno addiction, sexual abuse of children , this in my belief stems from this un natural cult. Depression is a natural reaction, to a un natural environment situation or occurrence in ones life.

    • Greta I believe.. is a Scientologist sooo I just dont even care what comes out of her mouth But hey thats just me though.

      • But at least she had Gus on and allowed him to speak. unlike the rest of the media. she is also a very good Attorney with very impressive resume in her legal career. I rather hear her then Nancy Grace or a bunch of Cult friends of Travis.

    • MB,
      There were 3 that sure didn’t mind testifying against her and hope that she is found guily.
      REALLY??? I don’t think Sky testified in fronf a jury but the other 2 won’t care even though she’s not the right person. They’re are like these women, JVM, NG, BC, JC, even Wendy Murphy and Gloria Alred, that are supposed to know about abuse and THEY make fun of her. I’m worried too. Is there not any sanity and caring about someone other than yourself.
      Some times women are worse in helping someone. You clearly can see Jodi is protecting someone,
      I guess Jodi must be feeling like no one really cares.
      My husband said tonight, what is wrong with people, don’t they understand abuse?
      He get’s it
      Most people I know do understand the different kinds of abuse.

  14. I believe the gunshot went off just the way she said it did. That’s the only chance she had of being able to survive a life or death struggle with him. He was shot in the forehead with a small calibre handgun but with his forward momentum knocked her to the floor and ended up somewhat on top of her. His motor functions were impaired but he was still able to grab at her until she somehow grabbed the knife and started using it. The rest is just overkill because she didn’t know she had shot him and assumed he was at full strength when he really wasn’t. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. He outweighed her by almost 100 lbs.. He would have been able to take the knife away from her if she would have tried that first. If the gun had jammed the first time like some have alleged then she would have had to throw it at him like Martinez bellowed. Clearly this was not premeditated but self defense with a gross amount of overkill. I also believe there has to be something wrong with the time stamp of the camera. 1 min. 02 secs? Too much damage for that small amount of time.

    • I’d argue that last photo is basically useless in determining when Travis died. He likely wasn’t even dead in that photo.

    • Remember how Gus Searcy described Jodi’s reaction when Travis yelled and cursed at her over the phone? Gus said she ducked as if she were dodging a bullet.

      Every time I think of that statement, I get am image of her holding that gun out in front of her with both hands, fully expecting Travis to stop.

      Instead he crouches really low (I looked up the line-backer technique – it is exactly as Jodi demonstrated.) These guys, as did Jodi, keep their heads tilted upward, and cocked somewhat sideways. The YouTube coach was repeating for them to keep their eye on the target.

      I do not have a second person around to experiment with. But I am wondering whether that would have placed Travis’ head in a position to receive that bullet above the right brow, traveling to lodge in the left jaw.

      Jodi said she was not even aware of having her finger on the trigger. I have a bunch of power garden tools with handles and a trigger. It is just automatic to wrap my hand around the handle with my finger on the trigger. It’s just the way you grab something with that sort of handle. So no pre-medition to shoot on purpose is evident here to me.

      So there she is, and Travis releases his line-backer lunge at her. She has a similar reflex reaction to what Gus described. I have heard that .25 guns are really trigger sensitive – she jerks and the gun goes off unavoidably.

      And forget all the nonsense over whether it was loaded or not, or in a holster or not. Travis lived in that house. Jodi was not always there. He hired her to clean (in the black and white French maid outfit he asked her to wear). She discovered he had the gun on the shelf when she was cleaning the shelf.

      By the time Jodi was fleeing for her life, she had not seen the gun for a while, and she had no way of knowing whether Travis had subsequently loaded it or unloaded it, nor whether it was holstered or not. I would guess not, since she retrieved it readily. But how does that prove that Jodi lied because she said she had seen the holster and now she says that gun was not holstered. JM is a mole.

      Have you watched the YouTube videos of Travis showing off his clever kick-boxing moves at a PPL function. He fancies himself quite the martial artist and master of the art of dodging around simulating fighting. He is very bulky and formidable. He was wearing a ridiculous wig, pretending to be “Eddie Snell,” whom I take it is one of the WAY “uplines” or owners in PPL.

      Another thought about his increasing aggression. When guys train to get buff, which he had been doing, therefore the celebratory photo-shoot – there are all sorts of “supplements” they usually take to enhance the results. I am pretty sure many of these substances promote increased aggression due to increased hormones, testosterone, etc.

      Also, since he was so darn mad at Jodi after she actually shot him – he must have had an incredible adrenaline dump to the point that he “was feeling no pain” and was charging and flailing around in a rage like a chicken with its head cut off.

      And on the point of “the bullet would have incapacitated him, so Jodi is lying” – I saw on “Emergency Room Secrets” a fellow wheeled in that had a crowbar running right through his skull, still sticking out the front side as well as the back side. He was not in pain, and he was talking quite lucidly. I am getting sick and tired of the world’s “experts” pontificating and then demeaning anyone who dares question what they say.

    • The fight started after the butt photo, not the ceiling photo. There were 106 seconds, not 62 seconds. If her defense team fails to realize that, they are very incompetent and they will screw her case.

  15. Did anyone see that there’s a third gas RECIEPT from Pasadena ? Has this always been evidence and I missed it or is this new ? The third one it seems its for 20 dollars .thanks

    • I’ve posted about these gas issues several times. That was 2.77 gallons to top off the car tank. It was a prepayment of $20.


    Can someone take a look at this photo from TA’s autopsy showing the stab wounds on his back and let me know what you think? Take a look down his right side. Does the skin look as though its been rubbed or maybe even carved off that side, or is it just smeared blood that is giving it the appearance of missing skin? I can’t remember what the ME said about this part of the injury.

  17. I knew Gus was a good man the first time I seen him. He told on In Session about HUGHES being very demanding an he had many death threats an other people that may have stepped up are afraid. Everyone thinks I am crazy but I believe that. These people also do not want to be on TV or go against the family. An have to face that after this is all over.

    I believed him when everyone was making fun of him way back in the beginning. He has a U Tube Video out I think that is him an he is not a stupid man at all. If Jodi were a true gold digger she would have snatched up Gus age difference or not. This is why I never believed Jodi was a gold digger or in love because of materialistic things that Travis had as his family an friends state all the time which really bothers me because it is untrue.

  18. I dont think travis was dead yet in the photo of him bleeding, i think there was more of a struggle, with that said—the killing took more than a few minutes!!!!

  19. I started doing some reading on “Trial by media”. Very interesting, although I’ve just scratched the surface, but I’ve been reading about jurors being dismissed for watching and reading materials and commenting on trial-related matters. There have also been cases of death penalties being overturned and other reversals of sentences or retrials because jurors not only made comments about what was going on or what they read or watched, but used their cell phones or went on Facebook or Tweeted,etc. to do so. All of this communication technology has obviously increased risks of affecting outcomes of trials. Add to this a free rein of the media to exploit the accused for commercial gain and chances of getting a fair trial can decrease considerably.

    One article I came across presented some interesting information as well as views. In “Trial By Media: The Betrayal Of The First Amendment’s Purpose” by Gavin Phillipson, the author alludes to how trial by jury is being destroyed by the manner in which the media handles high profile cases. He goes on to assert that the US Supreme Court has referred to the right to a fair trial as “the most fundamental of all freedoms,” but adds that the US Constitution, itself, does not offer guidance as to how the potential conflict between the media’s right to freedom of expression under the First Amendment and the right of the defendants under the Sixth Amendment should be reconciled, so that it remains open, as it has been, that when the fairness of a trial is actually threatened by media coverage, then the First Amendment should defer to the Sixth.

    This concept of trial by media is becoming an increasingly relevant concern today. I keep thinking that the extent to which Jodi is being demonized and exploited by the media is worse than anything I’ve ever seen to date. How much bolder the media will be allowed to go in exploiting high profile defendants is yet to be seen…

    • People get paid a lot to do reality TV shows.
      Is not the media stealing her story and exploiting her for huge profit?

      1. Without getting her permission?
      2. Without any compensation?

  20. If a product ie: gas tank or ANY product was purchased in a walmart store, and returned within hours of the sale, the clerk at customer service would NOT ring up a return slip unless the * product* was damaged . Return slips ( reciepts ) are very often used ONLY for inventory purposes , and a product that was purchased and returned within such a small amount of time, would NOT require a returned product reciept. Nor would it be in the itemized sales for the day, file, within the computer. I’ve done this a couple times. Unless it was purchased with a credit card, the sale would automatically void itself ( to save paper work and storage memory with in walmarts inventory files. All jodi needed was the sales reciept to return the tank. Again, product automatically voids itself from the inventory file. Once again, this dip-shit DA has tried to weasle his way into the minds of the Jurors. I only hope and pray those 12 ppl see through that squirrely rat a-holes tactics.. well said up there ^^ TA would not have some cheap pos shelving in his home.. good point.. GB Jodi 🙂

    • I agree it was not a trailer house I had a argument on another site about the shelves some heavy set lady was saying OH I TRIED IT an THE SHELF CRASHED IN …………….mind you it was about a 300 pound woman that tried it…… in a TRAILER !

      It does make a difference there are more than one type of shelves out there. The majority are sheep though an it is very frustrating to try an explain.

      I hope an pray too at least a few people on that JURY are not sheep an have to follow the pack.

      • I am heavy set woman and a SHORT ONE. I do this all the time, and the shelves hold. I dont like to make two trips, and hubby has warned me that they will fall eventually, but you know what? Tiny Jodi would be just fine to do that once, in a mad hurry. Those shelves will hold. Mark my words.

        • I think so too. But now all the haters are out there doing their own tests on different types of shelves an of course coming back saying JODI is still a liar an I proved it. Which is driving me crazy. AN now HLN so going to do the same thing Monday night really so unfair to do this stuff an keep on posting it for the media to be even more blood thirsty than they are already would be hard to be but it can get worse.

    • it may be different at some walmarts, but at the walmat I worked at 2006-2012, if you bring back an item to be returned, the item is scanned at the door and a label created and placed on the item . you would then take the tagged item to customer service. if you wanted an even exchange, they let you go get another of the exact same item and then gave you a new receipt. If you wanted a refund and had your receipt , you would get cash back if you had paid with cash ; and if you used a credit card it would be credited to your card and in both cases , they printed a receipt. If you didn’t have a receipt, you could return most items and they would issue a gift card for store credit, have you show your drivers license and sign a new receipt, in all cases of returns , the item was scanned and you were given a receipt. Does anyone know if this is the case where Jodi returned the gas can? If so, there should be a record of the item being scanned as she entered the store. Have they checked for that . If not, they need to!

    • But didn’t she have the receipt? I have gone right back and returned things without getting a return receipt, but the customer service representative always circles the returned item . . . But I have also returned to WalMart several times without showing a receipt 🙂

    • This site should contact Nurmi again to let him know this. If the Walmart rep testifies there were no returns for that day, he can ask if there were any purchases on record for that day. That would sure confuse everyone. I’ll bet not many people know how it works in retail so how would Nurmi and Willmott know? Would the admins for this site want to contact Nurmi? Just an e-mail?

  21. those shelves looked to be part of the walkin closet, built ins? perhaps the blue prints of the house ( on public record) will show that

    • My house is the same builder but in chandler AZ. KB homes uses A company called Classy Closets for closet upgrades like ours. Mine are almost exactly like his. Only difference is the layout of our closets. I only have one door. The closet sections are attached to the walls but the shelves are adjustable by moving the pins to different holes.

      • Are the PINS in the middle of the wood itself ? or underneath the shelf itself that is the difference? the shelves with the wooden peg type setting under a shelf would flip up. The more sturdy built ones have a PIN on the inside of the edge of the shelf.

        • They are underneath. And in some pictures you can see the pins under the shelves. Maybe she doesn’t remember using the bench. I don’t know.

          • Ok well if it is a metal pin still would be more sturdy than a wooden peg type tho. An also if it is in a groove like Neo below says that would be another type that would be more sturdy also. I have seen the pegs on the inside myself is why I asked an then it had a little piece you could pull back to move the peg in an out to move the shelf around then an readjust.

          • I am a heavy short woman and I do this all the time- grab a top shelf, heft myself up every so quick to grab a box, scarves, or to hide one of the kids annoying toys. IT HOLDS!!!!
            Its not the same as putting your whole body weight int he center of the shelf and waiting around to see what happens. You are up, you are down, shelf is intact.

        • If they are solid pins they would have to be underneath or you’d never get the shelf in to place if they were ‘fixed’ in to the shelf itself. Sometimes the bottom of the shelf will have a groove cut in to it that the pins will rest in. This stops the shelf from sliding outward.

      • And I’m guessing its made from your choice of solid wood, not that cheap press board stuff, right? Martinez was talking about TA’s closet shelving as if it was made from bargain materials which probably isn’t the case. The only damage that might occur from Jodi standing on a hardwood shelf in TA’s closet is a pin breaking (unlikely if made of metal) or the hole the pin fits in to breaking open.

        • There has to be somebody in MESA ARIZONA with this same house on here? that house was in a cuddle sack thing an all the houses looked similar so I would guess there is another with the same design an closet an shelves in it? would be so great to see a reenactment from them on here on U-TUBE. Before HLN does there’s Monday.

        • They still don’t look like resting shelves to me.
          But if they are, the metal holder is probably recessed in a groove under the shelf and secured to the shelf with a screw, which would prevent tipping.

          • I would consider any one who would charge me that much for putting up shelvings and not secure the shelves a crook.

  22. Has anyone else noticed in Jodi’s testimony that several times her answer seems to leave open the possibility of someone else being there? It almost seems staged to some degree. I mean, I know Nurmi can’t ask a question he doesn’t know the answer to. Or was that question asked directly and I just missed it?

    Has anyone gotten David Hughes background report finished, yet? And Zach Billings? And the other play-uh’s? Wonder if they’ll keep popping up on the tube as much after that?

    Maggie – Florida

    Put your state up if you want so we can say, truthfully, how many states have residents who support Jodi, and put together HLN’s comment that it must just be some “family”…can you all say, bl%$ me!

    • Ya I would be curious to see how many from the DEEP SOUTH are on here. I know she has support from Greece an the UK an Canada on here though which I think is so awesome !

        • Alabama…just keep reminding meyself to never ever travel out west across Arizona…there are too many mormons out there…after hearing all that I am hearing…I would be afraid to go on a date with one…that is how I feel…

          • I hear ya ! I had to go educate myself on that RELIGION I never even have met a Mormon or LDS personally. I actually thought it was like the rest of RELIGIONS are an just break off’s from different churches I did not know they had a BOOK OF MORMON an were started here in America in 1830 I was shocked ! As far as dating I would never change my beliefs just for a man I met though I know women do that or men but I could not do it personally.

            I know it is different from my beliefs tho but there is one even more off to me an it is the Snake Churches I read about in the Appalachian Mountains they say there is one up in Northern Alabama I don’t know but that is nuts !

    • i WISH jodi and the defense put that out there more, another person…
      “this is what i remember, i dont kno what may have happened after i left, and after DAYS….”
      esp. since they keep pushing 62 sec. “i also dont see how i could do ALL THAT in 62sec. i only remember the gun shot”…
      seems never fond the knife… nor the gun.

      • frank says:
        March 16, 2013 at 8:15 pm
        i WISH jodi and the defense put that out there more, another person…

        My comment: I was watching the “Jodi interviews” done by Esteban Flores this pm. He asked Jodi at least twice if someone helped her kill Travis. I suspect he had trouble believing a woman 4 inches shorter and 70 lbs lighter could do so much damage in such a short time.

        From: British Columbia, Canada

    • Maggie
      Greta on FOX said the same thing someone posted it the you tube clip with Detective Furhman,
      I already posted my opinion with regards to this case being very strange, But I do not believe the story being put forth by Prosecution or defense. I think that maybe the evidence itself was tampered with The camera thing, Jodi is not that stupid to leave the camera, were their pictures missing, other foot prints the crime scene was not secure a room mate was in the house. The defense so far has not done enough but maybe I am wrong to dispute this evidence of course I believe Jodi relied on PPL and they screwed her BIG TIME. as Great said Highly Suspect that she is the guilty party and if someone was not their with her. She says most people go to a murder with a weapon don’t bring a back up plan
      Greta clip
      Bailey clip about evidence foot prints versus prints you can not see.

      • I guess we will need to rewatch, because I thought she said she stepped on one shelf which could be the bottom shelf.

        • that’s where I would step and then stretch to reach up it only takes an additional inch or two sometimes to reach up and get something. the bottom shelves for sure do not tip.

          We also don’t know if Travis did any modifications to keep the shelves in place other than pins.

          I would say it’s stupid of people to assume that the shelves would tip without more information. We can conjecture all we want, but unless we can test those specific shelves, that’s all it is..conjecture.

    • Bee cee, did she “Step on it” or thrust her foot against it while pulling up with one hand while she reached for the gun with the other. There would be no weight on the shelf, and instead it would be a force using the shelf against the wall for mere seconds!
      (What I keep saying I do frequently) Just watch… now mine will fall apart with me on it for bragging.

    • #1: the shelves are lined up with the holes, which suggests that tenons/pins/pegs are inserted into the shelves, or are part of the shelf boards, and spring out into the panels when inserted.
      #2: the ‘holes’ seem rectangular, not cylindrical, not the readily do-it-yourself stuff.
      #3: I see no ‘pegs’ holding the upper shelves, i.e. on which a ‘resting’ shelf would rest . All ‘holes’ or ‘sticking out pegs’ look alike.
      #4: solid hardwood panels and shelves, probably built or bought when closet was built by a contractor, who would not build floor to ceiling shelves that can fall on the owner’s head when they grab something.

      • #5: All shelves are equidistant from each other, they line up horizontally, suggesting that there are not easily adjustable and were built and placed where they are and secured.

        • #6 They are all ‘holes’ in the vertical panels, because there are no shadows to indicate they are sticking out. (They looked rectangular to me only when I zoomed out the small picture, but may be cylindrical.)

          Anyway, looking at the holes at the bottom of the top shelves, there are no pegs holding up anything, just holes.
          Those shelves are holding up with tenons/pegs/pins into the panel and secured.
          They are NOT ‘resting’ shelves.

            • True, the picture is very small and some of its important parts around the top shelves/shadows/holes look smudged and unnatural ( two holes are missing and a hole overlaps the shelf itself above and does not line up with the other holes.)

    • I have stepped on shelves like that many times to get stuff My Husband always said don’t do that ,
      I have never disturbed the shelf I do it quickly and grab with my right hand the upper part of the closet and I know it could be done sorry I have done it over and over again I am short like Martinez !!

  23. “Has anyone else noticed in Jodi’s testimony that several times her answer seems to leave open the possibility of someone else being there?”

    I did take notice early on in the trial that the defense seemed to want to distance itself from saying that Jodi suffered any injuries during the altercation, saying she cutting her hand on a glass at Travis’. However, she did testify that the two intruder story was a lie. But that may not necessarily preclude another scenario involving someone else.

  24. Mattie,
    You are correct in stating that Jodi has been unfairly vilified by HLN and the “so called” legal analysts and we should make sure everyone hears about it. These Jodi critics have never given her any respect or are at all interested in her right to a fair trial. I am outraged by their blatant disrespect for our legal system and their inappropriate personal attack on Jodi. There is definitely media bias by HLN which fails to pay attention to fact and unfairly attempts to influence viewers. They portray her as guilty without the opportunity to allow all testimony to be heard. HLN is now presenting to us a “mock jury” to determine guilt or innocence solely based on opinions of commentators that are very prejudicial. SHAME on them, a mock jury at this point is beyond realistic and simply has zero value to this case. My hope is that the “real” jury is made up of collective minds with more sense than this travesty of justice.
    I have sent my own opinion to the HLN producers and encourage others to do the same. It may be the squeaky wheel that gets attention. I have been most interested in this fascinating trial and never before watched HLN. Based on my experience, once this trial is over, I will never again view anything presented by HLN.
    Again, I encourage everyone to let the HLN producers know how dissatisfied we are with their blatant disrespect and personal bias just to increase ratings. Take a stand here and fight for Jodi’s right to a fair trial free of abuse and personal opinion, whether favorable or not, from TV “legal analysts”. This is a real-life situation that and one where you should state your opinion. My guess is that there are others out there, not on the Jodi support page, that should speak. Your voice can influence change!
    Just my thought.
    Respectfully, Eileen

  25. Nobody can say for sure whether the shelf is going to tip or not. In this case it didn’t. Normally it might, but in this case it did not. So for me it’s a non-issue. Kermit can spin it all he wants but we can never know what actually happened because we don’t have access to the actual shelf. It may have fit really tight in there. I’ve had to tap in shelves like that with a hammer on many occasions to make them fit. So IMO there argument is complete horse$@*t!

  26. This shelve weight thing is bull shit. If Jodi weighted 115lbs then Proscutor Dirty Sanchez should do the math. We know she had one hand pulling herself and one foot on a shelf. 115 divided by 2 is 58lbs. So if the shelf gauge at 40lbs that is the safest tolerance. Meaning the shelf could probably hold more but the manufactor reduces the the number to in sure the shelf would not break. By the way, she is pulling with one arm and stepping with her foot. This all happen in less than a second and I am sure those shelves were not made of particle board. Dirty Sanchez should stick to trolling bathhouses and gobbling on brown mushrooms.

    • And like I said, depends on what was on the shelf, might have weighed enough so the shelf didn’t flip. Mine are resting on metal pins, the only thing that happened when I stepped on mine, was my husband asking me what the hell was I doing. Because if it broke he knows he would have been the one fixing it. lol So what does that prove-since we don’t know what were on the shelves and exactly how they were constructed, Too many variables and once again shorty just implying it couldn’t have happened that way. It’s almost as if he is trying to inject reasonable into her story.

      • Looks like only clothes to me on the shelves? that is dumb they did not take more pictures close up of the shelves usually crime scene people take a lot of pictures this is really a crap job of crime scene photo’s I think.

        • They DID do a crap job!!! I think they were all too, into [OH MY GOD, WHO DID THIS- 29 WOUNDS, SHOT TO THE HEAD N SLIT THROAT] instead of concentrating on there JOB, taking finger prints, forensic and MORE PHOTOS! !! OH and they shouldv taken and tested everything (like the vacuum)!! Tested the shower too and definitely MORE PICTURES! !!

          Did yiu guys look at the photo of the closet, botten shelf? ???? I think it was Shan72 pointed out, the towel or whatever it is, looks like someone had left an indentation…… ??????

  27. Look at the Grey Material on teh bottom shelf of that closet closest to the corner that I think they reference the gun was up in.

    It looks like an indentation pushing the Grey Material upwards. Like as if a FOOT had slid in there and left it peaked when the foot was pulled out. IS it possible that this is Jodi’s foot indentation… which would fit what BEE CEE Said about using the bottom shelf. Jodi would only need a small amount of lift to reach up that high.

    I gotta say, its identical to what I leave in the side of my clothes right now when I do my amazing closet climbing feat.
    Check it out on this picture of travis closet.

    • Shan72 I do see that indentation! It looks like the sweatshirt or whatever it is was smooshed up.

      I honestly think she used the bottom shelf and just doesn’t remember real well…which isn’t surprising.

      • Right, because ultimately she was grasping for that gun and filled with fear.
        How tall is she – I dont even know. I think like 5’5 so it wouldnt be much she needed to reach once her arm was up there.

        • Omg I hadn’t noticed that!!! It could much be that it was from her foot!!! She DID say she stepped on the 1st or 2nd shelf.

          Why wouldn’t her lawyers point this out to the jury!???? Have THEY noticed it????
          **** Maybe we can send it to Nurmis office, to Mrs Wilmott. There is someone here that sends impotent info to her. I forgot who it was though.*****

          SJ or MB have you guys noticed what Shan72 stated above, can we send this to them???????????

            • I just enlarged the indent. It’s there but it’s from a hand that put that item there. Also I don’t believe she could reach the top from that first step. The item is not moved and how is her foot going to get under the item ? If anything it would go over the item or push it back. No way her foot can go under it but good eye guys for even seeing it .

            • Thank you, MB. I hope they email the info to mrs wilmott. If her lawyers have or have not notice, its still worth a shot. You never know. It is a good, noba GREAT observation by shan72 that need to be pointed out to the jury. Martinez brought up the question of the shelves, so now Nurmi NEEDS to point this out to the jury asa.

            • It’s also possible that whoever did the wash straightened out the closet if it was in shamble, old habits survive in panic mode.

              I still think that the closet hardware is not cheap, I don’t see holding pegs or flat brackets under the shelves. Holding pegs/pins could have a spring mechanism to secure the shelf board into the hole and make it removable, or the holding brackets are screwed into the shelf board underneath so that it does not flip.
              EVERYBODY –but a giant– with a floor to ceiling shelving will put a foot on one of the lower shelves to reach up; I suspect the shelf co. knows that. I doubt that they sell a stepping ladder along with their shelvings.

              The whole thing is sands in the eyes from JM’s brainstormings.

          • LC the second shelf also has a pushed up end to the item laying on it. she could have used one or both of them trying to grasp that gun.

        • it also looks possible that she could have stepped on the second shelf as the item there isn’t completely neat either.

    • Good catch! The top shelf is even with the top of the door frame. The door is a standard standard 84″ one, Jodi is 65 inches talll, needing only 19 inches to reach the shelf and her arms are probably 28-30 inches long. Easy peasy with the 4-5 inch lift from the botto Every woman in the world with these kind of shelves has tiptoed on them to reach the top shelves and done so without BREAKING them or even toppling them. Furthermore the ones at the bottom are usually screwed into the uprights. Gees. This is such a non-starter.

      • Yes Mitnz! The top shelf is not really that high…I looked at the size of the pants in addition to the door frame.

  28. Greta will be covering Jodi’s trial again tonight. I like watching FOX especially since it is CNN/HLN rivalry channel.

    • Unfortunately, Judge Jeanne Pirro at Fox News just had the usual anti Jodi crew on tonight…and it was not pretty. There were no people giving Jodi’s side of it….it was pretty much like a Nancy Grace lynching.

      • I agree, Linda. I usually enjoy watching Judge Pirro whenever I happen to be home at the time. Tonight, I had to shut it off when they discussed Jodi. It’s just too much one-sided. I am always surprised, too, at the psychologists who go on television like the one this evening. If she can refer to Jodi as a “manipulator” among other things with such negatory implications as she did, how in the world can she deal with people with mental issues and addictions? Is this the way she really thinks of clients? I doubt that…..but for television, I guess the usual rules of professional conduct don’t apply,and you can pretty much demonize a person with the rest of the lynch mob.

  29. I believe these women should come forward and do the right thing. I think there’s a Mormon song titled “Do What Is Right” and it goes something like “do what is right let the consequence follow (other lyrics in between)…..God will protect you then do what is right” so if you LDS ladies are reading this, perhaps you should think about that. It’s not the dark or middle ages. Nobody will stone you to death. Do the right thing.

  30. VERY GOOD GUS!!! I knew it and Greta asked good questions really good if you listen They do not want to come forward embarrass the Church etc. This is a persons life your forget your little group who cares, This shows how horrible the Press is and The Group That’s covering up. because his interview makes sense. I emailed Greta asking why there is no other side, I never heard Greta trash Jodi she had to ask those”LEADING” questions she knows its true. She was a Lawyer. and yes seems the Mormon Church is covering like Gus said. They have the money to do that its wrong. So what your members all had sex get over it. and besides what if their is more to this story. He mentioned a girl. Who ever does not come forward is a liar and criminal.

    • Yup!!!! But now GUSVIS THE LIER!!! They wont come out, they rather stick with each other, not rat anyone out. Church before law, thats what they go by. SAD!!!

      • What is this group covering up The Media is corrupt because then if This Mormon Community is blackmailing people they should be sued for interfering with the ,Law obstruction of Justice, I know they have a lot of money and function like a pyramid scheme. This particular Church or temple or whatever they choose to call themselves is corrupt. They are screw balls which proves that they are a cult and not a Religion. The people involved have a MORAL obligation To COME Forward and that’s a fact. And if they do not see that they need to get better theological instruction, Because that is a no brain er for those with native intelligence & common sense. So they would allow someone to die spend the rest of their life in prison. That makes me believe they are more involved then we know.
        And perhaps they worship the guy with the pitch fork!

        • Hmm let’s assume that these women, some of them, may by now be mothers. Coming forward in this high profile case means that not only will they be vilified by their church and the society in which they live, but also, their husbands and children will become aware of what they have to say. They may also be vilified by the media, called liars and whores, and who knows what else. Even if their kids are too young to understand now, this will be memorialized for all time on YouTube.

          That’s a truly tough position for a woman, and most especially a religious woman, in a cultural society where this would be incredibly frowned upon. It’s the reason many women don’t report rape or other sexual assaults. It’s the reason many abused women don’t report the abuse. Unfortunately, we still live in a society where a woman who is raped must have been “asking for it” if she was wearing form fitting clothing or was scantily clad. A Mormon woman who admits that Travis made inappropriate sexual advance towards or … or worse, that she engaged in anal or oral sex with him … is never going to be able to live that down.

          Imagine the position of such a woman. Let’s assume that she has personal knowledge of Travis. Perhaps she went on a date with him. Perhaps because she thought he was handsome and charming, she let him go further than she normally would have allowed. Perhaps he tried to go further than she wanted, and she tried to stop him. Perhaps he even became aggressive with her. However, the following day, she went on with her life and stopped taking Travis’s calls. This occurred 5-10 years ago. Since then, she has married, had children, and is happy in her life. She has pushed those memories away. But today, she is haunted hearing about Jodi’s trial. She doesn’t know what to do. On the one hand, she wishes she could tell. But if she does, she could risk ex-communication from her church. Her family may become angry with her. Her friends may disown her. Perhaps her husband would even divorce her because she was not quite as chaste as he believed before they wed. And what about her children? How will they view her? How will they handle Mommy being discussed on the media the following day? What if they’re old enough to attend school now? And what if that woman has a few other skeletons in her closet, like perhaps she once shoplifted, or she had a sexual relationship with another man, or something else?

          That woman may be laying awake in bed right now crying, wishing she could make another choice and help Jodi, but knowing that she can’t, without destroying her own life.

          It’s very easy to judge someone for not coming forward and saving Jodi’s life. But we have to remember what these women would endure if they did. I have to admit that if my ex murders another woman he’s involved with or married to (not too far fetched at all) and it became a huge publicity case, I may not be able to do the right thing and come forward if it meant that everything I’ve ever done in my life would suddenly be fodder for media scrutiny and ridicule. And I don’t even have children. But I have to work to support myself. I have to survive. If I don’t take care of myself, no one else will. I have to be my own first priority.

          • Very true, Also Abused. I hadn’t thought about that that way n the way you describe it, idk if I would put my children, mu husband, my family and myself through that either. I would definitely look for a way though. Write an anonymous ltr and send it to both, prosecution and defense lawyers. I know that by it being anonymous, it might not help much, but I would still doIit and id feel somewhat better knowing that I put it out there in the open. I would also explain why I kept anonymous and maybe that would help somewhat…

        • Agreed Oliverio!
          I asked some questions about this, particularly in regard to D. Hughes, in an earlier post. So far, none of my legal eagle friends here have answered, though. It is beyond me, why he has not faced any criminal charges for obstructing justice.

          • TR,
            Right there is something wrong here and if people listened to Greats Questions they were leading and Gus made it clear there were others and The Mormon church plays a part in their un-willingness to come forward.

    • Ever since this trial began, I have never understood WHY they didnt plead rage/crime of passion, even temp. insanity. It is usually used when a person in a relationship has been abused, tried to deal with it, becomes used to it and accepts it, and then one day, they get hit, smacked, pushed…etc..and they SNAP. Very often these are very gruesome killings, (overkill) due to the frantic nature of the person who is “letting it all out”…also, very often, they have no clear memory of the event at all. They can be in denial, or shock for days or more, and do not always regain their memory of the entire event. IMHO< this would have been a much smarter and easier way to go than self defense. It also carries much less time than Jodi is possibly looking at.

      • Anna, the burden of proof would then be on the defense in AZ. Whereas, pleading self defense, the burden of proof falls ENTIRELY on the prosecution. And let’s not forget, she offered the prosecution a plea deal on second degree and they refused.

        I think her defense lawyers knew that the state could NOT prove premeditation, and thus, they could not prove murder one. If the jury is properly instructed (and regardless of what anyone thinks of this judge, I think she will want to make sure they are properly instructed since this is such a high profile case), then, they can NOT find Jodi guilty of murder in the first degree under AZ’s laws.

        That being said, given the brutality of the crime, the jury is not going to feel good about letting her walk. Offer the jury a lesser charge and they will jump at it. They will feel they have done their civic duty.

    • That reporter who said he spent time with Jodi in her jail cell and she’s weird or odd or whatever term he used, really pissed me off. He reached that determination because she sang? I guess I’m a total weirdo then. I often sing. That’s pathetic.

  31. Does anyone know if John Hepworth will be called as a witness or not?

    Travis had a roommate named John Hepworth that was mentioned on Page 15 of the Flores Report in the top paragraph…Lisa said that Travis and John didn’t see eye to eye, on a lot of things, but he did move out suddenly one night without telling Travis about it. She said that John lived with Travis from July to August of 2007, to December of that same year. She told the Detective that she knew they didn’t get along, but she can’t see any reason why he would want to do harm to Travis.

    I found this on a John Hepworth

  32. Been reading a bunch of the posts above.

    Firstly – Maryland here.

    So we have all these “mysteries” and here’s what I don’t get. These are all so easy to answer, if they mean anything. I don’t know if they do and what the defense has planned.

    Jodi’s phone call to Gus. Don’t know how it has any bearing, but if it does, phone company records are easy to get. In fact they already have Jodi’s. So if she placed the call, they know when.Gus says he called the DA but they ignored him. Probably looked at her records and saw it was a call placed at a realistic time and let it go. I’m sure Nurmi knows when the call was placed and he would do something if it meant anything. Lastly I doubt if Gus had some ipso facto part in this thing. If he did he would never have brought it up with the DA. His only contacts with TA were through PPL and he was just one of a gazillion. So i don’t think that dog going to hunt.

    Zach Billings/ Enrique’s memories zapped as they may be do have a couple of deteminable dates. If I remember one of them was able to associate some activity with the return of a rental car. Easy enough to check. Again, they associate some other timing with when one of them went to dinner at his girlfriends parents house. Again easy enough to check. Lastly, unless their activities are limited to a single cell tower, their presence in certain locations may be verifiable through phone company records. Lastly if one of them had anything to do with the actual killing, or cleaning up etc, why leave the camera in the washer. See again it just doesn’t make sense.

    That last picture, is definitely someone dragging a flexible shiny black object ( trash bag?). If I had a way to share an enhanced version of the picture you would see what I mean. Anyone have an idea of how I can share a picture? But that picture is definitely not with the camera on the floor.

    So I looked over all these pictures and the times. Again, I think the incident could have easily started sometime between the last sitting picture. That increases the amount of time to almost 3 minutes. Here’s what I don’t get with the argument everyone on the prosecution side seems to be making. They say there isn’t enough time between the picture of the ceiling and the dragging picture (62 seconds) for everything to have happened. OK so what do you want. Either acknowledge that the incident started sometime before the ceiling picture, or acknowledge that TA isn’t dead in the “dragging” picture. It doesn’t matter. It’s not like the defense is saying that those pictures mark the beginning and end of the situation. No one in the defense has ever said that. In fact if anything the defense has argued that the “dragging” picture doesn’t represent TA with his throat cut. I don’t know what JM’s going to make of this. I think this is all a “so what” type of thing.

    The one thing that worries me is that there are a few simple things that the defense can do to really cast doubt on JM’s credibility. I don’t know what their plan is but I sure hope they intend to address it. The first one is the issue of the bullet vis a vis incapacitation. There are two paths they can take. Firstly they can prove that such a shot would not necessarily incapacitate TA and so Esteban “Alan Harper” Flores lied on the stand. The second approach is to say OK, let’s assume you are right. She did in fact knife him first. Does this make sense. She steals a gun, shows up with it, then knifes a guy twice her size, and then shoots him when he is dead. That make sense to anyone?

    The issue with the shelves. It’s just too easy to prove that they would hold up. Nurmi ought to just go try an experiment on a similar set of specs. As long as they don’t write a report they don’t have to disclose anything to the other side.

    All this two intruder story stuff is great “Twilight Zone” type stuff and could have some deep seated psychological meaning to some analyst, but it has no bearing on the trial. That still boils down to proving premeditation for the M1 charge.

    • nice post AL!

      You could probably email the photo to SJ and he might be able to put it up. I do see what you are saying that it looks a bit like a trash bag.

      I also agree that the camera does not appear to be on the floor while taking the picture.

    • Al, I reread and reread the autopsy report, everytime I do, I see something I didn’t before. What I noticed is you can disprove the ME by that report. In the report it says the duramater is intact. The duramater is a thick protective layer surrounding the brain. If the bullet had entered the brain-the duramater would not be intact. Also lack of hemorraghe in the brain could mean no injury to the brain. Also no expanding gases entered the brain. Expanding gases would come from gunpowder, however no gunpowder entered the brain because on the autopsy report it says no foreign bodies are present and gunpowder would be a foreign substance and while the brain would decompose, gunpowder doesn’t. My only thought on this is while it would prove JA story more than JM’s, it could also lead more to premediation, but it would also go along way to discredit the prosecution. Which why I don’t understand why Flores and everyone changed their stories.

      • Wow, GREAT observation, TB. Now im wondering if this is the reason why the ME was acting weird on the stand. Did he notice how bad his report was n didn’t feel that confident taking about it?

        Ok and since we’re all sharing were we’re at, im in Oceanside, CA. (2miles away from Carlsbad, CA where TA sister’s from). Hope I dont run into her!! Lol

      • Are you sure that the duramater was intact? My Goodness, then he was not incapacitated at all after the gun shot. What is between the duramater and the skull? I never believed that she planned to kill him. After she testified that the gun shot was first. I thought that the ME must have been wrong about the damage the bullet could cause. The .25 caliber gun is very wimpy according to people know guns. I speculated that the bullet could have gone in the skull then right out about the brow bone area, if it was more powerful. If the bullet had not much momentum left after penetrating the skull once, it could glide inside the skull and pass his sinus area and might have grazed the brain, his mouth and nose would be filled with blood (blood in the sink). If the bullet did not even penetrate the duramater, he was not incapacitated at all and became madder. The bottom line, if the bullet had no power to penetrate the skull twice, it could change direction after it hit the skull second time.

  33. First of all, I’m Texas born and raised and I believe everyone is entitled to a fair trial by an impartial jury. After all we live in a society where everyone is innocent until proven guilty. I just want to point out something that should be pretty obvious. Standard doorways are 6’8″ so if Jodi is 5’6″ tall then she would not have to reach up all that high to get the gun. The prosecutor is trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.

      • Nah, the Daily Mail is kinda like the National Enquirer or one of those types of papers you see in the grocery story as you’re checking out. (Expat Brit here, living in the US.) It’s not a reputable news source. It picks up stories from other publications, such as it references the Radar Online article. Doesn’t mean he spoke to them at all. They just love to repost juicy salacious stories.

        • They ALL are so , maybe its not true but maybe there is something to it all the media is the same.
          But something is being covered up common sense dictates that the massive trashing of Jodi Arias might have something to do with LDS and their known hypocrisy, duplicity and cover ups.

  34. So to the 2 guy theorists. I was just explaining the case (n as vegetarian a way as I could) to our 17 year old. His first comment was “well they sacrificed his dead ass to Joseph Smith”. Then he says this was blood atonement. I said what do you know about that. He says I’m working on Mormonism for a paper for my American Civ. class. So his theory, which I’ve never heard before is: she shot him. He continued on to barrel into her. That knocked her out, which is why she doesn’t remember anything. The Mormon roommate took care of business. She came to in the desert cause someone (the roommate says Sherlock) drove her out there.

    • Could explain the lack of blood in the car, she did say she changed her clothes in the desert. And if she slit his throat she would be covered with blood. The seat she was sitting would have a lot of blood.

      • She only thinks she did the murder because every one is telling her she did it, even her own attorney. So i just don’t know.

      • Also the missing socks and shoes, no blood trace anywhere outside of the immediate crime scene and a couple of smears/drops on the washing machine. Also she said she had bruises around her ankles – remember that? Wonder how they got there, or did someone lift/drag her around by her ankles.

        The smell – what’s with the smell. That had to be nasty. Heck a dead mouse can stink you out in a day. This would be like a few thousand dead mice.

        Also the boot print could not have come on the day of the discovery. I just remembered that the ME said the body was already showing signs of mummification, which is essentially drying out. If the air was dry enough to cause mummification, there is no way it wouldn’t have dried the blood stains on the carpet, etc.

        So maybe we ought to just speculate down that 2nd person path a bit. I know it’s all speculation but it’ll be interesting

        • A girlfriend told me when her mother died at home from a terminal brain tumor, she called around to funeral homes and no one would pick her mother up unless they were paid upfront. It took her a week to come up with the money. She said the house reeked so bad that no matter how much cleaning she did, she couldn’t get the smell out of the house.

      • The rental car agency guy testified that their were 2 large, red, kool aid-like stains in the returned rental; one on the passenger seat, and one in the middle back seat.

        • Hi Jami The man from the rental car testified there were two kool aid type stains , one in the back seat and one in the passenger seat, leaving him to believe she had kids in the car. The colour of the kool-aid was never said by the agency guy at all. It is on trial video day 8 about 25-26 minutes in to the first video.

          • Yeah, I think the Kool-Aid may have just been colored soda…Jodi had to have eaten and drank in the car during those long drives. Blood would not resemble Kool-Aid.

      • TB,
        My theory about the blood, etc, is this. Keeping in mind she doesn’t remember anything after the gunshot, she was in a panic and a haze/fog. I believe she was quite hysterical and took off her clothes, socks, (she said she was barefoot) possibly took a shower, (bathroom was flooded) after seeing all that blood she had to be terrified and panicky.., shut his bedroom door and locked it, She tried to clean up as best she could, threw the towels, other clothes, etc, in the washer with the camera inadvertently wrapped in them, turned it on, took the gun and her bloody clothes, and ran out of there. She could easily do all of this without remembering, the same way she could drive for awhile before suddenly “waking up”. This is likely when she threw the gun and clothes in the desert, or maybe the clothes in the dumpster with the rope. She said she had other clothes and shoes on her car, and she remembers changing them, when she got the water. The only blood left would be on her hands, which she washed, and possibly on the seat which is why the rental co. said “kool-aid” stains. They said there were also no floor mats, and who knows, she could have thrown them away in her state of mind.

        • “possibly took a shower, (bathroom was flooded)”

          Anna, am I understanding you correctly? Travis’ dead body was slumped over in the shower stall. Are you saying that she possibly took a shower with his dead body in there?

          Also, with regards to the floor mats, Jodi testified that there were no car mats in the car when she rented it.

          • rb,
            Yes, took a shower. TA’s body was in the stall, and in her state of mind at the time, not even knowing what the hell was going on, she could ave easily showered, or cleaned up in the stall, or even the sink. The bathroom had been flooded, so again, that, to me, shows that was trying to clean up the best she could, and likely did it in a robotic manner. Remember, when you have this type of trauma, mentally, you may not recall what has transpired, but you still function as if on autopilot. Showering, changing clothes, driving, etc, all have nothing to do with memory loss. I do remember her saying the car had no mats in it, I had just forgotton.

    • That would mean two people were involved. Someone drove her to the desert, someone followed them to drive that person back.

      I thought maybe she was half conscious, heard the knife drop, came to, checked on Travis (got covered in his blood), then just assumed she did or something bad happened, so she grabbed the gun, got rid of the camera, and ran because she was afraid of being blamed (since she doesn’t know who else was there, and she did shoot him, not a good look for her).

          • Gail,
            Actually it was said early on that TA had no outgoing calls or texts. Other calls came in from his friends, but they all went to his voicemail.
            I still cannot believe in this whole conspiracy idea, that other people were there, helped her, cleaned up, drove her, etc. No offense to those of you that do, but Jodi is a smart woman. She has told her atty’s everything they need for this case. She has told the court exactly how it happened. She has never said anyone else was involved, never even hinted at it, and wouldn’t she? My God, her life is on the line. What she has testified to is what she swore to tell the truth to. As far as the timeline, her not being able to do it, as someone else mentioned, the time stamps on the photos do not matter, the scene as she described it could have happened in that amount of time, in a heated fight like that, not hard. She also said she changed her clothes and got rid of them, was barefoot, so she wasn’t covered in blood. Some, of course, I believe that is what the so called “kool aid stains” were on the seat, likely her clothes, she doesnt remember throwing them out. I havent heard anything at all in all the evidence, or in her testimony to believe that there was anyone else there but her and TA. Decomp smells, but remember, his door was shut, the roomates were in and out and mostly out. Believe me, if her atty’s had ANY suspicion about the roomates at all, they would be using it. They were all interviewed, and Mr Nurmi has seen all this. His job is to save his clients life, and he is working with all he has.

            • His job is more than save his client’s life, is to show that self-defense is just as or more believable than the prosecutor’s flimsy circumstantial evidences of premeditated murder.
              And there are discrepancies in the police interviews of the various people involved.
              Time of death is important and has not been ascertained.

              • Viri,
                Absolutely! But job 1 is to save her life, and of course to try to get her acquitted of possible, that goes without saying. The police interviews are all in evidence, so Nurmi has full acess to call any of them into question.He can call anyone to the stand for the defense case. As far as I know, he has not questioned the reports as he has only 1 more witness, the DV expert. Time of death is not a necessary point in trying a murder case. I believe they are going by the photo stamps, and I believe they went by the last photo assuming he was dead then.

            • You’re right, but since we have nothing better to do till Monday doesn’t it make for a great collective story-telling effort.

              Let the imagination run wild.

      • Yes!!! Im with you guys!!! Wouldn’t it ALL make more sense! !!!!

        Also, NO!! Jodi will NOT rat somebody or whomever else was there, to SAVE HER OWN LIFE. I don’t think so. Yeah Jodi IS a smart girl and she would’ve never said ANYTHING about the other person/persons. She’s scared as hell and after being a witness to what TA went through and being threatened, why would she talk. I SURE WOULDN’T! ! Im sorry but i wouldn’t put my family’s life in danger to SAVE my own ass!!

        Ok, so about the possibility of someone driving her to the desert. Idk but the car rental guy did say there were stains on both sides n the back. But then, like someone else said. They’d have to have someone else following. I think that would’ve been too much though. But I do blv that someone else was there, jodi left n the other person/persons cleaned up.

        Its very MUCH possible AL. Your son IS young and even HE sees it clear!!

        • LC,
          so you think she shot him and then someone else stabbed him and she was there???! Or that she didnt shoot him or what? If someone else did something to TA and she was a witness, why is she saying they had a big fight and she ran to get the gun, etc….and just then someone else came in and stabbed him? Why would she be afraid to say that…she would be FREE. If she had been threatened, or her family, the police have very good ways of dealing with that.Who would know her family and threaten to kill them in another state? It makes no sense. After being in jail for 5 years, she surely would have said something to her attorney at least. Plus, she told that intruder story as a cover up and has since denied it saying she was simply afraid of getting caught and ashamed, etc. That is what I believe, she is practically begging the jury to forget her prior stories and trust her now. Remember, this girl is facing the DP, and would not sit there and lie to the jury during this trial, it just isn’t possible.

          • It is possible. I would lie my ass off to protect my family from the monster cult that did this to TA. No, I blv that she was taking pictures of TA (like she said before), she got hit on the head and boom, thats when the intruders came in. She of course had to somehow take the blame n make it believable.

            And WHY would she now trust or blv that the police would protect her family now, when they dont even blv her NOW? ? they never have, they WONT provide protect for her ir her family if she told the truth.

            • So True LC. Look at this crazy mob, and what they have already done to this family! (see Angela’s -Jodi’s sisters statement ) These poor people had nothing to do with this, and just because they are Jodi’s family they are being attacked. I still want to know what Law Enforcment is doing to investigate threats to the family, and providing protection to them.

              • I may not be the sharpest tac on the board but it is reasonable to believe that no law enforcement agency would want any harm to come to any of the family members on either side.

                • Only if they believed there could be harm…remember, idiot Flores blew Jodi off with the intruder story…

                  he also F’ed up by not keeping Ashley Reed Thompson’s anonymous tip ANONYMOUS. That must have gone over REALLY well with her ex husband.

            • An one of the close nit group committed suicide also in 2010 I find it odd that is when she decided to tell the real story an get a lawyer instead of trying to do it herself.

              What is that was a suicide set up also we know people can do that make it look that way.

              An how comfortable would I be with NURMI that wanted off the case so he could go run his new law firm?? is how I understand it. Is he really 100% into the case even the judge is the one that made him stay not himself feeling like he should stay because he felt strongly for Jodi’s case.

        • I am sorry but i dont buy it. If my parents were abusive to me during my childhood yeah I would put my life first. The only people I would give my life for are my kids.

          • My parents were physically abusive to me until the age of 17. I STILL would NOT put there lives in danger to save MY life. I just couldn’t lv with it.

    • That sounds like a very intelligent 17 year old you have there, Al:) I never considered maybe someone drove her out there.
      There was a fast food joint Jodi ate at where there were 2 receipts found. Two meals, two purchases. Any one know when during the “time line” that was?

  35. Guy Posted this on a site

    I’ll never forget the day the Bishop from the singles ward stood up during a special Priesthood session after conference and started talking to the men about some of the crazy rationales he had come across. He said he had guys come into his office with a straight face and claim that they were still virgins because they’ve only had anal sex!
    In my first ward the Bishop’s son played the part, being a perfect example to everyone his age, until he got caught using LSD. Another kid I knew seemed to be as virtuous and obedient as you could expect to find in the Church. He never came close to swearing, he was always cheerful, always insisted on Sprite instead of Dr. Pepper, would always change the subject if someone raised a subject that was less than wholesome, Eagle Scout, clean cut, high grades, etc. And then his brother later told me that he found his hidden stash of porn while he was serving his mission, and when he returned, he caught him using it to help with his masturbation.But these stories are hardly extraordinary. It just seems so to those who have a hard time believing faithful Mormons can actually act contrary to what they say. That the image they present of themselves is really just a farce.
    Wasn’t there a study presented here some time ago showing that Utah had the highest per capita downloads for Pornography?

    The “Fruits” of the Gospel of Gain
    Made Plain
    I have removed, forever, this article. I’ve been told by too many Mormons, including bishops, that Mormon women would “never” do the things I’ve claimed they did in this article. I was told too many times I was a “LIAR” and that Mormon women would never do anything sexual, with any man not their lawful husband, unless “forced to” (raped) by a male. So be it. I’ve gone cold being called a liar when I told only the truth. So be it. If a people will refuse to believe the Truth, then they are undeserving of the Truth.

  37. Thankss Olivero, did you read the comments, they made for Greta?? Most if them didnt like the show. One said, they turn the channel when SHE covers this story, (yea they turn the channel to NG) another said, let the lawyers do there work n the jury decided (yea now because they dont like what they’re hearing with Greta). And another idiot swears that Jodi is titillating the man on the jury!! Lol really, HOW IS THAT???


      The following true story reveals the “fruit” for what happens when you teach generations of young Mormons that the purpose of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is to “be a success in life” (i.e. The Gospel of Gain).

      Yes, Dear Reader, just about ALL these women whom Larry had seduced, thrown away, he used, he called “LIARS”, he referred to as “TOILET PAPER”….they still LOVE HIM DEARLY. Each one thought “they” were “special” and the other girls were just “flings”. All “forgave” Larry of his “mistakes” and tried to contact him again.

        • Utah has the Highest rate of Sexual abuse in the Country they have the highest rate of Porno addiction, Highest rate of Depression it goes on and on the Statistics, the media turns a blind eye. so many say LDS uses their money to cover up crimes. Their image is very important,

        • Joseph Smith believed in polygamy he was a complete degenerate made up his disturbed cult felt his seed should be spilled Incest tribalism so this cult he started has ts foundation in very sexually disturbed behavior hatred of woman is at the core too many of the same stories actually same phrases before Arias.

      • No not FB. I dont mess with FB. The greta site u posted earlier. Idk what happened to it. Lol

        Ok, ill check out the article.

    • I always liked Greta she is fair and was a good Attorney, I liked her theory and also the questions she asked Gus Leading Questions that is why she asked specific abuse questions, and Gus made it clear that The Mormon Church is involved with, as usual, Silencing their members.

  38. The “last” photo that you refer to, as a flexible shiny black object, I believe is a photo of Travis’ bloody shoulder lying on the hallway or bathroom floor. The white ‘stripe’ is a section of baseboard. I did a mockup of that photo with the 5:32:16 photo to show why I think this.

    Original photo:


    As for the shelving, I agree. This is solid, durable built-in shelving. When they build these kinds of units they make them to last. If people have kids they anticipate kids might climb them. No doubt Jodi could have easily stepped on one of these shelves and it supported her full body weight.


    • Neo

      If that blood was actually flowing, it wouldn’t match up that well after a whole minute.

      The blood you point out on the floor could in fact be an artifact.

      Or it could be from any of the multiple cuts other than the throat slash. Remember he had a bunch of scalp wounds as well which would bleed pretty heavily. Also it could be from the throat slash, we just don’t knwo.

      Still doesn’t mean the shot wasn’t fired first.

      We just don’t know what state he was in when either of those pictures were taken.

      • I agree about the blood flow pattern, the flow surely would have spread out more across the shoulder by the time the second photo was taken. Unless this blood is from the bullet wound to his forehead and by the time the second (last) photo was taken he was bleeding out more severely from other wounds ie chest or neck (bleeding out from the opposite side, we just don’t see it). The ME did indicate that blood flow to the head would be decreased once the chest and neck wounds occurred, so there may not have been any more blood flow from the bullet wound between the time the last and second last photos were taken. This theory would of course mean the event went on longer than the 62 seconds people have been speculating.

  39. This is probably Huge Mormon Cover up! I just don’t see this killing the same way others do,
    She doesn’t seem capable so she doesn’t remember.

    • Didn’t Jodi say she went to her Bishop after TA was killed, and she told the Bishop about her and Travis having sex?

    • This is my other feeling/reasons why I do not believe there was anyone else involved, meaning it was Jodi and TA and the killing happened the way she has testified. Remember, she has said that after the gunshot, she can’;t remember anything, vaguely dropping the knife, but not sure if it was then or another day. Ok, then she comes out of her haze, while driving, cleans up, heads on her way. Key points her are these, She knew what had happened, that TA was dead, just not the details, (these are things she already said in testimony) she was scared, she felt afraid for herself and she was even honest enough to tell JM “I was trying to cover my tracks”. That is why she called TA and left a VM. Then she said she even texted him and emailed him, knowing he was gone, but wanting to not be found out. (all normal reactions for many). This is why she acted surprised when his roomate called to tell her, and also why she called Det Flores on her own. She testified she wanted to know what he had in evidence so far so she knew what to say. So, at this point she was petrified, lying to cover her tracks. We all saw the police interviews, we all know she lied later about intruders, she has admitted this to the jury and explained why. So, at this point, Jodi is telling the truth of the matter, and praying the jury will believe her after the prior lies. If there were any other story or additions to this to be told, she and her attorneys would have done so. They have been working on this case for years, interviewing people, gathering evidence, phone records, etc. They know what they are doing.Remember the jury even asked her why they should believe her now? She looked right at them and said that she did lie before this, but now now. As Jodi supporters, shouldn’t we be believing what she is testifying to?

      • Anna Ryan,

        I think they do believe what she is testifying to, but I think they also are putting forth the theory that maybe Jodi does not remember that someone else was involved because she can’t remember anything after the gun shot.

        Jodi only thinks she used the knife because she has no memory of anything that happened after the gun shot. Now, this may not be true, and I am not saying I believe this, but let’s just put forth this theory: Someone else came in after Travis was shot, they knocked Jodi out of the way, she does not remember the event because she witnessed a horrific murder. Now let’s say, after it was over, she was in a daze, went to check on him, picked up the knife, realized he was dead, dropped the knife to the ground (she said she remembers the knife hitting the floor, not dropping it, so it may be possible the person using the knife, in this theory, dropped it and that is what she remembers). Now, because she went to check on Travis, she’d be covered in his blood. She wasn’t killed, maybe because the person wanted to frame her, after all, she did shoot him. She ran out of there, grabbing the knife, gun, getting into the car and driving away.

        Again, that was a theory that I am not saying is what actually happened, but I am pointing out that supporters believe her testimony, but are just trying to guess what may have happened that Jodi does not have memory of. After all, she is really tiny compared to Travis, her getting into a knife fight with him and not getting killed is something people are just surprised about.

        • I cant see it, with all due respect. This was a very heated fight, TA in the shower, Jodi running for the gun, coming back, shooting, etc….what are the odds that someone walked in right that second, (into his room which they rarely did) and stabbed him!? All in just seconds? When Jodi said she heard a clang and the knife fell, she said she wasn’t even sure if it was that day, and maybe she put it in the dishwasher. I just can’t see how someone in that very split second, stabbed TA, let Jodi go…..also, the whole idea of a stabbing such as this, it would not be hard to stab someone who was already shot, and the stabbings are fast, 1 after the other. TA did have several defensive wounds on his hands, but really…once stabbed badly enough, especially after being shot, he would have not been able to put up a fight at all. I posted somewhere else that this (IMO) is so much more a crime of passion killing, and seen very often in cases like this. As far as someone else doing it and letting her go, to frame her, frame her for what? Shooting him? I think what she is saying now is the truth, and thats why she finally came forward and dropped her intruder story. If someone else was there, and framing her, I don’t think someone as smart as she is would lie to the jury, go thru all this personal stuff, and take the blame for it all when her life is at stake. JMO

          • Anna Ryan,

            I was just explaining a theory and stating that people who support her do believe her testimony but are trying to fill in the gaps.

            I believe she is telling the truth now. What I was saying in my post, however, was that it is possible because she has no memory of the stabbing, that she witnessed someone else stab him but because she has no memory, she is just assuming she did it. Also, when I said part of the theory would be the person not killing Jodi to frame her, yes frame her for Travis’s murder. If she already shot him, and someone else murdered him, them framing her wouldn’t be too hard.

            She is taking blame for it all because she is assuming she stabbed him. I am not saying that she didn’t, I am pointing out that she does not actually remember doing it, and so people speculating and putting forth different theories is just to fill in the gaps.

            Even if a 2nd person was there, she is not lying to the jury. She has no memory of anything. She already said that. She does not remember if she stabbed him, she said she assumed she did. If someone else were really there, and just happened to walk in and it be a really freakish coincidence, she still did not commit perjury or lie to the jury.

            • Ok gotcha….True, she has no memory, but she (I believe) is starting to get bits and pieces back. I see what you mean about people filling in gaps/theorizing, I just cant see the coincidence of someone there right at that moment, within a minute or so. I know people think her size and his make a difference, they do not. If you have incapacitated someone enough that they are down, (and wet and naked) and you are out of your hard with fear/stress/rage..etc is amazing what happens. In fact that was part of the Dr’s testimony regarding fight or flight. We all know about the woman who lifted a car from her child. I agree that she isn’t committing perjury if she can’t remember, but yeah, it would be a very freakish 60 second coincidence. Timewise for both her and whomever. Geeez…that would look even worse, like a set-up to a jury…:)

              • when she tells her story about hearing the knife hitting the floor it has always been giving me the impression the sound came from further away.

            • NK,you’re making some very good points.Pretty much summarizes my thoughts on the ”some other being there” theory IF we have to come forth with one.Personally I have no reason in the world not to believe in Jodi’s testimony.But since she doesnt remember and has repeatedly said on the stand that she was shown the evidence and has reached the only logical conclusion that it must have been her since she was the only one there.Yet,the fact that she doesnt remember anything after the gunshot sure leaves room for assumptions.

          • ”When Jodi said she heard a clang and the knife fell, she said she wasn’t even sure if it was that day, and maybe she put it in the dishwasher. ”
            Anna,if I remember correctly she testified she does remember hearing the sound of the knife hitting the bathroom tile on June 4th BUT she doesnt remember if her recollection of putting it in the dishwasher was of that day.

        • Ya have you looked at the size of her wrists? they are very tiny her fingers also very slim. This is a pretty petite woman I would say. I know she has had people say oh she looks stronger than she is. But come on she did not do super physical work like a truck driver or working on the line in a factory. I have waitress-ed you do not have to be beefed up for that job.

          An I just said the same thing above here somewhere basically what you said. How I feel if Jodi is in a FOG from after the gun shot an being hit too the floor then everyone is guessing including Jodi on what happened next?? Yes she says she did it all but she don’t even know for sure.

          Another odd thing too me is people say why did she make that TAPE of them talking an I almost bet someone was being her friend an on the LDS or PPL side also an felt sorry for her an told her Travis is going around an saying this an this an this about you. You better watch your ass around him. That tape was for in case she had to prove she was not a stalker crazy woman an that he talked to her willingly on the phone stated he would come up for a visit an all kinds of crap on there. She did not have to put words in his mouth they need to go listen again to them talking.

          The reason I say this is because the night they FOUND TRAVIS a MONDAY at 10 pm finally someone had to have called JODI because she called the Detective before he even go into that house.WTH ? somebody knows both sides an knows what was going on there with those 2 an how mean Travis was also. There is no way the ones that hate JODI so badly would call her to see where she was an give her clues so she could possibly run off.

          • Rhonda,
            Jodi has testified that she called Det Flores right after she got a call from someone that he was dead. She called and offered him any assistance she might be. She has testified that she did this because she was scared and wanted to know what the police knew, she was trying to get a heads up on evidence. No one was giving her clues, she was trying to get clues from the Det. She called several times,he called her back, and then went down to talk in person. One of his roomates actually gave her a ride to the police station.

            • I wonder who called her? all the friends an including that roommate said bad things about her on tv. They supposedly all get up there an slander her on National TV an on blogs so that makes me really wonder why they even bothered to call his stalker (their famous words) before the police did?

              • Rhonda I don’t believe she did it since the evidence was compromised and people were in the home. As F.Lee Bailey stated are there Foot Prints you can’t see to a detective. What evidence was removed?? who knows. I do not believe she was capable of such a slaughter do to her size compared to Travis. Just doesn’t fit the Photos are hard to see Nurmi needs to examine evidence closer he was late with 200 pieces of evidence. I don’t see her doing stabbing. So she doesn’t remember, maybe she did not do it. PPL is owned by LDS weren’t they her legal advisers???.

                • I am starting to feel like Nurmi is just there because the Judge would not let him pull off the case before. I would not want a lawyer defending me for my life depended on it an the whole LDS an PPL people are against me. Except Gus of course. I too feel the whole thing is not right. We may never know an I am looking at other cases too that people make up crap an they find out later the truth. This is why I just have that feeling some of the story is CORRECT but the FOGGY part is all GUESSING.

        • Krystal, thank you for the response. I do not know how to get my comments to appear under the actual post (such as yours) under which I had clicked the Reply Button..

          You had written an inspired post that was “free floating thoughts” about your theories, your intuition, and your accuracy record. It opened up the murder scenario to POSSIBILITIES that go beyond the box that actually might be a box created by “manipulators.”

          You asked for input from our members to help you move past the “wall” you seemed to have run into, rendering you unable to finish connecting the “dots” in your theorizing. (I am paraphrasing what you wrote.)

          Since reading what you shared, I have posted references that indicate, to me at least, that there definitely ARE POSSIBILITIES that nefarious folks can use, that simply are NOT even considered by “experts” who are created by “mainstream training.” This is a scary thing.

      • AMEN TO THAT! I believe what she’s testifying to completely. Jodi is a terrible liar. That’s why I can look at her when she’s on the stand and just feel she’s being truthful. I think we can all pretty much tell when someone is being deceptive, can’t we? This has nothing to do with body language either. These human lie detectors and body language experts (self-proclaimed experts) are full of it. To me that’s just garbage science.

    • Oliv-

      I totally see it this way, since I have been reading your posts. Just wondering if you study Cults as a hobby or as a profession. Your knowlege and research is fantastic.

      • TR,
        Thank you no actually I am a musician but ,I have always been interested in criminal law religion and cults, I find that This murder makes no sense I do not believe she murdered him, I do not know what went down that day but something is not right. The stories I read were very similar to Jodi’s’ story, Cults are pretty obvious they are money minded, have group thought and always are the opposite of what they profess or appear. The Mormons are a cult that does not mean that all Mormons are bad, But look all these Mormons coming on HLN trashing Jodi Arias. Not one person is there to defend her Greta at least is not chanting the party line. She also uses the word the alleged murder or killing.
        Then Gus made it clear that there is a cover up. That s why she asked the questions about abuse in that specific manner. I am hoping she has Gerry Spence or maybe F.Lee Bailey on her program.

        • Oliv-
          While not all Mormons are bad, the ones coming out on HLN sure do create even more suspicion. I also think that one cannot understand the nuances of this trial, that are so critical to understanding Jodi’s innocence, without having a basic knowledge of Mormonism.
          Although, I believed in her innocence before becoming educated on Mormonism, I now believe there is a huge cover up going on. Very scarey stuff.

          • TR
            Not all Mormons are bad at all, but the Doctrine is false and dangerous just like Hitlers Doctrine was a dangerous and considered a CULT>, and Mormonism has always been seen as a cult. So just as all Germans aren’t bad ,Hitler and his Cult were bad. Joseph Smith was BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Jodi seems to be someone who is easily led into Cults, She speaks of Travis as a God. That is why she states over and over again I do not want to deatify him. Which is not the correct word ,her meaning is take away is God like status.This is the Cult. The Rule Of Attraction the SECRET. If you read the stories posted by ex Mormons they are very similar and this goes far back, the one in 1989 for instance. Too many similarities. The Great Grand Daughter of Young left the Cult talks about it in her Book. The 9th wife of Joseph Smith wrote a book about him she was not even aware how disturbed he was this book is not even derogatory in her mind toward him . The media seems to be so protective of this Cult.

  40. I truly believe that Jodi was abused by Travis both mentally and physically. Probably more times than we know. And now what’s really sad is she’s being abused all over again – not just in the courtroom but by people all over the world. That sickens me. I just hope someday she can have some peace. I think she deserves that.

    • The very sad part, Jeff, is that even if she is acquitted or gets time served, how on earth can she ever live a normal life again?

      • She can come here to Alabama I doubt many people around this small community even know much about her an she would pass as my daughter also. An I am sure many other people in the country even that live in secluded country areas would take her in a minute. I know I would I have already told my husband that he did not say much but he thinks I am driving myself crazy on this case though.

        • haha, Rhonda, I swear I thought the same thing! I thought, I should really send her a postcard and tell her she could come stay at my apartment if necessary. She can hide out in T-town! 🙂

    • Jeff, I could not agree with you more. From my youthful days of watching Perry Mason episodes, I thought that there exists a court protocol that cross examiners are STOPPED from “Badgering the witness.” It simply should NOT be allowed, ever.

      We dumb ourselves down as a culture, when we use these theatrical, abusive, emotional methods, and bypass LOGICAL, provable arguments. We used to take it for granted that trials are about FACT FINDING, so that JUSTICE will be served.

      Nowadays, it seems everything is reverting backwards into a “BLOODSPORT” not far removed from the old Coliseum days, or even the lynching days.

      The HLN folks sit there smiling, grinning from ear to ear, pontificating, and tearing into the defendant like fresh meat, simply on the basis of sensationalized “evidence” that just happens to be circumstantial.
      The show folks make virtually no effort to to verify the veracity of the “evidence” they have preempted.

      I am contrasting this to how much thought, experimenting, and collaborating the folks on this forum have invested into the “40 lb rated, flipping shelf” theory that Martinez threw out.

      The show folks, ever driven by ratings, jumped on the band wagon with vitriol and contempt for “the LYING defendant.”

      This trial has been horribly ABUSIVE. Just think, we are supposed to have a justice system in which Jodi, having not been convicted (since the trial is not over) is LEGALLY AN INNOCENT PERSON. Those abusing her ought to face trial for a HATE CRIME!

      • Chelion, I totally agree with you. These kind of tactics have NO place in our courtrooms. It IS abuse, plain & simple. At times they are no better than the person they are trying to convict. There are times, I’m sure, when it’s necessary to be aggressive as a prosecutor. But in this case the prosecutor yells and screams and flails around like a spoiled child because he’s not getting the answer he wants. It is TOTALLY unacceptable and should never be allowed in our justice system. There are better ways to get to the truth. I think Jodi IS telling the truth and that’s why he’s so ticked off, because he can’t break her.
        I’m also reminded of a song by Don Henley back in the 80’s called “Dirty Laundry” where he rips the media for their lies and deceit and willingness to report all of the horrible things with a smile on their face.

    • And shes supposedly naked. HOW WOULD THEY BE ABLE TO SEE THIS MUCH?!

      Idk but theres a few pictures floating around of the “eyeball”. The one that got me was one with a spooky mans face looking straight at TA.

      People ARE going to start messing with these pictures. I would blv that the state would have THE BEST OF THE BEST professionals that have looked into this “eyeball”, and if there was something it would’ve been known from the beginning. UNLESS of course they did a shitty job on this too (wouldn’t surprise me either).

      • I would hope so also. But I have a feeling they did not do much really. Shoot they never pulled up Travis’s record even? I thought all lawyers did that too look for other physical abuse or threatening happenings in a person’s life ?

        I think they should get the FBI to look at the REAL PHOTO an see what they see in that eye ball ! this guy that did this one now he is just a normal guy like a engineer or something that was curious about the case he is not really involved in it a lot like we are from what I understand?

  41. I read these posts with intrest,The thing I cant get through my head is all the media coverage has corrupted any chance of Jodi getting a fair unbiased trial,now this video that surfaced of her doing a head stand with the caption of WILL THIS VIDEO HURT JODI ARIAS,it shouldnt matter as the jurrors are not suppose to have any outside influence by the media or anything else,Fat F#&@ing chance at that,the jurrors have probally been tainted and the trial is unfair to her,even the judge looks biased.The defence team should be able to enter some type of motion about this,OH I FORGOT SHE OVER RULES EVERYTHING.This is just a media circus with the swayed public opinion against her,they want blood and it is so very wrong for this to happen.What happened to the saying innocent until proven guilty,not here,they have already assumed that she is guilty and the judge and prosecuter are against her.I feel for Jodi,she getting shafted and no one can see this,God bless Jodi,you will over come this,some one on that jury should have a brain and do the right thing,see through all the bullying and BS,grasping at straws and abuse that you took.

    • I am more worried about her defense than the witch hunt in the media. The defense have to address the timeline issue, 106 seconds, not 62 seconds. What worried me the most was that her lawyer said in the opening that the fight was over in about one minute. Her version was impossible in 62 seconds.

      • Well like in FOOTBALL a lot can happen in 62 seconds feels like a life time when in a stressful situation. HLN is going to reenact it Monday night I am sure it will be prejudice but they are going to attempt it.

        • You missed my point. The fight started after the butt photo, not the ceiling photo. Why did not Travis catch her when she ran to the closet? He was worried about his camera, he picked it up and put it on the counter. The ceiling photo (3-4 feet off the floor) was taken unintentionally after the fight started. The fight lasted 106 seconds, her defense team is very incompetent if they can not interpret the evidences right and they will not be able to convince the jury.

          • Her version can be done in 62 seconds . I went through it in my house and I even had a few seconds to spare. Remember we don’t even know if Travis is dead in the foot picture .

          • How can the fight have started after the ceiling photo when it was Wilmott during the opening statements tht said that it was THIS photo that ignited the fight?It was the result of Jodi accidentally dropping it and TA saying ”a 5-year-old blah blah”. And I think I remember Wilmott also saying that it was in those 2 MINUTES that she had to chose either to live or die,not 62 seconds.I dont know I could be wrong but I watched Wilmott’s opening statements a couple of days ago…

    • Ya I don’t think the jury will see that I don’t know tho. To me it is a young girl who has been grilled for hours an hours an is tired an hungry. Probably has a head ache an ya she stood on her head my daughter does weird stuff like that those that do yoga an stuff do weird stretches just out of the blue. Like that back stretch she did in one video there they made a big deal out of it too but my daughter does that too it makes her back pop an stretches it she says. I give up on the majority out there I guess they see nothing but blood an listen to a pack of WOLVES that would love nothing more than to tear off a hunk of meat they are no better than wild animals at the moment. I come here to feel like Jodi has a chance still. I pray she does every day.

      • I asked a friend to watch the video. She’s someone who has become a very good friend, also an abuse victim from her ex, but someone who has not followed the coverage of this trial. She hasn’t NOT been exposed to it — as, let’s face it, it’s around every corner. But she hasn’t watched every minute like I have. She hasn’t watched HLN either. She just hasn’t been able to avoid hearing some things about.

        Actually, when I first became slightly interested in this trial, I turned to her for my own questions regarding the “overkill”, the gas cans, and the gun. I have always lived in cities. I have never driven. I couldn’t even imagine driving through the desert. I know nothing about guns. And, at first, I had a problem with the “overkill”. This friend patiently explained about driving, about driving through the desert, and about the gun. And when it came to the “overkill”, she asked me specifically if I had ever thought of killing my ex, and if so, would I simply stick a knife in him once, or would I stab him until I was sure he was dead 10,000 times over.

        So, I asked her to watch the video, without giving her insight as to my feelings on it. Her comments immediately were that the media is ridiculous and that pissed her off. And then, she said she could totally relate to Jodi’s stress level and what she was doing in that room. She said that if she was in that situation, she probably would have reacted a LOT worse. Interestingly enough, that was also my view. But we hadn’t discussed it first.

      • Right Rhonda, and that doesn’t even include the stress that she’d been enduring for weeks on end by that point in time, wondering what she’d done, and when law enforcement was going to come to get her. Had she slept? Had she eaten? Probably not much of either.

        • If I had to guess, I’d say she was still showing signs of PTSD. Something horrible happened in that house, she’s not acting fully sane. She’s talking to herself, she seems very very child-like.

          • Yes, and she had just been grilled by the police to obtain a confession.
            Imagine you can’t remember what really happened, and someone grills you for hours ‘I know you remember, try it, didn’t it happen that way, let the truth out’ etc. Terrified of having doing it, but not willing to confess to something she can’t remember. It would shake any one’s sense of reality.

  42. Mr. Searcy is obligated to tell if he knows of anyone who has witnessed TA being violent or physically or emotionally abusive. How does he think he is not? His failure to reveal the names of such people prevented the defense attorneys from interviewing such person(s) or calling them to testify to facts that would tend to prove Jodi’s version of events.

    To anyone who thinks that TA was not abusive I ask them to recall that TA raped Jodi anally after he baptized her into his faith while still wearing their ‘church clothes”. No one can convince me that she expected that from him that day. or that she asked for it, wanted it or agreed to it. She simply endured it and stayed quiet, like so many victims.

    While it is very difficult to imagine that Jodi was physically able to cause so much damage to Travis, then drag him into the shower, it is much more believable than any theory of a second person arriving after the gunshot to finish him off. Furthermore, if Jodi had simply been a witness to the murder, she could have maintained her second story to this day. She isn’t hiding the identity of a conspirator, she acted alone.

    If Jodi really wanted to create a huge lie to cover her actions, she is smart enough to have stated that Travis grabbed the knife from the bathroom counter and came after her with it, so she went for the gun, shot him, he dropped the knife, she picked it up and in a state of adrenaline fueled panic, stabbed him repeatedly, then slit his throat until he stopped moving. She is smart enough to know that the ‘I don’t remember” story is not the best to tell jurors. I mean seriously, if you have 2 years to make up a claim of self-defense, at least make up a believable one that doesn’t have so many holes in it.

    I think Jodi was a lost lamb, looking for her way in this world when Travis found her and took advantage of her childlike ways. He was a master manipulator, a con man, a liar, a pervert and a phoney but she could not see it. She did everything he wanted her to do, let him debase her in every way but she was not going to let him choke her to death like he almost did before. I believe that she believed he was going to kill her. I do not believe for a second that she drove 1,000 miles with the intent to kill him, especially over a trip to Cancun with Mimi who didn’t want him anyway.

    • Excellent points, Mintz. The media would like everyone to believe that Jodi is a sociopath. Having lived with one for 13 years (10 years of marriage), I can tell you that they are incredibly exceptional liars. At a moment’s notice, they can come up with a really great story, and one that is very plausible. In fact, my ex even bragged about his ability to do so.

      In all those years, I only remember one occasion where I “busted” him. Even then, I only knew I had “busted” him because it took him a few seconds to regain composure and come up with a story. In that instant, I watched him flounder just a little. I was actually lying through my teeth, something I am not good at but that I had rehearsed. I was telling him that I knew about his mistress (one of them) because I “psychically” figured it out and he believed I had psychic abilities. That was BS. I had actually quickly seen a message she sent him on FB instant chat which he thought I hadn’t seen. I’d been standing behind him for a few seconds longer than he realized I had been there. He didn’t know that. He had absolutely no idea. And my confrontation scared him a little. He was, after all, a master at covering all his tracks perfectly. I could see the question in his eyes “Has she finally figured me out?” It was less a few days later that the tried to kill me. But he recovered on that day, and very quickly admitted that yes, she was his lover. I’d told him I wanted a divorce, and he’d found himself attracted to her purely on accident, and she made him laugh. BS. He’d pursued her for years, I later learned. But he was quick to admit, once he knew I knew, and also quick to tell me she made him laugh, and he hadn’t laughed in years (implication: I didn’t make him laugh and he deserved to be able to laugh.)

      Now, THAT’s a sociopath. He lied to everyone. And I saw him make up stories on the spot that I NEVER would have been able to even conceptualize, and not just to me. As I said, he did it to other people, and he even bragged to me about his ability. His mind worked THAT quickly.

      So, Jodi’s had almost 5 years to come up with some great stories — if she was a sociopath, and if she wanted to come up with stories. 5 years would be a freaking sociopath’s wet dream come true, for crying out loud. Not to mention, she’s been sitting in a jail cell with little to do. OMG, my ex could have come up with the most insanely believable story with just 5 minutes to think about it. Give him 5 minutes more and he would have plugged up all the holes that might be there (although he rarely had any). Give him 5 days and his story would make you cry.

      (Pardon my sarcasm) Jodi is one pathetic sociopath that she’s had this long and still has holes in her story! Damn, maybe they should take her sociopath card away. She’s a disgrace to the sociopaths of the world. She left all these holes that an inferior being such as Kermit could question her on. Good grief.

      • Oh and I meant to say (can’t shut up this morning, sorry), the truth always has holes in it. That’s the thing about the truth. It’s never 100% believable. There’s always a way you could pick it apart. Think about when you were a kid and did something wrong. You told your parents the truth, but another kid told their parents a lie. The lie was so much more plausible and your parents thought you were the liar. (If you have kids, I bet you’ve experienced this.)

        The story a lying sociopath gives is always perfect. They’ve foreseen every hole. They’ve plugged them. They’ve thought of every scenario.

        But the truth is the truth, and it generally has warts and holes — just like Jodi’s story.

        Would the general public prefer a lie? Maybe so. It might just be more believable. Hah!

        • Beautiful posts, Also Abused. I do think the public would prefer lies, because that’s what they’ve gravitated to all this time. The story about Travis supposedly being a virginal, honest mormon elder corrupted by an evil witch with sexual powers is far more interesting than the ugly, banal truth that so many women live – that Jodi was treated like shit by an abuser who would not let her go, and in the end, her own instinct to survive had to overcome his desire to harm her further.

          There’s nothing exotic or sexy about reporting that kind of story. It’s not something society is generally willing to talk about, let alone tune in when the news reports on it. So the question is, why even report on it? Why even invest network dollars into a case that you know you will have to lie about? And that is the real question here, IMO. HLN had a wide range of stories they could have chosen to report about, so why this one? If they can’t tell the truth about this one, why bother even latching onto it in the first place?

          • isnt it trully sad to realize that what our society has really restricted this story into is basically a misogynistic,anachronistic,old fashioned view of a righteous man tempthed by a seductress and getting punished for that?Like Ulysses being drawn to the beautiful Sirens’ song who would only lure him enough to shatter his ship on the rocks.Please!There’s so much more to that killing but as you have already mentioned there are no big bucks in analyzing an abusive relatioship,the psychological background of it and the killing as culmination.There ‘s just not much suspense in that for the media it seems.

  43. I admired Greta during the OJ coverage when she first came to “light”. I thought her opinions were invaluable, insightful and intriguing. Then, she had all that plastic surgery and ultimately, became just another Fox News “shock jock”. Eventually, she crawled up Sarah Palin’s butt and really made a fool of herself. But something brought her back to reality (poor ratings, threat of cancellation, I heard). I think she’s the ONLY on-air media anchor who has actually allowed some varying opinions regarding Jodi to occur on her show. I haven’t watched her in years, but I’m actually quite impressed with her probing questions of Gus. Was she perfect and pro-Jodi? No. But I do think she allowed him to speak and say things that other anchors have not allowed. She didn’t interrupt him until the segment ran out of time. She asked probing questions. She works for a network that went to court to prove they were allowed to distort the truth and even lie on the air. But she still tried to present something relatively “fair and balanced”. My hat goes off to her. In fact, I might even start watching her again.

    • I think her questions are very good I don’t know about Plastic Surgery but she is basically fair.Sarah Palin is irrelevant, Greta is the only journalist not calling Jodi Arias a whore etc. Who cares if she didn’t hate Sarah Palin like the rest of the media, I don’t hate or like her. The Media hates Jodi Arias, Geraldo admitted to having Plastic surgery numerous times. I do not know what Plastic Surgery, Sarah Palin have to do with a person being Railroaded into Prison, Thats irrelevant. Jodi Arias had Surgery which is what they used against her Martinez. I only care about in justice who the media likes or dislikes is irrelevant to this case.

  44. We all have theory’s here. So many unanswered questions. For a minute could we just go over the facts that we know?

    Kurt has had this case since 2009. I am not sure when Jennifer came on board. I am sure that after the Good Dr. and Kurt confronted Jodi that the real investigation began. I am quite sure that no stone was unturned. Ok the damn gas cans …..but I am assuming that Kurt just want to take any questions out of the jury’s mind that Jodi is in fact telling the truth.

    Ok with that said lets go over some the things that stand out to us….

    Roommates: did they notices a different car in the driveway when they said they came home on 6/4?

    What size of a bald did the ME say was used for the cuts? Could it have been the knife in the dishwasher? (why wasn’t this shown in court?) The ME stated that the stab wounds to the back did not appear were to be straights on but more if someone was in front of him not in back of him. Ok Jodi said something rather interesting other day. Travis could have had the knife. I think he did. He stood at the sink after being shoot and bleeding and grabbed the knife and came after Jodi. He had to be on top of her. She got the knife away from him thus the cuts on his hand. She began stabbing him anywhere she could.

    Ok I do not know what to think about the stab in the chest or the neck.

    I have always wondered how Jodi got TA back in the shower. I also believed that there is so much more to this and the one person who could tell us has no memories of what really happened that day.

    Does anyone else find it strange that Jodi didn’t have shoes on when she came out of her state. In the picture she did. Who’s boot/shoe print was in the room?

    As for the roommates living in the house while Travis body is decomposing and not investigating I say BS.

    No one is going to come forward at this point in time to tell anything they might know about Travis or what might have happened that night.

    People this is a cover up!!!!!! Perhaps someday down the road we will find out what really happened. These things have away of getting out.

    We will have to put our trust in Kurt and Jennifer as Jodi has done.

  45. Is this true, saw this on THE Facebook page, I told myself not to go look at. (Under Arizona law, all 12 jurors must agree on the death penalty. If they can’t, prosecutors can empanel a second jury, or even a third, for a do-over of the penalty phase. If the third jury is hung, the judge will decide between 25 years to life or life with no possibility of parole.) If this is true, then in other words, we will get the person on trial one way or the other.

        • Can someone tell me how long is a life sentence in Arizona? I think it’s different in some states . I’ve heard of a life sentence being as low as 15 yrs and as high as 25 yrs . Thanks

          • The length of a life sentence may change depending on the crime and whether the life sentence is for “life” or for “natural life.” A person sentenced to “natural life” is not eligible for parole or release for any reason. Depending on the crime and other specific circumstances, a person sentenced to “life” may not have his or her sentence commuted before to 25 or 35 years

    • ive got to say this AGAIN, now re: penalty phase as u described…
      is there SOMETHING LURKNG in the water Of AZ?! OR is it LACK of water?

      between a soft trial schedule, out of control, manic, “story telling” DA, a judge who sure seems partial to prosecution, unlimited juror questions and this penalty phase of 3x to send away forever?
      + NOT counting the crazy gov. and sheriff… geez! that’s just on the tip of my tongue…
      BUT, from a lifelong east coaster, this desert landcaped ‘oasis’ seems quite mad, nutty, bonkers, odd… IMHO.

  46. I just got to thinking about how, when you have a situation and you get a bunch of people to view the situation different aspects of the situation seems more important to different people.

    For instance in this little group of ours, everyone’s watching the same case and the same testimony. Yet different people seem to gravitate towards different issues. Some seem to think the order shot/knife is important, others are concerned about the roommates and the smell, yet others about the gas cans and receipts and Walmart return, and others on the timelines of the pictures, etc.

    The same probably holds for the Jury and the attorneys. JM seems really hung up on this gas can issue as are some on the Jury. It seems odd to me that the defense brought up this bullet issue and the apparent change in Flores’ testimony and no one on the jury questioned it.

    So I wonder what will eventually be the salient features in the minds of the Jury.

    • Wow, Al’s son, you really laid it out plain and simple. And likely just like it happened! Credit, credit!
      Awhile back I started noticing nuances in both the questioning and her answers. Jodi and Nurmi were very careful so that the result of the question left open a door for another person or persons to have been there. Impressive subtleties in their verbiage.

      That said, regardless of how all has gotten to this point through the incident and the investigation, the trial is the Super Bowl, and it’s all about winning, NOT how anyone played the game, not even Jodi.
      I don’t have a hard time believing Jodi would try and cover for someone. For her fears and for her family.

      That said, I’m not entirely convinced that whoever this person or persons might have been intended to murder Travis. Or that the “two intruders” didn’t slash and run and then another roommate, maybe Zach, came in on the scene.

      Whatever happened, at no point did anyone think it was a good idea to call 911. Which was possibly the biggest mistake of all. Or not? I keep looking at Zach’s video on Nancy Grace. Did he help Jodi get out to the desert? Then, was persuaded, by whomever the dark forces are – Mormons and Pre-Paid Legal folks among them, to shut the bleep up. To me, he looks like he’s about to pass out in the video.

      • In the comments section under that video someone claims to be “a roommate” who was living there at that time who didn’t actually see the room… I could swear that I recall the Flores report stating that the 2 roommates went in.. Im so confused..

      • Actually,his mouth is dried out of saliva,(happens to me when Im under extreme stress)he opens his mouth to take deeper breaths and seems like he’s about to cry.Ok,what he went through was intense but it’s been 4 years!To me he seems extremely stressed,whether about being on TV for the first time or because he’s hiding sth I cannot tell.

    • Al…I love your post…you put into writing what I think pretty much think about all the time concerning this case…”why do some people think and put more emphasis on one aspect of the case than the other”…

      Personally…I follow the crowds that are more focused on the initial investigative report (the Flores report) the detective was called onto the scene Monday night June 9, 2008 after 10 pm and he was able to gather much information throughout that night…

      Had the detective gone on another day and interviewed the roommates, girlfriends, and friends he might not have gotten as much revealing information as he did that Monday night…in other words…on that Monday night everyone was more open and willing to talk and say things that they might later not be willing to say…

      Facts remains that the two roommates lived there…along with their girlfriends who were in and out of Travis’ home every day (times vary) that week…After reading their testimonies of the Flores Report that was put into the much easier reading the Detailed Breakdown Report…with it being in a chronological format it is more revealing day by day reading who and where everyone was at that Wednesday, June 4, 2008 through Monday June 9, 2008…

      FACT: Jodi was not the only person in Travis’ home that Wednesday morning, that evening, or even that night on Wednesday, June 4, 2008…

      • Another peculiar thing about the whole onset of the police case, etc is the fact that in the first 911 call one of the women says its probably Jodi Arias. They said she was a stalker.

        But if you look at the heinous nature of the crime scene, this has to be something more than just an irate old girlfriend. So I wonder if they were aware of other instances of discord, with a more violent nature between TA and Jodi. Also I wonder if they were aware of the fact that she had moved to California two months ago.

        Again I find something a little peculiar there. There had to be more to the interactions between TA and Jodi than what we know. Something the roommates and their girlfriends were aware of, but either haven’t spoken to the police about, or the police have failed to disclose. I would think one would have to have some fairly substantial suspicions before pointing the police at another person during a murder investigation. Especially one as brutal as this one.

        • True Al…help me here…These are a few things that I find ODD…and I can’t seem to get around them…

          I listed a few of the ODDITIES in pairs:

          1. Jodi’s car rental is at Travis’ home that Wednesday morning
          2. Zach’s car rental is at Travis’ home tha Wednesday morning too…Zach said that Wednesday was his day off from work…and he returned his car rental

          1. Zach noticed cleaning a floor cleaner downstairs…and the banister felt slick on Wednesday.
          2. Zach cleaned his girlfriend’s house that same day, Wednesday…

          1. Zach admitted to doing the washing on Wednesday…and cleaned his room on Saturday…
          2. What time was Jodi supposed to have done the two loads of clothes that was washed…(Travis’ bedclothes were in the dryer and the other clothes and camera was in the washer)…that Wednesday when Zach was in and out of the home that day and night????

          1. Zach didn’t mention the decomposition smell that was in Travis’ home that week…
          2. Enrique only when questioned by the detective said he noticed an unusual but never asked anyone about it..

          1. Marie Hall didn’t see Travis at Church on Sunday, June 8, 2008…
          2. Enrique said that it was odd that Travis missed Church on Sunday, June 8, 2008…

          1. Zach said that Travis always left the door of his house unlocked.
          2. Enrique said that it was unusual when he got home from work on Thursday night, June 5, 2008 that the door was locked.

          1. No one mentioned that Travis CTR ring and his watch was on the kitchen counter on Wednesday June 6, 2008…yet both roommates and their girlfriends were in the home that Wednesday night…surely they would have used the kitchen and bathroom facilities…The roommates made a statement to the detective in their interview that they clean up after themselves when they use the kitchen and they clean up after themselves when they use the bathroom…So yes…they do use the kitchen and bathroom…it would make sense since they pay rent and live in Travis’ house and according to Zach’s interview…they have full access to the house…
          2. Enrique said that his girlfriend, Kim, found Travis’ CTR ring and his watch on the kitchen counter on Thursday, June 5, 2008 sometime after Enrique had gotten home from work after 6 pm…

          Again…these are just a few of the ODDITIES that I found that seems to be important…in watching true crime stories on tv…I have seen some of those “little things” in life…some of those little things that many take for granted…have turned out to be the very thing that was used to make an arrest of the person that was found guilty…

          I used to work in a legal department years ago…and I found that many looked at the “big” things/the big picture…and I always focused more on those “little” things…and as I charted those little things then I would add the big things to the chart and eventually it made a very telling story…

          • It was not impossible that the roommate back at 6:00 pm helped cleanup some. I think that Jodi was hysterical after she realized she had killed him while trying to get him off her. She could not accept what she had done and begged him not to call the police. She brought some blood to the car, but there was no blood outside the master suite.

              • … not to mention that that someone saw Travis at 6:30pm on his very important PPL conference call, as that someone mentioned in his first interview with Flores.

        • shoddy, lazy, police work, imo. half assed to get a culprit and tie in a neat bow. police, law enforcement, DA, etc. do NOT get paid to NOT arrest and charge people. it’s a #’s game, basically a quota system. the more they arrest/convict, the better reputation, more promotions. I’ve seen cases where evidence is scarce, yet they railroad someone (usually poor or uneducated) then, the truth (hopefully, luckily) comes to light years later, etc.

          i just don’t feel jodi did ALL THAT. i think roommates (“friends”) had something to do with the crime scene being manipulated. esp. throat and putting body in the shower. jodi’s spotty memory played into their hands. roommates/friends didn’t kill, just manipulated for whatever reasons… religion?, etc.?

          • Yes I agree your on the right track. I live in a small town in N. Maine,the same is true here.The rich kids get slaps on the hands if they get caught.The poor kids pay.We even had a School offical’s son who was growing pot on our farm land,when we discovered it the police said they’d take care of it .we even told them who he was and what time he went to water his plants.They went in cut all the plants down and nothing ever happen.If that would of been my kid,he’d still be in jail.I think the roommate also did something to T.A. Giive me a break theres no way anybody could have put up with this smell for five days unless they were hiding something.

    • The gas cans are the least relevant and most stupid of the “evidence.” They don’t prove anything since at any time Travis’s roommates could have been at the house and seen Jodi the day of the murder.

      It’s crazy that anybody could see anything incriminating about them. They aren’t, especially when she was travelling in a rental car and driving on some of the most remote roads in the United States.

      • I didn’t follow that case, but yesterday I caught a clip of a psychologist (blonde bob hair) who was giving her “expert opinion” that even though the victim was passed out, and throwing up, she was able to make a conscious decision and/or say yes or no. I was so shocked. I thought, that woman should be arrested and stripped of and license that gives her the ability to interact with victims under the guise of “expert” disgusting! Anyway, I’m glad of the outcome.

    • Not to excuse the actions of the young men who committed this crime, but is it any wonder that things like this are still happening in 2013 when we have “news” stations like HLN making light of abuse, and making FUN of victims?

      • Right, Kmiller, exactly. Also, have you noticed that women who are accused of crimes are automatically and universally condemned; whereas if a man is a accused of a crime the defense attorneys fall all over themselves to defend him.

        If the standard of reporting is to say innocent till proven guilty, it should be across the board no matter who you are. Not just if you’re a jock on a football team.

    • Yes. Anyone read about excommunication? Also known as shunning? My husband was raised Jehovah’s Witness, this is very real and plenty of reason for these people to keep their traps shut. So sad. If Ashley Reed did commit suicide, I bet my right arm this had everything to do with it.

    • Cindy…that is the very reason that I have stated many times over that the information that the detective got from the two roommates, the two girlfriends, and the friends on Monday night June 9, 2008 is very important…had the detective waited at another day to interview…they would have not willing to give the information that they did on Monday night….

      Please don’t forget to read under the drop down menu the Flores Report…read the Detailed Breakdown Report…it is in chronological order…and it is very easy to read what they said in their interviews that Monday night of where they were all week…

      Look at Wednesday, June 4, 2008….Travis, Jodi, Zach, Enrique were all in the home at various times that morning, evening, and night…

  47. Remember there could be more witnesses after the experts. Sky H*ghes is supposed to be called back, and Matt McCartney is on the list. I have a feeling an Ex of TA may be called, because Jodi testified that she believed other women knew of TA’s violence. I really do believe there is more to come……

  48. Your comment is awaiting moderation. (ain’t nobody got time fuh’ that!:)

    Wow, Al’s son, you really laid it out plain and simple. And likely just like it happened! Credit, credit!
    Awhile back I started noticing nuances in both the questioning and her answers. Jodi and Nurmi were very careful so that the result of the question left open a door for another person or persons to have been there. Impressive subtleties in their verbiage.

    That said, regardless of how all has gotten to this point through the incident and the investigation, the trial is the Super Bowl, and it’s all about winning, NOT how anyone played the game, not even Jodi.
    I don’t have a hard time believing Jodi would try and cover for someone. For her fears and for her family.

    That said, I’m not entirely convinced that whoever this person or persons might have been intended to murder Travis. Or that the “two intruders” didn’t slash and run and then another roommate, maybe Zach, came in on the scene.

    Whatever happened, at no point did anyone think it was a good idea to call 911. Which was possibly the biggest mistake of all. Or not? I keep looking at Zach’s video on Nancy Grace. Did he help Jodi get out to the desert? Then, was persuaded, by whomever the dark forces are – Mormons and Pre-Paid Legal folks among them, to shut the bleep up. To me, he looks like he’s about to pass out in the video.

    Maggie- Florida

  49. Your comment is awaiting moderation. (ain’t nobody got time fuh’ that!:) (I have to say it again?!:) …cause I have the petition link, and the link to Zach’s interview on NG) Tenacious,ain’t I?:)

    Wow, Al’s son, you really laid it out plain and simple. And likely just like it happened! Credit, credit!
    Awhile back I started noticing nuances in both the questioning and her answers. Jodi and Nurmi were very careful so that the result of the question left open a door for another person or persons to have been there. Impressive subtleties in their verbiage.

    That said, regardless of how all has gotten to this point through the incident and the investigation, the trial is the Super Bowl, and it’s all about winning, NOT how anyone played the game, not even Jodi.
    I don’t have a hard time believing Jodi would try and cover for someone. For her fears and for her family.

    That said, I’m not entirely convinced that whoever this person or persons might have been intended to murder Travis. Or that the “two intruders” didn’t slash and run and then another roommate, maybe Zach, came in on the scene.

    Whatever happened, at no point did anyone think it was a good idea to call 911. Which was possibly the biggest mistake of all. Or not? I keep looking at Zach’s video on Nancy Grace. Did he help Jodi get out to the desert? Then, was persuaded, by whomever the dark forces are – Mormons and Pre-Paid Legal folks among them, to shut the bleep up. To me, he looks like he’s about to pass out in the video.

    Maggie – Florida by way of….Alabama:)

  50. Hi Maggie- I’ve been sick as have my 3 boys for the past few days, so I haven’t been “on the scene” as much. Anyway, I haven’t been digging as much as I want, but what I have been able to do has led me to dead end after dead end. Question, Did you confirm the Child molestation case was THE Zach B.? I don’t know Zach’s age but the case was a guy about the age of 44. Anyway, I also wanted to mention to you something odd I noticed about Chris H*ghes FB. He does not have his wife sky as a friend, nor do any of his pals he FB friends with. Do you know if these two are still actually 2gether?
    They may be, have you seen a FB page for Sky? You know that nosey bitch has to have on unless chrissypoo doesn’t allow it?

    • Hey Kmiller,
      Sorry for you feeling puny! I haven’t confirmed on Zach either, and lean towards it’s not him. BUT, if this kind of thing was on Jodi, you can be damn sure it would have been “leaked”…Oh well, we ARE better than that! Haven’t done too much towards CH thing, but itchin’ to….

      If JC or any of the team sees this, I say we post the autopsy report on Ashley. Could cause others to come forward. My sympathies, and I’m sure all of us here, to her family and true friends.
      I’ll work on getting an incident report, but again doubtful if it will reveal much..but hey, one never knows!

      Good lord, someone on FB tells me, “you live in Tampa, get outside and get some air!” Okay…yet another point proven….Who says I’m not on the beach as I write this???!!!! Details, people, details!:)

      You guys SO ROCK!

      • OH, Maggie, Would kill for a dose of vitamin D right about now. It finally stopped snowing in CO for now, its raining:( I’m from the southern coast, I miss the beach!

        • Did you just write “kill”, KMiller? Bwhwhwhahahaa! I probably need a bodyguard down here in not-so-sunny-today Florida! I’ll trade Florida for your Colorado around August!

      • Uuuggghhh I miss FL!!! : (( im from Sarasota, FL and am stuck in Oceanside, CA in Camp Pendleton waiting for hubby to be done with this station to go back HOME!!!!

  51. yeah, how about Stuebenville court not only working Sat. BUT SUNDAY TOO?!! take a lesson AZ. THAT’s how u get thru a trial. not by working 2-4 days week.

    and GEE, where’s hln, cnn backing up THESE rapists? u kno, how they back TA? ir’s OK for TA to rape Jodi and crow about his 3-hole wonder?!

    hmmm, double standard? WHY? is it becos there r some ppl of color involved?

    does a rapist get pity and support from hln, cnn, ONLY if the rapist(s) r killed? why isn’t mz. disgrace explaining this to us? we need her guidance so we understand the nuances of the law according to such a great former prosecutor whose has two of the most special kids ever!

    (yes, satirical and tongue in cheek in case u missed it.)

    • You know I just had a thought…and I better post it or write it down before I forget..ha…but…

      Anyone else ever notice the more ignorant a caller’s comment or question is on Nasty Grace, the more she gushes and applauds and ….no matter the fantastic level of ignorance that is displayed, she always finds a way to pat the caller on the head and say “good caller, good caller, here, have another drink of NastyGraceJuice”, so to speak…

      I mean, I am a very “nice” person….at my core…I think…maybe….oh, I don’t know…but for instance,on Jane Velez-Mitchell…when something ignorant comes out of her mouth, I have no problem saying/writing…”Jane, you ignorant slut.” (Mind you, my dearly departed parents would never have supported or encouraged a comment like that, but..well…)

  52. So further to this two person theory. Have you guys looked at the original grand jury indictment. It is very telling about some thought process that was at work. There are two charges. The first one for M1 charges

    “JODI ANN ARIAS on or about June4……… intending or knowing the her conduct …….”

    But the second charge (the felony murder charge) reads a little differently. It says

    “JODI ANN ARIAS on or about June4 …. acting either alone, or with one or more persons………”

    What’s behind that “one or more persons” inclusion in the second charge? Why is such an inclusion not made in the first charge?

    You have to remember that she is not up on two charges. The second is an “Or in the alternative” situation. That type of a situation is typically a CYA. Its sort of like saying “Here’s what we believe happen, but there is a chance that it may have actually been this way”. There is something in the case files, or investigators notes that made JM word that second charge the way he did. In a felony murder charge you don’t have to be the one who actually did the killing, you just have to be in on the felony that resulted in the killing, whereas in M1 you have to have done the killing. So what does JM know that makes him say that there is a possibility that she was there, but not responsible for the actual killing. For instance let’s say she shot him, but the wound was not fatal and someone else delivered a coup de grace. She is then not guilty of M1 (she may be guilty of attempted murder, aggravated assault, etc) but she can be found guilty of the felony murder charge.

    Sure gives you food for thought, doesn’t it?

    I don’t normally see shooters on grassy knolls etc, but this makes for an interesting discussion so let’s have it. Nothing better to do at the moment.

    • BINGO, AL! NOW, we are cooking with gas! And whatever other cliche’s might apply. Not sure if it’s standard to say, “alone or with one or more…”. Would that had to have been specially added? I know of a local case like that. The wiggle room for one or more is all over this trial…from the testimony to the court filings, etc.

      Great catches, Al!

  53. This makes no sense to me . JODI HAD 3 gas transactions in Pasadena for around 95 dollars . Note 3 transactions. LETS SAY SHE HAD 3 gas transactions AT TESORO AND THEY TOTAL UP TO AROUND 95 dollars. Why is Kermit trying to make a big deal of the Tesoro claim ?

    • Actually he made just as big a deal of the Pasadena transaction in his cross. I think he’s trying to tie the two together.

    • Well, we don’t actually know that all three were for gas yet, since we do not know if they were done at the same time or even the same day.

      Kermit probably did what he normally does and told the person he emailed that “if these three transactions were all at blah blah time they would be for gas, right?” (LOL)

      Kermit also incorrectly characterized that Dr. Samuels said the images were not important to his testimony and JW jumped all over that. I think Kermit mischaracterizes EVERYTHING.

      • Kermit probably did what he normally does and told the person he emailed that “if these three transactions were all at blah blah time they would be for gas, right?” (LOL)


        “Well, they could have been for snacks…..”

        “I’m not asking you if they could have been for snacks! I’m asking you, THEY WOULD BE FOR GAS, RIGHT? Is that a yes or a no?”

        “Maybe, but…”

        “Sir, did I tell you to answer MAYBE? YES OR NO? It’s a simple question!”

        • No, I guess u guys don’t get my point. If in Pasadena all 3 r for gas and he made no big deal about it than why such a big deal for the same amount of gas in slc ? Same amount of gas and almost the same amount of money spent.

          • Sorry al I didnt see ur response. Anyway it looks like she filled her car up and filled 2 gas cans in both places. Kermit is full of shit and jodi oh jodi why r u saving all this stuff for ? If she wanted to premeditate this murder she could’ve done such a better job . This shit is DEFENITLY not pre med . No way no how .